“I never called Nollywood Medicore”- Genevieve denies report

 Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji has finally reacted to the reports that she said Nollywood was bland and mediocre.
 Last weekend, Punch had published their chat with the actress where she explained that she had been scarce in Nollywood movies because:

Having practiced my art in international & professionally produced stories like ‘Ije’; ‘Mirror boy;’ and ‘Tango with me’, I don’t think I can return to the blandness and mediocrity that characterized Nollywood in the past.”

A Nollywood movie director, Mac Collins Chidebe, who obviously didn’t like her statement replied her yesterday and Genny just took to her IG page to set the records straight. Read her post after the cut

DOCTORS’ STRIKE: We’re dying, patients cry out

Three days into the ongoing strike by public sector doctors, patients abandoned in hospitals nationwide, yesterday, cried out that they were dying slowly, and prayed for God’s intervention to settle the rift between the government and the striking doctors.

While Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State appealed to the doctors to stop using strike as a means of fighting for their demands in the interest of innocent Nigerians, the doctors on their part accussed government of playing hide-and-seek with them.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has mandated its Committee on Health to urgently engage the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, and Ministry of Health with a view to bringing the ongoing industrial action to an end.

Vanguard visited public hospitals in Lagos. From Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH; General Hospital, Gbagada; Federal Medical Centre, Ebute Metta, to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, were lamentations as patients, who refused to relocate, have been abandoned to their fate.

New patients were denied admission, while elderly ones who refused to leave were offered skeletal services by nurses and other health workers not affected by the strike.

Seeking divine intervention

Some of the patients were seen praying for God’s intervention.

At the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, patients stood in front of Accident and Emergency Unit, praying to God to touch the heart of both government and the striking doctors.

One said: “Our God in heaven, listen to our cry and come to our aid. Arrest the heart of doctors and government to end the strike. We are dying slowly on daily basis.”

At other wards, some patients that spoke to Vanguard insisted that whether the strike continued or not, they had nowhere else to seek medical attention.

They claimed their medical needs were peculiar and could not easily be handled at private hospitals.

One of them, who identified himself as Clement Odia, and had been on admission since January, said he was not in a hurry to relocate to any private hospital for financial reason.

‘Am going nowhere’

He said: “I came here since January because of my broken hand. You do not expect me to leave now because I am almost healed. If I have to go to private clinic, where is the money? Also, they may not be able to take care of my situation, so I am staying here.”

Another patient, who spoke on condition of anonymity, accused doctors of aggravating his pain.

He said: “I know if government answers them, in another six months same doctors will ask for more allowances. No doctor has attended to me since yesterday.”

  • Vanguard

The Girl I Sponsored To School Broke My Heart After 8-Years Of Relationship- Yemi Sax

Yemi Sax who got married and welcomed a son recently,opened up on the relationship before he met his wife.He said after seeing his ex through school and dating for 8 years, she left him and that has taught him not to put his trust in man but God…….He said..

“Of course I have had a long relationship of like eight years that didn’t even work out. You know after eight years I was heartbroken. A woman I gave my all to decided to mess the privilege and brought my heart to great sorrow. It is not about being a star really, my wife that I married right now had sworn with her life that she world never marry an entertainer but man proposes and God disposes, even she knew that it is by the grace of God that it all happened. Our ways at times are not His ways. It is what God wants because she is a Corporate person, she is in the corporate world. So, she doesn’t even have the time to go out and start dating an entertainer but God called me her husband and she my wife. I give all thanks to God for His benevolence.”

On if she left because she was more educated than him…He said

I think at first, everything was rosy but you know you can’t pretend for long. She was just there pretending I think it was because of the things she was gaining from me and you know you can’t pretend for long because character is like a flame it will always come out eventually. So, it got to a time that her real personality manifested and that was when the relationship came to an end.

So, you didn’t think it was as a result of personality and educational difference?

Nooo, not at all; she is even somebody I brought up. She is somebody I brushed up, I sent her to school. So, it is not about being more educated than me or not, you understand what I mean. I did everything to make her a success but she chose otherwise.

So, what did that episode teach you about life?

I think it is a great lesson; I will advise people not to expect too much from a fellow human. That is the way you can live long, that is the way you can enjoy life; expect the worst from others. So, that is my advice to people. It is my guiding philosophy as well. I don’t think it is a good thing to put your trust in people. Instead, put your trust in God who never disappoints.

Snakes Tangled In Electric Wires In Benin City (Pictures)



So, I got these pictures too . .The Anonymous sender said the residence of Market Road in Ekosodin, Benin City, woke up this morning July 2nd to find several snakes bunched up and tangled in the electric wires in the street.

“We have been confused and keep on wondering just how they got there.

We eventually looked for a way to get rid of them by removing them and using the electric power to burn them. We don’t know the means by which they got there o, whether its through spiritual means, we are still wondering. May God help us” He said

Italian Man Pretends to be handicapped to gain access to the field during USvsBelgium Match [See Unrolling Clip]


So how did experienced World Cup pitch invader Mario Ferri get close enough to jump on the field and disrupt Tuesday’s match between the United States and Belgium?

It turns out that the 27-year-old Italian man used a tried-and-true tactic. He pretended to be handicapped before leaping from his wheelchair and grabbing the attention of the world for a minute or so. Ferri did the same thing when he interrupted Spain-Germany at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

That Mario Ferri was able to pull this off is a little bit humorous given that the 2014 World Cup has had a few problems with some wheelchair users allegedly faking a need for designated seating in order to gain access to the matches. Police even opened an investigation earlier in the tournament after pictures of wheelchair users rising to their feet and cheering goals hit the Internet.


Ferri, who was also wearing a bandage on his right knee, turned his deception into an opportunity to raise awareness for the conditions of Brazil’s favelas and an Italian fan who died from a gunshot wound last month. Not sure if that makes his trickery any more acceptable, but one thing’s for certain: Brazilian stadium officials will likely be keeping a closer eye on who wheels into their matches the rest of the World Cup.

‘I’m still waiting for Boko Haram to accept my virginity offer’ – Adokiye

Adokiye made tongues wag when she offered her virginity in exchange for the release of Chibok girls.


Her statement made it to international sites like Huffington Post, Daily mail and more..In a new chat with Bellanaija, she stands by her words..When asked if this was a publicity stunt, she said..

I made an open offer to some group of people. The question is why they haven’t accepted my request? They should gather up the girls, prepare them for release and then I am sure they will find out if I’m still a virgin.Publicity card to promote my music and image?Let me take us back to when this whole thing started, these same people called it “Scam”, “Publicity Card” by the Government and now look where we are today.
A lot of Nigerians are unbelievers and I’d say it is mainly some of our problems today. I am not stupid to play with something like this, let me even ask! Promote what music? I have not released any music or plan to even release any music anytime soon. So what music am I promoting?As for my image, if crying for freedom for the release of innocent children, a reminder to the nation that kids are still missing is promoting my image, then I say to you, let my image soar!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting rape or pleading to be raped as what some people are making the situation seem like a joke but whatever those kids are going through, I say kids because we are not talking about girls anymore as you know little boys have joined in this.
Whatever it is they are going through, because we cannot see them, I would say should be thrown to me instead and allow them be freed.
I want to use this opportunity to apologise to all the women around the world who have gotten my fight twisted for some reasons or the other to see this as not only a selfless service to humanity but to fall back to the biblical times where Jesus urged us to be our brothers keeper and love others as we love ourselves.”

On why she is so open about her virginity
“Virginity has its own spiritual benefit.A lot of girls that are virgins think virginity is not worth keeping probably because they are being mocked and called names, a lot of people say virginity is lack of opportunity.
So I am using this great opportunity to let the world know that if you are a girl and a virgin, oh you have a precious gift.

Make sure you end it up with a man who knows your worth, a man who knows what it means to have a pure lady. It is not a thing to be shameful about at all. Be proud.”

Kefee to be buried in Sapele on the 11th of July

The remains of the late Pop-Gospel singer, Kefee (Irikefe Don-Momoh nee Obareki), will be laid to rest on Friday, July 11th in her hometown of Okpara-Inland, Ethiope East LGA of Delta State.


A statement released by her publicist today states that Kefee’s husband, Teddy Don-Momoh, who has been making arrangements to bring her body back from the U.S., will arrive the country first to receive her body before taking her down to Delta State for burial.

Teddy had earlier indicated that his wife’s family had requested that she be buried in their hometown, with a celebratory service in Sapele afterwards and he was comfortable with the arrangement.

Genevieve Nnaji reacts to reports she called Nollywood ‘Bland and Mediocre’

Genevieve Nnaji has finally reacted to an interview she supposedly granted Punch in which she called Nollywood Bland and mediocre.


The statement attracted heavy criticism from industry players..

Reacting on her instagram page, she said..

“I never called my industry bland and mediocre. Truth or not, they were NOT MY WORDS. As a person/writer, you can “assume” what you like about my thought process but DO not project those thoughts as “quotes” by me. It’s distasteful, insensitive and quite unprofessional. It’s insulting to those limited few working hard to make a difference in the industry. I am a product of Nollywood and my loyalty remains unshaken.”


