Escaping Boko Haram: How three Nigeria girls found safety

For six months the world has waited for news of the fate of more than 200 girls abducted by Nigerian militant group Boko Haram. As the Nigerian government insists a deal to release the “Chibok girls” is being negotiated, three girls who escaped their captors have told their story to BBC Hausa.

Lami, Maria and Hajara were at school in Chibok, north-eastern Nigeria, when they were kidnapped in April. Best friends Lami and Maria escaped by jumping from the back of a truck. Hajara was taken to a camp but later fled with another girl.

To protect the girls’ identity we have portrayed their story as an animation, and provided an edited transcript of their account below.

The girls’ names have been changed for their protection.chibok missing girls boko haram student north

Lami: It was Monday night. We had exams the following day. Then we started to hear shootings in the town. So we went out. We phoned our parents to tell them what was happening in the town. They told us to run away when we got the chance. We told them that the town was already surrounded so there was no way we could run.

Maria: Lami woke me up saying: “Maria didn’t you hear what’s happening? Haven’t you heard sounds of shooting from the town?”

I said we should climb the wall and run away. She said: “No. No-one has run away. We should gather in one place and wait to see what’s going to happen.”

Other girls said nothing would happen to us. “We’re girls. They don’t do anything to girls. We should wait and see what God would do.”

Lami: We were at the school when suddenly three Boko Haram members entered.

They said: “If any of you attempt to leave we’ll kill all of you.” When we went out they were everywhere. They gathered us where we have our school assembly. As we were there they kept burning the school. They burnt everything.

Hajara: They asked us to get out of the gate, saying that when we were out they would let us go back to our homes. They said whoever did not have a headscarf or shoes should go and get them. They then asked us to climb on to a lorry, on top of the food loaded in it. The lorry was so high that we couldn’t easily climb on.

Maria: They said to us: “You’re only coming to school for prostitution. Boko (Western education) is haram (forbidden) so what are you doing in school?”

We kept quiet. I think there could have been about 100 Boko Haram members – they were all over the school. They outnumbered us. They took us away in their vehicles. We were sitting on oil drums in the vehicle. Our vehicle was really overloaded. We were saying to one another that we should throw away our shoes and scarves so that if our parents came they would know the road we had taken.

Hajara: The vehicle became full before I could get on. There were about 100 of us walking. We stopped at one town and people brought us water. I saw one of those who brought us water changed his clothes and joined the Boko Haram men. They then put us in other vehicles.

They put the rest in the boots of cars. Some of the Boko Haram members were so small that if I were to grab their necks I could break them. Some couldn’t even carry their guns properly.

Maria: We were wondering where we were being taken to. When we entered the vehicle, Lami said to me: “Shouldn’t we jump out of the vehicle here so that we may possibly escape? There are no other vehicles close by.”

Hajara: I thought, it’s preferable to have these people shoot me as I run than have them humiliate me. They kept saying to us: “Make sure you put on your scarves. Make sure you put on your scarves. We’ll shoot any girl we see without a scarf. And any girl who jumps out will die.”

I was about to jump out when one girl held me back and said they’d shoot me if I did.

“What’s the difference,” I said. “Is it not to the same death we’re going? They should shoot me here and let my corpse be collected.”

I was crying and praying until we reached the camp.

Lami: There was a lot of dust on the road, they couldn’t see us. When we jumped out, we started to run. We were running without shoes. We found other people. We started to run away from them thinking they were Boko Haram. But they too had run from the town.

Hajara: Boko Haram gathered us in a forest around noon. Some of the girls were tired and were lying down. But I couldn’t lie down. The spirit of God was asking me to go. It was telling me: “Get up and go. Get up and go.”

So I went. Another girl followed me. When we were going I saw some of them [Boko Haram members] performing ablutions. We stooped as if we were trying to pull out thorns from our shoes, as if we were just going to wee. We’d walk a little then bend down for a little while as if we were looking for something we’d lost.

After walking for a while they couldn’t see us properly since it was forest. We then started to run. After we had run for a short distance, we heard them saying “catch those girls.” We kept running. Whether they came after us not, we didn’t know.

Hajara: We kept going and our shoes were ripped. We found a house, where a girl could speak Hausa. Her parents gave us a place to sleep. We reached the Chibok area in the morning. A man looking for a relative among the missing girls drove us on motorbike into town.

When I saw my elder and younger brothers, I fell to the ground crying. My mother and father were crying and all members of my family cried. Before I reached home it was as if there was a death in the house. Mats were spread. People were consoling my father and mother thinking that I had died.

Source: BBC

Ohakim’s 2015 Bid Recieves Boost, As Artisans, Students Union, Keke Drivers, Others Endorses Him

•Imo Artisan Donates N11 million For Bid.

It was endorsements galore today at the Burma Retreat, Okohia, the country home of Chief Dr. Ikedi Ohakim as he was given the node to go and contest for the governorship position of Imo state and was unanimously endorsed by more than 10 different professional bodies and students unions.

The groups where of the view that it is only Chief Ohakim who has all it takes to wrestlle power from the incumbent governor who they described as a self centred man who only cares about his immediate family and was callous and insensitive to the plights of the people.

They bemoand the dry economic state of Imo and also decried the lack of enabling policies that would have made money to be circulating in the state; they therefore called on Chief Ikedi Ohakim to come to the aid of Imolites to bring her back to path of economic prosperities and continual circulation of money in the state again.

They group where;
1. South East/South South grassroot solidarity forum, led by Hon. Chief. Bright Olaokpa.
2. The non-indegene group- Hausa Community, chaired by Alhagi Adamu Sokoto.
3. Keke Napep Association, chaired by Uwananas Ikechuchukwu.
4. Imo State Undergraduate Forum led by Comrade Mathew Caleb.
5. The Pastoral group (Pastors Forum led by Pastor Sunday Anunumdu.
6. Imo State Timber & Allied Suppliers group, (Imo Artisan) led by Mr. Iwuji ThankGod.
7.Lady’s Ageudo group, led by Mrs. Juliet Ibe.
8.Elders group (Ndi Nze na Ozo) led by Nze Ourugbo Ferdinand.
9. Owerri Mandate Forum led by Prince Marshal Alozie (President), Barr. Ahaneku Chinonso (Secretary).
10. Owerri Ladies For Ohakim, led by Princess Chidimma Njamenze.
11. Nigeria film maker association, Imo State Charptar.
12. 10,000 sacked job forum.

The highlight of the occasion was when the members of Imo State Artisans affiliated to Imo state Timber & Allied suppliers presented the amount of 11 million Naira for His excellency to use in purchasing his PDP gubanatorial Form.

The group which was led by Mr. Iwuji ThankGod noted that their members re thousands in numbers spreading across the different political wards in the state and resolved to support the candidature of Chief Ohakim by contributing 10 Nairia, 20 Naira and some others who contributed above to the realisation of about 11 million Naira.

In his response, His Excellency, Chief. Dr. Sir. Ikedi Ohakim thanked all the groups for their supports and love towards him, recalling that, it was the keke operators who also gave him 11 million Naira which he used in purchasing his PDP Normination form.

Ohakim promised to be a better leader having learnt from experience, promised to recall the 10,000 graduate jobs, the LGA chairmen and councilors and all other workers that has been illegally sacked by governor Rochas Okorocha in 2011.

IMSU Students Reject Skewed free education, endorse Ohakim for 2015 guber

Students of Imo state University Owerri have thrown their numbers and weight behind the planned return of Ikedi Ohakim as governor of Imo state come 2015.

The executives of the student body, in the company of thousands of other undergraduates, filled the village residence at Okohia Mbano to adopt Ohakim as their PDP candidate for the coming governorship election. The students decried the loss of accreditation for their major courses including Law, medicine under the present government. They also condemned what they called artificial china free education of the Rochas-led government.

The IMSU students were one of several groups that paid visit to Governor Ohakim to endorse his current aspiration.

