Malaysian Plane Was HIJACKED By Individual Or Group, Officials Say It’s CONCLUSIVE

Breaking News: Malaysian Plane Was HIJACKED By Individual Or Group, Officials Say It’s CONCLUSIVE

Investigators have concluded that one or more people with significant flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, switched off communication devices and steered it off-course, a Malaysian government official involved in the investigation said Saturday.

The representative who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that hijacking was no longer just a theory: ‘It is conclusive’, he told Associated Press.

While Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak refused to confirm that Malaysia Airlines flight M37 was seized, he admitted ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it changing course and losing connection with ground crews.

It is not yet clear where the plane was taken, however Mr Razak said the most recent satellite data suggests the plane could have taken one of two possible corridors: a northern corridor from border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, or southern corridor from Indonesia to the Southern Indian Ocean.

He said authorities have not ruled out any possibilities in the international search for the plane and the 239 people on board.

‘Clearly the search has entered a new phase. Over the last seven days, we have followed every lead and looked into every possibility,’ Mr Razak said. ‘For family and friends (of the passengers), we hope this new information brings us one step closer to finding the plane.’

malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday refused to confirm reports the plane was 'hijacked', but admitted that disabled communication system and flight redirection was the result of 'deliberate action' on the plane

malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday refused to confirm reports the plane was ‘hijacked’, but admitted that disabled communication system and flight redirection was the result of ‘deliberate action’ on the plane.

Theories: Suspicions are increasing that flight MH370 was deliberately diverted, as evidence suggests it took a sharp turn to the west and headed out over the Andaman Islands, sources have claimed

Conclusion: Malaysian officials say investigators have concluded flight MH370 was hijacked by one or several people with flying experience and deliberately diverted.

If the plane did carry on flying for five hours it could have travelled 2,200 nautical miles

Changing course: Officials said radar data suggests the plane may have turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula after setting out.

Re-routed: Malaysian officials have said radar data suggests the plane may have turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula toward the Andaman Islands after setting out on a northeastern path toward the Chinese capital

Re-routed: Malaysian officials have said radar data suggests the plane may have turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula toward the Andaman Islands after setting out on a northeastern path toward the Chinese capital


As of Saturday, 14 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft are involved in the search, with Malaysia set to approach countries in the northern and southern ‘corridors’ where the plane was last believed to have been.

The Boeing 777′s communication with the ground was severed just under one hour into a flight March 8 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Malaysian officials have said radar data suggests it may have turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula after setting out on a northeastern path toward the Chinese capital.

Experts say signals from the plane shows it continued for at least five hours before all contact was lost.

The plane soared to 45,000 feet before making a sharp turn west then descending to 23,000 feet, according to military radar records.

Earlier, an American official told The Associated Press that investigators were examining the possibility of ‘human intervention’ in the plane’s disappearance, adding it may have been ‘an act of piracy’.

The U.S. official said key evidence suggesting human intervention is that contact with the Boeing 777′s transponder stopped about a dozen minutes before a messaging system on the jet quit. Such a gap would be unlikely in the case of an in-flight catastrophe.

The Malaysian official said only a skilled aviator could navigate the plane the way it was flown after its last confirmed location over the South China Sea, and that it appeared to have been steered to avoid radar detection.

The official said it had been established with a ‘more than 50 percent’ degree of certainty that military radar had picked up the missing plane after it dropped off civilian radar.

Why anyone would want to do this is unclear. Malaysian authorities and others will be urgently investigating the backgrounds of the two pilots and 10 crew members, as well the 227 passengers on board.

Two sources told Reuters an unidentified aircraft, which investigators believe was Flight MH370, was following a route between navigational waypoints - indicating it was being flown by someone with aviation training - when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's north west coast (file picture)

Gone: The Malaysian Airways jet (not pictured) vanished on March 8 after communication was severed just one hour into a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Search effort: Colonel Do Duc Minh (far left) Vietnam Air Force's 370 Division's Chief of Staff, points at a map as he speaks to reporters about search flights aimed at finding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Search effort: Colonel Do Duc Minh (far left) Vietnam Air Force’s 370 Division’s Chief of Staff, points at a map as he speaks to reporters about search flights aimed at finding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.


Some experts have said that pilot suicide may be the most likely explanation for the disappearance, as was suspected in a SilkAir crash during a flight from Singapore to Jakarta in 1997 and an EgyptAir flight in 1999.

A massive international search effort began initially in the South China Sea where the plane’s transponders stopped transmitting. It has since been expanded onto the other side of the Malay peninsula up into the Andaman Sea and into the Indian Ocean.

Scores of aircraft and ships from 12 countries are involved in the search.

The plane had enough fuel to fly for at least five hours after its last know location, meaning a vast swath of South and Southeast Asia would be within its reach.

Investigators are analyzing radar and satellite data from around the region to try and pinpoint its final location, something that will be vital to hopes of finding the plane, and answering the mystery of what happened to it.

The USS Kidd arrived in the Strait of Malacca late Friday afternoon and will be searching in the Andaman Sea, and into the Bay of Bengal. It uses a using a ‘creeping-line’ search method of following a pattern of equally spaced parallel lines in an effort to completely cover the area.

A P-8A Poseidon, the most advanced long range anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft in the world, will arrive Saturday and be sweeping the southern portion of the Bay of Bengal and the northern portion of the Indian Ocean. It has a nine-member crew and has advanced surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, the department of defense said in a statement.

The USS Kidd arrived in the Strait of Malacca late Friday afternoon and will be searching in the Andaman Sea, and into the Bay of Bengal

The USS Kidd arrived in the Strait of Malacca late Friday afternoon and will be searching in the Andaman Sea, and into the Bay of Bengal.

Expanded search: A Royal Malaysian Air Force Navigator captain Izam Fareq Hassan (right) talks with his team members onboard a Malaysian Air Force CN235 aircraft during a search and rescue (SAR) operation

Expanded search: A Royal Malaysian Air Force Navigator captain Izam Fareq Hassan (right) talks with his team members onboard a Malaysian Air Force CN235 aircraft during a search and rescue (SAR) operation.

Expanded search: Indonesian Search And Rescue personnel keep a lookout on a rescue ship heading to the Andaman sea

Expanded search: Indonesian Search And Rescue personnel keep a lookout on a rescue ship heading to the Andaman sea.


Another U.S. official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said investigators looking for the plane have run out of clues except for a type of satellite data that has never been used before to find a missing plane, and is very inexact.

The data consists of attempts by an Inmarsat satellite to identify a broad area where the plane might be in case a messaging system aboard the plane should need to connect with the satellite, said the official.

The official compared the location attempts, called a ‘handshake’, to someone driving around with their cellphone not in use. As the phone from passes from the range of one cellphone tower to another, the towers note that the phone is in range in case messages need to be sent.

In the case of the Malaysian plane, there were successful attempts by the satellite to roughly locate the Boeing 777 about once an hour over four to five hours, the official said.

‘This is all brand new to us,’ the official said. ‘We’ve never had to use satellite handshaking as the best possible source of information.’

The handshake does not transmit any data on the plane’s altitude, airspeed or other information that might help in locating it, the official said. Instead, searchers are trying to use the handshakes to triangulate the general area of where the plane last was known to have been at the last satellite check, the official said.

‘It is telling us the airplane was continuing to operate,’ the official said, plus enough information on location so that the satellite will know how many degrees to turn to adjust its antenna to pick up any messages from the plane.

Wanting answers: Relatives of passengers of a missing Malaysia Airlines plane attend a conference with airline representatives at a hotel in Beijing, China on Saturday

Wanting answers: Relatives of passengers of a missing Malaysia Airlines plane attend a conference with airline representatives at a hotel in Beijing, China on Saturday.

Exhausted: Relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 rests in a room reserved for relatives awaiting news of the search for the plane

Exhausted: Relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 rests in a room reserved for relatives awaiting news of the search for the plane.

The official confirmed prior reports that following the loss of contact with the plane’s transponder, the plane turned west. A transponder emits signals that are picked up by radar providing a unique identifier for each plane along with altitude.

Malaysian military radar continued to pick up the plane as a whole ‘paintskin’ – a radar blip that has no unique identifier – until it traveled beyond the reach of radar, which is about 200 miles offshore, the official said.

The New York Times, quoting American officials and others familiar with the investigation, said radar signals recorded by the Malaysian military appear to show the airliner climbing to 45,000 feet higher than a Boeing 777′s approved limit, soon after it disappeared from civilian radar, and making a sharp turn to the west.

The radar track then shows the plane descending unevenly to an altitude of 23,000 feet below normal cruising levels, before rising again and flying northwest over the Strait of Malacca toward the Indian Ocean, the Times reported.

Malaysia has come under fire for what has been described as a ‘pretty chaotic’ search, with China saying the overall search effort has consequently been mired in confusion after a series of false alarms, rumors and contradictory statements.

Meanwhile, the hijacking news comes following revelations that two pilots at the helm of the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet are being investigated.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, are the subject of a police investigation, airline executives have admitted, and could have their homes searched.

Police in Malaysia have said they are looking at the psychological background of the pilots, their family life and connections as one line of inquiry into flight MH370′s disappearance.

Zaharie Ahmad ShahFariq Abdul Hamid

Under investigation: Pilots Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 (left) and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27 (right) are being investigated and could have their homes searched.

In the days since the flight went missing, it has emerged that Shah was so passionate about flying he has is own flight simulator at home, and that Hamid once invited two women to spend an entire flight in the cockpit with him.

The men may have their homes searched as part of the probe, as new information suggests that the plane’s course was diverted by capable pilots.

