Sex in the Office



 By Ugo Chime

Recently, I came across some racy photos of a – purportedly – Zain Uganda director doing the nasty with his subordinate. As the story went, the director was fired after the photos were released on the internet. This is pretty understandable, judging from his position in the company. But what kind of got me was that the lady was said to have kept her job! Seriously, why? Evidently, she was much a willing and happy participant in the act as the man. So, why does he get punished and she is not?

Thus, I asked an associate of Zain Nigeria, whether Zain as an organisation didn’t have clearly stipulated sexual harassment policies. Surprise surprise, those with me then, couldn’t understand what a corporate sexual harassment policy had anything to do with the matter at hand. What they were all focused on was that people should stop taking potentially demanding photos of themselves!

Since we were all acting like sinful adults there, and I am not quite one to act sanctimonious, I decided not to argue along the path that those two staff shouldn’t have been ‘getting down’ in the first place. Instead, I pointed out the injustice of the company punishing only one of the guilty parties. Had there been a sexual harassment policy, the ‘Oga’ as well as the ‘Sissy’ would be held by them, hence punishable by them.

With evidence that it was the subordinate who indeed went after her boss, as it is well known to happen, she goes. If it can be proved that it was the director was ‘forced’ the young lady into an affair, her reputation wouldn’t be as tarnished as it must be now. And if it turns out that they were both very consenting adults, the two of them go! That is justice! Everybody is protected! Everybody is accountable! And isn’t that what every company should strive to achieve?

But, what do we have on ground? I have worked in four organizations till date, and interned in three others, and not one of them has a sexual harassment policy! Doesn’t that show how corporate organizations have conveniently chosen to ignore that sex occurs in the office, and possibly every single day. Before working hours, during working hours (I had a story of a guy stumbling upon his boss and an NYSC attaché furiously going about their business in the office bathroom – imagine the slews of customers being kept waiting while those two relieved themselves), and after working hours.

These things happen, so why won’t companies acknowledge it in a written form. Let’s say, for the heck of it, that it is the subordinate that teamed up with the IT guy who released the photos to kick the director out.

By the time the case is investigated it, the victim (the director) wouldn’t have been kicked out so fast. Let’s again say, again for the heck of it, that the company requires of every IT staff to report any evidence of sexual activity, this matter would have been taken care in-house without the embarrassment of the whole world knowing about it.

And had the IT staff violated the company policy by releasing the photos, he would probably be the first to be let go; not just on the account of blackmail – which is a criminal or it is civil offence (I’m not sure if HR can sack a staff for blackmailing another staff).

There is a lot sexual harassment policies can do for company personnel. For one thing, it would keep people on their toes. There would be none of those dirty jokes that get told in offices.

Ambitious young ladies or men will be discouraged from looking out for a boss to sleep with, knowing that it really wouldn’t help their course (as the boss is trying his best possible best not to appear to have a personal interest in pushing for your hiring or promotion). As well, the gold-digging babe looking for a rich husband at her place of employment will also think twice about it, as she may not find so many men willing to lose their job for a piece of the action.

And it takes the power off lecherous bosses who are on the prowl for naïve staff to take advantage of, because they can’t guarantee that that subordinate isn’t hiding a tape, recording their ‘rapping’ to be presented before a board on a later date (I heard this actually happened in a university, my alma mater precisely!).

Seriously, the office is a place for business. And anything that would keep it that way should be enforced.

Readers comment
Posted by Constantly Amazed by Naija on Aug 05 2009

I think this is an insightful article. I have worked and interned at different so-called “multi-national” organizations in Nigeria where corporate sexual harassment policies do not exist. Every time a lecherous contractor, co-worker and colleague tried to push their luck, I was told by HR to handle it “maturely” and ignore it. The excuses were the same bullshit. I got asked ridiculous questions like “Ah ah don’t you like him pursuing you abi don’t you want to get married?” or equally ignorant comments like “This is not America, there is no such thing as sexual harassment – just a man fancying a pretty girl” This is coming from HR! What was even more amazing was that women found it socially and professionally acceptable to indulge these men in the workplace. People can do whatever they want outside the office and there is little harm is mindless flirtation in the office. But when a person says no, NO should be understood rather than constant harassment for sexual favors in order to advance in the workplace.


