FG Defends Movement Of $9.3 Cash To S’Africa For Arms Purchase

The Federal Government yesterday opened diplomatic discussions with South African authorities on the seizure of $9.3m cash found on two Nigerians and an Israeli citizen.

According to reports, the money was meant for the purchase of arms on behalf of Nigerian security services. The Nigerian government has therefore insisted that the deal was legal.

The Federal Government, it was learnt, has released data and documents on the transaction process to South Africa, thereby confirming that the entire operation involving the aircraft was ‘genuine’.

As a result of the preliminary diplomatic talks which were convincing to the South African authorities, the private jet may have been released to the Nigerian government pending the conclusion of a comprehensive investigation by South Africa, Vanguard findings revealed.

The Bi-Focal diplomatic talks with South Africa were both at governmental level and exchanges by intelligence services of the two nations, Vanguard further learnt.

It was gathered that the South African Government only faulted “non-declaration” of the cash by the delegation from Nigeria. Sources also said the diplomacy covered sharing of vital security information to prove that the deal was necessary.

“Nigeria and South Africa are getting closer to diplomatic resolution of the row over the $9.3 million transaction. The two nations have opened discussions.

“The Federal Government has submitted relevant data and documents on the transaction to South Africa and insisted that the transaction was legitimate.

“It also clarified that the funds were neither laundered nor smuggled for any covert manoeuvres. No launderer will be audacious to fly into a country in a chartered jet with such huge cash.

“The technical details on security matters, which necessitated the deal had been availed South Africa for screening.

“Based on initial scrutiny of the documents, the Challenger Jet has been released pending conclusion of a full-scale investigation by South Africa,” the Vanguard source said.

Asked why South Africa impounded the cash, the source added: “There was procedural error at the airport, the team did not declare the $9.3 million contrary to the aviation and Customs laws of South Africa. So, there was an oversight on the part of the delegation that went to complete the transaction.

“Nigeria is trying to complete the formality and we are confident that the cash will be released for the purpose it was meant for.”

The source added that, “Movement of cash for strategic purchase of security equipment by intelligence services is not new; it is a global trend. The FBI, KGB, MOSSAD and others do it.”

Lawmaker Cautions Rivers On FG’s School Project

A lawmaker in Rivers State, Mr. Evans Bipi, has cautioned the state government against stopping Federal Government from going ahead with its plan to construct a model school in Ogu community, Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area.

Reacting to a call by the state on the Federal Government to stay off schools in the state, Bipi, who spoke yesterday in Port Harcourt, said the people of Ogu/Bolo will not hesitate to come out to protest against the state government if it stops the project.

Evans, who is a factional Speaker and represents Ogu/Bolo in the state House of Assembly, said the community had not been lucky to have a federal project, so it will resist any attempt by the state government to stop the Federal Government project in the area.

He said: “This is the first time in history that Ogu/Bolo will be remembered by any government at the centre and the state government cannot deny us of this opportunity.”

The Minister of State for Education, Mr. Nyesom Wike, had said Federal Government will reconstruct some secondary schools in the state. [Vanguard]

Tambuwal Blasts Jonathan Over 2015 Elections

The Nigerian House of Representatives, led by Speaker Aminu Tambuwal has condemned the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and its supporters for organising campaigns ahead of the 2015 general elections in violation of the Electoral Act.

According to Section 99 (1-3) of the Electoral Act states: “For the purpose of this Act, the period of campaigning in public by every political party shall commence 90 days before polling day and end 24 hours prior to that day.


“A registered political party which through any person acting on its behalf during the 24 hours before polling day procures for publication or acquiesces in the publication of an advertisement in a newspaper for the purpose of promoting or opposing a particular candidate, commits an offence under this Act and upon conviction is liable to a maximum fine of N500,000.”

During his welcome remarks on the House of Reps resumption from a long recess, Tambuwal said in spite of the clear guidelines in the Electoral Act, the PDP is acting at variance with its responsibilities.

“The election year 2015 is still unborn, as far as the prescriptions of the Electoral Act and INEC Regulations and Guidelines are concerned, but for some, desperation has already taken over.

“As we conduct ourselves with due regard to the serious security challenge of insurgency and terrorism with bloodletting on the rise and the general volatile political atmosphere, the people should be our prime focus because without the people there will be no country and therefore nothing to represent or to gover,” Tambuwal stated.

In the same vein, the opposition party in the House of Reps, the All Progressives Congress, APC, has threatened to sue President Goodluck Jonathan and any other persons sponsoring various campaign groups, including Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN) and some electronic media houses, for violating the provisions of the Electoral Act.

Speaking with the Nation on the matter, the Minority Leader of the House of Reps, Femi Gbajabiamila said: “It’s a big problem. The electoral law is very clear; you cannot begin to campaign until 90 days before a general election. And continuously the president and the PDP,

“They’ve been doing these things for not today, not yesterday, not last week; it’s been going on for months now. It’s the impunity that we’ve always been talking about that people don’t listen. Now it has come home to roost.”


It would be recalled that TAN at the weekend held a political rally in Niger State where a lot of people were reported to have been injured after the podium erected for the event collapsed

$9.3m: FG Releases Documents In Support Of The Deal Legality

The Nigerian authorities started diplomatic talks with South African authorities regarding the seizure of $9.3m allegedly illegally imported to the country on a private jet.


It would be recalled that two Nigerians and and Israeli arrived weekend in a private aircraft with the said sum of money packed in several suitcases.

The cash imported against procedure was reportedly aimed at buying arms for the Nigerian security, the 3 passengers said.

According to Vanguard, the Federal Government (FG) spoke in defence of the deal insisting it was legal and not arms smuggling, as alleged.

It was also found out yesterday that the jet belonged to the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who leased the Challenger to Green Coast Produce Limited since August 2 and thus denied any knowledge of the deal.

To confirm the legality of the deal the FG released data and documents on the transaction process to South African colleagues.

It was gathered that following the provision of proof, which the South African authorities found convincing, the jet might have been released to the Nigerian government pending the conclusion of the investigation.

The report says that the diplomatic talks involved not only governmental officials but also intelligence services representatives, with important security information attached in support of the deal legality.

The South African colleagues however criticized “non-declaration” of the money by the Nigerian delegation. It would be recalled that it was one of the reason why the cash was seized: the procedure of importation of the said amount violated the applicable law.

Vanguard source commented on the development saying:

“The Federal Government has submitted relevant data and documents on the transaction to South Africa and insisted that the transaction was legitimate. It also clarified that the funds were neither laundered nor smuggled for any covert manoeuvres. No launderer will be audacious to fly into a country in a chartered jet with such huge cash… Based on initial scrutiny of the documents, the Challenger Jet has been released pending conclusion of a full-scale investigation by South Africa.”

The source characterized the procedural error, specifically failure to declare the money, as an “oversight” by the Nigerian delegation adding:

“Nigeria is trying to complete the formality and we are confident that the cash will be released for the purpose it was meant for. Movement of cash for strategic purchase of security equipment by intelligence services is not new; it is a global trend. The FBI, KGB, MOSSAD and others do it.”

Alibaba Celebrates His Daughter As She Turns 16 Today – Photos

Nigerian comedian, Alibaba took to his twitter page to celebrate his daughter, Princess Brandi Eserophe Ididiong Akpobome who clocked 16 years today.
Brandi is a student at St. Edward’s school, Oxford, England. She also plays the piano, dances and swims amongst other things.
Read Alibaba’s message below:

Boko Haram Sponsorship: Obasanjo Connived With Davies To Embarrass Jonathan – Asari Dokubo

In what could apparently be considered a daring move, leader of Niger-Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Alhaji Dokubo-Asari yesterday exploded, saying that former President Olusegun Obasanjo connived with Boko Haram peace Negotiator, Mr. Stephen Davies to name Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika and Senator Ali Sheriff as sponsors of the deadly sect to embarrass President Goodluck Jonathan.
boko haram
Asari who recalled his personal relationship with the Australian negotiator stated that it was so “shameful” that Davies could compromise his revered position as a principled man to score some “cheap” points.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, Asari who was also the former President of Ijaw Youth Council,IYC, said it was laughable that the immediate past Chief of Army Staff,Gen. Ihejirika, who was accused of genocide by some northern elements would be named a sponsor of Boko Haram.

He said: “I know Stephen Davies. I meet him in 2004 when he came to my camp with Van Kemedy and told us that he had the mandate of the European Union, the British Government, the Church of England and Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo to negotiate with us to come out of our camps and meet with the government.

“I was sceptical but after all there ought to be peace. So, I gave it a chance until Timi Alaibe and others also came. We negotiated and we came out. I was brought to Abuja with some of our men and we met with Obasanjo. Thereafter, we had a very robust relationship: His daughters, other family members, friends. He was very good to me but he was Obasanjo’s friend.

“Lately when I started reading about a Federal government negotiator and Steve Davies name popped up, I was wandering. Steve Davies, a christain with Boko Haram? How possible? Until he came out with his report and I found out that the report made nonsense of all the respect and high regards I have for him. This is the man who says that opposition was sponsoring Boko Haram. That was the main theme of the report; that President Goodluck Jonathan was not acting to bring these opposition elements who are sponsoring Boko Haram.

