Muslims Want Sultan To Dialogue With Boko Haram Terrorists

Muslims under the aegis of Concerned Muslim Professionals want Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, to lead the dialogue with members of the dreaded terrorist sect, Boko Haram.


Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III

The concerned muslims wants Sultan to use his position as the President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, to dialogue with Boko Haram in order to put an end to the deadly attacks by the sects as there’s been no efforts by the Muslim leadership in the country to put an end to the crisis, according to Punch.

The President of the organization, Alhaji Mohammed Saidu, in the letter to the Sultan, said the activities of Boko Haram were regrettable and that they constituted an embarrassment to the Islamic religion while saying failure of the Sultan rising to the occassion would become doubtful

Part of the letter read: “If the family of billionaire Umar Mutallab could have a terrorist in its midst, then such a disease could be everywhere; it can only take the effort of the Sultan and the other Muslim leaders to mobilise compliance by parents and relatives, which is part of the actions being demanded by well-meaning Nigerians.

Oshiomhole is Jittery – Olisa Metuh

Following the popularity of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, the State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has been said to be inciting violence in the state.


Oshiomhole’s actions, according to the ruling party, is in a bid for his administration to escape the official investigation which the opposition party claims might open a can of worms. Worms which include: squandering the state’s resources, including huge levies and taxes to finance his campaign for Vice Presidency instead of settling down to develop the state.

The party also made it known how agitation over the high acceptance of the PDP in the state and has  made Oshiomhole to use the “pull down” plan to stop the spirited trend.Olisa Metuh,the PDP National Publicity Secretary,  in a statement, said Oshiomhole was also embittered by the acceptance of his followers including his aides, top government functionaries, legislators and influential All Progressives Congress leaders into the PDP. In his words… “Having lost the confidence and support of the people due to his despotic, anti-people and undemocratic tendencies, coupled with his colossal administrative failures, Oshiomhole has resorted to violence and blackmail to intimidate and subdue them in line with the agenda of his party,”.

“This frenetic effort to subvert the will of the people is foolhardy and compares to a fabled tale of a man attempting to eclipse the moon with hands. The fact that Edo is home to the PDP has never been in doubt. In fact, what is happening in Edo State is clearly a case of water finding its level.” PDP alleged that the APC and its government in Edo State have since disconnected from the people. “They have refused to be accountable and that is why the people have abandoned them for the PDP where they found a level playing ground to canvass and fully realize their aspirations and yearnings as a people and individuals.” Olisa revealed.

However,The people Democratic Party urged well-meaning Nigerians to hold Oshiomhole and the APC, who could not be reached to comment, responsible in the case of any break down of law and order in the state. It would be recalled that just recently Governor Oshiomhole Cancelled the Proposed Teachers’ Competency Test due to the need to reassure Edo workers that the government has no intention to sack anyone but only has the interest of the future of the state’s educational sector at heart.

Dino Melaye’s wife Alero denies he ever laid hands on her, says they are still together

Last week, the internet was agog with leaked chats between Dino Melaye’s ex -wife Tokumbo and his current wife, Alero..In the chats,Alero claimed she was tired of being beaten and has left him..She was apologetic to Tokumbo saying she has now felt what his ex went through..Now, she has changed her story saying her never beat her….Her is what she told Stelladimokokorkus

‘’Yes,Stella i exchanged SMS with Tokunbo but i only did that because i thought it would remain between us and besides i needed to connect with someone who might understand where i was coming from. Tokunbo sent me a long mail earlier this year detailing all the bad sides of Dino and what she had lived with.At the point i contacted her,some of what she said made sense and because of my state of mind,i stupidly thought i could talk to her about some of her experience which i could relate with.The experience i refer to has nothing to do with violence in any form.The mail she sent me had a phone number and at the time i contacted her i needed to talk.I deeply regret contacting her and I feel bad that she made the contents of our exchange public even though i asked her not to and assumed she would be private about it.
I also needed her to know that i wasn’t the reason her marriage ended,at the time i met Dino,he told me he was divorced and i believed him.

On Domestic violence:

Let me state here now that Dino might be a lot of things but he never beat me and thats the truth.there were just some things i couldn’t handle and that was what i referred to as living in Tokunbo’s hell for six months.i did not say he beat me.saying anything of such would be a big lie.I am not saying this because anyone asked me to, i am only trying to correct a wrong impression that has been blown out of proportion.Dino has never laid a finger on me.keeping quiet on this means consent to the falsehood being spread and I am speaking up now to correct the wrong impression my chat with Tokunbo might have caused.

On why she left:

‘’I left for reasons best known to Dino and i which had nothing to do with any form of Violence towards me. I just needed some space and quiet to think but regardless of my actions and his imperfections,i still hold him in high regard and still love him very much.Dino is a good man but like everyone else he is not perfect and he is still my husband’I said a lot of things concerning Dino to Tokunbo out of anger which i deeply regret but never say never.Life is always full of surprises”.

My dad made me to join robbery – Suspect

Oladejo, Nwachie  and Opene
The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a gang of armed robbers who specialised in robbing traders and commuters in the early morning hours at the Iyana Oba and Badagry areas of Lagos.
Members of the four-man gang are Bode Oladejo, who is said to be the ring leader, Christian Opene, Matthew Nwachie, and a yet-to-be identified member, who the police said was still at large.
Our correspondent learnt that the police received a tip-off about the gang, and the Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, directed the Special Anti-Robbery Squad team, led by Abba Kyari, to go after them.

It was further learnt that the gang members were arrested on Sunday, June 15, in the Ajegunle area of Lagos after they had returned from an operation.
The gang, our correspondent gathered, had raided a house on Tona Eradiri Street, Ajegunle, the previous day and dispossessed a man, Mr. Godwin Perebor, and two ladies of N285,000, two Automated Teller Machine cards and their company’s Identity cards, among other valuables.
It was learnt that the suspects told the police that they usually went to people’s houses at night with weapons such as guns and cutlasses to rob them. They also confessed to have been preparing for another operation on the Sunday they were apprehended by the police.
Twenty two-year-old Oladejo, who hails from Oro, Kwara State, said, he took to armed robbery because of his father’s irresponsible attitude at home which had also frustrated the family.
He said, “Since I was 11, I have been tearing people’s nets at night and breaking in to steal their property. I started to do this because my father had been irresponsible at home. Then, we were staying at Ikorodu, Lagos.
“At a time, the landlord sent us out of the house because my father did not pay up the rent. He travelled to Ibadan. My mother stayed back in Ikorodu. I became a street boy, trying to fend for myself. Since 2003, I have been robbing. It is all because of my father’s irresponsible attitude.
“I was initially using machetes to rob until I got a gun from one Monday. He sold the gun to me for N30,000. I usually robbed around the Iyana Oba and Okokomaiko areas. But I came to Ajegunle for an operation on that fateful day on the invitation of a gang member, Christian.”
Oladejo also confessed that he made about N50,000 on each robbery operation he participated in with the gang.
The second member of the gang, Opene, from Oghara, Delta State, said he invited the gang to rob Perebor, who was also his co-tenant, because the latter offended him.
He said, “Godwin (Perebor) and I used to work in a factory in the past before I joined the gang. At that firm, one of his friends poured hot water on me during a quarrel. I asked Godwin to take me to his house, but he refused, joining sides with his friend against me.
“When I joined the gang, I remember the incident and decided to teach him a lesson. That was why I arranged for them to rob him and two other ladies.”
The third gang member, Nwachie, a 20-year-old from Isele Ukwu, Delta State, said he took to stealing since he was 16, and had robbed several passengers and traders.
He said, “I was only using cutlasses. It is only Bode who carries a gun. With the money I realised, I took care of myself. But I also used my loot to smoke, drink and to have sex with women.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, had yet to reply a text message sent to her telephone number as of press time.
Source:- Punch

Son Butchers Father To Death In Lagos

A boy named Arinze Agwanze reportedly butchered his father to death, after which he set the corpse ablaze to cover up his evil act.


The incident which happened at 16 Ikogba Street, Monkey Village, in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State, has left residents of the area speechless as they have no idea what transpired between father and son that led to the crime.

However a neighbour who pleaded anonymity told Daily Sun, that Arinze has always been stubborn. On the day of the incident, his father, Mr Agwanze who was suffering from stroke had sent him on an errand but instead of doing his father’s bidding, he was busy playing with his phone.

Angered over this, his father was said to have smashed the phone, an action which infuriated Arinze causing him to retaliate. He also smashed his father’s phone and as if that was not enough, he picked a cutlass which he used to inflict injuries on his father. When he realized his father was dead, he quickly set the house on fire with his father’s body still inside so as to cover up his crime. He then went into hiding to avoid the wrath of of relatives and resi­dents.

It was the flames that attracted neighbours to the scene and when they got there, they found the deceased with his skull ripped open and blood gushing out inside the burn­ing house.

The neigbours however, claimed that Arinze is mentally challenged, adding that before the ugly incident, they had seen him at noon burning some family members’ cloths downstairs before moving upstairs to spread the entire house with petrol and set the house on fire while his father was in a pool of his blood.

One of Arinze’s siblings said, “I don’t believe whatever Arinze is say­ing to defend this tragedy that befell our household. At a young age, he had brain damage and it is not everybody that knows. It is only us members of his family that are aware of his situation. Whenever he gets upset, it’s always uncontrollable. It comes to him in a flash like an evil spirit. That he claimed that our father offended him is the one thing I don’t believe.”

The residents and family members of the deceased had deposited his body at a mortuary, but the next day, they took the body to hi village in Awka, Anambra State for proper burial.

Uche Iwuji unfazed as husband misses their son’s first birthday

On June 28th, actress Uche Iwuji, threw a one year birthday party for her son at her Ajah residence. Friends and family were there to celebrate the lil man but someone who was conspicuously absent at the important occasion was the boy’s father and Uche’s ex-husband, Juwon Lawal.

Uche told friends she wasn’t bothered about who attended the birthday party or who didn’t as she’s finally gotten her grove back and worries less these day. She said her greatest happiness and biggest achievement from the short lived marriage is her son and for that she has no regrets

Uche and Juwon separated in November 2013 about a year after they married in November 2012.

