Photos: Edo State Commissioner for Sports in street brawl


The Edo State Commissioner for Sports, Chris Okaeben, engaged in a street brawl with officials of War Against Indiscipline in Benin on Monday March 24th after the WAI officers apprehended a vehicle belonging to Captain Hosa Okunbor, for violating traffic light by Hexagon junction along Airport road.

According to eye-witnesses, the driver of Captain Okunbor’s SUV pulled over and told the WAI officials that the SUV belonged to a leader and that they had no right to apprehend the vehicle even if he drove through a red light.

When the WAI officials insisted on taking the car to the office for prosecution, the driver put up a heavy resistance and started making calls. Within 10 minutes the Commissioner for Sports Chris Okaeben drove down with some armed policemen and started fighting the WAI officials. Fortunately a passerby recorded the street brawl on his phone. Continue to see screen grab from the video…


Source: LIB

Akon On Not Working With Lady Gaga: ‘I Cashed Out While She Was Still Hot’

lady-gaga-akon stargist

Akon has revealed that he no longer works with Lady Gaga because she has already reached her peak.

The ‘Poker Face’ star was originally signed to Akon’s Kon Live label, but he ended the deal “before it was too late”.

“I got out while the gooding (sic) was hot. It’s like a business, you build it to sell it,” Akon told US DJ Sway on his radio show.

“When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn’t go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out, in other words I sold my share and got out before it was too late.”

Lady Gaga performing on stage during the 2013 Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 

Lady Gaga at the 2013 Jingle Bell Ball

A fellow DJ on the show then added that the sales for ARTPOP didn’t match Gaga’s previous successes, to which Akon replied: “That’s why I got out.”

Lady Gaga’s latest album ARTPOP went Top 10 in over 30 countries worldwide upon its release back in November.

The collection landed at number one in major music markets in the US, UK and Japan


Ibadan-based prophet leaves wife, refuses to take his bath for 13 years because God told him to


Ibadan based prophet, Wale Olagunji of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry has revealed that he hasn’t taken his bath in 13 years because it was God’s instruction.

He further disclosed that he was also instructed to separate from his wife and abstain from sex.

“Even thought I haven’t had my bath in 13 years, I don’t smell and I still look neater than those who bathe regularly. Early 2000, the Lord told me to stop taking my bath, separate myself from my wife and that I should stop taking all those soft drinks and wines. And since then I have diligentlyobserved all those things. Whoever God wants to use for certain purposes on earth, there is a serious price attached to that calling. So I believe that is the price I am paying. As I am talking to you now, I have not taken my bath. If you want me to show you evidence, I will show you; I have not taken my bath since 2001 till this moment.” He told City People Magazine.

When asked how he manages to remain hygienic and healthy, the prophet said“,That is the work of the Holy Spirit, I don’t have face towel, I don’t clean my body with anything. I wake up, and I just wear my clothes, water has not touched my body since 2001. I know it sounds mysterious, but when you look at Isaiah Chapter 20 verse 1 to 5, the Lord told Isaiah to walk bare-footed, without clothes, and to be naked for 3 and half years. If the Lord Almighty should say, Wale Olagunju, do likewise, I am sure people will say the man is mad.”

Wale Olagunju bagged a Bachelors of Art Degree in Theology and became a Prophet in 1993

Nuella Njubigbo And Tchidi Tchikere’s Traditional Wedding Set To Hold This Weekend?

Towards the end of 2013, there were rumours that Nuella Njubigbo had moved in with Tchidi Tchikere somewhere in Graceland Estate, Ajah. A rumour which friends of the pair had swiftly denied, but lately neighbours are talking loud that they are living together. Tchidi has been seen a couple of times cruising with Nuella’s latest SUV which was allegedly bought by her ex-lover who is a top government official. There is a strong this time, that they are getting married and it may be happening on Friday 28th March,2014 where they would be tying the knot in the traditional manner in Anambra state, the hometown of Nuella.


Is Singer Trey Songz GAY? Photo Of Him Kissing A Guy Surfaces Online (Plus Tweets And Singer’s Response)



trey-songz-vibe1 (1)Lol yesterday there was a viral report that Trey Songz revealed he is gay .That tweet by a hoax account (with over 57k retweets)broke millions of hearts and he was bombarded with insults by females obsessed with him..He had to deny it,expressing his shock at how gullible some people are..
Well,anything is possible these days after Wentworth Miller(Micheal Scofield)came out gay..This is not the first time, I’m hearing Trey Songz is gay though..
The Tweet and photo used below


Nigerian Kills Fellow Nigerian In India | Injures Another Critically.

The building where the stabbing took place.
Photo: courtesy of The Hindu
According to P.M.NEWS: A 34-year-old Nigerian was stabbed to death in New Delhi, India by another Nigerian at a birthday party, The Times of India and The Hindu newspapers have reported, quoting police sources. The incident happened Monday night, according to the two papers, adding that the Nigerian culprit has been arrested. 

Oshifo, 34, died while his friend Kelvin, 32, received grievous injuries in his hand and abdomen at Neb Sarai in south Delhi on Monday night, police said. The two got into a scuffle with another Nigerian, Henry, while consuming alcohol, a police officer said. Henry attacked them with a knife.

The two bleeding Nigerians got away from the house but fainted a little distance away. Others at the birthday fled in panic. The two Nigerians were taken to a hospital where Oshifo was declared dead and Kelvin was admitted. The attacker, Henry, was arrested on Tuesday morning.

The Hindu quoting the police said the stabbed Nigerians were found, blood soaked on the main road in the Krishna Park area of Khanpur around 2 a.m. .

They had blood oozing from their bodies because of stab wounds and were taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences where Oshifo succumbed to his injuries. Kelvin is admitted to AIIMS trauma centre in a serious condition.
Explaining the sequence of events, a police officer said: “Kelvin told us that he and Oshifo were attending a party at a friend’s apartment in the Krishna Park area, where an argument turned into a violent confrontation. On the spur of the moment, their friend Henry, also a Nigerian national, attacked them with knives.”
Residents of the area denied having seen anything or hearing any commotion that lead to the murder.
A young man, however, happened to be awake at that time. He said that he saw the two young men running out to the main road crying for help.
“I was taking a break from my studies and I came to my home’s balcony when I saw two men with blood oozing from their bodies running towards the main road. They collapsed when they reached there and just a few seconds later, I saw a PCR van coming to their rescue,” said the area resident.
Outside the flat where the alleged incident is supposed to have taken place there was blood spots on the path, suggesting that the two victims ran out seeking help.
A first information report has been registered at the Nebsarai police station under sections of murder.
In Malaysia, another Nigerian was reportedly stabbed to death also by a compatriot.
An online newsapper, reported the Nigerian was stabbed to death near Shalimar society in Kondhwa on Sunday around 8pm. The Kondhwa police have arrested Nigerian national, George Aimer (34), for allegedly murdering his countryman, Oscar (25), by stabbing him in the chest with a broken glass bottle.
Police have seized George’s bloodstained clothes and shoes and the broken glass bottle from the crime scene. They are now trying to ascertain the motive behind the murder, and are investigating the duration of stay of the Nigerians in Kondhwa area, whether they possess valid passport and visa.
George was nabbed while purchasing medicines to treat the injuries he sustained during the scuffle with Oscar. Officials said they had altered all the medical shops in the area to inform them the moment a foreigner approaches them to purchase medicines. Owner of the shop where George went to purchase medicines alerted the police.
Inspector (Crime) S D Pochorkar from Kondhwa police station said, “An auto driver informed us that two foreigners were fighting near Shalimar society. By the time policemen reached the spot, Oscar had succumbed to the injuries. Investigation lead us to George Aimer, taken into custody as the prime suspect.” reported that language barrier has stalled investigation into the murder case.

The Arrogance Of The North At The Constitutional Conference By Femi Fani Kayode

”I see arrogance. I see harrasement. I see it’s either our way or no way by the same group who felt the country belongs to them only- the people who are holding this country by the jugular at this conference.

The same way they have been behaving since the creation of the Nigerian state is the same way they are aggressively exhibiting their character at this confrence.

But gone are the days when any part of Nigeria can be intimidated, can be coerced or harrassed into submission. The majority of Nigerian s have realised that 50 years of their domination, albiet illegally, has come to an end.

They must sit down now and discuss. The odds are not in their favour. The threat of boycott or walkout will not change anything. We are all equal before the law. We are all equal before God”- ADEKUNLE ADESINA ODUNMORAYO.

Chief Odunmorayo’s words shall go down in history as being a prophetic and final warning to a people that have lost touch with reality and that feel that they must always have their way in Nigeria.