As the search continued for the missing Boeing 777, military radar suggested the plane was deliberately flown towards India’s Andaman Islands.

Two sources familiar with the investigation said an unidentified aircraft – which investigators believe was flight MH370 – was plotted by military radar following a route between navigational waypoints.

This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said.

Chris Brown Arrested For Violating Probation, Held Without Bail

Chris Brown Arrested For Violating Probation, Held Without Bail

Chris Brown has been arrested for violating his probation stemming from the 2009 assault charge against Rihanna.

The 24-year-old singer was taken into custody on Friday night, March 14, 2014 in Malibu.

Brown was “cooperative” when deputies arrested him in Malibu about 2 p.m. Friday, according to a statement released by the sheriff’s department.

Brown had been ordered to spend time in an anger-management program for a few months, pending the verdict of a concurrent though unrelated legal issue in Washington, D.C.

According to reports, he is being held without bail.


Actress Queen Nwokoye Shows Off Her Adorable Twins

How Popular Nollywood Actress Slept Her Way To The Top

This time they exposed the secret affairs of a top
Nollywood actress before the fame, all fingers are pointing to a certain Miss
H…….. Please read and decode it if you can..

This, in no way, is to
despise and vilify the days of little beginnings. Rather it is just to share
with you how one of our biggest actresses rose to stardom, combining sleeping
with different men with her resilient nature. Initially based in the Northern
part of the country, but from the Middle Belt, she journeyed to the South; Lagos
to be precise, on the invitation of a boyfriend whom she had met when he visited
the North and both of them had a nice time. On getting to Lagos, the guy was
nowhere to be found. Worn out and penniless, she was left stranded and
stupefied. Now at one of the phone booths in Surulere where she
could find solace, another man about town noticed her pains, walked over,
comforted her and fiam, she moved in with him, supplying sex and the rest of
them. After some months of doing this with the then rich bachelor, the guy
stylishly eased her out of his GRA home and back to square one again. Not
wanting to continue on the streets, she started moving from one guy’s home to
another till she finally slept her way to the top where today she is sitting
pretty. Ebony-skinned and short, alphabets H and A mean a lot to her. Always in
the news, and courting the press repeatedly, she’s become a big girl, but some
of us who know how she started haven’t forgotten her story. Especially in those
early days when even her didn’t know she will come this far. The breadwinner of
her family, the road to the top wasn’t any easy for her, but combining bottom
power with opening her lovely laps, ruggedness with rare industry, she
eventually made it.



Check Out Paul Okoye & His Finacee’s Pre Wedding Photo

Paul Okoye and his beautiful fiancée ‘Anita Isama’ are set to have their traditional wedding in a very big way on the 22nd of March,2014 in Port Harcourt. Congrats to them
another photo below

Photo:- President Goodluck Jonathan Kneels Before Late Yar’Adua’s Mum In Kastina

President Jonathan paid a visit to the Late President Umaru Yar’adua’s mother Hajia Aya Dada in Kastina.

President Jonathan, who was on a two-day state visit to Katsina, arrived at the Yar’Aduas’ compound at 9.20 am accompanied by Gov. Ibrahim Shema. Jonathan and his entourage was received by Alhaji Mustapha, the younger brother of the late president, who led them to their matriarch.
Shema introduced the president to Hajia Aya Dada and Jonathan in humility knelt down before her to receive a motherly blessing. He also paid homage to late Yar’Adua’s elder brother Alhaji Yusuf Musa Yar’Adua before leaving the compound.
The late Yar’Adua became the first civilian leader in Nigeria to take over from another after winning a presidential poll in 2007 with Jonathan as his Vice.
Yar’Adua, 58, died of a chronic heart disease, pericarditis, an inflammation of the lining around the heart, on May 5, 2010, which constitutionally paved way for Jonathan to take over as president.

Yvonne Nelson & Joselyn Dumas Stuns In New Photo

Mother & Her Three Children Dies After Eating Yam Flour Meal In Ondo State

FOUR out of a family of nine including a mother and her three children reportedly died after the consumption of a yam flour for lunch in Isua-Akoko area of Ondo state.
The father of the family Mr Abiloye Folorunso and other children were however saved by providence as the effect of the poison was not much in their system and was immediately flushed out in the hospital.
It was gathered that the yam flour was purchased from Isua Market that ill fated morning and was prepared as their lunch before death came calling.
Speaking with newsmen, the Information Officer of the Akoko South East Local Government, Mr. Akin Meroyi said the incident occurred at Ward 7 in the town.
Also speaking on the incident, another family member, Hon. Adesina Ayodeji noted that the flour was bought from Isua Market by the deceased mother on that same day the incident occurred.
Ayodeji told newsmen that shortly after taking the yam flour, all the nine members who ate of it became unconscious.
According to him, they were immediately rushed to the Local Government Health Centre by neighbours where first aid was administered to them.
In the process of reviving them, one of the family members reportedly died at the Health Centre.
Disturbed by the situation as they could not be revived, they were taken to the State Specialist Hospital, Ikare-Akoko.
Some of the family members still unconscious were hurriedly taken to a private hospital in Ikare Akoko where another member died again.
Their neighbours who were trying to salvage the situation took some of the unconscious members to the Federal Medical Centre[FMC], Owo where they were diagnosed to have eaten poison.
The effect of the poison according to investigation was much in their body system and has affected their intestines and kidney following renal diagnosis by medical experts.
Family members later decided that spiritual solution should be sought following the report from the hospital.
The victims were reportedly transferred to a church in Isua –Akoko where the mother and another child died.
Reacting to the development in his council area, the Chairman of Akoko South East Local Government, Hon Olusola Agbi who condoled the family described the incident as unfortunate and sad.
The five other family members have been revived at the specialist hospital in Ikare-Akoko and are still on admission.

  • Vanguard

12-Year old -Killed By Police During Rescue Mission Of Kidnapped Lawmaker

A member of the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Honourable Yusuf Nuhu representing Lame Constituency who was abducted by unknown gunmen on the 3rd of March has been rescued by the police.

However a 12-year-old girl was sadly killed by a police stray bullet while trying to rescue the lawmaker.

Sources close to the family who pleaded anonymity said Alhaji Yusuf abductors who was kidnapped by the unknown gunmen at his house in Zalau village in Toro Local Government Area, Bauchi state demanded a ransome of N20m.

The Police Public Relations officer of the state command DSP Haruna Mohammed who disclosed this to newsmen in Bauchi said that a joint police/vigilante group carried out the rescue operation and that the lawmaker was in stable condition.

Mohammed said,“ there was a fierce battle with the suspected kidnappers and as a result, a stray bullet hit a 12 years old Hauwa’u on her leg.She later died at the hospital while receiving treatment.

“The suspects abandoned their sGolf 3 vehicle with registration number MKR 553 AA and escaped into the bush with bullet wounds.The command recovered five expended ammunition of 7. 62 mm”.

The PPRO however urged members of the public to report anyone with bullet wounds to the nearest police station.


Displaying photo.JPG

His Excellency, Deputy Governor of Imo State in a warm handshake with Justice Muhammed Mustapher Akanbi (Retired Justice of the Court of Appeal and former Chairman, ICPC) immediately after NGF Retreat at Eko Hotel and Suites V/I, Lagos

Displaying image.jpeg

Their Excellencies, Rt. Hon. Chibuike R. Amaechi and Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere seem to be throwing jokes at each other while the President of the Nigeria Guild of Editors, and the Managing Director of the Sun Publishing Limited seems to be enjoying it all the way at the NGF Retreat at Eko Hotel

Displaying image.jpeg

Their Excellencies, Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State and Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Madumere during the NGF retreated  at Eko Hotel and Suites




More Photos Of Nollywood Actress Biola Ige Whose Boobs Was Sucked By Actor Muna Obiekwe



Pictures Boko Haram members Killed in Maiduguri today 14/3/14 – PHOTOS

instant justice? You can even see the villagers are still beating up their corpses

Pictures Boko Haram members Killed in Maiduguri today – PHOTOS

Kidnappers Of Wazobia FM Journalist Demand N10Million Naira Ransom For Victim Release

The gunmen, who seized a presenter with Wazobia FM in Port Harcourt, Anthony Akatakpo, popularly known as Akas Baba, on Thursday, are asking for a ransom of N10 million naira, the journalist’s employers have said.


The management of Steam and Globe Broadcasting and Communications Limited, owners of the station are however calling for the unconditional release of Mr. Akatakpo.

Mr. Akatakpo, an on-air radio personality with the station was kidnapped from his home by unidentified gunmen in the early hours of Thursday. Steam and Globe Broadcasting and Communications Limited is the owner of Cool FM, Wazobia FM and Nigeria Info.

A statement by the company indicated that Mr. Akatakpo was assaulted and shot on the leg before his abductors whisked him away in his Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV with registration number LSD 871 CM.

Apart from the trauma brought on the family by the violent treatment given the popular journalist, the kidnappers are said to have also demanded a N10 million ransom.

Part of the statement reads,

“The family and management of Wazobia FM have reported the kidnap to the police as well as other security agencies. We are optimistic that the police alongside other security agencies will do a thorough job of securing the release of Akas Baba.

“We hereby urge security operatives in the state to do everything possible to quicken the release of the ace broadcaster from the kidnappers’ den. We are worried that his health might degenerate if he does not get access to medical care as a result of the gunshot wound he sustained.”

Akas Baba is the host of “Make Una Wake Up” a breakfast show on Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt. The show, which is broadcast on weekdays from 5am to 10am; is one of the most popular radio shows in the South-South zone of Nigeria.

