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Stop Making Unguarded Comments; PDP Warns Elected Officials Aides

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has warned aides of its elected officials to stop making comments that could put their principal in a bad light. This directive was given by the party’s publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh on Monday in Abuja. He stated this following a fall-out of a statement credited to an aide of the Ebonyi State Governor,

Martins Elechi who reportedly said that the governor is not in support of the proposed National conference. He noted that such statement from the aide only put the governor in a bad light before his party, noting that there are organized and democratic structures put in place for external communications  “It is therefore wrong and completely unacceptable for anybody to present statements made by individuals who are not members of the NWC on the official position of the party; more so when such statements were made without due clarifications from the governor. In the same vein, all unauthorised persons must also desist from making statements in manners that suggest such to be the official position of the NWC on party issues,’’ Mr. Metuh said.

He eulogized the governor as one of the best performing governors in the country as well as a statesman who played a key role to ensure that Ebonyi State was created. He added that the comment from the aide was not necessary since the governor and the NWC are fully in support of the National conference.

“It is unacceptable to the NWC for any person under any guise whatsoever to make comments that may ridicule or seek to ridicule his image and portray him in bad light,”, Metuh stated

Written by Fejiro Oliver

Why Governor Orji zoned Abia Governorship to Ukwa/Ngwa

The Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Orji has reinstated his decision to hand over power to the Ukwa/Ngwa people of Abia South Senatorial District of the state.

In a telephone chat with us the governor stated that  Abia charter of equity, which prescribed power sharing in the state, remained sacrosanct and would be implemented in the interest of peace and equity.

He said that his  desire is to  ensure that equity prevailed in power sharing equation in Abia state.

“I am the first governor that openly declared that the governorship seat will be rotational. I am here to install equity and fair play in governance”, Orji said.

The governor noted that the charter of equity, which was drafted after the creation of Abia holds the key to peaceful sharing of executive power among the component blocs, assuring that he would ensure the procedures enshrined in that document was followed to the letter.

He said: “I want to leave here (Government House) peacefully”, pointing out that he would avoid any political decision that would plunge Abia into crisis after the expiration of his tenure.


“Gov. FAYEMI Was 2 Years My Senior @ CHRIST School”

*EKITI North Federal lawmaker, BIMBO DARAMOLA

+Speaks About His Life In Politics


            Honourable Bimbo Daramola, has done a lot in his constituency, since he came in.  This is because of his laudable achievements since his emergence as the legislator representing Ekiti North Federal Constituency 1 in the House of Representative.  He has also emerged as one of the building politicians to watch in the South West.  Asides politics, he’s the CEO of The Bridge Concepts Nigeria Limited, a marketing, research, public  relations/mass communications and publishing and below-the –line advertising outfit.  The Bridge Concepts scored a double first  feat in Nigeria when it researched, compiled, solved and published “JAMB  Q & A: A Publication of Past Questions and Answers 1983 – 2004”.  The Bridge Concepts also conceptualized and designed the logo for CHOGM 2003, Abuja the Commonwealth Head of Government meeting, among other works.  He co-founded Runcie Communications, the company that successfully chronicled the produced epic documentary of the life, times and  works of Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, titled “From Prison to Presidency.”

            With this wealth of experience and connections, he campaigned in his constituency and won the seat of the Ekiti Federal Constituency 1 (Oye-Ikole Local Govt. Areas) of Ekiti State in 2011.  Yet when one first meets Daramola, it is his strong , quiet presence, not his long list of accolades, that seems to embody his real personae.  Even when we sit down to talk about his role as a  federal legislator and the experiences that have prepared him for this, there is no pretence, no power play, none of the false airs that characterize interviews with some politicians.

            Last week, for over 1 hour, Bimbo Daramola spoke to BOLA DAVIES about his life before and in politics and his role as a federal legislator.


As one of the vocal Honourable in the House of Reps., what drives you?

            The intention of the drafters of our system of government under the Constitution is not to put  360 (House of Reps. Members) + 109 (Senators) people together for 4 years and leave Nigeria the same because the Nigerians who voted invested their Fate, Fortune and Future in us.  We are duty-bound to give Return-On-Investment (the people’s mandate).

            By this, they mean Qualitative education, health care, good roads, power and they have invested their votes in us so they expect a Return –On-Investment (ROI).  I have reasons to remind my colleagues on the floor that ‘let’s leave aside the politics we are playing; we shall return to the people that voted us in’, and the environment that sired us.


Your accountability level must be very high?

            (cuts in) We need to rise up to the challenge.  I believe Nigerian politicians need hearts that beat for the people; we need to demonstrate increased commitment to our people.  I can tell you a day will come that we will give an account of the opportunity we have to serve.  We can’t run away from that fact.   My seat on the floor is not tagged Bimbo Daramola because it does not belong to me, it belongs to Ekiti North Federal Constituency.  I, personally, will go, but the name of the constituency cannot die.  So I say to myself for the period that I am here, let me behave like “omo odod rere” (good servant).  May it not be and let it not be that Nigerians will remain the same after investing in us to serve them for our tenure and Nigeria remaining the same.  There’s a lot of work to be done.  A lot.


Do you desire to become Governor someday?

            Well I have not given a thought to it and I have not made a political move about it.  but I know by the grace of God with the token that I have been able to do today, if I have powers within my reach, I can do more.  Many governors do have the power to fix people in, and they get it; like Kayode Fayemi is doing it.  if you see what Kayode Fayemi is doing, you can tell the power God has rested on him.  God has entrusted the Fate, Fortune and Future of Ekiti State people on Gov. Fayemi.


What are your achievements so far?

            I am building a 32-bed hospital in my constituency despite the fact that it’s not the job of a parliamentarian, but I care about the health of the people.  I support education through numerous support initiatives such as scholarships, provision of laptops, and I put people to school by the grace of God.  I am willing to tell Nigerians what I earn and what I have done with it.  In any case, there is so much erroneous rumour going around that Nigerian legislators are the highest paid, that is not true.

            For my constituents at home, I have roofed numerous houses, lots of people that I have done their children’s naming ceremonies, supported their family functions; academic pursuits; opened roads; and other projects ongoing. If you go to Ekiti State today, you can see the interventions.  If you go to my constituency today, by God’s grace, you will see the interventions we have been able to do. 95% of telephone calls and text messages I receive daily are all about request; when I aired my scorecard of 1 year in office, I made public few of payments into constituents’ account up to 5 pages not by cash now, but the accounts where I paid funds into.  This is because people went around telling the governor that they weren’t getting anything from me (“won o ri mi”).  I give kudos to Gov. Fayemi the Ekiti State Governor for all his life-changing projects, and above all, his governance.


What’s your relationship with Gov. Fayemi?  And your take on his 2nd term ambition?

            Gov. Fayemi and I attended world-famous Christ School, Ado Ekiti.  He was 2 years my senior  there.  Besides, let me make it clear that whatever God wants me to become, He is the only one that will make it happen and as I often say and believe, God has the final say.  I believe I am not saying this because I will need to appeal to him to give  me ticket or to give me contract.  I have not taken any contract from him till today.  I have not taken 1 dime of contract from Ekiti State Government.  I have said this so I can make it clear that  it  is the truth.  Dr. Fayemi is doing very well.  In Nigeria’, the likes of Kayode Fayemi, Babatune Fashola are moving beyond fixing roads, fixing schools; they are going into providing systematic solutions to solving endemic problems.  I am extremely happy that Kayode Fayemi is providing that kind of leadership in Ekiti.

            When he comes back for his 2nd term, by the grace of God, we will ask Ekiti people to invest their future for another 4 years in this man.  We will plead with Ekitis on the basis of comparative facts; we will bring the scorecard of Kayode Fayemi and other; and we will tell Ekiti people, we had 3 governors before now and till date, we compare their works and we haven’t  heard that Kayode Fayemi has been called upon by the

Economic and finance crimes commission [   EFCC].IBELIEVE very strongly he is the Governor who is worthy to be endorsed.


How did you find yourself interested in politics?

            In 1999, when the military people decided to leave, I was on the Bola Ahmed Tinubu campaign Organization train; it was called BATCO at the time.  I went there to render a professional service with an idea called Mobile Billboard, and I told Asiwaju that “this billboard with acquaint you with people in a unique dimension because people are tired of posters; with this, we can change the messages as we move from one point to another”.

            However some people at that time also felt that they should spend that particular budget and keep it on the conventional posters.  I remember I was unhappy and stormed out of that place when (now) Gov. Aregbesola and Uncle Layi Mohammed called me back that I should continue.  However when Asiwaju eventually sailed through; Alliance for Democracy (AD) went into an arrangement to bring Falae and Shinkafi as candidates . For me, politics is like a religion.  I find it difficult to rationalize political expediencies sometimes.


What permutations made politics work for you?

            I am not into politics because I want to make money.  I am not a wealthy person but I am a content person.  I don’t want to be a super-rich person; if I am opportune to have it, no problem but I have decided that when I get to a particular point in my life, every kobo I am making is going to “charity” and that day is coming soon.  I have just 1 car and the one the National Assembly gave, making 2 cars.  My bank balance is negative, it reads red permanently and I am willing  to show this to Nigerians.

New Imo State Deputy Governor Sworn In

The new Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, was sworn-in by the State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Benjamin Ahanonu Njemanze Saturday.

The ceremony, which took place in the Sam Mbakwe Extended Executive Council Chambers of Government House, Owerri, attracted several dignitaries, including the President, Customary Court of Appeal, Hon. Justice Pius Ifeanyi Okpara, lawmakers and traditional rulers.

Addressing Prince Madumere, Governor Rochas Okorocha warned that “in this job, you must hate the idea of primitive accumulation wealth, as well as be guided that this job must end one day”.

While saying that swearing-in of the new Deputy Governor was ordained by God, Okorocha however expressed regret that he lost his former deputy, Sir Jude Agbaso.

“It is unfortunate that l lost my former deputy, Sir Jude Agbaso. It is unfortunate that what happened had to happen. However, I wish him well”, Okorocha said.

Responding, Prince Madumere said: “Circumstance have today made me the Deputy Governor. Governor Rochas okorocha has for long remained my mentor. My task as Deputy Governor is easy because I am an apostle of the rescue mission”.

He promised to continue being a humble servant, stressing that he cannot afford the luxury of disappointing the government and people of Imo State



How Boko Haram gunned down our teacher right before us – Female secondary school students recount ordeal

Boko Haram

The four female students injured in the Maiduguri schools massacre have been recounting their ordeal, explaining how their teacher was murdered in their presence by gunmen suspected to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect. It was a Monday morning, the beginning of a new week.

The day had started well like other previous days at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Government Day Senior Secondary School, located at Customs area of Maiduguri metropolis. Students in the SS 3 class filed into their classroom.

A few minutes later, their teacher emerged and introduced some teasing remarks with a mixture of jokes as his attention-catching method. The interesting jokes threw the class into a frenzy. But sadly, two unusual guests, who came to carry out some bizarre assignment, brought the euphoria into an abrupt end. “The two strangers (gunmen) just appeared at the door and it was like our malami (teacher) suspected something bad was coming. They called him outside and he was trying to go and then they fired at him.

Everybody jumped up and there was confusion. They started shooting again. That’s all I know,” Hadiza, one of the victims of the Monday attack at the Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Government Day Secondary School told Gov Kashim Shetima, who visited them at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH).

She said they were hit by stray bullets from the sporadic shooting by the gunmen as they attempted to flee the classroom after their teacher was killed, adding that the students would miss their economics teacher, who was gunned down before their very eyes.

Medical personnel in the hospital said Hadiza had a fracture on her leg from gunshots. While Hadiza could still recall the tragic incident as she lies on her hospital bed, the three others seem to be too weak to talk. Gov Kashim Shettima, who expressed his sympathy to the families of the affected student during his visit to the hospital on Tuesday, promised the readiness of the state government to handle further treatment of the female students if the need arises.

“I assure you we will foot the bill and other expenses even outside the country if there is need for that, but the hospital has assured us that they can handle the situation for now,” he said. While condemning the attack, he said the government would empower the parents of the students to ensure they get out of their coma.

He gave out N200, 000 to each of the students and equally extended similar gesture to other patients in the hospitals as well as four soldiers affected by the Tuesday bomb explosion. Earlier in the day, the governor had visited the four schools attacked by suspected Boko Haram men where six people, including three teachers, were killed in the early morning shooting. He announced a donation of N2 million to the families of the deceased teachers.

“The monetary donations were not to compensate the already killed teachers but to enable the family members of the deceased and survivors cushion their financial need,” he explained. Some gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members on Monday morning invaded four schools in the Maiduguri metropolis.

They included Mafoni Government Day Secondary School, Ali Askiri Primary and Junior Secondary School, Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Senior Secondary (Day) School and Yelwa Central Primary School. At Mafoni Government Day, a female administrative staff of the school, one Hadiza Abdulmalik and her two guests were shot dead while the Arabic teacher/assistant headmaster at Ali Askiri Primary school was also gunned down.

Yelwa Central also lost one of its teachers in the school massacre while a teacher at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi was killed. The teacher was said to have gone into hiding some months ago after receiving threats from suspected Boko Haram members. “He ran to his village at Gozamala because of the fear that he might be killed.

He was there for about two months and returned barely a month ago when the gunmen came,” the head teacher of the school told the governor.

- SunNewsOnline

Opinion: The Goldie Harvey situation – Lest we immortalise nuisance

by Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

Goldie Harvey2

the dead has already met what he or she put forward hence there is no need to speak of its evil. What there is need to do however is to either call the living to an example to live by…

About ten years ago I lost a friend in an armed robbery incident. Obviously the armed robbers were not satisfied with robbing they needed to make a point by harming someone in the house and my friend’s mother was their target. As they swung the axe my friend who was the scholar of our class in secondary school protected his mother with his head…. he died; no national award, no postmortem speech from the Governor and of course no celebrity burial; he was just another guy, the fact that he took a battle axe to his head for his mother was irrelevant.

This and many more of it happens in a country wherein people get millions both in local and foreign currency for playing football; a country wherein comedians shake hands with the President and women who kiss strange men on camera in the name of acting take home National Award and an immoral youth who made fame singing about his private part is given special opportunity to interview the President in a desperate campaign strategy because the thinking is that the community is populated by zombies and bimbos who will vote in a PHD holder on the “honour” of a nuisance whose only relevance to society, apart from lewd music, is competition in air and space. Thus the question every sane Nigerian should be asking is when will this madness of undeserved honour stop?

The death of the musician from Ekiti, Goldie Harvey, and the attempt to make it seem like we lost an icon is another and perhaps the worst of all these madness. I do not believe that death, which we will all face, should make you a hero except you died an honourable death. When people just drop dead we grieve and console the family not tell blatant lies as to who they were. This is why the statement of the Ekiti State Governor is worrisome. Mr. Kayode Fayemi is reported to have described Goldie as a “great daughter of Ekiti State” and one has to wonder upon what was this greatness achieved? Are people now great for singing meaningless songs with promiscuous suggestions or for taking and publishing suggestive photos of themselves?

