The movie Itohan,Cossy Orjiakor,the boobs and the dog show





cossy orjiakor


This is Cossy

Hey what’s up Cossy Orjiakor,  those your  boobs are they real? meeenn they are something else. I fancy those boobs 2 much.  I hear say you do am with Dog …why the Dog? ..huh come to daddy, am the flogging spanner …okay tell me how do you want it ,i will give it to you hot . Jobless talkatives,na him some people be.For long we have been hearing stories that Cosy Orjiakor slept with a dog.Unknown to us, it was in a movie called Itohan  that she did the kind show with a dog. Let’s grow up , does it mean that u people don’t know the difference between acting and real ? I just watch the movie Itohan today.


Cossy, I suggest you go for less explicit roles in future. I really do appreciate the fact that the movie Itohan was a project geared towards educating the populace about women trafficking, and an actress has got to play the role you played. However, I still cannot identify with the part where that man’s teeth (am sure he left you with bite marks) and strange hands were all over your body and fun bags, or is he your guy in real life? Also, to crown it up, millions of eyes (both men and women) around the world saw your fun bags ,your boobs popped out of your skin tight under size top and were bouncing about throughout the duration of the despicable scene. What’s my take on that part of the movie when that animal was on your back like a baby? Actually, it looked stupid  and at the same time amusing the way you were moaning which leaves me wondering whether a human being is capable of getting such sexual pleasure from an animal

In my opinion, I don’t think that any responsible guy with serious intentions towards you would be proud of the role you played in that movie. I don’t mean to sound archaic here, but please any African guy who thinks that he will be proud to sit down and watch his future wife or wife in a movie being fondled by another man and then the same man jumping up and down on top of her on a strange bed (lets even assume that they were not doing the real thing) should challenge me on this one. Just as well, I don’t think that any responsible parent will be proud of the role you played in that movie. I do know for sure that my Pa. would have probably disowned me, the shame and embarrassment of the whole thing would have sent my Ma to an early grave because a thing like that is regarded as an abomination in her cultural background and on a lighter note, I guess my siblings would have had a field day laughing their head off (the animal scene).

So, please Cossy roles like that are disgraceful and are capable of bringing disrepute to the women folk. Also, am sure you would not like to be perceived as ashawo, would you?

28 responses to “The movie Itohan,Cossy Orjiakor,the boobs and the dog show

  1. hi baby let dem say,dat is ur name ok.

  2. Dam girl u are so sexy i feel like sucking all those boobs of yours .u got big boobs

  3. Uneed someone 2 suck ur pussy real tight [email me]

  4. Hi cossy i think you are the best arctres in whole world, if i may say you are makeing people like me feel on top of the world. keep it up baby

  5. true that…duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  6. well, cossy is an actress and she’s doing what she is skilled at. how many of us love sharon stone, one of the holly wood actresses…a lot of them have done worse things and played worse roles and americans still love’s just like getting angry with a judge who convicts a criminal..that is what he or she is skilled to do… cut the poor gurl some slack…a man who’d appreciate what she does will value her and i bet she wouldnt even look at most of these losers here, calling her names… u just wish u were hotttt like her…dontchya!!!!!!!!

  7. jjjj

  8. Cossy Orjiakor

    God created you beautiful and good looking, I think you should be am example to younger generation coming up next, be careful with the roles you chose next time. Actually I am not happy with all I have read about a sweet lady like you, they say a good name is better than a precious ornament. Please be wise. Cossy Orjiakor
    Prof. Larry Wounder. And Onyeze Jabez.
    Eco bank of Ghana.
    Owerri Men
    Under, Dr. Gido Usman.

  9. Cossy stop this boobs shit, though the part u played in ITOHAN was your role that had 2 be played, but did u see your boobs flouting out of your little shirt and did u think of the whole world seeing it, gosh.

