I saw missing plane days ago, but no one listened’: Malaysian Woman Claims To Have Sighted Flight MH370 (PICTURED)

As aircraft and ships continued to search for debris which might be that of the missing flight MH370 on Friday a Malaysian woman on a flight across the Indian Ocean claimed to have seen an aircraft in the water near the Andaman Islands on the day the jet disappeared.

The Kuala Lumpur wife was so convinced about what she saw at 2.30pm on March 8, several hours after MH370 vanished, that she filed an official report with police that very day – a full five days before the search for the plane was expanded to the area around the Andaman Islands.

News of her apparent sighting came as a blank was drawn after two days of searching in the Indian Ocean for two objects deemed by experts as possibly being from the missing plane.

Shocked: Raja Dalelah Raja Latife said she was alarmed when she saw what looked like a plane in the water as she flew to Kuala Lumpur

Shocked: Raja Dalelah Raja Latife said she was alarmed when she saw what looked like a plane in the water as she flew to Kuala Lumpur.

Location: The Andaman Islands are far north of the debris that's been sighted by a U.S satellite

Location: The Andaman Islands are far north of the debris that’s been sighted by a U.S satellite.


Revealed: The final 54 minutes of communication between the flight deck on board the missing plane and air traffic controllers has today been revealed

Revealed: The final 54 minutes of communication between the flight deck on board the missing plane and air traffic controllers has today been revealed



Many will warn against dismissing Mrs Dalelah’s claims too quickly.

The islands do lie across a route MH370 could have taken after radar contact was lost and it would easily have been able to reach them before Mrs Dalelah’s sighting at 2.30pm.

After its transponder was turned off at 1.21am on March 8 the plane, with enough fuel to last 2,500 miles, turned west, following an established route towards India.

An ephemeral satellite ping registered at 8.11am suggested the plane was heading in one of two directions – south to where the potential debris was spotted, or north into China and central Asia.

The Andaman Islands lie 890 miles to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur, well within range.

Officials still haven’t ruled out MH370 being found in a northerly location, with aircraft and ships renewing their search in the Andaman Sea between India and Thailand on Friday.

Her account will be seen by many as having credibility as the islands lie within the northern corridor officials speculated that the plane might have travelled along after radar contact was lost.

However, Mrs Dalelah said she had received scorn about her account, including from a pilot who said the aircraft she was on would have been too high for her to have seen anything on the ocean below.

But mother of 10 Mrs Latife Dalelah, 53, insisted she saw a silver object in the shape of an aircraft on the water as she was flying from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur. It was about an hour after her aircraft had flown past the southern Indian city of Chennai.

‘Throughout the journey I was staring out of the window of the aircraft as I couldn’t sleep during the flight,’ she told the New Straits Times.

The in-flight monitor showed that her plane was crossing the Indian Ocean and she had seen several shipping liners and islands – before she saw the silvery object.

‘I took a closer look and was shocked to see what looked like the tail and wing of an aircraft on the water,’ she said.

‘I woke my friends on the flight but they laughed me off,’ she added.

Strange: A former pilot said the plane's sharp westwards turn, as radar contact was lost, came as air traffic controllers in Malaysia handed over to their Vietnamese colleagues. Stephen Buzdygan said that is moment he would choose if he were to steal a plane

Strange: A former pilot said the plane’s sharp westwards turn, as radar contact was lost, came as air traffic controllers in Malaysia handed over to their Vietnamese colleagues. Stephen Buzdygan said that is moment he would choose if he were to steal a plane.


The same reaction has come from a pilot who questioned how anyone flying at about seven miles above sea level could see anything like a boat or ship from so high up.

But Mrs Dalelah insisted to the paper: ‘I know what I saw. I am convinced that I saw the aircraft. I will not lie. I had just returned from my pilgrimage.’

A large part of what she thought was an aircraft was submerged, she said. When she tried to tell an air stewardess what she had seen, she was told to get some sleep.

When her plane landed at Kuala Lumpur at about 4pm on that Saturday she told her children what she had seen. ‘That is when they told me that MH370 had gone missing,’ she told the paper.

‘My son-in-law, a policeman, was convinced that I had seen an aircraft and asked me to lodge a police report the same day.

‘Many of my friends on the flight doubted me at first, but they are beginning to believe me now that we know the plane (MH370) turned back and entered the Indian Ocean.’


India has refused China’s offer to send four warships to aid the hunt for MH370 near the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.

Officials said China’s request to enter Indian territorial waters had been ‘politely turned down’ because Indian warships and aircraft were already searching the area.

One official told The Times of India: ‘The A&N command is our military outpost in the region, which overlooks the Malacca Strait and dominates the Six-Degree Channel.

‘We don’t want Chinese warships sniffing around in the area on the pretext of hunting for the missing jetliner or anti-piracy patrols.’

Many will warn against dismissing Mrs Dalelah’s claims too quickly.

The islands do lie across a route MH370 could have taken after radar contact was lost and it would easily have been able to reach them before Mrs Dalelah’s sighting at 2.30pm.

After its transponder was turned off at 1.21am on March 8 the plane, with enough fuel to last 2,500 miles, turned west, following an established route towards India.

An ephemeral satellite ping registered at 8.11am suggested the plane was heading in one of two directions – south to where the potential debris was spotted, or north into China and central Asia.

The Andaman Islands lie 890 miles to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur, well within range.

Officials still haven’t ruled out MH370 being found in a northerly location, with aircraft and ships renewing their search in the Andaman Sea between India and Thailand on Friday.

Several MailOnline readers, including qualified pilots, have left comments backing Mrs Dalelah.

Chivers49, from Hertfordshire, said: ‘The captain is being arrogant. An aircraft flying at 35,000ft is quite clear in the sky, so why should it have been “impossible” for her to see a similar image on the sea?’ And Zen, from Perth, Australia, said: ‘You never know they should check everything out and not dismiss anything.’

Zeppelinpilot, from Montreal in Canada, said: ‘Being a pilot for the past 25 years and having flown in this area a few years ago, this appears to be the best lead received so far. According to the pilot incapacitation theory, this seems to the most logical place to look for MH370. We should give full credibility to this eyewitness account and investigate further on this location.’

Former Minister Dora Akunyili’s Illness Defies Explanation – Family Source

Former minister of information and communication, Dora Nkem Akunyili is critically ill and under close medical supervision.

Early this year, Saturday Independent newspaper reported that Akunyili was suffering severe health challenges and was flown abroad for treatment. There were also reports by Daily Post that her husband, Chike Akunyili had confirmed she was ill.

Akunyili said: “Yes, she suffered some minor health challenges but she is now okay. She is in the United States. I spoke with her today. What happened was that our son said she should come over and rest. You know all our children are abroad.

“She will soon return to the country and we will show up in a public gathering. There is a couple that wants us to sponsor their wedding. Both of us will appear in public. She is now okay.”

However, Prof. Akunyili’s special adviser on media, Isaac Umunna, dismissed the rumours of her ill health in a press statement published by CKN Nigeria on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

The former director general of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has not made any public appearance since November 16, 2013 when she accompanied the then governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, to vote in their hometown of Agulu.

According to a relative of to the former minister who spoke with us today, March 23, 2014, Akunyili is currently having serious health challenges. The source said she has been flown to India for treatment but after series of medical tests, the doctors couldn’t diagnose the ailment.

”We are deeply concerned about our sister (Prof. Akunyili), her illness defies medical intervention,” our family source, who did not wish to be named told our correspondent in Abuja. “She has been to India, the doctors could not diagnose her illness. She has visited Pastor E. A. Adeboye, and yet her illness persists. This is worrisome, and distressing.”

Another source, who did not wish to be named, who visited her in her home in Abuja, also added that the health of the former NAFDAC boss is deteriorating.

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Sexy Omotola is fully ready to grace Paul and Anita’s traditional wedding in her stylish attire.
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Paul wore a white outfit, beads and went without a cap just to show off his natural dreads. He really looks good, you agree?
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‘I saw Wizkid get Poisoned, Davido in a Fatal Accident & Aso Rock On Fire’ – Prophet Soul E

Singer Soul E is now a prophet and he has started seeing visions. He shared a shocking visions on his Instagram page. That as he was sleeping when God opened his eyes to see Wizkid being poisoned, he also Davido in a fatal accident and Aso Rock was on fire!!
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Singer Waje Finally Discloses Her Real Age

Single popular Nigerian songstress, Waje has finally come out to disclose her real age to the public.
A fan asked her how old she is and she replied saying she is 33 and also added that its her real age and not an official one. She further went on to say, that she gave birth to her child Emerald, when she was 17 years old, and that her daughter, Emerald, just clocked 15 years recently. However, Waje has kept sealed lips in disclosing Emerald’s biological father.

‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’- Majid Micheal Advies Paul & Anita Okoye


Majid who is currently married with two adorable kids attended paul’s wedding yesterday and he also gave them a candid advice on how to make their marriage last and filled with love….. Read his advice below
Ok I hope my advices work. I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked.One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again. A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.There is so little difference between husbands you might as well keep the first. Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said; after marriage, he’ll fall asleep before you finish saying it. My wife and I have the secret to making a marriage last. Two times a week, we go to a nice restaurant, a little wine, good food….. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays. Just kidn**lol. To avoid mistakes and regrets, always consult your wife before engaging in a flirtation.The man who says his wife can’t take a joke, forgets that she took him. Whenever you’re wrong admit it; Whenever you’re right shut up. The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. We have the greatest prenuptial agreement in the world. It’s called love.” he wrote some minutes ago.

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Peter and Paul don’t only have taste for material
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Three Commercial Sex Workers Arrested In Abuja For Fighting Over A Man

Three prostitutes have been arrested in the environs of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for reportedly fighting over a man.
The sex workers were arraigned today before an Upper Area Court sitting in the Mararraba area of Nasarawa.
Helen Emmanuel, Mary Godwin and Kate Oyeye were all charged with fighting and constituting a nuisance in public due to their obstruction of the Sani Abacha Road in the Nyanya area of the state.
Leadership reports:

Prosecutor Steven Kwaza told the court that the one Cpl Thomas Nnamani, lodged a report at the Sani Abacha Road Police Station, Mararraba, on March 18.
He said the accused persons engaged in a free for all, thereby, disturbing the public peace.
The prosecutor said the offence contravened Section 113 and 149 of the Panel Code, and attracts three years imprisonment, option of fine or both on conviction.
The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charges.
The Judge, Mr Vincent Gwahemba, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N20,000 each.
Gwehamba ordered that the surety must present one passport photograph each and supply the court with reliable addresses.