The message is loud and clear and it basically says that there are no more slaves and slave-masters in Nigeria. It says that we are all equal before God and we will never go back to the old days of northern masters and southern serfs.

If the north walks out of the conference simply because they are not allowed to operate what amounts to an effective power of veto when it comes to voting, then they may as well walk out of Nigeria as well.

And if they do so, to hell with them. It is time for the south to begin to come together and insist on their rights. Some things are way and above party politics and they are basic and fundamental- this matter is one of such things.

The north does not own Nigeria and the rest of us do not live for them or at their beck and call. We all own this country and the wishes of the north cannot be forced down the throats of the south.

By Femi Fani-Kayode

Beat FM OAP Maria Okanrede In Sizzling Romance With Former Beat FM OAP Onochie Koch Okoye



On-Air-Personality and talent manager Onochie Koch Okoye and his former Beat FM co-presenter Maria Okanrende are in a relationship. Koch was a presenter with Maria on the popular urban radio station’s breakfast programme, ‘The Morning Rush‘ along with Olisa Adibua.

According to sources, the pair started dating in early 2013 but kept the relationship under wraps until recently when Koch left the urban radio station. The radio presenter and event host left the popular radio station sometime in February. Reasons for his exit are yet to be known but insiders however speculate he left because of his relationship with Maria. Insiders alleged that management of Megalectrics Limited owners of Beat FM forbids ‘office romance’ which made the couple to keep their romance secret.

The General Manager at the station, Deji Awokoya confirmed that Koch has left Beat FM. ‘Yes it’s true, he left this February’. Following his exit from Beat FM, Koch and Maria are no longer keeping their relationship secret. Koch’s relationship status on Facebook now reads ‘in a relationship with Maria Okanrende’, while Maria’s reads ‘in a relationship Onochie Koch Okoye’. Koch and Maria are also often seen hosting events together including the Loud and Proud series before they were replaced in 2013. An event planner also confirmed the pair as an item; ‘when you book Koch to host an event for you, he comes along with Maria; when you book Maria he comes with Koch. That is how they operate and they are an awesome pair.’  Maria Okanrende is also an actress known for her role as ‘Foye’ on Season 3 of MTV’s Shuga….

Spurs Keen on Ogenyi Onazi- Report

Ogenyi Onazi Coud Be on His Way to the English League as Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur Opens Talks.

However, it’s thought that Spurs director of football Franco Baldini is plotting a transfer coup for Onazi, who has impressed with Lazio in the Serie A.

Lazio are though set to lose the midfielder, but will want to cash in some satisfactory amount on the player.

Dbanj on Kanye West: ‘He is still my mentor, he is still the one I go to when I need something… ‘


‘Scapegoat’ crooner, D’banj has dispelled rumours that he is no longer with American record label, G.O.O.D Music. The rumours started last month when he deleted G.O.O.D Music from his Twitter biography fuelling reports he’s parted ways with the Kanye West-owned label. But D’banj insists he and the founder of the record label Kanye West are still business partners.

‘Me and Ye (Kanye) are cool; the last time we spoke we talked generally about my career and what his visions are. He is still my mentor, he is still the one I go to when I need something,’ D’banj revealed during a chat with British DJ and radio presenter Tim Westwood. The Koko Master also revealed that he and Kanye West are planning for the video of the remix of his hit single ‘Scape Goat’. ‘We are still working together. ‘Scape Goat’ is still in the working and we are still trying to work on the video. We just want to get everything right because we have done so much music together,’ he said.

Must Read! Even A Beautiful Woman Can Get Rejected….,


Rejection is a possibility for anyone – yes even beautiful women – no matter how much you weigh the averages and make up excuses for why it shouldn’t be this way. Many of the reasons for rejection are as stupid as the day is long, but most of the time there is a longer explanation that goes beyond looks.
Consider the traditional art of “game”, we run up on a stranger with some conversation, a little strategy and whatever we know from experience and depending on the way the dice fall we either get some feedback or she disses us and moves away. What tends to happen on the diss for amateurs is that we sit back analyzing where we went wrong, what we lack, and what her problem is. We turn into stuck cars spinning away at our wheels trying to come up with an excuse for the rejection.

Consider some of the excuses we tend to come up with:

Well maybe she has a man.
She looks like a stuck-up broad anyway.
It’s obvious she’s looking for a trick with money; I mean this is an expensive steak house and she’s alone.
Her loss.

What if you find out that she’s in a bad spot at the time and getting hooked up is the last thing on her mind? Maybe she has a firm rule about guys who approach her in clubs? What if you look way too much like her brother and she thought it was creepy? Far-fetched? Maybe, maybe not but my point in these suppositions is that we never know. This is why the hardcore wolves don’t give it a thought; she gave you a no – on to the next!
While it may seem like a male problem this whole rejection and excuses thing – I swear that women take it 10 times worse than we do, especially if said woman is under the assumption that she is on her game at the time. You’ve seen it before, the try-hard chick who goes up to a guy batting her eyes, sliding him her number and overplaying her hand. Any guy should be grateful to have it fall in his lap that easily right? No, not based on the way things work – contrary to popular belief not all guys are desperate or in need of it.

The only cure for rejection is acceptance

There is never a time when someone is so major that anyone they talk to is an instant hook-up. A woman can look like Adriana Lima and still be lonely, not because she isn’t beautiful but because the other person has their own reasons. So instead of making it all about you in the case of hooking up with someone, kicking game, or even in taking a relationship to the next level, consider that there is another human being involved in the decision-making. Accept rejection and move on.


7 Ways Being a Perfectionist is Ruining Your Relationship

images (1)

Perfectionism. In my personal opinion, it’s both an asset and a weakness. It’s good because it helps you have standards in everything you do. It helps you to strive t be your best. But it’s bad because sometimes it causes you to take things a little too far and feel awful if you don’t do something the exact way you thought you would. Regardless of all the good things it can bring to your life, perfectionism can really wreak havoc on your dating life. Here are 7 ways being a perfectionist might be ruining romance for you (and of course a couple of tips on how to prevent it).

It’s making you too picky
Standards are good in dating. In fact, they are mandatory. You should never allow yourself to be treated badly or settle for less than you deserve. But, often times, perfectionists take standards a little too far. If you’re looking for someone who’s perfect, you’ll never find it. People aren’t perfect. Neither are relationships. So, you might be casting someone aside for really silly reasons. Try not to limit your list to 101 things, instead just choose a few or throw out the list altogether.

Stress is part of your daily routine
We can’t always be carefree, but that doesn’t mean we have to worry about every single little thing either. And when you’re all caught up in how perfect everything needs to be that’s exactly what you’re doing- stressing about everything. You’ll never just get caught up in the moment and take in all the magic of a new budding romance (or love in general). Love is a beautiful thing. Let it be.

The word should is a regular part of your vocabulary
Guilty as charged (it’s actually one thing I’m working on this year). And while saying things like “I should exercise more” or “I shouldn’t eat four more pieces of cake” are probably OK for you, all the shoulds in dating are just plain awful. The fact is, there are no shoulds in dating. It is what it is and you have to accept whatever that is.

You pick at…everything
You likely pick apart yourself, your boyfriend or the new guy you just met, and your relationship as a whole. You name it and you can pick it apart. And that’s just not healthy. You’ll end up turning little issues into much bigger ones and not ever appreciating something for how simple and wonderful it is. Instead, embrace all that wonderfulness.

The little bumps in the road seem like failure
You might meet the perfect man for you, but instead of working at the relationship you’ll end it when things get rocky. Relationships are rocky and there will be some bumps along the way, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t working. When you’re a perfectionist, you tend to view the difficulties as failure when really it’s just the natural progression of things. So relax a little. Chances are, you’re doing just fine.

The fun will start to fade
Perfectionists don’t limit standards just to themselves. Everything (and I do mean everything) must be perfect. Your significant other, your house, your car, Monday night’s dinner. And when it isn’t that way it makes you feel like a failure and it totally deflates your mood. This isn’t fun for anyone involved. And what’s the point of life and love if you can’t have fun? Sometimes dinner will burn, but you can order takeout. Your house might get messy, but you can clean it up before the in-laws come to visit. It’s OK. Really.


How To Turn Him On: 4 Common Traits Real Men Desire In A Woman


If you want to become the kind of woman that drives men crazy, make sure you have these 4 traits.
I’ve always said that there’s no one woman that all men desire. A woman one man falls head over heels in love with, will probably turn another man off. That said, there are some common traits and characteristics most men desire in a woman. In fact, I’ll rephrase that. There are several traits real men desire in a woman.

