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To over 250,000 leaked and many formerly secret United States embassy cables

In one of the most stunning intelligence data exposés of the decade, “Began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities,” said the first paragraph of wikileak’s statement about the release.

The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. 15,652 of the cables are classified Secret.

Wikileaks said in its statement the embassy cables will be released in stages over the next few months.

“The subject matter of these cables is of such importance, and the geographical spread so broad, that to do otherwise would not do this material justice, said the statement about the release of the documents.

“The cables show the extent of US spying on its allies and the UN; turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in “client states”; backroom deals with supposedly neutral countries; lobbying for US corporations; and the measures US diplomats take to advance those who have access to them,” continued the release statement.

Wikileaks claims the documents reveal the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors – and shows that if citizens in a democracy want their governments to reflect their wishes, “they should ask to see what’s going on behind the scenes.”

The full set of cables consists of 251,287 documents, comprising 261,276,536 words. That figure, says Wikileaks, is seven times the size of “The Iraq War Logs”, the world’s previously largest classified information release.

The cables cover from December 28,1966 to February 28 of this year and originate from 274 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions.

In one cable dated Sept. 29, 2009 and sent too the State Deppartment by Gene A. Cretz the U.S. Ambassador in Tripoli, Lybia writes of the pernsla phobias, fear and strange habits of Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qadhafi.

Among other things the cable states al-Qadhafi, “appears to have an intense dislike or fear of staying on upper floors, reportedly prefers not to fly over water, and seems to enjoy horse racing and flamenco dancing. His recent travel may also suggest a diminished dependence on his legendary female guard force, as only one woman bodyguard accompanied him to New York. End Summary.”

And this: “al-Qadhafi relies heavily on his long-time Ukrainian nurse, Galyna Kolotnytska, who has been described as a “voluptuous blonde.” Of the rumored staff of four Ukrainian nurses that cater to the Leader’s health and well-being, ––––– ––––– ––––– emphasized to multiple Emboffs that Qadhafi cannot travel without Kolotnytska, as she alone “knows his routine.”

Some embassy contacts have claimed that Qadhafi and the 38 year-old Kolotnytska have a romantic relationship. While he did not comment on such rumors, a Ukrainian political officer recently confirmed that the Ukrainian nurses “travel everywhere with the Leader.”

Other cables revealed everything from secret discussions on bombing Iran to ‘inappropriate behavior’ by a member of the British Royal Family.

Others showed the U.S. had ordered a spying operation on diplomats at the United Nations, in apparent breach of international law.

U.S. staff in embassies around the world were ordered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to obtain frequent flyer numbers, credit card details and even iris scans, fingerprints and DNA of foreign officials.

Sunday afternoon the Wikileaks website crashed.

In a Twitter statement the organization said it was suffering a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack – a hacker effort to make the site unavailable to users, usually by flooding it with requests for data.

-M. Lawal Ishaq Esq.,

President Jonathan Offered Us $50,000 Bribe, But We Returned It – Pastor Tunde

sahara reporters

Fiery Lagos-based pastor, Tunde Bakare, has confirmed to Saharareporters that President Goodluck Jonathan provided a $50,000 cash bribe to a delegation of the Save Nigeria Group that visited him last Monday, but that the group sent back the money.
Pastor Bakare’s confirmation came in the midst of a tepid denial of our earlier report by Tony Uranta, one of Mr. Jonathan’s political operatives. Uranta had claimed on his Facebook page yesterday that Saharareporters misrepresented the crux of the meeting between the president and the Pastor Bakare-led delegation.
Specifically, Uranta denied that Jonathan discussed his ambition to run for office with the SNG delegation. He also stated that no money was offered to the SNG team and claimed that, contrary to our earlier report, the Bakare group had not asked him to return the bribe money to Jonathan.
But in a telephone interview with Saharareporters on Sunday evening, Pastor Bakare confirmed that the details of our earlier exclusive report were factual and unimpeachable.
Bakare, who has a reputation for speaking out fearlessly on current political issues, affirmed that the Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe, had offered the SNG delegation the sum of $50,000 on behalf of President Jonathan. The SNG had met with Jonathan to review his performance in office.
In the phone interview, Pastor Bakare stated categorically that his team was indeed offered money after it submitted a position paper on why it was opposed to the president’s ambition to be re-elected. He confirmed that the cash was immediately returned to sender through Uranta, shortly after it was presented to the SNG delegation.
The SNG convener told Saharareporters that his team felt terribly embarrassed and offended by the orchestrated attempt by Jonathan and his team to buy the SNG’s support through illicit means.
An obviously angry Bakare said, “You can quote me. I don’t do deals and I don’t lie. Tony [Uranta] could be saving his own face. Tony lied that he didn’t collect the money from us. There are living witnesses. Orubebe has confirmed to me that the money was returned. Mr. President is aware through Oronto Douglas that we returned his money through Tony.”
Bakare said he, Yinka Odumakin and other SNG officials went to the meeting with Jonathan with a written document that explained why the SNG would not support his candidacy.
“We submitted a document regarding the culture of impunity in which he (Jonathan) continues to swim,” he said.
As Saharareporters had exclusively reported, Jonathan sought a meeting with the Save Nigeria Group to discuss his ambition to run for office after it dawned on him that former Vice President Abubakar Atiku, the consensus candidate chosen by the so-called Northern Political Elders Forum, was going to present a stiff political challenge.
A close aide to Mr. Jonathan told Saharareporters that, whilst Atiku is steeped in corruption, the president was also aware that the Atiku group had a dossier on corrupt deals by both Jonathan, his wife and his close associates and advisors, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
After Bakare made his presentation and accused Jonathan of having abused the goodwill offered him by Nigerians, the president tried to buy the group’s loyalty by giving its officials $50,000 through Orubebe.
An Abuja-based democratic activist told Saharareporters that, by attempting to buy the SNG’s support, Mr. Jonathan had “exposed himself to charges of hypocrisy and doing the opposite of what he preaches.”
In a speech on Saturday, Mr. Jonathan had urged Nigerians to ignore politicians who seek to win elections by offering money to groups and individuals.
The president gave the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do sermon at the 2010 graduation ceremony of the Senior Executive Course 32 of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Plateau State. Vice President Namadi Sambo represented the president at the event and read the speech on Jonathan’s behalf.

Jittery Over Atiku, Jonathan Threatens To Fight Dirty

By SaharaReporters, New York

A few hours after a committee composed of Northern politicians chose former Vice President Abubakar Atiku as its “consensus candidate,” aides to Goodluck Jonathan accused the Nigerian media of misrepresentation in their description of Atiku as the Northern consensus candidate.

The statement, which was signed by presidential spokesman, Ima Niboro, argued that Atiku was a candidate of fringe elements in the North within the Northern Political Leaders Forum (NPLF).

Shortly afterward, Jonathan’s political machinery also reached out to the media claiming that they were excited by the selection of Atiku. They boasted that the president’s odd of winning the nomination of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had vastly improved with the Northern group’s endorsement of Atiku.

However, Saharareporters has learned that Mr. Jonathan and his handlers are deeply jittery over Mr. Atiku’s emergence as their main challenger.

“We made a big strategic miscalculation,” a senior adviser to Jonathan told Saharareporters. “Prior to Atiku’s selection, we mostly concentrated our attacks on [former military dictator Ibrahim] Babangida, almost forgetting Atiku,” he added.

But several sources within and outside the Jonathan camp have disclosed that the president and his handlers now recognize that Atiku is a much harder opponent than Babangida.

After all the braggadocio the day Atiku emerged the candidate of the Northern wing, it dawned on Jonathan that celebrating Atiku’s choice might have been a major mistake.

One source told us that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was one of the first to warn Jonathan that Atiku was the most dangerous of all the four Northern politicians who were formerly in the race – Babangida, former security chief Aliyu Gusau and Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara. The source said Obasanjo chastised Jonathan for letting Atiku receive a party membership waiver earlier in the race.

After Obasanjo and other advisers warned Jonathan about Atiku’s political resilience, wide contacts across the country and strong political skills, a visibly nervous president ordered his aides to arrange a meeting with the leaders of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG). The organization had organized nationwide rallies and led the struggle to help Jonathan emerge as President when former President Umaru Yar’adua was holed up in a Saudi hospital, incommunicado for three months.

Since assuming office, Jonathan had distanced himself from the SNG operatives.

Facing the prospect of a strong challenge from the Atiku camp, President Jonathan last Monday night received the SNG leadership in Aso Rock. The SNG members, led by fiery Lagos preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare, were invited to see Jonathan in a meeting billed as a way of reviewing his performance so far in office.

But a source told Saharareporters that the SNG delegation found a downcast Jonathan who was solely interested in talking about his presidential ambition and how to achieve by all means.

A presidential source told us that Jonathan was visibly shaky when the SNG delegation insisted on discussing the president’s performance in office. They reportedly drew Jonathan’s attention to the lawlessness perpetrated in Ogun and Bauchi, two PDP-controlled states, where two of his campaign coordinators have acted with political recklessness, violating the constitution and the rule of law.

The SNG reminded Jonathan that Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi, his coordinator in the state, had refused to honor a court order re-instating the impeached deputy governor, thereby leaving the state with two deputy governors. They also remarked that Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun was working with a state assembly of minority lawmakers who had purportedly impeached the majority of their counterparts.

Rather than pledging to help restore order in the two states, Jonathan countered that Mr. Kayode Fayemi, the recently inaugurated governor of Ekiti, had arbitrarily dissolved the state’s local government councils. The SNG delegation implored Jonathan to take more interest in the illegalities perpetrated by members of his PDP across the country if he wished to set a tone for addressing the nation’s political logjam.

In an often contentious meeting, the SNG also criticized Jonathan’s declaration that there was no longer any need for a Sovereign National Conference to resolve issues pertaining to Nigeria’s federal structure as well as other social, economic and political crises. Jonathan admitted that he was not misquoted in his dismissal of the idea of a national conference, but told his visitors that he feared that the statement might be used against him in the future.

A source within the SNG delegation told Saharareporters that they were shocked when Jonathan launched into a lengthy criticism of the four-year. “We were bewildered to hear him say that he would prefer a one-term tenure of seven years instead.” Jonathan told the SNG that he thought it was too expensive to run elections every four years, preferring instead that both the president as well as governors should get a seven-year tenure.

Speaking about his political chances, he told the SNG delegation that he did not see how Atiku could defeat him in the primaries or how any other opponent could unseat him in the general elections. “You can’t defeat an incumbent,” he said, to the shock of his guests.

When one of his guests suggested that some state governors might be deceiving him regarding his support base, Mr. Jonathan angrily retorted, “If I don’t want them to sleep in their beds, they won’t sleep.” Mr. Jonathan stated that, by the time anti-corruption agents checked on a few state commissioners of finance and accountants-general, the state governors would sit up. Jonathan is believed to have worked on ensuring that governorship elections come after that of the presidency, the timing implies that he would move against the governors who undermine his own ambition.

A source close to the president told us that some presidential advisers cringed to hear Mr. Jonathan open up to the SNG delegation as if he were discussing with an inner caucus of associates. Another source within the SNG said Mr. Jonathan’s off-hand comment about using law enforcement agents to hound uncooperative governors “reminded me of the kind of strategy used by President Obasanjo.”

On the economy, the SNG leadership stated that state governors were making nonsense of the banking reforms by going to borrow from banks recently bailed out with public funds in the name of raising bonds in the capital markets. Jonathan feigned ignorance to the charge.

As they left, the SNG team remarked that they would watch Jonathan’s policies, but indicated their reluctance to be drawn into a role in his presidential ambition.

