TB Joshua’s Picture Saved Tee Mac’s Bedroom From Burning? Like Seriously?


Former PMAN president, Tee Mac has said Prophet TB Joshua’s sticker saved his bedroom from burning. In fact, the other rooms got burnt, but when it got in front of his bedroom suite it stopped, meaning the house was saved from burning further. According to Tee Mac, I was in Abuja when the fire occurred, the fire burnt other rooms but stopped at the front of my bedroom suite where TB Joshua’s sticker was.
TB Joshua saved my house from burning further, he said. Are people relying on TB Joshua more than God?


‘He was pierced through the heart’: How ex-ASUU president, Iyayi, died – Doctor


An insight has been given as to the circumstances surrounding the death of ex-ASUU president, Festus Iyayi after he was involved in an accident on Tuesday.

Dr. Paul Amodu of the Specialist Hospital in Lokoja, Kogi gave intricate details as to how the injuries sustained by Professor Iyayi led to his eventual death.

According to Dr. Amodu, after the crash between Prof. Iyayi’s car and another, the ex-ASUU boss was pierced through the heart leading to his death.

The Sun reports:
Amodu said: “The accident occurred when the ASUU bus conveying Prof. Iyayi and one Dr. Ngozi Ilo was trying to dodge a pot hole on the highway when the rear vehicle in the governor’s convoy suddenly collided with them. “The vehicle collided with the side which the professor was sitting and something pierced straight through his heart, and he strapped on the seat motionless with a copy of a national newspaper in his hand. “Beside his seat was a pair of Novas, an anti-hypertensive drug which suggests that he might have been hypertensive. However, the woman sitting in the front of the vehicle (Dr Ngozi Ilo) only had part of her right hand flesh slightly chopped off, no fracture in the hand as alleged. “When she was rushed here, we later discovered she had a little cut in the leg and a fracture in the tipia bone (upper part of the leg), she was treated by a consultant, Dr Chizoba Osita Nwokese and had been discharged. “I believe that what will be will be. Although he must have been hypertensive, but he died due to an object, which penetrated straight through his heart,” Dr. Amodu said. Meanwhile, Iyayi’s corpse was claimed at the specialist hospital by his immediate younger brother, Peter Iyayi, who is a lecturer at the Federal University in Lokoja. The younger Iyayi came in company of some ASUU officials including the branch chairman of Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Edo State, who left with the body at about 12 noon yesterday

Imo State Big Girl, Ulomma Ezeji, Caught with Cocaine In Lagos

As you read this, Ulomma Ezeji, a flourishing businesswoman is on her way to prison after she was caught at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos with 645 grammes of cocaine by the NDLEA.


“I am a trader. I import ladies hand bags, shoes and clothes, but I make little profit in my business. My boyfriend told me that I can make four times my capital in one successful drug deal. He has been persuading me for long. I decided to give it a trial to expand my capital base. I invested N2.3m in the deal.”

38-year-old woman made this confession to officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency after her arrest at the departure hall of the airport during screening of passengers. She was going to Turkey.

NDLEA Airport Commander, Hamza Umar, who confirmed her arrest, said, “Ezeji was found in possession of powdery substance that tested positive to cocaine on her way to Turkey. We also gathered that she had invested N2.3m into the drug business in anticipation of making high profit. The drug, which was carefully hidden in her hand bag, was detected during screening of passengers.”

Ezeji, a native of Imo state, said she decided to take her boyfriend’s advise because of the high profit. She said, “Somebody was to receive the drug in Turkey and give me my share of the money with which I had planned to buy goods in France.”

In his reaction, NDLEA Chairman, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, said all those who wished to make quick money from drug trafficking would end up like Ezeji, “in prison”.

Caught In The Car After A Long S*x Affair


Issues like this are getting so rampant in recent times, basically why this was put up today is to understand what leads to this kind of ugly act.
Now the main question is ”Why do most people now prefer to have s*x in cars instead of private places like your home, room etc”, what is the major reason for this kind of impatience?

Okorocha Rewards Four Imo-Born Eaglets With Cash And Property

The Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, has showered the sum of N1 million each to four players of the Golden Eaglets’ team and the sum of N2 million to the assistant coach who are indigenes of Imo state.

While receiving four of the players Kelechi Iheanacho, Chidiebere Nwakali, Chidera Ezeh and Uzoha Odinaka alongside the team’s Assistant Coach, Emmanuel Amuneke at the Government House in Owerri the Imo state capital, the governor congratulated the players for making the state and the entire continent proud in the just concluded U-17 World Cup competition in Dubai.

He said it is a great honour for the state under his administration, that out of the 26 goals scored by Nigeria at the competition, 9 goals were scored by indigenes of the state.

The governor said apart from the cash gift to the players and their coach, the state government is also giving them a piece of land each in choice areas within the capital city and also take up the responsibility of their education up to tertiary level.

One of the players, Kelechi Iheanacho, won the most valuable player at the tournament, expressed joy over his success and shared his experience at the competition.

The players and coach, who arrived from Abuja through the Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri, alongside the deputy governor of the state, Eze Madumere were driven in a motorcade round the city before moving to the Government House to meet the governor.

I Didn’t Place 1 Million Euro Price Tag

Meanwhile, the father of Kelechi Iheanacho, Mr. James Iheanacho has debunked allegations that he has slammed a one million euro price tag on his son, describing the rumour as “untrue and all lies perpetrated from the camp of his enemies”.

Speaking to our Imo state correspondent from his home in Owerri, Iheanacho Snr. said he was “shocked and surprised” to read on the pages of the dailies that he has placed a huge sum on his son adding that there was never a time he “discussed such issue with any agent or person” as regards placing such amount on his son.

He said it is obvious that such evil lie is coming from the camp of his enemies who are not happy with the present success of his son and are out to tarnish the image of his family.

Anambra guber election: A must win for PDP

  It is quite unusual that a ruling party will be in dilemma over the choice of supporting the candidate of an opposing party in any election anywhere in the world, least of all Nigeria, with its turbulent political clime. However, as wonders will never end, this eighth wonder of the world is what the whispering campaign of APGA in Anambra state seems to be suggesting. It is no secret that President Goodluck Jonathan shares a strong bond with the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi. Also not a secret is the fact that Mr Obi has leveraged on this bond with a superior in an opposing party, to consolidate his hold on the seat of power in AnambraState. It is clear that without the support of the President, Gov. Obi and his APGA team would have long been driven into obscurity. We must not forget that the support Obi has enjoyed from President Jonathan was compelled, rather than based on willful acts. This was as a result of the divided kingdom that has been the lot of the PDP in AnambraState. So in order not to lose the state completely, allies from supposedly enemy camps were courted. Now that the storm has settled, everyone must return, each man to his tent. It is time for every candidate to answer his father’s name. The 2015 presidential election is just around the corner. This is the year of atonement in Nigerian politics and the President is deeply in the eye of the storm, as his political opponents are determined to pull the carpet off his feet. The North has maintained its distaste for the President’s administration, as it keeps insisting that a Northerner should be the one occupying the seat of the President. Incidentally, this position is not because the President is not posting creditable performance in governance, but because of the simple assumption that he is not a “political free born” of Nigeria by his origin. The South West are also breathing fire by solidifying their hold on national politics through the merger of their traditional party, ACN with other parties to form APC. This leaves President Jonathan with only the old Eastern Region and parts of the Middle Belt as his stronghold, precisely the South-East, the South-South and the North Central geographical zones of the country. In the South East, Anambra is central to all that happens. Not only does Anambra have the highest number of registered voters in the region, it also has significant influence on other states around it. A victory for APGA, an opposing party, will have a ripple effect which will spread to victories for APGA and other opposing parties within the zone. This is not forgetting that ImoState has already been swooped upon by the APC hawks.   AbiaState is still battling with public hatred for its PDP governor, Theodore Orji; while EbonyiState indigenes have made no pretence in stating their desire for a change in governorship personality. No doubt, if the people of Ebonyi State are presented with a good candidate, they will rush with hands spread out to embrace him, even if he’s from a party other than the ruling PDP. The war in EnuguState about which zone produces the next governor may lead to another party sneaking in-between the PDP sheets that were once very solidly woven in the state, but now weakened by internal fighting. In the South-South, RiversState that once was the President’s stronghold is now an overnight enemy state of sorts, with Gov. Chibuike Amaechi singing a new, unfriendly tune and ready to split votes which will disfavour the President. EdoState has since been swept away with the APC broom. DeltaState is not totally free as Chief Great Ogboru and his DPP team are not relenting in their efforts to intensify their fishing deep in the political waters of the state. In the North Central, Kwara cannot be a sure bet due to its newly acquired status as a swing-state. Benue already has an aspect of its populace being sympathetic to APC, while Nasarawa carries over the CPC/ANPP battle into the APC frame to continue chirping away at PDP’s hold. With the above scenarios in view, Anambra election, therefore, comes into a serious contention as a must-win for President Jonathan so that his foothold in the South East and indeed, the South-South will not be threatened further. Should PDP win Anambra, a huge reversal of the dwindling fortunes for the party in the South-East and South-South will be the much coveted reward. On the other hand, a loss in Anambra will not only plunge the party into deeper despair among party members, also reduce the number of delegates entitled to represent the state to at the party’s nomination. This is what an APGA or indeed another party’s victory cannot offer Mr President. Are the President’s political advisers saying that PDP’s candidate is not fit to occupy the Government House in Awka which has remained out of the party’s reach since 2003?   Are they saying that only APGA will continue to speak for PDP in the state? The President and his advisers should not be deceived by the supposedly good relationship that has so far existed between him and Mr Peter Obi. That kind of relationship hardly endures, especially with an imminent change of baton should APGA win the governorship again by default. This is because there can only be one Peter Obi, and that same Peter is about to take a bow and make his exit. Willy Obiano is not Peter Obi. Hope or wishful thinking cannot reinvent Obiano to become Peter, especially with the ever controversial APGA Chairman, Victor Umeh, hanging on the wings and ready to descend on the whittled down party structure once his only stumbling block (or rock), Peter Obi is out of the picture. Umeh has never hidden his preference for a South Easterner, perhaps himself, to occupy Aso Rock villa in 2015. Forget the forced show of unity merely for the sake of victory in the gubernatorial elections. Everybody knows that Umeh has not relented in his efforts to checkmate Gov. Obi in the affairs of APGA, not minding the fact that the Governor was and still remains very close to President Jonathan. If Umeh has no regard for the President while Obi is in power, will he miraculously develop this regard for the President when Governor Obi leaves? Jonathan must not be misled – nothing good lasts forever. The impending exit of Governor Obi should signal the ceasation of the President’s and his team’s apparent support for APGA or indeed, any other opposing party’s candidate. The good people of PDP in Anambra have also not been too happy with the sizzling romance between the national body of PDP and the AnambraState chapter of APGA. Isn’t the fact that Anambra has always been a PDP state enough to restore the state to its rightful status? Don’t the over-burdened faithful of PDP deserve to reap the fruits of their labour? The likes of Dr. Alex Ekwueme, who more or less founded PDP or Chief Onyeabor Obi, whose office in Western House, Marina provided the venue for developing PDP’s incubation framework, deserve better deals. A state that has produced PDP stalwarts like Prince Engr. Arthur Eze, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, Sir Emeka Offor, Chief Cletus Ibeto, Prof. ABC Nwosu, Chief Michael Nwakalor, Dr. Ben Obi among thousands of others, need not be married off to an unwelcome visitor. President Jonathan should strongly reconsider this his rumoured support for APGA and do the needful. As the November 16, 2013 governorship election in Anambra state draws closer, every encouragement must be given to toiling party members, not their opponents. Resources should be massively made available and deployed to ensure that the party regains Anambra state. This is the temperature of the atmosphere in that state. The heart of the Anambra electorate remains with the PDP. It was same electorate that in 2011 showed favour for PDP when they massively voted for the party which won two out of three available senatorial seats, while the third seat went to the ACN. APGA was left empty-handed, and the message was clear. I am to commend the preparations put in place lately by the party towards rolling out a formidable campaign which has quickly started spreading the PDP message across the state within the short time left. A follow up action in support of this is to mobilize and give a directive to all the federal government appointees from Anambra state to return to base promptly and deliver their respective local government areas in this crucial election.   What is needed also is to bring all the warring factions to agree to sheath their sword and work together. As Anambra awaits the presidential touch and seal to the PDP governorship campaign in the state come November 13, 2013, it is expected that all those insinuations that the presidency has willingly conceded the state’s governorship seat to APGA will be laid to rest. The rumour being rife and nauseating, this will be a one off visit that will surely encourage the teeming members and supporters of the PDP in the state to rise to the occasion by working assiduously within the remaining few days to ensure that victory is secured for the party.   Losing the state again this time around will certainly hurt both the presidency and the members of the party in the state.   Mr  PASCAL OKEKE, a political scientist, wrote from Awka, Anambra State.  