Posted by Abi on Aug 05 2009

Sorry buddy I just dont seem to comprehend your argument!! Sounds like a bunch of ramblings!!


Posted by AMAZON on Aug 06 2009

With respect to the Zain issue I am amazed at the audacity of both parties in the copious pictorial documentation of their excesses. More so as I hear both parties are married. However I find it hard to buy the sexual discrimination slant in this instant based on the fact that both parties appeared verrrry consenting. I have worked in 3 large Multi-nationals, two in the same sector, all but one have a well documented and known harassment and discriminations policy in effect. Similarly there are also concise and actively policed conflict of interest policies. However one thing is a constant reality, human nature will be what it is and you will always find individuals who actively seek to subvert rules, policies for their own personal interest or enrichment of pocket. There is only so much policing an organisation can do. In the final analysis they (organisations/corporations) remain a reflection of the society at large. It boils down to personal accountability


Posted by Ugo Chime on Aug 06 2009

@ Constantly Amazed by Naija: my dear, i tire! that is the reality of a young, pretty woman working in naija! but na wa 4 ur HR people! Ha!!!!!!!! @ Abi: maybe you should read it again, when you are less distracted. @ amazon: definitely, a company can only do as much. Human beings will always be human beings. But take Constantly Amazed by Naija’s experience. Do you think she’d hear such utter come out from the mouth of a HR person if a sexual harassment policy had been in place???????? Laws are not made so that everybody will be good. Laws are made that some people will take heed, & for fear of being punished behave themselves, & those who take the risks to default (& are caught) are duly held accountable. The lack of a law means all man is on their own. And does that, in your opinion, protect employees?


Posted by Lucas gbenga. Sagamu on Aug 06 2009

The ladies in d coperate world put on unpleasant dress to their various offices, but that should’nt set a cause of sexual action right in the office, all this should stop


Posted by Chika Okaka Okpara on Aug 06 2009

It is shameful that the writer embarked on a literary misadventure when he tried to connect the so called Zain photos with the topic. It was very wobbly. Obviously, the writer could not ignore the salacious images he found on his enemy organisation Zain and had to find a way to disingenuously weave it into his weak narrative. Journalism and creative writing are dying in Nigeria, and I expect NEXT run by the duo of Dele Olojede and Ama Ogan (two of the best Nigeria ever had) to help navigate the profession away from the precipice. It is one thing to get the news and another thing to do justice to the story editorially and yet another thing to professionally manage the slant and delivery. This article lacks depth and information. The author was dying to tell the Zain Uganda story. Simplicita!


Posted by teejay on Aug 06 2009

I think this Zain issue is just a mess and shouldn’t happen in official places. Even if the lady’s husband forgives her, how will she appear in d presence of her in-laws, children and colleagues. How will d man’s children see him? Values have eluded a lot of of people that should be in places of integrity. It’s just a pity. May God help us all.


Posted by obinna on Aug 06 2009

what constitues sexual harrasment?? a guy asking a lady out for dinner, trying to play his way round the ‘hard to get’ attitude of some ladies who actually fancies him.. or is it a lady that wears very provocative skirts or blouses?? Until these things become clear… its a difficult conclusion to reach

Posted by AB on Aug 06 2009

All i’ll say to the defenders of obscene dressing amonst our women folk is that … He who does not want to be bitten by mosquitoes would think about properly covering the body parts vulnerable to mosquito bites… If you do that, knowing the the implications, i wonder why you should cry wolf when bitten.

Posted by Emmanuel Onwubiko on Aug 06 2009

Supported. she who goes to equity must go with clean hands. two adults misbehaved and only one got fired. something is fishy. may be the person doing the firing of the Director may be the main shareholder of the babe who was caught pants down with her Zain Telecom boss.further probe ought to be carried out to determine who is bedding that indicted babe who was left in her job while her co-sinner was fired.shameless girl…resign now.

