Oliseh, Amodu in the frame to replace Keshi as Super Eagles coach


According to reports, ex-coach of the Nigeria national team Shuaibu Amodu and former skipper Sunday Oliseh, are the two candidates leading the race to replace Stephen Keshi.

Keshi’s current contract has expired, after the Super Eagles were eliminated from the World Cup and he is yet to receive an offer for a new one. It is unlikely he will be offered another deal too.

Technical Director Shuaibu Amodu is expected to be put in charge of the Eagles temporarily, while the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) try to get a new man.

Oliseh is the firm favourite at the moment, despite his little experience. The former Standard Liege player has impressed the NFF and Nigerians with his analysis of the game and there has been a clamour for him to lead the national team. The NFF has however said there is no rush and they will take their time to get a new coach.

2015: Groups allege new strategies to perpetrate electoral fraud in Port Harcourt


Some members of pro-democracy and civil society groups in Rivers State have staged protest in Port Harcourt over alleged moves by some politicians to rig the 2015 elections.

The protesters alleged that the politicians would try to relocate polling units of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to their desired locations.

The leader of the protesters and representative of Social Action rights group, Celestine Akpobari addressed the audience at the venue of a public hearing organised by the National Human Rights Commission to discuss electoral accountability ahead of the elections.

Akpobari said INEC should convince Nigerians on its preparedness for credible general polls in 2015, adding that Nigerians want free and fair campaigns and elections.

According to him, “Soldiers should be where they are needed. We should only hear that there are soldiers, we should not see them. So when you begin to see soldiers everywhere with guns and checkpoints everywhere teargassing people, when you begin to see mobile policemen on your street harassing people, it calls for question.

“All these send jitters and fears into the minds of the electorates who ordinarily would have come out to vote. They will prefer to stay inside considering the fact that the police and the military might be trigger hungry.

“These people have killed several innocent people and nothing has been done about it. We don’t want that kind of scenario, Mr. Chairman.

“Information has reached us that some powerful Nigerians are working with INEC to relocate polling units that are ordinarily in public places to their homes. This is a secret the Nigerians have not known.

“You will wake up on election morning to go and vote in your normal polling unit and you will hear that you should go to this person’s house.

“This is criminal, Mr. Chairman. That is fraud of the worst order and we will not accept it”.

In a response, the Chairman of the rights commission, Professor Chidi Odinkalu affirmed that INEC has to live up to the expectation of the people and stamp out electoral manipulations.

Odinkalu said the aim of the public hearing was to address poor electoral processes adding that Nigeria’s electoral experience is characterised by controversies.

He further stressed that Nigerians themselves promote and provide avenues for politicians to rig election.

“We will not be able to fix the problems of our elections in one day but we will eventually not be able to fix them if we don’t acknowledge that there are problems.

“The problems are many. And you know the worst part of the problems is that they begin before elections. They begin with registration, logistics, transportation, hiring of electoral ad-hoc personnel, which is the biggest single issue.

“You need over 500,000 people to organise a general election in Nigeria, most of whom are not INEC staff. INEC has only about 14 to 15 thousand workers.

“So, all those people that are hired are ad-hoc personnel, and some of them belong to one political party or the other.

“But i have to say, if you like the way the country is, continue rigging elections for them, if you don’t, you can continue to change it. It is your life in your hands.

“It is against this background that this public hearing is convened by the National Human Rights Commission, to bring its findings on the electoral accountability project to the public domain as well as mobilize public consciousness against impunity in the context of our electoral processes, particularly pertaining to right to electoral participation and right to fair hearing through the election petition process”.

The public hearing will last for two days, and will consider presentations by civil society groups, political parties and interested members of the public.

Group chides Enugu Government over legal war with ex-ENSUBEB boss


Enugu Rescue Group, ERG, on Thursday faulted plan by the Enugu State Government to appeal the recent court verdict in favour of former chairman of the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board, ENSUBEB, Chief (Mrs.) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili.

In a press statement signed by the ERG publicity secretary, Comrade Martin Okenwa, the group described government’s stand as “image control stunt”.

The statement titled “RULING ON NEBO-EZEABASILI: ENUGU STATE GOVT. HAS NO CASE”, head in parts, “We wish to totally disagree with the Government of Enugu State on the June 18, 2014 judgment delivered by Her Lordship, Justice (Mrs.) C.I Nwobodo of the Enugu State High Court, which declared the removal of Chief (Mrs.) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili from office as the Chairman, Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board as illegal and unconstitutional.

“We frown at its notice of appeal regarding the N10 Million in damages and N100,000 prosecution cost awarded by the Court in favour of Mrs. Nebo-Ezeabasili against the State Government.

“While we uphold the constitutional right of the State Government to appeal the judgment, we find the grounds of the appeal, by law, to be highly wishy-washy, a mere damage control stunt, waste of public funds, and a clear attempt at buying time.

“The notice of appeal therefore is simply another reminder that when you fight corruption, corruption also fights back.

“Nigerians should note that the judgment in question was delivered by the Enugu State High Court. In Nigeria of today, we do not see how a judge of a State High Court could indict a government that pays her salaries and has so many avenues of hitting back at her if she did not clearly see and was convinced that the Chime Administration had acted illegally, unconstitutionally, and with impunity as usual.

“We believe Mrs. Nebo-Ezeabasili that the reason the State Government unleashed its armada of coercion and witch-hunt on her remains her principled stand against awarding 583 contracts worth billions of naira to just three handpicked companies- in breach of the Procurement Act, Universal Basic Education Commission Guidelines, and due process.

“We know by the antecedents of Governor Chime’s second tenure that all elements, including the Church, political class, labour, and even our former First Lady, Mrs. Clara Chime, who disagreed with the actions and ways of Governor Chime; his Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo; and other members of his kitchen cabinet have always been met with highhandedness.
In conclusion, the court of public opinion adjudges and extols Her Lordship, Justice C.I Nwobodo as a sound, courageous, incorruptible, and unwavering judicial officer.

“We recommend her courage and principled life to other justices of various State judiciaries to end the reign of impunity by Governors and their foot soldiers.

“Indeed, we reiterate that the Enugu State Government is merely pulling at straws to save it’s face because it has no absolutely no case against Mrs. Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili or the judgment delivered by its own High Court”.



Ahiazu Mbaise is a Local Government Area in Imo State of Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Afororu (or Afor Oru). It has an area of 114 square km and a population of 170,902 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 463.The people of Ahiazu Mbaise LGA under the aegis of Ahiazu Political Movement (APM) once appealed to other LGAs’ in Imo State to support their quest in producing Douglas House Chief executive come 2015.The motion for the adoption of its name “Ahiazu Political Movement (APM)” was moved by former member representing Ahiazu Mbaise in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Pius Nwoga. The meeting which was convened by Chief S.A. Adi, the traditional prime minister of Nnarambia Ahiara Autonomous Community in Ahiazu Mbaise L.G.A discussed the political future of Ahiazu people.

One thing that caught my attention is the remark of Chief S.A. Adi . Chief Adi told the people in attendance that Humpty Dumpty must fall down in 2015. Who will ever forget that song ‘’Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again’’

From that song ,nobody knows exactly who or what Humpty Dumpty was. The rhyme gives no indication that the character of Humpty Dumpty is an egg.The rhyme was first printed in 1810 and became famous through Lewis Caroll’s book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, where Humpty Dumpty is shown as a round egg. It is a very old rhyme and goes back much earlier than this. Humpty Dumpty was a common “nickname”, used in 15th century England, to describe large people. Sitting on the wall can be seen as indicating a high power rank; think of a king on his throne. This had led to many ideas as to who, or what, the Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme really was and there have been many interpretations of the original.

Some say Humpty was King Richard III of England, portrayed in Shakespeare’s King Richard III as a humpback. Some say Humpty was a failed Siege Engine during the English Civil War during the Siege of Gloucester while others say Humpty was a large cannon on the wall. Whenever it shot, it would crumble the wall beneath, ultimately causing its own fall.

For Chief S.A. Adi of Ahiazu Mbaise ,Humpty Dumpty is Owelle Rochas Okorocha the executive Governor of Imo State. Adi believes that Humpty Dumpty must crash down in the 2015 Nigeria general election like a packet of ‘’Whot” cards. Like Chief Adi, I believe that Okorocha will fail woefully in 2015. I do not hate Owelle as a person but i hate his anti-peoples style of governance. His worst enemies are the choir members that surrounds him singing hosannas into his ears for their selfish reasons. I call them vultures because they feed fat on the carcasses of the poor. These people are not only castigating him presently in their closets, they will be the first to shout ‘crucify him’ as soon as the chips are down.

What we have in the Okorocha’s government is the more you look the less you see. The worst hit of his autocratic government is the state civil service and the LGA’s. Owelle dissolved elected council chairmen more than 3 years ago via radio broadcast and appointed his boys as caretakers of the LGA’s and they have been looting council funds. The governor used force to chase the elected chairmen and councillors out of office and collected all government properties in their possession.

Since he dissolved the LGA’s , can someone tell me why he refused to conduct another LGA election for more than three years now? Yet this same man wants us to re elect him in 2015 as governor. Imolites is this fair? According to the country’s constitution, local government is an independent level of government and not an appendage of the state or federal government. It is abuse of power for Governor Okorocha to appoint his boys as caretaker s of the LGA’s . It is a breach of the Imo State Local Government Administration Law and Section 7 of the country’s constitution .The governor now loots the LGA funds ,goes to the media to announce allocations sent to the LGA’s while the money he claims in the media that he gives the local government councils is different from what actually gets to them. Ndi-Imo is this fair?

Ahiazu has notable men like Chief I.D. Nwoga. What have they said about the LGA allocation of Ahiazu since May 2011. Okorocha is creating a dynasty of poverty in Ahiazu Mbaise yet people like Chief Leo Okeahialam, Chief Paddy Morre Anyanwu, Chief Tony Dimegwu ,Hon Tony Ahunanya ,Ban. Charles Onyirimba ,Hon Pius Nwoga, Ex Vice Chairman Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Hon Magnus Chigbu, Hon Chinedu Acholonu, Chief Larry Chikwe, Chief Tony Dimegwu, Hon Tony Ahunanya, Hon Richard Iwu ,all are prominent men of Ahiazu Mbaise but are keeping quite.

From May 2011 to December 2013 Ahiazu Mbaise LGA received as LGA allocation the sum of N4,893,694,597.34 (four billion eight hundred and ninety three million six hundred and ninety four thousand five hundred and ninety seven naira thirty four kobo) Where is the money? The money has been squandered by Okorocha and his caretaker chairman of Ahiazu Mbaise.Must we be deceived with white elephant projects that have no economic value on our lives? White elephant projects merely attract cheap credibility. Yet this same man wants us to vote for him again in 2015. Ahiazu Mbaise is this fair?

With N4.8 billion naira Ahiazu Mbaise LGA will take proper steps to eradicate poverty. With this kind of money cottage industries can be introduce in Ahiazu according to the availability of raw materials and marketing viability. With this kind of money people will be educated in the proper way to understand their way of living and to pave way for their own development. Health facilities will be improved in the villages and protected drinking water will be arranged for the rural people and equal importance will be given to improve the social status of the women folk in the villages.

Ahiazu Mbaise are we going to vote this man again in 2015 that has squandered our LGA funds ? What moral right has this man to ask us for our votes again when he refused us our own democracy at the grass root for more than 3 years now.

Find below the squandered LGA monies that came to Ahiazu Mbaize from May 2011 to December 2013. Why should 4.8 billion Naira that accrued to Ahiazu Mbaise local government in the state be administered without elected local council officials.
May 2011 N92,013,829.50
June 2011 N125,864,362.99
July 2011 N229,789,120.45
Augt 2011 N130,872,208.32
Sept 2011 N141,816,222.17
Oct 2011 N165,191,109.12
Nov 2011 N225,531,188.33
December 2011 N142,141,727.60
Jan 2012 N160,466,979.02 3
Feb 2012 N142,264,724.48
March 2012 N177,742,686.33
April 2012 N143,818,422.04
May 2012 N133,311,508.73
June 2012 N133,495,170.66
July 2012 N127,192,316.46
Aug 2012 N163,764,964.30
Sept 2012 N127,464,422.98
Oct 2012 N125,620,904.90
Nov 2012 N166,064,618.28
December 2012 N219,636,739.26
Jan 2013 N164,802,581.96
Feb 2013 N135,260,432.49
March 2013 N177,742,686.33
April 2013 N169,181,723.54
May 2013 N179,844,466.11
June 2013 N1184,978,723.73
July 2013 N142,135,711.14
Aug 2013 N166,320,934.65
Sept 2013 N141,644,370.06
Oct 2013 N127,464,422.98
Nov 2013 N165,191,109.12
December 2013 N225,531,188.33

-Kenneth Uwadi , Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

Delta bursary fraud whistleblower, Ambrose Ezenweani, granted bail

Ambrose Ezenweani, the ex-UNILAG student and former President of the National Association of Delta State students, (UNILAG chapter) who was arrested on Monday April 28th for blowing the lid on a student bursary racketing allegedly happening in Delta state (read here), has been granted bail by a state high court sitting in Asaba, Delta state.

