Cow And Bull Get MARRIED in Lavish Indian Wedding Ceremony Costing £10,000


A cow and a bull have been married off in a lavish Indian wedding – costing £10,000.

More than 5,000 villagers turned up to watch sacred cow Ganga and Prakash get hitched during the 1 million rupee Hindu ceremony held near Indore in Madya Pradesh.

The nuptials were organised by Ganga’s guardian, Gopal Patwari, to save the region’s harvest from a ‘natural disaster’.

He said:: “Natural calamities like hailstorms and heavy rain occurred in nearby areas, destroying their crops.

“To prevent this from happening to our villages we organised this wedding on the advice of Sadhus and holy men.

“We have been told this will maintain peace in our village.”

The wedding took two months to organise and invitations were sent to 10,000 residents of three closely connected villages, encouraging them to donate what they could spare.

Most are farmers growing wheat, barley, beans and cotton and so heavily depend on a good harvest to survive.

CowGanga, who is considered sacred in the Hindu religion, arrived early dressed in a red custom-made bridal saree, jewels, dyes and a garland.

The bull Prakash arrived in a decorated bugee and draped in a multicoloured sherwani and orange turban.

The ceremony started with Mr Patwari giving Ganga away before a Sadhu performed all the traditional rituals.

This included Haldi, Ganesh Pooja, Mandap and Fera – where the couple are led around a sacred fire to affirm the marriage.

Mr Patwari looked overjoyed as they were finally announced a couple, sparking hours of feasting and dancing to a DJ.

He said: “I am happy. People around me are happy. Everyone is happy.”

Caf Confederation Cup: Bayelsa United Loses at Sewe Sport

Bayelsa United have it all to fight for in their quest to reach the groups stage of this year’s Orange Caf Confederation Cup.

The ‘Restoration Boys’ were beaten 2-0 by the champions of Cote d’Ivoire Premier League, Sewe Sport, on Sunday in San Pedro.

Roger Assalé hit a double in the 45th and 92nd minutes to seal his side’s victory before thousands of enthusiastic supporters gathered at the Stade Auguste Denise.

The Orange Caf Confederation Cup.

‘Seweke’, one of the eight clubs demoted to the Confederation Cup after losing their Caf Champions League final-round qualifying match to TP Mazembe of DR Congo on away goal rule, now travel to Sapele, Nigeria, hoping to secure swift passage into the money-spinning group stages at the expense of the Glo Nigeria Premier League side.

Bayelsa United, who had previously progressed to the current round by overturning a 2-1 loss at How Mine with a 2-0 win in Yenagoa (3-1 agg.), now have to score more goals than their opponents while also preventing them from scoring on the road.

Jonathan’s Campaign Coordinator Dumps PDP For APC

Less than a year before the 2015 general elections, the campaign coordinator for Goodluck Jonathan in the 2011 presidential race in Zamfara State, Alhaji Lawali Amaka, has dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

Former Minister of State for Information, Ikira Bilbis, has also joined the opposition party from the ruling party.

Revealing why he decided to leave the PDP, Amaka, who has also resigned his position as the coordinator of SURE-P in Zamfara  State, said the PDP has been running a ‘greedy and senseless’ administration.


* President Jonathan loses his campaign coordinator to the APC

On his part, Bilbis said he could no longer pretend that things were normal in the country.

He alleged that the PDP leadership lacked ability to deliver set goals.

“I have decided, I can no longer be part of a leadership which its hallmark has become the inability to deliver on set objectives and failure to fashion out a course out of the many problems facing the country,” Bilbis said during a programme held in Gusau, capital of Zamfara State and attended by former vice president Atiku Abubakar, some APC governors and senators.

The former vice president urged people in the country to embrace the present wind of change that is sweeping across the country. 

I Have No Plans of Imposing A Guber Candidate On Lagos State-Tinubu

Ex-lagos state Governor, Senator Bola Tinubu, has disregarded the claims that he has plans of imposing a candidate, Mr. Akinwumi Ambode, former Accountant-General, as the next governor of Lagos state.


Tinubu has described the allegations by the coordinator of a Lagos-based group, Visioners for New Lagos, Mr. Bambo Akin-Johnson as one of the common insinuations which is bound to happen since the election is drawing near.

Meanwhile Tinubu’s Media Adviser, Mr. Sunday Dare on Monday reacted to the allegations saying: “It’s the season of politics and an election year, such allegations and insinuations will be commonplace. This particular one is unfounded. Let them provide proof. He who alleges must prove.

“What I recall he has said repeatedly is that development is not about religion. And that governing Lagos State is about merit, competence and ability of the candidate.

“Just like he governed Lagos and laid a foundation upon which Governor Babatunde Fashola, another competent governor built upon, the next governor of Lagos must also be competent and qualified.

“The people of Lagos and the voters will decide who they want as governor when they go out to vote. Not a group like this one will decide for them.”

PDP, APC Clash Over Late Bola Ige Procession

The ruling All Progressives Congress in Osun State and opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are in a fresh war of words over the alleged plan by Governor of the state, Rauf Aregbesola and Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka to hold a candle light procession in honour of the late Chief Bola Ige.

The former Attorney General and Minister of Justice was killed at his residence in Ibadan on December 23, 2001.

The killing of the late Bola Ige has always been a source of controversy between the APC and the PDP.

Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Osun State, Mr. Bola Ajao, on Monday released a statement in Osogbo where he urged security agencies to watch out for the procession.


The PDP spokesperson stated that the procession was planned to cause a breach of public peace.

“The Osun PDP is aware of a clandestine plot consummated between Ogbeni  Aregbesola and the Nobel  laureate  to mobilise an army of occupation; a harvest of vulnerable youths, kit them in black costumes and vests with the inscription ‘Who Killed The Man.’

“These miscreants from among those whom we had earlier advised that should be put on security watch list are billed to embark on a candle-light procession.


* The late Bola Ige

“The security agencies are hereby enjoined to be on top of the public order requirement of their engagement. When a group of hapless youths are clone like Boko Haram initiates to be asking, ‘who killed the man’, the palpable question is “which man”, is it Olagbaju in Ife, Agunmo gara in Ilesha East, Flamingo in Ikirun and so on?

“It is the ensuing diverse reactions that may lead to the breach of the public peace, law and order as it takes two to tango. They may think they are wooing the masses; they are indeed sowing the seed of their comeuppance.

“This idea is sheer madness. It will cause pandemonium and chaos. It is a wild goose chase. It is an ill wind that will blow no one any good. Osun State  should not be made to become a theatre of the absurd,” the statement read.

While reacting to the PDP’s allegation, APC spokesman in Osun State, Mr. Kunle Oyatomi, said that the opposition party and its leaders would forever be haunted.

Oyatomi added that the PDP leaders are afraid and making spurious allegations because they do not want their evil deeds to be exposed.

IGP should shut up. Nyako is corroborating what buhari, atiku, liar mhd and some other northern leaders had said before

IGP should shut up. Nyako is corroborating what buhari, atiku, liar mhd and some other northern leaders had said before. IG should arrest them and prosecute, enough of rhetorics. Boko haram, herdsmen, highway robbers are all northern elements, no significant contribution to our collective existence just parasitism. The police and the secret service are not deaf, even a child knows the people who had vowed to make nigeria ungovernable for our dear GEJ because he is from the SS. Parasites take money from where they didn’t sow, and use it to fund terrorism. They started with sharia during OBJ era, now Boko for Jonathan. Since the IG came in nothing has changed, instead of calling for restructuring, they continue to sing imaginary unity, idiots.

What is this woman doing ‘in front’ of President Jonathan? (LOOK)


UPDATE: Drunk Mobile policeman filmed beating up food seller arrested

A police officer in Lagos who was caught on camera beating up a food seller has been arrested.

This was disclosed by the spokesperson for the Lagos Police Command, Ngozi Braide to Premium Times in a telephone interview.

She said:

“The officer has been arrested already and we have commenced investigation,” “He is in custody already.”

The video, which has gone viral, showed the officer, identified as Tafa Mohammed, dipping one of his victims in mud and threatening them all with his AK47 rifle.

Unconfirmed reports say the officer was drunk at the time of the assault.

Parents locked 16-year-old daughter in a cage for 3 YEARS (PICTURED)

Mr. and Mrs. Selekeowei Olokumo, residents of Yenagoa, the state capital, left their 16-year-old daughter, Blessing under lock and key because she was prone to convulsions.

Blessing is a twin and 6th out of 16 children of the couple and instead of getting her the proper treatment, they isolated her instead.

Channels TV reports:

She has been tagged the evil child, accused of being responsible for the death of her immediate siblings who were also twin girls. She has been abandoned by her parents in a cage for almost three years and left to God to decide her fate.

Luck smiled on Blessing when members of the Mary Slessor Twin Foundation, a foundation focused on the welfare of people of multiple birth heard of her plight and decided to intervene. She was rescued on January 25, 2014 in a very bad condition and has since being on admission at the Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri.

Blessing’s father, a security guard at the Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri was asked how he could do such to his flesh and blood. He simply stated without remorse that he was tired of looking after the girl.

“Why I kept her in this house is that when she defecates and urinates, she soils the whole house when the mother and myself are not around. So there’s nothing I can do again. I now isolated her from the apartment I’m living”, he said.Girl caged 2

While one may be tempted to call her dad wicked, heartless and much more, one wonders what words would be adequate to describe her mother, Mrs Bernice Olokumo, a petty trader, who accused her daughter of being responsible for the death of her younger siblings who were also twin girls.

On her relationship with her daughter, she simply said she was afraid of her and appeals to the Government and other people of goodwill to come take Blessing from them, as they were tired of fending for their own child.

To ascertain the present condition of Blessing, Channels Television paid her a visit at the hospital and met a transformed girl. Gone were the tiny frame, bony knee and sunken eyes. A cheerful, robust and well fed child was what she had become, after just three months of love and care.

On the way forward regarding her medical bills and her future, efforts to speak with the doctors proved futile, but the President of the Mary Slessor Twin Foundation, Mr Ebitei Roberts, spoke.

“What we are working on is that after now when she is discharged, we want to take her to maybe a motherless babies’ home or any special school to rehabilitate her. With the way we are seeing things, if we take her back to the family, they will take her back to where she was and we don’t want that to repeat itself because we have spent money.”

The foundation has since lodged a formal complaint with the Police and the welfare department of the State Ministry of Women Affairs. The complaints list criminal charges of child abduction, inhuman treatment, child molestation and failure to enrol a child for proper education.

Nollywood Actress, Helen Ukpabio deported from the UK, banned from returning

Actress Helen Ukpabio is said to have been deported from the United Kingdom.

Ukpabio, the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, was booted out after residents made petitions for her to be deported as her presence was believed to be a danger to children.

The self-acclaimed “Apostle” is known to have championed a cause against witches which resulted in the torture and brutalization of many children after she claimed in her book “Unveiling The Mysteries of Witchcraft” that “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health he or she is a servant of Satan”.

Ukpabio was said to be in the UK to further propagate her theories on witchcraft and offer help to those at risk of being bewitched.

Reports have it that she has also been banned from re-entering the UK until further notice.

REVEALED: How Al-Shabab helped B’Haram in Abuja bombing – Security sources


There are strong indications that members of the Somalia militant sect, Al-Shabab, aided Boko Haram militants in carrying out the attack on Nyanya Motor Park seven days ago.

Investigations also revealed that Al-Shabab, which has strong links with Al-Qaeda, had moved from providing technical assistance to Boko Haram to fighting alongside insurgents in some parts of the North-East.

It was gathered that security agencies received intelligence reports that Al-Shabab, which carried out the West Gate Mall attack in Kenya, was planning an attack in Abuja.

A top military source, confirmed that, the information was received two weeks before the March 31, 2014 attempted jailbreak at the Yellow House headquarters of the Department of State Security Service in Abuja.

Investigations revealed that operatives were still trying to verify the claim that the jailbreak might be an Al-Shabab’s idea when the Nyanya Park blast occurred.

Our source said, “We received the information two weeks before the attempted jailbreak at the headquarters of the Department of State Services in Abuja.

“What we got was that those who carried out the Kenyan Mall attack were up to something in Abuja.

“So when the jailbreak at the SSS occurred, we thought that could be their mission to the country.