Since when did we consider it greatness to appeal to the sexual cravings of perverts and run after men on camera in the name of a reality show that is far from reality? Since when did it become great achievement that a lady is even thought of as being a junkie in her life time? How can this be great?

In the past fathers will tell their children “don’t bring shame to this family” but nowadays shame and shamelessness is celebrated with such noise that you think the Devil himself is in charge of people’s life and even he has gone crazy.

Ironically, around the same period this unfortunate death occurred Governor Theodora Orji of Abia State was commending Mrs. Nwanyieze Prosper for winning the Purity Queen title for a lady who kept her virginity until her marriage; surprisingly some Nigerians criticized the Governor and even ‘accused’ him of giving her a car whereas Governor Kayode Fayemi was praised for describing Goldie as a “bright star” among other accolades including that she lived a “fulfilled life”. Indeed the world is upside down.

The problem with giving honour to people who did dishonourable acts is that people will definitely emulate them. The Dolly Parton’s of this world made it a fashion for women to expose their cleavage; years on women have lost their husbands to such exposure and homes have collapsed; the Dr. Dre’s of this world made being “gangster” a fashionable thing and years later the gangsters are increasing and we even have a gangster in the White House killing innocent people with Drones…. Martin Luther’s dreams became a Nightmare. And this list goes on and on; for every irresponsible person you honour you make irresponsibility the “swag”, the same way for every man who dies for his mother you honour you make standing up against oppression and protecting the weak the in-thing…. make your choice.

Lastly, we must clarify two issues. The first one is with regards to speaking “evil” about the dead while the second one is the “who are you to judge” comedy.

Firstly, the dead has already met what he or she put forward hence there is no need to speak of its evil. What there is need to do however is to either call the living to an example to live by if the dead is worthy of emulation or to warn the living to stay away from a wasteful lifestyle like that of the dead who lived life as if death was never going to come and this is the real lesson here; life is short, if you live it like Goldie your death may come and meet you in that state; what will you tell your Creator? We cannot pretend this is not the lesson here; it will be one lie too many

Secondly, they ask us not to Judge and we say to them since we are in the spirit of not judging kindly don’t judge the location of your mouth so that you put your food in your nose. We say to them that in this spirit of not judging please cross the road without judging that a vehicle is close enough to knock you down; maybe when you are in the air you will realise your stupidity.

We do not judge a person who has faith that he or she will be in the hellfire, we do not Judge that the person’s bad is more than his/her good, we do not Judge if God will forgive a believer…..but we judge that fornication and the promotion of it is EVIL, and that the one who represented evil dead does not make evil good.

Some others will say an adult can do what he or she likes and you don’t have to force your life on others. The question we have for this set of confused mentally colonized perverts is that this same justification is given to homosexuality and it will soon be given to incest so that if a grown up man and his grown up daughter say they fell in love and want to marry your kind will say well it’s their life, it does not affect me…. can you see now that you are sick?

Conclusively, the lessons from this unfortunate incident can be summarized as thus;

1)     Death can come at any time; be prepared to meet your Lord.

2)     Fame and fortunes are but illusions, what matters is your relationship with your Creator.

3)     The enjoyment of this world is fleeting; don’t let it deceive you.

4)     Live a good life; one that does not involve promoting lewdness or any type of evil; death and Judgment is real and it is no respecter of status.

5)     It was the honour given her musical mentors that led the lady to not just music but a meaningless form upon which her life ended so let’s ensure that we do not turn scum into icons because people will sure emulate them.

May God Almighty give the family fortitude to bear the lost and guide them aright.


- This piece was originally published on RiseNetworks.org

Why I Wrote My New Explosive Book

*Mallam NASIR EL-RUFAI Provides Reasons

            It is no longer news that former FCT Minister Mallam Nasir Ahmad  El Rufai has just written a book, titled THE ACCIDETNAL PUBLIC SERVANT.  It’s a voluminous 627 paged account of his stay in government as Minister and close confidant  of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and his Vice, Atiku Abubakar.  Below are El-Rufai’s reasons, as contained in its introduction, for writing the book which is right now generating a lot of controversy.


Mallam Nasir El-Rufai says as an avid reader and a lover of books, he has always had  a healthy dose  of respect for authors.  “This respect increased dramatically as I navigated through more than 3 years of writing this book, starting with an online in Aspen, Colorado in July 2009.

“I did not realize how difficult it is to write even a story in which one is intimately involved.  I can only imagine how much tougher it is to write accounts in which  one is not a principal actor.  I therefore owe debts of gratitude to many  people who played various roles in getting this book written, and supporting  me  while I tried putting it together.  The sheer number of helpers  means it is impractical to name them all, but I owe  a special  debt of gratitude to the following people:

My immediate family, particularly my late father, Mallam Ahmed Rufai Muhammad and my mother Fatima Umma El-Rufai laid all the foundations .  My father’s last wish  was an admonition to me to take reading, learning and education as a serious, lifetime duty.  My mother reminded me of this constantly and brought  me up strictly to know the difference between right and wrong doing that would tarnish our family name.  My uncle, the late Alhaji Hamza Gidado, my  cousin,   Mallam Yahaya Haza, and his kind-hearted wife, Guggo Zuwaira, continued this traditional upbringing that defined my worldview.

My brothers AVM Ali Rufai and Bashir El-Rufai, and my spouses Hadiza, Asia and Ummi, are not only important parts of my story in public service and after, but their collective sacrifices and unstinting  devotion and love provided the crucial ingredients that I needed to write the book.  My lovely children were equally self-sacrificial and unconditionally devoted.  I am grateful to them all.”

“The period of writing this book was partly spent in exile.  My brother and mentor, Bashir El-Rufai has always been singularly there for me.  He encouraged this project actively, made exile less unbearable by accommodating me for a period in his home in Sharjah, near Dubai, and always supported me financially through my most difficult times.

“My first wife Hadiza had to not only bear the burden of direct attacks by the Yar’Adua government, but also keep our family together by providing the extra support that my elder children  needed to pass through those challenging times.  I was lucky to have the Isma Sisters as in-laws: Fatima Abdullahi, Furera Jumare, Maryam Muazu  and Rabi Isma, that helped Hadiza to remain stable and grounded during the persecution period.  Maryam also looked after one of our sons who  lived with her for 2 years while attending elementary school in Maryland.  I remain grateful for their continuous support.”

“With my second wife Asia  and our younger children mostly in Nigeria during my exile, it wasn’t any easier for them either.  The love and support of Asia’s family enabled me to have the peace of mind to write this story.  I am grateful to Hajiya Hafsatu Garba Saeed (Mama Gusau), Kadaria Ahmed, Faika Ahmed and Zainab Marshall for the support given to Asia and my children.”

“My third wife Ummi Haliru not only encouraged me with her genuine care and support, but with her eagle eyes, reviewed the earlier and concluding drafts of this book, modifying language and raising observations about context and events that vastly improved the content and narration of the story.  I am particularly grateful to her and her family for their affection and belief in me during those challenging years.

Issam Darwish is a person of rare kindness, and not surprisingly a close friend of my brother Bashir.  Issam provided the apartment in Dubai from which most of this book was researched, written and re-written over the 3 year period.  I am very grateful to him.  Omar Ibrahim El-Beloushi was my sponsor  and business partner in Dubai in those  difficult days, and I remain appreciative of his support and encouragement….

“Writing does not come naturally to me, as I am more comfortable with numbers than words.”

In the book, El-Rufai revealed that The Accidental Public Servant”  was not the original title for his book.  “The phrase was used by a Harvard Kennedy School publicist who interviewed me as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Mason Fellows Programme and I liked it.  I though it a fitting description of someone who never purposefully set out to be a public servant, but rather fell into  it through a series of accidents – strokes of luck met with fortuitous preparedness – that landed me in the stormy waters of Nigerian politics and governance.  Nearly 9 years after the first accident, left public service as a well-known minister and loyalist of President Olusegun Oabsanjo and since May 2007, I have gone through a roller coaster period of surviving  attacks on my person and family, sustained smear campaigns, death threats, persecution at home and abroad through withdrawal of my Nigerian citizenship, malicious prosecution and involuntary exile, on the one hand.  On the other hand, I have received awards and recognitions for my services, particularly for bringing order into the chaos that was Abuja, our nation’s  capital.  All these constitute major departures from what I thought was my life plan.”

“Certain  people hold the opinion that I am feisty, argumentative and antagonistic – they formed those views about my personality based on media reports.”

“Contrary to these perceptions however, it is neither intentional nor deliberate.  I just believe in being honest with myself and with others and in speaking my mind frankly and preserving my dignity.  In a society that now prizes sycophancy, hierarchy and tradition at the cost of courtesy, frankness and pragmatism, perhaps such characteristics are anomalous.  Frankly however, I do not know  any other way of being.”

“I have felt the calling to write this book for a few different reasons, all of near-equal importance.”

“One is to make the case that Public Service is important – a necessary thing for every well- meaning Nigerian to consider in order to set our nation on the right track, so that it may attain the potential we all know it is capable of realizing.  For developing  countires like Nigeria, where institutions are weak  and the capacity for people to help themselves is limited, a responsive public service is vital – it gives honest people the minimum  base for them to fit themselves up by their bootstraps.”

“There are certain things that an individual cannot achieve single-handedly; hence the mission of the public servant is really to solve collective, public problems.”


By Patrick Chinedu Enwerem

A glance at the title of this short write-up will tend to point to the fact that it’s all about economic indices and occurrences that have surfaced in the Nigerian economic sector in the recent past. No, I shall not waste my time writing on that particular area that experts have for long misled us. Rather, I shall take a critical look at the issue of job racketeering in the public sector and its impact on the holistic development of Nigeria in the nearest future.

Job racketeering has been with us for long. In the early 60s and 70s, local chiefs and government officials engaged in job racketeering by influencing appointments and employment of their community members as well as their political associates into several positions, particularly, in the civil service. One thing that should be noted is that during this period, it was done in order to help without any monetary demand or negative ulterior motives. Those influencing at that period were magnanimous enough to put round pegs into round holes. Thus, traditional rulers did their best by identifying intelligent and well behaved members of their communities to serve in the civil service.

Of recent, job racketeering has taken a new dimension in Nigeria. The latest being the one involving the recently sacked Comptroller of Nigerian Immigration Service, Mrs. Rose Uzoma. We read in the newspapers that Mrs. Uzoma unilaterally shared the over 4,500 employment allocations approved for the Immigration Service to political office holders including the First Lady, “the First Mother”, Federal Character Commission members, Minister of Interior Affairs etc. As the saying goes, charity begins at home, thus, it was equally reported that Mrs. Uzoma in collaboration with her husband, nominated over one thousand youths for employment in that agency. We were told that applicants were made to pay between Two Hundred Thousand to Four Hundred Thousand Naira before appointment letters were issued to them.

Having said that, I and I believe, so many Nigerians were shocked at Mrs. Uzoma’s sack knowing fully well that once job opportunities were shared among political heavy weights like Mrs. Uzoma did, everything sails through.


 It was not until few days back that rumours came up that she was sacked because she failed to ensure that the names on the list of some political godfathers were included in the final names released for employment.   


It is a very well known fact that job racketeering is very common in all the paramilitary agencies in Nigeria; be it Customs, Police, Prisons, Road Safety Corps, Civil Defense etc. Federal Government ministries and parasatals are not left out in this ugly trend. These jobs are shared to those in the Presidency, National Assembly Members, Governors, Ministers, party officials and other high ranking political office holders.


 I make bold to say that in the last 10 years, no Nigeria youth has been employed in any of these agencies and ministries on merit basis. It’s not possible and I stand to be corrected! It has been either a youth pays his/her way through or a godfather as mentioned above pushes for him/her not minding if the youth involved is qualified. In fact, it is a common knowledge that in some agencies and ministries, applicants are requested to pay between half a million to one million Naira. Therefore, I am still very much confused on the major reason(s) behind Mrs. Uzoma’s sack.  A lot of potential reasons come to my mind; could it be because of her gender or tribe? Hmmm, that will be for another day.


The immediate implications of these unfortunate occurrences in the employment exercise embarked by most of these federal government ministries and agencies are that the level of corruption will definitely increase. The fact remains that having been coerced to pay outrageous amount in the name of securing employment, these youths have been indirectly encouraged to engage in corrupt practices. They will endeavour to recoup all that they have spent in the process of seeking for employment and of course, will want to do it on a larger scale. Therefore, I expect a surge in corruption when my generation finally takes over from our current leaders.

There is also the likelihood that most of the youths employed through this racketeering in these very critical and important agencies will end up portraying nonchalant attitude; after all, most of them were forced to take up these jobs by their influential parents or uncles. Take for instance, a custom officer that was coerced to take up the job being deployed at one of the major sea ports or land borders? He/she will definitely look the other way while dangerous goods are cleared for entry into the country.


The recent security challenges being experienced in Nigeria could be attributed to this ugly trend of job racketeering. I have seen a lot of youths that got discouraged and even depressed after seeing their schoolmates and friends who they were better off in terms of academics and character secure lucrative government jobs, just because they have godfathers or money to bribe their way. In most cases, these less fortunate youths are forced to take to crimes such as kidnapping, terrorism, armed robbery, militancy etc. One thing those engaging in job racketeering as well as government itself have failed to realise is the fact that when a graduate, despite how mundane and foolish he/she may look decides to take to crime, he/she will definitely make a great security threat.


Little wonder today we have kidnappers, terrorists, armed robbers as well as militants who handle arms and ammunition better than our trained soldiers and police officers.  They equally forget that as they are empowering their children and cronies, their colleagues who are not fortunate enough to have godfathers will not allow them enjoy their often ill-gotten wealth.


Recently, we were all gladdened when the Nigerian Senate deliberated on this monster, but I have my serious reservations. As the Senate President rightly said, senators need to be careful in accusing the heads of these government agencies. According to the retired army general, most of the senators may have written them soliciting for one illegal favour which I must say includes influencing employment exercises. If I may add, he who seeks equity must come with clean hands.  Thus, I strongly believe that the current ‘gragra’ from our ‘distinguished’ senators could be best described as goose chasing. They have for long been part of the job racketeering cabal and playing saints at this moment just because their nominees did not make it will not help them.


My questions; who will initiate the much expected reforms in Nigeria in my generation? Is it our current leaders who delight so much in corruption and nepotism or the youths that are being duped in order to secure jobs in federal government agencies? Is it possible for one to engage in bribery to secure a job and then turn around to change the system and strategy that brought him/her in? Is a youth that doesn’t have any sort of flair for paramilitary or civil service profession end up becoming a patriotic and successful officer/worker? Where are we heading to with this job racketeering? Does it mean that any youth in Nigeria no matter how intelligent and qualified who does not have a godfather will never realise an ambition of becoming a civil servant/officer? Why should our supposedly fathers and leaders be so wicked to deprive my generation opportunities our grandfathers and great grandfathers gave them on a platter of gold?