PDP will collapse if I’m not reinstated – Oyinlola

PDP will collapse if I’m not reinstated – Oyinlola

The embattled National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, has predicted the end of the party if he is not reinstated.

The Court of Appeal, Abuja had last Wednesday, ordered his reinstatement as National Secretary but the leadership of the party suspended him instead.

At a press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, Oyinlola declared:”If I am not reinstated, it would mean the end of the PDP in Nigeria. I will brief my legal team for the next line of action if they fail to comply with the ruling of the court.”

Oyinlola faulted claims by the leadership of the party that they were yet to be served a copy of the ruling, saying that their lawyer was in court on the day of the judgment.

Describing the claim as an afterthought, Oyinlola said the Bamanga Tukur led PDP did not wait for a copy of the January 11 judgment of the Federal High Court that ousted him before swearing-in a replacement.

“They did not accept service at the party secretariat so I forwarded electronic copies to the National Legal Adviser, Mr. Victor Kwom and the National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh.

“Serving them a copy of the ruling was meant to fulfill all righteousness because they are fully aware of the judgment. Tukur cannot claim ignorant of the judgment,” Oyinlola stated.

He accused Tukur of running the party like a subsidiary of his private company, regretting that instead of seeing the ruling as an opportunity to reconcile aggrieved members, the chairman has decided to create more crises in the party.


Two Kidnapped American Sailors Regain Freedom

Two Americans kidnapped from their ship by pirates off the coast of Nigeria last month have been released, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.

The captain and chief engineer were taken on October 23 when gunmen attacked the U.S.-flagged C-Retriever, a 222-foot (67 meter) vessel owned by U.S. marine transport group Edison Chouest Offshore.

“We welcome the release of the two U.S. citizens who were kidnapped from the M/V C-Retriever. For privacy reasons, we will not provide any additional information,” a State Department official said in a statement.

The White House said last month it was increasingly concerned about the rise in piracy off West Africa.

Unlike the waters off Somalia on the east coast of Africa, through which ships now speed with armed guards on board, many vessels have to anchor to do business off West African countries with little protection.

This makes them targets for criminals and raises insurance costs. Kidnapped sailors and oil workers taken in Nigerian waters are usually released after a ransom is paid.

“It is the policy of the United States not to pay ransom or encourage the payment of ransom money,” the State Department statement said.

List of Nigerian universities that voted to end the ASUU strike

4 months gone and our university students are still at home… so on Monday November 11th, a group of Nigerian Universities voted to end the ASUU strike. see list below;

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Bayero University Kano

Delta State University

Ekiti State University

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Federal University of Technology, Akure

Federal University of Technology, MINNA

Imo State University

Obafemi Awolowo University

Olabisi Onabanjo University

University of Calabar

University of Lagos

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

University of Ibadan

University of Abuja

University of Port-Harcourt

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

However some universities voted against this, that they wanted the strike to continue, these were the;

University of Jos (Note: The chairman of this branch, Dr. David Jangdam, said that despite the vote the union will resume classes if directed by the national body)

University of Benin

Lagos State University

“I’m Still A Virgin” – Chidinma Shuts Down Sex Tape Rumour

Earlier today, a s*x tape with the female participant having a striking resemblance to the petite Nigerian music star was released and went viral on social media.
Apparently the Chidinma look-alike was shown to have been having vigorous s*x with an unknown young man, but the person who released the tape is still at large and unknown.
In a statement Chidinma denies the s*x tape vehemently and told reporters that she is still a virgin.
In her own words, “I didn’t make any s*x tape o, I have no idea where that tape is from and I am still a virgin o!”
However she didn’t stop there, she also said she will sue the person who uploaded the video and the people who made the video for slander.

Photo: Two Female Students Stripped For Theft!!

Here is another typical case of how Nigerian like taking laws into their own hands. it is almost a daily occurrence a very few make it to the media.
But Nigerian are not totally to be blamed as their lack of trust in the Government expresses its self in this incident.
Not withstanding, Nigerians must be enlightened on the right procedure of bringing an alleged criminal to book instead of taking laws into their hands. Nigerians must be conscious of the negative effect of jungle justice on the image of this country.
Police in Eldoret early this morning rescued two female MOi university students from an angry mob after they had str1shopped them for allegedly drugging a resident and were plotting to steal from his house. The drama that ensued brought business in that part of Langas to a standstill as the n*ked women were paraded in public. The two were later taken to the Langas police station


APC lists APGA, PDP rigging strategies in Anambra, warns INEC to be vigilant

The All Progressives Congress (APC), has again alleged that some desperate politicians within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the All Progressives Grand… Alliance, APGA, have plans to rig Saturday’s governorship election in Anambra State.

According to the party, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, must not allow itself to be used to carry out the plan.

APC had last week alleged that two INEC Commissioners, Lawrence Nwurukwu and Gladys Nwafor were both card-carrying members of the PDP and may be deployed to take charge of the poll.

In a statement on Monday, interim National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, listed some of the rigging strategies as disenfranchisement of voters, especially in opposition strongholds; massive thumb-printing of ballot papers in secret locations; sloppy accreditation process; late or non-delivery of voting materials to opposition strongholds and the use of the police and other security agencies to intimidate voters.

“There are plans to use several secret locations, including Ogidi, for massive ballot paper thumb-printing, and it is an open secret that some of these locations are being fortified for secrecy,” the party said.

“There are plans to also foist a sloppy accreditation exercise on voters by muddling up names and photographs of voters in such a way that most voters would be disenfranchised.

“Also, areas where the APC candidate is strongest will either be starved of voting materials or will not even receive such materials at all, while the police – which is fast becoming the armed wing of the PDP – as well as other security agents will be used to harass and intimidate voters.

“These are some of the evil strategies which the riggers are counting upon on Saturday. This is the same game plan that the PDP used to rig the Delta Central Senatorial Election last month, with the collusion of some dirty INEC officials.”

APC warned that the people of Anambra would not allow a replay of such electoral heist and unmitigated brigandage, neither would it, as a party, condone any action that would not ensure a level playing field for all candidates at the poll.

It therefore asked INEC, the police and other Security Forces to restrict themselves to their constitutional roles during the election, instead of teaming up with do-or-die politicians.

“We will expose, challenge and shame all those who are bent on ruining the forthcoming elections in Anambra, using our own counter-measures,” it vowed.

The party had tasked INEC to present and use authentic, legitimate and reliable voters register for the election; ensure a proper voter accreditation as well as proper documentation of all agents and voting materials, starting from the polling units to the collation centre. It also asked the electoral body to make sure that the distribution of election materials are timely, effective and well monitored.

APC also called on its supporters “to be extra vigilant before, during and after the election, protect their votes and counter, within the limits of the law and their own safety, any rigging measure that some politicians will bring forth.”

15 Years Old Boy Axed Severally Over Allegation Of Witchcraft In Akwa Ibom (See Pics)


By Joe Eno

A 15 year boy, Asuquo Edet from Akwa Ibom State – Nigeria was mid last week tortured for more than four hours before finally ax…ed on the head to a state of coma by assailants numbering about ten over allegation of using witchcraft power to kill his father.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands from those he called ‘local cultists’ to newsmen, Asuquo, who hails from Ikon- Edikor, Udung Uko Local Government Area, said he was reconciled with his parents few months ago by an Eket based non-profit organization, the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) that runs a centre for witch stigmatized children, having lived there for over a year. He maintained that his father who had unknown health issue received him with open arms, before he died a few days ago.

‘‘My father was very happy to see me again after abandoning me for more than three years on the streets because one soothsayer, by name Alex Otong from Obughu, bought by my stepmother told him that I was a wizard; and responsible for his illness, the poverty and misfortune in the family….’’

The Junior Secondary II student said he was sitting in his late father’s house, mourning his death that fateful day when the hoodlums led by two of his stepmother’s brothers, by name Silas and Peter Inwang cordoned the house and started beating him with machetes, cables, rods, spine-sticks and ‘mbritem’ a local sugarcane-like plant while questioning him why he returned from exile only to kill his father; assuring him that he was seeing the sun for the last time in his life. The beating which started about 12:00 pm last Wednesday lasted for about four hours when he finally fell into a state of coma after they used ax to break his head. The attackers abandoned Asuquo in in his pool of blood when they presumed that he was dead.

He disclosed that he was only woken up in the evening around 7:00 pm by a woman, who frequently visits the area for business; who asked him to leave the house before the cult men discovered he was still alive, as they would not hesitate to renew their attack or kill him immediately. Master Asuquo said he wobbled into the nearby bush where he hid himself for three days eating just raw cassava to survive before he came out to meet the Good Samaritan woman who gave him Five Hundred Naira (N500) to pay his way to the CRARN Children shelter, about a 160km away from his hometown.