Indian Guru Followers Freeze His Corpse, Say He Is In Deep Meditation And Will Resurrect

Indian guru, Ashutosh Maharaj, followers have placed his corpse into a freezer, because they believe he will resurrect to lead them.


The leader of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (Divine Light Awakening Mission), which has more than 30 million followers, was officially declared dead on 29 January after he had allegedly suffered a heart attack.


Those who believe Maharaj will return to life say medicine does not understand things like yogic science.

They suggest to wait and watch, and they are sure he will come back.

Maharaj spokesman said that, interestingly, his body did not decompose before they had put it in the freezer, which he described it as “a spiritual experience”.

Jackie Appiah Set To Marry Nigerian Actor

Popular Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah who once revealed in an interview that Nigeria is like her second home will likely be spending more of her time in the country.


The mother of one who got divorced from her husband, Peter Agyeman some years ago is set to marry to her Nigerian lover.

Apparently the beautiful Canadian born Ghanaian actress actress has been dating Nigerian actor, Bobby Obodo and there are reports that he has officially met Jackie’s family and gotten approval from them.

The inseparable lover, who have been spotted together at different events however, have denied that they are a couple.

Well time will time..If there’s more between this two.


How I Infected 324 Men With HIV – Female Student Reveals


A female student in Kenya has revealed that she has infected a total of 324 men with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The HIV positive girl, who attends the Kabarak University in Nakuru, is said to have been infected by a man at a party.

The unidentified 19-year old is allegedly aiming to infect a total of 2000 men in revenge.

According to reports:

The girl allegedly contacted Kenyan Scandals on Facebook and claimed she had something to confess.

After she was assured her identity was going to be protected (the Kenyan Daily Post, however, published a picture from her Facebook profile along with the article) she wrote: “Sep 22nd 2013 is a day I”ll never forget, we went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back hostels for party round 2″.

She then explained that when she woke up, the morning after, she realised a boy called Javan had had s*x with her while she was drunk.

“I only asked if he used a condom and he said yes, however when taking bath I noticed sperms down there, I wanted to commit suicide, I feared getting pregnant and HIV.”

When she discovered she was HIV positive, the girl confronted Javan who insisted he was clean.

“I was so depressed and took alcohol to die, I even bought poison, the pain was just unbearable how was I gone face the world, I let my parents down, I gave up on the world and just wanted to end my life. My future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay,” the girl said.

“I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer, I know I’m attractive and men both married and unmarried chase me left right and centre.

“I buried the good girl in me and became the bad girl, my goal was to infect as many as possible,” she explained.

The girl then confessed she had already infected 324 men, 156 of which are students at the Kabarak University where she studies, the rest are married men, lecturers, lawyers, celebrities and politicians.

“Not a day passes without me having s*x, mostly 4 people per day,” she continued in her confession. “Your day is coming, you men destroyed my life and I will make you and your people pay for it”

Delaware Man Writes His Own Obituary Before Dying on Sunday


Before he died at the age of 80 on Sunday, Walter George Bruhl, Jr., of Newark, Del., took the time to write his own obituary.

His grandson, Sam Bruhl, posted the lengthy piece on Reddit on Monday and it has been making its way across the Internet ever since.

The obituary utilizes some fill-in-the-blank sections and also alludes to Bruhl’s wife now being able “to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink.”

Bruhl’s relatives only found out about the self-penned obituary after his death.

Here it is in full:


“Walter George Bruhl Jr of Newark and Dewey Beach DE is a dead person, he is no more, he is bereft of life, he is deceased, he has wrung down the curtain and gone to join the choir invisible, he has expired and gone to meet his maker.He drifted off this mortal coil on _____________ at __________ at his home in ________. His spirit was released from his worn out shell of a body and is now exploring the universe.

He was surrounded by his loving wife of ______ years, Helene Sellers Bruhl, who will now be able to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink, his two sons, their wives, and his four grandchildren. Walt was preceded in death by his tonsils and adenoids in 1935, a spinal disc in 1974, a large piece of his thyroid gland in 1988, and his prostate on March 27th 2000.

He was born in Phila. PA on April 20th 1933 at 10:38 PM and weighed in at a healthy 7lbs. 4oz. and was 22” long, to Blanche Buckman Bruhl and Walter George Bruhl. He drifted through the Philadelphia Public School System from 1937 through 1951, graduating, to his mother’s great relief, from John Bartram High School in June of 1951.

Walter was a Marine Corps Veteran of the Korean War having served from October of 1951 to September of 1954 with overseas duty in Japan from June of 1953 till August of 1954. He attained the rank of Sergeant. He chose this path because of Hollywood propaganda, to which he succumbed as a child during WWII, and his cousin Ella, who joined the corps in 1943.

He served an electronics apprenticeship at the Phila. Naval Yard from 1956 till 1961, operated Atlantic Automotive Service Stations in Wilmington during 1961 and 1962 and was employed by the late great DuPont Co. from 1962 thru 1993 (very few people who knew him would say he worked for DuPont and he always claimed he had only been hired to fill a position).

He started at the Chestnut Run Site as a flunky in the weave area of the Textile Fibers Dept., and then was promoted to research assistant, where he stayed from 1953 through 1972. In 1972 he accepted a position as an equipment service representative with the Photo Products Dept. at the old DuPont Airport Site (now Barley Mill Plaza).

In 1973 he was promoted to Manufacturing Engineering Technologist and was employed in that capacity until, after 31 years with The Co., he was given a fine anniversary dinner and a token gift and then ‘downsized’ in Dec. of 1993. He was rehired as a contract employee in June of 1994, doing the same job that he had been ‘downsized’ from, and stayed until July of 1995. He started his own contract business and worked at Litho Tech Ltd. from 1996 till 1999.

There will be no viewing since his wife refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand so that he would appear natural to visitors.

Cremation will take place at the family’s convenience and his ashes will be kept in an urn until they get tired of having it around. What’s a Grecian Urn? Oh, about 200 drachmas a week.

Everyone who remembers him is asked to celebrate Walt’s life in their own way, raising a glass of their favorite drink in his memory would be quite appropriate. Instead of flowers, Walt would hope that you will do an unexpected and unsolicited act of kindness for some poor unfortunate soul in his name.”

Obi Doles N160m To 160 First Class Graduates In Anambra



Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra on Thursday presented N1 million each to160 first class graduates of the state to enable them to be established in their chosen careers.

Addressing the graduates in Awka on Thursday, Obi said the gesture was a way of encouraging hard work among students and youths in the state.

The governor also used the occasion to distribute 55 school buses to 55 secondary schools, saying it was part of the final push in the education sector.

He further inaugurated the distribution of more than 200 transformers to various communities as well as two fire trucks to the state fire service.

Obi assured that his successor, Mr Willie Obiano, would sustain the gesture and called on the people of the state to support the in-coming administration.

Earlier, the state Commissioner for Education, Dr Uju Okeke, commended the governor for the transformation so far witnessed in the education sector.

She said that Obi’s administration had so far distributed about N2.8 billion to the Catholic mission schools and about N2 billion to Anglican mission schools.

Okeke said that the money was released as grants for rehabilitation, renovation or construction of new structures in the schools.

She noted that the administration had distributed more than 420 generating sets, 22, 500 laptops and 1, 400 colour printers.

Okeke said that N2 million was given to each school for provision of laboratory equipment and for library development.

“We are ending strongly with the recruitment of 2,000 secondary school teachers and 3,000 primary school teachers in the state”, the commissioner said.

The Chairman, Post Primary School Service Commission, Mrs Joy Ulasi, urged the first class graduates to utilise the funds donated to them by the governor, describing Obi’s gesture as unprecedented.

Ulasi assured the governor that the school principals would ensure optimal utilisation of the buses in bringing about the desired goal in the education sector. (NAN)

Kidnappers Inject 7-Year-Old Boy With Chemicals, Demand Ransom


A gang of kidnappers responsible for the abduction and murder of a 7-year-year-old boy identified as Aliyu Haidar Aminu, in the Kano metropolis have been arrested by security agencies in Kano.

The suspects include, Jamilu, who allegedly masterminded the operation;  Aliyu, a student of Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, Katsina; Bashir and one Umar, whose account was used to collect the ransom from the father of the boy.

The little boy was kidnapped on March 4th on his way home from his school, located at Turauni Quarters.

His lifeless  body was found the next day in an uncompleted building around Eastern Bye.

According to one of the suspects, Aliyu, he was recruited by Jamilu, who sewed similar Islamic school uniforms for him with a view to blending with the rest of the students of the Islamic school to enable a surveillance on the victim and on that fateful day, as he was leaving school, he abducted him.

After abducting the boy, they took him to a school in the neighborhood where they injected him with a chemical mixture to make him unconscious. They then called the father, Alhaji Aminu the next day, demanding for N30million ransom. After negotiations, they settled for N2million which they asked him to pay into an account provided by Umar.

After, Mr. Aminu paid the money, he was told by the kidnappers to pick up his son around Eastern Bypass. On getting there, he did not see the assailants or his son. It was at about 4p.m on the same day that the police informed him of the recovery of the boy’s lifeless body.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday, Director of State Security Service (SSS) in Kano State, Mr. Bassey Etang said a combined team of the 3rd Brigade, Nigerian Army, and officers of the DSS investigated and effected the arrest of the suspects.

Source: Daily Sun Newspaper

Enugu Govt House Attack: Biafra Group Reveals What They’ll Do Next

Enugu Government House was recently attacked by gunmen and Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF) claimed responsibility for the attack.




In a recent telephone interview with reporters, the Leader of the group, Onwuka is threatening to stage another attack  and this time with a well armed team, adding that it will be extended to Owerri, the Imo State capital.