Posted by Ayoka on Aug 06 2009

@ Obinna & Lucas: It always amazes me why people believe a lady dressed in skimpy or revealing clothing is asking for rape, or some other form of unwelcome sexual attention from a man. It gets me wondering, are all our men cretins? Because if that is what we are in effect saying, and that we have to protect our men by bundling up our women from top to toe in this country, then our men need redemption, not just deliverance, and maybe lobotomies as well. You both missed the point. Read the article again.

Posted by Atayi on Aug 07 2009

@Chika Opkara: it is evident that your piece above is not unconnected with some inane attachment to Zain which ultimately blindfolded from appreciating the merits of this article. ADVICE: Don’t always act on your emotions without the benefit of intellect, even if it concerns your source of livelihood!

Posted by Jonnu B on Aug 07 2009

You are perfecvtly right. The lady should be sacked outrightly like her boss. Infact, she is a shameless lady. Finally, doing it in the office was not only bad but unethical. A boss and any of his/her surbordinate can be friend but such friendship should not affect negatively their works and productivity. After all, many got married as a result of knowing each other from the workplace. You are perfectly right, ther is a need for such policy in work place, you have spearheded this advocacy and let’s begin to look for how to take beyond this discussion level Thanks

Posted by brice on Aug 07 2009

i need to see the photos

Posted by Charles on Aug 07 2009

Ugo Chime, I really do not understand what you mean by “doing the nasty”? . . . .is the act of sex nasty? did he rape her? did she rape him? or the fact that they work together or he is married? All parties concerned are adults and are free to do whatever they wanna do; as far as their jobs are not affected in anyway and the sex is consenting. Always remember one thing . . .we are all humans and Africans.

Posted by teejay on Aug 07 2009

As much as I agree that women should be moderate with their dressing, it does not make men go hay-wire when they see a woman dress provocatively, most men are just undisciplned or why do men rape children, were they provoked by them too? That aside, i don’t believe there’s anything called sexual harrasment btw adults especially in offices, it’s always a case of mutual agreement, no sane and reputable woman would want to pose nude publicly all for the sake of nailing a man, n the pic. showed that the woman was actually enjoying it, so i believe they both consented to it and should therefore be punished the same way.

Posted by Hellen on Aug 07 2009

Let us view and access the photos as well. Then we would be able to judge.

Posted by cally on Aug 07 2009

saw the pixes but i received the news that they are ZAIN NIGERIA staff on a holiday trip

Posted by ibro on Aug 07 2009

the ways and manner hese responses have been coming in is quite interesting.they are to adults and they were caught doing what they know they would be punished for,therefore they are both liable.That it happens does not make it right

