Nigeria’s SSS arrests El-rufai in his house

Nigeria’s Gestapo-esque Police, SSS arrests Nasir El-Rufai, seize phone

Reports has it that the State Security Service has held down one of the main opposition leaders Nasir ERufai who is of the All Progressives Congress. El-Rufai has always been critical of the government and has had a history of arrests with the SSS

CHAN 2014: Super Eagles get $100,000 offer to beat Morocco

Super Eagles campaigning in the ongoing  African Nations Championship has received added boost to beat the Atlas  Lions of Morocco on Saturday. Both teams are battling each other in the  quarter-finals with sights set at the trophy.

The National Sports Commission on Thursday announced an incentive of $100,000 for the team in South Africa.
 The Nigerian team qualified for the  quarterfinals after beating hosts South Africa 3-1 in their last group  match on Sunday. Nigeria had lost their opening match by 2-1 to Mali but then defeated Mozambique 4-2 in the following game to start the run to  the quarterfinals.
 The Minister of Sports Mallam Bolaji  Abdullahi announced the package on Thursday “to motivate the Nigerian  team to give their very best and to triumph over the Moroccans,” his  Special Assistant on Media and Strategy Julius Ogunro said.

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I Told You to Join PDP, Why Did You Move to APC? – Jeremiah Useni Dares Reps Member

Those who think House of Reps members do not have a mind of their own will be disappointed… Indeed, politics is an endless play out of intrigue. How else do you explain  the chairman of one party asking a member of his party to decamp to a  different party? But it actually happened.
The Chairman of the  Democratic Peoples Party, DPP, General Jeremiah Useni, has denounced a  member of the House of Reps who decamped on Tuesday from DPP to the All  Progressives Congress, APC. He says he “directed” the member to decamp  to PDP and was shock when he saw him in APC. Very funny! Mr Useni wrote the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu  Tambuwal, saying Suleiman Kwande’s decision to join the APC is not with  his blessings.
“This is to inform you (Tambuwal) that he (Kwande) does not have my backing, he was directed to declare for the PDP,” Mr.  Useni, a retired army general, said in his letter.
But in his  reaction, Hon. Kwande says his decision to decamp to the APC was well  thought out, and after due consultations with his constituents.
“My decision was based on my conviction. And I obviously didn’t just jump  into APC without consulting the people in my constituency, I am  representing hundreds of thousands of people and I consulted with  people.
“I don’t think giving instruction on which party to join  is a good omen for democracy. I should be able to choose where to go,  not a party chairman or someone saying you should go to this or that  place.”

Fifteen Reasons Why Jonathan Must Be Stopped ‘By All Means Necessary’

Written by Saintmoses Eromosele

I have come to the point where I can agree with the blogger Mrs. Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri that “President Jonathan Must Be Stopped By All Means Necessary” and I can also agree with the former president and elder statesman, General Olusegun Obasanjo, that Mr. President and “his body language” must be stopped “before it is too late”.

I agree with the aforementioned both, as well as with some of our power-broker brothers in the north and their southern friends like Dr. Tilde, Dr. Junaid, Sule Lamido, Murtala Nyarko, Kwankwanso, Aliyu, Mallam Okorocha and Alhaji Amaechi, permit my silly humour, who believe that “Jonathan must be stopped at all cost”. I agree with all the above mentioned to the extent to which these fifteen reasons posited in this article applies.

I have taken out my time, out of patriotic zeal – to country, not necessarily to president – to critically evaluate President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s personality and administration. I have asked myself, “Hey SME! Stop to think for a minute! Why do you think most of the powerful people in Nigeria, both within the ruling and the opposition parties would just be against one man?” They can’t all be wrong at once, can they? I have come to realize that there must be something wrong with that man as everyone cannot be wrong at once, although the case of everyone of the Pharisee’s and Jew’s condemnation opinion of Jesus gives me reason to think that sometimes everyone could be wrong. But what is wrong with President Jonathan? Don’t tell me he is Jesus!

To answer the above question, I have had to do thorough soul-searching introspection, and evaluation of the facts, the fiction and the faction in searching for the truth. Luckily, I got the answers, which are listed in subsequent paragraphs as the fifteen reasons why Bros Joe must be stopped. In summary, the fifteen reasons why I support VIO’s position that “President Jonathan Must Be Stopped By All Means Necessary” as well as OBJ’s warning that it should be “Before It Is Too Late” will expose the truth why most of the powerful forces in Nigeria have been ganging up against President Jonathan and why formerly sworn enemies and hitherto incompatible politicians have united for a common cause.

I am sure that after this bizarre article many people will be very disappointed. It is understandable that some would not expect one who had been a vocal sympathizer of the president to apparently do a 360 at this injury time. But there comes a time in the life of a man when he must obey his conscience and do what he believes in. This is such a time. And for those who would be disappointed after reading this article, I apologize in advance but what I have written I have written. I don’t give a damn! I am loyal to the country, not to any individual. And I must obey the dictates of my conscience.

Below, is a list of the fifteen reasons why we must stop Jonathan before it is too late.

  1. Jonathan does not keep his secret promises to the power cabal but he keeps his electoral promises to Nigerians. He secretly ‘promised’ the born-to-rule feudal lords that he would do only one term in office but he is not keeping that promise whereas he promised the bloody civilians that he would transform Nigeria and he is keeping that silly promise. Is that politically wise? This is the first and major reason why I believe that Jonathan is wrong. So, he must be stopped by all means necessary before it is too late!
  2. They alleged that he is a desperate politician. I think I agree with that. Out of his desperation he became the president that approved the Freedom of Information Bill that gives Nigerians the right to get information from government, which his predecessors forbade. Out of his desperation he ensured that INEC got a competent boss who he did not previously personally know. Out of his desperation he is pursuing the passing of the Petroleum Industry Bill to give justice to the marginalized communities that feed our nation. Out of his desperation he allowed the Judiciary to be free and independent.

  3. The said he is incompetent. I quite agree with them. Good examples of his incompetence are to be found on our federal highways, our railways, our airports, our sea ports and other ports. If he is not incompetent how on earth will a man restore railway services to Nigeria after 40 years? How will a man simultaneously be upgrading most of the airports in Nigeria and building new ones? How will a man be dualizing all federal highways and fixing all the bad roads from north to south? Imagine the Benin-Lagos-Owerri roads! Imagine the Abuja-Lokoja Road! Imagine the Lagos-Ibadan road! Imagine the Lagos –Kano Railway! Imagine the Port Harcourt – Maiduguri Railway! Imagine Enugu having an International Airport, even Onitsha and Warri having Ports. Haba? He is incompetent jor!

  4. They say he has no clue. This is the one I agree with the most. “The man is clueless!” Only a clueless Nigerian president will diversify the economy to make agriculture, housing, manufacturing and commerce to be competing with oil as our chief foreign exchange earner. Is he not clueless? Answer for yourselves. He’s clueless about governance but he was able to select and assemble some of the best available brains and technocrats to man his Techno-Cabinet. Only a clueless man will line up Okonjo-Iweala, Olusegun Aganga, Adewumi, Onolenmenmen, Obanikoro, Nebo, Nnaji, Usman, etc., from time to time. He is clueless about development but he is working on 2nd Niger Bridge, East-West Road, Zungeru Water Project, Power revolution attaining unprecedented generation and distribution capacity, he completed Onitsha Port and Akanu Ibiam International Airport and he is encouraging industrialization in Nigeria that we now have Made in Nigeria Rice, Cars, Choppers, Ships, even Drones. He is so clueless that he is investing three BILLION naira in further developing Nollywood to promote Nigeria’s towering image globally. Only a clueless man can convoke a National Conference for which Enahoro, Adesanya, Fawehinmi, Ige, and all those patriots hoped to see in their life time but didn’t because those who had clue were in charge. The man is indeed clueless!

  5. They said his “body language encourages corruption” and others thoughtlessly regurgitate the tired and tiring cliché “He is not fighting corruption” even though facts and figures show that under his watch those holes and conduits that encourages corruption are systematically being plugged and covered holistically. Nigerians love theatre and whoever gives them theatrics would be their Hero. Ribadu pursued all the thieves around and very few were caught and the treasury thoroughly bled like Syria. But here is Jonathan, rather than pointlessly pursuing thieves in a circus show, removing the conduits and possibilities for stealing and some say he’s not fighting corruption. You want home video? Go to Iweka Road. The biggest corruption in Africa, possibly in the world, was the Fuel Subsidy fraud. Jonathan busted that and saved billions of naira that a thousand Ribadu cannot chase should they have been declared stolen. Oya clap for the clueless one jor! PhD holder and a Primary Seven holder cannot use the same formula to solve any serious problem – and you can always trust that even the stupidity of the Ph.D holder will be smarter than the genius of a Primary Seven holder. The next biggest corruption conduit in Nigeria was the issue of ghost and spiritual workers who received physical and human salaries. Some of the ghost workers also received hazard and travel allowances. No jokes. Joejoe busted that also using biometric technology which he is also preparing to use in our 2016 Census to solve an ancient puzzle of how many and who we really are, and we are saving billions daily. Oya clap hand for Oga at the Top a second time jare!

  6. They said he is vindictive of political opponents but he is the one who recalled his arch opponent, El-Rufai from exile and rehabilitated the gentleman who has quickly forgotten where the rains drenched him. He is so vindictive that when he declared a State of Emergency that was long due in troubled states, opposition states, he refused to take advantage to remove the governors and plant his stooges like his predecessors did. To know how vindictive he is to his opponents go ask Atiku, Gusau, Bakare, even Amaechi. He is really so vindictive.

  7. They said he has not performed. Each time I read anyone make such comment, the first investigation I make is about their age. The first impression I get is that such person might be a teenager who does not fully understand the conversation. The facts on paper and on the ground prove that President Jonathan performance has dwarfed the performances of all his predecessors thus he is among the best three presidents Nigeria has ever had – if not the very best already. For details of the facts, please if you cannot see it in the roads, look at the rails. If you cannot look at the rails, look at the sky at our new national carrier and out airports. If you hate the skies, look at the ports. If you do not want to go far, look in your pot, the rice there is no longer from Thailand but from Ofada, Ebonyi and Ekpoma.

  8. He is said to be clannish but he has only one Ijaw in his cabinet whereas Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani has more than three members each. His native Ijaw is said to be the fourth largest group in Nigeria even though no credible census has ever been conducted in Nigeria to convincingly tell how many and who many we are. Permit my grammar. I come from Igodomigodo State. A man who is clannish is the one who would work on a federal road which starts from Benin City only from his Sagamu to Lagos. Jonathan is clannish he fixed the whole stretch of the road. He is clannish he is courageously tackling the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. He is clannish he is fixing the East-West Road, Abuja-Lokoja Road, Keffi-Lafia Road, Makurdi-Oturkpo Road, Ninth Mile Enugu Dual Road will be completed this year 2014. He is clannish he built 12 news Federal Universities, one in his home state, but none of them had his large highly educated and competent Ijaw person as Vice Chancellor. He is clannish and he’s building a new sea port in Lagos State, his opponent’s state, where one withheld LGA allocation and another cancelled Metro-Rail project. Clannish indeed!