I Didn’t Get Pregnant For Any Man & Start A Family – Kel


Is popular female rapper Kel broke? Did she escape from the social scene because a man got her pregnant and she had to start a family secretly? She told Punch that what people are saying about her is not true:

“I used to read what was written about me, become saddened and sometimes cry. But I have moved on. Now I read and laugh a lot, shake my head, and sometimes share jokes with friends. I have grown wiser and stronger and more comfortable and honest with who I am. Experience has taught me a lot and I have learnt that nobody will look out for you like you can.

“Right now, I will make music that is raw and real.. I miss performing on stage. Some people
said I left because I was broke and started a family somewhere. But they are all wrong.”

I Couldn’t Feel My Legs After Being Injured – Neymar

Barcelona FC star Neymar feared he was paralyzed after the injury he suffered during the recent World Cup game Brazil played against Colombia.


Photo: Marcelo and Neymar right after the injury incident

Hit in the back by Juan Zuniga, the 22-year-old forward was carried off from the field in pain. It was soon revealed that although there was no need for surgery, Neymar would not be able to proceed in the Mundial. He was rushed  to the hospital, where the Brazil team doctor confirmed that he had fractured one of his vertbrae.

However, the first reactions was terrifying, The Independent reports with reference to the Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.

The coach told Marca:

“He said: ‘I can’t feel my legs’. Marcelo was scared and called the doctor on but the doctor couldn’t get on in the confusion. It was a big shock, the image of Neymar being stretchered off to the helicopter, in difficulty, crying… Neymar is our star player, because he’s the type of match-winner who would make a difference in any team.”

Meanwhile numerous supportive messages keep reaching the Barcelona forward, who reportedly got tearful upon being informed he would not be able to join his team in the further race for world championship. Football colleagues and fans from all over the world are sending messages wishing Neymar a speedy recovery.

Brazil is to meet Germany in the semi-final on Tuesday.

JayZ Cuddles His wife ‘Beyonce’ in new lovely photos

One of the most powerful couple in the world, JayZ & Beyoncé had a very romantic moment on Saturday evening after performing JayZ’s  track”Forever Young in Philadelphia. JayZ cuddled his woman so tight and she blushed all through. I so love this couple, i pray God strengthen and keep their union.
See more photos below




Monday Imo Newspaper Headlines 7/7/14

Monday Imo Newspaper Headlines 7/7/14

By Obinna Samuel

(National Gazette,Horn,National Question,white paper,newspoint,Announcer express)

* I forgot something in Douglas House – Ikedi Ohakim

* SENATE VERSUS IMO GOVT. Over alleged registration of northerners in the state…..Imo govt says it is a blackmail…..Ask the senate to Apologise

*Ararume unfolds strategy to remove Okorocha….says he alone has more capacity to win back power for PDP

*Group to Umeh: Beware of Agbaso’s plans to trade off Imo APGA in 2015

*Incredible – School principal flogged by students over lateness to school at Owerri North(Emii Technical School)

*Alleged land scam – Commissioner,others dragged to court

* Imo youth goes tough on Charly Boy,gives him 72 hours to apologies or will be declared “persona non-grata”

*Uwazurike opens up! Why I sabotaged Ohakim in 2011

*Bethel Amadi visits Nkwerre in grand style…..Assures to do better than Okorocha

*Zoning palaver delays Imo ApGA new excos, Iwuala leads Barr. Okemili,others in survey, Umeh led NWC set to discard zoning

*Youth development is my priority, Uwajimogu tells Okigwe youths

*14 Boko Haram suspects arrested in Awo- Omamma

* APC has no foundation in the SouthEast – Achike Udenwa

* At 50, am a fulfilled person – Eze Madumere

* Scrapping of SIECS: Imo chairman slams confab, says members should call for autonomy

Amuda Emmanuel: Ekiti elections turns South West APC Governors to Father Christmas

Following the monumental defeat suffered in Ekiti by the APC in the hands of the masses, the APC governors in south west suddenly turn to father christmas in june/july. They have stopped illegal deduction of workers’ salaries, all illegal tax in some states have been suspended, workers salaries delayed are now paid in due course.


The state conducted the governorship election in a few day. The only state in south west was detected and the bomb explosion occurred due to the atrocity of Engr(Ogbeni) Rauf Aregbesola.

Aregbesola, governor of Osun State, insisted that all muslim children in Osun must wear cape to school, including the school founded by Missionaries. He used to be a very loud mouth and confident that APC will rule south forever but Ekiti election has caused fears and jitters to him,he is now eating his vomits.

Currently,he is begging Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola of PDP to come and help his campaign. He has visited Okuku,hometown of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, for more than 5 times in the last two weeks. The recent one was his visit with god father, Bola Tinubu and their party chairman, Chief John Oyegun.

Aregbe, also visited different churches accompanied with some notable APC leaders for begging the christians and founders of missionary schools for forgiveness.
He has reduced the school fees of students, stopped illegal deduction of teachers salaries, and all illegal tax in Osun have been suspended until after the election.
In fact,they have started receiving alert of April and May salary since the beginning of this july. Members of the Osun youth empowerment scheme,popularly known as O’YES, who had not being paid for some months, had started receiving their salary arrears ,the public taps, which had been dry for months, some had started running.


Ogun State governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, popularly known as SIA, why some people called him Mr Roads construction.
For past three years, SIA abandoned important sectors like Education, Health, Security, Scholarship, Employment, SMEs and all capitals are been diverted to unending roads construction. Promotion of workers were stalled, salaries of workers were delayed, all local government areas were locked down and other maladies but the defeat of the incumbent governor of Ekiti state, Dr Kayode Fayemi by the People’s Democratic Party, Ayodele Fayose, has caused fears and jitters to him.

Amosun now launched a “welfare agenda” aimed at paying more attention to the people’s welfare.
Three days when Amosun received defeat in Ekiti state,he handed over several cheques to former political appointees who served between 2007 and 2011.
He paid the June civil servants salaries on 24th (the first of its kind in 3 years) as against the practice of making such payments between 10th and 15th of the other month.
He bought 236 cars for 236 councilors across the state.


The Senator Abiola Ajimobi government also lack technical-know-how.
For almost three years of his mal-administration, the governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and his action purely indicates that he doesn’t understand the complexities and dynamism of Oyo States’ local economy.

He failed to admit the fact that infrastructural development doesn’t automatically gives birth to economy development.
Some fundamental factors need to be fashioned in; not necessarily jumping up and down like a monkey running for a piece of banana.
His rebuilding activities are causing more harm than good to the good people of the state.
Basic necessities of economy development are not visible for us to see for almost 3years out of 4years of his single term agreement with the good people of the state other than propagandas without any meaningful end result.

No creation and retention of jobs, lack of improved standard of living among the masses and in-ability of local entrepreneurs and small scale businesses to thrive since there’s no conducive environment and proper government policies that will enhance such.

In terms of economy development, our government at the sub national (State) level under the leadership of Ajimobi/APC is a potential failure.

The governor imposed “emission fees” to Okada riders. It is very sad that Ajimobi’s government has not depart from his usual and abysmal way of governance. He trained people at Sambisa forest to molest the innocent people in the state, stopping Okada riders and forcing them to pay fees they tagged EMISSION FEES;each Okada rider pay a sum of N4,000 which till date nobody knows where the money goes to.
The roads construction were stopped, the workers salaries were delayed, he refused to conduct LG elections,and promotions were stalled.

But the victory of the PDP in Ekiti State in June 21,employed him in the decision to pacify workers and other groups in the state.
Senator Ajimobi,believed that Fayose won because he was close to the people when he was in government. Ajimobi is now fashioning strategies to close the grass roots . Ajimobi decides to conduct the local government election. He signed 50 weak and hungry youths at the cost of N10,000 each.


Lagos state,a state of APC governors’ godfathers in south west.
A state that undemocratically impose and appoint the candidate in his party by the godfather, Bola tinubu. A state that governors do not have power to choose their own commissioners or appoint any board without taken orders from their godfathers.

Lagosians are disgusted that Tinubu has privatised their politics. His wife, daughter and even son-in-law have been steam-rolled into vantage political positions. The state’s finances are tied to Alpha Beta. Tinubu has even gone ahead to propose Akinwunmi Ambode as the next governor of the state
without the benefit of any election.

Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola is the only mediocre and propagandist governor we have in Nigeria. Fashola’s government is the only elected governor in Lagos selling all the lagos properties to his godfathers.

In term of Education, Fashola increases the school fees of all the state institutions to the extent that the Lagosians can’t afford to send their children to the school. The cost of living Is very terrible, he banned Okada riders and yet he acclaims his government as best model for good governance. This is very funny because, Lagosians know well that Fashola is only a mediocre and propagandist governor.

Everywhere in the South-West, the message is crystal clear: “Tinubu’s imperious dynasty is over: long live the sovereignty of the people.”

When Tinubu and Fashola received shock from Ekiti State, Riding of Okada which was banned for almost 2 years is now gradually returning to Lagos. Roads and law enforcement agencies have been instructed to relax because we are gradually advancing into election period. This is hypocrites of the highest order.

APC represents everything you can call evil; deceit, greed, stealing of public funds, deafness to masses’ plights, undemocratic actions, impurity and injustice.

The only wise thing to do at this time is to show them we are not fools.

Akure chiefs, late Deji’s wife at war over monarch’s property

There is an ongoing tussle between the Akure Traditional Council and the immediate family of the late Deji of Akure, Oba Adebiyi Adesida over who owns the property left behind by the late monarch.

DailyPost authoritatively gathered that the late King’s wife, Olori Mojisola Adesida today (Sunday) allegedly attempted to remove some property including building materials from the palace, but she was resisted by the Chiefs in the palace.

It was gathered that the traditional council insisted that all property of any late monarch including his wife and children, by tradition belong to the Akure Community and should be kept in custody of the community, but the olori
disagreed with the notion.

Trouble started yesterday when it came to the notice of the Akure traditional chiefs that the wife of the late monarch had brought trucks to the premises of the new palace under construction to remove some building materials.

The olori claimed that those materials were her personal property and not that of the late king.

She said though, it was the dream of the late Oba Adesida to construct a modern palace for the town which he could not fulfill but that all the items removed were meant for her personal project.

Olori Adesida said she had informed the state governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko and the state Attorney General, Eyitayo Jegede about the development after her late husband passed on, but admitted she failed to informed the high chiefs about the movement of the materials and goods from the palace yesterday.

Speaking with journalists on the issue, the Asamo of Akureland, Chief Rotimi Olalusi said the chiefs were caught unaware about the action of the olori.