“What happened on Monday last week seems to suggest that they had a hand in it because we had the information two weeks before that foiled jailbreak.”

Another security source, who also spoke with The PUNCH on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to do so, said that Nigerian soldiers, during some of their operations against Boko Haram, had killed some foreigners suspected to be members of Al-Shabab.

He said that “the support of Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda for Boko Haram, until recently, was initially restricted to providing technical assistance such as training as well as arms and ammunition.”

The source stated that the revelations were considered interesting by the military since they would aid in planning for future operations.

He said, “All along, we had been suspecting the hand of international terror organisations in the fight; most of the patterns of these attacks indicated their involvement.

“This could be a confirmation; it could be an interesting confirmation which will help in our subsequent approach to the strategy of managing this issue.

“I can confirm to you that several of such foreigners with strange features have been killed.”

The United Kingdom Daily Star had quoted security sources as saying last Tuesday that a British-born Al-Shabab operative, Samantha Lewthwaite, might have had a hand in the Nyanya attack to avenge the killing of Al-Shabab’s terror leader, Makaburi (aka Sheikh Abubakar Ahmed), a fortnight ago by the Kenyan Anti-terror Police Unit.

Makaburi said to belong to the top hierarchy of the terror organisation, was believed to be the one who introduced Lewthwaite to the leadership of Al-Shabab.

It was reported that the top terror suspect whose husband, Germain Lindsay, carried out the bombing of a London tube train that killed 56 people in 2005 wanted revenge for the killing of Makaburi.

“The white widow wanted revenge for the killing of her mentor, terror chief Sheikh Ahmed,” a security source was quoted as having said.

The woman, said to be on the run in Africa with three children since January 2012, is one of the most wanted persons on Interpol’s list.

She is wanted in relation with seven murders and the attack on the West Gate Shopping Mall which resulted in the death of 67 people last year.

Boko Haram had boasted that it was merging with al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda, to form an impregnable terror network.

The United States Africom Commander, Gen. Carter Ham, was quoted as saying that terror groups like Boko Haram, al-Shabab and al-Qaeda were joining forces to carry out coordinated attacks on Africa.

The groups were said to be sharing funds, explosives and having training sessions.

Although the SSS, said it was not aware of Lewthwaite’s involvement in the Nyanya attack, it added that it would welcome any information that could assist security agencies to fish out the perpetrators.

Its Deputy Director, Public Relations, SSS, Marilyn Ogar, said, “I am not aware of the woman’s involvement in the blast; but we welcome every genuine information and tips that could assist security agencies to apprehend those behind it.”

Reacting to the belief that al-Shabab was fighting along with Boko Haram, a former Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, said such would compound the crisis in Nigeria.

He advised that such collaboration should not be treated with levity.

Tsav, who lamented the inability of the military to tame the terrorists, lamented that Boko Haram had “grown from strength to strength” despite the military campaigns against it.

He said,”If it is true that a foreign terrorist group is collaborating with Boko Haram to attack Nigeria, such a partnership will compound our problems because the government has not taken effective action against Boko Haram.”


BOKO HARAM SPONSORS ARE EXPOSING THEMSELVES:Full Text Of Governor Murtala Nyako’s Letter To The PDP-Led Federal Government


Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako
has lambasted the Peoples Democratic
Party-led federal government, describing it
as government of impunity run by
evil-minded leadership for the
advancement of corruption.
According to Nyako, the administration is
bent on causing wars in the North between
Muslim and Christians as well as
perpetrating ethnic rivalries.
In an open letter to Northern Governor’s
Forum, Nyako posited that Federal
administration’s affront to frame
Northerners is also an open secret.
He recalled how a Senior Special Assistant
to Mr President tried to hoodwink the
public into believing that Malam Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi was kingpin of Boko Haram
and how Henry Okah, the convicted leader
of MEND stated under oath that he was
being put under pressure by the
administration to implicate senior Northern
elements such as IBB and Buhari as
financiers of terrorism.
The letter is reproduced below:
A Memo To The Northern Governors’
His Excellency,
Vice Admiral MURTALA H. Nyako (Rtd),
Executive Governor, Adamawa State
Genocide In Northern Nigeria
The adverse security situation in Northern
Nigeria in particular and Nigeria in general
is being felt by all of us. While every State
Government is doing everything possible
using virtually all its resources to stem the
tide of near disaster facing all of us
especially in the North, it is a well-known
fact that the present Federal administration
has now become a government of impunity
run by an evil-minded leadership for the
advancement of corruption that is
apparently enjoying the protection of the
Federal administration as a citizen of this
country should enjoy but is being denied
by the administration using its mass
murderers/cut-throats imbedded in our
legitimate and traditional Defence and
Security organisations. It is very clear that
the protection of life and property of
innocent citizens in Northern Nigeria and
recognising their Human rights and Voting
right in the forthcoming general elections is
no longer a cardinal principle of the
The beginning of Genocide:
Clearly the victims of the Administration’s
evil-mindedness are substantially Northern
Nigerians. The administration is bent on
bringing wars in the North between Muslim
and Christians and within them and
between one ethnic group and another or
others in various communities in the
region. Cases of mass murders by its
bloody minded killers and cut-throats are
well known, but it attributes the killings to
so-called Boko-Haram. Thousands of our
young girls and boys have been kidnapped
by clearly organised militia in the last few
years and kidnapping is now a random
affair all over the far North. These
organized kidnappers must have the
backing of the Federal administration for
them to move about freely with abducted
children just as those who convey
ammunitions and explosives from the Ports
to the safe-houses of so called Boko-Haram
in the North. Hurrah we are no longer
being deceived!
We no longer accept let alone believe that
our prominent Mallams in the Mosques in
Kano and Zaria have been killed by
‘innocent’ Boko-Haram members or
Christians in the North, nor do we believe
that the killing of the Pastor and other
worshippers in the Christ Apostolic Church
in Jimeta-Yola was done by any Muslim or
Boko-Haram members. We know where we
are now pointing our fingers. There have
also been attempts to assassinate the
Senate President (Northerner) in Imo State,
two Executive Governors of States in the
North (the Governor of Benue State and my
humble self), two of our most prominent
Traditional leaders (Shehu of Borno and the
Emir of Kano), Senators and others too
numerous to mention, all from Northern
Nigeria. This is in line with the demonic
policy of the evil-few in and around the
administration that have advocated how
Northerners, both Christians and Muslims,
are to be so dealt with, ill-treated and
No wonder, we in the Northern Nigeria are
now facing an organised ethno-religious
campaigns of hate fuelled by the Federal
administration to make communities which
hitherto have remained peaceful for
centuries to start killing the minorities in
their midst and to facilitate mass killings of
the innocent and the arbitrary arrests and
torture of elders of minority ethnic groups
in the various Northern communities. The
reader is please requested to note what
has been happening in Plateau State and
the recent happenings in Benue and
Nasarawa States. We, in Adamawa State,
have been battling this heinous
machination in the last 3 years. Yes, we
noticed it! We also saw it as the Beginning
of Genocide. Genocide kingpins are now on
prowl in Northern Nigeria!
Fulani communities in parts of the North
who have been in their locations for over
100 years are now being raided and
uprooted by paid killers within the Nigerian
Army for the satisfaction of the Federal
administration instead of being protected
as citizens with their rights and dignity safe-
guarded. This has happened to those
communities at Keana L.G. in Nasarawa
State and Laddoga and Kachia in Kaduna
State. It is presently extended to Benue,
Zamfara and Katsina States. Furthermore it
is a well-known fact that virtually all the
soldiers of Northern Nigerian origin
recently recruited to fight Boko-Haram have
been deceived in that aspect. They are
being poorly trained, totally ill-equipped,
given only uniform and are killed by their
trainers in Nigerian Army training centres
as soon as they arrive in the Nigerian Army
camps being used by so-called Boko-
Haram insurgents. Virtually all the Nigerian
Army soldiers killed/murdered in these
operations so far are of Northern Nigerian
origin. The Administration has also hired
militia from all across especially North
Africa who have been deceived into
accepting to come because they were made
to believe that they would be fighting
The Federal administration’s affront to
frame Northerners is also an open secret.
Senior Special Assistant to Mr President
tried to hoodwink us into believing that
Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was kingpin
of Boko-Haram. Typical bullshit from the
Federal administration. Mr Henry Okah, the
convicted leader of MEND also stated under
oath that he was being put under pressure
by the administration to implicate senior
Northern elements such as IBB and Buhari
as financiers of Boko Haram terrorism. We
are in deep trouble. We have begun to
sleep with ‘both our eyes widely open’!
Let me paraphrase what humanity has been
humming over the ages:
A call to Action
When they killed the Jews, we watched
unconcerned because we were not Jews.
When they murdered the Blacks we were
still unconcerned because we were not
When they massacred the Asians we kept
mute because we were not one of them.
Then we saw the Marauding Murderers
coming and we realised they were coming
for us and we were not safe.
That was when we knew that if we had
collectively protested the Killings of the
Jews, the Murder of the Blacks and
Massacres of the Asians, we would all have
been safe.
Right here at Home
They started killings in Borno State we kept
The hired killers got to Yobe State we
remained mute
They proceeded to Adamawa State we
They attacked Kano, Katsina and Sokoto we
said nothing
The North-East is under occupation
The North-West is under assault
Now their tanks and marauders have begun
rolling into the North-Central
The North is under occupation
Yet we are still silent!
Nigerians stand-up and talk! Injury to one
is injury to all!
Full-fledged Genocide
It is fortunate that the people of Northern
Nigeria and indeed Nigerians have friends
namely the good people of this country and
other nations, International Court of Justice
and NGOs dealing with the protection of
humanity against Genocide etc. The
International Criminal Court Charter
broadly defines genocide as:
• Mass killings of human beings
• A deliberate action by a government that
embarks on a policy that denies a group
basic social amenities.
• A deliberate action by a government or
group of people who embark on campaign
of hatred against the innocent.
The International Criminal Court Charter
also empowers any aggrieved person(s) or
NGO to approach the Court to intervene
when a Nation/State party fails to
prosecute perpetrators of genocide or
grave human right violation or human right
One must confess that all these elements
of genocide have been perpetuated by the
present Federal administration against the
people of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States
and is beginning to rapidly spread to other
14 States of Northern Nigeria. The dead
bodies being dragged daily from the
Nigerian Army hitherto armouries now
turned into killing chambers as identified
by Human Right organisations and the last
weekend massacre of inmates of SSS cells
in Abuja speak volumes on genocide being
committed in our country today. Mass
killings of students and children in their
schools’ dormitories and on their way to
take exams are now virtually daily
occurrence in Borno and Yobe States.
Below is the chart on numbers and
percentage of people killed in key trouble
spots of the world (Courtesy of Sunday
Trust of April 6, 2014) and some of the
gruesome pictures of the dead in our
country recorded by the Nigerian media
and international NGOs.
We in the North must now have an open
agenda to protect our people from acts
against us similar to those in the foregoing.
We should demand our Human Rights; we
should demand protection against the evil
acts being done to our people and
environments; we should demand the Right
to Vote in forthcoming General Elections as
the people of war-torn Afghanistan did and
were able to vote in smooth General
Elections on 5th April, 2014. If it could be
done in Afghanistan, it should be done in
Nigeria, the whole of Nigeria!
It is overdue for us to commence the very
serious business of purging all Northerners
and fellow Nigerians of mutual hatred and
suspicion against fellow countrymen and to
inculcate true love and patriotism in the
minds of all of us. How could we be
nonchalant to the activities of the Federal
administration which is involved in the daily
massacre of our young men and women,
selected elders and eventually all and
sundry? It is also time to mobilize
International NGO to bring to an end all the
atrocities being committed by the evil-few
in Abuja against millions of our innocent
people. We need international support to
compile an accurate data on the dead,
maimed, wounded, displaced and missing
in the North-East Zone especially Borno
State and Yobe State and now other
Northern States for payment of full
compensation for the loss of life and
We need the Red Cross to help us set up
an efficient medical and ambulance
services etc. We need the services of other
international organisations such as UNICEF
to assist us trace the whereabouts of our
abducted children and return them to their
parents. They should also assist us to
rehabilitate all those who have been
adversely affected by the evil machinations
of the Federal administration and those
evil-few around it. We also need the
services of appropriate NGOs to help us
arraign all those involved in the genocide
before the International Criminal Court at
The Hague! We urgently require the services
of all those that could help us achieve the
objective of the UN Millennium Declaration
2000 where all parties agreed viz “We
recognize that, in addition to our separate
responsibilities to our individual societies,
we have a collective responsibility to uphold
the principles of human dignity, equality
and equity at the global level. As leaders we
have a duty therefore to all the world’s
people, especially the most vulnerable and,
in particular, the children of the world, to
whom the future belongs”. Nigeria is a
signatory to this Declaration.
Setting Precedent
Nigerians, this is the first time we have
collectively elected a citizen of this country
from the former Eastern Nigeria as a
President. Dear citizens of Eastern Nigerian
origin please note that this Federal
administration under your son is giving you
a very bad name! He takes wrong decisions
and seems to be heading us to the abyss.
Let’s therefore team up to save our
freedom, dignity and rights. The issue now
is not between North and South or
Northern Nigeria vs Eastern Nigeria or
Western Nigeria. We must save our
communities, State and Nigeria from the
Hitler-like evil-mindedness of a few.
Let me remind ourselves that when Hitler
walked out of the 1938 Olympics because a
Blackman was winning all his events,
humanity pretended it did not notice the
beginning of genocide; when he started
tracking and killing the Jews, it talked glibly
about it as if it did not concern us; when
he embarked on his racial cleansing,
humanity then began to shiver, but it was
too late to avert disaster that engulfed our
world. The 2nd World War became a reality!
We have the duty not to allow our country
to be taken to the abyss! We should always
condemn any action by any group of
people that would set our communities and
nation aflame. One is quite sure that if you
had condemned the cold-blooded murder
of political and military leaders of Northern
and Western Nigerian origins in the night of
15 January, 1966 by your sons it would not
have led to the subsequent massacre of the
innocent and the Nigerian Civil War. We
should never be silent or tolerant of such
action by anybody. We have the duty not to
be nonchalant or dormant on the
fundamentals of our life. We should never
take any ethnic group however small or
unorganized for granted!
The Federal administration under present
leadership has truly become absurd in its
approach to vital decision makings as it
could be seen in its declaration of State of
Emergency and the deployments of the
Armed Forces! How could such decisions
be made without Exit strategies? The
administration should know that
declaration of State of Emergency is a very
serious affair requiring proper analysis on
all items of its Check-list. Nigerians are
wondering why the administration has not
yet declared a State of Emergency on FCT
Abuja in view of the numerous explosions
attributed to phantom Boko-Haram, one at
Eagle square on the 50th Independence
anniversary and others at United Nations
Headquarters, Nigeria Police Force
Headquarters, ThisDay offices etc. and
terrorist attack at SSS Headquarter since
the administration did declare such on
Adamawa State where there was not a
single incident of explosion! Perhaps this
would happen soon; the absurdity of the
administration’s conflict resolution is such
that it is wise for Nigerians and foreigners
residing in Abuja to braze up for a
Declaration of a State of Emergency on
Abuja in view of another carnage there at
Nyanya District a few days ago! God help
us! We seem to be led by a bunch of
‘HuHun-ma-ahun’ (courtesy of
Kwankwasiyya which is being led by the one
and only Dan Musa who was the former
Minister of Defence)
Let me say, on the final note, with all
seriousness that each and every one of us
whatever is our religious or ethnic
background and regardless of where we
were born, needs this country, Nigeria, for
self-actualisation and greater possibility.
The various ethnic groups too by their
individual traits require the space and the
great population of this country; such
ethnic group as Fulani, who are nomadic by
vocation, require pasture and grains for
their cattle; the Hausa and Igbos require
further reach to fulfil their commercial
ambition; some other Nigerians e.g.
Yorubas require higher job opportunities
for employment and profits that should
exist in a united Nigeria; the aristocratic
Kanuri/Shuwa who are presently under
siege need the vocal amongst us to save
them from further destruction by
deliberately recruited murderers embedded
in our traditional Defence and Security
forces/organisation; and other groups
would like expanding markets for their
yams (the Tiv/Munci) and other farm
produce far beyond the boundaries of their
Quite a number of us should simply be
happy to have an erosion-free area where
we could build houses and offices of our
desire and enjoy the liberty to partner with
persons of our choice regardless of
primordial divides! Even my father who by
today’s standard could be said to be
untutored fully realised the need to seize
the opportunities a greater Nigeria offered
him from the 1920s. His cattle business and
commercial activities were spread to all the
big towns in Eastern Nigeria operating from
Adamawa and northern Cameroon. So let
us please sort ourselves out and stop at all
levels wicked leaders from venting their evil
hearts and committing genocide against
fellow Nigerians. We must not ‘walk
together’ with the evil-few especially those
located in Abuja. Our late sage, Chief
Obafemi Awolowo once said something to
the effect that the consequences of
breaking up of Nigeria would be too
traumatic to even be contemplated. We all
should therefore perish the thought of
Nigeria falling apart. Let’s enjoy the
opportunities Nigeria offers to all!
Fellow good people of Nigeria, we must
now seek the intervention of the
international community, NGOs and all to
save us from the evil before us! Mother
Nigeria, the leader of the Black race, is on
the verge of disaster. The matter concerns
all of us; we must save it and save
Fellow Governors and Citizens of the North,
we must face the daunting challenges of
security and development before us; we
must face them squarely and must not
remain dormant. In addition to the
aforementioned courses of action, should
we not, after due consultation with the
families of the victims of the atrocities and
appropriate members of various
communities, consider a declaration of
Northern Nigerian Amnesty to the culprits
and consequently squarely address all
other matters connected with the Amnesty
and Boko-Haram syndrome? It is my
sincere opinion that the Federal
administration has no plan and Exit
strategy for the Boko-Haram disaster!
Northern Nigeria is on its own.
I am glad to state categorically that so far
there has never been a single Adamawa
person caught involving himself/herself in
Boko-Haram; we have ensured that we have
been doing everything possible to reduce
the poverty and the frustration facing the
youths in our State. Furthermore, let us all
pledge to support maximally all those who
have been adversely affected by ‘Boko-
Haram’ to sue the Federal administration to
Court for full compensation for any loss of
life and property as per existing Laws of
Nigeria including those enacted from 1915.
Enough of impunity and induced calamity
by the Federal Administration. We should in
addition launch a Trust Fund to effect this
with donations coming from all and sundry
however big or small is the donation.
May the Almighty Bless our Country and
our effort with success

