Genevieve Nnaji Tells Us Why She Never Talks About Her Daughter


Over the course of this year, we noticed how various celebrities came out of the closet and revealed that they had kids and the next thing, photos of their kids were all over social media.

Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji however chose a different path.

The veteran actress has revealed why she has for long shrouded the identity of her daughter and hardly talks about her in the media.

She told Olisa Adibua during the recent edition of his The Truth programme: ‘I don’t answer such questions because that is a part of me that existed way before people got to know about Genevieve, so that s why it’s private. That is a part of me that I have going for me because after that I didn’t own my life anymore.’

She continued with an advice, ‘I would say, Everybody falls, that is what makes us human, the only super humans are the  people who rise (after).’

Unconfirmed reports have it that the actress had her daughter almost 20 years ago  when she was just a teenager.

2015: Buhari’s Loyalists Pledge To Pay N27m Nomination Form Fee For Him

Muhamadu-BuhariThe Bauchi State Chapter of the Buhari Campaign Organisation has pledged to buy nomination form for a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC).

Danjuma Dabo, the Coordinator of The Nigerian Solution Network Group, made the disclosure on Saturday in Bauchi during a solidarity rally in support of Mr. Buhari.

Mr. Dabo said whether Mr. Buhari was willing to contest in the 2015 polls or not, the organisation would source for fund to foot both the campaign bills and purchase the nomination form for him.

The coordinator of the group, who said the N27 million fee for the purchase of nomination form was too high, added that it was above Mr. Buhari’s financial capability.

He then urged party supporters to contribute funds for activities and to enable the organisation to raise fund for the former head of state.

Also Bala Jibrin, a retired captain and guest speaker at the rally, faulted suggestions in some quarters that Mr. Buhari was tribalistic.

Mr. Jibrin described Buhari as “a statesman who refused to associate with those playing tribal or religious politics”.

He assured that if elected, Mr. Buhari would salvage the country from its current state of insecurity, agricultural backwardness and revive other sectors of the nation.

He said it was the right time for the electorate to try people like Mr. Buhari, who he stressed would bring the country out of its current woes.

He called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct credible election come 2015.

The retired captain said it was time for the nation’s electoral body to redeem its image in the interest of political stability of the country.


Secretary of Bayelsa state Independent Electoral Commission assasinated

The Executive Secretary of the Bayelsa state Independent Electoral Commission, Simon Akpen has been assassinated. According to Sahara Reporters, Akpen was shot point blank in the head at his residence in Otiotio road, Yenogoa around 10pm on Friday October 10th by unknown gunmen who laid an ambush for him as he returned home from an outing. He died on the spot.

Confirming the incident, the state’s police commissioner, Valentine Ntomchukwu, said it’s a suspected case of assassination as no valuable was taken from the deceased residence after he was killed
“In my opinion, it may be a case of assassination because they didn’t take anything away after killing him” Ntomchukwu said

Gunmen kill General Oneya’s daughter in Delta


The daughter of the former Military Governor of Kano State, Brigadier Dominic Oneya was reportedly killed by gunmen yesterday at the JW Junction  on Ovie Palace Road, Effurun, Delta State.
The woman identified as Frances Oneya was said to have been killed by men believed to be armed robbers while on her way from the bank.
The gunmen reportedly made way with her bag after attacking her.
This happened on the same day a gang of armed men laid siege on the Effurun/Ughelli axis of the East/West highway.
According to DSP Celestine Kalu, the state police spokesman, preliminary investigations indicate that the robbers who operated on the highway are the ones who attacked Oneya’s daughter.
She said, “She (victim) went to the bank to withdraw money. I think they followed her (from the bank). They
shot her and took her handbag but they did not know that the money was not in the bag; it was in the boot of the car.”
She further revealed that the victim’s car was recovered along with N250,000 cash. She, however, assured that the police are on the trail of the robbers.

CAN Slams Okotie for calling for Oritsejafor’s Resignation

Yesterday, Pastor Chris Okotie called for the resignation of CAN president, Ayo Oritsejafor over the $9.3m arms deal scandal.He wrote on the church’s facebook page..

“Considering the collateral damage Pastor Ayo’s close relationship with the President has done to the Christian community, it is fit and proper for the Pastor to resign immediately as CAN President to salvage what remains of the battered image of the association.

But the Director of National Issues in CAN, Mr. Sunny Oibe, told Punch that Okotie had no moral standing and was looking for popularity through Oritsejafor.

“Is Chris Okotie a Christian? How many wives has he?He should go and sort out himself. Even the government has exonerated Pastor Ayo of all the allegations. So, who is Okotie? Well, it is laughable if Chris Okotie should demand that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor should resign as President of CAN.(continue)

“Chris Okotie should remove the log in his eyes before he begins to see a peck in somebody’s eyes. Pastor Ayo had a soaring integrity before he was elected the President of CAN. Who elected Chris Okotie to become the spokesperson of Christians in Nigeria?
“CAN will not like to join issues with Okotie because doing that will amount to making him popular. He is looking for popularity which he doesn’t have through Pastor Ayo and he is not going to get it.”

Emeka Ike Names producers who sleep with actresses in exchange for roles

Emeka Ike has slammed AGN president, Ibinabo Fibreisima and other  Nollywood big wigs for allegedly pulling Nollywood down .He even listed producers who sleep with actresses as a prerequisite for offering them roles. Speaking to Journalists at the 2nd edition of the City People’s Political Award held recently in Lagos,Emeka who wants to be AGN president said

”There are five people who have taken the laws of Nigerian movie industry into their hands. They are Emma Ogugua, Murphy Stephen, Sunny McDon, Okey Bakassi and Ifeanyi Dikeh. These five people registered Actors Guild of Nigeria as their personal business. No other individual can come in.”My first concern is to clean up Nollywood, clean up AGN. Every Nigerian youth want to act movies now, what future are we leaving for them? Where are they going to write their names?”….
“The two bedroom in Surulere where they would ask you to come and grace their beds before they give you roles? Where they would make you join a gay group or lesbian group before they talk to you?
“Nollywood has gotten so bad that you must either strip and grace their beds or join the gay or lesbian group to belong.”
“The people at the helm of affairs are the ones killing Nollywood. Some of us the well-known actors don’t even know their rights. I dare say it again, they don’t. Nobody can come out to challenge me.”
“We built this industry with pain. Those who are at the helm of affairs now, people don’t even know them in the movies. They just came in and messed everything up.”
“Ibinabo has been acting as the president of AGN for years now, but with her case as an ex-convict, do you have any moral justification to recognize her as the president? The court case is still on and the war continues.”
“That wasn’t the industry I founded. My daughter will not to go into that industry tomorrow and they would say she must sleep with one of them to get a role. Neither would my son be a part of Nollywood that is full of immoralities.”




In a document titled RESOLUTION FOR THE ADOPTION OF HIS EXCELLENCY CHIEF (DR) IKEDI OHAKIM AS THE PDP CANDIDATE BY PDP WARD CHAIRMEN FROM THE THREE ZONES OF THE STATE, the chairmen of the Peoples Democratic party in the state adopted Governor Ikedi Ohakim to be their candidate in the 2015 governorship election. The group which met at Ohakim’s Okohia residence said: “We, the grassroots chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party from across the three zones of Imo state, hereby ADOPT Him (Dr Ikedi Ohakim). And we so resolve.”
According to the group, “following developments that has transpired in our party since the unfortunate accident of 2011, and recently, the visit of the South-East integration committee headed by His Excellency Dr Ahmadu Ali, we the heads of the organ of the party closest to the grass root that feels the purse of the generality of Imo electorate, felt compelled to make a resolution to be forwarded to you Mr. Chairman, and to both the NEC and NWC of our party based on the following indisputable facts:
“Our party (PDP) remains the overwhelming majority party in Imo state.
“As the heads of the lowest organ of the party, our individual reach does not extend to Abuja, where most of the party decisions are made, but collectively we felt, maybe, we the grass root leaders of the party could make an input to the decision making process regarding our great party in Imo state, in choosing a candidate with the best chance of winning the Imo Governorship election.
“Both individually and collectively, we have all suffered tremendous hardship, and yet, we all managed to keep the party together, so that PDP remains the overwhelmingly majority party in the state despite being in opposition.
“We are the first grass root leaders of PDP since 1999 that did not serve under a PDP Governor in over 90% of our tenure, despite winning the Governorship of Imo state in the 2011 election.
“As ward chairmen, we can say without equivocation that we won the 2011 Guber election in at least 68% of the 305 wards of Imo state. This feat we accomplished despite the treachery and conspiracy pepertrated by some leaders of the party in the state. Some of whom are now seeking to become governor of Imo state under PDP.
“On February 22, 2014, most of these leaders returned back to PDP Imo state at the reception of Mr. President, His Excellency Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan held at Dan Anyiam stadium.
“We have received with open arms all our brothers and sisters who left the party. We did so because our people say “without wrong doing, there will be no forgiveness”, but more especially because our great party’s logo is the umbrella, and it is big enough for all.
“Although, we have received these returnees with open arms, but the wounds created by their conspiracy and treachery are yet to be completely healed. Most of these individuals have only been back for about seven months, but we have suffered for over three years, both individually and collectively as a result of their treachery.
“Based on the foregoing, therefore, we, the grass root leaders of Imo PDP collectively appeal to the integration committee, the NEC, and NWC, to allow at least a full year of a process of assimilation before a ticket is given to any returnee, to fly the flag of the party as a governorship candidate for such an action does not only communicate the rewarding of treachery but could potentially tear the party apart, further ensuring that PDP remains out of Imo state government house for another four (4)years. The constitution of our great party says that a returnee to our great party must be a member of the party for at least two (2yrs) years before he/she may be sponsored for an election or by a waiver by the party. This is most important when considering who flies the party’s Guber ticket.
The underlying reason for this provision is to ensure that adequate time is given for assimilation process to take place.
“Based on our knowledge so far, we are unaware of any person who has been granted this waiver for the governorship candidacy of PDP except in the rare occasion of an incumbent governor elected on the platform of another party decamping and coming to PDP. We believe that this is because of the rare advantage that such an incumbent governor affords our great party in retaining the governorship in such a case.
“Without an incumbent among the PDP returnees, we therefore make our resolution based on who among the aspirants gives us the best opportunity to win Imo Governorship, come 2015.
“We take note of the agitations of Okigwe and Owerri zones that the governorship ticket of PDP should be zoned to them, however, there are aspirants from each of the three zones of the state.
Our concern at this point is not which zone of the state that should produce the candidate of our great party, the PDP, but what candidate gives us the best chance to win the Imo governorship election, come 2015.
“The individual among all the aspirants, is His Excellency, Chief (Dr) Ikedi Ohakim, and these are our reasons:
“Ikedi Ohakim is the only aspirant who has structure in the 305 wards of Imo state, and who incidentally is aspiring to fly the flag of our great party, come 2015.
“His Excellency Dr Ikedi Ohakim is the only aspirant with requisite capacity to match the incumbent Governor, project for project, in the state, having served as a governor in the state for four years, just like the incumbent.
“No zone in the entire state could claim marginalisation under Ohakim’s administration 2007-2011, as such he is the most acceptable aspirant that could potentially cool frayed nerves because he has only one term of four years constitutionally to serve as a governor.
“His Excellency, Dr Ikedi Ohakim is the only candidate, if given the PDP ticket that could guarantee the revival of the life sustaining projects and programs abandoned and jettisoned by the incumbent administration because he is the author and originator of these life sustaining projects and programs.
“The vindictive actions of the incumbent Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, in dissolving all institution of governance, both tenured governance institutions and the ten thousand (10,000) graduate jobs of the Ohakim’s administration, including the recent revelations that he had never been in the same physical enclosure, let alone, flog Father Eustace Okorie as was alleged, by one of the most highly respected men of God in the entire South-East zone, have sparked an unprecedented movement in the nooks and crannies of Imo villages such that the tape of that man of God’s revelation has become the highest selling tape in the entire South-East.
With the avalanche of sympathy created by the by the recent revelations, coupled with the return of all returnees, if genuine, we the heads of the lowest party organ in Imo state will guarantee PDP return to Imo state government house if his Excellency Ikedi Ohakim is given the ticket.
Again, we feel compelled to make this resolution, and graciously appeal to you Mr. Chairman of the PDP integration committee South-East and to the other two highest organs of our party, the NEC and NWC that Imo state remains a PDP state. However, PDP cannot afford another four years out of power because our great party the PDP cannot continue to maintain its majority status if she remains out power for another four years.
“Based on the sentiment generated among the rank and file of Imo electorates as a consequence of the maladministration of the incumbent in his vindictive dissolutions of tenured institutions of governance in the state coupled with the ten thousand graduate jobs, Dr Ikedi Ohakim is guaranteed at least two hundred thousand (200,000) votes from affected people of this class even before the real campaign starts.
“With or without zoning, our resolution is based on simply who is the candidate that guarantees PDP return to Imo government house, come 2015. Nevertheless, the precedent established by His Excellency Chief Achike Udenwa of Orlu zone, makes it acceptable that Okigwe zone must complete her remaining term of four years before the governorship of Imo state is rotated to Owerri zone to complete the first cycle.
Mr. President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s transformation agenda has changed Nigeria for good:
“Today, for the first time in twenty (20yrs) years, goods can be hauled from Lagos to Kano via Rail transportation further reducing road accidents occasioned by big trucks.
“The Ebola outbreak in Nigeria was quickly nipped in the bud reducing the casualty rate of this deadly disease to the bearest minimum.
“Nigeria economy is the best it has been for a long time because of the sustained economic growth that has maintained GDP at over 6% for the past four years under the watch of Mr. President.
“For these and other goodies, we now experience under Mr. President’s masterful control of the administration, we collectively resolve to adopt President Goodluck Jonathan as the PDP presidential candidate, come 2015
“The group also appealed to “the President, the Chairman of our great part, the PDP, the national executive committee of the PDP, the national working committee of the PDP, and the Chairman of the integration committee:
“That our thinking is that the granting of a waiver to returnee is simply an exception and not the rule under the constitution of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as such granting such exception should be based on extraordinary circumstances. That being the case, we the grass root party chairmen respectfully recommends that a returnee to PDP Imo state applying for waiver to fly the Guber PDP ticket in Imo state must have been back in the party for at least a period of twelve (12) calendar months, to allow for needed minimum period for assimilation before a general election



