He Was Born In Very Mysterious Circumstance




            Everyone in osogbo knows him.  Even though they may not have met him in flesh, they all know of Baba Elebuibon.  Once you drive into the ancient city of Osogbo and you ask anybody for him, they will describe his house to you.  This is  because of how famous Baba  is and how he has also brought fame to the land of his  birth by his remarkable gift, so much  that expatriates from various countries in Europe, America and the UK have all flown into Nigeria to see this wizard in his house in Osogbo.

            For those who still don’t catch the drift we are talking of Osogbo based Ifa Priest, Ifayemi Elebuibon  who is the Awise of Osogbo and also the Araba of Osogbo, two very powerful chieftaincy titles in Osogbo.  He is also a Babalawo and Chief Priest who represents the very best of African Tradition, Culture and Knowledge.  His house in Osogbo has become a mecca of sorts to very many people who go to see him for spiritual divination, consultation, spiritual cleansing, advice, guidance and protection on personal life path.  He teaches those who consult him the full potential of specific path and road map to ravel to increase good future and become greater than ever dreamt possible.  He also reveals more to people about their personal guardian, Orisa (spiritual guide).  So, he combines so many roles.  There is Yemi Elebuibon the Babalawo.  There is Yemi Elebuibon, the Ifa Priest.  There is Yemi Elebuibon the performing artist who did a lot with the likes of late Duro Ladipo, Prof.  Uli Bier and Susan Wenger in Osogbo all rolled into one.

            Chief Priest Yemi Elebuibon has a rich pedigree and was born in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeia.  He comes from a family acclaimed to be one of foremost authorities on Yoruba traditional, cultural and spiritual institutions.  He is a direct descendant of Olutimehin, co-founder of the ancient city of Osogbo.  He began training as an Ifa priest at the age of 4.  His father was Akinrinde Akanbi Elebuibon.  He never went to school.  He is self-taught and received  his Western style formal education through correspondence course.  His parents insisted on his through grounding in Yoruba and African Tradition and Culture through  his apprenticeship with renowned Ifa priests of the day.  He is a poet, performing artist, playwright, and herbalist and practising  Bablawo (Ifa Priest).  He has published several books and scholarly papers on various aspects of Yoruba traditional region and cultural philosophy.  His tradition morality drama, Ifa Olokun  Asorodayo culled from Odu Ifa, was presented as a series on Nigeria national television network.

            He is an international scholar in residence at the Department of black Studies in San Francisco University; and at Wajumbe Cultural Institution, California, USA, both where he lectures on African Traditional Religion and Culture.  He is the foundr of Ancient Philosophy International, Osogbo, Nigeria, a centre dedicated to teaching African Traditional religion and the performing arts.  He has trained a lot of students and initiated many into the tradition.

            His numerous awards and recognitions includes lifetime achievement chieftaincy as the Akoda of Osogbo, a title that elevated him to a venerated position in the priesthood hierarchy.  He has also been honoured with a doctorate degree of the Brandice Unviersity, USA.  He was recently named Ateyero Asa by Obafemi Awolowo  University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, for his contributions to renaissance traditional  scholarship.  He has also been recently appointed as Vice Chairman of Board of Traditional and Culture, Nigerian chapter.  He maintains a Botanica and Mini-Museum at his home that has become a “must-stop” for visitors to Osogbo, city of the annual Osun Festival.  He is married with children. 

            Yemi has traveled to many parts of the world at the invitation of organizations, institutions, colleges and Universities and local governments.  Amongst his many accomplishments are the following books:  *Poetry voice of Ifa  *The adventures of Obatala I & II  *The healing power of sacrifice  *Apetebi, wife of Orunmila   *Ifa, the custodian of destiny *The invisible power of Metaphysical World Irinajo Edo Poems.

            Films (1) Obatala in praise documentary:  this work demonstrate the propitiation of Obatala, through music, dance recitation of his (Oriki) praise name and sacrifice.  (2)  Eko Eleko Drama based on Odu-Ifa   (3) Omolokun- All these from series of weekly presentation of Ifa Olokun Asorodayo. RECORD CD  *Eniyan won *Orilo dami  *Elenimi Aiye   *Epu Won


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