First, let’s just be clear on the difference between real men and “man-babies.” A real man will return your calls and texts. He’s emotionally mature. He’s not afraid to talk about his feelings, and he doesn’t panic when you talk about commitment.

doesn’t expect you to play them either. He’s the man that will hold your hand, and cuddle with you on the couch without pushing himself on you, because he’s in control of himself sexually. He’s the kind of man most of my women readers talk about wanting to meet. So, what are the common traits the real man wants in a woman?

Let me reveal all. There are others, but these are the big 4:

He wants you to be playful.
Dating should be fun, and men want to have a relationship with someone they can have a laugh with. Nothing turns men off quicker than a drama queen. There’s nothing worse than a woman who thrives on some kind of drama or crisis in her life. Real men want women to connect with them on a playful level. Remember in many ways, men are like big dogs. We love to play, and we love to embrace our inner child. So don’t take yourself too seriously, and be open to the fun life has to offer. It’s all around you. You just need to let yourself go.

He wants you to have emotional maturity.
Sometimes in life things don’t go right, and in every relationship, there are going to be bumps. A real man looks for a woman who doesn’t turn into an emotional wreck the second there’s a problem. I can’t stand seeing a woman throw a temper tantrum in the middle of an argument, and neither can most other men. It throws up a huge relationship red flag for us. We want to know that if there’s anything that needs to be discussed, we can sit down calmly and quietly and talk things through, without worrying whether you’re going to throw a vase at our heads!

He wants an independent woman.
Don’t be fooled by the myth that men don’t like modern women who have strength and power. Obviously, we don’ want a woman that’s going to bust our balls or treat us like children, but we like knowing you’re in control of your own life. We like knowing you have your own friends, and that we don’t have to take control of every tiny detail of the relationship. Just don’t make the mistake some women make, of not letting the man have the lead at all. We like to feel needed and wanted. Let us come and fix things at your house now and then. We love to play the knight in shining armor sometimes.

He wants sxual confidence.
Men want to know you’re sexually alive. We want to feel like you have your sxual energy turned on, and that you have plenty of s*xual confidence.
Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be a nymphomaniac, but don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun in the bedroom. If you’re enjoying yourself, let your man know. Scream, shout, and call his name if he’s doing something you like. Men love affirmation.
So there you have it…4 traits that men desire in a woman. Remember, all men are different and no one woman is ever going to be right for every man out there, but make these 4 traits part of your life, and you’ll rarely be without an eager, loving man by your side!




A badly managed problem by the office of the Speaker of Imo State
House of Assembly has finally snow balled into preliminary
investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu visited the commission’s office at Abuja on
Monday 17th March, 2014. He was allowed to go home on Wednesday 19th
of March 2014. His Chief Staff Mr. Kodichi Anamekwe has been served by
the Anti-corruption Agency. It is believed that EFCC will perform its
statutory function to the satisfaction of millions of Nigerians who
are monitoring this particular matter of corrupt practices involving
the office of Imo Speaker.

Also, the EFCC should know that their credibility and integrity is at
stake. So they are expected to do a thorough job investigation. Any
investigation by the EFCC without practically involving Citizen
Samuelson Iwuoha (petitioner) should be seen by all Nigerians as null
and void. The EFCC must ensure that all the allegations of the
Petitioner are thoroughly investigated. Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha must
be allowed to take the Anti-corruption Agency to all the sites where
the properties acquired by the Right Honourable Speaker and His Chief
of Staff are located. Anything short of this should be seen by all
Nigerians as null and void. Therefore, for on the spot assessment of
all the properties acquired by Rt. Honourable Speaker, the EFCC must
ensure that they visit all the sites. And the report of their
investigation must be made public.

The EFCC must ensure that all the road contracts awarded to companies
within the last 34 months in Imo State are thoroughly investigated,
especially Companies directly linked to Imo Speaker and His Chief of
Staff. While Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu owns WERDIS LTD, his Chief of
Staff owns FALCON ENGENEERING LTD. They awarded road contracts to
themselves through their Companies. They also facilitated total
payments to these Companies even though jobs were abandoned in
Ihitte/Uboma LGA, Isiala Mbano LGA , Ehime Mbano LGA, Owerri Municipal
LGA, Owerri West LGA, Owerri North LGA, Mbaitoli LGA etc.

For instance, Mr. Kodichi Anamekwe pocketed N18,000,000.00 and another
N70,000,000.00 meant for road jobs in Ehime Mbano LGA through his
company (FALCON) without executing the contract. Imo Speaker equally
did so in Isiala Mbano LGA, Ihitte/Uboma LGA and Mbaitoli LGA.

Also Mr. Dan Orji, the Special Adviser on Inter-governmental matters
to Imo Speaker collected over N50,000,000 meant for road jobs in
Ihitte/Uboma through his company without executing the contract. Same
for Emeka Ahaneku ( acting SSA media to Imo Speaker). Other aides of
the Speaker are involved in road contracts. All these people should be
investigated by the EFCC. Another aide of the Speaker, Pastor Tony
with telephone number 08174075919 should quickly be arrested. He is
the conduit through which all the landed properties were acquired.

Employment Racketeering in the office of the Speaker must be
investigated while that of Financial Assistance scam must ensure
absolute forensic scrutiny. Stipends for correspondents scam should
also be investigated and the affected accredited correspondents
invited to testify before EFCC. All the allegations of Citizen Ikenna
Samuelson Iwuoha as contained in his petition to the anti graft agency
must be investigated.
The EFCC must not shoot itself on the foot by producing false or
doctored report. Anything short of this will make the petitioner
(Samuelson Iwuoha) to practically drag the Presidency and the
Transparency International into the matter. Already, so many Human
Rights Agencies in the Country are aware of the development. The EFCC
must not shoot itself on the foot. Finally, EFCC must not shoot itself
on the foot. The battle line is drawn.


[Opinion]: The Joys Of Democracy

If you have read, Buchi Emecheta’s  “Joys of Motherhood” you will understand the caption above. The principle of democracy has pose to be a lucrative and inspiring concept of governance over the years. It has laid it’s foundations on freedom, built its walls on human rights and cap it up with equality before the law. No doubt, this has so inspired the legendary president c*m icon of the American state Abraham Lincoln, to have postulated that “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people” in this age of Homo sapiens, Dignity of Human person is very paramount and this concept preaches that, stands by that. So, without much ado, it is the right or seem to be the best ideology practicable in this contemporary time. However the walls are crumbling, democracy is seeming to lose the grip of it’s guiding principles. We could be committing a blundaric fallacy if we generalize it, you could argue with me that it is only peculiar to a particular clime. But! No! let us trace democracy from the roots, from its hometown, evaluating the beliefs of its founding fathers. There is a logical fallacy for this Argumentum ad populum, the fallacy of thinking that the existence of large numbers of people who believe a given thing is evidence of its truth. Common sense is either nonsense, or its none too common.

One thing is synonymous to democracy, THE PEOPLE!!! Democracy wield the people with so much power especially political power. Democracy gives the people the right to choose their leaders, to influence national decisions, to protest against tyrannical government e.t.c   but one thing democracy failed to define is, who are the People? Sociology as a discipline has gone a great length in analyzing classes of people in the society; from the minority to the majority, from the bourgeois to the proletariat, from the elites to the commoners, from the literate to the illiterate, from the rich to the poor and finally we then had upper, middle, and the lower class of people. All this pyramic groupings have their role to how democracy develops. Naturally, this classes of people will definitely exist in EVERY society, and if democracy cannot accommodate all this people, what then is it preaching? Analogically, an illiterate who is politically ignorant, will not know how or why he choose a leader, he is then left helpless in the hands of another group/class of people who chooses for him. Thomas Jefferson stated “a democracy is nothing but a mob-rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine, our forefathers were familiar with this lawless democracy that led France to a senseless revolution where mobs of people took turns in lynching their employers and their leaders including the last fellow who led them on a guillotine parade. In democracy, the majority can abuse the minority, the rich can rob from the poor, the whites can prosecute the blacks, and the born can terrorize the unborn, because they can “out-vote” them. In a democracy, popular leaders can usurp their God-ordained limits, violate their oaths, deprive their lesser subjects of life or liberty or property without due-process and hand out tax-subsidies to citizens in exchange for ever-increasing power”