Nigeria this evening as good as ignominiously crashed out of the defence of the Africa Cup of Nations which they won last year in South Africa.

The Super Eagles recorded their second loss out of three matches, succumbing 0-1 to whipping boys Sudan at the Khartoum Stadium. Bakri Abdulgadir delivered the fatal blow in the 41st minute after heading past first choice goalie Vincent Enyeama for a historic victory.

With the loss, Nigeria dropped to the last position on the table behimd Sudan, while South Africa, who beat hosts Congo DR, leapfrogged to the top of the table.

Nigeria had last moth lost 2-3 to visiting Congo DR and then drew goalless away to South Africa.

Though football is no mathematics, the chances of the Super Eagles pulling through in the race for Morocco 2015 appear very remote in view of the low morale in the team and the killer form of South Africa and Congo DR.


Can we win the remaining three mathches? ‪#‎SackStephenOkechukwuKeshi‬.

Woman accused of killing 78 year old politician during sex romp (PHOTO)

30 year old ijimo Ibrahim is is police net after the body of her  78-year-old politician lover, Adedayo Deru,was found dumped by the road side  in Ogun State.The police wanted to know how her lover died and how his body got to a roadside in the dead of the night. She told Punch:

“He only came for sex in the mornings so that his wife would not suspect,” “There was a day I was with him. We had sex but the wife caught us. So, I had to leave the town shortly after. I went to Lagos to work as an apprentice hairdresser,”
“There was a day I was with him. We had sex but the wife caught us. So, I had to leave the town shortly after. I went to Lagos to work as an apprentice hairdresser,”“None of the fathers of my children were good. They never took care of me or the children. I turned to the only person who has been really helpful to me. My lover (Deru) was a good man. He helped me anytime I called on him.

“When we reconnected after I got back from Lagos, we continued our love affair secretly because he was always there when I needed help.“He came as usual on September 30 around 9am. I was on my way out of the house; I was going to work already that day. But he met me as I got out of the door and said he was visiting me.I told him I could spare some hours before I left for work, so I went back inside with him. As soon as we got in, he stripped and I did the same. It was just one round of sex that we had and I don’t know why that could have killed him.Our lovemaking was not even that long. He started complaining that he was not feeling fine. He said he was feeling tired and dizzy. Shortly after, he collapsed and stopped breathing.”

Confused about what to do next, she dialled the telephone number of a male relation, explaining what had happened.

“My brother (the relation) told me to calm down, promising to come to my aid later that afternoon so that we could decide on what to do. But when I did not see him by evening, I realised he had run away and switched off his mobile telephone in fear,

Ibrahim had to turn to another acquaintance who eventually agreed to help her dispose of the body.

“We thought if I reported to the police, I would be in serious trouble. I didn’t know I was making a terrible decision.”

It was around 3am the following day when Ibrahim disposed of Deru’s body with the help of a commercial motorcycle rider living in her house.

The motorcyclist, Benjamin Friday said

“When they woke me up to help them carry a body, I was told it was her (Ibrahim’s) elderly relation. I was really sleepy, they only told me he was ill and they wanted to dump his body on a roadside so that he would not die in her house,”.

Asked how he could possibly help carry a body and would not know whether it was that of a dead man, Friday said he was sleepy at the time.

“I told them I would not touch the man’s body. Someone sat behind me supporting the man’s body. I only drove them to the roadside. They put the body down and I left.”

Deru’s body was said to have been dumped about 100 metres away from his lover’s house on Oladipo Diya Road, Odogbolu.The police were called to the scene when the body was found by residents of the area.
Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, said after a thorough police investigation, the body was eventually traced to Ibrahim.

“We would determine how the man died and whether her version of the story correlates with the circumstances of the death.

Actress Ini Edo deletes all Connection with her Ex-Husband online

I guess Mr Phillip is still Ini Edo’s husband until they official get a divorce. But the babe is so angry at the turn of event in their once happy marriage and it appears she is no longer ready to wait a minute longer. She has taken down all images and text connecting her to her estranged hubby online.She used to be ‘Ini4Phil’ on twitter but now her handle is ‘inidelicious01′. It’s not easy to manage love!

Update on Bird that turned into Woman in Oshodi, Lagos (MORE PHOTOS)

According to eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident in Lagos, the bird collided with an electric wire while going for an operation and fell down, after which it changed into this middle aged woman. It was both a scary and a dramatic scene. Many people could not stand to look at the strange woman. She was later taken away by men of the Nigeria police while in near-unconscious state.

Obasanjo warns APC: Don’t give Presidential Ticket to Atiku

President Olusegun Obasanjo dislikes associating with corruption. And he has demonstrated this strong character in his fall out with Ogun PDP strongman, Buruji Kashamu.

Anyway, there are strong indications that Olusegun may have warned the All Progressives Congress not to field former Vice-President Abubakar Atiku as its flagbearer in the 2015 elections.

Obasanjo, during the visit by APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to his residence in Abeokuta, was said to have warned the leading opposition party against fielding an “unclean vessel” as its presidential candidate for the 2015 election.

A credible source said, “Chief Obasanjo appreciated Tinubu’s visit to his home, but specifically warned the APC to shut its door against ‘unclean vessel’.

“Chief Obasanjo reiterated his refusal to join the APC when Tinubu visited him in his Abeokuta residence, but warned the party to beware of Atiku..

“The former President appreciated the move by the APC to find out what he knew about two of the APC aspirants seeking the party’s presidential ticket. He was happy that the party consulted him over whom to pick as its presidential candidate. The former President gave detailed information on the APC presidential aspirants to Tinubu.”

The impeccable source, who was at the meeting but did not want his name mentioned, told Punch that last week’s visit by Tinubu to Obasanjo was meant to remind the former President of the need to support the APC to realise its ambition of winning next year’s presidential election.

But Atiku’s media aide, Garba Shehu, said he was not aware of such comments by Obasanjo against the former vice-president.

Shehu, who said that Atiku had consulted relevant stakeholders on his plan to become Nigeria’s president next year, said, “You can quote me; we are not in any way aware of such comment. What I can say is that the former vice-president has written a letter to his former boss, respectfully informing him of his wish to bid for the APC ticket.”

He also said that Atiku had sent similar letters to other Nigerians.

“These letters, which were personally signed, had gone to thousands of other Nigerians, including politicians, traditional and religious leaders as well as friendly-diplomatic missions.”

Senate President David Mark and Tinubu had last Friday held separate closed-door meetings with Obasanjo. Both Mark and the former Lagos State governor said the issues discussed at the meetings held at the Obasanjo’s Hilltop residence in Abeokuta centred on the state of the nation.

Tinubu on his part, told journalists that he discussion with Obasanjo on “some of his former boys” who would vie for elective positions in the 2015 general elections, especially the Presidency.

Boko Haram Losing Grip And Territories


■ Deserter reveals how leadership vacuum, internal squabble, hunger, desertion by members made Adamawa military exploit possible

Indications abound that the Nigerian troops are getting upper hand against the Boko Haram sect, following the continued noticeable frictions existing among members of the gang and lack of clear, respectable chain of command hitherto existing before the killing of its leader, Abubakar Shekau, a source told Saturday Sun.