Having looked at all these questions with little or no answers from neither my humble self nor those around me, I have no option than to conclude that Nigeria may not actualise its potentials in my generation and will remain underdeveloped.


Patrick Chinedu Enwerem, is an advocate on youth re-orientation, human rights, anti-corruption and peace-building. He is based in Lagos and can be reached through email: chinedu43000@yahoo.com



“How I Handle My CAREER, FAME & MEN”




          Whenever this award-wining news anchor is on air, there is a huge viewership on the Media General Ghana Limited-owned TV3 Network.  Whether you love TV or not, you will  want to listen to and have a look at Nana Aba Anamoah because her style is simply unique.  In this interview with KIKELOMO IWAJOMO, Nana, who recently won Female Television Newscaster of the year at the Global Radio and Television Personality Award, talks about her job as a broadcaster, life away from the airwaves, and other issues.



Was broadcast journalism something you always knew you wanted to do?

Yes it always  was.  I developed the passion when I was 9, inspired by one of the best broadcasters Ghana has ever had.  Barbara Gaisie was a pearl on TV with so much intelligence.  I’m  happy I took that path.


What were some of the challenges you faced when you first stared?

I do not recollect facing any challenges.  I’m naturally very confident and have this sometimes silly self-belief that I can do everything I set my mind on.  When I focus, nothing distracts me.



What assignment has been the most exciting for you?

It’s difficult to pick.  I have covered several but it must be 1 special report I filed on the challenges of the Ghana National  Fire Service (GNFS) at the time they were ill-equipped.  I highlighted the key problems there and its effect on fighting fire.  Apart from winning an award with that story, I am elated that since the report, several more have been filed by other news stations.  Today, the GNFS is adequately equipped and able to attend to its core mandate.



With the awards you have received over the years, how does this make you feel?

I feel deeply appreciated.  It is not an easy job.  Albeit I cherish the awards, I feel a bundled of joy knowing the stories I am being awarded for have corrected ills in the society.  Really and truly, that must be the ultimate joy of any journalist, not necessarily the awards.



What are the highlights of your career so far?

Several.  (Laughs) You got me counting my fingers.  Well, it has been a fantastic career for me so far.  The highlights really must be anchoring the General Elections since 2004.  Over the period, I have seen how desperate and yet vulnerable politicians can be.  I believe as news anchors and the media at large, we have done more than enough to contribute to the peace Ghana continues to enjoy.



What do you think it is about your personality that lends itself to this career?

I am very inquisitive.  That thirst to probe every detail of  an issue flies my career.  I recollect vividly my mum shouting on me when I was a child because I asked too many questions.  Well sometimes, I asked some pretty foolish questions, I reckon; but it shaped me for a beautiful career.



Who would you say has been the biggest inspiration throughout your career?

My son.  He is everything I have wanted in life.  He is the reason I wake up every morning to work.  Don’t know what I would have been without him.



How has your job affected your public image?

Not much, really.  I am a devil-may-care person most of the time.  I still do the things I used to do before I got my television break.  I socialize with the same people.  I am Nana Aba.  I don’t see myself being any different, but off course, I do all I can to ensure that I  inspire the young ones positively.



What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Knowing that a story I filed or anchored on TV will not hit a rock but see  a significant rectification.  Absolutely, satisfied I will be.



Can you talk about your educational and career backgrounds?

I worked with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation for a year before moving to TV3. 1 really love my colleagues here, but I am eternally grateful to the state media for giving me an opportunity, despite my unavailable working experience at the time.  It is hard to get that opportunity anywhere.



As an SOS Village Ambassador, how have you impacted in the society?

I love charity, I believe in the spirit of giving and volunteerism.  I use my ambassadorial role to sensitize a certain fraction of society who feels otherwise.  The response, so far, has been quite impressive.




How do you unwind?

Two things; I read a lot.  I love books.  I read 4 story books every week.  Then I watch football.  I am a soccer freak and a HUGE religious follower of Manchester United.  It doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses, seeing the players on the pitch relaxes my nerves from an otherwise  hectic working week.



What were your growing – up year like?

Very peaceful.  I didn’t have the richest parents, but they made sure everything I needed was available.  I bet they’re  proud they bought every book, dress and candies I ever asked for.





*Over 2015 AKWA IBOM Guber Ambition


The once cordial relationship between Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio and the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Obong Ufot Ekaette has started witnessing cracks and by all indications may not be easy to mend as their war over who will be the choice candidate to take over the number one seat as Governor of the state in 2015 thickness.


The two powerful men enjoyed the best relationship since 2007 when Ekaette backed Akpabio for his governorship ambition.  Ekaette got a good deal for his camp but former Governor, Attah’s trusted ally.  Engineer Ekpo Out and his replacement with Ekaette’s man, Nsima Ekere further strengthened their relationship.  Ekere’s ambition and Ekaette’s push for his man to step into Akpabio’s shoes in 2015 got him  into trouble.  A few weeks ago, Ekere resigned as the Deputy Governor of the State in the wake of a purported move by the State House of Assembly to impeach him.  Observers are of the opinion that Ekere’s resignation was a smart move by him  and Ekaette camp to keep him in the 2015 governorship race.  Some observers are of the opinion  that Ekere’s role in the failed attempt to remove the State Assembly Speaker, Elder Sam Ikom, who is believed to be a staunch loyalist of Governor Akpabio must have been responsible for why he resigned from office. 


Aside from these developments, Akpabio’s nomination of Ekere’s political rival, Chief Assam Assam (SAN) for appointment as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia was viewed as a move by Akpabio to wrestle the power for the control of the PDP in the state from Ekaette’s camp.


Though political zoning, a principle which saw the emergence of Akpabio in 2007 favours Ekere, there are strong indications that Gov. Akpabio is putting everything in place and plotting for the Secretary to the state Government.  Umana O. Umana who is from Uyo Senatorial District with Obong Victor Attah to succeed him.  Pro-zoning agitators believe it is the turn of Eket Senatorial District to rule the state.  The zoning arrangement is among the 3 senatorial zones; Eket, Uyo and Ikot Ekpene.


Interestingly, Umana O. Umana is not likely to be the only aspirant in the PDP to battle Ekere for the Governorship ticket come 2015.  Other candidates who have been mentioned in the governorship race are Senator Effiong Bob who represented Uyo Senatorial District, Larry Esin Ambassador to Russia, Assam Assam, former Akwa Ibom State PDP Chairman, Out Ita Toyo, former Chairman of Niger Delta Commission (NDDC), Dan Abia, Commissioner for Finance, Albert Akpan, Anweigighe-Abasi Adiakpan, Hon. Onofiok Luke representing Nsit Ubium  Constituency, Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Effiong Abia and Senator Udoma Udo Udoma who between 1999-2003 represented Eket Senatorial District at the National Assembly.



New BAYELSA Big Boys Rocking YENAGOA

The big boys that are rocking the home state of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan sure know how to enjoy their hard-earned money.  They live in beautiful homes, drive neat  automobiles and enjoy life to the fullest.  These new Big Boys are not only popular in Bayelsa State but in the South-South region of Nigeria.  Most of them are in their early 40s  and 50s.  They are doing very well in their chosen professions.  Senior Correspondent, BUNMI DUROJAIYE unveils 20 of these Big Boys.



Opukiri is popularly known as Ijawboy by his close allies, he studied at the University of Port Harcourt.  Opukiri Jones-Ere was the former Commissioner for Youth and Sports under the former Governor, Timpre Slyvia.   Amassoma-born Opukiri  is a cousin to the former Governor of Bayelsa State, Alamieyeseigha.  He is married with kids.  A powerful dresser who loves Highlife music, he has a lot to show for his connections and exposure.




Miengiye Henry Omemu, also known as Miengi, was a Special Adviser on Youth, conflict and Resolution to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan when he was a Deputy Governor in Bayelsa State.  He is a Director Centre for Youth Development, the Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), South South and presently, the Sagbama-born Miengiye is also a business man.  He is the CEO of Medanq Concept, a Producer and Promoter of music.  He is a nice musician of repute, he sings at close pals  parties to entertain the guest.   This lively and powerful dresser is a widower and a father of 2 lovely children, a boy and a girl.  Miengiye is also a contractor.




This Abonnema-born big boy, is the Branch Manager of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Bayelsa Branch.  George Masaye is not only big in statue, he is also very rich.  He is well connected.  George knows how to enjoy himself, aft4er an hectic and stressful day in the bank.  George studied Economics at the University of Port Harcourt.  He is married with 2 lovely daughters.




Famous Danumugha was a Governorship aspirant that contested with the present Governor, Seriake Henry Dickson.  He was a former Special Adviser to the former Governor, Timipre Slyvia.  He is the chief Executive Officer of FOE Limited and has just finished training Amnesty students in South Africa .  Famous D as he is called was a Vice President IYC under Alhaji Asari Dokubo.  He is a Consultant with SAIPEM.




Waribo Sylvia is the chairman of Nembe Local Government Area.  He attended Nembe National Grammar School, graduated from River State Unviersity of Science and Technology, where he studied Applied Biology He did his Masters in Management from University of Port Harcourt.  He became Chairman in April 2010.  He is married with children.




Daniel Igali is an honourable  member of Bayelsa State house of Assembly representing Southern Ijaw Constituency 3.   He attended Community Secondary School, Eniwari and MA in Process Criminology, from Simon Fraser University, Burnuby British Columbia.




John Idumange is a Senior Special Adviser to Gov. Seriake Henry Dickson on Research and Social Media.  He had his first degree in History Education from River State University of Technology, did his Masters degree in Education Management at the University of Ibadan and his PhD, History Education from University of Calabar.  He  is married to Barr (Mrs.) Kate Idumange and he is a father of 4 lovely children.




Mega big boy Edon Bobolayefa Bonnkie might not ring a bell, like MONI LOVE.  Edon is really a bigger boy among the Big Boys his family resides in London.  He is a Contractor/Consultant to State Government.  He specializes in ‘re-grassing’ stadium.  He did that of Yenegoa Stadium in Bayelsa Swtate and currently working on Owerri Stadium.  He is well liked and he is a man best referred to as ‘NO SAD MOMENT’.




Dreadlocks-loving Consultant, Writer and Producer of Movies, Deinbofa Ere Studied at the University of London.  He is the CEO of Sofaya Films Company.  He is currently a Consultant to CARNIRIV,  the Rivers State carnival  where he  work  with the famous Nollywood Actor Sam Dede, who is the Director General to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.  His family still resides abroad, while he came back 5 years ago and he is doing very well.




Abel Ebifemowie who is popularly known as T.O., was a Governorship aspirant in  2011 under the Labour Party.  During the former Governor, D.S.P. Alamieyesigha, he was a defacto deputy Governor.  After the administration, he left for Atlanta Georgia, USA where he lived before coming back.  He is currently the Chairman Environmental Sanitation in Gov. Seriake Henry Dickson’s administration.  He is well known for his generosity.




Egbogne-born Ifie as he is known, attended International Secondary School, Rivers State University of Science and Technology and the University of Port Harcourt.  This young and hardworking businessman, Managing

Director First Investment, is also the Manager of Rivers State Basketball Team.  He is married to Shadiya Ajala Ozaka.




The CEO of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship in 2011 in Kenya, Pepperoni Foods Ltd, Eric Idogun, attended Government College, Ughelli, Delta State, Unity School, Agbarho, Delta State, had his first degree in Political Science/Administrative Studies and his Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Port Harcourt.  Humble and hardworking, Eric has branches in Bayelsa, Rivers State, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Delta State.  He also owns a bakery and produces Xyno table water.  He is married to Eberechi Idogun and blessed with children.





This handsome Pilot works with Aero Contractors.  He is married and he is a powerful dresser.




George is a Special Adviser on Youth Matters at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).  He studied Law at the Niger Delta University, Wiberforce Island, Amassoma, Bayelsa State, a former Vice President of  National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).          HE was a student of Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science, a Gospel singer and Instrumentalist.





Fkuma Ilagha is the Chairman/CEO of Fak Engineering and Construction Ltd.  he had his secondary school education at Enitonna High School and proceeded to University of Port Harcourt.  He had done major jobs like the construction of Nembe Unity Bridge.  He lives well.




Former Commissioner representing Nembe in Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), he is the Proprietor of the only modern car shop and service center in Yenegoa.  He is married to Reni Daniela Mike Ogiasa.




Austin Aye-Martins is a retired Naval Officer.  He is a Chief from the War Conoe House of Ogabri Bauso, Gboro group of House  in Nembe Kingdom.  Chief Austin Aye-Martins is Mingi Yai Gboro of Nembe Kingdom.  He is married and doing well.




Walaman Samuel Igrubia attended Army Command Secondary School, Bori Camp, Port Harcourt, and graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, he is married and working with the Bayelsa State Government.




Enize Ogio is known and works with the Timi Alaibe’s family closely.  He is the Co-ordinator of Family Reorientation Education and Empowerment (FREE), the pet project of Late Mrs. Augustina Alaere Alaibe.  It is an innovative intervention in adult literacy in the whole Niger Delta region and Nigeria.  This project is still on, 3 years after the death of Alaere, Enize is a powerful dresser and a proper gentleman, who sure knows how to enjoy life.




He was a former Local Government chairman, and a former Treasurer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Bayelsa State.  Felix Omemu is presently a lecturer at the Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Bayelsa State.  He is married with children and the elder brother to Miengiye Henry Omemu.




Meet RIVERS Governor, AMAECHI’S Top 10 Aides

Politics in Nigeria is gradually gaining momentum with the deregistration of some  Political parties for the forthcoming elections in 2015.  Every Politician is gearing up and planning for 2015 secretly, without putting their cards on the tables; its  either they are not running or they have a candidate.   We  gathered that Gov. Amaechi’s opponents will find it difficult to beat him in Rives State politics come 2015.  Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is about rounding off his 2nd term, has performed partly, if not fully, to the expectations of the voters in the state.  Over 80% of his administration’s projects on ground are people-oriented and situated in the Rural Areas of the State, i.e. schools, Cottage Hospitals, Water, Electricity and Roads.  Amaechi has touched every part of Rivers State including the opponents’ villages.  Our  sources said if his opponents have not benefited directly through their villages, their family members in those villages are now enjoying motorable roads, power supply, water, healthcare and good schools, which has never happened before in the history of the state.  Contractors who have not performed have been dispossessed of their projects and re-allocated to performers.  Senior Correspondent, BUNMI DUROJAIYE, has listed Gov. Amaechi’s loyalists, who are grassroots- friendly.