Incase you missed the interview, (read here) when asked why she hadn’t been in movies recently,she reportedly said

“I guess I haven’t found the right script yet. Creativity and depth are the qualities that I look out for in a script. In the beginning, the movie industry emphasised quantity but things are changing and there is an improvement in trend. I am among the people who advocate for the improvement of the industry.

So said, I am constantly watching out for the kind of stories I take part in.

I am in support of movies that show a great deal of professionalism and creativity. Having practiced my art in international & professionally produced stories like ‘Ije’; ‘Mirror boy;’ and ‘Tango with me’, I don’t think I can return to the blandness and mediocrity that characterized Nollywood in the past.”


Ukochukwu na the same people


Free Thomas Thomas Now!

Free Thomas Thomas Now!

By Inibehe Effiong

Someone called yesterday from Akwa Ibom State to intimate me of the unlawful arrest and detention of Mr Thomas Thomas; a fearless journalist with the Global Concord Newspaper who has gained reputation as a courageous voice in a state that is being destroyed by a vicious, criminal and rampaging cult of monsters, despots and thieves. He was trailed by three armed men who were later identified to be officers of the State Security Service and has been kept incommunicado ever since.

I have spoken with an Editor friend with Global Concord Newspaper and he confirmed this development to me. Reports reaching me this evening confirms that Mr Thomas Thomas has been charged to court (Magistrate Court) on charge(s) of false publication.

I wish to remind Nigerians that Akwa Ibom State has been under a cancerous dictatorship in the last six years. We have a governor who thinks of himself as the next in command to God. We have a government that is destitute in morals, sanity and accountability. We have in the state a very virulent culture of waste. It has taken the likes of Thomas Thomas who are in the minority to expose the criminal enterprise called Akpabio government. He has written extensively against the sins, illegalities and criminality of the present administration.

I have always known that the state government will eventually go after him, it was just but a question of when? I am very aware that Global Concord Newspaper is the greatest, most vociferous and aggressive opposition of the present administration.
The governor has never hidden his hatred for Global Concord and those associates with it.

I wish to remind governor Akpabio that villains have no place in history. He should know that power is ephemeral, as such, he should be circumspect in his actions.

The human rights community will not tolerate the continued arrogance, violations and inanities of these little despots. We demand the mediate release of Thomas Thomas.


Rapper Yung6ix Survives Fatal Car Crash [Photos]

There were rumours earlier yesterday that the rapper was fatally wounded in a car crash while riding in his Range Rover which he acquired just few months ago


He shared photos from the crash site saying he is fine. .while thanking God for sparing his life.

Fullscreen capture 732014 92048 PM

Osun governorship hopeful, Omisore eating roasted corn

Omisore corn

Nigerian politicians have come up with really strange ways of campaigning for elections but judging from Governor Fayose’s recent “rice victory”, it seems that strange is the way to go.

The new Ekiti governor-elect and some Zamfara politicians decided to share rice to gain votes in elections.

Osun governorship hopeful, Omisore has however decided to take his “grassroots campaign” a step further by eating roasted corn and even popcorn on the streets.

omisore corn 2

Omisore, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, is to go head to head with incumbent governor, Rauf Aregbesola, of the All progressives Congress, in the election which will hold in August

Confab endorses creation of Ijebu, Aba, 17 other states

The National Conference  has  endorsed the recommendation for additional states for the South-East.

The delegates also approved the creation of 17 new states nation-wide.

The National Judicial Institute (NJI) venue of the conference erupted in celebration. Soon yesterday, after they voted in favour of the recommendation of the Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government, delegates left their seats and exchanged pleasantries.

For once, delegates from the other five geo-political zones joined their South-East counterparts in celebrating what many described as a landmark victory for the Igbos. Many delegates repeatedly exclaimed: “History has been made. Today, justice has been served. We have won. It’s a new day for us.”

Some of the states recommended include Adada, Aba, Savannah, Njaba-Anim, Gurara, Ogoja, Etiti, Anioma, New Oyo, Ijebu and Orashi.

The delegates also approved rotational presidency between North and South. If the adopted recommendation  eventually becomes law, the zoning arrangement which is already in existence in some political parties in the country will become legally operational.

By the arrangement‎, the position of the president will now rotate between North and South. There is, however, a proviso that within each region, the position shall rotate among the geo-political zones.

For instance, if a South-South president is elected, upon its return to the South, South-West or South-East will produce the next president. Delegates believe the new arrangement will address the current injustice being experienced by certain sections of the country.

The conference also voted for the reversal to the old National Anthem, insisting that it captures the feelings, yearnings and aspirations of every Nigerian.

‘Chibok schoolgirls are recorded on camera being raped,’ says Senator Zanna


It’s been 81 days since over 200 schoolgirls were abducted in Chibok, Borno, by men believed to be members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect.

In an interview with Sahara Reporters, Senator Khalifa Ahmed Zanna of Borno Central said that the girls are being raped while someone films them.

The Senator also spoke about the condition of the girls, conspiracy theories surrounding the Islamist militant group, and that the President needs to change priorities.

“Actually the information I’m getting, some of them are very disturbing. Although I don’t want to mention but they are just raping the girls on camera and even showing them on video, releasing it to the public.

Somebody told me that they were shown being raped, and in turn, it is the girl who was raped that came out kneeling down and begging the man to be patient. Do you know the reason why? They said when they rape them they shoot them.

Therefore the girl after being raped, she curled down to the man, kneeling down and begging him to please be patient. So disturbing.

And although I didn’t see the video, the person narrated to me, he said he had the video, and he was narrating to me, and look at the situation. And then the other scenario is that the Boko Haram are now out of funds, they are not getting enough food.

So they are going from one village to another, taking the little the villagers had, and going away. In fact most of the villages are almost moved out of their villages and moved to cities or gone into the neighbouring countries. So more or less they don’t have any chance of getting food. So I don’t know what they’re going to do, if food is not available are they going to sacrifice to give it to the girls.

And then, the other information I have, because you know the kidnap is a continuous process which they have been doing before the 200 and after the 200. So in their position, there are up to 500 or over 500 women who are being taken from the streets, on the main roads where they are traveling, or they go to the villages and collect them; all kinds of abductions,” he said.


Rafiu Ladipo blasts Eagles after World Cup exit, blames Keshi for not picking right players

Rafiu Ladipo 1

President-General of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rafiu Ladipo, has publicly criticized the members of the Nigeria squad that were dumped out of the 2014 World by France.

Paul Pogba struck in the 79th minute, while Joseph Yobo also scored an own goal, as the African champions failed to progress past the round of 16 again.

Ladipo admitted that he was full of optimism ahead of the tournament, but was disappointed in the manner which he Eagles crashed out.

“I was one of those who came here confident that we will surpass our previous World Cup record. Crashing out in the second round was to me not good enough,” Ladipo said.

“We were there before 16 years ago and attaining that same feat here is really no big deal. Keshi and his boys had the opportunity to make history but they blew it.”

“The match against France was winnable if only the team had remained focused before the game. But rather than look at the bigger picture and putting national interest first, the boys were more interested in money, which they got before the game.

“And with money in their pocket they felt whatever result they get in the game against France won’t be a big deal.”

Ladipo also took a swipe at Stephen Keshi, stating that the Big Boss did not pick the right squad for the competition.

“Keshi did not help himself by coming to Brazil with a good number of players who had no business being in the Eagles squad and leaving out players like Ike Uche and Haruna Lukman,” he concluded.

Chidi Omeje: Mohammed Haruna – compromised columnist wagging terrorists’ tail?


Writing in the Daily Trust and the Nationnewspaper of July 2, 2014 under the caption, “The danger of the Military Tail Wagging the Civilian Dog”, Mr Mohammed Haruna tried so hard to paint a picture of a conspiracy between the Federal Government and the Military to muscle out opposition in the country. He strived albeit unsuccessfully to impute negative motives to every action of the military and insisted that the government was behind every action which he believed targeted the opposition.

Even at the risk of dignifying a bare-faced, slander-ridden and contemptuous article, let it be known that the views expressed by the writer indeed represents the mindset of those who wish that the present security challenges in the country would persist as long as their narrow interest is serviced. Nothing bespoke his stance more than his assertion which seeks to question the democratic credential of the present dispensation and his attribution of the role of the military as simply as that of doing the bidding of the government in power.

That there is ample democratic space for every shade of opinion to thrive is trite and that simply explains why a compromised columnist like Mr Haruna can afford to contrive every known and unknown lies against the military and the government by extension and still have more balls to continue.

The cocktail of lies which is what the article represents is at best a chronicle of twisted tales told by a hack-writer who obviously take himself too seriously and believe he can divert public attention at will to suite his whimps. Take for instance his reference to the security search of vehicles belonging to some media organizations. It is rather unfortunate that Mr Haruna does not seem to understand the precarious security situation in Nigeria. The question he needs to answer is, what is an aberration in subjecting the press to security search when there is intelligence need for it? What is so ‘unimaginable’ that the press was subjected to a search when our national security is under threat by terrorist whom we have all come to realize have penetrated a lot of spaces?
Mr Haruna even tried so desperately to provoke religious sentiment by trying to impute negative motive at the recent closure of Maiduguri Airport for security reasons.
How on earth can someone be so blinded by mischief that in his bid to undo others cannot even recognize an obvious danger. Has Haruna considered the security implications and dangers that over 300 pilgrims will be exposed to if they had used the airport to airlift the pilgrims? Has he thought of what just one terrorist can do to an aircraft loaded with 300 passengers?