The Asao said he was at Ibadan but had to travel down to Akure to confirm the matter, only to discover that it was true that the Olori attempted to remove those items. He said the materials were meant for the completion of the new palace.

“By tradition, whatever belongs to Deji, belongs to Akure. His children,
wives and property belong to the Akure community and we will not sit down and let anybody change the tradition.

“I was in my house when I received information that materials for the
completion of the new palace had been removed, I got here and discovered that it was true. We cannot allow this to happen as the custodian of tradition and culture”. he said.

He explained that some personal property of the late Deji and his wife were taken out of the palace by his family before Deji’s death was announced.

The chiefs however insisted that no government can change the tradition of the land saying that all the goods and materials must be returned to the palace.

The timely intervention of the policemen from the A Division of the Ondo State Police Command saved what could have resulted into crisis as youths of the ancient town mobilized themselves for a showdown against the olori.

As at the time of filling this report, the materials already loaded in
trucks and vans were still within the palace.

The Regent of the town, Princes Adetutu Adeaida was not at the palace during the argument as she was said to be attending the Synod of the Akure Diocese of the Anglican Church of Nigeria at Ilara Mokin, which is a neighbouring town.

Osun 2014: PDP insists Osun Commissioner was in Delta state to recruit thugs


Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), at the weekend said the confession of the state Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Dr Wale Bolorunduro that he was actually in Delta State on the 27th of June, had vindicated the party’s claim that the was arrested there.

Bolorunduro, who was alleged picked up by security agents at a hotel in Delta State, had described the report as untrue, saying he was never there.

But in a press release issued on Friday by his personal assistant, Seun Ogunsanya, the Commissioner admitted he was indeed in Warri for the burial of a colleague’s father-in-law.

He, however, debunked allegations by the PDP, that his mission was to recruit thugs for the August 9 governorship election.

Reacting, the PDP in a statement issued by Prince Diran Odeyemi, Director of Media, Omisore Campaign Organisation, insisted that Bolorunduro went to Delta State to recruit militants that are presently lodged at headquarters of the 30 local government areas and Modakeke Area Office in the state.

“Why did he initially deny going to Delta State?,” the party quipped. “Admitting that he went to the state after days of denial has vindicated us and we also insist that Bolorunduro, one of the major actors in the fading administration of Governor Aregbesola was caught with a van containing money meant to pay already recruited militants that APC intends to use to disrupt Osun governorship poll.”

The PDP, therefore, tasked the presidency and all security agencies on the need to ensure proper and thorough investigation into Bolorunduro’s trip to Delta State.

The party also called for the arrest and prosecution of all those planning to disrupt the peace of Osun State.

Ex-Akwa Ibom SSG petitions NHRC, says Akpabio is plotting assasinations


Former Secretary to the Government of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Umanna Okon Umana has written a petition against Governor Godswill Akapbio, to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)

Umana, an aspirant for the 2015 gubernatorial elections in the state alleged that the governor was plotting to assassinate and kidnap perceived political opponents.

In the petition written by his Counsel, Mr, Uzoma Ibegbulem, Umana said the alarm became necessary to forestall impending breaches of his human rights and/or assassinations of perceived political opponents of Governor Akpabio.
“Engr, Albert Ukpanah, a well known opponent of Governor Akpabio’s 2015 Senate ambition was strangled to death in his residence in Abak, Akwa-Ibom State on the 5th of March,2014,” it read.

“So far, anxious political associates and his family members are still waiting for answers and fear that like past political assassinations in Akwa-Ibom State, it might be business as usual. Engr. Ukpanah served as Caretaker Chairman of Ukanafun local government council and was one of the immediate past state officers of the Peoples Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State.”

Umana further alleged that “Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo, a former member of the House of Representatives was threatened by the Governor in the presence of many witnesses, including a Catholic priest. His Excellency told the former lawmaker to forgo his Senatorial ambition, otherwise, he would be a victim of one of the three G’s, namely, God, Government and Gun! This was on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

“In December,2013, Hon. Umana Okon Umana himself was the target of hired assassins when he received threats at his Uyo residence. It is instructive that contemporaneous with that threat, His Excellency, the governor, ordered the withdrawal of his security details. This was widely reported in the press and also reported to the police.”

FIFA threatens to sanction Nigeria over Maigari, NFF; Danagogo denies government interference

Nigeria pray June2014

World football governing body FIFA, has criticized the move, which saw Alhaji Aminu Maigari finally ousted as NFF chairman and claimed that it represents outside interference.

FIFA has always maintained that the every country’s football associations must be independent bodies, without influence from third parties.

Maigari’s removal was endorsed by the Extra-Ordinary General Assembly of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), which took place at the Bolingo Hotels and Towers in Abuja on Saturday. The NFF boss had been sacked by a Plateau Court last week, along with members of his Executive Committee.

“FIFA has sent a letter to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) expressing its great concern over different actions taken by Nigerian public authorities that affect the NFF,” its statement read.

“FIFA has learnt from various sources that the NFF has been served with court processes and that consequently an order restraining the President of the NFF, his executive committee members and the NFF congress from running the affairs of Nigerian football has been granted by a High Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“FIFA has also taken note of the detention of NFF President Aminu Maigari, carried out by representatives of the department of the State Security Service. Furthermore, FIFA is also aware that the Minister of Sport has appointed an assistant director to take charge of the NFF.

“FIFA has reminded the NFF that all FIFA member associations have to manage their affairs independently and without influence of any third parties.

“The NFF has been asked to relay FIFA’s position to the relevant authorities and inform them that if the aforementioned NFF officials are not fully reinstated by Tuesday 8 July 2014 the case will be referred to the appropriate FIFA bodies for sanctions, including the potential suspension of the NFF.

“FIFA will not recognize any person or organ not elected in compliance with the NFF statutes… and therefore it will not consider the appointment made by the minister of sports. An elective congress has been duly convened by the NFF for 26 August 2014 and only decisions and persons elected then will be considered legitimate.”

However, the Minister of Sports Tammy Danagogo has stood up in defence of government’s actions saying, “we will do our best to make FIFA know that there has been no government interference. We have no such intention.

“And I can assure you that we will not interfere beyond doing what is legally required by Fifa rules, and that we will ensure that there is a peaceful atmosphere.”

Borno: 60 abducted Chibok girls reportedly escape from Sambisa forest

Chibok kidnapping escapee

About 63 women and girls abducted last month by suspected Boko Haram foot soldiers from Chibok area of Borno State have escaped from the dreaded Sambisa forest.

According to Local vigilante, Abbas Gava, “I received an alert from my colleague that about 63 of the abducted women and girls had made it back home late Friday.”

Gava, a Senior Official of the local vigilantes in Borno State and now working closely with security officials, told journalists that the women escaped when their captors went out to fight.

“They took the bold step when their abductors moved out to carry out an operation,” he said.

There were clashes between the Islamists and the army late Friday after an attack by the insurgents in the town of Damboa, where more than 50 of the insurgents were killed.

Nyako declares public holidays in Adamawa in a bid to avoid impeachment


Apparently threatened by the move to impeach him and his Deputy, the Adamawa State Governor, Alhaji Murtala Nyako, on Sunday declared Monday and Tuesday as work-free days in the state.

Nyako’s action came after perciving that the Acting Chief Judge of the state, Justice Ambrose Mammadi, might inaugurate on Monday (today) the seven-member panel he set up on Friday to investigate the allegations of gross misconduct currently hanging around the necks of the governor and his Deputy, James Ngilari.

A statement on Sunday by Nyako’s Chief of Staff, A. Abba, stated thus: “His Excellency, Governor Murtala Nyako, has approved Monday, July 7 and Tuesday, July 8 as work-free days in Adamawa State.

“This is to enable the people of the state to reflect on the current happenings in the country and to use the period to offer special prayers for peace in the state and the country.

“The period is to also allow Adamawa workers reflect on their current challenges. It is also a thanksgiving period for the citizens to appreciate God’s protection despite all challenges.”

But the Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Mr. Adamu Kamale, while reacting said the governor was merely ‘mischievous’ by declaring the public holiday.

Kamale said, “The issue now is not before the House. There may be mischief to this in whichever way you look at it. But, already, the (acting) Chief Judge has set up the seven-man panel to investigate the Governor and his Deputy and there is no way they can block the CJ.

“In addition, praying to God is supposed to be a daily affair as most of our religions are practising it. For two days to be set aside as praying days, well I don’t know his intention. I will have to read the statement, probably I can pick something from it,” he told Punch.

Chukwu against complete overhaul of Super Eagles squad

Keshi-Super Eagles training

Former Super Eagles coach Christian Chukwu, has said there is no need for the current squad to be overhauled completely.

The African champions were eliminated from the ongoing World Cup, after they lost 2-0 to France in the round of 16 and Nigerian fans have been calling for radical changes in the team.

“The team did well in Brazil but it was just unfortunate that they lost in the round of 16. The changes in a team depend solely on the coach, but the Eagles I saw in Brazil do not need a complete change of players,” Chukwu told PUNCH.

Chukwu, who managed the team between 2003 and 2005, however pointed out that the team needs to be strengthened, while insisting that the Eagles should not be criticized for their failure to deal with set-pieces.

“Conceding goals from set-pieces in matches is not a problem for the Eagles, why can’t we score from set-pieces when we have a chance to do so?” he said.

“The big teams in the World Cup also conceded goals from set-pieces because there is no perfect team in the world and what they do is just to look inwards and strengthen their teams. So with adequate strengthening, we can successfully defend set-pieces in the future.”

“Mikel was a big flop in Brazil” – Etim Esin says midfielder does not deserve no. 10 shirt

Mikel Obi WC 2014

Former Nigeria international Etim Esin, has blasted John Mikel Obi for his poor displays at the 2014 World Cup and says the Chelsea midfielder does not deserve the country’s number 10 jersey.

Esin, who himself wore the revered jersey number between 1988 and 1992, says Mikel Obi was not committed in Brazil.

“Mikel was a big flop in Brazil. He wears Nigeria’s No.10 jersey but he did not show he is worthy of wearing it at the big stage like the World Cup,” Esin told NigeriaNewsWatch.

“He rose to the occasion in South Africa but in Brazil he was not committed and ended up as a monumental disaster.