Saturday Sun authoritatively gathered that recent breakthroughs by the Nigerian troops is also informed by the demise of a prominent leader of the insurgents, after the death of Abubakar Shekau at Konduga in Borno State. It is suggested that the weakening of the sect also results from power tussle amongst those who are jostling to lead the gang. The development, which our sources said, has led to internecine squabble even among the rank and file in the Boko Haram camp.

It will be recalled that, as a result of the friction, which culminated in the fierce battle within their ranks and
the death of over 30 insurgents in the process, succession palaver, is also said to have informed the new development. In the circumstances, it would seem that things have begun to fall apart with the terror group.

Coupled with all that is the apparent disenchantment by those that were forcefully recruited. For example, there were hundreds that were recruited in Michika and Madagali localities of Adamawa State. According to one of them who deserted the group recently, they were mostly natives who were used by the insurgents to identify houses of prominent figures in government in the two localities and their environs.

Some of the indigenes, who were rescued from captivity during an interaction with Saturday Sun, maintained that the recent military breakthroughs were made possible because the cohesion that once existed within the group has begun to weaken and, therefore, the centre is beginning to bottom out.

The recruited natives, who claimed that they were hypnotized by the insurgents toward assisting in dishing out vital information, took the advantage of these recent breakthroughs of the troops to escape to Mubi and Yola, the state capital.

Aliu Dauda, one of those that escaped, relayed his experience in the camp to Saturday Sun. He said that many of them that were recruited were did not join on their volition. According to him, they hypnotized, using certain liquid substances.

“Most youths in Michika were forcefully recruited to join the gang, first as subsidiary staff. Failure to do their bidding attracted lashes or being shot in the leg or confined in an underground detention camp.

“We served as informants and any attempt to give out false information will be punished severely. The fact remains that we were placed under a spell, which made it possible for us to obey them. We discovered that we were doing everything they told us without complaints.

“I thank God that I survived and now in the midst of our kinsmen who have helped us to recover from the after effect of our abduction,” Dauda enthused.

Adding, he said: “Those that forcefully recruited us do not have human feelings. While we were in their midst, we could not resist whatever they told us because a liquid substance was given to us.”

When asked how he was able to escape, he said that, “first and foremost, there were disagreement and disenchantment between the rank and file of the gang and our supposed leaders. Those of us that were newly recruited five months ago, had to escape when it was apparent that Nigerian troops were having an edge over the Boko Haram sect.

“At the stage we were, we weren’t given arms and ammunitions but rather our assignments were to give out information and identify locations and targets for destruction. We had not graduated to that stage; those recruited in Konduga and Gwoza were our seniors in the business of killing. We that were forcefully recruited in Gulak, Madagali and Michika, were considered not mature or trained to handle weapons or take charge of ammunition.”

Dauda disclosed to Saturday Sun that hunger and starvation in the camp of the gang immensely contributed to the breakthroughs recorded by the Nigerian side. “As a result of hunger and starvation, the gang allowed the newly recruited to search everywhere for food. We were given this assignment because we are familiar with the localities. We had no choice but to break into people’s houses who are our kinsmen to get raw food. Besides, houses of prominent persons in Michika were taken over by the sect.”

Army recovers more towns, arms and ammunition
In recent times, Nigerian troops’ successes over the insurgents have reverberated, especially with the capture of two armoured tanks belonging to the sect. Apart from serious casualty figures recorded by the group, the Nigerian military has also captured a massive armoury with arms and ammunitions belonging to the fleeing terrorists.

“The large quantities of weapons recovered in the raid are still being evacuated from the scene of the night raid where several terrorists died,” Major General Chris Olukolade, the defence spokesman said recently. He added: “Similar operations took place in coordination with the troops of Multinational Joint Task Force in the raids in other camps located on the outskirts of Duguri, Polkime, Malafatori and other locations around the fringes of Lake Chad.”

He also revealed that substantial amounts of “money in different currencies and denominations were recovered from the camps, while a total of seven terrorists were captured in the operation.”

The statement also gave an update on the foiled attack on Giwa Barrack in Maiduguri, Olukolade had said: “Troops conducting cordon and search for remnants of the daring terrorists who attacked Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri, had an encounter with some of the surviving terrorists in the general area of Kayamla and Alu Dam on the outskirts of Maiduguri this morning. More of the terrorists have been killed and arrested in the ongoing encounters.

He added that more bodies of fleeing terrorists had been discovered along the routes of their escape. Troops’ morale and fighting spirit have been further boosted by the outcome of the operations so far, he said, adding that cordon-and-search as well as patrols and pursuit by air and land were continuing in the entire mission area of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

Meanwhile, West African leaders have planned to establish a multi-national force to counter the Boko Haram Takfiri militants operating in the region. The decision was taken on Tuesday during a summit attended by the presidents of Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Benin and the foreign minister of Cameroon in Niger’s capital, Niamey. Nigerien president, Mahamadou Issoufou, reportedly said after the meeting, that the establishment of headquarters for the multi-national force will be “accelerated to make it operational before the end of November.” Battalions will be deployed to “our respective borders” in the same time frame, Issoufou had added.

Dbanj sister’s husband, Dotun of Cool FM, attacked by Robber in Lagos

‘I Didn’t Snatch that Woman’s Hubby, Her Husband Came to Me’ – Yoruba Actress Ronke Odusanya

Big and endowed Yoruba actress Ronke Odusanya [a.k.a Flakky Ididowo] was accused by Folape Sokoya of snatching her of 12 years, Femi Anibaba, thus making him abandon she and their three kids.
The actress contacted Stella Dimoko Korkus with her own side of the story. Below is her defence…
Ronke Odusanya’s Press Statement to Stella on Husband Snatching Allegations:

”I knew Femi back in 2008 through a very close friend who was in America then and not through actress Liz da Silva as is being speculated.

When we met via phone, we got talking for while and I asked him what he does for a living and if he had a family,he told me he had children but was separated from his wife .

I asked him why he was separated and he said things didn’t work out between them .we became friends and talked a lot on the phone and he always had time talking to me even very late American time.
Gradually we got very close and I even met with his mum and siblings who lived in Lagos then but I still had my doubts about him then cos we had not seen each other eye to eye before and some men cannot be trusted .

One day, I got a message on my Facebook from a lady called FOLAPE SOKOYA and she asked me “do you know anyone called FEMI ANIBABA” and I said yes “he is my friend” and she went on to say “please stop talking to him cos he is my husband and I’m carrying his third child.” I was very shocked and embarrassed, even though I had my doubts, I didn’t expect that kind of story.

I immediately printed out the message and went to his people to show them and I called him and explained everything to him but he told me things were not going on well with both of them and asked me if I didn’t wonder how he had so much time talking to me and that even if I called him anytime of the day he always picked my calls.

He said they both lived in the same house but each person minded his or her own business,when he was done I warned him never to call me again.

Later in May 2012 I was in America and I received a mail from him saying he heard I was around and he would like to see me that he had issues to discuss with me,I refused to see him and he went on to say he needed me more than anything because his wife had left him and taken the kids away too.I refused to see him and that was it.

When I got back to Nigeria he still called severally and then I decided to talk to him and he told me he would buy me a ticket to come to his house and see things for myself,later in September that same year I went to America and saw that she had truly left him and ever since we got talking again.

Please help me beg this woman not to rub my good name that I built over the years in mud . I did not snatch Femi Anibaba from her neither did I separate both of them,she is doing all this because she heard the marriage rumour and thought it is true and jumped in to use this opportunity to spoil my name without any evidence.

She should tell everyone the truth, this is my own version and the gospel truth and Stella, Heaven is my witness. I only reacted to this because she wants to mess up my name and I don’t like this rumour of me getting married to different men every year. This is my last say on this, I will not exchange words with her in the press. Thank you Stella”.

*Thanks for reaching out, Ronke.

Omotola’s Message To Son As He Gets Admission Into The University

Obinna Akukwe: Anita Oyakhilome endured fifteen years of an adultreous husband, this is in her defence