As the delegates got into their cars to leave the villa, the minister of the Niger Delta, Mr. Godsday Orubebe, produced $50,000, which he described as “a token for the group’s transport costs.”

Our source said that Mr. Bakare fiercely protested against the “gift,” stating that as a man of God and conscience of the nation he would not accept bribes or any form of inducement he could not openly sign for. To avoid creating a public scene, the team drove to their hotel and then sent the $50,000 cash back to Jonathan through Tony Uranta, one of Jonathan’s political operatives. Mr. Uranta was present throughout the president’s meeting with the SNG.

A source within Aso Rock said the SNG group placed a call to Jonathan’s ADC to let him know they had returned the money

Readers comments on Atiku has poor knowledge of economy


The Federal Executive Council (FEC) said former vice president Atiku Abubakar, who emerged the consensus candidate of the ‘north’ a few days ago, has too little knowledge of the economy to draw any valid conclusions.

Reacting to claims by the presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party that the nation’s foreign reserve had depleted drastically, the minister of finance, Olusegun Aganga, said Mr Abubakar was ignorant of the workings of the economy and therefore should not be taken seriously. He said it is always dangerous to talk on such a topic without having adequate information because this amounts to shooting from the dark.

Reader Comments

Posted by Passer-By on Nov 25 2010

Even if Atiku really has a ‘rich’ knowledge of the economy, he would be a ‘poor’ politician to say anything good about his opponent’s handling of the economy. There is truly no honest person in politics and governmet; thats why those that benefit always sees nothing bad about the government, while those that are left out of the looting party can never see anything good about the government. Show me any so called ‘godly’ man or woman in politics or government and I’ll show you a debauched hypocrite.

Posted by Bizibody on Nov 25 2010

Is Aganga speaking on behalf of the Jonathann campaign? These so-called experts should be careful with the fire of politics…Nigerian politics can burn very deeply. Meanwhile, how well is the economy doing under Aganga/GEJ?

Posted by Okwuchukwu Ezeanyika, PA, USA on Nov 25 2010

Atiku is right and Aganga and Jonathan are wrong. According to Aganga, the three tiers of government jointly invested US$5.5 billion on the different NIPPs as well as another US$1 billion as seed money for the take-off of the National Sovereign Wealth Fund, all from the excess crude account. I want to ask Mr. Aganga how this explanation makes sense in the depletion of the ECA account from US$22 billion in 2007 to a mere US$470 million by July 2010. Further, contrary to Aganga’s viewpoint, there was no fall in the benchmark prices in 2008. He should show us the figures in oil prices vis-a vis the budgetary benchmark. The fact is that the entire ECA fund was utilized to support bloated bureaucracies both at the federal and state levels. Mr. Aganga’s economics is simply Dugbe-market logic. It is already on record that the most profligate government ever in the history of Nigeria is the Yar’Adua/Jonathan government of 2007 to date.

Posted by Och’Abakpa on Nov 25 2010

What is ignorance about an alarm raised over the downward slide of the econmy that has continued unabated? How could these guys say we are ignorant when the facts of the matter and the soft issues leading to such development has been a contant worry for various analysts of our national economy? Nigerians have sympathy for GEJ …yes, but that is not enough for us to overlook serious issues. GEJ should therefore be prepared to convince Nigerians on his plans for the growth of the economy and not engage in the fool’s fight of sentimental reactions to seriuos facts. Enough of this mediocrity for God’s sake.

Posted by WarMonger on Nov 25 2010

Basic Principle: Anybody that IBB supports cannot be taken seriously. I have actually met Atiku before, we gave a presentation to a group he was ‘leading’ he did not come across as intelligent or insightful. Other were able to say something. The only question he asked was as dumbs as …. Made my group quite depressed about how did such people get into power? Of course we got the job anyway but it was depressing nonetheless!

Posted by saintchux on Nov 25 2010

Why was ECA created? it is a saving to be used during shortfall. Those opposing the withdrawal from ECA should tell us where the money should be gotten from. If they pay you salary and you save 10%, then when you fall sick or have an issue that requires money do you withdraw from your savings or you die in other not to deplete your savings. PLEASE LET US STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR ECONOMY.

Posted by Amifofunu on Nov 25 2010

Atiku is being patriotic. Aganga is the one playing politics with the economy. No Excess crude again, Reserves are depleted and pace of growth is appalling, Govt now wants to borrow billions of Dollars. How is this Atiku’s worry alone? It’s only an idiot that thinks Nigerians will be fooled any further. We shall kick out GEJ bcos many smart people like Aganga have taken advantage of his mediocrity and ignorance of macroecomic isssues. GEJ’s signature is commonly obtained on serious documents that require good thinking only for subsequent after-thought redress (always). What an embarrassment to NIGERIA!

Posted by Teacher on Nov 25 2010

@WarMonger, I also met GEJ several times under circumstances similar to yours, when he was still Governor. My group left the venue wondering aloud what manner of Doctorate he has. He and his then cabinet seemed totally lost even on the relatively basic principles. We also eventually got the job though. So you see, heads we lose, tails we lose. Na wa!

Posted by franklin on Nov 25 2010

If presidential aspirants do not “play politics with the economy”, what in the world will they “play politics” with? ITS ABOUT THE ECONOMY STUPID!!! People are literally dying of hunger and everywhere you turn, all you hear from the average Nigerian is “there is no money in the country” But the minister is telling us they spent $5.5 billion plus on independent power projects that have produced only darkness. Jonathan and his team are clueless and indolent.

Posted by SILAS GOMWALK on Nov 25 2010

When you are just borrowing, developed nations are cutting spending due to the recession and you are just there telling us its fine. How will it not be fine you are just spending our money and putting us back to where we were? Even the bad OBJ made sure he left us with hopes but ebele you are there selling us. Collecting debts the last I read was 3.7 billion dollars

Posted by AK47 on Nov 25 2010

I don’t think anyone’s grouse is with the withdrawal from the ECA per-se. The question is what was done with the money? To continue with @saintchux’s analogy, if you save 10% ofyour salary and decide one day to empty it on aso-ebi for a wedding or birthday while your children’s school fees have not been paid, that is irresposibility, even though it is your prerogative.

Posted by miss on Nov 25 2010

I am really impressed d first comments were simply my mind… Nigerians r supporting GEJ outa sympathy and are just not looking deepinto d economy. We need a set of pple dat will tell us the truth and not borrowers (either for domestic as Aganga claimed or for foreign) dat wld sooner or later lead the nation into a mess and ridicule by outsiders. Sometimes ago; there ws a ‘cry out’ by Ndidi Okereke abt our foreign and local debt. Wat is GEJ doing abt it rather dan adding insults upon d nations injury????

Posted by azuka on Nov 25 2010

Ima Niboro yesterday claimed that the “fundamentals of the economy is strong”. And today Aganga is telling us that the economy is recording private sector driven growth. Which private sector? Which growth? Obviously these guys are in a different Nigeria from the rest of us. They should come to the middle of oshodi and say it, and see if they survive 10 minutes alive. Oloshi, ndi ara, thieves and robbers.

Posted by Bamson Tamuno on Nov 25 2010

@ WarMonger Does Jonathan look or sound intelligent? You do not need to be an academician or a Wole Soyinka to lead a nation. Basic wisdom is enough! The professions in your cabinet will normally do all the work! Jonathan was Governor of Bayelsa State for some time…he should tell us what he achieved during his tenure. We know the facts!

Posted by Uncle Shaft on Nov 25 2010

I strongly believe that Atiku is ingnorance of the workings of nigerias economy, however the present government has not done anything fantastic to improve nigeria economy since 2007, its been talk talk with nothing to show foer it. I am still waiting to a govt that will make positive impact on nigerias economy like obj did. Despite all the downside of obj his govt made positive impact on the lives of ordinary nigerians.

Posted by Paul A. on Nov 25 2010

None of the politicians proposing to be our president in 2011 has shown us a clear blueprint on how they will tackle our monstrous economic problem. Atiku has not shown us what he will offer I think he has nothing to offer, Jonathan who has occupied the seat since April has not done anything concrete that as added to move our economy from the doldrums. Buhari though on a different plateform has never really impressed me with what he will do for our country. Who among these would deliver? I see none. The same old bricks with nothing to offer. God help Nigeria, we have thousands of brilliant Nigerians there but corruption and political Godfatherism will never allow them emerge to transform this country. Time we Nigerians take our destinies into our own hands.

Posted by ads on Nov 25 2010

Does this Aganga really think Nigeria is populated with fools? National Independendent Power Project ko, NIPP ni! Anyway, we cant exactly expect him to say, “we had to share $5.5billion with state governors so they will support my boss in his 2011 election project”, can we? Honestly, where did they find this guy from?

Posted by Osang on Nov 25 2010

I think Atiku should be allowed to speak of this difficult topic “ECONOMY” at least it will tell his opponents his weak point. But i trust Mallam Shehu will caution him to speak less on issues he has little knowledge of. Long live Nigeria!!!

Posted by ibo trader on Nov 25 2010

if Atiku has poor knowledge of the economy as the minister claims, the question is ‘what has the rich knowledge of the economy of the honorable minister done for us Nigerians’? Take away all the theoretical economic jargon and grammer, and come down to our level, and you will see that we have never had it this bad.

Posted by azuka on Nov 25 2010

Jonathan after having depleted our forex accounts, now wants the borrow another $3 billion plus on unspecified projects on behalf of himself and the governors. I wonder if this loan request rightly turned down by the senate, has to do with 2011 elections. Desperate GEJ seeks to bribe governors with foreign loans so they will support his election next year. Nigeria is in trouble.

Posted by alhaji pastor on Nov 25 2010

because we would always reduce national issues to sentiments, every objective criticism is seen as hatred for GEJ,we will see where ds gets too,is GEJ is so good as made to blv,Nigerians shld be gegging him to remain and not him portraying himself as d messiah,as for intelligence, who is better between the two of them, atiku and GEJ, look at their wives and make ur conclusion,

Posted by Shehu on Nov 25 2010

@ teacher and warmonger… I met both Atiku and Gej when each held the position of vice president. On both occasions the meeting was business based and I can categorically say neither should be mistaken for an intellectual. I would hate to talk about the details of both meetings (that may reveal my identity) but I assure all well meaning Nigerians that behind the flowery rhetoric both men are avaricious and fundamentally dishonest. Please make your votes count.

Posted by Jay on Nov 25 2010

@Franklin: thank you so much. I was beginning to wonder if this Agangu is as bright as he was painted. Can anybody tell me a major reason y the Democrats lost the mid term elections? Anybody?? ECONOMY. Perhaps GEJ/Agangu should be more comfortable playing tribal politics instead of issue based politics. NOT THAT ATIKU HAS A CLUE HOW TO GET US THERE ANYWAY!

Posted by Noise for Vendor Mouth on Nov 25 2010

I love Teacher’s piece! I have never met either in person and I don’t give a toss about either. Although Atiku is way more politically savvy than GEJ, Jonathan from records, is certainly by far more educated and intelligent than Atiku, plus Atiku is the most avaricious animal (whether higher or lower) ever created; this I got from experience between 1999 & 2003 from Atiku’s dealings.

Posted by JOJO on Nov 25 2010

@WarMonger, may God continue to uphold you & continue to defeat Nigeria`s enemies.