He strongly fingered his stepmother who had ten children to his late father as the mastermind of the attack on him. Adding that, while he was being brutalized, by the dare devils, they persistently poured urine and combine (a local gin mixed with marijuana) on him which burned him like fire all over his body.

“They beat me with wire, machetes, horsewhip, rods and spine-sticks, and even poured urine and ‘combine’ on me until I did not know what was happening to me again! I only found myself lying on the floor overtaken by blood when one woman by name Uno Edet (name changed for security reason) who visited our village, woke me up and asked me to leave immediately otherwise I would be killed; as the men were bragging and saying I should come back and destroy lives. So I went and stayed in the nearby bush for three days. When I came back she gave me Five Hundred Naira (N500) to use for my transport, and told me that those men came and set my father’s house on fire so that it will burn my corpse, thinking that my corpse was still lying there.” The sobbing Asuquo said

On arrival at the CRARN Children Shelter, he was given first aid before taken to the Immanuel General Hospital Eket for treatment. But the Doctor on call insisted that given the extent of injuries on his body, he must get a police report before he could be attended to. The CRARN Centre Administrative Officer, Mr. Nsidibe Orok told this reporter that Asuquo was currently receiving treatment at the Immanuel General Hospital, Eket at moment.

A senior police officer in Oron Area Command who did not want his name in print, however, said investigation will commence when the victim’s health improves. He expressed worry over the new surge in child witch related abuse in the state, and promised the command willingness to deal with abuses of like nature.
“Let his health gets improved, we will investigate the matter. I can assure you that this command will not fold its arm and watch children being brutalized in the name of witchcraft or whatever guise.” The police chief assures.

There’s No Madness In Our Family -Governor Chime’s In-Laws


Governor Sullivan Chime’s in-laws, including the mother in-law, Madam Patience Igwe, on Tuesday said there was no history of madness in their family.
Madam Igwe told… our correspondent on the phone that no member of the family had a history of mental illness.
“My daughter, Clara, is very okay and sound and her husband, the governor of Enugu State, is also doing well. Please leave us alone and don’t call me again on this matter,” she said.
Governor Chime recently disclosed that his wife had mental illness based on which he had restricted her movement to the Government House.
Clara however left the Government House at the weekend, vowing never to return to her husband.
At the Amauda Isuochi village in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State, where Mrs Clara Chime hailed from, a male cousin to the governor’s estranged wife corroborated Madam Igwe’s stand, asking, “Do I look like someone who is mad?”
The cousin, who was spotting a pair of blue jean trousers, refused to disclose his identity and prevented other members of the family from speaking to our correspondent.
“Do the people you are seeing here look like mad people, or have you seen any mad person since you came in?,” he asked our correspondent.
He said, “Please, we don’t have any mad person here and nobody in our family has ever been mad. So, I don’t know where Enugu people got the story that our sister is mad.”
When asked, the security man at the Igwe’s compound, Dauda William, said he was yet to notice any insane person in the family.
“Since I resumed work at the premises over four months ago, the people I have been seeing around are very normal and well,” said William, an indigene of Nasarawa State.

“APC Will Take Power In 2015″

National leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Gen. Muhamadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday said the party is ready to take power in 2015.
They urged the leadership of the Independent …National Electoral Commission (INEC) to plan ahead of the 2015 general elections.
The APC leaders spoke yesterday in Benin, the Edo State capital, at Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s fifth year anniversary in office and launch of the party in the state.
“We are, therefore, reminding INEC that it has the responsibility to direct the people and correctly advise the people that it will guarantee a free, fair and credible election.
“We know that power is not easy to surrender. But we want it and we will get it in an honest manner because APC has come to stay,” Tinubu said.
He hailed the residents for their foresight in voting for Oshiomhole.
Tinubu said: “Your votes have not been misplaced by the amount of massive development being experienced in the state.
“Since you took that decision five years ago, Oshiomhole has never looked back in terms of infrastructure and economic development of Edo State.
“You have seen and witnessed the radical development. But let me say that this is not our final destination.
“Our destination is to take over the federal level to replicate what Oshiomhole and other APC governors are doing in their states.
“You have accepted APC and it is now your duty to begin to spread the good news around your neighbourhoods and communities.”
Gen. Buhari, who congratulated Oshiomhole on his achievements, said: “I am happy that the people can now see the difference.”
The former head of state said he was optimistic that the governor would continue to develop the state.
He stressed that an APC government at the centre would eradicate poverty and provide security in the nation.
“If you vote us into power, we are prepared to tackle abduction and killing of people across the nation so that people can move freely in whatever part of this country.
“APC is here to take power in 2015, to effectively manage the economic fortunes of our land,” Buhari said.

US To Officially Label Boko Haram As Terrorist Organisation

Boko Haram*, the notorious Nigeria-based Islamic jihadist militant organisation, will be formally designated as a “foreign terrorist organization…” by the United States Department of State*.
The U.S. law enforcement and regulatory agencies will be directed to block any business and financial transactions with the sect. Providing “material support” to the group will be considered a crime.
Although the U.S. State Department spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the news were officially confirmed by congressional sources and other persons briefed on the matter.
The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs has reportedly scheduled a hearing on the Boko Haram group on Wednesday.
U.S. lawmakers and security officials are concerned over the growing relationship between Boko Haram and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. They say the sect is “of growing influence and of major concern”.
Top U.S. security official have been arguing that Boko Haram had met the criteria to be listed as a “foreign terrorist” group because it “either engages in terrorism that threatens the United States or has a capability or intent to do so”.
Although the U.S. State Department later designated three alleged Boko Haram leaders as terrorists, it stopped short of a more sweeping declaration against the organization.
Naij note:
*The United States Department of State (the State Department, or DoS), is the federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries.
*The Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad — better known by its Hausa name Boko Haram, “Western education is sinful” — is an Islamic jihadist militant organisation based in the northeast of Nigeria, north Cameroon, and Niger. Founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2001, the organisation seeks to establish a “pure” Islamic state ruled by sharia law, putting a stop to what it deems “Westernization.” The group is known for attacking Christians and government targets, bombing churches, attacking schools and police stations, but has also assassinated members of the Islamic establishment. Violence linked to the Boko Haram insurgency has resulted in an estimated 10,000 deaths between 2001 and 2013 and roughly 3,600 killed, including 1,600 civilians between 2009 and 2013.

You Won’t Believe How This 73-Year-Old Woman Escaped From Kidnappers Den After Four Days

Barely a week after a septuagenarian was abducted at Olomu kingdom in Delta State, before escaping from their den, another septuagenarian, Mrs Hel…en Sakpa, who was kidnapped last week Thursday, has been found and handed over to her children by men of the Nigerian Navy Ship, Delta.
This brings to the fore the seeming knack for the abduction of the aged, especially females, by kidnappers in recent times in the state, amid several unreported cases of kidnapping.
The 73-year-old woman was enjoying a dinner with her husband on October 31, when her abductors came calling. They yanked her away from her delicious meal and dragged her to a waiting vehicle before whisking her to an unknown destination.
Five heavily armed men were said to have committed the crime for a ransom of N50 million.
According to the septuagenarian, she was abducted by 7.30 p.m. at her home at Owhodokpokpo in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State during a dinner with her husband.
After much ordeals in the hands of her abductors, she was found four days later in a bush by a village at Agip Beniboye in Forcados area in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.
Mrs Helen Sakpa, who spoke in Urhobo language, expressed joy that she was alive and well after her ordeal.
According to her, she said she had been in the forest, laying there in hunger and also being exposed to insect bites since her abduction, until last Monday when she was taken to a river.
The Commander, NNS Delta, Commodore Sidi-Alli Garba, who was represented by his deputy, C. A Nwagu, handed over the woman to her eldest son, Mr Dickson Sakpa, on Monday, at NNS Delta base, Warri.
The naval boss reiterated the determination of the men of the Nigerian Navy to ensure that the Niger Delta is rid of every form of criminality.
According to Nwagu, the kinappers had demanded a ransom of N50million from the family, adding that the state security service and vigilance groups have been on the trail of the abductors of the old woman.
The naval boss said he was happy to hand over Mrs Sakpa to her eldest son hale and hearty, adding that she was given first aid while she was in the custody of the Nigerian Navy.
He thanked everybody for the efforts they put in to frustrate the work of the criminals, while stressing the need to be our brothers keeper.
He called on citizens of the state not to withold information that would help expose those involved in any form of criminality from the security agents.
Eldest son of the abducted woman, Mr Dickson, who is a staff of Globestar Drilling Company, while recounting the ordeal his family went through, gave glory to God and expressed his happiness.
He thanked security agents for their efforts in ensuring his mother’s safe release from her abductors without any form of ransom being paid.
Also present at the press briefing were the chairman, Delta State Vigilante, Monday Ohwesiri and Delta State Security Coordinator, Honourable Victor Egbo, who both expressed joy, saying their labour was not in vain and reiterated their commitment to fighting criminals to a stand still in the state.

NEMESIS: Lady Caught In The Act With Best friend’s husband Got Stripped Na*ked


Meanwhile for women that go all out stealing married men from their  Homes Be Warned!!!. Many days for the thief, one day for the Owner. Just a Piece of Advice.

Breaking News: Baraje Resigns as NRC Chairman


The National Chairman of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, today resigned his position as Chairman, Nigeria Railway Corporation Governing Board to give him room and time to manage the nPDP adequately and avoid any insinuation or plot to use the appointment of his NRC Chairmanship to blackmail or embarrass him

in future. According to him the struggle to emancipate and enthrone proper democracy in our polity is a task that must be won.

The decision was conveyed through a “LETTER OF GRATITUDE AND RESIGNATION OF APPOINTMENT AS CHAIRMAN, NIGERIA RAILWAY CORPORATION GOVERNING BOARD” addressed to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator Anyim Pius Anyim.

The letter personally signed by Alhaji Baraje said:  “I hasten to express my sincere gratitude to His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, through your good office for the confidence he placed in my ability to have appointed me to such an exalted position as Chairman, Nigeria Railway Corporation.

“His Excellency, Mr. President, will recall that this appointment came from his discretion in allotting some positions to our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). However, it is no longer news that there is an ongoing disagreement in principle between some top stakeholders of our party of which I am among on the one hand and the current leadership of the party on the other. This quagmire has upturned my belief in the present leadership of our great party and has consequently made my continued stay as the Chairman, Nigeria Railway Corporation Governing Board uncomfortable.

“Realizing that the position of the Nigeria Railway Corporation Chairmanship was allocated to the party and of which I am supposed to symbolize, I would appreciate if your good office could please convey to His Excellency, Mr. President, of my intention to relinquish this position with immediate effect because I can no longer represent the interest of the party whose leadership I no longer believe in.”

Sample of the letter is attached for your perusal and action accordingly.

Long live NPDP!