But all of a sudden, he made a complete somersault. He never named any member of the opposition. The first person he called was Gen. Ihejirika. This is laughable. It is common sensical to ask: was he “high” or something when he said because any right thinking person, if it is not that so many of these people are made and sick in Nigeria who parade themselves as intellectuals with all prefixes and suffixes behind their names, it is so appalling. When did Ihejirika start sponsoring Boko Haram? Was it in 2002 when the group made an Ijira to Yobe, when they had confrontation with members of the Nigerian Police or was it in 2009 when the leader of the group, Mohammed Yusuf was extra-judicially murdered on the orders of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, which they said Ali Modu Sheriff was misdirected the government for him to be killed?’

“What if Stephen Davies had named the President as a sponsor, what would have happened? So, innocent people should just be sacrificed? No. It is not right. The President should be able to discern when this is political.

“Steven Davies is Obasajo’s friend. Obasanjo’s agenda is to kick out Jonathan from Aso Rock. Obasanjo masterminded it. I am 100% sure. Steven Davies is Obasanjo’s friend. Obasanjo brought him to Nigeria. Obasanjo would have told him there is somebody in Central Bank who is sponsoring Boko Haram. Steven Davies did not name that but it was easy to name Ihejirika and Sheriff.

When did Ihejirika start sponsoring Boko Haram? Was it at time that Ihejirika who was nobody, who was in the Engineering Corps of the Nigerian Army was sponsoring Boko Haram? For what purpose? Who gave him the money to sponsor Boko Haram? Or was it when he became Chief of Army Staff when some northern elites have been campaigning going to ICC, calling for trial of this man for committing genocide? And Shehu Sani and El-rufia who have been at the top? When did Ihejirika transmute? It is terrible.

“I am so disappointed. I will not deny that I know him, he was good to me. But I think this is the worst period of his life. Whatever had happened for him to compromise his position so brazenly, it will end his career in big disgrace.

“Why was it easy to name Sheriff and Ihejirika but was difficult to name the man at CBN? Steve Davies should be ashamed of himself that he would be so cheaply used by Obasanjo and thinks that he can score a point. I am so ashamed of him. Their agenda is to continue to embarrass Jonathan with their friends in the international scene.”

Also, reacting on the involvement of former Governor of Borno State, Sen. Ali Sheriff, the Niger-Delta Activist said that as a muslim, it was possible that Sheriff may have had an encounter with some members of the group in the beginning and later opted out when it became obvious that their activities were weird.

He tongue-lashed the All Progressive Congress, APC, for making the alleged involvement of Sheriff a priority, saying that their interest on crucifying him was prompted by his exit from APC.

“For Modu Sherrif, it is very simply. If he was had a relationship with the group at the beginning, it was possible. Somebody can be affiliated to a group. I was the President of Ijaw Youth Council, IYC. But now I am no longer a member because I am more than the constitutionally prescribed age to be a member of IYC. If it takes a decision today, is it binding on me?

“Yes, in an Islamic Group, you can pray together with people. You can like their preaching, purity of Islam. They said they are Salafins. They want to purify, restore Islam to its pristine condition and everybody will be attracted to it. But when they start to do certain action that becomes contradictory to one’s belief, he is free to say I can’t associate with you any longer. He can move on.

“When did APC realize it? They have been hyping it. He was chairman, BoT of APC until about 3 months ago. All along they didn’t realize he was a Boko Haram sponsor. If he didn’t go back to the PDP, he would still have remained a non-sponsor of Boko Haram”, He posited.

Amaechi Replies Mbu: How Can A Man Who Served As A Puppet Call Himself A Lion

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has dismissed comments by the former state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu, who described himself as a lion that tamed the governor in Port Harcourt.

Mbu, who was recently promoted Assistant Inspector-General of Police, spoke while handing over to the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Wilson Inalegwu, on Monday in Abuja.


However, Governor Amaechi, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. David Iyofor in Port Harcourt, described Mbu as a puppet, who lacks the steel and strength of a lion.

He said: “It is very sad, pathetic and ironic that Mbu called himself a lion. Which lion? This character called Joseph Mbu completely lacks the courage, steel and strength of a lion.

Rather he is a puppet.

“This is a man paid by taxpayers to protect, secure and serve the interests of the people, but, when he was in Rivers State, he spurned the people, trampled on the masses and rather elected to be the partisan servant of one person, in causing disaffection, confusion and crises in Rivers State.

“Mbu shamelessly and corruptly turned himself into a toothless attack dog to fight the government and people of Rivers State.

“How can a man who has no strength of character; a man who willingly submits himself to serve as a puppet call himself a lion? How ironic.

“Mr. Mbu, no lion behaves like that. You are a disgrace and shame to the Nigerian Police Force.”
Governor Amaechi insisted that Mbu epitomises everything that was wrong with the police in Nigeria.

He said Mbu not only disobeyed the Inspector General of Police during his time in Rivers State, but also clearly acted lawlessly, like a man who was above the law and in fact, turned himself into the law.”

He said Mbu can neither tame him nor the people of Rivers State to surrender their constitutionally-guaranteed democratic rights to anyone, no matter how highly placed.

67 South Africans Died In Synagogue Building Collapse – Zuma

jacob_zuma_975982808Indications emerged on Tuesday that more people than the bodies so far recovered died in the collapsed building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations last Friday as the South African President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, announced that 67 South Africans were victims of the incident.

“I am greatly saddened to announce that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuries, after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday”, Zuma said in statement.

The official death toll by the National Emergency Management Agency (NAMA) as at Tuesday night was 63, while 131 were rescued alive.

It was learnt that no fewer than five South African church tour groups were at the Synagogue at the time of the collapse.

“Not in the recent history of our country have we had this large number of our people die in one incident outside the country.

“Our thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues that have lost their loved ones in this heart-breaking tragedy. The whole nation shares the pain of the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who have lost their loved ones. We are all in grief”, President Zuma said.

The South African president said he had ordered government departments to help family members get to Nigeria to identify the bodies of their loved ones, and repatriate the remains as soon as possible.

Jonathan Pleads With NUT On Sept 22 Resumption Date, Says We’ve Managed Ebola ‘Very Well’

president-goodluck-ebele-jonathan-official_portraitPresident Goodluck Jonathan has appealed to the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) and other unions to support government’s September 22, 2014 resumption date for schools nationwide.

Speaking with journalists at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the president maintained that the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has been successfully contained in the country.

He explained that government has taken adequate and globally accepted measures to check the spread of the deadly disease in the country.

The NUT had insisted that its members would not resume until hand gloves, sanitizers, infra-red thermometers, running water and soap have been provided in schools. The union further added that in states where the necessary Ebola training and sensitization had not been done and the gadgets provided, teachers would continue to remain at home.

But President Jonathan noted that the relevant authorities have put in place necessary equipment and gadgets at the nation’s airports and other entry points to stop any further importation of the disease into Nigeria.

Keeping Nigerian schools closed over Ebola, he said, would send wrong signal to other countries and make them to treat all Nigerians travelers as Ebola carriers.

Stressing that Ebola is presently not an issue, Jonathan said:  “we have been able to manage Ebola and the whole world is happy with us and we must tell the whole world that we have managed Ebola and no Nigerian should be segregated because of Ebola”.

“In fact Osun State was to have their festival and the news came to me to cancel it I said no, Ebola is no longer a threat in Nigeria and we must tell the world that we have been able to contain Ebola”, he stated.

Continuing, the president said, “Yes, Ebola is in the West Coast, it could happen in Ghana, it‎ could happen in Senegal or any of the West African countries or beyond but they have not closed down their institutions. If we still have Ebola definitely we will not open any of our institutions but we don’t have Ebola”.

He added; “I dare ask is NUT ‎saying that until the world is able to end Ebola is Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone before Nigeria should open our institutions? It is not right. Government is not a fool, it is not any labour body that asked us to take that decision, we took it because we felt that we must protect our citizens”.

“This is one government that discusses with anybody that has issues to discuss. Even NUT has no reason to threaten industrial action because of Ebola, the governors took that decision.  I called all the governors of the states to come with their commissioners of health.

“On the day of that meeting I did not even allow them to speak because they will play politics. I asked all the commissioners including the Secretary of Health in Abuja, to brief us ‎on the steps they have taken and they listened to their colleagues because it was also a peer review process.

“If you are hiding certain things by the time you hear your colleagues you will go back and get things done. We are sure that even if one mad Sawyer comes again, nobody will contract Ebola. We have managed Ebola very well, the world is happy we must tell the world that no Nigerian should be suspected of Ebola and that is the position of government”.

Appealing to NUT, the president said: “I will plead with NUT and other unions that this does not require industrial action. They should commend government, they should work with us, they are Nigerians, all Nigerians must work together to make sure that we contain Ebola. Why do we want to create problems where it is not necessary, it is uncalled for”.

President Jonathan commended the Lagos and Rivers State Governors, Babatunde Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi respectively, for working with the Federal Government to contain the disease in their states.