Characteristically, democracy has identified the use of elected representatives, since direct democracy has failed in this modern populous era of ours, No doubt, constituency zoning exist, tenure of office exist which intends to make the concept a balanced one. But! When the constitution, one of the pillars of democracy has pose to be one of its obstacle because it gives elected representatives the right to be re-elected, so even members of the congress can serve In office for decades.  I wonder if it’s still the people’s choice. Henrik Ibsen stated “the majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against, who are the people who  make up the biggest proportion of the population—the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree that it is the fools, no matter where you go in this world. It’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority “ for this reason of insatiability of the people, democracy should rid itself of all forms of constitutional spices ranging from parliamentary immunity to prerogative of mercy and strengthen it’s checks and balances. John. F. Kennedy stated the true democracy, living and growing  and inspiring, puts its faith on the people- faith that the people will not simply elect men who will represent their views ably and faithfully, but will also elect men who will exercise their conscientious judgment—faith that the people will not condemn those whose devotion to principle leads them to unpopular courses, but will reward courage, respect honor, and ultimately recognize right

Succinctly put, Nigeria is a case study of the crumbling democracy or never existing one . it has literarily made a folly-jest of what democracy stand for , it has sarcastically tampered with the ideals of democracy, with its corruptible paint it has discolour the beauty of the system, it hides under social and cultural background, which the concept of democracy absolutely respects. Democracy gives us the liberty to fashion out our own democracy putting in view the history of our people and not drifting from the pillars of the concept. Unfortunately, the elected representatives have misconstrued this fringe benefit; partly because they do not understand it themselves or they do not care, thereby promoting/demoting democracy through selfish wills and desires. And one of their strength is that they govern majorly a politically-ignorant class of people different from their “counterparts” in America. That is the main reason they will rig elections, they will embezzle public funds, they will take bribes before the public glare, major projects will be left abandoned, for that reason, they will not care about social amenities for the people and how critical is for their economic development and standard of living. They will allocate oil rigs for themselves and widen the gap between the rich and the poor, they will hold public positions for decades and feel it’s an hereditary position, unemployment will rise in a failed manifesto. I do ask myself, are we making a comedy out of democracy in Nigeria? Or probably this is our how definition of “cultural democracy” Democracy has not even worsen to this stage that the Afro-beat legend ‘Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’ has said “Democracy is the Demonstration of craziness and crazy people” which way Nigeria? I guess we shouldn’t wear a mask called Democracy, we need to develop a system that will suit our political lifestyle.

Summarily, prior views and writers have identified the failure of democracy has a result of tribal differences, ethnicity, class e.t.c. but we need to cast our eyes and mind beyond that. The early cities of Greece and America where democracy finds its roots , this factor didn’t surface. Enlightenment and education are what make democracy to breathe, live and survive. Without this, a sort of revolution is imminent in Nigeria, whether now or later, it will get to that “Animal Farm” stage of George Orwell . certainly there is no confusion about autocracy or monarchy or anarchy yet ‘democracy’ is the word most applied to our ”traditional form of government”. I would like to change this. I would like to reapply the word that best describes our system of government. I want to hear elected officials referring to our “traditional form of government”. I want citizens to understand the difference between our traditional form of government and a democracy.


Written by  Ademola Taiwo, a  student of      

Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye

Faculty of law

NJC Suspends Rivers Chief Judge, Faces Dismissal

agumagu_amaechi_0The judicial crisis in Rivers State took a turn for the worse on Thursday as the National Judicial Council suspended the newly sworn-in Chief Judge of the state, Justice Peter N. C. Agumagu.

The suspension is with immediate effect.

A statement from the Acting Director of Information in the NJC, Mr. Soji Oye, said the Council took the decision at an emergency meeting yesterday.

The statement explained that Justice Agumagu’s appointment as the substantive head of the state’s judiciary was illegal, as it did not comply with the provisions of section 271 of the 1999 Constitution, which stipulates that a state governor must appoint a Chief Judge on the recommendation of the NJC.

The NJC stressed that it did not recommend Agumagu for appointment as the state’s Chief Judge. Rather, it recommended the most senior judge of the state high court – Justice Daisy Okocha – but she was rejected by the state governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

Besides the suspension, Justice Agumagu is also facing dismissal as the NJC has queried him, asking him to explain within four days, why he should not be dismissed as a judicial officer for failing to abide by his Oath of Office to uphold the constitution.

The statement reads, “At its 10th emergency meeting, which was held on the 26th March, 2014, the National Judicial Council under the chairmanship of Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Aloma Mariam Muktar, considered the purported appointment, confirmation and swearing-in of Hon. Justice P. N. C. Agumagu as the substantive Chief Judge of Rivers State on the 18th day of March, 2014.

“In the course of deliberations on the matter, Council noted that it is expressly provided in Section 271 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) that the appointment of a person to the Office of the Chief Judge of a State shall be made by the Governor of the State on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council, subject to the confirmation of the appointment by the House of Assembly of the State.

“The National Judicial Council did not at any time make any recommendation to the Governor of Rivers State that Hon. Justice P. N. C. Agumagu, President, Customary Court of Appeal, be appointed the substantive Chief Judge of Rivers State.

“Council therefore resolved as follows:

“That the National Judicial Council does not and will not recognise Hon. Justice P.N.C. Agumagu as the Chief Judge of Rivers State.

“That the general public and all concerned in the matter, particularly the Governor of Rivers State, the Rivers State House of Assembly, the Judiciary in Rivers State, be notified and informed that the National Judicial Council will not deal with Hon. Justice P.N.C. Agumagu as the Chief Judge of Rivers State.

“That a query be issued to Hon. Justice P. N. C. Agumagu to explain in writing within four days, why he should not be removed from office as a judicial officer for his failure to abide by his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution and Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“In the meantime, Council in exercise of its powers under paragraph 21 (d) of Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution, has suspended Hon. Justice P. N. C. Agumagu from Office as a judicial officer with immediate effect”.

Court Bars Collection Of Toll On Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge

lekki-ikoyi link bridge







A Federal High Court in Lagos has ruled that the collection of toll on the newly built Lekki-Ikoyi suspension bridge is illegal and a nullity.

Delivering judgement in a suit filed against the state government by a human rights lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Justice Saliu Saidu of the High Court held that there is no law in Lagos State authorizing the collection of toll on the bridge by the government.

Declaring the toll collection illegal, null and void, the judge held that the power to control the Lekki Lagoon and other Federal Navigable Waterways was within the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

He said although the Federal Government has given some authority to the state to construct the bridge, there is no law authorizing or permitting the collection of toll fee on it.

“The bridge is not a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative for which the collection of toll can be allowed.

“The question is: Has the third respondent, Lagos State Government, made appropriate law to enable it collect toll on the bridge?

“The third respondent only cited Section 27, 28 and 29 of the Lagos State PPP Law, 2011 as making provision for collection of toll.

“There is nothing before me to show that the subject matter in this case was as a result of the PPP Law.

“The fact before this court is that the bridge was built with the third respondent’s money.  I agree and uphold the construction of this bridge as of right.

“The third respondent has power to generate revenue from the subject matter, but the existing law does not cover it”, said Justice Saidu.

He, however, added what seems like a caveat that for the state to collect toll from the bridge, an enabling law must be must in place.

However, counsel to the state and commissioner for justice, Ade Ipaye said the court’s judgment would be appealed with immediate effect.

“We are grateful for the judgment and we hope to get the full reasons soon. There is actually a law, but this is not the place to talk about it”, said Ipaye.

Also reacting to the judgment, the plaintiff said it was a well thought out decision, vowing to challenge any law the state may make to validate toll collection on the bridge.

He said: “For now, everybody in Lagos State should be free to pass through that bridge without paying any money.

“It was built with the peoples’ money. We cannot pay tax to build a bridge and pay another money to use it. It was not built through concession.

“The court said they cannot apply the PPP Law to a bridge that was built with state funds.

“This judgment is a warning to all statutory and government agencies, because our people are burdened. The economy is bad.

“On behalf of the people of Nigeria, we must continue to challenge all impunity and all taxation that have no backing.

“We are going ahead to challenge other imposition of taxes on our people”, Adegboruwa vowed.

Police Corporal Runs Amok, Kills Wife, Five Others Before Killing Self

policeThe Ogun State Police Command is still in shock over the action of one of its officers, Corporal Sunkanmi Ogunbiyi, who ran amok by shooting dead his wife, also a police officer, Corporal Oluwatosin Faremi, five other persons and inflicting serious injuries on three others before he finally took his own life.

Among those the infuriated policeman shot dead on Thursday morning are his landlady, a two year old baby girl, a cyclist, who was said to be taking his baby to school, an unindentified man and a woman.