Posted by Gen Rommel on Nov 25 2010

I’m yet to see any of these Men including the so called Technocrats showing any knowledge of Economic 101 ( Economics of Production). The moment they become saddled with the responsibility of Managing Government funds, certain Demon & inherited curses of Grafting, Rent seeking , Looting, cronysm etc suddenly overwhelms their faculty of thinking. The only way these fools can be cured is through deliverance of many years in Gulags. I believe in long term jail as deterrent to White Collar Crimes cos most of these Academic Criminals have no stomach for jail.

Posted by save nija on Nov 25 2010

ads & teacher i dont know what side of the tongues you guys are talking from. if nigerians are not gulible, what on earth will make IBB & Atiku want to contest election in nigeria that some “so called” nigerians will think of associating with them. atiku always cry foul when ever he is kicked out but when he is still in all is well. he did it with MKO, OBJ and lately we saw what he did with AC. you guys should please search the internet for some of his prevoius comments and see the inconsistencies in them. Babangida, never again will we allow a dictator who has no reason/explanation for anything he does. no reason for dela giwa, no reason for gulf oil money, no reason for june 12 no reason for…. please you guys should have a rethink. if all the countries we starter with are now far ahead of us then it means we have not made any progress in the past hence we need to change the way we do things and by extension the people. CHINA, S-Korea, BRAZIL, MALASIA and recently GHANA have all gone ahead

Posted by Jude on Nov 25 2010

How was the economy during Obasanjo/Atiku era?

Posted by Aare Onakakanfo on Nov 25 2010

@Jay & @Franklin: Aganga didn’t say the economy is booming, read the story very well, he indeed agreed that there are challenges, he’s rather correcting Atiku’s blatant doom’s day prediction of the economy at present. Believe me or not if Atiku is our current president, there won’t be anything left in our External Reserve not to talk of ECA. If he’s so corrupt free, let him travel to US and clear himself first.

Posted by Just Wondering on Nov 25 2010

I know Patience has comma, which of Atiku’s wife do we compare her to? Atiku has more wives and concubines than wise king Solomon

Posted by emeka on Nov 25 2010

@ bloggers who keeping raising ethnic sectarian sentiments like GEJ camp or North camp. The most important objectives of leadership in politics is the economic security of the state and its peoples. Even territorial security comes second because it takes a healthy economy to buid reliable defenses. The world is still an increasingly competitve and dangerous place and only people grounded in key variables like how to run an economy should run for public office. I challenge Atiku to come out and prove Aganga wrong by showing a mastery of key indices of the national and global economy. Let him discuss those issues before a forum of the underutilized young Nigerian professionals who are a fed up with mediocrity in public office. This should apply all the so-called politicains and elders.

Posted by G.BOLA on Nov 25 2010

All i know is that God will definitly deliver us from your hands one day.

Posted by femstar on Nov 25 2010

•Just because you are rooting for President Jonathan to become does not mean you should attack a legitimate issues. The issues raised by Atiku are legit but sometimes in Nigeria we are blindfolded by ethnics mantras and that’s why we are having leadership crisis. Aganga is playing politics with the truth. #200bn plus #387bn to Power Holding yet Nigerians cannot enjoy one day of uninterrupted power supply. One thing is to dish out money another thing is for the money to achieve what its meant for.

Posted by duru on Nov 25 2010

•Some of what Atiku said is right, since Jonathan took power our foreign reserve have fallen and the excess account depleted, the minister of finance should own up and accept this as a fact, secondily ,i remember reading in the newspaper sometime last month when the minister was invited to the senate to explain why the slow implementation of the budget. Mr minister you are telling us the good part , let know also know the poor side. it is politics now , though Atiku did not say how he will change

Posted by gbenga on Nov 25 2010

•Atiku raised an important issues that Jonathan’s administration must answer. Why did excess crude oil decline by more than 80% over the last four years? What was the money spent on? Was it spent on capital project? If yes, which ones? The era of unaccountability is over. The coming election should be issues driven election not ethnic one. Economics, Private Sector led jobs, and human security should top the agenda.

Posted by OyIdoma on Nov 25 2010

If Atiku does not play politics with the economy, what else should he play politics with? This is not anything serious from this so-called expert, rather another badluck for Jonathan.

Posted by dan on Nov 25 2010

•Nigerians. calling people names will not solve our national problems. Lets ask our self one simple question,the govt have released 100% of recurrent expeniture and about 40% of the capital will be release or implemented within 30 days of the the end of the fiscal year. consider the economic implications of this. Forget sentiment, lets start reasoning and stop this politics of sycophancy and chop and chop.When will put our leaders on their toes definitely the will be serious.

Posted by allofus on Nov 25 2010

You don’t oppose everything without proposing anything. What alternate plans does Atiku have for the economy. Monies were looted massively in his tenure as vice president under obj in bpe, etc and investments sold to himself using cronies. Athiefku is only playing politics. he should face issues of what he intends to do and not merely attack his opponent. Come 2011 Nigerians will decide.

Posted by Negro Tee on Nov 25 2010

I beg let Atiku speak and prove to Nigerians that he know nothing, has nothing and can only offer nothing to them. Seeing his Goliath’s like stature, Nigerians must know that he is only full of muscle but extreemly small in sense. He is just too lousy a man which was the bane of the problem he had with OBJ then. He is on the way to destruction and self-sucide again. We watch as event unfolds……………..

Posted by Ilu Kademi on Nov 25 2010

This is very powerful message to the voters. If they can promise to rotate the government between the North and the South, and now that promise is inconsequential, their message speaks volume to what may come when elected again. Leadership is far beyond personal greed and our political leaders need to understand that Nigeria as a nation deserves far better than their immediate greed and gratification.

Posted by Ajegunle on Nov 25 2010

Since when has at been a prerequisite to have good knowledge of economy before you can run a country? This is not holding brief for Atiku, but Aganga is wrong. The fact that he works with an investment firm before his appointment does not make him a guru. GEJ with his PhD does not come out as somebody with mnagement knowledge as well. Most of the time, he is incoherent. If Aganga yardstick are to be used, Pat Utomi, Soludo, Akingbola, Cecilia Ibru etc will qualify. But that is not the yardstick. Can somebody tell Aganga to shut up, if he has nothing to say. Except he is praising his master.

Posted by Ejykoko on Nov 25 2010

Since Atiku is now an economist, he should tell us how he intends to improve our economy & stop

About Ini Edo’s dress at Mike Ezuronye’s wedding



Jackie Appiah

Tonto Dikeh


Ini Edo’s dressing is shit, did she look at d mirror b4 living her house ,the dressing is not good at all.Guys what kind of clothe is Ini wearing did she collect it from different corners?


What the hell is Ini Edo wearing..What kind of shit is that??????.Wat else can i say!?, Ini Edo dress na full time yeye. But comeooo why Mike come marry that old woman? Well these days most of the young beautiful ladies are infected with STD so i guess Mike doesn’t want to die young and headless so he went for Oldieeee. More to this, love doesn’t ask ´y´ neither does it have age limit.


Guys, guys, you people should first ask to know how OLD Michael Ezuruonye is first b4 passing judgmenton his wife’s (old) looks! Don’t you guys agree?


Hey guys!!! 2 me l think LOVE is blind n Innocent cuz if u look round u will always find that a young n nice looking guy marries an old nutty  looking lady and vise-visa. Maybe there is a secret behind which hasn´t come to the notice of some of us.The choice is Mike´s.Let´s wish dem a happy marriage life n hope she gonna  take  good care of Mike.


@christine962 i agree 2 that


@mjuytoi Thanks dear.


@christine962 you are  welcome


hmmm Ini Edo dress self,yeye dress


Wat the hell ……..who told  Tonto Dike that  blue and purple go 2gether n what in the world is Ini say she is wearing? More dan hot mess.


i want Mike Ezuronye  so i can taste him he is so fine, his wife is to old for him ,she looks like his grandma


@mjuytoi LOL!


@mjuytoi love is innocent babe.


The wife looks more like his elder sister!!!


his wife is too pretty


His wife is an actress also


aww i didn’t know he was married.. i was hoping we’d get married when i visit Nigeria lol.. But awww


@The9jagurl lolest!


Ini,too much makeup and your dress does not fit the occasion


damn my husband got married!! Anyway his wife looks lovely, wishing you guys the best!!! Mike come back to us soon for more nice movies. Luv


i am digging Tonto’s heels meeeeeeen and didn’t know Jackie was there!! I luv that gurl so muuuch


May God bless ur union…but Ini is geting out of hand.. her drees looks ooh my gushhh hilarious.. Mike my guy God go bless u and ur wife..but in the next world wen u want to get marriad try to look for a young girl  tat is much more younger than u ok….or is she preg? boh


@pameladavids i agree 1,000,000,000,000 %


That wife looks so much older than mike, omg,mike,what happened to u .did u look around?


is this dude Apia ‘s man?


is dis nt supposed 2 be a traditional wedding y r all dem dressed as if dey r goin 4 a white wedding..shhuuu..


i will like to say something about ini’s outfit, but let me give her the benefit of doubt. oh now i figured it out,it is a publicity stunt. you know how you want to be a fashion victim to get publicity. lol!!!!!! Get a stylist. (me), and you will be looking smashing and fashion foward all the time.


@ 0:48 they alllook like pimps! Ini could have done better with that outfit! It’s fugally! FINED!!!


I think the lady is to old 4 mike ezuruonye she looks like his aunty or someone.

Who is the most Beautiful Nollywood Actress?

Source Youtube


My favorite’s Omotola Jalade


I’m prettier than all of I’m the most beautiful, haha just kidding…well definitely Genevieve Nnaji


The black girls are beautiful


I can say Black is beautiful, I am  proud of these girls.


My top 4

1. Tonto Dikeh

2. Tonto Dike

3. Tonto Charity Dikeh

4. Tonto Charity Dike the rest don’t compare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice song!




whats the song called,

the only person i recognize is the genvie lady, i saw in pride magazine


I AM THE UGLIEST MAN you ever seen ,but I am up coming king of rap music in Nigeria and Africa. No one can take that fromme . JALIEN is the new king of African ton.


All this pics are Photoshop ,if u really want to know then watch they movies when the have not make up on …and i think Stella. D, Kate.H , should be among them


For a ‘shorty’ Tonto dey hold her own o!………fine chick!




the best is genevieve.


1 genevieve

2 Ini Edo

3 Rita Dominic

4 Stephenie

5 Omotla


 1. Genevieve 2. Ini Edo 3. Liz Benson


rita dominic, genevieve, ini edo, oge okoye, omotola jolade, tonto dike, uche jumbo, stephenie okereke


vote 4 omotala


i love tonto she s nice nd crazy i vote for her!!!

oge always hav bad position in movie

ini is veryy gud actresss


I am a woman and I am saying that Genevi is the most beautiful and every one knows it! Tono is perhaps the most sexy, but Genevi is so naturally beautiful.


Oh my god, nollywood ,you are amazing in you girls because i can this believe and tonto you beautiful and in edo user oge you are fanatic for me. oh no bless to god for this girl i want talk to  you Rita . Omotola, stephenie, gene, this theyare beautiful and fanatic for any one and for movie


1. Omotola & Genevieve 2. tonto dike 3. Stephanie 4.oge . 5. uche 6. Ini edo 7. rita


c qui qui chante ? svp


omotola na the real babe! no competition.


o-mo-to-la,dat lady is even pretier dan beyonce….then comes ini.  inis d bold girl, n after dat uche wow she is wild like a diamond dat hav not been polished yet, then comes ton-to the rude girl, n rita dominic the subtillll girl then only comes genevieve


These ladies are all beautfull but let’s be honest guys, Gene is the most!!!!!!!11


1) Gene, 2) Omotola, 3)Ini, 4) Uche, 5) Stephanie, 6)Tonto 7)Rita, 8) Oge

Honestly Gene and Omotola are tied. They are just too beautiful in there own ways. Can’t be comparing. Love them both. Oh and I love Uche. She proves u dont have to be a size 2 to look beautiful. She is gorgeous. Gene is the Queen all the way. Love them all. I love




all like cool


they are all pretty in their own way.keep putting the good african movie 


dey are all pretty ba de most prettiest of dem all is Genevieve Nnaji..shes just sooo gorgeous…n den followed by Ini Edo..rita dominic is de last of dem..


