Chibok Abduction: Military Denies Being Forewarned About Boko Haram Attack


Nigeria’s army has dismissed the report by human rights group Amnesty International that it was forewarned about the attack on the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, where over 300 school girls were abducted by Islamist sect Boko Haram.

Defence spokesman Chris Olukolade on Saturday denied separate reports on Friday by Al Jazeera and Amnesty International that the Nigerian military had received advance warnings of the attack on the Chibok school, describing the reports as “unfounded”.

Amnesty said on Friday it was told that security forces were given four hours’ notice of the attack on April 14, but failed to reinforce the town.

Two politicians from Borno state, which borders Chibok, separately told Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege that the army had been given at least two hours’ notice.

Makmid Kamara, a Nigeria researcher for Amnesty, on Friday said: “We received information and we spoke to a senior Nigerian military officer … that they had received intelligence reports, even before local authorities and politicians got the information, that gunmen were on their way to the Chibok town.”

Kamara told Al Jazeera that senior officials in Maiduguri and Dambua towns were alerted at about 7pm on April 14, and that information was given to senior military officers based in Dambua and Maiduguri.

“Later on, at 10pm on the same night of the 14th of April, local authorities, who Amnesty had spoken to, informed us, that they informed the local military command in Chibok town about the planned attack,” Kamara said.

“When I spoke to one of the senior military officials, they informed me that they [had] informed their superiors, and requested for reinforcement. But the reinforcement did not come.”

The school was said to have been attacked at 11.45pm.

“Only 17 troops were there to face the attack and they were outgunned and outnumbered,” Kamara said.

“They had to flee for their lives together with some other villagers.”

Dora Akunyili’s health deteriorates, to be flown abroad (Report)


According to reports, ex-NAFDAC DG, Dora Akunyili has fallen seriously ill and is expected to be flown to India.
It was gathered that Akunyili who was Nigeria’s former minister of information, is currently in a bad condition as her health is fast deteriorating and her doctor was reported to have advised that “waiting till Monday before flying her abroad might be too late.”
After so much speculation about the state of health Mrs. Akunyili, she showed up in March at the National Conference as a delegate .
Efforts are being made by officials of the foreign affairs ministry to secure an Indian visa immediately for her so she can fly out tonight as a private jet has been made ready for her travel.

#BringBackOurGirls: Kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls moved out of Sambisa forest – PREMIUM TIMES


According to online newspaper, Premium Times, the kidnapped Chibok school girls have been moved  from Sambisa forest in Borno state towards a forest around Ashaka, Gombe state.
This information was divulged by a security official, who sought anonymity as he was not allowed to speak of the situation, also denying the rumour that some of the girls were rescued on Saturday.
The official said he is hopeful for a positive outcome in the rescue of the girls based on the ongoing cooperation between Nigerian officials and their counterparts from the U.S. and U.K.
Premium Times reports:

“It is not true that they have been rescued yet, but we noticed and observed movement of some of the girls from the Sambisa region towards Ashaka forest in Gombe state”, said the security personnel.

The officer added that efforts are being put in place to “carefully track” the abductors and get the girls freed.

“We have not, even for once, lost hope that these girls would be freed. This is a delicate matter which must be handled with all professionalism and absolute care”, the source added.
For almost a month that the over 250 girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, the Nigerian military has decided not to provide information on details of its rescue efforts.
The military has, however, said it is doing its best to free the girls.
In a response to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry on the reporting sightings of the girls at the Gombe forest, military spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, said “this will have to be verified as no such information has been received. However, every information gets acted upon somehow.”

Kidnapped Chibok Girls Moved To Ashaka Forest, Gombe – Premium Times


The kidnapped Chibok girls have been moved from the Sambisa forest towards the forest around Ashaka in Gombe State, a top security official has told PREMIUM TIMES.
The security official, who sought anonymity as he was not authorised to speak, also denied the rumor that some of the girls were rescued on Saturday.
He, however, said there were high hopes for the quick rescue of the girls based on the ongoing cooperation between Nigerian officials and their counterparts from the U.S. and U.K. on the rescue efforts.
“It is not true that they have been rescued yet, but we noticed and observed movement of some of the girls from the Sambisa region towards Ashaka forest in Gombe state”, said the security personnel.

The officer added that efforts are being put in place to “carefully track” the abductors and get the girls freed.
“We have not, even for once, lost hope that these girls would be freed. This is a delicate matter which must be handled with all professionalism and absolute care”, the source added.
For almost a month that the over 250 girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, the Nigerian military has decided not to provide information on details of its rescue efforts.
The military has, however, said it is doing its best to free the girls.
Efforts to speak to the military spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, on the latest report of the girls’ sighting were unsuccessful as he did not pick or return calls nor respond to a text message sent to his phone.

Double Wahala as Boko Haram Blows Up Another Bridge Linking Borno And Adamawa

The insurgent group also reportedly abducted a police officer’s wife and two children.
Gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terror group in the early hours of Saturday blew up a bridge that links Borno and Adamawa states during an attack on Limankara, a village in Borno State, witnesses and security operatives said.
The gunmen also reportedly abducted the family of a police officer, including his wife and two children; before virtually destroying the village.
The incident, according to council officials in Madagali Local Government Area, caused over 3000 persons to flee the village into neighboring communities.

Madagali, PREMIUM TIMES learnt is officially in Adamawa State but borders Borno.
The police spokesperson for Adamawa, Othman Abubakar, however, explained that Limankara police station was not within the Adamawa police jurisdiction, but within Borno.
Mr. Abubakar said he had not been briefed on the Madagali/ Limankara attack.
The police spokesperson in Borno could not be reached as at the time of this report.
A resident told PREMIUM TIMES on phone that the gunmen came with heavy arms and engaged the few soldiers in a shoot-out for hours, leading to casualty on both sides.
The source who would not want to be named for safety reasons said “they were really heavily armed when they came in the early hours of today; they also had an armored tanker with them. They burnt down many structures including that of the District Head; and we learnt they went away with the wife and two children of the District Police Officer (DPO). It was at the time they were leaving that they used explosives to blow off the bridge linking Borno and Adamawa state”.
The destroyed bridge, PREMIUM TIMES gathered, serves as an alternate entry point to Borno State and also to Sambisa forest.
Many, including security officials, believe that the attack on the bridge could be a ploy to scuttle easy access of military troops to the area, where the kidnapped Chibok girls were believed to have been held.
Adamawa, like Borno and Yobe, has been under emergency rule since May last year.
Despite the emergency rule, the Boko Haram has killed thousands of people including about 2000 in 2014 alone.
The group has also claimed responsibility for the kidnap of over 250 girls from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, on April 14.

‘I was aroused by her’: Man sexually assaults 2-year-old girl, stripped naked by mob (PICTURED)


A young man has been arrested in Oyo after reports that he sexually abused a toddler who lived in his compound.
20-year-old Afeez Raimi is said to have stuck his finger into the vagina of his 2-year-old victim so much that she bled.
Raimi, in his defence, said that the young girl had come into his room and laid on his bed and it was when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear that he got aroused.
The Tribune reports:

Afeez was arrested on Sunday, May 4, at Benbo area of Apata, Ibadan, Oyo State where he lived with his parents, after a 35-year-old man, Mr Adebimpe Gafari reported at Kuola police station that the boy defiled his daughter with his finger, so much that the girl bled.
Residents of the area were reported to have descended on the suspect, stripped him naked, and beat him until he was rescued by the police who took him into custody.
Afeez, who said he was a tailor, narrated how the incident occurred during an interview
with Crime Reports: “The two-year-old girl followed me into my room as I came in from outside. I sat on the bed and she also sat beside me. I started ironing my cloth and she slept on the bed, raising her legs playfully. She was not wearing pants though she had a skirt on.
“I was aroused by the sight and I put my finger in her private part. I did not use my penis. She started crying and left my room. When her father saw her crying, he enquired on what was wrong with her and she said I was the one who beat her. That was when her father noticed that her thighs and skirt were blood-stained.
“The man caught hold of me and started beating me. I was stripped naked and he was joined by others who also started beating me before I was taken to the police station.
“My father is a landlord to the father of the girl and when he learnt of what I did, he asked them to take me away. Nothing attracted me in the girl and I cannot really say what led me to such an act. I have never done such a thing before.”
The father of the girl, Mr. Adebimpe Gafar, also spoke with Crime Reports: “In the morning of May 4, I was in the room with my daughter while her mother who is heavily pregnant was engaged at the backyard. My daughter told me she wanted to urinate and I opened the door for her to go out.
“About five minutes after, I heard her crying and carried her. To my shock, I noticed blood in her private part and her skirt. When I asked her about what happened to her, she told me it was Afeez who beat her. When I confronted the boy, he initially denied but later confessed to have perpetrated the act.”


Photo:- Singer Iyanya Rocks bring back our girls tees

“We brought foreign help, not the Nigerian Government – Tonto Dikeh on #BringBackOurGirls

Yesterday,celebrities joined the Bring our girls back protest in Lagos and Tonto Dikeh who was there told Netng….

“Our protest today to the Government House is a peaceful protest, we must continue until we have a positive effect. We brought the American military men and other military men from other countries to fight for the release of the abducted girls. I am yet to see the Nigeria Government assist on issue. Kudos to the celebrities worldwide who have dedicated their time to show their support, we love them all…

Four Nigerians arrested, jailed in the UK for fixing sham marriages (PICTURED)


Four Nigerian and an Hungarian have been arrested and jailed for eight months each for their involvement in an eight-month sham marriage.
The convicts, 38-year-old Azuka Izegbune, Ivett Szanto, 31, Chioma Nwangwu, 31, Hellen Adedjumo-Dani, 31 and Nwanunwanne Eze, were arrested by the police as soon as their visa scam was discovered.
It was gathered that Izegbune, a former security guard from Birmingham, West Midlands was the mastermind of the visa con – which saw fake weddings staged at registry offices in Birmingham, Stoke and Glasgow.
Izegbune was  paid to arrange fake weddings between Hungarian and Nigerian nationals so they could remain in the UK, with some of the grooms flown in to the UK just hours before the fake ceremonies took place.
Daily Mail reports:

The weddings were arranged so both brides and grooms could secure European Area Residence Cards.
Following a Home Office probe, the scam was exposed – and those involved have now

been sentenced to a total of nine years in jail at Birmingham Crown Court.