Ebola: Don Recommends Insects As Protein Substitute For ‘Bush Meat’

insect mealProf. Chukwunenye Anene, on Tuesday advised Nigerians to harness insects as alternative rich sources of protein to other sources of protein or `bush meat’ causing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Anene, who is the Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences in Anambra State University, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Igbariam near Onitsha, Anambra.

The don said that with targeted research it would be possible to convert and harness some insects to produce rich protein for a very large population.

Anene, who is a Professor of Entomology and Insect Pest Management, noted that it was regrettable that very delicious and well-known sources of protein (animal meats) in Africa, especially West Africa, are today dreaded by people.

“Insects should no longer be called pests but treated fairly as food substances and alternative source of protein.

“And where the regular protein from meat is been jettisoned by many, insect could as well replace these sources of protein for man.

“So there is a need for a co-ordinated research in this direction since it had been found out that some insects, which are helpful to man, have high protein content”, he said.

Anene, however, urged humans to stop the indiscriminate killing of insects as they play vital role in the existence of man.

The don also advised to health workers not to subdue all insects at the same time through their in-door and out-door non-selective residual spraying as well as other unhealthy environmental practices.

Some Africans, especially those in the West Africa, have stopped eating animal meat from the wild (bush meat), which is an available and rich source of protein, due to the EVD traceable to some wild animals.

WHO has reported that the disease has claimed the lives of about 2,500 people in the West African region since it broke-out in March.

Impeachment: Kaduna Lawmakers Pass Vote Of Confidence On Speaker


Lawmakers at the Kaduna State House of Assembly yesterday debunked rumors of an impeachment plot against the Speaker, Alhaji Shehu Tahir.

Rumors have been making the rounds that there are moves to impeach the speaker, but at yesterday’s plenary, the lawmakers shot down the rumors by passing a vote of confidence on the House leadership.

Member representing Kachia constituency, David Umar, brought the issue before the House in a motion which was seconded by Yakubu Yusuf, member representing Zaria Kewaye. The motion pointed out the need to debunk the rumors.

“The speculation in the media that there are moves to impeach the leadership of the House has been brought to our notice. We hereby debunk the speculation and also allay fears relating to such moves. We are comfortable with the leadership of the Assembly and we pledge our loyalty and support to the speaker and all principal officers. In this direction therefore, I wish to move that we pass a vote of confidence on the leadership of this House”, Umar said.

Aliyu Balarabe Jigo, representing Kakangi Constituency in Birnin Gwari, also supported the motion, noting that the present leadership of the House has performed well.
In his remarks, the speaker said he is open to constructive criticism, adding that he will not relent in his duties.

Jonathan/Amaechi Feud: How Wike Arm-Twisted Jonathan – Rivers PDP Chieftain

Jonathan and AmaechiA Rivers State chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party and former Chief Security Adviser to ex-Governor Peter Odili, Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe, has fingered Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike as the source of the sour relationship between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

According to Sara-Igbe, Wike pitted the President Jonathan the Rivers governor for his own selfish political ambition.

He said, “The issue of the crisis between Amaechi and the President is a self-made scheme of a particular aspirant who feels that such is the best way to achieve his ambition. And that aspirant has been able to bring fire at the backyard of the President to say ‘well, if you don’t support me, this fire will burn you. But if you bring me, I have the capacity to off this fire.’ And so, Mr President is being arm-twisted”.

The PDP chieftain, therefore, appealed to them to them to bury the hatchet in the interest of PDP and the state.

He warned that any attempt by the PDP to fall for the minister’s antics by fielding him as its governorship candidate in the forthcoming election, would lead to the party’s downfall.

The former security adviser also disclosed that elders of the region were ready to broker peace between Amaechi and Jonathan for the interest of not just Rivers and Bayelsa States but the South-South region as a whole.

Warning that Wike’s candidature would generate what he called “bad blood” in the state because he is an Ikwere man, Sara-Igbe said: “If the PDP brings a candidate other than Wike, we can achieve that peace but if Wike is the candidate for 2015 governorship in the state, we cannot achieve that peace. Wike’s candidature will also generate bad blood for the party.

“As a person, I will not say Wike is a bad man or he is a good man but what I am saying is that Wike, as an Ikwere man, has spoilt the whole thing because an Ikwere man has ruled. Celestine Omehia ruled for six months and handed over to Amaechi and Amaechi has ruled for over seven years now.

“Ikwere has taken it, Rivers State is made of more than 20 ethnic groups. So why must one ethnic group dominate it over the entire state? It is not fair. His (Wike’s) candidature will cause tension in the state and there will be resistance from the people of Rivers State and don’t forget that Amaechi is a sworn enemy of Wike, it will also generate bad blood and tension”.

Akpabio, Anyim: One Tenure Not Enough For Jonathan To Transform Nigeria

GEJ2Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Pius Anyim, have said that one term is not enough for President Goodluck Jonathan to transform Nigeria.

Speaking at the national summit of Goodluck Support Group (GSG) yesterday in Abuja, Akpabio, who is Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, said the kidnap of the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls were meant to derail the president’s transformation agenda but it did not succeed.

According to the governor, President Jonathan must be re-elected to continue beyond 2015 to be able to save Nigeria from the shackles of bad governance experienced in the past.

“All the canopies are filled and some people are standing even in the rain because they believe that this is a good thing to identify with. I am here as one of you, I believe in your vision for Nigeria. You came to discuss a solution that will bring peace, stability, continuity and progress of Nigeria.

“I am a governor and people say yes, he has brought uncommon transformation in the state, it did not happen in one tenure, I am in my second tenure. Therefore, for the transformation of Mr. President and Nigeria, one tenure is not enough to happen.

“People try to distract the Eagle, people trying to kidnap our children but in the midst of the storm what should the eagle do? It is to fly above the storm”, he said.

For his part, Anyim commended the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Prof. Rufai Alkali, for registering over 8,000 pro-Jonathan groups, saying “With what has happened today, the opposition has joined President Jonathan. I will take this report as presented to me by the coordinator of the GSG, Prof Alkali, to Mr. President and I believe he will act on it accordingly”.

Nigerian Troops, Boko Haram Fighters In Fierce Battle In Konduga Town

Nigerian troopsA fierce battle is currently taking place in Konduga town, Borno State, between hundreds of Boko Haram fighters and Nigerian troops.

Security sources said the insurgents were “on a revenge mission after the heavy casualty they recorded last Friday”.

Last Friday, the insurgents met stiff resistance from Nigerian troops and members of the Civilian Joint Task Force in their unsuccessful attempt to seize the town.

Over 100 insurgents were reportedly killed by Nigerian troops, who rounded them up following a tip-off.

One of the security sources, who pleaded anonymity because he was not permitted to speak on the matter, said the attack since about 7pm on Tuesday with the terrorists armed to the teeth.

“From the information we have so far, the insurgents were armed to the teeth. They have mortars, anti-aircraft missiles, rocket propelled grenades and assorted guns with a cover from Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs).

“As I am talking to you now, our men are engaging the terrorists… Their ultimate target is to subdue our men in Konduga so that they can advance to Maiduguri”, he said.

Fayose Secures SSS, Immigration Jobs For 50 Ekiti Indigenes

Ayo Fayose-victoryEkiti State Governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose, on Tuesday distributed letters of employment to Ekiti indigenes he helped secure jobs into federal agencies.

Coordinator of the scheme, Dr. Samuel Omotosho, said there were about 50 people Fayose helped secure jobs into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of State Security, Federal Medical Centre, Ido-Ekiti, and the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Dr. Omotosho gave the names of 11 lucky applicants into FMC as: Olatunji Idowu, Toyin Oriola, Bamidele Idowu, Adewumi Felicia, Idowu Gbenga, Osanyintade Bosede, Bisiriyu Akeem, Titilayo Oluwarotimi Aladelua Bukola and Agunbiade Adesoji.

They received their letters of employment at the situation office of the Ayo Fayose Campaign Organisation in Ado Ekiti, at a brief ceremony.

The identities of those employed into MFA, SSS and NIS were, however, not disclosed, for security reasons.

Speaking at the brief ceremony, Fayose said he didn’t know any of the applicants and was meeting them for the first time, just to distribute the letters of offer of employment to them.

“I submitted 40 of the credentials I received to the Federal Medical Centre and 11 of them were employed. I don’t know any of them. I took the step because those who should get employment are not just those who know the governor or wife of the governor or anyone close to the government”, he said.

The governor-elect assured the people of continued support for all and sundry in the state and called on the people to remain peaceful and law-abiding.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients, Akeem said, “I heard on the radio that unemployed graduates should submit our credentials at Fayose’s office. I took the step and suddenly, I received a call last Wednesday that I should come for my employment letter. It still seems like a dream because I never believed that it could happen”.

He thanked Fayose on behalf of the others and assured him that they would be good representatives of the state at their various places of work.

Borno Sponsored Australian Negotiator’s Allegations Against Me, Says Sheriff

Ali Modu SheriffFormer Governor of Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, on Tuesday said his joining the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was a personal sacrifice required to bring the necessary intervention to the people of his state.