Godspower  U. AKE

Chief Godspower U. Ake is the father of Orashi politics, highly respected and his views are accepted even by those who do not like him.  He is a staunch supporter of Gov. Amaechi and he is the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  Ake is very difficult to buy over, he has occupied elective and appointive positions in the state- he was Deputy State Chairman of National Republican Convention (NRC), that produced the Governor of Rivers State in the ill-fated Babangida election.  He was  the founding father of Odili’s Restoration Team that formed the government and all those who are in Government since 1999.  Chief Ake was Special Assistant on Lands, and the only SA, who was a cabinet member meant only for commissioners.  He has produced a lot of prominent politicians who still look up to him.




A young politician, who is grounded in the art of politics and politicking hails from a Political background.  He is the son of a prominent female Politician.  Allwell has tremendous influence in Etche/Omuma axis-no election has been won in that zone without his contribution.  He has handled a lot of political positions at elective and appointive levels.  He was once the Chairman of old Etche Local Government Area in the NRC, (Omuma/Etche), during Abacha’s regime.  He was a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly representing Etche Constituency I.  Allwell was also Deputy Senatorial Chairman for Odili Restoration Team that gave birth to all government since 1999.  He has been Commissioner for Education, 1999-2003; Commissioner for Sports, 2003; -2007, and currently the Council Chairman Secondary School Board in the State.  He has been a very prominent member of all PDP campaigns machinery from registration since 1998  till date.  He once said “Amaechi is not my friend but my brother.  “Allwell will support Amaechi no matter what.




This elder statesman was many times Gubernatorial aspirant, he ended up in the House of Representatives, representing Emohua and Ikwerre Federal Constitutions in Rivers State.  At the moment, he is doing his 3rd term in the House.  Chief Uchendu was one time Managing Director of Risonpalm Ltd and Oil Palm Estate.  He is an unapologetic supporter of Amaechi and he has massive support in the Ikwerre-speaking areas of Rivers State due to his contribution to human and capital development in the area when he was the Managing Director of Risonpalm.  He hails from Emohua Local Government Area.




A very popular Politician, youthful, unassuming and a grassroots person, Asita ia  a Lawyer by profession.  He was PDP Chairman Ahoada West Local Government Area and a Board Member of the Rivers State Post Primary School in 2002 and was promoted to a cabinet position as Commissioner for Youth, 2003-2007.  Today, he is serving  his second term as a member of Federal House of Representatives representing Ahoada West Local Government Area and ONELGA Constituency.




Hon Abe hails from the Ogoni axis of Rivers State.  He was a Minority Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly between 1999-2000.  He moved from APP to the ruling party, PDP in 2003 and became the Commissioner for Information, then twice  he tried to get into the National Assembly at the nomination level and twice he failed in 2003 but his star came alive again, after Gov. Amaechi appointed him SSG in 2007 October, from where he moved to the Senate in May 2011.  Today, Magnus Abe is a very influential and distinguished member of the House.  He is loyal to Gov. Amaechi.




Dakuku has always been Amaechi’s boy as far as politics is concerned; he lived in Amaechi’s boy’s quarters at the Borokiri area of Port Harcourt.  He was nominated by Amaechi to Dr. Peter Odili in 2000, where he was made Special Adviser on Students’ Affairs.  He later became Commissioner for Works in 2007.  Before then he was Caretaker Committee Chairman of Opobo/Npokoro, where he performed creditably well. Hon Dakuku Peterside is in the House of Representatives, representing Opobo/Nkoporo/Adoni Constituency.  He supports Gov. Amaechi and his influence is not small.




Aleruchi is an unapologetic believer in the governance of Gov. Amaechi and her influence among the female politicians is enormous.  She is a very brilliant Lawyer.  She is administratively sound and political objective, so a lot of people buy her political views because she says it, as it is.  This widow of the architect that built the Rivers State Government House is very rich and has handled a lot of political posts.  She was Rivers State’s Attorney General, 1999-2003; SSG, 2003-2005 and currently a member of Gov. Amaechi’s kitchen cabinet.  Aleruchi Cookey-Gam is the Sole Administrator of greater Port Harcourt .




Rt. Hon. Tonye Harry despite all odds is a supporter of Amaechi and his support started when he was Gov.  Amaechi Deputy.  He was Speaker in 1999, he anchored Amaechi’s Gubernatorial ambition in 2007 from his Nzimiro Street, on old GRA, which was Tonye’s Office.  There seemed to be a gap between Harry and Amaechi in 2011and 2012 but that has been resolved and it means they are back together.  Tonye’s 50th birthday party was celebrated in the banquet hall in the Government House.  He is influential in the Kalabari area of the State.  He obviously, will back Amaechi.




Hon. Tolofari, for the past 16 years, he been at the top level in River politics.  This Bonny-born gentlemen and politician is equally married into a great family of politicians, the Agumas in Bonny Local Government Area.  He is highly respected and accepted by his people.  Tolofari went to the House of Assembly, serving 2 terms of 8 years and now he is serving the 2nd tenure as Commissioner for Transport.  This soft-spoken gentleman will always support Amaechi.




An Opobo Prince, who is an ardent sportsman, and one-time Chairman of Nigeria Referee Association, Sam hails from the great King Jaja of Opobo’s family.  Although he has not be visible in elective and appointive positions, he has been very prominent in deciding who goes where in the Opobo/Nkoro areas of the state, through his political organization called Vanguard of Opobo Association  (VOA).  Sam Sam Jaja has been recognized to appoint all the politicians form Opobo and its environs.  He is currently the National Deputy Chairman of PDP.  He is sure to back Gov. Amaechi.


I Was In My Mother’s Womb For 18 Moths”

Veteran actor, Antar Laniyan is one of the highly respected artist in the Yoruba movie industry.  Though, his vision was to become a soldier but based on the interest he showed in acting when he was in Primary school after winning many trophies for his school prompted his school principal to advice him to go into acting.  Aside his status as an actor, many don’t know that the Osun State-born actor is also a prince in Osogbo, and his royal name is Adegbinrin.  In this interview, the thoroughbred actor, producer cum director, Antar shared his mother’s experience before his birth to Reporter, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO among other interesting issues.  You probably need to know about him.  Excerpts:


What’s new about you?

          There’s nothing much, it’s just that I have always been at location and I tried to create some free days for myself relax at home with my kids and wife.  But most of what has been happening to me is location stuffs, but when I am not acting or directing, I take my time in writing my scripts, but if am not writing, I spend time to sleep and probably play with my kids.


Which job are you, currently working on?

          I just finished work on my latest movie and my marketer is currently running the advert clip on air and it will be released this  December.


What your relationship with Wale Adenuga Production like now?

          Relationship with them is still cordial.  We still talk on phone.  You know it has been a contractual stuff, so far if they need me to do a special job for them, I still go there to do it for them and smile to my bank.  I wasn’t permanently employed then to direct their series.



What’s your opinion about the state of piracy now?

          The state of the situation is that we still helpless.  We are striving, alas, we get pirated.  My opinion about the issue is that this certain set of guys will still continue to achieve whatever they want to achieve unless the government comes into the picture.  Unless the government invest and police their investment, they didn’t put in their money so they don’t  care about the suffering these guys are making us go through.


          It was reported recently that Lagos State Law Enforcement Agency stormed Osodi to arrest the pirated CD sellers, the said members of Task Agency were beaten silly.  Does that mean government are not capable of arresting them?


          I will not say Lagos State Government is not capable of these guys because the present Lagos State Government has been making a lot of changes in the state, if one can be able to transform Osodi to what it is now, who says he cannot eradicate piracy as well?  But the problem I know that we have is that, are we sure that our problem is the people selling it on the street or the god’s fathers who produces these things massively.  If this set of Baba Isale can be stopped, those who sell it on the street will not see anything to sell.  So, go to that place where it’s being produced, get them arrested and close down the place and D-deal will be done.


Can you shed more light on the aspect of the god fathers?  Do you actually know them?

          No, what I am saying is that, there are people who are investing their money for these movies to be pirated.  I cannot just buy a copy of a film, pirate it and make so many copies.  I need capital also to buy empty CDs, jacket to produce so many things and all that.  Those who are putting down the money are the god fathers, they are the entrepreneurs that are producing it amass.  If they get arrested, the common retailer who is capital is just tem thousand naira is not the man.  You can only  stop that person from  your street.  Those who give it to them are the people to be arrested, not the one at Osodi under bridge.


You are one of the oldest actors in the industry, how did you venture into acting?

          Fortunately for me, I started acting early enough at age 15.  Before I could even distinguish my left hand from the right.   I started at Ojora Street in Ijora, Lagos.  Along the line in my secondary school, I found myself being the president of drama society and also popular among other students because of the activities I was engaged with and I was also the senior prefect.  Initially, I wanted to be a soldier but my school principal advised me to go for acting because of the many awards I won for the school and I stared looking towards that direction.


How were you able to make it to the top so quick?

          I worked very hard and I initially make acting and directing my life.  I don’t have interest in women, I was doing my things as if I am going for a competition which is a must for me to win.  I don’t wine and dine on location, I faced what I have gone to do at the location until you see me on the street and commend me for a nice shoot, I will not believe that I have won until people tell me that.


Is Antar a Yoruba name?

          Antar is a Yoruba name which many people don’t know.  Many said it’s Arabic while other says it’s Edo name.  Antar has to do with the story of my birth.  I over stayed in my mother’s womb and when she wanted to give birth to me, a concoction was made.  I wouldn’t want to go into that because it may scare people.  But one of the ingredients used for the concoction is called Antar (an animal called Awonriwon in Yoruba), and when she swallowed it, I came out and she  calls  me with that name Antar.  So when I was growing up, she told me to stick to that name and that is how I start to bear the name because it is so unique as far as am concerned.  Even with the job I do, you will go extra miles before you see another.


How many months did you spend in your mum’s womb?

          I spent 18 months.  One year and six months.


Your birth given, don’t you see it as abnormal?

 Of course it is.


What really happened?

 I got delayed before I could come to the world, but my parents have to go extra miles before I was born.  I wouldn’t like to go into details.



In Osun State, you are from a royal family which many do not know, tell us about that?

  I am from a royal family.  Like we normally call it “Laniyan Kan, Osogbo Kan”  which means one Osogbo, one Laniyan family.  I am a prince from Osogbo, if I get to Osogbo now, the drummers knows the kind drum they will beat for me.


Which means Antar Laniyan may become a king tomorrow?

 If it is the will of Almighty God my royal name is Adegbirin.  Meaning shining crown.


What are you aiming to achieve in this vocation that you haven’t ?

I dream to have an academy.  I wish to have a drama academy but no one to assist me. I don’t have money.  I am a poor man but I hope to  because you don’t know what god will do in the net minute.  If I get the money today, I will have  a very big land to build the school and name it Drama Academy where people comes into learn what it entail to be in the theatre industry.


20 ABIA Prominent Families


          Abia State, the God’s own state, is one of the most popular states in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, known for its exploits in commercial activities especially in business and commerce.  The state has also produced prominent Nigerians who have done their chosen fields.  In this piece JOMBO UCHE unveils prominent families in Abia State.




          The former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is one of the richest men In the State and he hails from the prominent Orji family.  He is the CEO of Slok Air, with interests in other blue-chip investments like Oil and Gas, Banking, Real Estate, etc.  His young brothers Hon. Ogbonna Uzor Kalu, the former House of Representatives Member, his brother Mascot  and their mother, have built a strong political force in the state.



          The Abaribes are among the most popular families in the God’s own state.  Their late father chief Abaribe built the family into a formidable force, with his children doing very well in their different fields of endeavour.  Among the popular ones-are Enyinnaya Abaribe, a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  He was also a onetime Deputy Governor during Dr. Orji Uzor’s firs tenure as Governor of Abia State.



In Abia State, one traditional ruler who wields a lot of influence is His royal Highness Eze Isaac Ikonne.  He was the former chairman of Abia State traditional rulers.  Among his children are Hon. Paul Ikonne, a respected politician and a former Council Chairman.



Ex-Super Eagles Skipper, Kanu Nwankwo is also an indigene of Abia State.  The England-based striker is today Nigeria’s most decorated player.  His younger brother Ogbonna Nwankwo was equally a footballer in Europe as well, before moving into other businesses.




          The Nnannas are popular for being the pioneers in manufacturing of exercise books, tissues and other stationer.  Their company, Star Paper Mill Ltd.  has factories in Kaduna, Owerinta, Aba etc., although their father Nnanna Kalu is late, the children among whom are George Nnanna Kalu a politician and former Deputy Governorship aspirant in the state, Ucheme Nnanna, Kalu the CEO of Exquisite Nigeria, are keeping the business empires flag flying.




          Ogbulafor is a big name that rings a bell in the state,  with investments in Real Estate.  Chief Vincent Ogbulafor was the immediate past Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chidi Ogbulafor (Vincent’s half brother) is also a big political figure in the state, with the other Ogbulafors pulling weights in other areas of their careers.




          The duo of Super Eagels player, Kalu Uche and his brother, Ikechukwu Uche are from this popular family.  They are flying the flag of the family through their exploits in football, home and abroad.  They are indeed making waves.









          The name Navy Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (rtd) rings a bell in the political history of this country.  He was a former Military Administrator of Lagos State and No 2 Man in the country during IBB regime, before the late Real Admiral Aikhomu.  He has since retired into private business.  Aside from his various achievements, his children and the entire Ukiwes are a force to reckon with in Abia State.




          Onyema Ugochukwu former Nigeria Delta Development Commission, (NDDC) boss, and also a former governorship aspirant in Abia State, on the platform of the PDP is form this prominent family.  The Umuahia-born politician and the rest of the Ugochukwus are doing well.




          B.B. Apugo is a billionaire and a politician.  His family is one of the most respected in the state.




          The Igbomahs are also prominent.  One of the sons of the family of  Naval Commander, Agwu Igbomah was a former Military Administrator of Adamawa State, his late brother Otisi Igbomah was a licensed Federal Government Contractor.




          On a visit to the commercial city of Aba, in Abia State, one name stands out in the hospitality business, and that name is Okebulu Jombo, the CEO of Hotel De Villa and a co-owner of Hotel De La Piax, the first 3-star hotel in the city.  He is also connected in the corridors of power.  He is form the prominent Jombo family.  Nollywood star actress, Uche Jombo is his niece.



          Comrade Senator Uche Chukwumerije is among the respected politicians in the state, and a serving Senator.  Also in the family is Chukwumerije Jnr. who is an Olympic Medalist in Judo amongst others.




          The Isi-Ala Ngwa traditional ruler Benard Enweremadu is one popular ruler with a difference.  The former Chairman, Abia State traditional ruler council is blessed with many children who are upholding their family name in their different fields of endeavour.




          The late Lt. General Aguiyi Ironsi is from this family.  Although General Aguiyi Ironsi is dead his name still lives, and among the people still flying his family flag in a big way is his wife lady Victoria Agu Ironsi and others.