Written by Obinna Akukwe
Anita Oyakhilome, the frustrated wife of Nigeria’s most flamboyant preacher, Chris Oyakhilome has obviously passed through 15 years of adulterous endurance and what she needs is our prayers and protective respect and defence of her choices to forget all the anti-rhapsody of heartbreak she endured all these years.
Fifteen (15) years of being abandoned by a preacher husband is not an easy way of life for a preacher’s wife. Fifteen (15) years of hearing that some mini skirted daughters of Jezebel have taken over your possession is not a joke. Fifteen years of a husband not staying with the wife for up to a week on a stretch, while spending time with some double breasted figure eight(ed) daughters of eve is not an easy thing to swallow. 15 years of being used as a showcase to make church members believe in Rhapsodies of Blissful Union, while dying in silence, is not a palatable experience for any woman.
Fifteen years of being called Mama, Mummy, and other glorified names of Senior Pastor’s wife while some domestic harems sneer at the same Mummy behind is not a sweet experience. For goodness sake, this woman never probably had a good kiss in fifteen years and yet she is being accused of carnality for crying
out loud. She was continually being led into temptation of seeking for sexual satisfaction from outside for fifteen years and she managed to escape the traps of sin.
Fifteen years when their two lovely daughters would wake up and ask their mother why Dad had not cared to visit, and she would have to release a lie to stave off the frequent probing questions. Above all, fifteen years when Anita had to fake that all is well with their marriage, while she is actually dying emotionally. Every person she complained to among the pastoral cadre sided with the man, and she was left alone to bear her cross.
I warned some pastor friends with Christ Embassy early 2013 that they had better settle this marriage rift between Oga and his wife before it destroys the church. The same pastors have called me to express regret that a national embarrassment has ensued.
This woman has been called Jezebel by some pastors and members of the church. Some claimed she was disrespectful while others claimed she was always bitter of recent. They have tried to castigate her before members of the church who came in private to ask for the way out. She was described as unreasonable and insubordinate.
Her husband, according to news reports has even followed to cast her in bad light. According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, “Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,” Going further he told his members to “Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”
Please, which preacher woman who has been abandoned for fifteen years will not be bitter and angry? Was Anita expected to clap and dance while some hot legs are parading around the White House?
This pastor’s wife was also disclaimed by her husband who told his congregants in reaction to the divorce saga that Anita is not necessarily a Woman of God. According to Pastor Oyakhilome “Don’t act like those people. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t make you automatically mature. You can make mistakes; you can do something that is wrong. But some people expect the wife of a minister to definitely be at the level of that minister and so they may be looked upon and the expectation may be like that, but it’s a positional thing”. He clarified his theory by saying that “If a man of God is married, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wife of a man of God is therefore a woman of God. That’s not the way it is in the Bible.” Pastor Chris also added that “That’s why you don’t really find the wives of men of God mentioned in the Bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife, did you ever know her name? You never find that out. Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other Apostles? How many of their names are written in the Bible. You never find their names.”
Anita Oyakhilome actually proved that she has fear of God in the manner she worded her divorce plea. She opted to use the word “inappropriate relationship with female staff members” instead of out rightly accusing her husband of adultery. According to the statement, “the wife has discussed with the husband his appropriate relationship with some of his female staff members. She has explained that this has given her cause for concern. The husband has minimised her worries and taken no step to alleviate her grievances.”
Anita Oyakhilome could have said that her husband abandoned her and ran into the arms of sister A or B, or gospel singer C or D and left her roasting and murmuring in the house. Anita could have said that her husband is a hypocrite who says a thing and means another, but she veiled her grievances of years of abandonment by saying in the divorce file that “The wife feels that she has been used to portray and enhance the husband’s image as a family man when the reality is that there is no existing relationship between them. She feels that she has been present for official functions simply for his convenience. On occasions she has been copied into his travel itinerary which has been given to him by his staff on a need to know basis”. “The wife has tried to discuss her concerns with the husband. He claims that she is carnal and he is insensitive to her feelings and her needs.”
Thus Anita had acted with much restraint in order to preserve the integrity of Christ Embassy and the work of evangelism, and all she got for her discretion was hate messages from many sections of church members who wanted her to sacrifice her marriage to keep them in a rhapsody of deceit.
This woman, according to the testimony of many British residents whom I spoke to and claimed they attend their church, is one person who is always willing to give gifts to the needy. She is ever ready to counsel people and does not breed class. She is a patient listener who laboriously introduced many things in the church for which the glory goes to her husband. Londoners believe that she is not that demon they want to portray her as. Those who know her closely have attested to an affectionate good naturedness and stickler for details. She was said to have lived a life of cautious display of affluence and rather preferred to build people and give to the less privileged, a course that did not go down well with some of their pastors in the UK. She also frowned at promiscuity among ministers of the gospel and some randy pastors in UK did not like what they called her ‘judgemental interference’
Whatsoever thing some misguided church members want to think, Anita had lived a lie for many years. Anita was said to have became born again at Believers Loveworld campus fellowship at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, while Chris was the pastor. She had probably paid her dues as a Christian and knows what it is to deceive the congregation. She cannot deceive herself and the church anymore thus she opted for divorce. Divorce, according to scripture is unbiblical, but between deceiving a congregation that already knows the truth but pretends otherwise and staying in unfulfilled marriage, which is better. It is a matter between her and her conscience.
Last year, a Nigerian personality blogger by name Ese Walter was lured by her Senior Pastor in Abuja into a cosy hotel bed space in London and after two weeks of adultery, the man cleaned up, returned to Nigeria and told his congregation to shout some Hallelujah. The sin partner was arrested by the Holy Spirit and she sought a meeting with the COZA Chief to resolve the burden of guilt. She was continually shunned and described as agent of Satan even by other senior pastors in the church until she turned the internet into the confessional. Ese Walter freed her conscience and probably escaped eternal damnation but the entire Christendom took the brunt of the exposure.
Pope Benedict made several attempts to stop the incidences of homosexual paedophiles among priest and leaders in the Vatican. His attempts were rebuffed by a cabal of officials who resisted probe and pious change. In exasperation, the Pontiff abandoned the Papacy and triggered the change that is being forced down on the resisting cabal. Pope Benedict freed his conscience and left with clean records before his God.
Anita has chosen to free herself from a life of deceit and lies. The truth had set her free. However, I still counsel her that if the misbehaving preacher husband demonstrates a verifiable change of heart, she should consider him back and so that somebody can shout some more Hallelujah. Fifteen years of adulterous endurance in the midst of charismatic rhapsody is not easy and Anita Oyakhilome sure needs all the defence and understanding she can get- Let somebody shout a better Hallelujah !

#BBAHotShots: The Uncensored Shower Hour Featuring Sheila, Tayo & Mira


Army Col, 10 Officers Gave Way For Boko Haram

An Army Colonel, some junior officers and soldiers reportedly helped members of the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram in the North eastern part of the country.

According to Vanguard, the shocking revelation which was made at the weekend occurred as the military personnel were involved in the offensive to reclaim communities taken over by the Boko Haram terrorists in Adamawa State.

uUsVMXM3SvZyOzhJAAtCP6yWIt was gathered that the Army authorities were angered by the report and ordered the arrest of the commander, the junior officers as well as the soldiers under his command.A high ranking military personnel who did not want to be named said, the colonel who is a Muslim was Commanding a team of three Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC’s, with the capability of firing up to a range of 1.5kilometres or more, deliberately set the APCs on fire between Gulak and Madagali, and ran into the bush with his team instead of firing at the advancing terrorists.

A source that was aware of the development revealed that before the embarrassing incident occurred, the Special Forces of the Nigerian Army who commenced the putsch to rout Boko Haram terrorists from Bazza, Michika, Gulak and Madagali from Vimtim, had successfully dealt with the sect, and inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorists up till Gulak.

He said between Gulak and Madagali, the Colonel who had all along been prided with air surveillance reports, was again informed that Boko Haram terrorists were approaching his team in six Toyota Hilux Pick Up vans from the Madagali axis of the state.

“However, rather than blasting and taking out the terrorists in their pick-up vans; he ordered his soldiers to jump out of the APC’s and set the armoured tanks on fire, without realising that he was being monitored. This was shocking because the terrorists were armed with weaponry which were grossly inferior to the firepower of the Nigerian Army Amoured tanks. After accomplishing the sabotage act, the Colonel and the junior officers and soldiers ran away into the bush, claiming that they were overpowered by a better armed group of Boko Haram terrorists,” the source said.

The source further disclosed that the action of the Colonel and soldiers under his command ascertained the believes by the top hierarchy of the military that there were so many fifth columnists in the army working against the country’s determination to wipe out Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria.

However, a Board of Inquiry, BoI, had been set up by the Army authorities to investigate the Colonel and his soldiers after which a Military Court Martial would be set up to try them for conspiracy, treason and willful sabotage among others.

Reacting to the development, a senior officer said: “You can now see why the Military Court Martial which is currently sitting is inevitable. The uninformed would feel that soldiers who are fighting the nation’s battle are being unjustly punished. But the truth is that many of them are sabotaging Nigeria and making the insurgents look formidable for reasons that cannot be explained. Some of them appear sympathetic to the insurgents. How can it be explained that several APCs that cost up to $1million each in some cases or more will be willfully destroyed by Commissioned Officers, COs, who swore to defend the territorial integrity of their nation, just to help terrorists? That is treason of the highest order.”

The source hinted that the new strength and determination with which Nigerian soldiers had been fighting Boko Haram, resulting in the killing of several commanders of the sect as well as hundreds of their foot soldiers, was bore out of the resolve of the Nigerian army high command to sanction any soldier pursuing a different course aside that of the Federal Government.

It would be recalled that Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, had last week cleared the air that the death penalty passed on 12 Nigerian soldiers by a military tribunal was lawful and in accordance with military dictates.

The CDS made this known while speaking at a three-day conference organised by the National Security Adviser in collaboration with Trim Communication Nigeria Ltd on Media/Security relationship in crisis management.

“The day you join the military you have signed off whether life or death, and it is obey before complaint. How can a soldier just jump out of the APC because you want to donate APC to Boko Haram; and somebody is there talking about constructive mutiny. The laws are there, if you run away from the enemy, you will die and that is what the military law says. Apart from the old Nigerian law, we abide by the military law. Nobody forces or conscripts anybody into the military. It is a voluntary service, and so if we have this type of challenge, you should be able to confront it and not to run away,” Badeh said.

It would be recalled that on October 9, the European Union (EU) condemned the death sentence handed 12 Nigerian soldiers by a military tribunal over charges of mutiny.  The international body seems not to be the only group against the sentence as some other concerned Nigerians have also reacted to the development.

The Nigerian Army on October 3, 2014, set up a General Court Martial to try another 97 personnel for various offences allegedly committed in the ongoing counter-terrorism operation in the North-Eastern part of the country.

Jonathan To Meet Obama, Cameron Over Arms Refusal

President Goodluck Jonathan would soon meet with President Barak Obama and the British Prime Minister, David Cameroun to discuss why the two countries have refused to sell arms that would empower the Nigerian Military in fighting members of the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram.


Vanguard reports that a source within the presidency revealed that the meeting became imperative following the Federal Government’s inability to procure necessary arms and ammunition to fight terrorists in the north eastern part of the country.

The meeting was sparked by the glaring unwillingness of the American and British governments to assist Nigerian security operatives with arms and training, a development that made the federal government recently turned to Russia and China for help with its military requirements.

A Presidential official who did not want to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter said American government officials have made several regular public commitments on assisting Nigerian security operatives in fighting terrorism, but revealed that they are not doing anything to help.It was reported that more than 1,000 Nigerian soldiers and other security operatives are in Russia for training by the country’s security personnel.

“Our greatest challenge is that the American government has not only remained unwilling to sell arms to our security services, they have blocked every attempt by this government to procure arms through other means. They do not share intelligence with our security services, they are not assisting our security services substantially,” the source said.

The source stated that the decision to explore the possibility of a face to face meeting between Jonathan and Barak Obama was to enable the Nigerian president to impress it upon his U. S counterpart on the urgency of the needs of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

“We believe that if we are able to have a breakthrough with the American President, things will be better in terms of purchase of equipment for our armed services. We are hopeful that the trend will be reversed if we are able to convince the Americans,” the source said.

It was also gathered that the recent drama between the South African government and Nigerian government over the seizure $5 million allegedly meant for buying arms and military hardware was propelled by pressure from the American government on the South African government not to allow the deal go through.

However, Mr. James Entwistle, American Ambassador to Nigeria has come out to explain that the unwillingness of his government to sell arms to Nigeria is based on the fact that the Nigerian armed forces had been accused of human rights abuses especially in the North East where it is currently fighting insurgency.

Mr. Entwistle, who made this known on Thursday in  Yola, the Adamawa State capital said, also disclosed that the American government would only sell or give out arms when she was sure of the purpose it was meant for.

 “Before we share equipment with any country, whether it is a government-to-government grant or a commercial sale that requires government approval, we look at a couple of things. Does it make sense in terms of that country’s needs? The second thing we look at is the human rights situation in that country. And as we look at equipment transfers, we look at the situation in those countries in the past few years. As you all know, there have been instances, I am not saying across the board, of human rights abuses by the Nigerian military in the North-east. So the kind of question that we have to ask is let’s say we give certain kinds of equipment to the Nigerian military which are then used in a way that affects the human rights situation. If I approve that, I’m responsible for that. We take that responsibility very seriously,” Entwistle said.

Meanwhile, the US authorities have explained why the Nigerian military had problems procuring arms from America in order to fight insurgency in the North-East.

It would be recalled that earlier the US government was one of the first who expressed its readiness to assist Nigeria in fight against Boko Haram. It also  (FTO) on November 14, 2013.

2015: PDP Against Consensus Candidacy In States – Metuh

Olisa_MetuhThe Poeples Democratic Party, PDP, National Publicity Secretary, Mr Olisa Metuh, on Thursday assured party members that its leadership would not allow the imposition of candidates on members in any state of the federation.