Sentencing, Judge Elizabeth Stacey said Izegbune had undermined the UK’s border controls and described him as ‘the lynch-pin, the organiser and the fixer’ of an eight-month conspiracy between December 2012 and September 2013.
She said: ‘You met registrars, bought plane tickets, acted as witness and interpreter and recruited Ivett Szanto to help you find Hungarian grooms and brides.
‘I have read the wonderful testimonies about you. It’s just desperately sad that you have used your considerable charm and skills to take part in these activities.’
Izegbune is himself married to a Hungarian and has lived legally in the UK since 2009 with dual Nigerian and Hungarian nationality.
The father-of-two was jailed for 31 months after pleading guilty to five counts of conspiracy to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law.
Meanwhile, Hungarian national Ivett Szanto, 31, admitted taking part in one fake marriage with a Nigerian man who was also seeking a visa.
She had conspired with Nigerian-born ringleader Izegbune to help set up two further marriages with men she knew from her native Budapest.
                              Ivett Szanto, left, was jailed for taking part in one marriage and conspiring with Izegbune to arrange two others. Chioma Nwangwu, right, married her groom in a Birmingham in June 2013 and was jailed for 16 months  Ivett Szanto, left, was jailed for taking part in one marriage and conspiring with Izegbune to arrange two others. Chioma Nwangwu, right, married her groom in a Birmingham in June 2013 and was jailed for 16 months
Szanto had her sham marriage stopped mid-ceremony on May 30, 2013, in Stoke, Staffordshire, the court heard.
Sentencing her to 20 months, Judge Stacey said: ‘Your role in this was much more peripheral. You were a small cog in the wheel. It was Izegbune who was directing you.’
The court heard the fake brides handed over an unknown amount of cash in a bid to win the residence cards – which would have given them the legal right to remain in the UK and Europe.
But two of the weddings were stopped halfway through and a price list for a £7,500 ceremony was later recovered.
It showed just a £20 budget was allocated for the wedding dress, rings and shoes.
One of the fake brides, pregnant Nigerian Hellen Adedjumo-Dani, 31, took photos of herself with her fake partner outside McDonald’s restaurants across Birmingham to try and make her relationship appear real, the court heard.
                                       Nwanunwanne Eze, left, was jailed for 17 months for her attempted scam marriage in Glasgow - which was raided by investigators. Hellen Adejumo-Dani, right,  was jailed for 22 months  Nwanunwanne Eze, left, was jailed for 17 months for her attempted scam marriage in Glasgow - which was raided by investigators. Hellen Adejumo-Dani, right,  was jailed for 22 months
Nwanunwanne Eze, left, was jailed for 17 months for her attempted sham marriage in Glasgow – which was raided by investigators. Hellen Adejumo-Dani, right,  was jailed for 22 months.
Adejumo-Dani during her wedding to a Hungarian man - whose number was saved as 'babe' in her phone
Adejumo-Dani during her wedding to a Hungarian man – whose number was saved as ‘babe’ in her phone
She had images of herself in a dressing gown on her bed and even saved her fake groom as ‘Babe’ on her phone.
She married her groom at a registry office in Birmingham in June 2013.
Adedjumo-Dani, who is due to give birth in October, was found guilty after a separate two-day trial in March of this year and was jailed for 22 months.
Nigerian women Nwabunwanne Eze, 35, and Chioma Nwangwu, 28, both from Birmingham, were all jailed for taking part in their own fake marriages.
Nwangu married her groom Birmingham registry office in June 2013.
Eze attempted to marry at Glasgow registry office in August 2013 – but the ceremony was raided by investigators.
She and Nwangwu pleaded guilty to one charge of breaching immigration law and were jailed for 16 months and 17 months respectively.
Hellen Adejumo poses with her Hungarian 'husband' in a McDonald's restaurant in a picture taken to convince people they were a legitimate couple
Hellen Adejumo poses with her Hungarian ‘husband’ in a McDonald’s restaurant in a picture taken to convince people they were a legitimate couple
The court heard that four members of Eze’s close family, including her own mother, were murdered on their farm in Nigeria in 2009.
She had studied Health and Social Care at South Birmingham College after arriving legitimately on a student visa in 2010.
She exhausted all the appeals to stay in the country and took part in the sham marriage just before she would have been forced to leave the country. She has since lodged an application seeking asylum.
Nwangwu worked in a bank in Nigeria before arriving in Birmingham to study at Birmingham City University in 2011.
She returned home, but came back on a six-month visitor visa and wanted to stay in the UK after that expired to be with her genuine partner – a Nigerian who is legally in the country.
The Nigerian national poses in bed with her husband. She is due to give birth in October
The Nigerian national poses in bed with her husband. She is due to give birth in October
The Nigerian women were all warned they would face possible deportation once they complete their prison sentences.
A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing is scheduled for Izegbune to be heard in September.
Speaking after sentencing Andy Radcliffe, from the Home Office’s Criminal and Financial Investigations Team, said: ‘Izegbune thought he could profit from abusing the marriage system and the UK’s immigration laws.
‘He was seen by the other individuals as their ticket to either stay in the UK, or gain financially. But all five are now behind bars.
‘We will continue to work with registrars to tackle this issue. The message to anyone involved in this sort of criminality is clear.
‘The Home Office has the resource and expertise to catch up with you and bring you to justice.’


10th May 2014
The Chairman
Imo State House of Assembly
Probe Panel on Fraud
At Imo Speaker Office


My attention has again been drawn to a radio announcement today 10th
May, 2014 inviting me and others to appear before a panel set up by
Rt. Hon. Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu investigating his fraudulent
activities on Monday the 12th of May 2014.
I was first invited to appear before this panel on the 4th of April
2014. I quickly responded with a 23 point response on why I would not
honour the invitation and indeed any other invitation by this
particular panel. (See enclosed.) I sent my response to your committee
via a delivery service company – RED STAR EXPRESS. Ialso made it
public after copying appropriate authorities.

Again, your panel invited me to appear on Friday the 9th of May 2014.
I simply called you on phone and informed you that I would no longer
honour any invitation from your panel, and of course I did not appear.
This morning, another radio announcement by your panel has invited me
and others, to appear on Monday the 12th of May 2014.

Let me once again make the following observations.

(1)      That I requested from the Speaker of Imo State House of
Assembly(Rt. Hon. Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu) to set up a panel to
investigate the fraudulent activities going on in his office involving
his Chief of staff and his cohorts after officially informing him of
the fraud on the 7th of November 2013.

(2)     That I was right and positive in asking for a panel to be set-up
by the Speaker himself because as at that time (7th November 2013), I
only accused the Chief of staff and his cohorts of fraudulently
defrauding the state. I did not involve the speaker then. But the
Speaker refused to set it up.

(3)     That after further investigations by me and confirming that
speaker Uwajumogu actually was using his Chief of staff
(Mr.KodichiAnamekwe), Mr Dan Orji (Special Adviser on
inter-governmental matters) and other cohorts to defraud the state; I
officially petitioned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
EFCC of the criminal and fraudulent activities at the Imo Speakers
office involving the Speaker himself, Chief of staff, and others on
the 18th of February 2014. (See enclosed).

(4)     That between 20th and 26th of March 2014, the Executive Governor
of Imo State,  His Excellency OwelleRochasAnayochukwu Ethelbert
Okorocha during his Local Government assessment tours in the state
vindicated me by practically confirming that MrKodichiAnamekwe (Imo
Speakers front) stole, pocketed and diverted a huge sum of N18,000.000
= meant for the construction of ORIENDU- NKWODURUKWU road and other
roads in Ehime Mbano LGA through his private company,  FALCON
ENGINEERING LTD____ A  political appointee indeed.

(5)     That between 20th and 26th of March 2014, the Executive Governor
of Imo State, His Excellency OwelleRochasAnayochukwu Ethelbert
Okorocha during his Local Government assessment tours in the state
vindicated me by practically confirming that Mr. Dan Orji (Speaker’s
Front) stole, pocketed and diverted a huge sum of over N50 million
meant for the construction of IKPEREJERE road and other roads in

(6)     That the Executive Governor of Imo State ordered for the arrest of
Imo speaker’s Fronts (Mr.KodichiAnamekwe and Mr. Dan Orji).

(7)     That they were indeed arrested and detained on the orders of the
Executive Governor and it was published in various Newspapers and on
the internet.

(8)     That as a panic measure and in collaboration with Honourable
members led by you, Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu suddenly made a U-turn
and set up a panel on the 27th of March 2014 to investigate my
allegations of fraud and corruption involving him as contained in my
petition to the EFCC.

(9)     That I stand and insist on my allegations against the Speaker of
Imo State House of Assemblyand his aides.

(10)    That Honourable members of the Imo State House of Assembly
including you and your committee members are aware that Speaker
Uwajumogu is fraudulently involved in employment racketeering inhis
office, by employing over 120 aides with 90 of them as ghost workers.

(11)    That Honourable members of the Imo State House of Assembly
including you and your committee members have confirmed that an 85
year old woman and mother to the Speaker’s Chief of staff, is the head
of the ghost workers. Her name is Madam Monica Anamekwe.

(12)    That Imo Speaker acquired with proceeds of the fraud involving
him and his aides, eye popping properties as I clearly stated in my
petition to EFCC.

(13)    That I have since sent a reminder letter to the EFCC. (See enclosed.)

(14)    That I have also officially briefed the Executive Governor of Imo
State on my activities and demanding  explanation on behalf of Imo
people why Imo State Government was keeping silence on Speaker
Uwajumogu’s fraudulent activities. (See enclosed)

(15)    That Speaker Uwajumogu’s refusal to sack his aides involved in
road contract scams, despite the fact that Governor RochasOkorocha had
practically indicted them, is a proof that they are his fronts in the
road contract scams.

(16)    That Speaker Uwajumogu’s refusal to order for the arrest of Madam
Monica Anamekwe (the head of the ghost workers) is a confirmation that
he is the one engineering employment racketeering at the Imo State
House of Assembly.

(17)    That Speaker Uwajumogu has allegedly bribed his way through, so
that he would not be impeached over his fraudulent activities.

(18)    That Speaker Uwajumogu is allegedly bribing his way so that my
petition would not be looked into by anti-corruption agencies. I am
currently investigating on this issue and will come out with a well
defined statement soon.

(19)    That Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu cannot sit over his own matter.

(20)    That Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu cannot be a judge over his own matter.

(21)    That Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu has lost the integrity and
credibility to continue to pilot the affairs of the Imo State House of
Assembly,since Governor Okorocha confirmed that he and his fronts are
criminals looting Imo State blind.

(22)    That Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu has lost the moral authority to
remain as the speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly,since
Governor Okorocha confirmed that he and his fronts are criminals
looting Imo State blind.

(23)    That Honourable members of the Imo State House of Assembly should
quickly save the integrity and credibility of the Assembly by either
impeaching Speaker Uwajumogu or forcing him to resign.

(24)    That Honourable members of the Imo State House of Assembly should
quickly save the integrity and credibility of the state government by
either impeaching Speaker Uwajumogu or forcing him to resign.

(25)    That Honourablemembers of the Imo State House of Assembly should
save the people of Imo State the embarrassment the corrupt and proven
fraudulent activities of Speaker Uwajumogu is generating by either
forcing him to resign or impeaching him.

(26)    That the corrupt and fraudulent aides of the Speaker especially
those practically  indicted by the Executive Governor of Imo State
over their involvement in defrauding the state  of road contract funds
should be sacked, arrested, detained and finally Prosecuted. The money
they stole should be refunded to the State government.

(27)    That Madam Monica Anamekwe, the head of the ghost workers should
be arrested, detained and prosecuted for fraudulently receiving
salaries for 3 years without working for it. She should also refund to
the State government, those salaries she received.

(28)    That the Imo State Government should as a matter of necessity
confiscate the properties acquired by Speaker Uwajumogu.

Let me restate that my life is in danger and that Speaker Uwajumogu,
his sister, Chidinma andhis aides are after my life for exposingthem.
Mr. Chairman, I humbly submit that I can not appear before a panel set
up by Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu. He cannot be a judge over his own

My truth will continue to stand tall, to the glory of Almighty God. Amen.

My best Regards.

Citizen (Dr.) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI.
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media.
Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties.
10th May 2014.

Copy to
(1)     Presidency
(2)     National Assembly
(3)     The Executive Governor of Imo State
(4)     Deputy Governor of Imo State
(5)     Force Head Quarters
(6)     EFCC
(7)     Nigerians
(8)     Imo Citizens at  Home and inDiaspora
(9)     The Press



Hon Barrister Ikenna Emeh,

Chairman, Imo State House of Assembly Probe Panel on Fraud At Imo Speaker’s Office

Imo House of Assembly

Owerri ,



I have been informed of a second  radio announcement inviting me to appear before the House of Assembly Probe Panel on allegations of fraud against the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly , Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajimogu alongside Mr Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, Trumpeta Newspaper and Newsbearer Magazine  . The radio announcement was made today 10/5/14 while I was asked to appear on 12/5/14. For the second time no letter of invitation was dispatched to me. I was told to come with all the evidences i have against the Speaker.