          The name Nwagbara rings a loud bell in Abia State.  Adolphous Nwagbara a prominent man form this family was at one point the Chairman of Hall-mark Bank.  The other Nwagbara’s are also bigwigs in the society.





          Former Finance Minister, Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu is from the prominent Idika family in Abia State.







          The late Premier of the Eastern Nigeria, Dr. Michael Opara has written his name in the sand of time.  The Oparas are very popular and respected.  This informs the reason why the Government’s No 1 Multipurpose Hall is name after them.  Also among the Oparas is Uzodinma Opara a former state chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and a seasoned politician.




          The Mmadukos are highly respected in Abia State.  The family owns one of the city’s biggest hotels, Bined.







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How ANAMBRA’s Biggest Kidnapper Hit It Big


+The Millions He Made Before His Arrest


For the past 4 years in the Eastern part of Nigeria, kidnapping has been on the rise and has defied all kinds of plots by the police to curb the social vice thus becoming a major source of worry to many, especially the rich, who are the biggest victims of these hoodlums.

A lot of prominent people have fallen victim and parted with huge sums of money, while some have also lost their lives in the hands of kidnappers, especially those who could not pay the ransom.   These kidnappers have so much terrorized the

Eastern communities that people no longer travel to their villages during festive periods for security reasons.  The big Igbo traders in Lagos and around the country who normally travel home during the yuletide no longer go home, preferring instead to enjoy their money in Lagos or where they live.  They have devised a means of sending money home to relatives instead of showing home.


In  Anambra State, the situation is worse and just when a lot of indigenes had given up hope on the police ever putting a stop to kidnapping, they have scored a big feat by unmasking the brain behind all the big kidnap incidents in the State, one 36 year old Osita Olisagbo Ifedike, who is presently cooling his heels in police custody.


The notorious kidnapper was arrested by the Anambra State Police  led by the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Bala Nasarawa, as he was returning to his mansion at Oraifite in Anambra State in his convoy of fleet of SUV  cars with siren blaring, a protocol he has been enjoying for the past few years since he parades himself as one of the richest men in the community.


His  latest kidnap deal which is the kidnap of Igbo  billionaire, Arthur Eze’s brother HRH Robert Eze,  which yielded a whooping sum of 50 Million ransom, is said to be the bait that nailed him.  According to the theory making the rounds, bubble burst after the kidnap of the traditional ruler  Osita who is the sole financier of the kidnap team and the master minder of all their activities had to return from his base in South Africa  to monitor the kidnap process owing to the big sum of money and the personality involved.  After the traditional ruler was arrested, he was said to have been kept hostage in Ositas residence in Oraifite, Anambra State before  their ransom was paid and the royal highness was released and immediately flown away to Germany for medical cheek up.   But on how the police were able to nab the suspects, story has it that the confessions of a lady who is a member of the gang was what aided the police to unravel the kidnap mystery.


The kidnappers are said to have six different hideouts in six towns in Anambra State  which  also served as a cell where they keep their victims.  On how they operate, story has it that Osita who has become very wealthy through the kidnap business recruits boys form different villages who serve as informants, they give information about the rich men in their villages, and their duty also is to alert them whenever these targets are back in town.  Sources reveal that they most times keep their abducted victims very close to where they were kidnapped but they first blindfold the victim so he won’t be able to recognize the fact that he is being held in his village.


They usually drive a long distance to deceive the blindfolded victim but however,  he  is merely being driven round  his village, and then kept in one of their closest  hideouts.  For the very influential victims, they are properly fed with nice foods bought from eateries.  The victims are always kept in underground cells until their ransom is paid.   The story of Osita is one that had become a topic for some years now in his village, especially since he amassed his stupendous wealth.  As many villagers suspected his wealth was not form a  good source.  He is known to always parade himself in a convoy of SUV car whenever he is in town and always claimed he was into clearing and forwarding business. 


Those who happen to know him say he spends money in a very lavish manner and yet has no genuine business to show for his source of income .  Osita, who is the  son of a known native doctor in Oraifite  is the biggest kidnap king in Anambra .  Rumour has it that luck ran out of them after a lady member allegedly opened up about the group to her fiancé who happens to be a policeman and tried convincing him to join the group.   She promised to introduce him to the guy in charge of the kidnap and the officer played along only to finally get to arrest the lady who now took the police to one of their hideouts and the kidnapers were arrested.   They further opened up on how they operate and in the process; their kingpin Osita’s name was mentioned.


Following the tip off, he was traced to his hometown in Oraifite in Anambra and was arrested while he was returning to his home in his convoy.  This suspect has been a most wanted armed robbery/kidnapping kingpin responsible for series of high profile kidnappings, armed robberies and murder, including the kidnap of Igwe of Ihembosi in Ekwusigo Local Government Area in 2010 and the recent kidnap of the traditional ruler of Ukpo in  Dunukofia Local Government Area Igwe Rober Eze.  His gang is also responsible for the killing of five policemen at Okija on 22nd June, 2012  and the violent attack on Amichi and Ukpor Police Divisions  in Nnewi South Local Government Area on 4th April, 2012.”


According to reports, some of the guns and ammunition recovered at Ifedike’s house were those carted away when the gang invaded the police stations at Amichi  and Ukpor during which the two stations were razed down by the hoodlums.  Those who know Ifedike say he exhibits stupendous wealth and claims to be doing business in Ghana,  but his actual business is kidnapping of people and collecting millions of naira as ransom.  At the last count, he was said to have used the money made from kidnapping people to build hotels in Ghana, Rivers, Abia and Anambra and parades fleet of SUV cars.  The mansion he built in his village which was demolished on Wednesday, was built within few months.


At the time of his arrest, he was said to be coming into his compound with three SUV  cars and blaring siren.  All that has ended as he is now cooling off in a police cell.  Right how his 2 buildings belonging to Mr. Olisagbo Ifedike  has been demolished.   The two properties demolished were a one storey building with a pent house and a bungalow which he built for his father.  During the  raid on the compound, the police discovered sophisticated arms and ammunition in a plastic cover concealed underground behind the bungalow.


In an armoury found    in the compound were 27 AK 47 riffles, one K2  riffle, two type –of riffles, one General Purpose Machine Gun, one Rocket launcher, 17 rockets, six pump action guns, three dane guns, one Barretta  pistol and 13 Rocket grenades, as well as 12,800  rounds of AK 47  live ammunition, 530 rounds of  LAR   ammunition,  95 rounds of GPMG live ammunition, 1000 rounds of K2  live ammunition and 143 magazines.


Apart from an underground structure in the compound suspected in the compound suspected to be a place for keeping victims, there was also an extended building with toilet facilities behind the bungalow suspected to be a place he was using as a cell.  In a small building attached to the wall near the gate was a shrine allegedly used by the father of the suspect, Mr. Patrick Ifedike, alias Ogbujingidi, who is a native doctor. 








Shocking Details No One Will Tell You About Him


These are good times for one of the nation’s foremost entrepreneurs Dr.

Mike Adeniyi Ishola Adenuga Jr. Who is not only the Chairman of the Mike

Adenuga Group but the Chairman of Globacom Nigeria Limited, one of his numerous businesses.

Reason?  He topped the list of Nigeria’s honored with this year’s National Honours Award.  Adenuga, whose company pioneered per second billing in the Telecoms industry, was  conferred with the award of Grand Commander Of The Order Of The Niger GCON.  He was decorated on  September 17. He is one of the few Nigerians that have been conferred with the nations second highest national honour.  But not many people know why Adenuga  was honoured.

We can authoritatively reveal ,why.  We can tell you that Mike Adenuga is  being  honoured with GCON for his remarkable contribution to the growth of the nation’s economy and for decades of resilience in enterprise.  It is also because  Adenuga has held high the Nigerian flag in many spheres around the world,particularly in the West African region. The profile of Adenuga, who sits atop the Mike Adenuga Group which is probably the biggest  business empire in Africa,   can fittingly be summed up as the story of African  enterprise.    

He is today one of the  most recognizable names on the African continent.  Born 59 years ago, A d e n u g a is a  q u in t e s s e n t i a l  businessman who has  made his mark so distinctly that world leaders speak  glowingly about him.   One of the world’s wealthiest men, Dr. Adenuga sits atop what is generally regarded as one of the continent’s largest  business empires comprising oil and gas,  telecoms, aviation, banking and real estate.

In each of these sectors, Dr. Adenuga has  moulded his companies into major, if not dominant,  players.  In the  oil and gas sector, for  instance, Conoil Plc is one of the largest and most   profitable oil  marketing companies in N i g e  r i a.  C o n o i l  P r o d u c i n g, the  downstream arm of the conglomerate, m a d e history by becoming the first Nigerian company to strike oil and produce it in commercial quantity in 1991.  In banking, Equatorial

Trust Bank (ETB) was one of the few banks  that effortlessly met the N25b  capital

requirement during the 2005 banking consolidation exercise without going to the

stock market.  It only merged with Devcom  Bank which was also owned by Adenuga.  Last year, ETB  m e r g e d with Sterling Bank. In telecoms, Globacom is not only the m o s t innovative network in Nigeria, it also, in its first y e a r   o f operation, became  the fastest growing in Africa  and the Middle East, with operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Senegal, Gambia and Cote d’Ivorie.  Adenuga also has a multi-billion dollar investment in real estate.  These companies provide direct employment to thousands of workers and millions of others indirectly.


An encounter with O t u n b a  A d e n u g a would reveal a man of   un common  intellect; a man with a deep passion for his calling; a man who is focused and considers achieving as a personal mantra.  He lives a life that thrives on hard work.  His sojourn in the United States of America in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece added an exciting chapter to his impressive resume.  Even though the young Adenuga came from a relatively comfortable background, he paid his way through school with money he raised from driving taxi cabs and working as security guard, at different times.  Adenuga is certainly no new kid on the block as far as entrepreneurial acumen is concerned.  He had attracted national attention as far back as  1991 w h e n  his Consolidated Oil Limited struck oil in commercial quality.  He is reputed to have distinguished himself in the business of importation at the young age of 22! And ever since, Dr. Adenuga has bestrode the world or modern business like a colossus.

His latest achievement has been the laying of an international submarine cable, Glo 1, which has gigantic capacity to Africa.  The optic fibre cable provides excess bandwidth to all the cities connected to the cable, and has lead to a much faster and robust connectivity for voice, data and video.  The man, Adenuga means different things to different people.  A husband, father, team leader, role model, an entrepreneur par excellence!  Though he has made giant strides in several business categories, Nigerians would probably remember him more for his timely intervention in the telecommunications arena, where he seems to hold the aces that determine the pace of play.  Globacom’s  historic introduction of Per Second Billing  was the first time any network also pioneered such revolutionary products as Blackberry vehicle tracking, mobile internet and mobile banking services in Nigeria .  when the history of telecommunications industry in Africa is written, Adenuga surly would earn a chapter as a man who disrupted an oligarchic convention for the benefit of mankind.

He was honoured by the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the National Awards of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) and later with the award of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON).  During Nigeria’ 50th  anniversary celebration, Adenuga was one of the 50 per-eminent Nigerians  who were conferred with the Special Golden Jubilee Independence Anniversary Awards by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Adenuga’s  nomination was as a result of his immense contributions to the growth of his Oil & Gas, Banking and the Telecoms industries in the country.  Checks showed that Adenuga merited the special award due to the great sacrifice he made to ensure the re-invention of the country’s telecoms industry.  An astute world-class business expert, with worldwide business interest, Dr. Adenuga is a highly respected entrepreneur and one of the biggest employers of labour in the country.  In the last two decades, he has established a pedigree as a well focused and prudent manager of men and resources with the uncanny ability to successfully transform ideas and dormant businesses to highly viable enterprises.

Dr. Adenuga Jr. has always been in the news on account of several patriotic initiatives.  Globacom  is the biggest supporter of football in  Africa and has raised the profile of football in Nigeria and Ghana with the sponsorship of the Premier Leagues and national football teams of the two countries.  The company has so far spent over N6 billion on  Nigeria football.  It has also transformed the annual CAF Awards and made it the most glamorous sports event on the continent.  C A F  has awarded Adenuga, the Pillar of Football  in Africa for his strong support for African Football  at both national and continental levels.  At the 2nd edition of the Glo-CAF Awards held in Ghana, former President John Kufour declared Adenuga Africa’s No. 1 Businessman for his promotion of the continent through his business empire.

Dr. Adenugua  has won numerous awards in recognition of his personal and business accomplishments among which is the African Telecoms Entrepreneur of the year for his courageous and rapid investment in the telecoms sector.  He was early 2010 voted Nigeria’s Most Outstanding Business Personality in the last 50 Years.  In an online poll conducted by ThisDay, he polled 4272 votes to edge out the Chairman, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote who scored 4156.  Founder of Diamond Bank, Mr. Pascal Dozie, polled 3316, Olorogun Michael Ibru got 3073 while the Chairman, First City Monument Bank, Otunba Subomi Balogun polled 2801.

In 2009, Dr. Adenuga won the coveted Silverbird Man of the Year Award, polling over 75% of the votes cast to edge out other eminent personalities such as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sansi Lamido Sanusi, Foreign Affairs Minister, Odein Ajumogobia, and the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio, among others.  The annual  award is facilitated by Silverbird Communications,  owners of Silverbird TV and Rhythm 93.7 FM.  Similarly, several other media organizations, Sun  Newspapers, Independent Newspapers, Leadership Newspapers; Compass Newspapers; City People and Ovation International Magazine have also honoured the Globacom Chairman with their Man of the Year Award within the last few years.   In spite of his towering achievements, he remains an epitome of modesty.






50 Oyo Prominent families

oyo mesi

Why Everyone is talking about them     

Unknown to many, Oyo town has produced first class Nigerian who have made names in various endeavors. This week ,WAHAB BASHIR and BOLA DAVIES present those families who have made that very important South West State tick. They are the prominent Oyo families.

Alowolodu Royal Family

Iku Baba Yeye, the Alaafin of Oyo is of Alowolodu royal family of Oyo. He is a first class Oba in Oyo State and Nigeria. He is reckoned within and outside Nigeria and he is a permanent Chairman of Oyo State traditional Chief and Obas of Oyo State. Alaafin is a brilliant poet, philosopher, writer, custodian and defender of tradition and culture of the Yoruba race.

The Oyomesi

Bashorun, Ashipa, Alapinni, Shamu, Laguna, Akinniku, Modeke. These are the king makers of Oyo township. They all represent big families in Oyo town.

Baba Iyaji

Baba Iyaji is the head of  the prince and princesses in Oyo empire and currently Chief Lasisi Jokanola is the Baba Iyaji of Oyo.

Bode Thomas

The Famous Bode Thomas Street in Surulere is named after him. He was one of the early elites in Oyo and was a strong members of action group. His children are in every walk of life in Nigeria. One of the prominent Children of the family is Chief (Mrs.) Eniola Fadayomi.