We are going again to the Government House, Enugu. This time around, we will be fully armed. We must take our headquarters from Nigeria,” he said

The leader who is a British trained lawyer said the group is aiming to reclaim Biafra’s independence and the world powers were behind their actions but he did not mention the name of the world powers.

He also warned that any attempt to arrest him would spell doom for Nigeria.

Onwuka said they succeeded in hoisting the Biafran flag in Enugu government house which is the epicentre of the Biafran federation, even though it may have been removed.

There were strong indications yesterday that the BZF next point of call is the Imo State Government House.

However, the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), has warned splinter groups agitating for the realisation of Biafra Republic to desist from violent measures that may further endanger the life and property of Biafrans, adding that they are committed to Biafra but through peaceful means.

Source: The Nation

How Suspected Boko Haram Fighters Attacked Military Barracks In Borno

Captured-BOKO HARAMThe city of Maiduguri, Borno State was as early as 7:30 a.m. today attacked by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members as they reportedly attacked Giwa Barracks, one of the strategic military formations in the state.

The barracks is not very far from the Government House and polo area.

The daring attack is suspected to be a response to the current heavy bombardment of the insurgents’ hide-outs in Sambisa, Barga and several others hidden in the savannah north and central parts of the state.

Pastor Fireman Opens Up On His Alleged Ritual Case, Read What He Has To Say


Pastor Ofuche Ukoha, popularly called pastor Fireman by his worshippers at Perfect Christianity Ministry in Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos State, western Nigeria, has finally opened up his highly publicized ritual scandal.

The controversial preacher was in January indicted for a ritual killing by an 18-year-old boy who claimed to be a member of his church. He was subsequently arrested by the police but later released. Speaking to newsmen recently, he said: ”A lot of things written about me then were not correct. I want to use this opportunity to clear the air. I didn’t do it. I have never met that young man before. The story said I was bundled to the police station. That is not true. I drove to Panti police station myself. If I was guilty, I would have ran away. When the young man was called to testify in the presence of policemen, he confessed that we had never met. “The boy who claimed he washes my car every day, did not even recognize the colour of my house when I took the police to my house in Lekki. How come? Thank God his mother came out to vindicate me.

“A lot of things have happened to me in recent times. I have suffered bandits attack, assassination attempt, even my mother’s house in Abuja was burnt down but I am not perturbed because I know who I believed in.

“This whole thing started when I came in contact with a document which I will make known soon. The people involved have tried to prevent me from making it public but they are wasting their time.” Brandishing copies from the police and the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Fireman continued: “From the investigation of the police, there is nothing to show that I had anything to do with the allegation. “The DPP had also written that I am innocent. You can go and verify yourself. I am against killing. I have been in the miracle ministry since I was 18 and my spiritual father is Dr. T.L. Osborn. This boy has several cases of r*pe in Badagry according to investigations, even the mother came out to testify to that effect.”


The Buck Passes to the Head Coach- Ramon Azeez on His World Cup Chances

Ramon Azeez is leaving the likelihood of featuring at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil to chance, but admits the coach decides who makes the final cut. The Almeria of Spain midfielder believes as much as every eligible player would want to feature for the Super Eagles in Brazil, all efforts come to nothing if head coach Stephen Keshi is less impressed with their performances.

“In as much as every player wants to be at the World Cup the decision is not with us but the coach, we can only try our best by convincing the coach with our performances,” Azeez was quoted as saying in a chart with Brilla FM.

Coach Stephen Keshi Has Admitted Their a Numerous Football Talents in Nigeria.

Coach Stephen Keshi Has Admitted Their a Numerous Football Talents in Nigeria.

The former 2009 under-17 FIFA World Cup layer also added that he was satisfied with his performance in the Super Eagles friendly against Mexico.

Azeez played the full 45 minutes of the second-half in the World Cup warm-up game

Police Identify Suspected Killer Cop Of Orji Son’s Aide

nigeria-police-logoThe Abia State police command has identified the suspected killer of Mr. John Ndubuka, a State civil servant and blood relation of Governor Theodore Orji, after about one month of investigation.

Mr. Ndubuka was shot dead by a killer cop on February 15, 2014, after a civic reception held for the governor by Ikwuano/Umuahia people.

The State Commissioner of Police (CP), Mr. Adamu Ibrahim, who made the disclosure Thursday when a delegation of Igbo World Union paid him a courtesy visit to inform him that they plan to hold a traditional rulers’ forum in Umuahia, the state capital, next month, said his Command had identified the late Ndubuka’s suspected killer cop (whose name he did not disclose), indicating that the suspected killer cop would soon be arraigned for murder.

“We are ready to arraign him in court. This suspected officer, who fired the shot that resulted to the death of Ndubuka, should take responsibility for his action even though he said it was an accidental discharge”.

According to the police boss, “the full identity of the suspect, who has been in our custody since the tragic incident, would be made public at the court”, stressing that “Police are charged with the responsibility of protecting lives and not to endanger them”.

Abia Govt Threatens To Prosecute Individuals, Groups Behind Orji’s Campaign Posters



The Abia State Government on Thursday warned that it is now a prosecutable offence to procure, distribute and post printed materials or mount billboards in the state indicating or suggesting that Gov. Theodore Orji has accepted to or has become a candidate for Abia Central Senatorial District in the 2015 election.

The governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, in a press statement said the governor has decried the action as he did not mandate any person or group to print and post campaign posters for him, threatening that henceforth, anyone caught in the act would be arrested and prosecuted by law enforcement agencies.

Information Nigeria reports that thousands of campaign posters and billboards propping the governor up as a candidate for the senate come 2015 dot every nook and cranny of Umuahia, the state capital, and other parts of the state, particularly the Central senatorial zone.

Security C’ttee Warns Political Elite Against Comments Undermining War Against Insurgency In North East

DHQ3The Joint Security Information Committee on Security Development has warned those undermining ongoing operations in the North-East to desist from doing so or face the wrath of the law.

The committee comprises of Information Spokespersons for the Defence Headquarters, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, State Security Services (SSS) and National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Chairman of the committee, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade of the Defence Headquarters gave the warning in Abuja on Thursday while addressing newsmen on the security situation in the country.

Olukolade said that the committee had noted with great concern, the premeditated attacks on the morale of the security forces engaged in the fight against terrorism by a section of the political elite.

He said that the people concerned often made frivolous and unfounded claims and allegations on welfare of soldiers under the pretext of being more caring for the welfare and condition of troops deployed in the battle-front.

The chairman said that the intention of such people was to “encourage indiscipline and ultimately mutiny”.

“This set of Nigerians has taken up every available media platform to disparage efforts of the leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the fight against terror.

“They have accused the military and security authorities of denying the soldiers and other security personnel of their entitlements.

“They have also been spreading the rumour that the gallant Nigerian soldiers are grumbling over inadequate resources and lack of motivation to take on the insurgents”, he said.

Olukolade said that the unfounded allegations and outright rumour mongering were, “to say the least, callous, mischievous and inimical to the wellbeing of our national security”.

He said that in spite the false claims to ridicule the efforts and integrity of the security forces, the forces had remained cohesive.

The defence spokesperson noted that the gallant personnel were determined more than ever before to bring terrorism in the country to an end.

“I can assure you that we are conscious of the license and liberty we have to enforce law and order within the scheme of the state of emergency, the issues are being observed.

“At the appropriate time, with appropriate procedures, everyone found wanting to undermine the morale of our men or the operations in any form would pay dearly for it.

“However, we will follow procedures.

“This forum wishes to reassure the Nigerian people that the military and security agencies will not be deterred from the commitment to defend and protect our dear country from any form of insecurity or aggression”.

He added that the security forces would continue to put in their best effort, adding that in no distant future, the dividends of their efforts will be visible for all to see.

$49.8b Unremitted Fund: Senate Appoints Independent Auditors



The Senate Committee on Finance probing the alleged non- remittance of $49.8billion by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Thursday said it had appointed independent auditors to carry out forensic examination of the volume of expenses incurred by the state-owned oil firm.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi made this known at the resumed session of the committee in Abuja.

Despite the appointment of the auditors, NNPC Group Managing Director, Engr. Andrew Yakubu has insisted that no money is missing from the corporation’s coffers.

Makarfi (PDP, Kaduna) said the engagement of the independent consultants became necessary following the committee’s resolve to get to the bottom of the controversial matter.

The senator said the findings of the independent consultants will assist the committee in arriving at a conclusion on the alleged missing money.

Makarfi said: “The committee appointed independent consultants to do forensic examination and audit on the volume of expenses you incurred.

“We expect their report by the end of next week. And their independent report is what will make us form an opinion on the expenses and losses totaling about $2.1 billion based on your submission.

“The other issue which we don’t have to wait before we make our report is the Auditor-General of the Federation who has written formally to the committee confirming he is conducting forensic checks and that the forensic check comprehensively covers our areas of concern and that he is going to send the report of the forensic check or audit to us.

“It would not stop us from making our report subject to whatever he may present to the National Assembly. He would make a report directly to the National Assembly on this.

“In respect of unremitted revenue, we have received virtually all that we need to receive. Report of our own independent forensic auditors on the expenses and other losses totaling $2.1 billion and final certification from PPPRA from July to December 2013 on subsidy.

“That is what will make us finalise our work and make our report to the Senate.

“That would be the last issue that needs to be publicly submitted to us. We don’t want to submit it in our offices. We want to submit it in the presence of everybody so that we know what the figure from July to December is so that when we make our report, it would be on the basis of what the public is already aware of, as presented by the agencies”.

The GMD, however, insisted that no money is missing, explaining that funds accruing from crude oil liftings are shared 60/40 per cent by the Federal Government and the Joint Venture (JV) partners.