Sheriff, who stormed Maiduguri, the state capital, on a condolence visit to Alhaji Kashim Imam, a governorship candidate of the PDP in 2003 and 2007 elections, and condole with Internally Displaced Persons in the state, said the allegation by the Australian hostage negotiator, Dr. Steven Davis that he is a Boko Haram sponsor, was hatched in the state by his detractors.

He said it was a great disservice to link him with the insurgency in the county, saying, “If I am a Boko Haram sponsor, there would not have been any government in Borno for anyone to inherit.”

“The allegation by the Australian was hatched in Maiduguri to smear my name by those that are not comfortable with my political goodwill. We should be careful how we treat issues because some of these things could later backfire.

“It is sad to hear that the state-owned television, for about four days, carried the broadcast of the allegation of the Australian against me. The people of the state know who I am and what I have done and what I can do.

“I have suffered a lot in their hands; they killed my brother just an hour after he was with me; they killed the governorship candidate of my party, a candidate that I supported. There is nobody in Borno that has not suffered from the insurgents”, Sheriff lamented.

On why he dumped the All Progressives Congress for the PDP, the ex-governor said: “My being in the PDP is a personal sacrifice for my people. I am in PDP so as to make the necessary intervention for my people. There is no sacrifice too much for me to make for the people of Borno for they have done so much for me”.

Sheriff later donated N30m to each of the five different camps as well as foodstuff to be shared to the displaced.

Seized Aircraft: Oritsejafor Not An Arms Dealer – CAN *Blasts El Rufai, Lai Mohammed

Ayo OritsejaforThe Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, on Tuesday reacted to the alleged involvement of its President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in an alleged illegal arms deal in South Africa, saying the aircraft in question, a bombardier challenger 600 jet, which was used to ferry $9.3 million to be used in purchasing arms, was not operated by the clergyman.

CAN explained that although the aircraft is owned by Eagle Air Company, of which Oritsejafor is an interested party, it has been leased to Green Coast Produce Limited since August 2 2014.

CAN Director of National Issues, Mr. Sunny Oibe in a statement issued in Abuja yesterday, said Pastor Oritsejafor doesn’t deal on arms.

According to him, further enquiries about the said aircraft should be directed to Eagle Air and Green Coast respectively.

The association also said the report carried by an online portal was sponsored by some chieftains of the All Progressives Congress including a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed to discredit Oritsejafor because of his support for President Jonathan.


Our attention has been drawn to the desperation of some elements working for a particular political party within our society to tarnish the image of the President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. They are working for the All Progressives Congress and they are not unknown to us. Let Nigerians have this background for them to judge themselves.

These shameless characters including a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasir El-Rufai and National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress, Lai Mohammed, went to UK to embark on an image laundering for their political party, the APC. El-Rufai had once said there are three sets of Boko Haram in Nigeria: Islamic Boko Haram, Politicians’ Boko Haram and Christians’ Boko Haram which he said are being funded by President Goodluck Jonathan and coordinated by CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. He went further to claim that the CAN President has been given N50 billion by the President and a Jet.

The same characters, went head to sponsor a negative report in Saharareporters. I had expected that by now no sane mind will take any report by Saharareporters serious because it is an online news medium which thrives on falsehood and survives on false propaganda and blackmail.

The aircraft in question is owned by Eagle Air Company and the CAN President is an interested party in the company. Since August 2 2014, this Aircraft has been leased to Green Coast Produce Limited. They lease this aircraft and people rent it from them. Anybody in this country will attest to the fact that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has been following Chartered Airlines. All investigations about the plane should be directed to the management of Green Coast Produce Limited, a duly registered company. Further enquiries about this should be confirmed from Eagle Air Company which leased this Aircraft.

El-Rufai has accused Jesus Christ severally in recent times. El-Rufai and his group met and decided to launch a blackmail against Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor because he is an ardent supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan. This, he did, to elicit sentiment from the society. We want Nigerians to ponder over this: if Nigeria wants to buy arms, the government knows where to get their weapons. How did Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor come into this?

The report is a well-organized orchestrated plan, all because of their desperation for the 2015 general elections. If not for the blindness and intellectual myopia of some Nigerians, people in the calibre of El-Rufai shouldn’t be taken seriously and should not be walking on the streets. This was the same El-Rufai abusing Gen. Muhammad’s Buhari (retd) and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, calling them all sorts of names. El-Rufai is more of a Street Boy whose history and antecedents are very much known. He has been the person defending Boko Haram and this is an opportunity for him to hide his misdeeds. We are waiting and we can assure you that at the appropriate time, he and his allies will pay dearly for it. The international community sees APC as an Islamic party; instead of El-Rufai to deny that, he was busy orchestrating spurious propaganda against Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

The public should also not forget that it was Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who went to the United States’ Congress and suggested that Boko Haram Islamic sect should be domesticated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). It is the same El-Rufai who is accusing the CAN President as the person behind Boko Haram. A word should be enough for the wise!

Local Miscreants, Not Boko Haram, Attacked Soldiers’ Convoy In Kogi – Police


The Force Headquarters has disclosed that local miscreants fired at a convoy of soldiers passing through Kogi State last Sunday and not Boko Haram members as wrongly insinuated in most media reports.

A statement by the Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, on Tuesday in Abuja, said the miscreants had fired into the air in a bid to force the buses to stop and rob the passengers, not knowing that the occupants were soldiers.

The Police image maker said the soldiers responded with gunshots, which forced the suspected robbers to flee into the surrounding bush.

Ojukwu, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, explained that on hearing about the incident, policemen from the Kogi State Command swiftly mobilised to the spot where two empty cartridges of locally-made pistol was recovered.

He said, “The true position of the whole scenario was that on Sunday night, about 2030hrs (8.30pm), a group of soldiers, travelling through Kogi State, in private luxurious buses, encountered a group of local miscreants, who fired into the air so that the buses would be forced to stop, in an attempt to possibly rob them, not knowing that the occupants of the buses were soldiers.

“The soldiers immediately responded by returning fire and the hoodlums took to their heels and ran into the bush.  Information on the firing got to the police, who quickly mobilised to the scene and carried out intensive combing of the bush, where the hoodlums, fled into.

“All efforts to trace and arrest the fleeing hoodlums, proved abortive, but are continuing. However, two empty cartridges of locally made pistol, were recovered from the scene. ​For absolute clarity, Boko Haram members did not ambush any group of 850 soldiers, on Sunday, September 14, 2014”.

Boko Haram: Sheriff Looking For An Easy Escape Route – Borno SSG


Secretary to the Borno State Government, Amb. Baba Ahmed Jidda has accused former Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff of politicising the allegation that he (Sheriff) was sponsoring the Boko Haram sect.

Jidda was reacting to Sheriff’s claim that the state government sponsored the Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, to finger him as one of the financiers of terrorism in the country.

The SSG said Sheriff was looking for “an easy escape”, adding: “Just two weeks ago, Sheriff told the world at a media briefing in Abuja that he was taking Davis to court in London or so, and the Nigerian media reported Davis saying he was ready to provide evidence in court. This is one part.

“In another part, the Department of State Security (SSG) said it was probing Sheriff over the allegations. Last weekend, President Goodluck Jonathan, through his spokesperson, Dr Reuben Abati, said security agencies were probing the allegation and their findings would be made public.

“The question now is: Why is Sheriff putting the cart before the horse? Why can’t he pursue his case in court, defend whatever evidence is presented by Davis and clear his name? Why can’t he wait for the findings of the security agencies?

“Since he said he is innocent, all he needs do is to wait for the outcome of his court case and the security probe, simple. It is a big embarrassment to the state government, Governor Kashim Shettima, myself and   Borno indigenes that a Borno man is being associated with such a grievous allegation, because it stains our name as a state and as a people.

“Borno people are the worst affected by the Boko Haram insurgency and to say a Borno man is partly responsible for it is a big embarrassment. Therefore, rushing to a press conference in Maiduguri to accuse the state government baselessly is to me a desperate attempt by the former governor to look for a scapegoat and an easy escape route.

“For the purpose of history, let everyone be reminded that the first publicly made accusation of complicity in the allegation levied against Sheriff emanated from his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), whose 10-man delegation visited media houses in Abuja on November 22, 2011 and accused him of being responsible for Boko Haram attacks. Davis was next to the PDP. Sheriff had the option of taking the PDP to court in 2011 over that allegation but he did not and today, those who accused him share the same party with him.

“Sheriff’s claim that the airing of the story about Davis’ allegation on the Borno Radio and Television (BRTV) was a pointer to his accusations against the government shows little or no understanding of the workings of the media. As a former general manager of BRTV with the knowledge on the workings of the news room, I know that part of the elements of news is the proximity of what happened to the audience or rather, the importance of the issue to the audience and how the issue affects them from the human interest perspective.

“By all means of all the elements of news, if there is one group of Nigerians which is directly affected by the Boko Haram issue, it is the people of Borno State and this makes news about Boko Haram of so much interest to our people, hence the reason every media house that understands news values makes Borno a key audience. Why shouldn’t BRTV inform Borno people about such development, more so when media houses in far away Lagos deemed it news worthy?