Honestly, this is no longer the Mohammed Haruna we all use to read his articles with keen interest. It appears that senility has set in and he has lost touch with realities. I suggest that he should dry up his pen if it no longer spews the truth. Columnists are indeed opinion molders and we appreciate that. However, columnists who want to be taken serious must be dispassionate in their analysis and commentary. They must not be weighed down by parochial sentiments like religion or region.

*Chidi Omeje is Abuja based Public Affairs/Security Analyst

Hope Uzodinma Denies Imo Guber Ambition


Hope Uzodinma Denies Imo Guber Ambition

The member representing Imo West Senatorial District in Nigerian Senate, Senator Hope Uzodinma has denied nursing governorship ambition in Imo State for 2015.

The senator, who is also a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Board of Trustees, had been rumoured to be eyeing the governorship seat of the state on the party’s platform.

The rumours became rife three weeks ago at the Orlu Zonal PDP statkeholders meeting in Orlu where he said that he might not return to the senate come 2015, but warned that his decision not to re-contest for the senate does not imply that he would not actively be involved in selecting his successor.

But speaking with journalists in his Omuma country home in Oru East Local Government Area of the state, Uzodinma said that there had never been a time he nursed the ambition of governing the state in 2015.
He said the rumour of his gubernatorial ambition was a big distraction.

He said: “I’m a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic. If I’m running for any position, I shouldn’t be playing hide and seek about it. I should come out boldly to do so”.

Okorocha has bought all media house…

Ohakim Cries Out!!!

•Lack of FG Assistance May Cost Imo PDP 2015 Guber—Ohakim

•Okorocha has bought all media house…

Immediate-past governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has raised alarm over what he called lack of federal government assistance to the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, saying nonchalant attitude may cost the party the 2015 governorship seat.

Speaking at the party’s stakeholders’ meeting in Owerri, Ohakim recalled that one of the weapons which led to his defeat in 2011 elections was pernicious propaganda from the opposition then.
He said those propaganda tools used then were bought by all the media houses in the country including the federal government-owned Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.

The former governor lamented that the same thing was no longer being tolerated even by the private media houses as Governor Rochas Okorocha has bought over all media houses including the social media.

According to him, the party leadership made good effort to package some of the ills of the Okorocha-led administration, “but to our greatest shock, after paying AIT and collecting receipt, we were called back to come and collect our money because the CEO of the outfit said that Rochas is a co-owner of AIT. Okay, what of NTA? We also went to Labaran Maku, but they rejected it. Channels TV did the same thing too.”

While insisting that the party would need the federal governemnt’s assistance to enable it oust Okorocha and his APC from Imo, Ohakim called on the party stakeholders and professionals to come up with ideas on how to unseat Okorocha as according to him, not much had been achieved in the area of propaganda.

Also speaking, the minister of state 1 for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Viola Onwuliri expressed surprise at the level of acrimony that had bedeviled the party in recent months over the quest to get the party’s ticket.

She told the stakeholders that the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would not want to lose Imo to another party as according to her, the mistake of the past must not repeat itself in 2015 elections.
She urged all aspirants in the party to embrace unity of purpose if they do not want the party to lose elections in the state come 2015

NFF Offers Keshi N168 Million Two-year Deal

Outgone Super Eagles’ boss, Stephen Keshi, has been offered N168 million for a new two-year deal to remain at his post.
The contract ups to N7 million Keshi’s monthly salary.
He was being paid, until the ouster of the Super Eagles from the World Cup and an end to his contract, a monthly salary of N5 million.
The loss in the Round of 16 match to the Les Blues of France marked the end of the contract.
The Eagle Online reliably gathered that the plan to offer Keshi an improved deal came amid confusion over the status of his employment with the Nigeria Football Federation.

The Big Boss, who is yet to append his signature to the new deal, was said to have complained about the clauses contained in the new contract papers.

It was also learnt that the Nigeria Football Federation has put in place plans to hire a foreign coach to be assisted by a local coach should Keshi reject the new offer.

On the contrary, the AFCON 2013 winning coach told The Eagle Online that he would insist that the football house provides him with an official accommodation and a car to function.

Keshi told The Eagle Online: “My contract effectively ended with the Super Eagles ouster from the World Cup.
“So, there is no reason resigning from the job.
“However, we are yet to agree a new contract.
“So I remain a free agent until otherwise.”

Supporters Club Boss Ladipo Blasts Eagles, Keshi After World Cup Exit

President General of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club Rafiu Ladipo has slammed the Super Eagles for failing to improve on their previous showing at the Fifa World Cup.

Nigeria were knocked out of the 2014 World Cup by France, following some defencive lapses in the final 11 minutes of their second round game against ‘Les Bleus’.

Paul Pogba headed in an opening goal as the Eagles defence failed to clear a corner kick before Joseph Yobo scored an own-goal to ensure the African champions bow 2-0 out to coach Didier Deschamp’s France.

Super Eagles Supporters During One of the Country's Matches.

“We were there before 16 years ago and attaining that same feat here is really no big deal,” Ladipo is quoted as saying on Goal.com.

“(Stephen )Keshi and his boys had the opportunity to make history but they blew it.”

Ladipo had before the commencement of the tournament expressed optimism that the coach Keshi-led team would surpass the nation’s second round achievement in Brazil. He says he’s disappointed they fell short of his assessment, while also blaming the team’s tactician for choosing wrong players.

“I was one of those who came here confident that we will surpass our previous World Cup record,” he added. “Crashing out in the second round was to me not good enough.

“The match against France was winnable if only the team had remained focused before the game. But rather than look a the bigger picture and putting national interest first, the boys were more interested in money, which they got before the game.

“And with the money in their pocket they felt whatever result they get in the game against France won’t be a big deal.

“Keshi did not help himself by coming to Brazil with a good number of players who had no business being in the Eagles squad and leaving out players like Ike Uche and Haruna Lukman.”

Alibaba Attacks Men of God Who Deceive Their Church Members


This has always been a controversial topic and would always be.

However, Nigerian veteran comedian Alibaba has decided to talk about it.

Read his tweets below and tell me what you think: -





— Akpobome(@ALIBABAGCFR) July 3, 2014


— Akpobome(@ALIBABAGCFR) July 3, 2014


— Akpobome(@ALIBABAGCFR) July 3, 2014


— Akpobome(@ALIBABAGCFR) July 3, 2014

What will people say about Wizkid’s new controversial picture? SEE ITHERE

First thing that steals attention about this post is the left hand fixed as suggesting holding a particular type of drug, and the look on his face too
matches the common one for the act. But you can’t really see anything within his fingers and let’s face it, its broad daylight, just how foolhardy
can Wizkid be? But of course this is going to create some online ruckus.
The second significant factor of the post is the caption. ”My shoe game! U can’t touch that shit”.

This is definitely going to be misinterpreted as a shot at a certain artists who recently donned the same brand of Wizkid’s shoe, worn in a photo
with Chris Brown. And to push the buzz further, the shirt Breezy himself wore, did not escape the brave ensemble of Davido

It may be assumed that Wizkid is expressing the uniqueness of the cool red shoes he is rocking, pointing out that it is not available for swagger
jacking by other artists.

Prezzo’s Ex-Girlfriend Thinks Vincent Enyeama Is A Kenyan Footballer


Former BBA housemate and rapper, Prezzo is dated a stunning beauty but it’s safe to say this is one of those situations of more beauty and no brains.

Jack Patrick a.k.a Diva Boss have shown how clueless she is when it comes to soccer by mistaking Super Eagles goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama for Kenyan soccer star Victor Wanyama.

During Nigeria’s second round match against France in the on-going World Cup finals, the Tanzanian socialite tweeted a compliment about Enyeama but referred to him as Victoria Kimani’s ex-boyfriend.

See tweet below: -

Diva @DivaTheBawse


Dis victoria kimani ex boyfriend is one of the best goalkeeper wallah…Ati katoa lile shuti? Lawddddd ….

Keshi Explains Why He Wants To Dump Nigeria

After all speculations and intrigues over the purported resignation of Nigeria’s Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi, the former coach of Mali and Togo has finally spoken out over the uncertainty surrounding his future.

Stephen Keshi Lashes Out at Nigeria's Overbearing Supporters.

According to an interview Keshi granted supersport.com after the Nigeria versus France match at the Brasilia Palace Hotel camp of the Super Eagles in Brazil and published on Thursday, 3 July, 2014, the former skipper of the Nigerian team stated that he is done with the Eagles.

Keshi was also quoted to have said that he is finished with his assignment with the team and had enough of the politics associated with handling the Nigerian national football team.

“I am done. I have finished my assignment with the team. I have had enough of all the politics and games and intrigues of handling the national team” the man called the Big Boss said clearly.

“My contract is up, no one asked me questions nor offered me a new one which is a clear indication that I am not wanted so there is really no drama. If they want me to put it down on paper I will get my lawyer to write to them,” Keshi said.