Hottest Nude Club In Owerri, Imo State

Hottest Nude Club In Owerri, Imo State


Once you hit the ground, you will feel the vibe of Owerri, the capital of Imo State. The city is warm, with many things to keep visitors engaged. Known for its robust hospitality industry, Owerri is the destination of fun seekers.  Visitors to Owerri will always have fond memories of the  city as well as the longing to return.  They will remember the nightlife. They will remember that most of the fine restaurants, hotels and fun spots are places to be in the night.

They know that Owerri has its fair share of nightclubs. While some of the clubs operate on their own, others are built inside hotels. Those who lodge in the hotels that operate nightclubs are admitted free, upon showing their room keys. Others  pay gate fee. Expectedly, going by the active nightlife in the city,  Owerri is brimming with prostitutes. Investigations revealed that commercial sex workers flock around popular hotels and fun spots, looking for men to hook.

Most of these sex workers are students in tertiary institutions in the state and neighbouring states. In the day, these students appear somewhat respectable on campus, but at night they wear a different cap. By their dressing you shall know them. They appear in low waist trousers, short gowns/micro mini skirts, midriff and breasts revealing tops and patrol premises of hotels with nightclubs.

One of the commercial sex workers told Saturday Sun, at the Rappour Hotel nightclub, that she comes around to earn money and take care of herself and siblings.  Ijeoma, as she called herself, said: “I come to the club about three times a week to catch some fun, but nothing goes for nothing.”

Mr. Livinus Manukwem, an Owerri based businessman, the situation could not have been otherwise, every factor considered. “The sheer number of tertiary institutions in and around Owerri naturally creates the environment for people to indulge. I think there are more higher institutions in Owerri than in any other town in the country. Those setting up such facilities in Owerri are smart business people, taking advantage of the environment or situation. It is just like locating an industry where the raw materials for production abound,” he argued.

Open sex club One of the nightclubs offering “special services” is located unobtrusively off All Seasons Road, New Owerri. The club begins business from about 8pm. However, activities reach fever pitch from 10pm and continue till the wee hours.

This hangout is a white bungalow that hardly gives itself away. It looks like the regular club inside but without heavy décor and neon lights at the entrance. The regular dance hall is always almost empty, making one wonder how they manage to stay afloat. But if you wait long enough, you will notice young and middle aged men strolling into a passage on the left side of the dance hall. And that is where the real action is.

To go past barrel-chested bouncers manning an inner door, you must pay a gate fee of N1,000. There is an adjoining room also and both have something in common: Wild sexual obscenity.

The rooms are not well illuminated but bright enough for you to see what is being offered. Once you step in, the sight that greets you is that of a number of naked girls or at various stages of nudity. The girls in bra and pants soon shed every piece of clothing, as the show gathers momentum.

The nightclub parades these girls in appreciable number. Unlike some strip bars where only a handful of girls entertain, this nightclub has them many. And they come in various sizes and shapes: slim, flat, tall, short, fair, dark. Again, unlike most nude clubs, where go-go girls exhibit their stuff on a platform, in this fun spot the girls offer more or less personal service. They move from one patron to another, showing the stuff they are made off.

Saturday Sun was at the nightclub recently. As soon as the reporter and two of his friends sauntered in, naked girls began to hover around them. About 12 of them were inside the room. Some were smoking cigarettes and drinking can beer, which is sold for N500 each.

Others were rocking to the pulsating music blasting from the speakers. They were making explicit sex remarks and gestures to the men, even as some playfully squeezed one another’s buttocks and breasts, like lesbians.

Shortly after the reporter walked in, Flavour’s monster hit, Ashawo, began to play. The tempo of the music seemed to energize the dancers and they did exotic dance steps and got wilder.

In corners, some of the girls were engaged in lap dance with men, who grabbed the opportunity with both hands, kissing, sucking breasts and caressing the lower region of the girls. The mischievous guys were inserting naira notes in between the thighs of the girls. As the guys titillated their tits, they squeezed the hard-on of their partners even as they asked to be “appreciated.” In this nightclub, to be “appreciated” is euphemism for “I need some money.”

The inner room is a shade darker and sleazier. There, the patrons and the girls get more intimate, engaging in all manner of sexual acts. Some of the strip dancers were sitting astride men even as others were caressing themselves. One of the girls, who gave her name as Marbel, said that for N2,000 she would engage in oral sex with a man in the dark hall. It was gathered that a patron could also take any of the girls out for the night, for an agreed sum. The price depends on the time, desperation of the girl and bargaining power of the patron, but it could be anything between N5,000 and N10,000.

Private parties It was also learnt that the strip dancers equally entertain at private or house parties. According to one of the girls, who identified herself as Maureen, “If guys want to be entertained in a private apartment or hotel room, the girls would be willing. The price tag is N5,000 per girl for an outing of between four and five hours.”

Maureen, who claims to be a graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and speaks good English, also said that during such private outings, sex can take place but it depends on the agreement between a patron and a girl.

She said: “You can have sex with a girl at the house party, but it is a personal thing. Of course, if you make a good offer a girl will not refuse it. It is a matter of cash.” She further said that if given at least two days notice, she can arrange for up to 30 girls for such special outing. She further said that payment must be made before the girls begin to drop their pants  Dark, slim Maureen, who described herself as a professional dancer, sees nothing wrong with strip dancing. “It is like every other profession.

I personally like to dance and if I strip while dancing, what is the big deal? On the issue of sex, everybody is doing it. Female bankers do have sex; medical doctors have sex; actresses have sex; teachers have sex; lawmakers and ministers have sex. In fact, every person is having sex with the people they like or under whatever arrangement. It’s just that people pretend a lot. Some civil servants have sex with more men in a week than strip dancers,” she said.