The state police image maker, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who described the incident as “unfortunate”, said the officer, who carried out the shooting to death of the affected persons this morning, had been having “domestic conflicts” with his late wife.

Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) also stated that the Police Commissioner, Mr Ikemefuna Okoye, had ordered a thorough probe into the incident.

Photos:- See Davido’s 18 Year Old Sexy & Hot Cousin

18 year old Adenike Adeleke  is Shina Rambo’s sister. Davido calls her his “lil’ cousin” she is presently schooling at Oak-wood university in Huntsville, Alabama, United States
More photos below

Photo:- See Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala & Her Husband

M inister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was spotted with Husband Dr Ikemba Iweala, a neurosurgeon at the Providence Hospital in Washington, DC …..

unclad Man Climbs Tree To Make It His Home


By all means hug a tree, but please do so with your clothes on.

Michael Howard Long, 40, told police in Arab, Ala., that he was climbing a pine tree to make it his home, reports. But unlike the privacy of one’s actual home, you can’t climb your treehouse unclad.

Long pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday, two days after police responded to reports of a man climbing 40 feet up a tree in the unclad around 5 a.m.

Isn’t it cold up there? WAFF reports:

Authorities said Long did not want to come down, so they used a bucket truck to cut some branches in an attempt to reach the man. Following an hour of negotiations, Long decided to take the ride safely to the ground, where he was arrested.

A disorderly conduct charge against Long was dismissed, according to MyFoxAlabama.

Denrele Edun Acquires New Shoes + He Is Trying To Make It To Guinness Book Of Records

Denrele recently got himself this high shoes ‘Akpola’ From what he wrote on his instagram page its obvious he is doing all this just to get a feature in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Photos:- See Actress Oge Okoye’s Adorable Kids



Frozen Dwarf Planet Discovered At Solar System’s Edge

Red, green, and blue dots added by astronomers show the movement of newfound dwarf planet. | Scott Sheppard, Chad Trujillo

Peering into the far reaches of the solar system, astronomers have spied a pink frozen world 7½ billion miles from the sun.

It’s the second such object to be discovered in a region of space beyond Pluto long considered a celestial wasteland. Until now, the lone known resident in this part of the solar system was an oddball dwarf planet spotted in 2003 named Sedna after the mythological Inuit goddess who created the sea creatures of the Arctic.

The latest discovery shows “Sedna is not a freak. We can have confidence that there is a new population to explore,” Yale University senior research scientist David Rabinowitz said in an email. He was one of Sedna’s founders, but had no role in the new find detailed in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature.

For years, astronomers hunted in vain for other Sednas in the little-studied fringes of the solar system.

The new object, 2012 VP113, was tracked using a new camera on a ground telescope in Chile by Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., and Chad Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii. Trujillo was part of the team that found Sedna.

Like Sedna, VP is also a dwarf planet. It’s jokingly nicknamed “Biden” after Vice President Joe Biden because of the object’s initials. It measures about 280 miles across, or half the diameter of Sedna. It’s bone-chilling cold with a temperature of around minus 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike red and shiny Sedna, the newfound object is more pink and much fainter, which made it hard to detect.

By contrast, Earth is about 7,900 miles across and located 93 million miles from the sun.

Sedna and VP reside in what’s known as the inner Oort cloud in the outer edge of the solar system where some comets such as the sun-diving Comet ISON are thought to originate. ISON broke apart last year after brushing too close to the sun.

“Finding Sedna so far away seemed odd and potentially a fluke. But this one is beginning to make it look like that might be a typical place for objects to be. Not at all what I would have guessed,” Mike Brown, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, said in an email.

Brown, self-proclaimed “Pluto killer,” led the Sedna team, but was not part of the new discovery.

Far from being deserted, Sheppard and Trujillo estimate there are probably thousands of similar objects in the inner Oort cloud.

“These objects are not unique. There’s a huge number out there,” Sheppard said.

Not all of them will be visible to telescopes because they’re so far away and it takes a long time for them to swing by the sun. Sedna and VP were spotted at their closest approach to the sun, which allowed light from the sun to hit the objects and bounce back to observatories on Earth.

VP is currently the third farthest object in the solar system after dwarf planet Eris and Sedna, but it has an eccentric, elongated orbit that can take it out to 42 billion miles from the sun. Sedna can loop out as far as 84 billion miles from the sun at its farthest point.

Now that Sedna has company — and likely lots of them — scientists are searching for more objects in an effort to learn how they and the solar system formed and evolved.

In a separate discovery published in Nature, a team led by Felipe Braga-Ribas of the National Observatory in Brazil found a pair of rings around an asteroid-like interloper in the outer system named Chariklo.

While not as dazzling as Saturn’s rings, it’s the first time rings have been discovered outside of the four gas giants — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. How little Chariklo got its rings remains a mystery, but scientists think they may have formed from debris from a violent collision.

PRESIDENT Approves JAMB E-testing

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has endorsed the Computer Based Test (CBT) introduced by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in the conduct of her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Jonathan who was said to have thumbed up the progress made so far by the Board in administering her test through Computer Based Test (CBT) and the consolidation efforts of the new examination regime was optimistic that the introduction would revolutionize the education sector.

Public Relations Officer of JAMB, Mr. Fabian Benjamin in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday night said that the President who dropped this hint at The Netherlands (Holland) when he met with the officials of thecountry’s examination body otherwise called CITO and JAMB, pointed out that his administration places much premium on qualitative education, expansion of access and making the sector a model among comity of great nations.

He promised to ensure that the Board has enough centres to conduct the Computer Based Test.

He stressed the need for closer collaboration with the CITO whom he said has garnered over ten (10) years experience in the conduct of e-testing and other forms of electronic innovations in the administration of public examinations.

The Registrar of JAMB, Professor ‘Dibu Ojerinde while briefing the President at the gathering noted that the collaboration has put the Board in a better pedestrian to administer the test saying that though the experience has not been without challenges but the Board was poised to confront the challenges frontally and convert the seemingly challenges to opportunities.  He explained to the President that last year the Board had about Fifty-Five (55) centres with only about a hundred thounsand candidates for the Computer Based Test. However, with the success of the test last year more of the UTME candidates have indicated interest in the CBT. He said the exercise this year will be taking place in about One Hundred and Fifty-Three (153) Centres  with over Six Hundred Thousand candidates across the nation.

Professor Ojerinde  pointed out that the wind of change is on and Nigeria being a leading country in Africa cannot be left out, even as he said that other African countries like Tanzania has partnered with JAMB on Item Response Theory (IRT) training and to study the JAMB experience for their country adoption and trials for Computer Based Test (CBT).

The Computer Based Test (CBT) was introduced by JAMB in its determination to sanitize the sector and curb hydra-dreaded monsters such as examination malpractice, result black-out or incomplete results and other unethical behaviours capable of undermining the Paper Pencil Test hitherto conducted by the Board.

The paperless test also enhances prompt release of raw score, greater standardization of test administration, is reliable, flexible, simple to administer and eliminates high cost of logistics and hectic planning for the examination

After 19 Years of Marriage, Man Discovers That His Wife Used to Be A Man


A Belgian man is seeking to have his marriage annulled after discovering that his Indonesian wife of 19 years had been born a man. The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former nanny in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a s*x change.

“I feel I’ve been assaulted,” he said. “I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway.

“I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits.” Jan, 64, said that he and his wife had decided not to have children because he had two by his previous marriage and she fooled him by pretending to menstruate, using sanitary towels, “to conceal the truth”. “Even during s*x, I never noticed anything,” he said.

For many years the couple lived a normal family life and Monica, 48, was like a “big sister” to his children until their marriage started to come under strain when she got a new full-time job.

“Monica began to change very much,” he said. “My oldest son saw her sometimes at a nightclub. She began to wear very flashy clothes, those ultra-short skirts or tiny tops, so her abdomen was completely exposed.” Finally rumors began to surface and after Jan found “amorous messages” from other men on her computer, he confronted her in a violent row that led to the police being called. “A friend told me that he had heard that Monica was actually a s*x-changed man. I could not believe it. My son heard similar rumors,” he said.

“I pushed her against the wall and said: Now I know the truth. Are you a man? She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on. She was now a woman, and so she did not need to tell me about her past as a man.

My world collapsed. That evening we came to blows. The police came.” Jan, who is undergoing psychiatric treatment following the discovery, has started legal proceedings to have the marriage annulled but the Belgian courts have so far refused to allow him to turn her out of the family home.

“That person has deliberately deceived him for years, even scammed. Presumably she has also forged documents used here to get a residence permit. The children, who for years have lived with her, are devastated,” said his Liliane Verjauw, his lawyer.