Long live Nigeria!!!

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

National Publicity Secretary, NPDP

J J Okocha, Taribo West, Siasia, Austin Equavon, Other ex-eagles superstars lead Ifeanyi Ubah’s Campaign

By Afam Ilounoh
As the Anambra state governorship election enters its final week, Labour Party’s candidate Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah’s campaign has introduced a new dimension to attract huge crowds; the irresistible attraction an array of ex-football stars provide. The ex-Super Eagles icons include Jay Jay Okocha, Taribo West, Sampson Siasia, Austin Eguavon, Emmanuel Okocha, Aloy Agu, Bright Omokaro, Mutiu Adepoju, Wahid Akanni and other Ex-super Eagles. The 30 ex- international professional footballers on Sunday led Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s campaign in three Local Government Areas -Nnewi South, Ihiala and Ekwusigo – where they took the microphone from the politicians and urged the people to support the governorship ambition of Ifeanyi Ubah for change and total transformation of the state.
 In one instance, Jay Jay Okocha, who spoke in Igbo language, on behalf of the other Ex-Super Eagles International professional footballers bemoaned the deplorable state of affairs in Anambra State – high rate of crime, epileptic power supply, infrastructural deficit, and high rate of unemployment etc and made it categorically clear that having known Ifeanyi Ubah and his antecedents, he has come to a conclusion that he is the man Anambra State needs today to rewrite the developmental story and rescue the sinking ship of the State.
“Looking at Awka, the Anambra State capital and comparing it with other capitals cities of the states around us, one wonders what has gone wrong with us. This is why we came down to support Ifeanyi Ubah of Labour Party and urge you not to make the mistakes of the past but choose the right person who will restore hope to all of us in the state” he said. He further stated tha he regards Anambra State as his home having grown up in the old Anambra State so the State is dear to him with a lot of memories. He said: “you all know that I am an Enugu boy. So I regard myself as an Anambra man for Anambra made me what I am today. I kicked my first balls on Anambra fields, and I  can never turn my back on Anambra state; that is why I am here today to urge my brothers and sisters, my mothers and fathers of Anambra state to come out in mass and vote for a man who will deliver on his promise: that man is Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. You can see that I am not alone. We are over 30 footballers whom you have supported and loved over the years. We have come to tell you to join us in supporting Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and vote him in as the next Governor of Anambra state”.
Okocha said that “Dr. Ubah is humane, Dr. Ubah has vision, Dr. Ubah is an achiever. Vote for him and watch him transform Anambra state; vote for him and see him make your lives better”.
That same day, Alh. Galadima a party stalwart in Ukpor Nnewi South LGA also spoke in glowing terms about what Anambra State and her people stands to gain in Ifeanyi Ubah’s leadership of the State especially in the areas of urban renewal, employment generation, infrastructure build-up and general welfare of the people.
Also in his own remarks HRH, Igwe Damien Onyekonwu (Okekaibeya ll of Uli) extolled the sterling leadership qualities of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah which he noted is what Anambra state needs today to stand at par with other progressive states in Nigeria. He reassured the Labour Party’s governorship candidate of the peoples belief in him and readiness to cast their votes for him in the election, however he urged Ubah not to allow power to becloud his enviable records when he ascends the leadership of the State eventually.
The Labour Party governorship candidate Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah told the people that a vote for him is the vote that will wipe away their tears pointing out that he returned to the state to seek the peoples mandate to help restore hope.
He further declared that he came to set a standard in leadership in the country, that will stand out through transparency, accountability, probity and total abhorrence of corruption, adding that if eventually voted into power, he will build two power plants in the state that will give the state steady electric power supply, support businesses and establish industries that will create employment opportunities for the people.
Signed: Barr. Afam Ilounoh
Head Media and Publicity
Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s Campaign Organisation.

Yvonne Nelson celebrates Birthday in Bikini (SEE PHOTOS)

Yvonne Nelson celebrated her birthday yesterday. Many celebrities where sited at the scene, like Van Vicker, Michelmm and others.  See photos

Nigeria Vs Italy – International Friendly 18th November, kick-off 7:45pm.

Craven Cottage is proud to host the International Friendly between Italy and Nigeria on Monday 18th November, kick-off 7:45pm.


–Buffon, De Rossi, Ogbonna also make coach Prancelli’s squad Italy coach, Cesare Prandelli has named his players for the international friendly match against Nigeria on Tuesday November 18 at Fulham’s Craven Cottage in England. Leading the attack is AC Milan striker,Mario Balotelli who will likely be partnered by Alberto Gilardino of Genoa who is among the six strikers named by the coach. Also in the squad are veteran goalkeeper,Buffon of Juventus,Roma’s De Rossi and Paris Saint Germain’s Thiago Motta. AC Parma midfielder Marco Barolo and Domenico Criscito are the new entries in the squad Parolo is receiving his Italy call-up at the age of 28,having scored five goals and provided two assists in Serie A this season. He had been called once, in March 2011, but never played. Criscito returns after a series of injury problems, having rediscovered his form at Zenit St Petersburg. Goalkeepers: Buffon (Juventus), Marchetti (Lazio), Sirigu (Paris Saint Germain); Defenders: Abate (Milan), Barzagli (Juventus), Bonucci (Juventus), Criscito (Zenit San Pietroburgo), Maggio (Napoli), Ogbonna (Juventus), Pasqual (Fiorentina), Ranocchia (Inter); Midfielders: Candreva (Lazio), De Rossi (Roma), Diamanti (Bologna), Florenzi (Roma), Giaccherini (Sunderland), Marchisio (Juventus), Montolivo (Milan), Thiago Motta (Paris Saint Germain), Parolo (Parma), Pirlo (Juventus), Poli (Milan); Forwards: Balotelli (Milan), Cerci (Torino), Gilardino (Genoa), Insigne (Napoli), Osvaldo (Southampton), Rossi (Fiorentina)

Nigeria Vs Ethiopia- WCQ On 16th November 2013

Competition – WC Qualification
Date -16 November2013
Kick-off-16:00 (4:00pm)
On aggregate – 2-1
Venue – U.J. Esuene
Stadium (Calabar)

We’ll cause an upset in Nigeria – Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s preparations are in top gear after the arrival of Finland based Fuad Ibrahim in camp ahead of the do or die Nigeria return leg on the 16th November.

Despite the cancellation of an intended friendly against Burkina Faso, coach Sewnet Bishaw has been conducting training in Addis Ababa with 23 players in camp .

Bishaw is delighted that the morale in camp was upbeat and he was happy with the training programme.

“The mood in the camp is very positive. It was disappointing for the Burkina Faso friendly to be cancelled but sometimes this things happen. Our focus is on ahead of the Nigeria game as I always believe anything is possible and we will work on our mistakes “

“It will be a tough match in Nigeria but the truth is that we will fight for the entire 90 minutes as we intend to cause an upset “ he added.

Anambra Poll: Ohaneze Ndigbo Endorses Obiano

Six days to the gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Ohaneze; the apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Nigeria has handed an overwhelming endorsement to Chief Willie Obiano, the ex-banker and rounded technocrat who is standing election on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA. Rising from a meeting of all the

leaders of the body in the 21 local governments in Anambra State where they had invited the 23 candidates seeking election in the 16th November 2013 election in the state, the Chairman of the Anambra State chapter of the body, Elder Chris Eluemuno, declared the unalloyed support of the group for Obiano whom he identified as the best candidate that represents the aspirations of Ndi Anambra.

The Anambra State Chapter of Ohaneze had invited all the 23 candidates running for the governorship election in the state to an interactive session at Davies Hotel, Awka to talk through their plans for Anambra State but only the APGA gubernatorial candidate had turned up for the session.


Chief Obiano’s performance at the session had turned out to be so impressive that the leaders of the group felt re-assured that the Aguleri high chief would guide Anambra State to desired heights when given a chance.


Since the electioneering campaigns began to gather momentum in Anambra State in the last couple of months, Chief Obiano has demonstrated a great deal of competence in the management of the peculiar challenges of Anambra State, dazzling audiences at debates with facts and figures on crucial aspects of governance, ranging from Internally Generated Revenue to security and social welfare, tackling unemployment, infrastructural development and how to checkmate the menace of soil erosion in the state.

In a related development, traders in Tyre Sellers-Market, Baking Materials Market and Building Materials Market in Onitsha have all declared their support for the APGA candidate in the coming election.

The traders who turned out in large numbers to receive the APGA campaign train that made whistle-stops in the key markets in the leading commercial city by the Niger sang the increasingly popular APGA anthem and cheered Chief Obiano’s every word when he made his trademark extempore speeches.

They assured the APGA candidate that they would vote for him on Election Day.

Former ASUU President Professor Festus Iyayi dies in car crash

Prof. Fetus Iyayi

Former President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Professor Festus Iyayi died today. The renowned writer, university teacher and activist died in a road accident on his way to the national congress of ASUU in Kano in the  biggest casualty yet of the ongoing ASUU strike. ASUU President Dr. Nasir Fagge confirmed his death to newsmen.

He said the sad news was broken to the union a few hours ago. The professor died on a failed portion of a  Nigerian highway around Lokoja in Kogi state according to ASUU.

Meanwhile majority of  university teachers yesterday voted to end the four-month-old strike that has grounded the public university system in the country.

About 120 chapters of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) held congresses at the various institutions and voted to suspend the strike, but insisted that the federal government begins to fulfil its promises immediately.

The vote is expected to be ratified by the national executive council of ASUU at a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

ASUU executives will then meet with President Goodluck Jonathan the next day where the deal will be affirmed and the strike called off thereafter.

ASUU has been on strike since July over government’s inability to implement an agreement signed in 2009 aimed at improving infrastructure and human capital.

However, during recent negotiations, President Goodlcuk Jonathan agreed to provide N1.3tr in the next six years and the balance of N62bn earned allowance to each university.

Reports from ABU Zaria, Bayero University Kano and the Uthman Danfodio University yesterday said that the lecturers were willing to resume work, but urged the federal government to live up to its pledges.

But at the University of Jos, the ASUU members voted in favour of continuation of the strike for the reason that the meeting between the national leadership of the union and President Goodluck Jonathan last week did not achieve anything meaningful.

In a vote to that effect, 194 members voted for the strike to be sustained while 80 voted in favour of a suspension.

Addressing the congress in ABU Zaria, ASUU chairman of the chapter, Dr. Muhammad Kabir Aliyu, said his members would agree to call off the industrial action on condition that President Jonathan pays all the financial commitments he has made to the universities for this year.

“In ABU, we have agreed with the shift in the timetable where the federal government would make available N220bn each year for the next six years. They (FG) said they are going to open a special account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for that purpose.

“However, members gave a condition that all the money promised for this year must be made available and accessible by the universities. This includes the N200b promised for the universities this year and the balance of the N62b earned allowances for various university staff,” Dr. Aliyu said.

From Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Secretary of the chapter, Malam Bashir Muhammed Achida, said ASUU members there unanimously voted to end the strike during their meeting at the main campus of the university.

“We all voted in favour of calling off the strike as a sign of respect to President Goodluck Jonathan. We were moved by the kind of commitment he had shown during hours of meeting with him last week,” he said.

On the modality used at reaching the decision, he said the issue was put to vote and that all members agreed that the strike should be suspended.

“By God’s grace, it would be over by Thursday or Friday so that normal activities would resume at campuses by next Monday,” he said.

At the Bayero University Kano, hundreds of ASUU members decided to accept the offer of the federal government. Our correspondent gathered that lecturers at the BUK held a meeting at the old site of the institution yesterday where the government’s offer was discussed.

A senior lecturer said the meeting was attended by over 300 lecturers from all the campuses of the institution and lasted for four hours with the lecturers deliberating on the offer.

When contacted on phone, the chairman of ASUU, BUK chapter, Comrade Mahmud Lawal confirmed that the meeting was held but that the outcome was not for the public.

“Yes we had a meeting but it is not meant for you the press or the public. It is for our national leadership. There was nothing like voting at the meeting on the ongoing strike,” he said in the interview.

However, ASUU members at the University of Jos said after hours of debate by those for and against the strike, it was obvious that the meeting with President Jonathan did not achieve much.

Those who spoke in favour of the strike to continue wondered why the strike should be called off on the basis of pleas and verbal promises by President Jonathan when the government ‘is reputed for not honouring agreements’.

They were said to have argued that the suffering by students and members in the last four months would be a waste if something concrete did not come out of the strike to improve the situation in universities.

However, those who want the strike to be ended spoke passionately on the need to consider the impact of the strike on students and the gesture from President Jonathan who met personally with ASUU leaders and pleaded with them to suspend the strike.

The chairman of the Unijos chapter of ASUU, Dr. David Jangkham who announced the result of the meeting said the national body which would collate the referendum from various chapters will come up with a stand on whether the strike would be suspended or sustained.

The national body of the union is billed to sit at a National Executive Council meeting tomorrow to consider the positions of the various chapters and take a decision.

“Justin Bieber paid me $500 for sex, he had an average “Winny” – Prostitute claims

Justin Bieber is definitely every call girl’s dream as two have come out to claim they had sex with him after picking them up at a brothel.. One of the 10 prostitutes he took back to his hotel claims

“They took our bags and our cell phones. Justin came in running in a black hoodie and went in the bathroom,They took us in their car to the hotel. There was so much emotion, it was  incredible,Once we arrived, he kissed me on the forehead and nose before taking things further. “I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything!We left the hotel  around 5 a.m.He gave me $500 because I was the one that got with him. He gave all of us concert tickets.It was delicious. It was super delicious, because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him,“He’s a love of a man! A cutie patootie!” He had and average winny”

Photos: Celebrity Stylist Prince Uzoegwu Shows Of His Well Endowed Asset




Timaya Out On School Run Today (Photo)


Little Emmanuella Odom is 18 months old now.

Kwara State Governor’s Mistress Delivers Baby Boy


**Real Reasons First Lady, Omolewa Relocated Abroad

Authority sources within the government circle in Ilorin, Kwara State have revealed that the executive Governor of the State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed is once again a darling father of a baby boy, courtesy of his pretty mistress, Yinka Olanrewaju.

Our impeccable sources confirmed that the boy, who is said to be a split image of the Governor, was delivered on September 9 in the state capital, Ilorin.

The story of the pregnancy of Yinka and the romance with the Governor made the rounds early in July, but it was frontally denied by the media team of the gGvernor.

“Now, the chicken has come home to roost, let them come out again and deny. It was as if the poor tot knew the kind of controversy surrounding his coming. So, he decided to share his father’s image, it was as if ‘megida’, Governor Ahmed, vomited him,” our source disclosed to us.

The source revealed that Abdulfattah has accepted full responsibility and everybody is happy now.

However, while Yinka, the mother of the boy and lover boy governor are excited, the story might be different with the First Lady of the state, Omolewa who reportedly relocated abroad and now visits the state house occasionally from her base abroad.

“She was around about a month ago; she stayed for about one week before she travelled back.

“The woman is really nice; her gentle disposition to life cannot allow her cope with the kind of environment she found herself in government house.

“She is a born again Christian with a very strong passion for the less privileged and the low level women, hence her Leah Foundation, which has endeared her more to the rural women unlike the previous dispensation,” said a source.

Omolewa was said to have finally made up her mind to leave the turbulent life in the state house sometime in June when she got wind of the pregnancy of Yinka, who is the daughter of an influential Ilorin-based business mogul, the late Alhaji Oseni Olanrewaju, even while she was battling to conceive herself.

“This issue of Yinka was not the first she had to contend with, though she’s not the man’s first wife, the fact remains that the Governor gave her his words that no other woman will come in between them again and Omolewa trusted him absolutely, not minding his reputation as a lady’s man,” said a source.

Late last year, the issue of one Igbo lady, Ciphering was at the front burner, Omolewa never believed her husband was sleeping with this young girl, whose mother was a cook at the press centre, but a source told us their relationship dated back to the girl’s secondary school days at St. Anthony College, a school she left in 2004.

“When Ciphering became pregnant for the governor last year, it was real hell and the storm which occasioned the pregnancy only abated when mother and child relocated abroad,” our source added.

Culled from First Weekly Magazine

Nollywood Stars Who Have Delved Into Politics

Click for Full Image Size

Now and recent times many Nollywood actors and actress have either delved into music, but failed in that venture, while some have gone into politics and it doesn’t seem like they are coming back fully into the industry.
Some of these veteran actors have surely been doing well in their new found love. Here are few of the many stars of yesteryears who have migrated to politics
Click for Full Image Size

•Richard Mofe Damijo is the present Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State, Nigeria. He is making it big and seems to have totally dumped Nollywood.

Click for Full Image Size

•Bob Manuel Udokwu is the Senior Special Adviser on Creative Media to Anambra State Governor. He is not too seen in most Nollywood movies like before

Click for Full Image Size

•Onyeka Onwenu is the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) Abuja-Nigeria.

Click for Full Image Size

•Nkiru Sylvanus was the Special Adviser to Imo State Governor until she was sacked from office. It is not clear if she wants to get back to the screen or continue with her political other assignments.

Click for Full Image Size

•Hilda Dokubo, a Commissioner to the Rivers State government, has really not been sighted at all in the Nollywood world

Click for Full Image Size

Affarm Okereke is a Nollywood director presently and is now the Senior Special Assistant to the Enugu State Governor on Media Matters. Even now, Afam Okereke is contesting for local government chairman ship seat in Enugu. It doesn’t look like he’s coming back to the movie industry

Click for Full Image Size

Dickson Iroegbu is a movie director that was appointed the Executive Assistant, Creative Entertainment and Tourism in the Presidency.

Click for Full Image Size

Kanayo O. Kanayo is another veteran actor that has been appointed as the Chairman, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Studies, NIHTS.

Click for Full Image Size

Tony One Week delved into politics some years ago and is currently a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly. He is known for his hit songs ‘Onwa December’ and ‘Everybody Gyrate. Hope he returns.

Click for Full Image Size

Toyin Adegbola, well known as Toyin Asewo To Re Mecca, was also blessed with a political appointment in Osun State recently.

Click for Full Image Size

Actor Rotimi Makinde is a member of the House of Representatives under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). It is not certain if he nurses the ambition of adoring the silver screens of his fans.

Click for Full Image Size

Okey Bakassi has been off the big screen because, he took a break to serve his father land as the Senior Special Adviser on Entertainment Matters  to the past Imo state Governor, Ikedi Ohakim.

Click for Full Image Size

Andy Ike’s appointment as a member of a transition committee in her local government in Imo State, took her away from acting. She now aspires to be in the Senate and possibly become a Senate President.

Story by Joy Akosa/Nigeriafilms.com



[PHOTOS] President Jonathan Receives Bill Gates At State House, Abuja



American business magnate and Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is in Nigeria for the Stakeholders meeting on polio eradication.

The billionaire businessman was received alongside Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote at the State House in Abuja by President Jonathan and other top government officials.

Mr. Bill Gate, was honoured with a national honour of Commander of the Federal Republic.

President Jonathan said the honour was in recognition of Gate’s supports towards the eradication of Polio myelitis in Nigeria.


B’cos Of My Affair With Pastor Biodun, Men Are Now Disturbing Me For Séx ––Ese Walter

Any lady who engages in a marathon séx with a married man for one week will no doubt be seen as a cheap and loose girl. And that is what is now happening to Ese Walter who became popular after she boldly exposed her séxual rump with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.
She has come out to disclose that another man, Mr Emeka Obasi has been disturbing her for sex and has even threatened to expose the said Mr Emeka to the media. See the revelations below…

Anyone who knows Mr Emeka Obasi should advise him to go and beg Ese Walter because she has vowed that she will expose all his dirty séxual runs with her and this may not go down well with his wife. #Gobe!

SEE How This Naija Babe Expose Her Body Completely

I really find it difficult to believe that a lady would leave her home dressing like this, unless she is possessed by a very strong marine spirit. Please this is for adults only. See her back and front “madness” below…
Crazy!.. I just hope a spirit is not leading this babe to her destruction. OLUFAMOUS*#CoversFace*

Police seal off Dino Melaye’s anti-corruption conference

Only the conference room of the hotel was sealed-off.

Scores of armed police officers, on Tuesday sealed off a Nicon Luxury hotel conference room where an anti-corruption conference was planned.

The anti-corruption conference was planned by an organization promoted by former House of Representatives member turned anti-corruption campaigner, Dino Melaye.

The police arrived in the early hours of the day with combat officers, including anti-terrorism squads, to carry out the seal-off of only the conference room the anti-corruption campaigners rented for the conference.

It is still unclear why the conference room was sealed. The police authority responsible for Abuja, the FCT Command, denied ordering the operation.

“I am not aware of it,” the spokesperson of the command, Altine Daniel, said.

But Mr. Melaye believes the seal-off was ordered by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar.

“The hotel management said the police officers brought an order from the IG,” he said.

The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police headquarters, Frank Mba, is yet to respond to inquiries.

“We will never give up, the conference must go on,” Mr. Melaye said.

“We already know that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back.”

The former lawmaker has, recently, had a recurring battle with the police over anti-corruption protests including that organised to demand the removal and prosecution of Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, over the N255 million armoured car scandal. Mr. Melaye was briefly arrested, then released, during the protest.

Yvonne Jegede This Is What You Look Like Without Photoshop!