Ambrose, who has been in a detention cell in Delta State since he was taken from Lagos to Delta in April, was arraigned on allegations of “causing disunity among students,” among other charges.

He was released today after he met his bail conditions. His case was adjourned to the 21st of July

Mercy Aigbe: “I Once Earned #5,000 For Playing Lead Role”


We all know that most of our celebrities today, were once very broke and had to work hard and with patience, got to where they are today.

In this new interview with Daily Newswatch, Mercy Aigbe takes us into her background, which she said informs her virtuosity, while attributing her phenomenal rise in the industry to God’s “mercies” and hard work.

Read interview below: -

Why did you settle for the Yoruba genre of Nollywood despite the fact that you are not Yoruba, plus you speak the English language quite fluently?
I actually started with the English sector of Nollywood. I did a soap then and a couple of movies in English. I later got a script from a producer in Ibadan and when the production came out, it was a hit. That was how I started getting scripts from the Yoruba sector of the industry and before I knew it, I had become a household name. That’s the story; it’s not as if I chose or prefer doing Yoruba movies.

Who were some of the actors that influenced you as a growing up kid?
I used to love Barbara Soky and then, there was Rosemary who played the role of Tara in a popular soap opera then. She was an hyper and was always screaming. I was so much in love with her character then. Over time, I fell in love with Liz Benson and Richard Mofe-Damijo and lots of others.

What was the lowest price when you were up and coming?
When I was a green horn, I went to a location and played the lead role in the movie. It was a shock to me when we rounded off and the producer squeezed five thousand naira into my hand. I felt like breaking down to cry. And this was a time when I already had a car and a flourishing business. I sat in my car in tears and said, “God, what is this? Is this for chewing gum or what?” but I took it and kept the hope alive. And today, I am smiling to the banks but I can’t tell you the precise figure I earn. I give God the glory.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encounter in the industry?
Nigerian journalists have not been fair to us actors. It’s often very sad when you see untrue, dirty details about you in the papers. They rubbish our reputation in order to sell their paper and it’s so heart breaking. Again, in the industry, you see people beefing you here and there. They feel jealous because you are relatively young in the industry and you are getting more roles than they who are veterans in the field. But what they don’t understand is that it is by the Grace of God. The Bible says that it is not the power of he that runneth but in God that showeth mercy. God even says in the bible that “I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy…

Incidentally, your name is Mercy…
Yes, so who are you to question God? When God’s favour is working in your life, you would always have an edge on all others. So, all these people in the industry that have been having bad blood with me saying “When did she come sef? Is she the only one? Kilode?” They don’t know that it is God that has been crowning my hard work with success. So, they better have a re-think. The best thing is to assist each other so that when they are telling their stories, they would mention your name as one of those who helped them to get there. And funny enough, if God wants to use you to assist somebody and you refuse,

God will use another person. I think it’s a thing to be proud of when you encourage others to reach their dreams. I would like to use this medium to thank Yinka Quadri. When I started and was a complete green horn, he was there for me and very supportive of my dreams. It shouldn’t be just about you. When you get to a level in your career, you should be able to pull the up and coming ones up rather than bad mouthing them and trying to pull them down.

You are a beautiful young lady…
Thank you, I am blushing…I am turning red…

Any embarrassing moment?
Sometimes, I’ll just be driving or walking on the street and people would just be pointing at me saying “look at that girl that is always snatching somebody’s boyfriend in the movie.” Others would say “look at the girl that is always shouting in the film.” They don’t know that the character you play is different from who you really are. But it’s fun sha, it shows that people are really following your movies.

Let’s talk about your education?
Well, I attended St. Francis Primary School in Maryland. Then, Maryland Comprehensive High School in Maryland, Lagos. I was first at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, for my post secondary education and later at the University of Lagos, where I studied Theatre Arts. I finished in 2003.

What about your growing up?
I grew up in Lagos. My growing up was interesting but not so rosy. It was interesting because I have loving parents but not all that rosy because my father is a strict disciplinarian. He is the type that doesn’t take nonsense from any of his children. He is a proud and typical Benin man and he used to flog me a lot because I was very stubborn then. He doesn’t believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the child so he did all he could to make sure we had good morals. It wasn’t easy back then but I am glad today he did all that because some of the things he taught us then are helping me till date.

Words for up and coming ones who see you as their role models?
First, get an education. At least, be learned because it is going to help you. It is not going to be easy though because nothing in life comes easy, but he focused and pray. Don’t be deterred by any obstacle that comes your way and don’t allow anyone to intimidate you but you have to be humble and respectful to those you see as your senior colleagues. Don’t be rude to those you meet in the industry and be hard working, respectful and prayerful. Personally, I can’t stand lazy people. And please, don’t be a madam-know-it-all. Seek good advice from those who are your seniors to make things easy for you and you will just see yourself there.

I Have Not Resigned, Says Keshi

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has denied the widely publicized reports of his resignation on the eve of Nigeria’s ouster from the Fifa World Cup.

The 52-year-old thinks the press might have misunderstood his dressing room speech following the 2-0 second round loss to France on Monday, stressing he would not disclose his resignation over the pages of newspapers.

“What I said to my players was that this maybe my last match at the helm of affairs in the national team, because my contract terminates with the World Cup and I have not been offered a new one,” said Keshi.

Stephen Keshi Denies Resignation Reports.

“I was a bit shocked that the global media went to town to say I have called it quits with the national team. Resignations are not done on the pages of newspapers, but formally.”

Keshi, whose last duty as spelt out in the terms of his current contract just terminated at the World Cup, however refused to deny he has had offers from other countries, but reaffirms he would not just quit without a formal prior notice.

Meanwhile, report suggests the 2013 Africa Cup of Nation (Afcon)-winning coach would be offered a new improved deal by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Keshi could earn seven million Naira a month ($43,000) by the time the deal is finally sealed, according to AfricanFootball.com.

However, the NFF could as well decide to hire a foreigner to be assisted by one of the indigenous coaches, if Keshi turns down the new offer being tabled by the football family.

Keshi has since departed Brazil for the United States of America to reunite with his family.

Osun 2014: Start packing your bags – Omisore; Don’t expect Ekiti miracle – Aregbesola

Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun gubernatorial election, Senator Iyiola Omisore has again declared his readiness to clinch victory.

He said that once that is done, incumbent governor, Rauf Aregbesola will have no choice than to return to Lagos.

Omisore, spoke while addressing his supporters during a PDP rally held at the weekend in Ifedayo Local Government Area of the state.

According to him, the support he enjoys amongst the people of the state has given him the assurance that he would defeat Aregbesola.

He urged the people to troop out en masse to vote for the PDP during the election, saying that his victory at the poll would signal a new era.

“We are your people and not strangers who have invaded Osun and squandered our hard earned resources without recourse to the economic growth of our dear state and individual empowerment of our

Commenting on the merger of schools by the Aregbesola administration, Omisore said “we will revert to the former names of the schools merged and the common uniform introduced will be reversed.”

The one-time deputy governor added: “On August 10 after declaration of results, we would all be jubilating across the state, while all our enemies will be crying in their closet.”

Meanwhile, Aregbesola himself has told the PDP not to expect a repeat of the outcome of Ekiti State election in Osun State.

Speaking at a campaign rally yesterday, he said “the people of Ekiti had decided to go the way they wanted and we have nothing to do about that.”

“But the victory of PDP in Ekiti state would have no effect on the governorship poll in Osun State.”

Aregbesola, who promised to employ more civil servants in the state, stressed the need for civil servants to support him.

The governor stated that he had not completed the projects his government embarked upon, blaming the federal government for the dwindling allocation to the states, especially the APC controlled states.

He warned that “any security agent who misbehaves during the election would realise that we are in Yorubaland.”

Aregbesola, however, assured that he and his party would “cooperate with security agencies before and during the election.”

Actress Foluke Daramola’s Hubby Speaks On His Wife’s Scandals As An Entertainer

Foluke and husband stargist
Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola’s husband Olukayode Salako and the executive producer of Foluke’s recently premiered movie, ‘CobWeb’,  has said that there is no scandal that will make him turn against his wife.
He said being an actress, she is bound to be faced with such challenges like scandals because it is a showbiz world and as such, it is not an issue to him.
Salako noted that anybody could cook up anything for the media, but the truth is that Foluke remains his better half and he is ready to accept her with all the scandals because there were scandals before he married her.
“I don’t care about what anybody says or write about her. We are two people of one destiny. She is my wife and I married her with all the scandals because I love her,” he said.

Chelsea Completes Costa Signing from Atletico

Chelsea FC have confirmed the signing of Spain striker Diego Costa after reaching agreement with Atletico Madrid.

‘The Blues’s’ move to finalise the deal prior to the start of Spain’s disappointing campaign in Brazil failed to materialise, but a deal thought to be in the region of £32m has finally been struck.

A Chelsea statement read: “Chelsea Football Club can confirm an agreement has been reached with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of Diego Costa, with Chelsea meeting the buy-out clause for the Spanish international.”

Diego Costa Joins Chelsea from Atletico Madrid.

Costa, who scored 36 goals in 52 games for Atletico last season, started in Spain’s first two matches at the Fifa World Cup. He however failed to register a goal for the soon-to-be-dethroned defending champions, who were ousted in the group stages.

With Samuel Eto’O set to quit Stamford Bridge and the future of Fernando Torres and Romelu Lukaku still hanging in the balance, Jose Mourinho has made the recruitment of a powerful striker his top priority ahead of next season.

Chelsea are also linked with Bayern Munich’s Mario Mandzukic and Fenerbahce’s Emmanuel Emenike.

Chelsea Offered a £15m Deal for Emenike

Nigeria striker Emmanuel Emenike could be lining up alongside John Obi Mikel and Victor Moses at Premier League club Chelsea next season, as Fenerbahce are reportedly believed to have offered him for £15m.

Emenike, 27, drew the attention of the Stamford Bridge club with his performance for the Super Eagles in the Fifa World Cup.

With Samuel Eto’O on the verge of exiting the West London outfit, while Fernando Torres’ and Romelu Lukaku’s future remain uncertain; Jose Mourinho could bring the ex-Spartak Moscow forward in to boost his options up-front.

Emmanuel Emenike's Only Goal Against France at the Fifa World Cup Was Ruled for Offside. Fifa via Getty Image.

Meanwhile Chelsea have confirmed the signing of Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid.

Emenike scored 11 times in 27 matches for Fener last season and emerged joint highest goalscorer at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

Omoni Oboli, ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’, ‘Last Flight to Abuja’, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Davido, Tiwa Savage Make NAFCA Nominations


The nominees for awards at the 4th African NAFCA – Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards has been announced.

The prestigious award gala will be held on Saturday 13th September 2014 at The Saban Theatre, 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA. It will be hosted by Stella Damasus.

The major awards nominees are Omoni Oboli and her movie Being Mrs Elliot as well Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Ramsey Nouah, Majid Michel, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Last Flight to Abuja, Half of a Yellow Sun, Joseph Benjamin and Chika Ike.

