CAN Releases Names of Girls Abducted By Boko Haram, Demands N50m Compensation [See List]

The Christian Association of Nigeria has released the names of female students of Government Girls College, Chibok in Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, who have been abducted and held captive by members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect for two weeks.

CAN said the violent Islamic sect still has 165 Christian girls from the school in its custody.

The association, which puts the number of Christians abducted at 90 per cent, therefore demanded N50m for each of the students.

The figure released by CAN however differ from the names released by the President/Founder of Old Time Revival Hour, Kaduna and immediate-past chairman of Northern States Christian and Elders Forum, Evangelist Mathew Owojaiye.

While CAN said the Christian girls are 165, elder Owojaiye puts the number of the abducted girls at 180.

The document entitled ‘Abomination! Abomination!! Christian girls abducted in Chibok, Borno State’, endorsed by NOSCEF, an affiliate of CAN, enjoined Nigerians to pray and raise their voices to high heavens over the incident.

CAN demanded the following from the Federal Government “whose duty it was to protect the innocent girls” after their recovery.

The organisation said apart from the “N50m damage as trauma compensation” to each of the girls, the government must also undertake “a preparation to take each girl to an overseas university on government scholarship by September 2014? and that SS1 and SS2 girls in that school must be transferred to schools of their choice, the cost of which must be borne by the government.

The association said, “How can any girl feel safe in this kind of school? Living in perpetual fear of attack? Let God arise, let all His enemies be scattered.”

Owojaiye said, “Daughters of Zion taken captive, to be treated as slaves and sold into marriage to unclean people. Abomination has been committed.

?Raise lamentation to High Heavens. What a shame on the church of the Living God.

Chibok Local Government is 90 per cent Christians. Majority of the girls abducted are Christians! Why did Boko Haram visit Chibok Local Government? Why didn’t they visit so many other Local Government Girls Secondary Schools in Borno State?

“The Church in Nigeria is hereby called to a Lamentation Prayer. Every Christian home must raise a lamentation to heaven daily. Let God arise and defend his name, honour and majesty. Let a 15 minutes cry to heaven be done in every hurch, every time they gather.

“Oh God, rent the Heavens and come down! Why should the people say where is our God? The military may not be able to solve the problem but prayer will. Ordinary military force may not get them out! Intensive agonising prayer will do that.”

The names of the Christians among the abducted girls, according to CAN, are:

1 Deborah Abge
2. Awa Abge ”
3. Hauwa Yirma ”
4. Asabe Manu ”
5. Mwa Malam pogu ”
6. Patiant Dzakwa ”
7. Saraya Mal. Stover ”
8. Mary Dauda ”
9. Gloria Mainta ”
10.Hanatu Ishaku ”
11. Gloria Dama ”
12. Tabitha Pogu ”
13. Maifa Dama ”
14. Ruth kollo ”
15. Esther Usman ”
16 Awa James
17 Anthonia Yahonna
18 Kume Mutah
19 Aisha Ezekial ”
20 Nguba Buba ”
21 Kwanta Simon.
22 Kummai Aboku.
23 Esther Markus
24 Hana Stephen.
25. Rifkatu Amos
26 Rebecca Mallum
27.Blessing Abana.
28. Ladi Wadai
29. Tabitha Hyelampa.
30 Ruth Ngladar .
31 Safiya Abdu .
32 Na’omi Yahonna.
33 Solomi Titus .
34Rhoda John
35 Rebecca Kabu
36. Christy Yahi.
37. Rebecca Luka.
38. Laraba John
39 Saratu Markus.
40. Mary Usman.
41 Debora Yahonna.
42.Naomi Zakaria
43 Hanatu Musa
44. Hauwa Tella
45.Juliana Yakubu.
46. Suzana Yakubu
47.Saraya Paul.
48. Jummai Paul
49. Mary Sule
50. Jummai John.
51.Yanke Shittima.
52. Muli Waligam .
53. Fatima Tabji.
54. Eli Joseph.
55.Saratu Emmanuel.
56. Deborah Peter.
57.Rahila Bitrus.
58. Luggwa Sanda.
59. Kauna Lalai.
60. Lydia Emmar.
61.Laraba Maman.
62.Hauwa Isuwa.
63. Confort Habila.
64. Hauwa Abdu.
65. Hauwa Balti.
66.Yana Joshua.
67.Laraba Paul.
68.Saraya Amos.
69. Glory Yaga.
70. Na’omi Bitrus.
71. Godiya Bitrus.
72. Awa Bitrus.
73. Na’omi Luka.
74. Maryamu Lawan.
75. Tabitha Silas.
76. Mary Yahona.
77. Ladi Joel.
78. Rejoice Sanki.
79. Luggwa Samuel.
80.Comfort Amos.
81. Saraya Samuel.
82. Sicker Abdul.
83.Talata Daniel.
84. Rejoice Musa.
85Deborah Abari.
86. Salomi Pogu.
87.Mary Amor.
88. Ruth Joshua.
89Esther John.
90. Esther Ayuba.
91. Maryamu Yakubu.
91. Zara Ishaku.
93. Maryamu Wavi
94. Lydia Habila.
95. Laraba Yahonna.
96. Na’omi Bitrus.
97.Rahila Yahanna.
98. Ruth Lawan.
99. Ladi Paul.
100 Mary Paul.
101. Esther Joshua.
102. Helen Musa.
103. Margret Watsai.
104. Deborah Jafaru.
105. Filo Dauda.
106. Febi Haruna.
107.Ruth Ishaku.
108.Racheal Nkeki.
109. Rifkatu Soloman.
110.Mairama yahaya.
111.Saratu Dauda.
112.Jinkai Yama.
113.Margret Shettima.
114.Yana yidau.
115. Grace Paul.
116. Amina Ali.
117. Palmata Musa
118. Awagana Musa
119. Pindar Nuhu
120.Yana Pogu.
121. Saraya Musa
122. Hauwa Joseph.
123. Hauwa kwakwi.
125. Hauwa Musa.
126. Maryamu Musa.
127. Maimuna Usman.
128. Rebeca Joseph.
129.Liyatu Habitu.
130. Rifkatu Yakubu.
131. Naomi Philimon.
132.Deborah Abbas.
133. Ladi Ibrahim.
134. Asabe Ali
135. Maryamu Bulama.
136.Ruth Amos.
137.Mary Ali
138. Abigail Bukar
139 Deborah Amos
140. Saraya Yanga
141. Kauna Luka
142. Christiana Bitrus
143.Yana Bukar
144. Hauwa peter
145.Hadiza Yakubu.
146.Lydia Simon
147. Ruth Bitrus .
148.Mary Yakubu
149.Lugwa Mutah.
150 Muwa Daniel.
151 Hanatu Nuhu
152. Monica Enoch.
153. Margret Yama.
154.Docas yakubu.
155. Rhoda peter
156. Rifkatu Galang
157. Saratu Ayuba.
158. Naomi Adamu.
159. Hauwa Ishaya
160. Rahap Ibrahim
162. Deborah Soloman.
163Hauwa Mutah
164. Hauwa Takai.
165. Serah Samuel.

B. Below are the names of Muslim Girls:

  1. Aishatu Musa.
  2. Aishatu Grema.
  3. Hauwa Nkeki
  4. Hamsatu Abubakar
    170.Mairama Abubakar.
    171 Hauwa Wule
  5. Ihyi Abdu
  6. Hasana Adamu.
  7. Rakiya Kwamtah
    175 Halima Gamba.
  8. Aisha Lawan .
  9. Kabu Malla
  10. Yayi Abana.
  11. Falta Lawan.
  12. Kwadugu Manu

Police Foil Bomb Attack In Yobe, Arrest Suicide Bomber

The Director of Defence Information, Maj.Gen. Chris Oluklade, has said the men of the Nigerian Police have foiled an attempted suicide attack on Damaturu, Yobe State.

Olukolade said in an electronic mail on Sunday that the suicide bomber targeted the ‘A’ Division of the Police Command by the roundabout in the city centre.

According to him, the suicide bomber, who was operating in a pickup van laden with Improvised Explosive Devices, was arrested by policemen on duty at the command.

He said the suspected terrorist was in custody at the headquarters of the Joint Task Force in Damaturu.

He said, “A total of six already constructed turbine containers, loaded with explosives as well as 20 liters of petrol and 11 bags of beans chaff, have been recovered from the scene.”

He said the recovered items were also in  the custody of the JTF in Damaturu.

Olukolade added that the Police anti-bomb squad had defused the explosives seized from the arrested suicide bomber.

World Wide PHOTOS From The #BringBackOurGirls Campaign





Cancel All Political Rallies Now, TB Joshua Warns, Says Abducted Girls Coming Home Soon

Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a shocking message during the course of his service on Sunday 4th May 2014 at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, heatedly calling on all Nigerian political parties to immediately cancel political rallies or face dire repercussions.

 He spoke further on the rumoured planned attack on the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos and the fate of the over 200 missing schoolgirls in Borno, declaring their rescue to be imminent.

“There is a difference between Nigeria as a nation and these political parties,” Joshua told his congregation while addressing the current security concerns in Nigeria. “Nigeria is calm; it is the political parties that are not calm… These political parties gave birth to militants and Boko Haram.”

The pastor then insisted on the immediate suspension of all political rallies in the wake of the current situation. “How can over 200 schoolgirls be kidnapped somewhere and we are talking about disagreements between political parties? And APC and PDP are not ashamed?” Joshua angrily stated.

“They should suspend all rallies and acrimonious campaigns. It is this division that gave opportunity for hoodlums, militants and Boko Haram to explore and exploit.”

He went further to warn that the militants would redirect their attacks towards people that matter in society if this advice was not heeded. “If our political class does not stop their campaigns and rallies and put aside the name of parties – APC, PDP, Labour – to come together to discuss as Nigeria, these people will turn against them. Any moment from now, you will hear of ‘bigshots’ being attacked.”

Addressing the way out of the current security challenges, Joshua insisted that the threat of Boko Haram was beyond physical or natural solution. “We are dealing with evil spirits that kill, steal and destroy; let us not deal with our neighbours.”

He warned people not to fuel the insurgent’s activities by reacting fearfully to their threats.“Your response determines their operation. Fear and panic help their operations because their main weapons are not bombs and guns of all sorts but evil spirits.”

The influential cleric then called on security operatives to seek God’s help in their war against terror. “Before they can bomb or shoot, they must consult evil spirits. Our soldiers and security – who do you consult before you shoot? You need the Spirit of God’s suggestion as to what to do.”

Speaking on the warning issued by the American Embassy to its citizens about a planned attack in the Sheraton hotel, widely reported by international media, Joshua told Lagosians not to be alarmed. “Whatever plan of evil in Lagos will be proved abortive! There is no cause for fear or alarm.”