PHOTO: Nigerian Actress Shares Photo Of Bare A$$ Say’s She Want’s Someone To Give Her From Behind


This woman is going non stop…you will not believe the photos she shared today and what she said after sharing it. Now see dirty photo shared by her today and tweet she used in captioning it and follow up tweets afterwards below… -



Fayose to slug it out with Fayemi in Ekiti

A former governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose, was on Satuday declared winner of the PDP governorship primaries in the state.

Fayose emerged winner with 462 votes out of a total of 477 votes cast.

Leader of the PDP panel which conducted the primaries Dr Peter Odili, former Rivers State governor,  announced that immediate past Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade scored 7 votes.

Odili said that Mr Dayo Adeyeye came third with 3 votes while Mrs Modupe Ogundipe came fourth with one vote.

He said a total of 544 delegates were accredited for the exercise, out of which four votes were voided.

Shortly after his announcement as candidate of the party, Mr Ayo Fayose said he would justify the confidence reposed in him by “wresting power from the incumbent governor Kayode Fayemi of APC”. The elction is due on 21 June.

Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose: emerges PDP torchbearer

Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose: emerges PDP torchbearer


He called on other aspirants, who contested, to join him in the task ahead and forget their differences.

Reacting to Fayose’s victory, some aspirants dissociated themselves from the exercise and  called on the President and national leadership of PDP to declare the primaries as illegal, null and void.

Sen. Gbenga Aluko, who spoke on behalf of retired Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade, Chief Abiodun Aluko, Mrs Modupe Ogundipe and Chief Dayo Adeyeye claimed that Fayose was not qualified to contest.

They further claimed that the list of delegates was doctored in favour of Fayose.

Many supporters of Fayose in Ado Ekiti began  a carnival like procession along major roads to mark  Fayose’s victory at the primaries. Hundreds of people, including market men and women, Okada ridders,  transporters as well as school children trooped to the streets to catch a glimpse of Fayose singing songs of praise.

Voting commenced at 12:05 p.m amidst tight security by combined team of regular and mobile policemen, the State Security Service and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

Addressing the delegates before the exercise, the leader of the PDP panel, Peter Odili, commended security agents for providing adequate security at the venue.

He said that primary option became necessary because President Goodluck Jonathan and the new National Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu believed in internal democracy and the voice of the people.

He said that a total of 544 delegates from the 177 wards were to vote in the primaries while 15 aspirants were recognised by Abuja as qualified to participate in the exercise.

The state Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC, Alhaji Halilu Pai led the team of INEC officials to monitor the primaries.

The Police Commissioner in the state, Mr Felix Uyanna, led men and officers of the command to provide security for the exercise.

Diezani jet scandal: House to summon aircraft owner, others

The Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke

The House of Representatives has vowed not to leave any stone unturned in its investigation into the alleged N10bn spent on a private jet reportedly chartered by the Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

A motion endorsed by the House on Thursday indicated that  Alison-Madueke allegedly spent N10bn to run the jet for her personal trips within the country and abroad.

A member from Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Adejare, who moved the motion, informed the House that maintaining the jet alone, gulped N3.120bn in the last two years.

He stated that the minister reportedly spent N130m monthly to keep the jet.

Speaking to Sunday PUNCH on the House resolution, the Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Zakari Mohammed, said the investigation would be thorough, regardless of the high positions of persons involved.

“This is one investigation that the House will not conduct hurriedly.

“It will be done thoroughly because we have a duty to expose corruption wherever it exists,” he said.

However, Mohammed noted that the matter was still at the level of investigation, adding that no conclusion had been drawn that the minister abused her office yet.

He added, “That is why it is called an investigation; that is why we have to be thorough. The House is not after any particular official of government; no, that is not the idea.

“We are here to serve public interest and trust. This investigation is not a witch-hunt, we are looking for evidence and facts. But, we are prepared and will not let anything go unnoticed.”

Findings by our correspondent showed that the Committee on Public Accounts, given the responsibility of conducting the investigation, would summon the minister after it had gathered additional information from “other stakeholders.”

It was learnt that before Thursday’s resolution of the House, the committee, which is chaired by Mr. Solomon Olamilekan, had been following up on allegations “concerning the minister’s excesses.”

A National Assembly source who pleaded anonymity, added, “Why a motion was necessary on Thursday was because the investigation had reached a point where the committee needed the mandate of the House to proceed.

“A resolution of the House empowered the committee to get to the root of the matter. In due time, the committee will invite the minister to speak on the allegation.

“She may choose to ignore the committee. The committee can go ahead to get the mandate of the Speaker to issue a warrant for her arrest to compel her to appear.

“With Thursday’s resolution, it would be on record that the committee had the mandate of the legislature to investigate the private jet she chartered.”

SUNDAY PUNCH gathered that among parties to be invited by the committee would be the firm that leased the jet to Alison-Madueke, top officials of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the Ministry of Finance.

“There are pertinent questions to be answered. How does she pay for the services of this jet? Is there a budgetary provision? Who approved it? Is a minister entitled to a private jet funded by public resources? These and many more will come to fore in the course of the investigation,” another source said.

Last week, lawmakers raised the alarm that the alleged N10bn expenses on the jet “eclipsed” the N255m bulletproof cars said to have been procured for former Aviation Minister, Ms. Stella Oduah, by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority in 2013.

“This case is worse than Oduah’s case. From N255m, we are now talking of N10bn. How many more ministers are living this lifestyle unknown to the public?” the source added.

Those who follow Obasanjo will end up in a ditch… – Pastor Bakare

bakare new-1

Last week Sunday we brought you the first part of the interview with radical senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare. The pastor who is a delegate at the on going National Conference in Abuja fielded questions on the Conference and contemporary national issues. We now bring you the concluding part of the interview Excerpts.

I want to go to one famous statement you made years ago, about Obasanjo not being the Messiah Nigeria needs. Today, two of you are saying the same things about Jonathan, which gives the impression that you are now in the same camp (Cuts in) Obasanjo and I can never be in the same camp.

But he has washed up as the rallying point of critics of the present government? I am not criticising this government. I am not a critic. Obasanjo is doing what he is doing to protect his own head because he gave the weak and the sick to the nation. This is his legacy.

Who is the weak and who is the sick? You be the judge. That was what we said then. Obasanjo is not the messiah of this country. Obasanjo is just one of those who just received award like the others, like Abacha. They belong to the same camp. People deserve the leadership they get. That was the best available at the time. But we don’t need such leadership anymore.

Having given the weak and the sick to this nation. Would you say he is responsible for our woes now? I won’t blame Obasanjo for the woes of this nation, because President Jonathan himself has been in power for quite a while now. You can’t say he lacks experience. He has been a deputy governor, a governor, a vice president, and Ag president and for at least  four years now been a president. He has some experience. You can’t call him a novice. So you can’t blame Obasanjo for the decisions Jonathan is making. Each leader must give account of his own stewardship.

Some people are saying the two years Yar’Adua left which he completed should be part of his term. And that, therefore disqualifies him (Jonathan) from seeking re-election in 2015?Is that true? Let the constitution be properly interpreted by those who are mandated by law to do so. Let the court of competent jurisdiction, make pronouncement on it, so that we can settle this issue once and for all. Take an action before the court. Nothing stops him from contesting election. If he can do so legitimately, he is a citizen of Nigeria. If I want to contest election, and I have a platform, and the court chooses me, I will run. So only those mandated by law to make pronouncement will continue to make it.

I want to look at 2015 now. Some people are already positioning themselves to slug it out under the ruling PDP or the APC. Assessing them, including the incumbent president, who do you think has the edge? Nigeria’s elections have never produced the best candidate. In 1979, Obasanjo laid the foundation that the best candidate may not win. And so, we have had mediocres preside over our affairs. The day, the best, the brightest and the fittest will take over the affairs of the nation, that day will become when the rule of law replaces the rule of men. When we become law abiding citizens, when our votes count, and not merely counted, then the electoral process is supervised and on the foundation of integrity on the foundation of credibility, when that happens, citizens can choose a candidate . That’s the day you expect the best to come into power. Right now, I do not see how any one that is not thorough will take anything. Power of incumbency is still there. Which of the parties is not full of all the riggings in the past. Very few of them you can point to, that they have leaders with credibility.

But the APC has been positioning itself as a better alternative to the PDP. Is it? APC just rolled out their manifesto. I encourage Nigerians to read it. But the hood does not make the monk. It depends on the candidate they will present. Jonathan made a lot of promises during election. But he came back to say they are not bound by those promises and nothing happened.

But some Nigerians insist that in terms of infrastructural development, he has done more than others in the past. Has he? What infrastructural development? Mention them.

Roads, Agriculture, etc. My cousin just somersaulted on Ife road because of bad road and died on the spot at the age of 56. Which roads? Agriculture? This and that. Have you felt the impact? I am not saying the government has not done anything, but to whom much is given, much more is expected. Do you understand me? Am I going to carry placard and be happy for the government that is doing road? That is the job of government. Am I going to be clapping and saying oh they have repaired our airports.

That’s their job. The problem is that in the past we could not hold these men accountable. And please before you say this party is better, let us look at what they are doing in their different domains now. Like I said, the hood does not make the monk. Manifesto does not translate into action itself. No matter how good your car is, the driver can destroy it. So if we have good drivers, if they present good candidates, and Nigerians vote for them. So be it. But they have a right to contest, they have a right to want or desire to have power. And so the incumbent, except otherwise disqualified has a right. In better climes, they will say may the better or best candidate win. But here we are told the best candidate may not win. That has been the philosophy of Obasanjo. That is the bedrock of Nigerian politics since 1979.

How do you look at the 2015 election? I am not optimistic about any election in Nigeria. That is my take on it. Infact 2011 compounded my cynicism.

That’s why we think, if we have a proper conference that will produce a blueprint, that will have a force of law, of peoples constitution, that will not be altered, maybe there will be hope. Outside of that, I am not excited. We have had elections, and will continue to have elections and you know, and the people know that elections don’t count in Nigeria and nobody will take them serious. Except people rise up in unison against election riggers. How many election riggers have been brought to book? Recently Jega was mentioning those who have perpetrated electoral fraud. How many of them have been sentenced? Where is the court that is judging them? Who is taking them to court? Across party lines, who are the culprits? We saw those who were captured in video thumb printing. Has everyone been brought to book? Before 2013, I have been saying, take care of 2014. 2014 will take care of 2015.

You were  Gen Buhari’s running mate in 2011. Currently, nothing shows you are still in politics. Have you quit or you want to stay at the sidelines and watch for some time? It’s the linesmen that stay at the sidelines when football is played. They are watching and they are helping the referee. I am not a sideliner, neither am I the referee, because I don’t belong to INEC. I am not in any 11 on either side of those who are going to contest. As a citizen of the country, I believe we must investigate before you invest. When the right time comes, where I stand will be clear to all. Right now, I stand on my two feet on the side of God and the people of Nigeria.