See the general categories below: -

Best Film
Moi Zaphira
Last Flight to Abuja
Half of a Yellow Sun
Being Mrs Elliot

Best Comedy
The Storm
Being Mrs Elliot
Go Fish
African Time
Koming from Afrika

Best Drama
Last Flight to Abuja
Being Mrs Elliot
Moi Zaphira
Spirit of a Hero

Best Sound
Gem of the Rainforest
Last Flight to Abuja
Half of a Yellow Sun
When One Door Closes

Best Screenplay
Being Mrs Elliot
Moi Zaphira
The Number One Fan
Last Flight to Abuja
Half of a Yellow Sun

Best Visual Effects
Spirit of a Hero
Last Flight to Abuja
Half of a Yellow Sun
Obaapa Luiso

Best Cinematography
Last Flight to Abuja
When One Door Closes
The Fall Guy

Best Editing
Half of a Yellow Sun
Being Mrs Elliot
Moi Zaphira
Faces of Love

Best Original Score
Faces of Love
African Time
Obaapa Luiso

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Majid Michel – Being Mrs Elliot
Joseph Benjamin – stri*ped
Artus Frank – Drive
Chiwetel Ejiofor – Half of a Yellow Sun

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Kafui Danku – Devil in a Dress
Mariama Ouedraogo – Moi Zaphira
Omoni Oboli – Being Mrs Elliot
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde – Last Flight to Abuja
Chika Ike – Spirit of a Hero

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Ramsey Nouah – stri*ped
Emmanuel Emoabino – Mafian Lady
Ayo Makun (AY) – Being Mrs Elliot
Shiekh Omar Sawaneh – Sarata
Abraham Nwodo – Spirit of a Hero

Best Director
Obi Emelonye – Last Flight to Abuja
Biyi Bandele – Half of a Yellow Sun
Omoni Oboli – Being Mrs Elliot
Appoline Traoré – Moi Zaphira
Afe Olumowe – stri*ped

Best Makeup
Spirit of a Hero
Obaapa Luiso
Of Sentimental Value
Hotel Babylon

Best Costume
African Time
Being Mrs Elliot
Gem of the Rainforest
Spirit of a Hero
The Successor of Katunga

Best Indigenous Film
Spirit of a Hero
Moi Zaphira
Obaapa Luiso

Best Foreign Film
12 Years A Slave
Woman Thou Art Loosed
Silent No More
Anything is Possible
The DSK Story

Best Child Actor in a Film
Christina Okonkwo – Scarlet
Fatima Ptacek – Anything is Possible
Kevin Saintil – La Joie de Lire
Cheezy Mansour – stri*ped
Ethan Bortnick – Anything is Possible

Best Actress Foreign Film
KD Aubert – Silent No More
Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years A Slave
Nancy Torto Agyapong – The DSK Story
Sharon Leal – Woman Thou Art Loosed
Adepero Oduye – 12 Years A Slave

Best Short Film/Trailer
Songs from the Black Queen
The Successor of Katunga
When is it Enough?
La Joie de Lire

Best TV/Talk Show/Online Series
African Oral History Archive Interviews
Tino Show
Clinic Matters
Princess of Suburbia
Go Fish

Best Promising Actor in a Film
Kayode Akinbayo – Punch Rolla
Jennifer Oguzie – Last Flight to Abuja
Stephanie Maa – Ekei
Ashley D. Meritt – Punch Rolla
Bessey Ikem – The Storm

Diaspora Categories
Best Diaspora Film
Go Fish
Ortega and His Enemies
Gem of the Rainforest
Busted Life

Best Diaspora Drama
Faces of Love
Busted Life
Of Sentimental Value
Ortega and His Enemies
The Fall Guy

Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Diaspora Film
Darrel Quevas – Ortega and the Enemies
Best Davis – The Storm
Van Vicker – When One Door Close
Mohamed Bah – The Fall Guy
Raz Adoti – Faces of Love

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Diaspora Film
Bridget John – Adora
Ghazal Al-Nahas – Go Fish
Adi Alfa – Ortega and His Enemies
Winstina Taylor – Scarlet
Syr Law – Red Rose

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Diaspora Film
Dean Ekperigin – Ortega and His Enemies
Ike Eziefule – African Time
LaDarian Raymond – Adora
Chet Anekwe – When One Door Closes
Ken Ngamne Shally Monnette – The Storm

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Diaspora Film
Merlisa Determined – Nikki
Soleil Diva – Ekei
Uma Jama – Go Fish
Nikita Turk – Mea Culpa
Sana Kanu – Scarlet

Best Director
Austeen Eboka – Adora
John Uche – Captive
Robert Peters – Faces of Love
Bayo Akinfemi – Busted Life
Don Okolo – Gem of the Raiforest

Best Director Foreign Film
Steve McQueen – 12 Years A Slave
Neema Barnette – Woman Thou Art Loosed
Damian Chapa – The DSK Story
Biyi Bandele – Half of a Yellow Sun
Demetrius Navarro – Silent No More

Best Actor Foreign Film
Gilbert Azafrani Beliti – The DSK Story
Ethan Bortnick – Anything is Possible
Blair Underwood – Woman Thou Art Loosed
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Years A Slave
Malik Yoba – Of Sentimental Value

Peoples’ Choice Awards
Favorite Actor – Ken Smart
Favorite Actress – Falia Justima
Favorite Director – Obed Joe for The Storm
Favorite Screenwriter – Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock for Of Sentimental Value
Favorite Original Score – The Storm
Favorite Short Film/Trailer – J12

Artiste of the Year
Tiwa Savage
Top-One Frisson

Song of the Year
Ife Wa Gbona – Tiwa Savage
Never Give Up – Top-One Frisson
Techno Walewa – Werrason
Black is Beautiful – Flavour
Aye – Davido

Best Promising Actor – Clara Folashade Fernaldo

Best Docudrama
Silent No More – Abuse
Last Slave – Human Trafficking
Sarata – Cervical Cancer
Scarlet – Autism
Captive – Compulsive Disorder

House of Reps is not a secret cult – Tambuwal

Aminu Tambuwal

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal has frowned that the insinuations that the House was running a ‘secret cult.’

Tambuwal on Tuesday explained that the House was open to anybody seeking information on any subject of public interest.

According to him, the House was “transparent” in its affairs, saying that it was open to scrutiny by members of the public.

He lamented while addressing newsmen that the House had been unfairly scolded over the years by the public.

The speaker complained that the public was only interested in attacking the legislature but cared less about the challenges before the lawmakers.

Tambuwal said, “We are not running a secret cult in the House; we are very transparent.

“Approach us for any information and we shall make it available. The legislature is receiving a lot of bashing from the public, but we have our limitations.

“I urge the public to appreciate our constraints. Some believe that we are just an appendage of the Executive, but that is not the case. Without the legislature, you cannot have a democratic government.”

He called for “factual” reporting by the media for a “better Nigeria.”

On the contrary, the Minority Leader, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, argued that despite passing the Freedom of Information Act in 2011, accessing public information was still a big headache for members of the public and the press.

The lawmaker who hailed the media for being the “strength” of the opposition in democracy called journalists to be resolute in their search for the truth.

“Information is power, and the power of our electorate lies in the quality of information at their disposal.

“I urge the press to always challenge any attempt to gag it and continue to speak or in your case, report truth to power.”

40 escape death as Police Barracks building collapses in Lagos


Tragedy was averted in Lagos Monday night when a section of a 2-Storey Barracks building located at Pedro Police Station, Somolu, Lagos, collapsed on Monday, trapping no fewer than 40 families of serving policemen.

According to reports, the building with about 27 official flats and ten attachments collapsed at about 9pm, trapping most of its occupants, majority of them; mothers and children.

An eyewitness said the incident happened after most of the victims had finished watching the World Cup match between Nigeria and France and were discussing in groups.

Though no life was lost, the witness said several people sustained various degrees of injuries.

The witness said the injured persons were taken to a hospital in the area, where they were treated and discharged.

NEMA Public Relations Officer in South-west region, Ibrahim Farinloye, who confirmed the incident said no life was lost.

He said they received information about the incident around 9.30pm yesterday and that they deployed emergency crew to the area immediately.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, who also confirmed the incident, said police authority in the state has deployed men from its Engineering Department to the area. She said only stair case of the building was affected.

Boko Haram: Scores killed in Maiduguri market blast

Residents of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in the northeast, Nigeria were on Monday caught in the explosion at El-kanami, in the busy area between office of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, and Maiduguri Monday Market.

A security source told DailyPost that the Improvised Explosive Device was conceal under bags of charcoal in a J5 Peugeot Bus, which was stationed by suspected Boko Haram members.

According to him, “the people who parked the J5 bus know that the area is a busy place; they are aware that the market is a place for all kinds of traders, and people who are going to their offices usually pass through that road.

“It is very unfortunate that innocent people are always at the receiving end. Our people are taking the victims to the hospital right now, some to UMTH and others to Specialist Hospitals”.

Traders and workers, who were caught in the blast also told DailyPost that so many people were killed, even as many vehicles caught in the blast also exploded into flames.

A trader, Mallam Hussaini Sani said, “we usually come here very earlier as there is nothing to do at home; so, we come around to wait until the market opens. As we were chatting with our colleagues, we heard ‘boom!’.

“We all ran away from the ‘yankaji’ towards the area at Elkanemi and we saw many people on ground before the security personnel came and began to chase everybody away from the area. So many people may have been killed”.

Another trader, Shehu Alkali told DailyPost that most of the people killed were his friends.

According to him, “the Peugeot J5 came and parked here (pointing at the place), we asked the driver to move the vehicle away from the area as it was not a parking place; our colleagues went to help push the vehicle away because it could not start; in a few moments, the explosion came and pieces of human parts scattered everywhere”.

“We have counted more than 100 dead bodies and about 48 wounded”, he added.

When DailyPost visited the State Specialists hospital, a top management staff in the hospital, who pleaded anonymity, said both government and security operatives had prevented them from giving out information to the press on the incident.

“We were not authorized to speak on the incident, but so many people lost their lives, while a lot more were wounded”, one of the top management staff said.

Speaking to the police public relations officer, DSP Gideon Jibril on phone, he told newsmen in Maiduguri that their officers and men were already at the scene of the explosion and that evacuation of corpses was ongoing.

Adamawa crisis: Assembly rejects Nyako’s commissioner-nominee


The Adamawa State House of Assembly on Monday rejected Gov. Murtala Nyako’s commissioner-nominee, Mr Phineas Elisha.

The rejection followed an observation by some members that Girei Local Government, where the nominee hailed from, had two commissioners.

According to them, giving the same LG an additional Commissioner would negate federal character requirement.

Mr Jerry Kundisi (PDP-Gombi), Adamu Kamale (PDP-Michika), and Alhaji Ibrahim Sadiq (PDP-Fufore), said although Elisha was qualified for the job, his appointment would violate Section 14, sub section 4 of the Constitution.

They argued that if the governor wanted Elisha as Commissioner, he had to drop one of his commissioners from Girei Local Govenment.

The Assembly’s sitting, presided over by the Speaker, Alhaji Ahmadu Fintiri, therefore, unanimously

Terry G’s Pose As He Flies First Class To South Africa – Photos

Nigerian singer/Akpako master, Gabriel Amanyi aka Terry G is on his way to South Africa and he shared these photos from his 1st class spot on the plane……

ILE IFE Under Siege.. As Iyiola Omisore Parades Killer Squad

As a key stakeholder in Osun politics, I found it most preposterous and ridiculous the presence of masked men behind the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore.

My unbiased findings show that these armed and masked individuals or “sects” go about covering their faces during Senator Omisore’s campaigns, political gatherings and rallies, they also have a culture of stationing themselves at every strategic junctions of the roads, and more shockingly at notable politician’s domains, particularly those of the ruling APC. It does not take a genius to know that these are blood thirsty armed bandits with vicious intent and purpose. In their bizarre nature, they shoot into the air sporadically with automatic pump action to cause panic among innocent residents within Osun metropolis.
With all these crass shenanigans and show of shame, I think Nigerians truly need to know who these men are and what they represent. Are they operatives of SSS, Army, Police or NSCDC? This is the first time in the history of our State to see politicians going about with such questionable people and a candidate recklessly using sirens with attendant nightmare of traffic gridlock.
Only yesterday (July 1, 2014) in an unprecedented manner, Ile Ife, the cradle of Yoruba race witnessed bomb blast, the city which often prides itself as the Origin of Yorubaland!. This attack left one to wonder if this is the kind of origin we are talking about, as Ile Ife now becomes the first Yorubaland to experience bombing, it is so sad.
Hon Rotimi Makinde,
Representing Ife Federal Constituency.