He explained further in a rather parabolic fashion: “An attack in Lagos is an attack on the source… Don’t forget – Lagos is the commercial centre and every one of us has a commercial interest. It is a place you cannot avoid.” He described reports of the planned attack as an ‘expensive joke’.

Joshua went further to speak on the unclear motivation behind the actions of the insurgents: “If truly their mission is clear, their grievances should not be towards common people, innocent worshippers or school children. They should go and attack those who recruited them in the past. Since all of this mess started, how many senators or governors did you learn they attacked and killed?”

Addressubg the string of ‘negative’ stories currently circulating about Nigeria, Joshua also spoke scathingly about Nigerians who travel abroad and propagate such negativity about their homeland. “What you say about your country matters. Many travel abroad and say Nigeria is this or that – have you forgotten that is where you were born?”

He specified individuals using divisive words against particular political leaders. “The nation is bigger than anybody. Why are you rubbishing this nation and forgetting you are a Nigerian? No one will build this nation for you – you are to build it. You have to rebrand your nation.”

T.B. Joshua lastly gave words of reassurance to the parents of the abducted schoolgirls in Borno, advising them not to be misled by spurious news reports. “Get ready to receive your children back. Your children are coming home.”

It was a message he had earlier stated on Saturday 3rd May 2014, at the end of a prayer session. Speaking with uncanny frankness, Joshua stated that Boko Haram had ‘touched the heart of God’ with the kidnapping of the Chibok girls.

“Enough is enough,” the pastor stated in the live telecast on Emmanuel TV. “I place my career and calling on the line that these 200 schoolgirls they kidnapped – they have to release them immediately unharmed and unhurt. Then, they can wait for God’s judgement.”

He also gave another stern warning to the political elite. “Politicians – whatever you must have done to contribute to the mess in this nation will not go unpunished. If you are not punished, how will generations yet unborn or generations coming know that there is God?”

Ihechukwu Njoku – freelance Nigerian journalist

Actress Genevieve Nnaji Celebrates Her “35th” Birthday 5 Years LATER!! SEE PICS

The actress turned 35 today family & friends celebrated her birthday with her. Paul Okoye, Jude Okoye , Oluchi amongst others. See more photos below


Ahoada West LGA Council Chairman Kidnapped In Port Harcourt, Rivers

Unknown gunmen kidnapped the Chairman of Ahoada West Local Government Council of Rivers State, Mr Awori Miller, on May 3, 2014, Saturday.

The incident happened along Rufus Ada-George Road in the capital city of the state, Port Harcourt. The whereabouts of LGA Chairman are unknown at the time of filing the present report.

The family members of the victim were shocked, did not give any details to the press. However, it was learnt that the kidnappers have not contacted them yet for demanding ransom.

The Police command of Rivers State confirmed the kidnap at 12:13 pm on May 4, 2014, Sunday, noted that they were doing their best to ensure Miller’s release.

The commissioner of police in the state, Johnson Tunde Ogunsakin on Marcy 6, 2014, declared a war on kidnappings in the state. Unfortunately it did not bear fruit if we recall recent kidnappings of politicians, as well as simple citizens.

How we jumped out of Boko Haram truck – Abducted Chibok School Girls who escaped reveals…

When Boko Harm struck over 2 weeks ago, abducting over 270 school girls in Chibok,Borno State,some were brave enough to escape.Punch caught up with two of them Sawok & Thabita Walse who gave their account of how they escaped..

Can you describe the attack on your school?

Sawok: We were in the hostel. One of the men dressed in military camouflage asked us where our dining hall was. From our hostels, they took us to the dining hall and from there, we were moved into the waiting vehicles and they headed towards Damboa town. The incident happened around 11pm.

Walse: It is a long story. They came to our school and deceived us into believing they were soldiers. They were dressed in military uniform and made us believe they were about rescuing us only for us to later find out that they were insurgents. When we discovered, it was already too late and there was little we could do.

At what point did you know they were not real soldiers but insurgents?

Sawok: They were shouting and rude. That was when it became clear to us that they were insurgents, then they started shooting and set our school on fire. They even shot the security men guarding the school.

 How did you escape?

Sawok: I jumped out of the vehicle that looked like a truck.

Walse: Our vehicle developed a problem and they were forced to stop. I took the opportunity with some girls to run into a dark bush.

What gave you the courage to jump out of the vehicle?

Sawok: I have heard a lot about Boko Haram, the bad things they do and how they have killed many people in the state. I was afraid and I became desperate. I felt getting to their camp could be dangerous for me and it would be better if I escaped.  That gave me the courage to jump out.  I believed that I would only get injured since it was dark and they may not know how to look for me in the bush.

Did all the girls that escaped plan it?

Sawok: No, I believe the same thing was running through our minds. Immediately one of us jumped out, the rest of us just started following her.

Do you have any injury?

Sawok: No, I am very fine.

How do you feel about the others that were not able to escape?

Sawok: I would have loved all of us to escape.  I can’t celebrate my escape because some of my friends and classmates are still in the hands of the insurgents and I don’t know what they are facing. It is my prayer that they should be freed.

Walse: I have no problem, I am okay and very strong physically. The only problem I have is that some of my friends are still held hostage by terrorists.

8-Yr-Old Dies While Protecting His 12 Yr Old Sister From r*pe (With PHOTOS)

An eight-year-old Martin Cobb from Virginia, USA, was beaten to death while trying to protect his elder sister from the s*xual assaulter.


* Martin Cobb


Police arrested a black teenager in connection with the case, his psychiatric state is currently being evaluated at the hospital, Daily Mail reports. He is to be charged of murder and assault.

The children’s relatives later narrated that the two siblings were playing near the train tracks on Thursday evening, when some man approached the 12-year-old girl (name withheld), defiled her and slashed her face.

Little Martin came to the defence of his sister, and the assaulter threw a rock at his head. The boy died instantly.


*Martin Cobb’s mother 

His shocked sister, who survived due to the heroic deed of her Martin, was rushed to the hospital for treatment

Local Pastor, Dr. Theodore Hughey, characterized the two siblings who on a regular basis attended the Abundant Life Church as inseperable

Twin bomb explosions rock Kenya

A-20-year-old man, Segun Ogunleye, has appeared before an Abeokuta magistrate court, sitting in Isabo,   for attempted murder of  a police officer.

The suspect was reported to have   attacked one Constable Bolorunduro Mayegun with a cutlass in a bid to evade arrest.

According to the investigating police officer, George Ikhuoria, the injured police officer was on an assignment to arrest the suspect for assaulting his wife.

“The wife and the officer went to the man’s house to make the arrest but the accused refused to follow them. On their way back to the station, the accused followed them and suddenly attacked the officer with a cutlass on his forehead and hand”, he said.

The prosecution counsel, Banji Sangotokun, told the court that the suspect was facing one count charge which bordered on attempted murder, punishable under Section 320 (1) of the Criminal Code Laws of Ogun State, Nigeria, 2006.

Presiding judge, Anthony Araba, ordered that the accused be remanded in prison for consideration of bail.

Man Attacks Police Officer With Machete To Evade Arrest

A deadly twin bomb explosion rocked Mombasa, Kenya yesterday May 3rd, killing at least 3 people, and injuring several others.
According to a Sky News report, one blast happened at a busy bus station in Mwembe Tayari, near the city centre, when grenades were thrown into a crowded minibus killing at least three people, and wounding seven others. The other explosion occurred at a well-known beach resort hotel, the Reef Hotel, in the Nyali area of the city, although no casualties are reported in that explosion. A bag was said to have been dropped by the entrance of the hotel which was later discovered to contain the explosive.

In Sept. 2013, Kenya suffered a devastating terrorist attack in which a shopping mall was attacked  in a 4 day siege killing at least 67people.

Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson writes on missing school girls

The star actress writes on the missing Chibok girls. Find her article below…

Sometimes, our realities remind us of the pain of others. My reality as a mother is that I get to see my daughter every day, while the reality of the mothers of the kidnapped 234 Chibok girls is that they don’t even know where their daughters are.
I looked at my daughter and tears came to my eyes that some mothers have the privileges of seeing their kids on a daily basis while the mothers of the kidnapped girls can only console themselves with memories.

All well-meaning Nigerians must come together and help these mothers who have been in pain for more than two weeks and make the memory a reality — the reality of seeing their children again. Let us not for once think that the evil-doers who turn the realities of these mothers to memories cannot do the same to us if they have the opportunities.
This is not a war against select group of people; it is a war against all well-meaning mothers in Nigeria as injustice to one is injustice to all. Let the mothers rise, the men who love them should stand by their right hand and the children who adore them on their left and do all we can in our spheres of influence to ensure that the children come back home safe so that the mothers can smile again.
Can you pray? Increase the tempo of your prayers. Can you fast? Add extra days to it. If what you can do is protest, please do; perhaps you are a soldier and can go to the war front please do not sit still. You are a politician or a voice that Boko Haram can listen to, please speak.
We need the girls back!!! They are innocent, they have their future ahead of them, please do not cut it short. I dare say some of them will end up being the solution we desire to restore the lost and battered glory of this nation. Please don’t kill or damage the future all in the name of militancy.
I appeal to the soldiers and other security operatives, don’t be demoralised, please fight hard, fight more and fight on. Do not let this evil people for once think that they can get away with this. If they ever get away with this, let me assure you that we won’t all be able to sleep with our eyes closed and that includes you, your wives and children. If an Emir can be killed in his palace, who is safe in his or her home? Nobody!
I appeal to the political class and those in power, do not think that any right-thinking Nigerian would allow that this matter be swept under the carpet, this isn’t one of the matters we would keep mum about. We will continue talking, praying, protesting until you make the matter your matter. If your child were one of the children that was abducted, we would probably have heard of the end of the matter. Let’s not fold our arms and let evil reign.
Nigeria shall be great, only if we do the right thing and the right thing at this moment is to bring our girls back and alive.

Ex-CBN gov., Sanusi’s passport seized on the ‘orders of the Presidency’, Reuben Abati reacts


It seems that despite a court order given in his favour, the persecution of former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is yet to stop.
Sanusi’s passport was seized by authorities at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano as he was about to board a Turkish airlines flight to France.
The former CBN governor, who arrived the airport with his family, handed over his passport to immigration officials only to find out that it had been seized.
Sanusi is said to have stated that he was heading to France for a 2-week course after which he would proceed to Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj.
Leadership reports:

According to the former CBN governor, it was surprising for him to be told by the immigration that the SSS had, on orders from the Presidency, seized his passport.
“The court has ordered the federal government to return my passport and basically guarantee my fundamental human rights and the government is yet to return my passport that they seized,” he said.
“We have shown them the court order and government seems not ready to obey the court
order,” he said, adding that he could not force himself into boarding the plane, while describing the government’s action as a continuous harassment on his fundamental human right.
Sanusi described the action as shameful since he has not been charged with any crime and has not been indicted of any offence and vowed to return to the court to seek justice.
He added that Nigeria is now a country where a citizen cannot travel simply because somebody from the Presidency says he shouldn’t travel.
Reacting to the claim that the former CBN governor’s passport was seized on the orders of the Presidency, special adviser to the President on media, Dr. Reuben Abati, said it is unfair to drag the President into the matter.
He told LEADERSHIP Sunday that “your question is misdirected”, stating that the President has more important state matters to attend to than to be bothered on the movement of the former CBN governor.
He however challenged Sanusi to name the Immigration officer who told him that the passport seizure was as a directive by the Presidency.