Ladigbolu Royal Family

The Ladigbolus spread in Oyo from Lagbondoko area of Oyo town to Araromi in Owode area. They are also entitled to the thrown of Alaafin.

Gbadegesin Royal Family

The Gbadegesins are also prominent in Oyo. Their father was the last Aremo of Oyo. Some of the sons and daughters of Gbadegesins are doing well in the area of business and politics. Prof. A. S. Gbadegesin is currently Lasutech Vice Chancellor.

Sanda Family

The Sandas are prominent in Oyo. One of the family members Bayo Sanda  was a Director in NTA for so many years and so also Mr. Biodun Sanda who was a Director in Radio O.Y.O now BCOS.

The Makindes

The family is well known in Oyo and Chief Moses Makinde was the first indigenous Managing Director of Nigeria Breweries Plc for so many Years.


The early elites in Oyo and the descendant of Ogunmola is INEC resident Commissioner in Lagos, Dr. Ogunmola. One of the Ambassador to Ethiopia and he is also a hotelier in Oyo (Alliance Hotel).

Ajibade Olorun Adaba

Olorun Adaba family from Agbajunwon compound Oyo. Olorun Adaba is a foremost transporter, socialite  and politician. Their father was a strong member of Action Group (AG), UPN and Anwarul-islam in Oyo. Prominent among the family members are Engr. Tiamiyu Ajibade, Engr. Lookamn Ajibade and Wasiu Ajibade who are all doing well in their chosen careers.

Bashorun Family

The Family is known to be the Prime minister of Oyo kingdom.

Alabi Oyo Family

The Alabis are from Apinni area of Oyo town. One of the prominent sons of Alabi is Chief Bayo Alabi Oyo, a Director of Cakassa Nig. Ltd, that are into oil and gas service.

Bayo Sango Family

A prominent family from Ajagba area of Oyo, late (rtd) Bayo Sango is a retired top police officer.

Dahunsi Family

The Family is from Salode compound, Idi Ape, Oyo. One of the prominent sons is Engr. Dahunsi

Oloyin Family

They are into pharmaceutical business. The family are from Isale Oja, Oyo.

Lagunna Family

The family are from Agunpopo Area, Oyo. One of the prominent sons is Lawyer Akindele, the current Chairman Ansarudeen Movement in Oyo.

Arowosaye Family

The family are from Alaodi compound in Oyo. Late Alh. Ganiyu Arowosaye was  a great political member with NPN. One of the prominent sons is Alh. Lateef Arowosaye, a businessman and politician.

Bayeriyina Family

Alhaji Ayeriyina is a foremost charcoal exporter and petroleum merchant.

Ilaka Family

Chief Ilaka is from Ilaka area of Oyo and is the father of Chief Lukmon Oyebisi Ikaka who is a great politician and a businessman in Ibadan.


A prominent family from Akeetan, Oyo Sokan ijobode is a director with NECO while ohedode is a political activist.


Ayoola Family

Is a big family from Molaba in Oyo.

Owoade Family

The family is from Agure compound in Oyo. They are also prominent royal family in Oyo.

Elegbede Family

The family is from Apara Oyo.

Farinu Family

The early elites in Oyo. A Prominent son, chief Farinu is an industrialist and politician.


The early elites in Oyo state. Chief J.B. Oluokun was into oil and gas, late Titi Oluokun was the former commercial director, Portland cement. Kola Oluokun, Bimbo Oluokun are all socialites while Dolapo Oluokun is a Media consultant.



Olomowewe Family

The family are from Olojule compound in Oyo. They are known for their local herbal drinks for children.  

Animashaun Family

They are from Isokun area, Oyo. Chief Animashaun was a renowned teacher and disciplinarian. One of the prominent sons is Engr.  Animashaun.

Okuade Family

They are from Isokun area in Oyo. One of the sons is Bayo Okuade, a director of finance in Oyo East local government.

Ajunwon family

The family is from Baasi Iseke, Oyo. Prof. Ajibade Ajunwon is one of the prominent sons of the family.

Akintola Family   

They are from Alalubosa area, Oyo. The family are into politics and one of the sons in the family is an industrialist.


Laoye Family

They are from Agboye area, Oyo. Chief Laoye is a politician and a Geneva trained missionary secretary.   

Aguna Elewi

The family of Elewi came from Agunpopo in Oyo. They are purely Muslims. The eldest of Elewi family, Aihaji Aruna Elewi was a former minister for communication during the 3rd Republic in Nigeria and a renowned industrialist who founded Elewi foods in early 80s. He was a socialite per excellence whom many musicians sang his praise including the late Haruna Ishola who waxed a record in his name.

The Sunmonus

The Sunmonus are at Oke Apo in Oyo town. The sons and daughters of Sunmonu are all doing well in their chosen fields. One of the daughters is now the speaker of Oyo state house of Assembly. Alhaja Monsurat Sumonu.

Biznillahi Family

The Biznillahis are prominent in Oyo. The family have children in Cotonou. Some of the sons and daughters are all doing well in their different area. Some are University Lecturers. Alhuji Wahob Biznillahi has fleet of filling stations in Oyo and its environs. He was the first Chairman of Oyo local Govt.

Mufutau Ishola Family

Dealer of Peugeot cars in Oyo for some many years, Alhaji Mufutua Ishola popularly known as Ishola Motors was a great philanthropist. They are from Lemonu house. He also had properties scattered in Oyo.


Alhaji Ganiyu Ankuri was a transporter. He had fleet of trailers for haulage business. Apart from motor business, he was into properties.

The AyankoJos

Chief Lasisi Ayanyinka Ayankojo was a teacher, politician and human rights activist. He is from Ashipa area of Oyo Township. He is currently the Chairman of Oyo State Local Government Commission.


Chief Olakojo is one time commissioner for Finance and Secretary to the State Government in Oyo state.


Chief Jolapamo is into oil and gas, and shipping. He is the Chairman of Ship Owners Association of Nigeria. He is close associate of ex-governor Rasheed Ladoja.  

Ajisafe Family

Alhaji Moshood Ajisafe is from Ajisafe family in Parakoyi. A businessman and a philanthropist. He has housing properties  in Oyo and environs.


The family is from Araoyo Compound. Kunle Shittu is one of the sons in the family. A businessman that has the love of his people.

The Kamarise

The Kamarise are into motor business and one of the Children Tajudeen Kamarise is a businessman and a philanthropist. They are also into properties. One of their housing properties is Bayo Kamarise estate.

Muraina Oladokun Omopennu

Chief Muraina Oladokun was a renewed cocoa  merchant whose children are in all works of life. One of the sons, Bayo Oladokun is a Tax consultant, a business man and a politician .

Adebayo Faleti family

Chief Adeboyo Faleti is a poet, actor, playwright who likes Yoruba  culture. He has written and authored so many books. He was former head of cultural centre in Oyo State. He has featured in so many movies he is from Prarakoyi area of Oyo township.

The Olorunkosebis

Chief Amuda Olorunkosebi was the last Ashipa of Oyo. (One of the Oyomesis he was one of the prominent families in Oyo. Chief Amuda Olorunkosebi was into Oil and Gas.

Elesan Family

They are from Fatuke house and deals in wood charcoal. Alhaji Kasali Elesan is one of those that export charcoal overseas apart from distributing it to various parts of Nigeria.

Wande Abimola

He is a professor of Yoruba, and one time Vice Chancellor of University of Ife now (OAU) and former Special Adviser to President Obasanjo on Culture and Tradition. He is a renowned Ifa Priest.

The Alatedes

This family is very large. One of them is the current Chairman of First Bank Plc. Prince Jibola Afonja and one time minister for Labour and Productivity. Prince Afonja is also an industrialist and a close associate of Are Arisekola Alao and Oba Otudeko.

Oba Hausa Sabo

The Family is prominent and the present Oba of Hausa is Chief Gali Ibrahim.


Alhaji Moshood Olaniyan is from Abogunde family in Oyo. He is into hotel business.  

Rasheed Adesokan

A businessman and philanthropist from Aketan.

Baba Mogab

They are the Custodian of Sango traditional religion in Oyo.

The Adelakuns

They are mainly Catholic Faithfuls. The family is known for propagation of Christianity.

The Mustaphas

The Family are early elites in Oyo. Ayobami Idris Mustapha rose to the rank of major in the Nigeria Army and the elder brother is an Assistant Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are from Eletu house of Oyo.

Sokan Ojebode

He is a Director at NECO and he is a proprietor of Atiba University; Oyo in Oyo.

The Ogundeles

Morocco as popularly called in Oyo is a Prominent son of Ogundele and he is a business mogul in Oyo. They are from Iseke are of Oyo.

Ejowo Ebamise Family

They are also early elites in Oyo. Capt. Kola Raheem is a prominent son of Ejowo Ebamise family and a close associate of Yinka Ayefele (Great Gospel Musician). Who is CEO of KOTRAM Nig. Ltd, which is into Oil and Gas business. Dr. Mufu Raheem is the first youngest Phd holder (OAU) in Economics from Oyo. He is also a consultant to Oyo State Government.

Lanlokun Famliy

The Family is from Bassi Iseke, Oyo. Chief Lanlokun is a businessman and contractor.

Chief Makinde (Isale Oyo)

Maikinde is a prominent name in Oyo as he was the first permanent secretary from Oyo.

Alhaji Rasheed Atingisi

Atingisi is a popular name in Oyo. Everyone in Oyo and Oyo State in general knows the name “Atingisi”,He was an activist. He contested the Chairmanship of Oyo local Govt. with Alhaji Bizmillah. Although he did not win but the contest was keen and controversial.

Ogo Oluwas

Ogo Oluwa is a prominent name in Oyo. He is from Asogo and one of the children is Taofeek Adedeji Ogo Oluwa


Adenirans family of Gbogolomo house is prominently Ansar-Ud-deen family. One of the Children of Adeniram is Semiu Adeniram

Mukadam Yekeen Family

He was a good Muslim and renowned Alfa in Oyo.

Sheikh Alhaji Moshood Adebayo

He is the Chief Imam of Oyo. He is a proprietor of an Arabic School in Oyo. He spent most of his life in Cairo studying Arabic before he came back to Oyo to become the chief Imam.



The Akintundes are well known in Oyo from Parakoyi area. One of the children, Yinus Akintunde is the present Commissioner for works in Oyo state.


The Adebimpe family is well known in Oyo. He is the major landlord of Araromi area of Oyo township.


Abotades family is very popular in Oyo. The Abotades are from Akeetan in Oyo town.


Akindeles are from Agunpopo area of Oyo. Very prominent Muslim family.






Lagos businessman, Alhaji Buruji Kashamu, is one of the biggest financiers of Ogun State PDP. For the past 5 years or so, this big businessman who plays big in oil and gas, Hotels, Property, Real Estate has been the one solely funding the party across the 20 Local Government Area of the state. He started by setting up Omo IIu Group whose membership spread like wildfire across the state and for 4 years he went on an empowerment spree buying close to 600 brand new cars, motorcycle, buses, grinding and sewing machines amongst very many gifts he gave out to followers. Before anyone knew what was going on this strongman from Ijebu Igbo had hijacked the control of the party structure and was the one dictating, who did what and who got what in the party. He was the one who provided that platform upon which Gen. Tunji Olurin ran during the guber elections in 2011, having edged out the incumbent Governor, Gbenga Daniel’s candidates.

Shortly after, PDP lost the state to the ACN and Senator Ibikunle Amosun emerged the new Governor, things fell apart between Buruji and OBJ who had before now been close. Buruji and his group who control close to 80% of the party machinery got angry that OBJ whose group was in the minority got all the party patronages at the federal level and tried to force his group on the rest.

This has made Buruji’s group to institute a series of cases in court and he has got judgments in his favour while the OBJ group has refused to concede to him. Buruji Kashamu is angry right now. Members of his group are equally miffed. Last week Wednesday, Kashamu spoke to SEYE KEHINDE about his fight with the OBJ Group. “I won’t stop fighting them until justice is done’, he said. Read on.   

Why has Ogun PDP been in one long protracted crisis? Why are you fighting ex – President Obasanjo?

Baba Obasanjo is the cause. He is the cause of the problem in OGUN PDP. All the party members know this. But for you to understand what I am saying let me give you a comprehensive background leading you to the present problems.

Everybody know, you Seye Kehinde, also know that I started way back with Otunba Gbenga Daniel. Then, he was Governor of Ogun State at that time. I have been a businessman for very many years before I went into politics. I had done a lot in terms of setting up different companies, in different areas where a lot of Nigerians have been benefitting. I am into Oil, Hotel Business, I sell cars. I am big in properties. I am heavily into Real Estate, name it. I own 2 big hotels and I have recruited so many workers. Many people have benefited in the past and many still continue to benefit. Before now, all over my companies we used to have over 1,200 workers  because of the economic situation in Nigeria now, it has now reduced to over 500 people who I pay their salaries monthly. If you can remember, you will recall that I have been very close to Senator Lekan Mustapha. Lekan Mustapha is my brother. I love him more than anything. I have always believed that Lekan’s problem is my problem. But I thought it was the same not until Lekan dragged me into politics.

How did he do that?

That was before OMO IIU. Lekan was the one who dragged me into politics. I didn’t really see it all the beginning as politics. I saw it as rendering service to humanity. I saw it as trying to help resolve occasionally problems and clashes among the various groups like when there was problems between Baba Kuye Group and Otunba Gbenga Daniel that was involved with some members of the House of Assembly then called G15 members. Then 1 met Otunba Gbenga Daniel who I found to be an intelligent, high quality person. He is a stylish man then I fell  in love with the way he does his things. I liked the way he spoke when we met. Because of that, I was able to discover, many good people of Ogun State and I realized that our people needed empowerment to improve their lives. So I decided to create Omo IIu foundation which I have been using to empower a lot of people in Ogun State including a lot of members of PDP. That is how I found myself deeply into politics.

At that, many people were wondering what you had to gain by spending heavily, the way you were spending then?

A lot of people asked me this question you are asking and they are asking me. Yes, you are right, I spend  a lot of money up till 2011 when we took the structure from Otunba Gbenga Daniel through a Court judgment in Abuja.

From the time the Omo IIu Group was set up and 2011, I must have empowered some of the good people of Ogun State and members of the PDP with over 750 vehicles which you are aware and you witnessed because many of the times we were doing this empowerment, we used to invite the media for coverage. I also bought a lot of motorcycles, grinding machines and many freezers.

A lot of poor members of Omo IIu were giving cash gifts some N1000,000 some N200,000 each to enable them start smell scale businesses. If I was looking for any important position then I had that opportunity in 2011 to be a candidate for any of the position I could have gone for the Governorship of Ogun or Ogun East Senate seat which I did not even go for. It was Baba Obasanjo that called me. He thanked me and he told me that all of us with all our leaders we should go and work for General Olurin. I obeyed Baba in his capacity as our Baba, elder statesman who I never thought will turn round and betray me at the end of the day.