In an emotional reaction, HE Ikedi Ohakim thanked the students for their visit and support and promised to return tertiary education in Imo state to the elevated standard that prevailed during his previous tenure.

-Tony  Izuogu


His Excellency Governor Ikedi Ohakim was endorsed by Imo state University Students. Honestly this have just confirmed the assumptions and speculations from that institution stating that Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha have not only reduced the quality of learning in that institution but also have made things difficult for the student’s academic excellence.
The students who were led by IMSU SUG OFFICIALS pointed out the poor standard of academic excellence in which the school have been subjected to by this present administration in the name of free education.
It is pathetic to hear them cry out loud for the real Rescue.
Through this media, they urged  Ikedi Ohakim to come to their Rescue as the faculties in the University may soon go on retirement due to lack of accreditation caused by inefficiency in the part of this administration led by Governor Okorocha.


Sacking Of Ondo PDP Exco Contemptuous, Shows Impunity – Sacked Chairman

PDPThe sacked chairman of the Ondo state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Ebenezer Alabi, has described the dissolution of the state exco of the party by the national leadership as contemptuous and shocking just as he said the hasty decision by the PDP NWC has affirmed the level of impunity in the party.

Reacting to the NWC’s decision on Sunday, Alabi wondered why such decision of that magnitude would be taken even as a suit challenging the move was pending before an FCT High Court in Abuja.

He said, “The decision is highly embarrassing and shocking to me; for a party such as PDP to go ahead to take this kind of decision is mostly in bad faith and even contemptuous.

“One wonders what kind of example the national leadership of the party would have sent out at this moment.

“To be honest with you, this goes to show or confirm what people say about PDP as a party of impunity because there is a subsisting order for all parties to maintain the status quo”.

Lagos 2015: Speaker Ikuforiji Unveils 10-Point Agenda

ikuforiji-adeyemi-lagos-speakerThe Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, on Sunday presented his 10-point agenda on how he would govern Lagos if elected governor.

Mr. Ikuforiji presented the agenda while declaring his governorship ambition to party members at the Lagos Television Blue Roof in Ikeja.

“I am, by the grace of God, the longest-serving speaker, not just in Lagos, but in Nigeria’s history”, he said.

“My dear people of Lagos, I believe that the time has come for us to consolidate the gains of good governance. The time has come for us to re-articulate the vision of the founding fathers of Lagos, and re-energise the people of this great city.

“I intend to build on the achievements of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Gov. Babatunde Fashola, to make Lagos a truly global city.

“I am also presenting my agenda for the transformation of Lagos – My 10-point Cardinal Programme.

“I believe, when implemented, this will consolidate the gains of the past, as well as help us to build a new future that will make Lagos as global city.

“My 10-point Cardinal Programme connects all the critical areas of the political, economic and social lives, and provides a synergy between these different sectors.

“This 10-point-Cardinal Programme is produced by many months of hard work and exchange of ideas with some of the finest brains that our Lagos can boast of”, the speaker said.

Mr. Ikuforiji said that in the areas of job creation and poverty alleviation, full and gainful employment would be approached as an indispensable tool of ensuring good life for the people of Lagos.

He said that his core vision was to consolidate and enlarge the legacy of good governance that Lagos had come to be known for.

The speaker said that he would work hard to make Lagos the African Alpha City, one that would link the African economy to the world economy.

“Lagos will constitute the heartbeat of the continent in the 21st Century and I believe that our state has all that it takes to play this role.

“I am convinced that we can make it happen for Lagos, under my leadership.

“As a technocrat and a widely-travelled politician, I will contribute my quota to the charting of a new trajectory for Lagos by ensuring that our politics is devoid of rancour.

“I will ensure that even to the most politically aloof Lagos resident, politics will be attractive and would no longer perceived as a dirty game characterized by nepotism”, Mr. Ikuforiji said.

He said that his administration would “combine the populist approach of Alhaji Lateef Jakande, the financial ingenuity of Asiwaju Tinubu and the vigour of Fashola”.

The speaker said that within the first 18 months of his government, hospitals in Lagos would be upgraded to world standard.

He added that government officials would be mandated to undergo medical check-ups in the state, instead of going abroad.

“Our schools in Lagos will be restored to their former glory and I will not rest until LASU is one of the top 500 universities in the world.

“I am in this race to make a difference; my conscience tells me this is the best time to do the will of God for Lagos.

“I am well placed to lead this new phase in the history of Lagos and with the strength of character that I have shown, particularly since I was elected in 2003 as a member of the house and Speaker since 2005.

“This recommends me for the governorship”, he added.


I Never Asked Amaechi To Share Rivers’ Money With Me, Says Mrs Jonathan

Amaechi-DameThe First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, on Sunday denied in its entirety, a statement credited to Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State that she requested for the state’s funds to be shared with her.

Amaechi had while speaking in Port Harcourt at the joint graduation of the students of University of Ibadan and pioneer graduates of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, on Saturday, was quoted as saying that the genesis of his problem with the president’s wife could be traced to his refusal to share Rivers money with her.

“I refused to give them money in Abuja because if I do that, I won’t be able to carry out any development project or finish the road from Rumuolumeni to Rumuepirikom.
“The quarrel between me and the wife of the President is because she said I should bring your money, Rivers people’s money and share with her”, the governor reportedly said.

But Mrs. Jonathan, in a statement by her media assistant, Ayo Adewuyi, said Amaechi’s statement was a deliberate attempt to malign her and score cheap political point.

The first lady further described the Rivers governor’s statement as a lie designed to denigrate her person and rubbish the Presidency.

Mrs. Jonathan said she could not have made such a request from the governor either directly or indirectly.

The statement read, “Having waited patiently for Governor Amaechi to refute the statement credited to him about the First Lady, (with the assumption that he was misquoted), it has become clear that it was a deliberate attempt to malign Dame Patience Jonathan and score cheap political point.

“The Governor may have been beclouded by the political uncertainty surrounding him to make such a jaundiced and unsubstantiated allegation that the First Lady asked him to bring Rivers State money to share.

“This is a blatant lie designed to denigrate the person of Dame Patience Jonathan and rubbish the Presidency. This is to say the least most unfortunate.

“It is crystal clear that Governor Amaechi is looking for cheap excuse for his failure in the governance of the state. We say without any iota of equivocation that the First Lady never made such request and could not have done so in any way either directly and indirectly”.

Nigeria 2015: We Must Change The Face Of Our Politics, Says Oshiomhole

Adams OshiomholeGovernor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo has urged politicians in the country to change their attitude and work for the good of the country ahead of the 2015 general elections.

Addressing All Progressive Congress, APC, supporters at a rally in Fugar, Etsako Central Local Government of the state on Sunday, Mr. Oshiomhole said that it was imperative for the political class to adopt better attitude in their activities.

“We must change the face of our politics and we must rebuild the future by laying good foundation”, he said.

The governor assured aspirants to various elective positions of a level-playing field during the party primaries, and pleaded that those who would emerge as candidates from the process should be supported by others.

“I am happy to see many posters, but remember that there is only person that would contest in each of the various positions.

“It is turn by turn; at the party’s primaries it is only one person that will emerge and we must please, support whoever emerges”, he said.

He promised that his administration would continue to deploy resources for the development of the state, assuring that that in the remaining years of his administration, the government would provide massive infrastructure.

Earlier, Charlton Mogaji, the Deputy Chairman of the party in the state, said that the rally was to sensitise the people and let them to know aspirants who would be involved in the party’s primaries.


Osun Election: Obasanjo, Tambuwal, Others To Celebrate Aregbesola’s Victory In Lagos

Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Speaker, House of Representatives, Honourable Aminu Tambuwwal will be in Lagos on November 2, to join bigwigs of the All Progressives Congress (APC) including former governors Bola Tinubu and Olagunsoye Oyinlola for an event to celebrate the victory of the Osun State governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola, at the last governorship election in the state.