“Look at how other players who wore No.10 jerseys for their respective countries have been playing including Messi, Neymar, Sneijder and the young chap from Colombia, James Rodriquez.

“He failed to carry Eagles along as the pilot of the team. Have you seen a No.10 that did not make a goal attempt let alone of scoring. Jokes apart, Mikel has not shown he deserves to wear our No.10 jersey.”

Esin advised Mikel Obi, to go back and watch clips of Jay Jay Okocha and Henry Nwosu, who once wore the jersey number and improve his game.

“He should go and watch the video clips of Henry Nwosu and Jay Jay Okocha including my humble self and get some tutorials on how they played as Nigeria’s No.10. You must be special to wear the No.10 jersey and for me, has not done anything special.

“While Musa and Osaze were busy taking all the free kicks and corner kicks he was idle strolling in the pitch. As soon as Onazi was stretchered out, he was exposed.

“I don’t have anything against Mikel, when he came into limelight I was one of the first person that tipped him for greatness but I am amazed that he has yet to live up to expectations and I am highly disappointed.

“There is no doubt that he is a good player having shown his qualities in the past, but he has to raise his game at the moment considering the fact that he plays for a big club like Chelsea or else he would continue to warm their bench. I am giving him this advice for his own personal interest.”

Osun 2014: I will win because of my popularity – Aregbesola

Aregbesola-Ditributing-uniform 1dp

Ahead of the forthcoming governorship election in Osun State, Governor, Rauf Aregbesola of the APC, has asserted that he was battle ready for the PDP.

The governor said he was prepared to face the ‘acid test’ of the Peoples Democratic Party, insisting that he will win the election by popular votes. He further stated that the PDP does nor have the backup of the masses like him.

Speaking on Saturday in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, Aregbeaola warned the PDP against rigging the governorship election.

He said, “I’m a product of the popular forces; by popular forces, I mean the people. I emanated from them, I’m a product of their struggle. I’ve interacted on a daily basis with the people from the outset of my administration. They know me and I know them. I have affected their lives through populist programmes.

“I’m from the street and it is easy for me to go back to the street because that’s where my people are. Can they (PDP) go to the street?

“They don’t know who they are facing; my real home is the street. Look at me, do I look like a governor? That’s why I call my administration government unusual because we need to bring passion and vision into governance and break away from stagnating ways of doing things.

“Let’s meet on the street. My administration has the full support of the masses.”

However, the Minister of State for Defence, Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro, has vowed that the PDP would stop the APC from rigging the election.

According to him, “We are not here to capture Osun. We want people to come out without any fear or intimidation and cast their votes. The noise, the hullabaloo that you are hearing is because they want to rig. We know them too well with their capacity to rig election. They are not for one man, one vote. They have been importing people into the state.”

Why I married Ese Walters after the COZA scandal – Benny Ark

After media personality, Ese Walter’s infamous confession about her affair with COZA’s Pastor, Bimbo Fatoyinbo in 2013, no one knew it would be easy for her to find love, but surprisingly, less than a year later, she got married to popular radio personality with Cool FM, Abuja, Benny Ark.

Benny Ark in a new interview with Sunday Sun disclosed why he married her.

“Amazingly, the people around us were supportive and understanding. It was some outsiders who were not privy to a whole lot of stuff that were making some kind of remarks. But the truth is, we were just friends when she told me about what happened. I was pained and hurt because here was a man who I held in high esteem. ”

Speaking further, he said “I only told her to do what she had to do because she felt like she was enslaved by something she didn’t have control over. And when she tried to reach out for disclosure that would have led to her healing, she was treated badly by some people who sent the message that some person is untouchable. I can tell you that she reached out not once or twice. In the end, she did what she did for her peace of mind and to encourage others who are in a similar situation.”

“She opened up not because she is the boldest person; she knew that she was taking a big risk. But she opened up because she is someone who has a conscience and will not stand for something wrong. Her making that bold move endeared her to me. When she came out with the truth, I believed her, having heard the same story two or three times from other women. When she spoke out, she was attacked. But I believe that with her simple act of speaking the truth, she not only liberated herself but also other women in a similar situation.” he disclosed.

Why I Stopped Okorocha From Speaking At My Father’s Burial — Charley Boy

charly boy
…Says, Imo Gov. Is Not A Gentleman

Controversial socialite, Charles Oputa (aka Charley Boy), has opened up on the reason he stopped Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State from speaking at the burial of his fater, late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

Charley Boy had caused a mild drama penultimate Friday at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oguta in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State during the funeral mass of the late jurist when he stopped the governor from speaking as protocols had demanded.

But according to an interview by Charley Boy explained that the reason behind his action was because the governor was not a gentleman.

According to him, Governor tried to use N20million donation to the family to play politics “I didn’t understand why somebody would graciously choose to assist us by making a donation to the family and thereafter, they went on air to announce it. That was not a gentleman action and it was what really angered me.

“Secondly, three days after my father’s death, I sounded a note of warning that it won’t turn to a political thing. You know the kind of father I had, and what he stood for. I don’t want them to politicise his burial rites. After they made the donation, and I never denied that they didn’t give us money. But I was embarrassed that they were announcing it over the radio and in the pages of newspapers.

“If you are doing something with the family, first of all, we are the chief mourner, as well as Governor Rochas Okorocha, but it would be proper that they confide in the family in whatever they were planning to do in respect of the burial rites. If there is something we can bring to the table to enhance it, then it would be to the credit of the governor. But he didn’t do that and they were all shifty. We didn’t know what they were planning; they didn’t care to know what we were planning”, Charley Boy was quoted as saying.

He however claimed he did not embarrass the governor but was only trying to be his person.
In his words: “I didn’t embarrass him. You can believe anything you read from the dailies. But I can’t go out of my way to embarrass anybody. I only insisted that I wouldn’t tolerate people with bad political breath to preside over my father’s burial rites. The corpse belonged to the Oputa family, and not the state or federal government.

“Being Charley Boy, my action creates a lot of controversies. I am not a politician and I can never be one. I don’t do things the way every other person would want to do them. My own things are bound to be a little different. Integrity is my watchword and when I give you my word, you can go to sleep. I expect same from people who deal with me”.

On the governor’s condolence visit to his family in Oguta, the musician who is the only child of the late jurist said, “How can he visit my place when he has my telephone number? He should know I don’t reside here (in the village) and I have not returned home. It’s just a phone call, ‘Charles where are you? And I would tell him where I am. After all, he’s always in Abuja. What stopped him from putting a call across to me?

“If he doesn’t know how to reach me even truck pushers have my number, how much more the governor of a state? If he has a desire to contact anybody, he will do so with ease. How could he embark on a journey to a place he is not familiar with? These are the things we are talking about.

“He didn’t deem it necessary to contact the bereaved family that he was paying us a condolence visit before embarking on the journey. And when he came, he talked to one ‘village boy’ who claimed to be representing the family. What’s all that rubbish for?”, he queried in anger.

Find Out Why Eagle’s Were Tired Against France

President Goodluck Jonathan’s good intention might have ruined Nigeria’s participation at the FIFA world cup and caused the Eagle’s to lose against France.


Two days before the crucial game, the Eagles stars had refused to train until they where paid there their share of the $8m that fifa would pay the Nigeria Football Federation.

Immediately, Jonathan in an attempt to save the country from further embarrasment ordered the sports minister, Tammy Danagogo to fly over $3.5m to the team’s camp and settle their demands.

The issue had also been strange for the NFF because FIFA was yet to pay the money, But the players feared that When FIFA pays they won’t get their share and wanted theirs in advance.

Vanguard reports that the Senate President, David Mark was the one who informed the President of the problem in the Team. Then Jonathan swiftly told Danagogo to take $3.5m and a private jet to the boys, the minister is said to have handed the money to the Big Boss Keshi, but Keshi told them to hand it over to the team secretary Enebi.

That where the problem started, Because the money had to be shared between the team on the eve of the match against France, The team argued about the sharing ratio till around 2.00 am on the match day.

A source close to the team said: “Did you notice that the players tired out in the dying minutes of the match and conceded two goals,”.

“There was no way they could have been strong when they were fighting over money and could not sleep well and prepare for the match against France,”the source said adding “the fight over money destroyed the team and unfortunately the President’s gesture backfired.”

Justice Ambrose Mammadi Was Coerced At Gun Point To Make The Seven-man Committee

The home of the Acting Chief Judge of Adamawa State, Justice Ambrose Mammadi has been invaded by men of the Nigerian Army as the plan to impeach the Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako and his deputy, Bala Ngillari goes on.


The recent developement comes after reports surface that Justice Ambrose Mammadi was coerced at gun point to make the seven-man committee to investigate the governor and his deputy.

When Reporters paid a visit to the Justice Ambrose Mammadi’s home yesterday, armed soldiers were protecting the street and kept strangers, vehicles and pedestrians away from the area.

Vanguard say that the seven man list panel went to the Acting Chief Judge by the House of Assembly for ratification and announcement.

There is also a religious angle to the panel, as there are five christians and 2 muslims, this was aimed to fire the deputy governor and cage the governor.

There is also quite a disturbing scene, because the tenure of the Acting Chief Judge expires today and the seven man panel which is to handle the process of the impeachment is scheduled to have it’s inauguration tomorrow.

A reliable source told Vanguard: “The acting CJ had no choice but to carry out the ‘order from above’ and save himself from persistent intimidation and harassment from a Brigade Commander.

”What is happening is that they have made up their mind to strangulate everyone to ensure that Gov Nyako is thrown out and be arrested and treated as a common criminal for leaving PDP and joining APC and having the courage to speak out when it mattered.”

Its been revealed that Nyako had no choice but to appeal the strange decision of the CJ to raise the panel to probe him without being served as required by the law.

Governor Fashola Condemns The Burning Of BRT Buses By Soldiers

Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, has condemned the act of burning BRT buses on July 4, 2014, Friday by suspected soldiers.


Governor Fashola in a statement said:

“There is an allegation that someone who was not supposed to be on the BRT route was on it. As far I know, if something happens to you while you are conducting an unlawful act it is a criminal offence.
“But it is really disappointing  that public servants, and that is what soldiers are, paid with tax payer’s money, will act in a manner that is being  suggested.
“I am waiting for the official report to let me know who played what role and what happened. And whether the Brigade Commander has been able to identify the people who committed the offence. If it turns out to be true, it will be a very irresponsible conduct, to put it very mildly.
“In 2006  soldiers stormed   the Area C Police Station. We have just managed to reconstruct it. If buses that citizens are complaining are  not enough are set ablaze, I do not know how setting ablaze buses recompense any injury that one may have suffered.
“I do not know how damaging public property is the restitution for  any injury that may have come. For now, the only thing that I can say to you is that when I get the full fact, I will address the residents, to let them know what happened and what the state action will be.