Those following Obasanjo will end up in a ditch

If your people ask you to run for president, would you do that? Who are my people?

Your constituents You mean the church?

I mean your constituents back home It is neither here nor there.

Never in history, have we had a president that is so assailed by criticisms. Do you believe Jonathan is the worst president ever in Nigeria? It is easy to be critical than  to correct. Criticism is the pasttime of many who have no job to do. Critique  is the pasttime of those who want to  contribute to the development of their nation. But the easy goers, they will raise the red flag that  something is going wrong. Chief Obafemi Awolowo, when he was alive was not full of criticism. He was full of critique. He was warning them that disaster was ahead. And several times those disasters came to pass because they didn’t heed his warnings. Now, to call President Jonathan the worst President of Nigeria is unfair because I don’t know what we make of the military years of the locust.

Did corruption come on board today, or has it been there all along? What would you say of Shagari’s regime that was overthrown by Gen Mohammadu Buhari.? I read in a book recently where Gen Gowon said that  the only thing you can trust Shagari with, is his ability and acumen to light his cigarette. When he stepped in as minister of finance, a position that Awolowo left, the shoe was too big for him. And yet he still became the president of Nigeria. Some said he is pathologically lazy. That’s not the type of leadership Nigeria needs. What would you say of Abacha?. I cannot judge Shonekan because he represented imperialist interests in Nigeria.  They quickly looked for one of them from the days of UAC to step in, and they removed him with the force of the gun. There was not much except that he shows up now as a former head of state, but I don’t know his contribution. His contribution to the field of commerce perhaps. But not to governance in Nigeria. So those who are criticising President Jonathan should keep on doing so. I was a serious critic of his government, because some of the things we stood against on his behalf on impunity, we saw him perpetrate them. But we have seen the same man making adjustments now, and I want to say let’s give peace a chance, let’s come together and talk. Let’s see if we can move the nation forward. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt because anyone can repent. But the day he is found to be corrupt and is supervising corruption, he also must be brought to book. It is as simple as ABC. He who plays the piper dictates the tune.

The SNG is not paid by anybody and I am not paid by anybody. I don’t think those who are going to the conference are paid by anybody. We want to see genuine change in our country. President Jonathan should not say because ‘I am criticised more than anyone else, it is affecting my performance’. No. The best answer and the best revenge in life is success. Make the best use of your time there and do more than others before you, then you will silence the critics forever.

If he is not the worst president ever, who then is? I don’t know. We had many terrible people who presided over Nigeria. Africa had been bedevilled by the likes of Idi Amin, Mobutu Seseseko, Kamuzu Banda. We had so many vagabonds in power as Fela said, who today have become extremely wealthy by running their country at the expense of their nation. Put all of them on a scale; very few of them will pass the test of leadership. In terms of material acquisition, how much were they worth in all the years they, spent in the military, collecting salaries and allowances. I understand, from Edwin Clarke, maybe he has information that we don’t have. He said that Obasanjo is the richest president in Africa, past, present and future. How did he come by this wealth?

Obasanjo has positioned himself as the rallying point of the opposition to this government. Anybody who follows Obasanjo will end up in a ditch. He is a ditch himself

Back to the National Conference, most of the delegates have vowed not to respect the no-go -areas like self determination and disintegration. Do you share their sentiments? They are at liberty to discuss what they want. But they cannot force their way on everybody. That is what the parley is all about. You bring your own idea, and you articulate and canvass them, and those who have superior thoughts bring their own too. At the end of the day a decision is taken. Two cannot walk together except they agree. Nigeria is for all of us. It is not for the North or South. If we cannot live peaceably, and have a peaceful co-existence, we don’t need to shoot ourselves to go our different ways. Soviet Union did not shoot one bullet but it dismembered. It will be very painful for some of us who believe that united we stand a better chance to pursue and perform leadership role in Africa and give hope to black men all over the world.

What do you say of state or regional police and regional military commanded by indigenes of the regions? Did we have regional police before? Is it a new idea? The military had a voluntary command before, but they have this their GOCs. Look at America. The military in America is one, but the police there is not one. They even have county police. The military is for external aggression and serious internal rebellion. Right now the military is doing the work of the police, because the police that you send to Yobe is from Anambra, and cannot understand the terrain, and the ones you send to Anambra is from Yobe and do not understand the terrain and the language.

Should the military commanders be indigenes of the area? It doesn’t matter. As long as they are competent and they fit the bill, why not? Their gender does not matter, their religion does not matter, their professionalism is what matters.

The insurgency in the North East, is the government handling it well? Look, count the number of the people in Aso villa, including the President. What is their strength? The issue of insurgency? The president sits in Abuja, he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He has the Chief of Army Staff and gives him responsibilities. The Chief of Army Staff calls a brigadier to lead 100,000 people to Yobe.

The local intelligence, the traditional rulers, the market women, know these people and can fish them out in a few seconds. If they are gathering intelligence properly, insurgency is not something that the president alone can face. Do you want Odi again? Do you want him to give a command and say go level that place and kill everyone within sight? Is that the solution to the problem? Won’t they see it as a southerner trying to decimate the North? Sending the military there and declaring state of emergency is part of it. Dialoguing with the people is also part of it. Obasanjo tried to play the role of a mediator. It back fired. Insurgency is not something that started now. In the same way which the Amnesty which I didn’t totally support, but it solved the problems of bursting pipelines, people surrendered their guns. Whether they picked them back, we don’t know. We made billionaires out of the militants. I don’t know how many people we have to grant Amnesty to if we give Boko Haram amnesty, and eventually other groups in the south will start their own trouble. And we go beg them. The Nigerian nation has a faulty foundation. Now the tail is wagging the dog, let’s face it and create a law that governs the situation, so that the rule of law will replace the rule of men. Don’t blame the president alone for the insurgency in the North. He is the commander in chief. Yes. He swore to protect lives and property of the citizens. But in this matter, all hands must be on deck.

With your vision, experience and intellect how do you see Nigeria in 2040? If we continue this way, we will not be anywhere, whether it is 2040 or 2050, because the destructiveness will not bring about a constructive end. But if we make an about turn and change our ways, and substitute rule of men with the rule of law, and meritocracy is   the order of the day, justice and righteousness become the foundation of our country and no one is above the law, then we can see light at the end of the tunnel, a change in our country, and the country can progress. Anyone just pontificating about 2020 is probably blind to the present reality. The present reality is that we are in a mess. We need to correct the mess before we can make any tangible progress.

Oduoye, ex-MILAD of Niger, Ebonyi dies at 69

Oduoye, ex-MILAD of Niger, Ebonyi  dies at 69

A former Military Administrator of Niger and Ebonyi States, Senator Simeon Olasunkanmi Oduoye, is dead.

According to a family source, Oduoye aged 69, died at his GRA residence in Osogbo, Osun State on Friday evening.

Oduoye, who represented Osun Central senatorial district on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from 2003 to 2007, ventured into politics after retiring in 1999 as an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG).

The late senator was born in Ikirun, the headquarters ofthe Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun State.

He contested the governorship primary election of the PDP in the state in 2003 but lost to Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who ruled the state from 2003 to November 2010.

Confirming his father’s death, the eldest son, Mr. Kayode Oduoye, said his late father had been suffering from illness for some time.

He further disclosed that the deceased, who was planning his 69th birthday celebration, died inside the bedroom at his Osogbo residence.

He said the family would soon meet to take a decision on the burial.

Gunmen attack David Mark’s convoy in Imo

Gunmen attack David Mark’s convoy in Imo

GUNMEN, on Thursday night, opened fire on the advance team of Senate President David Mark in the Orlu axis of Imo State.

The team was going ahead of the Senate President who was scheduled to attend the funeral ceremonies for the late businessman, Sir John Richard Anyaehie, in Nkwerre, Nkwerre Local Government Area of the state.

It could not be confirmed whether Mark was the target of the gun attack.

He was not in the convoy after opting to travel to the function by helicopter.

Security men in the convoy returned fire and repelled the hoodlums.

However, one of the vehicles in the Senate President’s advance team convoy was riddled with bullets but no life was lost.

Senator Mark confirmed the attack while speaking at the funeral.

He saw no reason for the attack, especially during the burial of an illustrious son of the area.

He described the late Anyaehie as a truthful man and good adviser, from whom he benefited as a young military Major in Port Harcourt.

He described his first encounter with the deceased as the greatest part of his life.

But the State Police Command denied any such attack.

Spokesperson for the command, Mrs. Joy Elemoko, a Superintendent of Police, said no report of any attack was lodged with the police.

“It was not true that the convoy of the advance team of the Senate President was attacked in the state as widely claimed. We knew that the Senate President flew to the state in a helicopter and so we are not aware of any attack, and if his convoy was attacked it could not have been in the state,” she said.

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State condemned the attack, and described it as a bad omen ahead of the 2015 elections.

He challenged security agencies to fish out the brains behind the attack and bring them to book.

He said: “We should try at all times to be united as the action of those who attacked that convoy should not be tolerated. It was aimed at eliminating the senate president and should not be tied to Boko-Haram.

“I do not want to say that it is either this political party or not but those who are behind it must be apprehended.That is all I am saying.”



IT IS understood that a line of communication has been opened between representatives of John Obi Mikel,Chelsea and Inter Milan regarding the transfer of the Nigeria international to Italy in the summer.

It is no longer a secret that Inter Milan want to bolster their ranks with the acquisition of the defensive midfielder after the World Cup.

And everything indicates that the 26 – year – old would be joining the Nerazzurri on loan if they fail to meet his transfer fee thought to be around 17 million euros.

Mikel, who has been at Chelsea for the past eight years, still has a contract until the summer of 2017.

He has managed only 9 starts this season, his fewest in an English Premier League campaign

‘Strange Helicopter Hovered over Giwa Barracks Before Attack’

160512F2.NAF-Air-Crafts.jpg - 160512F2.NAF-Air-Crafts.jpg

Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

Senator Iroegbu in Abuja, Chinedu Eze and

By Chiemelie Ezeobi


Security sources have alleged that helicopters hovered around the 21 Armoured Brigade, Giwa Barracks months before the recent daring pre-dawn attack by the militant Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

The attack, which was in a bid to free their detained members, had resulted in the killing of over 350 insurgents by the Nigerian military.

The helicopters, THISDAY gathered, were usually seen hovering in the dead of night dropping food items for the sect’s members in various hidden locations of the state of emergency zones before returning to their forest enclaves.

But the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) yesterday debunked claims that terrorists and insurgents now ferry in arms and ammunition through helicopters instead of using their usual route of land and sometimes, water transportation.

In a telephone conversation with THISDAY, the Director of Public Relations Information (DOPRI), Commodore Yusuf Anas, debunked the claims, noting that the service has continually protected the nation’s airspace as it has been charged with.