“How we masterminded the Catholic Church saga against Ohakim” –Ajero

The 2011 general election has ended, and according to this American based media consultant and PR expert, Austin Ajero people-oriented programmes should be looked into and not politics. During the last general election in the country, he played a very prominent role in the ousting of the then Imo governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim out of office.
In this chat, he speaks on how he professionally masterminded the Catholic Church saga against the Clean and Green administration of Chief Ikedi Ohakim, which however was the major reason why he found it difficult for a reelection.
Read through as this internationally and well-experienced PR expert speaks on how the media could serve meaningfully against the use of weapons and violence to win or rig an election.
Having traveled large with lot of experiences, please how better can the media serve in the reduction of crime rate come 2015 general election?
We find it so difficult in this side of the country to bury our differences after election. There is nothing wrong about electioneering propaganda, but where we get it wrong is when we begin to go beyond into applying bitterness to it. Whatever strategy one applies to win an election shouldn’t be worried of, rather we should be concerned with the end point. Let it not be about revenge. Sometimes when I’m called to consult media wise in politics or leadership, I try first to study the candidates involved. I try finding out their programmes and weaknesses, then I will come to the stage of analyzing them all before full engagement.
At the end, you see me coming up with results. Yes, we may involve propaganda, because it is the soul of successful media consultation. It is practiced all over the world, and it has nothing to do with violence. It reduces the risk of people dying while running for one elective position or the other, because it is very strategic in planning.
How does it reduce violence?
It does because it has to reduce more of the face-to-face issue of breaking down laws and order. People involved are always on the pages of newspaper and online. You hardly see propaganda analysts and consultants engaging in face-off, but most times clients go beyond ridiculing it when they must have settled themselves. Also, I as a person will always advise most clients to play safe. It should not be about using thugs against the people. Okay let’s look at Imo for example, during the 2011 general election, I worked there and most campaigns we introduced then effectively worked for us.
You saw how Ohakim lost the election as a result of our propaganda strategy. In 2011, the Catholic Church was resolutely against the return of Ohakim as a governor. Out of our construction and mastermind, he was allegedly accused of brutalizing a Catholic priest over a minor traffic offence, and the church had risen against him as one body. At least, instead of Ohakim as an incumbent governor to use force against other candidates, he had to fall as a result of the Catholic Church saga.
How would you rate the upcoming 2015 general election, especially with Rochas Okorocha’s mandate in Imo?
For me, I don’t think there is a better propaganda that will stop him except the one he is personally inflicting on himself. His greed when it comes to acquiring of properties will rise as a fact against him. He may be good in terms of activities of infrastructure in Imo state, but he lacks vision. Real people who understand governance will always tell you that.
He is running a government that is full of deceit. I can tell you that he has no enemy as long as the State is concern. Yes, the opposition needs to grab power from him at all cost, but they are not ready to attack him properly the way Ohakim was attacked. You need to see how people who are not even from Imo came down to the State for political business. They all invested their money to pull Ohakim down.
Another fact that will stop Rochas is the fact that he is not able to keep his word with people who brought their resources to make him governor of the State. It is no longer a news that Rochas doesn’t enjoy his old relationship with Arthur Eze, Emeka Ofor, Ifeanyi Ubah and other Anambra sons. Ohakim had same issue with Orji Uzor Kalu, but I’m surprise that they’ve reconciled now. There is nothing that kills rapidly than the fact that you took money to contest, and when you climb, you could not deliver again. It is better you don’t receive or reach any agreement, than accepting but not fulfilling. That’s just the problem with Rochas, and I’m afraid it may consume him this time.
I can authoritatively tell you that people he betrayed and could not reach agreement he signed with them are on standby, and they are ready to fight with their last drop of blood to stop him. This I have just told you is one of the problems that stop people from achieving their end goal in life. Remember they say: “He who goes to equity must go with clean hands”. So, what again are we saying here?
But President Jonathan also made a promise of one term if elected. How about that?
He made a promise, yes. But today, has it been easy for him? No! It is as same as what I’ve told you about promise making and its fulfilment. The President’s case may be as easy as anything, because he never took money to be supported for his ambition. It was a Party affair, which if he wants to further, it will still be the same leadership of the Party that will make it work. So, it is not just about stopping for he owe anybody, rather it is a Party affair. If he gets their support, fine and good for him. He never anchored his ambition on anybody’s expense unlike Rochas’ case here.
Gov. Rochas a time also promised one tenure, didn’t he?
Of course he did! It may not have been an issue if that’s just the case, but here we are talking about him collecting resources and fund from people for the realization of his ambition. If it had been about promising Martins Agbaso’s family and the masses alone, it will all be a different thing. At least, he will go back to them for campaigns, and they may or not accept him. I will call it a problem for them alone. But here, he has got issue which is more than a deep wound against the Agbaso family, which was removing their son illegally and also accused him of fraud. If you are in their shoes, what will you do come 2015?
How bad was Ohakim’s government?
If not the issue he had with Orji Uzor Kalu which today they’ve reconciled, I will tell you that Ohakim’s government was visionary. He knew where he was heading to, and he had passion for a first class Imo that would have been the envy of a place like Dubai.
What then stopped him?
These same ingrates I worked for in 2011 general election! Leadership of the then Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN. Yes they are now what we see and call APC. They were so keen to stop Ohakim at all cost. In fact, they facilitated all our operations and campaign against Ohakim, to an extent that I and my team had to come down to Imo to generate propaganda against his government. We planted all our agents around him, to the level that those in his house and kitchen were giving us materials we turned into propaganda against his very person.
What were the propaganda steps you took?
In a hurry, we all will not forget the Catholic Priest saga! It was an imagination of the then leadership of ACN to rubbish Ohakim. Nothing like Reverend Father Eustace Okorie. Even till now, did the media show us the picture of the priest in person? It was even as if Archbishop A.J.V Obinna worked against Ohakim, because we were afraid a time that he would come out to refute such material against him, but he never showed up till now; he is yet to brief the world on this very sagacious issue.
How about Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s involvement?
Fr. Mbaka was misled! This same defunct Party gave the Catholic priest fake information of what never transpired. It should be stated here that Ohakim never stripped and flogged a priest. We were used as agents to misinform the public, Archbishop Obinna and Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka. I could remember how we were visiting Enugu often to consolidate our words to Fr. Mbaka against Ohakim. These men of God I will say are innocent, because they acted on what we made them to believe. Then, after the Church preaching, we will on our own take the video CD for mass production. We shared them all to marketers and people for free.
Did his arrogant attitude as accused not stop him?
Can you tell me how his personal being could stop him? If they are saying he is or was arrogant, I will tell you is his own personal life. But I will say, for you to govern a State like Imo to get it right, you really need to be strict, arrogant and focused to the core. We have a lot of people even in Imo PDP who likes taking people for granted. In fact, the best governor Imo can have now is Ikedi Ohakim, because when he returns, many political godfathers will go on exile. He will deal with them now, because so many of them failed and betrayed him. Their actions even made Ohakim not to complete his second tenure. Besides, he will appreciate leadership better now, because he has had his share of failure and what it takes to get it right.
But then, so many factors stopped Ohakim’s reelection. Can you please unveil some unmentioned?
I can only tell you the one I got engaged for, no matter I’m still owed for the services. So many agents were down in Imo to stop Ohakim’s reelection, of which I can remember a woman who engaged an activist also. Maybe, when I come across that very woman’s contact, I will let it to you.
Where is the woman from?
I don’t know, and her case should not be the issue here.
What would you advise politicians to do in this 2015 general election?
I will advise them to engage more of political propagandists than using violence to get what they want. Politics should not be about do or die affair in Nigeria. Enough of Boko Haram attack, the people behind all these should use propaganda as a means of strategy. People should not be victims of politics.
Till now, I’m wondering how one could go to the extent of buying guns and weapons only to cause confusion in the country and then win elections. Let’s think innovatively with the environment technology has created for us today. We have a whole lot of consultants who can handle jobs that will realize one’s ambition.
Do you think it can help the system of this country?
Of course it will! The best we can do for this country is to device a means of controlling the destruction of lives and property during elections. Let us come with a better idea on how crime could be curbed. It will save us the stress of enforcing security against terrorism. It will also play a good role in preventing crime.

Business man Caught having sex with a School girl in car

Water scarcity: Ohakim Raises Fear Of Outbreak Of An Epidemics In Owerri

Following the continued water crisis in Owerri, the Imo State capital, a former governor of Imo state, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has expressed fears over a looming outbreak of epidemics in Owerri that may result from the lack of water.
The former governor also warned that with no single drop of pipe-borne water in the state capital in the last 38 months, the people living in the state capital might face serious health crisis.

Interacting with newsmen in his Burma Retreat country home at Okohia, Isiala Mbano council area of Imo state, Ohakim stated that at the time he left office in 2011, Imo state had 1,900 functional water infrastructures across the state.
Said he, “We trained and engaged 300 technicians to manage these water projects, but for reasons I find difficult to understand, Governor Rochas Okorocha sacked all the technicians immediately he assumed office and today, 90 percent of these water projects have collapsed and for about three years now, the teps have remained dry in the state capital.”
According to Ohakim, his administration had a water roadmap that would have ensured pipe-borne water in every kitchen in the state capital by 2015.

He lamented the rampant misplacement of priority by the present administration saying, “Can you compare 10,000 graduate jobs to 10,000 empty halls?”
While there was an existing Ahiajoku conference Centre built by Ikedi Ohakim, the present administration had replicated another conference centre and Ohakim had this to say: “I am happy that Imo people are beginning to come to terms with all that I my administration stood for. We offered 10,000 graduate job and a lot of people scandalized it, but the beneficiaries when they were sacked by Okorocha came out to tell the state that indeed they were being paid full salaries before Okorocha sacked them. Today somebody is offering 25,000 jobs and you ask yourself, is the entire Imo workforce at present up to 25,000?”

Ohakim recalled that his administration left N26.8Billion in various accounts which he handed over to Okorocha and regretted that Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) had endorsed the reapplication of another N13. 2Billion left in a UBA account for specific projects. According him, this fund has been merely frittered away.
Ohakim condemned the undue criticism of President Goodluck Jonathan by a section of the country.

According to the former governor, “However we look at it, Jonathan is the symbol and image of this country and the idea of assuming that any crisis in the country is Jonathan’s problem is most unpatriotic and retrogressive.”
On his ambition for 2015, Ohakim noted that it is his desire to take another shot at Douglas House but stressed that it was subject to the approval of his party.


she was stripped naked by motorcycle boda boda operators for allegedly dressing inappropriately

Former Minister of Transport, Alhaji Umaru Dikko is dead

Former Minister of Transport, Alhaji Umaru Dikko is dead.

He died in a London hospital in the early hours of Tuesday.

He was aged 78.

Until his death, he was chairman, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) disciplinary committee.

I Apologise To All Those I Offended In Office – Ex Gov Ohakim

The immediate past governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has asked for forgiveness from all those he offended during his tenure as governor of the state.

Ohakim made the appeal yesterday while playing host to the people of Okigwe who called on him at his country home.

According to Ohakim, those he offended included the sacked school teachers verified by the state government, the operators of illegal shanties on the major roads in the state, the banned commercial motorcycle riders among others.

He said he thought he was doing the right thing but expressed surprise that during the campaign for governorship election in the state in 2011, the incumbent governor used it against him to get himself into power.

On the purported flogging of a clergy man, the former governor maintained that his political detractors used it as a campaign strategy to edge him out of the Government House, saying he never assaulted any clergy, just as he added that he has been vindicated by the said victim.

“I apologise to the street traders, the school teachers, about 44 of them who underwent a verification excercise, even though it is sad that most of them are campaigning for the present government, the Okada riders who thought I have offended them; I thought I was doing the right thing,” Ohakim begged.

While deliberating on his next political ambition, Ohakim stated that it would be his desire to complete his tenure as provided by the constitution, but noted that his party’s decision was paramount as he promised to abide by any decision taken by his party.

“I will seek the authorisation of my party in line with the constitution to continue my tenure, but that does not mean I will not abide by my party’s decision; I am not desperate; my ambition is to fly my party’s flag”.

I will be a better human being now , those party members who voted for me, it is only me that can assuage their suffering, I have not declared but only consulting” Ohakim stated.

Seven Cameroon players investigated for match-fixing at the World

Cameroon The Cameroon Football Federation(FECAFOOT) will investigate claims that some of their players could have been involved in match-fixing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament.

Seven players of the Indomitable Lions team are under the spotlight for possible treacherous acts that could have jeopardized Cameroon’s participation at the World Cup.

The match being looked at is the 4-0 loss to Croatia which Cameroon were whitewashed 4-0 with Barcelona midfielder,Alex Song sent off and Benoit Assou-Ekotto headbutting his team-mate Benjamin Moukandjo.