An insider told Saturday Sun: “Some of the strip dancers are students and they pay their bills with the money they make. But all the dancers are not students. Some of the girls come from poor homes, so they use what they make at the bar to take care of themselves and families. Single mothers and young widows are also among them. Some of them come from such places as Port Harcourt, Aba and Asaba to Owerri where they are not known to perform after which they go home. Some of them only come at weekends.”

It was also gathered that more girls are coming to the club almost on daily basis seeking to be registered as strippers. One of the requirements is that the girls must be 18 years and above.


Cossy Orjiakor Exposes her Gigantic Breast in new PHOTO


PHOTO: Runs Girl Post Fully Indecent Photos Of Herself On A Popular Nigerian Artist’s Timeline Requesting He Sleeps With Her




This is extremely crazy…See how this young pretty lady is craving just to have one night with a

popular nigerian musician…OMG…read tweet below

Actually, as I was trying to capture the tweet alongside the photo of the nigerian musician’s face on his timeline, refreshing the page, I discovered the lady had already deleted the tweet. This made me think either it was a mistake or her account was hacked and she found out early enough or she was just having fun…either ways, I decided to blank out her name from the tweet and also crop out some part of her face but intentionally brought the act here, so you can see some stupid things some ladies do online then afterwards start blaming the witch in their village when it surfaces later forgetting that they are the architect of their doom.
See original photo posted  below

PHOTOS: Popular Big Chick’s Indecent Pics Exposed Online By Fake Internet Lover!

This is quite unfortunate…too desperate that she lost her sense of reasoning and fell victim of a
fraudster…what a pity.


Chelsea Team News: Petr Cech Fit for Madrid After Missing Out Over the Weekend

All other members of Chelsea’s first team squad- aside Eden Hazard- were present at the start of the club’s final preparation for their Champions League semi-final first leg encounter at La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid.

The Blues trained on Monday morning at the club’s Cobham training facility before flying out to the Spanish capital for Tuesday night’s tie at the Estadio Vicente Calderon.

Petr Cech had a normal training, after missing Saturday’s Premier League home loss to Sunderland due to a minor illness. The first 15 minutes of the session was open to media.

Chelsea's Mikel Obi Heading Off to the Airport for Tomorrow Night's Champions League Tie.

Belgian midfielder, Hazard, has not featured for Chelsea since picking up a calf injury in the side’s last European outing against Paris St-Germain at Stamford Bridge, though the club remain optimistic he could feature against the ‘Los Roji Blancos’..

Portuguese boss, Mourinho, will be accompanied by one of his players to the pre-game news conference in Madrid later in the day.

Mohammed Salah and Nemanja Matic are both cup tied, alongside Branislav Ivanovic, who is suspended for the last-four encounter were nonetheless present during the training session.

Rukky Sanda Shares Gorgeous New Photos

Popular Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda, is definitely one of the admirable hotties in the Nigerian movie industry.

The Light skinned graduate of Banking and Finance from the Lagos state University (LASU), is one of the actresses who are currently making waves in the movie industry.

She made her debut appearance in acting way back in 2004 when she starred in the Nollywood movie ‘Angel and the Beast’, but actually got serious in pursuing an acting career in 2006.

Rukky’s acting is not the only thing to admire about her though, judging from the pictures she shares, the actress also has quite a sense of fashion.

Check our her recent photos below;
rukky-sanda-p1 rukky-sanda-p2 rukky-sanda-p3 rukky-sanda-p4

Tonto Dikeh Drops Advice To Victims Of Domestic Violence, Claims She Has Been A Victim

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh,  has dropped an advice to all the women out there who are suffering from any form of domestic violence in their lives.


The controversial actress who claims she has been a victim of such abuses before, felt she was in a good position to lend sufferers a good piece of advice.

According to Tonto, things don’t get better after the first time it happens, and the best course of action would be to exit the relationship she totally.

Posting on her facebook page, she explains that love wouldn’t make the abuse go away or even make things better between the both of you.

“Domestic violence!!!! I am strong diz happened to me, I’m so glad it happened to me, becuz nw I can say diz to evry young xson especially d young galz out der goin tru domestic violence don’t react out of lov.. F luv, cm out of d situation n lok at it frm d 3 xson side of view n for wat it really iz, Den mak ur decision becuz Luv iz so blind!! Alwaz hav diz in mind if he hit u b4 he will hit u again n again #EasyLionEasyTiger #YOLO #StopDomesticViolence #poko”.

Source: Pulse

Femi Fani-Kayode talks about the problem of insurgency and Boko Haram

Former Aviation Minister, now member of the All Progressives Congress and a lawmaker well-known for his bold utterances, Femi Fani-Kayode has posted this piece of writing on his Facebook wall. In it, he shares some thoughts on the problem of insurgency and Boko Haram in Nigeria.


Permit me to begin this contribution with some basic truisms: firstly that God is great and that He alone forges the destiny of nations and rules in the affairs of men. Secondly that He is faithful and true and that He alone is worthy of our fear and of our praise. Lest despair and despondency sets in, it is right and proper to always remember this and to continue to reiterate these truisms given the horrific things that we are witnessing on a daily basis in our country today.

This is a season of brutality, sadness and fear.

A season which has witnessed more carnage and bloodshed than ever before. A season of tears and sorrow that has brought pain and shame to our nation’s doorstep. A season in which the entire world has focused its attention on Nigeria for all the wrong reasons. A season in which over 200 of our compatriots were slaughtered in cold blood by a bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja and in which over 100 pubescent girls were abducted from their school in Chibok town, Borno state. A season in which horror, blood, sweat and tears has pinned us down and gripped us. A season in which children were plucked from their mother’s arms and slaughtered like rams and infants mourned the loss of their parents, grandparents and siblings.

Even by Nigerian standards, what happened last week was particularly chilling. Our story seems to be the same – horror after horror, carnage after carnage, ineptitude after ineptitude and insensitivity after insensitivity. And in all this, it is the poor, the vulnerable, the less privileged and the weaker members of our society that suffer the brunt of the carnage. What a tragedy. We have entered a season of anomie and utter anarchy. I hereby condemn, in the strongest terms, both the bomb blast that took place in Nyanya and the abduction of the young girls in Chibok. Once again I hereby call on the Federal Government not to hold back and not to give an inch or a quarter.

They must take off the kid gloves, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. They must rise up to the occasion, crush the terrorists with ruthless precision and protect the Nigerian people. And we the people must give them our full support as they do so. If we can do that I have little doubt that those that are secretly behind Boko Haram and that employ the use of terror for political ends will soon be exposed.

Those that delight in bloodshed and that revel in carnage will soon be defeated. Those that secretly encourage them and that covertly fund them will soon be shamed. Those that rejoice each time they hear that others have had their limbs blown off, their lives snuffed out and their children abducted will soon be brought to justice. And those that are confused and that fail to understand what is really going on or what purpose this sheer madness and pure wickedness is designed to serve will soon be enlightened.

Let us make no mistake about it: Nigeria is in for the fight of her life. What we are faced with in our country today is nothing less than a full scale war. It is a war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. A war between the islamists and the secularists. A war between the agents of the devil and the servants of God. It is a war that was fought in the 19th century in Turkey and that was fought in the early 1990′s in Algeria. It is a war that was also fought in Lebanon, Chechyna, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia, Malaysia, Palestine, the Phillipines, the Sudan, Syria and Indonesia in recent years. It is a war that is being fought in Pakistan, Afghanistan and, once again, in Syria today.

In Turkey, Kemal Attaturk, the founder of that great Muslim nation, slaughtered no less than one million islamists in order to establish a modern-day secular state in which the rights of Muslims and non-muslims were guaranteed. In Algeria the military slaughtered no less than 150,000 islamists in a brutal and prolonged war in order to achieve the same goal. In Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Chechyna, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, the Sudan, Syria and Malaysia thousands were slaughtered over the years in order to preserve the secularity of the state and to protect it from the evil of islamic fundamentalism. Today, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the full support of NATO and the American military machine, they are waging the same war and are doing the same thing and hundreds of thousands have been killed in the process.

In Syria, once again, we are witnessing the same bitter struggle: you have an embattled secularist government being challenged by a brutal and unrelenting Al Qaeda-sponsored islamist army that is hell bent on turning that country into a primitive islamic fundamentalist state. Whether we like to admit it or not we are faced with the same struggle and war in Nigeria. It is not a war between Christians and Muslims or between the north and the south. It is not a war between the ethnic nationalities or between the Hausa-Fulani and the rest of us. It is a war between the wahabbi-indoctrinated and salifist-inspired islamists who wish to send us back to the stone ages on the one hand against the secularists, the moderate Muslims, the Christians, the agnostics, the atheists, the traditional worshippers and all the rest of us, who wish to preserve and develop a modern 21st century Nigerian state, on the other.

And whether we like it or not we must fight that war and we must win it. The truth is that an islamist is not a true muslim and he does not represent Islam. It therefore does not matter how many islamists have to be killed in the process of fighting this war. They must all be eliminated and sent back to hell where they came from. They and their whole rotten and evil philosophy of hate, violence, imposition, butchery, carnage, abduction, slavery and murder. Boko Haram is evil. They are the spawn of the devil and the children of hell. They shed blood and they drink it. They are not Muslims but vampires that feed on misery, wickedness and heartache. They are also cowards. Cowards that target innocent and helpless Nigerians including women and children and that are not man enough to meet the Nigerian military in the open field of battle. They deserve no pity and they have no honour.

Simply put, they and those who secretly sponsor and support them are despicable. Their ultimate desire and goal is to create fear, panic and terror and to either dismember our country or turn it into an islamic fundamentalist state where christianity is banned and where true islam is not practised. Yet this will never happen. No matter how many people they kill and no matter how hard they try it will NEVER happen. They shall fail and ultimately the Nigerian people shall prevail. Of this I have no doubt because the one true Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Armies of Israel, the God whose name is the I AM, THAT I AM, the God who never slumbers or sleeps and who never lies, the God that is known as the Man of War, the Lord God of Hosts and the Ancient of Days wills it and because He has said it. And every single Nigerian, including this writer, is here to fight that war when and if he or she is called upon to do so.

Yet we must guard against ignorance and disinformation which may further divide our ranks. And one of the most dangerous submissions that is presently making the rounds in the north was well captured by a misguided and misinformed individual by the name of Usman Jimeta who wrote the following.

”All Northern Muslims must know that the killings in the North of Muslims is solely sponsored by Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan agreed with his people of South East and South South that our population must be eliminated through massacres. Those carrying out the massacres in the different States of the North are well trained Igbos and former Niger Delta militants who were trained in Israel and clandestinely in some Countries. President Jonathan once told a Northern Elite that a revolution must be started in the North to pave the way for killing all our Elites.

“Jonathan, assassinated General Mohammed Shuwa, assassinated Jarman Katagum, attempted to eliminate Ado Bayero, Kwankwaso, Sultan of Sokoto, to mention but a few. Jonathan has declared a genocide on Northern Muslims! President Goodluck Jonathan, gave orders to the Military to wipe off Fulanis in Nigeria. It is now clear to even skeptics that Boko Haram is trained and funded by CAN, Christian Association of Nigeria and in collaboration with President Goodluck Jonathan. Under the design, Muslim Clerics, Muslim Elites, Muslim Cities obliterated under the watchful eyes of the Ethnoreligious Goodluck Jonathan. Why is Ayo Oritsejafor, the CAN President not talking, because a job well done is carried out by Boko Haram, the Militant wing of CAN, in their desire to wipe off Muslims in Nigeria!”

Have you ever heard such senseless and unintelligent rubbish? Yet as absurd as they are, I believe that Mr. Usman Jimeta’s dangerous and hateful assertions deserve a clear response lest some people are misled by him. The suggestion that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is BEHIND Boko Haram and that they are using it to attempt to ”wipe out northern muslims” is absurd and reckless.

In case those that are peddling this divisive rubbish did not know, thousands of christians have been killed by Boko Haram in the last few years as well and hundreds of churches burnt to the ground. Are CAN behind that too? Equally importantly thousands of southerners that live in the north have also been butchered by Boko Haram. Was that the handiwork of CAN as well?