Yakubu said: “We have given a detailed account, no money is missing, each business is governed by a different business arrangement, if you do not trace it to the business arrangement and the governance structure, you will not understand.

“Now you heard we had under-lifting and reconciliation are held quarterly. When you reconcile, you will be able to balance your books and come up with the true position of things.

“I am saying it is too hasty for people to say that money is missing and apportion such a large amount. You have seen how we have broken them down to the various business arrangement and how monies are accounted for in various arrangements. The fact that money is not seen in the Federation Account does not mean the money did not go to other beneficiaries”.

He also launched a passionate appeal to the media to save the image of the corporation as reports on the alleged missing funds are capable of affecting Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria.

Boko Haram: Jonathan Should Forego His 2015 Ambition In The Interest Of Peace, Stability, Says Ex-NDP Chair

jonathan_2015President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised by former chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Prince Chudi Chukwuani to shelve his 2015 ambition in the interest of peace and political stability of the country.

Chukwuani, who made this known yesterday in Abuja while speaking with journalists, argued that the renewed face-off between security forces and the Boko Haram insurgents in the North East region may have been compounded by the president’s perceived interest in running for a second term.

According to the ex-NDP chair, if he were in Jonathan’s shoes, “I will concentrate on providing good leadership for the people. Remember it is lack of good leadership that brought up the insurgency in the first place”.

He stated that any case of instability in a country is the responsibility of its leadership to bring the situation under control.

He also described the forthcoming national conference as illegal, saying it was the least of the nation’s problems.

“The conference has no foundation in law and in our constitution; it will be of no use to Nigerian democratic structure”, he said.

Jonathan Commissions N8bn New Katsina Govt House

BirLm_SCUAABG3rPresident Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday inaugurated the N8 billion Katsina Government House with a promise to keep supporting the state government to deliver democracy dividends.

The inauguration ceremony was part of the activities lined up for the two-day official visit of the President to the state.

The President said that the completion of the edifice about a year to the end of Gov. Shehu Shema’s eight years’s administration was a demonstration of selfless service and committed leadership.

Jonathan, who said he was impressed with the quality of work, also commended Shema for leaving indelible blue print behind him.

He specifically hailed the governor’s efforts in the areas of educational and development of infrastrucuture in the state.

Earlier, Shema had said that the concept behind the project was that politics should be about service to humanity and not about self aggradisement or personal interest.

He said the concept was in line with the transformation agenda of the President.

Shema urged the President to continue with the positive programmes at the centre and should not be distracted by the challenges facing the nation.

“Mr. President, you have offered yourself to the service of this country and you are doing the best in human capacity development.

“In human endeavour, there must be some challenges so yours is not peculiar and Nigeria is facing its own challenges like the other nations of the world.

“There is no part of the world today that can claim that it is 100 per cent in peace and harmony”, he said.

Shema said that the N8 billion used in constructing the edifice was sourced neither from federal allocation nor internally generated revenue, but from interest accruing from bank savings of the state.

He said proceeds from the interest was also used in constructing the N400 million government house in Abuja.

Beside the edifice, Shema said his administration had constructed 200 secondary schools, 38 new primary schools while education from primary to secondary schools is free in the state.

He said his administration had also sent 600 students to study specialised courses like medicine, engineering, environmental sciences in universities abroad.

In the area of agriculture, Shema said the state had provided tractors, irrigation equipment, fertilizer and seedling to farmers.

The governor added that the state built 2000 houses which were sold to indigenes at 50 per cent discounted rate with 15 years instalmental payment.

NAN reports that the Government House complex included, Governor’s Office, Governor’s lodge, office complex for the governor’s wife and additional offices for principal staff of the governor.

The edifice also included, a presidential lodge and chalets for presidential aides, 200 capacity banquet hall and an indoor games and fitness centre. (NAN)

Police arrest man with 18 human skulls in Ogun



The Ogun Police Command said on Thursday that it arrested a 38-year-old man, Adelani Ayomide, for being in possession of a bag containing 18 human skulls.

A statement by the command’s spokesperson, Mr Muyiwa Adejobi, issued in Abeokuta said Ayomide was arrested on Thursday along the Ado-Odo-Owode road at about 6.48 a.m. during a routine police stop-and-search operation.

He said that the case would be transferred to the command’s headquarters in Abeokuta for further investigation.

Adejobi gave assurance that every person involved in the crime would be arrested and arraigned after investigation

I was fed garri mixed with palm oil, says freed Jonathan’s cousin

The kidnapped Chief Inengite Nitabai, cousin to President Goodluck Jonathan, has been rescued from his abductors. He said that his captors fed him garri mixed with palm oil and made him to sleep on wet bare floor during his 21-day incarceration.

Meanwhile, President Goodluck Jonathan’s maternal cousin, Miss Patience Agbani, survived a kidnapp attempt yesterday at Akepelai, in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Reliving his experience, the septuagenarian said he was blindfolded all through his incarceration and made to sleep on the wet, bare floor.

He said: “I was blindfolded. I did not see anything they were doing and didn’t know where I was. I thank God for keeping me stronger because I was sleeping on the bare ground. When rain comes it touches me everywhere.

“I am a retired lecturer from the university and I mind my own business. So I don’t know what actually made them to carry out this action on me. I was really tortured. They used their gun butts to hit my body.”


Displaying image.jpeg


The Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, has called on Christians to use the period of lent to pray for the unity of the country.

In a press release signed by the Chief Press Secretary to The Deputy Governor, Uche Onwuchekwa, Prince Madumere said the Lenten period is when Christians reflect on the sufferings of Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice he paid on the cross of Calvary.

According to the release, he called on the people of Imo State and Nigeria in general to imbibe the spirit of tolerance in their relationship with one another as he says that peaceful coexistence creates an atmosphere of growth and development.

Prince Madumere further enjoined Christians to pursue peace with all their hearts as exemplified by Jesus Christ. He said that as followers of Christ Imo people in particular and Nigerians in general should show love to one another.

In the same vain,Prince Madumere called on the people of Imo State to continue to pray for God’s continued wisdom and vision for the State and for the Owelle Rochas Okorocha led administration to bring about more developmental strides.

For those whose lives were cut short by the unfortunate activities of the insurgents in the North, Prince Eze Madumere  prayed for God’s divine intervention for a lasting peace in the land.

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana shares epic #Surulere photos (LOOK)







Flana Femi

- [Photo credit: H/T Reader]

2 Nigerians facing jail time in the UK for stealing N342 million (PICTURED)

Segun Ogunfidodo

Two Nigerians have been arrested and charged before a court in the United Kingdom for being part of a cyber-crime gang.

Segun Ogunfidodo, 26, and Leroy Odunusi, 24,were part of a gang led by 48-year-old Tony Colston-Hayter, a former master gambler.

Leroy Odunusi

The duo were charged to court and are said to have pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit fraud using credit cards and they will be sentenced on April 23.

The gang is said to have jointly stolen the sum of £1.25million by hacking banks and draining high-value accounts of money.

The suspects also stole 24,000 credit cards from American Express and Coutts customers and then went on shopping sprees.

Police in Borno deny terrorist attack on UNIMAID


Reports of a terrorist attack on the University of Maiduguri in Borno have been refuted by police in the state.

The state Commissioner of Police, Lawal Tanko, is said to have stated that the rumours are false.

Tanko said:

“The story indicating that the university has been attacked is not true. What happened was that the insurgents passed through a river channel behind the university to launch the attack on the barracks,’’ he said.

“It is true that there is an ongoing exchange of fire between security agents and some suspected insurgents, but the incident is limited to the barracks area alone,’’ he said.

The university’s Chief Information Officer, Ahmed Mohammed, supported the assertions of the police. He said:

“The university camp was not attacked, the attackers only used a narrow river side near the campus to carry out their nefarious act. “Many people assumed that the university was affected because the hostilities took place near the campus.”

There were reports this morning of three loud blasts being heard within the Maiduguri metropolis.

Chimamanda wins National Critics Book prize

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has won the US National Critics Book Prize for her novel Americanah.

The writer’s work tells the story of a Nigerian woman who moves to the US to pursue a college education.

In 2008, her second novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, won the UK’s Orange Prize and Purple Hibiscus was longlisted for the Booker Prize four years earlier.220px-Chimamanda_Adichie

Other category winners for the US honour included Sheri Fink’s book about Hurricane Katrina.

Her account of the patients, staff and families who took shelter in New Orleans’ Memorial Hospital during the devastating storm took the non-fiction prize.

Frank Bidart won the poetry section for his collection Metaphysical Dog, while Amy Wilentz was honoured with the autobiography award for her account of journeys to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake in the country.

‘It takes an outsider’

For the first time, a special award was given for a debut writer, crossing all categories.

Anthony Marra was honoured with the prize for his novel A Constellation of Vital Phenomena.

Adichie’s third novel was also named as one of the New York Times’ top 10 books of 2013.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the author said her book drew on her own experiences as an African living in the US, particularly with African Americans.

“I don’t know race in the way an African American knows race… Sometimes it takes an outsider to see something about your own reality that you don’t,” she said.

Her preceding work, Half of a Yellow Sun, is set during the Biafran War of the late 1960s and has been adapted into a forthcoming film starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton.

The writer is also in the running for the UK’s Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction – formerly known as the Orange Prize – for Americanah.

The National Critics Book Prize was first awarded in 1974 and is open to writers of all nationalities whose work has been published in the US.


Okagbare for Jamaica meet

Okagbare in action at the Long Jump event in Birmingham, last year.

Okagbare in action at the Long Jump event in Birmingham, last year.