“My advice to the former governor is to stop chasing shadows and focus on his court process and get the truth out with incontrovertible evidence. It is as simple as that. The Borno State government has nothing to do with Davis, unless if Sheriff had dealings with him or others when he was governor. That we don’t know, but under Shettima, we have no controversies of such and he shouldn’t drag this innocent, transparent and hardworking administration into controversies. We have enough issues to worry about. Our concern is how to end the crisis and not to cause confusion”.

Zambian Minister Accuses Dangote Cement Of Bribery

A row is brewing between Zambia and Dangote Cement, a major employer in Africa’s second largest copper producer, after a government minister accused an executive at the local unit of the Nigerian company of attempting to bribe him.


The dispute appears to be the latest in a string of incidents in which the southern African nation’s government has resorted to strong-arm or unorthodox tactics against foreign investors it believes are circumventing labour laws.

Dangote Industries Zambia has 400 workers building a $400m cement plant, a staff count that should rise to 2,000 when production starts in November, deputy industry minister, Miles Sampa, told Reuters.

During a tour of the plant in Ndola, 300km (188 miles) north of the capital, Lusaka, labour minister, Fackson Shamenda, said a Nigerian executive seconded to the Zambian unit tried to bribe him at a hotel a week ago.

The company described the allegations as “malicious misinformation.”

“For the record, DIZ categorically deny any claims of corruption and bribery, and reserve our rights on this matter,” it said in a statement.

Shamenda did not specify what was offered by the executive and said he rejected it because he had critical labour issues to sort out with the company – owned by Nigerian Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man – and did not want to be compromised.

“He told me that it was a tradition in their culture to give someone a token of appreciation. Maybe his idea was that I turn a blind eye to what is happening at Dangote,” Shamenda said, according to local media reports.

Shamenda also said DIZ should offer workers at the company permanent employment and allow them to join unions.

Shamenda told Reuters on Tuesday, “There is no union, and according to the reports I have received, those who have attempted to join unions have had their contracts terminated.

“I have asked the labour commissioner to investigate and tell me all the categories of employees, because the reports we have received indicate there are no permanent employees.”

DIZ said in its statement that Shamenda had made four surprise visits to the cement plant in the last four months, prompting the company to complain about his conduct as it felt that the minister was deliberately looking for wrongdoing.

“DIZ was beginning to feel harassed and unwelcome in Zambia, and immediately brought this to the attention of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry,” it said in the statement.

A year ago, Zambia revoked the work permit of the chief executive of Konkola Copper Mines, owned by London-listed Vedanta Resources, and threatened to rip up its mining licence when the firm announced plans to lay off 1,500 workers.

Liverpool a Work in Progress, Says Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says “persistence” paid off for his side in the 2-1 win over Ludogorets Razgrads on their return to the Uefa Champions League, but concedes they are yet to peak this season.

The ‘Reds’ held their nerves to edge a closing minute high drama as substitute Dani Abalo silenced the Anfield faithful with a 90th minute leveler, canceling out Mario Balotelli’s opener eight minutes earlier.

The hosts piled up further in the attack and were rewarded by Milan Borjan’s let-off; as the goalkeeper tripped Javier Manquillo who was chasing down a loose ball. Steven Gerrard stepped up to convert the resultant spot-kick as Liverpool got off to an “all important” winning start.

Rodgers Says Liverpool are Yet to Reach the Standard they Set Last Season. Image: Getty.

“Tonight was about perseverance, if I was to describe the team,” said the northern Irish boss. “It’s an attribute you need to have, especially at the highest level. We just persisted – we kept going, working and pushing. The whole ground really appreciated that.

“It’s a competition that is about winning games and sometimes you’ll play well and maybe not get a result. It was always going to be a tricky tie for us because they’re the champions of their country and there are not too many bad teams in this competition.

“Maybe in [my] first six months we probably would have drawn that game and maybe even lost it, but we showed the resilience and character that’s in this group. Roared on by the supporters, it was great for us.

“It was a brilliant victory for us in terms of the points and character. This is a tournament that’s about winning games – and we’ve won our first game.”

After five years in the wilderness, the Group B opener against the Bulgarian champions, who were only making their first appearance in Europe’s elite club competition, was expected to have posed the least challenge for the Merseyside outfit.

However, the visitors were confident in possession and fluid in turning defence into attack, incidentally stretching Liverpool’s defence almost to yielding point.

“They’ll be a difficult opponent,” Rodgers explained. “You saw from tonight they will cause problems for teams. They have got some very good technical players on the break, they are fast.

“We can do no more than win tonight. We’re not at a standard that we were last season; we’ve got a lot of adaptation going on with new players coming in, and even though they fit the profile of how we work, it’s still a new team.

“We’re still a work in progress but while we do that, it’s important that we can win games. To win in the Champions League is always good.”

Balotelli’s strike was his first in three matches, since arriving from AC Milan for £16m this summer, and Rodgers believes the Italian can build on his over-all contribution on Tuesday night by getting more goals.

Rodgers added: “He’s used to scoring. He’d already mentioned he’d had two games and hadn’t scored.

“I just feel he needs to be in the box more. Because of his link-up play, he drops in. I said to him at half-time, just make sure when the ball is in wide areas you’re penalty spot in, rather than penalty spot out – he finds himself pulling back outside the box for the cut-back a lot of the time.

“On top of that I thought he worked very hard tonight – he worked and was pressing. He’s still adapting and still trying to get fit because he’s been behind the others in pre-season.

“He showed his quality tonight and that got us the goal.”

Modu Sheriff Storms Maiduguri With 200-Strong Soldier Protection, Sheds Tears At Warm Reception

SAS_returnsAlleged Boko Haram financier and former Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, arrived Maiduguri, the state capital, yesterday, with over 200 soldiers in his convoy.

He was in town to pay a condolence visit to a friend and political associate, who lost his mother.

The ex-governor, who recently announced his impending defection to the Peoples Democratic Party, is not new to controversy as last July, the military authorities, purportedly acting on instructions from the Presidency, opened the Maiduguri Airport, which was closed to civilian use, solely to allow Sheriff’s jet land.

Last week, he showed up in meetings in Chad with President Goodluck Jonathan and his Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby, despite being supposedly under investigation by the State Security Services for allegedly sponsoring terrorism.

Mr. Sheriff, who landed at the Maiduguri Airport Monday afternoon to a mammoth crowd of supporters, reportedly burst into tears at the overwhelming show of support from Borno people, who have been at the receiving end of a prolonged Boko Haram insurgency.

The ex-governor later proceeded to condole with the family of Kashim Imam, over the loss of their matriarch.

Customs Impounds Military Gears At Kano Airport

The__Remodeled_Kano_Airport_821606371The Kano/Jigawa Command of Nigeria Custom Service, NCS, has seized some military gears smuggled into the state through Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

The state command comptroller, Umar Abbas, told a gathering of stakeholders that the impounded military gears include, military Camouflage Uniforms and boots.

An elated Mr. Umar said the seizure is very significant considering the present security challenges in the country.

Recall that a few months ago, an aircraft loaded with high caliber arms and ammunitions was intercepted at the Kano Airport when it stopped for re-fueling but was later released after it was confirmed to be headed for another African country.

2015: I Won’t Give Up On Nigeria – Atiku

Atiku-Abubakar1Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on Tuesday said those asking him not to contest the 2015 presidential election could as well ask him to give up on Nigeria, which he said is an impossible request.

Speaking with reporters at his Abuja residence, the ex-vice president, who has declared his interest to run for the presidency on the platform of All Progressives Congress, APC, also said that those who are seeking automatic ticket for the presidential ticket of the party were afraid of a contest.

Atiku, who set aside next week Wednesday as the day of his formal declaration for the presidency, dismissed the idea of zoning, saying there is nothing like zoning in the APC.

SCOAN Building Collapse: Woman Walks Out Of Rubbles Alive After 3 Days As Death Toll Hits 59

TB-Joshua-SCOANAs rescue work continued at the site of a collapsed building at the premises of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, in Ikotun, Lagos State, a 45-year-old-woman on Tuesday walked out alive from the rubbles unaided.

The building collapsed around 12:44pm on Friday.

Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, the Public Relations Officer of the National Emergency Management Agency, South-West Zone, told journalists in Lagos that the woman walked out on her own at 2 a.m.

Farinloye did not give the identity of the woman but he said she appeared “hale and hearty”.

“A woman of about 45 years old walked out of the rubbles on her own around 2a.m today, while 10 more bodies were recovered, leaving 59 dead and 131 rescued alive”, Farinloye said.

He added that “She was traumatized, so we didn’t want her to talk. But she sustained little injuries on her ankle and wrist”.

He said that the rescue workers were likely to recover more bodies.

Graphic pics: Generator fumes kill man, wife & 3 children in Ikorodu


Generator fumes has killed a man, his wife and all his 3 children in Ipoyewa community of Ikorodu, Lagos. The bodies of the family was discovered by neighbours last Friday September 12th in their home. All five suffocated to death after inhaling fumes from a generator which they’d kept in their room. According to neighbours, the man bought the generator just two days before the unfortunate incident and was afraid it will be stolen if left outside so he kept it inside his 2-room apartment.

When the family failed to come out late Friday morning, a neighbour peeped through their window, saw bodies, and alerted others. They broke down the door to discover the horror. And when I say horror, I mean horror. The photos are really graphic so please be warned.