Tonto is sooo pretty


1)Tonto Dike 2)Ini Edo 3)Genevieve Nnaji 4)Omotola Jalade 5)Oge Okoye 6)Uche Jombo 7)Stephenie Okoneke 8)Rita Dominic


my best are : 1 tonto, 2: omotola, 3: genevieve


tonto dike and rita dominic look similar, are they related in some way?



They are all pretty but who is the most…………..? Tonto boobs is not firm so she shud mind d kind of cloths she wears


2. Stephanie



5. Rita


7. Uche


They are all pretty but who is the most…………..? Tonto bobs is nt firm so she shud mind d kind of cloths she wears


as far as am concerned i wanna see them without make up but am sure stella, omotola, kate are very good looking without make up and rita


ini Edo is prettier , the nose is beautiful not to big

Top of Form


Genevieve, Ini, Omotola. All the girls r beautiful!!!!! Makes me proud to be an African!!!!!

Hard to decide lol


2 months ago



3.ini edo







ok first to be able to know the prettiest u want to say a regular face, not overly squinted eyes and pouted mouths like most of the pictures . the exception however is with Genevieve Nanji who has a picture that looks so unaware of the photographer and natural u cant help but appreciate her natural and real features. so for that reason Genevieve take the crown for the 1st ,2nd, and 3rd most beautiful Nigerian actress the rest can fall behind her; sorry! Lets all admit it.


not the most beautifull but the best actress cause they are all beautifull !!!!!


damn I love my black women


rita dominic pics is useless and where is stella damasus?


they are all beautiful.but i hate oge’s rubbish tattoo.looks like she drew it with cashew nut,urgh!!


I love all the gals here….they r cute…..but Gene n Omotola are alwayz my best…..

Whaaaaaaaaaaooooooo,guys over to you,who is the most beautiful Nigerian Actress? Have your say!!!!!!!!!

Drama as man attacks Obasanjo at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos


 A mild drama ensued at the Presidential Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, Monday, as former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, was attacked by a middle-aged man who pounced on him inside his car.

The incident occurred at about 9:20a.m.

The former president’s attacker, whose identity was not immediately known, had earlier before Obasanjo’s arrival attempted to enter the presidential wing of the airport, but was turned back by Air Force personnel manning the gate, especially as he could not explain his mission at the wing.

The man was not only denied entry, but was also driven away from the precincts of the wing and told never to return to the area, particularly as President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential jet was parked at the wing.

The ambush

Unknown to the Air Force personnel and some mobile policemen whose presence at the airport was due to the president’s presence in Lagos, the man had laid ambush, hiding behind the fence of the car park attached to the presidential lounge.

Former President Obasanjo’s chartered jet touched down a few minutes after 9:00a.m., and the former president, in his usual jocular manner exchanged banters with press men attached to the presidential lounge. He then hopped into his car, a Toyota Landcruiser special utility vehicle, SUV, sandwiched between two excort vehicles with his security aides, leaving behind Chief Kenny Martins who came to receive him.


The attack

As the convoy of three vehicles tried to negotiate its way into Airport Road, towards the local wing of the airport, the man emerged from nowhere. He ran towards the Jeep in the middle of the convoy, opened the door and started kicking and raining blows on the former President.


The opening of the door of Obasanjo’s car drew the attention of both the Air Force personnel and Mobile Policemen some 100 metres away, and they quickly dragged the man out of the car and gave him the beating of his life.

When he recovered from the attack, the visibly shaken Obasanjo immediately asked his driver to drive off, while scores of security men had rounded up the attacker who, amidst beatings, screamed persistently “America is watching, …America is watching.”

The man attempted to escape, but when some of the military personnel cocked their guns to shoot, he quickly laid on the floor begging for leniency.



The man, who looked well fed and dressed up, was dragged to the Air Force wing of the airport, as he refused to explain his mission and motive behind the attack of the former President.

The development prompted tightening of security at the presidential wing, as every person or vehicle entering the lounge and car park were subjected to stringent security screening.

……….. He ran towards the Jeep in the middle of the convoy, opened the door and started kicking and raining blows on the former President. ………

This was a crappy security that Prsident Obasanjo got for his monies.
He is an OLD MAN and these people should not be wrestling with these old men.
He might look good in pictures dressed up but that guy is a little weak in muscles.

For his doors not to be locked is laxity.
These security men are overpaid. They are just for show.

-Vincent Modebelu

Let him continue to receive this kind of treatment. whatever you sow,you will reap.he has just started.egberun saamu ko le sa mo olorun lowo(there is no way he can run away from God).nemises must surely catch up with him.its now rolling and just started.

-dayo ogunlana

I take it that America watching is now a scare phrase for our people.  And who told this crazy man that America is consumed about Nigerians and why should they?  If he had shouted “Nigerians are Watching!” or “our forebears are watching!” one could see some merit in his protest. That not being the case, he remains just another brain-washed Nigerian that believes that his “actualization” comes from how non-Nigerians think about him! 


i dnt blame the man, maybe baba must have ruined his life or that of his family, he has been waiting for a day God will give obj into his hands, and behold that day came and he does not want to take chances, bravo brother, u are a hero


All so called former leaders deserve better beating. I hope other frustrated Nigerians will follow your example


Oh my god. I hope OBJ is not injured. BABA i think you dey kampe? Blessing

Alafiatayo Aseri

That was a security lapse. Supposing the man was with a gun or even acid, what kind of publicity that would have given Nigeria again, especially security-wise. Let some people wake up to their resposibilities and not seek to hole when the rat have alredy escaped. God bless Nigeria


The beginning of OBJ ignoble exit in the public life. He did not meant well for Nigeria and Nigerians, hence he deserves ignoble treatment by Nigerians.

Henry Ayeni

The day you have a person better than OBJ, come back to this forum. Please just sealed it up

-Alafiatayo Aseri

no matter what Henry Ayeni, baba must dey kampe. you should not be jealous of him pls

-Tony Jackmany

Ayeni, what has OBJ done wromg? Is it a crime for him to end the Biafran war or ruled as President of Ngeria twice? Pls respect him

-Oghenekevwe Laba

Henry Ayeni,your gene is a cursed one, and you´ll die a slave!!!, mark my word!

-Dani Osdia

Mr Dani Osdia,Bros, no matter what comment he gives, its just based on his own opinion, assessment and sense of judgment, and he stands to be convinced and not cursed. Mr Dani Osdia, we are all Nigerians and the beginning of betterment of this nation starts from brotherly love. If you actually meant and wish the nation well let it start with you neighbour…

Oseni Bamidele

@Henry Ayeni, you sound bias and morally lost. I wish to ask you, are you enemy free? Remember “thou shall not judge.” Do have a rethink, thanks

-Emmanuel Itodo

Untrained, illitrate security personnel…they reacted just as expected…they gave the assailant a beating of his life…indeed…what a backward country! The other day, someone punched Silva Balusconi and the Italian Prime Minister (not ex President mind you), was hospitalized. No one was seen battering the assailant in public…a country that has its Carabrieni forces…that is a civilized country. Nigerian policemen and security personnel, all brawn, no brain, no initiative, no intelligence, nothing…empty heads, cocking and uncoking their guns for their incompetence.

-Dan Van Blocker


-Son-Of Mein Owei

I am not ‘Aliyu Tilde’, Goodluck Jonathan’s Facebook Hero

By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

A friend of mine in Lagos, Yakubu Garba Tilde, sent me this text message on Sunday evening, 7 November, 2010:“Assalamu alaikum. Just read the article “Nigerian Youth Becomes Facebook Hero” in today’s Sunday Trust. Your straight forwardness and sincerity on content and source is commended. Yakubu Tilde.”

Naturally, I became curious, knowing that I have not posted anything on Facebook for the past one month and the discourse I just wrote, Discourse 310 which is not posted yet, is one of the greatest indictments ever written on a sitting Nigerian President. I bought a copy of the Sunday Trust and read the story on page 49.

The story was culled from Sierra Express. It is about a Nigerian youth, Aliyu Tilde, who lifted a material from Reno Emokri ‘s Breaking the Generational Curse and pasted it on the wall of President Goodluck. Goodluck picked that quotation and used it in his Facebook to describe himself: “I like what a youth, Aliyu Tilde, said on my wall and with his permission I have reproduced his words. Said he: “There are only two types of people In Nigeria – good and bad – and not – northerners and southerners – we are all one in the final analysis.” The story said “nine hours after his response the topic became one of the most discussed subject on the website. It gennerated 2,517 comments and 3,076 likes as at 5th November at 12.15am. David Ekweoba believed to be a Nigerian even goes further in his post by suggesting that ‘I recommend Aliyu Tilde to be made EFCC chairman.” In a chat with Sierra Express on facebook, Tilde confessed to lifting the quote and Goodluck too “later acknowledged the original author of the piece.”

It became clear to me that there is mix up or someone is using my name to promote the campaign of Goodluck Jonathan, reaping heavy sums while I continue to yawn under the shade of a tree. So later in the night when the data signals of MTN returned I opened my facebook, which I have not done for a while, to check whether there was anything to that effect. Nothing. See me see trouble. I quickly wrote this short disclaimer there, saying, “I just read in Daily Trust that a Nigerian youth called Aliyu Tilde has become a facebook hero when he wrote on GE Jonathan’s wall that “there are only two Nigerians, good and bad…” Please note that I am not that hero. One, I am not a youth. I’m 50. Two, Goodluck, with his recent developments, is not my favourite. Three, I haven’t posted anything on facebook for a month or so now. I congratulate that ‘Aliyu Tilde’.”

As I slept the night “in sublime unconcern for the words which wander abroad”, to borrow from the bakandamiya of al-Mutanabbi, my friends started commenting on my thread. They all expressed a sigh of relief. I woke up to read their comments. I was really surprised at how Nigerians are now using the facebook so instantly. The need to write this disclaimer occurred to me immediately such that the information will not just reach my facebook friends but also readers of my weekly discourses on various sites on the Internet. The following clarification is therefore important.

Unless someone comes up with all the necessary credentials (photograph, certificates, address, history, etc) to prove that he is Aliyu Tilde the hero, I strongly put forward the accusation that the Jonathan campaign group or some sympathizers of the President have resorted to impersonation in order to boost his popularity. Here is my evidence.

I was once alerted by one of my readers in the UK, Bello Salihu, that a Facebook page was opened in my name using the exclusive email address ( I created when the usual one ( became always stacked with spam. The difference between the two is just a dot after my first name, aliyu. I used the new one to post my discourses to readers for about three times or so before I discovered a way of blocking the spams and reverted to using the usual one. It was from there that the email address was cloned by someone to open a facbebook page, in addition to the one I opened using my normal email addresss earlier but which I have not used much.

