A middle belt Governor recently sacked three of his aides over the disclosure of his purchase of a 250million Naira house for a mistress in Abuja.  The three aides are believed to be among those who work with him directly in the Government House.  The purchase of the house by the short, dark skinned 2-term Governor was said to have been done with utmost secrecy not just because of his political ambition but also because of the fact that it could generate a lot of acrimony in his own home due to the fact that his wife does not have a property in that part of Abuja.  Sources gathered that the lady for whom the property was bought, and whose identity was not known, had been suspected by the Governor’s wife all along, a fact that made her to keep away from the state totally and she only sees the Governor when he comes to Abuja though they travel together once in a while.  The Governor was said to have been visibly enraged when the news of his purchase of the property for his mistress was broken by no other person than his wife who told him that what was good for the goose was good also for the grander if he wants peace in his house.  The Governor was said to have moved in and ordered the affected staff who were the only few who knew about the deal to be sacked but as they pleaded, the sack was reverted to suspension.  Sources gathered  that the aides have been sending  emissaries to the Governor to beg him to rescind his decision and that they do not know anything about the leakage.


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