SSS Prevent Lamido Sanusi From Travelling Abroad, Seize His Passport

The suspended Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Lamido Sanusi was on Saturday night prevented from travelling to Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj.


Nasir El-Rufai, former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and currently a member of the All Progressives Congress, has broken the news on his Facebook account. Later, the development was confirmed by Premium Times reporters who contancted Sanusi’s spokesperson.

Mr. Sanusi had arrived at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport to board the 11.10 p.m. flight to Turkey where he was supposed to catch another flight to Saudi Arabia. However, Nigeria State Security Service officers approached him at the Kano airport, confiscated his pasport. El-Rufai, in his Facebook post, states that the SSS operatives were acting on the orders from President Goodluck Jonathan who directed to disregard any High Court rulings. According to Premium Times, the operatives told Sanusi he would not be allowed to travel abroad unless they received clearance from their Abuja headquarters.

It would be recalled that Mr. Sanusi’s passport was also seized by the SSS in February, when he was accused of “sponsoring terrorism” in Nigeria. On April 3, the Federal High Court in Lagos cleared Sanusi of all charges and restrained the Federal Government, the SSS and the Nigeria Police from arresting or harassing the CBN Governor, or seizing his passport. The three institutions were directed to issue a public apology and pay N50million in damages to the suspended CBN Governor.

President Goodluck Jonathan had on February 20 suspended Mr. Sanusi from office citing financial recklessness as reason. Many observes, however, point out that the real reason behind the move was because Sanusi blew the whistle on state oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, saying the corporation failed to account for $20billion oil revenue.

The SSS spokesperson Marilyn Ogar said she was yet to be briefed on the issue.

Nigerian doctor killed by husband in the US laid to rest

The 36 year old Nigerian Medical doctor who was shot dead by her 63 year old husband, Martin Ebegbodi on Saturday March 22nd at their home in West Harris County, Houston, Texas, has been buried.

Dr Isioma Awele Ebegbodi was buried yesterday May 3rd in the US. Pictured right are her children, who are now staying with family members, because their mother is dead and their father is in prison. Too sad!

Boko Haram Insurgency: Gowon Recalls War Experience, Says Jonathan is Doing His Best

 The death toll from the second Nyanya bomb blast rose to 20 yesterday, after one of the victims at Asokoro District Hospital died. As at Friday, the official figure was 19 persons dead.
Though there were no other records of dead persons, hospitals visited included Asokoro, Maitama, National Hospital, Wuse, Nyanya General Hospital and a private facility, Pan-Raf Hospital in Nyanya.
Speaking to journalists at the end of the visit, Minister of State for Health, Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, said everything has been put in place to ensure that victims are given adequate and efficient treatment.
Asked to estimate the funds being expended by government in the treatment of the bomb blast victims, Alhassan said “it is virtually impossible at this moment to quantify the amount of money that has been expended on them because it is an ongoing thing. You need to know that the first cases are still here, we cannot say now how much has been spent, but it is going to run into millions, unfortunately.”
He told journalists that all payments of expenses incurred by patients from bomb explosion are to be borne by the Federal Capital Authority (FCT). He also assured of collaboration with other partners to bring succour to the victims.
On security, the minister of state contended that security has gone beyond being the sole responsibility of

government, stressing that it has become the duty of all and sundry to be vigilant.
Meanwhile, as the nation takes stock of last Thursday’s bombing at the Nyanya park, families are yet to identify dead bodies brought to the National Hospital, Abuja.
The six bodies in the mortuary, according to officials of the hospital have not been identified, neither has any family member approached the hospital to recover their loved ones.

The Head of Information Services, National Hospital, Dr. Tayo Haastrup, said, “initially when the second Nyanya bomb blast happened, we had nine victims that were brought into the National Hospital and we had six corpses that were brought to the morgue.
The second Nyanya bombing has also stretched the hospital services regarding emergencies and Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. According to Haastrup, the number of victims had increased, given that patients from the previous bomb explosion were still in the hospital. “Don’t also forget that we still have about 15 to 20 victims of the previous bomb blast in the ward. So, because of insufficient space to accommodate all of them, we quickly sent two to the Federal Staff Hospital.
“As I am talking to you now, we have about nine of them in the National Hospital and the six corpses are still there and they are yet to be identified and we are still looking forward to the relations of the corpses to please come and identify them,” he said.
He told journalists that “we don’t just release corpses to the relations; it has to involve the police and other law enforcement agents.”
Haastrup further explained that “the corpses are not burnt beyond recognition; one can see them and recognise them. On the corpses, we have four males and two females.”
Furthermore, indications have emerged that the Nyanya motor-parks, which FCT authorities has clarified as ‘temporary’, could be closed to motorists and converted to its designated purpose in the Abuja Master Plan as a green area.
This is coming as the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), in their ongoing efforts to prevent further terrorist attacks in the nation’s capital following the devastating bomb blast, has designated boundary towns within Maraba-Masaka axis of Nasarawa state and as well as the Suleija area of Niger state as breeders of terrorism.
The Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Hon. Micah Jibah, was quoted in a media interview to have said that the troubled park would be relocated to a more permanent site.
However, the Chief Press Secretary, AMAC, Mr. Ephraim Audu, has clarified that contrary to the statement attributed to Jibah that what he meant is that motorists would be directed to a designated motor-park, located on the right side immediately after Karu bridge.
According to Audu, there is an existing motor park located at the right side immediately after Karu Flyover. He explained that the original motor-park (which is currently not up to standard) “is only located 100 metres to the Nyanya flyover, through which people going to the City Centre can follow”.
Meanwhile, top officials of the Bala Mohammed-led FCTA have disclosed to THISDAY that intelligence report indicated that the boundary settlements like Maraba-Nyanya serve as natural hideouts, entry and escape routes of the terrorists.
According to the source, this has in addition to Abubakar Shekau’s threat necessitated the concentration of security personnel in different entry and exits routes of the FCT.
“You can notice that security check points, stop and search operation has been intensified despite the gridlock and associated sufferings the people in this axis is facing since the first bombing”, he said.
Continuing, the source insisted that the blacklisted areas and its adjourning settlements are unplanned and constitute serious security threat to the peace and stability of the Nation’s Capital.
To this end, the quarterly security meeting amongst six states of the North Central Zone and FCT otherwise known as “D-7”, which discusses security issues affecting their states would be expanded to including all the state CPs and Chief Security Officers.
The source noted since these “dangerous and security risky” towns are beyond the control of the FCT, measures are on the way to cooperate with neighbouring states to plan them for easy security checks and surveillance.
The source listed “Madalla, Suleija, Mararaba, and Masaka among the identified potential flashpoints that require extraordinary pin down, surveillance and urgent urban sanitisation and renewal”.
Mohammed, after visiting the scene of the Nyanya blast and the Asokoro District Hospital where some of the survivors are receiving treatment, had assured that FCTA, in collaboration with the National Security Adviser (NSA) and other security agencies would soon be rolling out comprehensive strategy to secure lives and properties in and around the nation’s capital.
The minister went further to say that part of the new strategy would look to install special mechanisms to detect metal or explosive devices on FCT motor parks, and high-capacity buses to preserve human lives.
Findings have however, revealed that no security measures are yet in place in all the parks in the FCT, which was confirmed by the Commissioner of Police (CP) Mbu Joseph Mbu.
Mbu, who is also the chairman of the FCT Enforcement Task Force, in a terse response to THISDAY enquiries said, “not yet”.

Funding of Terror Network: ‘Boko Haram got over N11bn to kill and maim’

The Islamist group, Boko Haram,  may have got over $70million between 2006 and 2011 for its insurgent activities in Nigeria which claimed  lives, the most recent of which is the Friday Nyanya, Abuja bombing, from its sponsors.

At a conservative exchange rate of 1 to 160, that amount comes to N11.2billion.
This and many others were part of  the revelations by retired Major Chris Moghalu of the United States of America’s military.

And whereas he first made the disclosure on the African Independent Television, AIT, morning magazine programme, FOCUS NIGERIA, hosted by Gbenga Aruleba,  Sunday Vanguard was able to track Major Moghalu. In a telephone conversation preparatory to our full blown interview, he disclosed to Sunday Vanguard that he was “bothered about the embarrassment of the specific issue of the abduction saga, but
more worried about the insurgency that has given Nigeria a bad name.” He added: “All  people like us want to do is help”.

Sources said trans-national criminal activities including kidnap for ransom, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking and  armed robbery  were  sources of revenue for Boko Haram.

In collaboration with members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular, AQAP, and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM, members of Boko Haram have been receiving support as reported by Sunday Vanguard two months ago.

BOKO HARAM: Abuja is under siege — Retired Army generals

Lt. Gen. Alani Akinrinade (retd.)
There are indications that the Boko Haram attack on the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Thursday might not be last of the deadly onslaughts on the seat of the Federal Government.
Barely three weeks after the  sect carried out a car bomb attack on a motor park in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja, killing over 75 persons, the sect attacked the same vicinity again with another car bomb, which claimed about 30 lives on Thursday evening.
Some retired Army generals and former senior security operatives, who spoke to SUNDAY PUNCH on Friday, said Abuja was under siege and urged security agents to rise up to the challenge and stop the sect from overrunning the FCT.
They also said the increased attacks on Abuja were aimed at making a global statement and discrediting the Federal Government, which is billed to host the World Economic Forum on Africa, in Abuja from May 7 to May 9, 2014.
Though the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, didn’t mention the World Economic Forum in his 28-minute video message some weeks ago, he boasted that the insurgents were in Abuja, and were ready to

carry out more attacks while claiming responsibility for the April 14 Nyanya blast.