The problem arose from the fact that Facebook, technically, does not pay attention to ownership of names. So anybody can open a facebook in the name of another person, as fans commonly do for their celebrities, unlike email domains which will block you by saying that the name is not available, meaning someone is using it already. Facebook would however allow you to use any password at subscription, not necessarily the password of the original email address. I know another Aliyu Tilde Facebook that was opened by a true fan on mine and he duly informed me, making three facebooks now bearing that name: the original one by me, another by my fan, and the third, possibly, by a pro-Jonathan person. Bello alerted me then on the fake page because it contained hate comments about IBB and claimed I was living “in Washington” and “interested in women” (I wonder which normal man is not!) He said he knows it was not me; that is why he is advising me to do something about it. I did.

I went to the fake Facebook page bearing Aliyu Tilde and, behold, there was a large picture of IBB on which was written “Evil Genius”. I tried to delete the picture, but I could not because I did not know how to use facebook very well. Ah ah.(As my readers know, I have for long held differences with IBB regarding governance but I do not hate him personally) I asked my facebook friends for advice. They gave me some. I was able to change the wordings of the mission statement that appeared below the picture. Later, I realized that I could change the password of the facebook, being the owner of the email. I changed it and got an exclussive access to the account of the page. The reader may go to http://www.facebook/ and ascertain this history from the content of the book since it’s inception.

Unfortunately for me many people have subscribed to the fake facebook which I now own properly. So even as I closed it temporarily, I reopened it knowing that it is now safe and I can continue to add more friends rather than reverting to the original one I opened long before which I never used actually. That is why the comment which Jonathan quoted is not there on it. The imposter might have opened another Aliyu Tilde facebook after realizing that he could no longer use the first one he created. My cyber guru friends should please help me sort this mess out. Or was it from that young fan of mine, or the bad guy has cloned my email again? I can’t tell because I could not access the page from where Jonathan got his quotation.

I have been advised to paste my picture on the facebook or add Dr. before my name or PhD after it. I don’t like parading titles unnecessarily. I hate pictures too. I thought writing my name in full name – Aliyu U. Tilde – as I started doing in my articles since Bello alerted me on the fake Facebook was enough. Now, with this development, I have to paste my picture, boroboro, plainly.

This matter raises a lot of questions about safety on the cyberspace. Three weeks ago when I wrote Poor Northerners! I mentioned how someone in 2005 invented an email address in my name and that of Mohammed Haruna by altering our existing email addresses and used it to post hate mails and articles regarding southerners on the Internet. Clearly he was an Obasanjo man. Dat one don pass. Now anoda wahala don come from a Jonathan man. We need to tighten our security on the Internet, it seems.

I sincerely doubt that there could be another Aliyu Tilde. Well, I may be wrong, but I doubt very much. All the Tildes that I know so far in public domain are from my village. I alone bear the first name Aliyu. There are two other Aliyu Tildes, both my former teachers in the primary school: one bearing Aliyu Saad Tilde, my uncle and headmaster, now a retiree; and the other, Aliyu Tukur Tilde, our present village head and my in law. There could be some among the Fulani in Guinea from where our ancestors came and where there are villages bearing Tilde. But there the name is written ‘aliou’, being a French speaking country. The one that wrote that ‘heroic’ quotation, however, was Nigerian, not French.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jonathan campaign has clarifications to make. I welcome the idea of being the EFCC boss after the tenure of my sister Farida. Ha. Mahaukaci ya hau kura. The first people I would send straight to jail would be the First lady and her husband, for as al-Mutanabbi once said, “whoever makes a lion a falcon for his hunting, that lion will hunt him among the things he hunts.”

Let the fake Aliyu Tilde know that all day is for the thief, one day for the owner. If I court any presidential wrath and I am declared wanted by the Nigerian authorities, which I believe would come soon, the SSS may not know which Aliyu Tilde to catch. They may grap him. That day he will swear and confess to his impersonation. I will then swear that I am not the Aliyu Tilde they are looking for: Na him. Mumu. E no sabi campaign better sef. E de chop money while e live me suffer for village. Carry am go, jare!


8 November 2010

Alleged Abia number one kidnapper, Osisikankwu, breaks silence, speaks to Vanguard

By Chidi Nkwopara

The origin of this piece will certainly read like a fairy tale. A young man walked into the Vanguard Office, Owerri, to discuss placement of 15 full pages of colour advertisement. After discussing with our Correspondent, Chidi Nkwopara, the potential client left but promised that he would call to confirm the next line of action.
About four days after the visit, a call came through an MTN number. The message was simple: “We have accepted to place the advert in Vanguard. You have to come to Aba and pick the money”.

For the reporter, Aba was a no-go area and the caller was told so. A deal was struck that the reporter should come to a place close to Osisioma. He thereafter left Owerri for the designated place on the appointed day.

Locating the “advertiser” was not difficult but the only shock was that they were a group of youngsters! Our reporter’s expectation that he would just collect the manuscripts and cash and return safely to Owerri, was not to be. He instead got the shock of his life as it turned out that he had been talking to the dreaded and wanted militant leader and alleged kidnapper, Osisi Ka Nkwu!

During the encounter, the militant leader decided to break his long-drawn silence on the unrest in Aba, Abia State. And in a discussion which lasted for about 20 minutes, he gave account of why he took up arms and vowed to continue with the struggle until Ngwaland is liberated.

Why did you take up arms?

We became militants because of the failure of government to live up to its responsibilities towards us. Many of us are graduates. Some are university drop-outs,who could not continue for want of fund or sponsors. There are secondary school leavers without a future in school or jobs. Many are skilled workers from all walks of life, who are partially on the job or were forced out by lack of fund to buy tools and start their business. Others are apprentices and persons wrongfully and unlawfully put out of job without means to litigate on the injustices meted against them, and a lot more who suffered sub-human treatment, degradation, torture, victimization and unjust imprisonment in the hands of Abia State Government, and its agencies from the traditional village setting up to Government House, Umuahia.

Are there other reasons?

Yes. There are some of us who chose militancy because of the rape of their wives and sisters, ritual killing of innocent persons in the guise of security by mainly the Bakassi Boys, used by the state administration as a security outfit. I must also talk about the corrupt segment of the Nigeria Police unleashed on Abia people. They extort money at check points, police stations and even in people’s homes, thus impoverishing the citizens.

All these pains and suffering are inflicted on the poor masses while the few privileged and untouchable rich move freely to continue their looting. These human beings have relations and friends who make much money from Ngwa land without ploughing back their profit to develop the area and her people.

Are you sincere that Aba is neglected?

Honestly, successive governments in Umuahia have refused, failed and neglected to provide for the many that are poor. We took up arms to expel the few that are rich, who today, have no protection in Aba.

The neglect of Ngwaland by government is borne out of lack of patriotism by stranger elements in and around the corridors of power. How else can one explain the utter neglect of Ngwaland to its present lowest degree of absurdity?

Any proof?

Yes. Since the creation of Abia State in 1991, no Ngwa man has been governor of the state and all main markets in Aba, including Ariaria Market in Osisioma Ngwa, Cemetery Market, Ngwa Road Market and Shopping Centre, are all controlled by stranger elements, who have no interest of Ngwaland at heart.

Aba remains the commercial nerve centre of Abia State. Internally generated revenue of the state comes from this town, but there are no good road network in this town and the adjoining Osisioma area. Articulated vehicles fall or get stuck at the Osisioma Ngwa-Ekeakpara Market road. The story is worse in the hinterland. It makes us wonder if we are in modern day Nigeria or pre-historic Nigeria. This has been the state of affairs in this area for years and government pretends it does not know about it and have not heard the cry of the common man.
How can you say there are no jobs in Aba when there are factories in the town?

In all honesty, there are no job opportunities in Aba and I can tell you that there are no functional factories in the town. We have been lacking jobs even before the much orchestrated kidnap began. Government policies and programmes do not favour job creation. It does not favour industrial growth and expansion where our teeming unemployed but employable hands could have been engaged. So, why would these set of citizens not employ themselves?

Like commercial motorcycling?

There you come again. Okada riders were used for election purposes and sadly dumped after the polls. Their only reward was the blanket banning and burning of their motorcycles by the police and Bakassi Boys, at the instance of the state government. Nothing was put in place to take care of those who lost their means of livelihood and this helped in increasing the ranks of the militants in the area. Those who managed to purchase tricycles were subjected to paying N100 tax daily to the state government as rehabilitation fee.

What is the position of the petroleum depot in Aba?

You are living behind time. The depot stopped functioning long ago and no government is interested in looking into the matter. The result is that those who earned the livelihood from the depot have since lost the opportunity. They can no longer support themselves and their dependants. Again, this has rightly increased the number of angry people in the area and the option naturally is militancy.
Ngwaland is an oil producing area. Has it not impacted positively on the lives of the people?
Ngwaland is in the Niger Delta region. The truth is that no town or village is presently enjoying the dividends of oil exploration and exploitation. Owaza is a typical example of gross neglect by government. There are no roads, good and functional schools, electricity, potable water, modern markets and health centres. The sad thing is that some of our sons have allowed themselves to be bought over by government to the detriment of the hapless and helpless citizens.

Are you indicting your prominent sons and daughters?

Good question! A lot of them live outside the impoverished area. They should start preparing their burial places in Abuja and other lands because they have willingly sabotaged their native land. Their children are schooling or working abroad. They hardly touch base and cannot tell the real feeling of their kith and kin.
We are told that education is still regarded as a top priority in Abia State

I don’t know who told you that. High cost of education has sadly put the facility out of the reach of the common man. It has become very elusive for children from poor homes. Our girls, who are desirous to get education but are from poor background, get messed up in the process. Some even died of deadly sexually transmitted diseases. Public schools in Abia State is a mockery of education. This is why the rich and wealthy have transferred their children to private schools, which charge exorbitant fees.

What is your take on the controversial kidnap of school children?
Nigeria shook and quaked because children from a private school were kidnapped. They were children of the rich, wealthy and powerful. If children from public schools were picked up, nobody would have even heard about it because they are children from poor homes. Nobody speaks for them and this is the irony of the ugly situation we have found ourselves in Ngwaland. I must say that the children were released unconditionally by my men.

Did your group kidnap the school children?

One of the camps seized the bus conveying the children to their school. It was a private school. It attracted worldwide reaction and to this extent, it served its purpose. l personally found out the camp that carried out the operation and moved the kids for immediate release.
Government House, Umuahia, was impatient, despite my firm promise that the children would be released unharmed. Similarly, my lawyer mounted pressure on me. He threatened to abandon my brief if the school children were not released September 29, 2010.
Despite heavy military presence, I brought out the school children from the camp of the group that held them hostage and directly called the office of Abia State Deputy Governor and also through my lawyer, asked government to send people to Ngwa Iyiekwe Junction, along Aba_Port Harcourt express way to pick the children. That was how the children regained their freedom.
We were told that the soldiers rescued the children. Is your account not strange?

I was surprised to hear that the soldiers claimed credit for the release of the school children. I would have roundly dealt with the soldiers if that was the mission of my teeming followers. People should learn to tell Nigerians the truth at all times.

What truth are you now telling?

Apart from the total neglect of Ngwaland, there are other issues to recall. Aba has been an important city in the political, economic and social life of Nigeria. Major reforms in Nigeria started in Aba and spread to other parts of Nigeria. All Nigerians are today reaping from the effects of the Aba Women Riot of 1929. All sorts of bad names were given to the protagonist of that necessary riot.
Today, the White colonialists are gone and Black colonialists have since taken over. The state is set again at Ngwaland for a fight to either make government provide for the teeming poor masses and also protect the rich few. Government should make the area a free zone for the poor and a war zone for the rich criminals. Ours is a struggle, a commitment borne out of patriotism. The side effect is what people call kidnapping and armed robbery.
How many militant groups were actually operating in Ngwaland?