The leadership of CAN may have made some mistakes in the last few years and indulged in one or two strategic errors but that does not mean that we ought to peddle lies and falsehood in order to create even more division and strife in our land. That does not mean that we should accuse them of being homicidal maniacs that seek to ”christianise” Nigeria and wipe out the Muslim faithful and Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth and as a christian I take great exception to such absurd categorisations.

People like Mr. Usman Jimeta are being misled by some of his own northern muslim leaders and it is those same leaders that secretly rejoice whenever Boko Haram strikes and kills our people. For example a highly celebrated northern muslim friend of mine who is a former Minister has consistently peddled the idea that Boko Haram is a creation of CAN, MOSSAD and the CIA and that they are using it to fight and destroy northern muslims and the entire northern region. This is absolute nonsense and he must desist from saying such things otherwise he must provide us with his evidence.

His covert campaign to try to discredit the leadership of CAN particularly and to divide the north and the south in an attempt to create a political constituency for himself must stop. If he does not do so some of us shall take up his challenge, rise to the occasion, call him out on it and join issues with him in a very forceful and profound manner indeed.

I would never seek to undermine, discredit or accuse the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs or the JNI for terrorism, mass murder, child abduction, slavery, waging war against the Nigerian state and subversion without any tangible evidence against them out of respect for the muslim community and out of my fear of God.

He should stop doing the same to CAN unless he can provide us with the necessary evidence to back up his claims. Boko Haram is an enemy to EVERY Nigerian, whether northerner or southerner and whether christian, muslim or traditional worshipper.

They are not a creation of CAN that are designed to wipe out northern muslims. Rather they are a creation of satan that are designed and mandated to wipe us ALL out, to destroy our collective destiny, to put us back in the stone ages, to shroud us with a cloak of darkness and to capture and steal the very soul of our nation.

They are of the devil and they are from the devil. Anyone that suggests otherwise is simply insane. Meanwhile I call on every able-bodied Nigerian to brace up and prepare for war. No sacrifice is too great for our motherland Nigeria. Let us remember that we are first and foremost Nigerians and that we must be ready to do whatever it takes to jealously guard and protect the lives and integrity of our people and to destroy the enemies of our destiny. Let the bickering stop and let us identify our real adversaries and face them down.

Whether we are christian or muslim, APC or PDP, APGA or Labour, northern or southern, in government or outside of government, believer or atheist, light-skinned or dark-skinned, young or old, rich or poor, military or civilian our collective enemy makes no distinction and seeks to kill us all and change our way of life forever. If there were anytime to come together, drop our differences, draw the line and say ”enough is enough” this is it.

We must rise up like men and collectively fight this Boko Haram evil. We must encourage and support our security agencies and Armed Forces and let them know that they are going into battle with the whole nation fully behind them. We must let them know that every single self-respecting Nigerian is praying for them and willing their victory. It is time to knuckle down and get real and to stop running away from the problem.

Our very lives and destiny as a nation depends on it. This is the final battle of the war for Nigerian independence and, no matter the cost, we must win it. And, by the grace of the Living God, the Lord God of Hosts and He that is more than able, win it we shall.

May the souls of all those that were cut short by Boko Haram last week rest in perfect peace. May God the Avenger, the Defender of the Weak and the Deliverer of the Poor avenge us speedily, defend our nation and deliver us from our enemies. God bless Nigeria.

Source: Premium Times

APC Postpones Congress For Rescheduled Jonathan, Govs’ Security Meeting

jona-apcThe All Progressives Congress, APC, has shelved its state congresses earlier slated for Wednesday, April 23, to allow state governors under the platform of the party to attend the rescheduled expanded National Security Council meeting, fixed for same date (Wednesday) to discuss the security situation in the country.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the opposition party said the postponement to Saturday, April 26, is a testament to the party’s stated stand to be part of all genuine efforts to put an end to the activities of insurgents in the country and its strong belief that a multi-party approach must replace the crass partisanship of the presidency and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, if the security crisis must be overcome.

APC renewed its earlier warning to the presidency and the PDP not to politicise Nigeria’s security and to desist from seeking to profit from the current wave of widespread insecurity in the country.

”Cunningly edging out the APC Governors from Thursday’s meeting of the expanded National Security Council is a bad strategy because, despite belonging to the opposition, our Governors are not any less of stakeholders on the issue of our nation’s security than Governors of the PDP or its satellite parties.

”As a matter of fact, three of the states worst hit by the ongoing insurgency are being presided over by APC Governors, hence they are indispensable to any serious effort aimed at ending the security conundrum”, it said.

It wondered what the Governors of the PDP, Labour Party and APGA could have discussed with President Jonathan at Thursday’s surreptitious meeting that they did not want APC Governors to know about.

”Every trick in the book was employed to give APC Governors the impression that the meeting had been called off, only for those who believe they are the ‘real stakeholders’ to go ahead with the meeting, and then attempt to deceive Nigerians into believing that APC Governors shunned the meeting. Unfortunately for the deceivers, truth – as always – has prevailed and they have fallen on their own swords”, it said.

Tracy Ogbonna Goes Raunchy In New Photos, Goes unclad Again (SEE PHOTOS)

Tracy Ogbona is a Nigerian actress based abroad and she has one special assets, her bum…She just released some smoking hot photos. Continue to see the pics below

PSquare Break Up – Peter Okoye Calls In Lawyer To Share Property, Moves Out Of Family House

The drama coming out of the PSquare household is getting really serious. Yesterday, Jude shared a tweet that sparked fears that all is not well with Africa’s beloved singing duo. Today, a source very close to the artiste has revealed that not only are the twins fighting, Peter Okoye wants out of P-Square and they have even gone as far as inviting a lawyer to divide their fortune. As of right now, Peter Okoye doesn’t want anything to do with P-Square. He has moved out of Squareville mansion in Omole where he lived with his brothers for years and now lives in Lekki Phase 1 with his wife Lola Omotayo and their children.
Here’s what the source, an industry person who knows what’s been going on, said:

“Yes they fought this week. Peter even left a mark on Paul’s left eye. But the fight wasn’t during rehearsal, which rehearsal? Peter has refused to do anything P-Square for weeks now. Forget that he was at his brother’s wedding, things are not good between them right now. They were even invited to perform at president Jonathan’s wedding but they didn’t go.
Peter wants out. He said Paul and Jude are sidelining him. That if they push out 200 songs, 199 would be songs Paul did. That people are now calling him a dancer in P-Square. Peter is really angry. He’s even the cool and friendly one between the brothers but he is not himself right now. And then he accused his brother Jude of disrespecting his wife. Peter and Jude haven’t spoken in weeks. Peter said Jude has been disrespecting Lola for years and he was done tolerating the BS. In fact Peter said that not only is Lola older than Jude, but that she’s also pregnant and Jude was upsetting a pregnant woman. If you notice Jude didn’t attend their wedding last year despite the fact that he was in Nigeria. Jude asked Peter why he didn’t marry Lola when their mother was alive. Jude said it’s his wife that is pushing him and they will need to pray for him. In fact nobody in the Okoye family likes Lola and they didn’t support the marriage. The brothers are really angry at each other. The police is even involved. This week, either the commissioner of police or someone from his office visited their house.
The worst part is that they have invited lawyer to come and share property o. They want to share everything. The lawyer was at their house I think on Thursday. Peter said no more P-Square joint ventures. You know they own everything together, including a house inOmole, Parkview and Atlanta. Except something is done fast P-Square is about to be finished. But I know that people have been intervening and begging them to reconsider, that they are the biggest musical duo in Africa. Nobody will benefit if they split. The power tomake money is in their togetherness.
It is Jude people are begging to keep the brothers together, but after what he tweeted yesterday, it may truly be over for P-Square. Jude has really tried for his brothers, for him to give up may mean it’s over for them. He practically put his entire life on hold for his brothers. Even sold his first car to shoot their first video but all that is about go come to an end like he tweeted. The only thing that can save the situation is if by a miracle Jude and Lola settle their differences but I don’t see that happening.

Photos: Singer Iyanya visits Nyanya bomb blast victims


Singer Iyanya visited Nyanya bomb blast victims in the hospital yesterday Saturday April 19th and brought with him, food and toiletries for the victims. Good of him. Continue to see more photos…


US Authorities Are Looking For Sinzu Over ATM Theft

Authorities in the US are looking for a man wanted for withdrawing money from a 38-year old woman’s bank account at an ATM in southwest Houston and rapper Godwon claims the man is famous singer Sauce Kid who now bears Sinzu.

Though the man in the surveillance video released on abcwebsite looks like Sinzu, Godwon is saying, he is not a look alike but the rapper himself. Note that Sinzu and Godwon have not been in good terms and that’s probably why Godwon leaked this. See his tweets and munched photos from the surveillance video below.

Kaduna United and the Nigeria League Mourn Coach Saleh Tanko

Kaduna United FC manager Salleh ‘Lato’ Tanko has died following a brief illness.

The ex-Nigeria international and a Nigerian League veteran passed on in the early hours of Sunday, 20 April and has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

Nicknamed after the Polish footballer, Gregorz Lato- of the 70s, for his skillful style of play, the former Iwuanyanwu Nationale player dazzled beyond expectations in three-decades of his surgeon in the Nigeria Professional Football League.

Salleh Tanko Played in the Nigeria League for 30 Years.

Lato was aboard the ill-fated flight that crashed in the Tamanrasset desert whilst ferrying members of the team from a CAF competition. He miraculously escaped that fatal crash without a scratch.

He was in his playing days believed to be above the law of football, so much so, when he emerged from the plane crash, he declared he was above the laws of death.

The League Management Company (LMC) and several clubs have led in making tributes to the late footballer and coach.

Easter Day’s Glo Premier League fixtures will start with a minute silence in honour of the deceased, the LMC has announced.

An LMC statement read: “Coach Sule “Lato” Tanko would be sorely missed by all.

Enyimba FC said in the statement: “Our hearts go out to the family of Coach Sale Tanko and Kaduna United over the passing of the great man. Please accept our sympathies.”

Insecurity: Intensify Prayers For Nigeria – Moro

Abba-MoroThe Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro has said that Nigeria needs prayers to overcome her current security challenges.

Moro, who stated this in his Easter message signed by his spokesperson, George Udoh, therefore, charged Christians to pray fervently for the country.

He specifically called for prayers for the release of about 100 students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, who were abducted by suspected Boko Haram gunmen last Monday.

He also urged all Nigerians, especially the Christian faithful, to imbibe the spirit of sacrifice and forgiveness as they celebrate Easter.

Mr. Moro reminded them of the importance of religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence, saying it is the duty of all Nigerians to ensure peace in every part of the country.

He noted that Jesus’ life and messages were symbolic of the eventful triumph of good over evil and truth over falsehood, requesting that the Easter period be used to reflect on the definitive sacrifice Jesus made through his crucifixion.

The minister asked Nigerians to think of what they could sacrifice for the growth and development of the country, saying both the leaders and the followers have a role to play in taking Nigeria to greater heights.

The minister also called for prayers for President Goodluck Jonathan and his administration as well as for the progress and well-being of the country.

Peter and Paul Okoye Still Insist On Breaking Up + Invites Lawyer To Share Their Properties

The blogosphere had it yesterday that Peter and Paul are having serious issues which might lead to their break up but their publicist, Bayo Adetu, said the report is ‘baseless and untrue’ and bloggers are only looking for cheap traffic.

According To Linda Ikeji, Peter Okoye wants out of P-Square and they have even gone as far as inviting a lawyer to divide their fortune.
Read more below
Now, let me make this clear. This report is based on what’s been happening with the brothers up until right now Saturday April 19th. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week or next year but as of right now, Peter Okoye doesn’t want anything to do with P-Square. I’m still hoping and many others are, that they will resolve their issues and realize that splitting will do no one good. So hopefully, they will resolve their issues. But I will still go ahead and tell you guys what’s happening with the brothers as of now.