Speaking on the criticisms that followed his squad’s performance at the World Cup and if he took a gamble on some of the players he took to Brazil, the coach popularly called ‘the Big Boss’ said: “Apart from Bright Dike and Leon Balogun who were both injured I took the players I wanted to take to the World Cup. I had a 30 man squad that was then cut down to 23 that met the settings we were using to select. I stand by the team I brought here to Brazil.

Ramadan: Saraki Distributes N80M Gifts To Constituents

Dr. Bukola Saraki, a member of the Nigerian senate representing Kwara central senatorial district on Wednesday flag- off the distribution of raw foods items worth about N80 million to his constituents.

The distribution, which took place at the senator’s political office in Mandate, Adewole area of Ilorin was said to be his Ramadan gifts and was shared in all the 832 polling units that made up the Ilorin- Kwara central.


Leadership reports that Engineer Musa Yeketi, the Director General of Saraki’s constituency office, said the move was to assist the fasting muslims in the holy month of Ramadan.

Saraki who is the chairman, Senate committee on Environment and Ecology, while presenting the items to six executives members of the All progressive Congress (APC), of the polling units on behalf of the senator,Yeketi, pleaded with them to ensure that the items get to all fasting muslims in their respective zones.

Yeketi, who revealed that the senator would soon flag off another phase of items distribution that will cost N39 million, noted that it was his usual tradition during the month of Ramadan.

Unanswered Questions Regarding Our Fight Against Corruption

It has long been agreed that one of the biggest challenges militating against the growth and development of our dear country is the massive corruption pervading the polity, hence one would expect a well meaning Government to tackle the monster headlong.
This fight against corruption is something to look for in the country, especially by the Jonathan Administration that lays claim to zero tolerance to corruption. But what do you get? The Jonathan Administration keeps shielding his Party men and Cronies from being investigated. Or how on earth would one explain the news that broke recently regarding the case of Muhammed Abacha.
The Attorney General of the Federation Muhammed Adoke asked Justice Mamman Kolo of the High Court to strike out the charge on the ground of “fresh facts” that just emerged concerning the 446Billion naira loots of erstwhile military dictator, General Sani Abacha. What is the rationale behind the sudden withdrawal of such landmark case? What are the fresh facts?
But the Supreme Court recently ruled that Muhammed Abacha has a case to answer. Is the Supreme Court no longer the grand Court of the Nation? Or it is meant for petty thieves and not Top Dogs in the society. Should the Presidency be selecting which case to put on trial or to withdraw? This issue of “Nolle Prosequl” again? Isn’t it time we separate the office of the Attorney General of the Federation from that of the Minister of Justice? Are we in banana republic? At the risk of sounding critical of the Presidency, how else would one explain this? Should any sane individual keep mute at this? What is this country turning into? The next thing you would hear is supporters of the Jonathan Administration reeling at insults. This writer is APC, they have paid you to write and all the what nots. Should we blame the APC for this? Maybe we should blame Buhari and the likes.
There is no how you want to look at it. A bad decision is a bad decision no matter whose ox is gored! We should start clapping for the Presidency for dropping a case of 446 Billion without waiting for the court to rule in favour or otherwise of the accused. And somebody would tell me this regime is not promoting corruption. United States former Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton aptly puts during an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts “they have squandered their oil wealth. They have allowed corruption to fester and now they are losing control of parts of their territory because they wouldn’t make hard choices” Yes, supporters of the President would quickly say go away Hillary, is there no corruption in the United States? Of course there is corruption in Uncle Sam’s country. But you and I know what happen to corrupt elements in that clime. They are not shielded and promoted by the Government, they go behind bars.
In 2008, a certain Bernard Madolf defrauded the Nasdaq stock exchange of over 50billion dollars. Do you know what happened to him? He was sentenced to life in prison and his property including his shoes and socks were auctioned. That is how to fight corruption!
As they say in America, if you can’t do the term, don’t do the crime. As for Abacha, there are insinuations his eyes are on the gubernatorial seat in Kano State hence the Presidency and the PDP thought it wise to drop the charges against him. Maybe he has forgotten the uproar that greeted the rumor of his candidacy en route the 2011 Governorship election in Kano state. Would you blame him? Didn’t Fayose with the corruption case against him win a landslide victory against an incumbent and performing Governor? Lest I forget, there is no corruption but stealing.
Why then are we crying?
  • By Clement Ogbemudia

Omisore Can’t Become Governor In Osun State —Uncle

Barely a month before the governorship election that will take place in Osun State, western Nigeria, on 9 August, 2014, an uncle to Iyoola Omisore, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has declared that his nephew cannot defeat the incumbent governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

PMNEWS reports that Ipoola Omisore, who is the lawmaker representing Ifako-Ijaiye Constituency 2 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, stated that for his nephew to govern Osun State he would have to return to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

According to the senior Omisore, Iyoola lost his chance to become governor of Osun when he moved to PDP from the Alliance for Democracy, AD, the party on which platform he became the Deputy Governor in the administration of Bisi Akande in the state.

Iyiola Omisore


The newspaper recalled that Iyoola left the AD in a desperate bid to rule Osun State.

The 65-year-old lawmaker said the defection of the former deputy governor to the PDP was his undoing because since he defected, he had not achieved that goal of becoming the governor of the state.

Ipoola, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Special Duties and House Services, said his nephew is not as bad as being portrayed, but that he must return to the progressives, which he called “home.”

Maku Attributes Boko Haram Increased Attack On Media Publicity

Labaran Maku, the Minister of Information has taken a swipe at media practitioners over their reportage of the activities of the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram.


Speaking on Wednesday at a press briefing in Abuja after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, he alleged that it was the generous media coverage that journalists were giving to the Islamic sect that had increased their onslaught in the country.

Maku noted that the numerous attention being given to the activities of Boko Haram in some parts of the country was all they needed to unleash more terror on innocent citizens.

According to Leadership, the minister while fielding questions from State House correspondents, stated that terrorist groups all over the world excel more when they get maximum media reportage of their attacks, adding that terrorist only aim was to destabilise the polity and also display their evil acts.

“Editors are just too happy to make headline of the terrorists bomb explosion, forgetting that the more you give them headline the more they are energized because that is all they need to remain in business. If you black them out of the news for six months, they will feel frustrated” Maku said. “But as it is now, our media are fond of casting political headlines, attacking the government. They make it look as if it is the terrorists that deserved all the attention, when it is obvious that we are not dealing with enemies on one side. The enemies are with us”.

Ex-Minister Fani-Kayode Summons APC To Court

Former Aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode challenged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to face him in court.


Mr. Fani-Kayode was reacting to the APC’s latest response to his claims that the Boko Haram terrorist group was the party’s armed wing.

Lai Mohammed, the Spokesperson of the APC, had on Wednesday said that it was too late for Mr. Fani-Kayode to back away from his statement, for which he must apologize or face court action.

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, he would ignore the “childish name-calling” coming from the APC.

“I read the second response of Lai Mohammed and the APC to my comments which appeared in today’s newspapers. Does this so-called spokesman for Nigeria’s opposition party have nothing better to do than to join issues with me on a daily basis?” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

“It is reinvigorating and humbling to note that Nigeria’s main opposition party can dedicate and deploy so much time and so many resources just to tackle me,” he added.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said that he looked forward to meeting the APC in court so that he can prove to the world who and what Mr. Mohammed and the APC “really are and the pure evil that you represent.”

“One wonders what you would do to your perceived enemies if, God-forbid, you ever get that power. Needless to say your belated explanations and attempted rationalisations about what you said last year about the Government’s proscription of Boko Haram and your opposition to it makes no sense,” Mr. Fani-Kayode continued.

Reasons Why You Should Go To The Toilet Only When You’re Pressed

Having a beautiful toilet can be tempting a lot of times, thereby making you damn the consequences of going to the restroom too frequently even when your body has not given you any go-ahead.


Are you someone that gets to the toilet door before you stop to ask yourself: ‘should I go to the toilet now, so I don’t have to worry about it later?’ Dr Elizabeth Farrell, a gynaecologist at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has this to say to you…”It’s very important to let your bladder function normally and to empty your bladder when your bladder tells you to,” Farrell says. “If you keep going to the toilet ‘just in case’ too often, the bladder never fills up properly, then shrinks a bit, so then you do tend to have the feeling that you’re going to have to go more frequently.”

You should go to the toilet only when you need to, Farrell says, a rule that also applies to people (such as children being toilet trained and post-natal women) who are often encouraged to go before they get the urge. Farrell says this is important because: encouraging kids to go to the toilet ‘just in case’ teaches them to go when they don’t really need to, rather than when they get the urge.

N45bn is Underway For Oil Marketers

The Coordinating Minister of Economy and the Minister of Finance, Dr Okonjo-Iweala, says payment of N45 billion to oil marketers is being worked on, after the verification of claims currently ongoing.


In a statement from the Special Adviser to the minister, Paul Nwabuikwu, the minister said the information was necessary to satisfy all the enquiries coming in with regards to the status of payment to the oil marketers. According to her, the verification was seen as  necessary in order to ensure that the federal government is not held responsible in the event of any litigation between the banks and their marketer-customers, following the institution of the new procedure by Office of the Attorney General, OAGF.