A statement from Cameroon’s FA read: “Recent allegations of fraud around Cameroon’s 2014 FIFA World Cup three preliminary games, especially Cameroon versus Croatia, as well of the ‘existence of seven bad apples [in our national team]‘ do not reflect the values and principles promoted by our administration, in line with FIFA’s code of conduct and the ethics of our nation.

“We are strongly committed to employ all means necessary to resolve this disruptive matter in the shortest delays.”

Cameroon had a disgraceful World Cup,losing all their three group games and scoring just one goal in the tournament.

World Cup matches to be played today 1/7/14

rsz_asg-025021 Today will see the concluding part of the second round matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament taking place in Brazil.

If not anything,it has been exciting and not devoid of entertainment,thrilling spectators with a lot of things on offer.

The amount of goals witnessed so far in the competition has even eclipsed the total scored at the last World Cup in South Africa.

150 goals have been scored already and more are still in the offing,especially when Lionel Messi and his troops are yet to even play.

Matches to be played:

  • Argentina vs Switzerland
    *Belgium vs USA

On paper,it looks like a straightforward stroll for Argentina over Switzerland,but if there is anything this World Cup has taught us,it is that surprises abound.

This is billed by so many people as Lionel Messi’s World Cup,and so far he has been living up to that tag.

Four goals in three matches of the group stages is certainly a good return and he will be hoping to add to that tally.

The Injured Onazi Ogenyi now on crutches and Plaster of Paris.

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Wole  Opatola photos

Keshi is the best indigenous coach Nigeria has ever had” – Okocha

Jay Jay Okocha, who was one of Super Sport’s analyst on the Nigeria vs France match this evening said the current Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, is the best indigenous coach Nigeria has ever had, saying we need continuity and that Keshi should under no circumstances be removed as coach of the Eagles because we didn’t qualify to the quarter-final round of the World Cup.

Adaeze Yobo Blasts Super Eagles Haters Who Insulted Her Husband

Ex-beauty Queen Adaeze Yobo is never afraid to speak her mind, and she did just that earlier tonight. The mother of one took to Instagram with a message to confront haters who questioned her husbands performance in the unsuccessful qualification match that saw Nigeria lose 2-0 to France.

“All you hateful people that didn’t even realise it was own goal at first Heck, most of y’ll didn’t even watch that last minute part of the match that’s if Nepa gave yu light to watch the game at all but as soon as they confirmed it was own goal by yobo’

Y’all be like let’s go ham on his wife (that bitch) steady posting Louboutin pics on ig. #theirisgodo #toobadwelost but #goodgamefromyoboandtheteam #teamnigeria moving on, congrats to Joseph yobo for being the first Nigerian player to get to 100 caps. #recordholder #idontbreak #idontevenbend #ijustlaughatyourbitterness”


Bomb Blast Rocks Maiduguri Market

An explosion has been reported at the Maiduguri market near the Power Holding Company (NEPA) building. And according to reports, the explosion was heard at about 8:20 a.m. Many casualties may be recorded as the area is usually a crowded commercial centre.

An officer of the State Security Service confirmed the explosion to us minutes after it occurred. Emergency officials are said to be on their way to the explosion scen

Poverty and Terrorism Threaten the Foundations of Our Democracy

Opening Remarks By Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu At The Inaugural Lecture Of The Freedom House

Democracy Lecture Series Held At MUSON Center, Agip Hall, Lagos, Nigeria; June 30th 2014:

I thank all of you for participating in this maiden Freedom House lecture on democracy. I want to express special appreciation to Professor Larry Diamond for honoring us by accepting to deliver this inaugural address. It is my fervent hope that what we embark on today shall become a perennial institution, a permanent feature of our democratic landscape.

Such lectures are needed because our nation needs a broader, deeper appreciation of democracy in all of its complexities and ramifications. To state it bluntly because I know of no other way to state it, we do not understand enough about democratic governance and practice.

What we practice is often not democracy.  How this nation is governed is a hybrid process where democracy is often the junior partner and minority attribute.

As such, the system of governance we practice has not yielded the desired results – the dividends of democracy have been painfully elusive. How could it be otherwise? It would be wrong to anticipate a pear to grow from apple tree or a dog to give birth to a goat. Thus, it is wrong to expect this current form of governance to produce the fruits of democracy when it is the wrong type of tree.

To think otherwise is not to be optimistic. It is to engage in unproductive wishful thinking that precludes us from doing the heavy and hard work needed to transform “what is” into “what ought to be.” This lecture series is a modest contribution toward this benign change.

Since the 1999 transition from military to civilian rule, we have effectively limited our definition of democracy to the holding of elections with little regard to the quality thereof. There are two jarring problems with this self-imposed constraint.

First, most members, of the Nigerian political class, were weaned on the rancid milk of dictatorship and the imperial mindset upon which it is based. Fairness and openness of process and outcome discourse and debate, and compromise and conciliation have no place in this realm. In this authoritarian world, the ends justify the means and the only ends pursued are those that increase the power and wealth of the people wielding them.  It is a top- down world where the top dictates the tune and everyone dances to it or gets kicked into the shadows.

 Most adult Nigerians have spent the majority of their lives under military, or its antecedent, colonial rule. Neither one is a good primer for democracy. Nigerians are smart people and learn fast. Too bad, our history has presented bad governance role models to us.  We have learned much. Sadly, most of it has been the wrong lessons from the wrong textbook.

Thus, the conduct of elections during the past fifteen years has been basically an unbroken trail of malpractice and connivance to steer Nigeria to a contrived result with scant connection to the popular will.

Instead of being the periodic celebration of democracy, elections in Nigeria have generally mocked the very notion of democracy they are supposed to uphold.

Worst has been what comes after elections.  Since the winner often is not chosen by the people but by some subterranean process, he continues to dishonor the people while resorting to that subterranean process in how he rules. Generally, these office holders believe they have the inborn right to rule instead of have been given a duty to govern.

For the most part, elections have become a perverse form of modern coronation. Instead of choosing public servants, elections in Nigeria have been basically to select a new aristocracy, an elected royalty.

Government is run like a medieval court, full of intrigue and an excessive number of jesters and unproductive courtiers whose only reason for being is to use their proximity to power to extract rents from the improper operation of government.

One can only find rhyme and reason in governance to the extent one can decipher or anticipate the whim and caprice of the man in power.

Thus, we call ourselves a new, growing democracy yet we retreat further into the old ways. We slip into authoritarian darkness.

Faced with a growing number of state governors in the opposition party, the federal government arbitrarily has reduced the revenues flowing to the states in order to punish the political opposition. In effect, the federal government has imposed economic sanctions simply because some political leaders have the temerity to belong to another party.  That the people are made to suffer means little for the people are not why they entered into governance. Power and privilege are.

This is why they shut down newspapers recently and restricted freedom of movement by prohibiting key APC members from travelling into Ekiti state prior to elections.  This is why they deployed more security people to hover over the elections in Ekiti than they do to protect the people and tackle the security challenges in Borno state. The Minister of State for Defence has spent more time in Ekiti than he has in Chibok.  This is not responsible democratic governance. It is a hoax.

This brings me to the point where I would like to say a few words about the topic of today’s lecture: Poverty, Terrorism and Democracy. In my view, the first two concepts have intertwined to form a terrible union against the third, against democracy.

Some claim the rise of Boko Haram has nothing to do with poverty. They blame it all on ideology. Some go as far as implying that Islam is at fault.  Those who say this can be excused to some extent for they are as ignorant about Islam as Boko Haram is. However, Boko Haram cannot be excused. They are violent murders of both Muslim and Christians. There is not one word in Islam that supports the evil they do.

It is obvious that Boko Haram terrorists have lashed themselves to a dangerous and desperate ideology. But we must ask who does such a thing and why do they seem to have so many adherents and supporters?

Poverty is a big part of the answer. Poverty often distorts a person’s humanity. The destitute and the ignorant, casting about on their last strand of hope, are susceptible to a mean and wicked interpretation of the world that labels everyone not in that group as expendable sacrifices and objects of terror.

Again to put it bluntly because I know of no other way, Boko Haram is an extreme manifestation of the chronic and acute misgovernance that has spread gross injustice and mass poverty across the face of our beloved nation.

All nations have their wayward souls. However, in better governed, more prosperous societies, the number of anti-social actors is much less and even their extremism is somewhat muted. Because of their low numbers, they are confined to being a law enforcement problem.

But here, abject poverty swells their ranks. Here, they have become a small army. With that, they are a national security threat and a political challenge to a free and open society.

We must deal with them decisively yet wisely. Also, government must also be cautious in not using the fight against terrorism to truncate otherwise legitimate political activity by a legitimate and peaceful political opposition. Also, government must restrain itself from striking indiscriminately against people in the affected areas, in the process committing human rights abuses that undermine democracy and that become a recruiting tool for the terrorists.

As such, poverty and terrorism are truly a compound threat to democracy. Not only do those who manufacture terror undermine democracy through their direct actions.  We also must take care that government’s response is not such a heavy-handed and indiscriminate one that it undermines civil liberties and chases people into the camp of the terrorists.

I shall end here that we may soon come to the meat of this gathering; Professor Diamond’s address.

Again, I thank you all for coming today that we may use this lecture to take a step toward the democracy we truly seek.

By Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu




FORMER Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose defeated the incumbent governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi in a generally adjudged free and fair election.

Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party polled 203,090 of the votes cast on Saturday, June 21 governorship election in Ekiti State trouncing Governor Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who scored 120,433 votes.

His victory, political pundits said has now altered 2015 calculations, as PDP has made a major inroad into the South-West, APC’s stronghold.  The number of states under the control of APC in the South-West has now reduced to four, with the Labour Party in control of Ondo State and PDP now the in-coming government in Ekiti.

The final results announced about 4.15am, Sunday, June 22, also showed that Labour Party’s candidate, Opeyemi Bamidele polled 18,135 votes.

Announcing the results at the state capital, Ado-Ekiti, the state’s returning officer, Prof. Isaac Azuzu Uzoma said, “Having satisfied the law and scored the majority votes, Ayo Fayose of PDP is hereby declared the winner of the election.”

Signs  that Fayose would win the election emerged early during voting as most of the votes counted showed he was the man to beat at the poll monitored by local and international observers.

Surprisingly, the incumbent Governor Fayemi, was trailing badly in many of the results earlier released at the various polling units.

But PDP’s sweet victory has, however, been blighted by the allegation of the wounded APC that there was a crackdown on its leaders during the election.

In a statement in Lagos by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said some of its leaders and members were arrested. It claimed one Mr. Awodolu and 22 others were arrested at Egbe-Ekiti and taken to Ikere-Ekiti, while two leaders were arrested from Ilawe, just as 11 others were picked up from Ado-Ekiti.

According to the APC, those arrested at Ado Ward A units 1,6,8 and 11 included Charles Fashuba, Tolu Ajayi, Elesun, Olu Hero, Gboyega Fabuero, all of whom, it said, were pointed out to the security agents by one Femi Ogunleye, a PDP member.

APC said those arrested were the party’s leaders at their wards and local governments, alleging that they were apparently picked up to prevent them from casting their votes, monitoring the election, and subsequently being present at the collation centres.

“Ekiti witnessed a massive turnout of voters despite the massive deployment of troops and policemen, ostensibly, to provide security for the election but in reality to intimidate and harass voters to stay away from the polling units.

“Now that the strategy of the PDP-led federal government has failed, despite their over-militarisation of the state, they have unleashed security agents on the leaders of the APC to prevent them from monitoring the collation of results,” APC stated.

18 political parties participated in the election in the 16 local government areas of the state.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), 732,166 voters were registered to vote in the election, comprising 371,419 females, representing 51 per cent, and 360,747 male voters, representing 49 per cent of the voting population.

He said, “There were arrests or what I would call abduction of our party leaders…

“We also heard of a number of incidents in the communities, particularly in Egbe, in Gboyin Local Government Area, where the residence of one of our leaders was surrounded by soldiers for reasons that are all together not clear to me.”

Similarly, APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu equally had warned the ruling PDP to play by the rules or expect unimaginable disaster: “The election in Ekiti is important not only to the fate of that state but of the entire nation. No doubt, the PDP gang will stop at nothing to abridge the right of the people so that their brutish loser may win. This gives rise to the question of the day: Will INEC bend as always or will it finally bend or do its duty as is proper? Will the people decide that enough is enough and not only vote but defend their votes in all proper and right ways? Will we see the advance of democracy or its retreat in the face of mounting suppression?