  9. The said he is weak but he has taken on headlong the masterfully organized and well funded terrorist organization that carefully plotted to polarize Nigeria along religious grounds, instigate ethno-religious conflict and then cremate the nation. Only a strong leader could combat Boko Haram the way Jonathan did. Strength is not in noisemaking, but in strategizing. He is weak; he outmanoeuvred Dambazzau and his men. He is weak, he defeated the ‘Northern Consensus’ Atiku. He is weak he made IBB and Gusau to retreat. He is weak he defeated Buhari that the General wept in public. He is weak he withstood dissenting governors and legislators who had the temerity to desert their own party. He is weak he forced a senior letter writer to voluntarily retire from partisan politics. He is weak he sent the oldschool 20 20 Naira Policemen out of our highway where some had erected their own police extortion centre and made them truly mobile and effective patrol men. Weak, ba? You wish!

  10. They said he is wicked but in 2010 he approved a 53% increase in workers’ salary to make workers live a better life and that police to cure. Today, government workers are liked by landlords and no longer rejected when they go in search for accommodation because the landlords now know they can pay.

  11. They said he has done nothing in the power sector but he has totally transformed the power sector, unbundled the corrupt and inefficient PHCN, decentralized distribution networks, increased our generation capacity over 100% and he is simultaneously building TEN power plants across the nation. If that is nothing, then we need more of nothing.

  12. He’s said to not give a damn about education but he is releasing the UBE funds to every state to guarantee free primary and basic education. Before you argue that it is statutory duty, recall that the one who gave a damn seized statutory allocation to even LGA councils. He doesn’t give a dame but he’s built several befitting Almajinrin schools for the hitherto used and dumped across Northern Nigeria to educate the power who should never be tools in the hands of thieves hiding behind religion and ethnicity to deny their own people development and empowerment. He doesn’t give a damn but he has signed the biggest deal with ASUU in 30 years. He doesn’t give a damn he increased funding for existing universities while he founded 12 new well founded and funded universities to give each state in Nigeria, at least, a federal university.

  13. They said he has goodluck only for Jonathan and Pepe but badluck for Nigeria but under his watch Nigeria migrated from Poor and Pariah to Big and BriNcs and from Big and BriNcs now we are called a Marvel and MiNt. Whose good luck is that? Answer for yourselves. As if that is not enough, Super Eagles, Golden Eaglets, and all our athletes have suddenly rediscovered that they are Eagles and not Chickens. This good luck must not be missed, I swear. Me too I am henceforth expecting Jonathan’s goodluck to me. Walahi! Good luck to me, good luck to you, good luck to we all. Goodluck Nigeria!

  14. He is said to be a kindergarten president but since pensioner presidents and ex-convict party leaders failed to be creatively performing in their times as chief executives the kindergarten president has started to manufacture Made-in-Nigeria cars, choppers, war ships, and even drones. Need I repeat Made in Nigeria, not Thailand, Rice? Only expired and discredited ex-convicts would dare call the digital president such thoughtless name. Kindergarten old crook!

  15. He is said to be training snipers, keeping a nebulous long list and intolerant of opposition but no opposition figure has been shot despite the avalanche of his open, semi-open, secret and not-so-secret enemies unlike before in the days of Ige, Dikibo, Williams, etc. A certain Senator who should rather be taking roles in Nollywood, plus a certain misguided son of a once great man in Yorubaland and a certain little man causing big big trouble in Twitter, next to the man who is called Liar, desperately wish themselves in the so called long list, even if it means their having to commit suicide, all in a bid to give credibility to incredulity.

Therefore, fellow Netizens, the above are the reasons why they say Jonathan must be stopped by all means necessary before it is too late! Pity! I believe that, by now, having considered the foregoing fifteen reasons and supporting evidences on why they want to Stop President Goodluck Jonathan By All Means Necessary, you are convinced beyond all doubt, reasonable and unreasonable ones included, that those who want to stop Jonathan by all means are enemies of Nigeria who must not only be stopped by all means necessary but also be exposed for who they are – enemies, pretenders, bigots, felons! Anyone who wishes to stop this Jonathan of a Goodluck who we have been discussing in this rather lengthy article represents our national demons that we have to exorcise at all cost beginning immediately. They are well funded to lie and deceive many. Many States of the opposition vote incredible portion of their budget to fuel this lying cartel. If you doubt this bold-faced claim, please get a copy of the Lagos State 2014 budget and compare the votes for education and social-media on the scale of relativity and you will come to understand why so many people throng online and have taken up paid jobs in bashing the president and the federal government for every single development action, even when he does what is not only right and laudable but also transformation. All they write is Nay Nay to the ridiculous point that some have turned to gay automatically from the moment President Jonathan signed the ASS (Anti-Same Sex) Marriage Bill into law. They are each working very hard to earn their pay of the largesse budget vote by an opposition party which have neither ideology, discipline nor vision for Nigeria other than the pointless pretext of “PDP is bad” yet they crawl and kneel by day and by night, even in the mud, daily, begging the same PDP members and leaders not only to join them but to navigate for them – directionless directionlessness! Apologies again for my Igodomigodo.

Fellow Nigerians, on a final note, I urge you all by the mercies of God and for the love of country – not misleading individuals who lie to us that the president is not the country – that the next time that those wicked lying people approach you to hate or oppose your elected president, those people who seek to remove Jonathan who we all see that means well for the Nigeria that we have been praying about, whether they approach you through their military wing that periodically threw cowardly bombs in public places, or their media wing that lie and propagate lies in the media, on the internet or blog their deceptions and sophistry, or their literature wing that write and leak open and closed kiss, refrain and tell letters, or their political wing that treacherously and shamelessly claim that “It is our turn to rule”, I have developed an appropriate phrase to use in responding to them. I hold the patent to this phrase, be warned. Just confront the haters and opponents of the transformation agenda in Nigeria with these words; “2015: End of Discussion, Jonathan Continues!

Thank you for your special attention.

Saintmoses Eromosele writes from Germany
Tel: +49 1 520 210 8432

Be careful of what you say henceforth; SSS warns politicians

Written by Fejiro Oliver

The State Security Service, SSS, on Thursday, has issued a strong warning to politicians to stop making statements capable of turning the nation into a war zone or they will face the music. This stern instruction was given by Marilyn Ogar, the agency’s Deputy Director of Public Relations in a statement issued by them. According to Ogar “Such comments are offensive,misguided

and directed at stirring hate among Nigerians.
“This service and other law enforcement agencies have the mandate to protect the country and its citizens.
“We, therefore, warn all subversive elements that are bent on promoting divisive and disruptive agenda to refrain from such as the full weight of the law shall henceforth be brought to bear accordingly,” she said.

Cross River Water Board Limited Is Not The Property Of Gershom Basssey

Written by Okoi Obono-Obla

Undoubtedly, Gershom Bassey is not the only qualified or competent member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State to hold a Board appointment. There are several hundreds members of the PDP in Cross River State I believed that  are eminently qualified to Chair the Board of Directors of the Cross River Water Limited. So it is patently illegal that the share

holders of the Cross River Water Board should perpetually allow Gershom Bassey to be the Chairman of the Board of the Cross River Water Board Limited. Since 1999 the Government of Cross River State has illegally allowed Gershom Bassey to monopolised the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors of the Company.

It is a well known proposition of law that the directors, the board of directors of a company of which the chairman is but one, are the persons or body of persons empowered to manage the affairs of the company.

So it is absurd, irresponsible and grossly indefensible that Governor Liyel Imoke should allow Gershom Bassey to continue to remain as the Chair of the Cross River Water Board Limited since 1999. It is even an insult to members of the Cross River PDP in particular and the people of the State for Governor Imoke to give the impression that only Gershom Bassey is competent to Chair the Board of Directors of the Cross River Water Board Limited.

he Cross River Water Board Limited is a limited liability Company. It can sue and be sued in its corporate name. The Government of Cross River State is the largest share owner in the Company. The fact that the Government of Cross River State owns the largest share does not mean that strictly the Company belong to the Government of Cross River State. In any event, the purported appointment of Directors (including the Chairman) of the Cross River Water Board Limited by Governor Liyel Imoke is wrongful, illegal and a gross violation of Section 248 subsection 1 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2004.

It is well settled that the power of the appointment of Directors of any Company is vested on the Annual General Meeting of that Company by Section 248 (1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (supra).

In this respect, I shall file an action in the Federal High Court to challenge the purported appointment of Gershom Bassey and other Directors of the Cross River Water Board Limited by Senator Liyel Imoke.

There is so much impunity going on in the Cross River State perpetrated by those at its helm of affairs. Impunity and lawlessness has become of the hall marks of governance in the Cross River State under Governor Imoke!

The Company does not belong to Gershom Bassey either. Gershom Bassey is not known to be a share holder of the Cross River Water Board. The Cross River Water Board Limited belong wholly to the people of Cross River State of Nigeria. Assuming without conceding that Gershom Bassey is  the largest share holder that does not make him the owner of the Company.So it is absurd and a egregious violation of the Company and Allied Matters Act, 2004 and the MEMORANDUM & ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION of the Cross River Water Board Limited for Gershom Bassey to be running the affairs of the Company as if it belongs to him. The company must be run in accordance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act and its Article of Association.  It is wrong and illegal for the Government of Cross River State to donate the Cross River Water Board Limited to Gershom Bassey since 1999 because it want to patronised him.

Soon I shall report this ugly state of affairs to the Regulator of Companies in the country-Corporate Affairs Commission. Section 7 (c) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (supra) provides that the Corporate Affairs Commission can arrange or conduct an investigation into the affairs of any company where the interests of the shareholders and the public so demand.  I may be compelled to file an action in the Federal High Court, Calabar for the Court to determine whether it is lawful for Gershom Bassey to be the Chairman of the Board of the Cross River Water Board Limited since 1999!

It is against the spirit and intendment of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 for Governor Imoke to run the affairs of the State as if he is running his personal estate. It is wilfully wrong and unconstitutional for Governor Imoke to personalise the running of the affairs of the State, to the extent  that Gershom Bassey is allowed to sit in the hallowed State Executive Council during sessions of the Council, when he is not a member of the Council just because he has a personal relationship with Governor Imoke.