There were more than nine militant groups in various camps and locations scattered in the area. I can honestly tell you that the smallest militant group had not less than 250 persons at the time Governor Theodore Orji announced his amnesty programme. I led the largest group, which had over 3,000 men. Although these militant groups were autonomous, they were however very loyal to me.
After due consultation with the various groups, I was given the mandate to negotiate with government on the amnesty details and how to surrender our arms and ammunition. I also sought services of a lawyer in this regard, especially as I was skeptical about government’s sincerity

Why did the amnesty promised by Governor Theodore Orji fail?
I hate to recall this aspect. Government House Umuahia was still discussing with my lawyer on ways to put a permanent end to the problem before September 30, 2010. The amnesty was planned to lapse October 7, 2010.
To assure government of our sincerity, journalists were scheduled to visit the militant camps and take photographs of the armoury, so that government can match what we will eventually surrender with the items in the photograph. The press was to visit September 30, 2010, while we were to surrender our arms on October 4, 2010. Although the school children were seized within this time frame, I still assured government of the safety and subsequent release of the children.

So, what happened?

In the early hours of September 30, the Abia State Government in conjunction with the Federal Government, declared military action in Ngwaland. Tension was high. Buildings were destroyed. Properties were damaged and lost. Women and girls raped. Livestock were stolen and eaten by the invading soldiers, who came in trucks and tanks of war.
With heavy military presence, the visit of the press failed and consequently, the amnesty programme collapsed. The military struck eight clear days ahead of the expiration of the amnesty deadline.
With the military in combat readiness and with the actual bombardment of Ugwuati and some other parts of Ngwaland, the various militant groups and camps dispersed without surrendering.

How many of your men have been arrested?

The soldiers are jokers. The killing, arrest, detention and trial of innocent citizens, who were branded kidnappers, have not and would not help matters. Of over 3,000 men in my camp, who were ready to surrender their arms before the military arrived, none has been identified or touched by any soldier or police man. The figure of arrests announced by the security agencies is a figment of their imagination and a cheap propaganda to score cheap political marks. The military presence has not solved the inherent issues that ignited the problem.

How do you escape from these security men?

It is very simple. We know them but they do not know us. Recently, a photograph of my father was published as my own. I had a good laugh. We pass through their supposed check points daily. They ask us to place our hands on our head as we pass through their check points. We even passed through their barricades as we came to see you here today. The soldiers just don’t know who they are looking for and that makes their task crazy.

So, where do we go from here?

Dialogue is the thing and not brute force. There has to be serious arrangements to change the ugly face of Ngwaland. My promise is that this struggle and war of good over evil will continue in many ways until the day our problems are addressed by government.


Innocent Ezewoko

This piece is simply disgusting, and misleading at best. Vanguard has been sold a dummy. This interview should not have been published in the first place because it is a PR victory for this Osisikankwu and thus for criminality. in his imagination, we no longer know the difference between activism and sheer criminality. Vanguard has now helped this kingpin to pass himself off as a freedom fighter and most insultingly, as the champion of the struggle for the liberation of Ngwaland (whatever that means)! How does anyone make any connection between the brutal war Osisi and his men declared on the hapless people of Aba and environs and his claim of fighting for their rights? Whose rights? What struggle? If he wants to win public and possibly international sympathy by sounding like the NigerDelta militants, then he has failed woefully. I pounced on the story thinking that he wanted to open up on his political connections and patronage, only to encounter the
thrash he has decided to sell to the public. If he was fighting the social ills he enumerated, why did he not take the battle to the government houses at Abuja or even Umuahia? Why terrorize even little kindergatten children in the name of whatever he claims he wants? In fact, the only meaningful thing he mentioned is the terrible incompetence of our security agents in the area of intelligence gathering. Vanguard should not allow itself to be used to give brazen criminality a voice and thus a semblance of legitimacy. For a long time Osisi and his men made life totally miserable for the Ngwa people. It is too late now for him to claim to be anyone’s saviour. He has succeeded in using Vanguard to “boost” his image by giving figures that appear exaggerated from every reasonable view, now what next? If his conscience is dead, then history will be his judge, together with his political patrons. We need some peace. It would be wonderful to have a permanent
military base in Abia State, especially around Obingwa area since these personifications of inhumanity are still as alive and vicious as ever.

“I would have roundly dealt with the soldiers…..” Can you imagine the insult this beast is passing on our Military for goodness sake. He continued to say that “soldiers came in trucks….”, did this animal expect the soldiers to come in limousines. Very soon, the boko haram and the almajiris of the North would ask for dialogue and amnesty. Vanguard should not have given this beast this privilege.

Kano Castro

This Osisikankwu is fake & liar. Why not deal with government, the police & local government chairman. Why attacking private citizen like Doctors, Housewifes, Bankers, & although professional who has nothing to do with government. Why miaming innocent civilains, killing MTN workers , Traders & Businessmen. Why destroying the little business & commerce set up by individauls in Aba. Why make Aba a strile business community thereby improvishing the poor mases. These hooligans should be rounded & not claim to be militants fighting for the people. Teh are opportunist in crime due to corrupt & weak law enforcement.
Alafiatayo Aseri

The guy is afraid. Very soon the soldier shall get to you. Lazy man. Tell me if only is in Abia we have economic problem in Nigeria? Which company shall come to your town to establish, when at the end of the day its workers shall be kidnapped?

Alafiatayo Aseri

The guy is afraid. Very soon the soldier shall get to you. Lazy man. Tell me if only is in Abia we have economic problem in Nigeria? Which company shall come to your town to establish, when at the end of the day its workers shall be kidnapped?

Samuel Obidimma Ekezie

I would have recommended that vanguard be closed down, but on a broader thought, the interview with osiskankwu has exposed the level of laziness among the youths in the concerned ngwaland. At least we now know that the kidnappers and robbers in ngwaland have not given up but only filtered into the crowd when they met with superior fire power of highly respected Nigerian Military. It is now important that soldiers should be permanently stationed in all the affected areas until the ngwa boys learn to genuinely struggle for survival like other parts of the country.


This is a humiliation on Abia State Government. A common bandit is asking for dialogue and possible compensation from the State Government, what a shame. This nonentity and his gang of criminals have robbed so many Banks and killed many of their workers and several other innocent citizens in Abia State especially, Aba and environment. He has also kidnapped and unlawfully detained so many innocent citizens for ransome, raped female victims in the process etc, still he has the audacity to canvass for amnesty through “The Vanguard Newspaper”, what a Country? This piece is very disgusting however, it poses a great challenge to the “law enforcement community” in Abia State to wake up from their slumber and do their job and stop shielding criminals in exchange for “blood money or returns”. In fact the Government should “MANDATE” the so-called Lawyer representing this group group of criminals to produce his principal client (the head of the group) within a
given time frame or the State should bring criminal charges of accessory to robbery, kidnapping etc on him or her. Afterall, he/she cannot be fronting for them if there is no regular communication including face to face discussion.


Why didn’t the questioner ask Osisikankwu how much he has personally made from the kidnapping business? The man is a terrorist and delusional to boot. He is visiting his rage at the government on ordinary people going about their daily business — and that is simply wrong. End of story. Punishment against them should be swift and decisive.

John Okoye

Osisikankwu is an idiot! if he’s claim what’s doing is right to do he should emulate CHUBA OKADIGBO who die in KANO fighting government, he should emulate IKEMBA OJUKWU who use his father money to fight for igbo, he should emulat Thailand people which they where red shirt for more than A month block airport fighting for injustice, he should emulate nelson Mandela who go to jail fighting for his people but never waste any blood, he should emulate CHINWE ACHEBA who also sun federal government award he should emulate SOYINKA who always fight federal by protest, this Osisikankwu is an idiot i am angry to meet him in person i will bite his ear and shop it without cook i swear this guy is beast he will never go free, but only truth he said here is the arrest is innocent people which i no but Vanguard suppose to suffer this because this guy is wanted and he appear in vanguard and vanguard refuse to give police information that this guy Osisikankwu was in there
custody why Vanguard why? please police let us arrest who ever grant this interview is monster he’s Osisikankwu fans long live ABA long live MY GREAT IGBO nation
Vincent Nwokorie

This idiot should be quickly arrested and hanged immediately!!!!!!!!!!

North Tilts Towards Atiku

By Yusuf Olaniyonu, THISDAY, Sunday November 7, 2010

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar could end up being the beneficiary of the arrangement by the Northern Leaders Political Forum to present a consensus candidate, who will slug it out with incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan for the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), if the present thinking holds sway.
After consultations with traditional rulers, opinion and community leaders as well as the intelligentsia, the group led by Mallam Adamu Ciroma, THISDAY gathered, is considering using zoning within the northern region to decide who the consensus candidate should be.
The thinking in the Ciroma group is anchored on the fact that if they are insisting on zoning of the Presidency  in Nigeria, then they must practice what they preach by ensuring zoning within the North.
However, while that may be a factor, electability of the candidate is believed to be the crucial factor which may finally sway the decision of the Northern leaders.
The thinking of the Ciroma group is that they should zone the Presidency to the geo-political area within the region which has not produced an elected President or military head of state.
By this calculation, North west zone has produced both President Shehu Shagari (Sokoto) and late President Umaru Yar’ Adua (Katsina) as well as three military heads of state-late General Murtala Muhammed (Kano), Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) (Katsina) and late General Sani Abacha (Kano).
Also, the North central has produced General Yakubu Gowon (Plateau), General Ibrahim Babangida (Niger) and General Abdulsalami Abubakar (Niger). The North-east has produced the only Nigerian prime minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa.
This calculation then tilts the arrangement in favour of the North-east where Atiku is the only aspirant from the zone.
The issue of electability may however upset the calculation based on zoning because the northern leaders have agreed that the consensus candidate must be one who can defeat President Jonathan in the PDP primaries.
There are fears that Atiku may not be able to defeat Jonathan since the former Vice-president only recently returned to the party from the Action Congress (AC) and may not have warmed his ways into the hearts of the different power groups in the party.
How to resolve the issue of selecting a consensus candidate who among other considerations can get the party ticket at the PDP national convention is what have made the leaders to return to the drawing board. A source in the group while commenting on the development said: “the issue may not be as “straight forward as you guys in the press are seeing it.”
According to the source who will want to remain anonymous because of his role in the group, “the major determinant factor is: ‘who can defeat President Goodluck Jonathan at the primaries taking into consideration that the primaries is simply a party affair”
He said the group needs to examine the dynamics in the PDP and the various power groups within the party to answer the question of which of the northern presidential aspirants will be more acceptable because “we in the north want to prove that we can present a candidate who will be more acceptable to party members across the country as well as the entire electorate.
Such a candidate must be familiar with the internal dynamics in the PDP and have the ability to rally the power groups behind his candidacy, the source said.
The northern presidential aspirants seeking to emerge as the consensus candidate from the north are Atiku, Babangida, Kwara State governor, Dr Bukola Saraki, former national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Aliyu Gusau (rtd) and Mrs. Sarah Jubril.

North Adopt Atiku as IBB and Gusau fight back…

reported by Pointblanknews

After weeks of high level horse trading, a fragmented north may have settled for former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar as the regions standard bearer in next year’s presidential election. learnt that even though the leaderships of the Northern Elders Forum, Arewa Consultative Forum and the Northern Union agreed on the choice, some Governors, top government officials and some emirs still sit on the wall.

The deal which was brokered by Adamu Ciroma and key actors in the G15 group, is however getting knocks from the Ibrahim Babangida, Aliyu Gusau, and Bukola Saraki flanks. sources hinted that even though Babangida said he would abide by the decision, his agents have embarked on lobbying of some governors and leaderships of the states Houses of Assemblies.