A former Chief of Defence Staff, Lt.-Gen. Alani Akinrinade (retd.), while decrying the attacks, told one of our correspondents, that Abuja was under siege by Boko Haram and warned that they were likely to carry out more attacks on the nation’s capital.
He added that terrorists had infiltrated Abuja and every other part of the country.
Akinrinade, who was the Chief of Army Staff from October 1979 to April 1980 before his elevation to the office of the CDS, also decried the lack of adequate intelligence gathering by security agencies. He said the situation had made the creation of state police a necessity.
He said, “I will not be surprised if Boko Haram carried out more attacks on Abuja. What is the guarantee that all the people (terrorists) who bombed Nyanya died in the blast?
“They will return and reinvent it. Those saying such are right; that is what to expect.”
He added, “When you have a cell of terrorists — who we call urban guerrillas and  five of them are operating in a community, it is not a very simple thing to find out.
“State Police is the beginning of intelligence. It is about people who go to drink in bars at night and those who go to night clubs. That is the beginning of intelligence. We don’t have that. They’ll recruit a man from Sokoto and send him to the Kaduna Police School. Immediately he finishes, they post him to Mushin where there is violence. How useful will he be?”
He said Sambisa forest, which is widely believed to be a major base of Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State should be invaded.
Akinrinade said, “I cannot really think of why security forces have difficulty in locating the site called Sambisa forest, however large it may be. I do not believe it is impossible for security forces to run over the place and find out what exactly is going on or happening there. I can’t believe that.”
Similarly, a former Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Brig. Gen. Williams Obene (retd.), said the second attack on Nyanya was expected because the sect was out to discredit the Nigerian government ahead of the World Economic Forum.
He said, “The World Economic Forum summit that is going to hold in Abuja has attracted terrorists. Their aim is to discredit Nigeria, portraying it as unsafe to host the summit. Therefore, they are likely to continue attacking Abuja. I think they would still carry out more attacks, especially, on soft targets in and around Abuja in order to create fear and doubts about the ability of Nigeria to host the summit.
“It’s very likely that the insurgents will attack the Abuja city centre, unless  security agents are on top of their game. The populace should also be security conscious wherever they are.”
Obene, who is a counter-terrorism expert, said the sect might not be able to penetrate high-value targets in Abuja, so they would go for soft targets like shopping complexes and market places, where there is likely to be mass murder.
He also noted that no part of the country was immune to Boko Haram attacks.
Obene said, “The way international terrorism is now, you can’t say distance will make certain places immune to attacks; that is self-delusion. We must all know that Nigeria is at war with terrorism, whether that war has been officially declared by government or not.
“It’s an asymmetric war, where there are no boundaries or specific location of the enemy. The enemy is everywhere, anybody can be a suspect. It is the entire nation that is at war. The insurgents can attack anywhere in the country.”
Also, former Aide-de-Camp to former Head State, Gen Sani Abacha, Maj.-Gen, Abdulmalik Jubril (retd.), described the bomb blasts at Nyanya, Abuja as a very painful development.
In a telephone interview with one of our correspondents in Ilorin, he advised security agencies to tighten security in other vulnerable places, while concentrating on the Nyanya area.
He said terrorists divert attention from their main target before they strike.
“Some people were analysing certain things they saw at the scene of the first blast. They saw a certain inscription: 1,2,3. We do not know what it means. It can be they are just telling us the number of times they want to strike that place.  That was why they did the first one and now they have done the second one,” he said.
In the same vein, former director of the State Security Service, Mr. Mike Ejiofor, told SUNDAY PUNCH that it was not strange that Abuja was attacked twice within three weeks.
He said with the nature of terrorism, insurgents always aim at springing surprises.
“Abuja has witnessed bombings before, even the heart of the city. People tend not to understand that this is an asymmetric war and terrorists will always want to exploit any element of surprise.
“We should show some understanding and encourage our security forces,” he stated.
Ejiofor said Boko Haram cells were everywhere in the country, including Abuja and that unknown to the public, security forces had been discovering them and making arrests.
He noted that some countries had fought insurgency for many years.
“Ireland, for instance, fought it for 26 years. We are not praying that it should last for long but Nigerians should show understanding with government and security agencies,” he said.
Also speaking on the two bomb attacks in Nyanya, a former Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Abubakar Tsav, called on Nigerians to join security forces in the challenge to overcome the threat of terrorism in the country.
Tsav lamented that terrorism was escalating because the “President did not pay the expected attention to insecurity from the beginning of his administration.”
Meanwhile, the Federal Government on Friday deployed a large number of plainclothes security men in Abuja to forestall more bomb blasts.
A credible security source in the Presidency said all the security agencies had been instructed to ensure that further killings were prevented.
Our correspondent further gathered that the blast that occurred on Thursday at Nyanya was targeted at Mogadishu Barracks, on Abuja-Keffi Road.
The source, who pleaded anonymity, said a suspected member of the Boko Haram  sect was also arrested last week in Abuja.
Our correspondent could not get the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade, to comment on the issue, as calls to his mobile phone did not go through.
He was said to be at the Presidential Villa for a meeting.

New Yorkers in Solidarity March for the Return of Kidnapped Borno State Girls


New York, United States – Some 250 demonstrants gathered on Saturday in the Union Square Park to draw attention to the case of over 200 abducted Nigerian female students.

It will be recalled that on April 14, Boko Haram insurgents raided the town of Chibok in Borno State and abducted from 234 to 276 secondary school girls.

The event attracted many Nigerian expatriates, as well as a number of U.S. citizens. The participants travelled from as far as Boston to attend. Some demonstrants were wearing traditional Nigerian attire and headwraps. They were chanting and praying for the safe return of the girls and pledged support to their families.

The event, according to Sahara Reporters, was organized by a coalition of local groups that included Applause Africa and Chibok Girls.

The Saturday’s rally was the second of the three to be held in New York in the nearest time. The third demonstration will take place near the United Nations Plaza next Wednesday. UN diplomats and strategists are to address the issue of the missing Nigerian girls.
abducted_girls_ny_01 abducted_girls_ny_02 abducted_girls_ny_04 abducted_girls_ny_05 abducted_girls_ny_07

How Amaka Igwe made me a star – Bob Manuel-Udokwu


Since legendary Nollywood movie-maker, Amaka Igwe passed on, Tuesday, many top actors have been coming forth to reveal what impact the woman played in their careers.

For the former Special Assistant to Governor Peter Obi on Creative Media and now Ambassador for ‘Sound Oral Health in Nigeria’, Amaka Igwe was a woman that would remain unforgettable as she paved the way for the actor to become what he is today.

Hear him: “I met Amaka Igwe in 1989 when as an undergraduate and the National President of the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Students Association, (NUTASA) I travelled from my school, University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State to University of Nigeria Nsukka,Enugu State to check their level of preparation for the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Festival which the school was billed to host the following year,(NUTAF ’90).

After my visit to UNN, I stopped over in Enugu to see my parents.
I met the then Amaka Isaac-Eneh who had come to Enugu to conduct audition for her upcoming television
soap opera, Checkmate.

I attended the audition and passed. I was cast as Richard Haatrope in the pilot episode which was shot in Enugu and Udi,her home town in December of 1989.
Towards the last quarter of 1990 they invited me for another audition at PEC Repertory Theatre in Onikan, Lagos.

The Late Nollywood Icon, Amaka Igwe

Thousands attended the audition including the late Francis Agu who eventually played my elder brother Benibo in the drama series. I was again successful at the Lagos audition and retained the role of Richard Haatrope.

I also met some other members of the cast there. They included Mildred Iweka (Ada), Bimbo. O. Manuel (Nduka)Edith Jane Azu,Tunde Euba(Akpan),etc.
Checkmate was mainly shot in Moving Movies camp in Ikorodu,Lagos State.

It hit the airwaves in April of 1991 and was an instant huge success! It ran from 1991 to 1995 and has not been rivalled ever since!

While still on the set of Checkmate,I was spotted by Kenneth Nnebue, Chairman of Nek Video Links who invited me to be part of a movie titled Living In Bondage. It was shot and released in 1992.

The success of Living In Bondage led directly to what is now known as Nigerian film industry (Nollywood.)
By God’s grace, I credit Amaka Igwe with providing me the platform that elevated me to a celebrity today in the entertainment industry, worldwide, with lots of awards to show. She was a star maker!

There was never a dull moment around her,whether during movie production or not. She was a gifted writer, storyteller,hard worker and a core professional. There will never be anyone like Amaka Igwe nee Isaac-Eneh” he narrated.

BBA Housemate Elikem proposes to Pokello on stage at the Ghana Music Awards (PHOTOS)

Last night at the Ghana Music Awards in Accra Ghana, BBA The Chase Housemate Elikem proposed to his former BBA Housemate and girlfriend Pokello as they climbed the stage to annouce the winner to one of the categories at the awards night. Pokello who wasn’t expecting the very public proposal said it made her go numb. Congrats to them…

Woman Sells her Son’s New Born Baby for N350,000 in Imo State (PHOTO)

A 52-year-old woman in Ezinihitte Mbaise Lo­cal Government Area, Imo State, Mrs. Tina Iwuji, is currently gnashing her teeth in the custody of the Imo State Police Command after she allegedly sold her son’s 2 week old baby.
The two-week-old baby girl was sold for the sum of N350,000 to another wom­an, Bernadine Abara, who claimed to be in need of a girl to complement her three sons.

The whole sordid affair began when Iwuji’s son, Emeka, who resides in Lagos impregnated the
mother of the baby, Esther Godwin, a native of Ndoki, Delta State and then sent her to be with his mother in Mbaise. Both Emeka and Esther never disclosed to the woman that her son was responsible for the pregnancy.

Perhaps worried as a dili­gent mother ought to be, Tina inquired from Esther whether her mother was aware of her pregnancy and her presence in her house in Mbaise.
Recalling that conversation, Tina told Sunday Sun:

“It was my son Emeka Iwuji who brought Esther as a friend not a wife from Lagos to my home in Mbaise, Imo State. I asked Esther who was responsible for her pregnancy and she said it was not my son. I asked her what was her mission and whether her mother was aware that she came to Mbaise but she said no. She came to the house on January 7, 2014.

Confirming this to Sunday Sun in an interview, Esther said:

My husband, Emeka, impregnated me in Lagos and took me to his family house in Mbaise, Imo State. I didn’t tell his mother that he was re­sponsible for the pregnancy.”

According to Imo State Police Commissioner, Mr Abdulmajid , Esther delivered a baby girl on April 11, 2014 at Hope Clinic and Maternity, Mbaise. Hearing that Esther had safely delivered the baby, Emeka allegedly called his mother on the phone and instructed that she should ar­range for the sale of the baby and the money realized be giv­en to Esther to enable her to continue with her education in Lagos State.

Subsequently Tina began pressuring Esther to submit to the evil intent of selling the baby to an adoption syndicate operating in the area.
Esther continued:

 “When I delivered, my husband told his mother that she should sell the baby girl and give me the money to go back to Lagos. My mother-in-law was desperate to sell the baby girl.”

At this point, a nurse who is part of the baby adoption/ sales syndicate, Eunice Eze came into the picture and in­vited another woman, Patricia Njoku, who identified a willing buyer, Mrs Benardine Abara.