“We have received several enquiries regarding the status of payments to oil marketers for fuel imports. Please note that only marketers, whose claims have been cleared after they have gone through the verification processes, are paid. This is to ensure that the unpleasant experiences of the recent past with regard to wrong and irregular payments are not repeated. The process for the latest batch of payments totalling N45 billion is currently on and the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, OAGF has confirmed that some marketers who have submitted letters of indemnity to the OAGF have already been paid.”

Catholic Priest Lands In Trouble Over Child p****graphy

A 69-year-old Catholic priest, Father Stanislaus Hogan, has been dragged to court after the police found 1555 child p****graphy images in his bedroom at St Ignatius College in Adelaide where he worked.


His main interest was in images of boys in the low-to-mid teens, the very age range of children at the school where he was employed, Daily Mail reports.

More than 70 percent of the images were classed in the least serious category involving no s*xual activity, but five images and videos were in category five, the most serious.

Hogan, who previously taught at Xavier College in Melbourne and St Aloysius College in Sydney was said to have struggled to reconcile his se*uality with his Jesuit beliefs.


St Aloysius college in Sydney where Father Hogan taught

A psychologist said Hogan had previously suffered with alcohol problems and depression, which were directly related to his struggle to reconcile his se*uality with his ethical and religious beliefs.

Keshi Is ‘A Confused Coach’ – Emmanuel Babayaro

One of Nigeria’s goalkeepers to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, USA, Emmanuel Babayaro, has reacted to Stephen Keshi’s denial about his resignation from his role as the head coach of the Super Eagles.

The Nigerian coach was reported in the media to have resigned from his role during a meeting he had with his players after Nigeria’s 0-2 loss to France in the round of 16 of the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup holding in Brazil.

But the following day, Keshi denied he has resigned, saying he only bid his players farewell because his contract will expire after the World cup and he hasn’t been offered a new one.

Speaking on the matter on Wednesday, 2 July, 2014, Babayaro described Keshi’s denial as that of a confused man.

He said: “When I read about his denial, I felt disappointed because he failed to convince me with his side of the story.

Stephen Keshi Believes African Players Have Equal Talents as Their European Counterparts.

* Coach Keshi

“To start with, he didn’t deny he wished his players bye, if he truly have hopes of continuing he won’t address his players so fast, at least let the pain of crashing out subside a little, and maybe hear from the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, bigwigs before telling his players he might not continue like he claimed.

Alagbole/ Akute Residents Lament Over Abandoned Bridge

When the overhead bridge in Alagbole area of Ogun State, western Nigeria was proposed by Governor Ibikunle Amosun a couple of years ago, residents of the outskirt of Lagos State heaved a sigh of relief.

To residents of the suburb, the proposed overhead bridge, when finally constructed, would bring an end to the daily heavy traffic they experience on the one-lane road that leads to the area from Berger.

Unfortunately, barely a year since the construction of the bridge started, residents of Alagbole/Akute are already lamenting over the untold hardship which the construction work on the bridge has brought upon them.

Investigations reveal that prior to the commencement work on the new bridge, some residents in the area had their houses, shops, offices and other structures sacrificed through demolition for the new project.

While many others had their business ventures shattered as a result of the massive demolition that was carried out in the Alagbole/Akute area.


But since the work began, there have been several developments which have overwhelmed the residents of this area.

“First, they began to collect money from us like they at toll gates on express roads,” recalled Martins Onehai, a motorcycle rider in the area.

APC Clarifies Statement On Criticism Of Boko Haram, Ansaru Proscription

APC-Logo1The All Progressives Congress (APC) has maintained that a former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, not only lied but distorted facts to reach a biased conclusion on the party’s comments concerning the proscription of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups by the federal government

In a statement issued in Abuja yesterday by its national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, APC also said Fani-Kayode’s emotional response to an earlier statement by the party failed to wash off the thick mud he splashed on himself when he returned to his vomit, repudiated everything he ever said he stood for and made himself available to be used to castigate the opposition on the altar of glaring exigency.

It said, however, that in the true spirit of the party’s belief in dwelling on issues rather than personalities, it had decided not to engage the ex-minister in a war of words but to simply set the record straight for the sake of posterity, thus exposing Fani-Kayode for who he truly is: a man of no steady principles.

While affirming that the now defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, which joined forces with other parties to form the APC had on June 9, 2013, criticised the proscription of Boko Haram and Ansaru, Mr. Mohammed said the criticism was based on certain aspects of the proscription order, which stifled the press and violated the fundamental human rights of Nigerians.

According to him: “What the statement means is that in as much as the FG may have done a desirable thing in proscribing the terrorist groups, a section of the proscription order violates the constitution by stifling the press and tampering with the fundamental human rights of Nigerians”.

He said the party then quoted that offensive section of the Proscription Order as Section 5 (1), which prescribes a term of imprisonment of no fewer than 20 years for any person supports terrorism.

“We said ‘support’, as defined by the order, includes ‘incitement to commit a terrorist act through the Internet, or any electronic means or through the use of printed materials or through the dissemination of terrorist information’.

“We said this section is in conflict with Chapter II Section 22 of the Nigeria constitution which says ‘The press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media, shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this chapter and uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people.’

“We said by stifling the press, the order is abridging a part of the fundamental human rights guaranteed every citizen under Chapter Four of the Nigerian Constitution in Section 39 (1), which states thus: ‘Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information”, the APC spokesman said.

Mohammed noted that any educated person, who interprets the statement as a condemnation of the proscription itself, was acting out of deliberate mischief.

Impeachment: Face Nasarawa Lawmakers And Leave Us Out Of Your Problem – PDP Tells Al-Makura

olisa-metuh-412The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has denied being behind the plot to sack Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State from office.

Gov. Al-Makura is facing impeachment threats from the PDP-dominated State House of Assembly. To this end, it was learnt that no fewer than 20 lawmakers met in Abuja on Tuesday evening to perfect the alleged plan.

It was also alleged that N1billion inducement package with support from the PDP and the Presidency is on the cards for any lawmaker that participates in the plot to impeach the governor, who is of the All Progressives Congress.

However, in its reaction to the allegation, the national publicity secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, challenged the governor and his associates to show proof that the PDP was behind the plot.

Besides, Metuh said the governor should face his lawmakers if there was any need for him to explain some of his actions and inactions.

Metuh stated: “People should be reasonable enough to know that there is a wide range of difference between the legislature and the executive; their roles are different even though complementary.

“The PDP has no business in Nasarawa Assembly’s move to impeach their governor, if at all; neither is the Presidency involved. What we have come to notice is that whenever an APC governor has crisis in his state, he cries foul to the rooftop; he accuses the PDP. I think it will do Nigerians a great service for the governor to either show evidence of the allegations or keep quiet.

“In the alternative, if there is need, the governor should face the state lawmakers to explain his actions and inactions; after all, his party claims to be a party of democrats and progressives, so they should allow the lawmakers to do their job, if any. They should count us out of their problems”, Metuh added.

DHQ Denies Allegations Of Rights Abuses Levied Against Troops In N/East

Soldiers (2)The Nigerian military on Wednesday denied allegations of human rights abuses levied against troops in the counter-insurgency operation in the North-East.

Since the military offensive against insurgency in the North-East part of the country began, the military has been accused of human rights abuses and extra-judicial killings by witnesses, local and international observer groups, including the Human Rights Watch.

However, the Director, Defence Information, Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, at the briefing of the Joint National Information Centre, Abuja, said the allegations against troops are false and baseless.

He said the Nigerian military and other security agencies are guided by global rules of engagement.

He, however, did not rule out the investigation of human rights abuses by the military whenever such is believed to have occurred.

“The position of the Nigerian armed forces and security agencies is guided by rules of engagement which we will continue to abide by. Accusations of human rights abuse will be investigated whenever it is believed to have occurred”, Mr. Olukolade said.

He said such allegations against the Nigerian military has become a pattern for most organizations, who doubt the ability of the military to maintain its operations. He also insisted that the military is conducting all its operations in the ‘most professional manner’.

Maj-Gen. Olukolade disclosed that some troops lost their lost their lives in the bomb explosion that occurred at a Maiduguri market on Tuesday.

He also said that the Nigerian military and other security agencies will continue to defend the nation even at the point of death.

The defence spokesman, however, denied reports that residents at the scene of the Maiduguri blast attacked the military and fire fighters.

“We just know that our men did their job on that spot. In fact we lost soldiers in the course of that incidence but be sure that the military and other security agencies will continue to do their duty and I don’t have a report of anybody being denied the right to execute their mandate as a security agent in that area”, Olukolade said.

Ramadan: Saraki Flags-Off Distribution Of N80m Gifts To Constituents

bukola-saraki1The senator representing Kwara central senatorial district, Dr. Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday flagged-off his annual distribution of Ramadan gifts – consisting of raw food items – to his constituents.

The items, worth about N80 million, was distributed to the people of Kwara central in all the 832 polling units at his political office, Mandate House, in Ilorin, the state capital.

Saraki, who is a former governor of the state, according to the Director General of his constituency office, Engineer Musa Yeketi, said the gesture was to assist the fasting Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan.

Presenting the items to six executive members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that represented each of the polling units on behalf of the senator, Yeketi urged them to ensure that the items get to all fasting Muslims in their respective zones.

He said that Saraki in his usual tradition during the month of Ramadan, will soon flag off another phase of items distribution that will cost N39 million to the people.