Mr Chairman I wish to inform you that i will not honour your invitation with the following reasons:

  1. That the  high stealing of Imo tax payers money by Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu and some of his aides  was   revealed by his former media aide  Mr Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha and not  by me. Iwuoha in his  petition to EFCC and also published in several newspapers and magazines including online medias  disclosed how fraudulent contracts for road  projects worth billions of naira  were awarded  by Uwajumogu  and  how   the Speaker  used the proceeds of the crime to acquire several  eye-popping mansions and properties in Nigeria
  2.  That Iwuoha’s  petition was also copied to the Presidency, National Assembly and  Force Headquarters and to the Executive Governor of the State.

  3. That i am a Newspaper columnist, blogger, social crusader and civil society activist who has been writing articles about Imo State since year 2003 and the Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu is a Public Servant, a top government official for that matter.

  4. That as a social crusader  with  core objectives of assisting in solving societal problems, including the eradication of corruption, i quickly investigated the allegations and eventually found out that 95 percent of them where  true. I  even took pictures of some of the buildings and the roads constructed by the Speaker’s company. Since then i have been writing several articles criticizing the Speaker and calling for his impeachment. Even the Executive Governor of Imo State His Excellency Rochas  Okorocha has during one of his  assessment tours of Local Government Areas in the State confirmed that Mr. Kodichi Anamekwe (Speakers Chief of Staff) and Mr. Dan Orji (Speakers Special Adviser on inter-governmental matters) stole and pocketed the sum of N18,000,000.00 and over N50,000,000.00 respectively being funds meant for construction of roads at Ehime Mbano and Ihitte/Uboma LGAs.

  5. That Section 22 of the 1999 Nigerian constitution empowers me  to demand responsibility and accountability of the government to the people. 1999 Nigerian constitution in section 24 also  pointed out  that the duty of every citizen is to make positive and useful contribution to the advancement, progress and well-being of the community where he resides. The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

  6.  That any corruption in government and any  bad policy of the government is antithetical to the interest of the poor masses and as such any protest against   corruption or against bad  policies  by the media or by activists  is a protection of the people’s interest as envisaged and guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.The right to speak  against the bad policies of any government is an inalienable right.

  7. That by setting up a probe panel to investigate the Speaker with the Speaker’s bosom friend Hon Barrister Ikenna Emeh as chairman of the panel  the Imo House of Assembly has already taken side and  is promoting the very corruption that it is supposed to fight against. The House of assembly know the truth and should stop deceiving the public. The properties mentioned are traceable, the roads done by  the Speaker  via his company  Werdis  Limited are verifiable. So what other evidences are we talking about.

  8. That the Hon. Ikenna Emeh led House of Assembly Probe Panel clearly is nothing more than a hoax, a big make-belief. A plan to give the Speaker a clean bill of health. This probe panel is no more than a smokescreen to divert attention from the monumental and unprecedented corruption in the Imo House of Assembly. It is a momentary sensation meant to deceive the public. It insults the intelligence of Imolites and those of us who called for a probe of the Speaker. The Speaker, under the rules of natural justice, cannot be a judge in his own case.

  9. That some Nigerians fought and died to protect our unique right of press freedom. We can’t and we won’t forget that. To be an activist or a media man is not only a great responsibility, but also a high honour and not a high crime.

  10. That i did not work with the Speaker.  His boy who worked with him is the one who exposed him. That  this is a leadership failure. It is only a man who is a failure in leadership that will be exposed in such magnitude by one of his staff. I see the  Speaker as not fit to lead the Imo House since he could not manage his personal staff well. A good leader knows how to manage his staff. If he was a good leader small misunderstanding in his office would not have led to them washing their dirty soccer pants outside.

11.That  It is ridiculous that while some public office holders who are expected to be above board but perpetrate brazen corruption are allowed to live like kings, activists and media men who are demanding sanity are threatened . This again shows that despite the so-called emergence of civilian rule since 1999 and despite the struggle of the working and poor masses against dictatorship and for good governance, some public office holding vampires who never contributed to the termination of military dictatorship are the ones throwing the masses to the gallows.

  1. I will not succumb to any manner of intimidation and victimization. The House should go on with the  Abacha like style of intolerance to the truth and the  war against free speech and war against the press  and activists  but we will continue to speak against corruption. Nigeria is practicing democracy, not dictatorship.


Kenneth Uwadi

Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria




Mr Kenneth Uwadi


“Shame on you”-Waje lashes out at those criticizing #BringBackOurGirls protests

Even though the girls are yet to be found, some Nigerians say they are already tired of the campaign, and feel celebrities have started abusing it. Some of them have been criticising them, especially those who joined the campaign at the last minute. Waje feels it’s wrong, and if celebrities didn’t join the campaign, the same set of people would have been the first to criticize them. read What she said after the cut.

“Good morning and happy sunday. What I am about to say may be unnecessary considering the kind of people we are in this country (our holier than thou nature), pls pardon me and allow me say shame!!!!! Shame o! Big shame, see pple talking about meaningless issues, any person that speaks up after the Americans came in? So this is now a trend?
Oya one person should organize a #bringbackourgirls award now. Tomorrow we will point fingers at pple not doing their job meanwhile we are even more horrible than they are, concentrate on the issue and stop looking for validation. Some pple have never tweeted or instagramed or even prayed but once it’s time to insult someone everyone will comment. Today is sunday so I won’t insult anyone, I will only nurse the shame I feel for my country man. Tufiakwa!! Echi fa kpo owe fa youths. Mcshew youth ndi ebe? Ta!!!”

I’ll Not Sleep With My Two Eyes Closed Until Chibok School Girls Are Returned – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday admitted that since the April 14 abduction of the female students from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, he no longer sleeps with his two eyes closed, adding that the situation will remain so until the girls are rescued.

The president expressed optimism that the over 200 abducted school girls were still being kept within the country by the Boko Haram sect.

He also ruled out the possibility that the girls could have been moved out of the country by their abductors, hinting that they may still be holed up inside the dreaded Sambisa Forest.

President Jonathan made this known while addressing a world press conference at the end of the three-day World Economic Forum for Africa held in Abuja.

He also debunked speculations in the media that the nation’s security agencies did not respond quickly to the situation.

He further noted that most of those behind the recent bomb explosion in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja, have been arrested.

President Jonathan said the visitor to Nigeria for the WEF-A would have seen for themselves that although the country is passing through challenges, it is moving on.

He said with the commitments and concerns shown by the international community, the abductors of the girls had no choice but to free them because they no longer have a hiding place.

He said, “Let me also use this unique opportunity to thank all of you who have shown commitment and concern those of you in Nigeria and those of you outside this country to continue to press on that these terrorists must bring back our girls.

“And they have no choice because I am quite pleased that the whole world is signing the same message that they must bring back our girls.

“And there is no where they will take this girls to, they have no hiding place, we must work with the global community that is quite keen to make sure that we bring back this girls.

“We plead with the parents as a father and the President of this country, I feel pained and I don’t sleep with my two eyes closed and I will not sleep with my two eyes closed until these girls are brought safely back to their parents.

“I thank you for all the concern, for all the sentiments, communications you are putting across to the rest of the world about what we are doing and of course where the world wants to support us”, he said.

Jonathan revealed that he is constantly in touch with heads of governments across the globe on the need for them to come to Nigeria’s aid in rescuing the girls.

His words: “I’m in touch with a number of Presidents. Of course,you are aware of my conversation with the American President and the United States government, French Government, the Chinese Government and other countries, willing to assist us.

“I have been talking to all the Presidents around Nigeria-Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin and I am going beyond that also because the crisis we have in Nigeria cuts across Africa. It goes up to Central Africa, it goes up to North Africa.

“So I’m discussing with the leaders within the region and of course the world leaders that will support us.

“A number of the countries already their personnel have arrived Nigeria to assist us to find the girls. Collectively we must find these girls”, he said.

When asked about the current location of the girls and their abductors, Jonathan said they were still in Sambisa Forest in Borno State.

Shooting down media speculation that the girls have been moved across the border to Cameroon, Jonathan said there was no way that was possible as people would have sighted the movement of such large number of people.

He said, “The attackers are in a part of Borno State described as Sambisa Forest. It is a forest area and we are working with the experts that will use remote sensor to see that wherever they are, we will see.

“So the best we can say is that they are within the Sambisa Forest area. Of course, I agree that they are stories that they have been moved outside the country, but if they move that number of girls to Cameroon, people will see. So I believe that they are still within Nigeria”.

The President described the report that there was a slow response on the part of security agencies and the government to the abduction as a misconception.

He said, “There is no slow response at all, no no. It is a misconception. The response is not slow. I have explained this. Borno State can be described as the headquarters of the terrorists, Boko Haram, they are more in Borno State, then followed by Yobe and then Adamawa.

“Immediately this happened, they have been following it – both the Army and the Air Force, they have been combing”.

The only thing we did not do because we felt it was not necessary then was to video the aircraft moving, the military people moving and the fighter helicopters.”

“We did not do the video to show because the people were on ground because of the state of emergency because of these terrorists. That is why people thought it was slow, no it was not.

“We started work immediately. It was not slow the Nigerian government responded immediately. If somebody gives you the impression that government is slow, that is not correct”.

#CHIBOK ABDUCTION: Pictures from Imo First Lady’s protest walk.

Recently, we told you that the Imo state first lady, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha was going to lead a protest walk over the abduction of the school girls in Chibok. The walk was held in Owerri yesterday, Friday. Here are some pictures from the event.






Kunle Afolayan’s Brother, Aremu Afolayan and wife enjoy romantic vacation – Photos

Nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan and Kunle Afolayan’s brother who recently got married is enjoying a lovely romantic vacation in the United States of America with his wife
More Photos Below: 


Nigeria Up to 44th in Latest Fifa Ranking

Nigeria moved up one place in the latest Fifa Coca-Cola world ranking released on Thursday, 8 May.

The African champions retained their sixth position in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) zone but leaped up a step to 44th in the world.

Nigeria have played no match in the month of April in review , but results of 13 new matches played in other parts of the world have reflected on the football ladder.

Nigeria Rated 44th in Latest Fifa Ranking.

Africa’s top five-ranked teams- Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana and Cape Verde Island- are among 143 teams to have retained their April ranking positions (21st, 24th, 25th, 38th and 42nd respectively.)

The result of the Super Eagles friendly match against Scotland on 28 May is expected to impact on the next ranking, which will be published on 5 June 2014.

Davido’s “AYE” Tops List Of Most Watched Video on YouTube In Nigeria + See Full List

Davido should be proud of himself as his ‘Aye’ video has broken a record.

The Omo Baba of Olowo of Nigerian music — Davido‘s “AYE” music video has been named the most popular YouTube video on Nigeria in the 1st quarter of 2014.

YouTube Nigeria dropped its list of the most viewed videos from January to March. It includes the overall category, comedy category, reality category and music category.

AYE leads the music category with over 300,000 views in the first week alone.

Also in that category are 2Face featuring T-Pain‘s “Rainbow (Remix)“, Dr Sid featuring Don Jazzy‘s “Surulere“, Tiwa Savage‘s “Eminado” and Shakira feat. Rihanna‘s “Can’t Remember to Forget You“.