With all arrangements in place, the sticking point was the unwillingness of Esther to agree to the evil design against her baby. To effect their plan, Tina allegedly ordered her younger broth­er, Nicholas Imoh to convey Esther to a certain place. Somewhere along the way, on Oparache road, Aboh Mbaise LGA, he stopped and forcefully took the baby away from Esther and handed it over to Patricia, who took the baby to Nurse Eze for onward delivery to Bernardine, who claimed to be in need of a baby girl and paid N350,000 for the baby.

In tears, Esther rushed to the Mbaise police station to report the case. Policemen quickly moved and arrested the alleged culprits and also recovered the baby. It was during police in­terrogation that Tina learnt that her son was responsible for Esther’s pregnancy.
With visible agony, she said:

“It was when I was arrested with the other people that Esther confessed that my son Emeka was responsible for her preg­nancy. I was shocked.”

On her part, Bernardine acknowledged buying the baby that was brought to her house but, however, said she was not aware that it was stolen from the mother. She said:

“I have three boys and I needed a female baby. I paid N350,000 and she was handed over to me by Nurse Eunice Eze. They gave me the baby on April 13, 2014 around 6.00pm. The following day, policemen came to arrest me in my house. They (Nurse Eze and the others) had told me earlier that the adoption was perfected.”

All the people involved are now waiting to tell their stories in court.

Prophet T.B Joshua Says He Warned about the 2nd Abuja Bomb Blast Before it Happened

Prophet T.B. Joshua’s team has released a Youtube video, saying the prophet had warned Nigerians before the 2nd Abuja bomb blast occurred on May 1st. According to them, through Wise Man Racine on the 20th of April 2014 during a live service at the church, the prophet called on viewers worldwide to pray for God to avert what he (Joshua) saw happen in the nation, Nigeria on Thursday evening. These were his words:

The Man of God sent me to you that this is part of the message he had for the nation
Nigeria – that Thursday, you should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation, so that whatever may happen, God will avert it. Thursday, be in an attitude of prayer and fasting for God to avert what will happen. Anywhere you go in Nigeria, be in an attitude of prayer, particularly Thursday evening to Friday.





How Borno Governor Caused Kidnap Of School Girls In Chibok – WAEC

Fresh revelations have emerged that suggest that the kidnap of over 200 students of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok might not have happened if the Borno State Government had heeded the advice of the West African Examination Council, WAEC.

According to the the head of WAEC’s National Office in Nigeria, Charles Eguridu, the examination body had informed Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State about the poor security situation in the state and declined to conduct its Senior School Certificate Examination in unsafe parts of Borno, including Chibok some months ago.

The Educationist added that Gov. Shettima made them to change their decision after he assured them of adequate security measures.

Mr. Eguridu stated this on Friday night at the First Lady’s conference room, Presidential Villa, Abuja while answering questions from several women including the first lady, Patience Jonathan, wives of state governors, female legislators at federal and state levels, and leaders of various women organizations.

Borno State Commissioner of Women Affairs, Inna Galadima, represented the wife of the Borno Governor, Nana Shettima, at the event.

The WAEC official reportedly tendered the letters written to the governors of Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe to prove his claim, saying that Mr. Shettima assured the Council, in writing, that adequate security would be provided.


Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima allegedly ignore WAEC’s warning about insecurity in the state

He also told the women about an earlier experience last year when three of its staff were killed while conducting a similar examination in a school along the Yola-Maiduguri road.

He said the tragic incident influenced their decision to ask for all centres in remote areas in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno to be moved to the states’ capitals.

Mr Eguridu added further that the Borno governor, who initially declined transferring the final year students from centres in remote areas like Chibok to the state capital, finally agreed to do so after the kidnap.

The Borno Government is yet to react to WAEC’s claim as at the time of compiling this report.

US Sends Another Warning To American Citizens Living In Nigeria

The United States has sent two separate warnings to its citizens in Nigeria and those coming for the upcoming World Economic Forum, WEF, holding in Abuja next week.

According to the warning statement issued by the US State Department, the American government wants its citizens living in Nigeria to take precaution of likely attacks by Boko Haram terrorists.

The statement warned Americans in the country to avoid travelling to Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states where the Islamic sect has carried out a series of terrorist attacks, and kidnappings.

In a separate statement, the State Department issued a special warning to American delegates planning to attend the World Economic Forum in Abuja.

That annual three day meeting is scheduled to hold from 7-9 May in Abuja.


Below is the travel warning:

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Nigeria and recommends that U.S. citizens avoid all travel to Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states because of the May 14, 2013 state of emergency proclamation for those three states by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As of late April, groups associated with terrorism allegedly planned to mount an unspecified attack against the Sheraton Hotel in Nigeria, near the city of Lagos. There was no further information regarding which of the two Sheraton Hotels in Lagos was the possible target, or if both of the Sheraton Hotels are possible targets.

There is no further information regarding the timing or method of attack. U.S. citizens are cautioned to avoid these hotels at this time.

The security situation in the country remains fluid and unpredictable. The U.S. Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens in Nigeria to keep personal safety and health in the forefront of your planning. We remind U.S. citizens to review your personal security plans; remain aware of your surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.”


On the World Economic Forum, the second warning read:

“The U.S. Embassy in Nigeria alerts U.S. citizens to the occurrence of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa. The event will be held in Abuja May 7- May 9, 2014. There will be a heavy security presence throughout Abuja during the week of the event and additional security checkpoints and traffic delays can be expected.

WEF officials and Nigerian authorities have designated several areas within the Abuja city center as secure zones, including the International Convention Centre, the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Eagle Square, and several major hotels. Additional security checks and access restrictions can be expected in these areas.

The detonation of two separate vehicle-borne explosive devices on April 14 and May 1 in the Abuja suburb of Nyanya underscores the continued need for vigilance, particularly around churches, mosques, and other places of worship; locations where large crowds may gather; hotels; markets; malls; and other areas frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers.”

Such warnings issued by the U.S. State Department are common in war zones, regions of conflict, countries undergoing civil unrest, or in so-called ‘disturbed areas,’ where American citizenry may travel, whether in business or vacation.

Analysts believe that the warnings indicate Washington is focusing more on Boko Haram activities since they were issued following recent events Nigeria.

It could be recalled that American diplomats in Nigeria have raised alarm over possible attack of terrorist groups on the financial hotel(s) in Lagos.

According to the information provided by the US Consulate General in Lagos, ”groups associated with terrorism allegedly planned to mount an unspecified attack against the Sheraton Hotel in Nigeria, near the city of Lagos”.

Femi Falana Rejects Another Presidential Committee’s Membership

Lagos-based lawyer and human rights activist Femi Falana, SAN, has declined the invitation to be a member of the Presidential committee set up to investigate the case of over 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Borno State.


It would be recalled that on April 14, some 200 girls were kidnapped by the insurgents from a girls’ school in Chibok town. Yesterday, President Goodluck Jonathan has directed that a “fact-finding” committee be set up, headed by a retired Nigerian Army Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo.

Reacting to the news of his appointment as a member, Mr. Falana issued a statement where he explained why he refused to take the role. According to him, he is already involved in nationwide demonstrations demanding that the Army secure the immediate release of the girls. Furthermore, he is rendering legal assistance to Nigerians working with the parents of the girls to compell the Federal Government to discharge its duty to the victims of the crime against humanity. Also, Mr. Falana said, he collaborates with international human rights organizations doing everything possible to rescue the girls.

Falana, who noted that the Nigerian military have many times since the abduction promised to save the girls, however, expressed gratitude to the FG for granting him membership within the committee.

Four Men Drown In Well Trying To Retrieve Bucket

Four killed in well trying to retrieve bucket

ONE after another,

Four men have drowned in Cross River State after entering a well to retrieve a bucket.

The incident, which happened  along Ogoja Road, Ikom in the Central Senatorial District of the state left the area in apprehension, with some attributing the tragedy to a spiritual force.

The first person to enter the well, John Ushie, according to a resident of the compound who gave her name as Janet, was preparing to go to  work  that morning and wanted to take his bath. Ushie decided to fetch water from the well but the string with which the bucket he was drawing the water fell inside the well. When the string gave way, he decided to retrieve it by jumping into the well but ended up gulping water and drowned.

His brother, Boniface, who had  left the house for his shop at the Ikom Main Market, was alerted on phone what had happened. He rushed down on Okada and jumped into the well to rescue his brother but also downed in the process.

When Boniface could not come out, another neighbor jumped in to try to rescue the two brothers inside the well, but he drowned too.

According to Janet, when the landlord of the compound, Eyung Ebam, saw what had happened, he jumped into the well to rescue the drowned men and he also drowned.

“It was at this point that nobody was willing to get into the well and the National Drug Law Enforcement, NDLEA, officials who were mounting a road block close to the house called the Fire Service and they arrived soon”, the eye witness told Sunday Vanguard.

She explained that when the Fire Service men arrived, one of them jumped into the well with a rope with which he tied the landlord who was the last person to drown  in order to pull him out.

“He tied the rope around his chest region and gradually his colleagues dragged him out but when he got close to the point they wanted to grab him and pull him out, the rope slipped and he went down again hitting the others inside which may have eventually killed everyone inside,” the neighbour said.

The four bodies were pulled out by the Fire Service men and taken to County Hospital, Ikom Four Corners and the victims confirmed dead by Dr. Ukwam.

An official of the Cross River State Fire Service,  Ikom, Mt Linus Ework, said he got a distress  call at about 7 am and he and his men rushed to the scene to rescue the victims but “it was unfortunate that it was a little too late as three of them were pulled out dead”.

Lupita Nyong’o Stuns at White House Correspondents’ Dinner: See Her Dress!

Lupita Nyong’o made yet another stunning red carpet appearance, this time at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, May 3.  She nailed it again, right?
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Nyong’o stole the show at the pre-WHCD 2014 Garden Brunch in a strapless red-and-white cocktail dress by Giambatti Valli. She paired the flirty frock with Christian Louboutin heels and a festive clutch. Check it out below:

50 Houses Burnt In Delta Community Over Ownership Of Fish Pond

More than 50 houses have been razed at Ibrede in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State, after an intra-community squabble over ownership of fish ponds hit the town.

Soldiers and policemen were deployed in the community, at the weekend, to quell the uprising between the Ugbo family and other members of the community.

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Celestina Kalu, yesterday, told Vanguard that she heard there was fighting, but had not been briefed by the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in the area.

The Ugbo family, which claimed to be the rightful owner of the fish ponds, was said to have refused the plan of the other sections of Ibrede to appropriate the ponds as a communal property.

Troubled started when some members of the family attended a burial ceremony in another part of the town and were attacked by the other  faction, which questioned their presence at the ceremony. The attack led to counter-attack and breakdown of law and order, forcing the deployment of security agents in the town.