“As it is the tradition of our leader, Senator Bukola Saraki every year, today (yesterday) he is flagging off the distribution of raw food items to the 832 polling units in Ilorin Emirate for the people of his constituency and teeming party supporters.

“The cost of this one we are flagging off today (yesterday) is N37 million and another phase of N39 million for individuals will soon be flag-off”, Yeketi said.

Responding on behalf of the beneficiaries, an executive from Ebenezer (005) Gaa- Akanbi ward three, Mr. Saka Yusuf, said they were impressed with the gesture.

“We never expect this much, what we got this year is an improvement. Last year Ramadan it was not like this, today we received two bags of Rice, a bag of maize,a bag of Guinea – Corn, Salt and beans”, he said.

Nigerian Media Giving Boko Haram Undeserved Attention, Says FG

A newspaper with its headline on an abduction of women is displayed in LagosMinister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, on Wednesday took out the federal government’s frustration over the mindless killings in the country by the Boko Haram insurgents on the Nigerian media, alleging that the wide media coverage accorded the insurgents had been responsible for the escalating rate of their activities.

The minister, who stated this while State House correspondents at the end of the weekly meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), said the copious attention being given to the exploits of the sect in parts of the country was all the motivation they needed to unleash terror on innocent citizens.

Maku, who spoke while fielding questions from State House correspondents, explained that terror groups all over the world thrive most where they get maximum media reportage of their activities, as the objective was to destabilise the polity as well as bask in their gory activities.

He said, “Editors are just too happy to make headline of the terrorists bomb explosion, forgetting that the more you give them headline the more they are energized because that is all they need to remain in business. If you black them out of the news for six months, they will feel frustrated.

“But as it is now, our media are fond of casting political headlines, attacking the government. They make it look as if it is the terrorists that deserved all the attention, when it is obvious that we are not dealing with enemies on one side. The enemies are with us”,

Noting that journalists in the country were yet to fully grasp the tactics used in guerrilla warfare, Maku noted that such war was often being lubricated by the hype being created through newspaper headlines and commentaries.

He lamented that what the media has succeeded in doing so far is to continue to blame government instead of joining hands with government to condemn and fight the terrorists.

Tinubu: ‘PDP Govt, Obanikoro Perpetrating Insurgency For Pecuniary Benefits’

Bola Tinubu-Musiliu ObanikoroA former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday lampooned the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, saying the allegation by the minister that the emergence of Boko Haram could be traced to him (Tinubu) and some of his political associates, was unsustainable as unreasonable as it was.

Specifically, Tinubu, who described Obanikoro’s allegation as a political Boko Haram, which the PDP was the chief architect, noted that the ruling party and the minister were, by the said allegation, establishing grounds for another round of clamping down on opposition, militarising cities in the country, as well as flouting the democratic rights of citizen with impunity.

Tinubu, who is a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), spoke through his media adviser, Mr. Sunday Dare.

He challenged the PDP-led federal government to step forward and explain to Nigerians why the over 200 girls kidnapped in Chibok were yet to be rescued, adding that they should explain why the Boko Haram insurgency continued unabated, despite the billions of naira that had been voted for security.

“Obanikoro’s allegation that Tinubu and his friends in the opposition created Boko Haram is both fallacious and untenable. It is the kind of fable that can only come out of the mouth of someone who is delusional; one whose intoxication with power is not in doubt”, Tinubu added.

In a statement signed by Dare last night, the ex-Lagos governor alleged that “the defence budget to fight Boko Haram and Terrorism has become a conduit pipe for the ruling party, PDP, just as the likes of Obanikoro continue to use Boko Haram as a tool of blackmail against the opposition. This time, just like it failed in the past, it will not stick. It will not stand”.

Accusing the PDP and the minister of aiding and abetting Boko Haram, Tinubu said, “It is the PDP led government in which Obanikoro is an active and pliable agent that is perpetrating the insurgency for pecuniary benefits. This government has no shame. It lacks the moral authority to point fingers at individuals or the opposition. The country is literarily on tenterhooks and all the PDP can do is lie to Nigerians in order to cover up its failures.

“The PDP is preparing the grounds for its next round of hounding opposition leaders, militarising our cities and violating the democratic rights of Nigerians to move freely. This is political Boko Haram of which the PDP is the Chief Architect”.

Insisting that Obanikoro’s allegation that it was him and the APC that created Boko Haram was untenable, Tinubu said, “This allegation is both unreasonable and unsustainable, but not surprising coming from the person it came from. Bola Tinubu and the APC have been on record repeatedly condemning killings and bombings by Boko Haram and proffering solutions to the menace.

“In Ekiti, we saw a dress rehearsal of the impunity and near brigandage of this government and its agents. Nigerians are urged to be vigilant before a few desperate persons steal our voices, our rights, our liberties and freedoms”.

Nasarawa CAN Youths Endorse Al–Makura’s Second Term Bid

Umaru-Tanko-Al-Makura1Nasarawa State youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has endorsed the State Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, for re-election in 2015.

The youth wing’s Political Mobilization and Awareness Committee (PMAC) also said they are out to mobilize support for the governor to run for re-election come 2015 because of his track records of achievement, which they said is “salvaging the state from the grip of backwardness”.

Leader of the committee, Comrade Yusuf Abari, who particularly mentioned healthcare delivery, education, youth empowerment, agriculture and women development programmes as some of the critical areas where the Al-Makura administration has impacted on the people, appealed to people of the state to remain supportive of the administration.



Its is still not yet a public discourse that one of Akwa Ibom fearless Journalist, Thomas Thomas was kidnapped on Tuesday at about 3pm around Nepa Line by Aka Road. Thomas Thomas was located through his brother who was called from MTN Office to come and claim a price. There, the brother was arrested and manhandled to get Thomas’ whereabouts. The brother was taken to Police Headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia before the men who had identified themselves through ID Cards as SSS started to trail and arrest Thomas.

Thomas was not aware of the identity of the men who trailed him and therefore made effort to abscond from the tricycle he boarded but was overtaken, arrested and handcuffed with the men brandishing their ID card to proof their identity as government security forces when passersby accosted them.

It is no longer news that the abduction of Thomas Thomas was done by Akpabio who see the paper as a threat towards realising his ambition of imposing Udom Emmanuel on the weak people of the State, but what is news is that I can say from authentic sources that before the abduction was done, the State NUJ was informed and they gave their go ahead for Thomas Thomas to be abducted. The Albert Patrick led NUJ has finally shown that it is a mouth piece of the government and not the masses. I have it on good authority that over N10 million was doled to some NUJ exco members in the state to put up advertorial in the Nation Newspaper, The Sun and Leadership disowning Global Concord and its journalists.

NUJ should know that by deciding to side the oppressor; they have dug their own grave in the state with their career. The arrest of Thomas Thomas by the SSS should not be seen as a fight by the Newspaper alone but by all Nigerians and I’m using this medium for us to mount pressure on the SSS who are currently torturing our dear colleagues. Akpabio must not be allowed to get away with every impunity and if the NUJ decides to sell her soul for a loaf of bread, we will not join them. This is time for us to have an alternative platform for Journalists who cannot be bought over by the government, than stay with a government PRO called NUJ.

I have spoken to Solomon Johnny and I’m glad that he is not moved by this cowardice at of Akpabio and the State NUJ. I leave NUJ with this words of of a Clergyman and Human Rights activists Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) when he opined “First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Finally, they came for me and there was no one left to speak out”

Let us help to free Thomas Thomas.

These little things matter…

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“The 2014 World Cup has been a great success” – Blatter

Blatter thumbs up

FIFA president Sepp Blatter, has hailed the ongoing World Cup in Brazil as a “great success” and blasted critics who predicted that protests and infrastructure problems could mar the tournament.

There was a lot of uncertainty ahead of the competition, with citizens protesting the cost of hosting the tournament and there were also problems with construction work on the stadia and fan areas.

However, since football began, there has been little or no upheavals and Blatter was praised the level of the organization.

“Everyone was wrong,” Blatter told a seminar at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro.

“I’m not saying it’s perfect. But everyone said that the stadiums wouldn’t be ready on time. They’re ready and today Brazil has stadiums which are works of art.

“Where are the protests? Where is the social rage?

“The World Cup is more than a success and I’m happy that Fifa is part of it.”

The 78-year-old added: “There are still eight games [to go]. Fingers crossed that they will be on the same level and have the same atmosphere as the others.”

Oliseh, Amodu in the frame to replace Keshi as Super Eagles coach


According to reports, ex-coach of the Nigeria national team Shuaibu Amodu and former skipper Sunday Oliseh, are the two candidates leading the race to replace Stephen Keshi.

Keshi’s current contract has expired, after the Super Eagles were eliminated from the World Cup and he is yet to receive an offer for a new one. It is unlikely he will be offered another deal too.

Technical Director Shuaibu Amodu is expected to be put in charge of the Eagles temporarily, while the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) try to get a new man.

Oliseh is the firm favourite at the moment, despite his little experience. The former Standard Liege player has impressed the NFF and Nigerians with his analysis of the game and there has been a clamour for him to lead the national team. The NFF has however said there is no rush and they will take their time to get a new coach.