“I have been in touch with the Brigade commander, who assured  me  that he was managing the situation. Nothing I have here is verified, I am waiting for a  formal report before we can ventilate a position”.

It was reported yesterday (Friday) that the soldiers burnt over 8 BRT Buses, beat up drivers and even innocent Lagosians after one of their colleagues was allegedly killed by BRT who were going about their normal day-to-day activities at Palmgrove, Ikorodu road of the state.

RELATED: BRT Bus Did Not Kill Any Soldier

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Army, Gen. Olajide Olaleye, however, denied the involvement of the soldiers in the attack saying:

“It’s not true that soldier destroyed buses or set any bus on fire. What happened was that a BRT bus knocked down a soldier and killed him”.

Meanwhile a LAGBUS official, Abiodun Apata said that BRT wasn’t responsible for the death of the soldier as they reportedly found that “a corpse had been deposited in our bus and a motorcycle parked behind it”.


I remember Fela Kuti. I so much love Fela’s Afrobeat which he originated and perfected from African highlife, rhythm, percussion and jazz. They made him connect with contemporary events in Nigeria that it became understandable why working class elements clamored for his music laced with penetrating political messages. I remember his lyrics in Confusion-Break-Bone (CBB), one of the mid-1980s hit series that also included the Beast-of-No-Nation (BONN). Fela sang “If something good I go sing about am. But nothing good self to sing about’’

Julian Assange also said ‘’a great number of those working for liberal causes are not only shy but borderline collusive. They want change to happen nicely, and it won’t. They want decency to come about without anybody suffering or being embarrassed, and it won’t. And most of all they want to give many of the enemies of open government the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t. It’s not just a difference of approach, it’s a complete schism in our respective philosophy. You can’t go about disclosure in the hope that it won’t spoil anybody’s dinner.”

Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi once said that the reason that political office holders steal funds is because citizens have never confronted or stoned them (including himself) for the act. At a tribute event for Nelson Mandela in Lagos last year, Mr. Amaechi said Nigerians have not shown enough aggression or resistance against stealing by political office holders.”Even the musicians, you’re singing about us, the stealing leaders. If you see a thief and you allow him to be stealing, he will steal more. You have stoned nobody that’s why we are stealing. Who have you stoned? We came out and you will be dancing and clapping for us ?.” Amaechi said.

I have summoned up courage and I have been showing my frustrations on the miss governance taking place in Imo State. I have been stoning the political thieving vampires in Imo with my weekly articles. I am fully aware that the Imo State Government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha in Nigeria is seriously looking for me, to arrest me, frame me up and remand me in prison custody for my whistle blowing activities. They have recruited 21 youths in the state and are paying them N50,000 naira a month to attack me on social media. They have also collected my full security details and planted spies in my community to monitor my movement just because I say stop this stealing of Imo monies.

Wastage and corruption at the expense of the welfare of the working people seem to be more virulent in Imo state than the other south-eastern states of Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia. The state of things in Imo’s 27 LGA’s is a direct reflection of Okorocha’s commitment to enslaving the people, a situation reminiscent of biblical Israelites in bondage in Egypt. Nothing is fundamentally working out in our LGA’s ; no light, no water, no security, no social infrastructure, in fact no life. One man has squandered 132 billion naira that came to our LGA’s from May 2011 till December  2013. This one man is Governor Rochas Okorocha.

Due to the deep social inequality and extreme wealth polarisation, non-existent public infrastructures, record levels of unemployment and shameless corruption that characterise Imo State today, it does not require the gift of clairvoyance to know that there is a wellspring of feelings and desire for “revolutionary” change of leadership in Imo State. Truly, Humpty Dumpty must fall down in Imo State in 2015.

Even some members of the ruling elite in Imo have voiced this same opinion expressing this fear. So huge is the level of economic and political failure of the ruling political party in Imo at the grassroot areas of the state that, if given a clear cut social political alternative, the overwhelming majority of Imolites will unhesitatingly put an immediate end of the Okorocha’s government.

I must confess that the looting of council funds in Imo State by Governor Rochas Okorocha is totally unjustifiable and unacceptable. No wonder Popular Musician Charly Boy told the world that Okorocha does not have the moral right to speak at his father’s burial. Charly Boy is from Oguta an oil producing LGA in Imo State that Okorocha squandered 16billion naira being 13 percent oil derivation funds for 3 years. Okorocha displayed eye service in the National dailies with the Oputa burial just to buoy his ego and selfish political interests. The irony of this madness in that Okorocha who should cover his face in shame for looting 132 billion naira funds of the 27 Imo LGA’s in 3 years including 16 billion naira 13 percent oil derivation funds of Imo oil areas of which Oguta is one, is the one who came out to deliver an oration for the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. Trust Charly Boy, he snatched the microphone from him.

Indeed Okorocha lacks the moral right to speak at Oputa’s burial. Justice Oputa was a man of justice, equity and rule of law. He was not corrupt. How can a man who for three years of his government refused to allow democracy to exist in the 27 local government councils of Imo state pay tribute to the late judge?
The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for elected council men . Other neighboring states have elected men and women in their councils. The governor has deprived the grassroots in Imo, democracy and is squandering funds belonging to them . The result of lack of elected council men in our LGA’s is comatose LGA’s begging to be attended to. Lack of basic amenities has made these LGA’s a ghost environment. Yet Okorocha came out to deliver an oration for the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. Who is fooling who?

From May 2011 to December 2011 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,255,503,784.06 . Where is the money? From January 2012 to December 2012 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,785,726,614.69. Where is the money? From January 2013 to December 2013 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,973,644,871.08 making a total of 5,014,875,269.83 (from 2011 to 2013) Where are all the monies? Imagine what Oguta LGA will look like by now if all these monies were used for the development of Oguta.

We are angry over the lack of financial discipline in government . We are angry with over invoicing in government running into millions of naira, lack of audit inspection of government establishment, huge payments for contract jobs not executed, double debiting, Lack of receipts to cover payments, contract inflation especially on road contracts in Imo State. We are angry with the irritating pain of driving on potholes riddles roads in Imo State month after month and year after year and angry with the no power supply to Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta for 3 years now, the unbearable experience of lack of potable water in many parts of the State as well as the pocketing of the entire allocation of the various councils in Imo State. Even Oguta State Constituency in Imo State has not produced its representative to the Imo State House of Assembly since after the 2011 general election .

Oguta people is this fair? Yet this man wants us to re elect him again in 2015. This weekend we will talk about Owerri West LGA funds Find below the breakdown of money for Oguta LGA’s from May 2011 to December 2013 that was squandered by Governor Okorocha and his LGA caretaker chairman.

May 2011 N91,700,168.94
June 2011 N125,686,939.49
July 2011 N230,723,931.31
Aug 2011 N130,460,408.52
Sept 2011 N132,353,741.89
Oct 2011 N155,997,859.48
Nov 2011 N236,444,105.50
Dec 2011 N152,136,628.93
Jan 2012 N155,997,859.48
Feb 2012 N236,444,105.50
March 2012 N152,136,628.93
April 2012 N134,312,549.86
May 2012 N133,381,662.50
June 2012 N133,561,489.76
July 2012 N127,210,834.90
Aug 2012 N164,308,818.97
Sept 2012 N127,460,649.39
Oct 2012 N125,694,143.13
Nov 2012 N166,370,613.44
Dec 2012 N220,580,939.03
Jan 2013 N165,274,650.05
Feb 2013 N135,221,644.93
March 2013 N168,638,757.13
April 2013 N169,355,608.53
May 2013 N179,897,919.51
June 2013 N185,653,855.35
July 2013 N141,797,554.96
Aug 2013 N166,358,315.35
Sept 2013 N141,543,950.90
Oct 2013 N127,460,649.39
Nov 2013 N155,997,859.48
Dec 2013 N236,444,105.50

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria






Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, Imo gubernatorial hopeful visits Ohaji Egbema on consultations




A government is made up of executive, legislative and judiciary arms. Many of the Imo active youths on social media will agree with me that this government has failed.

We have admited that the government has failed and this is the utmost reason why we need change.. Now the change must be all encompassing meaning that the heads of each of these government arms have to be booted out of power.
One now begins to wonder why few people criticise the governor and defend the speaker.

Who are you trying to convince to believing that you have not compromised your stand. You can only convince your readers if only they are all dunce.

I have people of high intellectual capacity who read whatever I post on this platform even though they do not comment and am happy with the level of encouragement I receive from them.

I cannever compromise my stand on the need to have a change in goverment and my crusade must be sacrosanct.

The new trend now is Uwajumogu’s appollogists refering to anybody who dares criticise their master as a blackmailer but then Imolites know who the real blackmailers are because they are not fools.

The real blackmailers are those who collect stipends from some paymasters and pounce on the sensibility of Imolites.

Every single thing I write and say about Uwajumogu is what ordinarily every Imolites knows. Who does not know that Uwajumogu is a stooge.Who does not know that uwajumogu continually partnerd with okorocha to milk Imo dry.

Uwajumogu is the worst thing that can happen to Okigwe zone as a senator.

Lets not forget so easily that when governor Ohakim messed up in 2011 not even the speaker of the houss of assembly in that administration survived re-election in his local government. We all know what happened to Opia and this means that since Imolites are going to reject Okorocha, not even Uwajumogu will survive it even if he tries taking another shot as member representing Ihitte Uboma.

Let me once more urge my dear friends especially those that are not from Okigwe zone from to refrain from taking this Uwajumogu issue personal with me because I would not like to engage in war of words with any of my cherished friends over a corrupt leader.
Defend him with convincing opinions if at all you have been paid to do so.

Imo is wiser.
Ossy Dimaku (Radical)

See Rapper Nicki Minaj Without Make-up On In Public


This is one of those photos you don’t get to see everyday.

It’s everyone’s favorite rapper — Nicki Minaj without make-up on.

She was spotted walking her way to rehearsals yesterday, July 3rd, in Philadelphia.

