EDITORIAL COMMENT:Give ohakim a breathing space to work for Imo State

 Chief Dr Ikedi Ohakim, holds BSC in Business Administration, MSC in marketing and PhD  Degrees. His ascension to the political leadership of Imo State,Nigeria under the PPA flag on may 29 2007,to say the least,was indeed Gods will for the people of Imo State. Imo is a State in South East of Nigeria. Imo State has 27 Local Government Areas.


Ikedi Ohakim with his Style of leadership,it will not be a mistake to say that he knows where the shoe pinches Imo people.Within the last 365 days ,he has work round the clock to put smiles on the faces of Imo  People. Thank God the people of Imo State decided to bring change in leadership and trooped out to elect him as Chief Executive officer of the State.


“Chineke Ekele oo”, Imo People are shouting. The State is now a State to sing praises of. Ohakim is delivering on his electoral promises. Imo people now have sense of belonging in the running of Imo with wealth now spread across the State. Visitors to the state would have been convinced that Ikedi is out to take the State to the highest level of development.


Since the Governor assumed Office In 2007, there has been paradigm shifts in the areas of developmental projects such as  road, civil service and security. There is notable peace and harmony in Imo State. Ohakim in his characteristic approach to handling the affairs of the state may have proved wrong, holders of the believe that because of the Governor’s minority party(PPA),there might be heavy unrest in the state. Imo under the Leadership of Ohakim is enjoying the best of oneness and unity which are vital ingredients needed for development. The bond of friendship between the Governor and Imo state House of Assembly and the Judiciary  is a thing to be applauded.


In the area of security,  Ohakim ,in the last twelve  months, has achieved a lot. Imo State is one of the most peaceful State in Nigeria. Naturally the people of Imo are hospitable and peace loving but the Governor still went ahead to fashion out proactive measures to entrench peace and security in Imo State. Over 40 patrol vehicles have been distributed among  The Police, Army, Civil Defence, etc, for pre-emptive operations against violent crimes in the state with Joint Task Force(JTF) made up mainly of Army and  Police, put in place. Today, residents of the state sleep with their eyes closed. Ohakim is  committed to the security of the state to the smallest  details. When Armed Gunmen began to terrorize Mmahu-Egbema, a community that is the capital of Ohaji/Egbema L.G.A, Ohakim in Conjunction with Mike Okiro (IG of Police) sent 30 Policemen to flush out the gunmen. So many gangsters   where arrested, the rest flew Mmahu.


The Governor has also revealed in several interviews that what has helped most in entrenching peace in Imo State has been the positive employment of Imo youths in different strata of the economy. Imo Job Center, Ohakim’s creation has employed over 1000 jobless youths of the state.


The direct result of peace in Imo has quickened the economic growth of the state. Major construction companies are today putting finishing touches to Road Construction in Imo. There is dualisation  of Owerri -Orlu road, Okwelle Ezike-Umuduru road,Amuro-Aro Ofeimo Road, Dikenafia-Isiekeneze-Umuagwo Road, Obioha -Ogboko-Omuma-Isiaku-Nkwerre Road, Obioha-AforUrualla-Obodoukwu_Afor Isiokpo Road, Nkume-Amucha -Ezi Obaire Road,Afor -Umuaka-Amazano-Nkpulu Road, Shoe Industry-Amulu Mbieri Road.Dualization of Okigwe Road, Amaraku Roundabout,Ikpambara-Umuehie-Umuneke Road, Anara Roundabout, Anara-Eziama Abba Road,Naze-Nekede-Obinze Road,Enyiogugu-lagwa-Mbutu-Uvuru Road,Umunama-AkpodimOwutu-Ife Road,Owerri-Umuahia Road,etc.These Road Contracts are awarded to reputable Construction Companies as a way of promoting thorough and clean job.


In Transportation, Ohakim has bought over 100 small Taxis, over 100 mini buses and over 100 luxurous  buses to ease Transportation stress in Imo  state. Imo is also regarded as one of the Clean States in Nigeria. Ohakims pet  project, Clean and Green Initiative is ridding the metropolis of Owerri and its environs of Dirts.Governor Ikedi Ohakim,Nde nwoo. Keep up the Good work. Imo people are Watching.




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