2015: Groups allege new strategies to perpetrate electoral fraud in Port Harcourt


Some members of pro-democracy and civil society groups in Rivers State have staged protest in Port Harcourt over alleged moves by some politicians to rig the 2015 elections.

The protesters alleged that the politicians would try to relocate polling units of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to their desired locations.

The leader of the protesters and representative of Social Action rights group, Celestine Akpobari addressed the audience at the venue of a public hearing organised by the National Human Rights Commission to discuss electoral accountability ahead of the elections.

Akpobari said INEC should convince Nigerians on its preparedness for credible general polls in 2015, adding that Nigerians want free and fair campaigns and elections.

According to him, “Soldiers should be where they are needed. We should only hear that there are soldiers, we should not see them. So when you begin to see soldiers everywhere with guns and checkpoints everywhere teargassing people, when you begin to see mobile policemen on your street harassing people, it calls for question.

“All these send jitters and fears into the minds of the electorates who ordinarily would have come out to vote. They will prefer to stay inside considering the fact that the police and the military might be trigger hungry.

“These people have killed several innocent people and nothing has been done about it. We don’t want that kind of scenario, Mr. Chairman.

“Information has reached us that some powerful Nigerians are working with INEC to relocate polling units that are ordinarily in public places to their homes. This is a secret the Nigerians have not known.

“You will wake up on election morning to go and vote in your normal polling unit and you will hear that you should go to this person’s house.

“This is criminal, Mr. Chairman. That is fraud of the worst order and we will not accept it”.

In a response, the Chairman of the rights commission, Professor Chidi Odinkalu affirmed that INEC has to live up to the expectation of the people and stamp out electoral manipulations.

Odinkalu said the aim of the public hearing was to address poor electoral processes adding that Nigeria’s electoral experience is characterised by controversies.

He further stressed that Nigerians themselves promote and provide avenues for politicians to rig election.

“We will not be able to fix the problems of our elections in one day but we will eventually not be able to fix them if we don’t acknowledge that there are problems.

“The problems are many. And you know the worst part of the problems is that they begin before elections. They begin with registration, logistics, transportation, hiring of electoral ad-hoc personnel, which is the biggest single issue.

“You need over 500,000 people to organise a general election in Nigeria, most of whom are not INEC staff. INEC has only about 14 to 15 thousand workers.

“So, all those people that are hired are ad-hoc personnel, and some of them belong to one political party or the other.

“But i have to say, if you like the way the country is, continue rigging elections for them, if you don’t, you can continue to change it. It is your life in your hands.

“It is against this background that this public hearing is convened by the National Human Rights Commission, to bring its findings on the electoral accountability project to the public domain as well as mobilize public consciousness against impunity in the context of our electoral processes, particularly pertaining to right to electoral participation and right to fair hearing through the election petition process”.

The public hearing will last for two days, and will consider presentations by civil society groups, political parties and interested members of the public.

Group chides Enugu Government over legal war with ex-ENSUBEB boss


Enugu Rescue Group, ERG, on Thursday faulted plan by the Enugu State Government to appeal the recent court verdict in favour of former chairman of the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board, ENSUBEB, Chief (Mrs.) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili.

In a press statement signed by the ERG publicity secretary, Comrade Martin Okenwa, the group described government’s stand as “image control stunt”.

The statement titled “RULING ON NEBO-EZEABASILI: ENUGU STATE GOVT. HAS NO CASE”, head in parts, “We wish to totally disagree with the Government of Enugu State on the June 18, 2014 judgment delivered by Her Lordship, Justice (Mrs.) C.I Nwobodo of the Enugu State High Court, which declared the removal of Chief (Mrs.) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili from office as the Chairman, Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board as illegal and unconstitutional.

“We frown at its notice of appeal regarding the N10 Million in damages and N100,000 prosecution cost awarded by the Court in favour of Mrs. Nebo-Ezeabasili against the State Government.

“While we uphold the constitutional right of the State Government to appeal the judgment, we find the grounds of the appeal, by law, to be highly wishy-washy, a mere damage control stunt, waste of public funds, and a clear attempt at buying time.

“The notice of appeal therefore is simply another reminder that when you fight corruption, corruption also fights back.

“Nigerians should note that the judgment in question was delivered by the Enugu State High Court. In Nigeria of today, we do not see how a judge of a State High Court could indict a government that pays her salaries and has so many avenues of hitting back at her if she did not clearly see and was convinced that the Chime Administration had acted illegally, unconstitutionally, and with impunity as usual.

“We believe Mrs. Nebo-Ezeabasili that the reason the State Government unleashed its armada of coercion and witch-hunt on her remains her principled stand against awarding 583 contracts worth billions of naira to just three handpicked companies- in breach of the Procurement Act, Universal Basic Education Commission Guidelines, and due process.

“We know by the antecedents of Governor Chime’s second tenure that all elements, including the Church, political class, labour, and even our former First Lady, Mrs. Clara Chime, who disagreed with the actions and ways of Governor Chime; his Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo; and other members of his kitchen cabinet have always been met with highhandedness.
In conclusion, the court of public opinion adjudges and extols Her Lordship, Justice C.I Nwobodo as a sound, courageous, incorruptible, and unwavering judicial officer.

“We recommend her courage and principled life to other justices of various State judiciaries to end the reign of impunity by Governors and their foot soldiers.

“Indeed, we reiterate that the Enugu State Government is merely pulling at straws to save it’s face because it has no absolutely no case against Mrs. Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili or the judgment delivered by its own High Court”.



Ahiazu Mbaise is a Local Government Area in Imo State of Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Afororu (or Afor Oru). It has an area of 114 square km and a population of 170,902 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 463.The people of Ahiazu Mbaise LGA under the aegis of Ahiazu Political Movement (APM) once appealed to other LGAs’ in Imo State to support their quest in producing Douglas House Chief executive come 2015.The motion for the adoption of its name “Ahiazu Political Movement (APM)” was moved by former member representing Ahiazu Mbaise in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Pius Nwoga. The meeting which was convened by Chief S.A. Adi, the traditional prime minister of Nnarambia Ahiara Autonomous Community in Ahiazu Mbaise L.G.A discussed the political future of Ahiazu people.

One thing that caught my attention is the remark of Chief S.A. Adi . Chief Adi told the people in attendance that Humpty Dumpty must fall down in 2015. Who will ever forget that song ‘’Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again’’

From that song ,nobody knows exactly who or what Humpty Dumpty was. The rhyme gives no indication that the character of Humpty Dumpty is an egg.The rhyme was first printed in 1810 and became famous through Lewis Caroll’s book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, where Humpty Dumpty is shown as a round egg. It is a very old rhyme and goes back much earlier than this. Humpty Dumpty was a common “nickname”, used in 15th century England, to describe large people. Sitting on the wall can be seen as indicating a high power rank; think of a king on his throne. This had led to many ideas as to who, or what, the Humpty Dumpty in the nursery rhyme really was and there have been many interpretations of the original.

Some say Humpty was King Richard III of England, portrayed in Shakespeare’s King Richard III as a humpback. Some say Humpty was a failed Siege Engine during the English Civil War during the Siege of Gloucester while others say Humpty was a large cannon on the wall. Whenever it shot, it would crumble the wall beneath, ultimately causing its own fall.

For Chief S.A. Adi of Ahiazu Mbaise ,Humpty Dumpty is Owelle Rochas Okorocha the executive Governor of Imo State. Adi believes that Humpty Dumpty must crash down in the 2015 Nigeria general election like a packet of ‘’Whot” cards. Like Chief Adi, I believe that Okorocha will fail woefully in 2015. I do not hate Owelle as a person but i hate his anti-peoples style of governance. His worst enemies are the choir members that surrounds him singing hosannas into his ears for their selfish reasons. I call them vultures because they feed fat on the carcasses of the poor. These people are not only castigating him presently in their closets, they will be the first to shout ‘crucify him’ as soon as the chips are down.

What we have in the Okorocha’s government is the more you look the less you see. The worst hit of his autocratic government is the state civil service and the LGA’s. Owelle dissolved elected council chairmen more than 3 years ago via radio broadcast and appointed his boys as caretakers of the LGA’s and they have been looting council funds. The governor used force to chase the elected chairmen and councillors out of office and collected all government properties in their possession.

Since he dissolved the LGA’s , can someone tell me why he refused to conduct another LGA election for more than three years now? Yet this same man wants us to re elect him in 2015 as governor. Imolites is this fair? According to the country’s constitution, local government is an independent level of government and not an appendage of the state or federal government. It is abuse of power for Governor Okorocha to appoint his boys as caretaker s of the LGA’s . It is a breach of the Imo State Local Government Administration Law and Section 7 of the country’s constitution .The governor now loots the LGA funds ,goes to the media to announce allocations sent to the LGA’s while the money he claims in the media that he gives the local government councils is different from what actually gets to them. Ndi-Imo is this fair?

Ahiazu has notable men like Chief I.D. Nwoga. What have they said about the LGA allocation of Ahiazu since May 2011. Okorocha is creating a dynasty of poverty in Ahiazu Mbaise yet people like Chief Leo Okeahialam, Chief Paddy Morre Anyanwu, Chief Tony Dimegwu ,Hon Tony Ahunanya ,Ban. Charles Onyirimba ,Hon Pius Nwoga, Ex Vice Chairman Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Hon Magnus Chigbu, Hon Chinedu Acholonu, Chief Larry Chikwe, Chief Tony Dimegwu, Hon Tony Ahunanya, Hon Richard Iwu ,all are prominent men of Ahiazu Mbaise but are keeping quite.