Check out the list and other categories below: -

Top 10 Most Watched in Nigeria – Q1 ( Overall) Jan – March 2014
1.Davido – Aye (Official Video)
2.Helen Paul Gets Her Deliverance After Jim Iyke
3.Caught On Camera: Snake Devours Crocodile After 5 Hour Battle
4.Maga Don Pay (Starring Bovi, Adunni & Odogwu)
5.2Face – Rainbow ft T-pain (Official Video)
6.Flavour – Ikwokrikwo
7.BOKO HARAM | Full Confession & Deliverance!!!
8.Pranking My African Dad | @EmansBlogs
9.Hilarious phone call: Etisalat customer care
10.The Affair Ft Bovi & Kate Henshaw

Top 10 Most Watched in Nigeria – Q1 ( Music) Jan – March 2014

1.Davido – Aye (Official Video)
2.2Face – Rainbow ft T-pain (Official Video)
3.Flavour – Ikwokrikwo
4.Dr Sid featuring Don Jazzy – Surulere
5.Tiwa Savage feat. Don Jazzy – Eminado
6.Timaya – Ukwu
7.Shakira feat. Rihanna – Can’t Remember to Forget You
8.Kcee feat. Wizkid – Pullover
9.D’Prince feat. Davido & Don Jazzy – Gentleman
10.Skuki – Silifa

Top 10 Most Watched in Nigeria – Q1 (Comedy) Jan – March 2014

1.Helen Paul Gets Her Deliverance After Jim Iyke
2.Maga Don Pay (Starring Bovi, Adunni & Odogwu)
4.Hilarious phone call: Etisalat customer care
5.The Affair Ft Bovi & Kate Henshaw
6.Can You Hear Me ?
8.Basketmouth And Bovi Can Shake It Too
9.I Go Dye’s Performance at AY Live Lagos
10.Ay’s Crib Episode 2: House Girl Wanted

Top 10 Most Watched in Nigeria – Q1 (Reality) Jan – March 2014

1.Caught On Camera: Snake Devours Crocodile After 5 Hour Battle
2.Kenyans ridicule Pres Jonathan over PRESIDENTIAL FLEET
3.Exclusive Interview With ousted CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
4.Confused Baby Girl Meet Her Fathers Twin Brother For The First Time!
5.Yanomami People Live Very Hard At Amazon
6.RCCG 2014 Fasting guidelines
7.Overcoming the fear of vested interest: Sanusi Lamido at TEDxYouth@Maitama
8.HOW MKO ABIOLA WAS KILLED (Complete Nigeria Story)
10.Mystery Lake in Nigeria

In Pictures: Osun State First Lady, Other Prominent Women stage #BringBackOurGirls Protest

The wife of the Osun State Governor, Mrs Sherifat Aregbesola, and other women yesterday marched to the office of her husband, the State Governor to protest the abduction of Chibok missing school girls.


Other women who were present are; the Deputy Governor, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori; Member House of Representatives, Honourable Ayo Omidiran; Commissioner for Women and Children Affairs, Mrs Mofolake Adegboyega; Aare Iyaloja, Alhaja Awawu amongst others. Hopefully these protests won’t stop until the girls are found. See More photos below:

Osun State students protesting the abduction of their fellow students in Chibok at the Governor’s Office

Nigeria is One of the Most Dangerous Countries to Bring Children Into the World – Report

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail
Out of 178 countries in the world, Nigeria is 171 – making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world to bring a child into.
This is a new report by Save the Children‘s 15th annual State of the World’s Mothers Report.
Finland is the safest place, followed by Norway, Sweden and Iceland. 10 African countries round up the list of 178 countries, making them the worst countries.
Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo account for a staggering 20 percent of child deaths.
At 178, Somalia is the most dangerous country for pregnant women and young children in the world. This is due to natural disaster as well as persistent conflict.
The report also states that six percent of women in the African country are likely to die of a maternal cause, and a staggering 15 percent of children will perish before they turn five.
Health, education and the economy in all 178 nations help determine which are the safest and happiest for mothers and children to live in.
The Top 10
1. Finland
2. Norway

3. Sweden
4. Iceland
5. Netherlands
6. Denmark
7. Spain
8. Germany
9. Australia*
9. Belgium * (tied)

Bottom 10
169. Cote d’Ivoire
170. Chad
171. Nigeria
172. Sierra Leone
173. Central African Republic
174. Guinea-Bissau
175. Mali*
175. Niger* (tied)
177. Democratic Republic of Congo
178. Somalia

#BringBackOurGirls: Billionaires, Dangote, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, 37 others call for release of abducted girls (See full list)


Fourty eminent personalities from all over the world have joined the #BringBackOurGirls cause to demand the release of the over 200 girls abducted from Chibok in Borno, Nigeria.
The individuals, which include billionaires, Aliko Dangote, Richard Branson and Bill Gates,  made their minds known through an open letter where they called for a global effort to ensure that the girls return home safely.
The letter reads:

“On April 14, more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted at gunpoint from Chibok community in Borno State, Nigeria.
24 days later, the girls are still missing.
We urge all local, national and regional governments, with the full support of the international community, to dedicate their expertise and resources – from satellite imagery to intelligence services to multinational corporations’ supply chains – to #BringBackOurGirls.”

The letter was signed by the following people:
·         Mar‎tti Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Member of the Elders

·         Mohamed Azab, Representative of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar
·         Aïcha Bah Diallo, ‎Chairperson of the Forum of African Women Educationalists
·         Ela Bhatt, Founder of the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India and Member of the Elders
·         Bono, Co-founder, ONE
·         Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group‎ and co-Chair of the B Team
·         Gro Harlem Brundtland, Executive Chair of the UN Foundation and Member of the Elders‎
·         Susan A Buffett, Chairman of The Sherwood Foundation, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund
·         Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of the UN Foundation and B Team Leader
·         President Fernando H Cardoso, Former President of Brazil and Member of the Elders
·         Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Former Prime Minister of New Zealand
·         Aliko and Halima Dangote, Dangote Group
·         Bineta Diop, African Union Special Envoy for Women Peace and Security
·         Andrew Forrest, ‎Founder of the Walk Free Foundation
·         Bill and Melinda Gates, co-Founders and co-Chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
·         Helene Gayle, ‎President and CEO of CARE USA
·         Mort Halperin, Senior Advisor to the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Policy Center
·         Arianna Huffington, Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group‎, and B Team leader
·         Mo and Hadeel Ibrahim‎, Mo Ibrahim Foundation
·         Abdoulie Janneh, Former Executive-Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
·         Guilherme Leal, ‎co-Founder of Natura and B Team Leader
·         Graça Machel, ‎Member of the Elders
·         Mark Malloch-Brown, Former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General
·         Strive Masiyiwa, ‎Founder of Econet Wireless and B Team Leader
·         Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, United Nations Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Women
·         Amina J Mohamed, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advisor
·         Festus Mogae, former President of Botswana, Chairperson of the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa
·         Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of NewsCorp and Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox
·         Jay Naidoo, Chair of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
·         Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria
·         Ronald Perelman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.
·         François-Henri Pinault, ‎Chairman and CEO of Kering and B Team Leader
·         Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever‎ and B Team Leader
·         Mary Robinson, ‎Former President of Ireland and Member of the Elders‎
·         Salim Ahmed Salim, Former Secretary-General‎ of the Organisation of African Unity‎
·         Toyin Saraki, Founder of the Wellbeing Foundation
·         Bobby Shriver, Co-founder and Chairman of (PRODUCT) RED and Co-founder of DATA
·         Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Bishop-Chancellor, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, The Vatican
·         Ted Turner,‎ Founder and Chairman of the UN Foundation and Founder of CNN
·         Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Honorary Member of the Elders ‎
·         Muhammad Yunus,‎ Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and B Team Leader
·         President Ernesto Zedillo, Former President of Mexico and Member of the Elders
·         Jochen Zeitz, ‎Former Chairman and CEO of PUMA and co-Chair of the B Team.‎

Hafiz Oyetoro aka Saka Grabs Mouth Watering Deal With Soulmate Hair And Skin Products

saka stargist

Saka will lead the new campaign of the brand with two other stars, Ifeoma Umeokeke and Ure Scott Kalu.

The comedian and the models are to star in the commercial portraying the result of using the newly introduced set of Soul Mate body cream.

Confirming the deal, Dele Okusanya, Communications Director for Soul Mate said; “We are committed to our customers, and that is why for two years, we have tested the new line, especially the skin lightening cream and only decided to launch when we were sure the time was right”

Saka also signed a 20 million naira deal with africa telecommunication giant- MTN, amidst some controversy with Etisalat…..

Kidnappings in Nigeria: A Clueless Government – The Economist

The incompetence of Nigeria’s president and government is hurting the country’s reputation at home and abroad
FOR the past few years President Goodluck Jonathan has publicly shrugged off the deaths of thousands of people, mainly in the north-east of his country, portraying them as the unfortunate but unavoidable result of a fanatical insurgency for which his government cannot be blamed. But in the past few weeks the plight of 200-plus girls abducted from a school by Boko Haram, the extremist group chiefly responsible for the mayhem, has put Mr Jonathan and his government under an international spotlight, exposing them not only as incompetent but callous, too.
As outrage spread beyond Nigeria’s borders, Barack Obama and other Western leaders, hitherto watching more or less silently from afar, have felt obliged to offer help as well as sympathy. West African leaders, led by Ghana’s president, have expressed unusual solidarity. The surge of global horror mixed with curiosity and bafflement was particularly embarrassing, at a time when Mr Jonathan was about to host a glamorous gathering of leaders, including China’s prime minister, at the World Economic Forum in Abuja, his capital, where he was hoping to celebrate the recent international re-evaluation of Nigeria’s economy as by far the
biggest in Africa, well ahead of South Africa’s.
Not that there was the slightest sympathy for Boko Haram and its maniacal leader, Abubakar Shekau, who purported to be the man pictured in a video released on May 5th, making blood-curdling threats to kill all Christians. “I took the girls,” he declared, standing in front of a tank, flanked by masked men in uniforms. “By Allah I will sell them in the marketplace…I will marry off a woman at the age of 12. I will marry off a girl at the age of nine.” Some of the girls, it has been speculated, may already have been forced to marry their abductors for a bride-price equivalent to $12. The UN warned members of Boko Haram, which means “Western education is forbidden”, that if they carried out their leader’s threat they would be committing war crimes.
The girls, abducted on April 14th from a school in Chibok, a town in the north-eastern state of Borno, are probably being held in a rebel stronghold. One of these is in the dense Sambisa forest, 60,000 square kilometres (23,000 square miles) in area, south of Maiduguri, Borno’s capital. The other is in the Gwosa mountains, which straddle the cave-ridden border with Cameroon.
Boko Haram, which was founded in 2002 but began its violent insurgency in 2009, has been responsible for at least 4,000 deaths, mostly in the north-east. But it has also demonstrated an ability to strike at the centre of the country, setting off a bomb last month at a bus station in Abuja, killing at least 70 people, and another one on May 2nd near a police checkpoint, also in Abuja, killing around 20. The capital is now beset with checkpoints, snarling up traffic just when the government wants to show off the place to its foreign visitors.
In recent months Boko Haram has been aiming with increasing ferocity at soft targets such as schools and marketplaces, though it had not previously attempted a mass abduction. On May 5th, however, it was reported that it had kidnapped another eight girls from elsewhere in Borno. On the same day it was reported that Boko Haram had killed 300 people in the Borno town of Gamboru Ngala. Most secondary schools in the state had been closed before the mass abduction, for fear of an attack, but the education authorities had convened the girls at a boarding school so that they could take their final exams.
As worldwide outrage grew over the abductions, the American and British governments offered to help. A White House spokesman said that experts in intelligence, hostage negotiation and victim assistance would fly to Nigeria. The British offered to send surveillance aircraft along with soldiers from its special forces.
The Nigerians have been loth to accept such help in the past and are wary of perceived encroachments on their sovereignty. America has operated drones from a base in neighbouring Niger since 2012, but Nigeria’s government has long refused American requests to be allowed to do the same from Nigerian territory. Moreover, Nigerians are proud of their army, the biggest in Africa, with its long history of contributions to peacekeeping missions, most recently in Mali. And they are also notably secretive and prickly about its operations—and the low standards of soldiery which foreign experts would see. Though Mr Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the north-east a year ago, his army has dismally failed to defeat Boko Haram.
Indeed, it has itself perpetrated numerous atrocities against civilians suspected of harbouring or lending sympathy to the rebels, who thrive among embittered young Muslims in the north, the poorest part of the country. The army was widely castigated after a military counter-attack on March 14th following an attempted jailbreak by suspected members of Boko Haram detained at a barracks in Maiduguri. According to hospital sources, around 500 people were killed, mainly at the hands of soldiers. Such human-rights abuses by the Nigerian army make Western governments edgy about offering to join the fray, for fear of being deemed complicit.
Corruption, Nigeria’s great scourge, is another reason for foreign military advisers to keep their distance. Nigeria’s soldiers say that commanders pocket the bulk of their salaries, leaving them with little incentive to fight a well-equipped guerrilla movement that knows the rugged terrain and forests. Why risk death at the hands of Boko Haram for no reward? It is hard, in such conditions, to see how outsiders could raise Nigerian troops’ morale, let alone improve their military skills.