Residents of the community are blaming the family’s deaths on lack of power in the area. They claim the last time they had light was 3 years ago, that every house in the area uses a generator. They said they have called on the government many times to help them with light but their efforts have yielded no fruit. See the pics after the cut.. warning – graphic content

People need to be educated about the dangers of generator fumes…

The wife
The man

Why I like to expose my cleavage” singer Emma Nyra explains


In an interview with Encomium magazine this week, singer Emma Nyra explained why she likes to show off her cleavage. Which young lady doesn’t? Lol. Her response below…

“It’s not that I flaunt them but part of your selling point as a female artist is your body, your voice, your look, your hair, everything. Chidinma’s lack of hair is her selling point, you understand. Each part of you is your selling point”

Asked why she flashes the b**bs even though they are not big, Emma responded;

“Its confidence, you understand. Somebody like Toolz for example, her selling point is her body. Before her voice, it’s her body. As a woman, her own packaging is always different. I have grown up to be comfortable with the way the skin is because I have accepted the fact that I can’t change it, I have to accept the way I am. Men don’t look at me, the women look at women. If I go out with or without makeup, a man will not notice. But if I go out and I see a woman, she will say Emma Nyra you are looking different from how I see you on TV. She would comment on everything to my eyebrow but a man won’t look that deep unless he is into fashion and everything. I have learnt to accept myself. If you are not confident about yourself, people won’t buy your brand” she said

On her opinion on bleaching, Emma said;

“I grew up with white people and I noticed that white people tan. They wanted to look like me whereas I wanted to look like them while growing up because I wanted to belong. This bleaching thing, Indians do it too, even Americans do it too. Its been so bad lately because the society’s perception of beauty has to do with it. The lighter the better, whereas, in Europe, the darker the better. Dark hair, dark skin, its a kind of class. That’s how they do their own class system. Our own is just, we have grown up watching aunties bleach. When I fist came to Nigeria, I went to a store and I couldn’t find a regular cream, all I saw was whitening. I went to Dubai, the same thing. Indians and Arabs, they bleach. I am more concerned with clear skin, not light or dark or whatever because I grew up seeing girls wanting to be dark. So it didn’t affect me that way. I don’t support bleaching, I don’t think it’s right. Some people wear padded bra, some where padded bum. As a woman, you can choose whatever you want. You can change your nose, your chest, anything. But as for bleaching, because of the long term effect, I don’t think it’s good for you”

Shocking Photos: Young man alleges army brutality


Here are pictures of an alleged army brutality on a young man. This happened in Barkin Ladi local government in Plateau State where some men of the Special Task Force accused the young man of stealing a rifle. The people fighting for the victim said it was later found to be untrue. The young man was supposedly tortured for over 3 weeks. See more photos below….


Ebola: Presidential C’ttee Warns Against Mass Gatherings As FG, NMA Agree On Sept. 22 Resumption Date

schoolThe Federal Government and the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) have harmonised positions on the September 22 resumption date for schools yesterday.

NMA said the date set for the resumption of schools by the Federal Government was acceptable and that pupils should resume in order not to feed into what it termed “the fear monster in the country”.

The association, toeing the position of the government at a stakeholders’ meeting with the House of Representatives Committee on Education, however, listed six provisions to be followed to make the country safe.

NMA President, Dr. Kayode Obembe said the association had a rethink following the condition it gave the Federal Government, which includes maintaining the “highest level of vigilance” at the entry points, resuscitate infectious disease hospitals in states and ensure comprehensive screening of travelers.

The association also said international port health services should be put in the highest level of vigilance and preparedness to screen immigrants for fever.

“Recent travelers to the provinces of the endemic countries of the Ebola disease- namely Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan and Gabon-must be scrutinised for the presence of the virus and epidemiologically- treated”, it added.

It would be recalled that NMA had opposed the Sept. 22 resumption date, insisting that schools should remain closed until those suspected of having the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and under surveillance, are cleared.

Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, debunking allegations that the Federal Government was influenced by private school owners to adopt September 22, instead of the earlier October 13 resumption date, said government’s decision was based on professional advice by the Ministry of Health.

He said: “It was a unanimous decision taken after a meeting with the Education commissioners and the Health Ministry. The Ministry of Education also wrote to the governors to give the directive more weight”.

Shekarau added: “At no point did anybody influence this decision. There were reports that the private sector influenced the decision. That is not true”.

Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Ports of Entry against Ebola, Dr. Sani Gwarzo, while briefing the lawmakers of his committee’s efforts, warned against mass rallies and gatherings until the EVD is put under check.

Said he: “I will really want to warn against mass gathering at this time”.

Oshiomhole Denies Spending N18m On Private Jet Charter To Miami

Adams OshiomholeEdo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has denied allegations by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that he chartered a jet at the cost of N18 million during a recent trip to Miami, United States of America.

Oshiomhole said the PDP state Chairman, Dan Orbih, who made the allegation, had a penchant for making “ludicrous claims”.

Orbih at the weekend alleged that the state government spent over N400million to attend the Edo Convention in USA.

But the governor, who spoke through the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Louis Odion, said he travelled on a commercial flight to honour Edo Community in the US.

Odion said: “Anyone, who bothers to double-check would find that Governor Oshiomhole is perhaps one of the few governors today who travel with the smallest entourage, if not totally alone, to save cost.

“By his latest claim, we are left wondering what Orbih’s motive is. Whatever it is, one thing is clear. Orbih, a poor student of history, is obviously against building and cementing the bond of unity in Edo State.

“Otherwise, Orbih, sworn apostle of divide-and-rule politics, would not have dared this time to profane something as sacred as the coming together of all Edo people in United States when indeed proud and true Edo sons like Comrade Oshiomhole are toiling tirelessly to unite the people”.

Over 2,000 PDP Members Defect To APC In Edo

PDP-Members-Defect-To-APCOver 2,000 members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who received the defectors, led by Eronmosele Aisabor, listed some of his administration’s accomplishment in the area to include the upgrade of College of Education, Igueben, to a campus of the University of Education, Ekiadolor.

“I have come to assure you in the next two years and half of my stewardship, there is more good news for the people of Igueben. The future of our state would be replaced from the politics of wuru wuru to the politics of educating our people. That is why we are building schools. We need teachers who are properly trained to teach our children.

“Don’t listen to them when they tell you to defect to a torn umbrella that has failed to produce any meaningful development in years. Did the umbrella build schools, roads and water? So ask before you act.

“I call on you to listen so that we can rescue Nigeria. I won’t listen to anybody who wants me to do the politics of the individual rather than politics of development. I would not listen to these people because Nigeria is failing as leaders are putting themselves before their people.

“Today, we have not fixed all the problems in Edo State but I stand to be corrected that when I came here for campaign in 2007, to go from Igueben to Ewohimi was impossible.

“Every road in Igueben was bad. It was already failing. Today, how is that road? Who did it? What is good the eyes see and what is bad the eyes also see”.

Leader of the defectors, Aisabor, said he decided to pitch his tent with the APC because of the development strides of the Oshiomhole administration in the state.

It’s Too Late For Amaechi To Stop FG Intervention In Rivers Schools, Says Wike

amaechi-and-wikeMinister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, has said the Federal Government’s intervention in Rivers State’s schools is not a recent development.

Reacting to a statement by the Rivers State Government warning the FG to stay away from its schools, Wike said Governor Rotimi Amaechi erred, adding that the call was coming rather late.

A statement by the minister’s Special Assistant on Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, said: “The Federal Ministry of Education remains committed to completing the boy-child and girl-child schools flagged off by the Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike last Friday at Ogu and Omoku in Rivers State.

“The third school will be built in Andoni as a deliberate design to reach out to school children in the three senatorial districts of Rivers State.

“These schools form part of the critical ongoing interventions of the Jonathan administration as regards the creation of access to basic education in Rivers State and other states.

“Before the commencement of last week’s construction of three additional schools in Rivers State, the Federal Government had successfully completed a Federal Junior Model Girls School in Aluu and an Almajiri school in Omerule in the first phase of construction work.

“This is in addition to key interventions in 10 secondary schools in the state. While some have been completed, others are ongoing. One of the most prominent schools being rehabilitated is the Community Secondary School, Ubima.

“Since, 2011 when Wike joined the Federal Executive Council, he has worked towards the transformation of education in the country”.

Wike added: “The history of the Federal Government’s interventions in Rivers State is known to the public.

“It is rather late in the day for the Rivers State government to play the ostrich as regards the monumental interventions of the Federal Government in redefining education in the state.

“Education is critical to national development and the intervention of the Federal Government in states is due to the numerous challenges facing the sector, which states alone cannot resolve.

“However, the Rivers State government must realise that education for all is the responsibility of all. It is in the interest of the less privileged children of Rivers State that the government continues to appreciate the monumental achievements of the Jonathan administration”.

Defection: Appeal Court Declares APC Lawmaker’s Seat Vacant


The Federal Court of Appeal sitting in Akure, Ondo State capital, yesterday declared the seat of a member of the House of Representatives, Mr Ifedayo Sunday Abegunde, representing Akure South/North Federal Constituency vacant, following his defection from the Labour Party (LP) to the Action Congress of Nigeria, which is now part of All Progressives Congress (APC).