From May 2011 to December 2013 Ahiazu Mbaise LGA received as LGA allocation the sum of N4,893,694,597.34 (four billion eight hundred and ninety three million six hundred and ninety four thousand five hundred and ninety seven naira thirty four kobo) Where is the money? The money has been squandered by Okorocha and his caretaker chairman of Ahiazu Mbaise.Must we be deceived with white elephant projects that have no economic value on our lives? White elephant projects merely attract cheap credibility. Yet this same man wants us to vote for him again in 2015. Ahiazu Mbaise is this fair?

With N4.8 billion naira Ahiazu Mbaise LGA will take proper steps to eradicate poverty. With this kind of money cottage industries can be introduce in Ahiazu according to the availability of raw materials and marketing viability. With this kind of money people will be educated in the proper way to understand their way of living and to pave way for their own development. Health facilities will be improved in the villages and protected drinking water will be arranged for the rural people and equal importance will be given to improve the social status of the women folk in the villages.

Ahiazu Mbaise are we going to vote this man again in 2015 that has squandered our LGA funds ? What moral right has this man to ask us for our votes again when he refused us our own democracy at the grass root for more than 3 years now.

Find below the squandered LGA monies that came to Ahiazu Mbaize from May 2011 to December 2013. Why should 4.8 billion Naira that accrued to Ahiazu Mbaise local government in the state be administered without elected local council officials.
May 2011 N92,013,829.50
June 2011 N125,864,362.99
July 2011 N229,789,120.45
Augt 2011 N130,872,208.32
Sept 2011 N141,816,222.17
Oct 2011 N165,191,109.12
Nov 2011 N225,531,188.33
December 2011 N142,141,727.60
Jan 2012 N160,466,979.02 3
Feb 2012 N142,264,724.48
March 2012 N177,742,686.33
April 2012 N143,818,422.04
May 2012 N133,311,508.73
June 2012 N133,495,170.66
July 2012 N127,192,316.46
Aug 2012 N163,764,964.30
Sept 2012 N127,464,422.98
Oct 2012 N125,620,904.90
Nov 2012 N166,064,618.28
December 2012 N219,636,739.26
Jan 2013 N164,802,581.96
Feb 2013 N135,260,432.49
March 2013 N177,742,686.33
April 2013 N169,181,723.54
May 2013 N179,844,466.11
June 2013 N1184,978,723.73
July 2013 N142,135,711.14
Aug 2013 N166,320,934.65
Sept 2013 N141,644,370.06
Oct 2013 N127,464,422.98
Nov 2013 N165,191,109.12
December 2013 N225,531,188.33

-Kenneth Uwadi , Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

Delta bursary fraud whistleblower, Ambrose Ezenweani, granted bail

Ambrose Ezenweani, the ex-UNILAG student and former President of the National Association of Delta State students, (UNILAG chapter) who was arrested on Monday April 28th for blowing the lid on a student bursary racketing allegedly happening in Delta state (read here), has been granted bail by a state high court sitting in Asaba, Delta state.

Ambrose, who has been in a detention cell in Delta State since he was taken from Lagos to Delta in April, was arraigned on allegations of “causing disunity among students,” among other charges.

He was released today after he met his bail conditions. His case was adjourned to the 21st of July

Mercy Aigbe: “I Once Earned #5,000 For Playing Lead Role”


We all know that most of our celebrities today, were once very broke and had to work hard and with patience, got to where they are today.

In this new interview with Daily Newswatch, Mercy Aigbe takes us into her background, which she said informs her virtuosity, while attributing her phenomenal rise in the industry to God’s “mercies” and hard work.

Read interview below: -

Why did you settle for the Yoruba genre of Nollywood despite the fact that you are not Yoruba, plus you speak the English language quite fluently?
I actually started with the English sector of Nollywood. I did a soap then and a couple of movies in English. I later got a script from a producer in Ibadan and when the production came out, it was a hit. That was how I started getting scripts from the Yoruba sector of the industry and before I knew it, I had become a household name. That’s the story; it’s not as if I chose or prefer doing Yoruba movies.

Who were some of the actors that influenced you as a growing up kid?
I used to love Barbara Soky and then, there was Rosemary who played the role of Tara in a popular soap opera then. She was an hyper and was always screaming. I was so much in love with her character then. Over time, I fell in love with Liz Benson and Richard Mofe-Damijo and lots of others.

What was the lowest price when you were up and coming?
When I was a green horn, I went to a location and played the lead role in the movie. It was a shock to me when we rounded off and the producer squeezed five thousand naira into my hand. I felt like breaking down to cry. And this was a time when I already had a car and a flourishing business. I sat in my car in tears and said, “God, what is this? Is this for chewing gum or what?” but I took it and kept the hope alive. And today, I am smiling to the banks but I can’t tell you the precise figure I earn. I give God the glory.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encounter in the industry?
Nigerian journalists have not been fair to us actors. It’s often very sad when you see untrue, dirty details about you in the papers. They rubbish our reputation in order to sell their paper and it’s so heart breaking. Again, in the industry, you see people beefing you here and there. They feel jealous because you are relatively young in the industry and you are getting more roles than they who are veterans in the field. But what they don’t understand is that it is by the Grace of God. The Bible says that it is not the power of he that runneth but in God that showeth mercy. God even says in the bible that “I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy…

Incidentally, your name is Mercy…
Yes, so who are you to question God? When God’s favour is working in your life, you would always have an edge on all others. So, all these people in the industry that have been having bad blood with me saying “When did she come sef? Is she the only one? Kilode?” They don’t know that it is God that has been crowning my hard work with success. So, they better have a re-think. The best thing is to assist each other so that when they are telling their stories, they would mention your name as one of those who helped them to get there. And funny enough, if God wants to use you to assist somebody and you refuse,

God will use another person. I think it’s a thing to be proud of when you encourage others to reach their dreams. I would like to use this medium to thank Yinka Quadri. When I started and was a complete green horn, he was there for me and very supportive of my dreams. It shouldn’t be just about you. When you get to a level in your career, you should be able to pull the up and coming ones up rather than bad mouthing them and trying to pull them down.

You are a beautiful young lady…
Thank you, I am blushing…I am turning red…

Any embarrassing moment?
Sometimes, I’ll just be driving or walking on the street and people would just be pointing at me saying “look at that girl that is always snatching somebody’s boyfriend in the movie.” Others would say “look at the girl that is always shouting in the film.” They don’t know that the character you play is different from who you really are. But it’s fun sha, it shows that people are really following your movies.

Let’s talk about your education?
Well, I attended St. Francis Primary School in Maryland. Then, Maryland Comprehensive High School in Maryland, Lagos. I was first at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, for my post secondary education and later at the University of Lagos, where I studied Theatre Arts. I finished in 2003.

What about your growing up?
I grew up in Lagos. My growing up was interesting but not so rosy. It was interesting because I have loving parents but not all that rosy because my father is a strict disciplinarian. He is the type that doesn’t take nonsense from any of his children. He is a proud and typical Benin man and he used to flog me a lot because I was very stubborn then. He doesn’t believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the child so he did all he could to make sure we had good morals. It wasn’t easy back then but I am glad today he did all that because some of the things he taught us then are helping me till date.

Words for up and coming ones who see you as their role models?
First, get an education. At least, be learned because it is going to help you. It is not going to be easy though because nothing in life comes easy, but he focused and pray. Don’t be deterred by any obstacle that comes your way and don’t allow anyone to intimidate you but you have to be humble and respectful to those you see as your senior colleagues. Don’t be rude to those you meet in the industry and be hard working, respectful and prayerful. Personally, I can’t stand lazy people. And please, don’t be a madam-know-it-all. Seek good advice from those who are your seniors to make things easy for you and you will just see yourself there.

I Have Not Resigned, Says Keshi

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has denied the widely publicized reports of his resignation on the eve of Nigeria’s ouster from the Fifa World Cup.

The 52-year-old thinks the press might have misunderstood his dressing room speech following the 2-0 second round loss to France on Monday, stressing he would not disclose his resignation over the pages of newspapers.

“What I said to my players was that this maybe my last match at the helm of affairs in the national team, because my contract terminates with the World Cup and I have not been offered a new one,” said Keshi.

Stephen Keshi Denies Resignation Reports.

“I was a bit shocked that the global media went to town to say I have called it quits with the national team. Resignations are not done on the pages of newspapers, but formally.”

Keshi, whose last duty as spelt out in the terms of his current contract just terminated at the World Cup, however refused to deny he has had offers from other countries, but reaffirms he would not just quit without a formal prior notice.

Meanwhile, report suggests the 2013 Africa Cup of Nation (Afcon)-winning coach would be offered a new improved deal by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Keshi could earn seven million Naira a month ($43,000) by the time the deal is finally sealed, according to AfricanFootball.com.

However, the NFF could as well decide to hire a foreigner to be assisted by one of the indigenous coaches, if Keshi turns down the new offer being tabled by the football family.

Keshi has since departed Brazil for the United States of America to reunite with his family.