Posted by Amy Oyekunle on Aug 07 2009

First, let me begin by appreciating the good intentions the author had in pointing out the lack of sexual harassment policies in many organizations and businesses in Nigeria. However, I feel that linking it to the ‘quickies’, ‘groping’ and ‘couplings’ of two consenting adults takes away from the seriousness of the issue. I believe that EVERY business (whether government or private) should have a code of conduct that guides employees in what is acceptable and what is not. Having sex in the office is definitely not acceptable. As to the matter of pictures or tape made public on the internet? Well, that is a totally different dimension. Obviously, the company is not too worried about their reputation for them to still have any of the culprits still working in that company. But hey, that is business in Africa for you. I really hate to compare but sometimes it is necessary. However, the matter of sexual harassment is a far more serious, more sinister matter. And I have taken the liberty to pull up some information from a sexual harassment website: Reality: Sexual harassment is a form of abuse, most commonly an abuse of power. Any unwanted sexual attention constitutes sexual harassment. The harasser’s rationale does not change this fact. Reality: Sexual harassing behavior may be common, but it is not “normal.” Sexual harassment is not about sex, at the core of the problem is abuse, particularly the abuse of power and authority. One would never say that racist acts are “normal,” yet they are common, and are as harmful as sexual harassment. The issue is one of treating people with respect and dignity. That this does not always occur may be common, and may be human nature, but it is not “normal.” Myth: Some people ask to be sexually harassed. They do this with how they dress, or how they act. They send “signals.” Reality: Being subjected to sexual harassment is a painful, difficult, and frequently traumatic experience. Defenses such as “she wore provocative clothes” and “he enjoyed it” are neither acceptable nor accurate. In my line of work (I work with girls and young women) I come across many cases of sexual harassment. I too was a victim of sexual harassment but I was one of the lucky ones. Many girls and young women are not and because we rarely ever give this topic the seriousness it deserves this will continue to be a problem in the workplace, schools and even churches. One of the things a few women organizations are trying to fight for is a sexual harassment law. I say fight for because getting it passed is like pulling teeth from a fire-breathing dragon. I’m convinced that (some people – actually many people) like the status quo. If I were the don of a bank (no pun intended) I’d like the idea of scoping fresh NYSC staff, picking any woman I want just because I can. If I was a young women (Oh I am) I might entertain the idea that if I was the ‘babe’ of the don I can get off with so many things – like coming to work late or not at all, having no clue or idea of what I am doing but hey….who cares I am the girlfriend of Mr. X. Times are tough you know and a girl has to do what a girl has to do, Right? Wrong. So Wrong. Myth: If a person really wanted to discourage, or stop, sexual harassment, they could. Reality: Often, the harasser is in a position to punish the recipient by withholding a promotion, giving a bad evaluation, or giving a low grade. In this society, men are known to rationalize their actions by saying that a women’s “no” is really a “yes.” Myth: The seriousness of sexual harassment is exaggerated; most “harassment” is really minor, and involves harmless flirtation. Reality: Sexual harassment can be devastating. Studies indicate that most harassment has nothing to do with “flirtation: or sincere sexual or social interest on the part of the perpetrators. And it is offensive, often frightening and insulting, to the victims. Research shows that victims must often to leave school or jobs to avoid harassment. Many experience serious psychological and health-related problems. They may even be forced to relocate to other cities. Myth: Sexual harassment is inevitable when people are working together. Reality: While interactions between people may be inevitable, uninvited sexual overtures are not. I am convinced that addressing the issues raised above goes far beyond instituting a sexual harassment policy or law. I am convinced that such issues have a fundamental link to the patriarchal nature in our society today. And only when we begin to address this can we truly make a head way to changing perceptions in our society over many things……including sexual harassment.

Posted by Ugo Chime on Aug 07 2009

I can’t believe i am hearing an argument suggesting that there is nothing wrong with work colleagues, married or single, having ‘extra-curricular’ activities!!!!!!! As far as an office is concerned, sex is not as simple as two consenting adults! There are so many other things that could come to play as a result of their ‘consenting’. Work gets neglected. Professionalism gets dropped! And that’s just to mention a few. Besides, different people have different definition for what constitutes ‘consenting’. That is why a sexual harrassment policy needs to be in place, so there are no grey areas that unscrupulous folks can take advantage of. And Obinna: please, for the love of God, if your work colleague is playing hard to get, she is SAYING NO IN THE POLITEST WAY SHE IS ABLE TO WHILE BEING PROFESSIONAL. Leave her alone, otherwise you are sexually harassing her!

Posted by Ugo Chime on Aug 07 2009

Charles, ‘doing the nasty’ is a euphemism for engaging in sexual activity. It has nothing to do with the quality of the sex, or the body parts involved.

Posted by lekan on Aug 07 2009

All comments have been read and noted,but the crux of the matter is that volenti non fit injurior.An act consented to can not injure.Let both sexcapades carry their cross themselves instead of us observers making bad comments about ourselves.

Posted by Ugo Chime on Aug 07 2009

@ Amy: i am totally with every single point you have made. Well, except that i had taken the seriousness of the matter by linking the quickie of two consenting adults. First, there are many ways to address a matter. Some people like shooting straight, some use proverbs, some use silence. Secondly, i have avoided terming the Zain staff ‘consenting’ adults, (and if i had implied, i apologize), because really you cannot tell who is what if a proper investigation isn’t carried out. With a sexual harassment policy in place in an organization, it then becomes a necessity that this is done, before punishments are meted out. For all we know, the woman could have been forced into the alliance. Or the woman teamed up with the senior personnel or the IT guy to embarrass the disgraced director. There are so many things that could be, which may now not be discovered, because someone has taken the fall for the situation. if you noted my ending paragraphs, you’d know the hallmark of my message was that enforcing a sexual harassment policy protects the staff (all staff. not just the females. Yes, i deliberately tried not to sound like i was making a case for women. Precisely because i didn’t want anyone throwing dirts at me about the way women dress. Which by the way, i am surprised to have that argument raised. The last time i checked, most companies in Nigeria have dress codes. And employees seen to default are tacitly warned) and punishes all offenders.