Teenager Claims Selfie Addiction Nearly Ruined His Life


19-year-old Danny Bowman is England’s and perhaps the world’s first self-confessed selfie addict. It might seem funny, but this addiction is every bit as serious and dangerous as any other. In fact, the young boy almost lost his life over his obsession of taking the perfect selfie photograph.

Danny used to spend about 10 hours taking over 200 selfies on his iPhone, every single day. At one point, his addiction got so bad that he stopped going to school and didn’t leave his house for six months. He even lost almost 30 pounds trying to make himself more photogenic. When his parents tried to stop him, he turned aggressive. And in a final, drastic attempt to cure himself of his disease, Danny overdosed on drugs.

“I was constantly in search of taking the perfect selfie and when I realized I couldn’t, I wanted to die,” he said. “I lost my friends, my education, my health, and almost my life.” Fortunately, Danny was saved by his mother Penny, before the his selfie addiction claimed his life. He is now being treated for technology addiction, OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is an excessive anxiety about personal appearance.

“The only thing I cared about was having my phone with me so I could satisfy the urge to capture a picture of myself at any time of the day,” said Danny. “I finally realized that I was never going to take a picture that made the craving go away and that was when I hit rock bottom. People don’t realize when they post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Twitter it can quickly spiral out of control. It becomes a mission to get approval and it can destroy anyone. It’s a real problem like drugs, alcohol or gambling. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.”

According to Dr. David Veal, one of the top psychiatrists at Danny’s clinic, selfie addiction is slowly gripping the nation. “Danny’s case is particularly extreme,” he said. “But this is a serious problem. It’s not just a vanity issue. It’s a mental health one which has an extremely high suicide rate.” Clicking selfies has been all the rage for the past five years or so, especially with celebrities. The word ‘selfie’ was named the ‘word of the year’ last year by Oxford English Dictionary – that’s how popular the phenomenon has become.

Danny began posting selfies online when he was only 15 years old. When his pictures received a few negative comments, he slowly began to seek approval from his peers. “I would be so high when someone wrote something nice but gutted when they wrote something unkind,” he said. Ultimately, Danny’s aim was to become a male model. But a modelling agency rejected him in 2011. “They told me that my body was the wrong shape to be a model and that my skin wasn’t up to scratch. I was mortified.” That’s when the addiction took a turn for the worse.

When he got home that night, he stood before his mirror and took a picture of himself. He didn’t like it, so he took another, and another. And he just couldn’t stop. Within a fortnight, he was taking almost 80 pictures even before he left home for school. As soon as his alarm went off in the morning, he would take 10 selfies. Then, 10 more after showering and 10 after moisturizing. He played around with the lighting and tried various rooms and backgrounds.

“I swiped through them on my phone. I would spend hours looking at them, scrutinizing my features and skin. I took selfies in bed, in the bathroom, and all day into the early hours. I would pore over pictures of my idol, Leonardo Dicaprio, and then take selfies in different poses, trying to look like him. But I felt so ugly.”

Things didn’t get better when Danny got to school. He’d become really anxious about how he looked in the middle of his classes. So he’d sneak out to the bathroom, click more pictures and lock himself in a cubicle to look at them until a teacher came to get him. At age 16, he finally dropped out of school, limiting himself to an apple and a bowl of couscous a day to become thinner and improve his skin. Although he dropped a lot of weight, he could only see an ‘overweight monster’ in his pictures.

Danny’s parents worried for him, but they were helpless. All of their efforts to stop him were only met with aggression. And then, on a fateful day in December 2012, tragedy struck. Danny began to pop pills, unable to cope with his disappointment over the pictures. Oddly enough, when he woke up in the hospital groggy and in pain, the only thing he could think of was what he would look like in his next picture.

I think Danny was extremely fortunate to be saved on time. He was referred to London’s Maudsley Hospital, where he has been receiving the appropriate treatment. According to Dr. Veal, “The common treatment is where a patient gradually learns to go for longer periods of time without satisfying the urge to take a photograph, along with therapy to address the root cause of the problem. This can be anything from low self-esteem to problems with bullying in the past.”

The whole situation has been a terrible ordeal for Robert and Penny, Danny’s parents. “We are both qualified mental health nurses and this was always our worst nightmare,” said Robert. “There is a huge lack of understanding about the dangers social networking and mobile technology can pose if a young person already has any insecurities – which most do. It’s important parents are aware of the dangers and keep a close eye on their children’s behavior and seek help if they feel it is needed.”

The good news is that Danny has now been ‘selfie-sober’ for the past seven months. He agrees that it sounds trivial and harmless. “But that’s the very thing that makes it so dangerous,” he said. “It almost took my life, but I survived and I am determined never to get into that position again.” He has now realized that ‘people don’t really look at you’ and he just wants to be comfortable with himself. Good luck, Danny!

US ‘Burger King baby’ meets mother


A woman who was abandoned in 1986 as a newborn in a US fast-food restaurant bathroom has found her birth mother after launching a social media search.

Katheryn Deprill, 27, began searching for her mother on Facebook on 2 March.

Her post was shared 30,000 times and caught the attention of her unnamed birth mother, who made contact via a lawyer to arrange a meeting.

Ms Deprill became known as the Burger King Baby after she was found, just hours old, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

‘Pure joy’

She told US media she felt “pure joy” at meeting her mother for the first time on Monday.

“She is better than anything I could’ve ever imagined. She is so sweet and amazing. I’m so happy,” she told the Associated Press news agency.

The unnamed woman’s attorney, John Waldron, said his client had been defiled at age 16 while travelling abroad.

She allegedly hid her pregnancy from her family and did not take her newborn daughter to the hospital in an effort to avoid answering questions.

“It was one of the most emotional, joyful, dramatic, exciting things I’ve ever seen,” he told the Associated Press of the pair’s initial meeting.

Source: BBC News

Don Jazzy Mimicks Puff Diddy In New Photo

Don baba J thinks he looks like Puff Diddy and decided to strike similar pose like that of PDiddy.

Read What Dora Akunyili Wrote On Her Facebook About Her Health Status

The former DG of NAFDAC took to her Facebook page to address reports that she’s currently ill and in need of urgent prayers after new photos of her at the National Conference emerged.

This Is The Reason Why APC Declares Fasting, Prayer Against Rivers’ PDP Guber Candidate


The Rivers State All Progressive Congress APC, have called for a seven day fasting and prayers secession against Chief Nyesome Wike, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP governorship candidate in the state.

The APC in the press statement stated that the fasting and prayer program which is to will commence on 25th March, 2014 and ends on 1st April, 2014 at the APC State Secretariat old GRA Port Harcourt during the normal period of the weekly prayer and thanksgiving of APC Women.

Evangelist Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya the Interim State Chairman of APC, Evangelist Mrs. Carol Nagbo the APC State Women Leader and other great men and women of God will be conducting the programme.

The APC statement signed by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, SSA Media and Public Affairs to the Interim State Chairman, APC Rivers State read thus:

”We have read with profound gratitude reports of the adoption by the leadership of the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, of Chief Nyesome Wike, the Supervising Minister of Education, as the party’s candidate for the 2015 gubernatorial election in the State. We are aware of the opposition of some camps in the disunited party to the choice of Wike and it is our prayer for these dissenters to sheathe their sword and support Wike’s candidature if they are really interested in saving Rivers State from the diabolical influence of PDP come 2015.

APC while stating that at the appropriate time the right candidate will be elected went on further to reveal why the prayers and fasting is needed: The fact remains that Chief Wike, who has spearheaded PDP-led Federal Government’s onslaught against Rivers State, has lost political value in the State. Most of the people that made him tick politically have since deserted him to APC while some hungry loafers are massaging his ego just to enable them have a meal at his expense.

Apart from Wike’s political baggage, another major factor counting against him is that he comes from the Ikwerre axis where the current Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, also comes from.

With Governor Amaechi spending eight years as Executive Governor of Rivers State by 2015, it will amount to political slavery of other sections of Rivers State to allow another Ikwerre man to be elected Governor come 2015 and as a just political party we will not allow such blunder to happen no matter the odds.

Meanwhile the PDP has reacted to this development in a statement signed by Jerry Needam SA, on Media to State PDP Chairman, Bro. Felix Obuah”such action by the APC is not only a waste of time and our People’s resources, but apparently, a blasphemy and sacrilegious as the APC has never shown any disposition to the things of the Most High God, but has over the period exhibited high rate of recklessness, violence, insensitivity to the plights of the people, misappropriation of public funds and peddling of lies and blackmails.’

