*Why People Call Me “Operational Personal Person Par Excellence”

Prince Eze Madunmere is an exceptional person if you meet him; the chubby-cheeked Chief of Staff to Imo State Government is well-known in Imo politics, and hangs no airs around himself.  People   call him  “Operational Person Par Excellence”  because of his open door policy.  Prince Madumere has been able to combine all these thus propagating all the good intentions of Owelle Rochas Okorocha in the administration of Imo State.  In this interview, he spoke on his job and Imo Politics Excerpt.

What can  you say about Imo State Politics.

Imo State Politics, traditionally has been a very volatile one; our place is saturated with heavy weights in politics, that I can talk about: starting from the days of Mbakwe Okafor; even prior before that during the ZIK, CNC and all that, Imo State has been in the fore front of politics in Nigeria.  Having said that, we have been able to produce some progressive individual Senators to date, and everybody wants to be involved; and everybody is enlightened and everybody is exposed and everybody want to participate; such that they don’t want to out play one another.  Imo politics is a very dynamic one and that is the way I see it.                                                                                    

The day you were appointed as the State Chief of Staff, how did you feel?  

 I have always been Chief of Staff  to Owelle  Rochas Okorocha  as an individual.  I see my Chief  of  Staff,  appointment as re-affirmation.  I saw it as a dream come true.                                                                                                                 


What are the challenges so far?                                                                                          The challenges are enormous; being outside the government is an entirely different thing and being in government is a different school of thought that you go through everyday; Thank God  we  are doing well.                                                     

As the Chief of Staff, what would you say is the most visible achievement of this government since inception?                                                                          

Too numerous to mention; to date in Imo State, from primary to secondary to tertiary institutions, education is free.  This is the first of its kind.  The Governor  of Imo State, Owelle;  his name before he became a Governor in this world has been synonymous with charity and through that charity, we have the Okorocha Foundation.  In the area of health, we are building 27 General Hospitals  in every Local Government and we have taken 11 existing Hospitals,  and we are also upgrading them to full-fledged Hospitals Standard.  In the area of Security, in Imo State we are doing our best,  we have massive infrastructural developments all over.  For example, Okigwe  is now almost like a brand new city; like wise Orlu; in each Local Government we have roll tarred 24 kilometer roads per Local Government, all the streets, roads in Owerri Okigwe, Orlu; those are parts of infrastructural development.  I have not even talked about the monumental projects not until their heads spring up then we talk about them.                

You were into business before you were called upon to serve your people of Imo State, tell us about yourself?

My name is Prince Eze Madumere, a Management Consultant by profession.  I call myself ‘Operational Personal Par Excellence’, because I believe in operating, like if I am a general.  I started doing what a corporal does; so that is why people call me ‘Operational Personal Par Excellence’ having spent much time working in the United States  for many years, and worked in many countries; that has given me a lot of human resources, and human management resources issues, all of which have helped me in what I do in Nigeria today.


Let us talk about what is happening for now between the State Governor and the Local Government Chairman?  What exactly is the true picture?

There was a court judgment from the Court of Appeal  and we have a stay of execution; but they used police to break into their offices and took over and we said fine.  His Excellency  announced that they should come in and complete their tenure which had already expired i.e. the two year tenure, which they sought for in the court and which expired on August 8, 2012; but before the expiration of the August 8 date, we have had series of meetings; His Excellency added that they should participate, get all the full benefits and attend the meetings but behold, three days before the expiration of their tenure, they went to court stopping the state governor announcing that their tenure will expire on the 8th .

Meanwhile, the Governor is stretching a hand of friendship to them; that he is willing to work with him but as Transitional Council Chairmen, not Executive Chairmen; we believe the meeting is going well, but we didn’t know that they had something under their sleeves; but to God be the glory all the cases have come to our table.


The year 2015 is around the corner, what are the chance of APGA?

Of course, this state belongs to APGA, we fought an elephant, we brought him down, we have all the strengths to win.  It is no doubt a win-win situation for APGA in 2015. 2015 is another waiting glorious year for APGA, even as Owelle Rochas Okorocha continues to deliver the dividends of democracy to the good people of Imo State. It is already a fait accomplice.


( Citipeople)


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