Patience not always a virtue
Perhaps the worst aspect of the Nigerian government’s handling of the abduction is its seeming indifference to the plight of the girls’ families. It took more than two weeks before Mr Jonathan addressed the matter in public. His government’s sluggish response and its failure even to clarify how many girls had been abducted provoked protests in several cities across Nigeria—itself an unusual event.
To make matters worse, the president’s wife, Patience, ordered the arrest of two leaders of the protests, bizarrely accusing them of belonging to Boko Haram and of fabricating reports of the abduction to smear the government. In a televised broadcast on May 4th, the first lady, who holds no official position, warned against further such marches. “You are playing games,” she said. “Don’t use schoolchildren and women for demonstration again. Keep it to Borno, let it end there,” the official News Agency of Nigeria reported.
Such statements do not give the impression that Mr Jonathan or his colleagues, who face elections next year, take the worries of ordinary Nigerians to heart.

Culled from the Economist

Chibok Girls: ACF Asks Presidential C’ttee To Immediately ‘Swing Into Action’

Jonathan-SaboThe pan-northern socio-political group, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) yesterday said the fact finding presidential committee on abducted schoolgirls from Chibok, Borno State, should immediately commence intensive effort in securing the release of the girls.

The committee, headed by Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Sabo, which was inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday, was charged with the responsibility of verifying the number of girls abducted, trace their whereabouts and identify the lapses of government agencies in the incident.

ACF National Publicity Secretary, Ibrahim Mohammed, said although the government acted belatedly, the setting up of the committee was a welcome development in light of ”the general outrage and protests by women organisations, civil societies and the general public on its earlier inaction posture”.

According to the statement, “ACF had earlier called on the Government to make concerted effort towards the safe rescue and release of the abducted girls from their captors.

“ACF therefore urges the committee to swing into action, collaborate with the Borno State government and security agencies to immediately rescue the students. ACF appreciates the assistance being offered to Nigeria by the US, Britain, China and other countries to rescue the abducted girls”, he said.

ACF said it shares the grief, plight and concern of the parents, relations and all Nigerians “in this traumatic experience and pray for the safe release of these innocent girls”.

Boko Haram: Women Rights Group Condemns Mrs Jonathan For Doubting Chibok School Girls’ Abduction

First Lady CriesA group, BAOBAB for women’s right on Thursday called on the First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan to as a matter of urgency apologize to parents of the abducted Chibok school girls for expressing doubts the abduction took place.

In a statement signed by its Borno State coordinator, Prof. Hauwa Abdu Biu, the group also urged the Federal Government to put in place adequate plans to cater for the needs and address the trauma the parents of the girls are going through.

The group in the statement said, “BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights, Borno State outreach condemns in its totality the actions of the wife of Nigerian president, Mrs. Patience Jonathan on concerns shown by people within and outside Nigeria on the abduction of innocent girls. This act of criminality, as we are aware violates their fundamental human right to education.

“A situation when the wife of the president who does not have a role under the Nigerian constitution begins to summon and interrogate duly appointed government officials as well as giving them directives and detaining some of them is worrisome as this could interfere with the various actions put in place towards addressing insurgency crisis rocking the country”.

The group also called on government to intensify efforts geared towards the immediate rescue of the missing girls.

“We want them back, safe in their homes wherever they are. The poor handling of information about the exact number of girls who are still missing and the fact that members of the Boko Haram have claimed responsibility for the abduction of these girls must not deter those with the responsibility for the safety of all Nigerians from working to find these girls where they are being held and return to their parents”, part of the statement said.

The women right group, however, lauded the effort of various women organizations within and outside the country, religious bodies, local and foreign media towards rescuing the abducted girls.


Ekiti Guber Polls: 2014: PDP, LP, Plotting Joint Rigging, Instigating Violence – Fayemi

ekitiGovernor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has alleged that opposition parties contesting in the June 21 governorship poll were determined to win at all cost.

According to him, the plan was centered on the recruitment of fake policemen, who would put away strategic leaders of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, on Election Day and also help to foment crisis in strongholds of the APC.

The Fayemi Campaign Organisation, which made this known in a statement on Thursday, also alleged that the underlying intent of the plan was to instil fear in the hearts of the followers of such leaders who may become jittery and decide to stay away from polling units, thereby leading to voter apathy.

“This plan is to be executed with fake policemen who are currently being recruited and trained by the PDP. Some of these fake policemen trained in Osun and Ondo States are already assigned to the PDP candidate, Ayodele Fayose, and his Labour Party (LP) co-conspirator, Opeyemi Bamidele.

“Decked in fake police uniforms and name-tags, these thugs posing as cops have been providing cover for both the PDP and LP thugs who continue to unleash terror and mayhem on every community the two candidates visit.

“In the last four weeks, thugs of both the PDP and LP candidates have wreaked untold havoc on Egbe, Ido-Ile, Okemesi, Aramoko, Ipole-Iloro, Ilupeju, Itaji, Iyin and parts of Ilejemeje Local Government”.

Speaking further, the governor’s campaign team alleged that: “The PDP agents of rigging have been going about inducing eligible voters to allow them copy the VIN number on their voter’s cards. They plan to clone as many voter’s cards as possible.

“This criminal act of the PDP agents is more rampant in Ado-Ekiti Local Government which has the highest number of registered voters. Information available to us shows that the PDP already has in its kitty close to 50, 000 fake voter’s cards which it plans to distribute to imported mercenaries for use in six local governments on the day of election”, the statement concluded.


Imo State of Nigeria is hyped as being very modern, yet in the midst of some towering buildings and corporate plazas there are huge swathes of ghettos overflowing with intense poverty and misery, where human beings live in bestial conditions of unhygienic and filthy dwellings. The artificial glitter and the facade of modernity fail to conceal the poverty conditions that prevail across Imo. In the same Imo State where the bulk majority of the masses live in abject poverty , one man has looted monies ought to be used to better the lot of the vast majority of the Imo population. Equally worrisome is that when this man is not busy with direct looting of the State’s treasury, his only other pre-occupation is travelling round the world and the implementation of laws in the House of Assembly that is making life harder for the overwhelming majority of Imolites.
That man is the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu. I called him the Bettie Smalls of Imo State. I say so because of his high stealing of Imo tax payers money as revealed by his former media aide Mr Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. Iwuoha in his petition to EFCC disclosed how fraudulent contracts for road projects worth billions of naira were awarded by Uwajumogu and how the Speaker used the proceeds of the crime to acquire several properties in Nigeria. I investigated all that Iwuoha said and found out that they are true.
From year 2011 till date Uwajumogu has committed so many impeachable offences and i have been calling on him to resign. Since I started speaking against his looting of Imo monies , his praise singers have been calling me all sorts of names including blackmailer, criminal, thief, fake blogger, fake journalist, fake activist, mad man etc.
The fact remains that I am an Imo citizen concerned about the affairs of my State. According to Kailash Kher “the worst affected from corruption is the common man”. Pratibha Patil said “Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective’’ Albert Einstein in his own part said ‘The world is a dangerous place, not only because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing’ Another philosopher, William Blake said “When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.” We must call a spade a spade.
I am calling on the members of the Imo House of Assembly to impeach the Speaker Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu with immediate effect with the following 25 reasons
1. He approved the sack of 10,000 legally employed Imo workers via radio broadcast. The employment of the 10,000 was approved by the last House of Assembly and the state Civil Service Commission. The recruitment was conducted through due process. Advertisement was placed in national newspapers.There are laid down Civil Service rules to follow in the sack of any Civil Servant.
2. He abandoned his responsibilities as Speaker to award road contracts to himself via his friends and to inexperienced contractors in Imo State.
3. He also delved into road construction in Imo State while retaining his position as Speaker with his company Werdis Limited
4. The abnormal legislative function of the office of the Speaker has led to the award of road contracts to inexperienced, ill equipped and non-challant emergency contractors. The resultant effect is the execution of shoddy road jobs in our state Imo
5. Aides of the Speaker were equally awarded road contracts, namely; (1) Mr. Dan Orji (special Adviser on inter-governmental matters) (2) Mr. Emeka Ahaneku 3.Mr Kodichi Anamekwe (using fronts)
6. Also, friends of the leadership of the office of the Speaker who were residing abroad were asked to return home, which they did and road contract jobs were given to them as fronts even though they never had any experience in road contract assignment
7. Road contracts were awarded to these inexperienced contractors on the condition that asphalt materials are procured from his asphalt plant located along Onitsha road Owerri
8. Through various manipulations in award of road contracts, state funds running into Billions of naira were diverted and used by the Rt. Honourable Speaker to acquire eye popping properties scattered across the country and abroad such as 750 million naira private hotel in Lagos, 500 million naira private hotel in Abuja, Jasmin Hotel Owerri,15 mansions in Owerri, mansions at Aba, Umuahia and Ihitte –Uboma, 200 plots of land in Owerri, Built an Asphalt factory in Owerri, Built a 760 Million naira crush rock industry in Ebonyi State
9. Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu is fighting against activists who have condemned his massive looting of the State and has labeled them blackmailers and never do wells including using police to harass them
10. Used Imo House of Assembly money to fund private businesses and NGOs of his sister, Dr. (Mrs.) Chidinma Uwajumogu.
11. Converted the Imo State Liaison Office Abuja into his personal property. The same Imo Speaker who could not fund his House of Assembly election in April 2011 to the extent that he allegedly sold some of his father’s property and even borrowed some money to fund his election is building eye popping mansions all over.
12. He set up a Kangaroo Panel to investigate allegations against him with his bosom friend Hon Ikenna Emeh as Chairman and as such served as a judge over his own matter. The kangaroo panelist are allegedly involved in road contract scams in the state as have been published in many Newspapers and on the Internet.
13. He made Hon (Dr) Acho Ihim who was indicted on the 23rd of January 2006 for gross misconduct and embezzlement of N48,269,274.29k a member of committees and panels in the state. Using a corrupt man to investigate corruption case.
14. The Governor of Imo State confirmed that Speakers Aides Mr. Kodichi Anamekwe (Speakers Chief of Staff) and Mr. Dan Orji (Speakers Special Adviser on inter-governmental matters) stole and pocketed the sum of N18,000,000.00 and over N50,000,000.00 respectively being funds meant for construction of roads at Ehime Mbano and Ihitte/Uboma LGAs yet they are still serving as members of his staff.
15. Speaker did not step aside before setting up a panel to investigate him thereby acting as a judge over his own matter.
16. Sponsored facebook boys (Who were mobilized on Friday 28/03/2014 at the BAR – section of ROCKVIEW HOTELS OWERRI) by Speakers Media Aide, Emeka Ahameku) to cast aspersion on anti corruption activists who condemned his looting of Imo State.
17. For the past 3 years the House led by him did not sponsor and approved good laws to help in the managing and growing of Imo state. Imo people did not see laws that restricted noise and air pollution in Imo State. Imo people did not see laws that controlled sprawling within the city. Imo people did not see laws that controlled use of certain pollution prone machineries. Imo people did not see laws that ensured that the people are protected from commercial predators, from land lords to merchants and contractors. We did not see laws that protected students from exploitation by lecturers and professors in the state institutions. We did not see laws that empowered the youths. We did not see laws for a democratic LGA’s in the state.
18. For 3 years now LGA elections have not hold in Imo state. Even the few laws so far passed by the House were not even implemented by the executive because they were not peoples oriented laws but self serving ones.
19. He has failed to attend to pressing legislative issues in Imo State because he is always travelling out of the country. He hardly spend two weeks in the state capital, Owerri, without travelling out. The Imo House of Assembly is expected to seat for 180 times in a year but since this year 2014 the house has not sat for more than 7 times and when they do, they simply adjourn. He has been junketing from one foreign city to the other. Either he is in the United Kingdom or Germany or USA or Saudi Arabia,China or the United Arab Emirates.
20. He supervised the sharing of 6 million naira to selected House Members monthly, money for constituents projects which the selected members are collecting from the executive and are putting the money into their pockets.
21. Did nothing to recover monies looted by the last administration and from some politicians who squandered our monies.
22. He destroyed the third tier of government in Imo State and imposed an illegal fourth tier government on the people. Nigeria’s Constitution recognizes local government areas as the third tier of government after the federal and state governments. Their functions are clearly defined. It is abuse of power for him to appoint Caretaker Chairmen for our LGA’s . It is a breach of Imo State local government administration law and a breach of section 7and 8 of the country’s constitution.
23. He served as Speaker while contracts were awarded orally. Due process in the award of contracts was thrown to the winds and he did nothing . No tender, no advert and no contract bidding, no costing. The process began and ends with him and the exercise took place anywhere without prior arrangement or notice. The State is today burdened with debt of over 100 billion naira owed contractors who were given jobs without papers. This haphazard arrangement led to one job being awarded to two different contractors simultaneously and this led to serious financial complications to investors.
24. Made a law legalizing abortion in Imo State.
25. He supported the sale of government owned hospitals and properties in the State and bought some of the properties.
I say boldly that it is because of people like Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu in the Imo House of Assembly with their anti-poor, capitalist neo-liberal laws and corruption that is making the poor masses in Imo State to suffer in the midst of abundance. Uwajumogu should be impeached now.
-Kenneth Uwadi,Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