The leaders, according to the Nigerian Tribune, will at the event discuss charting a new course for Nigeria’s democracy.

According to a statement signed by the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Honourable Abdullah Adeyanju Binuyo, who is also chairman of the organising committee of the event tagged Victory Colloquium for Mr Aregbesola, the theme of the event will be “Osun election: A pathway for Nigeria’s democratic growth.”

“The over-militarisation and intimidating atmosphere during the Osun governorship polls have been well documented. Despite this, the people of Osun State stood in full vigilance, not only to vote for the candidate of their choice, but also rose to stoutly defend their votes,” the statement noted.

The event is being organised in conjunction with an unnamed online news medium.

Fraudsters Operating Fake Facebook Accounts In My Name – Fayose Alerts

AYO+FAYOSE1Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has raised the alarm on activities of some fraudsters operating fake Facebook accounts in his name, and using them to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

The governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Mr. Lere Olayinka, raised the alarm in a statement issued on Sunday in Ado-Ekiti.

The statement warned members of the public against falling prey to the antics of the fraudsters operating the fake Facebook accounts.

Olayinka, who said he was compelled to once again alert the public on activities of the fraudsters, pointed out that money was being demanded from people by the fake Facebook operators in exchange for government contracts.

He said; “It has come to our notice that some Facebook accounts have been opened by some fraudulent elements in the name of the Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose.

“The accounts are being used to dupe unsuspecting members of the public.

“Last week, we alerted the public on a certain Dr A.U Richard with Phone number: 08162404959, who is among the operators of the fake Facebook Accounts.

“As of today, the fraudsters are yet to desist from their nefarious activities, and we wish to warn members of the public not to relate with anyone, claiming to be Governor Ayodele Fayose on Facebook”.

PDP National Working Committee Sacks Ondo Exco To Accommodate Mimiko, Supporters

olisa metuhThe national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has finally bowed to pressure from members of the former Labour Party, who recently defected to the party in Ondo State by sacking executives of the party in the state.

The move was meant to accommodate the erstwhile members of the Labour Party, led by the State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko in the party.

A statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh in Abuja on Sunday, said the decision to sack the Ondo State exco was taken by members of the National Working Committee of the ruling party.

Metuh also noted that the sacking involved the executives of the party at the ward and local government levels of the party.

He said, “The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party has announced the dissolution of the Ondo State Executive Committee of the party.

“By this announcement, all structures of the party at the ward, local government and state levels stand dissolved.

“Consequently, a Caretaker Committee has been constituted to pilot the affairs of the state chapter of the party. The Committee has Mr. Dare Adeleke as Chairman and Solomon Osawu as Secretary”.

The statement, however, called on members of the party in the state to continue to work together in harmony even as it said the party was confident now, more than ever before, of its total domination of Ondo politics especially with the rejoining of the PDP family by Mimiko.

Why I murdered my husband in his sleep – Woman confesses (PICTURED)

Ebonyi murder

Blessing Onyibe Nwogbagami, a 25-year-old woman living in Ebonyi has reportedly hacked her husband to death after a quarrel
Nwogbagami, a mother of one, confessed to the crime saying her husband, Onwe Nwogbagami was fond of threatening her with a cutlass whenever they have a fight and she decided attack him before he kills her.
She said: “My hus­band was fond of chasing me with cutlass whenever we have misunderstanding. Whenever he brings out his cutlass, I will run out of the house for him. On that particular day, October 13, 2014, I had a misunderstanding with him and immediately he picked up his cutlass and chased me out of the house. Later he went to an uncompleted building to sleep.

“Then I said to myself before my husband will kill me, let me kill him first. While he was asleep I went to where he kept his cutlass and killed him. Then I ran to my husband’s village at Ntezi Nkaliki and told the kins­men that I killed my husband.”

Comment­ing on the incident, the Assis­tant Commissioner of Police in-charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Justina Ogbodo said Blessing would be charged to court for murder.
Reports say their young daughter is presently in the custody of the Social Welfare Department of the state.

Ini Edo Delicious Bread Bakery Closed Down In Ogudu Lagos After Divorce

The end has come to Ini Edo’s husband business empire in Nigeria after his marriage to the Nollywood superstar crashed few weeks ago.

US-based Phillip Ehiagwina invested into a travel, car dealership and bakery biz which he handed over to Ini Edo after their marriage.

Fillers in Ogudu said Ini Edo Delicious bread was actually opened for her hubby.
Ini Edo’s bakery business located in Ogudu, Lagos that rolled out tasty bread and confectionery few months ago has beenclosed downwhen he divorced her Americana hubby.

findings revealed that the premises housing Ini’s bakery has been locked down with several court notices pasted on the building.

Since the bread was introduced by the Nollywood diva, it has become the most requested bread in Ojota. Many super markets and eateries in the area said the bread is out of production.

The Akwa Ibom actress was in Texas last week for an award ceremony.
Nollywood fillers say she is back in the country now.

“Be Prepared To Pay Our Dues” – Armed Robbers Write Lagos Residents (Photo)

Residents of Onimaba, College Bus stop, Ikotun Road, Igando, Lagos have been living in fear since last week Thursday when a letter purportedly written by armed robbers circulated their streets.
The letter, numbering about 20 was typed on an A4 paper and scattered on the streets, was noticed by residents as they woke up on Thursday morning.
The letter reads,

 “Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared. Our dues must be paid this festive season. Nobody can stop us as we can strike at any time. Only enough money can save your life.To be forewarned is to be fore-harmed. We have warned you in this area, and if you have ears, you ought to hear.”

Speaking with Punch ,a landlord, who identified himself simply as Alhaji Lawal, said..

“The threat letter is very disturbing. The last time we had a robbery incident in this area was about six months ago. At that time, they came in through the compound of Igando Local Government Primary School, and escaped through Potoku, an unfenced canal at an end of our street. Potoku Canal reaches all the way to Lagos State University Road, Igando.We are calling on the police to intensify efforts in securing our area. We want the Area Commander, Area M Idimu, and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad to beam their searchlight on our areas.”

“People don’t believe I’m Lagosian because I don’t Act Yoruba Movies” – Desmond Elliot

When Desmond Elliot,released his campaign posters bearing middle name “Olushola”, he was criticized for trying to act Yoruba so he could contest for a seat in the House of Assembly.Till now, his fans never knew he was Yoruba ..Speaking with City People, the actor defended his name

“I am from Lagos state. My father is from Olowogbowo in Lagos Island but my mother is from Delta state. I refer to myself as being a Pan-African. People don’t believe I am a Lagosian because I seldom act in Yoruba movies. And I didn’t include the Shola in my name. Then because my surname is also English, many couldn’t differentiate which made people confused of where exactly I am from. I am very detribalised. People of my constituency know my story and know where I come from. I have always used Shola in my primary school days. I went to Air Force Primary School in Plateau and later attended St John’s College, both in Jos. I proceeded to Lagos State University where I studied Economics and graduated in 2003″

Another Day in the Life of Chika Ike (PHOTOS)

Chika Ike shared more breathtaking photos from Istanbul,Turkey….Enjoy

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Cautions APC About Muslim-Muslim Ticket

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo has warned political parties not to toy with the idea of selecting a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket in the upcoming election.

The former Nigerian leader was tacitly referring to an interview granted by the likely presidential candidate of the All Progressives congress where he stated that he was not opposed to a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
In a brief press statement, Obasanjo said it will be absurd for any party to make the costly mistake of choosing both top candidates of their party from the same religious background.

See full text of Obasanjo’s statement below:

Sensitivity is a necessary ingredient for enhancement of peace,
security and stability at this point in the political discourse and
arrangement for Nigeria and for encouraging confidence and trust.

It will be insensitive to the point of absurdity for any leader, or any
political party to be toying with Muslim- muslim or
Christian-Christian ticket at this juncture.