“These are the questions of the day and the answers that arise not only will determine the governorship in Ekiti but will augur for good or evil regarding the 2015 general elections. As such, the fate of Nigeria lies in the balance and is being shaped rightly before us. All eyes must be on Ekiti, for what we see there today will be  what we will see for the rest of Nigeria in the months to come.  Pray what we see will be democracy, if not, then it is something that pushes us closer to disaster.”

Also lending his voice, Fayemi alleged that, “The other issue is the presence of people who have no business in Ekiti: Musiliu Obanikoro, the Minister of State for Defence; Jelili Adesiyan, the Minister for Police Affairs; and a gentleman, I’m not even sure that is the appropriate word to describe him, Chris Uba, who has been going round with men of the security agencies. I don’t know in what capacity he is doing that.

“It is unacceptable.  The security agencies must be scrupulously firm and neutral. They must insist on the Electoral Act being respected by all players regardless of whose ox is gored. If I, as the Chief Security Officer of the state remained indoors, I don’t see why anyone; anyone at all would be found violating the no-movement prescription.”

But Adesiyan reportedly justified his presence in Ekiti State on the election day, saying, “I am not a Minister of Police Affairs for the PDP alone, but a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I am duty bound to ensure that the lives of all the people of this country are protected.”

Fayose, who voted about 2 p.m at his ward, Unit 001 Afao-Ekiti, in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area said shortly after casting his vote that he would accept the outcome of the polls, “Whichever way it goes.”

“I have campaigned enough; I did all that was necessary in this election. I know my people love me and they want to see me return as governor, but I will leave my fate to God.”

His landslide victory at the polls has been attributed to several factors.  Whereas, people believed Fayemi performed fairly well as governor, many said he had lost touch with the masses.  Fayose, another school of thought posited, is a grass roots politician with mass appeal.

Also explaining PDP’s victory, some APC faithful re-echoed the allegation of intimidation touted by their leaders who were intimidated by the heavy security presence in the state.

Some PDP sympathisers, however advised the opposition APC to look at the issue of internal democracy which their party leaders constantly toy with.

“We suspect the protest vote was against Tinubu and APC leaders not just Governor Fayemi.”



Life after power is an important issue that troubles politicians when they are kicked out of power. And that would be Dr Fayemi’s dilemma too. What would he be doing in the next four years? Is he going to quit politics or proceed to the Senate? What about the Vice Presidential offer APC is allegedly arranging for him?

Questions and more questions only Fayemi has the answer. Head or tail, his future in politics as a former governor is at least fairly guaranteed.






GOVERNOR Kayode Fayemi had been widely acknowledged as having performed very well. His re-election was, therefore, supposed to be taken for granted. But in the June 21 poll, he lost woefully to Ayo Fayose, former Governor of the state. Here are what might have gone wrong: 



Yemi Adaramodu was the Director of Communications of the Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation. He was later appointed Chief of Staff to the governor. He would, however, upon his appointment, become so powerful that many within and outside government circles believed he was the de facto governor. Many other aides of the governor were forced to gravitate towards him. A source said there was a time local government caretaker chairmen were to be appointed and Adaramodu alone picked 12 out of the 16 nominees and they were all approved by the governor.

“He succeeded in alienating the governor from so many political interests which would have been useful for him in his quest for a second term in office. He was able to create an alternate power centre within the government which he used to dispense favour in furtherance of his own rumoured governorship ambition in 2018. His house and office were always a Mecca for those looking for one favour or the other from government. There were allegations that a hit squad was being run without Fayemi’s knowledge. The squad was accused of being behind the attack on Labour Party members in Emure-Ekiti where one Foluso Ogundare was killed. At this point, Fayemi began to cut him to size. He had been pencilled down to head the re-election campaign committee but this was not to be as he was stripped of most of his powers but the damage had already been done,” an online portal, The Cable claimed.



The insinuation that Fayemi might likely be picked as APC Vice Presidential candidate didn’t help him politically as this was not welcome in the corridors of APC powers. The massive support he would have received from Lagos for his re-election bid diminished and vanished. To complicate his case, he was also said to have failed to “lubricate” the relationship in the last four years.

“He failed to understand that somebody spent money, time and energy to make him Governor in the first place,” an APC stalwart complained.



Anyone who understands the politics of Ekiti will know that no politician can be in the bad books of teachers and civil servants and expect to win any election in the state. Fayemi got into trouble with them as soon as he came into power. First, was the issue of promotion and payment of the new Teachers’ Salary Scale, TSS. Fayemi was said to have told teachers he would not be able to pay the money because of lack of funds. That was in 2011. But a month to the election, he announced he would implement it. In the same vein, the Service Reclassification Exercise (SRE), though good on paper, was a political suicide. The exercise saw to demotion of some principals to vice-principals and vice-principals to classroom teachers. In fact, some of those affected could not accept the “humiliation” and as a result put in retirement notice. Primary school teachers refused to take the reclassification examination but they were also aware that should the governor come back, they would be in trouble as they would either be forced to take the test or face the sack. It was these aggrieved workers that worked against Fayemi’s second term bid.



It was also alleged that Governor Fayemi might have lost to Fayose because he had no political structure.

Political observers said he was just on his own without foot soldiers.



Fayose might have a lot of scandalous allegations still hanging over his head and one or two issues to sort out with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), but the candidate of the PDP and winner of the June 21 governorship election in Ekiti State is very popular.  Peter Ayodele Fayose is a strong grassroots mobiliser who understands the language of the common people.

His position and words are so much in tune with theirs that they see him as part of them. “Across the three senatorial zones, Fayose remains a very popular politician whom the electorate was ready to forgive for his past “sins” and give him their mandate. During his campaigns, he was pulling massive crowds anywhere he went.

“In fact, during the mega rally in Ado-Ekiti when President Goodluck Jonathan came to present the PDP flag to him, his vests were being sold to party members when ordinarily, they should have been distributed free of charge. In contrast, Fayemi, despite being Governor for almost four years, still did not have that touch with the common man. They saw him as a “foreigner” and “intellectual” who knew little about them,” the Cable added.



Ekiti people complained before the guber election that Fayemi was “collecting” loans to their detriment.  They were even more worried by the fact that the loans were not being channeled to their immediate needs.



Governor Fayemi didn’t enjoy good working relationship with students. From the alleged interference with student unionism to denial of their bursary, they had every reason to vote out their number one public enemy!



It was reported in Ekiti that most of the projects Fayemi embarked on were handled by contractors outside Ekiti. Sadly, they said even labourers employed were non-indigenes.  According to our sources, the gutters in Ado Ekiti were even by outsiders which angered the Ekiti people that he neglected them and barred them from making ends meet. Even the lawyers in the state, we learnt, were not happy with him. According to one of their executives who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly, they stood for him while he was fighting for his mandate but immediately he got into power, he abandoned them and engaged services of lawyers outside Ekiti.  That was one major reasons they abandoned him for Fayose.



Fayemi also sold employment forms to Ekiti people, especially the youths, but this didn’t give them the very much desired job.

In many cases, like we pointed out, the job seekers were humiliated with irrelevant and annoying tests simply aimed at disqualifying them. And while they mourned their loses, Fayemi’s men smiled to the banks. So, Saturday June 21, was payback time.



Did the Federal Government invasion of Ekiti land with security operatives affect Fayemi in any detrimental sense? Yes, it did. There were indeed protests from the APC challenging the fact that Fayose was being over protected by the military, police, DSS and even the men of Civil Defence. And with the alleged detention/ harassment of APC chieftains, the coast was clear for Fayose to easily walk into victory.



IT was alleged that the gladiators in the just-concluded Ekiti election really left no stone unturned to achieve their gubernatorial ambition. Impeccable sources revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that the governor-elect, Fayose, spent an estimated N3 billion while Fayemi splashed about N3.5 billion. Their counterpart, Bamidele equally rolled out an estimated N1 billion, totalling about N7.5 billion!

According to our source, the governor-elect got funds from PDP chieftains who believed he is the people’s choice. The Presidency reportedly supported Fayose with N1 billion, while other bigwigs such as Prince Buruji Kashamu, amongst others, keyed in into his campaign funds which he used judiciously.

We also learnt he gave out over 30,000 bags of rice to the masses and money to over 10,000 students as upkeep throughout the election. That became necessary when the incumbent governor closed down schools out of fear that they will not vote for him. Fayose quickly stepped in to salvage the situation and it worked magic for him. We equally gathered that all the ward members were adequately motivated by Fayose.

The 16 local governments were not lacking in funds which motivated them to go extra mile in working for him. The rest of the funds went into campaign materials, publicity and promotions as well as logistics.

Although, the incumbent governor, Fayemi spent hugely, it was allegedly misspent in the wrong direction by key people he entrusted things to.  And by the time he rolled out money and gifts to woo the masses, it was too late. According to our source, the masses collected his money but said he was not there for them when they needed it most but only came out to woo them for election purposes.   In fact, a source who pleaded anonymity revealed to us that aides and people who should have supported him used his money to vote him out.

Like Fayose, the bulk of Dr Fayemi’s funds was also channeled to mobilization, media and publicity and oiling of APC propaganda machinery. It was not unlikely that Fayemi got funds from his party.

Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele, on the other hand was careful in spending much. He is not rich and has few friends around him who were willing to support him. That was why he spent minimally. Most of the revenue he got was spent in mobilising his people and re-establishing his party structure which was relatively new.



The defeat by PDP may have humbled the APC. The party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Muhammed was not in the mood to speak with ENCOMIUM Weekly when we called him for APC’s position on Sunday, June 22, 2014.  He, however, forwarded to us Dr Kayode Fayemi’s congratulatory message to Ekiti Governor-Elect.



With Ekiti out of APC’s grip, fear has gripped their other governors who might likely lose their states in future elections.  The support of the presidency ever ready to deploy whatever it takes to have their way, Hurricane PDP may be lurking around.   It would be remembered that APC has lost three guber polls in recent times.  The states include Ondo, Anambra and now Ekiti.



Impeccable sources within the Fayemi’s camp squealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that immediately Governor Fayemi heard the news on Saturday evening from his aides that the result so far indicated Fayose was winning marginally, he stood up dejectedly, went into his bedroom and locked up himself.



We also gathered that Governor Fayemi lost out because he was so close to the rich and neglected the masses. Admittedly,  he was praised for embarking on industrial development such as a mall, N2 billion government office, roads, among others, his policies were not in response to the basic needs of the masses. A source revealed to us that he was like a stranger to his own people and lacked the working relationship with his people.

For instance, we reliably gathered that his domestic staffers complained that when they greet him in the morning he doesn’t acknowledge them.  We confirmed this on Saturday, June 14, 2014, when the indigenes lamented that when they greeted or hailed him he didn’t respond unlike Fayose who while in government and afterwards, still related with them and identified with their basic needs such as stoves, food etc.

“Ordinary people of Ekiti have Fayose’s phone numbers,  and this endeared him to them all.”



From the allegation of giving out bags of expired rice to Ekiti electorate to monetary inducements, Fayose’s camp had more than enough stones of scandals coming from Fayemi’s men. And paying Dr. Fayemi back in his own coin, Fayose’s camp spinned wicked tales of the governor building a N10 billion university in Accra, Ghana. Recorded in a song by self acclaimed social crusader, Kunle Ologundudu, it was alleged that the University of Governance and Leadership (as the institution is called) at Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana is wholly owned by the out-going governor.

There was also the allegation of a N2 billion property of the Fayemis on 18 plots of land at 60/78, Ambassadorial Avenue, Accra, Ghana.



As the Ekiti election drew nearer, APC chieftains noticed that the state had been occupied by security agencies deployed by the Federal Government. And they had to cry out even as they alleged harassment and intimidation. It would also be recalled that the movement of APC governors who were in town for the grand finale of Fayemi’s campaign in Ekiti were restricted by security agents. Affected were Rivers state Governor Mr. Rotimi Amaechi and his Edo counterpart, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

The situation didn’t change the day before the election and on Saturday as the leaders of the APC including Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu were practically chased out of Ekiti.



The governor-elect of Ekiti, Mr. Ayo Fayose, on Sunday, June 22, 2014, dedicated his victory to the people of the state.

Fayose said his victory reflected the wishes of the people of the state.

The governor-elect, who spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly, through his Chief Press Officer, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, described the election that produced him as free, fair and credible.

He promised to improve the living standard of the people by providing job opportunities and making education affordable.