He said, “I don’t know where you got such information but it is not true. But if you really want to find out, contact the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), because they are the ones in charge of all the flights that either come in or fly out.

“Even as the Air Force, we still report our flight schedules to NAMA because they are the ones solely charged with taking note of all flights whether local or international.” An incident, which was particularly cited by sources forces, had allegedly occurred sometime in December last year. This was after the devastating attack at the 79 Composite Group, Nigeria Air Force (NAF) Base in Maiduguri.

It would be recalled that three decommissioned military aircraft as well as two helicopters were incapacitated in the course of the attack. The suspected Boko Haram helicopters were reported to have taken advantage of the turmoil to ferry round weapons, food and personnel.

Recently, there was a report quoting some lawmakers to have said that bandits and insurgents operating in parts of the North were being ferried in by helicopters along with their weapons possibly from foreign lands to launch attacks.

One of the legislators, who raised the alarm, was Senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina. He corroborated the allegation that some of the terrorists, who had savagely been killing people in several parts of the North, were not local people but were parachuted from somewhere else along with their supplies.

According to Ibrahim, there were reports from local people that the killers got supplies from helicopters, which the locals said they saw landing in thick forests.

The allegation was said to have come up following a debate on the motion moved by Senator Barnabas Gemade from Benue State over the spate of deadly violence in parts of the North.

According to the lawmakers, the incessant killings by Boko Haram insurgents and by other elements have reached an alarming proportion, suggesting that there may be some hidden hands sponsoring the violence for some ulterior motives.

They adopted Gemade’s motion, and directed the committees on Security and Intelligence, Defence and Army, Police Affairs and Interior to undertake a fact-finding mission and report back as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, while responding to THISDAY enquiries, said that the military authorities were investigating the allegations.

Olukolade, however, refused to disclose further the extent of their findings for operational reasons. Replying to a text message sent to his number, Olukolade, said the extent of the efforts by the military to tackle this cannot be subject of public discourse for security reasons.

He said, “The relevant security and intelligence network in the country are already working on this and related information. Please understand that the extent of the effort cannot be subject of news or public discourse for now.”

On the radar coverage of the conflict ridden Northeastern zone, the Defence Headquarters directed all enquiries to the Federal Aviation Authorities.

However, a top security analyst has also cautioned that the story might be the ploy of the opposition politicians and their military moles and conspirators to make mockery of the armed forces.

Meanwhile, the possibility of Boko Haram insurgents using helicopter to bring armament to the country’s Cameroon border have been confirmed by experts. This is despite total radar coverage of Nigeria (TRACON) monitoring the nation’s airspace.

A seasoned helicopter pilot and airline operator, who spoke to THISDAY yesterday on condition of anonymity, said that a competent helicopter pilot could evade the radar and operate into the remote areas of the border to drop weapons as alleged by Senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina.

The pilot said, “A good pilot can always avoid and evade the radar because the radar works by the line of sight; if you fly below the line of sight you will avoid being picked by the radar. Besides, it is difficult to monitor the radar and also interpret the images seen. So it is difficult to monitor the radar 24 hours and how many of those monitoring the radar are well trained to interpret what they have seen?”

The pilot, however, said that he doubted the credibility of the story that helicopter was being used to bring down supplies to the insurgents, not because it is not possible, but what the implication might be if Cameroon could allow this to happened. “This is because no Nigerian registered helicopter can do that.” But a senior engineer with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) admitted that helicopter could carry out such operation, “but it is not professionally possible.”

The source said that it would be difficult to operate helicopter illegally around the Nigeria/Cameroon border without being detected because Nigeria has primary radar in addition to secondary surveillance radar, explaining that primary radar reflects every metal object in the airspace, so even if the transponder of the helicopter is switched off, the primary radar would still reflect its presence in the airspace.

But many are of the view that the radar may not be effective at the Nigeria’s border at the far northeast and that was what prompted NAMA to install some sophisticated air navigation equipment at the Maiduguri airport after it was invaded by Boko Haram insurgents, who bombed the TRACON installation there last December.

Former NAMA Managing Director, Nnamdi Udoh, said the insecurity in the area had prompted government to introduce a new air navigation technology called wide area augmentation and automatic data surveillance broadcast installed around the airport to boost security.

Meanwhile, the Rivers State Police Command said it had intensified operations to mop up all the illegal arms in the state, while tightening its borders to curb the influx of smuggling in new weapons. The state Commissioner of Police, Tunde Ogunsakin, who made this disclosure yesterday in Lagos in an interview with THISDAY, said the command also arrested an alleged supplier of explosives to insurgents in the North-east.

He said cache of weaponry including explosives, arms and ammunition, military and assault weapons, rifles and Ak47, were recovered in different raids across the state.

He said, “There is proliferation of arms in very wrong hands in the state. When I got there, I looked at the security situation and I looked at ways and means to address.

“Last week, during one of our patrol activities, we found some explosives in the boot of a car belonging to an alleged kidnapper and armed robber but with connection to the explosives, we are handling the case sensitively.

“We don’t want to label him a Boko Haram suspect but we are not ruling that out. We are still investigating because we don’t want to be deceived by his claims that he is just an armed robber and kidnapper. “This is because when we arrested and interrogated him, he said he was on his way to Yobe to supply the explosives to his customers.”

Yes, I’m crazy about Frank Artus – Nazareth Jesse

By Ayo Onikoyi

We have seen romance come  and go in Nollywood. While in some cases it dies before it matures, in others it thrives. Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh are about hitting the altar, following their declaration, a couple of weeks back, that they would be tying the nuptial soon.

Nazareth Jesse and Frank Artus

Nazareth Jesse and Frank Artus

Now, Nuella Njubigbo seems to have worked her magic on movie director, Tchidi Chikere, and the director is rushing her to the altar las if the lady is butter that could melt away if he doesn’t do the needful fast enough. Now, there seems to be another Nollywood romance brewing, and those involved are none other than Nigerian actress, Nazareth Jesse Bako, and Ghanain actor, Frank Artus. This revelation came about during my recent discussion  with Nazareth. In fact, we were chatting on the bbm when I caught a glimpse of Frank’s photograph as the ‘display picture’ on her phone.

Curious, I asked the ‘Bitter Generation’ actress if there is anything going on between her and Frank. “Yes, I am crazy about Arthus Frank,he has a heart of gold and qualities  every woman wants in a man. People misjudge him by his appearance and kindness but getting to know him, he turned out to be different”, she told me, “I was impressed,  so I made him my friend for life”.

That should be a declaration of a woman in love but when I asked her if Frank feels the same about her. She replied, “I don’t know, I only know about myself”.


Lady D intimidated me into marrying her’-Charly Boy

Maverick musician and social crusader, Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy, and his south American born wife,  Diane, popularly known as Lady D, have remained, an item  after 35 years of marriage.Some critics believe  their union is a  case of birds of  a  feather that flock together. But the couple have a  different opinion as they share the secrets of their marriage as well as how they  weathered the storms of cultural boundaries and still remain as husband and wife.


How I met my wife I met my wife in 1974/1975 in a hair saloon  in Boston, USA. I went to do my hair there when I saw this beautiful  lady with an overflowing hair.I admired her beauty and  decided  I was going to invite her to a party that never happened. She accepted my invitation and the party was just me and her in my limousine and I asked my driver to drive us round town. While we were cruising, we talked and that was how we started.

Attraction She has a child’s spirit; almost like shy. Also, she has the best figure I have ever seen in a woman. Of course, she was pretty, but I think it was her spirit that attracted me to her.

Love at first sight No, it wasn’t. I was looking forward to coming back home and settling down. It wasn’t much of love at first sight than more of companionship at a time.

Married twice Yes, I was prepared to settle down before I met her. I had  been married twice or thrice but it didn’t work out for me. I was leaving one relationship when I met her. More or less, she was filling the gap kind of a thing.

Marrying  a woman from another cultural background She comes from the  southern part of America. They are more inclined to the homeliness kind of thing. She didn’t have any problem readjusting after all, we started from the village. When  I  returned to the country, and completed my youth service, I had problem with my parents because they didn’t support what I wanted to do for myself.

I couldn’t take it, hence I disowned them. That was how I relocated to the village to put myself together. I started the Charly Boy brand in the village and she was with me for about eight years there before we moved  to Lagos. So, I think I’m a  lucky bastard.

My parents’ reaction My parents had met her several times in Boston. I didn’t know she was going to be my wife. I wanted to marry a Nigerian  and not an American. But she was all over me, and when I wanted to return to Nigeria  in 1980/1981, she bought her own ticket  under the guise that she was coming to spend two weeks in Nigeria, only for her to end up spending six months.

So, my parents were worried that she should go back to her country to give me chance to look for a wife. She was supposed to book for a ticket to return to America. One day, she woke up and said to me: “Marry me or I will never come back to Nigeria.” That was how I was intimidated into marrying her. I didn’t propose to her, rather she was the one who proposed to me. That ‘s why I said I was intimidated into  marrying her.

Charlyboy-and-wife35 years after It’s like a moving coaster. We have had our low as well as our high moments. Sometimes, it’s good, at other times, it’s averagely good.  We have had our issues, but, above every other thing, I think we have great understanding and respect for each other;  love and trust for each other. Also, we were willing to work out anything that will keep us together. That’s why I think we have come this far.

Strength of our marriage Great understanding, mutual respect and a lot of communication.

Hanging out These  days, I really don’t hang out. In fact, I don’t have a social life any more. At 7 pm, I’m already in my bed. My house is like a  castle. We have done all the going out in the past, but that does not mean that we should stop going out. That’s why every six months, we try to come up with an idea just to keep abreast of time. Like I said, we are determined to make our marriage work  and to find ways that we can keep reinventing ourselves  and keeping our interests  in each other going.

What I don’t like about her What I don’t like about her is the thing I like about her. She is like a child, she’s so innocent and naïve. I keep being afraid, if I’m not around, who protects her. Sometimes  I quarrel with her that she’s too trusting. That innocence, I think I have a lot of that in me, that’s why I have always remained a boy. You know, children are open-minded about a lot of things.

I don’t want to be calculative; I want to be like that boy,  I just want to play.  That’s the spirit that attracted me to her. That’s the same spirit I wish I could change in her because Nigeria is a very treacherous place and one needs  to be very careful.

What I cannot do for her Following the deep friendship that we share, I can almost do anything for her. She  has become my baby, my angel  and my best friend ever. I don’t even see her as a wife, rather I see her as my body.

Advice to young couples I don’t think most couples respect themselves. And if there is no respect, there will be no understanding.But in a marriage where there is respect and understanding, the couple will approach any problem that comes their way with that kind of mindset. If I do something that is out of order, I  quickly apologise to my wife. For longevity in marriage, there should be great friendship, understanding and a lot of communication and determination to want to stick to it and make it work.

