Pointblank of the day (5-4-11)

Na who tell you say them de win election in Nigeria without organizational structures? Rochas live for north. Him think say Imo people are as begerly as some people from the northern parts from whence him come. Free education for a land where education is an industry? where our people come up tops in every organized exam be it Jamb, WASC NECO or even …the fake ones organized by Anokwute via multiple fake sources?  People do not win elections on air or roadshows. They go to the grassroots where the real people live. Ohakim is dealing with real people while you and your
Roachas  and all your unverifiable sources are dealing with make-believe,  well-educated DREAMERS. Sorry enough, these educated well sourced dreamers live in an unreal world. Will invite you through this medium to visit me @ Havens after inauguration or I visit you at your apartment in Brooklyn some time in the summer. Deal?
-Godson Nwa Offoaro @ Havensgate, near Owerri.


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