Did you know that Dr. Fayemi is the first incumbent governor in the present political dispensation to be woefully beaten by his opponent in all of the 16 LGs in the state? That is true.  In fact, in Nigerian politics, sitting governors rarely lose elections and when they do, especially when their parties deny them ticket, they lose gallantly. That was not the case with Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, who was white-washed by PDP’s Fayose.



‘APC Loss, Opportunity To Rebuild’ – OJUDU


SENATOR Babafemi Ojudu, representing Ekiti Central, said the loss of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the just concluded governorship election in the state is an opportunity to rebuild the APC and build a party that will subscribe to ideas and ideals.

“We have to re-organise our party. Mistakes have been made, lessons have also been learnt. It appears that a few of us who are leaders seem to be miles ahead of our people. It is time for us to build a party that will subscribe to our vision.”

Ojudu urged members of the APC not to give in to despair or be distraught, noting that democracy is about the majority which has spoken clearly about their preference.

Ojudu congratulated the governor-elect, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, expressing the hope that he would not see his victory as a whip against perceived opposition, but rather as an opportunity to correct mistakes of the past and plan a better future for Ekiti State.

He urged Fayose to eschew violence and allow peace to reign in the state.


PHOTOS: Afrocandy Expanding Her ASHAWO Empire In Nigeria












Photos: Beautiful Lady Exposes Boyfriend Who Gave Her HIV


According to Lungi who is 3 months pregnant ,she said she has been infected by her boyfriend with HIV and after confronting her boyfriend all he could do was laugh at her. He is said to be a sports journalist in SA. This is so unbelievable. See Lungi’s tweets below.


His employees say he denied it and the case is with the police

Boko Haram invades Shani in hunt for LG boss, razes police station

Suspected members of Boko Haram sect invaded Shani Local Government Area, on Monday and set ablaze the Divisional Police Station, nearby houses, shops and vehicles.

The terrorists, who were using Improvised Explosive Devices and petrol bombs, were said to have targeted the Caretaker Chairman of the council, Alhaji Modu Walama, who was reportedly hiding in the police station when the gunmen first attempted to kill him some months ago.

It was reported that Walama had escaped series of attacks by assassins and terrorists in recent past.

Just few months ago, some gunmen attacked his family house in Walama and killed one of his sons when they discovered that he was not in the house.

DailyPost gathered from sources that the heavy armed terrorists on motorcycles invaded Shani and bombed the Divisional Police Headquarters at about 2:45 pm on Monday, after they realized that almost all the policemen on duty had fled the area.

They also snatched one of the police patrol vehicles and set it ablaze after they discovered that the engine was not perfect.

They, however, proceeded inside the town and started shooting sporadically, before they fled towards Gwaskara village.

Shani is south and about 245 kilometres drive to Maiduguri which also shares boundary with some parts of Adamawa State.

Mallam Aliyu Usman, a resident of shani who was among those who fled the town during the attack told DailyPost that the gunmen were sighted by some women on their farmlands around Walama.

The terrorists had reportedly told the women that they had deadly mission to execute in some undisclosed places in Shani.

Effort to speak with the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Gideon Jibril was futile.

Troops bust terrorists’ intelligence network, arrest key actor in Chibok abduction


A terrorists’ intelligence cell headed by a businessman who participated actively in the abduction of School Girls in Chibok has been busted by troops. The man, Babuji Ya’ari who is also a member of the Youth Vigilante Group popularly known as Civilian JTF which he uses as cover while remaining an active terrorist, also spearheaded the murder of the Emir of Gwoza. His main role in the group is to spy and gather information for the terrorists group.

Babuji has been coordinating several deadly attacks in Maiduguri since 2011, including the daring attacks on Customs and military locations as well as the planting of IEDs in several locations in the town.

The arrest of the businessman who is known to deal in tricycles has also yielded some vital information and facilitated the arrest of other members of the terrorists’ intelligence cell who are women. One of them, Hafsat Bako had earlier escaped to Gombe State to avoid suspicion but was tracked and arrested. Prior to her arrest, Hafsat coordinated the payment of other operatives on the payroll of the group. In her confession, she disclosed that a minimum of N10,000 is paid to each operative depending on the enormity of his task.

Another female suspect named Haj Kaka who doubles as an armourer and a spy for the terrorists group has also been arrested. Until their arrest, all the suspects actively operated a terrorists’ intelligence cell in collaboration with others still at large.

In another development, troops deployed in Goniri, Yobe State, over the weekend, had an encounter with terrorists, resulting in casualties on both sides after the attack was successfully repelled.

Police uncovers human parts market in llorin

The Police in Kwara on Monday said it had discovered human parts market in an uncompleted building in the outskirts of Ilorin, the state capital.

Mr Ambrose Aisabor, the state Commissioner of Police announced this when he briefed journalists in llorin.

Aisabor said there were decomposed headless body of a male, human feet, snail shells and clothes suspected to be used in strangulating victims.

He said no suspect had been arrested in connection with the crime but 85-year old woman who claimed to be the owner of the building was being interrogated.

The commissioner said investigation revealed that some people involved in rituals had turned the abandoned building into a market where they bought human body parts.

In another development, Aisabor announced the arrest of one Ganiyu Lawal, an armed robbery suspect.

The suspect was alleged to have stolen a Toyota Camry car with registration number Lagos APP 645 AW from where it was parked in Lagos.

The commissioner said other members of the gang were at large.

Also, two students of the Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, Joshua Ayantola, 26, and Adebayo Adeyinka, 24, have been arrested for alleged criminal conspiracy and armed robbery.

According to the police chief, the two suspects were arrested for allegedly robbing one Musa Azeez and others, of various items, including money at gun point.

He said the two students had confessed to the crime and would soon be charged to court.

Aisabor commended the people of the state for providing the police with useful information on crime reduction.

He assured that the police would treat all information with confidentiality. (NAN)

Keshi unhappy with match referee, hints at quitting Super Eagles

Ahmed Musa-Keshi

Head coach of the Super Eagles, Stephen Keshi, on Monday in Brasilia gave a hint of leaving the national team for another country where his services would be needed.

Keshi, told newsmen at the end of his team’s 0-2 loss to the French national teamthe first thing would want was to get back to his family.

He said he needed to have a long rest, which may be for three months.

The coach however did not give a hint of where he would be heading to, but there indications were that he had already opened discussions with South Africa.

“I can’t speak about any country now. I just want to be with my family

“I am just going to have a deserved rest with my family and then decide what next to do thereafter,’’ he said.

On why he was taking that course of action, he said his contract with the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) was almost up.

“My contract is almost up. Nobody has called me for negotiation. One cannot stay where he is not wanted’’.

On whether, he would not be available to take the national team to Morocco for January 2015’s Africa Cup of Nations, he said his job was over.

On the Brazil 2014 Round of 16 match, he blamed the U.S. referee, Mark Geiger, for ruling off Emanuel Emenike’s 16th minute goal.

“This is the first time I will blame the referee for bad handling of a match. There is nothing I can do about that. He was the Alpha and Omega at that point in time,’’ Keshi said.(NAN)

Elections in Nigeria are a mockery to democracy – Tinubu


National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has stated that since Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999, most of the elections in the country have been full of irregularities and frauds. Tinubu said the development was a mockery of democracy.

The former Lagos State governor gave this disclosure during the inaugural lecture of the Freedom House Democracy Lecture series in Lagos on Monday.

Speaking on the recently concluded governorship election in Ekiti State, where Ayo Fayose of the PDP was declared winner, Tinubu said stopping key APC members from travelling into Ekiti state prior to th election was undemocratic.

According to him, “Instead of being the periodic celebration of democracy, elections in Nigeria have generally mocked the very notion of democracy they are supposed to uphold. Worst has been what comes after elections.

“Since the winner often is not chosen by the people but by some subterranean process, he continues to dishonour the people while resorting to that subterranean process in how he rules. Generally, these office holders believe they have the inborn right to rule instead of been given a duty to govern.

“For the most part, elections have become a perverse form of modern coronation. Instead of choosing public servants, elections in Nigeria have been basically to select a new aristocracy, an elected royalty.”

Also speaking at the event, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, called on Nigerians to mobilise for street protest as a way to stop stealing by public funds, adding that pelting of guilty public leaders could also deter them from diverting government funds for their private use.

He said, “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The followers are equally guilty as the leadership. The institutions are already compromised and there is no alternative to them. Nigerians seem not be against corruption but they are against how long you stay being corrupt. Don’t expect those in public office to fight corruption.”

Insecurity: Minister orders hotels in Abuja to submit guests’ list to security agencies








Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed has directed all hotels in the Federal Capital Territory to forward lists of their guests to the FCT Directorate of State Security Services (DSS) and the FCT Police Command everyday.

A statement by the Minister’s Special Adviser on Media, Nosike Ogbuenyi said “hotels are equally required to install their individual security cameras within their vicinity and ensure thorough check of all vehicles entering the hotel and within their surroundings.

The Minister has also directed all residents and resident associations in various parts of the territory to embark on “Operation Know Your Neighbour” campaign.

“The measure is to ensure that all criminally-minded elements are detected easily within the FCT. The security department of FCTA is to liaise with the various security agencies in the FCT on the modalities for implementing the ministerial directive”, he said.

Also all traditional rulers in the FCT to start conducting periodic meetings with various communities within their domains to take stock of strange faces living with them, as well as report all new comers within 48 hours to the local DPO and SSS office”.

Mohammed urged all FCT residents to be vigilant and cautious of strange objects or movements of persons, moving and stationery vehicles around them, urging them to report such to the nearest security agencies.

The Minister further directed that all trailer/lorry operators bringing goods to the city shall no longer be allowed to offload their contents at night.

“All offloading shall henceforth be done in the day time under supervision in designated places”, he added, insisting that “owners of uncompleted and abandoned buildings and structures without security guards will be sanctioned by the FCT Administration.

“Similarly, owners plots of land left fallow for a long period of time and not used for any economic or gainful purpose but taken over by criminals would now face appropriate sanctions”, he said.

The Minister reminded residents that the ban on smoking of Indian hemp and other narcotic substances was still in force in the territory, adding that the Administration has resolved to clamp down on defaulters.

Ex-militants threaten to cut off fuel supply to North for opposing Jonathan’s second term bid

Some former militant leaders under the umbrella of Peace and Cultural Development Initiative have vowed to cut off the supply of petroleum products to the Northern part of the country, if the region dares to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from running for second term in 2015.

The group that made this resolution at their meeting in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, also said they would ensure that the North does not benefit from crude oil proceeds generated from the Niger Delta region.

Speaking during the meeting, President of the group, Mr. Reuben Wilson, said that their interest was to ensure that Jonathan gets his second term ticket unopposed.

According to him, “We met in Oron to review developments in the country, particularly the interest of the Niger Delta people. You will agree that the Niger Delta is the main stay of the nation’s economy. You will also agree with me that the Niger Delta people are sustaining the economy at great inconveniences and pains to its people and the environment. This has been the only time that the region has had the privilege of producing a president for the country.

“It is unthinkable that the North will be plotting against our son, intimidating him with bomb blasts here and there and causing the untimely death of scores of innocent Nigerians, all because they want to take back power.

“We have always seen the need for us to live together as one indivisible country and that is what Mr. President believes in,” he added.

Yobo, Enyeama, Odemwingie step aside for upcoming players after World Cup exit


Some of the top Super Eagles’ players who took part in the 0-2 loss to the French national team, Les Bleus, said they plan to give chance to younger ones in the Super Eagles.

The players are Vincent Enyeama, Captain, Joseph Yobo and Osaze Odemnwingie.

In separate interviews at the mix zone, they said they have had their time and would want to concentrate at club level.

“I am confident I should go now,Odenminwgie said, noting that he had no bad feelings.

“I am happy we played well but lost. I am not too sure now weather to wish we played badly and win or the other way round.

“Whatever the case, I am happy I am leaving the team in the hands of capable upcoming juniors. They should be held together for a long time.

“For me I am not getting younger, I need to get home and evaluate what plans I have for the future’’.

In response to the fact that he was still young, he said “that is why I was not conclusive. But to tell you, I will like to face club action.

“I still have three years left in my contract. I will like to stick with the club. I am not discussing any moves. I am happy at my club.

“For me, I have had a fulfilled time with the national team. I have enjoyed every moment of it. I need to quit now.

“The upcoming players in the team are good. They need all the chance. I just have to go,’’ he said.