If he has not proven to be a family man, I probably wouldn’t  have been in Nigeria — Wife

35 years in marriage Sometimes, I wonder if it is really up to 35 years. Maybe it’s because one is just enjoying the ride.  When you are comfortable and you do the things you like to do and you are around people that you enjoy, you wouldn’t just realize when time is going by. But it is going by because I see my children in college graduating with first degrees, definitely something is changing around me. It is a long journey and we have had ups and downs within the 36 years that we have been together. But we are happy together. A lot of couples haven’t got that far-we are really privileged.

What I enjoyed most in marriage Companionship. Like I said, all couples have their ups and downs but we have been able to sort things out by ourselves. Also, we communicate a lot. Talking is a key thing in any relationship and we always point this out anytime we are interviewed. Honesty and agreement are also important. We strive to make things good for ourselves and our extended family including our children and parents. We look beyond just ourselves.

Hard part of it I guess it is just the small things that every couple experiences in a relationship. It may be disagreement in raising the kids among others. I also have step children to look after. The bottom-line is the resolve by both of us to make the relationship work.

My home I have seven kids altogether out of which three are mine biologically, the rest are step children. We are all very close. We reprimand those who are not doing well and commend those who are doing well. We try and work with them and they know they have our love as parents. They don’t really look at me as their step mum and that is how I  have always  wanted it to be. They all call me by my first name.

I hate it when they use the appellation ‘Ma’ for me. It hurts me. One of my step children came to Nigeria some years back and when he saw me he was overwhelmed. He never knew that a step mother could have such a positive influence on one’s life.

Coming to live in Nigeria With regards to coming to Nigeria, I don’t think I would have changed anything. But I think if someone had told me that I would come and live in Nigeria and have kids here, I would have told whoever the person is that it was not possible. The first time I came to Nigeria, I wanted to stay for three months but I ended up staying for nine months. So, it’s not about the country but the person who brought me to Nigeria. I don’t want to brag but I am grateful to God for my relationship.

How I got hooked From the beginning, meeting Charles was different because he was a Nigerian. I have never really gone out with a Nigerian. I have a lot of American boyfriends but not a Nigerian. I really wanted to know much about a Nigerian man and his culture and people. That was what really intrigued me.

Coping at the home front He takes care of his family very well. If he had not proven to be a family man, I probably would not have been in Nigeria in the first place. He has been a good husband and father to his children.

Advice for young couples I think they have to first get it right from the start. I think dating is very important. You need to know what you want to get yourself into. For women, it is not because the clock is ticking and for men, it is not about what you have. But you need to know the person you want to spend your life with before you commit yourself. We make mistakes but people have to be careful. One of the things that work for me and my husband is that he is not a typically and culturally Nigerian man, maybe it is because of his exposure.


Biola Ige, Muna Obiekwe x-rated picture update: I don’t remember sucking Biola’s … – Muna

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, and Enugu-based actor, Muna Obiekewe, have not been resting easy since a picture, portraying the two Thespians allegedly smooching, with Muna sucking Biola’s boobs went viral online.

Biola talked to me last week to explain her position, claiming that, what appeared in the picture must have been a trick of photoshop because, according to her, the scene never took place, during, before or after shooting of the film ‘Pregnant Hawkers’.

Now, Muna, based in Enugu, has opened up on the matter. It was quite hard, getting the fair-skinned actor to talk as he brusquely told me he doesn’t grant interviews, challenging me to bring any interview he has granted before.


Biola, Muna

I told him there is always a first time and the line went dead only for him to call back the next day to say, indeed, there is always a first time to everything in life. Here is our conversation:

Are you aware there is an x-rated picture of you and Biola Ige all over the internet, both of you partially naked, with you, sucking her boobs?

I was made aware of it. I don’t remember the movie. I also don’t remember sucking Biola’s breasts. If the movie exists, that scene never took place.

The film is ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and were you and Biola Ige involved in any sensual scene where you were both nude, making love, real and unreal?

Like I told you, I don’t recall the movie. I do a lot of movies and I can’t remember what happens in all of them. The fact that I don’t recall means that the movie was shot a long time ago. Probably three or more years back. when love scene  was in vogue with producers. I’m still searching for the movie to acquaint myself with the story.

There has never been anything between myself and any actress that I’ve made a movie with. My romantic relationships have always been outside the movie industry. I don’t take my work home.

But you seem to have the knack for romantic scenes. Why?

Love making scenes are normal in movies. When we   see them in foreign movies it’s nothing. But when it’s done here, people start questioning actors morality. Bear in mind that these scenes are not shot the way it’s finally seen when the movie comes out. Nothing ever actually happens. Not with about ten people in the production crew in the room with you.

I want to add that the aim in making movies is to enlighten people. You want them to see exactly what’s happening in the world around them. You want them shocked into action against whatever it is you’re trying to portray. Avoiding to touch, the sensibilities of people only result in those things you want seen and treated, ignored. In that regard, I try to make my acting as real as possible without actually doing something wrong.

How do you feel being labelled a porn star, because some people feel that is what you are actually becoming in the industry

I’m not a porn star and I never will be. Love making scenes are sometimes inclusive in a movie and should be done with class. Sometimes editors and directors don’t edit or direct well and it comes out wrong. Will you call any of the American or British movie stars a porn star?

As a top brand in Nollywood and as a sex symbol: how do you handle advances from women?

I avoid them. And please, I’m not a sex symbol. I’ve done two hundred movies, out of which only about ten of them have anything concerning sex. Why are people concentrating on those? An actor, before he can be acknowledged as one, has to play quite a number of roles in his career.


WIZKID HIT AND RUNS!!! Wizkid and Girlfriend Tania Omotayo Officially Break Up!



For a while now, there have been speculations that Wizkid and his longtime boo Tania Omotayo are no longer together. They have not been spotted together at events as frequently as they used to, then they posted some cryptic messages on Instagram and Twitter which even fuelled the rumours.

But now, according to Punch, a source close to the couple has confirmed to them that the lovebirds’ relationship is over. According to the unnamed source, Wizkid and Tania went their separate ways last December. Although the reason for their split is still unknown, the source was doubtful whether either of them was in a relationship.

“They have split for a long time now. In fact, I think it was since December. I don’t know why they broke up and I don’t know if Wizkid is in another relationship but they are no more together,” the source said.

When Saturday Beats called the singer’s manger, Godwin Tom, to confirm the split, he did not pick his calls neither did he reply the text message sent to him.

Photos: Man spends over $100,000 to look like a sєxdoll(PHOTOS)



Plastic obsessed transsexual ,Katella Dash has has spent  $99,000, on cosmetic surgery in her quest to look like a blow up sex doll.

Katella was born male but underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 23 & now wants to look ‘extremely feminine.She has had seven breast augmentations,  implants in her lips, cheeks and chin – but she longs for more.

I love to look plastic – most people hate me for my extreme appearance but it fuels me to get more work done.I think I do have an obsession with plastic surgery, but being over the top and extreme feels normal to me.The look I am going for is a walking blow up sex doll – it’s about as fake a person as you can b.’Right now the only thing stopping me going to a size L or M is that no surgeons in the US are willing to operate on me.I have gone abroad for surgery before so I might have to do it again.’When I was younger I felt too feminine for a boy – I was more feminine than most females.The way I would talk, the way I would move my hands, the way I spoke.I had the operation and I’ve never looked back. Now I want to achieve a hyper-feminine, extreme look.’The cost of all of my operations comes to about $100,000 dollars – but I have had boyfriends help pay for some procedures





See What These Ladies Are Doing In The Club With Their Men (18+)










Afrocandy wants to have breast reduction surgery…

Afrocandy tells Saturday Tribune that she is about to have breast reduction surgery because the heaviness of her boobs is causing her back pain…

“I have been having back pain lately, and when I went to my doctor for that, he said I was carrying load on my chest; that’s what’s causing it. Also, I can’t jog, run, jump rope or dance as I would like to without being conscious of the bouncing boobies. So, I wanna be able to do all that and be pain-free.”she said

PHOTO – Suspended CBN Governor Sanusi Pictured Chilling With A Babe And A Drink In His Hand

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi living large in New York City with Cameroonian beauty, Marybelle Boma. The Former CBN Governor is chilling down with 1971 Henri Jayer Richebourg Red Wine.

Horrific: How girl stabbed her rival over alleged affair with her man (Viewer Discretion)


A female senior secondary school student is currently lying critically ill at the hospital as a result of a deep cut inflicted on her neck after a fight ensued between her and a a young lady who accused her of having an affair with the lady’s boyfriend. Doctors are battling to save the life of Haliya Odunaya at the Stars Clinic on Apapa Road, Ebute Metta West, Lagos after serious injuries were inflicted on her face by a lady called Funmilola. It was reported that Funmilola warned Haliyah to steer clear of her man or face the consequences and she probably took it for an empty threat before the incident occurred. National Mirror reports:

When she was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, March 15, 2014 Haliya, not many believed that she would make it. Haliya, 15, lives with her parents at Shomore, on Ilogbo area of Oyingbo in Lagos Mainland Local Government Area of the state. The third born of a family of five children, Haliya, it was gathered, was a victim of a jealous lover who would not want anyone be near her boyfriend. Saturday Mirror learnt that one Funmilola, probably of the same age as Haliya, stabbed her over suspicion based on this. It was reported that a couple of weeks before the incident, Funmilola, had approached Haliya when she started noticing the closeness of her (Haliya) and her lover. Then, Funmilola had reportedly warned Haliya to stay off her man, reportedly threatening to go any length with anyone she found around the man. Saturday Mirror further gathered that a day before she attacked Haliya, Funmilola reportedly stripped another lady stark naked in the same locality for the same reason. Thus, on that fateful Saturday, Funmilola was allegedly informed by another friend that Haliya was in company with her (Funmilola’s) boyfriend. It was reported that before Funmilayo got to where Haliya and the man were supposedly standing, both had left and she headed straight for Haliya’s house. As Haliya appeared from the corner of the street, Funmilola reportedly accosted her and began to rain abuses on the young lady. Speaking with Saturday Mirror on her hospital bed, Haliya, who denied having an affair the man in question narrated continued the story. “I was coming from where I went to buy something that night when Funmilola met me at the end of the street. She started pushing me and insulting me but I did not utter a word. When I entered our house, she stood outside and was shouting at the top of her voice heaping insults on my parents and I. “At that stage I decided to respond to her threats and went to meet her to warn her against insulting my mother. After I had told her my mind, I turned to go back into our building and that was when she (Funmilola) dragged me back and produced a sharp object from under her cloths and attacked me with it,” Haliya alleged. Funmilola, it was gathered, had fled the community while the man at the centre of the storm would not answer his telephone calls when contacted. He only told some confidants that he had nothing to do with the two young ladies. It was reported that Funmilola did not let go of Haliya until the latter slumped having lost a lot of blood. Dr. Adeolu Olusodo, is currently battling to save the young girl’s life in his clinic. Speaking with Saturday Mirror on the severity of the cuts on Haliya, he expressed shock over the attack and injury inflicted on Haliya. According to Olusodo, Haliya could have died in the process should the cuts had been more. His words: “It is strange that a young girl would inflict such injuries on another fellow girl. Haliya was luck to be alive and it was because she had a good escape because if the cuts had gone down a little, it would have resulted in loss of so much blood and could have touched some sensitive parts of her body, which could have led to loss of her life.” No one in Funmilola’s family was ready to speak with the press or comment on the whereabouts of their daughter. Haliya’s parents also would not want to speak to the press but it was gathered that the community was on their neck to allow sleeping dog lie on the matter since their daughter survived the gruesome attack. A family member of Haliya who would want to be quoted told Saturday Mirror on telephone that the matter would not be allowed to lie low since Funmilola had engaged in a similar act before now. “How on earth would you sweep this kind of crime under the carpet? The girl could come round next time and do it to anyone else. She must be stopped. Who takes care of the hospital bills not minding some drugs that she would need to regain the lost strength and blood?”