He gave the assurance on Thursday in Abuja while addressing some aggrieved Ijaw youths from Rivers who stormed the party national headquarters.

The youths were protesting against an alleged plan to impose an indigene on the people of the state.

The PDP spokesman said that the party members would be given the opportunity to elect and nominate aspirants of their choice who would eventually become the party’s candidates for elections in 2015.

“We are promising you that that is what will happen in Rivers and every single state of the federation.

“Our party is against consensus candidate and any idea of intimidating the people. There should be no intimidation and coercion”, he said.

Metuh, while urging the protesters to remain calm, said the party would continue to uphold true democratic tenets and principles in its nomination processes.

He, however, advised the youth to motivate and mobilise their people to come out and vote for their candidates in the 2015 general elections.

Mr Oni Quakers from Kalabari, who spoke on behalf of the youth, said they were protesting the imposition of Ikwere indigenes on the people as the state`s next governor.

He stressed that Ikweres had ruled the state for 16 years, adding that it was time for the Ijaws to rule the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the PDP National Presidential Campaign Office, venue of the PDP South South Integration Committee’s sitting, was besieged by aggrieved members.

An Ijaw political stakeholder, Chief Sara Egbe from Aku Local Government Area of Rivers and a founding member of the PDP, decried the situation.

He said that unless the national leadership of the party ensured true reconciliation among aggrieved members of the party in Rivers, the PDP might lose the state in 2015.

Delegates from Rivers were the second to appear before the committee, headed by Sen. Iya Abubakar.

The committee is expected to receive memoranda from party members from South South, to enable the party to address some issues. (NAN)

Fintiri Thanks Adamawa People, Resumes Office As Assembly Speaker

Fintiri-UmarThe sacked acting governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Fintiri, has returned to his former position as Speaker of the State House of Assembly.

Fintiri was the Speaker of the Assembly that orchestrated the ouster of former Governor Murtala Nyako in July.

Meanwhile, Fintiri has expressed his appreciation to people of the state for the “tremendous support” they gave him during his two months and three weeks’ reign as acting governor.

In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Solomon Kumangar, in Yola, the state capital on Thursday, Fintiri announced that he had reverted to his position as the Speaker even as he appeals against his removal as acting governor.

He expressed appreciation to “the youth, women, elders, stakeholders, the political and working class” for their support.

Part of the statement reads,  “Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, who has since resumed office as the Speaker of the Adamawa State House of Assembly, also expresses gratitude to all state legislators, members of the National Assembly, the Peoples Democratic Party, the opposition and the overwhelming majority of the people, who not only shared his vision and zeal of rescuing and emancipating Adamawa State from the shackles of bad governance but rallied together with him to banish tyranny, tribalism and primordial sentiment from adamawa State.

“He pledges his life to the struggle to lift Adamawa State out of the morass in which it has found itself and that the whole issue is not about Fintiri but about Adamawa State.

“He said anyone who takes the democratic revolution that has taken place as personal is being selfish and does not love Adamawa State”.

Newly Sworn-In Gov. Ngilari Sacks Adamawa cabinet, Political Appointees


The new Adamawa State Governor, Mr. Bala Ngilari, on Thursday approved the dissolution of the State Executive Council and political appointees with immediate effect.

A statement by his Chief of Staff, Alhaji Chubado Tijjani, said all affected office holders should hand over all documents and other government property in their possession to permanent secretaries in their various ministries.

The statement, however, said heads of statutory commissions were not affected by the dissolution.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the affected appointees had yet to spend up to three months in office.

They were appointed by the former Acting Governor, Alhaji Ahmadu Fintiri, who was sacked by a Federal High Court, Abuja, on Wednesday.

Petroleum Tanker Drivers Call Off Strike

tankersThe Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) branch of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas (NUPENG) workers has called off its strike.

The strike action was meant to compel the federal government to repair some of the dilapidated roads in the South-South and South East zones of the country.

The tanker drivers had withdrawn their services from the roads in the zones, refusing to lift petroleum products, which resulted in fuel scarcity in the affected areas. But the body has now asked its members to resume work immediately.

Addressing a press conference at its national secretariat in Abuja yesterday, national chairman of the PTD, Comrade Salimon Oladiti, said the decision to suspend the strike action was taken following the intervention of some stakeholders in the industry who pleaded for more time so government can look into their grievances.

Oladiti said: “You will recall that we gave an ultimatum last month, warning of an impending strike action in parts of the South-South and South East.

“We had specifically called for urgent repairs of the Port Harcourt-Eleme Junction Road, Okigwe-Umuahia and Jebba-Ilorin roads.

“Expectedly, our members had on the expiration of the ultimatum boycotted these roads and refused to lift products on those axis and for the second week running now, the situation is becoming unbearable.

“Moreover, we had wanted to extend same action to other parts of the country.

“It is in this regards that we called this press conference to inform Nigerians that after due consideration and wider consultations, we have directed our members to resume work in the areas where we had earlier withdraw our services.

“The union agreed to respond to the clarion call made by the DSS and other stakeholders that we give the government more time to attend to these roads.

“We, like every other Nigerians, are mindful of the difficult times. We also fill the pain, if not more, and advise the federal government to send emissaries to verify the state of these roads and take palliative measures.

“The road from Jebba to Ilorin, which is a distance of about 100 kilometres, usually takes a whole day for our members to cover.

“Port Harcourt to Eleme Junction, which is a distance of five kilometers, takes over five hours, and the same thing goes for Okigwe-Umuahia Road.

“We have heed the call by the authorities concerned and granted more time as requested with the hope that government would fulfill its part of the promise by making these roads motorable while on our part, we shall continue to serve the nation better and more efficiently in the haulage sub-sector.

“We have warned that failure to fulfill this promise, we may not give any further notice of action”.

Adamawa: Zoning No Longer Feasible With Fintiri’s Removal – PDP Chairman

Joel MadakiThe Peoples Democratic Party on Friday said the agreement to pick the governorship candidate for 2015 from the central zone of Adamawa State was no longer binding

State PDP Chairman, Chief Joel Madaki, made this known in Yola while fielding questions from newsmen.

Madaki said the initial agreement was that the then acting governor, Alhaji Ahmadu Fintiri, was the party’s candidate for the cancelled by-election.

He explained that Fintiri was to complete the tenure of the impeached governor, Murtala Nyako, saying the latest development that led to the cancellation of the by-election had made the agreement untenable.

“With what happened now, we have to wait for another agreement as the previous one is no longer binding”, Madaki said.

On the appeal filed by Fintiri over his removal by an Abuja High Court, Madaki said the party was not part of the appeal.

The chairman said what Fintiri did had nothing to do with the party just as the measure taken by Governor Bala Ngilari, who challenged his resignation.

Madaki described Fintiri and Ngilari as strong members of the party and that effort was being taken by the state chapter of the party to see that the duo worked together.

He also described as false the speculation that members of the state House of Assembly were not happy with the removal of Fintiri and were planning to impeach Ngilari.

“The assembly members are PDP members and we have met with them, and I can assure you that there is nothing like that,” said Madaki.

The chairman also dismissed comments credited to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar that if the election was conducted as scheduled, the All Progressives Congress would have won. (NAN)

Suswam Cannot Stop My Re-Election To Senate In 2015 – Gemade

barnabas gemadeA former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, now Senator representing Benue North-East Senatorial District of Benue State in the National Assembly, Chief Barnabas Gemade, has expressed the confidence that he will floor his co-challenger for the PDP ticket to contest the senatorial election in 2015, Governor Gabriel Suswam.

Gemade said it would be impossible for Suswam to defeat in the forthcoming senatorial primary, adding that the Benue governor’s entry to the race would be one of political lessons, where he (Gemade) is the teacher.

The senator made this known in a parley with journalists at the national headquarters of PDP in Abuja on Friday after he picked up his nomination form.

Speaking further, the ex-PDP national chairman said he was not afraid of confronting the governor, adding that he had faced similar challenges in the past but emerged victorious in the end.

Gemade, who was brimming with smiles as he brandished his newly collected forms before journalists, added that he would do all that was within his power to make  the race uncomfortable “to Suswam should he insist on contesting the seat and emerge the candidate for the position in 2015”.

He added, “Everybody knows that the purchase of forms for 2015 has commenced today and knowing my way around this way because I used to work here before, I knew how to come here quickly and purchase my forms.

“That is why I am one of the first to buy nomination and expression of interest forms for the Senate in 2015.

“I am the current senator representing Benue North East District and I am going back in 2015. That is why I have come here.

“So many people have come to me and said ‘wow! Can you stand the governor?’ Of course, yes, I have stood many before. I will stand this one too”, he stated.

Adamawa Governor, Ngilari, Swears In New Acting Chief Judge

Bala-NgilariGovernor Bala Ngilari of Adamawa on Friday swore in Justice Ishaya Banu as new Acting Chief Judge of the state.

Mr. Ngilari said the Judiciary arm of government remains the only system that continues to maintain its integrity as it strives to strengthen democracy in the country.

“Judiciary as you know is the last hope of masses as well as government. Therefore, the Judiciary must continue to ensure that it upholds the right position in the decision making in the process of growing democracy”, he said.

He said the appointment of the new acting chief judge was on merit following his track record of excellence in the discharge of his duties and career in the judiciary.

Mr. Ngilari said the state’s quota at the federal judiciary level were still vacant and urged the state judiciary to work towards filling the vacant slots as a matter of urgency.

“We have eminent people that deserve to be there”, Mr. Ngilari said.

The governor assured the appointee of maximum cooperation of his government and said the judiciary will allow the system function effectively.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Banu thanked God and the Adamawa Government for finding him worthy to serve his people.

He promised to abide by the rules and regulations of the judiciary and to avoid any act capable of tarnishing its image as well as ensuring discipline in the system.


We Can’t Be Compromised By Govs, Ministers – PDP Integration C’ttee


Members of the National Integration Committee South-South zone, set up by the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party to reconcile aggrieved members of the party in the zone, have denied speculations that they have been compromised by governors and ministers from the area.

The committee, while reacting to allegations made by some aggrieved members of the party from Rivers State, who said the Minister of State for Education, Mr. Nyesom Wike, had compromised them, said they were incorruptible and challenged anyone with evidence to the contrary to step forward.

It would be recalled that PDP members from Rivers State engaged in physical combat as thugs allegedly loyal to Mr. Wike – a governorship aspirant – prevented some party members from gaining entry to venue of the committee’s meeting in Abuja on Thursday.

Some of them were also locked up in a room inside the Legacy House, where members of the committee met, and were prevented from presenting their petitions.

But the Senator Iya Abubakar-led committee, which concluded its sitting in Abuja on Friday after listening to petitions from Cross River State, gave an assurance that its recommendations would promote internal democracy in the party.