Posted by aisha on Aug 07 2009

Chika, you clearly don’t understand what a blog or an opinion article is. It is perfectly legitimate for a journalist, opinion writer or anyone with access to a platform to use a story that has been in the news to pass commentary and begin a discuss on the issues raised by the news story…please don’t comment on things just because you want to see your name online..add value or don’t write…nice piece Ugo don’t mind the Chikas of this world

Posted by Ego on Aug 07 2009

The same is rampant in Zain Nigeria. Promotion is through the ability to perform well .. not at your desk.. but on your desk/carpet/bed. one should see how they harass young women and married women… and if you are not willing to play ball, then you are in trouble as a woman. no sexual harassment policy works there..the recent retrenchments had many who work and don’t comply with the must do activity out of the company while those who comply even married women were not affected and so I am not surprised the same is in uganda. it is a zain thing. Zain worldwide thing!!!

Posted by Olufemi on Aug 08 2009

Sexual harrassment in Nigeria is a BIG PROBLEM only because of the way we choose to be with every of our affairs , we ignore it or pass some of the mischievious unreasoned comments some would make on reading Ugo’s piece. The armed services, private sector, educational institutions – nowhere is free of this problem. I am part of a professional practice and believe it or not both sexes from the firm have had to fend of harassment from quite silly people who believe firming assignments to us should be gratified with ‘a bit on the side’! We must add this to the agenda of the battles we have to fight in the times ahead.

Posted by Chinwem on Aug 08 2009

Whoever released those pictures is downright evil. The parties involved here have families and dependants who will ultimately be negartively affected by the release of the pictures one way or the other. Sex in the office place will always happen. Its a fact we all have to accept. My thinking is that putting a policy against it will actually escalate it especially when there are 2 consenting adults. The lesson is that it should never be put in evidentiary form like the couple did. @brice- The pictures are not worth seeing. Seeing the pictures made me feel like a peeping tom on 2 adults having an intimate time together

Posted by TELLI,YOLA. on Aug 08 2009

The entire thin is foolish,the 2 migth have sacked.tanx.

Posted by Tobechukwu Tamuno on Aug 08 2009

The reaction of many of those who have responded to this story is painfully suprising. Why talk of sexuall harrashment when the pictures clearly show that the couple involved are two consenting adults. They did not have the affairs in the office, the pcitures were obviously not taken in the office and there is nothing to suggest they worked in the same unit. So, why are people taking Panado for another man’s headache. I also think it very unfair to castigate Zain when no one has made any effort to speak officially with the company. As far as i know both Zain and MTN has a robust policy that regulate staff behaviour. No seriuos multinationla allows its staff to act without regulation. A far worse incidences of sexual relationship happen in many banks, government circles (abuja) and Institutions of learning particularly the Universities. It becomes a problem when it affect the productivity level and brand image of their organisation.

Posted by Tamuno Tobechukwu on Aug 08 2009

Ego, you are completely wrong to make unsubstantiated remarks about an organisation like Zain. Stop being a bad sport. You are acting in a very predictable manner, offerng same excusses like many Nigerians who would rather blame the referee or pitch or the floodlight for losing a football match than admit their team is simply not good enough. It is not possible that an organisation like Zain does not have a ssexual harrashment policy or encourage or condone sexual misbehaviour. No where was it stated that the people involved worked in the same department or transferred their “thingg” to the office. What then is the basis for your sentiment?

Posted by lola on Aug 08 2009

to me, the most annoying thing was that they actually documented their silly affair.anyways, i see no reason why the appointment of any of them should be terminated cos they neither did it in the office nor was it a case of sexual abuse, harassment or molestation.