The five-man panel of the appellate court headed by Justice Garuba Mshelia, hinged its decision on the failure of the litigant to adhere to the constitutional process of defecting from one party to another.

Abegunde, popularly known as Abena, was first elected as a federal lawmaker on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In 2011, he defected to the LP and was given the mandate and ticket to contest under the party’s platform in that year’s general election.

However, after his re-election into the green chamber under the platform of the LP, Hon. Abegunde defected to the ACN a few months later, citing what he called division within the ruling LP in his home state.

It was following his defection that the LP went to court to seek an order declaring the seat of Hon. Abegunde vacant.

In order to prevent his recall, Abegunde through his counsel, Mr Yemi Osibajo (SAN), sought the protection of the Federal High Court. He asked the court to pronounce that the division within the LP facilitated the lawmaker’s defection to the APC.

However, the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Eyitayo Jegede (SAN), filed a counter-claim, saying Abegunde should automatically vacate the seat having left the LP, which sponsored him into the National Assembly.

The trial court presided over by Justice Gloria Okeke in its ruling in 2012, upheld the position of the state Attorney General that the lawmaker should vacate his seat, as no candidate can contest an election without a political party.

Dissatisfied with the decision, Abegunde asked the appellate court to upturn the judgment.

On Monday, after an exchange of briefs and written addresses by the plaintiff and defendants, the Appeal Court dismissed the appeal filed by the lawmaker and upheld the decision of the lower court.

Abegunde said he would proceed to the Supreme Court to challenge the verdict.

Lagos CP Okays Deployment Of Sniffer Dogs To Collapsed Building Site

Synagogue-churchThe Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Kayode Aderanti, yesterday approved the deployment of three police sniffer dogs to assist in rescuing workers who may still be trapped under the rubbles of the collapsed building at Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos State.

Disclosing this to journalists yesterday at the site of ongoing recue efforts, NEMA’s Public Relations Officer in the South-west zone, Ibrahim Farinloye, said: “We are getting close to area suspected to have more people trapped. The commissioner of police in charge of Lagos State command ordered the release of five dogs to the site. This was after a collective decision was reached by all government agencies working at the site”.

Also speaking, Managing Director, Lagos State Fire Service, Razaq Fadipe, said in the course of the rescue operation, items under the rubbles of the collapsed building generated excessive heat, which resulted in a fire outbreak but was quickly brought under control.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that the vehicles conveying the sniffer dogs to the scene broke down on its way.

Taraba Power Tussle: ‘Suntai’s Associates Subjecting Him To Inhuman Treatment’

Danbaba Danfulani SuntaiA pressure group known as the Committee for Justice and Peace, has called for caution in the political drama currently unfolding in Taraba State, following what it called the “smuggling” of recuperating Governor Danbaba Suntai into the country on Saturday night.

Coordinator of the committee, Mr Ezekiel Tsokwa, made the remark at a press briefing in Abuja yesterday.

He said while the governor survived the plane crash, his state of health became a tool for political manipulation and intrigue for some politicians in the state.

Tsokwa said heartless politicians have turned a sad event into a weapon of politicking without caring about the safety and survival of Gov. Suntai.

“We have watched as the governor now helpless and unable to control his life is been tossed around and fast becoming an object of ridicule locally and internally”, he said.

“We believe the treatment the governor is being subjected to is inhuman and unexpected from those who claimed to be his friends”, he said, adding that on two occasions and against medical advice, a cabal had plucked Suntai from medical care to political parade.

Tsokwa lamented that on the first occasion, the whole world sadly laughed at the many stage shows all ending up proving more convincingly that the governor was unfit to lead after the October 25 plane crash in Yola.

The Coordinator said in view of current happenings, the body deemed it necessary to alert the public that the cabal has launched a new round of a destabilisation plot.

Suntai was flown back into the country on Saturday from the United Kingdom where he was undergoing medical check-up by a cabal consisting of powerful politicians from Taraba State with a view to maintaining their grip on power following plans by the state House of Assembly to constitute a medical team, on the request of the state executive council, to ascertain his true state of health.

Sultan To Politicians: Stop Using Children As Thugs

Sultan-of-SokotoThe President General, Nigeria Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs and Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday expressed concern over the use of children as thugs by politicians, urging them to put a stop to the practice.

Speaking when the newly-elected members of the state’s working committee of the Peoples Democratic Party paid him a courtesy visit in Sokoto, the Sultan said politicians, who indulge in such acts lure the children with money and drugs, noting that they are doing more harm to themselves, the society and the country at large.

He said as leaders, they should aim at enhancing the welfare and security of Nigerians instead of misusing children.

He warned that same children have every tendency and chance of turning against the elected officials, adding, “This will happen after the elections and often make governance too difficult for them”.

He, therefore, urged politicians to give top priority to sustainable peace and unity of the country.

“Our doors are open to all of you. All of us are yearning for free, fair and acceptable polls in 2015 and beyond”, he said.

Earlier, the state Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Ibrahim Milgoma, had said that they were at the palace to seek the sultanate council’s advice and prayers and pledged the party’s commitment towards ensuring good governance.

Nigeria‘ll Not Survive A Jonathan Second Term – Sen. Zanna

ahmed zannaSenator representing Borno Central, Ahmed Zanna, has condemned the Federal Government’s inability to rescue the Chibok schoolgirls, five months after they were abducted by Boko Haram, saying President Goodluck Jonathan has not made any effort to see to the safe return of the girls.

Furthermore, Senator Zanna warned that any attempt to re-elect Jonathan for a second term will lead to total collapse of the country, describing the present government as the most irresponsible, not only in the history of Nigeria but in Africa.

Speaking while addressing members of the BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) campaign at their daily sit-out venue in Abuja, yesterday, the senator said insurgency will spread to other zones of the country if left unchecked.

According to him: “If care is not taken, this thing will continue, it will not end in Borno, Yobe or the Northeast, according to my own analysis, it will continue beyond, it is just a matter of time and if Nigerians make the mistake of brining this government back, I am afraid, we are not going to survive in this country, the truth must be told because what I am seeing, maybe some of you don’t see.

“Today according to my own investigation, an Emir is being installed in Bama, what will be their mission again? They are trying to attack Maiduguri and all these intelligence are being relayed to the intelligence headquarters, if they don’t take action, then it is their own problem, their own fault not ours, any information we get, we relate.

“If the world has a conscience they must come to the rescue of Nigerians, we are in a very deep trouble, this is not only affecting Muslims but including Christians and those who don’t have religion. What they are after is just to destroy Nigeria and they are using Boko Haram to do it, what was Boko Haram three years ago?” he asked.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator from Borno State further said, “In the history of Nigeria, we have never had a more irresponsible government like the one we have now, when this incident happened they played politics first before action, I have never seen any action been taken by the government on this girls, they have never ever taken any action.

“I did my own investigations and whenever I say anything, it will be the truth and nothing but the truth, I don’t know where we are going to place this government in the history of Nigeria or Africa, if they say that the bring back our girls are from the opposition, I am not from the opposition, I am a PDP senator, to me party is secondary, if my party is not doing the right thing, I will come out and say it.

“They did not take it lightly, they went and ransacked my house and brought out my family unto the street and humiliated them and not stopping there, they went and arrested the boy they claimed was a high profile Boko Haram commander in their mentors house, that is Sheriffs house but they came out to claim that he was arrested in my house. I came out and told them that they are lying and till today they cannot prove that they arrested that man in my house.

“They can go to any length, their morale is very low, so they can do anything to destroy anybody, anybody who is ready to destroy a society will not stop at anything like an individual but we are ready for it, and without sacrifice you will never mend the wrongs of others”.

Also speaking in the same vein, another Senator representing Borno North, Ali Ndume said, “I want to tell you that we in the National assembly and particularly I can speak for myself and Zanna, we would do our best and we are open to your suggestions and criticism because we believe that this your cause is because you only want the girls back and alive.

“The National Assembly especially the members from the North East, we are trying to stay away because one of the things that is now common with the government is to say that anything that one does is opposition sponsored, this government is so allergic to criticism that anything you do is opposition.

“Why we came here today is to join you in pushing and making the government to bring back our girls now and alive. We are with you. People of Borno generally, Chibok and the Northeast are with you in this, we are trying to come and learn from you, we want to do something like save our state or save our people and we will also sit until they save our states in the Northeast because we no longer have states. Apart from us, there are so many internally displaced persons from Chibok, Gwoza, Bama and lots more who want to join your campaign.

“Yesterday some girls were abducted from Bama, I want to say now, that you should include that government should bring back all the girls and not just the Chibok girls, while the government has not brought back those girls, more are being abducted.

“As I said this government is allergic to the truth and allergic to criticism, because if you know somebody’s problems then you will know how to handle him, please handle this allergic government with care so that it doesn’t distort what we are trying to achieve.

“I want to believe that this government will at last, after they do the right thing and rescue these girls, they should thank you for that, the government should be able to come and say, ‘ok come here we have brought back your girls, thank you very much for reminding us to bring back the girls who are also our girls’”, he said.