25 Ways Other than Dating to Prepare for Marriage

article-20143856024221762000Dating is not the only way to prepare for marriage and also can be very dangerous if not done God’s way.

Here are a 25 ways to prepare for marriage other than dating.

  1.  Healthy friendships with the opposite s*x.
  2. Get a roommate.  (same s*x)
  3. Spend time with a married couple that inspires you to be married.
  4. Learn how to cook. (Poor eating habits is very unattractive and destructive to yourself.)
  5. Establish the foundation of God’s purpose for your life.
  6. Read books on marriage.
  7. Attend conferences on preparing for marriage and relationships.
  8. Identify your strength and weaknesses in relationships.
  9. Establish a consistent prayer & devotional life.
  10. Get financial intelligence.
  11. Go to college.
  12. Examine the good and bad of your parent’s marriage.
  13. Serve at your local church.
  14. Learn how to deal with conflict with your friends.
  15. Go on a mission trip to another country with a team.
  16. Take faith risks for God to break fear and learn obedience.
  17. Examine all your failed friendships and see why things went sour.
  18. Keep your home/room/closet/car clean. (No one wants a dirty spouse)
  19. Get a hobby.
  20. Become a glass house for your close friends. (Transparency as a normal part of your life.)
  21. Ask your “real” friends what are areas of your character need development every 3-6 months.
  22. Learn when to say yes, and when to say NO. (self control)
  23. Work hard. (if you don’t want to marry a lazy person, then don’t be lazy yourself)
  24. Develop a healthy lifestyle.
  25. Get a biblical understanding of the role of a husband and wife in a Godly marriage.

EFCC Asks Borno Govt Official Who Spends N12m Every Week To Refund N200m

A top government official in Borno State said to have been in the habit of collecting N12 million every Monday in the past couple of months to run his office has been ordered to refund N200 million he allegedly obtained through corrupt means, reports have said.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has also requested for reports and video clips of projects executed by commissioners and top government officials in state, who were indicted in a series of petition written to the anti-graft agency.

EFCC had earlier questioned them following petitions written against them by some persons in the state.

Vanguard sources in the various ministries and government cycles revealed that one of the commissioners was asked to cough out N5 billion allegedly found in his possession.

Incessant Boko Haram attacks in the state over the years was said to have been seen as a golden opportunity by some government officials to siphon public funds, but concerned indigenes of the state have now petitioned the EFCC over various ccorrupt practices by the government officials.

EFCC Arrest NPS Accountant For Graft, Money Laundering

The head of Capital Accounts at the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS), Abuja, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged corruption, money laundering and abuse of public office.

Imaobong Akon Esu-Nte, a level 14 officer, who is on secondment to the NPS from the Federal Ministry of Finance, was picked up by the operatives of the EFCC, Tuesday, and was questioned for several hours over the huge amount of money found in companies’ accounts all traced to her.

Esu-Nte was said to have been arrested following intelligence reports that she had been using her office to transact business as a private contractor in violation of extant public service regulation, which forbids civil servants from doing so.

It was also observed by investigators that the lifestyle of the suspect, who is on a monthly salary of N121, 460 was at variance with the level of opulence being displayed by her.

Apart from tracing the sum of N200 million to companies owned by her and her children, the EFCC said the woman had also been remitting money amounting to N60 million into the account of an Abuja-based Pentecostal church.

She is also said to be in possession of several exotic cars and property in various parts of Abuja.

The commission said that among the property were a palatial mansion, a duplex with two-bedroom Boys Quarters at Sun City Estate, Abuja and another duplex at Karu Extension, Abuja, now nearing completion.

Three top of the range automobiles were recovered from her at the time of arrest. They include a Mercedes Benz ML 350 4matic, Mercedes Benz GL 500 and a Toyota Sienna.

EFCC sources told Vanguard that Esu-Nte’s arrest was triggered by intelligence report on suspicious in-flow of huge funds into her account with a new generation bank.

Close scrutiny of the account by investigators literally opened a can of worms, as it came to light that the suspect “is the promoter and signatory to the accounts of three companies: Abasiaga Global Resources Limited, Abasiono Nigeria Limited and Ememima Global Ventures Limited, which she established shortly after being posted to the NPS.”

Curiously too, all the directors are the suspect’s children. She was also said to be the owner of two other companies- Darima Properties and ID Petroleum, into which a huge amount of unjustified cash had been flowing into steadily.

The accounts of her companies were said to have recorded an inflow of about N200 million between 2009 and now.

Confirming the arrest, spokesman of the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, warned public officers engaged in corrupt practices to desist or risk the wrath of the law.

Let’s Unite To Fight Our Common Enemies – Sultan Of Sokoto

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III has called on Nigerians to unite and fight the common enemies of the nation.

The Sultan made this call while speaking at the first Inter-Faith Health Summit, organised by the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association in Abuja.

According to him, faith leaders in the country are determined to contribute towards improving the health of Nigeria’s population, especially the children, but he noted that such a dream would only come true in a peaceful atmosphere.

The Sultan also condemned media reports hyping negative stories about Nigeria, especially as it related to the World Economic Forum on Africa going on in Abuja.

“There are many good things happening that require that the world come together. And, Nigeria is playing the role very well. You can see how we (leaders of faith in Nigeria) relate with one another; we meet personally; we attend functions together,” he said.

“If we are at war, we can’t even sit together, you can’t go to church, you can’t go to mosque; you would remain indoors.

“For the problem of insecurity, what we must do is to come together as one body to fight terrorism at all levels. Terrorism does not know who is a Christian or who is a Muslim. When terror strikes, we all see what happens; Muslims are killed, Christians are killed. Even those who do not possess any religion are killed.

“What we need to do as leaders at all levels is come together to defeat terrorism. We plead with our foreign partners, disperse the message that we need you to come together with us so that we bring to an end the insecurity issues facing our country.”

The Sultan stated that Muslims are not against any faith in the country, noting that all they want is “to live their lives according to the Islamic dictates, without any hindrance and without any let up.”

Also speaking at the event, President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, reiterated the commitment of leaders of faith in the country to help improve the health of the citizenry, particularly children.

Pastor Oritsejafor noted that Nigerian children were suffering; and that they deserved better attention from both government and relevant stakeholders.

“We are not public health experts, but we know our people. We don’t ask for resources from international donors and the Ministry of Health because we are nice people who somehow deserve a role; we ask for resources to play our part because we know that it works; we know it works.”

“We wish people in need in every nook and cranny, every dusty road in the city and in every rural village. We know our people and they trust us. Such role we do not take for granted,” he said.

Police Arrest 6 Over Murder Of Delta Vigilante Chiefs

Men of the Delta State Police Command have arrested six persons in connection with the killing of the chairmen of Udu Central Vigilante Red Bar Security, Prosper Erhinyojare and Godwin Migaga in Udu Local Government Area of the state.

Erhinyojare and Migaga were allegedly killed by assassins last month.

In a statement, yesterday, by the state Police Public Relations Officer, Celestina Kalu, Delta State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, gave the name of those arrested as David, Rege, Festus and Ojekom, while others are at large.

“Items recovered from them include two AK 47 rifles, 90 rounds of 7.62mm live ammunition and two locally made cut to size single barrelled shot-guns.

“The arrested suspects, some of whom had made confessional statements highlighting their functions and degree of involvement in the dastardly act, at the completion of investigation, will be charged to court.

“Investigation has further revealed that the intention of the hoodlums was to instil fear in the populace by brutally killing the two vigilante chiefs, who had done so much to aid security agencies in their duties of law enforcement.

“The Command and its personnel will not relent until all the culprits indentified are brought to book. We, however, implore the people of Delta State not to be deterred as the Police cannot do without their continuous support, particularly in this perilous time. With their collective input, we have the capacity to contain the criminal elements in our midst most of whom, from evidence at our disposal, drift into Delta State from the sister states,” the statement read.

‘I never served as a househelp’ – Rivers 1st Lady, Judith Amaechi

During the ‘celebrity read a book’ session at the 2014 UNESCO World Book Festival which held in Port Harcourt recently, First Lady of Rivers Mrs Judith Amaechi finally addressed long standing rumours that she was once a housemaid. When asked by a student if the story was true, Mr Amaechi said the rumor was laughable and totally untrue

“There is nothing wrong being a housemaid. Its a process and a path to success but I want to state emphatically and unequivocally that I was never and had never served as a housemaid to anyone. It is unfair. This falsehood and our children must be insulated from lies and propaganda” she said.