Okagbare, who had an intense 2013 season – breaking the medal jinx plaguing Nigeria at the World Championships in Russia was, was conspicuously missing in action for the country at the recently-concluded IAAF World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland.

It is not yet clear if there will still be look ins for other Nigerian athletes by the organisers of the Kingston Meet.

Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has also been confirmed as a participant at the Jamaica Meet. The Jamaican athlete made history recently as the first woman to win world titles in the 60m, 100m, 200m and 4x100m.

Last weekend, Fraser-Pryce won 60m gold at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Sopot, speeding to a world-leading 6.98, the fastest time in the world for four years. It was her fourth world title within a seven-month period, following the gold medals she won in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow last year.

APC cries out over upsurge in assassination and kidnapping in Rivers •Tasks police, demands release of kidnapped journalist

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Rivers State Chapter, has cried out over the recent upsurge in assassination and kidnapping in the state, describing it as condemnable and unacceptable,.

“This upsurge started with assassination of an APC Councillor and kidnapping of three PDP chieftains. With the kidnapping of popular On-Air Personality with Wazobia FM Port Harcourt, Mr. Anthony Akatakpo, famously called Akas Baba, after his home was attacked in the early hours of Thursday, March 13, 2014, the situation appears to be getting out of hand and is becoming too much for us to condone,” APC Rivers said in a statement issued this morning in Port Harcourt by the State Interim Chairman, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya.

Continuing, the statement said: “We are aware of the efforts made by the administration of Governor Chibuike Amaechi to make this ugly trend history until the present PDP leadership in the state started promoting insecurity in its bid to destabilise the state following the rejection of the party by Rivers people as demonstrated by the defection of Governor Amaechi and most other Rivers people to APC.

“We strongly condemn this upsurge in crime and wish to urge the new Commissioner of Police, CP Tunde Ogunsakin, to see this as a challenge that must be met. We suspect that this new wave of insecurity is being sponsored by the promoters of the redeployed controversial CP Joseph Mbu in order to justify their failed campaign for the elongation of his evil stay in Rivers on the argument that during his stay we were not witnessing any assassination or kidnapping. We have strong faith in the capability of CP Ogunsakin to rise to the occasion and restore state-wide security if his antecedents are anything to go by.

“Finally, we demand the immediate release of Akas Baba because this man has done much to ease tension among our people under the strangulating economic woes arising from the poor management of our economy by the incompetent PDP at the centre. This request for the immediate release of Akas Baba becomes imperative to enable him to be treated for the injury he sustained in the course of this unfortunate kidnapping. We learnt that he was beaten and shot in the leg by the kidnappers in the presence of his children and wife, despite cooperating with his attackers. He was thereafter whisked away in his Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV with Registration Number LSD 871 CM. This very violent act still leaves Akas Baba’s family in great trauma.”

•Photo shows Rivers Police Commissioner, Tunde Ogunsakin.


Source News Express

Ralph Uwechue dies


Another mighty iroko has fallen with the death of erudite diplomat, internationally renowned publisher and one-time President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue.

Uwechue, according to a reliable source close to his family, died earlier today, aged 80.

Though his death is yet to be formally announced, tributes are already pouring in for the departed giant. In his tribute, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, President of Aka Ikenga, the Igbo think tank, told News Express: “Ambassador Uwechue was a great man, a diplomat, a leader of people, an author, a publisher and a respected Igbo leader. We will miss his mature advice.”   

Born at Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State, in 1935 Uwechue attended St. John’s (Rimi) College, Kaduna from 1949-1954, where he was a foundation student. He was retained as a teacher in the school for a period of eighteen months before proceeding for further studies.

Uwechue obtained a BA (Hons) degree in History from the University College, Ibadan, 1960 and a Diploma in International Law and French Language, 1964, from the Geneva African Institute, Switzerland.

A career diplomat, Ambassador Uwechue joined the Nigerian Foreign Service at its inception in 1960, and served in a number of countries, including Cameroun, Pakistan and Mali. He was Nigeria’s first diplomatic envoy to France, where he opened the Nigerian Embassy in Paris, 1966. Ambassador Uwechue also served with UNESCO in Paris as Consultant on “general History of Africa” project between 1967 and 1970, before he retired to private business in 1970, as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of magazines and books on Africa, published in both English and French.

He was the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the renowned KNOW AFRICA books – a three-volume encyclopaedia comprising, Africa Today, Africa Who’s Who and Makers of Modern Africa. For ten years (1980-1990) Ambassador Uwechue lectured on African Affairs at the Royal College of Defence Studies, London, United Kingdom. As Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary, Uwechue became, in 1999, the Special Presidential Envoy on Conflict Resolution in Africa to the Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo. In this capacity, he s brought his international experience and connections, immense knowledge and passion for Africa, to bear on his assignment.

He played a key role in the peaceful settlement of the decade-long Sierra Leonean civil war, which culminated in free and fair elections in 2002. In addition to his responsibilities as President Obasanjo’s envoy on Conflict Resolution in Africa, Uwechue also headed the ECOWAS Mission in Cote d’Ivoire, charged with coordinating and monitoring peacekeeping operations towards the resolution of the crisis in that country. He was appointed chairman of the Accra III International Monitoring Group, which reported regularly on the situation in Cote d’Ivoire to the ECOWAS Authority, the African Union and the United Nations.

Ambassador Uwechue was married with five children. He held the prestigious Delta State ancient traditional title-the Ogwuluzame of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom and the Ochudo of Asaba.

Photo shows late Ambassador Uwechue.


Source News Express

Benin People jubilate Capture Of A Notorious Kidnapper Popularly Called General

There has been great jubilation in Edo State after the police captured a notorious 23 years old Stanley Omeregie who has instilled fear in the mind of the people. He had been declared wanted by the Edo State police command for series of alleged kidnapping and armed robbery along Lagos/Benin bypass. The suspect, described by the police as most wanted had been alegedly operating with reckless abandon until nemesis caught up with him at Boji-Boji area of Agbor, Delta State, after a fierce gun duel with the anti-kidnapping unit of the state command. The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Folusho Adebanjo who confirmed the arrest told Crime Watch that the suspect was really notorious and had been declared wanted for various offences ranging from kidnapping to armed robbery. The Commissioner said: “Most of his gang members have been in the police custody while some died during exchange of gun fire with the police. Yet, he keeps recruiting more members. “That boy Stanley, a.k.a General, has confessed that he was responsible for October 14, 2013 kidnap of a mechanical Engineer, Godspower Onwuboha at Evbarekide Spare Parts area, Textile Mill Road, Benin. He allegedly collected millions of money as ransom. “He also confessed that he was responsible for the kidnap of one Daniel Uduagemeh who he collected millions of naira as ransom too. He kidnapped another victim on Benin-Akure road and collected N2 million ransoms. He one time abducted a school teacher and her two children in Delta State but the victims were rescued at Ahor community along Benin Bypass. Adebanjo said recently, his men confronted the suspect and his gang in Ahor forest where two members of the gang lost their lives to the superior firepower of the police. The two-gang members who died during encounter with my men were Nosa and Shakira. He said one AK 47 rifle, 103 rounds of AK 47 live ammunition, two English pump action guns with 99 lives cartridges, one locally made pistol, one double barrel gun and three pump action guns were recovered from the suspect. Benin People Jubilate The Capture Of A Notorious Kidnapper Popularly Known As ‘General’ – See more at:

Withdraw fuel subsidy, Finance commissioners tell FG

BY Emma Ujah, Abuja Bureau Chief & Fatima Kareem ABUJA — Finance Commissioners from the 36 states of the federation rose from the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee, FAAC, meeting in Abuja, yesterday with a resolution asking President Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw fuel subsidy.

The Ebonyi State Commissioner for Finance and Chairman of the Finance Commissioners Forum, Mr. Timothy Odaah, told journalists that fuel subsidy had failed to achieve its objectives and had become a source of massive fraud which must be discontinued in the interest of the Nigerian public.

His words: “We looked at subsidy on oil and see that it is more or less a solution worse than the problem you intend to solve. You would remember that during the National Conference on Economic Development, NACONFED, meeting in Niger State, it was one of the issues we presented.

“Looking at it, you discover that it is not solving the problem it is meant to solve.

“But you discover now that it is the average poor man that suffers.  For example, stand by the street, most of the transporters are not applying any benefit from subsidy in what they charge because we know of course that the Federal   Government had a good intention  to subsidise transportation so that it will be to the absolute benefit of the poor man and every Nigerian.

“But you discover that there is no reflection of that subsidy benefit. Besides, it is like a system that robs Peter to pay Paul. It makes the rich to get richer and the poor to get  poorer.

“For  example, look at this simple analysis of econometrics: If a poor man uses a motorcycle that uses five litre‑full tank then you look at the subsidy granted at 50 kobo, for example, the 50 kobo on five litres will give you N2. 50k.

“Then you look at a big man that has 10 cars.  Each of his cars has 100-litre tanks. That will be 1,000 litres. Then multiply it by 50 kobo and you will see the worth of subsidy the big man enjoys.

“Then subtract the poor man’s subsidy of N2.50 kobo, what do you have? The same thing applies to the states.

“There are some states that are fully industrialized. You have many industries, factories and you use this subsidy in that place. The people who benefit more are those states that are fully industrialized because the fuel consumption of those factories use more of the subsidies, unlike the states that are under‑industrialised.

“What we are advocating is that the subsidy should be removed so that every state or any member of the federating units sharing from FAAC will take its own money then decide to use it or grant subsidy at a level that it will be able to afford.

On marketers

“Then you look at the issue of subsidy as it applies to some individuals. The marketers are not truly showing the intention of the Federal Government because they have created a very great and big market for themselves in certain ways.  I said in certain ways because transparency is not coming up.