Hugh Jackman Almost Sliced His Male Organ with Wolverine Claws

Hugh Jackman - May 2014 - 01
Now that’s a close one.
Hugh Jackman, famous for playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, has revealed his close call on set.
The 45-year-old actor got himself into a bit of a scrape while wearing his superhero costume, which includes long, metal blades extending from his hands, on the set of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” when he tried to cover up his male organ from female crew members.
“There was a very intense first scene and I insisted on a closed set. I ran round the corner and all the female members of the crew were gathered there. I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh – it was just the inner thigh thankfully! The metal claws had to go – you can’t have bits and pieces flying

off.” he shared during his appearance on “The Graham Norton Show“.


#BringBackOurGirls – Chika Ike: “My Heart is Broken”

Chika Ike - May 2014 -

Nollywood actress Chika Ike sent a press release on the trending topic.
Read it below;

The Time to act is now.
My heart is broken, our daughters have been taken away from us. 234 has become a memorable number but not for a good cause. It’s been 2weeks and all we hear is that our daughters have been abducted, I can’t even imagine my innocence at that age.
I can’t imagine the pains and agony their parents are going through now, their sleepless nights, their tears, etc. It could have happened to anyone, this could have been your daughter, sister, niece, god daughter, neighbours’ daughter or your student.
All they wanted was to go to school and read, what crime did they commit to deserve this wicked and inhumane treatment. We are not going to relent in prayers.
We are tired of all this!!!! The Time To Act is Now.
Signed. Chika Ike.. Refugee Ambassador for Displaced persons & United Nations Ambassador.

See AfroCandy’s solution to the Boko Haram Madness….

She may be raunchy but still voices her opinion when it comes to National Issues..Here is what Afrocandy wrote on her Facebook wall a few minutes ago


“BRING OUR GIRLS BACK……I am watching CNN now in New York and Nigeria has been on the News since the Kidnapping of the Innocent Young Girls. From what I can see, the Days of the Boko Haram is coming to an End since their madness drove them as far as hurting Children, USA May just step in and trust me, only One Drone, they are Done. So My point is, The Nigerian Government (President) should just give the USA a go ahead to help. The media over here reports that the Nigerian president does not want any interference from any International societies and I don’t know why. Even though I Sang/Supported him during his election, it is now obvious that the Northerners will do everything possible to frustrate his Government, so I would say

“Mr. President, I love you, still support you, I also understand your plight but it is time to Give it Up and Step Down” Since you cannot single handedly do anything about the Boko Haram and general Security of the Country, people are dyeing everyday and it’s not Funny anymore. Pls give it back to the Malams, let them eat it, let’s divide Nigeria so they can Kill themselves if they so desire or better still let other Capable Countries come in and Help you. Enough is Enough. and after all said and done, I am a Single mother of 2 young girls and I Feel the pains of the parents of those innocent young girls and I pray for their Safe Returns…… PLEASE BRING OUR GIRLS BACK! “

More photos from the scene with our forensic experts taking evidence …

We Will Meet Boko Haram In The Battlefield If They Dare Us – Asari-Dokubo

Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force leader Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo has told Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau to get his men ready and confront him on the battlefield.


Asari-Dokubo warned also that 2015 is going to be “more than do-or-die” and Shekau threat against Jonathan is rubbish.

Asari-Dokubo was speaking on Thursday night, He told the citizens of Naija Delta not to fret over Shekau’s alleged threat against them or Jonathan.

He said, “They are starting oo! Shekau (Boko Haram leader) said in his video that we should not play with them. He said ‘Goodluck, I am coming for you. Niger Delta, we are coming for you.’ Are we going to allow them? They will shoot the guns; throw the bombs and that is when we will dance.

“2015 is more than do-or-die. It is our very survival that is being challenged; it is our very existence that is being challenged and we must tell them; you are a man and I am a man, we are going to meet at the battlefield. Be prepared, be watchful. The enemies should not be allowed. In this region, there will be only one vote.”

He also dismissed the North’s attempt to scrap the NDDC and reduce the 13 percent derivation to five percent, urging people to ignore the North.

He said: “The people from the North have said that NDDC should be scrapped. They said 13 percent derivation should be reduced to five percent and that nobody owns oil.

“We have to gather again and tell them (North) that they dare not do it (scrap NDDC and reduce derivation). If they (North) try it now, they will see it. It is because our brother is the President; that is why we are hanging it (peaceful).”

See photos from Dr Sid’s birthday party

Yesterday May1st , surulere crooner Dr Sid celebrated his birthday with some fans and friends at Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos.
See more photos below

Photos from singer Chidnima’s surprise birthday party at MTN office

She turned a year older yesterday May 2nd and her brand endorser, MTN, had a get together for her at their office. Her cake can feed a thousand people….lol

Sule Lamido To Contest PDP Presidential Primaries

The Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, intends to contest the presidential primary election at the forthcoming national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This was revealed by the Chairman of Jigawa Central Senatorial Zone, Alhaji Aminu Jahun, on May 1, 2014, Thursday.


In an interview with Daily Trust Jahun, who was speaking on behalf of Lamido, assured that as soon as President Goodluck Jonathan picks the nomination form for the presidential primaries, Lamido would be the second person to do the same.

He further added that the governor did not need to come out to say he would be contesting.

Another source undisclosed source of Daily Trust, close to the government of Jigawa State, mentioned that Lamido was under tremendous pressure to contest PDP primaries, adding that some of his supporters have vowed to purchase the nomination form for him, even if he refuses to do so.

The campaigns for 2015 presidential elections shall start not later than November 15, 2014, and end by February 12, 2015. Nigerians will elect the new president on St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

‘Nigerian Actors Are Living On Past Glory, We Don’t Make Money From Movies Any Longer’ – Ramsey Nouah

ramsey noah 34

Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, exposes some of the realities of life facing most Nigerian actors outside the screen world of acting. Noah, who was one of the panelists at the recently held Nigerian Entertainment Conference which took place at the Grand Ballroom of Eko Hotel and Suites on April 23rd said: “Many Nigerian actors live on their past glory. The truth is that many of us (actors) don’t make money from film-making or movies any longer. There is the show part, but there is actually no business side to Nollywood any longer. “Many of these actors depend on and make their money from acquaintances. So, they simply depend on those who appreciate their works and then introduce them to other sources of income aside acting.” The actor whose Globacom endorsement deal was terminated in 2013, alongside that of Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Mike Ezuruonye, Monalisa Chinda, Nonso Diobi and Odunlade Adekola, adds, “Some people who appreciate you for who you are and for your talent will then try to establish business links that can sustain you and your family.”

Naval Officer Loses Children to Fire While Beating Wife in Lagos

A naval officer’s two children died in a fire he started accidentally while allegedly beating his wife in Lagos on Friday. The incident, according to Punch, took place at the Nigerian Navy Town, Ojo.

According to a hospital official, who pleaded anonymity because she was not authorized to speak on the issue, the deceased children, Emmanuela and Michael, were aged 18 months old and five years old.

She said:

When the children were brought in here, their father, who also sustained some burn injuries, said they were electrocuted but that turned out to be a lie because when the wife later came, she narrated what actually happened,”

The distraught mother of the children, who arrived the hospital much later after their bodies were brought to the burns unit of the Gbagada General Hospital, told hospital officials in tears that her husband Udofia was beating her when he angrily kicked a lit stove.

“The woman narrated that as he kicked the stove, it landed on their refrigerator, which immediately exploded. We were told the children were nearby when the refrigerator exploded.”

The children were reportedly engulfed in flames but all efforts to save them proved abortive. Gbagada General Hospital officials said they were brought in dead.

When Punch correspondents visited the hospital, naval personnel and an ambulance of the Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital, Ojo were seen in the front of the hospital. Udofia was said to be receiving treatment in a ward in the hospital as well but he was kept away from inquisitive eyes.

The bodies of the children had also been taken to the hospital’s mortuary by the time Punch got there.
Hospital officials feared for the sanity of the children’s mother, who was said to have been taken away by her church officials.

“The woman was not acting normal anymore. That may be to the psychological trauma of the event,” a hospital official said.
Saturday PUNCH contacted the spokesperson of the Western Naval Command, Lagos, Lt. Way Olabisi, for comment, but he said he was in a meeting at the time.

The Doctors’ Strike Caused My Wife’s Death – Late Mrs Amaka Igwe’s Husband

Late veteran filmmaker Amaka Igwe’s husband  Mr Charles Igwe, while receiving delegates from the National Executive of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP) who paid him a condolence visit days ago, says the ongoing Doctors’ strike led to his wife’s untimely death.

Narrating how Amaka died, Mr Charles painfully said:

“We were in Enugu preparing for her new soap, and Amaka was taking some of the people through acting when she had an asthma attack. After using her inhaler without success, she was taken to a nearby hospital, but we were told that the doctor was not

We then went to the teaching hospital in Enugu, where we were again told that the Doctors were on strike. It was while we were taking her to another hospital that she died.”

Amaka Igwe on her wedding day

Kwankwaso/Amaechi 2015 Campaign Posters Put Up In Kano


The posters were put up yesterday along strategic parts of the state, including Zaria road, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Gyadi Gyadi overhead bridge, Maiduguri road.

No one as of now knows the sponsors, making and posting these posters, but the state citizens welcomed the idea with open arms.

One Malam Sani Adamu said: this is a welcome development in a democracy, at least it create options to the citizens.”  “I assured the duos of my support because they have done better in their respective states, like here in Kano, everybody can attest to the fact that Kwankwaso is the architect of modern Kano”.

The Special Assistant to the Governor, Malam Hashimu Suleiman Dungurawa immediately revealed that his governor did not sponsor this but he said:“This is democracy, people are free to identify with their role models”. Dungurawa said, “As at today, old Kwankwaso is the best material for presidency come 2015.

Dungurawa however said that this sort of collaboration between the two governors will be the best for 2015, and asked the party stakeholders to support such vote, if both decide to make it happen.

Jonathan Orders All Businesses and Schools In FCT Be Closed May 7-9 During World Economic Forum

All government offices and schools within the Federal Capital Territory will be closed from May 7 till May 9 as part of arrangements for hosting the World Economic Forum on Africa.

Jonathan Goodluck

President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the measures, making exception only foк institutions on essential services. He also recommended large private organizations to follow suit,

The directive was contained in the statement by Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, and is aimed at ensuring free flow of traffic in the centre of Abuja, as well as enabling the participants to carry out their assigned roles in the WEC agenda.

Nigeria will become the first West African country to host the event. The theme for the 24th edition of the forum is Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs. It will attract participants from over 80 countries, including heads of governments and statesmen, CEOs of global firms, leading financiers, policy and development technocrats.