Someone said she’s shocked ‘Nicki Minaj would dare step into the public looking like this, looking like a mess’.

What do you think?

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See Photos Of Jesse Jagz, Cynthia Morgan, BOJ, Lil Miss Miss and Others At One Mic Naija


Some of the biggest music names and a couple of rising talents were present at the recent One Mic show held days ago.

Jesse Jagz, dance hall act Cynthia Morgan, rappers Lil Miss Miss, Boogey and Pop acts BOJ and Lace made the recent edition of One Mic Naija worth every minute, thrilling the audience to exciting renditions of their songs.

The edition tagged #OneMicNaijaMusicAndFootball held at Ember Creek on Sunday, June 29, 2014 and was also featured upcoming acts Aduke, Phenom, Ese Peters, Teezee.

The event was hosted by usual suspects Kel and Kunle Bello.

Check out pictures from the event below: -






















Update on the security man who was brutalized by soldiers


Pictured above is the security man who was allegedly brutalized earlier this morning by soldiers at Palmgrove Estate after a BRT bus killed a soldier. He’s currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos. See another pic below


Photo: Soldiers allegedly shoot bus conductor in Ikeja


A bus conductor was allegedly shot twice at close range by soldiers at the Oba Akran area of Ikeja Lagos this afternoon. The person who took the pic above and posted it online, wrote;
“Soldiers just shot a conductor beside me!! Jesus!! Two shots!! At Oba Akran. Jesus!! At close range fa!!”

Nigerian Troops arrest 3 female undercover operatives of Boko Haram


The Nigerian army have released a statement stating that they have arrested 3 women who worked as undercover operatives for Boko Haram. Find the statement below…
In the aftermath of the failed suicide bombing attempt on a military facility by a female terrorist who blew herself up in Gombe recently, troops have arrested three suspected female terrorists who have been secretly recruiting ladies into the female wing of the terrorists group. The suspects, Hafsat Usman Bako, Zainab Idris and Aisha Abubakar were intercepted while travelling to Madagali from where they were to transit to the forest to reunite with their cohorts. Continue…
Investigations revealed that the suspects, led by Hafsat Bako, have the mission to recruit members into the female wing as well as conduct espionage for the group. Hafsat’s link with the terrorists group had earlier been a subject of investigation in 2012, when security agents on a manhunt for one Usman Bako, her husband who was identified as a terrorist, stormed their residence in Jimeta.  This resulted in the discovery of an AK 47 rifle and 2 loaded magazines.   Though Usman Bako later died in an encounter with troops in Sokoto where he had relocated to continue his terrorist activities, Hafsat continued with the terror group specializing in surreptitious recruitment of members into their fold.
The arrested trio suspects were luring ladies especially widows and young girls by enticing them with male suitors who are mainly members of their terror group for marriage. Before their arrest, they were on a mission to take additional briefing from the leadership of the terror group.
The trio has been operating together as members of the intelligence team of the group.   Their arrest has yielded information still being verified by security agencies.
for Director Defence Information

PHOTOS: Afrocandy Returns To Nigeria

Controversial Nigerian actress Afrocandy, also called the “queen of P0*n”, is reportedly back to her home country.
Judith Mazagwu, the mother of 2, has been recently mentioned in the news in connection with the money issue. The curvaceous star was said to be begging for money to pay for her daughter’s tuition fee in college.
It was mentioned later that Afrocandy had received the required financial support from some celebrities, Denrele being among them.
Since that not much has been heard about the actress, until today…
Afrocandy, who used to live in the United State of America, has taken to social media to announce she has returned to Nigeria and post some fresh airport photos.
One of her tweets reads:

And more photos below:

afrocandy_in_nigeria1 afrocandy_in_nigeria3

Industrial Court Strikes Out Sanusi’s Suspension Suit

The suit filed by the Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi challenging his suspension as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by President Goodluck Jonathan has been struck out by the National Industrial Court (NIC).

The matter which the suit sought to deal remains hanging and not completely resolved as the National Industrial Court adjourned till November 7, 2014 for the hearing of motion on notice for stay of execution of the judgment delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the federal high court.

“We have filed a notice of discontinuance of this suit and we have served same on the respondents,” Sanusi’s lead counsel, Kola Awodein (SAN), informed the court.

Mathew Edum who appeared for President Goodluck Jonathan did not object told the application to discontinue the suit.

Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN) counsel to the 2nd defendant, the Attorney General of the Federation also did not oppose the plaintiff’s application for withdrawal of the suit.

He however asked for adjournment to enable him consult with his client on his pending motion on notice for stay of execution of the federal high court judgment.

Ozekhome also told the court that he had a pending appeal at the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division distinct from the plaintiff’s appeal in same court that arose from the suit. [Thisday]

Kaduna Youths Demand Emergency Rule In The State Following Attacks

Youths of Sanga local government area of Kaduna state, under the aegis of Concerned Southern Kaduna Youths (CSKY) have asked the federal government to declare a state of emergency in Kaduna state following killing of about 200 people in the area.

The group also blamed the Kaduna state governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero for allegedly not showing modest regard for the victims of the attacks, saying that the people of the area have lost confidence in the state government “which is seemingly unperturbed by the continued decimation of our people and the destruction of their means of livelihood.”

Mr Emmanuel Adamu, Chairman of Sanga said 2,400 people had been displaced following the recent attacks in the area by gunmen.

The youths who staged a peaceful protest against the killings on Thursday in Kagoro, Kaura local government area of Kaduna state, maintained that the declaration of state of emergency in Kaduna state was imperative to stem the tide of invasion by armed Fulani herdsmen who have killed many people and destroyed homes and crops.

Female Boko Haram Members Arrested By The Military

Three suspected female terrorists who have been secretly recruiting ladies into the female wing of terrorists group, Boko Haram have been arrested by the Nigerian militry, following a failed suicide bombing attempt by a female terrorist recently in Gombe.

The Army disclosed this in a statement signed by the Deputy Director of Defence Information (DDDI), Col. Onyema Nwachukwu and released on Friday.

According to Nwachukwu, the suspects, Hafsat Usman Bako, Zainab Idris and Aisha Abubakar were intercepted on their way to Madagali, Adamawa state, from where they were to transit to the forest to reunite with their cohorts.

He said investigations revealed that the suspects, led by Hafsat Bako, have the mission to recruit members into the female wing as well as conduct espionage for the group.

“Hafsat’s link with the terrorists group had earlier been a subject of investigation in 2012, when security agents on a man-hunt for one Usman Bako, her husband who was identified as a terrorist, stormed their residence in Jimeta.

“This resulted in the discovery of an AK 47 rifle and 2 loaded magazines. Though Usman Bako later died in an encounter with troops in Sokoto where he had relocated to continue his terrorist activities, Hafsat continued with the terror group specializing in surreptitious recruitment of members into their fold.

“The arrested trio suspects were luring ladies especially widows and young girls by enticing them with male suitors who are mainly members of their terror group for marriage. Before their arrest, they were on a mission to take additional briefing from the leadership of the terror group.

“The trio have been operating together as members of the intelligence team of the group. Their arrest has yielded information still being verified by security agencies”.

More than 200 girls kidnapped by the Islamist sect group on April 14 are still missing, as the sect continues unleashing terror on the country, carrying out several attacks.

20 Killed In Separate Boko Haram Attacks

At least 15 passengers, including motorists were killed when some gunmen suspected to be members of dreaded Boko Haram terrorists laid ambush along Maiduguri -Mafa- Dikwa Road yesterday at about 2:30pm.

Mafa is about 45 kilometres East, while Dikwa is about 70 kilometres drive from Maiduguri that had suffered series of deadly attacks by terrorists in recent times.

The attack on passengers and motorists on this road is the latest by the terror sect Boko Haram, even as the Maiduguri- Damboa -Biu, and Maiduguri- Bama -Gwoza roads have remained a death trap with no security effort to stop the carnage as most people have abandoned these roads for fear of being killed by terrorists who have so far taken over most of the villages along the main road linking the state capital.

Sources said, the gunmen who attacked passengers wore military camouflage uniforms; disguised as soldiers on the main road and intercepted three vehicles with two heading towards Dikwa, while the other was from Gamboru Ngala, a border town with Cameroon Republic before opening fire on the occupants killing over 15 of them and injuring seven others.

A reliable security source told Vanguard that “information available to us this evening indicated that the Maiduguri – Dikwa road is not safe as terrorists laid ambush on passengers and motorists, killing over 15 of them at about 2:30pm, some of our men have been mobilised to the scene, but unfortunately, they only met those killed and the injured in the pool of their blood as the attackers have fled into the surrounding bushes after the carnage,” he said.

Meanwhile, two suicide bombers suspected to be member of dreaded Boko Haram sect in a golf saloon Volkswagen car laden with Improvised Explosive Device, IEDs rammed into a security checkpoints in Konduga Local Government Area of Borno state killing 5 members of vigilante youth popularly known as civilian JTF, while the two suicide bombers also lost their lives with many of the vigilante youth and passersby sustained serious injuries and fire burns.

2015: My Support For Jonathan Is Total – Orji

6243397bfde2b81605c699f687f416ecAbia State Governor, Theodore Orji, has declared that he has no regrets for his continued support for President Goodluck Jonathan, saying his support is not cosmetic but total.

Speaking on Friday in Umuahia, the state capital, when he received in audience the South East delegation of  ‘Goodluck Support Groups’, Orji also urged President Jonathan to declare his intention to seek re- election in 2015.

He said, “My support for Jonathan is total and not cosmetic, and we want him to make known his intention to run in 2015 because we will replicate the total support we gave him in 2011.

“Even though he has not declared it, I will not stop supporting him because I know that he has all it takes to fix Nigeria despite the daunting challenges”.

Gov. Orji admitted that the president was currently faced with “a lot of problems, particularly insecurity”, but expressed optimism that he (Jonathan) would steer the country’s ship of leadership to a safe anchor.

Speaking Earlier, leader of the delegation and National Director, Contact and Mobilisation of the group, Chief Perry Opara, said the group was in the state to strategise on how to deliver the entire South-East to Jonathan as was the case in 2011 when he eventually declares interest to re-contest.

Later in an interview with journalists, Opara said he would be disappointed if “Jonathan fails to seek re- election”, adding that “the coast is clear for him to sweep the poll”.