Nigeria cannot at this stage raise the spectre and fear of
Islamization or Christianization. The idea of proselytization in any
form is a grave danger that must not be contemplated by any
serious-minded politician at this delicate  situation in Nigeria, as
this time is different from any other time.

Therefore, disregarding the fact that there are fears that need to be
allayed at this point will amount not only to insensitivity of the
highest order but will also amount to very bad politics indeed.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
Oct. 28, 2014

Nick Cannon donates his $2m diamond-encrusted shoes to charity

You remember the $2.2million diamond-encrusted loafers Nick Cannon wore to the grand finale of America’s Got Talent in September? Well, he has donated it to a children’s hospital. The actor and TV host donated the foot wear to the St Mary’s Hospital for Children in Queens, New York.

The shoes will be auctioned off at a later date and the hospital will keep all the money made from selling it. Nick says he’s happy to donate the shoes

“I want to keep this children’s hospital going. It’s one of the oldest children hospitals in New York. You got there and it puts everything into perspective. You see all that they are going through and that they can still have a smile on their faces. I get so much out of it. I’m glad to do this” Nick said.

PHOTO: Uche Jombo rocks baby bump to movie premiere

Uche is expecting her first child with husband Kenney Rodriquez. She showed off her growing baby bump at The Other Side movie premiere in Houston last night.

NUT Threatens Strike Over Removal Of Wages From Exclusive List

nut-logo_500The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) has described the purported removal of wages from the exclusive to the concurrent list by the National Assembly in the ongoing amendment of the 1999 constitution as an attempt to postpone the 2015 elections.

NUT National Treasurer, Comrade Nasiru Idris, who made this known while addressing reporters at the weekend in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State capital, described the act as a ploy by politicians to create an avenue where elections would be postponed.

“Both the federal government and National Assembly members should find ways of averting it if not, we will embark on an indefinite strike and mobilise other international organisations for support in the interest of Nigerian teachers”, he said.

“Even after our visit over the issue to ensure that the matter concerning wages is not removed, the National Assembly went ahead with the plan. We are not going to accept this, we don’t want our workers to suffer”.

Goodluck And Patience Jonathan Reply To Amaechi

The allegations recently posed by Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi against President Goodluck Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan did not remain unnoticed, as a both top officials immediately reacted.


It would be recalled that on Saturday Amaechi accused Jonathan and his administration of failure to implement the projects initiated by the governor, of encouraging corruption. Moreover, the politician insisted that his problems with Dame Patience started when he refused to share “Rivers peoples money ” with her.

According to Punch, October 26, both spouses replied to the member of card holder of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Goodluck Jonathan made a statement through his  Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, calling the allegations “baseless”. The country leader expressed shock over the fact that Amaechi had lost the sense of responsible political behaviour adding that he was pursuing his selfish political interests.


“Governor Rotimi Amaechi took his obnoxious willingness to denigrate the highest office in the land in a reckless bid to advance his selfish political interests to a new level of irresponsible and rascally behaviour yesterday (Saturday) in Port Harcourt with his totally false and baseless vituperations against President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Federal Government.”

Jonathan also accused Rivers governor of losing the “touch with reality”.

“We can only assume therefore that he is deliberately spewing malicious falsehood in a desperate effort to incite the people of Rivers State and Nigeria against his assumed political foes.”

He warned Amaechi against crossing both legal and moral limits by such claims, which aim at tarnishing his wife’s reputation.

“The immunity which he currently enjoys notwithstanding, Governor Amaechi should be under no illusions: A day of reckoning will surely come when he will answer for all his actions and false allegations against President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Federal Government. He should also know that Nigerians are aware of the truth and will never be fooled or swayed by his arrant opportunism and anti-Jonathan ranting.”

On the same day Patience Jonathan reacted with a statement made by her media assistant, Mr. Ayo Adewuyi, describing Amaechi’s allegations as a lie meaning to rubbish Presidency.

“Having waited patiently for Governor Amaechi to refute the statement credited to him about the First Lady, (with the assumption that he was misquoted), it has become clear that it was a deliberate attempt to malign Dame Patience Jonathan and score cheap political point. The governor may have been beclouded by the political uncertainty surrounding him to make such a jaundiced and unsubstantiated allegation that the First Lady asked him to bring Rivers State’s money to share.”

President’s wife shared her opinion that Amaechi “is looking for a cheap excuse for his failure in the governance of the state”.

She debunked the claim that she had ever requested him to giver her Rivers money, either directly or indirectly. Patience Jonathan, who comes from River State, stressed the importance of setting peaceful, free of political wars, atmosphere in the state for improving socio-economic development in the territory.

Photo: Captain Allegedly Murdered By Crew Members On-Board

The Nigerian police is currently investigating the brutal murder of a senior captain of ORC Fishing and Food Processing Limited located at Kirikiri Phase 2, Apapa, Lagos.

The deceased, identified as Captain Aiyenumelo Felix of Nigeria Marine Navy, was allegedly killed by hiscrew members on board, on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 in the Atlantic Ocean, within Nigeria’s territorial waters.

Although details surrounding the death of Aiyenumelo Felix are still sketchy, it was gathered that the mutilated body of the captain was found by another vessel two days after he was declared missing by crew members, with an iron anchor tied on his neck.

When the remains of the late captain arrived the company’s operational base at Kirikiri phase 2, blood was still gushing out of the bloated body, which had several deep cuts on the head and hands, suggesting that he must have been murdered before he was thrown into the waters.

Speaking to Vanguard at the scene, Captain Romans, a relative of the deceased, said when the incident happened, the company refused to contact family members.

“I had to personally go to the company to confirm the incident when I first heard about it. When I asked the GM why they didn’t contact the family members, he said they didn’t have the contact address of the Captain’s family.

“I wondered how the company will not have the family contact of a man who had worked for them for over 20 years,” he lamented.

Fenyintola, second son of the deceased, who was still in shock, said: “My father initially refused to go with the vessel because he was not feeling too well, as he came back from sea several weeks back after sustaining an arm injury.

“He was still receiving treatment when they forced him to board, threatening to fire him if he refused to board. See how they have killed him.”

While investigating the case, the police arrested several persons, many of who had since been released.

The General Manager of the company and Group Chief Security officer, Commissioner of Police Essient (retd) were under pressure from the deceased family members, who protested the undue delay in presentation of the corpse for identification.

They were initially told to report to the company’s office at about 7am to identify the corpse but had to wait for six hours for the vessel bearing the remains to finally arrive.

Ten crew members, who were on board with the late captain have been arrested by the Marine Police from Marine headquarters, Onikan, while the remains of the deceased had been deposited in the mortuary.

It was gathered that the captain, survived by his wife and six children, comprising four girls and two boys, had worked for the company for over 20 years before his brutal murder.

Photos Of Layole Oyatogun, Susan Peters, Uti, Others At GIAMA Awards Yesterday In Houston, Texas





K-Solo & His Cameroonian Wife Explain How Madly In Love They Are


K-Solo and his new wife, Matop might make you jealous if you don’t have a partner!  Though K-Solo was some time ago involved in a marital brawl with his ex-wife and mother of his first child, Kikelomo who ran to the media when ‘he’ won’t stop battering her. The fight was so rampant that it became a daily report on most blogs for weeks. Fast forward time, K-Solo and Kikelomo went their separate ways with their only son who was just few months old in Kike’s custody.

Now the music has changed. K-Solo has remarried and it seems this one was made in heaven, at least from what we have read. They had a long chat with a Punch reporter and all we can say about them is They Are In Love, They Are In Love… lol. Enjoy the lovey-dovey, interview after the cut.


How did you meet you wife?

K-Solo: She was like a daughter to me before she became my wife. I was watching over her before I finally proposed to her. We were friends and I used to advise her about men then too. When we met, I had more female fans than males. Most of the things that were written in the media were false stories, but she has been a very good friend.