Section 193 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as altered & amended) provides thus:

” (1) The Governor of a State may, in his discretion, assign to the Deputy Governor or any Commissioner of the Government of the State responsibility for any business of the Government of that State, including the administration of any department of Government.

(2) The Governor of a State shall hold regular meetings with the Deputy Governor and all Commissioners of the Government of the State for the purposes of-

(a) determining the general direction of the policies of the Government of the State;

(b) co-ordinating the activities of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and the Commissioners of the Government of the State in the discharge of their executive responsibilities; and

(c) advising the Governor generally in the discharge of his executive functions, other than those functions with respect to which he is required by this Constitution to seek the advice or act on the recommendation of any other person or body”.

From the above, it is clear as the crystal ball that ONLY a member of the State Executive Council is QUALIFIED to attend or sits during deliberations of the Council.

This rubbish must stop. Cross River State belong to all of us. It is not the personal estate of anybody. Cross River does not belong to Governor Imoke or Gershom Bassey. It is our home. It is our identity. It is our heritage. It is our State. I hereby remind Governor Liyel Imoke of the Oath he took in March, 2012 during his inauguration as Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria thus:

“I, SENATOR LIYEL IMOKE do solemnly swear/affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that as the Governor of Cross River State, I will discharge my duties to the best of my ability, faithfully and in accordance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the law, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well-being and prosperity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that I will strive to preserve the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that I will exercise the authority vested in me as Governor so as not to impede or prejudice the authority lawfully vested in the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so as not to endanger the continuance of Federal Government in Nigeria; that I will not allow my personal interest to influence my official conduct or my official decisions; that I will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that I will abide by the Code of Conduct contained in the Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that in all circumstances, I will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will; that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as Governor of  Cross River State , except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as Governor; and that I will devote myself to the service and well-being of the people of Nigeria. So help me God.”

This oath is reproduced from the Seven Schedule of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (supra). I therefore urge Senator Liyel Imoke to uphold his Oath of Office by refusing to allowing his personal friendship or political relationship with Gershom Bassey compromise his integrity as the Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria.

Nigerian Bar Association frowns at Lawyers’ protest in Port Harcourt

Chairman of the Port Harcourt branch of the Nigerian Bar Assocciation, Lawrence Oko-jaja has said the lawyers who staged a protest at the Judiciary are not bonafide lawyers.

Oko-jaja said the protesters were less than one percent of the total number of lawyers in the Rivers State NBA.

He said the low turn out or lawyers indicated that the protest was insignificant.

The chairman of the NBA also said the association has a way of making its demands which is beyond carrying placards.

Also, the Rivers State Judiciary has dissociated itself from the the protest held by the lawyers in Port Harcourt.

The Judiciary in a statement signed by the Chief registrar of the High court, Leonard Adoki said it did not permit any group of persons to carry out protest within its premises.

Adoki, however, called on lawyers, members of the public and staff of the Rivers State Judiciary to go about their lawful duties and businesses in the court premises.

Some lawyers under the aegis of Concerned Lawyers of Port Harcourt branch of the Nigerian Bar Association and members of the civil liberties organization had staged a protest at the premises of the Judiciary complex in Port Harcourt.

The lawyers are agitating for the appointment of a Chief Judge in the state.

Cordinator of the lawyers, Barrister Chris Itamunuola called on the Rivers State government to follow the recommendation of the National Judicial Council, NJC, by swearing in Justice Daizy Okocha as the Chief Judge of the state.

He also called on the state Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, Worgu Boms to make the right call and give what they described as the constitutional advice to Governor Amaechi.

Spokesperson of the CLO, Livingstone Nwiche in his speech made reference to a section of the constitution concerning the appointment of a Chief Judge.

In their different speeches, the Secretary of the state branch of the NBA, Kingsley Chuku, rights lawyer, Naazigha Lue and Preisident of Oganuhu nu Rebisi, Anugbum Onuoha alleged that the NBA had been compromised.

The speakers called on the protesting lawyers to disregard comments made by the Chairman of the NBA, Oko-Jaja.

The lawyers, who blocked the entrance of the state Judiciary complex, took to the street of Azikiwe and later extended their protest to the federal high court.

Former BBA Stars, Melvin Oduah And Dillish On Movie Set In Portharcourt [Photos]


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SAME SEX BAN: We Have no plans to stop HIV/AIDS funds to Nigeria – US


The U.S. ambassador to Nigeria says the US is committed to supporting the battle against HIV/AIDS The U.S. on Thursday said it has no intention to withdraw an estimated $500 million new funding for HIV and AIDS programme in Nigeria following the law criminalising same-sex relationships in the country.
The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, gave the indication in Abuja during the public viewing of the drama series entitled “Shuga’’, which depicts HIV issues in Nigeria.
Mr. Entwistle described as untrue earlier media reports credited to him that U.S. would halt funding on HIV and AIDS in Nigeria because of the law on homosexual relationships.
“Some of the report said I said on Monday that because of the bill, United States was going to cut back or eliminate its support for HIV and AIDS programming in this country.
“This is not the case, we have neither the desire nor the intent to do that.
“Let me be clear, our commitment, our pledge to supporting the HIV and AIDS fight in this country is unwavering.
“What I did say was that we and I imagine all HIV/AIDS donors will watch carefully to see how the bill is implemented and enforced with an eye towards its potential effect on HIV programmes here.
“I wanted to make it absolutely clear that our commitment on HIV and AIDS in this country, United States isn’t going anywhere.’’
Mr. Entwistle said that in the last 10 years the U.S. had spent more than $3.4 billion on HIV and AIDS in Nigeria adding that in 2014, the Obama administration would contribute over $500 billion to HIV and AIDS in Nigeria.
“Over the past 10 years,  U.S. has committed and spent over $3.4 billion on HIV and AIDs programmes here in Nigeria, this year we will spend close to half a billion U.S. dollars.’’
He advised Nigeria government not to relent in its commitment to reduce the prevalence of HIV cases in the country.
In his speech, the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said that HIV prevention was the best way to fight the disease.
“We have insisted that treatment is important but prevention is certainly better,” he said. “And this is just one of the newer media that people are beginning to explore in terms of health education.’’
Also the Director-General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, John Idoko, said the national survey showed HIV prevalence of three per cent among young people aged 15 years to 19 years.
He said it was up to 5.4 per cent among 25 year to 29-year olds, while those aged up to 34 years had even higher HIV prevalence in the country.
He added that the survey also showed that HIV prevalence among general population which was put at 3.6 per cent in 2007 had declined to 3.4 per cent in 2012.
He said the issue of proper health information for the young people was low adding that even when they knew, they still would want to experiment it.
Mr. Idoko said the drama series Shuga would showcase what young people needed to know about HIV and AIDS, gender, inequality and many others.
He said Shuga was an award winning sex and relationships drama and multimedia campaign designed to combat a lack of awareness and misinformation about HIV, sexual responsibility and teen pregnancy among the youth.
The eight-episode Shuga, screened with support from National Agency for AIDS Control, NACA, is expected to morph into radio serial and online tie-ins.
Others are social media and pop music while a constant message of prevention and life after the virus are heavily woven into its plot. (NAN)

How CNN’s Facebook, Twitter Accounts got Hacked


Some of CNN’s social media accounts and blogs were compromised Thursday.
The affected accounts included CNN’s main Facebook account, CNN Politics’ Facebook account and the Twitter pages forCNN and CNN’s Security Clearance. Blogs for Political Ticker, The Lead, Security Clearance, The Situation Room and Crossfire were also hacked.


The posts were deleted within minutes and the accounts have since been secured.
Some of the posts claimed that the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro-Syrian regime hackers that has aggressively targeted major news organizations and activists, was responsible.
“Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…Stop lying… All your reports are fake!” one of the posts on CNN’s Twitter account said.
Another post Thursday night on a Twitter account purportedly tied to the group said it was retaliating for “viciously lying reporting aimed at prolonging the suffering in Syria.”
Last year the Syrian Electronic Army claimed credit for a 20-hour-long outage of the New York Times website.
The group also claims to have hacked other major American and British news organizations, as well as Columbia University and rights group Human Rights Watch.

Three defected govs under pressure to rejoin PDP

Jonathan-wth-the-G5-governors pdpFrom ADETUTU FOLASADE-KOYI, Abuja
Cracks have appeared in the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) as not less than three of the defected Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors may return to the party. There was pressure on them.

Daily Sun gathered in Abuja yesterday that Murtala  Nyako, Aliyu Wamakko and Rabiu Kwankwaso, governors of Adamawa, Sokoto and Kano respectively may eventually yield to entreaties to return to the fold.

On November 19 last year, five PDP governors, members of the aggrieved G-7 governors, left the party for APC. Nyako defected to the APC alongside four colleagues including the governors of Rivers, Sokoto, Kano and Kwara. Governors Sule Lamido and Babangida Aliyu of Jigawa and Niger states respectively refused to move with their colleagues.

Fresh indications, however, have emerged that of the five governors, three are predisposed to return to PDP as “the old trouble which pushed them out of the party has been resolved.”

The governors promised that as soon as the former chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, vacates office, “they would consider returning to the party.”

Further checks indicate that entreaties are also being made to the Kwara State Governor, AbdulFatah Ahmed, to return to PDP. Talks are also said to be on going with a governor in the South-South and one in the South-East. One will return to the PDP while the other will be a new convert, it was learnt.

In the Senate, however, 12 PDP senators have broken ranks with their colleagues. Daily Sun learnt that at least 10 of them wrote to the Senate leadership dissociating them from the suit instituted at a Federal High Court in Abuja last month.

The 79 lawmakers, including 22 senators, obtained an order restraining Tukur, Senate President David Mark, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from declaring their seats vacant.

The 22 senators cited in the suit were: Bello Hayatu Gwarzo (Senate Chief Whip), Mohammed Ali Ndume, Ahmad Zannah, Abdulahi Adamu, Abdulahi Danladi Sankara, Abdulmumini Mohammed Hassan, Umaru Dahiru, Ahmed Mohammed Maccido, Muhammad Shaaba Lafiaji, Simeon Sule Ajibola, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Magnus Ngei Abe, Wilson Asinobi Ake, Danjuma Mohammed Goje, Saidu Ahmed Alkali, Ahmed Hassan Barata, Bindowo Umar Mohammed Jibrilla, Aisha Jummai Alhassan, Ibrahim Abdulahi Gobir, Bashir Garba Mohammad, Abdulaziz Usman and  Sen. Isa Galaudu.

That accord has, however, been broken because even before resumption on plenary, some of them approached the leadership to pledge loyalty and also,their loyalty to the PDP.

In a new twist, 10 senators returned to the court on November 29, 2013 and filed a Notice of Discontinuance Pursuant to Order 50 Rule 2 (1) of the Federal High Court (Civil Procedure Rules, 2009).