How did he do that?

By ignoring our group which was the main group and platform he used, I was looking at Baba then as a father to all Nigerians who will say something and everybody must obey. And you see in our own culture, we respect elders a lot. But it is unfortunate how Baba Obasanjo has treated us. It was out of respect that I accepted to work for Gen. Olurin, which we did. I tried my possible best with all the leaders’ elders, and our follows to deliver the bulk results of the presidential elections to President Jonathan. We did and Baba decided to take the structure of Ogun PDP from all the leaders and the elders who fought during that elections. Baba went ahead to choose his own people, who are outdated politicians who don’t know anything about politics.

Many of them are Abuja Politicians some of them live in Lagos and come once in a while to Abeokuta. These are people who cannot even call 10 people in their ward that will answer these are politicians like Odujinrin, Gen, Olurin who is not a politicians, Olurin does not know the meaning of politics. We know these people we have supporters in the whole 20 local Government. We converted Omo IIu foundation offices to PDP offices. We have the people any day, anytime. They are everywhere. And the people believe in our struggle. They know I will never condone Injustice no matter highly placed you are. Where there is no justice, there won’t be peace there. That is why we have been begging Baba to leave us alone in the party to sort ourselves out and build a strong party. We know that yes, Baba has power, that Baba is influential. When we could not convince him to listen to us, we had no option but to go to court. He has been trying to take that party structure from us. That is why we went to court. We went to court and we obtained different judgments that allowed us to do the congress, to the judgment that confirmed the same Exco. It was the same Exco that we used for Olurin, it’s the same Exco that did the congress and they are the ones that are entitle to even do the congress which they did and Baba refused to accept it. From there Baba started throwing his weight behind the former NWC like Oladipo, Bawaji and the legal adviser, Oke. Baba used his weight, his power to push them out of the genuine way to follow the wrong way because all they have been doing is illegal. This new people controlling PDP at the centre are respectable people. I am talking of the likes of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, a respectable Baba with dignity.

The Deputy National Chairman is a well educated person, a professional with a lot of experience. Olisa Metuh is a lawyer, a well know person when it comes to rule of law, like wise others.

But the only person that does not have this quality is Oyinlola. He is supporting illegality and does not believe in the Rule of Law. Oyinlola is crafty. You can’t determine what he will do at anything. The man betrayed my group. He has failed us. He does not want the progress of the PDP in the South-West instead of Olagunsoye Oyinsola to sit with our father, Obasanjo and advise him to let him put his house in order, he has been following and supporting Baba Obasanjo in his bid not to do the right thing. All the things they are doing in Ogun PDP are illegal. How can the state have peace? We have about 7 judgments in place that they are not respecting. They only appealed against one of the judgment and they embarked on propaganda spree as if all the judgment including the one in IIaro, Abeokuta, Abuja that different judges have given has been overruled or that a stay has been given on those judgments. How can that one be possible? We are no fools!

The only reason Oyinlola was made the secretary of PDP was because the party thought he will able to help the PDP resolve all its differences in all the state. If they had known that he will not play the correct role, nobody would have supported him. In every party there are times when there would be misunderstanding where party members can fight themselves. It is the leaders of the party from the affected area that will take it upon themselves to resolve the differences.

If Oyinlola cannot put his house together what is he doing there? What makes President Jonathan believe that Oyinlola can deliver South-West?

It is possible. The way I see it, Oyinlola has an agenda with his father, Obasanjo. I don’t see Oyinlola and Obasanjo following Jonathan in 2015.

The structure that they have been fighting for is to be used for their own agenda.

That is why they want to hijack the party structure. They want to use the party structure across the South-West for their2015 Agenda. That is why we are saying No. Leave this party to  those who own it. Leave the PDP to those who have worked for it. They don’t have people on ground. I respect Obasanjo as our Father but Obasanjo does not have followers. Our group controls over 75% of the followers in PDP in Ogun State. I stand to be corrected. We’ve built this party to a formidable level. The record is there for anybody to check. We control the party across the 29 local government councils. The police, SSS, CIB, and they know what I am saying. They know the people who have grassroots support.

In a bid to reconcile all the aggrieved sides I had meetings with OGD to reconcile our differences. I said to him that we should all put heads tighter and to make sure that we work together to pull PDP up.

What now happened?

He agreed. But some people in his group didn’t quite agree with the idea. But OGD and I have no problems. We talk regularly and we are still working together. During the last local government elections, I tried my possible best for all of us to work together but some of his people believe that they should go and vote through PPN.

Is that part of the reasons, A.C.N cleared all the LG seats in Ogun state?

The A.C.N did not win all the LG seats in Ogun State. PDP won between

12 to 14 local government. Nobody wants A.C.N in Ogun State. Almost 70% to 80% of Ogun State doesn’t want A.C.N. A.C.N is not organized. Within themselves there is serious division. Their house is not settled. There is a lot of crisis rocking A.C.N. The good people of Ogun State love PDP and they are ready to vote for PDP anytime, any day. They prefer PDP. The only problem Ogun PDP has is Baba Obasanjo. Baba Obasanjo is the biggest obstacle for PDP in Ogun State and in the whole South West. Look Baba Obasanjo has tried up to a point. He has been President. He has been BOT Chairman. Let him leave the party alone in the State for it to move forward. Baba Obasanjo is our father so he should behave like other leaders like Babangida, Atiku, Buhari, Shagari. All these people are well respected in their own areas. In Yoruba land we do not have anybody apart from Baba Obasanjo and Bode George.

The only person that we have with a good CV that is in good position to fight for all Yorubas is Baba Obasanjo, which he is not doing. The problem with Baba Obasanjo is that he gets involved in many petty things. He should not limit everything to himself alone, it should not be about himself alone. God has made him a leader for the Yorubas. Let him rise above petty things. If Baba Obasajo cannot lead and fight for the Yorubas now, when is he going to do it. He should do it and hand over to someone like what Papa Awolowo did. Baba Obasanjo must leave a legacy like Abiola did. He must leave a legacy for us, his people, the Yorubas. That is why I have been fighting and I will continue to fight because I don’t believe in imposition. I believe in democracy. I believe a lot of us should join hands together to choose our own people. I don’t believe in injustice. That is why I am fighting and will continue to fight in favour of the Rule of Law. Those who refuse to obey the Rule of Law will end up in prison. I don’t care how long it will take.

In some of the newspaper, you have been repeatedly quoted that you don’t have anything to do with Asiwaju Tinubu. Why did you come out to say that?

Because the so called Obasanjo Group and Odujirin held a press conference that was full of lies saying that, my good self obtained A.C.N card does it make sense? How can a man like that at the age of 65 or 67 be talking like that. This is the same man who lost his daughter in the Dana Plane that crashed not too long ago and we all in Ogun State expressed our condolences, mourning his daughter, who was almost 40. But this man came up about one month after to holding illegal congress all over Ogun State. It is sad.

I feel sad for Odujirin, going to Channels TV to explain what everyone knows is blatant illegality. This is a man who is a lawyer. How can a lawyer get himself involved in all these things that is illegal. When my son died in a car accident, I stayed for almost 4 months at home, without going anywhere I was rendered useless for almost 6 months, up to 1 year. I would not function.

In his own case not up to a month or 2, you dress up and start going everywhere saying you are doing congress.

You are supporting illegality and saying me, I am carrying A. C. N. card around.

What kind of talk is that?    

This is the kind of talk that makes many people not to trust politicians. I am not an A. C. N member.

 I am a PDP member. That is why almost 90% of the empowerment that I did were for  PDP members. How can I be an A. C. N member and be fighting for PDP  in the Local Government elections, trying  to win slots for PDP,  which the other side could not do, if it is true I am supporting  ACN.

Those are the kind of lies they tell them at the National level at the NWC. Sooner or later the truth will prevail.

Look at Bode Mustapha. He is not a good politician. He has no structure. He does not have anybody behind him. He keeps jumping from one place to another. He was with OGD and then former V.P Atiku. He is now with Baba Obasanjo, who he had opposed when he was with OGD. Now he has jumped to Baba Obasanjo. Is that the kind of person Baba Obasanjo. Should rely on? His appointment has been cancelled by a Federal High Court but he still continues parading himself, boasting everywhere. This is a man who cannot command 10 votes in his Local Government. The problem is that those in Abuja don’t. know what is happening in all the states.



Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamentalist sect adopts new tactics by attacking GSM masts in its guerilla warfare by Stephen Ubanna


Guerilla insurgency by Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamentalist sect which has engulfed parts of the North since 2002 have adopted new tactics of operation. The sect, last week resorted to bombing telecommunication masts as part of its strategy to disarm security agencies from sourcing information about its operations.


On Wednesday, September 5, 2012, the sect attacked 30 base stations belonging to MTN, Airtel and Globacom in Borno, Bauchi, kano and Yobe States identified as flash points. Also destroyed by the sect was the MTN regional officer in Maiduguri, capital Borno state.


Gbenga Adebayo, Chairman, Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria, ATCN describes the attack on the telecommunication facilities which cut cross many networks as a willful damage to those infrastructure’.


Investigation by The Source shows that since the bombing of the telecommunication companies base stations, quality of service in the affected states has taken a down turn as interconnection of telecoms infrastructure has become severely limited.


Sager Musa, a Lieutenant Colonel and image maker of the Joint Task Force, JTF, in Maiduguri confirmed the burning of MTN regional office. Musa said the sect has devised new methods of criminal activities including commencement of large scale destruction of GSM Towers to disrupt communication in the North.


Hassan Mohammed, an Assistant Superintendent of Police and spokesman, Bauchi state police Command who confirmed the attack in Bauchi said the police was on top of the situation.


Fumilayo Omogbenigun, spokeswoman, MTN, also confirmed last week that ‘some of the company’s installations in the North have been damaged by unknown persons suspected to be Boko Haram’ members. Omogbenigun disclosed that ‘all the relevant government security agencies have been informed about the damage and we are receiving their full cooperation.


Not many people are surprised at the attack on telecommunication facilities by the sect. the group issued a threat to attack the telecommunication companies in the country for ‘compromising its ethical obligations in divulging information about its activities to security operatives which had led to the arrest of many of its members’. Kabiru Sokoto, a strong member of the sect, and Abu Qaqa, spokesman of the sect were arrested through the call logs of the companies.


Indeed, Boko Haram members had in the past been concerned that they might be traced through mobile phones which heightened their hatred of the telecommunication companies.


Given the change of tactics by the sect, officials of the security agencies may now go back to the drawing board to fine-tune new security measures. This will include deploying police personnel to guard identified flash points including telecommunication masts to block future attacks.


Inspite of the fact that security has been beefed up the flash point states to protect identified targets, there are fears in both official and non official circles that the major telecommunications companies MTN, Airtel and Globacom would no longer find it funny expanding their operations in the North.


Already in Maiduguri metropolis, the attack has sent panic among the companies as their offices have been put under lock and key.


Before now, Boko Haram, had chosen Churches and government establishments as primary targets. This year alone, thousands of innocent Nigerians including worshipers and security officers have been killed in some of the deadliest attacks by the sect.








Update: Woman Who Gave Birth To Horse-Like Creature Was Childless For 11 Years

Fresh facts emerged yesterday that the woman who gave birth to a horse-like creature during a prayer session at the World Liberation Ministry, Evuoriaria Community, off Benin-Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State on Tuesday, got married 11 years ago without a child

The facts came to the fore as members of the ministry, who witnessed the delivery of the strange creature, gave details of who the was and how she gave birth inside the church’s auditorium on Tuesday.

An eyewitness, Mrs. Veronica Egiebor, a nurse, disclosed that the was a vegetable seller for more than 10 years, adding that she sponsored her boyfriend through his university education with the profits she made from the business.

But when it was time for her and the boyfriend to come together in marriage, the boy’s mother allegedly turned the table around.

So, the relationship broke up.

The man reportedly got married to another person and she also got married to another man some years later.

Egiebor said the General Overseer of the ministry, Evangelist Revd Silva Iyamu, walked up to the woman during the prayer session and asked if she was pregnant and her answer was in the affirmative.

The woman said sometimes she would feel that she was pregnant and at times, it would seem as if she was not carrying any pregnancy.

“The evangelist told her she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said: ‘Do you want to go to a to flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby?’ The pastor paused and asked her again: “Or do you want it to happen here?’ Everybody shouted ‘yes.’”

Egiebor stated that Iyamu asked the woman if she wanted to go to hospital for evacuation and she said no. This, she said, made the general overseer to begin the spiritual exercise.

She added: “Then, the evangelist asked four women to donate their wrappers to form a fence around her. He asked the men to move to the back of the auditorium. He told the congregation that the matter was a women’s affair.”

Egiebor stated that Iyamu poured anointing oil on the woman, sprinkled her with sachet water and directed the congregation to pray fervently.

Before long, she said, the woman felt uncomfortable and went into labour.

Egiebor said: “She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long. It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.”

The turn of event, according to her, made Iyamu to issue a strong warning to the congregants to steer from the demonic object.

She maintained that many of the congregants took to their heels as soon as Iyamu gave the warning.

Personal Assistant to the General Overseer, Prince John Ogbovoh, who said the branch of the ministry where the incident occurred was established about five months ago, described the incident as spectacular.

He disclosed that the woman got married about 11 years ago and has not had any issue since then.

He explained that the woman had come to the ministry for prayer of deliverance from her barrenness, adding that his boss prayed with her and told her that she carried a funny creature in her womb.

Fielding question on why the woman was at large, he responded: “I am sure the woman is ashamed. God has done a good job in her life and she is ashamed. But I am sure she will come back. The dead creature was left for a while for people to see.

“This morning (Wednesday), the people ordered that they should throw the creature away because it was becoming an embarrassment. Evangelist Iyamu has launched a manhunt for her.”

A member of the ministry, Ivie Imhanluobe, who said he attended the prayer session, also recalled that the woman sat on the front row.

According Imhanluobe: The pastor prayed for her and she fell under the anointing. She delivered a horse.

“We have seen ritual money turned to tortoise in this church.”

Another member of the ministry, Maria Osawaye, said the woman was covered in her own blood and was weak after the delivery.

Evangelist Iyamu insisted that the woman actually gave birth to the mysterious creature in his church, saying whoever was in doubt should verify the news.

Iyamu maintained: “This is not strange to us.

“We have been seeing miracles in this ministry. When we were praying yesterday (Tuesday), a word of knowledge came about somebody who had an issue with pregnancy. The vision was clear that whenever she went for ultra-sound, the doctors would confirm that she was pregnant on some occasions and sometimes said she was not pregnant.

“As the deliverance was going on, I noticed that a woman was bleeding and I asked her to come to the front. Some minutes later, we heard people screaming.

“I am not a medical and I may not know the appropriate word to use.

