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How I Met & Married Prophet T.B JOSHUA @ 17

*Wife, EVELYN, Opens Up On Their 23 Yr Old Love Story


            The founder and Senior Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, is a man who is always in the news.  On different occasions, the man of God has been in the news for different reasons.  However, one aspect of the life of this highly popular, but somewhat controversial pastor is his life as a family man.  In fact, not too many people are aware that Prophet T.B. Joshua is married.  This is due to the fact that this aspect of his life has been shrouded in some sort of secrecy.  Interestingly however, Prophet T.B. Joshua is married, and his marriage is 23 year old.  He is married to a 40 year old Delta woman, Evelyn. She  granted a rave interview where she spoke on how she met Prophet T.B. Joshua at the age of 17 and how she got married to the man of God.  She spoke extensively on the intimate lifestyle of Prophet T.B. Joshua and her role in his ministry.  An interesting part of the interview is where she revealed how Prophet T.B. Joshua proposed to her the very first time they met.  It is an interesting interview.  Excerpts.


How exactly did you meet Prophet T.B Joshua?

            I visited a sister somewhere at Ikotun-Egbe, and, they were talking about a particular man, a prophet.  It was a kind of meeting to be precise.  And it’s like everybody in the gathering, or at least half of the people in the room, had actually visited him.  So, they were saying a lot of good things about him.  I was thrilled.  At the end of the whole thing, I called a sister outside and asked whether she could take me to the prophet.  I didn’t ask to go there out of curiosity.  I actually needed a guide at that point in time.


Were you at any crossroads at that point in time?

            Not really.  I wasn’t at any crossroads, but I desperately needed a guide.


Spiritual guide?

            Yes, a spiritual guide.  A counselor.


Could you tell us the church where you were worshipping?

            I was in Assemblies of God Church.


What things were people talking about that made you get interested in him?

            Many things.  This one said he prayed for him and things became okay from there.  Another said her life was at a bend but straightened up when she met him.  You know things like that.  So, we went there.   Unfortunately, we did not meet him at home.  But looking back now, I thank God that we didn’t meet him that day.



            Because that would have been the end of this story.


Why would it have been the end of the story?

            It would have been because what he told me that very first day that I set my eyes on him, if the sister was there, I would have believed that maybe she had gone behind me to tell him all about me.  And that would have ruined it.


So, did the man of God tell you the story of your life?

            Yes, of course.


Without any pre-knowledge of who you were?

            Yes.  Some months after, I visited him that was in 1990.  I could remember that day was a public holiday.  I remember also how I nearly lost my way because I had never been to the place before, except that day I went with the sister.


That is to say, this time you went alone?

            Yes, I did.  I went alone.  But before I was able to locate the place, it was a bit difficult for me.  When I got into the waiting room, I met two men waiting to see him.  Before this time, the idea that I had about a prophet was that of an old man with a white, long beard and things like that.  So, on that day, I was reading a novel that I came  with when I suddenly saw someone come into the room, pick one or two things and went back.  But the shadow of whatever I saw was not that of an old man.


Did you greet him?

            No, I didn’t even look at his face.  But when he left, one of the two men was telling the other one, ‘that’s him.  That’s him.’  I looked up but he had gone.  They went into the consulting room before me.  Finally, it was my turn, and I went in there.  We sat opposite each other.  And, he was gazing at me for about a minute and some seconds.  I gazed at him, too.  Transfixed as I was, I noticed that there was a piece of paper before him.  Still looking at me, he wrote the word, ‘Ejide’, on it.  (Transliterated, Eji de- twin has come).  Lest I forget, I’m a twin.


And before then, you had not told him anything about yourself?

            No, we were just looking at each other until he, at a time, wrote my name on the piece of paper.  So, we started talking.  He told me a lot of things about myself,  both things that I knew, and those that I never knew.  I was shocked.  He told me about my family, about my past, my present and my future.  Altogether, we spent about 45 minutes.  At the end of the whole thing, he spoke to me in Yoruba and said: Joo ma binu o. Ma ro pe bi mo se nba gbogbo eniyan ti o ba wa s’odo me soro ni eleyi o.  mi o ni ale, me o dee fee ni ale.  Sugbon, se oo fe mi?  (Transliterated, this means:  please, don’t be annoyed.  Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me.  I don’t want to have a concubine.  But will you marry me?).


Just like that?

            Just like that.  It was strange, but that gives us an insight into what the Scripture says that the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.  I think that was it.  That was how I met him.  Some months later, I asked him why he thought it was right seeing a lady for the first time and going on to propose to her.  He said he had seen me four days before that very day.



I don’t know


In his dream?

I don’t know.


Or was it a revelation?

Honestly, I don’t know.


Okay, let’s go back to the time you entered his consulting room.  At that particular moment, what  was going on in your mind?

            A lot of things.  In the first place, I was expecting to see an elderly man.