Security concerns

Some observers, however, suggested that the development follows recent devastating activity by insurgents in the very heart of Nigeria, its capital. It will be recalled that at about 8 p.m. a suicide bomber

Speaking in the wake of yesterday’s bombing in Nyanya, Abuja’s suburb, Finance Minister Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, was quik to assure that the FG would provide adequate security for participants.

Mr. Eze Onyekpere, an economist, and Catholic Bishop of Sokoto State, Most Rev. Mathew Kukah, both agreed that the FG should not cancel the event despite recent tragic events. This would demonstrate Nigeria’s will to conquer terrorism and show that there are people in charge of the security situation in the country.

“Blood spirit’ told me to attack nursing mother and behead her baby” – Murder suspect says (PHOTO)

The things we hear these days ..just unfathomable …32-year-old Bashir Ibrahim, arrested in Eleweran, Abeokuta, Ogun State, for raping a nursing mother and beheading her baby claims a ‘blood spirit’ possessed him and pushed him into the crime.
The Sokoto State indigene,who has spent seven years working as labourer, tried as much as he could to prove that his crime was not premeditated .While his photograph was taken, he still posed and smiled.
Chatty and jovial, Ibrahim  told Punch

“I don’t understand ‘paper English,’ I can only speak pidgin,” .Ah, this spirit that possessed me did not do well at all. I just wanted to sleep with her. I did not intend to rape her. I used to buy Tuwo (a Hausa staple food) from her. But that day (Saturday, April 12, 2014), I approached her and told her I wanted to sleep with her. I told her I would pay her N500 but she said that was too small. But when I agreed to pay N1,000, she agreed.When it was night, I followed her to an uncompleted building not too far from where we live and I told her to put down her baby. She was carrying the boy on her back at the time.
Immediately I started to have sex with her, the blood spirit just entered me. All I could see was blood. The spirit immediately pushed me to take the dagger I had on me and I started stabbing her.”She screamed as I started stabbing her. I did not know what I was doing. The woman is at least twice my size. I could not have been able to pin her down if not because I was possessed.The woman was screaming as I tried to kill her. But she later escaped and left her baby behind. I looked at the baby on the ground and he was crying. The spirit again pushed me and I held the baby down. I slaughtered him as we normally slaughter rams. I left the body there and wrapped the head in a nylon bag.”

Still possessed by the ‘blood spirit,’ Ibrahim told Saturday PUNCH that he went home, said his prayers and slept off.The head of the infant he had severed was safely tucked under a bush close to his house.He woke up the following day, he narrated, still possessed by the demon.

“By the time I woke up on Sunday morning, I was still seeing the blood. I went to take the head where I put it. There was no way you would see it and know I was carrying a human head. I wrapped it in two nylon bags and went to Mowe to take a bus to Ibadan,” Ibrahim said.

He said he went to Bode in Ibadan, a place known for its market of variety of ingredients for herbal medicine.

Ibrahim said,

 “I went to a woman who sells ingredients of herbal medicine in the market and pretended that I wanted to buy pile concoction. But she noticed that I was carrying a nylon bag and asked what it contained.I told the woman it contained a child’s head for sale. She first expressed shock but later offered to buy the head for N120,000 but the woman said she would pay N3,000 first and that I should come back the following day for N117,000. But I did not like that. I returned the money and took back the head.I did not know what to do with the head at that moment and I went to hide it in a bush. I came back to Ofada and by Monday morning, the spirit was gone. I saw the blood no more. I have three children myself. They live with their mother in Sokoto. I would not have ordinarily killed a child if I was not possessed.”

But as the murderous ‘spirit’ left Ibrahim, the police closed in on him.

He said he got home on Monday only to be told that the police were looking for him.

I did not want to run away because I know I was not myself when I committed the crime

A policeman who was part of the team investigating the case said the mother of the slain child had a deep knife cut on her neck where Ibrahim had tried to slaughter her.But the police have said his story was a carefully crafted pack of lies.

“She was actually the target. The woman was lucky to have escaped but unfortunately left her child behind.

But the spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, said whether Ibrahim was possessed or not, the fact he would face prosecution for the murder he had committed.

He said it was not true that ritual killing was on the rise in the state or that the state was becoming the ritual killing headquarters of the South-West.

Nyanya Park To Be Relocated – Official

scene_nyanya_pixSequel to the bomb explosions that rocked Nyanya twice in three weeks, the Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, Micah Jiba, said on Friday that the Nyanya Motor Park would soon be relocated “somewhere else”.

He, however, declined to give further details.

Mr. Jiba said the relocation was one of the measures being taken to address the challenge.

“I want to tell you that very soon; we will relocate this park to somewhere else.

“My appeal to the people who are behind this bombing is that they should stop it, they should be their brothers’ keeper”, he said.

It would be recalled that no fewer than 19 people died from an explosion near the park on Thursday night. Two weeks earlier, on April 14, at least 75 people died from a car bomb explosion at the park.

Lady Nabbed For Attempting To Smuggle Cannabis Hidden In Noodles To Boyfriend In Prison

NDLEA-300x224A 35-year-old caterer, Oyinyechi Ezirim, has been arrested in Lagos for attempting to smuggle cannabis popularly called Indian hemp, concealed inside noodles to her boyfriend in prison.

The controlled substance was discovered by officials at the Kirikiri Prison, Lagos, during routine examination of food items brought for inmates.

In her confessional statement, the suspect claimed that her detained boyfriend directed her to a woman to collect two cartons of noodles.

The Lagos State commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mr Aliyu Sule said that the suspect, who was transferred to the State command by the prison authority will soon be charged to court.

“A 35-year-old single lady, Oyinyechi Ezirim was transferred by the Prison authorities for smuggling cannabis to inmates. The compressed dried weeds concealed inside noodles tested positive for cannabis and weighed 4.1kg. She will soon be charged to court”, Aliyu noted.

According to the suspect, “I used to buy noodles for my boyfriend who has been in prison custody for one year. He promised to get married to me and we have been in courtship. Last week, he told me that a former inmate promised to send him two cartons of noodles. He asked me to contact the man on phone. When I did, the man referred me to his wife who gave me the noodles. Unfortunately, when I got to the prison, twenty packs of the noodles were found to contain hemp. That was how I found myself in this case”, Oyinyechi, who hails from Imo State, graduated from the Imo School of Catering.

Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade while commending the Prison authority said that the case will be thoroughly investigated.

“I commend the Prison authority for the arrest and prompt transfer of the suspect for prosecution”, Mr. Giade said.

Former military Governor of Delta State, Col. John David Dungs dies at 64

A former military Governor of Delta state, Retired Col. John David Dungs has died. He died yesterday while being rushed to the hospital after he slumped at his residence in Rayfield, Jos.
His death is said to be very devastating to his family as he just lost his own father, Chief Dung Jok only last week and his body was still in the mortuary.
Late Rtd. Col. Dung was the Military Governor of Delta state from August 1996 until August 1998 during the military regime of General Sani Abacha. May his soul rest in peace.

Nyanya Explosion: FCT Minister Directs Free Medical Treatment, Feeding For Victims

FCTMinister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, has directed that free medical treatment and feeding be provided for victims of the May 1 Nyanya bomb blast in Abuja.

He gave the directive after visiting the Asokoro District Hospital on Thursday night where some of the injured victims are currently receiving treatment.

Information Nigeria reports that the Nyanya bomb blast on Thursday claimed 19 lives and injured 60 people.

According to a statement issued on Friday in Abuja by his Special Assistant on Media, Nosike Ogbuenyi, Mr. Mohammed condemned the blast, describing it as a serious emergency.

The minister condoled with the families of those who died, commiserated with the injured and assured residents of the FCT that the security agencies would ensure their safety.

He appealed to Abuja residents to be calm and vigilant while going about their normal duties.

“What happened was an incident that could not be foreseen, as insurgencies are occurrences that are difficult to predict”, he said.

Mr. Mohammed said that the perpetrators would not succeed in destabilising Nigeria, adding that Nigerians would emerge stronger and more united from the current challenges.

He, therefore, charged residents to unite against terrorism and sued for more cooperation with the law enforcement agents by giving them information and assistance

Female celebs prefer second-hand husbands – Singer Etcetera writes

Article published today May 3rd in Saturday Punch, page 31. Apparently the singer is now a columnist for Punch. Today, he writes about Nigerian female celebs and their preference for second hand husband. (whatever that means). Read below…

Some days ago I was at a friend’s place and was asked by his sisters if I was traveling abroad for the wedding of a colleague that is still being talked about on blogs and on all social networking sites in nigeria and I said no I wasn’t. But what struck me as odd was when one of them asked me “is she getting married to a brand new husband or a 2nd hand husband”? I stared at her in shock and confusion because up until that moment, I had never heard of a phrase as “brand new or 2nd hand husband. It became a heated debate amongst people in the house that day. ‘wow’, I never thought a phrase like 2nd hand can be attributed to a human being. I know it is only applicable to objects. 

At first I was angry. How could they have said such. But as crazy and odd as it may have sounded, they drew my attention to their observations that it is a trend currently popular amongst female celebrities in nigeria. The guys in the house even tweaked it into a joke. Adding that it is a normal thing in nigeria that when you can’t afford a brand new car you go for a 2nd hand one. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. But on my way home, I thought about it for a minute and asked myself if truly a 2nd hand or brand new theory can be a determinant in finding a husband? It got me staring at every car passing by, trying to understand the rational behind the argument of a 2nd hand husband and a brand new one. How do you determine if a husband is a 2nd hand? I asked myself. I was later told that a man becomes a 2nd hand if he was previously married or is still married to another woman before taking a new wife. And that a 2nd hand husband just like a 2nd hand car comes in two types. Nigerian used and Tokunbo. Meaning the husband who was previously married and living here in nigeria is the “nigerian used”, while the one shipped in from abroad is the Tokunbo version. Shocking isn’t it? Ok, let us analyse this for a minute. It is a known fact that in nigeria, when you want to buy a 2nd hand car you are strongly advised to take a mechanic with you. So can you also do the same with a 2nd hand husband? Should it also be recommended that when going for a 2nd hand husband you should make sure to take a medical doctor to administer all the necessary check ups to be sure you are not getting damaged goods?