The committee, which began sitting on Wednesday, received party‎ delegates from Akwa Ibom, Delta, Edo, Rivers and Cross River States, who filed petitions before it.

However, the president’s home state, Bayelsa, did not send any representative neither was any petition presented.

Speaking with journalists at the end of the three-day session, Sen. Abubakar said the committee had “very useful, peaceful and productive interactions” with the persons and groups who appeared before it”.

He said, “There is no way we can be compromised by the governors or by any minister. Nobody can compromise me and my committee members.

“Those who accused us of being compromised should provide evidence; the politics of soiled names and integrity is on. Those who were not able to enter this place are the ones making these allegations.

“Nobody in this country can compromise us in this committee. You will definitely see a change in this party soon”.

PDP Govs, Leaders Clash Over Endorsement

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors and national leaders of the party have reportedly clashed over the stoppage of consensus endorsement of their candidature and others in their states for the 2015 election.


The aggrieved governors on Friday kicked against the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) decision to stop them from further endorsing candidates that would succeed them after their tenures elapses, The Nation reports.

The governors, who alleged that the NWC was acting in connection with the presidency to stop endorsement accused the presidency and the NWC  of ‘double standards’ after President Goodluck Jonathan had benefited from the same consensus endorsement. Some of the governor opined that they may request the National Convention of the party to revisit the endorsement of Jonathan by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Meanwhile, the annulment of such endorsement would have affected candidates like the Senate President, David Mark, who is eyeing the fifth term in office, Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN), some outgoing governors already marked for the Senate like Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state;  Benue state Governor, Gabriel Suswam, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta state, Governor Saidu Dakingari of Kebbi state, Governor Theodore Orji of Abia state, Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu state, Governor Ibrahim Shema of Katsina state, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger state as well as Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi state.It would be recalled that on Thursday, Prof. Wale Oladipo, the National Secretary of the party in a statement declared null and void the endorsement of governorship, senatorial and other candidates by the governors and state chapters of the party. It ordered the states chairmen and governors to stop such endorsements.

Others affected by the NWC’s decision are those seeking second term in office like Governor Ramalan Yero of Kaduna state, the Acting Governor of Taraba State, Garba Umar; Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe state; Governor Henry Seriake-Dickson of Bayelsa state, among others, while those whose governorship endorsements have been cancelled are Emmanuel Ugwuanyi (Enugu); the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu (Ebonyi); former Minister of State for Health, Dr. Ali Pate (Bauchi).

It was gathered that the governors expressed shock that the PDP’s NWC could issue a directive like that, after making them support the sole endorsement of President Jonathan for second term in office.

“We have discussed among ourselves, such a cancellation of endorsements by the NWC is unacceptable to us. Whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the NWC means business, the ban on endorsements should be across the board. We cannot be used and dumped by anybody or group. Why are they changing the game now?” one of the governors said.

“Such a ban will spell doom for the party. The National Headquarters should not dabble in what is happening at the state. Are they just realising that endorsement is not good for our democracy? Look, endorsement or consensus-building is part of the game too,” another governor said.

“The party should let us subject all nomination process to state congresses and National Convention. The party should leave the presidential nomination open and the President should seek second term mandate at the National Convention. Since the beginning of the week, we had suspected foul play when they directed all aspirants to come to Abuja to collect nomination form for any elective office. In any case, I am not bothered because the National Secretary, who issued the directive, was not elected by the National Convention of the party. The directive was a product of illegality, it cannot stand,” another governor said.

However, it was gathered that some of the governors were already talking party leaders as at the time of filing this report.

A top party leader assured that nobody is been targeted but the party do not want endorsement abused in such a way that it will erode democratic process, and promised that the issue would be ironed out.

It would be recalled that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Working Committee, NWC, recently issued a warning to all its state chapters, after President Jonathan has ben adopted as its sole candidate in the 2015 presidential election.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has begged the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, for forgiveness.

Photos: Fatal accident along Wuse Market Bridge in Abuja


A fatal accident occurred around 9.30am today along Wuse Market bridge in Abuja, leaving one person dead and three others severely injured. The cause of the accident is not yet known but many believe speeding could have been a factor.

The corpse of the accident victim has been taken to the mortuary while the injured have been rushed to National Hospital Garki, Abuja for medical attention. See more photos…

Photo credit: FRSC


Source: LIB

Ebola: First Consultant Hospital indicts Liberian Ambassador


First Consultants Medical Centre, the Lagos hospital where the man who brought Ebola to Nigeria, late Liberian Patrick Sawyer died, has indicted the Liberian Ambassador to Nigeria (pictured right) for his involvement in the case, saying he put the hospital under pressure to release Sawyer against the wish of its management, Vanguard reports.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday, the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri, said:

“The ambassador said if we continued to keep him (Sawyer), it would be tantamount to kidnap and abuse of human right. He said if we did not release him, we would be subjecting our hospital to international diplomatic row and we should not rule out the possibility of law suit.”

The hospital lost four staff to the outbreak, two doctors and two nurses

“As if that was not bad enough for us, the Liberian Ambassador to Nigeria started to put pressure on us that Mr Sawyer had his fundamental human right that he wanted to leave the hospital and he should be allowed to leave. In other words, we have a provision within the law that allows the person to sign and leave the hospital. Meanwhile, there is a superior provision within that law which is that you can decline the patient for public good. In order to protect ourselves as an institution, we called in our lawyer who drafted for us a resolution, stating that we were not going to let Sawyer out because it will not be in the public good to let him out.”

“Because we did not let him go, Mr. Sawyer unleashed his bio terror on the staff of the hospital. He knew he had the disease, he was angry to the extent that he released his blood to contaminate our people as they came in. We lost four of our key staff who included, Dr. Adadevoh, she worked here for 21 years, Dr. Amos Abaniwo, our Chief consultant Anesthesiology and Director of clinical service, had been with us for 16 years. Dr. Adadevoh died leaving the husband and a son, Dr. Abaniwo died leaving his wife and three kids, the third person that died was a nurse Ejeleonu, she just started working with us that day. Unknown to us she was two months pregnant and she died with the pregnancy. The fourth person that died was nurse Evelyn Uko who had been working with us for the past 31 years. She was a widow, a single parent raising four children, she died living those children with us, multiple tragedy because the four children were kicked out of the home because of the stigma. So watching her is a combination of so much burden on First Consultant

Wrongful conviction of Ezejie Prosper Ifeanyichukwu, family cry out


My names are Chike Anthony Ukoh. I am a lawyer in Enugu, Nigeria. I have been contacted by the family of one Ezejie Prosper Ifeanyichukwu, who is currently facing a death penalty in Guangzhou, China. He is married to a Chinese lady and they have two little kids. His wife is attesting strongly to her husband’s innocence. Ezejie was arrested at the Gaungzhou Baiyun airport on March 12 2011 on his way back to Nigeria on the suspicion of possession of Heroin. Upon conducting a search, no drugs where found on him, but he was still tried, convicted and sentenced to death for possession of heroin. Continue…

He appealed his conviction, wherein the Guangdong Province Higher People’s court unturned his conviction on the based that there was no evidence linking him to the crime, but curiously sent the case back to the same lower court for re-trial. The same lower court has now returned a guilty verdict based on the very same facts and evidence, the Appeal court has rejected as “unclear, and insufficient”.

I am very mindful of the fact that there are very limited legal processes a Nigerian lawyer can initiate from here over a domestic judicial proceedings in China, to save a seemingly innocent man trapped in the intricate Chinese legal system. The only options left to be explored are social media campaigns and diplomatic pressure to call for a review of Ezejie wrongful conviction.

I do pray that Mr Ezejie Prosper Ifeanyichukwu plight be considered by your media outlet. I will forward along the judgments, their English translations, pictures and mails from his wife.

On the criminal complaint
Appellant: Ai Jizi • Prospero • Iraq Tiffany Chu library (EJEZE PROSPER IFAENYICHUKWU, hereinafter referred to as Prospero), male, born November 2, 1969, the Federal Republic of Nigeria citizenship, passport number: A1374656.
Appellant refused to accept the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court (2012) Spike-France early wordpunishment of criminal judgments No. 62, now appeal.
Appeal Request:
Revoked the original judgment, to ascertain the facts, commuted the appellant guilty.
Facts and reasons:
All the evidence cited by the trial verdict, whether it is direct evidence, but also
Is indirect evidence that the appellant was not sufficiently involved in the planning Pross, the behavior ofdrug smuggling, drug smuggling trial verdict for the appellant to be convicted and sentenced to death,apparently belonging to the facts are unclear, insufficient evidence.
(A) directly on aspects of evidence: there is no direct evidence
Pu Shi Adams appellant participated in the drug smuggling, which I never made ​​the start to finish of anyconfession of guilt.
Judging from the time the case occurred, March 12, 2011, the second co-defendant 吴佩莹 atGuangzhou Baiyun Airport was arrested by public security organs, and searched out the heroin in hisluggage, the second defendant is the drug the direct perpetrators smuggling case; Prospero when the appellant was not at the scene, but in the same year on April 18, their preparation and their familiesreturned to Nigeria, was arrested in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, when appellant was arrested, regardless in his possession, or in their luggage, there is no contraband, but without any drugs.
(B) indirect aspects of evidence: can not form a complete chain of evidence, but no
France from many so-called “circumstantial evidence”, the naturally presumed that the appellantparticipated in the drug smuggling, and the indirect evidence of the existence of loopholes, can not withstand scrutiny, does not meet the objective of common sense, we can not exclude a reasonable doubt.Briefly listed as following:
1, the second defendant confessed to their immigration records can not confirm each other, their
Confession was false.
Between the two, the second defendant’s confession testimony to their mutual classmate 李敏捷
Contradiction, the contradiction between supply license, not consistent.
3, on the argument of the appellant threatened neither factual basis, also
Does not meet the objective reality of life common sense. Appellant as a foreigner in China, his visa hasalready expired, never reckless, reckless to such an extent! In contrast, if the threats and other acts, the second defendant in a better position and advantages for police assistance, the truth is self-evident!
4, according to the second defendant’s confession, she knew her boyfriend was BC
(BUSSEY CHUKS), rather than the appellant’s name.
5, on Kelly to stay in Zhuhai hotel’s problem, although the hotel in
Sea passenger accommodation on the trip registration has written, “Prospero”, the name is not theappellant’s handwriting, the appellant’s driver’s license has been lost in 2009, so, in the absence of other evidence in the case of video surveillance, documents scanning mutual corroboration, the person is notidentified appellant.
6, in Zhuhai City 2 unit rental Minehide 1712 housing problems, according to the room
The landlord’s testimony, which does not distinguish whether the appellant lived here.
7, on two of the second defendant had mentioned March 2, 2011 in
Guangzhou R & F Peninsula Garden Hotel 9026 Tomijima next room planning process so that the seconddefendant to go to Vietnam, for the investigation of this problem, and did not follow the statutoryprocedures for the complete collection of relevant evidence, such as: open house registration, surveillance video to be evidence. Since the day of the incident from the time March 12 close, is perfectly placed toobtain the evidence. Defender in court also raised this issue, but did not get any response.
8, between phone calls and content issues, does not have a unique, 15015982281
Opening times this number can not be determined, and can not be confirmed as the appellant all.
9, on voice identification issue, the appellant in the court investigation, has
Clearly raised objections that the appraiser can not determine the identity, qualifications situationaccreditation bodies, need to re-identification and other requirements, were not get any response andtreatment in the trial and verdict.
In summary, the appellant that: based on the fact that the trial verdict is unclear, evidence
Insufficient, so the appeal, ask the people’s court of second instance to ascertain the facts, make a fairruling.
Yours faithfully
Guangdong Province Higher People’s Court.
December 2013 Day
Report: Two copies of the complaint on.