The senators said that their names should be removed from the list of the senators who wish to defect to the APC in suit no: FHC/ABJ/ CV/ 621/2013 and copied to the leadership of the Senate.

The court order was received in the Senate on December 2, 2013. All the 10 senators are from the North.

A ranking senator said that after the case was filed at the Federal High Court, “one of the senators, who was supposed to kick-start the defection gale in the chamber developed cold feet and refused to write the Senate President on his move to the APC.”

The Sun

Rivers Crisis: APC asks NASS to block budget and new ministers

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor, OKEY NDIRIBE & Emman Ovuakporie

ABUJA — The  country was yesterday headed for a shutdown after the All Progressives Congress, APC, directed its members in the National Assembly, NASS, to block consideration of the 2014 Budget, as well as ministerial and military appointments until the Federal Government halts the escalating violence in Rivers State.

The party also threatened to direct its members nationwide, especially in Rivers State to resort to self-help to protect themselves if the situation in the state was not immediately brought under control by the Presidency.

The development immediately attracted sharp reactions from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and its leaders in the House even as APC stalwarts promised to abide by the party’s directive.

PDP deputy leader in the House, Hon. Leo Ogor flayed the directive and vowed that the House would proceed to pass the budget irrespective of the actions of the APC, saying that it was like cutting the nose to spite the face. Reactions also came from Rep. Samson Osagie, the deputy whip of the House; former chief whip of the Senate, Senator Roland Owie and other PDP and APC legislators.

The decision to move against the 2014 budget of the Federal Government was disclosed yesterday by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the National Publicity Secretary of  the party while addressing newsmen at the end of  a six-hour meeting held at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja.

Full text of the APC communiqué: “The APC Interim National Executive Committee held its 8th regular meeting today (yesterday). In attendance were General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Governors of  Rivers State Rotimi  Amaechi; Lagos,  Babatunde Raji Fashola; Ogun, Ibikunle Amosun; Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi; Nasarawa,  Tanko Al-Makura; Yobe, Ibrahim Geidam; Sokoto,  Aliyu Wammako; Adamawa, Murtala Nyako; Kwara, Abdulfatah Ahmed; Edo, Adams Oshiomhole; Borno, Kashim Shettima and the Deputy Governors of Oyo, Imo, Kano and Zamfara states and other party leaders.

“The meeting was chaired by the Interim National Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande and attended by the full complement of the Interim National Executive Committee along with the leadership of the APC in the two chambers of the National Assembly.

“The National Executive Committee of the APC commended the courage, maturity and political sagacity of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State in the face of serial unprovoked and unwarranted assaults on his person, his constitutional rights and those of the Government and People of Rivers State. The conduct of Governor Amaechi represents our party’s maturity and compliance with the rule of law in response to escalating impunity. The APC is very proud of him.

“Any cursory observer of events in Rivers State since February, 2013 will be left in no doubt as to the culture of lawlessness and impunity being promoted and supported by the Presidency, and executed by the State Commissioner of Police Joseph Mbu, who has become the defacto military Governor of Rivers State and sole administrator of the PDP in the State.

“A few instances of the brazen lawlessness and violations of the Constitution will suffice here – the forceful dispersal of 13,201 newly recruited teachers in the Port Harcourt Stadium using tear gas; blockading the entrance to the Government House in Port Harcourt and forcing the state governor to use another entrance; preventing an aircraft chartered by the state governor from taking off, alleging that the governor was trying to smuggle out a legislator wanted by the Police, no apology was offered to the Governor; the disruption of a peaceful rally during which Senator Magnus Abe was shot with intent to kill; several disruptions of Save Rivers Group rallies, and the unlawful detention of anybody perceived to be a sympathizer of Governor Rotimi Amaechi, while allowing pro-Jonathan and Anti-Amaechi groups to organize rallies unmolested.

“The National Executive Committee of the APC has now resolved that if these acts of impunity and lawlessness continue unabated and the Police persists in being an enforcement arm of the PDP to the detriment of our members, it will have no alternative than to ask our teeming members all over the country and especially in Rivers State to take whatever steps that are necessary to protect their lives and property.

“Following on the forgoing and in view of the joint resolutions of the National Assembly on Rivers State, and other constitutional breaches by the Presidency, the APC hereby directs its members in the National Assembly to block all legislative proposals including the 2014 Budget and confirmation of all nominees to military and civilian positions to public office until the rule of law and constitutionalism is restored in Rivers State in particular and Nigeria in general.”

APC out to destroy democracy — PDP Reacting to the development, the PDP in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh said the APC action was a confirmation of its assertions that the opposition party was determined to destroy the nation’s democracy.

The PDP said “in asking that service chiefs should not be confirmed by the Senate, the APC has revealed its devilish plot to undermine the nation’s security system, create a state of anarchy and pave way to unleash mayhem on the people”.

The ruling party said “in trying to frustrate the passage of the 2014 budget, the APC has also exposed its plot to cripple the nation’s economy and plunge the people into untold hardship”

According to the PDP, “by attempting to cause confusion in the National Assembly, which is the citadel of democracy, it is now clear to all Nigerians that the APC has commenced the implementation of its orchestrated plot to truncate the nation’s democracy, push the country into a state of chaos and achieve its doomsday predictions; a plot which must be stopped.”

Also rebuffing the APC threat, the deputy PDP leader, Hon. Ogor said the House would proceed to pass the budget irrespective of the actions of the APC members as he said the budget did not have any direct bearing with the Rivers State crisis. Besides, he said that the two chambers of the National Assembly were presently dealing with the crisis in Rivers State.

His words: “We will look at the budget holistically and if for any reason that we are at agreement and in tandem with it, we will pass it. We don’t need two-thirds to pass a budget, it is passed as a normal bill with simple majority. At worse we will divide the House and we know that we have the majority and we will pass the budget.

“They should try as much as possible to have a national focus. Even if there is a problem in Rivers State, the approach in solving that problem will have little or no impact in passing a national budget which our economy depends on.

“I will advise them to have a rethink and knowing fully well that our national interest is more important than any other political party’s interest. If they wish to tackle the issue of Rivers State, it should be addressed as a separate matter, they should look at it holistically rather than to stop a national budget, the most important law to be passed by the National Assembly on a yearly basis. I am very, very disappointed.”

Senator Rowland Owie in his own reaction said that the directive by the APC should show Nigerians that they are a group of desperate politicians. The passage of budgets and ministerial clearance do not require two-thirds majority. The budget and ministerial clearance can be done with or without them. In 1979, when I was a member of the House of Representatives (NPN), the Federal Government had 32 percent of of the NASS and budgets were passed without rancour. I expect my colleagues in the NASS to be patriotic and serve the nation instead of engaging in heating up the polity.”

However, the APC deputy whip, Rep. Osagie rebuffed him, saying that he and APC members would proceed along with the directives of the party as he flayed the ruling party for several breaches.

Also speaking, Reps yesterday were divided over APC’s statement that its members should not pass the 2014 Appropriation bill until the Crisis rocking Rivers state is resolved.

In his reaction, Deputy Chairman House committee on Ethics and Privileges Rep Toby Okechukwu, PDP, Enugu said “we will pass the budget without APC as we are in majority in the House. “

“You do not run a country with ultimatum and who says the passing of the budget is dependent upon APC?

They do have a right not to participate, they can be excused. We in the majority will fill the vacuum.”

Chairman House Committee on Anti-Corruption and Ethics, Rep Abiodun Faleke, APC, Lagos said he supported the decision of his party the APC.

He said:”I will abide by my party decision.  Why will the governors not be carried along in the preparation of the budget? Remember that our finance committee had asked questions about the economy and up till now no good  answers.  How much income did the country  generate last year?

“Who approved $10.8billion  for NNPC for subsidy etc. So there are so many questions to be answered by finance ministry before the budget can be considered. “


Photos:- 2Face On Set With Hollywood Actors, Brian Hook & Luenell Campbell


Yesterday, Tuface Idibia visited Hollywood stars ‘ Luenell Campbell professionaly known as Luenell and Brian Hooks who is an American actor, producer and  director while they were on set.
Check out more photos from the set after the cut….

British woman jailed for drugs blames Nigerian gang

A former British police community support officer Andrea Waldeck, jailed for 14 years in Indonesia after pleading guilty to smuggling crystal meth into the country, has blamed a Nigerian gang for making her traffic in the drug.

The 43-year-old former PCSO with Gloucestershire Police had previously admitted trafficking the drug, often referred to as ‘ice’, worth more than £3,000, into Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, in April last year.

Waldeck had earlier heard prosecutors demand a sentence of 16 years, so when the verdict was handed down by three judges her reaction was not unexpected.

Waldeck(right) inside the court room. Photo : Mail Online

Waldeck(right) inside the court room. Photo : Mail Online


She was also ordered to pay the equivalent of a fine of £100,000.

Presiding Judge Faturrachman, said: ‘Andrea Waldeck has been proven legally and convincingly guilty of offering to sell or become a middle person to sell drugs.’

Her immediate reaction was to tell her defence team through an interpreter that she would ‘take time now to consider the verdict, my future and whether I should appeal.’

Dressed in a red prisoner’s bib and clutching a Bible, she was then led from the court to begin her sentence.

She had earlier told the court that smuggling 3lbs of crystal meth into the country last year was the most stupid thing she had done in her life.

‘I’ve let down my country and my family,’ she told the earlier court hearing this month.

Indonesian reporters said Waldeck was very lucky to have received a sentence two years lower than that demanded by the prosecution.

Waldeck blamed her ‘state of mind’ at the time which led to her bringing the 3lbs of ice into the country, resulting in her arrest when police raided her three-star hotel Surabaya hotel.

Her defence team had also argued that she had carried the drugs, worth £3,000, into the country under duress after being threatened by a Nigerian man in China who had told her that people from his country ‘killed people’.

The judicial panel was also told that Miss Waldeck was not a high player in the drug syndicate that existed in China and that she had received no reward for carrying the drugs when she flew in April last year from Guangzhou to Surabaya, where she was today sentenced.

Miss Waldeck, originally from Talgarth in Powys, served with the Gloucestershire police as a community support officer before leaving the force in February 2012 to travel across the world to China. It was there that her life began to fall apart.

“She said the man had told her: ‘I’m Nigerian. You know about Nigerians. We kill people.”


She told police and her lawyers that she had intended travelling to Indonesia from her base in the city of Guangzhou to set up a furniture import-export business.

But she said she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and a Nigerian friend threatened her if she did not agree to carry the crystal meth when she set off on her planned business trip to Indonesia.

She said the man had told her: ‘I’m Nigerian. You know about Nigerians. We kill people.’ Police sources said they were tipped off about the drugs Miss Waldeck was carrying but waited until she had checked into a three star hotel in Surabaya. She was making a phone call to a contact she had been told to ring when police raided her room.