But instead you saw a dashing, handsome, young man?

            (Laughs).  Oh yes!  That was it.


He too must have been captivated by a ravishing beauty like you…?


            (Laughs again…) I wouldn’t know.  But like I told you, he wrote my name on the piece of paper before him.  That was the first thing that really shocked me.  And the fact that he proposed to me the first time that we met without waiting to know some things about me.


Wait a minute.  Don’t you think that one of your friends could have had contact with him and told him about you?

            Unfortunately, I don’t have friends.  As I told you, it was a sister that I visited who took me there in the first place.  So, there is no way anybody could have gone to tell him about me.  And, when I was going there the second time, she wasn’t there.  I went alone.


Why did you choose to leave where you were worshipping?

            I’ve told you how I got to know about him.  I told you too, that I didn’t go there out of curiosity.  I needed a guide, whom, I believe, I could get from the prophet.  That’s why I went.


In what area of your life did you need a guide before you went to him?  Was it on marriage, business etc.?  what area?

            You know, life is full of challenges.  As a young lady, I knew God was there.  I have a Creator and I know He can guide me into the right path.  So, I wouldn’t say business or marriage drove me to him.  I just needed someone to guide me into the right path in life.


Top ten ways to know that you are in love

1. You’re in love if you think about them all of the time.

Well yah, I didn’t say that everything on this list would be profound or anything. This one is a no-brainer. If you love someone, they’re going to be in your thoughts all the time. In fact, you won’t be able to get them out of your head. Look at the rest of the indicators before coming to a conclusion, though, because this one could also mean that you’re just plain nuts.

2. You’re in love if everything reminds you of them.

Someone asks you to pass the ketchup and it reminds you of them. A flock of geese fly overhead and it reminds you of them. You get the picture. Oh, and for some reason, when you’re in love it seems like every new person you meet or see on TV or hear a story about has the same name as the person you’re in love with. I don’t know why that is, it just happens.

3. You’re in love if you care more about their safety and happiness than you do about your own.

For some weird and inexplicable reason, the whole “looking out for number one” thing you’ve been doing your whole life desolves away and gets replaced by an overwhelming urge to make sure that special person is as safe, comfortable and happy as possible. No, I’m serious. This totally because your number one priority. It’s kind of like getting super powers, in a way; you’d be amazed at what little-old-you is capable of when you’re trying to protect or provide for the one you love.

4. You’re in love if you start caring more about your own appearance.

Suddenly, without warning, you find yourself wanting to actually iron the wrinkled jeans that have been sitting in the dryer for the last three days before you wear them. If you’re about to see that person who you can’t get out of your mind, there suddenly seems to be a whole lot of reflective surfaces around to check yourself out in.

5. You’re in love if you’re actually interested in knowing more about them.

You can forget about the days when you went home from a date remembering absolutely nothing about the interests, career and dreams of the person you went out with. Finding out all about this fantastic person is your new favorite thing to do. If you could find a book detailing every minute detail of their life, you wouldn’t sleep or eat until you read every last paragraph.

6. You’re in love if you want to impress them.

You’ve always tried to be modest, but suddenly you feel like you’re a politician fighting to win the most important election ever in the history of the universe. You make sure that the faded newspaper article about you winning your third-grade spelling bee is left nonchalantly on the coffeetable when they come to visit. And you keep them as far as possible from that great aunt who loves to tell all of the embarrassing stories about you.

7. You’re in love if you aren’t as tight with your money or time anymore.

There was a time when the idea of shelling out your hard-earned money to buy someone dinner or a gift would have horrified you. Sure, you would buy an occasional round for your friends or bring grandma flowers on her birthday, but spending any more money than absolutely necessary just wasn’t going to happen. But now, no price seems too high as long as it makes that special someone happy.

8. You’re in love if hanging out with your friends just isn’t as appealing any more.

Remember when you and your friends made fun of the former buddy who ditched your gang to hang out with their new boyfriend or girlfriend? And when the thought of abandoning your friends to spend time with a member of the opposite sex seemed like sacrelige? Well you can try to deny it all you want, but you’re finding yourself constantly thinking about being with that special someone . . . even when you’re surrounded by your buddies!

9. You’re in love if commitment is actually starting to sound like something you could stand.

What, you commit to something that requires you to be faithful and responsible? Oh, the horror! What strange, evil spell has been cast upon you that would actually make you excited about a long-term relationship or even marriage with someone? Did someone slip something into your drink? Are you going insane? No. You’re probably in love, knucklehead.

10. You’re in love if you just aren’t noticing other members of the opposite sex.

Oh, the people you used to stare at are still there . . . you just aren’t noticing them anymore. For some bizarre reason, that special someone has suddenly become infinitely more attractive to you than any other person on the face of the planet. People who you used to think were good-looking suddenly pale in comparison to the one you’ve found yourself falling in love with.