According to our sources, the moves by Babangida and Gusau has stalled plans to make the choice of Atiku public.

The G15 had met in May 2010, with Ciroma, Gusau, Babangida, Atiku in attendance. At that meeting, the resolution of the northern governors was reviewed, and decision reached that whoever was picked, every aspirant should respect the choice.


However, as it stands, Babangida has made in roads, and has a key block of second term governors in the bag. Checks revealed he has no less than 10. also gathered that the region decided to settle for Atiku because he has a better appeal.


Said the source ” they have decided to make Atiku the candidate but they are having problems making it public because the Babangida and Gusau blocs are pulling a lot of strings. Don’t forget IBB has made some in roads, as it stands he has no less than 10 governors, including the swing states.”

The source added” IBB was knocked off because of his baggage. The calculation by the Ciroma group is, they would need someone with democratic background and cross appeal. IBB they feel, will be a hard sell in the southwest where the Goverenors have adopted President Goodluck Jonathan”

It was further learnt that the inexperience of Gusau and his background put him behind Atiku who could be marketed in the south west and was Vice President.

According to one of our sources” Saraki is the least favourable. The argument is simple, he is not “northern” enough for those in the north east and north west. Babangida has June 12, the Dele Giwa murder still hanging over his head”

EFCC list of political thieves in Nigeria?

EFCC’s Advisory List

Ayo Fayose (Former

Governor of Ekiti State)

Fed. High Court, Lagos. Case now transferred to Ekiti for trial after the accused opposed his trial in Lagos Arraigned on 51 state counts. Plea already taken but defence lawyer keeps filing frivolous applications for long adjournments to frustrate and prolong trial. N1.2 Billion granted bail by court since 2007 Inherited Case filed since 17th Dec.2006
Adenike Grange

(Former Minister of Health)

FCT. High Court Maitama Arraigned on 56 state counts. Plea already taken. Defence lawyer often seeks long adjournments to prolong trial. Matter adjourned to Oct 27 N300


granted bail by court since 2008 Inherited Case filed since 2nd April.2008
Joshua Dariye (Former

Governor Plateau State)

FCT High Court Gudu Arraigned on 23 state counts. Plea already taken but defence lawyer challenged court jurisdiction.But Appeal court threw out application and case now fixed for continuation of trial on Oct. 27, 2010. N700 Million granted bail by court since 2007 Inherited Case filed since 13th July 2007
Saminu Turaki (Former

Governor, Jigagwa State)

FCT. High Court Maitama Arraigned on 32 state counts. Plea already taken but defence lawyer challenged court jurisdiction. Case stalled at HC while seeking stay of trial at appeal court.It is part of usual attempt to frustrate and prolong trial N36 Billion granted bail by court since 2007 Inherited Case filed since 13th July 2007
Orji Uzor Kalu (Former

Governor, Abia State)

Fed. High Court Maitama Arraigned on 107 state counts. Plea already taken but defence lawyer raised preliminary objection against charges. Lost at trial court but has gone on appeal to stay trial. It is part of usual attempt to prolong trial. N5 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Inherited Case filed since 11th June 2007
James Ibori (Former

Governor, Delta State)

Federal High Court Asaba Arraigned on 170 state counts.Defence lawyer challenged Kaduna Fed. court jurisdiction, lost at trial court but won at appeal court.Case re-assigned by CJ to Asaba FHC. Without taking plea, suspect applied to quash charges, prosecution opposed application but trial judge quashed the charges Dec. 19. EFCC filed appeal Dec. 23, 2009 and Jan.8, 2010. N9.2 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Inherited Fresh charges filed In August 2009
Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello

(Serving Senator)

FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 56 state counts.Plea already taken but case stalled as defence lawyer filed to challenge charges.Application pending for determination.This is part of frivolous applications to delay trial . N10 Million granted bail by court since 2008 Inherited Case filed since April 2 2008
Lucky Igbinedion

(Former Governor of Edo State)

Fed. High Court, Enugu Arraigned on 191 state counts. Applied for plea bargain &Convicted but EFCC has appealed the judgment to seek for stiffer sanctions. N4.3 Billion Case determined 2008 Inherited Case filed on 23rd Jan.2008
Gabriel Aduku (Former

Minister of Health)

FCT. High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 56 state counts.Court ruled on no case against suspect N300 Million Case determined in 2008 Inherited Case filed on April 2nd 2008
Jolly Nyame          (Former

Governor of Taraba State)

Fed. High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 41 state counts. Plea already taken and trial begun after all applications filed by the accused to stall trial have been dismissed by the supreme court. Trial fully commenced and on-going at FCT HC. N1.3 billion granted bail by court since 2008 Inherited Case filed since 13th July 2007
Chimaroke .                Nnamani

(Former Governor of Enugu State)

Fed. High Court, Lagos Arraigned on 105 state counts. Plea already taken but case is stalled as defence lawyer filed to transfer case to another judge on allegation of bias against trial judge even as counsel has again filed to challenge court jurisdiction.This is equally an attempt to prolong trial. N5.3 Billion granted bail by court since 2007 Inherited Case filed since 11th Dec.2007
Michael Botmang

(Former Governor of Plateau State)

Fed. High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 31 state counts. Plea already taken but trial stalled due to suspect’s ailment, on dialysis. N1.5 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri on 18th July 2008
Roland Iyayi .            (Former

Managing Director of FAAN)

FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 11 state counts. Plea already taken.Trial on-going

Court taking prosecution witnesses testimony

N5.6 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in June 2008
Nyeson Wike                (Serving Chief of Staff to Governor of Rivers State) FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on state counts. Court quashed charges.EFCC already appealed judgement. Appeal pending at appeal court. N4.670 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri on Oct.9 2008
Eider George                (Austrian

Business man)

FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 11 state counts. Plea already taken and trial on-going. Prosecution witnesses undergoing cross-examination. Court granted suspect leave to travel abroad for medical treatment.   granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in June 2008
Kenny Martins                (Police

Equipment Fund)

FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 28 amended state counts. Plea already taken and trial on- going. Witnesses under cross- examination. Continuation of trial fixed for Nov.9 N774 Million granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in June 2008
13 Filipinos .                (Charged for

Oil Bunkering)

Fed. High Court, Benin Arraigned on state counts, convicted at the close of trial and sentenced to 65 Years altogether N300 Million EFCC returns to court to seek forfeiture of vessel used for oil theft. Commenced by Waziri in 2009
6 Ghanaians .                (Charged for

Oil Bunkering) and Nigerian accomplice.

Fed. High Court, Benin Arraigned on state counts and trial Commenced. Prosecution closed case, matter adjourned for defence to close. N250 Million granted bail by court in 2009. All 7 accused sentenced to 112 years imprisonment April 30, 2010 Commenced by Waziri in June 2009
Patrick Fernadez

(Indian Buisnessman)

Fed. High Court, Lagos Arraigned on 56 state counts. Plea already taken and trial commences Nov. N32 Billion granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri in 2009
Prof. Babalola                Borishade

(Former Minister of Aviation)

FCT High Court, Maitama Arraigned on 11 state counts. Plea already taken and trial on-going (N5.6 billion)

Prosecution witnesses under cross-examination.

N5.6 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in June 2008
Boni Haruna                 (Former

Governor, Adamawa State)

Fed. High Court Maitama Arraigned on amended 28 state counts. Plea taken. Adoption of motion slated for Nov N254 Million granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in 2008
Femi Fani-Kayode

(Former Minster of Aviation)

Fed. High Court, Lagos Arraigned on 47 state counts . Plea taken but case stalled as a result of trial court’s refusal to admit e-print of suspect’s statement of account as evidence. EFCC won appeal against the decision. Defence on appeal at supreme court. N250 Million granted bail by court in 2008 Commenced by Waziri in 2008
Prince Ibrahim Dumuje (Police Equip-ment Fund) FCT High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 28 amended state counts. Plea taken and trial on-going. Prosecution witnesses under cross-examination. Continuation fixed for Nov.9 N774 Million granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri in June 2008
Bode George                (Chieftain of

the ruling party, PDP)

Fed. High Court. Lagos Arraigned on 68 state counts. Plea taken and trial concluded. Accused convicted and sentenced to 2 years. Convict on appeal while serving jail term. N100 Billion granted bail by court since 2008. Has been in jail after conviction in Oct 2009. Commenced by Waziri in Dec.08
Rasheed Ladoja                (Former

Governor of Oyo State)

Fed. High Court, Lagos Arraigned on 33 state counts. Plea taken and trial on- going

Prosecution witnesses slated for cross-examination in Nov.

N6 Billion granted bail by court since 2008 Commenced by Waziri
Four Snr Zenith                Bank Managers Fed. High Court, Port Harcourt Arraigned on 56 state counts. Plea taken but case stalled over an injunction by Rivers State Govt, which is a party in the case to stop EFCC. Injunction being challenged at appeal court N3.6 Billion Granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri
Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

(Former Minister of Federal Capital Territory)

Fed. High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 8 state counts.Suspect charged for corruption and abuse of office.Plea taken and case adjourned for trial but accused challenged jurisdiction of court as a ploy to delay trial. Case adjourned.   Suspect at large but returned to the country. Interrogated on May 4, 2010 and arraigned on May 12 Commenced by Waziri in 2009.
Sen. Nicholas Ugbade, (Serving Senator) Hon. Ndudi Elumelu Hon. Mohammed Jibo,

Hon. Paulinus Igwe,(Serving Members of House of Rep)

Dr Aliyu Abdullahi (Serving Fed.Perm.Sec) Mr. Samuel Ibi. Mr. Simon Nanle,

Mr. Lawrence Orekoya, Mr Kayode Oyedeji,

Mr. A. Garba Jahun

FCT High Court Abuja

(This is the Rural Electrification Agency Case involving a serving Senator, 3 serving members of the House of Representatives , the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Power and other high profile public officers)

Arraigned on 158 state counts. Plea taken while prosecution has filed more charges against suspects. Suspects filed to quash charges but application thrown out by court. N5.2 Billion Remanded in Prison Custody and later granted bail Court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri in May 2009
Prof B.Sokan, Molkat

Mutfwang, Michael Aule, Andrew Ekpanobi, (All Directors) Alexander Cozman(MD,In termarket Ltd). (This is the UBEC case where high profile public servants connived with an American, Alexander Cozman) to defraud the Government.

Federal High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 64 state counts. Plea taken while more charges were filed against suspects due to appearance of Prof Sokan. Matter adjourned to Nov 9 for suspects to take plea on amended charges N636 Million Suspects remanded in prison custody and later granted bail by court in 2009. Commenced by Waziri on May 19 2009
Dr Ransome Owan, Mr. Abdulrahman Ado, Mr. Adulrasak Alimi, Mr. Onwuamaeze Iloeje, Mrs Grace Eyoma, Mr. Mohammed Bunu,

Mr. Abimbola Odubiyi

Federal High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 196 state counts. Plea taken. Trial billed to commence while more charges were filed against suspects. Further hearing slated for Oct 29. But the FG has withdrawn charges against the accused persons who were consequently discharged by the court on Sept 16,2010 N1.5 Billion granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri on April 22 2009
Tom Iseghohi,                Muhammed Buba, Mike

Okoli,(GM&M anagers of Transcorp Group PLC)

Fed. High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 32 state counts. Plea taken. Matter adjourned for commencement of trial Nov 9. N15 Billion Suspects Remanded in Kuje Prison and later granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri in May 2009
Dr Albert Ikomi, rtd perm sec, his firm, satelite town dev co Ltd Fed. High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos Arraigned on 4 state counts. Plea taken and Matter adjourned for hearing N43 Million Suspects Remanded in Ikoyi Prison and later granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri in 2009
Dr Yuguda Manu Kaigama,

Chairman, Taraba State Civil Service Commission

Taraba State High Court 5, Jalingo Arraigned on 37 state counts . Plea taken and Matter stalled as suspect dropped dead. N17 Million Suspect remanded in prison custody. Co-accused, Yakubu Danjuma Takun, at large. Commenced by Waziri on Oct.10 2009
Chief Joe Musa, DG

Natioanl Gallery of Art, Olusegun Ogumba, Chinedu Obi, Oparagu Elizabeth, Kweku Tandoh, (All Directors of NGA).