First, Peter Okoye has moved out of Squareville mansion in Omole where he lived with his brothers for years and now lives in Lekki Phase 1 with his wife Lola Omotayo and their children. An industry person I spoke with, who knows what’s been going on, told me this;

“Yes they fought this week. Peter even left a mark on Paul’s left eye. But the fight wasn’t during rehearsal, which rehearsal? Peter has refused to do anything P-Square for weeks now. Forget that he was at his brother’s wedding, things are not good between them right now. They were even invited to perform at president Jonathan’s wedding but they didn’t go. Peter wants out. He said Paul and Jude are sidelining him. That if they push out 200 songs, 199 would be songs Paul did. That people are now calling him a dancer in P-Square. Peter is really angry. He’s even the cool and friendly one between the brothers but he is not himself right now. And then he accused his brother Jude of disrespecting his wife. Peter and Jude haven’t spoken in weeks. Peter said Jude has been disrespecting Lola for years and he was done tolerating the BS. In fact Peter said that not only is Lola older than Jude, but that she’s also pregnant and Jude was upsetting a pregnant woman. If you notice Jude didn’t attend their wedding last year despite the fact that he was in Nigeria. Jude asked Peter why he didn’t marry Lola when their mother was alive. Jude said it’s his wife that is pushing him and they will need to pray for him. In fact nobody in the Okoye family likes Lola and they didn’t support the marriage. The brothers are really angry at each other. The police is even involved. This week, either the commissioner of police or someone from his office visited their house.

The worst part is that they have invited lawyer to come and share property o. They want to share everything. The lawyer was at their house I think on Thursday. Peter said no more P-Square joint ventures. You know they own everything together, including a house in Omole, Parkview and Atlanta. Except something is done fast P-Square is about to be finished. But I know that people have been intervening and begging them to reconsider, that they are the biggest musical duo in Africa. Nobody will benefit if they split. The power to make money is in their togetherness.

It is Jude people are begging to keep the brothers together, but after what he tweeted yesterday, it may truly be over for P-Square. Jude has really tried for his brothers, for him to give up may mean it’s over for them.

He practically put his entire life on hold for his brothers. Even sold his first car to shoot their first video but all that is about go come to an end like he tweeted. The only thing that can save the situation is if by a miracle Jude and Lola settle their differences but I don’t see that happening”

Oh dear. Hopefully, these boys will find each other again. They are brothers, they have to. Long live P-Square! May they never break up.

Presidency Insists Opposition Profiting From Boko Haram Killings

Dr-Doyin-Okupe1-360x225The Presidency has again maintained its stand that opposition politicians are behind Boko Haram killings in the country.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, who was a guest on Channels Television Sunrise Programme yesterday, was responding to a question on whether he believed that Nigerians loathed President Goodluck Jonathan.

The presidential aide argued that Jonathan was the most maligned president the nation had ever produced. “What is the volume of blood of Nigerians those who want power require to unseat Jonathan?” Okupe asked.

Okupe, who likened the Boko Haran insurgency to a war situation, noted that terrorist attacks had been a daily affair in the country since 2009.

He also lamented that the war against terrorism had been made difficult by the nation’s population and topography.

He, however, maintained that the Federal Government had put in place credible and effective measures to contain insurgency, adding that security agencies deserved some commendation for their efforts so far.

According to Okupe, the insecurity situation could have been worse than currently been experienced if not for the commitment, courage and professionalism of the military.

His words: “Nigeria is currently at war…In our case, we have been battling with it (terrorism) since 2009 and it has been a daily affair. We are in a war situation with Boko Haram. The government has established credible and effective security infrastructure that can fight terror. Twelve states were initially engaged in these attacks.

“This thing has been pushed from 12 states to now a very tiny area of the country…You must give the government and security agencies some measure of commendation. Insurgency is a serious matter, and if the military had not been working assiduously to save all of us, Nigeria would have been in a more serious situation all together”.

Group Commends Kogi Gov Over Sack Of Commissioners

wada-bag_of_troublesA group under the aegis of Association for Better Kogi State has commended the decision of the state governor, Capt. Idris Wada to sack his entire state Executive Council.

The group chairman, Henry Musa, who gave the commendation while speaking with journalists in Lokoja, said the sack was long overdue.

He noted that the governor did the right thing by sacking the commissioners because most of them were just there to collect their salaries and allowances without doing their job.

According to him, if the sacked commissioners were to be judged by performance, only few of them could be adjudged to have performed above average as many could not complement the effort of the governor in terms of performance.

Mr. Musa said if opinions were to be sampled on the sack of the commissioners, it would be discovered that the people were solidly behind the governor’s decision, adding that what the people wanted was the actualization of Wada’s transformation agenda.

The group, however, called on the governor, when considering replacements for the sacked officials, to appoint only those who would aid development and his transformation agenda for the state.

WAEC Result: Fayemi’s Education Policy In Ekiti, A Failure, Says Fayose

Ayo-Fayose-Vs-Kayode-FayemiThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, gubernatorial candidate in the June 21 governorship elections in Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, has described as a failure, the education policy of the president administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi.

Fayose, who stated this while addressing a mammoth crowd of supporters at Imesi Ekiti, in Ekiti West Local Government Area of the state, said that despite the media hype surrounding Fayemi’s achievements in the education sector, the state came 34th in the last WAEC examinations.

In a press statement issued on Saturday by his media aide, Idowu Adelusi, Fayose recalled that when he became governor in 2003, Ekiti was at the 36th position in WAEC and NECO exams but that by 2006, he had brought the state to the 1st position in the South West.

He, therefore urged people of the state to vote massively for him to become governor, promising that the PDP government under his leadership will bring an era of meaningful development and prosperity to the state.

At his campaign visit to Ido Ile, Fayose promised to construct a road linking the town with Imesi Ekiti, urging the people to obtain their voters’ cards and keep it safe.

“If you love me and want me to return as your governor, go and get your voter’s card ready and don’t release it to anybody”, he said.

Boko Haram Leader Shekau Boasts: Abuja Bomb Attack is Just a “Tiny Incident”

Boko Haram extremist sect leader Abubakar Shekau has described Monday’s bomb attack in Abuja – which he claims responsibility for – as a ‘tiny incident’ which would soon be followed by more attacks.


A screengrab taken on April 19, 2014, from a video obtained by AFP. The leader of Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists Abubakar Shekau claimed responsibility for a bombing in Nigeria’s capital that killed at least 75 people, in a video message obtained by AFP on April 19. AFP PHOTO

The group released its new video to journalists in northeast Nigeria Saturday, hours after the AFP news agency published highlights of the clip.

In the video, Shekau admitted responsibility for the Nyanya bombing which officials say claimed more than 75 lives and injured over a hundred.

Witnesses and reporters, however, put the casualty figure far higher.

Shekau, who appeared in the video, as usual, clad in a military attire, with a long dark cap strapped with a dark turban, with an AK-47 rifle across his chest, spoke boastfully about the prowess of his group and how vulnerable the Nigerian nation is to him and his men.

He described the Nyanya blast as “tiny incident”, which according to him does not merit the global condemnation that it has generated.

He said the attack was just the beginning of more attacks on the nation, adding that it was a general reprisal for all the killing Muslims across the country and the world suffer “in the hands of infidels”.

Reading from a few pages of a white spiral-bounded papers held with his left hand, the deadly Boko Haram leader continued to point threateningly with a thick chewing stick held in his right hand.

Shekau heaped scorn, as usual, on President Jonathan whom he told in the video that his group have been within Abuja, yet they can never by found.

He spoke at top of his voice into the camera, laughing sarcastically.

“Let the world know that we were responsible for the bombing within Abuja in an area called Nyanya. [President] Jonathan, you are a lame duck. Jonathan, you are now too small for us. We can only deal with your grand masters like Obama the president of America. Even they cannot do anything to us. We are more than them,” he said.

“Yes, we did it. We carried out the attack because you kill Muslims in Plateau. You kill Muslims in every country of the world. Why don’t you global tyrants talk when Muslims are killed in Afghanistan? Why don’t you talk when Muslims were killed in Iraq? And they are still being killed. Why don’t you talk when Muslims are killed in the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, and now Yemen, Mali, Azerbaijan, Shishan, Pakistan?” he asked.

“Why were you not complaining when our Muslim brethren were killed in Plateau, their wives were forcefully taken and defiled, and if they give birth, their children were being killed? So because of that tiny incident that happened in Abuja, everybody is out there making an issue out of it across the globe.

“We want you, Jonathan, to know that we are worshipping only God that is why we are always victorious in all our attacks; stupid fellow like you; if you are that wise, why is it still very difficult for you to locate where we are up till date despite the fact that we are within Nigeria. Look at us we are right within your city; and you don’t even know how to find us. Let me tell you now. I am here very close to you. I dare you to get me, if you can.

“You cannot do anything. Remember that this is the exactly the fifth year that you boasted that you were going to finish with us in just three months; so we are not bothered with any further boasting that you will make now because what you cannot accomplish in five years, is very difficult to achieve now, never!

“We will not stop until our aim is achieved; so everyone that calls himself a Muslim should stop obeying the constitution, should leave democracy, should stay away from western education.

“We are the bombers of Nyanya. Yes, we are the bombers. If you really want to know who did it, let me tell you now. It was Shekau that did it.”

Chuckling and tapping his chest, he said, “This is me, Abubakar Shekau, whose turban you don’t like seeing, whose armoured shirt you so much hate. This is my usual gun with which I kill. Get more annoyed, because I am still here. Yes, I am the Shekau that does not like Christians, and I don’t like Muslims that relate with Christians.

“We have been commanded by Allah not to associate with infidels because they cannot be trusted until they accept your religion. So you cannot say you are a believer and then you go and follow democracy; we cannot allow you to ridicule the religion of God; never!

“I am not afraid of death; and I pray that God should let me be killed by an unbeliever so that I can gain His paradise. We don’t love this sinful world of yours; we want to die and go to the presence of Him who created everyone so that we can enjoy ourselves.

“I don’t care if you call me a liar, a mad man or a stupid person; all I know is that you all are ignorant”.

“We are the ones that carried out the Abuja operation and every other recent attacks. Today whereever you are, if you don’t follow the way of Allah, these calamity will befall you. Jonathan if you don’t repent and follow the path of God, you will find yourself alone before your creator.

“Yes, I am the dreaded Shekau: the one even Obama fears; not even Obama, even if Pharaoh were alive today he would reckon with me [laughs]. To hell with the United Nations, to hell with Ban Ki Moon; to hell with Obama. Yes we did the bombing in Nyanya, we did it.”


Pastor Kumuyi Breaks Down During Easter Retreat At The Deeper Life Camp

The general overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi is reportedly down with sickness.


According to report, there is tension at the ongoing Easter retreat programme entitled ‘Living in His Victory and Destined to Win’ taking place at the Deeper life camp ground.

Reliable sources say the man of God broke down during the programme and couldn’t take the morning Faith Clinic on Saturday because of his health condition.

He broke down during the ongoing retreat and was rushed to the hospital, he is currently under treatment.

“We were told to pray for his strength, which we have been doing, but he didn’t minister throughout yesterday, a development which has sent every member panicking,” the source said.

It was gathered that when it was his turn to Minister, they would rebroadcast his old message to the congregation.

At the time of filling this report, the source said he was yet to return to the retreat ground.

Five Robbers Killed In Police Shootout In Cross River

No fewer than five suspected armed robbers were on Saturday killed after a bloody shootout with the police in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State.


Several other suspects were said to have escaped with various degrees of injuries.An eyewitness, Nya Moses, a resident of Akpabuyo, said he counted at least five dead bodies after the encounter which lasted for several minutes.

He was, however, not sure of the number of those who escaped. He added that the gang had been terrorising the neighbourhood for some time.

“I can assure you that five of the suspected armed robbers were killed by the police during the shootout. I counted the lifeless bodies before they were removed by the police. I am not too certain of those who escaped,” he said.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Hogan Bassey, confirmed the incident.

The PPRO, who would not corroborate the figure, said a good number of the suspected robbers were killed.

He said the gang of robbers were carrying out a raid in the area when they ran into the police and a gun battle ensued.

Bassey said no police officers were hurt in the encounter but a police vehicle was damaged.

He said, “Others escaped while a good number of them ran away with wounds. Also, a good amount of arms and ammunition were also recovered. They were very dangerous men and they met their waterloo.”