This is pretty Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede.This is how she looks in the real world….A while back she circulated PHOTOSHOPPED PICTUREs  of herself to the social media and in these pictures she had her boobs in display and looked awesome……Attention seeking syndrome symptom.
True beauty is accepting yourself for who you are and letting people accept you for who you are,ugly or not!
It is not to photoshop photos of yourself and beg people to use them to deceive the public and then further seek attention by cussing out another star (Yvonne Nelson) on twitter and then called a blogger to publicise the tweets..how dare you? You see how it backfired on you? you paid to get your ass busted!..Anyway, it seems like you’re learning .
You are a very pretty person Yvonne,let it rest and try to concentrate on your career…stop forcing yourself on the social media and learn to grow from the soil…pay your dues and you will grow.
Now be a good girl and run along!

you look decent here Yvonne albeit not so classy like the photoshopped pics

Dump that dog chain on your neck please.

believe in yourself…nice smile girl.
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I’m Even a Better BOY of GOD Than Those MEN OF GOD – Charly Boy

Charly Boy has issued a new message for the people, condemning the use God’s name anyhow these days. Read the piece below:

My guy, things are falling apart and the Center can no longer hold. People just dey craze anyhow and dem go see anyhow. Jungle don mature, HA!!! I fit faint. When I was a little boy in the city of Peterkwa, called Port-Harcourt, I was taught NEVER to use God’s name in vain. Nowadays, everybody just dey call God name anyhow dem like. When Yahoo yahoo boys dey pray for good business, dem go call Him name before they obtain. Armed robbers pray, before they go for an operation, dem go hala Him name.

Some of our governors are using prayers to confuse their people as they plunder the land with impunity. Bone face Bragadoooo. Some of them these days claim they talk with God, they claim they are MEN of God, they also use God’s name to obtain big time from their congregation.

Several religious wars have been fought in God’s name, politicians loot and run down the country in God’s name, Kenyan terrorist attackers paused for prayers before they continued their killings, all they did was done in God’s name, hideous criminals operate, relying on God’s name, great crimes and atrocities are committed, all in God’s name. Chinekee God, are you there?

Throughout history, religion has been used as an excuse or driving force for some of the worst atrocities unimaginable. From prehistory to modern history, religion is for many people just an excuse to kill some people, obtain from some people, lie to some people, and cause all ‘kinda’ katakata, all in the name of God. This is not FAIR! Biko!

I was watching CNN the other day and the news of the Bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst popularly called The BLING Bishop, being ordered to Rome to answer to his choice of mounting an extravagant new residence complex which blew out to at least 31 million Euros ($42 million). Not too long the German church had suffered fallout from a child sex scandal. Kai! Madness!

I simply don’t understand this, using church funds to enrich ones’ self or satisfy ones’ selfish desire. $42 million, what for? Did he forget that people contributed this money, and that this money was hard earned money worked for by members of the congregation?

My major concern is why he wants to destroy the mission and vision of Pope Francis, the most popular Pope since the history of the Vatican. The true Man of God the world has come to love. Which one we go talk, His reforms, His Humility, His Simplicity, His Spirituality, His exemplary life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, why this German Bishop want to pour sand san into the pope’s “garri”. I don’t know.

These days you will hear most Pentecostal pastors talk about how God spoke to them, how they were called, how they have amazing powers, bla bla bla, how they received the anointing. How they can cast and bind, I tire for all these wash wash pastors. Some of these men of very questionable background and character are all over the place now. Telling all who cares to listen how they drink Tea with the Almighty God. Some families have already been put asunder because the pastor somehow is ‘remote controlling’ wives looking for the fruit of the womb, by testing the merchandise personally. kai!

They are the real Abrakadabra in God’s name. Dem no send. I don’t know if I’m the only one confused, but I don’t see the difference between pastors and native doctors any more. If you are still sane, maybe you can help me differentiate; the craze for private jets; pastors/politicians, wearing of expensive suits; pastors/conmen wearing million dollar wrist watches; pastors/conmen, building expensive schools; pastors/politicians, casting, binding and miracle explosion; pastors/native doctors, embezzling public funds; the list is endless. These days we don’t know the difference between san sand and garri. Odikwa risky. Are these pastors truly men of God or business men capitalizing on people’s frustrations? What is their original calling sef, to compete in worldly riches or to win souls like it is said?

How can you be living extravagantly when some church members can’t even afford a meal? That is the height of wickedness. Enough of the deceit, enough of turning the bible upside down to suit people’s ears while they suffer in poverty.

We need spirituality not religiosity. Even with all these churches at every junction and every bending corner, in every brothel and hotel, morality is at an all-time low. The church should be a place for spiritual nourishment and not a kalokalo venture, or for prosperity preaching. Pastors should concentrate more on how we should all be our brother’s keepers, rather than praying for us to be rich like them. God does not operate like a Babalawo, neither is he a Nigerian.

I am wondering if me too won’t open my own church (runs away), but it will be different because I will never use Gods name in vain. All these our so called Men of God should come out and hustle like real men and stop using psychology to deceive people and take their money. Haba!!! I guess that is their hustle. Where is the humility that Christ talked about? If anyone is not leading by the examples of Jesus just like the pope, then his ‘Man-of-god-izm’ is very questionable. I thought they said the meaning of Christianity was to be Christ- like? I’m just wondering. Maybe I’m lost.

Abeg, I rest my case joor. Man of God my ebony ass, who dash dem? I am even a better BOY of GOD than those MEN OF GOD

Over 60 companies bid for 10 new power plants – Nebo

<b>Over 60 companies bid for 10 new power plants – Nebo</b>

No fewer than 66 bidders on Monday submitted their applications to buy 10 new power plants in Nigeria.

The plants are Alaoji, Benin, Calabar, Egbema, Gbarian, Geregu, Ogorode, Olorunsogo, Omoku, and Omotosho.

The Minister of Power, Chinedu Nebo, said the plants were built by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd, wholly owned federal concern.

He said Alaoji Generation Coy Nig. Ltd had bidders, Benin Generation Nig. Ltd had 4 bidders while Calabar Generation Nig. Ltd had 6, Egbema Generation Coy Nig. Ltd had 4 bidders while  Gbarian Generation Coy Ltd had 7.

The minister also said that Geregu Generation Coy Ltd had 8, Ogorode Generation Ltd had 8, Olorunsogo Generation Coy Ltd had 5, Omoku Generation Ltd had 8 while Omotoso Generation Coy Ltd had 13 bidders.

Nebo explained that this was the best exercise to be taken by the federal government at present and he must ensure that justice and fair play prevailed in the bidding process.

He thanked the staff and management of the holding company for their doggedness in ensuring that due process was followed in the bidding process.

Earlier, Dagogo Jack, the Chairman of the Presidential Taskforce on Power, commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his consistency in the issue of power.

He explained that the capacity of the 10 plants did not exceed 4,700 mw which was not up to what the nation wanted.

Jack said that those of them that could not make the bid still stood some chance of investing in the sector as there were many vacancies for investors in the industry.

The Managing Director of the company, James Olotu, said he would ensure that the bid applicants had the capacity to manage the companies.

Rivers: PDP supports Omehia against Amaechi in tenure legal tussle

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As the face-off between Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) deepens, the party yesterday sided with the sacked governor of the oil-rich state, Celestine Omehia, to request the Supreme Court to dismiss the appeals filed by Amaechi and a chieftain of the party, Cyprian Chukwu, over the dispute on the sitting governor’s tenure.
Amaechi and Chukwu are, by their appeals, seeking to void the leave granted Omehia by the Court of Appeal, Abuja to appeal an earlier judgment of the Federal High Court in relation to when Amaechi’s first tenure ought to have ended.
Chukwu, in 2010, applied to the Federal High Court, Abuja for the interpretation of the 2007 judgment by the Supreme Court, in determining when election was due in Rivers State in 2011.
Omehia was sacked as Rivers State governor in 2007 on the basis of the Supreme Court judgment and Amaechi pronounced the governor in October 2007.
In deciding Chukwu’s case, Justice Abdulkadir Abdul-Kafarati of the Federal High Court held that by virtue of the Supreme Court’s judgment, Amaechi’s first tenure ended on May 28, 2011 and not in October 2011.
Justice Abdul-Kafarati held that since the apex court had held that it was the PDP that won the election and the election having not been set aside, the tenure began to run on May 29, 2007 even though Omehia wrongly occupied the office.
Dissatisfied, Amaechi appealed the judgment by Justice Abdul-Kafarati. Shortly after Amaechi appealed, Omehia, who was not a party in the suit at the trial court, applied to the Court of Appeal to be made a party to enable him also appeal the judgment.
Despite opposition by Amaechi and Chukwu, the Court of Appeal granted Omehia’s prayer, a decision Amaechi and Chukwu appealed at the Supreme Court.
Yesterday, parties adopted their briefs of argument. The court adjourned till February 7 for judgment.
The PDP opposed Omehia’s moves to be made a party in the case before the Court of Appeal, but yesterday, it sided with Omehia and urged the court to dismiss both appeals.
Lawyers to Amaechi and Chukwu, Messrs Lateef Fagbemi (SAN) and Rickey Tarfa (SAN), drew the apex court’s attention to the sudden change in the position of Mr Olusola Oke, the lawyer representing the PDP.
Fagbemi and Tarfa wondered why Oke appeared to have changed his position, having earlier aligned with them at the lower court.
Oke, while adopting his briefs, urged the court to dismiss both appeals and uphold the decision of the appellate court, which granted Omehia leave to appeal Justice Abdul-Kafarati’s judgment.
He urged the apex court to ignore the technicalities raised by the appellants in seeking to void the leave granted Omehia.
Omehia’s lawyer, Nnaemeka Udechukwu (SAN), argued in a similar manner as Oke, praying the court to dismiss the appeals.
Tarfa urged the court to allow the appeal and void the leave granted Omehia on the grounds that the appellate court acted in error.
He argued that Omehia did not place sufficient materials before the court to warrant the granting of the leave granted him.
Tarfa further argued that Omehia’s application was wrongly filed because he applied for permission about 200 days after the trial court had delivered its judgment.
Fagbemi argued that as an interested party, who sought to appeal the decision of a case he did not participate in at the trial stage, Omehia failed to comply with the necessary constitutional requirements.
He also queried Omehia’s locus to appeal the trial court’s judgment because he failed to satisfy the court that he had a special interest to protect.
Fagbemi argued that Omehia’s claim to being interested in contesting the 2011 governorship election was not a sufficient ground for granting him leave because he was just one out of the several people who were interested in contesting the election.
Fagbemi argued that Omehia hid from the court, the fact that he actually participated in the 2011 election under the banner of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).
He contended that having enjoyed the benefit of the trial court’s judgment by contesting the 2011 governorship under APGA, he could not turn around to attack the same judgment.
Fagbemi also argued that Omehia was left with no interest to protect, having contested the 2011 election under another party and lost.

9ice Shows Off His pretty Twins with his Abuja boo


After his marriage to Toni Payne hit the unfortunate end, 9ice moved on.