The PDP, however said the part has not endorsed anybody as its governorship candidate saying its gratifying that the APC could not hide its understandable fears for the possible emergence of a better and suitable candidate like Chief  Nyesom Wike.

So rather than deceiving the public on the obvious motive for the prayer declaration, the APC should come out plainly and inform the potential prayer “warriors” of threat such candidature poses to the APC candidate to avoid praying amiss.

Senate Confirms Emefiele As New CBN Gov, Bulkachuwa As Appeal Court President


The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Mr. Godwin Emefiele as Governor-Designate of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, after being screened for about 2 hours.

The exercise, which was broadcast live on television, saw the upper chamber of the National Assembly unanimously approve the appointment of the Zenith Bank boss as replacement for Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who was suspended last month on charges of “financial recklessness and misconduct”.

Senate president David Mark said it was a key appointment, adding: “Emefiele will ensure the prerequisite responsibilities of the central bank governor without fear or favour”.

Among questions answered by Mr. Emefiele are whether the apex bank should be answerable to parliament. The National Assembly has been trying to get the CBN to submit its budget for scrutiny.

In his response, Mr. Emefiele appealed to the senators to ensure that whatever amendments are done to the CBN Act should conform to best global practices.

Emefiele also pledged not to spend any money in contravention of the law and decried the uncontrollable injection of foreign currencies into the economy stressing that the development if not controlled, could spell doom for the system.

He said, “We will be fair, just, and firm in the discharge of our duties and ensure that we have a strong exchange rate.”

Information Nigeria reports that Emefiele had almost no profile outside the banking sector and was not in the running for the nation’s number one banker until President Goodluck Jonathan put his name forward, surprising industry analysts, who said he was a low-profile, conservative figure who was not likely to rock the boat like his predecessor.

Meanwhile, the senate has also confirmed the appointment of Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa as President of the Court of Appeal after acting in that capacity since November 23, 2012.

Bulkachuwa, while speaking on some of the challenges confronting the judiciary, lamented its under-funding, stressing that the development was affecting speedy administration of justice.

She also said the use of longhand to record proceedings at the court due to absence of electronic recording facilities, would be addressed if her appointment was confirmed.

The senate’s approval of Bulkachuwa as head of Nigeria’s second highest court is historic in that just like the Chief Justice of Nigeria – Mariam Aloma Mukhtar – she is the first woman to occupy that enviable position.

“God Told Me That Jonathan Will Win In 2015″ – Prophet Odutayo

Prophet Olaniyi Odutayo of the World Prophetic Church, Ikeja, predicts that President Goodluck Jonathan will prevail in 2015 elections.

The cleric, who has just finished his 40-day fasting, stated that God revealed to him that the Nigerian opposition will win more states in the election and that during the presidential elections although Jonathan will have 3 strong rivals, he will win.

Odutayo added:

“The upcoming election will be very tough for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but they will win the presidency.”

It would be recalled that several renowned pastors have already predicted Jonathan’s victory in the upcoming elections: Dr Chris Okafor, Pastor Bassey James and others.

I’ve No Plans Of Dumping A ‘Vibrant’ Party Like APC, Says Okorocha

Rochas-OkorochaImo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has denied media reports that he is on the verge of dumping the All Progressive Congress (APC) for either the Peoples Progressive Alliance (PPA) or All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), on which platform he became governor.

The reports said Okorocha was considering dumping the APC which he helped nursed to reality, following the allegedly declining fortunes of the party in the South-East as well as the political alignment and realignment within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which has seen some staunch supporters of the governor desert him for the party.

Okorocha, who spoke through his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) Media, Sam Onwuemeodo, described reports about his intention to leave APC as false saying, “The truth of the matter is that I cannot leave APC for any reason with a lot of people across the nation looking up to me in APC”.

The governor argued that nothing would make him abandon the APC, which he called a “vibrant party” having been one of the leading lights in the formation of the party and what it is today.

Okorocha said he is now standing like a colossus in Imo politics with what he has been able to achieve as governor adding that his opponents in the state have resorted to scratching him through such false reports to see if it could help their situation.

He urged people to wait for the outcome of the membership registration exercise carried out by the APC, adding that Nigerians will see that Imo people have emptied into APC.

Okorocha stressed that as far as the politics of South East and Imo State is concerned, he has become a very attractive personality adding that those threatened by such enviable records are responsible for all the gossips against him.

Moro, Parradang To Appear Before The Senate To Explain Immigration Recruitment Deaths


The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, and the Comptroller General of Immigration, CGI, David Parradang, will on Thursday appear before the Senate on Thursday and Friday to explain the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of about 19 Nigerian youths during the recent recruitment by the Nigeria Immigration Services.

The Senate had last Tuesday, roundly condemned the immigration job recruitment tragedy, which resulted in the death of about 19 applicants, including four pregnant women, as a result of stampede and exhaustion in different centres across the country.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Interior, Senator Abubakar Bagudu, had while relying on Order 42 and 52 of the Senate Standing Order in a motion on matter of urgent public importance, drew the attention of the senate to the catastrophe that hit the nation during the exercise.

Senator Bagudu had noted with grief the nationwide tragedy in the recruitment where it was reported that some of the applicants that attended the exercise lost their lives in different parts of the country.

Consequently, the Senate in its resolution, mandated its Committee on Interior to conduct a public hearing on the tragedy and submit a report within a week.

In compliance with the directives, the committee has summoned Moro, Parradang, and relevant stakeholders to appear before it for public hearing.

Vanguard recalled that, at the emotion-laden debate on the motion by Senator Bagudu, many senators had called for the immediate sack of the minister who, it was alleged, had hijacked the functions of the Comptroller General of Immigration.

Wife, Daughter Of Iyare Motors CEO Kidnapped In Benin


The wife and daughter of Abel Omoruyi, Chief Executive Officer of Iyare Motors have been abducted in Benin City, Edo State Police Command said.

Confirming the incident, Police Public Relations Officer, command DSP Moses Eguavoen told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Benin that the victims were kidnapped by gunmen.

According to him, the police had since receiving the complaint swung into action in a bid to rescue her.

“We are doing everything to rescue the victims unhurt and to arrest the perpetrators,” said Eguavoen, adding that all black spots had been put under surveillance to block possible escape routes.

Sources revealed the woman and her daughter were kidnapped on Tuesday night in the Ugbor area of Benin on their way home after close of business for the day.

Speaking anonymously, a source told NAN that the abductors were yet to make contact with the family of the victims to make any demands

Unbelievable Photos Of Joseph Yobo’s Dilapidated Home

1 (1) 2
The landlord was totally horrified after he walked into the South Ferry Quay penthouse he rented to Super Eagles defender and Everton FC star, Joseph  Yobo.
He was stunned to meet a total mess; there were burnt marks on the carpet, a dirty kitchen and bathroom, and holes in the wall left from a flat screen television.
Yobo however says he has never lived in the apartment and that his younger brother Gideon  paid for the rent;
“It’s my name on the lease, but I never lived at the flat and I’ve never even been there. The landlord doesn’t know me and he hasn’t spoken to Gideon about this. I have property too and the landlord should have gone to the letting agents if he was unhappy.  If he puts in a full inventory, Gideon is ready to pay for anything that is damaged” he said.
See more shocking photos below: -

D’banj: “I’ve Not Met A Woman I Can Die For”


A number of high profile ladies like Genevieve Nnaji, Jennifer Obayuwana and Nadia Buari have been linked with superstar musician — D’Banj, yet in an interview with popular UK On-Air-Personality Tim Westwood, he revealed that he has not met a woman he can die for.

Speaking about his recent single ‘Bother You’ a soundtrack for the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun‘ which is based on the novel of the same name by Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie, the entertainer revealed that the love story behind the movie inspired the song.

‘The song is about finding that person you can die for, I have not met a woman I can die for,’ D’banj said.

Davido’s Brother, Chairman HKN Acquires N13 Million Naira Porsche Cayenne GTS


Davido’s elder brother and co-owner of HKN records just got himself a new sweet ride.

Davido shaed a picture of the luxury SUV and added the caption: – “Congrats bro!! @chairmanhkn !! HKN we da baddest!!”

The ride is a 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS is worth over N13 Million naira.

Big Congrats To Chairman of HKN


Shocking!!! See How Ex-NAFDAC DG, Dora Akunyili Now Looks Like

After months of staying in hospital and remaining in doors at home, former Minister of Information, Madam Dora Akunyili finally summoned enough courage to show up in public. She has been sick for sometime now and I heard several doctors have not been able to find out what exactly is the caasue of her sickness.
But after CKN Nigeria reached out to the Prof who is a delegate to the National Conference going on in Abuja, this is her reply to her inquiry on her state of health.