Cossy Orjiakor shares sexy photos from Easter Bunny party


The pics were taken last night at Caliente Nite Club during an Easter Bunny party. Continue to see more pics…


Dozens Of Al-Qaeda Suspects Killed In Yemen Drone Strike

drone strike Somalia

Weekend drone strikes in Yemen killed more than 40 suspected Al-Qaeda militants, including 30 on Sunday, days after the jihadist network’s Arabian Peninsula offshoot vowed to fight against Western “crusaders”.

The United States is the only country that operates drones in Yemen, and President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has defended their use, despite criticism from rights groups who deplore civilian casualties.

On Sunday US drones fired “several missiles” into a training camp run by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the rugged Wadi Ghadina region in the southern province of Abyan, a tribal chief said.

“More than 30 members of Al-Qaeda were killed and many others wounded,” near Al-Mahfad town, he said.

Abyan lies next to Shabwa province, another region of Yemen where Al-Qaeda is entrenched.

Witnesses also said that a US drone carried out the attack and that the most of the wounded were evacuated by members of the Islamist network.

A statement on the defence ministry website said the attack on Al-Qaeda “training camps” killed “several” militants of various nationalities.

On Saturday a drone strike in the central province of Baida killed 10 Al-Qaeda suspects and three civilians, according to the official Saba news agency. It did not say who carried out the attack.

After that strike, Al-Qaeda militants cordoned off the area and evacuated dead comrades, tribal sources said.

They said all those killed on Saturday were low-ranking militants from the region.

An official statement on Saba said the dead were “dangerous elements” who had been plotting to carry out “attacks on vital installations and on politicians and military personnel” in Baida.

The statement said the suspects were also responsible for the murder of Baida’s deputy governor on April 15.

The weekend attacks came less than a week after AQAP chief Nasser al-Wuhayshi pledged in a rare video appearance to fight Western “crusaders” everywhere.

“We will continue to raise the banner of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and our war against the crusaders will continue everywhere in the world,” he said in the video posted online.

Al-Qaeda usually uses the term crusaders to refer to Western powers, especially the ones which have intervened militarily in Muslim countries, mainly the United States, Britain and France.

Last month Yemen’s president defended the US use of drones against Al-Qaeda in his country, despite criticism from rights groups.

Drone strikes “have greatly helped in limiting Al-Qaeda activities, despite some mistakes which we are sorry about,” President Hadi told the pan-Arab Al-Hayat daily in an interview.

Hadi insisted the use of traditional warplanes against the militants could cause “much bigger losses”.

His comments had come after parliament — despite its limited powers — voted to ban drone strikes in response to attack in December that hit two separate wedding processions.

The United Nations had said 16 civilians were killed in those strikes.

The United States says the drone attacks are an essential part of its “war on terror” because it allows it to target Al-Qaeda without the use of ground forces in lawless areas, where authorities have no sway.

But rights watchdogs have criticised the drone programme in Yemen and other countries and repeatedly urged the US administration to investigate strikes in which civilians have been killed.

Yemen is the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden and the home base of AQAP, which has been linked to a number of failed attacks on American soil.

The group, branded the most dangerous of the Al-Qaeda franchise by Washington, has taken front stage since the 2011 uprising that forced veteran president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. [AFP]

Photos:- Check Out Toolz Sexy Look For A Wedding

Toolz was a guest at a wedding today and here was what she wore…..

Opinion: Boko Haram Will Give Jonathan Second Term

This piece is by Mr Tunde Fagbenle, a veteran Journalist and newspaper columnist.


There are no words to describe or denounce sufficiently the gravity of the latest run of Boko Haram madness on the land. The country woke up on April 15 to numbing media reports of the calamity of the day before (Monday, 14th): bomb explosions at the busy Nyanya motor park in the Federal Capital Territory, resulting in one of the largest casualties in the history of Boko Haram reign of terror, with figures of the dead – ranging from 80 to 100 and the injured in several hundreds.

Nyanya, to be sure, is an Abuja suburb in the neck of woods of Aso Rock where the President lives. Weeks earlier, if we may recall, the dreaded terrorist sect boldly attacked the citadel of state security (SSS) within the vicinity of the Villa in an attempt to free some of their members held in detention. I hope the import is clear: Mr. President, “knock, knock…”

Barely 24 hours earlier (Sunday, 13th) to the Nyanya blast I was in Abuja. It could have been me; it could have been anyone.

The very next day (Tuesday 15th) Boko Haram went ahead to abduct about 100 schoolgirls of the Girls Secondary School, Chibok, in Borno State. The girls were preparing for their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The fate of the girls, as of the time of writing this, is unknown.

Boko Haram is certainly on the loose, killing, maiming, looting, burning, virtually at will and indiscriminately. On the very day of the Nyanya mayhem, VANGUARD newspaper had just headlined its front page, unbeknownst to it what the day had in stock: “Bloody Weekend In Borno – 60 killed in fresh Boko Haram attacks.” And the story: “Barely 48 hours after suspected Boko Haram terrorists massacred more than 200 persons including students who were taking their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the insurgents, yesterday (Sunday, 13th) continued their killing spree as they killed no fewer than 60 persons in Ngoshe and Kaigamari villages of Borno close to the border with Cameroon.”

There certainly has been a concentration of attacks on schools and colleges by the terrorists since their resurgence in the last three or four years, but intensified of late, as if to buttress their ab initio denunciation of “Western education”, that, as the Boko Haram name proclaims, it is “sin”!

Let’s face it, if their indiscriminate and wanton destruction of lives and property in the North-East, and here and there in the north, is anything to go by, everything in the eye of the Boko Haram is sin: churches and mosques, innocent children and women, places of work, everything. Indeed, Nigeria’s continued existence is sin!

There is nothing I want to write about these mindless criminals called Boko Haram that I have not written in the last several years. And I quote some:

In the column of 01/01/12 following the contemptible “Xmas gift” of December 2011 whereby churches near Abuja and elsewhere in the North were bombed, I wrote:

“We will live with this for a while, a long while, one incomprehensible group replacing another, one incomprehensible demand after another.

“President Jonathan is in a fix. He may change his security guys all he wants…he may bring in the army and level all of two or more towns in Obasanjo’s Odi fashion, he will not be able to stop these mindless bombings – how do you stop faceless suicide bombers? … Are we then on the “road to Kigali”? Is sectarian strife the new order? …Are we at the onset of the disintegration of Nigeria or will the centre hold?”

And in the column of 11/11/12, I wrote: “It is muddling and disheartening to find intellectuals and the elite in the North appear to make excuses for the coming of the Boko Haram in our body polity; some even virtually helping to ‘shape’ the incoherent, senseless and shifting Boko Haram demands.

“…It is time for the real leaders in Boko Haram’s North to speak with one voice, without equivocation, to condemn the terrorists and give them no hiding place or “hiding rationale” before they put an end to Nigeria – unless, of course, that’s the whole idea!”

And after another motor park was bombed in Sabongari, Kano in March 2013, I wrote in the column of 24/03/13: “The latest Sabongari, Kano bus station bombing, with the rumoured or threatened reprisals by folk in the East whose people are the main casualties, has forced upon the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Saad Abubakar III, one of the strong pro-amnesty proponents, a new appreciation of the danger the country faces.

“He is quoted to have said: ‘This new trend of bombing at a motor park, and the killings that ensued, on innocent people that gathered to travel to various destinations at New Road, Sabon-Gari, Kano, is disturbing and alarming… It seems there is a design to set the entire North on crises and by extension, the whole country, starting with Kano…’

“For Nigeria, tomorrow is hard to foretell”

And then, in the column of 14/07/13, after the murdering of 29 schoolchildren and a teacher of the Government Secondary School, Mamudo, Yobe State, I wrote:

“One thing is clear; they (Boko Haram) cannot exist in a vacuum or obscurity such that no one would know who they are, where they sleep, etc. It has been said, and I agree, that terrorists succeed only to the degree of the persuasion, indulgence, or collaboration of the bulk of their people. If the people do not want them, then they have no hiding place. And if they are invaders from foreign land, shame on the country if we cannot defend our territory against these evil marauders.”

Granted, the advent of Boko Haram predates Jonathan’s presidency, but let it be said and known that if there is any inkling of anti-Jonathan political agenda behind all these nihilistic turns, then there can be nothing more self-defeating. It will be serving Jonathan’s yet-undeclared second term interest in great measure, for the mere thought of any group (interest) being behind these dastardly acts is sufficient to unite the rest of the country solidly in confrontation.

In this regard also, all the talk of All Progressives Congress or whatever suggesting that they have the magic wand for pocketing Boko Haram when, and if, APC gets into power is not only mischievous but insanely so, unless, indeed, remote puppeteers of the terrorists reside within the party.

2015 is far too long to allow Boko Haram continued free reign during which another several thousands of us may be sacrificed on the altar of politicking. The life of every Nigerian must count. Unfortunately for the APC, it is catch 22: Boko Haram assault ends, with or without help from opposition party, and Jonathan takes credit; it does not end and the unsupportive opposition take the flak.

Bottom line, the way I see it, it would not matter anymore whether President Jonathan is competent or not, whether he is clueless or not, he gets my vote and I wager my last kobo, he gets the vote of every other anti-Boko Haram Nigerian unless everyone, regardless of party, ethnic or religious affiliation sees the scourge as against us all and join hands to find the solution to permanently exterminate Boko Haram from our land – NOW!

And that’s saying it the way it is!

By Tunde Fagbenle

Boko Haram Will Not Make Nigeria Disintegrate – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday reiterated that Nigeria would overcome its current tribulations and that no criminal group, including Boko Haram, could make it to disintegrate.

The President stated this when FCT Minister, Sen. Bala Mohammed and Sen. Philip Aduda (PDP-FCT), led some residents to pay him Easter homage at the Presidential Villa.

The President said the hope brought by the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives him assurance that insurgency in the country was ephemeral.

“To me, Easter is the most important in Christian faith because our hope would have been in vain without the resurrection of Christ.

“The resurrection of Christ gives us hope. Just like Christ told the people when he was alive that his disciple will face tribulations.

“As a nation, we are facing tribulation but surely we have hope. Surely, we will overcome the tribulations.

“Even those who think that this country will be divided into North, South, East and West, will not see it come to pass.

“The Boko Haram will not make Nigeria to disintegrate’’, he stressed.

On the bomb blast at Nyanyan, he said, “when it happened, people from all religions and classes participated in the evacuation of those injured even before the security people arrived.

“Those who donated blood were ordinary people from everywhere, irrespective of their religious beliefs or tribe.

“That showed that there is no criminal group funded within or outside this country that can lead to disintegration of this country.

“No criminal group will make this country to disintegrate. Boko Haram will come and go.’’

The President said his administration would continue to work very hard to strengthen the security agencies.

He urged states and local governments to complement the efforts of the federal government by initiating development and employment generation programmes.

He thanked Nigerians for their prayers for the nation.

On his part, Mohammed thanked Jonathan for the positive initiatives in transforming the country.

He said the FCT community would continue to cooperate with the government.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, Sen. Smart Adeyemi said “Nigeria is a nation of God and its leaders and followers must put their trust in God to overcome every tribulation.’’

Earlier, the President, his mother, Ayi and top government officials, prayed for peace, tranquility and security of the nation at the Easter Sunday service in Aso Rock chapel.

The prayer was led by the Chaplain of the chapel, Ven. Obioma Onwuzurumba and other clerics.

The congregation prayed that “the resurrection of Jesus Christ will roll away the stone of insurgency, insecurity and bloodletting in the country.’’

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Chief Imam of Abuja, Ustaz Musa Mohammed and some Moslem leaders in the FCT, were in the delegation.

Primate of the Anglican Church, Arch. Bishop Nicholas Okoh was also in the delegation.

Others were the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen Anyim Pius Anyim, ministers, Managing Director of NAN, Mr Ima Niboro and other presidential aides, [NAN]

Photos:- See Wizkid’s Baby Mama Birthday Outfit

The  mother of Star Boy ‘Wizkid’s’ only son added is a year older today and here is a picture of what she wore to the beach. You like? Happy birthday to her!!! Another photo below

Photos:- See Actress Fathia Balogun Younger Sister’s 150,000 Naira Birthday Dress

Arike Josephine Williams is the younger sister of a very talented actress, Fathia Balogun. She recently celebrated her 28th birthday and E24-7 was there to cover the event and had a little chat with her. more photos below 

Read the interview below:-

You had a unique outfit to celebrate your birthday, how much did you spend on it?