“When she came out, everybody was weeping. It was something we have not seen for a long time. Later she collapsed. So, we had to order everybody to go outside the auditorium for ventilation before she was revived. Some women who were around cleaned her up.”

Answering question on the speculation that the incident was not true and that it was a ploy to increase members of his ministry, Iyamu responded: “Every story has two sides. To find out about any ministry, go to that ministry. Signs and wonders are normal things in this ministry.

“So, nobody can predict what God can do. Whoever is in doubt should come with a request.”

Meanwhile, a Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr. Jerry Uwaifo, has described as a blatant lie the news of the birth of the horse-like creature.

Uwaifo, who is the Medical Director of Central Hospital, Benin City, maintained that it was not medically possible for a woman to be delivered of an animal.

He explained that there has always been a genetic basis for giving birth.

His words: “A woman can give birth to a deformed child but not animal.

“How come they didn’t bring her to a reputable hospital so that it can be verified? God does not perform a miracle in that way. He will not allow a woman to deliver a horse.”

Uwaifo stated that the medical association could not launch an independent investigation into the bizarre incident unless there was an invitation to do so, adding that it must also be done with the consent of the woman’s husband.

Culled From The SUN (Nigeria)

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Did Obasanjo really had sex with his son’s wife,moji?


In what became a messy divorce  case between Gbenga Obasanjo, son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, and his estranged wife, Mojisola Olayemisi Amope, the first son of the former president  dropped a bombshell on his father’s alleged sexual intimacy with his wife, Moji. Gbenga not only accused his own father and Nigeria’s former president of having sex with his wife before awarding contracts to her, but also alleged that his wife’s father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and other men slept with his wife Moji.This shocking revelation is contained in an affidavit he submitted to a court in response to a  divorce case .

Gbenga’s celebrated marriage to Moji, which took place at the

Archbishop Vinning Memorial Church, Ikeja, in April, 2000, headed for the rocks barely four years after the lovebirds exchanged marital vows.Moji had allegedly deserted her matrimonial home on

2 December, 2004 and never returned until this messy divorce battle that  ruffled many feathers.According to the affidavit signed on behalf of Gbenga Obasanjo by his counsel, Emankhu Addeh of Addeh & Associates, “The petitioner (Gbenga) avers that the respondent (Moji) confided in him severally while they were living together (sic) that she had been sexually abused and defiled by her father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo on several occasions.

“The petitioner avers that it was his bid to forcefully put an end to this ignoble acts on the part of his father-in-law, Otunba Alex Onabanjo, that led to the total breakdown of relations between himself and Otunba Onabanjo.

“The petitioner further avers that he knows for a fact that the respondent committed adultery with and had an intimate, sexual relationship with his own father, General Olusegun Obasanjo, in order to get contracts from the government.

“The petitioner avers that the Respondent also got rewarded for her adulterous acts with several oil contracts with the NNPC from his father, General Olusegun Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC Consultancy training in supply chain management and project management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown.

“The petitioner avers that lurid sexual relationship of the Respondent with her own father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and his father General Olusegun Obasanjo, has brought him great pain and psychological trauma and is the primary reason for the breakdown of his marriage to the Respondent.

“The petitioner avers that the respondent while married to him was also committing adultery with one Mr. Olumide Ogunlesi.

“The petitioner avers that the Respondent shamelessly carried on her sexual escapades without any thought as to the psychological effect of same on him.”

Gbenga further stated in the affidavit that the paternity of the two children that are the product of his marriage to Moji was in doubt, considering the alleged multiple sexual relationships she had with several men.

Consequently, Gbenga  opted  for a DNA test to be conducted to ascertain who really is the father of the children.

“The petitioner avers that it is now necessary for a court ordered DNA test to be carried out on both himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Olusegun Obasanjo by a competent independent medical laboratory chosen by the court, in order to ascertain the actual paternity of the children of the marriage as the continued uncertainty about their actual paternity is making his life a misery.

“The petitioner avers that the actual father of the children of the marriage will be found amongst himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Olusegun Obasanjo and same must be addressed immediately.

“The petitioner avers that it is pertinent that this is done before further deliberations in this matter as the issue of the children’s paternity is integral to the determination of the suit and must thus be resolved and laid to rest urgently.”

Full Text Of Gbenga Obasanjo’s Affidavit Accusing His Father And His Father-In-Law Of Having Sex With His Wife
1. Same as hereinafter admitted, the Petitioner denies each and every allegation of fact contained seriatim and specifically traversed.

2. The Petitioner admits paragraph 2 of the consequential amendment of answer and paragraphs 2, 14, 15(a), 16(di), 16(diii), 17(a) and 21(a) of the cross petition.

3. The Petitioner denies paragraph 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10 of the consequential amendment of answer and paragraphs 13, 15 (b), 16 (a), (b), (c), (d), d (ii), d(iv), e, f, g, 17(b), (c), 18, 19, 20, 21(b), 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 of the Cross Petition.

4. In response to paragraph 4 of the consequential amendment of answer, the Petitioner denies that he has since January 2006, stopped being responsible for the payment of school fees, books and other relevant materials and other needs of the two children as well as general expenses for their welfare and upkeep and avers that the respondent normally collects from him on behalf of the children, monies to meet all the children needs but has refused to collect same this year despite several reminders and entreaties from the petitioner and the petitioner’s solicitor.

5. In furtherance of paragraph (4) above, the petitioner avers that the children of the marriage reside and are in the custody at alternative times with both the petitioner and the respondent depending on whether they are in school or on holidays, and are also accessible to either party whilst in the custody of the other upon proper notification to either side. The petitioner denies that either party has exclusive custody of the two children of the marriage.

6. The Petitioner denies paragraph 6 of the consequential amendment of answer that the respondent attends to the moral, religious and physical well being of the two children and states that the respondent’s way of life and social conduct is so unbecoming that it would have a very negative moral and religious impact on the children if they are made to reside with her.

7. The petitioner avers that he has always met all the needs of the children of the marriage despite always having serious doubts about their actual paternity.

8. The petitioner avers that the respondent confided in him severally while they living together (sic) that she had been sexually abused and defiled by her father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo on several occasions.

9. The Petitioner avers that it was his bid to orcefully put an end to this ignoble acts on the part of his Father-in-Law, Otunba Alex Onabanjo, that led to the total breakdown of relations between himself and Otunba Onabanjo.

10. The petitioner further avers that he knows for a fact that the respondent committed adultery with and had an intimate, sexual relationship with his own father, General Olusegun Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC consultancy training in supply chain management and project management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown.

11. The petitioner avers that the Respondent also got rewarded for her adulterous acts with several oil contracts with the NNPC from his father, General Olusegun Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC consultancy training in supply chain management and project management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown.

12. The petitioner avers that the lurid sexual relationship of the Respondent, with her own father, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and his father General Olusegun Obasanjo, has brought him great pain and psychological trauma and is the primary reason for the breakdown of his marriage to the respondent.

13. The petitioner avers that the respondent while married to him was also committing adultery with one Mr. Olumide Ogunlesi.

14. The etitioner avers that the Respondent shamelessly carried on her sexual escapades without any thought as to the psychological effect of same on him.

15. The petitioner avers that it is now necessary for a court ordered DNA test to be carried out on both himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Olusegun Obasanjo by a competent independent medical laboratory chosen by the court, in order to ascertain the actual paternity of the children of the marriage as the continued uncertainty about their actual paternity is making his life a misery.

16. The petitioner avers that the actual father of the children of the marriage will be found amongst himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Olusegun Obasanjo and same must be addressed immediately.

17. The petitioner avers that it is pertinent that this is done before further deliberations in this matter as the issue of the children’s paternity is integral to the determination of the suit and must thus be resolved and laid to rest urgently.

18. The petitioner denies paragraph 7,8, and 9 of the consequential amendment of answer and avers that the respondent deserted the petitioner and abandoned her matrimonial home on

December 2, 2004 and never came back and co-habitation between parties ceased from that day.19. The petitioner specifically denies the averment in paragraph 9 of the consequential amendment of answer and puts the respondent to strict proof of the averment therein.

20. Further to paragraph (8) above, the petitioner avers that there was never violent conducts throughout the marriage exhibited by the petitioner towards the respondent and the respondent was not in the matrimonial home until the 7 July, 2005 nor was she ever forced or compelled to leave as she left on her own volition due to her refusal to alter her various unbecoming conduct despite several pleas and entreaties by the petitioner and well-meaning family friends and relatives on both the Petitioner and the respondent’s side of the family.

21. The petitioner denies the averment in paragraph 10 of the consequential amendment of answer and requests the court for a decree of dissolution of marriage against the respondent in accordance with his petition.

22. The petitioner denies paragraph 13(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), of the cross petition and puts the respondent to strict proof of the averments therein.

23. The petitioner avers that the respondent was consistent in engaging in various unbecoming anti-social conduct which brought embarrassment to the petitioner and the children and several pleas to the respondent to mend her ways were met with stiff rebuff and ultimately desertion of her matrimonial home by the respondent on the

2 December, 2004.24. The petitioner avers in reference to paragraphs 15(a) and 15(b) of the cross petition that the children of the marriage shall continue in school and progress to higher institutions of learning in future, to reach their full potential as always has been the case at the cost of the petitioner who has always been responsible for their upkeep and welfare.

25. The petitioner denies paragraph 15(b) of the cross petition and stats that the children reside at alternate times with either the respondent or the petitioner depending on whether their school is in session or otherwise.

26. The petitioner denies paragraph 16(a) of the cross petition and avers that it is a gold digging scheme and calculated extortion by the respondent of non-existent funds using the children as a cover, as the petitioner has always met the entire needs of the children without prompting and is able to continue doing same until they attain adulthood, as the lump sum payment demanded by the respondent clearly exposes her ulterior motives and schemes in getting married to the petitioner.

27. The petitioner denies paragraph 16(b) of the cross petition and avers that apart from the fact that he already has a chauffer, the petitioner had purchased for the respondent two brand new cars during the marriage which the respondent still holds on to till this day. The cars are:

(i) BMW 3 Series car
(ii) Toyota Highlander Sports Utility vehicle

28. The petitioner denies paragraph 16(c) of the cross petition and avers that No. 8, Ladipo Bateye
Street, GRA, Ikeja, belongs to a company in which he is a director and the petitioner is merely a tenant paying his rent as and when due.

29. Further to paragraph (17) above, the etitioner avers that the request for N50 million to be used by the respondent to purchase a house using the children as an excuse knowing fully well that he, the petitioner, does not even own such a house and does not own such funds, further exposes the gold digging intentions of the respondent in entering into marriage with the petitioner and illuminates the respondent’s true intention for all to see.

30. The petitioner avers in reference to paragraph 16(d) of the cross petition that he has always made and will continue to make adequate private security arrangements for the children, moreover as they would be in his custody.

31. The Petitioner admits paragraph 16(d) of the cross petition to the effect that the respondent has no decent home to live in and even the respondent’s parents home is not conducive as the children whenever they leave his custody to the respondent’s custody are forced to squat with the respondent’s parents.

32. The petitioner denies paragraph 16(d) (iv) of the cross petition and avers that No. 8,

Ladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja, is not “the family house” as stated by the respondent.33. In furtherance of (31) above, the petitioner pavers that the respondent made no financial contribution whatsoever to No. 8,

Ladipo Bateye
, GRA, Ikeja and did not supervise any construction process or make any design decisions as the house does not even belong to him.34. The petitioner denies paragraph 16(e) (i) and p16(e) (ii) of the cross petition and states that he has no desire to send his children to any school outside of Nigeria for their education and intends to have them school at Bells Secondary School which is a high quality school run by his family, and the University of Ibadan, his own alma mater for their tertiary education.

35. Further to paragraph 23 above, the petitioner avers that the demand by the respondent for the sums started in paragraph 15(c) of the petition is an unfortunate and sad attempt to exhort money from him in the name of the children.

36. The petitioner specifically denies the averment in paragraph 16(f) and 16(g) of the cross petition and puts the respondent to strict proof of same.

37. Further to paragraph 32 above, the petitioner avers that apart from never contributing to payment of rent at No. 8,

Ladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja, the Respondent never contributed financially to anything in the home. The petitioner further avers that the respondent’s morals and conducts leaves a whole lot to be desired and the respondent was a hindrance and a drawback to the progress of the petitioner rather than them an asset or an assistance and the petitioner would have made much more progress in life but for the physical and psychological trauma he was subjected to as a result of having the respondent as his wife.38. The petitioner denies paragraph 17(b) of the cross petition and avers that the capability of the respondent to earn income is not made low due to the children needing her attention as the children have a full complement of domestic staff, but because the respondent is lazy and unwilling to earn a decent living and rather prefers to exhort money from the petitioner for her every need and when same is not forthcoming, commit adultery to obtain same.

39. The petitioner denies paragraph 17(c) and 19 of the cross petition and puts the respondent to strict proof of same.

40. The petitioner denies paragraph 18 of the cross petition and avers that he has always and still is responsible for payment of salaries of the children’s domestic staff.

41. The petitioner denies paragraph 20(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (h), (i) of the cross petition and puts the respondent to strict proof of the averments therein.

42. The petitioner admits paragraph 20(f) of the cross petition only to he extent that Health Aids Support Services, an HIV/AIDS consulting firm, belongs to him and he contributes to the fight against HIV/AIDS scourge through the company.

43. The petitioner admits paragraph 20 (j) of the cross petition only to the extent that both companies are owned by him and are both long moribund and do not exist or function in any form at all.

44. The petitioner avers that the respondent recently executed contracts with the Ogun State Government by obtaining a concession of the Ogun State Liaison Office in

Lagos using her company, Royal Properties Limited, and made several millions of Naira therefrom.45. The petitioner avers that the respondent also co-owns a bitumen factory on Sagamu road in

Ogun State with Colonel Are, retired Director General of the State Security Service (SSS) with massive concessions from the Ogun State Government.46. The petitioner avers that the respondent owns a property in

London and one in the United State of America located at Houston, Texas, with address as 14411 Andrea Way Lane (Sugarland).47. The petitioner further to paragraphs (31) and (32) above, avers that the averments in paragraph 20(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (g), (h), (i), of the cross petition are a figment of the respondent’s imagination, an attempt to blackmail him and a failed attempt to provide a platform for the justification of the gold digging financial demands hitherto made by the respondent in this suit.

48. The petitioner denies paragraph 21(b) of the cross petition and avers that the respondent has entrenched in her imagination, a fantasy filled summation of how she expects him to earn his income.

49. The petitioner denies paragraph 22, 23 and 24 of the cross petition and puts the respondent to strict proof thereof.

50. The petitioner denies paragraph 27 of the cross petition in its entirety and avers that same is an elaborate gold digging scheme carefully plotted by the Respondent ever before she got married to him till the present day.

Signed: Emankhu AddehAddeh & Associates, Legal Practitioner for the petitioner.




The one million dollar question is this” did OBJ really had sex with his son’s wife ?” God will tell.