She went on to say that though her mother died when she was 4 years old, she was fortunate to be trained by her educationist aunt who sent her to highbrow schools

“I had the priviledge of attending highbrow primary school, that is the Port Harcourt Primary School and I made one of the best results. I sat for Common Entrance and then I was admitted into the Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma. These are schools reserved for children of the influential and top echelon in our society. Will any housemaid be admitted into such schools? This is just an attempt to smear my reputation” she said.

‘How I died twice with my only child’ – mother of Nyanya bomb blast victim tells her story

A woman, madam Grace Omokoro Joe whose only child was killed in the Nyanya bombing narrated  the untimely death of her only  child who was to resume his first ever work on the said date in Abuja. The woman has been going through tough times since she lost her son. She fainted when she saw her son’s dead body at the park, and fainted the second time when the second bomb blast occurred. Right now, her only brother has relocated her from Nyanya since she can no longer stand the trauma.

Madam Grace spoke at a protest staged by the Nigerian Women in Clergy on Friday, under the leadership of Prophetess Nonie Roberson. The clergy women had used the protest to create a forum to target post traumatic syndrome among people they have identified as ‘forgotten victims’ of the bomb blast.



Narrating her horrible experience, the woman whose husband is also late said on the fateful day, her only child, Joel Olukayode, a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Minna was to resume his first temporary job in Abuja town. She said ” on the fateful morning, we had our morning devotion and I asked my Son to take at least a cup of tea, but he said he was okay, and I gave him my blessing. After 10-15 minutes that he left, the blast went off. I went outside to check if he was still there, but I didn’t see him, so I quickly ran to the park, and on getting there, I saw my Son on the ground, dead.  That was the last thing I could remember. He was my only child, and I guess, I died momentarily with him and I died the second time, but God says, there is still time.”

Also narrating how they have been coping with the trauma of the blast, Mr. Balogun, brother to the bereaved woman said it was not easy going from one Mortuary to the other, checking all dead bodies of the victims of the blast before they could identify the body of the late Juel Olukayode, a 29 year old graduate of Chemical Engineering. He said “When she fainted, the body was taken away. So, when she was revived, we had to go to almost all hospitals in Abuja where bodies were deposited, looking for Joel’s body, before we finally got it. The trauma of looking at almost all dead bodies deposited in various hospitals can better be imagined.” Balogun said.

Please, this woman and many others need help.  Well-meaning Nigerians and the government are to join this campaign.

Written by Adoyi Ali

Abubakar Shekau, The Evil – By Femi Fani-Kayode


Femi Fani-Kayode took time to talk about the recent video by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau in which he admitted to the Chibok kidnapping.
Shekau had said: “I am going to marry out any woman who is 12 years old, and if she is younger, I will marry her out at the age of nine, just like how my mother, Aisha, the daughter of Abubakar, was married out to Prophet Mohammad at the age of nine.
You are all in danger, I mean all of you. I am the one who captured all those girls and will sell all of them. I have a market where I sell human beings because it is Allah that says I should sell human beings. Yes, I will sell women, because I sell women.
I captured and abducted girls in a Western school, and it became a worrying issue for all of you. You have forgotten that I have said that it is not only girls’ education I am against. I am against everyone who attends a Western school. Girls should go and marry.
Slavery is allowed in my religion, and I shall capture people and make them slaves. Don’t think we are done yet because we are not. We are on our way to Abuja and we shall also visit the South, not to look for
Jonathan but to destroy the nation’s refineries.
Talking about human rights and democracy. Nonsense. People that are doing same-sex marriage and saying they are leaders. I will imprison Jonathan’s daughter. Anyone who turns to Islam will be saved. For me, anyone that embraces Islam is my own. Stupid Jonathan, you will be surprised. Until the land is soaked with blood.
You said you want to capture me. Surely, you will one day. But I will also haunt for Jonathan, and if I catch him, I will kill him.
Do not think I am indispensable, I am not. Anybody can kill me. Even the smallest of creature can kill me. But when you kill me, somebody more deadly will rise, and you will cry that you will rather have me than him, just as you now say that Yusuf Mohamed is more lenient that me.
I am a leader, I don’t have any president; I am my president. Late Aminu Kano, Late Tafawa Balewa are not Muslims, they are all pagans. I am going to kill all the Imams and other Islamic clerics in Nigeria because they are not Muslims since they follow democracy and constitution.
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is a pagan, Senator Ali Ndume is also a pagan and they are all inclusive. I am against democracy and you should better get prepared. It is Allah that instructed us, until we soak the ground of Nigeria with Christian blood, and so-called Muslims contradicting Islam. We will kill and wonder what to do with smelling of their corpses, smelling of Obama, Bush and Jonathan. Then we will open prison and imprison the rest. Infidels have no value.
This is a war against Christians and democracy and their constitution. Allah says we should finish them when we get them. In fact, you are supposed to wash and re-wash a plate Christian eats food from before you eat as Muslims.
Are Christians the people we should play with? They killed us in Shendam, Zangon Katab and all the places. It is either you are with us or you are with them, and when we see you, we will harvest your neck with knife”.

Top Unical Lecturer Shot in his Office

CALABAR—GUNMEN suspected to be students, Tuesday, shot a lecturer in the University of Calabar,  Dr  Godwin Iwatt in his office mortally wounding  him.

The lecturer who was shot in the stomach was rushed to the  General Hospital Calabar where he is still in a  coma at the emergency unit of the hospital  with doctors battling to save his life.

An eyewitness who spoke to Vanguard on condition of anonymity said the lecturer was in his office at the Department of Microbiology at about 3 pm when two persons  suspected to be  students went  into his office and opened fire on him.

Saudi Blogger Sentenced To 10 Years Imprisonment, 1,000 Lashes For Insulting Islam

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a blogger and activist to 10 years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes for setting up a “liberal” network and insulting Islam.

The sentence for Raef Badawi was handed down on Wednesday in a Jeddah court.

Badawi was arrested last June and sentenced to seven years in jail and 600 lashes. But an appeals court overturned the ruling and ordered a retrial.

In addition to a harsher sentence, the court on Wednesday also ordered Badawi to pay a $266,000 fine.

The network that he co-founded with another activist, Suad al-Shammari, had declared May 7 2012 a “day of liberalism” and called for an end to the dominance of religion over public life in the kingdom.

Shamari said the network’s website had “criticised some clerics, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (religious police), in addition to religious fatwas (edicts) considered harmful to Islam.

“Clerics have filed a lawsuit against him. The government tries to appease them, at our expense sometimes,” AFP news agency reported her as saying.

Shamari said the network was only active online, adding: “Our activities remain virtual.”

Amnesty International called Wednesday’s ruling “outrageous”.

Phillip Luther, director of Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa Programme, said: “He [Badawi] is a prisoner of conscience who is guilty of nothing more than daring to create a public forum for discussion and peacefully exercising the right to freedom of expression.

“Raif Badawi is the latest victim to fall prey to the ruthless campaign to silence peaceful activists in Saudi Arabia.

“The authorities seem determined to crush all forms of dissent through every means at their disposal, including imposing harsh prison sentences and corporal punishment on activists.” [AFP]

PHOTOS: Kanu Nwankwo Joins Aguero, Suarez, Neymar And Others To Kick Against Racism


For sometime now, pictures of  prominent personalities eating bananas flooded the internet after Barcelona ace Neymar posted a similar snap of himself in support of Dani Alves, accompanied by the hashtag ‘#WeAreAllMonkeys’.
However, Spanish paper AS claims that together with marketing agency Loducca, Neymar and Alves planned to eat the next banana thrown at them live in front of a TV audience, and use that moment to kick-start a social media campaign.
In a bid to support the laudable campaign, Papilo, as the former Olympic football gold medal winner is being called by his fans, also posted a picture of himself eating a banana on his Twitter handle few hours ago.
Prior to Kanu, prominent football stars like Aguero, Neymar, Suarez, Vincent Enyeama and many more have
also gone on different social media to post pictures of themselves eating banana to kick racism out of the world.
Here are some of their pictures:

Aguero (left)
Neymar and his son
* Suarez, right, and Coutinho

Nigeria’s Stolen Girls: See What The New York Times wrote about GEJ

Below is a New York Times editorial published yesterday May 6. Y’all need to read this. Find below..

Three weeks after their horrifying abduction in Nigeria, 276 of the more than 300 girls who were taken from a school by armed militants are still missing, possibly sold into slavery or married off. Nigerian security forces apparently do not know where the girls are and the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has been shockingly slow and inept at addressing this monstrous crime.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Children’s Fund said Boko Haram, the ruthless Islamist group that claimed responsibility for the kidnappings, abducted more young girls from their homes in the same part of the country in the northeast over the weekend. The group, whose name roughly means “Western education is a sin,” has waged war against Nigeria for five years. Its goal is to destabilize and ultimately overthrow the government. The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, said in a video released on Monday, “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.”

This is not the first time Boko Haram has attacked students, killing young men and kidnapping young women. The security situation in Northeast Nigeria has steadily deteriorated. In the first three months of this year, attacks by Boko Haram and reprisals by government security forces have killed at least 1,500 people, more than half of them civilians, according to Amnesty International. Until now, there has been little response to the violence, either in Nigeria or internationally. But the kidnapping of so many young girls, ages 12 to 15, has triggered outrage and ignited a rare anti government protest movement in Nigeria.

On Sunday, after weeks of silence, Mr. Jonathan admitted that “this is a trying time for our country,” and he said that Nigerians were justified in their anger against the government and appealed for international help. The reaction of Mr. Jonathan’s wife, Patience, was stunningly callous; according to state news media, she told one of the protest leaders, “You are playing games. Don’t use schoolchildren and women for demonstrations again.”

Boko Haram’s claim that it follows Islamic teachings is nonsense. A pre-eminent Islamic theological institute, Al-Azhar in Egypt, denounced the abductions, saying it “completely contradicts the teachings of Islam and its tolerant principles.” Although Boko Haram is believed to number no more than a few hundred men, Nigerian security forces have been unable to defeat them.

Mr. Jonathan, who leads a corrupt government that has little credibility, initially played down the group’s threat and claimed security forces were in control. It wasn’t until Sunday, more than two weeks after the kidnappings, that he called a meeting of government officials, including the leader of the girls’ school, to discuss the incident. There is no doubt the intelligence and investigation help President Obama offered on Monday is needed.

The kidnappings occurred just as President Jonathan is about to hold the World Economic Forum on Africa, with 6,000 troops deployed for security. That show of force may keep the delegates safe, but Nigeria’s deeply troubled government cannot protect its people, attract investment and lead the country to its full potential if it cannot contain a virulent insurgency.

United Kingdom Pledge To Help Nigeria Find Missing Chibok Girls

The Federal Government has received a commitment from the United Kingdom to help in the rescue effort for the over 240 girls who were abducted by Boko Haram Insurgent weeks ago.
Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati released a statement which revealed that President Jonathan spoke with his British Prime Minister, David Cameron on the phone and requested for deployment of British Satellite Imaging capabilities and advanced tracking technologies to boost the outcome of the search.
Abati said: “The President thanked Mr. Cameron, the British Government and people for their concern over the fate of the abducted girls and their willingness to provide concrete assistance to save the girls from the terrorists who seized them from their school.
“He told the Prime Minister that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will liaise with the British Government through its High Commission in Nigeria to work out practical details of the promised support and collaboration against terrorism.”
Abati also revealed that China has also offered it’s hand to help find and rescue the girls. Jonathan had met
with Premier Li Keqiang earlier today and the Chinesse Premier assured Jonathan that they will fully support Nigeria and will even train Nigeria’s  military personnel for anti-insurgency operations.