There they found the crystal meth – ‘ice’ – in black plastic bags that she had previoius packed in her underwear to pass through customs.

It is understood that a key player in the drugs syndicate who was to receive the drugs in Surabaya is still on the run.

Indonesia has some of the harshest anti-drug laws in the world and recently announced that it was planning to execute 10 death row prisoners every year.

.Culled from Mail Online

2015: North’s opposition to Jonathan’s 2nd term unfair —Jerry Gana

Jonathan-cartoon-second-terBY Soni Daniel, Regional Editor, North

ABUJA—A member of the Peoples Democratic Party’s Board of Trustees, Professor Jerry Gana, yesterday, described as unfair the mounting opposition from the north against President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid in 2015.

Prof. Gana, who made the claim in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in Abuja, pointed out that Jonathan had an inalienable right to run again in 2015, as there was no law barring him from the contest.

Gana pleaded with those in the north still opposed to Jonathan’s presidential bid in 2015 to give him a chance to complete his tenure as provided for by the Nigerian Constitution.

According to the BoT member, it is wrong for uninformed persons to claim that Jonathan had hit the limit of his tenure after serving out the late President Yar’Ádua’s tenure and contesting for the first time as president in 2011.

The former Information minister, who noted with dismay the claim by some northerners that Jonathan signed an agreement with them to run for a single term of four years, disputed the existence of such a deal and challenged those making the allegation to produce the document or keep quiet.

Gana said it was in the interest of the north to support Jonathan for a second term since the President had done so well for the region and Nigeria within two years than any sitting President in Nigeria.

He said the achievements of Jonathan in the areas of improved power supply; roads, agriculture, aviation and job creation were unprecedented in recent years. The BoT member noted that even if Jonathan did not want to run in 2015, the South-South, which has always supported the North to produce the President of Nigeria, should be assisted by the North to contest and win.


Billionaire Offers N22 Billion To Any Man Who Can Turn His Lesbian Daughter Straight


The Hong Kong billionaire playboy who offered nearly £40million to any man who could turn his homosexual daughter straight, has now doubled the ‘dowry’.
Cecil Chao raised the reward to HK$1million (£80million) after thousands of eligible bachelors failed to convince his daughter Gigi to marry any of them.
The 77-year-old property magnate insists that 34-year-old Gigi is ‘still single’ despite the fact that she married her long-term partner Sean Eav two years ago.
Mr Chao told a Malaysian newspaper that despite offering HK$500million, approximately £40million, and 20,000 men registering their interest in taking up the quest, Gigi is still not in a straight marriage.
He said that he did not want to interfere with his daughter’s private life, but that he wanted her to have ‘a good marriage and children’.
In response, Ms Chao said that although her wife had been left ‘distraught’ by her father’s interview, she found it easier to ignore – even offering to comply with the terms, as long as the man in question donated a large part of the money to charity, and did not mind that she is already married.
‘I don’t think my dad’s offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive,’ she told South China Morning Post.

Nigeria’s economy in danger without CBN autonomy — sanusi

CBN governor, Sanusi

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Mr. Lamido Sanusi, yesterday, warned that Nigeria’s economy will be greatly endangered if the independence of the apex bank was undermined.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television Africa, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Sanusi said maintaining the independence of the bank will be a major challenge that his successor will have to contend with, saying that it is important for a strong individual to be appointed to head the bank, due to the critical role it plays in the development of the country.

He said, “Any undermining of the CBN’s independence may hurt the economy. If anyone tampers with it, the markets would punish the economy.

“The CBN is a very strong institution that needs a strong leader and I think one of the things we have achieved over the last four or five years is to show that we can have an independent Central Bank in Africa.

“It is extremely important from the fiscal side, it is extremely important from the governance side, that the governor of the Central Bank is able to speak independently of political authority and raise an alarm and concerns, and give constructive criticism and advice.”

In another interview with Reuters Global Markets Forum, Sanusi ruled out further devaluation of the currency, saying that the apex bank would continue to pursue a stable exchange rate policy as long as the foreign reserves can support.

He further expressed concern about Nigeria’s dwindling Excess Crude Account, saying that its ability to successfully protect the naira will be based on the amount in the Excess Crude Account and the Foreign Exchange Reserve.

According to him, a stable currency is absolutely critical for price stability and financial stability in general, adding that it is not in the interest of the country to devalue the naira, because it will not have impact on the country’s current account balance, given the highly inelastic nature of imports and the dominance of oil.

He said the Excess Crude Account, ECA, had now fallen to just $2.5 billion, compared with $11.5 billion a year ago, noting that until it is replenished there would be little room for a reduction in the Monetary Policy Rate, MPR, below the current 12 per cent benchmark.

He said: “We should continue to seek a stable exchange rate for as long as the reserves and monetary conditions can support this.”

Sanusi said he has no fears of tightening monetary policy further to keep inflation down and to stabilize the currency, noting that, if needed, the CBN will increase its Monetary Policy Rate from 12 per cent and the Cash Reserve Requirement on public sector funds to 100 per cent.

He added that: “I don’t think we are at the end of possible tightening cycles, but I do think that the scope for further tightening is getting narrower and narrower. We do need to rely more on other instruments.”

He said the CBN will maintain inflation within a band of six per cent to nine per cent this year, controlled majorly by monetary conditions.

He said, “Government spending has not been huge, the real challenge has been on the revenue side and on the foreign exchange side. I see no reason why from 2015, Nigeria cannot move to within the range of South Africa’s three percent to six percent, or four percent to seven percent for inflation.”

Sanusi further stated that he was unconcerned by personal relationships, saying that, “We meet at work and people should do their job. I do hope that the president will be happy if I do the job very well.”

Sanusi had over the years as CBN Governor, made a number of controversial statements, drawing the ire of the members of the National Assembly and the executive arm of government, when he commented on the pay package of the legislators and asked questions on the finances of the country, respectively.

It came to an head, when in September last year, he wrote a letter to the Presidency, alleging that about $49.8 billion of the country’s crude oil money has not been remitted by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, to the Federation Account over a 19-month period.

The NNPC denied insinuations made by the CBN Governor in the letter, saying Sanusi is ignorant of the operations of the oil and gas sector and also playing politics with the issue.

The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, called a joint press conference with the Minster for Petroleum Resources and the CBN to explain the controversial figure and it was established after a reconciliation meeting that it was not $49.8 billion that had not paid into the Federation Account but $10.8 billion.

However, a few days into 2014, it was reported that the Presidency, angered by Sanusi’s decision to allegedly leak contents of his letter to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, asked him to resign, a request that he turned down, saying that he can not be forced out of office until June, when his tenure is expected to elapse.

Gov. Okorocha not importing snipers – Imo denies

okorochaDAILY TRUST – The Imo State government has denied the allegation made by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that Governor Rochas Okorocha imported suspected Boko Haram members into the state with a view to training them as snipers.

Addressing newsmen yesterday in Owerri, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy Dr. Theodor Ekechi said: “The allegation was born out of hallucination by a party which lacks the ability to differentiate facts from imaginations”.

He said the governor and government of the state including its agencies are incapable of contemplating such an act. On the claim by PDP that the International College of Advanced Professional Studies (ICAPS) is the training ground for the fundamentalists, the commissioner said the institution is “another ingenious innovation establishment of the governor for specialist manpower cum vocational training and cannot for any reason be used as training ground for snipers”.

Ekechi wondered why the PDP did not raise and alarm so that the suspected Boko Haram members would be arrested.

Check out pictures of Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage from industry night with Jimmy Jatt


 Newly wed celebrity couple Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They were photographed at Industry Nite for Dj Jimmy Jatt on wednesday kissing and cuddling…

KaySwitch & Girlfriend Share Romantic Kiss As They Mark Their One Year Anniversary


Dbanj’s younger brother ‘Kcee’ and his Liberian girlfriend ‘Meenakshi Monica Subramani’ celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday. His girlfriend took to instagram to share picture of herself and her boo sharing passionate kiss. Guess she wants people to stay away from her man… Nice one and many more passionate years to them!!!

Screen Diva ‘Genevieve Nnaji ‘ Shares Lovely Photos Of Herself Having Fun

Genny who became an etisalat ambassador yesterday with over N100 million deal couldn’t help but celebrate her success. She shared these photos of herself having fun on a ship.
Check out more photos after the cut….

SSS summons El-Rufai over provocative statement


The State Security Service has invited the Deputy National Secretary, All Progressives Congress, Malam Nasir El-rufai, to appear at its headquarters in Abuja on Friday over a statement attributed to him in the Thursday edition of ThisDay newspapers.

The former FCT Minister was said to have been invited to clarify the statement, where he was quoted to have said, “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die. And the only alternative left to get power is to take it by force, this is the reality on the ground.”

El-Rufai had warned that the 2015 general elections would be marred by riots and other forms of violence that might lead to loss of lives and property except the Independent National Electoral Commission and security agencies were ready to hold free and fair elections.

He accused INEC of incompetence, arguing that if it was not able to organise credible elections in Anambra and Delta states, it would be almost impossible to expect free and fair elections from the umpire in 2015.

He said he had no confidence in the Attahiru Jega-led electoral commission and security agencies to organise impartial elections in 2015, predicting a disastrous outcome if those involved did not get their acts together early enough.

The SSS, which is uncomfortable with El-Rufai’s comments, was said to have summoned him and also issued a statement warning politicians against making provocative and disruptive comments.

The Media Adviser to the APC stalwart, Muyiwa Adekeye, who confirmed the invitation through a text message, however said his principal would not honour it.

Kid actors, Chinenye Oguejiofor and Somadina Adinma stage comeback



Popular Nollywood kid actors, Chinenye Oguejiofor and Somadina Adinma have staged a comeback to Nollywood.


And this move is courtesy Nollywood movie producer, Okey Zinger of Zanga Productions.

Chineye and Somadina, who would be remembered for their various characters in several Nollywood flicks before their hiatus are back on set as lovers.

The actors are currently in Nsukka shooting the comeback flick entitled Zero Squad.

While Somadina is currently a 200 level student in the Department of Theatre Arts, UNIZIK, Chinenye is currently in her second year as a student in the Department of Dental Surgery, UNN.






Pictures courtesy:

Nollywood Film Maker Slapped Into Unconsciousness By SARS


Lawrence ‘Lurrenz’ Onuzulike, a popular Asaba film maker was recently given the beating of his life by Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS. Lawrence was on location in Ajah on Friday, January 17, filming ‘bloomberry hotel’ when the SARS team invaded the place. An eyewitness said, “it was really embarrassing because they humiliated him in public and   people watching lost count of the number of slaps he was given. No one  knows what he did. When the SARS team came to the location venue and  began shooting into the air, at first people thought it was a movie  scene till the hot slaps which landed on Lawrence’ cheeks cleared the  air about what their intention was. He was said to have been  slapped into an unconscious state before being handcuffed and whisked  away

Lancelot Imasuen releases behind the scenes pictures for ‘Invasion 1897′




Popular Nollywood filmmaker, Lancelot Imasuen has released few pictures from behind the scenes of his high budget fluck, Invasion 1897.