Ex-Gov. Goje Detained For Moving Around With Large Crowd Of Supporters In Gombe

danjuma gojeFormer Governor of Gombe State now Senator representing Gombe Central, Muhammad Danjuma Goje, was held for about 3 hours by the state police command on Monday for allegedly conducting a political rally in Kumo, headquarters of his senatorial district.

State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Fwaje Atajiri, said Goje was invited for a chat because of a campaign rally he held even though he had informed the police his visit to the state was for a wedding ceremony.

“He came in, gave us a letter that he was going to attend a wedding, and after the wedding we had information that there was a campaign rally taking place in Kumo and some of these hoodlums were there with weapons.

“So the commissioner of police called him so that they can discuss on matters pertaining the security of the good people of Gombe State. We don’t want these youths to use the advantage of the personality to cause havoc”, Atajiri said.

In reaction, the ex-governor said he was detained by the police for conducting a legitimate tour of his constituency.

He said he was on tour in Kumo when heavily-armed security men arrived and demanded that he followed them to the State Police Command in Gombe.

Goje said his supporters initially resisted the arrest, but the security men followed them to Yamaltu-Deba, where they forced him to call off the tour and he was then taken to the state capital.

“The Police Commissioner said I should have gone with no more than two cars but I had a mammoth crowd following me so they had to arrest me”, he said.

“They came with truckloads of eight lorries conveying heavily-armed security men led by an Assistant Commissioner of Police who said he was ordered to arrest me because I was moving with large crowd of people.

“I wonder if there is any law against political meetings but mine was even a constituency tour ahead of our resumption from recess at the National Assembly”, he added.

Goje pointed out that “this week they are going to hold Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria rally in Gombe, they just did one in Minna and nobody stopped them. Is it because we are APC?”

The senator said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been witch-hunting him since he left the party to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“If as a former minister, former governor and a serving senator I cannot move freely and tour my constituency, then Nigeria is headed to the wrong direction. These kinds of actions are capable of truncating democracy”, he said.

Zamfara Shifts School Resumption Date To Oct. 13

governor yari abubakarThe Zamfara Government has further extended the resumption date for schools from Sept. 22 to Oct. 13, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Alhaji Lawal Talata Mafara, said.

The October date had been fixed by the Federal Government when the Ebola Virus Disease broke out in the country but brought it forward to Sept. 22 after the government assessed the situation to be under control

Addressing newsmen in Gusau, on Tuesday, Mafara said the extension of date by the state government was the result of a stakeholders’ meeting.

He said the Ministry of Education considered the peculiarities of the state, “More especially is the Sallah festival which is just a week from the date”.

Mafara explained that many children in primary and post-primary schools might not resume as expected and so the stakeholders agreed to move the date.

Mafara said the decision also affected students on exchange programmes in Zamfara. (NAN)


President Jonathan Emerges PDP Consensus Presidential Candidate.


The Leadership and Governors of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has unanimously adopted President Goodluck Jonathan as their presidential candidate in the February 14, 2015 election.

The party agreed on this in principle, as they claimed that no member of the party as at today has the chance to beat the opposition than President Jonathan.
They added that their main motive agreeing to Re-Elect President Goodluck Jonathan is to keep the PDP united as the party confronts the opposition in 2015.

One of the rumoured aspirants, Governor Sule Lamido’s ambition has been shelved as the party believes that the Jigawa state chief executive has little chance against any of the APC Northern aspiring presidential candidates.
Party secretariat claimed that the governors baggage will ultimately undermine his chances at the polls.

PDP believes that President Goodluck Jonathan strategically delayed the date announcing date for his intention to run for the position of the President of Nigeria.

APC To Give Igbos Chance To produce Nigeria’s President in 2023.


**APC will develop the whole of Igboland if the people helps to vote out PDP in 2015.

The All progressive congress (APC) leadership has said that it will be the first political party in Nigeria to give the south-East region the opportunity to provide the country’s next president.

The APC promised that they will also develop the Igboland if the party have the total support of the South-East to kick out the ruling party PDP out of power come 2015 in the country.

This statement was made known by the APC National chairman,Chief John oyegun and the Ex Governor of bayelsa state,Chief Timipriye Sylva in Abuja during the opening of the Imo state office in Abuja

Kwankwaso Rejects Amaechi and Okorocha: Opts For Ngige For VP.


**Governors Amaechi and Okorocha cannot be trusted for such position considering their antecedents. – Kwankwaso.

The Kano state governor, who is one of the prospective aspirants for the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential flag-bearer for the 2015 election has rejected governors Chibuike Amaechi and Rochas Okorocha as his potential Vice Presidential candidate.

Aides to the lately controversial governor said that the talkative and insubordination attribute of Governor Amaechi is a big concern and said that Gov Kwankwaso wondered if Amaechi can betray his “own brother”, the President, he can hurt anyone.

On the Imo state Governor, Kwakwaso is said to be worried by the political mobility of Okorocha, who has changed party over 6 times since the new democratic era. They described Okorocha as a man that is always looking for a greener pasture and will be too risky working with such person.

Kano State delegates representing Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, headed by Dr. Danyaro Yakasai, Special Adviser on Security Matters has arrived Awka, Anambra State to continue discussing with Senator Chris Ngige to become his running mate for the APC presidential ticket.
Kwankwaso’s delegates addressed APC Anamabra state executives and members separately at the APC headquarters in Awka.
Dr. Yakasai described Kwankwaso’s presidential aspiration as very timely, pointing out that he has what it takes to address the many challenges facing the country.
“We have the conviction in his abilities because he has changed the face of Kano and we believe he can change Nigeria positively,” he said, adding that the campaign team came to Anambra to market a product made in Nigeria by Nigeria and for Nigeria, noting that after the inauguration of the team, the governor charged the members to ensure that Anambra becomes the first state to visit.

See Ukwuu! The Nigerian Girl With The Biggest Hips And Booty

Here is the picture of the Nigerian girl who reports say has the biggest hips in Africa.
Sporting ‘curves of mass destruction’, the luscious Temi stands out in a crowd. As many would say, she has what is popularly called ‘Ukwuuu!!!’.

Obafemi Martins and Baby-mama Shares Photos After Having Sex

Nigeria footballer, Obafemi Martins is good at a few other things, other than his footballing skills.

His girlfriend and Baby-mama, Abigail Barwuah, posted on Instagram a photo of the pair with their little son on bed, while Martins seemed to be guzzling on some re- energizing fluid.

Abigail, who is the sister of Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli, added the caption,

“Haters gonna hate. while we r loving, living, laughing, nd having AWESOME SEX.”

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“How To Have Me As Your Sugar Mummy”- Cossy Orjiakor »

Controversial actress and singer — Cossy Orjiakor has been in

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The very seductive and s*xual entertainer went on her Twitter page to tell her fans what she looks in a young man that wants her to be his sugar mummy.

PHOTO: Miley Cyrus Shares NAKED Shower Shot On Instagram

Former twerk star Miley Cyrus appears to really be enjoying her outdoor shower. The controversial snap-happy pop singer shared a shot of her totally starkers as she lathered up under the water while enjoying some R&R in Puerto Rico.

With one hand in her hair and another hidden in front of her, Miley has clearly perfected a her sultry shower pose for her 12, 607, 877 Instagram followers.

But the big question is, who took the snap?

We can’t decide if we prefer Miley covered with a heart while showering, or that eye-bleeder of an outfit she was wearing at her debut art show in New York earlier in the week.

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According to Dailymail , a US transgender woman claims to have gotten more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch backside .The 42-year-old Tatiana Williams says she has  lost friends to similar procedures but that hasn’t stopped her from spending £60,000 on getting her dream body.

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 “Going to the black market is a big risk. People can die from these injections. ‘I’ve seen people eaten up by the silicone. I’ve seen them turn black-and-blue and not being able to walk anymore. I’ve seen people have their whole breast taken off. I’ve seen everything.  It’s cheaper on the black market and people are willing to take the risks to achieve the beauty. I’m one of the lucky ones and I knock on wood everyday thanking God that he brought me through.

“I love Kim Kardashian’s body – it’s beautiful. She’s exactly what a woman should be.When it comes to me and celebrities, a lot of people compare me to Nicki Minaj’. It makes me laugh because I’m thinking, ‘I had ass before I even knew of Nicki or before she was even around”. Maybe Nicki’s actually got an ass like me.’
Williams also reportedly said that she loves her new body because it makes men treat her like a queen.”

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NANS elects Tijani Usman as new president

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has elected a new president at its just-concluded convention held in Delta State.

Tijani Usman, a student of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria emerged winner after polling 163 out of the 239 total votes cast to defeat his closest opponent, Jubril Ahmadu, also from ABU, who scored 56 votes.

Usman now stepped into the shoes of outgoing President, Yinka Gbadebo.

DailyPost recalls that Gbadebo, who along with NANS ex-presidents and ex-senate presidents, about two weeks ago, bestowed on President Goodluck Jonathan an award of the Grand Commander of Nigerian students.

The delegation also used the occasion to endorse Jonathan for a second term in office.