20-Year-Old Lady Caught Having Sex In Virgin Aeroplane Toilets



A drunken 20-year-old British woman was caught having sex in the toilet of a Virgin Atlantic flight with a male passenger she had just met while her parents sat just metres away.

The woman was travelling with her family on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas in the US last week when she disappeared to the toilet with the man sitting next to her.

A passenger said, “She started getting heated with the guy next to her. They went into the bathroom and people could hear loud noises. The cabin crew forced to door open, then she really kicked off.”

A row broke out between her and the air stewards and she had to be restrained to her seat.

She was later taken away to be questioned by the US police but released with a warning before continuing her holiday in the notorious Navada resort.

Virgin Atlantic however said last night that they do no accept bad behaviour by any passengers on board their planes.

Former Governor Of Lagos State Sir Michael Otedola Dies At 87

With reference to the confirmed  family source reports that the 87-year-old former governor of Lagos Sir Michael Otedola is dead.

Photo: Femi Otedola's father, former Lagos governor Michael Otedola dies

* Femi Otedola, son of late Michael Otedola

Born on July 16, 1926 into a Muslim family at Odoragunsin, Epe LGA of Lagos State, worked as a teacher and then a reported. He became Lagos governor in January 1992 and remained at this position until November 1993.

After leaving office Michael Otedola proceeded with writing and was in 2010 included by ThisDay newspaper in the list of 15 eminent Nigerians who had won Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Late Sir Otedola was the father of Nigerian billionaire businessman Femi Otedola.

Condolences to the family.

Police Arrest Robbers-Rapists At The Crime Scene

Four young men were detained by the police on suspision of robbery and gang-rape at the Ikeja area of Lagos State.Four Young Robbers Nabbed While Raping Victim

It was learnt that the suspects Tochuckwu Ilom, 21, Confidence Oziegbe, 20, Simon Peter, 25, and Nnemeka Ugochukwu, 26, attacked four women on their way to the office. Three of the ladies managed to escape but for the victim, Ms Ogbonna, who was robbed and repeatedly raped at gunpoint.

The incident happened at Airport Road, Ikeja, around 6am. Over time the escaped women stopped a police patrol van and reported the assault. The police officers tracked down the criminals who were under the bridge abusing their victim.

Caught in the act they possesed guns and other weapons as well as victim’s cellphone, jewelry, her torn clothes and a cash sum of N2, 200. During the operation some of the robbers fled the scene of the crime.

The suspects were brought to jusice in an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s court on four counts of armed robbery and rape. The offences were punishable under sections 295, 258 and 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.

The accused pleaded guilty to the crime; they will stay in the Ikoyi prison for the first 30 days till the the legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution, DPP, is released. The investigation сontinues.

Nigerian Girls’ Captor: ‘I Will Sell Them’


The Islamist kidnapper of more than 200 Nigerian girls missing since April 14 has vowed to sell them, AFP reports.

Abubakar Shekau claimed in a video obtained by the news wire that he would find a buyer for the schoolgirls kidnapped in northern Nigeria three weeks ago.

He said: “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.”

At least 223 youngsters were seized by suspected militants during a raid in the village of Chibok.

Reports had previously circulated that some of the girls missing have already been sold as brides across Nigeria’s border with Chad and Cameroon for as little as £7 ($12).

Police and the family say the number still being held is as high as 276.

The brazenness of the school attack – during which the girls were rounded up and put on to trucks – has shocked Nigerians accustomed to atrocities in a five-year conflict with insurgents.

Niger Delta Militants Kidnap 3 Dutch Nationals And 2 Nigerians


Well armed Niger Delta militants have kidnapped three Dutch nationals, two males and a female at Letugbene, a boundary community between Delta and Bayelsa State. Two Nigerians accompanying the Dutch nationals are said to be missing.

According to sources, the incident took place Sunday at about 4: 30pm, after the Dutch nationals left the palace of the traditional ruler of Iduwuni Kingdom,King Joel Ibane (Ogiobo IX) as part of their visit to the Dodo River communities where they had visited for a fact-finding mission around a local hospital in Amutu II when they were seized.

The sources stated further that the foreigners were in the community to see the local hospital which served over 16 communities along the Dodo River and figure out how they could assist the villagers in the area with health care.

It was learned that the armed militants who came in a Passport 19 spead boat with AK-47 rifles started shooting sporadically, and the villagers who came to the jetty to see off the foreigners started scampering into safety while several persons in the same boat with the foreigners jumped into the river leaving the foreigners at the mercy of the militants.

Another account stated that among those that jumped into the river; a man could not be found as the militants carted away laptops, ipads, mobile phones, cameras among other item as they sped off with the Dutch nationals into the creeks.

A Nigerian journalist who was with the foreigners on the trip told our correspondent that the incident that took place very quickly leaving him and others dumbfounded.

“I was on the boat with the three Dutch nationals and two Nigerians where the gunmen rounded us at Letugbene community and ordered everybody to lie face down in the boat. They collected all our belongings including handsets, cameras, IPads among others. I heard them say take the white men away. I do not know if the other Nigerians were equally seized because, at the time, they left we could not find the two Nigerians. Some persons in the second boat which including community leaders from Dodo River jumped into the river following the heavy shooting. We learnt some of them are missing including the Netherlands based-Nigerians who came with the foreigners”.

The foreigners, our correspondent gathered had on Saturday alongside a team led by Amsterdam based Nigerian activist, Comrade Sunny Ofehe of Hope for Niger Delta Campaign, HNDC held a press briefing with the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, Warri Correspondent Chapel of their mission to the communities.

During a press briefing, the team said they were in the Niger Delta following the invitation by the leadership of Dodo River federated community led by Mr. Berry Negerese, who was said to have facilitated their trip to see how they have helped the local hospital which they said was built through a Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) initiatives.

First lady Orders Arrest Of All Missing Girls Protest leaders.


LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — A leader of a protest march for 276 missing schoolgirls says Nigeria’s First Lady abused them, expressed doubts there was any kidnapping and accused them of belonging to the terrorist network blamed for the abductions. Then she ordered two of them arrested.

Saratu Angus Ndirpaya of Chibok town said State Security Service agents drove her and protest leader Naomi Mutah Nyadar to a police station Monday after an all-night meeting at the presidential villa in Abuja, the capital. She said Nyadar remains in detention. Police could not be reached for comment.

Ndirpaya says First Lady Patience Jonathan accused them of fabricating the abductions to give Nigeria’s government and her husband “a bad name.”

“What Happened Is Home Trouble, I Never Used Drugs” – Majek Fashek

Nigerian Reggae legend Majek Fashek was a guest on Rubbin Minds today and he addressed a few issues. When host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked him if the tales of him using drugs is true and is responsible for his career nosedive, Majek said he never did drugs, that what happened to him is what Africans called home trouble
“I never did drugs. My life was just affected by home trouble” he said.
He also said his problem is spiritual. Majek said he’s currently working on an album which would be released sometime in June

We’ll treat Okorocha as saboteur come 2015 –APGA BoT member


An Igbo leader and member of the Board of Trustees of the All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA), Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, has hinted that APGA would treat Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State as a saboteur during the 2015 governorship elec­tion in the State, if he failed to return to the party before the elec­tion and apologise for his wrong political calcula­tions.

Speaking to newsmen at his Rojenny Games Village, Oba in Anambra State, at the weekend, Ezeonwuka said Okorocha made the biggest mistake of his life by defecting from APGA to the All Progressives Congress (APC). He rea­soned that such a political miscalculation was capable of costing him a second tenure in Imo Government House in 2015.

He insisted that Okoro­cha must swallow his pride, return to APGA and apologise for his misdeeds or he should forget a sec­ond term bid as APGA had concluded arrangements to treat him like a saboteur when the day of reckoning comes.

On the ongoing legal tussle between Chiefs Vic­tor Umeh and Maxi Okwu over the national chair­manship of APGA, Ezeo­nwuka declared that “the emergence of Maxi Okwu is like a 419 deal”, adding that Okwu could not have emerged as national chair­man when Umeh’s tenure had not expired.

On the current on­slaught against criminals in Anambra State, Ezeo­nwuka praised Governor Willie Obiano for the bold initiative,urging that the tempo should be sustained until all criminals were flushed out of the State.

He appealed to Obiano to install security cameras in all nooks and crannies of the state, and urged the public to always give use­ful information that could lead to the arrest of crimi­nals to only senior police officers.

The Reason I Remarried After Christy Essien’s Death — Chief Edwin Igbokwe Explains

Essien's Death--Chief Edwin IgbokweHusband of the late Lady of Songs, Christy Essien Igbokwe, Chief Edwin Igbokwe, has lashed the Nigerian media on how they have wrongfully managed his marriage to another woman, which was held on 19th of April, 2014 in Owerri, Imo State. The new lovebirds later held their white wedding ceremony on Easter Monday, the 21st of April in Awka.

According to Chief Edwin Igbokwe, he had granted an interview to a print medium where he said he was not going to remarry, but that he did not expect he could not cope alone.

“Nobody expected what happened to happen. I thought I could stay alone, but I discovered it wasn’t possible and it would have been very terrible if people started seeing different women coming in and out of my house. I wanted a responsible situation. I want to live longer,” he said.

Chief Igbokwe further stated that his new wife has been a family friend since after the war and was close to the family before his late wife’s demise and as such deemed it fit to get betrothed to her since she was well known among the family and he needed someone to appreciate. 

“What people don’t know is that you need a partner to quarrel with. Once you get married, you feel a different life and when that life is cut off from you, you will feel dejected. Even if it’s from morning till night that you quarrel with your wife and you still sleep together and wake up, you will appreciate her,” Chief Igbokwe noted.

Face of the Principal of the Chibok Girls Secondary School

Principal-of-the-Chibok-Girls-Secondary-School-Mrs-Asabe-KwaburaHere is the face of the principal of the Chibok Girls Secondary School, Borno state, North east Nigeria, where 276 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants on 14 April.

The kidnap has stirred international concerns about the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

Of the 276 girls taken away, 223 are still with Boko Haram militants, with reports that the girls had been married off to them for as little as N2,000, about $12.

The Real Reasons Why President Jonathan Sacked Political Adviser Ahmed Gulak

President Goodluck Jonathan sacked his Political Adviser, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, in an unceremonious manner.


Sources told Vanguard that Gulak’s sacking might not be unconnected with his undue meddling in the affairs of some People’s Democratic Party, PDP, states.

However, Gulak told Vanguard that his leaving the government had nothing to do with the face-off with the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, and Chairman of PDP Governor’s Forum, Chief Godswill Akpabio.

He said that he left the presidency to join the governorship race in Adamawa State, saying “indigenes of Adamawa State are fed up with the misgovernment of Admiral Murtala Nyako, whose accomplishments in office has been very negligible and controversial.”

He said the people of Adamawa have been urging him “to come and contest and the need to give his people the type of leadership that they deserve has come.

“My relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan is very cordial and PDP is functioning as a family. There is no faction among us and our focus is winning 50 percent of the governorship seats in 2015.”

However, a top source told Vanguard that the President had lately become uncomfortable with the activities of his Political Adviser and had to send him packing.

The source pointed out that some governors of PDP had also been kicking against the activities of the former Political Adviser and had asked the President to call him to order for the sake of 2015 elections.