“There are some people who are eating on the subsidy to the disadvantage of others. It is because of this that we passed a resolution at FAAC and that is the opinion of the Forum of the Finance Commissioners: that a call should be made to his Excellency, the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, so that he will reconsider the position of this subsidy.”

NLC, Nigerians were deceived

Mr. Odaah said the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and the Nigerian public were deceived into agitating for the sustenance of fuel subsidy, thinking it was meant to serve the interests of ordinary Nigerians but the contrary has been the case.

He said: “In the first place, the NLC and the Nigerian populace appear to have been deceived into clamouring for subsidy because syndicated pressures and programmes were put in especially to ease transportation problems and likewise tariffs on electric power.”

The forum’s chairman said the commissioners  had set up a committee which would write a letter to the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and make a presentation to President Jonathan on the matter and that each of them would return home to properly brief their governors.

He said: “A committee has been constituted to look into the impact of the subsidy — whether it should be actually allowed.  But I want to tell you that the resolution we took is that subsidy should be withdrawn.

“The committee will formulate a letter that we will send to the Nigerian Governor’s Forum and we are going to brief our respective governors. They have to be informed. We know it will be very difficult considering the critical period of this time. But Nigerians will need to be told and convinced that they were deceived by some people into agitating for subsidy.  The committee is to present its report by next FAAC.”

Subsidy eating into crude reserves

Odaah disclosed that many states have been grumbling over the subsidy as they considered themselves cheated in the subsidy arrangement.

His words: “Many states are grumbling. The subsidy is eating too much into the crude reserve. You have heard that  what we have today is $3.5 billion and it is because certain approaches were followed.  Otherwise, by the month of April, you will have a situation where the states allocations will have to be deducted in order to pay subsidy. Where is the subsidy going to?

“You will be better employed in the states, the states will grow their own industries, there will be much more employment.  A situation where subsidy alone takes away much of what could be used for the purpose of industrialization, there will be no investment, there will be no employment. In that aspect, you will discover that the vicious cycle of poverty will come in.”

According to the commissioner, sensitization campaigns would be required to sufficiently convince the NLC and the Nigerian public on the advantages of withdrawing fuel subsidy.


The FAAC, he added, also considered the interest rate regime as well as the Cash Reserve Ratio on public deposits which CBN raised to 75 per cent before Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was suspended, saying it was stifling the economy. The FAAC, therefore, called for a downward review.

He said: “We also took the case of the Sanusi monetary policy into consideration which is the Cash Reserve Ratio, CRR. You discover that as at today, 75 per cent of public deposits in the banks are taken to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

“This is a deliberate creation of artificial scarcity of funds. Then states, local governments and even the Federal Government cannot borrow because the coupon rate of interest rate has gone so high and there is a plan that the CBN equally wants to increase it to 100 per cent.

Lower the rate

“We are calling on the Federal Government to bring the rate down so that cash will be available because the cost of funds has risen too high and because of that states cannot meet up.  You go to borrow from international market, it is not possible, you want to borrow within Nigeria, it is not possible.

“You discover that even the facilities you accessed previously at 12 per cent, the banks are now raising them to 25‑28 per cent. By the time they increase the CRR to 100 per cent, you will discover that nobody can borrow money from the banks again at all.  Who is this policy serving?  We see it as a policy that is serving only to confuse.”

He added that the commissioners demanded that the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, should attend the FAAC meetings and clarify issues, especially as they concern the NNPC.

“They don’t come before us here but they feel it is wise to go to the National Assembly and make statements concerning NNPC.  It is statutory.  It is not a matter to be debated. Therefore, we demand that they should be present here,” he said.

FG pays petroleum marketers N41bn

Meanwhile, the Federal Government, yesterday, paid N41.074 billion to 27 petroleum products marketers.

Paul Nwabuikwu, Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo‑Iweala, said in a statement in Abuja that the payment was for claims that have been successfully verified.

Those paid were: A-Z Petroleum Products Limited; Acorn Petroleum Plc; Aiteo Energy Resource Ltd; ASCON  Oil & Gas Co Ltd; Avidor Oil & Gas Company; Conoil Plc; Dee Jones Petroleum & Gas Ltd

Others were: Dozzy Oil & Gas Ltd; Folawiyo Energy Ltd; Gulf Treasures Ltd; Hudson Petroleum Ltd; Hyde Energy (Nig) Ltd; Ibafon Oil Ltd; Masters Energy Oil & Gas Ltd; Matrix Energy Ltd; Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc; MRS Oil & Gas Company Ltd; Nepal Oil and Gas Serv. Ltd.

NIPCO Plc; Northwest Petroleum & Gas Ltd; Oando Plc; Obat Oil & Gas Services Ltd; Rainoil Limited; Shorelink Oil and Gas Services Ltd; Techno Oil Ltd; Tempogate Oil & Energy Company; and Total Nigeria Plc were also paid.

Mr. Nwabuikwu said the payment was made public “in continuation of the ministry’s focus on transparency and accountability in the management of the subsidy regime.”

He added that claims by some marketers that they were being owed subsidy for nine months supply was incorrect.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, had earlier in the week, alleged that its members had not been paid since last September.

Addressing a press conference, Tuesday, President of IPMAN, Alhaji Abdulkadir Aminu, blamed the lingering nationwide fuel scarcity on the failure of the Federal Government to pay marketers for petrol imported into the country in the third and fourth quarters of last year.

According to him, “we are being owed Q3 subsidy payment, which is last year, another Q4 and Q1 pilling up to about nine months unpaid subsidy to marketers. We need to be paid this money because we are in business.”

Aminu warned that the current fuel scarcity would persist because, according to him, there was a supply gap due to the fact that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, which it claimed was the sole importer of fuel, could only supply 50 per cent of the country’s needs.

He explained that why NNPC could continue to import was because it was an agency of government but private marketers could not do so because of liquidity limitations.

The IPMAN boss, who called on the Ministry of Finance to commence immediate payment to  allow marketers import the product, insisted “shortage in supply today is as a result of non‑payment of marketers’ oil subsidy; partly Q3, Q4 completely not paid and we are in Q1. For our national consumption today, NNPC supply 50 per cent of the national consumption.”

FG, states & LGs share N641bn

Also, the three tiers of government, yesterday, shared N641.299 billion, representing revenue that accrued to the Federation Account as well as proceeds from the Value Added Tax, VAT, in the month of February.

Statutory Federation Allocation stood at N531.332 billion;  N64.129 billion from Value Added Tax , VAT, proceeds;  SURE‑P distribution stood at N35.549 billion, while the NNPC made a refund of N7.617 billion.

Jonah Otunla, Accountant‑General of the Federation, AGF, told journalists at the end of the FAAC meeting in Abuja, that total statutory federation account revenue was N666.745 billion which was N125. 875 billion higher than January statutory revenue of N540. 870 billion, while VAT total proceed was N66.801 billion, representing  a N15.476 billion fall from the N82.277 billion earned from VAT in the preceding month.

The improved revenue profile of the month under consideration reflected in the amount each tier of government received for March expenditure.

The Federal Government took a total of N257.152 billion, the states got N157.617 billion, while the local governments were given N119.24 billion.

In addition, the oil producing states got N56.384 billion. They include: Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Abia, Imo, Ondo, Edo and Cross River.


Gbenga Daniel is Ogun Labour Party leader – Acting Chairman

Gbenga danielFormer Ogun state Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, remains the leader of Labour Party in the state, as his influence and goodwill within the people based on his intimidating political machine has propelled the party to a great heights.

This is contained in a statement made available to DailyPost, Thursday night, and signed by Comrade John Laleye,Acting State Chairman, Ogun state Labour Party.

According to him, as a former governor, Daniel is an automatic leader in the party he belongs.

Laleye observed that presently, Ogun LP is soaring as a full fledged political party with visible structures in the 20 Local governments and 236 wards.

The statement titled, ‘Ogun LP: Facts of the matter’, was in reaction to report in some news media on Wednesday, 13th of March, 2014 about the party.

The Acting Chairman further stated categorically that, “the Simeon Bode led exco came into power on 10th of November, 2010 through a congress and eligible to hold office for a period of three years as ‘recommended by the party’s constitution and article 15, which dwells on Tenure of Office. Going by this, the tenure comes to an end in 2013. It is however illogical to have the tenure extended or elongated through mere arguments or commercialised news reports.

“The indecorous and flagrant disobedience to the party directives led to the suspension of the Bode Simeon. In order not to create a vacuum in the party leadership led to my appointment as the Acting Chairman of the Party in Ogun State pending the party congresses at wards, local governments and state levels where new officers would emerge.

“The National Working Committee has neither dissolved nor changed the exco from its nature since 2010. Ironically, Sunday Oginni who joined our party some months ago as a personal assistant to the suspended chairman is never part of our exco as constituted in 2010 all documents with INEC and correspondences to national secretariat will support this assertion. Sunday Onigbinde Arabambi, is also not part of the exco. The national body, despite their misconduct and vituperations was reluctant to sanction them until they went hay wire which eventually led to their outright suspension from the party.

He said upon my appointment as the AG. Chairman of the party, he had met with the leadership of various security agencies in the state,; namely; the Police, SSS, INEC and others to intimate them of the interim restructuring in the party.

On the issue about the leadership of H.E, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Laleye explained that: “I was part of the delegation that went to lobby and persuade the former governor to join and lead our party. A follow up to that was visit of the entire national leadership of our party led by our national Chairman Barr. Comrade Dan Nwuayawu to the Maryland residence of the former governor. The suspended chairman has severally referred to H.E, OGD as the leader of party, how come he is now refutting that? For avoidance of doubt,it must be made abundantly clear that the leadership of H.E, OGD is not in contention, the national body has so proclaimed.