Boko Haram’s Wish Comes True In Borno

Public secondary schools in northeast Borno state have been closed indefinitely following deadly attacks blamed on Boko Haram Islamists, teachers and parents said Saturday.

The closure reportedly affects 85 secondary schools, catering to some 120,000 students across the troubled state, a stronghold of the militant sect waging a five year insurgency in Nigeria.

The murderous group, whose name means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language, has vowed to stop children attending school.

“We reported to school on Friday last week (March 14) but to our shock the principal of the school told us he had received orders from the ministry of education to close down the school indefinitely,” teacher Suleiman Gana told AFP.

“He (the principal) told us the decision affects all public secondary schools in the state and was taken as a precautionary measure to safeguard lives of teachers and students from Boko Haram attacks,” Gana said.

A Borno state official confirmed the closure of the schools to AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Deadly attacks blamed on Boko Haram have intensified since the turn of the year, with some 700 killed in more than 40 attacks in 2014 according to Human Rights Watch, making it one of the bloodiest years since the insurgency began in 2009.

In the restive northeast, tens of thousands have fled for their lives, either in fear of further attacks or after militants razed their homes and businesses.

A wave of attacks on education targets, including the slaughter of boarding school students in their beds while they slept, has prompted international condemnation.

Maheeda Shares The Reason She Has Been Posting Crazy unclad Pictures Lately


’9ja bad girl’ as she likes to call herself has been working on a new song, as she made us know, and now it’s time to check it out.

The part of everything that has kept a lot of people waiting on this video would be her promo photo shots. Maheeda went all out of her clothes and even threw in a couple gymnastic moves unclad, just to promote this new single.

The single ‘Las Gidi Chic’ has an upbeat tempo, very colorful and clear pictures, and surprisingly not as much indecency as the singer is popularly known for, there is also not a single unclad scene in it, as her promo shots would have made some people believe.

Compared to her previous video ‘naija bad girl’, one could say she got things more subtle in order to appeal to a larger audience, and permit replays on tv.

If you are one of the fans who are concerned about lyrics, don’t miss out her references to other singers Beyonce and Rihanna.

Pregnant Girls Freed By Police In Baby Factory Raid Near Lagos

Pregnant girls housed in a home near Lagos, with plans to sell each of their newborns for nearly two thousand dollars have been rescued by the police, officers said on Saturday.

“Following intelligence report, we discovered and stormed on Friday a baby factory in Akute district of Ogun state,” a police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi told AFP.

The police found the suspected operator at the baby making home and eight pregnant girls, most of them under the age of 20, he said.

Similar homes have been discovered in the South-eastern part of Nigeria, but it is the first discovery of such in southwest Nigeria.

pregnant girls baby factory

“The girls confessed that each newborn child will be sold for 300,000 naira ($1,800/1,300 euros),” Oyeyemi said, adding that the suspects will be charged in court with crimes at the end of the current investigations.

Obesere Turns His r*pe Scandal Into A Movie

Fuji star, Abass Akade aka Obesere has decided to turn a bad situation into entertainment by turning his r*pe scandal into a movie.


Obesere has reportedly written a script based on all the saga his recent r*pe scandal with 29-year old business woman, Olanike Olaiya, has brought into his life.

The fuji star is also said to be recruiting actors who can effectively recreate his script and bring his story into life on the television screen of many.

Confirming this, his publicist Deola Adeoti said;

“The movie is targeted at unraveling the mystery behind the r*pe scandal. A whole lot of things have been said about him in the past few weeks, but I think this movie will tell the world the plain truth.
“Apart from his own experience, Obesere is aware of some men who had been blackmailed with this same scandal and he felt that it was high time he exposed some of these women of evil.”
Obesere’s scandal with the said Miss Olaiya has brought about different stories concerning the same issue ever since he was arrested in March, following Olaiya’s claims that the Fuji star defiled her. Obesere had however denied the allegations, saying they were lovers and she was trying to blackmail him into giving her money.

FIRST PHOTOS From Paul Okoye’s Wedding, Check Out The Lovely Couple

One part of the Nigerian music Duo ‘P-square’, Paul Okoye, is getting traditionally wed to his lovely bride, Anita Isamah, today in Port Harcourt.

The couple have been engaged for a while now and already have a child together, so the public eyes have been watching them expecting when they would make their union official.

These wedding expectations where also highly increased following the tradition marriage of his twin, Paul Okoye, in Lagos last year.

These are the first photos of the couple below, expect more soon. paul-okoye-wedding paul-okoye-wedding2

This 6-0 Defeat is My Fault- Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has taken “full responsibility” of Saturday afternoon’s drubbing at Stamford Bridge.

‘The Gunners’ have now been humiliated at their top four rivals this season with the 6-0 thrashing by Chelsea coming in the wake of their 6-3 loss at the Etihad Stadium and the 5-1 loss at Anfield in February.

“This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it,” said Wenger after the defeat.

Arsenal have now failed to score a goal against Chelsea this season, after losing 2-0 in the Capital One Cup and drawing 0-0 at the Emirate Stadium.

Arsene Wenger Says There is Not Much to Talk About Following Arsenal Loss at The Bridge.

Arsene Wenger Says There is Not Much to Talk About Following Arsenal Loss at The Bridge.

And Wenger is yet to win a game against A Jose Mourinho-led side in eleven attempts and have now suffered their worst defeat against their London rivals.

“I don’ t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today. It’s how we respond now on Tuesday night [against Swansea] and the best way is not to explain too much the mistakes,” he added.

Chelsea came up with two goals in the opening seven minutes of the tie. A Samuel Eto’O fifth minute opener, Andre Schurle’s superb strike, Eden Hazard’s spot-kick, Oscar’s brace and a Mohammed Salah left-footed shot sealed victory for ‘The Blues’ on Wenger’s 1000th game in charge of the North Londoners.

“Yes, of course it’s one of the worst days [in my career]. It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience,” the Frenchman continued.

Arsenal’s only meaningful shot at goal was clawed out by goalkeeper Petr Cech 4 minutes into the game.

Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs was mistakenly sent off, after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain kept out a goal-bound effort with his palm.

Wenger said on Gibbs’ sending off: “I believe it was handball but the referee hasn’t seen it. The ball went out and I think it’s Chamberlain who touched the ball. I don’t know who gave indication to the referee that it was handball but he has certainly not seen it. Of course. it’s a huge disappointment today but we want to win the next game now.”

Chelsea 6 Arsenal 0: Anniversary Day Turns Awry for Wenger at Stamford Bridge

Arsene Wenger’s 1000th match in charge of Arsenal ended in defeat in the hands of the Premier League leaders Chelsea.

The Gunners fell seven points behind Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, following their 6-0 drubbing at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

A Sanuel Eto’O fifth minute opener, Andre Schurle’s superb strike, Eden Hazard’s spot-kick, Oscar’s brace and a Mohammed Salah left-footed shot sealed victory for ‘The Blues’, reigniting their title hopes in the wake of the 1-0 loss to Aston Villa.

‘The Gunners’s’ only meaningful shot at goal was clawed out by goalkeeper Petr Cech 4 minutes into the game.

Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs was mistakenly sent off, after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had kept out a goal-bound effort with his palm.

Kieran Gibbs Sent Off Wrongfully After Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Kept Out a Goal-Bound Eden Hazard Shot With His Hands. Getty Image.

Kieran Gibbs Sent Off Wrongfully After Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Kept Out a Goal-Bound Eden Hazard Shot With His Hands. Getty Image.

Wenger named an unchanged lineup from the side which beat Tottenham last week, while Mourinho replaced Ramires and Willian with David Luiz and Andre Schurle from the side which lost at Villa.

The French boss received torrents of tribute on reaching another milestone in his managerial career since joining the North London outfit in 1996 and, even his opponent Mourinho did say he “admire” his appearance record, but refused to rule out the rivalry between them.

When it was time to do the talking on the pitch, Chelsea were quick to shake off the disappointments a week ago as the hosts came up with two goals in the space of two minutes.

Eto'O Celebrates His Opener Against Arsenal, But Suffered a Seemingly Hamstring Ping Moments Later.

Eto’O Celebrates His Opener Against Arsenal, But Suffered a Seemingly Hamstring Ping Moments Later.

Samuel Eto’O opened scoring early on, after breaking on the counter with Hazard, who laid a beautiful pass to the Cameroon international to cut inside Oxlade-Chamberlain before bending in a brilliant finish.

While the visitors’ midfield remained completely missing, Chelsea kept breaking on the counter and got a second goal from a similar counter-attacking scenario.

Andre Schurrle Doubled Arsenal's Goal. Getty Image.

Andre Schurrle Doubled Arsenal’s Goal. Getty Image.

Schurrle carefully dumped a low shot into the far corner from 20 yards to extends Chelsea’s lead.

Mourinho then lost Eto’O from what looked a hamstring injury with Fernando Torres named his replacement, but Hazard denied Wenger any chance of a memorable comeback, scoring from 12 yards, after Chamberlain turned away his shot by hand.

Referee Andre Marriner apparently awarded a wrongful red card to Gibbs from the penalty incident, but the Football Association says Arsenal can appeal the decision.

Andre Marriner Appears to Send the Wrong Player Out of Play, Leaving Oxlade-Chamberlain on the Pitch and Giving Gibbs His Marching Order.

Andre Marriner Appears to Send the Wrong Player Out of Play, Leaving Oxlade-Chamberlain on the Pitch and Giving Gibbs His Marching Order.