The Gongo Aso hit maker had an affair with an Abuja based woman, Vicki Godis and in no time welcomed a set of twins.

9ice shares with us the photos with the caption One of my reasons to live another day on earth. This is the first time 9ice is coming public with his set of twins since their birth.




Duncan Mighty Impregnates Actress Girlfriend


Nigeria Films Report…..

We have information that the girlfriend of self-acclaimed Port Harcourt first son, Duncan Mighty, Sochima Ezeoke, is now pregnant.

This piece of information now means that the hip-life singer has joined the growing list of Nigerian celebrities who have put their girlfriend in the family way before marriage.

Ezeoke is an up and coming actress based in Port Harcourt. She is also a graduate of Mass Communication. It is not certain if the singer will marry the lady anytime soon.


Amaechi vs Omehia: S-Court fixes Feb 7 for judgment


By Ikechukwu Nnochiri ABUJA — The Supreme Court, yesterday, fixed February 7, 2014, to rule on whether the candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, in Rivers State, Mr. Celestine Omehia, has the legal right to appeal the Federal High Court judgment, which held that Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s tenure ended on May 29, 2011.A five-man panel of the apex court, adjourned for judgment after parties, adopted their briefs of arguments in the consolidated appeals that were filed by Governor Ameachi and a chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state, Chief Cyprian Chukwu.Both Ameachi and Chukwu, told the Supreme Court panel headed by Justice M. Muntaka-Coomassie that the Abuja Division of the Appeal Court, erred in law, when it granted Omehia the leave to appeal against the High Court judgment, even though he was not a party in the substantive suit that culminated to the appeal.It will be recalled that Chukwu had in 2010, applied to a Federal High Court in Abuja, asking it to interpret the Supreme Court judgment which in 2007 removed Omehia from office and declared Amaechi as the governor of the state.He asked the court to determine whether governorship election should be held in Rivers during the general electiond of April or later, since Amaechi took the oath of office in October 2007 and not May 29, when all other governors took the oath.The high court held that the Rivers State governorship election should be included in the April 2011 general elections.After the high court decision, Omehia, who was not a party to the high court proceeding, applied to the Court of Appeal to be allowed to join in the matter as an interested party, contending that he was a party in the apex court judgment that was interpreted by the high court, adding he would be adversely affected by the Supreme Court judgment.Meantime, a new twist was added to the case, yesterday, when the PDP, which had initially opposed Omehia’s request to be granted leave to challenge the high court judgment, made a U-turn, and urged the apex court to allow Omehia to seek the sack of Governor Ameachi from office.Counsel to the party, Chief Olusola Oke, argued that under section 243 of the 1999 Constitution as amended, the appellate court, rightly granted Omehia the leave to appeal the high court judgment as an interested party, contending “a person, who is affected or likely to be affected by the outcome of any proceeding is an interested party.”

My abductors asked for N100m, I offered N1bn – GUO Motors boss -


The Chairman of G. U. O. Motors Limited, Chief Godwin Okeke, yesterday, commenced his evidence-in-chief at an Onitsha High Court in Anambra State, presided over by Justice Chudi Nwankwo, in respect of his abduction by kidnappers in Onitsha on Sunday, August 23, 2009. Okeke who spoke under oath, shortly after the court granted a motion to file and serve additional prove of evidence with respect to one of the suspected kidnappers, Alexander Onyinanya, filed by the prosecution counsel, Chris Ajugwe with Mrs. N. D. Wilcox.

He narrated his encounter with the kidnappers at the All Saints Anglican Church Cathedral, Onitsha when he went for a Sunday worship with his wife, driver and some family members. However, counsel to the first and third accused persons, O. U. Uduma and J. N. Okongwu, did not object to the prosecution counsel’s motion to file and serve additional prove of evidence with respect to the third accused, Onyinanya. How he was abducted

Led in the evidence by his counsel, Okeke stated that he went for 7 a.m. service which ended at about 10 a.m, adding that between 10.30 and 11 a.m., his wife mounted the steering of his Nissan Amanda Spots Utility Van, SUV, and was driving towards the church gate when suddenly, gunmen blocked the car with a bus in front and a Mercedes Benz car at the rear.

Okeke told the court that before he could ask questions, the gunmen started shooting sporadically, adding that even though he managed to disarm one or two of them, they shattered his left leg, over-powered him, drove away his wife and family members before bundling him into his SUV and zoomed off with the abductors’ vehicles following.

He further told the court that they passed through Awka Road and at Limca Road, they met a traffic gridlock but his abductors shot sporadically into the air to scare the commuters before they continued their movement up to Nkpor junction where he said they met some policemen and exchanged fire with them.

Two vehicles snatched

He said: “At Umuoji Road, my abductors discovered that their tyres were deflated during the exchange of fire with the policemen and they quickly jumped out of the vehicles, blocked the road, snatched two other vehicles from their unsuspecting owners and transferred their arms and ammunition, including 9 AK 47 riffles, rocket launchers, machine guns and a big Ghana-must-go bag filled with loaded magazines and live cartridges into the snatched vehicles.

“They continued their journey and drove through Alor, Adazi-Ani and Adazi-Enu. On getting to somewhere between Adazi-Enu and Neni communities in Anaocha Local Government Area of the state, they drove into a bungalow, rounded up the occupants, who were mainly children, locked them up in one of the rooms and kept me inside the living room.

“I removed my shirt and tied my bleeding leg as part of measures to control the blood gushing out from the bullet wound. At a stage, I became thirsty and requested them to give me water to drink. Two of the abductors, Emeka Eze and Anthony Ifeanyi Okafor were with me while others were outside monitoring movements.”

He said the duo with him advised him not to drink water because of his bullet wound but he insisted on drinking and eventually they gave him the water which he drank.

He said: “I overheard those outside asking the detained children where they kept oil, salt and other condiments because at that point, they had started cooking breadfruit meal for lunch.

The third accused was my ex-employee.

He said after cooking, they presented the food and he ate with them. He said among those outside, two of them, a tall and short one wore masks, adding that he could discover that the tall one, Alexander Onyinanya, the third accused with mask was his former employee.

“I could identify Onyinanya because he limps as a result of an accident he had when he was working for me. I was the one who paid his hospital bill when he had the accident.

I offered them N1bn, instead of N100m

“After eating the breadfruit meal, they praised me for my courage and for accepting their food, unlike other victims who usually refuse to eat during their captivity.”

He said they now asked him to get ready for negotiation to which he paid attention.

“They told me that Chief Paul Okonkwor, Managing Director of Pokobros Group West Africa Limited paid them N70 million as ransom when they kidnapped him, while Chief Anthony Enukeme, Managing Director of Tonimas Oil Limited paid them N80 million during his own time and told me to pay them N100 million.

“I replied them promptly that Okonkwor and Enukeme are millionaires, while I am a billionaire, and offered them N1 billion, instead of N100 million.

“The offer gave them special joy as they now dropped their weapons by the side, relaxed and asked me how and when the money would get to them to which I told them that the money was in the bank.”

At this stage, Justice Nwankwo ordered him to stop for the day till the next adjourned date.

The court now adjourned the matter to November 14, 26, 27, 28, December 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9, this year for accelerated hearing and possible dispensation.


I Can’t Forget The First Time I Made Love To My Wife ~ Omotola’s Husband Says In New Interview

by Akinlabi Abiodun

Omotola and boo

Captain Matthew Ekeinde is Omotola’s husband. He recently spoke with Entertainment Express about the actress and their marriage. Enjoy part of the interview below;

What is the secret of your 17 year old marriage to Omotola? I won’t say we have been good because I am a fine boy (laughs), but it is just the grace of God. I am so lucky and also blessed by God to have married my God given partner. That is a very important thing about marriage, you have to find and marry your God given partner. That is why a lot marriages breakup. Some men marry women because of their hips, their boobs, legs and some other side attractions. But after sex with her so many times, what happens next? Does she have a good attitude, character or good human relationship with others? I am not saying we are perfect couple, we have our own differences but we are compatible. We have been married for over 17 years with four beautiful kids. One thing that has been working for us as a couple is that I always encourage her to be who she wants to be. I give her full support always. Lots of married women that are caught cheating on their husbands could be traced to the fact that some of their husbands don’t allow them explore their talents.  I encourage my wife and kids to be what they want to be.Most of the influential men and women we have in this world didn’t even go to school. So it is all about exploiting your talents. Some women love acting but their husbands won’t let them believing that other men would touch or exploit them sexually. It is all about discipline. Those that want to cheat will cheat; it is all about self control.

So when you see your wife kissing on set, you don’t get jealous?

No! Not all. My wife tells me about her acting. Most times she even complains that some actors she acts love scenes with have mouth or body odour that she can’t wait to leave this scene.  So I even pity her on what she has to go through and endure being an actress. This acting thing is just some minute acts and that is it. Will she follow the actor home? Lots of homes have been broken because of too pressure on the wife or even the kids. For the 17 years that you have been married, what are those special moments you can’t forget in a hurry?

Hmmm! Truly and honestly, I can’t forget the very first day I made love to my wife.

PDP suspends Baraje, Oyinlola, other key members of new faction

PDP logo

By Henry Umoru ABUJA- CRISIS rocking the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Monday got messier as the National leadership of the Party wielded its big stick and suspended the  former governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola who was on Wednesday last week re-instated as National Secretary of the party through a  judgment by an Appeal Court sitting in Abuja.

Oyinlola according to the leadership of the party would face the Disciplinary Committee chaired by Second Republic Minister of Transport, Alhaji Umaru Dikko, just as the party said it has not received the Wednesday Court of Appeal judgment which ordered his return to the National secretariat as the scribe of the party.

Also suspended with Oyinlola was the Chairman of the splitter group of the party and former Acting National Chairman, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu  Baraje; the group’s Deputy Chairman, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja;  and the National Vice-Chairman of the PDP, North West, Ambassador Ibrahim Kazaure.


Photo: Armed robbers shoot MTN staff, ‘Keke NAPEP’ operator dead in Enugu

Police Team and crowd trying get a glimpse of the MTN driver

An attack by robbers in Enugu State has left two persons dead while many others sustained different degrees of injury.

The two deceased persons have been identified as Eric Eze, a staff of telecommunications giant MTN, and a commercial tricycle (Keke NAPEP) operator, simply known as ‘Igwe’

According to reports, the robbers trailed Mr. Eze, who with the company bus had gone to obtain a sum of N1million from a client. They subsequently waylaid him and shot at his bus leading to his death and Igwe’s.

The Guardian reports:

The robbers were suspected to have trailed the MTN staffer from Gariki Park in Awkunanaw where he went to collect over N1 million from a dealer with the company.