Because in the true sense of it, a 2nd hand is a 2nd hand whether car or husband.
And If the carburetor of a 2nd hand car can easily pack up on 3rd mainland bridge, it means a 2nd hand husband can also pack up on the way to the alter. As these thoughts were spinning in my head, I began asking myself the same questions they asked me. Why do nigerian female celebrities prefer 2nd hand husbands. Or Why would anyone prefer a 2nd hand husband? But come to think of it, Is it that our female celebrities can no longer afford the luxury of waiting for the brand new ones to come along? Or have the brand new ones refused to be fooled by the razzmatazz or flashy make ups, thick foundations, artificial nails, Brazilian hair and Peruvian eye lashes? Can it be attributed to a thing of choice? They said a 2nd hand husband is often an Alhaji or an Otunba with pot belle and deep pocket. Is it because of the  money or societal status of the men? As long as he is fully loaded she really does not care. Some went further to say that a 2nd hand husband is already tested and trusted with a confirmed rate of performance and durability? So figure a female celebrity asking her colleague, “What is the mileage of your 2nd hand husband? And she replies “Ahhh I nor know say hin former wives don finish am oo.. Na shaft I marry ooo, My sista nor be small thing ooo, even my doctor sef say him liver go soon park up. And na for hospital I dey sleep for the past 3 weeks. Just like 2nd hand car owner dey sleep for mechanic workshop everyday. As my Curiosity got the better of me, I asked them for names of female celebrities with 2nd hand husbands. I was shocked beyond recognition that the list they gave me was as long as the distance from mile 2 to Badagry. According to the list, almost all married female celebrity in nigeria has a 2nd hand husband and even some of the female celebrities themselves are 2nd hand. And some of the male celebrities also have 2nd hand wives or they themselves are 2nd hand. Well, if you don’t believe me, make a list of your own and be amazed as I am right now.

My conclusion is that the issue of 2nd hand husband is not peculiar to entertainers. It is a general societal disease and it is as a result of too many failed marriages we have in the society at large. While nobody should be blamed for falling in love or getting married to whoever he or she chooses, it is also important that we position our lives to inspire the children and future entertainers who see us as role models in the society. You may argue that it is not the society’s business what you do with your affairs. Which is very true but also remember that being a celebrity makes your life a public affair. So go ahead girls, take home the 2nd hand husbands, it is your choice and it does not matter even if he looks like an “accidented” car with scary mileage. If you love him that much and he has some money to spend, you can take him to the highly skilled american body mechanic called Dr. 90210 to panel-beat and mask all his dents. And if you are fortunate to find one whose mileage is manageable, you can take him to Ladipo market, buy the missing body parts and get a local panel-beater to fix him. And if you are a handy-woman, You can even do the servicing yourself by getting a complete first aid kit with bandages, Ampiclox and mentholatum and massage his joints every night before sleeping.

ETCETERA LIVE is a columnist  on SATURDAY PUNCH newspaper and on TOP RADIO 90.9 FM every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.

Banky W shares sexy workout photos (LOOK)

Banky who has been working out in his gaol of achieving more muscles and abs..According to him:

 ” allOfUsMustOffShirt #GatsBeSexyByFireByForce “lol..

He showed off his impressive muscles this morning .Sexy right..Ladies don’t faint and guys don’t envy
See Another photo below:

Sen. Iyabo Obasanjo Sends Boko Haram An Open Letter

1 (3)
With the rampant bombings by the Boko Haram insurgents, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo has written an open letter to the Islamist sect
She blamed the leadership which she credited with “more sense but also faulted the insurgents for betraying the true essence of revolutionaries in directing their venom against the lower class.
She what she has to say: -
 “I am moved to write about the current state of affairs in Nigeria. My first inclination was to write to the President but since all letters to him seem to elicit only open derision and even more stupidity from his inner circle, I have decided to address my letter to a group also currently causing Nigerians a lot of pain and agony that may actually have more sense than the country’s leadership.
Dear Boko Haram
“The fact that you have taken arms against the Nigerian state is no surprise. The question should be why haven’t more young people organised themselves against the state?
“Even the fact that your motto, ‘Against Western Education’ is in a way reasonable given the fact that your leader, martyred by the Nigerian state had university education and found no reasonable employment but had to resort to thuggery for politicians to survive, as the story goes.
“He, like millions of Nigerian young people and college graduates, seeing a blighted future are doing anything to survive.
“They have become opportunistic desperados, almost sub‑human as the stepping on and trampling on each other to death at the Immigration employment debacle indicates.
‘Where you’re wrong’
“Where I think you have gotten it wrong are in two areas, if you can pardon my giving you some unsolicited advice.
“First, your victims are becoming more and more the people you should be attracting to your side. Take the Nyanya bus massacre.
“The people that live in Nyanya are usually the clerks, messengers and other lowly office workers that live out in relative slums compared to the rest of Abuja and take public transportation to work to receive monthly salaries they barely get by on.
“Consult any written work of successful revolutionaries be it French, Russian, Cuban or even the more recent uprooting of communism in Eastern Europe, to succeed you need the people to be on your side. Right now you are not achieving this.
“You are targeting the group you need most. This does not make for a successful revolution but you are making yourselves into nuisances to the people and in the end while the state, including its military machine may not be able to conquer you, your downfall will be alienating these potential allies, i.e. the oppressed and down-trodden.
“Secondly, the abduction of girls. It must be hard to stay in the bush as all male revolutionaries fending for yourselves with no s*xual gratification.
Cuban example
“But again, reading up on past bush revolutionaries like the Cuban, for example, indicates that they were able to convince some women to go voluntarily with them into the bush.
“Somehow, revolutionary zeal does not include s*xual abstinence and cooking and cleaning by yourselves.
“Reading must be hard for you since you hate education but the past is a good guide to the future and if you can’t read, you are done for in organizing or succeeding in most endeavours as most things have been done before and reading up on how it was done can only serve as good guidance.
“The parents of the girls you abducted are just trying to give their daughters a chance at having successful lives. Without an education there is very little anyone can achieve in this early 21st century.
“I know living in the bush; it must still seem like the dark ages but the truth is that even with the lack of jobs and opportunities for young people in Nigeria currently, it is still better to be educated.
“An educated university graduate who was selling food from a food cart ignited the Arab Spring which was spread by use of the internet which is hard to use if you are not educated.
“There are writings, videos and stuff you post on the internet which I haven’t seen. But think of it, you can only post and use the internet because some of you have some education.
“But in the end you have no control over the distribution of your advertising and recruiting information because as you may know, the internet is really part of the western system you despise.
Why you’re succeeding
“The truth is that you have succeeded because the Nigerian state has failed to provide jobs and opportunity for its young people who you can now easily recruit. By disrupting education, you are adding to the burden of the people.
“You may say, but how about our religious issue? Let the truth be told, just as there are indigenous southern Muslims, there are indigenous northern Christians even from your epicentre in Borno State and just as you are zealous for your religion, I don’t see them giving up their religion either.
“The reasonable solution to this impasse would be for you to advocate for everyone to be able to practice their religion as they see fit with respect for each other’s beliefs.
“Remember, a couple of centuries ago, all of our ancestors below the Sahara were all animists worshipping various ‘gods.’
“This ‘One God’ — us against them situation — is a relatively recent one in our human history and you will be advised to let the originators fight it out and let your people be.”

Monalisa Chinda’s Ex Boo, Lanre Nzeribe Puts Her On Blast! Calls Her Out For Lying & Misleading The Public

When love turns cold…
The war of words between Monalisa Chinda and her ex boo Lanre Nzeribe has entered Round Two! Ring the bell cos the two have their gloves on and they are playing dirty…through their PR people ofcourse!

Her ex is putting her on serious blast following her press release dated April 16th in which she stated that her and Lanre who was also her business partner at the luxury publication parted ways due to  “irreconcilable professional differences” [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

I still stand by my theory that Monalisa’s statement was released to address the end of their romantic relationship of 2 years not their professional relationship… But I digress…

Yesterday Lanre Nzeribe via his company Purple Moments Limited released a statement calling out the Nollywood actress for lying and incompetence among other scathing accusations.
Read it below:

It has come to the notice of the company that a press release was made on Wednesday 16th of April 2014 to the media by one Media Wise Network concerning Monalisa Chinda, Monalisa Magazine and

the chairman.
We would like to address some of the issues raised by that press release as we do not only think it is a misrepresentation of facts but also we believe it was done in bad faith which is set out to injure the face of the company.
There was no such thing as a “professional irreconcilable differences”. Both parties never had any professional differences as the party involved had little or no idea as to how to run the business. The chairman was the major shareholder of the company.
Also, there was no such thing as a “mutual agreement that a separation would be the best course of action”. The said Mediawise network does not work for the chairman nor represent Monalisa Magazine, nor does he have any mandate to do such. So, we are rather surprised to learn of a mutual agreement of some sort, when in truth, there was no such thing.
“Committed time, energy and resources into the project”. We can assure you that this claim is baseless and utterly false as the chairman started the business with his resources, without a dime or contribution from Ms Monalisa Chinda, who has claimed otherwise. The only money contributed by her was the salary paid to the members of staff this January (2014) and that is nothing compared to the amount of money put in by the chairman.
There is no such thing as a “Monalisa brand”. This is highly misleading to the public. People reading this would think Monalisa Chinda is Monalisa Magazine or that it is her name that runs the magazine, this is totally wrong. Monalisa Chinda was supposed to be the beneficiary of the magazine, a representative for the product, but she is definitely not the magazine.
Monalisa Magazine is a registered business name owned by Purple Moments Limited. It is a registered trademark which belongs to the company and gives the company a sole right and ownership over the name to trade with. Therefore, there is no such thing as a Monalisa brand; Monalisa Chinda is different and independent of Monalisa magazine.
With respect to her resignation, it was of her own free will. However, the timing of this purported press release relating to her resignation is suspicious as we can confirm that Ms Chinda actually resigned from the company and magazine on 14th of March 2014 and not 16th April 2014 as wrongly insinuated by the immature mind behind the orchestration of the said press release.
Now, that all has been cleared, The Company will continue to grow and carry on its business. On this note, we proudly present to you the second edition of Monalisa. Enjoy!
Anita Iseghohi – April 2014 – Monalisa Magazine
Purple Moments Limited
Monalisa Magazine.

So much shade in this statement!

In case you are wondering Lanre Nzeribe is the chairman of Purple Moments Ltd, the owners of Monalisa Magazine

Military Repels Fresh Boko Haram Raid On Maiduguri, Borno

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents disrupted fragile peace and tranquillity of London Ciki and Mairi general areas, behind University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) and University Teaching Hospital, in the capital city of Borno State, Maiduguri, in the night of May 2, 2014, Friday.


According to the source of Vanguard, multiple explosions and sporadic gunshots were overheard in the area during invasion of suspected sect members that started at about 11pm.

The terrorists detonated some improvised explosive devices and were engaged in a heavy gunfight with the security operatives in the area. The bombings and exchange of gunfire caused serious pandemonium among residents, particularly UNIMAID students.

Vanguard also reported that the insurgents entered the area through a suburb of Maiduguri, Kaleri village. They separated into two groups, with one of them targeted London Ciki area, while the second one intended to attack the university. However, the attack does not seem a successful one, as the military was in full readiness to defend the location and the residents.

More details on the attack and the number of casualties will follow.

Source: Vanguard