FCT High Court, Lugbe (Justice Olukayode Adeniyi) Arraigned on 12 state counts . Plea taken and defence lawyer filed applications to stall trial but lost the bid. Matter adjourned for trial Nov 19/20, 2010 N1.012 Billion Suspects Remanded in Kuje Prison and later granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri in July 20 2009
Dr Dayo Olagunju,

Ex. Sec. National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult & Non-Formal Education. Joshua Alao, Alice Abang, Jibrin Waguna, Ahmed Abubakar, Shehu Abdullahi, Dr Victoria King- Nwachukwu, Adamu Khalid, Moses Oseni, Francis Awelewa & Bashir Suleiman

Fed. High Court, Abuja. Justice Anuli Chikere Arraigned on 17 state counts.Plea taken and Matter adjourned for commencement of trial Oct 22, 2010 N479 Million Suspects Remanded in Kuje Prison and later granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri 24 July 2009
Hamman Bello Hammed, Ex-

CG Customs, Hannatu Sulaiman, Tajudeen Olalere, Lukman Hussain, Popular Foods Ltd & Silver Maritime shipping coy ltd

Fed. High Court , Lagos. Justice Ramat Mohammed Arraigned on 46 state counts. Plea taken Matter adjouned to Nov for trial but FG filed to withdraw charges. N2.5 Billion Suspects Remanded in Kirikiri & Ikoyi Prisons and later granted bail by court in 2009. Commenced by Waziri on 14th Aug. 2009
Professor Innocent Chuka

Okonkwo, fmr VC Imo state Univ, Uchechi Nwugo & Wilfred Uwakwe

Fed.High Court, Abuja. Justice Mohammed Garba Umar Arraigned on 14 state counts. Plea taken Adjourned to Nov for trial. N145 Million Suspects Remanded in Kuje Prison and later granted bail by court in 2009 Commenced by Waziri on July 30,2009
Dr (Mrs) Cecilia Ibru

(Fmr CEO, Oceanic Bank PLC)

FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos. Justice Dan Abutu Arraigned on 25 state counts. Plea taken and case adjourned to Nov for trial N160.2 Billion Suspect convicted and jailed for 18 Months on Friday October 8, 2010 by Justice Dan Abutu of FHC, Lagos. To forfeit assets and funds worth over N191 billion. Commenced by Waziri on Aug 31 2009
Dr Bartholo-mew (Fmr CEO, Union Bank PLC) Bassey Ebong, Henry Onyemem & Niyi Albert Opeodu (Ex- Directors, UBN) FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos. Justice Dan Abutu Arraigned on 28 state counts. Plea taken and case adjourned to Nov for trial N187.1 Billion Suspects remanded in EFCC custody, But granted bail on 14/9/09 Commenced by Waziri on Aug 31 2009
Raymond Obieri,(Fmr

Chairman,Inter continental Bank PLC Hyacinth Enuha, Ikechi Kalu, C.A Alabi, Samuel Adegbite, Isyaku Umar, Sanni Adams.

FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos. Justice Dan Abutu Arraigned on 18 state counts. Plea taken and case adjourned to Nov for trial N131.8 Billion Suspects remanded in EFCC custody, But granted bail on 14/9/09 Commenced by Waziri on Aug 31 2009
Sebastian Adigwe, Peter

Ololo, Falcon Securities Ltd

FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos. Justice Dan Abutu Arraigned on 36 state counts. Plea taken and case adjourned to Nov for trial N277.3 Billion Suspects remanded in Prison custody, But granted bail on 15/9/09 Commenced by Waziri on Aug 31 2009
Okey Nwosu FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos. Justice Dan Abutu Arraigned on 11 state counts. Plea taken and case adjourned to Nov for trial N95.1 Billion Suspects remanded in Prison custody, But granted bail on 15/9/09 Commenced by Waziri on Aug 31 2009
Alex Nkenchor, Ex-Bank Manager, Ebi Odeigah & GMT Securities & Assets Nig Ltd. Lagos High Court, Ikeja. Justice M.O Obadina Arraigned on 10 state counts. Plea taken and suspects still remanded in prison custody pending consideration of bail application. N860 Million Suspects remanded in ikoyi prison. Bail application for consideration Oct20 Commenced by Waziri on Oct 13 2009
Francis Atuche, Former CEO,

Bank PHB

Fed High Court, Lagos Arraigned on a 26 count charge. Plea taken. Suspect challenged charges but court upheld charges. Matter set for trial in Nov. N80 billion Suspect remanded and later granted bail by court. His assets frozen. Commenced by Waziri on Oct 28, 2009.
Adamu Abdullahi,

Former Gov of Nasarawa state.

Fed High Court, Lafia, Nasarawa. Justice I.N. Buba Arraigned on 149 count charge. Suspect granted bail by court. Case slated for trial in Oct. N15 billion Suspect on court bail. Commenced by Waziri on March 3, 2010.
Attahiru Bafarawa,

former governor of Sokoto state.

Sokoto state High Court. Arraigned on 47 count charge. Matter stalled HC due to accused application at appeal court. N15 billion Suspect remanded in prison custody and later granted bail by court. Case slated for trial. Commenced by Waziri on December 16, 2009.
Francis Okokuro,

Bayelsa state Accountant General

Fed. High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 6 count charge. Matter stalled due to accused application for stay. N2.4 billion Suspect remanded in prison custody till April 13. Commenced by Waziri on March 24, 2010
Dr Charles Silva Opuala Fed High Court, Abuja Arraigned on 6 count charge. Matter stalled due to accused application for stay N2.4 billion Suspect arraigned and remanded in Kuje prison custody on April 13 till he meets bail conditions Commenced by Waziri on March 24, 2010
Chief Osa Osunde(fmr

Chairman Afribank), and 4 directors: Jibrin Isah, Isa Zailani, Chinedu Onyia and Henry Arogundade

Fed.High Court, Lagos Arraigned on 33 count charge. Matter adjourned to Nov for trial N55 billion Suspects arraigned on April 21, 2010. Remanded in EFCC custody and later granted bail by the court. Commenced by Waziri on April 21, 2010
Mr Oladele Shittu, CEO of

Credence Investment

Fed High Court, Kaduna. Justice Mohd Shuaibu Arraigned on 136 count charge. Matter adjourned for trial N139 million Suspect arraigned on March 23 2010. Remanded in Kad prison custody till July 12, 2010. Commenced by Waziri on March 23, 2010
Mr Sunday Akinyemi,

fmr CEO Texas Connection Ferries

Lagos High Court. Justice J Adebajo Arraigned on 30 count charge. Application for bail rejected, trial commenced. N90 million Suspect arraigned March 11 & April 11, 2010.Remanded in prison. Commenced by Waziri on March 11, 2010
Hon. T Faniyi, Albert Soje &


FHC, Abuja.Justi ce Adamu Bello/Justic e David Okorowa Arraigned on 30 count charge(14,10 &6), trial commenced. N3 billion Suspects arraigned on April 1 2010. Remanded in prison custody and later granted court bail. Commenced by Waziri on April 1, 2010
Adeniyi Elumaro,

Rakiya Mamman, Integrated Capital Services Ltd

FCT High Court. Justice Olukayode Adeniyi Arraigned on 22 count charge N405 million Suspects arraigned on Aug 12, 2010. Granted bail by court and remanded in prison pending when they meet conditions Commenced by Waziri on Aug 12, 2010.
Dr Erastus Akingbola, fmr


FHC, Ikoyi, Lagos.Justi ce Mohd Idris Arraigned on 22 count charge N27 billion. Suspect arraigned on Aug 13. Remanded in custody till Ag 23. Commenced by Waziri on Aug 13, 2010
SaniLulu, & 3other sacked

NFF board members

FHC, Abuja.Justi ce Donatus Okorowa Arraigned on 10 counts. Case adjourned till Oct 5, 2010 for trial. N1.5 billion Suspects arraigned Sept 7, remanded in prison till 13th when court released them on bail Commenced by Waziri on Sept 7, 2010

SSS parades Ume Umanah

… Over threat to kill Gov Akpabio


•Gov Akpabio
Photo: Sun News Publishing
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The former chairman of Newswatch Communications Ltd, Chief Ime Umanah has been paraded by the State Security Services (SSS) in Akwa Ibom State for allegedly sponsoring threat text messages against Governor Godswill Akpabio.

Umanah, a former governorship aspirant, was paraded alongside his
crony, Ikemesit Iyire, a 30-year-old graduate of physics from the University of Port Harcourt, who the politicians sponsored to buy new
SIM cards and send the threat text message to Akpabio.

The politician, who actually admitted sponsoring his boy to send the
threat text message to Akpabio said he wanted to alarm the governor to
change his campaign style which he claimed was pitching Akwa Ibom
people against the North because of Akapbio’s brazen support for President Goodluck Jonathan.

The unedited threat text as read by the state Director of SSS, Mr E. C.
Minti runs thus: “We would have welcome you governor Akpabio with the blood of one of your family from the trip but we will take our time and
stab you where it will hurt you most.

“Our intelligence has confirmed you have just bribed Nwodo, PDP
national chairman to manipulate elections in your state and frustrate
northern aspirants. We know you as Jonathan’s chief financier. Your speech at his declaration and subsequent utterances is a confirmation of how well you hate the North. I hereby on behalf of the North and Boko Haram declare our hatred for you and your household. Prepare your squad of kidnappers, you will soon hear from us.

“Is it a coincidence that the love ones of your political opponents are
abducted and tortured, how will you feel if your wife suffers the same
ordeal captain’s wife is facing, the sexual humiliation the boys are
putting her through just because he wants to contest against you. The
wrath of Allah will not spare you when we strike, you infidel. You sold
Ibori out, the North will ensure you face the same ordeal.”

The second text sent by the same Iyire on instruction and sponsorship
of Ime Umanah also read: ‘You are not even ashamed your people are
suffering in the midst of plenty .we are closer than you know. Soon you
will also cry. Idiot, may Allah punish you.”

Umanah said he did not mean to terrorise Akpabio but only to
accommodate other presidential aspirants as Akpabio had allegedly said that no other aspirant other than Jonathan would be welcome in Akwa

He said he had earlier confronted Akpabio with that fact but that the
governor did not listen to him, even as he admitted that he was with
the governor last week in Abuja and that the governor on his return
from foreign trip recently, bought him two new shirts.

The boy, Iyire who happens to come from the same village with Akpabio,
said Umanah never promised him anything to send the terror text but
that the politician had been acting as his surrogate father since his father died. He claimed that the businessman politician had promised
him N10 million in their previous deals.

The SSS also paraded some people who claimed to have taken part in the kidnap of the wife of Capt. Sam Ewang and the headmistress of Mobil
Pegasus Secondary School, Eket where two policemen were killed.