His bus, branded in MTN yellow colour, with Registration Number YE 903 ENU, was riddled with bullets. An eyewitness said they had pursued their victim to the Mgbemena Junction and opened fire at his bus, which shattered the occupant’s head before making away with the money stashed in a cellophane bag.

He said while a young boy, whose age was said to be below 13, rushed from the commercial taxi operated by the robbers and attempted to pick the cellophane bag, the other robbers started shooting at all directions.

It was one of the bullets that caught Igwe and another tricycle rider, who were rushed to hospital after the robbers had fled.

When The Guardian visited the scene of incident at about 2pm, the bodies of the two dead persons were seen lying at various locations.

While that of the MTN worker was on the driver’s seat with blood gushing out of his head, that of the tricycle operator lay beside his tricycle with Registration No. UKP 758 QP

It was also discovered that a crack team of police officers led by the Divisional Police Officer of Central Police Station, Enugu, Ike Mba, were on hand to evacuate the dead bodies.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Enugu State, Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the report, said the incident could have been avoided if the telecommunications company had informed the police to accompany the worker while moving the money.

He added that investigations had begun on the matter.

Graphic photos below (Viewer discretion advised)

MTN Driver in his pool of blood

Praise in his pool of blood along Mbanugo Street

Boy Released By Kidnappers In Abuja After N1.5m Ransom Payment

A-10-year old boy, Chibuike Ogbusu, who was abducted at St. Bartholomew Cathedral Church (Anglican Communion) Kubwa, Abuja last week, has been released. The boy was released …early Sunday morning by his abductors after collecting a N1.5 m ransom. It was learnt that the kidnappers had asked a commercial motorcyclist to take Chibuike to his family house after collecting the ransom at Dei-Dei, a few minutes’ drive from Kubwa. Chibuike had attended the Boys Brigade’s rehearsal at the church and was about going home when he was abducted and taken to an unknown destination. Friends and well-wishers thronged the Ogbusus’ house at Kubwa to rejoice with them on the release of Chibuike. Looking chubby and unfazed, Chibuike seemed unconcerned about the fanfare and the numerous guests in the house as he toyed with a GSM phone. Chibuike narrated that he was driven to Minna, Niger State by a lone kidnapper, adding that he was fed rice or bread twice daily. He said he was allowed to speak with his father on the phone two days after he was abducted. “The man (kidnapper) fed me twice a day. He gave me rice and bread and at times, potato and he allowed me to speak with my father about three times before I was released at Dawaki,( opposite Gwarimpa Estate),”he said. Chibuike’s father, Dr. Peter Ogbusu, who was all smiles, thanked God for the safe return of his son, saying the ransom he paid did not matter as his boy was released hale and hearty. According to him, the kidnapper had earlier demanded N10m, but the sum was negotiated to N1.5m which was dropped at a location around Dei-Dei as directed by the kidnapper. Asked if he would allow Chibuike to attend the Boys Brigade rehearsals where he was abducted, Peter said the boy would be allowed with an escort. “There is no way I can stop him from attending the Boys Brigade programme. I was made the vice patron of the brigade before my son joined them. He will attend the rehearsals with an escort to prevent a recurrence,” the eye doctor stated.

New Speaker Elected To Replace Tsokwa in Taraba State


After the unexpected death of Haruna Tsokwa on Nobermber 4, Taraba state House of Assembly has elected a new Speaker.

The Assembly this morning elected Josiah Kente as new Speaker. He wil…l replace Haruna Tsokwa, who died after a brief illness on November 4. Details of Mr. Kente’s election are, however, quite vague.

According to the initial reports, Mr. Kente, a former deputy majority leader of the Assembly, emerged by consensus after members agreed to retain the speakership position in the Southern Senatorial Zone of the state.

Late Speaker Tsoka hailed from that part of the state. Deputy Speaker Tanko Maikerifi was reportedly disqualified to allow for religious balancing in the leadership of the state.

Acting Governor Garba Umar is muslim and the lawmakers decided that another muslim should not be heading the second most powerful arm of government in the state.

Mr. Tsokwa died of a yet undisclosed on November 4 at the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo, the Taraba state capital.

The late speaker fully supported the Acting Governor Garba in the ongoing battle for the control of the state.

Mr. Tsokwa managed to escape death on September 19 when his convoy was attacked by the gunmen along the Jos – Abuja road.

He was not hurt, but some policemen in his convoy were seriously injured as a result of an exchange of fire between them and their attackers.

Why Jonathan, Wife Are Fighting Me – Amaechi

**“The first was the attempt by the wife of the President to control the Rivers State government
** ‘I am the highest ranking officer from Rivers State and I wonder why the Governo…r of Rivers State does not accord me that respect’
**I don’t see the office of the wife of the President being superior to that of the governor
**the President had called me and the wife and we sat together and made peace
**the only way you can survive is if you then wake up in the morning to say: ‘Good morning, ma. My name is Rotimi Amaechi, governor of Rivers State. Do I greet this person or that person’?

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has disclosed that he incurred the wrath of President Goodluck Jonathan because he was seen to be exposing a lot of corrupt activities going on in government.
In an interview to TheNEWS magazine, Gov. Amaechi also gave the impression that the President and his wife can never keep to their promises, recalling how they held several meetings with him begging him to deliver the state to Jonathan during the 2011 presidential election with the promise that they would never trouble him again, a promise they did not keep.
Gov. Amaechi listed many instances where his actions infuriated President Jonathan and the First Lady, whom he described as a ‘de facto President’.
According to Gov. Amaechi, one of the main reasons for the battle to bring him down is the desperate ambition of Dame Patience Jonathan to see herself and be addressed as the political ‘lord’ of Rivers State, her home state, despite the fact that she is even not recognised by the constitution and is not occupying any elective office.
He recalled a recent accident which has occurred in the hometown of the First Lady, Okrika. Dame Patience snatched the microphone from Gov. Amaechi reprimanded him for saying he would buy off some buildings around a school and demolish it so as to create enough space for extracurricular activities for the school.
Governor Amaechi attributed the crisis to three things:
“The first was the attempt by the wife of the President to control the Rivers State government. I remember when female senators came to me after she met with them.
“She said to them: ‘I am the highest ranking officer from Rivers State and I wonder why the Governor of Rivers State does not accord me that respect’.
“I said in law, I don’t see the office of the wife of the President being superior to that of the governor…The resistance is what you are seeing.”
During Jonathan’s campaigns for 2011, he said the President and his wife pleaded with him since he (Amaechi) wanted to be assured that if Jonathan emerged, there would not be a multiplicity of presidents where “you have the wife manipulating power, everybody doing one thing or the other”.
“I wanted to make sure that I and the Rivers people are fully protected. I wasn’t convinced.
“Now, within the period, the President had called me and the wife and we sat together and made peace. There again, they promised that nobody would hurt me, nobody would do this or that. That’s why this is a bit difficult because there is nothing new that they can tell me that they did not tell me in 2011 and they did not keep to their promise”.
He said the meeting was just between him, the President and Mrs. Jonathan and he secured their promise to protect him, but “we had hardly won the 2011 elections when the wife descended on me and the Rivers State Government”.
“Basically, the only way you can survive is if you then wake up in the morning to say: ‘Good morning, ma. My name is Rotimi Amaechi, governor of Rivers State. Do I greet this person or that person’?
“If she says no, then I don’t greet you. But if you need to run the office of the governor the way it is supposed to be run, then you would certainly have a disagreement with the wife of the President.
“It is about power and control. She appears to be somebody who loves power.”
The governor also said part of the problem was that the President took about 41 oil wells from Rivers and handed them to Abia and Bayelsa, the President’s state.
He also said the President was not comfortable with the fact that he (Amaechi) speaks his mind whenever he had the opportunity.
For example, he said he had complained many times about the rising poverty and corruption among public office holders in the country to no avail even as the country’s economy is in bad shape.
Another incident that pitched Amaechi against the President was that the former accused the World Bank, during an event abroad, of aiding Nigeria’s lamentable corruption.
He also lamented the increasing activities of oil thieves, adding that attempts by his government to subdue the thieves have also been scuttled by the President because of the problem between them, thus making the country suffer the consequence.
“My colleague, the governor of Benue State, told me that teachers are on strike in his state because of salary. And you would see more in the next few months. The country is broke.
“The amount of money being stolen is enough to run this economy. They set aside 455,000 barrels per day for local refining. We don’t refine in Nigeria. Crude is refined overseas, brought back to Nigeria and then we pay subsidy on it,” he said.

Kidnapped Sokoto Businessman Released After Payment Of N50M Ransom Through Dubai

A Sokoto-based millionaire, Alhaji Abu Dankure, who was kidnapped Thursday last week, regained his freedom this evening after the payment of ransom by his f…amily.

According to SaharaReporters family source has confirmed that the sum of N50 million naira was paid for his freedom. However, the source said the family raised the sum of thirty million naira while the Sokoto state government paid the balance of twenty million naira.

Earlier in the day, Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko of Sokoto State paid a visit to the family of the 70 years-old business mogul and assured his family that he is in good health condition and will soon be released by  his abductors.

On how the ransom was paid, a family source disclosed that the money was paid in dollars, and the payment was done in Dubai, United Arab Emirate through the agent of the kidnappers.

The Sokoto state police command through it spokesman DSP Al-Mustapha Sani confirmed the kidnapping last week and said no arrest was made in connection with the incident. However, Kure’s car was recovered in Gagi area of Kware Local Government a few hours after the incident.

Alhaji Abu Kure is a political associate of Governor Wamakko, patronage from the Sokoto state government mostly receiving juicy contracts that runs into hundreds of millions of naira

Coscharis Motors Unable To Provide To EFCC Bank Transfer Information To Germany On Controversial BMW Armored Cars


Coscharis Motors Unable To Provide To EFCC Bank Transfer Information To Germany On Controversial BMW Armored Cars

Five days after a promise to provide information on how Coscharis, which supplied the two armoured cars now …at the center of a major scam in the aviation sector, paid BMW for the vehicles, the company’s management has disappeared from the radar of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The agency’s investigators last week grilled Josiah Samuels, the Managing Director of Coscharis Motors Limited, and he reportedly confessed that he was unsure how to find the information relating to payments made the BMW Group in Germany.

The vehicles were manufactured as part of BMW high security vehicles, and assembled at the BMW Plant Dingolfing, Germany. A source at the plant told SaharaReporters that the cost of a brand newB7 level security BMW 760 Li HSS is between 170,000-190,000 Euros at factory price.

However, Coscharis Motors ‘sold’ the vehicles to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority for a gargantuan $800,000 apiece.

That highly inflated price of the vehicle was the principal subject of the EFCC interrogation of Coscharis officials last week.  They were grilled over two days and told to return with full details of how Coscharis ended up paying 418,000 Euros for each of the vehicles but officials at the agency said Coscharis MD and officials have refused to provide the bank statements of their wire transfers showing the amount paid to BMW for the vehicles.