The flick which features Chukky Venn as Igie Ehanire, tells the story of the monarchial rule of the Benin empire as well as the invasion of the British government.

Already, the Feva TV boss has kicked off an awareness campaign for the movie, which is expected to rule the cinemas in 2014.




John Dumelo ‘beats’ Rita Dominic on set!



Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo played out the nasty character of George Williams, who violated his wife, Rosemary Williams, played by Rita Dominic.

According to Rita, ‘I took the beating of my life in this flick courtesy John Dumelo’s character…George Williams is a beast and Rosemary Williams is a monster!’

Directed by Desmond Elliot, The Williams is said to be a true life story that dwells on the ills and possible causes of domestic violence in the life of a young couple played out by the Ghanaian and Nigerian acts.






(Written by James Dikko, Edited by Gbenga Bada)

Queens of Nollywood unveiled

omotola and joselyn


Over the last 20 years reign of Nollywood movies and its practitioners, very few stars have been able to overtly display voluptuous booty to the glaring admiration of fans and colleagues-the closest to these has been infamous Cossy Orjiakor with her almost nude and boobs display.

However, in the last 4 years, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Mercy Johnson Okojie have consistently left men drooling with the sudden appreciation of their sexy curves that glorifies their booties.

Thus, the sudden and race to show off massive booty and curves by Nollywood actresses at every and any given opportunity-ranging from movie locations to Instagram pages to regular events, award ceremonies, red carpets and even musical concerts.

So much is the booty craze that some actresses go as far as enhancing their booties with surgery while others settle for body enhancement suits.

GBENGA BADA writes on the emergence of the Nollywood bootilicious queens.


Omotola Jalade Ekeinde



Widely acclaimed the pathfinder in this miniature genre of Nollywood, Time Magazine acclaimed Nollywood Queen; Omotola Jalade Ekeinde might be referred to as the touch bearer of bootilicious queens of Nollywood. Her booty is of no comparison so much that it made headlines on several mediums in Nigeria. She’s not only proud of her booty, she readily flaunts it in tight fitted gowns and attires that leave colleagues and fans breathless. For her booty, she was tagged the real ‘African Magic’ by Big Brother Africa host, Ik Osakioduwa at the maiden edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Surprisingly, Omotola has four lovely kids!

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn-Dumas - Copy


She’s Ghanaian and had lived unnoticed until very recently. Joselyn Dumas had carried on with her booty for years as a presenter and part time actress without attracting so much attention-largely because she sits most times on her TV programme-but became a source of attraction when the craze for voluptuous booty became an added advantage for getting roles in Nigerian movie world. The sultry actress can conveniently compete with Omotola save for her height.

Mercy Johnson Okojie



The story of Mercy Johnson’s booty would be incomplete without the fore knowledge of the fact that she grew in Nollywood-both in age and stature. The young Mercy was the cynosure of all eyes at 27. She was young, curvy with massive boobs and booty and her career was blossoming, even though she had more scandals to deal with than many of her peers, contemporaries and senior colleagues! Mercy headlined several newspapers, magazines, blogs and entertainment websites for weeks and months daring fashion buffs and leaving men breathless with her growing booty and boobs. Before becoming mrs. Okojie, Mercy became the target of several photojournalists as a picture of Mercy earned accolades for it became the news of the day. Her booty has grown to become one of the most fantasized by male admirers.

Ronke Odusanya

ronke odusanya


Not many would remember the name Ronke Odusanya but when Flakky Ididowo is mentioned, everyone remembers the ‘Yoruba’ actress with one of the most sinful body built! Dark, effervescent and quite fashionable, Ronke undoubtedly is one of the reigning Nollywood bootilicious queens. So much is Ronke’s booty that she earned herself the booty titled role in the popular flick, Flakky Ididowo. Not one who flaunts her booty but like almost every actress on this list, her booty has literary turned her golden fish with little or no hiding place.

Daniella Okeke

daniella okeke3


Daniella Okeke is the star of one of Emem Isong’s flicks, Lagos Cougars and she has become a regular celebrity for pictures for her booty flaunting activities on Instagram and red carpets. Though her massive tits and booty remain a subject of discourse having amassed the voluptuous booty and tits in just two years, she has become one of the head turners at events. Not the most pretty of them all but the bold Igbo lady readily flaunts her backside in your face if and when given the opportunity. Without doubts, her ‘assests’ has earned her several roles in Nollywood movies.

Lydia Forson

lydia forson at afriff2


She’s another Ghanaian actress and she sure knows what her booty causes when she adorns those tight fitted pants! Lydia Forson causes stir at almost all events and she sure knows how to make herself a subject of discourse-she turned on almost all men at the opening ceremony of the 2013 African International Film Festival, which held in Calabar. Lydia flaunts her booty whenever necessary but she’s a bold and proud black woman, who believes she’s the true and essence of an African woman. She’s a popular Ghanaian actress and has gotten several raunchy roles thatleft her wriggling and whining her booty to the admirations of fans and audience.

Halima Abubakar

halima 3


One of the early actresses to discover the tenacity of sexual appeal in Nollywood, Halima Abubakar has got some considerable booty. Her booty had always been a cynosure of all eyes and when many couldn’t, she has dared, been there and seen it all. Though her booty rarely make news in recent days, Halima’s booty can’t be ignored when making a list of bootilicious Nollywood queens.

Biodun Okeowo Sofuyi

biodun okeowo


Another ‘Yoruba’ actress with an impressive booty is Biodun Okeowo Sofuyi. Widely referred to as Tolani Osinrin and Omo Butty, Biodun’s booty remains one of the fascinating ones even after two kids! She tows the same path with Omotola and Mercy and has impressed several male fans and admirers with her massive booty. Aside obviously flaunting her booty and sultry looks on Instagram, a meeting with Biodun on a red carpet event would leave every man the envy of his peers and friends. Earning herself considerable movie roles and producing few, Biodun’s booty goes down as seductively appealing.

Anita Joseph

anita joseph


Not many movie lovers would accept her booty ranks her amongst Nollywood queens but her tenacity in flaunting and showing the Nigerian male and female audience what she posses would qualify her as one. Her Facebook account reeks of pictures of the actress showing off her considerable booty to the admiration of many. She makes every effort to create an attention with her backside just like few names on this list and even though she doesn’t get the much expected attention, she has got her retinue of fans and male admirers.

INVESTIGATION!!! Mallam Sanusi Lamido: Illegal Donations Made as CBN Governor.


The Federal government is continuing their inquiry on some of the numerous and unexplained donations made unilaterally by the CBN governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido. Some of the illegal donations are listed as below.

1] Bayero University, Kano – — N4 billion
2] Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto – N10 billion.
3] University of Benin, Benin – N500 million.
4] Kano State Govt. —- N100 million.

History have Never recorded such a reckless, unprofessional, unethical and mindless abuse of office as experienced in Sanusi Lamido Sanusi role as CBN boss.
Nigerians are waiting for his explainations.

APC Loses Slim Majority In The House Of Representatives


House of Reps Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal

The slim numerical advantage enjoyed by the All Progressives Congress  (APC) in the House of Representatives since the defection of 37 members  of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to its fold has been lost  following the open declaration of Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele for Labour  party.
In a letter read on the floor this morning by Speaker  Aminu Tambuwal, Hon. Bamidele, who was hitherto a defacto member of the  APC, told his colleagues that he had chosen to register with the Labour  party because that is what his constituents in Ekiti State required of  him.
The APC had maintained a slim majority of 172 members over  PDP’s 171 and upon which basis it had put up a spirited battle to claim  the leadership of the lower chambers from the ruling party which formed  the government at the centre.
In fact, leader of the APC in the  House, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, had on Tuesday attempted to subtly hijack

LASU mayhem update: University shut down indefinitely


Lagos State University ((LASU) has been shut down indefinitely following what the school termed ‘violent protest by students’.

The school management shared the bulletin above announcing the indefinite closure, and asked all students to vacate the school premises until further notice. Exams have also been put off until further notice.

Trouble started at the University yesterday after the VC Prof. John Obafunwa refused to re-open the registration portal for over 1200 students left to register for examinations.

stop behaving like a Jaga Jaga Governor – Bola Tinubu to Governor Amosun

**stop behaving like a Jaga Jaga Governor – Bola Tinubu to Governor Amosun.
**henceforth you are on your own. You should go and mend fence with other APC leaders in Ogun and stop these killings….

The Abuja meeting holding now between the leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has turned to market square abuses, as Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Ibikunle Amosun and other notable Ogun State APC leaders were engaged in heated argument.

The APC National leadership which is trying to resolve the frictions in about 16 states chapters of the party. In that which meeting is still ongoing, the angered Tinubu shouted at Governor Amosun to “Stop behaving like a Jaga Jaga Governor”. He told Governor Amosun that he was henceforth on his own and asked him to go and mend fence with his leader, Akinrogun Osoba and other notable members of the party in Ogun State and stop these attacks and killings.
A deflated Governor Amosun promised to reach out to them henceforth and promised to stop the violence and work together with all party leaders in the State to move the party forward.

Governor Amosun has vowed to deal with Akinrogun Osoba if he returns as governor and Osoba knows that fact very much, he has also vouched to ensure the recall of most of the lawmakers if they are returned at the general elections. Nigerians are was waiting to see who blinks first.

The registration exercise was also postponed due to the governor’s violence so far, by stalling the meeting of the harmonization committee

2015: Group Alleges Plots To Blackmail Jonathan

A group, “We the People of Nigeria” has said there are plots to blackmail President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting the 2015 presidential election.

The group which is one of the organisations campaigning for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, claimed that there are plans by some individuals and groups to harass and blackmail the President and some of his Cabinet members so he could drop his re-election ambition.

Raising the alarm yesterday at a World Press conference in Abuja, National Co-coordinator of the group, Mr Elvis Agukwe declared that such evil plots was bound to fail as it was the entire Nigerian electorate that would determine Jonathan’s fate at the poll.

Aguikwe however appealed to President Jonathan to immediately declare his intention for the race so as to silence those behind such evil machinations and give rooms for all his supporters across the states of the federation to start mass mobilization ahead of the Presidential election.

“An orchestrated and well-funded campaign of calumny has of late been waged against President Jonathan and some of his star ministers, aided by a highly partisan media, this cabal wants to employ subterfuge, harassment and outright bully to stop President Jonathan from presenting himself for re-election,” Aguikwe said.