Thank you for your enquiry. There is a saying in Igboland that goes this way: “Let the sickness take the flesh but leave the bones because with time the bones would grow new flesh.”

I just came out of a major sickness, for which I thank Almighty God for delivering me. I know that God did that for a purpose, this National Conference being part of that purpose. I am well now but only need time to put on more weight. However, I am strong enough for this Conference and I look forward to collaborating with other delegates to chart the way for a better Nigeria.

Thank you.

National Conference Delegate
Fmr Minister of Information & Communications
Abuja, March 24, 2014

‘They Slept with Me, I Saw them Slaughter Over 50 People – Female Boko Haram Survivor Tells Her Story

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa service monitored in Kaduna on Monday, Liatu, aged 23, said she spent 12 days in the hands of her abductors inside the Sambisa forest before she escaped. According to her, she had left Maiduguri on her way to the village when she was abducted, adding that the Boko Haram
members had barricaded the road just near the Bama bridge, killed some people and went away with others into the bushes.

She said after staying with them for that period:

“one man suggested that we run away because one can only die once.” And we took a Golf car and ran away. The Boko Haram people chased us on motorbike, shooting us, they killed those who sat at the back, when we were approaching Bama, they retreated and went back.

Liatu, who said she was a Christian, explained further that the Boko Haram members had earlier asked her to accept Islam as a religion, even as she watched while they slaughtered about 50 people.

Similarly, Janet, who was 19 years old, told the BBC that she was in Boko Haram captivity for three months where they had tried to conscript her into their fold after sleeping with her.

She narrated that they went along with her to Gwoza town in Borno State where they brought out five people and slaughtered them. According to the lady, they gave her a knife to slaughter one but she could not do it, but the wife of the Boko Haram leader was given the knife which she used to slaughter a man.

Till date, she explained, she had continued to be frightened by the nightmare and the gory details of what transpired when the victims were killed. She claimed that most of the Boko Haram members were known faces to her because they were neighbours, but she was able to escape after feigning illness and was allowed to seek for medical attention.

“I feigned illness for two weeks, they said I had AIDS and should be taken to their hospital for test, I told them it was stomach pain, that was how I escaped. The Boko Haram hide in caves and mountains, they sight jets and other aircrafts, I felt happy whenever I see soldiers, but they could not locate the Boko Haram who are mostly along the Liman Kara and Gwoza axis.

They took many of us into the bush, if they search and found ID cards, they will say they had warned that people should not work for the government, and they will kill the person. For those Konduga girls, they will select those who perm their hair and kill them.”

Meanwhile, the BBC Hausa service reported that a video that was released on Monday, had Boko Haram leader, Shekau, claiming responsibility of the attack on Giwa, a Barracks in Maiduguri where they released some of their members.

Actress Chika Ike Becomes The Brand Ambassador Of ‘Bullet’ Energy Drink

Actress Chika Ike is presently in London where she was unveiled as the brand ambassador of  energy drink ‘Bullet’.
Congrats to her
more photos below

“Oloshi, God Punish You” Olamide Blasts Blogger Linda Ikeji For Posting Fake News About Him

Reports have it that rapper Olamide is expecting his baby number two from his long time boo ‘Aisha Suleiman’. Linda Ikeji shared the news on her blog and it seems Olamide wasn’t happy about it that he took to twitter to insult her and debunk the rumour.
Read his tweets below….

Nollywood Actress Clarion Chukwurah Dazzles In New Photos

She shared these photos from her Ovation magazine shoot. You like?
another photo below

Photo:- Mad Man Caught With Human Tongue & Dangerous Weapons At Ibadan


This Man was allegedly caught with human tongue, gun and cutlass around the popular Ring Road area of the city.

According to reports, residents of Ibadan rushed to catch a glimpse of the suspected human eater. The suspect was, however, whisked away by armed policemen to avert jungle justice.

Also, another man was mobbed by angry crowd after a price list of human parts was allegedly found on him.

This came as a man, who was about being dispossessed of the large sum of money he withdrew from a commercial bank at Mokola area of the city jumped down from a flyover with his money.

Vanguard gathered that the suspect caught with human tongues was arrested at Oni and Son Memorial Hospital area of Ring Road.

A source said that over 400 posters of a politician contesting the 2015 governorship election, women underwear and some weapons were found on him. The source said he was rounded up by the policemen from Oluyole Police Station.

Photos:- Singer DJ Zeez Flaunts His Sexy & Beautiful Girl Friend

Dj Zeez stepped out with his beautiful boo ‘Nicki’. Reports have it that they have been dating for a while now and he is so in love with her that he might propose to her very soon.
Doesn’t she look like Nicki Minaj?
More photos below

BUSTED: Five Gay Men Arrested In Delta State


Five homosexuals were apprehended and stri*ped unclad on, Monday March 24, at the Ekurede Urhobo axis in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

According to report, a popular guy identified only as GP invited his gay lover that came all the way from ovie palace road, Effurun in Delta State.

GP met this fair and handsome gay lover through another gay man that lives around ekurede urhobo street popularly known as Power.

On the faithful evening GP was in his house with this gay importee and some other of his friends whom are not gay.
GP then told his friends who are not gay to excuse him and his visitor in order for them to discuss serious matters.

GP’s friends now left leaving him and his visitor alone but unfortunately one of the departed friends returned to GP’s house having forgotten his house key but beyond his wildest dreams, he saw GP and his visitor doing some ‘sucking things’.

He then interrupted them the scene, seized GP visitors phones and laptop and threatened to expose them.

GP and his visitor pleaded and GP’s visitor promised to offer him 30,000 Naira the following day before left.

GP’s friend then returned the valuables he collected from his visitor instructing him not to release them until he gets the 30,000 naira.

GP’s visitor now went to his area and brought a group of young men who then stormed GP’s area and reported the matter to ekurede urhobo community chairman Chief Vincent Okudolor claiming that GP’s friend stole his phones and laptop and other valuables.

This prompted the interrogation of GP’s friend who caught them in the act.

During his interrogation, the young man could not keep anything hidden anymore and then narrated his ordeal and because he had returned the valuables he collected to GP before he was captured,this made it all clear that he didn’t steal them.

The chairman who was shocked over the news, sent his boys to get GP and his other gay friends.

Six of them including GP and his visitor were apprehended and taken to the community town hall and others scampered.

Five of them were stri*ped unclad and flogged in the presence of a large crowd but GP’s visitor bought his way out by paying huge amount to Ekurede community youths.

The remaining 5 were given an option of paying a fine of N100,000 which included being paraded around the community with a ‘gay’ inscription tag on them, or risk being submitted to the police, charged to court and risk 14 years imprisonment.

Maheeda Shows Off Her Pointed HOT Boobs And Naked Body AGAIN





Dora Akunyili Addresses Her Weight Loss In Official Statement

1 (2) 
Hours after pictures of emaciated Mrs Dora Akunyili hit the internet, recuperating ex NAFDAC DG has explained reasons for her weigtloss in official statement: -
I AM WELL, FIT AND READY FOR THE NATIONAL CONFERENCEMy Dear Friends,My attention has been drawn to a story making the rounds online claiming that I am seriously sick, currently out of the country and in need of urgent prayers. This story is baseless, unfounded and the handiwork of mischief makers. It should be ignored and discarded in its entirety. As every informed Nigerian knows, I am a Delegate to the National Conference currently holding in Abuja. I was duly accredited as a Delegate and I am currently in attendance at the National Judicial Institute, Abuja, venue of the conference. (please continue after cut…)
While it is true that I recently came out of a major sickness, for which I thank Almighty God for delivering me, I have since been declared fit by my doctors and returned to my normal activities. I shed much weight in the course of the sickness – which is normal – but I am well now and only need time to re-grow some flesh. There is nothing to worry about either my health or my present stature.I know that God has kept me alive for a purpose, this National Conference being part of that purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, I am well now, fit, strong enough and ready for this all-important National Conference and I look forward to collaborating with other delegates to chart the way for a better Nigeria.I thank all my friends for their love and prayers. May Almighty God bless and reward you.

Don Jazzy Brags About His Dad


Ace producer and Mavin records boss — Don Jazzy, shared a photo yesterday of his dad and bragged about how much of a don his father is.

Don Jazzy shared the above photo of his father on Instagram with the caption:

The father of a Don. #Youdonthaveafatherlikemine #MavinGrandPa #TheMafia