“Without prejudice to a legal action instituted by the suspended members at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi in Lagos, seeking to restrain former governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel and some other chieftains of the Labour Party in Ogun State from conducting party registration, the presiding judge, Hon. Justice Chuwujekwu J. Aneke, at the hearing that came up on Monday, 10th of March, 2014 denied ever granting any order restraining the conduct of party registration but rather that the status quo should be maintained.

“The status quo as at the time of the said hearing is that the trio of. Bode Simeon, Sunday Oginni and Sunday Onigbinde remain suspended and that I have been appointed as the Acting Chairman of the Labour Party in Ogun State pending the State congresses of the party which will come up before the end of this month as constituted by the national body of the Labour Party.”

The chieftain added that it was now crystal clear that dissidents and paid agents, who are under suspension and whose tendencies were antithetical to the progress of LP are being sponsored by known opposition in the state to cause chaos and confusion in the party.

He urged party supporters to disregard the antics and desperate moves by the suspended members to create confusion, daring that LP’s mission to edge out the present government in Ogun state is resolute.

UK may jail Nigerian couple for enslaving a Nigerian

A Nigerian couple face a maximum sentence of 14 years’ imprisonment for secretly enslaving a Nigerian in Britain for 25 years.

Dr Emmanuel Edet, 59, and his wife Antan Edet, 56, have been charged with holding a person in servitude and immigration offences. They will appear at Harrow Crown Court later this month, Mail Online reported.

Scotland Yard is said to be investigating the case, after a Nigerian, Ofonime Sunday Edet, walked into a police station and claimed he was being held as a slave. Ofonime Edet, 38, said he has been held against his will since being trafficked to Britain in 1989, when he was just 13.

Edet told officers he was first enslaved by the couple in Nigeria, after his father’s death, with a promise to provide work, lodging and an education so he could support his family.

Instead, he claims, he was lured to Britain and forced to undertake menial tasks for years for little or no pay while being threatened not to speak to anyone else.

He was inspired to break free by the national outcry surrounding the release last October of a group of women held in a cult-like Maoist ‘slave house’, according to Mail Online

Dr Edet is a respected gynaecologist who worked for Surrey County Council and has written several academic works on child welfare.

He is an expert on teenage pregnancy and who worked as a non-clinical adviser and is the author of guidelines followed by hundreds of health workers. His wife is a senior ward manager at Ealing Hospital, less than four miles from their modern terraced home in Perivale, North West London.

Military repels attack on Giwa Barracks as Boko Haram attempts to free ‘Butcher’, other members

Attempt by Boko Haram members on Friday morning to free its members from the Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State was quelled by vigilant security personnel on duty.

The attack occurred at about 7.30am on Friday.

The insurgents, it was learnt, invaded the area through Bama road. But contrary to reports that they launched an attack on the University of Maiduguri, DailyPost was informed that the members only used the school bypass to reach the Barracks.

They however, fired several shots as they moved speedily.

A source within the security circles told our reporter in Abuja that the sect had attempted to release a number of leaders arrested and detained in the barracks.

“Virtually, all their top leaders arrested are inside Giwa Barracks; that explains the brazen attack. They could not enter the barracks, so what they did was to shoot sporadically; they also threw bombs from outside,” he disclosed.

“One of their leaders holed up there include a ‘Butcher’, a ranking member whose recent capture by the forces has demoralized the group.

“Boko Haram look up to him for spiritual powers and guidance, and this morning attack was to rescue him and others. They believe any minute their masters spend there is a threat to their existence.

“As I speak, fighter jets are in the air, as well as ground troops, chasing the members. They took to their heels immediately the military responded with aerial shelling. But air officers are being careful because these guys run into communities.

“The area has been cordoned off and I can assure you that most of the attackers are trapped.”

On how soldiers will differentiate civilians and the terrorists, he said the villagers must assist the military if they really want Boko Haram challenge to become a thing of the past.

“I always say this, the greatest problem to ending this menace is the uncooperative attitude of the people. They shield the sect members for fear or favour and unless they assist, this issue will be hard to resolve,” he said.

Friday’s attack is also believed to be a retaliation for the current shelling of the base of the sect in Sambisa, Barga and several others hidden in the savannah parts of the state.

DailyPost gathered that the military has in the meantime, set up a perimeter to cover the state Government House, Polo ground and UNIMAID which are all close to Giwa Barracks

Multiple explosion rocks Maiduguri, as Military, Boko Haram engage in fierce battle

Multiple gunshots and explosions rocked Maiduguri metropolis on Friday morning, residents told DailyPost.

An eye witness who spoke to DailyPost on phone disclosed that thousands of people and children going to school were trapped in the confusion, as heavy armed soldiers blocked the streets.

“Pray for us, Maiduguri is under heavy explosion and gun shots. As we speak, we are trapped and soldiers are everywhere now. The battle is ongoing around 202 and 303 Housing estate as well as University of Maiduguri side.

“We learnt that the Boko Haram insurgents came in from that side and that heavy fight is ongoing as we speak”, Jamni Jauro told DailyPost.

Another resident, Aji Kolo told DailyPost that the situation is bad as military vehicles and equipment were moving towards, Mari and the University of Maiduguri.

“We were counting the explosions until we lost count. At first, we did not take it serious, you know the usual thing, but now, we are scared.

“Everywhere is blocked now, my children are in school and I don’t know how to go and get them, my problem is also how to go back home. We were told that so many Boko Haram members came into town. We are now praying for Allah to protect us”, he said.

A security source, who also speak with DailyPost said the ongoing if sustained, would definately bring an end to the Boko Haram crises.

He also said there are already lists of alledged sponsors of the sect members who would soon be arrested.

“These are prominent Nigerians, you may be surprise when you hear their names”, he said.

Although he denied knowledge that the 21 bridgage (Giwa Barracks) was attacked by the insurgents in the ongoing battle, a resident, who fled to other part of the town told DailyPost that the attackers threw so many explosions into Giwa Barracks.

As at the time of filling this report, there is no official statement from the 7 Division Nigerian Army or the Borno State Police command on the ongoing attack.

“My arrest will spell doom for Nigeria” – Pro-Biafran group leader

Two days after claiming responsibility over attack at the Enugu Government House, the leader of the Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF), Barrister Benjamin Onwuka has warned security agents against any attempt to arrest him. Onwuka, who spoke on Thursday through telephone from his hideout said that though he was not afraid of arrest, Nigerian security agencies should know that his arrest would spell doom for the country.

The British trained lawyer said since they operated for four hours at the Government House without any weapon and could not be arrested, it would be bloody this time around if anyone attempts to arrest him.

While reiterating that the group’s soul aim was to reclaim Biafra’s independence, he admonished that the Nigerian authorities should be cautious in the way they go after them because the world power behind their actions is solid.

He said, “We are going again to the Government House, Enugu. This time around we will be fully armed. We must take our headquarters from Nigeria”.

DailyPost recalls that the group had on March 8 stormed the Government House, Enugu with the aim of hoisting the flag of the defunct Biafra Republic.

Onwuka told reporters in Enugu on Wednesday that they succeeded in hoisting the flag even though it may have been removed.

He insisted that the flag must rest in Enugu Government House which is the epicentre of the Biafran Federation.

American Woman Offered Her Acquaintance $1,000 + “Some” Sex To Murder Her Husband!

Jessica Strom faces a charge of conspiracy to commit the first-degree murder of her fiance.

A Wisconsin woman offered a hitman $1,000 and sex to kill her fiance, cops say Jessica Strom, 33, of Wausau, was arraigned Monday on a charge of conspiracy to commit to first-degree homicide.

Late last month she hatched her plan to kill her beau, John Schellpfeffer, according to court documents. Strom allegedly met with an acquaintance who she knew through Northcentral Technical College on Feb. 26, telling him she had a “business proposal.” “Would you ever kill anybody?” she asked, according to documents. Cops said the friend, whose name was redacted from court papers, replied he could never do that. “Well what would it take to do it?” Strom allegedly replied.

She thought the acquaintance was the right hitman for the job because “you’re very thorough and you’re very neat and I think you would be a good person to do this for me. [I’m] 100% serious,” Strom said according to court papers. The man refused no matter what amount of money Strom offered. Strom allegedly suggested stashing Schellpfeffer’s body in the acquaintance’s plane and then disposing of it somewhere remote. The man, a licensed pilot, said he didn’t have space in his plane for a dead body.

“Well, I’ll just wrap him up and put him on my lap and I’ll hold him,” Strom said, according to papers. But the man wouldn’t take the job. “[I’m] really disappointed because I thought you would take me up on this offer,” Strom allegedly said. They agreed to talk again the next day. “Don’t tell anyone about this,” she allegedly said. “I don’t want to have to kill you too.” That’s when the acquaintance decided to alert cops.

Cops said it never became clear why Strom wanted Schellpfeffer dead, only saying her fiance was “a really bad person who has done bad things.” She said she’d plotted the murder for two years, according to cops. At the next encounter, Strom allegedly provided the acquaintance-turned-informant with detailed information about her fiance’s routine and workspace. He could simply “blow his brains out and walk out,” Strom said, according to police.

The next time they met the informant asked for $50,000 to do the job — but then was talked down to $1,000, according to documents. “It’s better than nothing, I guess,” the informant said. “And some sex!” Strom said, according to papers. After the murder she allegedly pledged to meet with the informant and “pay you and f— you and whatever.” She is being on $250,000 bond and faces up to 60 years behind bars.