“Starting from the infamous open letter to defection of some governors and legislators and the false alarm from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, they have employed perfidious means to incite Nigerians against President Jonathan and the federal government,” he added.

He pointed out that “the current persecution of the president is not on account of non-performance on his part,” saying that “they see Jonathan as a hurricane threatening their stranglehold on Nigeria’s power level since Independence in 1960″.

According to him, “they see themselves as the owners of Nigeria who must determine the occupants of Aso Rock, they arrogate to themselves the sovereignty of the people, for the first time, they are now confronted with the stark reality that Nigerians themselves want to determine who presides over their affairs”.

Agukwe declared that those behind the plot to stop President Jonathan were afraid that four years of his administration might expose them as “frauds, incompetent and visionless with the possible consequence of Nigerians asking for their heads.”

IK Uche not sure of World Cup place

IK UcheIkechukwu Uche has admitted that he is not sure of his World Cup place in the Super Eagles squad, despite his rich vein of form for Villareal in La Liga.

The Nigeria international, is currently fourth in the Spanish League scoring chart, after he scored his 12th goal of the campaign against Almeria on Sunday.

Uche has not featured for the Eagles, ever since his poor displays at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa and expressed his fears of missing out at Brazil 2014.

“I do not know if I will be included for the World Cup,” Uche told Spanish daily Marca.

“Many may think that getting goals in a league like Spain should get me into Nigeria’s World Cup squad but I can only say that it doesn’t depend on me. If they call me fine and if not, no problem.”

The 30-year-old however praised his Yelow Submarines team mates for his impressive form in front of goal.

“My consistent performance is down to the help I get from all my teammates because if it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be possible to score those goals. I hope it continues. I’m going to keep working hard game after game,” concluded Uche.

Uche has scored 18 goals in 44 appearances for the Super Eagles since he made his debut in 2007.

About the lawyers protest in P’Harcourt

http://bomapeters.blogspot.com | credits: Protesting lawyers

Scores of lawyers on Thursday embarked on a protest in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, over the failure of the State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, to appoint a substantive Chief Judge in accordance to the law.

The lawyers, who gathered at the main gate of the State High Court under the auspices of the Forum of Concerned Lawyers of The Nigeria Bar Association, Port Harcourt branch, said the absence of a chief judge in the state was affecting court processes.

The lawyers, converged on the State High Court premises around 7.20am, chanting solidarity songs. They displayed placards with inscriptions that read: “APC or PDP not our concern; Amaechi, appoint a chief judge”; “Even in the military, there was chief judge”; “Rivers State Govt, don’t play politics with the appointment of a chief judge”; “Judiciary not for sale”, and “Amaechi, remember the rule of law brought you to power”.

Addressing the protesters, the Chief Coordinator of the Forum, Reverend Chris Itamunoala, said that the vacuum created had made the annual reprieve granted to prisoners by a state chief judge impossible.

Itamunoala lamented that over 3,800 suspects in Port Harcourt Prison were still awaiting trial due to the absence of a chief judge that would assign cases to lawyers.

The Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association, Mr. Lawrence Oko-Jaja, however, dissociated the NBA from the protest.

Why Jonathan issued a query to CBN Governor Sanusi

The presidency has issued a query to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, demanding an explanation for some of the donations the CBN has made under his watch to some universities and organisations.

A top presidency official, who sought not to be named, confided in THISDAY yesterday that the federal government was forced to issue the query as a result of its concern over Sanusi’s activities, which have portrayed him as working to undermine the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to him, Sanusi has engaged in what he described as unprecedented politicisation of his office as well as serial infractions of regulations governing the operations of the central bank.


He said the presidency was worried by the way and manner Sanusi had been donating to communities and institutions in the name of the central bank without adherence to due process and regard for the multi-cultural diversities of the Nigerian nation.

The CBN governor was accused of donating about N150 billion to some institutions and interest groups in states controlled by opposition political parties in what appears to be a clever way of channelling state funds to some politicians who in turn use them to attack the president and his government. The presidency source gave some of the questionable donations to include N4 billion to Bayero University, Kano; N10 billion to Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto; N500 million to the University of Benin, Benin; and N100 million to the Kano State Government.

Many of the donations, he added, were considered ultra-vires as they were outside the powers and functions of the CBN.

In addition, the source said in the last one year, security reports had indicted Sanusi of holding nocturnal meetings with politicians, especially with the opposition parties, making reckless statements capable of undermining the integrity of the nation’s financial institutions and violating global principles of public decorum expected of holders of such offices.

According to the presidency official, “The CBN governor has become more of a politician than a banker. He delights in political circus shows in the company of opposition political figures; making statements unbecoming of his office.

“The president has actually been very tolerant of these infractions in line with his personal convictions of allowing institutions operate their own independent checks on officers, but it appears the CBN governor is becoming a law unto himself.”

The recent allegation, in a letter to the president, by the CBN governor that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had not remitted $49.8 billion of crude oil proceeds to the Federation Account, has equally been seen as a deliberate ploy by the CBN governor to portray the federal government in a bad light.

This was seen as part of the larger plan by the opposition to discredit the government ahead of the 2015 general election.

The source said the allegation, which Sanusi later described as an “error”, sent the wrong signals to the international business community about the Nigerian economy and would not have been treated lightly in other climes.

As exclusively reported by THISDAY on January 9, Jonathan had demanded the immediate resignation of Sanusi on the grounds that the CBN governor had allegedly leaked the letter he wrote to him on the unremitted $49.8 billion to former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

But Sanusi rebuffed the president, saying only the Senate could remove him from office by a two-thirds vote.

“This man is simply playing a dangerous political game. He openly romances the opposition and attacks the integrity of his employers. Do an analysis of the CBN governor’s speeches at a birthday colloquium of a notable opposition political leader in the South-west last year as well as what he said at the book launch of the spokesman of the main opposition party in Abuja, and that will show you the mindset of a man who is supposed to be the chief economic adviser of the federal government,” the source added.

Several People Hacked with Machetes as Fresh Violence Rocks Ogun APC

By Premium Times

Another round of political violence was on Wednesday recorded in Ogun State. The violence occurred at Ota Town, Ado/Odo-Ota Local Government Area where suspected political thugs unleashed terror on the secretariat of a serving senator, Akin Odunsin.


Several people were allegedly hacked with matchetes and are now receiving treatment in a hospital.

The suspects were alleged to be working for a factional leader of the troubled All Progressives Congress, APC, the ruling party in the state.

As at the time of filing this report, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, had raced to the troubled spot in the company of DCP operations, Muhammed Abdulkadri; Area Commander, Titi Kayode; and Divisional Police Officer of Ota, Gabriel Idibie.

Several people including police officers were injured in a similar violence in the state last week

The New APC (nAPC) Is Born

We hail the emergence of ‘New APC’ (nAPC)
- Press Release –
Members of the Kwara State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC wish to congratulate Mohammed Dele Belgore, (SAN) of Kwara State, former Governors Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano, Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto, M. Buba Marwa of Adamawa and other leaders across Nigeria for their wisdom in coming up with the idea of launching nAPC soon. This patriot action by founding fathers of APC will without doubt salvage our great party from imminent implosion. We hail these leaders who have resolved not to allow the ship of this Party to capsize. They deserve to be encouraged and appreciated.
We also want to specially congratulate our very own, Mohammed Dele Belgore SAN, for his resilience and steadfastness on the Kwara rescue project. We are convinced that he still symbolizes the change Kwarans seek. Premised on the strength of this powerful initiative, our appeal goes to our teeming supporters not to get stampeded into leaving the party.The State Interim Exco. will soon embark on a tour of our local chapters beginning from February 5th, to educate and sensitize them on how to move the party forward. We also warn our members not to participate in any membership registration exercise organized and supervised Gov. Fatai Ahmed led Government or that of their agents like Alh. Lai Mohammed. We rely on the promise of our National Vice Chairman (North Central) to organism a rancor free but all inclusive membership registration exercise in Kwara.
We share and hold on to this wise old saying that ‘after a long spell of darkness comes the light of hope’ we therefore appeal to our members to share in our optimism while they also remain steadfast within the party as we seek avenues for a peaceful, but reasonable resolution built on justice and fairness. Up till now, we have not lost hope that our party can be salvaged. We have this implicit confidence in the ability of the leaders of the APC to retrace their steps. No man has power to exercise any form of authority on another without his express consent.
Nigerians today are asking core but fundamental questions about the Nigerian political system. Are our political parties any more ideological? Who are the true progressives?
The twin questions on the lips of our members today are, a) what is progressive about our APC when the party is now peopled by the very enemies of this country! Is the APC truly different from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or any other political party in Nigeria for that matter? As it is now, the only difference is that they are the same!
Secondly, how morally correct is it for the new entrants to control both the ‘Government’ and the ‘Party’? As principled politicians, until our leaders correct these errors, setting up several committees by whatever appellation will not resolve the crises, It does not matter wether membership of such committees are drawn from another planet other than the one led by Chief John Oyegun of Edo State.
For the umpteenth time, we reiterate that any arrangement that cedes the structure of Kwara APC in favour of the new entrants will lead to the defeat and humiliation of the party come 2015. Any assumed peace predicated on injustice will breed tsunami like crises. Should the APC be allowed to implode on the alter of this so called political expedience, hope of millions of Nigerians would suffer.
Alh. Lying Mohammed does not represent Kwara APC, he has no electoral value here. Kwara people attach no importance to his press statements, here, he represents himself and a handful of people looking for political appointment from Gov. Fatai Ahmed and his boss. No one can be hiding somewhere in Lagos, deceiving Nigerians with press statements that does not reflect the actual state of affairs.
Kwara is one of the most backward State in Nigeria today, has he said anything about the state of affairs here in 8 years? What did he say about the day light electoral robbery at the Offa LG re-run ? How many protests did he or his hangers-on participate in? When hundreds were sacrificed during the induced annual sallah stampede at Senator Saraki’s house, rather than say anything, he looked the other way and discovered a Catholic Church stampede in far away Anambra State. What has he said about poor Nigerians who lost all their meager savings in Societe Generale Bank, and Kwara State owned Trade Bank. What of Intercontinental Bank Plc, where 21billon naira loan guaranteed by Kwarans was diverted for private business of his new boss. Nigerians are watching. We implore him to come to Oro and hold political meeting with just 20 people who are citizens of that community.
We make boast to say that we are the largest political family in Kwara of today, by the grace of God, wherever we move to, the pendulum swings in that direction.
Awi funi ko to dani, baba ijakadi. Eni awifun, Oba je o gbo. Abo oro lanso f’omo luabi, to ba de inu e, yio di odindi.

Rev. Bunmi Olusona Interim State Chairman, Kwara APC.