From his wife…
       How are you, my name is IfyYuki, i’m is Anyi Prosper wife, in China, The case is about this:
       Anyi is at the In April 17, 2011 in Guangzhou City, Baiyun Airport Chinese exit, on suspicion of taking baggage hiding way to smuggle heroin (net weight 2002 grams) was Baiyun District immigration check point arrested. In April 18, 2011 the criminal detention. In May 24, 2011 the execution of arrest, currently in custody in Guangzhou city third detention center. In December 22, 2013 received the court of First Instance judgement, the death penalty. In September 5, 2014, the appeal sentence upheld the death penalty.
       Sir, please, i beg you, i beg you in the name of God, please, help my Husband Anyi, please, please, we have two Small children, three and a half years, they haven’t seen their dad, I beg you, save us, I was cornered.Sir, Because I English level is not very good, I will send you some cases later data, I beg you, help us. Thank you very much, God bless you, Amen.
From: IfyYuki

Photos from Taiwo Oshadipe’s Candlelight Procession

The Candle Light procession in honor of the late singer and actress Taiwo Tosin Oshadipe, who died in the morning of Friday, October 3rd was held yesterday at their Abule Egba resident. According to the Oshadipe manager, Olumide Akinsanya, Taiwo Oshadipe’s funeral will hold next week. May her soul rest in peace…amen. See more photos below…

Source: LIB

17 Year Old Pakistani Girl and Indian Activist Share Nobel Prize Award For “Their Struggle Against The Suppression Of Children


Famous Pakistani schoolgirl and education activist, Malala Yousufzai, and Indian children’s rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi, were recently jointly awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited the two “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.” 

Awarding the prize, the committee said that peaceful global development could only come about if children and the young are respected.

Malala, 17, is the youngest person to be awarded the prestigious honour. She was shot in the head by the Taliban in 2012 after campaigning for more access to education for girls and has since become recognisable worldwide.

Speaking to reporters following the announcement, Yousafzai said she was “honoured to be awarded the prize.”

“This is not the end of my campaign, but the beginning,” she said.

Satyarthi, 60, has maintained the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and headed various forms of peaceful protests, “focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain,” the Nobel committee said.

He has led the rescue of tens of thousands of child slaves and developed a successful model for their education and rehabilitation.

Reacting to his award shortly after it was announced, Satyarthi said that he was very thankful to the Nobel committee and that this recognition “is the recognition of many voices of children who are victims of servitude, not just in India but the across the world”.

He said that it was an honor for his country, and he hoped the award would encourage the Indian government to pay more attention to the plight of children who are forced to work.

“The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism,” the committee said during Friday’s announcement in Norway’s capital, Oslo.

“Children must go to school and not be financially exploited,” it said.

“In conflict-ridden areas in particular, the violation of children leads to the continuation of violence from generation to generation.” 

The Nobel Prizes in medicine , chemistry , physics and literature were announced earlier this week. The economics award will be announced on Monday.

All the awards will be formally handed out on December 10 in Oslo.

Vera Sidika Shows Off Her New Boobies Again


Controversial Kenyan socialite and video vixen Vera Sidika was recently in a bleaching trade of insults with another Kenyan hottie — Huddah Monroe, it seems like that battle is over.

Vera Sidika is obviously very proud of her new ‘b**bs’ job after recently getting her skin bleached as well.

The super sexy model who is presently on birthday vacation in Dubai, UAE took to her Instagram page to post a photo of her in a bikini and revealing her b**bs lavishly.

Like most of her posts, she later took it down after a while but here is the picture.

See photo below: -

Vera Sidika

Ex-Interior Minister Iheanacho emerges APGA’s consensus candidate

2401F01.Emmanuel-Iheanacho.jpgA former Minister of Interior, Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho, yesterday emerged the consensus candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for next year’s governorship election in Imo State.
A communique by the party’s State Working Committee members and APGA lawmakers in the House Assembly said Iheanacho was endorsed following the outcome of a “painstaking assessment and evaluation by the party’s caucus.”
It said the decision of the caucus was based on the assessment of the aspirants’ individual capacities and their ratings by the electorate and the public.

The caucus added that the views, observations and commentaries, which emanated from the APGA rally provided insight into the character of the individual who could lead APGA to victory in the 2015 governorship elections.
The communiqué said several other factors were considered to choose the best candidate.
“We, the Imo State Apex Leadership Caucus of APGA, have carefully assessed the progress and challenges facing our great party in the past years, with particular emphasis on the challenges for our quest to win back the governorship of Imo State next February,” it added.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog Restored By Google

Victorious: Linda Ikeji’s Blog Restored By Google

In a new twist to the ongoing plagiarism scandal, blogger Linda Ikeji has had her blog restored by Google.

In a new post on the blog, Miss Ikeji wrote:

Google has restored my blog. About 24 hours after it was deleted. I hear it’s a record. Yay! Normally it takes weeks or even months for Google to restore a deleted blog. But we are special here! Lol

The people who took it down knew what to do. You get a number of strikes on blogger and after that it is automatically deleted. It’s automated, programmed to work that way. But the human beings got involved, checked out all the filed complaints, saw they were bogus and restored the Linda Ikeji Blog.

NDLEA catches security guard, trader with drug [PHOTOS]


The Enugu State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested two suspected drug traffickers with 5.1 kilogrammes of powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine.

It was learnt that the agency’s operatives arrested the suspects – Okoye Matthew and Dominic Igwe – at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, during the inward screening of passengers on board an Ethiopian airline.

Our correspondent gathered that 34-year-old Matthew, a security guard in South Africa, was caught with the drug weighing 1.5kg.

The guard told investigators that he had brought the drug hidden in a handbag for his friend.

He said, “I work as a security guard in South Africa. It was my friend in Nigeria that requested the drug. My role is to bring it and he will reward me.”

In his confession, Igwe, 29, said he was sponsored to traffick the 3.6kg drug concealed inside folders from Brazil by a baron whose name he had yet to divulge to the operatives.

The Ebonyi-born trader added that he had wanted to use the expected proceed to clear his debts and boost his business.

“I am a trader but I am unable to pay my rent. My capital has dwindled over the years to the extent that I am in debts. I was sponsored to Sao-Paulo, Brazil to bring cocaine. I regret my involvement,” he said.

The NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Udoh Nsikak-Abasi, said the arrests were made after a thorough search.

He said, “Matthew was arrested with 1.5kg of cocaine hidden inside hand bags while Igwe was found in possession of 3.6kg of cocaine concealed inside three folders. Mathew holds passport number A04483481 while Igwe has A02375991 as his passport number. The total weight of the seized drugs is 5.1kg.”

While commending the officials for the interception, the agency’s boss, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, directed the Enugu Airport Command to beef up its security checks.

He said, “This arrest is a welcome development because we must eradicate illicit drugs from our country. I want the commander to intensify security checks and ensure the interception of narcotics at the Enugu Airport.”

NDLEA catches security guard, trader with drug [PHOTOS]


The Enugu State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested two suspected drug traffickers with 5.1 kilogrammes of powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine.

It was learnt that the agency’s operatives arrested the suspects – Okoye Matthew and Dominic Igwe – at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, during the inward screening of passengers on board an Ethiopian airline.

Our correspondent gathered that 34-year-old Matthew, a security guard in South Africa, was caught with the drug weighing 1.5kg.

The guard told investigators that he had brought the drug hidden in a handbag for his friend.

He said, “I work as a security guard in South Africa. It was my friend in Nigeria that requested the drug. My role is to bring it and he will reward me.”

In his confession, Igwe, 29, said he was sponsored to traffick the 3.6kg drug concealed inside folders from Brazil by a baron whose name he had yet to divulge to the operatives.

The Ebonyi-born trader added that he had wanted to use the expected proceed to clear his debts and boost his business.

“I am a trader but I am unable to pay my rent. My capital has dwindled over the years to the extent that I am in debts. I was sponsored to Sao-Paulo, Brazil to bring cocaine. I regret my involvement,” he said.

The NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Udoh Nsikak-Abasi, said the arrests were made after a thorough search.

He said, “Matthew was arrested with 1.5kg of cocaine hidden inside hand bags while Igwe was found in possession of 3.6kg of cocaine concealed inside three folders. Mathew holds passport number A04483481 while Igwe has A02375991 as his passport number. The total weight of the seized drugs is 5.1kg.”

While commending the officials for the interception, the agency’s boss, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, directed the Enugu Airport Command to beef up its security checks.

He said, “This arrest is a welcome development because we must eradicate illicit drugs from our country. I want the commander to intensify security checks and ensure the interception of narcotics at the Enugu Airport.”


Source: Punch

Aftermath of Building Collapse – Religious Tourists Shun T.B.Joshua’s Synagogue Church

T.B.Joshua is still feeling the after effect of the collapse of one of his church lodging buildings which snatched away the lives of about 115 people. The church was a place where people all over the World come from to receive healing and counselling from T.B. Joshua. The premises of the church has been looking bleak and their were no visitors/tourists around the church especially during the recent holidays.

According to a report by Punch,“The Ejigbo-Ikotun Road, a major access to the religious centre, was also free of the typical gridlock that welcomes visitors to the Synagogue.The parking lots were also unoccupied just as roads leading to the car parks and offices were bare.

 A security guard said the church was not deserted but affected by the “panic people expressed when there is a disaster at a location.”He said those who were faithful to the church still turned up for programmes as usual.But a resident of the area, Kazim Owolabi, said things had never been the same since the September 12 incident.
Owolabi, who is a part-time hotel agent, said,
“I have not brokered any business in the past three weeks. I think a lot of people have misunderstood what is happening here. Somebody even asked me on the telephone whether it is true that the government has taken over the place. Since many people who come from outside Lagos are not sure of the true situation, they called off their appointments.”