Was that before or after your separation from your first marriage?

K-Solo: We were friends from a distance before I got separated. We would chat and talk but never met for two years. I grew up in the midst of women. When we eventually met, we did not spend up to 20 minutes with each other. It was a feeling that grew to this extent.

How did it develop?

K-Solo: It got to a point where I knew I would know her personally. I found that I wished I had somebody like her, with the experiences she had and things she had in her head. But I could not tell her that I wanted her. But one day, it just happened.

How did you feel when he proposed to you?

Matop: I was surprised, happy and excited as well, although I was expecting it.

You accepted the proposal without thinking about it…

Matop: I did not have to think about it. We wanted each other.

Were there concerns about his previous marriage?

Matop: Before I accepted to go out with him, I knew all that and I accepted him that way. I could not have rejected him because of what had already happened. Even if I did not accept his proposal, someone else would. I do not see him in that light. That is his past and I am supposed to focus on us.

Did your family oppose the marriage?

K-Solo: I had little opposition from my family because I already had a bad press. They were skeptical if I could handle a woman. She was not in Nigeria then, she is from Cameroon. We had that little opposition and I was no longer interested. She kept encouraging me to move on. She actually changed me and gave me the chance to love again, because I had a bitter experience. I could not imagine a woman who would kneel down to give me food to eat and holding the plate in her hands while I ate, turning around to hurt, harm me and claim to have a child for me. I had already seen it all and did not know what else to expect from a new woman. I was wondering what the new woman would do to please me or make me feel that it could be better. It took God’s grace to change me and the fact that we are actually meant to be. At the end, my family stood by me and told me to do whatever makes me happy.

Matop: My family is open and they welcomed him warmly when I introduced him to them. They got along well immediately and started referring to him as a friend.

Now that you are married, does it deprive you of your freedom?

K-Solo: It has given me more freedom. Then, I was scared of moving out but not anymore. The good thing is that she understands the spirituality of life and that there are forces that want this marriage to collapse. We do not have issues and we correct each other. I always tell her that she represents a very important part of my life, even more than my immediate family. She has stuck to me against all odds.

Do you get jealous of his female fans?

Matop: He is family-oriented when he is at home. I know most of his female friends, so I do not have a problem there.

What do you do to get each other angry?

K-Solo: She snores and I am difficult.

Matop: There is no perfect man. If you expect to meet one, then he must be a lazy man who does nothing. He is not difficult, but I can say he is disciplined.

How do you make up after a quarrel?

K-Solo: She does it in the traditional way. She goes down on her knees and apologises.

Is she always the first to apologise?

K-Solo: It depends on who is at fault. If she is wrong, she identifies it on time and apologises. We try as much as possible not to make it last long. Sometimes, I prolong the issue to make her know the depth of what she has done. When the atmosphere for quarrels is about to come up, she does all she can to subdue it and that makes me happy.

What pet name do you call each other?

K-Solo: I call her Aya Oba which means the wife of a king. Sometimes, I call her Alomo oko which means a clingy wife. She likes to cling to me.

Matop: I call him Oba which means, My King, or Ademi meaning, My Crown.

What do you love about her?

K-Solo: She is a good cook. I do not know what any other woman outside can give me, which she does not have. I have tasted everything; I do not see anything in a woman outside that would impress me. I see her like my sibling and not a wife. Sometimes, I reprimand her or straighten her up. At other times, I let her know that I want to be petted.

Matop: He is an artiste and producer outside, but I do not see him that way at home. He is a different person from what he is outside. He does not mix work with family time. He is the best man I could have ever wished for. He is amazing and loving.

How would you describe the marriage?

K-Solo: It is the best. I am not moving somewhere else and this is where I want to be. She makes me discover my new person every day.

Matop: It has been blissful, interesting and fun.

Do you operate a joint account?

K-Solo: Yes, we do. It was her idea because she likes business. She believes that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. She makes me deposit some money into the account every day.

How do you cope with being married to someone who is not from your country?

Matop: I was born in Lagos State and I am cool with it. I do not see anything wrong with it. I am a Nigerian by birth.

Does he partake in chores?

Matop: Yes, he does. In fact, he is a good cook and we compete sometimes. He helps out with other chores when I am busy in the kitchen.

How do you spend time together?

Matop: We see movies together; we go to parties, attend comedy shows and hang for a drink.

K-Solo: We gossip a lot.

What qualities do you share?

Matop: He is a man and I am a woman and we possess different qualities. Sometimes, we have mutual feelings and think alike. We could have the same thing running in our minds at the same time.

How should celebrity spouses handle their husbands/wives?

Matop: They should get to understand the celebrities and not see them as celebrities. Seeing them in that light could result in quarrels. I see my husband as Solomon and not K-Solo.

PHOTOS: President Jonathan In Israel, Prays For Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan who is currently in Israel for a two-day pilgrimage to Jerusalem has taken time to pray alongside other Nigerians for God’s blessings in Nigeria.

The President who shared the photos on his facebook page captioned the photos: “Today in Israel, I engaged with other Nigerians in prayers for God to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria now and forever”. 

See photos below



President Goodluck who landed in Israel, yesterday, October 25, 2014, Saturday, for a two-day pilgrimage to Jerusalem will observe the Sabbath Day at the Wailing Wall and visit Mount Tabor and Mount Carmel.

The president will also take part in prayers at an Interdenominational Church Service with the topic “A day with Jesus for Nigeria in Israel”.

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‘Why I Married More Than One Wife’ – 89-Year Old Cleric Explains…

89-year old Primate David Olonade has many wives and he is not afraid to say it. The founder of The Ark of Covenant Church, Aladura spoke with Kayode Falade of Punch on why he married many wives and how he tries to treat them as angels.

How many wives do you have?

I have many wives but now I live with only two.

Why did you marry more than one wife?

I am a man of peace who abhors violence, nagging or bickering. I don’t have time for such things. I see women as fragile vessels. I have never laid my hands on any woman before in my life. I don’t see any reason for a man to beat his wife. I take care of my wives to the best of ability. I even pamper them. I don’t allow my wives to wash my clothes. I see giving clothes to one’s wife to wash as a kind of punishment. As such, I have always had a washer man to do my laundry. But some women being what they are will still misbehave. When a woman becomes uncontrollable under my roof, after many warnings, I invite her people and ask them to take her away.

Why are you not living with all of them?

I am a man who does not like bickering and quarrels. If a woman is getting too quarrelsome or belligerent, I ask her to leave.

Actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke Talks About Her Selling Point

Top Nollywood Actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke in a recent interview with Vanguard reveals that her big b**bs brought to limelight.


The busty actress, Ronke Ojo-Anthony who is well endowed speaking on if her asset has brought her any embarrassment and how it is her selling point said:

“Before now, I get ashamed of them. But I later began to see the beautiful side and stopped hiding them because they fit me. People appreciate my bbs and I also love it. My bbs are one of the things that brought me to limelight in the movie industry”.

Meanwhile with the increase in premarital sx among our youths, Ronke Oshodi who sees sx has a normal part of life doesn’t think its bad to have s*x outside marriage as long as you are above the age of 18 years and in a serious relationship.

The top Yoruba actress who is loved by many for her delivery of her roles in movies has said that she is working on a comedy film that will be in pidgin English to make it universal.

Aside that many did not know the busty actress sings as she is set to release her album in November 17th featuring Oritsefemi and others.

Recall recently, the happily married Ronke had revealed her greatest regret is not completing her education to the University level.

Ronke Oshodi-Oke who said she had to sacrifice education when things became rough for her family, however says she has plans on completing her education.

Ronke Anthony-Ojo popularly known as Ronke Oshodi Oke is one of the top actresses who has paid her dues in the movie industry. She has featured in several Yoruba movies.

She no doubt has carved a niche for herself as she is doing well in her career.