Money cannot buy leadership, stop wasting your time – Clark tells Tinubu


Frontline Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, has called on national leader of the All Progress Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stop parading himself as the leader of the Yoruba nation, saying that no one recognizes him as a leader.
According to him, since Obafemi Awolowo and Adekunle Ajasin died, the Yorubas have had no leaders, adding that former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu was wasting his time, moving about, calling himself the Yoruba leader, saying “money cannot buy leadership.”
Clark stated this when the Federal Capital Territory chapter of South-South community leaders, chiefs and elders visited him at his residence in Abuja.
The former Minister of Information said, those fighting President Goodluck Jonathan because of the 2015 second term ambition are actually fighting God who enthroned him as the leader of the country.
According to him, the Constitution permits Jonathan to run for the Presidency twice, adding that as a lawyer, who had practised for 50 years, he always laugh when educated people say Jonathan cannot run for the office on the basis that he had been sworn-in twice.
He therefore, averred that anyone planning to split the country would not succeed.
He disclosed that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo imposed former President ,Umaru Yar’Adua on Nigeria.

Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi with Imo Deputy Governor(LOOK)

Displaying photo.JPG

Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi with Imo Deputy Governor in a chat immediately after Governors’ Forum meeting yesterday night

Pastor caught sleeping with teenage girl during spiritual deliverance


Pastor and General Overseer of Zion International Christian Church, Idah, Kogi State, Pastor Kingsley may have landed trouble for his alleged uncontrolled sexual appetite

The pastor was alleged to have slept with one Mary, daughter of his sunday school teacher on the pretext that the lady was possessed with demons which could only be exorcised through sex. The clerk was said to have had carnal knowledge of the 18-year old girl

According to the state Commissioner of Police, Seidu Madawaki who paraded the suspect before newsmen, the bubble burst for Pastor Kingsley when his attempt to abort the pregnancy was refused by the victim.

“ After impregnating the girl, he attempted to abort the pregnancy by giving her some liquid substances mixed with olive oil which she refused to drink”, he said.

Speaking with Crime Watch, the victim said she came to join her parent from the village around November last year when the pastor spotted her in the church on the pretext that she had ‘a wild demonic spirit’ in her and then ordered her to see him after the church service for deliverance.

Frightened, she said she went to meet the pastor immediately after the service. “He told me that my waist and private parts have been ravaged by demons and until deliverance was carried out, I may not be able to have any child in life.  “ The Man of God’ frightened me and said he would only cast out the demons from me through sexual intercourse but he warned me not to tell anybody on the mode of deliverance.

“After praying into an olive oil, he asked me to undress while he  rubsed my waist and private parts with the anointing  oil mixed with some substances , he then undressed himself and used the same oil  on his private part before he descended on me and started to do the thing.”

“But I discovered that I was pregnant last week when my mother noticed my conduct and I had to reveal everything to her even though he warned me not to tell anybody,” She revealed.

However, the 37-year old pastor denied the allegation saying, that all he did was to cast out the demons in her, using the anointing oil

He said that some church members who were envious of his spiritual rise were the one who ganged up against him because his ministry was experiencing ‘exponential growth’

The CP warned parents to put more attention on their female children even in religious centres,  saying there are many fake pastors outside there.

The Sun


Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has described the appointment of former National Chairman of Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Dr. Bamanga Tukur as Chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation as well conceived and deserving of a man of his status.

While, commending President Jonathan for the appointment, he expressed the hope that, Dr. Tukur will bring his long standing experience in the private and public sectors to bear in his new position.

“The revival of the rail transportation is so dear to Mr. President and the transformation agenda of the Federal Government and with the massive investments in the sector and a capable hand like Dr. Bamanga Tukur, we are sure to have things working in record time”

Governor Dickson, who was speaking on the heels of his new appointment, noted that, the decision was not only a wise one, but one that will give the sector the needed boost and make life more meaningful for Nigerians and the economy in general.

The Bayelsa State Chief Executive also commended the Elder Statesman for his dedicated, selfless and committed services to the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP and the nation in general, describing him as a faithful and progressive party man, who has at various times jettisoned selfish motives and worked diligently for the overall benefit and progressive of the PDP and the country.

According to him, in every circumstance and situation, the elder statesman has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the PDP and always placed it above every other consideration.

“It is a thing of joy that, as a political party, we have people like him, whose maturity and loyalty to the party has continued to endure over the years and as a person and as a State, we are very proud of him and our prayer is that, God Almighty continue to grant him good health and wisdom to continually render quality service the nation, even as Chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation”

“He remains a father figure and a source of inspiration to majority of us and that is also why we will equally continue to appreciate him for his positive attributes”

The Bayelsa State Chief Executive was also full of gratitude to Alhaji Bamanga for always standing by President Goodluck Jonathan, even in the face of daunting challenges, adding that the Government and people of Bayelsa State will remain eternally grateful to him.

Lagos State University (Lasu) Riot Update

Last night, some students of the Lagos State University (LASU) barricaded a section of the Ojo road, which leads to the school.

Speaking with an eyewitness, who remained anonymous, it was learnt that in June 2013, before the six months ASUU strike that ended in late December, the school authorities closed down the school’s website, thereby preventing students from further registration.

“Now that we have resumed, it is still the same thing. Exam is starting today and some students haven’t yet registered. The Vice Chancellor said he is not going to open the portal which means all the students affected will have extra year after paying 250,000 as school fees.

Most of the affected students paid N250,000 as school fees. Normally, the web portal is closed down a week before exam. The affected final year students will have to get an extra year. It won’t cost the VC a dime to order the opening of the portal. That was the reason for yesterday’s protest,” one of them narrated.

The students have vowed to stop the ongoing exams and are ready for a showdown.

Veteran Nollywood Actor Francis Daramola Is Dead

Chief Francis Daramola  who is popularly known in the Yoruba theatre and film industry as Egbeji died on Sunday, January 19, 2014 in Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State.

The deceased was famous for his role in ‘Iku Jare Eda’ and he was the husband of late Ramota Daramola, the first popular Orisabunmi in the Yoruba movie industry.

The Ogun State chapter of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners, ANTP confirmed Chief Daramola’s death.

May his soul rest in peace


what is wrong with this photo 890(look +18)


Lagos state university students protest, shuts down Lagos Badagry Expressway


Students of lagos state university, today demonstrated over the misunderstanding between the undergraduates and the vice chancellor of the university.


According to a reliable source the vc of the university denied the undergraduates from registering their courses online by shutting the online portal.

According to one of the protesting student,  the students were forced to protest due to the commencement of the 2nd semester exam, which comes up 23rd January 2014.

A student further revealed that the vc last shutdown the online registration portal last year 2013, due to late registration among students.


According  to reliable source, the art faculty pays 198,000 plus sundry fees,

Sciences 280,000, law faculty, 350,000.

The initial school tutions fee was increased from N25,000  to 150,000 to 350,000.

It was also recalled the Lagos state university who runs the institution increased the tuition fees, because the student complained of too much population inside the decaying infrastrutures within the university.


Russian Billionaire’s Partner Under Fire For Posting ‘Offensive’ Picture

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s partner, Dasha Zhukova  is under fire for posting a picture of herself sitting on a chair made to resemble a half-naked black woman, on Martin Luther King Day. A lot of people accused her of being a racist and insisted the picture was offensive. editor Claire Sulmers was among the first to express her disbelief, claiming the photo’s message was startlingly clear: ‘White dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.’
Organizing for Women’s Liberation also tweeted, ‘This is incredibly racist,’ after news of the unbelievable picture spread and a lot of women organisations have condemned the act. She has since taken the picture down. Wonder why she did at first.

Meet billionaire businesswoman Deinde Fernandez’ Daughter Abimbola

Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez is so rich, he has his own Island. He also owns a mansion in Larchmont, NY, a house in Brussels, a palace in Nigeria and a French hunting château that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte. He owns three private jets and is said to be worth about $8.7 billion. And the lady above is his daughter, 25 year old Abimbola Fernandez, who recently joined the music business.

She released her first single ‘Let’s Take It unclad’, just yesterday and aspires to be the next Rihanna.

“I think that, unfortunately, everyone’s perception of socialites has been pretty accurate so far, which is what I want to change. People think I’m exactly like Paris Hilton, that I do nothing, I don’t work for myself, I don’t make my own money, I just spend my dad’s money, and I’m a spoiled brat. I hope they’re not right.” Bim as she’s called explains why she’s following her passion and going into music


Aki spotted with Mikel Obi and Victor Moses

Amaechi, Kwankwaso, others can’t be APC states’ leaders – Shekarau


A former  Governor of Kano State and a leader of  the All Progressives Congress, Ibrahim Shekarau,  said on Tuesday in Kaduna that there was no ‘agreement’ between the five Peoples Democratic Party governors that defected to the APC and his party to make them leaders of the party in their various states. Shekarau, on a Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria

Kaduna’s Hausa programme, Hanu da yawa monitored  in the state capital, said there was no existing agreement with the G-5 governors and the leadership of the APC to become automatic leaders of the party in their states.

He challenged the leadership of the APC to produce such an agreement, saying that the governors could not lead the party in the states.

The G-5 governors that defected to the APC from the PDP are – Murtala Nyako(Adamawa); Musa Kwankwaso(Kano); Aliyu Wamako(Sokoto); Abdulfattah Ahmed(Kwara); and Rotimi Ameachi(Rivers).

He noted that there was no meeting where such an agreement was reached  that the defected governors from the PDP  should be automatically made leaders of APC in their states.

Shekarau, who is also a  presidential candidate of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party in the 2011 general elections,  added that he wouldn’t have disputed the idea if it had followed the due process or if all the party leaders had met to agree on it.

He said, “I challenged our northern APC chairman Bello Masari to tell us the time, date and at what meeting it was agreed that the said state governors should be made chairmen of the party in their states. Is it at a meeting of 35 party members which was never held or was it at a meeting of party elders?

“Our National Chairman, Bisi Akande, only went with a few APC governors to meet with some PDP leaders and now they are talking of an agreement. Let him (Masari) provide the copy of the said agreement to newsmen to enable the public to know the content of the agreement and where it was agreed upon.”

Shekarau, who expressed concern over the development, explained that before he and other aggrieved members of the party complained on the said agreement, he had sought clarification from some party elders who told him there was no such an agreement.

But when contacted, the Interim National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said there was a subsisting agreement, to allow governors drive the process in the states.

He said, “We did agree with the new PDP governors that whatever rights our APC governors enjoy they would enjoy and prior to their coming, we agreed that governor in our states would drive the process and that the governors in the states would appoint interim chairmen.

“To that extent whatever our governors enjoy as soon as they became APC governors they will enjoy them and nobody can deny that.”

Culled from PUNCH.