Posted by Olubunmi Abimbola (UK) on Aug 09 2009

A well retrospective comment on the norms and values and corporate practice standards. Nonetheless, I don’t think such procedures are present in many Nigerian (and African)corporate code of ethics. It is not uncommon to recruit female staff by chauvinistic male manager based on sexual gratification before, during and after the exercise. The cultural mis-focus of feminine subservience also compounds the vulnerability of female victims. However, there are occasions when the table is turned and female staff/managers can sexually gratify their ego for various reasons. A formal way has been suggested, a policy to deter sexual harassment. It is a form of ‘Office Rule’ where all, be it male or female, are required to distinguish personal from professional interests. Systems of such policy are laid out from day 1 of employment where policy and procedure manual can be tutored and individuals sign as haqving read and accepted the contractual terms. Additionally, with forsight, a process should be in place to tell on a breach of this fundamental policy – Whistle-blowing policy – which grants individuals the right and liberty to ‘scream’ on individual colleagues/managers, etc, engaging in such despicable activities. While precedents are set, I believe that the corporate culture in Nigeria, in an effort towards modernity, will continue to strive to keep abreast of what applies in the corporate world, rather than rigidly living behind the times and subscribing to archaic and spent corporate ethics. The director and staffer who took very private picture of themselves can be deemed very naive, perverted and self gratifying. If they ever learnt anything, it should be the technological era where nothing is safe through the computer technology. The imbalance in the disciplinary outcome is, however, unfortunate because, from all pointers, it was a scheme between two delinquent adults. Serve them right for being ‘flashers’.

Posted by Tade olawale olanrewaju on Aug 09 2009

‘let he or she without a sin be the first to cast the stone’ i bear with idea of sex policy. To the backmailer he wont progess by pulling someone at high esteem job down. To the woman, you are the cause of all the mess. To zain, call the director back to work i believe he will not make the silly mistake again

Posted by tinka on Aug 09 2009

Sexual harassment in a business setting is usually defined as a person in a position of authority using that authority to try to gain sexual favors from a subordinate. In most Western courts, a sexual harassment victim has to prove they were denied a pay raise or promotion due to the harassment in order to collect a judgement. In the case of these consenting adults, they both should be fired for taking the company paycheck while engaging in personal activities, and for unprofessional workplace behavior. Anyone dumb enough to let themselves be photographed in such a compromising situation shouldn’t be a big loss to the company.

Posted by labalaba on Aug 09 2009

Nicely crafted story and kudos for your numerous enjoinder. I would have appreciated samples of some well written and well connected variants of this piece. Nevertheless, what use is a documented sexual harass policy of a company? It is of no effect because sexes must mate! Both participants could have been fired, in my opinion because the act took place in the office. Who cares if the act was secretly and illicitly consumated in any brothel(short time) outside the office? What is the guarantee that the director was a victim of blackmail? An easy way to offload a director in the face of Zain’s recent restructuring and hard times. We are a bunch of hypocrites, some people are pretending about this sacred act between parties who yielded to lust. Whoever placed that copulating pictures on the Net dented the image of Zain’s nauseating management, who I strongly believe has no equitable competence to decide the case. Do we have any law in Nigeria against adultery? Over to you Zain.

Posted by Omo Alhaja on Aug 09 2009

It’s not just bribery, corruption and political imbecility. Sexual harassment and intimidation, paedophilia, the sexual abuse of mentally ill women and serious deficiencies in mental health care are just 4 more issues to add to the long list of areas in which we have failed ourselves. After reading Ugo Chime’s thought provoking piece, I am amazed once again to read people who trivialise or are unable to appreciate that these things are an often-ignored part of the reasons why we have no civiil society in NIgeria worth the name.

Posted by doll on Aug 10 2009

they were sacked…that is the IT people and some organizations e.g. mine have sexual harrassment policy and they implement it strictly

Posted by Awoniyi Kasimu Olaniyi on Aug 10 2009

Its not fair to have fired the man only, since both the man and the woman are involve they should be both fired. It is like the person that fired the man is going out with the woman, i think so.

Posted by cherry on Aug 11 2009

Ugo, I suppose if Zain doesn’t have a sexual harrassment policy, the easiest option would involve not sacking the woman. It would thus avoid her potentially bringing charges against it in future for not protecting her against (alleged) sexual harrassment from her boss and sacking her for a crime she didn’t commit. Civil and Women’s Rights lawyers would have a field day in court and take the company down. It’s a tricky situation. I’d like you to nose around for us and find out if her current work is still ‘relevant’ to the company. I’m willing to bet it isn’t. They’ll ‘make it easy’ for her to resign.