Both shoes and my dress cost a hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000).

You are a fresh graduate with no job yet, how were you able to raise money for that? 

Oh, my boyfriend got the dress for me, and I am glad he did.

Back to the financial cost of your birthday, how much did you spend in total for your birthday? 

For drinks and every other thing, I spent over Five Hundred Thousand Naira, but my boyfriend and other friends really made it happen on that day and I am so glad.







195 Students Escape Death As Gunmen Raze Staff Residence At Girls’ School

Gunmen in northern Nigeria set fire to a staff residential building at a girls’ secondary school on Sunday but the 195 students sleeping in their nearby dormitories were unharmed, police and a teacher said.

The attack in Bauchi state came less than a week after Boko Haram Islamists kidnapped 129 teenage schoolgirls from the Chibok area of Borno state in the northeast. Forty-four of those girls have since escaped.

“At about 2:30 am (0130 GMT), unknown gunmen carried out coordinated attacks in Yana town,” Bauchi’s police spokesman Haruna Mohammed said.

They burnt “several buildings including a staff quarters of a girls’ secondary school, an eight-block police quarters, a sharia (Islamic law) court and the local government secretariat,” he told AFP.

Mohammed said it was not clear who carried out the attack and provided no details on casualties.

Boko Haram, an extremist group fighting to create a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria, has attacked Bauchi many times in an insurgency that has killed thousands since 2009.

A teacher at the school who requested anonymity said the attackers appeared to have deliberately avoided the student residential buildings.

“The gunmen only attacked the teachers’ quarters but did not go near the girls’ hostels,” he said.

“We have 195 students staying at the hostels who are writing their (end-of-term) exams, but none of them were affected,” he continued.

“It is a great relief, considering what happened in Chibok.”

The Monday attack in Chibok, unprecedented in Boko Haram’s uprising, has sparked global outrage.

With 85 girls still missing, locals have urged the military to launch a more robust rescue mission, claiming that the effort made so far is inadequate.

Parents have scoured the bushlands surrounding Chibok in a desperate attempt to rescue their daughters.

Locals have also urged Boko Haram to show compassion and release the girls who are likely being held in a forest area where the Islamists are known to have well fortified camps.

Boko Haram translates as “Western education is forbidden”, and school attacks have featured prominently in its five-year uprising.

In a report released this month, the International Crisis Group described the Islamists as more divided than ever, with various factions pursuing different interests.

The attackers in Bauchi may have been members of a less hardline Boko Haram cell, one not prepared to commit a mass abduction like in Chibok.

Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, has claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack ever in Nigeria’s capital, a bomb blast that killed at least 75 people on the outskirts of the city during morning rush hour on Monday. [AFP]

Teenage Gay Cult Called ‘Yansh’ Discovered In Warri

A cult of teenage homos*xuals patronised by gay men exists in Warri, Delta State Government yesterday revealed.

Making the disclosure in his Easter message to Deltans at the First Baptist Church, Warri, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan said teenagers from ages 15 to 18 belong to the sect named Yansh, and live in rented apartments close to Enerhen Junction, Warri, where men come to sleep with them.

“These are our sons and men come to sleep with them. It is through the Edu Marshals Programme that we discovered them. We used to know about female harlots, now we have male harlots. Unfortunately they are young boys. There is much government can do, but there is more we can do as parents,” he said.

Uduaghan therefore challenged parents to be alive to the realities of today’s society as crimes committed daily were committed by children belonging to parents who are members of the immediate society.

FG’s N151 Debt To Oil Marketers Responsible For Scarcity – IPMAN

The current fuel scarcity across the country may not come to an end soon, following the Federal Government’s N151 billion indebtedness to oil marketers, indications have emerged.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers’ Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, said that the Federal Government still owes oil marketers N151 billion outstanding fuel subsidy claims.

IPMAN said that sequel to the last fuel scarcity experienced nationwide, government made frantic efforts and released N41 billion for part-payment of what it owed marketers to enable them continue product supply, but before then government had not paid marketers since September 2013.

The executive secretary of the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Agency, PPRA, Mr. Ahmed Faruk, who did not specify the amount owed, also admitted that the non-payment to marketers is partly responsible for the fuel crisis being experienced in some parts of the country.

Faruk, however, said that over nine vessels were discharging about 200 million litres of premium motor spirit, PMS, otherwise known as petrol, across the country.

“From our report, we have over nine vessels currently engaged in discharging products in various depots across the country. From Calabar to Oghara, we have Lister Depot; it is supposed to be discharging for Oando.

“We have Atlas Cove vessels discharging for Pipeline and Products Marketing Company, PPMC. We have vessels discharging in Apapa. All in all we have over 200 million litres being discharged by various vessels.

“There is no need for any panic because we have the product. And I can advise the general public just to calm down and go about their normal businesses; not to panic as the product is available.”

Reacting to the money being owed to marketers, Faruk explained, “Before then, some of the marketers were finding it difficult to secure credit lines to open letters of credit to bring their importation. But I understand that payments were being made.”

Also, Faruk said that rumours of alleged moves by the Federal Government to increase the pump price of PMS led to the scarcity of fuel as some marketers began to hoard the product.

Photos:- Finally, Toyin Lawani shares photo of her son’s face

He is so handsome and he looks so much like his dad…..

Amaechi Calls For Prayers For Release Of Abducted Schoolgirls

Amaechi-360x2251Governor of Rivers State and Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has called on Nigerians to pray for the release of all the abducted schoolgirls in Borno State by suspected members of Boko Haram sect.

He made the call on the backdrop of the abduction of about 129 students of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok, by unknown gunmen, even as 44 students had reportedly regained their freedom.

The governor, who made this call in his Easter message on Saturday, also called for prayers for the unity of the country.

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Amaechi charged Nigerians to use the Easter period to embrace peace, love and harmony.

He stated that Nigeria was in need of sacrifice, forgiveness and love, adding that the country cannot achieve any meaningful development in an atmosphere of rancour.

Shedding more light on the significance of Easter, the governor said the period should be seen as one for sobre reflection, forgiveness and togetherness, stressing the need for Christians to emulate Christ

“Nigerians should pray for the release of the abducted school girls in Borno State by the Boko Haram Islamic sect. We should fervently pray for peace and unity in the country.

“Jesus Christ died, so that we could live. We must endeavor to emulate the selfless life and sacrifice of Christ. As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we must fully appreciate the significance of this very important event in the Christian calendar.

“Let me call on all Christian faithful to emulate Christ in all their dealings and also remember to love one another. We should realise the fact that we cannot achieve meaningful development in an atmosphere of rancour and acrimony”, he said.

On the 2015 general elections, Amaechi appealed to Nigerians to pray to God for a peaceful exercise, even as he specifically charged politicians to display decorum and tolerance ahead of the poll.

He said, “Let me also call on politicians in our dear country to recognize the fact that for our nascent democracy to survive we must abhor and avoid all practices that will impact negatively on the polity and begin to do things properly and justly, most especially as we approach the 2015 general elections”.

2015: Disquiet In PDP As Governors Give Three Conditions To Back Jonathan’s Re-Election Bid

400f700d5f761cd5de084039d0e30296All appears not to be well within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as governors have reportedly given three conditions to back President Goodluck Jonathan’s yet-to-be unannounced re-election bid.

The conditions include:

•allowing outgoing governors to choose their successors;

•automatic second term tickets for those running first term in office; and

•automatic senatorial seats for governors aspiring to be in the Senate.

Although the president is set to emerge the sole presidential flag bearer of the ruling party, there is confusion on how to meet the demands of the governors, The Nation quotes a source.

Some of the governors are threatening protest votes in their states if they are not allowed to have their way, with the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu is said to be making frantic efforts to manage the situation.

Muazu, who is opposed to automatic tickets, has to devise means of accommodating the agitation of the governors, a source said.

It is believed that most of the PDP governors, whose maximum two-terms of eight years come to an end in 2015, are eyeing the senate. While some of them are being prevailed upon to go to the red chamber, others are bent on forcing themselves on the people.

A governor said: “All the governors are united in their demands to have a say on who will succeed them and second term tickets for their colleagues who still have the opportunity of another term in office.

“They said if the President can enjoy automatic second term ticket, it should spread across the board.

“The party is thinking that such a development will shut out other good hands in the party.

“But most of us do not buy into that argument at all. We believe whatever is sauce for the goose ought to be sauce for the gander”.

Responding to a question, the source said: “The likelihood of realignment of forces and protest votes cannot be ruled out”.

Another governor said there was no way the party would not make concessions to allow the second term ticket of the president to sail through.

“The PDP leadership may say there is no automatic ticket but there will certainly be negotiations to make certain things to work. Mark my words, the PDP governors cannot allow Jonathan to have his way without anything in return. This is politics”, said the governor, who requested not to be named.

“We are back to the 2003 era when ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted the second term ticket. Governors want to be politically relevant after leaving office and fairness demands some concessions.

“We have been making our demands known to the party. We hope it will accommodate these agitations to keep the party intact for 2015 poll”.

Freeze Of Cool FM Calls All Nigerians To Pray Against PSquare’s Rumoured Break Up By 10 am

Freeze of Cool FM has called on all Nigerians to pray for them from 8am today. Read his tweets below and start praying for them….

Read Why President Obama Will Not Visit Nigeria


Barack Hussein Obama is not only the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, but he is the celebrated black president of the United States. Love him or not, he is at a pinnacle for the black race on the Earth today.

However, the black president of America has thus far refused to visit the biggest black nation in the world and by all projection, will not do so till he completes his second term as U.S. president if things remain the same with Nigeria. Why will Obama not visit Nigeria? Here are some of the reasons:

The Nigerian government is a bunch of bandits.

The military leadership of the nation aids and abets terrorists.

The military leadership of Nigeria lies that it has freed captive girls. Repeat: The military leadership of Nigeria lies that it has freed captive girls.

Nigeria’s military chiefs, ministry of defense and heads of state security lead the deliberate massacre of innocent civilians and soldiers.

Abuja, the nation’s capital is the residence of thieves and hideout of terror sponsors.

Abacha, a dictator, killer and treasury looter is honored in Nigeria.

Al Mustapha, M.K.O. Abiola’s wife’s murderer and an Abacha marksmen team leader is freed.

Bayelsa, the home state of Nigeria’s president is the most toxic piece of land on planet earth with 40 oil spills recorded every month.

Nigeria pollutes the sea more than any oil producing nation on earth.

Nigeria today does not arrest sponsors of terror whose money now finances Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda.

There are more kidnappings in Nigeria than any nation.

Nigeria currently hosts the most dangerous high sea piracy events on the planet.

Nigeria this 2014 has succeeded in scoring the highest number and worst cases of death and violence from terror than any nation on earth.

Nigeria’s youth are the most deprived on the planet, considering the nation’s immense wealth.

Nigeria’s government steals from almajiri (beggars), the youth and unemployed to give to the government bloated thieves and Cabal.

Nigeria is the only nation on earth that rather than developing is regressing.

$20-127 billion dollars, oil revenue has been stolen by Nigeria’s government officials and their partner, billionaire Cabal. #WhereIsOurMoney?

Nigeria’s fourth republic civilian regimes are worse than its military dictator regimes.

Nigeria has an oil goddess, Diezani Allison-Madueke.

Nigeria has achieved the highest level of government corruption ever recorded in the history of planet earth.

And finally:

Not only is Nigeria’s government clueless, and recklessly hopeless, but so are its people also recognized to be for permitting such a Cabal regime and system to remain in power.

There have been civilians like Gandhi and soldiers like Rawlings who have walked their nations out of the mess, but of its 168 million victims of the treacherous, lootocratic fourth republic, Nigeria does not have a single civilian or soldier, talk less thousands willing and able to deliver its children, elders and most helpless.

This is why president Obama does not only not visit, but does not even talk of or remember Nigeria, a nation in a new dark age.

‘Despite Peter & Paul Are Grown Up, They’re Still Your Babies’ – Fan Pleads With Jude Okoye

The Okoye’s news is all around town and some loyal fans took to social media to plead with Jude okoye to be calm about the whole thing and make sure they settle their issues.
Below are screen shots of what some of their fans wrote….