Ramadan: Fayose Distributes 14, 000 Bags Of Branded Rice To Muslims In Ekiti

AYO-FAYOSEThe governor-elect of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayo Fayose, has distributed no fewer than 14,500 branded 5kg bags of rice to Muslims across the state.

Fayose, who distributed some of the rice at Ado Ekiti Central Mosque and Ansarudeen Central Mosque, said the gesture was in the spirit of Ramadan.

The Deputy governor-elect, Dr. Olusola Eleka, who spoke on behalf of Fayose, said the bags of rice would be distributed simultaneously across the 16 local government areas in the state.

Elega said, “You know the Governor-elect is a man of the people and he so much has the love of the people at heart.

“He is doing this to demonstrate his love for the people and to identify with them especially during this season of Ramadan”.

Elega, who appreciated the people for their massive vote for Mr. Fayose, assured that the incoming government would deliver on the promises made during the campaign.

The deputy-governor elect urged Muslims in the state to use the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan to pray for the country and Ekiti state.

According to him, the peace being enjoyed in the state is as a result of the prayers of adherents of both religions.

“The governor-elect appreciates your prayers for him, this state and the country at large and I urge you not to relent especially now that a new government is on the way”, he said.

Elega also pleaded for harmonious relationship among all religious groups saying without peace, no useful development could take place.

President, Ekiti State League of Imams and Alfas, Alhaji Jamiu Kewulere, who received the commodities, thanked Mr. Fayose for the gesture.

He assured that Muslims in the state would not relent in their prayers for the state.

Chibok Girls: 81 Days After Abduction, Seven Parents Die Of Trauma


81 days after their children were abducted in the dead of the night by Boko Haram insurgents, seven parents of the abducted girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, have reportedly died of trauma.

The National Chairman of Chibok community under the Kibaku Area Development Association, KADA, Dr. Pogu Bitrus, stated this yesterday at a news conference in Abuja.

He also said Chibok community had lost 229 people in 15 attacks by the Boko Haram sect.

In light of the above, the community urged the Federal Government to negotiate with the terrorist sect for the release of the 219 Chibok school girls abducted by the group.

Bitrus revealed that the Federal Government had yet to provide adequate security in Chibok area since the girls’ abduction, even in the face of persistent attacks by the insurgents.

He also called for the construction of the 40km Mbalala-Chibok-Damboa federal road, which he claimed had been abandoned for over 20 years.

Bitrus said, “Today (Friday) is 81 days since the abduction and in spite of the firm categorical statements by the Chief of Defence Staff that the location of the girls is known to the government, the appalling situation and agony encompassing the unfortunate abduction saga and detention of the Chibok girls by the Boko Haram insurgents continues and the rescue efforts by the government is yet to yield any result.

“So far, Boko Haram has carried out 15 attacks on the Chibok (Kibaku) nation involving 19 villages with over 229 killed and over 100 injured. Some of the victims of the attacks are parents and relations of the abducted girls and thereby adding more pains to the traumatic condition in the Chibok community.

“While the situation persists, many distressed parents are dying of heart attack and frustration as their dejection had become unbearable. On record, seven parents have lost their lives due to the trauma of the situation”.

Bitrus, however, called for the reconstruction of the Government Secondary School, Chibok, and building of another secondary school in the town to reduce over-population of classrooms by students.

My Son’s Resignation From Edo Govt, Defection To PDP Shocking – Oba Of Benin

oshiomole and oba of beninThe Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba Erediauwa, has distanced himself from the action of his son, who reportedly resigned and defected to the Peoples Democratic Party from the All Progressives Congress.

The revered traditional ruler made this known in a statement in Benin, the Edo State capital on Friday.

According to the statement, the Oba, who expressed shock that his son, Prince Osama Erediauwa, resigned his appointment as Executive Director in the Office of the Governor, said his (Erediauwa) action did not represent his opinion as the Oba.

The statement read, “The Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba of Benin, has heard in the news media the news about his son, Prince Osama Erediauwa, who resigned his appointment with the Edo State Government and joined the Peoples Democratic Party, to pursue his political aspiration.

“This is to let the general public know that it was shocking to the Omo N’Oba that Prince Osama resigned his appointment as an Executive Director in the Governor’s office.

“The essence of this press release is to let the general public, especially mischief makers, know that the decision Prince Osama took to resign his appointment and join the PDP is entirely at his discretion.

“It does not represent the position of the Omo N’Oba. The Omo N’Oba is solidly behind the state government ably led by Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole”.

Recall that the Oba’s son had, in a letter to the Secretary to the Edo State Government on Wednesday, resigned his appointment with the state government.

Abuja Airport Shut To Repair ‘Potholes’ On Runway, Says Sen. Uzodinma


Senator Hope Ozodinma (PDP, Imo), has explained that the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja was shut to allow for maintenance of the runway.

Uzodinma, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aviation, said this while fielding questions from State House Correspondents after a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to him, the airport, which will be closed from midnight on Saturday to 6 a.m. on Monday, is to allow construction giant, Julius Berger, fix the pot holes noticed on the runway.

“This was done for obvious safety reasons. We have some potholes that are already seen as serious hazards. And don’t forget that is the only runway that lands our President, all the VIPs, all the investors that come into this country”, he said.

He also said the closure will allow for a technical audit by the Federal Aviation Authority, FAA, in keeping with international regulations.

The senator, however, faulted the public outcry over the closure of the airport, saying it was not peculiar to Nigeria.

“Well, all over the world, they know that we have one runway in Abuja. The next thing anybody can do is to look for the nearest airport close to Abuja either Kaduna or Minna and then chose whether it will make a better business sense to land there or not to fly at all.

“And whatever may be the case between midnight Saturday and Monday, it’s not something anybody can cry about. All over the world, airports and runways are usually closed whenever there are obvious maintenance programmes that bother on safety. So, our own should not be an exception”, he said.

Senator Uzodinma said there will be no national carrier as government could no longer run businesses meant for the private sector.

“For us to have a national Carrier, it is an airline that government must own 100 percent and I doubt whether the government has the managerial and technical capability to begin to float an airline in an economy that is being privatized. Rather, it can copy from the United States, France, Britain where they have national flag carrier.

“In this situation, what happens is that private people will own the airline and government will continue to support and then they will carry our flag. It is important to see an airline that is carrying our flag”, he said.

BRT, LAGBUS Withdraw Vehicles From Road Over Alleged Attack By Soldiers

BRT-Buses-fireThe LAGBUS Asset Management Ltd., operators of LAGBUS, on Friday withdrew its buses from the roads following the burning of some of its buses by aggrieved persons.

Mr. Abiodun Apata, Project Manager, Mutual Model Transports, one of the LAGBUS Franchises, made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

The buses were allegedly attacked by soldiers, who were protesting the killing of an army corporal.
The corporal, belonging to the Nigerian Army of Education was allegedly hit by a BRT vehicle while he was riding a motorbike near the Palmgrove Bus Stop on the Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

Apata told NAN that the attack was unfortunate, saying that the luxury buses were withdrawn to avert more damage.

“By 10pm yesterday, one of our buses broke down at Onipanu, by 11pm, a rescue team with a van went to the scene to tow the bus.

“Unfortunately, area boys started stoning our team which made our men to leave. Meanwhile, the driver put on hazard lights and C- Caution to alert motorists of the breakdown.

“By 5am today, before the rescue team got to the scene, a corpse had been deposited in our bus and a motorcycle parked behind it.

“When we saw it, we reported the case to the Pedro Police Station, Somolu, but before we got back to the scene, soldiers had burnt down five BRT buses and one belonging to LAGBUS”, he said.

The Head of Operations of BRT, Mr. Johnson Oguntade, also told NAN that the withdrawal of BRT vehicles was to prevent more damage.

He said that the deceased soldier was not hit by a BRT vehicle.

“I do not still understand why we are suffering for what we never caused. Why they are burning our buses is not known”, Oguntade said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the alleged accident and withdrawal of the luxury buses left thousands of commuters stranded and crippled commercial activities on Ikorodu road.

The developments also resulted in traffic gridlock.

Nyako Impeachment: Adamawa Chief Judge Sets Up 7-Member Investigation Panel

Murtala Nyako-JudiciaryThe Acting Chief Judge of Adamawa State, Ambrose Mammadi, has instituted a seven-member panel committee to investigate allegations of gross misconduct levelled against the state Governor, Murtala Nyako and his deputy, Bala Ngilari, by the State House of Assembly.

In a statement issued on Friday and signed by the Chief Registrar of the Court, Abubakar Bayola, the acting chief judge stated that in line with his constitutional responsibility, he has constituted the committee as demanded by the lawmakers.

The statement read in part: “The Hon. Acting Chief Judge Hon. Justice Ambrose D. Mammadi by the powers vested in him under Section 185(5) of the 1999 constitution as (amended) has approved the appointment of seven (7) Man Panel to investigate allegations of Gross Misconduct of the Executive Governor of Adamawa State Admiral Murtala Nyako and the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State Mr. Bala Ngilari”.

The panel is chaired by Buba Kaimaga from Mubi Northern Zone.

The other members are Laraba Hassan, Michika Northern Zone; Njidda Kito, Song Central Zone; Joshua Abu, Hong Central Zone; Binanu Esthon, Guyuk Southern Zone; Sa’ad Lawan, Mayo-Belwa, Southern Zone; and Esthon Gapsiso, Genye Southern Zone.

The statement added that the committee members would be sworn in at a later, unannounced date.

Nyako has been accused by the lawmakers of corruption and mismanagement of state funds. They also accused him of nepotism, among other weighty allegations.

The governor, one of the five Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governors, who defected to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, has, however, denied the allegations, and has dragged the lawmakers to court.

Despite a court order asking the state House of Assembly to suspend the impeachment process, the lawmakers ignored the order and asked the Chief Judge to set up a seven-member committee to investigate the allegations.

This is the body of the dead soldier mistakenly killed by BRT driver that prompted his colleagues to set Lagos ablaze

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I weep in my heart as I see the whole of Akwa Ibom Journalists keep mute over the abduction of Thomas Thomas. I feel bitter that the very NUJ led by Patrick Albert was voted for by the Global Concord family. I remember speaking with Solomon Johnny who told me that they will support this exco believing it will be a deviation from the past, but alas their support has proven that men are wolves.