Posted by Emy on Aug 11 2009

….o-boy, no b small thing oooo. see all d comments on dis issue. sex as a topic is too damn intresting & provocative. guys, abeg take am jeje. i’v seen d pixs & those guys were having a ball. they just got careless. if u ask me, they’d most probably do it again if they get d chance, sexual harrassment policy or not…only thing that’d change this time around is that they’d be more careful with their flash drive (lol).

Posted by Ebele on Aug 11 2009

Its so funny.The problem is with the IT Guy that recorded tje incident. Infact, Let me ask him a question ” ARE YOU PERFECT? He took his time to record all the action. He really get time. This is exactly what hapnd in d Bible about Mary Magdalene. A Bible student can testify the answer Jesus gave them The IT Guy will still get his reward. This life What you sow you must definitely reap.

Posted by Kelvin Clarke on Aug 11 2009

When it is somebody’s turn to be a scape goat you will see everybody taking turn to lash out his own repulsion for wrong doings. Which among any of you condemning the action of the duo actually have a clean record even in your offices. That you don’t have sex in your office does not imply that you are acquitted of other wrong action within the office premise. How about backbiting,fraud and intention to commit fraud,late coming and lying to cover up, giving wrong information to the public about the situation of your products and financial standing, Using your workforce from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm with any yearly vacation or bonus. Its very convenient for People to make scape goat of others predicament. Meanwhile most of you masturbates right there in your seats while watching pornographic pictures or movies. Some have even gone to bed with over 2,000 partners in their short life time and here they are claiming sanctity! These IT guy are very immoral especially when the office premise is littered with security cameras. They focus their beam on unsuspecting victims when in the convenience some even hack their colleagues files to steal document. Or is it because they were caught, I can boost that top executives of corporations goes to bed with girls of their daughter age, neighbors have extra marital affairs. It is only God who is worthy of Judgment of this duo! I am not saying I support what they did, but if it was with both parties consent, there was no need for the public publication. Situations like these are part of the societal safety valve. They exist for some reason, so that office life can continue and can be taken for granted! There is some psychological satisfaction you derive when you backbit other, commit fraud, come late and get away with it all the time, masturbates, watch pornography, use your workforce extensively etc! For as long as office life continues, we can not condemn others when they act within their own safety valve for as long as nobody or the organization is directly or indirectly hurt.

Posted by Aminu on Aug 11 2009

U guys 4gotten that it takes 2 to TANGOOO!!! If d guy is guilty of sexual harrassment, d babe is also guilty of sexual provocation. Pure & simple!! So BOTH’re guilty, shikenan!!!

Posted by Aminu on Aug 11 2009

Sebi it takes just 2 to TANGO, so BOTH are guilty, one of sexual provocation & d other of sexual harrassment…Equation don balance..Shikenan!!!

Posted by beredugu on Aug 11 2009

See what people are spending their energy analysing and discussing? when Yaradua is there finishing us. When PHCN is in a mess and our resources as a nation and dissappearing. Sex is Sex and happens in more places than Nigeria. We just like to claim everything. Any kind of harrassment is not condoned in any organization so please. We put to much power on Woman and Sex. If they dont want and are harrassed would they just run? or go and report? Lawyers de ground. Please discuss nigeria’s problems Thank you

Posted by Ozzie Jacobs on Aug 12 2009

Wheres the Friggin pictures Dudes?but to be truthfully fair about the issue.i think the lady’s life would be really inconvenient due to the fact that the Husband would be known as national disgrace cos it would leave a lot of tongues wagging about them which i think is not fair for even the image of the kids.severe frustration considering the challenges in school and classmates might a living saying there should be like an “EDIT” on the photos to protect the ladies interest out of you see,practically releasing the photos might serve as an exposure of release but in the end you figure you destroyed some body’s entire Marriage…furthermore,life…as for the man.well,i think he should have been in control of his self.we all got prizes to pay…thats about it but still i say! where are the pictures???

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