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  11. hi coosy i, realy apreciaty your courage don’t just mind the gossipers, on how they have been grumbling over you, more over you can go to them and seek 4 help i,m very sure they can do .
    so pls just keep freshing with your tallent.
    i,love you babeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. hi cossy U are my baby anytime,anyday and anywhere.go on we are solidly behind you and if U need my mobile just call 08023410894,I am as hot as U are O.K

  13. baby u real look very smile and beautyfull i like it take care

  14. I want to fuck u

  15. cossy whats up and how are you name is joshua and nice meeting you cossy.i will like to know much about you.these are my personal contact take care…..

  16. il fuck u cossy nyhu u want it.just contact g handsome. young bedrider.i dnt share wit d world.07030701881

  17. Mosco james

    Whoooo u luke so hooooooot!!! Like to meet you

  18. can i fuck u pls

  19. i dont want to believe its true. i think some poeple are envious of her. yes she ‘s got big boobs and so?

  20. There is no doubt that the yellow journalists some time ago, played the fool with Cossy’s name, wanting us to believe that she had sexual relations with a dog on video. What the failed to say was that the particular scenes they referred to were part of a movie called Itohan starring Shan George. Cossy as an actress, was only doing what she was required to do by her Director. It is therefore criminal in the extreme that the whole issue was taken out of context by the scandal rag that broke the story, and the reading public apparently was to be deceived into believing that Ms. Orjiakor had actual sex with a dog. In fact, the 5 second scene had Ms. Orjiakor fully clothed with a big Alsatian resting on her back. There was definitely no sex between Cossy and the dog, so all the nonsense thereafter about Ms. Orjiakor is cruel and wicked to say the least.

    We as Africans, we have to start respecting ourselves. There was no cause for the malicious libel against Ms. Orjiakor and her work as an actress. She did not write the script for the movie and she only played a part. What I found most disgusting was that when the story broke, the fool producer and director of Itohan had the temerity to lie that those scenes were not from Itohan. How low can people get. Methinks that if Ms Orjiakor had taken the matter to court she would have made a big pay day. Instead the poor woman has been terrified by all the evil events surrounding her acting in the movie, and unjustifiably embarrassed to no end.

    Cossy is a fine actress, and I definitely miss her in the movies. Her boobs, are the best in the country. She would have made millions for all those timid film makers who dropped her services because, can you believe, that her boobs were the biggest and the best in the business. Most African men love well endowed women, and Cossy was about the best. We are the loosers, not Cossy. I would like to appeal to all those film producers out there, get Cossy back into the movies, please. It is a great loss to the Nigerian movie industry that she is no longer acting. Thanks


  21. she is raely dem hot,she follow the wise say dat state dat heaven help dose who help demselfs.kip it up beach.

  22. hi cossy u real look so sweet and the most sexyest ladies in the wole world wish u all the best

  23. Woh!cant wait to feel those boobs wit my hands cos they dont look like real coosy.Do it wit Dogs or not just go for HIV test and let us know ur status cos me i still dig u well and I wont mind to be ur Adam bt not until I see it dat U are NEGATIVE.

  24. or perhaps if u love ur “big boobs” so well y not start working round with out a top i think den peeps wld knw wat ure rili looking for. GOSH mehn u DISGUST ME!!!!! film or no film if uve got dignity u wld never act such a role. y dint odas take up d role its simply because directors n producers knw she is a gal witout dignity

  25. so far as am concerned cossy is just a disgrace 2 females. i mean shes not the only 1 with big boobs shes just as gud as a hor am wondering why she hasnt shot a blue film cos dats were shes ment 2 be doin. i dont tink an african man in his ryt senses wld sit n tink of getting 2 marroed to such a shame except if he himself is already a shame. mehn cossy go n get a life cos u aint got 1 ure simply useless gal

  26. I just love her

  27. Wow

    This post really hits me and is informative.Would You let me use this information on my site? I will link back to your blog?


  28. Those are biggens :)


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