The Secret Of My Peace In The Storm – T.B. JOSHUA

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has explained the secret of his calm demeanour even in the face of the calamitous events that have recently shrouded his controversial ministry.
Speaking to the congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 26th October 2014 in a service broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, the cleric referred to the tragic building collapse last month that left over 100 dead, stating that God would reward people according to their actions and reactions.

“What do you think is keeping me here?” Joshua questioned his congregants. “You see me laughing and I still stay because I have seen beyond the situation at hand. What I am seeing – you that are silent about the situation will be rewarded by God. You that are for will receive reward from God. You that are against will receive reward from God. It is all about God!”

The embattled pastor preached extensively on the subject of destiny, counselling worshippers to not be led astray by their challenges. “Whatever situation you are facing, don’t let it overwhelm you,” he advised. “Stay focused because there is something far more important than that situation – your dream and your goals in life.”

Basing the message on his own life experiences, Joshua continued, “I am here today because I know my goal and my dream; I am in line with it. Even though I pass through the fire, the valley of the shadow of death – the question is where is my dream and goal? It’s there.”

The popular Nigerian pastor then relayed how internal peace has kept him going throughout life’s ups and downs. “If not the peace of heart that I have in this world, I would have been zero by now,” he admitted to the congregation comprised of local and international worshippers.

“The peace of heart is so much that when I close my eyes, I can sleep,” he explained. “If I go out now, I would just walk on the streets alone because I have peace of heart. When I want to eat, I eat. If people keep disappointing me, that will not discourage me – I still keep believing that I should carry on because I have peace of heart.”

The cleric opined that desperation to achieve material things hastily had left peace elusive for the majority. “After you have achieved all you are looking for, it is so painful without peace of heart,” he stated, adding that it was not better not to achieve material success than to do so without peace of heart.

“If you don’t have anything in this world but you have peace of heart, the peace of heart will give you everything in need… You need peace of heart to enjoy whatever you have,” he stressed.

“Everything you gathered by desperation, where are they today,” the cleric then asked the sombre audience. “Without peace of heart, you will make a wrong choice; you will choose in a haste; you will always be desperate in choosing. Everything that will last long demands for time and preparation.”

Joshua challenged congregants to examine whether they really believed in their respective businesses or career choices, stressing that the evidence of such lay in their resolve to persist despite challenges.

“If you believe in what you are doing, why should disappointment separate you from it? If you believe in your business, why should failure cause you to abandon it? If you believe in your marriage, why should crisis separate you and lead to divorce,” he asked.

Speaking further on the increasing rate of divorce and separation among married couples, he added, “Today, marriage crumbles because marriage seems to be competition whereas it is supposed to be co-operation.”

Joshua then took a swipe at politicians who deceived people with wild promises, counselling the congregation to not quickly judge by appearances. “We judge people by their actions. That is why today, if a politician comes out to promise Heaven and earth and spray money on you, you are ready to vote for them. When they win the election, they turn around.”

He continued, “The world is upside down because we judge people today by their actions. We don’t know that actions on the outside can be different to actions on the inside. Because of this, we don’t know our friends and our enemies.”

The cleric concluded by advising people to seek God alone in order for their destinies in life to be actualised. “When you are connected to your destiny, nothing and nothing can stop you,” he declared.

During his prophetic ministration, Joshua later spoke of a dark cloud hanging heavily over the nation of Nigeria, explaining the crowd symbolised an impending trouble for Africa’s most populous nation.

Boko Haram: Displaced Victims Feed On Grass And Insects

The Catholic Church has decried the level of hardship some of the over 90,000 of its members displaced in the troubled North-East are going through.


The church, in a press statement by the Director of Information, The Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie, on Sunday, said most of the displaced victims had to feed on grass and insects to survive in their hideouts, while some others have had to bury their children killed by hunger and starvation in the bush.

He added that some of the displaced Boko Haram victims were still searching for their loved ones in both Maiduguri and Yola dioceses.

How South Africa’s Goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa Was Shot Dead

Senzo Meyiwa, captain and goalkeeper of South Africa’s national football team, was shot dead Sunday evening near Johannesburg.


The suspects, whose personalities are yet to be identified, stormed the house but managed to run away after the shooting.

Meyiwa’s teammates expressed shock over the loss of their 27-year-old colleague.

General Yakubu Gowon Tasks Nigerians

Nigeria’s former military head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, has sent an important message to Nigerians.


The former head of state while speaking on Sunday in Jos, the Plateau State capital, called on on Nigerians not to write off the country, but be patriotic and pray against the problems confronting her.

General Gowon also stated that there was no need for misunderstanding between the Christians and Muslims in the country because Nigeria is blessed hence needs a peaceful atmosphere to fully utilize its potentials.

The former head of state that was on courtesy visit to the Region 8 Headquarters of the Redeemed Christians Church of God in Jos, said Nigeria is a blessed country loved by God, adding that the hand of God is on this nation, which is the reason why we are able to overcome a myriad of crises that bedeviled the country in the past.

“Every Nigerian, therefore, needs to pray because if there is peace between Christians and Muslims and peace among family members, Nigeria will definitely be a great country all of us will be proud of. It is necessary for every Nigerian to embrace peace,” Gowon said. “In the western part of this country, there is an understanding between Christians and Muslims, they are able to live together in peace and harmony, this is what I want Nigerians to emulate, so that we can achieve peace across the land.”

The former head of state further urged Nigerians to have mutual respect for the traditional religion so that the country can have peace to develop.

Gowon also tasked the church to give the youth the opportunity to grow in wisdom and character.

Gowon, who was the head of state of Nigeria from 1966 to 1975, took over power after a military coup d’état, but  was overthrown in another. It was under his leadership that the Nigerian government repelled the Biafran secession during the 1967–1970 Nigerian Civil War. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

Meanwhile, the former head of state has been making several peaceful calls lately, as it would be recalled that on October 23, 2014, Gowon also called on Nigerians to “Go On With One Nigeria”, while delivering the 13th convocation lecture in honor of the NDA Golden Jubilee organized at the NDA permanent site, Kaduna.

Why I Was Chosen As Olympic Milk Brand Ambassador & Not P-Square – Peter Okoye

Peter OKoye has explained why themakers of Olympic Milk choose him to be their brand ambassador instead of choosing him and his twin brother who have always sang and endorse brands together. Here is what Peter said during hisinaugural speech;

“Music is like football. For example, if I play for Barcelona and I get endorsed by Nike, it doesn’t mean the whole Barcelona team has been endorsed. This is about me and not me and Paul.

“Among thousands or perhaps millions of people in the entertainment industry, I felt honoured to be chosen as the brand ambassador. The deal means a lot, not just to me but also to my fans. If a brand isn’t worth it I have nothing to do with such a brand. The fact that I am ready to work with this brand is an indication of its top quality,” he said.

Bafana Bafana team captain shot dead in his house


South Africa’s soccer captain Senzo Meyiwa has been shot dead by armed men in a town near Johannesburg, underlining a spike in the country’s crime rate.

The Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was shot after two men stormed into a house in Vosloorus, which Meyiwa was visiting on Sunday evening, South Africa police said in a statement, according to Reuters news agency. Other people in the house were unharmed.

Local media, which described the attack as a botched robbery, said the intruders had demanded a mobile phone.

The assailants fled, along with a third man who had been waiting outside.

“We can confirm that Bucs (Pirates) keeper Senzo Meyiwa has been shot and sadly declared dead on arrival at hospital,” the South African Police Services said on its Twitter feed.

“We must emphasize break of protocol. We know there are upset and hurt people at the house where (the) incident occurred and at hospital. Calm please.

“We can assure all South Africans that we will do all we can to bring Meyiwa’s killers (to) book,” the police said in a further tweet, offering a reward of $13,700.

Violent gun crime in South Africa had been highlighted by the case of Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius, who was sentenced to five years in jail for culpable homicide after shooting dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

More than 17,000 people were murdered in South Africa between April 2013 and March 2014, an increase of about 800 over the previous year, according to police figures.