Following a red card clubs can also review possibility of a wrongful dismissal claim to The @FA, unless dismissal is for 2 yellow cards 2/2

— The FA (@FA) March 22, 2014

Chelsea helped themselves with a fourth goal when Torres galloped unchecked through the middle, outpacing Per Mertesacker before squaring for Oscar to fire into the roof of the net.

Oscar Scores Chelsea's Fourth Against Arsenal. Getty Image.

Oscar Scores Chelsea’s Fourth Against Arsenal. Getty Image.

Arsenal being drubbed away at top four rivals is a rather familiar headline so far, following their 6-3 loss at the Etihad and their 5-1 loss in February at Anfield.

1000th anniversary went awful for Wenger as Oscar bent a side-footer around substitute Mathieu Flamini only for Wojciech Szczesny to push the tame shot into the net for Chelsea’s fifth.

Salah, who came in for the Brazilian moments after scoring his brace, completed scoring in the 71st minute, beating an offside trap to roll home under Szczesny’s body- his first goal for the West Londoners.

The victory in front of home crowd came with a twist as it is the first time in history Chelsea will score six goals under Mourinho in a league game and Wenger has now refused to win against the Portuguese boss in eleven attempts; yet Arsenal have failed to score against Chelsea in three meetings this season.

Free Train Passengers Attack Traders, Drivers In Lagos


Some passengers hanging on a moving train unleashed terror on passers-by, bus drivers and traders close to the railway line at Agege on Saturday, pelting their victims with stones, sticks and other objects.

Some of the traders whose goods were destroyed also sustained injuries, just as commercial vehicles were vandalised.

A man who said he was on the way to work was hit by a stone in the head.

“We never had any inkling that this kind of an incident would occur today. In fact, we didn’t have a problem with these passengers even though they always hang illegally on the train,” Tayo Oni, a commercial driver, who plies Agege and the Toll-Gate area of Ogun state, told PM news.

“They had been attacking people in the past, but it was not like this. While riding on the train, they would sometimes throw empty cans of drinks at people, but today’s attack is serious,” a tricycle operator whose windshield was broken said.

“How do I find the money to buy another windshield now?” He asked.

The plot by the free train passengers to attack people in the area began on Thursday, when officers of the Nigeria Police stormed the area and arrested some of them.

A police figsaid some officers witnessed the incident and were in contact with the state police command to help forestall any breakdown of law and order.

Photos: Pope Francis Promises To Visit Nigeria As President Jonathan Visits The Vatican


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday met with Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican.

The president and his entourage arrived Rome on Friday and were welcomed by the Pope’s representatives, and also Nigeria’s representative to the Vatican, Dr Francis Okeke.

According to reports, President Jonathan and‎ Pope Francis held extensive discussion on Nigeria’s position on same-s*x marriage law recently passed in the country.

The president also conferred with Pope Francis on the promotion of inter-faith dialogue in Nigeria and other parts of the world as a way of fostering greater global peace and security.

The President who said that his administration was already working in close collaboration with Cardinal John Onaiyekan who was “the team leader” for the effort to strengthen inter-faith dialogue in Nigeria, assured the Pope of his administration’s continued commitment to the promotion of religious harmony and the peaceful co-existence of people of all faiths.

He also assured the Pope that his administration will continue to work diligently to alleviate poverty in Nigeria through more inclusive economic growth and development.

Speaking to journalists after his meeting with the Pope, Jonathan said that Pope Francis has always taken a keen interest in Nigeria, and has now promised to visit the country.

President Jonathan said the Pope also assured him that he would continue to pray for God Almighty to bless the country and its people.




“My coming to see the Pope was to discuss issues, especially that of inter-faith dialogue which the Vatican has been promoting.

“Also the Pope has been advocating that the world should do more to eradicate poverty and make sure that the ordinary people of this world are in a position to live more decent lives. The Pope is very dedicated to poverty alleviation and I also interfaced with him on how we can collaborate more with the Vatican on what we are already doing in this regard back home,” the President said.

After his private meeting with President Jonathan, Pope Francis received the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Prof Viola Onwuliri, Governor Godswill Akpabio and his spouse, Governor Gabriel Suswam, former Governor Peter Obi and his spouse, the wife of the Senate President, Mrs. Helen Mark and other members of the President’s entourage.

Others present at the enlarged audience with the Pope included Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Vatican, Dr. Francis C. Okeke, the Chaplain of the Presidential Villa, Venerable Obioma Onwuzurumba and Chief Mike Oghiadomhe.




Teachers Shun Oshiomole’s Competency Test As Counsel Threatens To ‘Jail’ The Government

Oshiomole new

Most of the teachers under the employment of the Edo State government Saturday shunned the controversial competency test organised for them by the state, leaving only a little over two hundred school teachers to participate.

Seventy-three teachers were accredited in Edo south, while about 14 and 12 were accredited in Edo central and north respectively in the test scheduled to hold simultaneously in the three senatorial districts.

The test ordered by Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s government ‎for public school teachers in the state, was meant to determine the eligibility of ‎the over 13, 000 teachers in the employment of the state government to continue as teachers in its schools.

Counsel to Academic Staff Union of Secondary School (ASSUS), Bar. Olayiwola Afolabi who was at the accreditation venue, expressed displeasure over the State government’s decision to go ahead with the competency test even when a subsisting court ‎injunction ruled otherwise.

He debunked allegation credited to the State commissioner for Information, Loius Odion that the Court order was not served on the state government, adding that the Court order was pasted on the walls of their offices when they were evading them.

“The moment you fail to obey court order, it is contempt of court. Edo state government is not above the law. It is on record that a former Attorney-General of this State went to prison because of contempt of Court order. If they go ahead with the test, we will file contempt charges against the government of Edo state and we will jail them,” Afolabi said.

The University of Benin (UNIBEN)-venue of the test for teachers in Edo south, was beehive of activities, but mostly for part time students of the University, as very few teachers presented themselves for the test, while accreditation was done at the basement.

‎Apprehension and fear of the unknown were clearly written on the faces of the teachers seen at the various lecture halls designated for the test. They said they have to come for fear of losing their jobs, should the state government eventually win the case against their Unions.

“My‎ brother, I come oh. What if Oshiomhole wins the case and he sacked us for not coming? Will the Union feed me? That’s why I decided to come and see what is happening,” one of the teachers at the venue said.

One of the accredited teachers who did not want his name in print, said: “‎I am here to observe. I may perform accreditation and not write the test. It is when you see me in the exams hall that you can accuse me of writing the test.”

Some officials of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), who spoke to press on condition of anonymity, said ‎they were not there to tell the teachers whether to take the competency test or not, adding that as an adult, each teacher would decide whether to take test does or not.

‎The state commissioner for Higher Education, Washington Osifo who accompanied the chairman of the assessment test committee, Prof. Denis Agbonlahor to the accreditation hall, said the state government was not aware of any court injunction stopping the state government from conducting the test.

“Government is set to conduct the assessment test. Nobody will force anybody to do what is right. The test is in the interest of the teachers and Edo children. We are not aware of any restraining order stopping the test. An attempt to get an order does not in itself translate to an order stopping the conduct of the test,” Osifo said.

It would be recalled that Edo Sate government in a press statement released on Friday, insisted that the test would hold as scheduled, even though the National Industrial Court of Nigeria sitting in Abuja has restrained the government and the Committee it set up to conduct the test from doing so pending the hearing and determination of suit brought before it by the teachers.

Ruling on a Motion Ex-parte brought by Counsel to the secondary schools teachers; Olayiwola Afolabi, the National Industrial Court, presided over by Justice B. A. Adejumo, granted an interim order of injunction restraining the defendants, whether by themselves, agents, servants or privies from conducting any competency test for the claimants/applicants pending the determination of the substantive suit.

“An interim Injunction restraining the defendants from carrying out any act covertly or covertly or doing anything inconsistent with the present employment of the claimants/applicants either by withholding their salaries, allowances and or any of their entitlements or terminating their appointments on the competency test pending the hearing and determination of the Motion on Notice herein is hereby ordered,” the Court said.

The Court also ordered that neither of the claimants/applicants nor any of the defendants shall involve itself in any act of commission or omission that may lead to break down of law and order as a result of the subject matter contained in the Motion Exc-parte or Motion on Notice.

CAN Threatens To Boycott 2016 Census Over JNI Confab Claims

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has threatened to boycott the 2016 population census and subsequent exercises if religion and ethnic data are not included.

Responding to the claim by an Islamic organization, Jama’atu Nasril Islam, led by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad III, that the process of selecting delegates to the National Conference was not done with fair representation and will affect the credibility of its outcome, CAN General Secretary, Dr. Musa Asake, said the inclusion of religion in population census will correct certain negative impressions about which religion has more adherents than the others in the country.

The JNI had, through its Secretary-General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar, stated: “Christians, who by all acceptable records, are not more than 40 per cent of the country’s population, ironically, constitutes 62 per cent of the total delegates at the National Conference.”

Source: ign.com

Source: ign.com

Asake, in a statement, yesterday, described the claim as an “unprovoked defamation of Nigeria Christians.” “CAN may need to remind JNI of the argument and refusal of Muslims to include religion during the last census in Nigeria. We appeal to JNI not to use religion as a basis for their reservations about the National Conference. We believe the conference will do Nigeria a lot of good,” the CAN scribe said.

“Meanwhile, the JNI should come out with the figures that make the Muslim population to be more than that of Christians as we in CAN will boycott future census in Nigeria beginning with the 2016 exercise if they do not include religion. Enough is enough!”

While describing the JNI claim as disappointing especially coming from a person of Khalid’s standing in educational attainment, Asake said assuming or suggesting, as it were, that Muslims are more than Christians in Nigeria as the basis for argument when no census anchored on religion has been carried out was “logically faulty.”


“When and how are these figures by the international agencies arrived at? Which of the international agencies have census figures that Nigerians do not have? Has there been any census by international agencies in Nigeria? To put forward a suggestion or theories like this one by Khalid, for others to consider should have been well thought out. In this case, the JNI Secretary General goofed, having put out insensible arguments and thoughts.

“We are therefore challenging the Secretary-General of the JNI to make it public the source of his population figures which shows that Christians in this country are 40 per cent.”

Nigeria Beyond Oil Solution To Unemployment – Uduaghan


Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State yesterday asked the authorities to look beyond oil for solution to Nigeria’s unemployment problem.

Uduaghan spoke against the backdrop of the deaths recorded, last week, during the recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) which attracted nearly half a million applicants for less than 5,000 vacant slots.

The governor spoke at the award ceremony of the 2013 Vanguard Personality of Year Award in Lagos, saying the deaths during the NIS job test could not have happened had the nation focused on several ways of generating jobs.

Uduaghan received the Vanguard Personality of the Year 2013, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the chairman of Dangote Group, got the award of African Personality of the Year 2013 while Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, the Chairman of Innoson Group, was honoured as the Most Innovative Entrepreneur, 2013.