Enyeama then, apologised to Nigerians for the failure of the team to have won.

“I want you all to forgive us. You have all done well to support us to this stage’’.

NAN reports that Yobo no doubt made history by reaching the 100th cap mark in the national team, indeed the first Nigerian to have accomplished it.

However, he had scored an own goal in the 90th minute — a not so impressive record on a special day in his national team career.

“It happens, it was not really his fault. That should not diminish his contribution to the national team,’’ Mike Umeh, the Vice-President of the Nigeria Football Association said. (NAN)

1,555 Child P0*n Images Found At Rev Father’s Residence

A senior priest at a prominent Catholic school was caught with more than a thousand perverse images of children and teenagers, some in the worst category known to authorities, an Australian court has heard.

In March, Father Stanislaus John Hogan, 69, pleaded guilty to one count of using a carriage service to access child p****graphy and one aggravated count of possessing child p****graphy.

In sentencing submissions today, the District Court heard police had seized a collection of videos, images and magazines of children aged between three months and 16 years in his bedroom at Saint Ignatius College at Athelstone, Australia in 2012.

However, The Advertiser has subsequently learned prosecutors mis-spoke, and that the youngest children depicted were three years of age.

The court heard about 70 per cent of the 1555 images and videos were of teenage boys but Hogan also had five images and two videos classified as category 5 — which is saved for the worst type of child exploitation material.

Sophie David, for Hogan, told the court that a psychologist report indicated her client’s offending had risen amid depression associated with reconciling his s*xual orientation with his religious beliefs.

“As a result of his offending he has lost his vocation, his financial means and of course his reputation and distinguished career as an educator has been indelibly stained,” she said.

She said some of the offending material had been bought in the 1970s and 1980s when it was not illegal.

She asked the court to consider suspending any jail sentence imposed against Hogan because he was undergoing steps to rehabilitate himself, was unlikely to reoffend and there was no suggestion any of the students had been exposed to the illicit material.

The court heard Hogan had been the school’s rector at the time of the raid and he had held prominent teaching positions throughout Australia, including at St Aloysius’ in Sydney and Xavier College in Melbourne, during the past three decades.

Prosecutor Scott Swain said he strongly opposed any suggestion of a suspended sentence and indicated there would be an appeal if Judge Peter Brebner were to do so.

“His main interest was boys of low to mid teenage years which I note was the very age range of the students attending the school where he was employed,” he said.

Judge Brebner remanded Hogan on continuing bail to be sentenced at later date.

Maku Urges Northern Leaders To Support Jonathan

The Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Labaran Maku has urged Nigerian leaders especially those from the North to cooperate with President Goodluck Jonathan as the government seeks to achieve peaceful coexistence and development in the region.

The Minister made the call Monday in Jos, the Plateau State capital at the flag-off campaign of the Jos Pilot digital switch-over (DSO) where analogue television broadcast is switched over to digital to conform with international standard.

He also appealed to the leaders to imbibe the spirit of understanding and tolerance amongst them for the country to move forward.

Mr. Maku said, “the North is known for her high moral discipline and good conduct so it is time for our people to give peace a chance and embrace oneness”.

He however reassured Nigerians that the digitization campaign is to ensure that those who cannot afford digital television are brought up to date in global television broadcast trend.

Maku stressed over 40 million “set up boxes” are made available to all the viewers across the 36 states of Federation maintaining “the flagging off of digital programming in the country will be one of the largest employers of labour in West Africa.

According to him, “There is going to be a serious exploitation in the TV contents capacity that would provide good programs and the country is going to face increase in number of television channels with extra available digital endless stations”.

Also speaking, the Director General, National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, Mr, Emeka Mba said the digital switch-over will be vehicle in addressing economic and political challenges of people as well as improve their ways of live.

Mba commended Governor Jonah Jang for transforming the State-owned media, Plateau Radio/Television Corporation, PRTVC.

However, the State governor, Jonah Jang who also spoke at the event challenged the NBC to used the enlightenment campaign to allay the fears of Nigerians by addressing fundamental questions that will arise in the minds of the people.

The governor decried the decline and near absence of high quality local programmes and call for the trend to be reversed.

Jang reiterated the State’s preparedness in the switch over campaign saying, “the Plateau State government in line with this trend has spent over N2.5billion in the upgrading of facilities of the State-owned Radio and Television station to enable it fit into the global digitization technology”.

He called on Nigerians to embrace the trend in order to keep pace with the ever changing tempo in television broadcasting. [Vanguard]

Boko Haram Bombs Divisional Police Hq In Borno

Shani Local Government Area of Borno State was Monday invaded by suspected Boko Haram terrorists, who bombed the Divisional Police Headquarters at about 2:45pm, according to a report by Vanguard.

Shani is about 245 kilometres  from Maiduguri and is a border town between Borno and Adamawa States.

The town was attacked soon after, apparently with the expectation that police armoury would have been burnt down in the explosion at the police HQ.

The attackers shot sporadically, burning down houses, shops and vehicles.

Residents fleeing the town told Vanguard that, the gunmen after setting ablaze the police station, opened  fire on residents.

It was gathered by the news platform that the gunmen also attacked the palace of the newly appointed emir of Shani, Alhaji Sanusi Mailafiya, while looking for the Chairman of the council, Alhaji Madu Walama, who was said to be hiding in the palace. One of his sons was however said to have been killed when they discovered that the Chairman was not in the house.

Number of casualties in the attack cannot be immediately confirmed as details are still sketchy.

Fani-Kayode Lied On Alleged Comments By Party On Boko Haram – APC


The All Progressive Party (APC) have reacted to the accusations made by Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode that the party has links with the dreaded Boko haram sects.

It was reported earlier today that Fani Kayode while speaking on Channels TV’s breakfast show, Sunrise Daily this morning accused APC’s leaders of being supportive and sympathetic of the dreaded sect as it suits their purpose of destabilizing the country and discrediting the PDP led government.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) party who disowned Femi-Fani Kayode as a member early this month has asked Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode to retract his comment alleging that the APC, through its National Publicity Secretary Lai Mohammed, condemned the Federal Government for proscribing the terror group Boko Haram or face a legal action.

The APC Party in a statement issued in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said at no time did it issue a statement condemning the proscription of Boko Haram, and challenged Mr. Fani-Kayode to produce such a statement if he was so sure the APC issue it.

The statement reads: ”I have caused my attorneys to formally write both Fani-Kayode and Channel television, where he made his allegation, to retract the statement and apologize, failing which I will sue for defamation of character.”

”Our position on Boko Haram has been well articulated for anyone who cares to know, but at no time did we condemn the government for proscribing it. When the state of emergency was declared on three northern states, we criticized it and we stand by that. But we did not condemn the proscription of Boko Haram. We are not Boko Haram sympathizers and we cannot be under any circumstance,” APC said.

Fani Kayode in his interview accused Lai Mohammed of supporting the Boko haram saying: “Again I look at the utterances of the official spokesman of the opposition last year, that is Lai Mohammed, where he protested at the fact that Boko Haram was proscribed by the federal government where he said it was unconstitutional for the federal government to do so. He needs to explain why it is he would want to protect and support an organization that has killed almost 15,000 Nigerians as at that time and is against the fact that they were being proscribed to protect Nigerians”.


Meanwhile the party has also condemned Mr. Fani-Kayode’s description of Boko Haram as the armed wing of the APC, saying the statement is most irresponsible, uncharitable and without basis.

”Equally irresponsible and condemnable is Mr. Fani-Kayode’s deliberate distortion of statements made in the past by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to mean that he or his party is a sympathizer of Boko Haram,” the party said.

It said Mr. Fani-Kayode’s latter day castigation of opposition politicians, after he returned to his vomit and repudiated all the damaging statements he made publicly in the past about the PDP and the Jonathan Administration, is not based on any altruistic considerations.

”It is common knowledge that Mr. Fani-Kayode has been charged by the Federal Government with money laundering. The trial is almost ending, and he knows he faces a certain jail term if convicted.

”It is therefore not impossible that Mr. Fani-Kayode may be seeking to ingratiate himself to the FG by using various media platforms to destroy the APC through accusing its leaders of being Boko Haram sponsors or that the party is bent on fielding a Muslim/Muslim ticket in next year’s presidential elections.

”Unfortunately, in his eagerness to please the FG and cut a deal to avoid going to jail, he has resorted to pathological lies aimed at calling the dog a bad name in order to hang it. Whatever evidence he has to prove that our party is a sponsor of Boko Haram, he should be prepared to tender such in court,” APC said.

It would be recalled on June 2, that Femi Fani-Kayode dumped APC for the ruling party, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

While on June 4, the APC Party reacted to Femi Fani-Kayode’s defection saying “we never trusted Fani-Kayode.”

Meanwhile on June 9, Femi Fani-Kayode had threatened to expose APC’s atrocities.

Doctors To Start Nationwide ‪Strike July 1 Over Pay, Appointment Titles


Doctors all over Nigeria are planning to on indefinite strike on July 1 over pay, appointment titles and positions, two weeks after they issued an ultimatum to force government to consider their demands.

National delegates of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) who met last Saturday to consider government response to some 24 issues doctors have raised over the years concluded response to their demands was nonexistent even though both sides have met within the two weeks of ultimatum.

According to NMA president, Kayode Obembe, doctors were taking this painful route because their silence and gentle approach to these contending issues have been taken for granted.

But NMA set “minimum endpoints”—the least response it is ready to accept from government—on each of the 24 issues it raised in an open letter to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, published in newspapers on June 16.

After NMA demanded at least N100,000 per month in hazard allowance for doctors, up from a present N5,000, citing dangers doctors are routinely exposed to.

Clinical duty allowances for honorary consultants should be increased by 90% of consolidated medical salary scale, NMA requested, and doctors should be allowed to skip pay grades as other health workers are allowed.

It said only a government circular agreeing to its “minimum endpoints for restoration of sustainable sanity in patient care in Nigerian hospitals will end the strike.”

Among its minimum end points, NMA wants:

  • to create positions as DCMAC—deputy chairman of medical advisory committees—to remain in teaching hospitals and federal medical centres.
  • not to use of the nomenclature “director” for anyone in hospitals other than a medical doctor, but insists non-medical workers can attain the height of their careers.
  • the title “consultant” in a hospital setting reserved for doctors handling patients and not applied to appointments of non-doctor consultants, insisting it “will be a source of confusion.”
  • a speedy passage of the National Health Bill, universal health coverage to all Nigerians—even suggesting an extra one kobo per second on call costs to finance a community health insurance fund.
  • a surgeon-general of the federation appointed with immediate effect, in accordance with [the President’s] pronouncement.”
  • the Central Bank to withdraw a circular authorising Medical and Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria to approve licences for importation of in-vitro diagnostics (tools for lab tests), insisting that the council was duplicating the role of NAFDAC and causing obstacle to adequate development in healthcare.

“People are relaxing laws around medical equipment, but in Nigeria we are multiplying the obstacles,” said Dr Obembe.

The indefinite strike doctors have called is the second this year, after they called but suspended a previous strike on January 5.

“We have to take this action in order to save the health care delivery system from anarchy that is palpably imminent,” said Dr Obembe.

Boko Haram Wants To Instigate Religious Violence In Nigeria – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday said Boko Haram’s attacks on churches in villages near Chibok, Borno, on Sunday were attempts to instigate religious violence in the country.

A statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Reuben Abati, in Abuja, said Jonathan received reports of the attacks with dismay and consternation.

“I urge all lovers of peace and unity to wholly condemn the resurgence of efforts by agents of global terrorism to disunite and destabilise Nigeria by callously instigating violence among religious groups.

“The President shares the view of the most learned Islamic leaders and scholars that no true Muslim will resort to the mindless killing of innocent people’’, it said.

According to the statement, no true Muslims at any time, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, will redress any perceived grievance.

It expressed the President’s belief that the attacks and other similar atrocities by Boko Haram showed that its leaders and members were misguided persons who used religion to commit crimes.

“Jonathan urged Nigerians, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to resist the new attempt by Boko Haram to undermine their support for the armed forces.

“He reaffirmed the resolve of Federal Government and security agencies to intensify ongoing efforts to rid the country of terrorists.

“The president assures all Nigerians that the Federal Government and security agencies will continue to intensify efforts to end Boko Haram’s senseless attacks.

“He commiserates with the families and churches that lost loved ones, members and places of worship during Sunday’s attacks’’, the statement said. [NAN]