Thomas Thomas is not just one journalist, but a courageous Editor of Akwa Ibom most read Newspaper. Akwa Ibom Journalists should rise up to the occasion and prove the comradeship that we believe in NUJ. Thomas Thomas was arrested for releasing a secret tape of Gov Godswill Akpabio planning to kill some paramount ruler. He has been charged to court and it behoves on NUJ to stand by one of their own.

As Torobong Ekpo noted, we do not have the spirit of unionism in us to stand up for our another. How many of us truly care for our colleagues when we all go out for official assignment and still give them the so call ‘Brown Envelopes’ that are shared at such events?

For this case, I will be in Uyo to meet with the Global Concord family for us to rally supporters of Thomas Thomas to rise up against this imperial governor.

Akpabio must not go scot free with this.

These little things matter…

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Aare Arisekola remains with his children

Aare AbdulAzeez Arisekola Alao (69) may have passed on and buried, the people whose lives he changed through his philanthropic gestures will never forget him. The billionaire business man spent his lifetime planting smiles on the faces of the less privileged. He reportedly died on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, in London after he allegedly battled with prostate cancer. He was flown back to Nigeria the next day and was buried on Friday, June 20, 2014. The burial carnival was attended by the who is who in Nigerian political, economic and social circuits. His body arrived Nigeria from the UK and was received at the Ibadan toll gate, Lagos – Ibadan expressway, Oyo state by Governor Abiola Ajimobi, his wife, Florence and other Ibadan sons and daughters. The convoy moved to Lekan Salami Sports Complex, Ibadan. His corpse arrived the sports arena at 10:05am for prayers in a white Escalade space wagon Hearse by Ebony Funerals. After the prayers at the sports complex, his body was moved to his Oluwo Kekere residence at Bashorun, Ibadan, Oyo state where he was finally laid to rest that day. Dignitaries at the funeral included Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (who represented President Goodluck Jonathan), Mr. Jelili Adesiyan, Senator Bola Tinubu, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Justice Bola Babalakin, Mrs. Oluwakemi Alao-Akala, Mr. Muyiwa Ige, Tunji Alapinni, Elder Wole Oyelese, King Sunny Ade, Chief Bode George, Alhaji Hazeem Gbolarumi, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, Chief Rotimi Akeredolu, Chief Kola Daisi, Brigadier General Raji Rasaki (retd), Prince Adesokan, Justice Abdukadri Orire (led team from Ilorin), Sheikh Ajisafe, President-General, League of Imams and Alfas South-West and Edo/Delta, retired Prelate Sunday Ola Makinde, Mr. Musiliu-Smith; Senator Teslim Folarin and others.

Late Alhaji AbdulAzeez Arisekola Alao was a regular visitor in Europe either for medical check or for leisure. He was in Switzerland on Monday, June 16, 2014, to see his medics as he used to. He spent that Monday there and told his associates in Nigeria he would be back in the country on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, but he never did because his trip to London to attend business meeting on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, would be his last. He died in his London home the next day, Wednesday (June 18). He was 69.

Born on February 14, 1945, to Alhaji Abdur Raheem Olatunbosun Olaniyan Alao and Alhaja Rabiatu Olatutu Abegbe Alao, both peasant farmers from Oyo State, he was reluctant to acquire western education because of his love for Islamic education which he had been attending since he was three. The intervention of one of his teachers made him complete primary school in 1960, and later enrolled at Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo State. But he dropped out due to the inability of his parents to further sponsor him. What he, however, lacked in education he gained abundantly in business. In 1961, he started the sale of Gammalin 20 by establishing Azeez Arisekola Trading Company. He became interested in the sales of vehicles and established Lister Motors in 1972. His company was very prominent in the sales of Datsun that Chief Ebenezer Obey waxed an album for him. He (Obey) sang his praises to the high heavens in the album. He was very close to the corridors of power during General Ibrahim Babangida and late General Sani Abacha’s regimes. It was his romance with power that be that got him the contract to supply food to Nigerian soldiers in ECOMOG peace keeping forces in troubled spots in Africa. He established Lister Foods because of this contract. His other business interests under Lister conglomerate span real estate, oil, flour mills, insurance, media and agriculture. He was a recipient of many awards and honours including the Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland which he was decorated with in 1980, due to his immense contribution to Islamic activities. He was one of the greatest financiers of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN). He sponsored hundreds of people throughout the country to hajj every year. In 2008, he was honoured with the national award Commander of Order of the Niger (CON) by late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua. He is survived by many wives and many children.


GOVERNOR Abiola Ajimobi

“Aare was to the Nigerian masses what the late President Nelson Mandela was to the South Africans. He served the poor and helped the rich. He came to serve humanity and served them to his very last. “He was accommodating, spiritual, religious and intelligent. He had been serving the poor from the age of 19. He was the greatest philanthropist of our time. Aare gave everything he had for the benefit of the people.”


Yinka Ayefele

“He was one of the people that God used to sustain my life in my trying period. He was a father to me. We have lost a very important person in my life. We have lost a rare gem. The Muslim community, especially students and the underprivileged, have lost a father. I condole with the family. May Allah give them the fortitude to bear the loss.”


Professor Ishaq Oloyede

“Arisekola-Alao arrived London on Tuesday and till a moment before his sudden death, he was hale and hearty. It is shocking.”



Prof. Taoheed Adedoja



“I put a call to him on Monday when he was in Switzerland and he said he would be back on Wednesday. It was a big surprise to me that he is dead. Only God knows why He took him away from us. Ibadan and the nation as a whole will miss him for his generosity and good leadership.”


Tinubu launches N250 million pay TV company


FORMER Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has further extended his grip in the media and broadcasting business as he finally rolled out services of his new pay TV company, CONSAT.

According to information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly, the new pay TV platform, Continental Satellite Limited, will operate in the form of cable satellite pay television with bouquet and dish and the network will operate from the premises of Continental Broadcasting in Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos.  Findings revealed CONSAT package cost N15,000 and will provide 15 channels which include CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and movie channels.  Another 95 channels are also available for subscribers who prefer the cable service.

The plan to float a pay TV platform by Bola Tinubu has been in the pipeline for some time now.  The equipment used in the setting up of the company was shipped in to Nigeria last year from Europe.  According to inside source, about N250 million went into setting up the new television venture.

Tinubu’s intention to set up this new pay TV is borne out of his inability to take over assets of HiTV, a pay TV company where he is said to have financial stakes.

GTBank’s terms and condition is identified as a stumbling block to Tinubu’s takeover bid and that was after the company packed up due to huge debts and its CEO, Toyin Subair left the employment of the company.

CONSAT will no doubt give other pay TV platforms like DSTV, Startimes, a run for their money in terms of services and reach.  Tinubu’s CONSAT is said to be cheaper and provides more channels than other platforms.  The company’s official colour is yellow and black.

Omisore attacks Aregbesola


‘You’re a fake engineer; show us your certificate’

As Osun governorship election draws nearer, the two top contenders for the exalted seat, Ogbeni Raufu Aregbesola of All Progressives Congress (APC) and Senator Iyiola Omisore of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are still engaged in what political watchers in the state have described as campaign of calumny.

A reliable source informed ENCOMIUM Weekly that Senator Omisore has openly accused Governor Aregbesola of parading a fake certificate as an engineer. Not only that, for fear of his certificate being verified by INEC, the Ilesa, Osun born politician only submitted his West African School Certificate (WASC) to contest for the forthcoming election in the state as against the Higher National Diploma (HND) he formerly claimed to have bagged.

Rauf Aregbesola

According to the source, this has started generating reactions within the political circuit in the state and beyond.

“Omisore has not stopped his verbal attacks on Aregbsola. He declared in Osogbo few days ago that Aregbesola is parading fake certificate as an engineer. He even challenged him openly to present his certificate of membership of Nigerian Society of Engineers. I learnt the issue has caused a lot of stirs, even among APC faithful.

“But Aregbesola has not replied Omisore yet. He said he wouldn’t want to glamourise the issue as there’s no iota of truth in it. But still at that, some people are interested in Aregbesola’s reply, which I am sure the man may not yield to”.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, June 20, 2014, on the issue via his Director of Publicity, Mr. Diran Odeyemi, Omisore buttressed his point by challenging Aregbesola to publicly display his certificate of registration as a member of Council of Registered Engineer of Nigeria (COREN).

This, he said, is one of the reasons Aregbesola changed his title from engineer to Ogbeni, when he assumed office as governor of the state of Osun.

“This is very obvious. Aregbesola is not a qualified engineer. He only has Ordinary National Diploma, which was even an ordinary pass. He doesn’t have HND as he claimed. That’s why he submitted only WASC to INEC. He doesn’t have COREN number as well because he is not a registered engineer.

“He doesn’t belong to Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria. Let him display all these openly, I am ready to show the public mine. He is a fake engineer. That’s one of the reasons he dropped engineer from his identity, and adopted Ogbeni. He knew very well that the kind of lies he told them in Lagos where he served as commissioner can’t work in Osun here. He should just forget about second term issue.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s efforts to get Aregbesola’s reaction via his Director, Bureau De Publicity, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon couldn’t yield the desired result as the call put through his mobile phone was picked by another person, who said Mr. Okanlawon was driving.

“Please, this is not Semiu Okanlawon. He’s driving. Please, call back or send a text message.” We, however, sent him a message, all to no avail.

However, one of the party chieftains, Mr. Wole Adegbenjo reacted. “You don’t need to mind Omisore for his unguided utterances. I don’t think my governor can react to such dirty issue. It’s dignifying Omisore. What Omisore is doing now is uncalled for.

“Even a mad man on the street knows that Aregbesola is an engineer long before now. If he is in doubt, he should go and verify at Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN). You’re also free to investigate as a journalist.

“By dropping the title, engineer for Ogbeni, is a simple demonstration of humility which Aregbesola is known for. Aregbesola sees himself as an ordinary man, an Omoluabi who is constantly identified with noble things.

“He doesn’t even want to be referred to as engineer or excellency. That’s why when he assured office as governor of the state, he addressed people openly and told them he is simply Mr. Rauf Aregbesola. That’s where the title, Ogbeni originated.

“It doesn’t have to do with certificate issue. Omisore is totally confused and he is looking for who to mislead. He thinks he can regain his lost political relevance. He is gone politically as far as Osun is concerned. He shouldn’t even be dreaming of occupying the governor’s seat in November 2014. There is no room for a thug like him in Osun State again.”