Speaking on behalf of the award recipients, the governor said: “Two weeks ago, we had young ones who died looking for jobs. It was not apparent to many Nigerians the level of unemployment until that day. From stadium to stadium across the country, we had people gathered much more than those who go to watch football matches.

“What were they looking for? Looking for jobs. Our Delta Beyond Oil is to deal with what happened two weeks ago. We are encouraging people to create jobs so that our youths will not go and die in stadia looking for jobs. If we had enough jobs, what happened two weeks ago would not have happened and that is just is the summary of our Delta Beyond Oil.

“Creating jobs so that our youths will be engaged, so that our youths will be employed and I am happy that Mr. president is leading the way in the creation of jobs.

“So, I want to encourage our private investors to put their money into areas that will ensure that our young ones are employed. Our vision of Delta beyond oil is about employment of our youths, of our women, of our men. It is not a vision for today alone, it is a vision for today, it is a vision for tomorrow, it is a vision also for the future. So, I encourage all of you to also be part of this vision.”

The award ceremony, which saw a high turnout of high society and held amidst pomp, had Vice-President Namadi Sambo as special guest of honour and former Governor Olusegun Osoba of Ogun State as chairman.

In his own address, Sambo praised the recipients, noting that it was remarkable that their efforts had been recognised by a reputable newspaper.

The vice president, who was represented by the Minister of State (Works), Alhaji Bashir Yuguda, said: “We are here to celebrate three things; we are celebrating Nigeria, Nigerians and our own products. We are celebrating Nigerians as individuals because you have all excelled in your own capacities, and the three of you are products of our environment.”

“We are not surprised that you are getting this recognition from a reputable newspaper, Vanguard Newspaper. We are honouring you and the other recipients because we created the conducive environment for you to flourish.”

“You have not disappointed us as a friend and as a party man. We believe that better things will come to the way of Delta and Deltans.” [Vanguard]

20 Corpses Of Ritual Victims Uncovered In Oyo

One of the rescued victims believed to have been bewitched in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

One of the rescued victims believed to have been bewitched in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

About 20 bodies of people believed to have been killed for ritual purposes were discovered, yesterday, in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

Also, 18 men and five women, believed to have been bewitched and bound with fetters in a dungeon, were found and rescued.

One of the rescued victims believed to have been bewitched and bound with fetters in a dungeon, in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

The rescued victims looked emaciated. One of the women was said to have been delivered of a baby who was sold to a waiting buyer among those who always thronged the secluded area at night to buy human parts.

Some of the captives were too weak to tell their stories.

It was gathered that some Fulani cattle rearers grazed their cattle in the bush around the area.

A suspect identified as Akeem Isiaka (38) was arrested in connection with the incident and taken to Sanyo Police Station.

Containers and wells containing human parts including skulls were also discovered in the bush.

A woman, Titi Adeniyi, who managed to speak, said she had been held captive for more than two years.Another captive, Tunji Alabi, who said he was a bus conductor before he became a victim of the ritualists, could not say much.

Oyo State Police Command PRO, SP Olabisi Clet-Ilobanafor, said some arrests had been made over the discoveries. [Vanguard]

Police Corporal Shoots Self To Death With Own Rifle In Minna

policeA mobile policeman identified as Corporal Tanko Usman has allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with his service rifle.

The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday in an uncompleted building along Eastern Bye-pass in Minna, the Niger state capital.

It was learnt that the 30 year old policeman, who until his death, was attached to Squadron 12 Police Mobile Force PMF Minna, shot himself in the wee hours of Saturday with a AK 47 rifle shortly after he left his duty post in one of the second generation banks in the city.

He was said to have parked his motorcycle by the roadside and walked briskly into the uncompleted building where he later committed suicide.

According to The Nation, unsuspecting people around saw the armed Police Corporal walk into the uncompleted building but were few minutes later attracted by the loud sound of gunshot.

According to one of the men around, who spoke in confidence, “Nobody suspected that something awful was in the offering when the Corporal entered the uncompleted building, infact nobody challenged him, it was the gun shot that attracted us and when we got in we found the dead body of the Policeman.

“We later reported the incident at Maitunmbi Police division from where we gathered the police mobile squadron was contacted and some of their (MOPOL) men came to evacuate the body”.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Richard Adamu Oguche (ASP) said the commander squadron Mopol 12 and the Divisional Crime officer (DCO) of Maitumbi division visited the scene of the incident and coordinated the evacuation of the remains of Corporal Usman.

According to Oguche, “The fact is that this morning there was a report that a man suspected to be mobile policeman allegedly shot himself in an uncompleted building at Eastern bye-pass and it was discovered he is from 12 squadron Police Mobile force PMF, he shot himself with his service rifle which was also recovered and given back to the squadron commander”.

The corpse has already been deposited at the IBB Specialist Hospital’s Mortuary, Minna.

PDP Fingers Buhari, El-Rufai As Masterminds Of Boko Haram Insurgency

BUHARI-and-EL-RUFAIThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Saturday, insisted that the actions, utterances and body language of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have continued to give it away as the face behind the ugly mask of insurgency in parts of the country, dismissing its denial of complicity as an ill-articulated afterthought.

A statement issued in Abuja by the National Publicity Secretary of the Party, Olisa Metuh said the PDP and Nigerians do not need further proof on the unholy alliance between the APC and insurgency.

Restating that the PDP firmly believes in the plurality of Nigeria’s political space, knowing full well, the cardinal role the opposition plays in any sustainable democracy, the party said it was however an outright coup against democracy for the APC to employ deceit, lies and insurgency as means of achieving political control.

“When we accused the APC of being behind insurgency, we did not speak in vain and when we summarized the manifesto of the party as a product of Janjaweed ideology, we have verifiable reasons”, PDP said.

The statement argued that it was not a coincidence that after (former Head of State), Muhammadu Buhari, beckoned on his supporters to go on a lynching spree should he lose the 2011 presidential election, an unprecedented violence broke out, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent Nigerians. It noted that the Sheik Lemu committee which investigated this carnage, unequivocally established Mr. Buhari’s culpability.

“Besides, the allegory of the bloody monkey and baboon in respect of the 2015 election, which is still way ahead, by the same General is still very fresh in the minds of Nigerians. The serial threats of violence should President Jonathan contest in 2015 including the most recent prophecy of violent deaths and destructions in 2015 by Nasiru El Rufai are not slips from elements at the periphery but snips from characters who know more than ordinary Nigerians, the reasons behind the mindless carnage in the country.

“And when the APC boasted earlier in 2013 even before it could secure its name from counter claims that insurgency would end within 100 days of its leadership of the nation, Nigerians recalled immediately that the chief priest who dines with the deity knows the right libation to appease the gods. Insurgency is APC and APC is insurgency.

“We recall also that the APC attempted to use the November, 2013 Anambra governorship election to test run its agenda by posting fake opinion poll, making inflammatory statements concerning the election, and imported armed thugs in botched bid to unleash mayhem in the election it came a distant third. Vigilant security agencies nipped their plans in the bud”.

The statement further said it was laughable that the APC was regurgitating a distorted and pirated version of counter insurgency measures that have been in quiet operation as if it were original to it , wondering if the APC leadership was under “the influence” when (its) statement was authored.

PDP also said it might be necessary for the APC to offer explanation for the reason insurgency gains a pitch higher each time President Jonathan takes a forward step in his transformation programme.

According to the ruling party, the gender insensitivity of the APC is a direct fall-out of its Janjaweed ideology, hence the relentless vicious attacks on the female members of the Federal Executive Council and others in sensitive positions.

“It is not for nothing that all the persons that the APC wants to resign from the federal cabinet or similar positions are females- Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Diezani Alison Madueke, Arunma Oteh. In the APC’s Janjaweed ideology, no woman, no matter how brilliant should be heard or seen”.

The PDP finally cautioned the APC to purge itself of evil tendencies and focus on how to build a strong and united nation instead of promoting violence and bloodshed in desperate bid for power, citing the stand of President Jonathan that “his ambition is not worth spilling the blood of any Nigerian as instructive”.

Muazu Will Woo Amaechi, Nyako, Others Back To PDP Before 2015, Says Ag Gov Umar

rebel-govsThe Acting Governor of Taraba, Alhaji Garba Umar, has expressed his confidence in the ability of the new leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, led by Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, to see to the return of defectors back to the ruling party.

Umar made this known in a parley with reporters in Jalingo, the state capital on Saturday.

“Ahmed Muazu is active and he wants his people to return to PDP. I believe he will achieve this and win back most if not all defectors before the next general elections”, Umar said.

He said Taraba remained peaceful in the region because the PDP brought all the stakeholders to dialogue and enlightened the people on the need for development through peaceful co-existence.

“We achieved peace in Taraba today through dialogue. We brought together major stakeholders: emirs, chiefs, clergymen to enlighten and talk to the people that destruction of lives and property was affecting our development and advancement.

“Initially, there was the Tiv-Fulani clash but with dialogue, we convinced them and today, they expose intruders whose purpose is to foment trouble”, he said.

The acting governor said the state government was expanding its tourism potentials through the construction of roads and increasing electricity supply.

“The state recently acquired two airplanes for the domestic airport which would soon be opened to the public as the 2.4-kilometer runway was being extended to 3.5 kilometers under NCAA standards”, he added.

Umar noted that under the SURE-P programme the state government had empowered 8,600 youth and women in 2013 year with various tools of trade.

“This month, we will empower 5,000 and by year end, we aim to empower 30,000 altogether”, he added.

Navy Conducts Quarterly 10km Route March For Officers, Ratings



The Nigerian Navy on Saturday in Abuja conducted its quarterly 10-kilometre route march for officers and ratings aimed at ensuring they are physically fit to discharge their constitutional responsibilities.

The naval officers and ratings marched from the Mogadishu Cantonment at Asokoro to Niger Barracks and back to the cantonment.

Speaking at the event, the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Adm. Usman Jubrin, stressed the need for officers and ratings to be physically fit if they are to be at their best.

Represented by Rear Adm. Joe Aikhomu, the Nigeria Navy’s Chief of Administration, Jubrin said: “The benefit of the exercise cannot be over-emphasised as it is meant to keep fit and to be healthy.

“We have done this exercise, which is a 10-kilometre walk, and I am very happy with the fact that we all had shown that we are fit and healthy.

“It means that the job of the navy will be carried out very well”, he said.

On his part, Director of Sports, Nigerian Navy, Commodore Omatseye Niesiama, said the Chief of Naval Staff had re-invigorate physical fitness in the navy.

According to him, a military officer should also be mentally alert and psychologically stable.

“And these three factors are put together in this exercise so as to test our mental alertness, physical fitness and psychologically preparation.

“Everybody who participated in the exercise completed the exercise and it is a good sign”.