Meyiwa, 27, captained South Africa in their last four matches in the African Nations Cup qualifiers without conceding a goal and played on Saturday when his club advanced to the semi-finals of the South African League Cup.

“This is a sad loss which ever way you look at it, to Senzo’s family, his extended family, Orlando Pirates and to the nation,” Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza said in a statement.

News of the shooting prompted widespread sympathy on social media and condemnation of South Africa’s rampant gun violence.

“How do you kill someone for a cellphone?” tweeted national team mate Tsepo Masilela.

Belgian-based goalkeeper Darren Keet, who had been Meyiwa’s understudy over the last four internationals, tweeted: “When does it STOP South Africa?”

The Great Endorsement: Imo People Wants Ikedi Ohakim Back As Governor In 2015

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Who is your favourite nollywood female comedian??


Why I Killed My Friend over N7m Debt

One Abdulahi Bello has narrated to police in Abuja how he employed the services of a spiritualist and some hoodlums to stab his long-time friend, Awwal Unar to death for his inability to pay Awwal a N7 million debt he was owing him.

Awwal Unar, a 26-year old Baze University student union leader, had given a N7 million loan to his friend, Bello, over a period of time. But each time he demanded for refund, Bello would come up with one form of excuse or the other.

ThisDay reports that when the pressure Awwal was mounting on Bello became unbearable, Bello decided to contact a spiritualist, one Lawal Saleh in Katsina, who prepared some concoctions that would make Awwal forget about the money. Unfortunately, the fetish concoction had little or no effect on Awwal and he continued to mount pressure on his friend to pay back the money. The pressure was so much that Bello said he got sick and tired and decided to end it once and for all.

Paraded by Federal Capital Territory Police in Abuja, Bello confessed to have contacted the same spiritualist in Katsina, who came up with how the ‘embarrassment’ would end forever. According to the FCT Commissioner of Police, CP Wilson Inalegwu, Bello masterminded the crime after he could not refund the N7m loan and could not hypnotise Awwal to forget the loan.

Inalegwu told journalists:

To act as an advice and warning to parents, we had a sad case of one Awwal. Awwal used to be a student of Baze University in Abuja. He was an elected student union leader and was aged 26. On the 2nd of October when he was just 33 days married, he took his wife to the father in law’s house and told them that he was going to Keffi Road to purchase Sallah Ram.

He left in the afternoon and by the evening, about 9.30 pm that day he made his last phone call to his parents that he had bought the ram and he was coming back home. That was the last contact they had with him. The parents became worried. So, on the third day, they got a mysterious phone call from an individual by the name Suleiman, that he found the phone by the side of Awwal. So the father got worried and of course, the wife.

On the 6th of October, a call was made directly to this command and we got our crack team to set the motion for investigation. From the call log and all that, we made arrest. When we made arrest, we discovered that one Abdullahi who was staying in the same house with this Awwal, had over a period of time, collected about N7m from Awwal and couldn’t pay back.

He now engaged a spiritualist to divert the attention of Awwal from demanding for his money but the Juju couldn’t work. Awwal continued to demand for his money. So Abdullahi came with a plot. He told Awwal that he gave the money to a spiritualist in Kankara, Katsina State, and that they should go there so that they can double the money and he’ll get his money. Unknown to Awwal, a plan had been hatched to kill

Awwal was said to have taken his car, a Toyota Yari, and drove Abdullahi from Abuja to Katsina.

“He had told his wife and relations that he was going to Keffi, but he never went to Keffi. He drove straight to Zaria, spent the night in Zaria and continued to Katsina and to Kankara. When they got there, Abdullahi and the spiritualist had engaged some individuals for the criminal job. So, they drove Awwal to a stream. This time, it was getting late at about 7.30 and there as they alighted from his car, some people already waiting in the bush, sprang out and started to beat him.


They used machete and sticks, on him until his last breath. So, when they killed him, nobody knew, everybody thought he would still be alive. But through diligent investigation, we got our crack team of detectives and the phone log and all the rest, we started making arrests. We made 12 arrests. From the arrest, through interrogation, the spiritualist confessed that indeed, Abdullahi had brought Awwal and they killed him,” Inalegwu said.

The suspects told police where they had buried Awwal in a shallow grave and took police operatives to recover the mutilated body which the police said had over 36 lacerations. The CP said a post mortem was conducted on the deceased before he was buried.

Meanwhile, Abdullahi was said to have converted Awwal’s car and repainted it for his personal use. He also used the proceeds of the loan to build a house which the police said they have also located.

The CP, who advised parents to know the company that their wards keep, adding the police were closing in on Suleiman who made a phone call and other people that hide in the bush to cause this mayhem. The suspects who fielded questions from journalists confessed to the crime.

Photos: Actress Chita Agwu’s Traditional Wedding Today

Nollywood actress, model and Akachawa presenter, Chita Agwu and her Malaysia based fiance, John Maduabuchi got married traditionally today, 25th October 2014 in Umuobuna Uburu Ohaozara local government area of Ebonyi State. Big congrats to them. More pics after the cut.





Photo: Actress Anita Joseph Provocatively Flaunts her Bum again

My Boobs Brought Me to Limelight – Ronke Ojo


She is big in every ramification .If you want to be witty, naughty, smart or intelligent, Ronke is equal to the task and she is a good actress. The star actress, in a new interview with Vanguard revealed intimate secrets about her life, career, marriage and future ambitions. Excerpts:
  • How did you come about acting?

I started acting as a result of some challenges that came my way when growing up. My father was a custom officer and my mother a grade II teacher. Things were smooth for us until my father had issues with the Nigeria Customs and there was a turn around. My mum’s income was not enough for
our upkeep and as the first child of the family, I wanted to support her. I moved into selling of clothes and other petty businesses at Tincan Island . But before that, I had loved entertainment, simply by watching home videos. Music and films were part of me. I had a cousin who I used to accompany to Fadeyi to see a friend of his. Then actors had their caucus known as ‘Star Parade’ there and each time we went visiting, I felt like becoming part of them. In 1997, I walked up to Mufutau Oladokun (Baba Alaran) who later became my boss and that was how I found my way into the world of acting.

  • Some people refer to you as an illiterate because you never attended a university, your comment?

I have a good background and valued education. But going to the university was something I had to sacrifice when things became rough for my family. I have the plan of going back to school but as the breadwinner of my family, a career woman, mother and a wife, it has not been easy. But when the time comes, I will, even if it means going abroad to avoid distraction.

  • You have big boobs, have they caused you any embarrassment?

Before now, I get ashamed of them. But I later began to see the beautiful side and stopped hiding them because they fit me. People appreciate my boobs and I also love it. My boobs are one of the things that brought me to limelight in the movie industry.

  • Is your boobs your selling point?
Yes, it is and apart from that it is one part of my body I cherish most.
  • Are you happily married?

Yes, I am.

  • Why are you not living with your spouse?
I prefer how we live apart. At the early stage of our courtship, it was a bone of contention but later he knew what I wanted and I appreciate him for that. If I really want to be successful in my marriage and career, this is how best we feel we can go about it.
  • It was also gathered that you once broke up with your spouse?
I met my husband in 1999 after Ronke Oshodi Oke came out. We became lovers in 2000 but we could not move to the next level because of certain differences. Most Nigerian guys would think twice before marrying an actress. We dated for four years and went our separate ways. In-between those four years I met another guy whom I had my first child for. A year after I had my first issue, my then lover, who is now my husband came back and we began our affair in secret, though he proposed to me three times during the time.
  • Why the secret affair?
I did not want to have kids for different men. But because we were best of friends, he was always there for me and we were in love, we settled our differences and came back together.
  • Why did you leave the father of your first child?
He wanted me to come stay in Canada with him and I can not live outside Nigeria for any reason, I can only go visiting . Moreover, living in Canada will affect my career. I could not get happiness from the union but I waited five years before going into another marriage officially.
  • Can we say it is one of the reasons you are reluctant to live with your husband?
Not at all. It only shows we understand ourselves very well. My husband is my friend.
  • How have you been coping as mother, career woman and a wife?
It has not been easy but as an African woman I have been managing well.