Check Out Photos From Sean Tizzle’s Album Listening Party In London

Sho lee crooner, Sean Tizzle hosted an invitation only album listening party for His London fans on Tuesday 7th October 2014 in the heart of London.
The album, which was released in Nigeria in May, was played in full and Sean Tizzle sat and explained track by track the significance of the songs and how they came together. Wise Tola and Toya Washington( Former Big Brother UK Contestant)  were the hosts for the evening, while UK Afrobeats stars Vicky Solar and Moelogo were in attendance. Alongside Ben TV’s Magazine show host Femi and a host of other celebs,  fans and we’ll wishers.
More Photos Below:



Photocredits: Michael Tubes Creations

Google Explains Why LindaIkeji’s Blog Was Shut Down, Not A Case Of Witch Hunting

Linda Ikeji...

Yesterday, the Nigerian blogosphere went agog as tech giant, Google shut down the blog of celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji, following widespread allegations of copyright infringement and plagiarism levelled against her.

It all began a few days back when one Mr. Aye Dee, Editor-in-Chief of United States-based 15Past8 media group, reported Linda Ikeji to Google, accusing her of copyright infringement.

“Google just notified us that they are removing our copyrighted content from Linda Ikeji’s website. All the stories and images Linda Ikeji took from me without permission in the last few days have been removed from her site by Google. Someone has to say something. It costs money to get good work done. I spend time getting information from my sources, as well as analysing and verifying the information. All that costs money. I don’t mind donating my time for Nigeria’s sake, but for someone to take my labour and use it for personal profit, no way!”  Aye Dee had tweeted.

In a chat with the Punch, Google’s Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Phone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade, explained why the blog was taken down and cleared the air on the misconceptions of ‘Witch-craft” and “Enemies of progress” belief.

He said Google takes the issue of copyright seriously, adding that the company belongs to a group of Internet firms that abides by the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable copyright laws.

“To respect the rights of copyright holders, Google clearly spells out how users of its products and services can get permission to use someone else’s intellectual property such as text, songs, images and footages. Google is no respecter of anybody when it came to the issues of copyright infringement, copyright is a big deal.

“Google as an organisation takes issues of copyright seriously and belongs to a group of digital companies that respect copyrights.

“Copyright is a big deal and this is why you can’t just go and pick up another person’s intellectual property or content and lay claim to its ownership.

 “That is why we have copyright guidance. I don’t know if Linda picked up any content and I don’t know what content is the bone of contention-neither have I looked into the complaints personally.

“But it is not a case of witch-hunting and has nothing to do with Linda Ikeji’s personality or anyone else because there is a process, and irrespective of who you are in the world, that process would apply to you.

“It has become imperative for online entrepreneurs to respect the rights of copyright holders noting that the Internet community should be built on mutual trust and general respect.

“Let’s respect other people’s rights and intellectual property. Making money off other people’s content without permission is wrong. Although the Internet is inanimate, it is the content on it that gives it life. These are the issues.

“Whenever owners of online contents come after you accusing you of using their content, it is because they have families to feed and businesses to sustain.

“People should also understand that copyrights does not only apply to text, but also extends to literary works, images and photographs, music files and MP3s, movies, movie trailers and videos as well as software,” Kolade-Ogunlade explained.

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Super Eagles Lift Off to Sudan Tonight

Nigeria Super Eagles will fly out of the country on Thursday night ahead of a crucial 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier away in Sudan on Saturday.

The African champions rounded off their training in the country on Thursday morning with all 24 invited players involved and are expected to take off by 9pm.

The game at the weekend has been moved to the Municipal Stadium in Khartoum, which has an artificial pitch.

Super Eagles Set to Take Off for Sudan By 9:00pm on Thursday.

“We have been training at the Goal Project because of the artificial turf in Sudan,” said coach Stephen Keshi.

“But am not sure it’s going to be the same with the one here because I hear their’s is much newer and we don’t know if its first grade or second level but until we get there to find out.

“But all the same we have to take that out of our mind and just play 90 minutes and get out of there.”

Ronke Oshodi-Oke goes back to school


Yoruba Nollywood actress — Ronke Oshodi-Oke doesn’t care that she is in her middle ages as she has expressed interest in returning to school to complete her education.

The actress recently spoke with Encomium magazine in a recent interview about how her acting career made her shelve plans to further her education, in the process thwarting her resolve to complete her education despite being a popular face.

‘My big regret is not going back to school as I had wanted to. I have been planning to return back to school for quite a long time but when you are making money, seeing yourself being celebrated here and there, you will feel on top of the world. But you are nothing without completing your education. So that’s the bold step I want to take now. So it’s going to be fun. I don’t want to agree it’s going to be difficult. I really want to go back to school and I mean it this time around,’ she said.

The Ondo State indigene kicked off her acting career over 15 years ago and has featured in over 70 movies while she has also produced a few of her own movies….

Wizkid: “I wrote some songs for Rihanna”


The issue has been a topic before and it’s on again.

In a recent interview on the Capital Xtra show with DJ Abrantee in London while promoting his new album ‘Ayo,’ Nigeria’s award winning pop sensation, Wizkid has confirmed he was with American super star, Rihanna in the studio while he was in Los Angeles. Not just that, Wizkid said he wrote some songs for her album project.

In his words, Wizkid said: ‘Yea, I went to the studio to write something for her, she was in the studio as well, big shout out to Rihanna, so we made something together hopefully it gets picked. We’ll still do more stuffs together, you know she’s a cool person, I’m going back to Los Angeles so definitely I’m going to get back in the studio with her again.’

PDP Against Imposition of Candidates- Metuh

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Mr Olisa Metuh has assured party members that the party leadership would not allow the imposition of candidates on members in any state of the federation.

Metuh gave the assurance on Thursday in Abuja while addressing some aggrieved Ijaw youths from Rivers who stormed the party national headquarters to protest against an alleged plan to impose an indigene on the people of the state.

“Our party is against consensus candidate and any idea of intimidating the people. There should be no intimidation and coercion”, the PDP spokesman declared, promising that party members would be given the opportunity to elect and nominate aspirants of their choice who would eventually become the party`s candidates for elections in 2015. “We are promising you that that is what will happen in Rivers and every single state of the federation, he added.

But in what appears contrary to the PDP spokesman’s declaration, PDP governors and the Board of Trustees had last month adopted Jonathan as the party’s consensus candidate for the presidential election. The adoption is however expected to be ratified at the party’s convention later this year.

But Metuh said today that the party would continue to uphold true democratic tenets and principles in its nomination processes, advising the youths to motivate and mobilise their people to come out and vote for their candidates in the 2015 general elections.

Mr Oni Quakers from Kalabari, who spoke on behalf of the youths, said they were protesting the imposition of Ikwere indigenes on the people as the state`s next governor. He stressed that Ikweres had ruled the state for 16 years, adding that it was time for the Ijaws to rule the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the PDP National Presidential Campaign Office, venue of the PDP South South Integration Committee’s sitting, was besieged by aggrieved members.

Van Vicker says he was never quarantined in Liberia on Ebola suspicion


I didn’t even hear this rumor initially but it’s quite funny.

Reports say that award winning actor and film producer, Van Vicker has slammed rumors that he was quarantined over the deadly virus in while shooting a movie in Liberia.

The news which was first published earlier this week on a Ghanaian entertainment website ‘omgghana’ was taken down after the rumors had made rounds on social media.

In a recent radio interview on Live FM ‘Drive time program’ the presenter Antoine Mensah went on air to call the actor and ask about the situations which he laughed it off and blamed some of the media platform for making an illusion stories about him.

President Jonathan Urges Pinnick to Build on NFF Past Glories

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has congratulated the new president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick, on his election and assured that the government will support Nigerian football.

In a meeting at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, Mr President charged Pinnick and his new Executive Committee to strive harder to break new grounds and build on past achievements.

“I congratulate you on your coming into office, but it means a lot of work,” said President Jonathan. “You have to invest a lot of energy into building on past successes and reaching new heights. You can count on the support of the Government.

President Jonathan and the Nigeria Super Eagles After 2013 Afcon Triumph.

“However, I am even more motivated by your pledge to seek greater support from Corporate Nigeria. You know very well how much our people love the game of football, and it is now your responsibility to work really hard to see how our people can derive greater joy from watching the National Teams play.”

The Honourable Minister of Sports/Chairman, National Sports Commission, Tammy Danagogo, also graced the occasion, amongst other dignitaries.

Speaking earlier, Pinnick described President Jonathan as “Nigeria football’s Number One Supporter” and also lauded the Commander in Chief for the support he has been rendering to “Nigeria football and the National Teams over the years”

“You have indeed been Nigeria football’s Number One Supporter for several years now,” reckoned Pinnick.

“We remember Your Excellency’s tremendous efforts, then as Vice President, to ensure that Nigeria hosted the FIFA U17 World Cup finals in 2009. Since then, Your Excellency has never looked back.”

Newly Sworn-in Adamawa Governor Sacks Sacked Governor’s Cabinet

The newly-sworn in Adamawa Governor, Mr Bala Ngilari, on Thursday announced the dissolution of the State Executive Council and political appointees with immediate effect.

A statement signed by his Chief of Staff, Alhaji Chubado Tijjani, said all affected office holders should hand over all documents and other government properties to permanent secretaries in their various ministries.

The statement, however, said that heads of statutory commissions were not affected by the dissolution.

The affected appointees, who were less than three months old in office, had been appointed by the former Acting Governor, Alhaji Ahmadu Fintiri, who was sacked by a Federal High Court, Abuja, on Wednesday.

Ngilari was the deputy governor to impeached Governor Murtala Nyako left the PDP for the All Progressives Congress (APC). Ngilari opted to remain in the PDP, which still controls the majority in the state House of Assembly.

When the House moved to impeach Nyako, they promised to save Ngilari if he resigned. He agreed and tendered his resignation letter to then Speaker Fintiri. However, when Nyako was impeached, and Fintiri was sworn-in as acting governor, Ngilari, a lawyer by protested that he should be the governor because his resignation letter should have been tendered to the governor and not the speaker.

Ngilari took to the law courts for adjudication, contending that he never validly relinquished his position as deputy governor and the courts answered his prayers.

The Abuja-located Federal High Court sitting yesterday sacked Fintiri from office, ordered that Ngilari be sworn-in immediately as governor and stopped the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, from going ahead with its plans to conduct a bye-election in the state on Saturday.

Actress Ronke Odusanya’s New Hubby Is Still Legally Married. Wife Cries Foul! – Photos

Yoruba actress, Ronke Odusanya aka Flaky Ididowo was a happily married woman some days ago and it was all over the news that she had secretly wedded her hubby, Femi Anibaba.
The actress who was once romantically involved with

Fuji act, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, was said to have met her hubby a few months ago through a mutual friend and went on to hold a quiet traditional engagement ceremony in Lagos.Not up to a week after the marriage, woman claiming to be the ‘original’ wife of Femi Anibaba who found out about the marriage online is crying foul on facebook.! Folape says she is still legally married to her husband of 12 years and they have three kids.

See photo proof below:

The three kids