Jim Iyke Flaunts his Ripped Abs


Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is currently in Gambia to celebrate the country’s President’s 20th Anniversary in office.

“How I Spent My N64million Naira” – Ebube Essien-Garricks, MTN Aeroplane Winner

On November 13, 2012, 27-year-old student of the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology, Gladys Ebube Essien-Garricks was announced winner of the MTN Ultimate Wonder “Win An Aeroplane” Promo.


Rather than have the plane she actually won, Gladys had chosen the N64million cash prize which instantly changed her life and status. Fast forward to today, 2 years later, YNaija caught up with the mega millionaire to find out what she has been up to since the win. Excerpts:
  • How the ‘win’ was celebrated:

It was really an amazing thing that happened to me, I’m yet to get over the excitement. Not any one can be lucky like I was and I am still very grateful to God. My family threw me a party to celebrate but it was an in-house thing, it wasn’t an elaborate one, just private family celebration. We didn’t invite outsiders to avoid being kidnapped, lol.

  • You have been off the radar, why is that?

Yes and that’s because I am presently studying business information system in Malaysia. I left Nigeria in May, 2013.

  • Why Malaysia?

Actually I wanted to go to Georgia but my ticket wasn’t ready by then, so I settled for here and I really like it here anyway.

  • But you were already studying at the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology

Yes but I had to quit, I couldn’t go back to complete my studies because the whole winning incident made me popular in school, everyone would point at me, try to be friends with me and all….. I was known all over which the school and I had to leave for security reasons, I didn’t feel safe.


  • After paying your tithe offering, what was the first thing you bought from the money?

I let it breath fresh air in the bank, then I bought lots of land…I didn’t acquire houses or cars because that is not the main thing for now, moreover I’m not available to look over them so I settled for lands, it’s a safer investment. I would acquire the other properties with time.

  • And your parents?

I have settled my parents and I am taking good care of them but let me point out that we were doing okay even before I won the money; we had our own family house before then too. 

  • You didn’t go shopping at all…get new stuffs, change your wardrobe?

Yes I did. I changed my wardrobe, bought new stuffs for me and my family but I’m not a shopping freak.

  • What has changed about you since the win?

Nothing much. I am still the humble me, the person I used to be. The money doesn’t make me misbehave because God detests the proud.

  • You once said you will buy machines, work for yourself and be an employer of labour, have you fulfilled this yet?

Not really, plans change, and I am not in that field any more as I am studying something else now but if God permits, then it will be done.

  • Let’s talk about your love life. After you won the money, you said you had lots of toasters

Hahahaha it gave me headache. They all came because of the money you know…many of them got my contact from my sisters, they would call me to make empty promises, one of them even went as far as saying he’ll build a big house for my mum and also take me abroad, imagine! They went as far as calling to ask my parents if I am married…but it’s all good now, since I relocated here, everything has died down. I am now in a relationship and I will get married in due season.

  • Would you return to Nigeria after your studies or settle fully in Malaysia?

I will only visit. I am working on being an international business woman, but don’t ask me what I intend supplying, lol.

  • So have you exhausted all the N64 million?

Haba, no not really, I still have some left

  • Any advise to the Nigerian youths?

Youths should be patient and wait for their time, God’s time is the best, thank you!

“Prince Eke Proposed seconds after we met,there was no courtship” – Muma Gee

Muma Gee’s 2011 marriage to Prince Eke shocked many because, no one saw it coming. Turns out it was also a surprise to her. In an interview with the SUN, she revealed they didn’t date as he proposed seconds after he met her .

We meet in church at Emeka Ike’s Gulder Ultimate Search Celebrity Show­down thanksgiving. Emaka happens to be my best friend and coincidentally, Prince Eke’s best friend too. We never knew each other until June 13, 2010, and he proposed to me seconds after we met and the ring came 10 days later on his return from a film shoot in Ghana

On why it took 2 years after the wedding to have babies

It was planned because there was no courtship before our wedding so we needed time to build a relationship be­fore the first baby; little did we know that we had twins coming our way.

On safeguarding her marriage from divorce

My brother, I don’t need to safeguard my marriage because the phrase breaking up does not exist in my Book of Life.

On fighting for her man

Fight? Why should I fight when I do not see any war or threat!

Comedian Ushbebe & Wife in Romantic Photos

Comedian and Naija FM OAP , Ushbebe and wife Annette who got married in Novermber 2013 look really adorable in photos they took while on vacation in the UK..

Young love….

Chika Ike At Istanbul (PHOTOS)

Chika took her vacation from Dubai to Istanbul,Turkey.

PHOTOS: Three more kidnap buildings demolished in Anambra state

Anambra state government over the last few weeks have demolished 3 buildings located at Aguleri and Umuleri, Anambra East LGA, which they say were used to keep kidnap victims.

The buildings include a four room bungalow at Ararite Aguleri owned by a man from Umuobanam but used by his caretaker, one Jude Onu from Imo State and his gang. Other kidnap gangs were said to have used the building as hideout while negotiating for ransom.

Another building which belonged to late businessman Ozoemena Egwuatu but was used by his nephew, one Ejima Nwandu for kidnap activities, was demolished at Umuatulu, Umurueri.

The government said they’ve embarked on the demolition and arrest of kidnappers in a bid to ensure a  crime-free yuletide season in the state. See pics below:

I started ‘House of Tara’ with N20,000 – Tara Fela-Durotoye shares her story on Bloomberg Africa


The CEO of House of Tara International, Tara Fela-Durotoye was recently featured in the beauty segment of ‘Africa Women to Watch’, by Bloomberg Africa TV.
During the feature-interview, the beauty expert revealed that she started ‘House of Tara’ with less than
Tara shares her inspiring story in the beauty industry with Bloomberg.

Association of Imo state artisans shouts BRING BACK OHAKIM!


Chief Dr. Ikedi Ohakim being endorsed by all well meaning sons and daughters of Imo

397536_785925121446539_1661894153617052199_n 10599336_785925238113194_7520442665801998514_n 10710613_785925018113216_1284629900105924844_n

Happening live…..

Burma Retreat @ Okohia, Isiala mbano

Chief Dr. Ikedi Ohakim being endorsed by all well meaning sons and daughters of Imo.

Different organisationss are endosing the candidature of Ikedi Ohakim


-Sunday Wisdom

Louis Van Gaal Coy On Falcao’s Fitness Ahead Clash With Chelsea

van gaal.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that key striker Radamel Falcao may not be available ahead of the clash with Chelsea on Sunday.

“He got a kick in the morning [on Friday] so we have to wait and see if he’s fit enough, but it’s not a knee problem,” Van Gaal said.

“He had a knee problem but not anymore. We have to build Falcao up, that I have also said in the first press conference when he came to our club.

“It is difficult because we are playing [games] already, that’s difficult but we have played him because I like the way he was playing so we play with two strikers.

“Now I have to choose between two strikers, even three because [James] Wilson can also play, the younger player.”

The two league giants meet at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Jim Iyke Sits Next to Gambia’s President as He Celebrates His 20th Year as President

Jim Iyke with Zambian President 1Jim Iyke is on another level when it comes to relating with high powers in other African country. The business oriented actor was at the 20th anniversary of Yahya Jammeh  today marks his 20th year as Gambia’s president.Jim Iyke with Zambian President 2

Governor Amaechi Kneels To Adore God During Rally

Governor Amaechi Kneels To Adore God During Rally

At an occasion to mark his fourth year in office, the Governor of Rivers State,Chibuike Amaechi, led worship and praise session, kneeling and praising God.