Anambra Poll: Tribunal Turns Down Ngige’s Letter To INEC As exhibit

chris ngige-The Election Petition Tribunal on the 2013 governorship election in Anambra on Thursday rejected a letter tendered by the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate in the election, Chris Ngige.

Mr. Ngige, a senator, who petitioned the tribunal alleging irregularities at the polls, was at the tribunal sitting at Awka to testify in the case.

Led in evidence by his counsel, Rotimi Akeredolu, Mr. Ngige said that the letter was the one he wrote to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), seeking cancellation of result of the election.

He said that he sought the cancellation on grounds of irregularities.

The counsel to INEC, Patrick Ikweto, however, objected to the acceptance of a copy of the letter, arguing that it did not meet the provisions of Section 102 (e) of the Evidence Act.

Mr. Ikweto told the tribunal that the only letter admissible in civil proceedings was a certified true copy, which upon receipt by INEC, had become a public document.

He, therefore, urged the court not to admit the letter in evidence, saying that “what Ngige is presenting cannot serve as a counterpart of the letter”

Countering Mr. Ikweto, Mr. Akeredolu argued that a private document submitted to a public body could not become a public document on its own.

He said INEC refused to produce the certified true copy of the letter even when his client applied for it through the tribunal on March 18.

In his ruling, the Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Ishaq Bello, rejected the copy of the letter, saying it could not be admitted as exhibit.

Mr. Bello pointed out that there was no evidence that showed that a copy of the letter was submitted to INEC.

The proceedings at the tribunal continue on Friday.

62nd Birthday: Oshiomhole Solicits For ‘Special Prayers’ To Render Good Service

edo-state-governor-comrade-adams-oshiomhole1-360x225Gov. Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, on Friday called on the people of the state to offer special prayers for him to render good service.

Oshiomhole made the call in Benin at a thanksgiving service to mark his 62nd birthday at the Government House Chapel.

He said as a human being, he was not superhuman and so could make mistakes in governing the state.

The governor, therefore, urged the people to pray that God would grant him wisdom, protection and guidance that would enable him work and deliver on his mandate.

He thanked the people for being supportive of his administration and its policies.

The Chaplain of the chapel, Rev. Fr. Andrew Obinya, had earlier admonished the governor to continue doing well and learn from his journey through life.

Obinya also enjoined Oshiomhole to keep an open mind and remain compassionate, reminding him that not all people would love and appreciate him.

He urged him not to be made angry by critics, noting that any person in such position would face similar challenges.

The priest also advised the governor not to be vengeful as not everybody would understand his policies.

Obinya said that if a man’s way pleased God, God would fight for the person, urging Oshiomhole to be flexible.

“If there are policies you put in place which are not appreciated by the people, take a look at such policies a second time and take it to God in prayers for wisdom to handle it”, Obinya said. (NAN)

Olamide Shows Off His New YBNL Acts — Lil Kesh And Viktoh.


Reigning rapper Olamide has signed two new artistes to his YBNL record label.

After being the only artiste on his label for sometime, the rapper has formally unveiled two new acts, Lil Kesh and Viktoh.

Olamide has been busy promoting his new artistes on social media.


‘Lil kesh @mynameiskesh …. Time bomb lomoyen .. E go soon blow,’ Olamide wrote about Lil Kesh.

‘Kingbaddo Go shine boi ! @viktoh_ybnl,’ the YBNL boss gave his blessing to his other new signee.

18-year-old Lil Kesh, who is also a rapper, has just released a song titled ‘Shoki’.

The other signee, rising star Viktoh, also just released the music video for his brand new single ‘Say Dem Say‘.

Davido Set To Make Nollywood Debut


As the list of musicians-turned actors continues to swell arithmetically, there is yet another addition to this infinite roll call.

Raving pop sensation David Adeleke, better Known as Davido is reportedly making plans to make his nollywood debut.

The Skelewu crooner is reported to have gotten the role courtesy of his cousin Ikechukwu Ojeogwu who is an actor and producer.

The said movie is to be directed by veteran Nollywood director Teco Benson

Dancehall Star, Vybz Kartel Sentenced To Life Imprisonment


Vybz Kartel has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of an associate.

Judge Lennox Campbell sentenced the dancehall star (real name Adidja Palmer) and three other men in Kingston, Jamaica on Thursday.

The 38-year-old must serve 35 years behind bars before he can be eligible for parole.

Last month, a jury convicted Kartel and three co-defendants of murdering Clive “Lizard” Williams, who was beaten to death at Kartel’s house over two missing guns in 2011; his body has never been found.

One of the key pieces of evidence in the 65-day murder trial was a text message retrieved from Kartel’s phone saying Williams had been chopped up in “mincemeat” and that his remains would never be located.

Fans lined up outside the courthouse as police in riot gear manned barricaded streets.

Once they heard the life sentence, they were overcome with emotion.

“Wickedness! They take away the ‘world boss,’” said one woman, referring to one of Kartel’s nicknames.

His camp reacted to the sentence, tweeting, “Addi never asked for nor expected anything else from the system that facilitated his conviction despite missing n tampered evidence.”

Defense lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson expects to file an appeal. “It is not over Gaza Army. It is not over,” his team assured fans. “Certain details we have to hold back but this is just a obstacle on the road to freedom.”

Kartel is one of dancehall’s biggest stars and has collaborated with artists including Jay Z, Rihanna, and Busta Rhymes, who attended the last day of his trial.

Exclusive Photos: Iyanya – Away (B-T-S VIDEO SHOOT)


If you are very active on Instagram, you must have come across the #Away Dance frenzy.

Iyanya and his Triple MG team did an amazing job of pushing this single online by getting hundreds of people to dance and upload the clips online.

As expected, the official “AWAY” video has just been shot in the UK over the last 72 hours by Sesan.

While we await the visuals, check out exclusive pictures from the shoot. 









Charles Novia Wades Into Tchidi Chikere And Estranged Wife War

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Nollywood ace movie maker — Charles Novia has waded into the ongoing social media war between movie director Tchidi Chikere and his estranged wife, Sophia in an article he titles ‘TChidi, Talk Not.’ The article makes a whole lot of sense.
He writes: - 

“One of the best brains we have in Nollywood would be Tchidi Chikere, a celebrated scriptwriter and movie director. With an impressive body of work in the past decade and a capacity to discover new stars or to enhance sagging careers of others, Tchidi is not a personality one can ignore in Nollywood.
I have known him in a professional capacity for close to fourteen years and I relate well with him in the few instances we have met and had discussions. Tchidi has a burning desire to make a change in Nollywood, to shoot movies which somehow should re-calibrate society’s moral journey. I particularly love some of his movies for the uncanny way he brings out everyday characters in simple lifestyles and turn them to complex evolutionary beings in complex situations. As a movie director and a scriptwriter, Tchidi is gifted. Very gifted. Take it from me.
In my usual no-holds-barred critique of his acting, I would be less charitable in my accolades. But I am not writing this to detract from his credentials as a celebrated auteur. I am writing this out of concern, perhaps more professional but with a huge personal slant to it as well.
It is a well-known fact by now that Tchidi got married to an actress, Nuella, a few days ago. First of all, Tchidi, I must congratulate you on that. Whatever the opinions people have, we must all respect the wishes of consenting adults when it comes to tying the knot. He made a choice and we should respect that, no matter how much the slanderous anonymous commentators on social media think they know.
That Tchidi got separated from his former wife, Sophia who bore him three children is perhaps unfortunate but like I said, consenting adults take decisions which they believe is best for them at certain stages in life. Such decisions might come much anger and recriminations and would always leave scars in the hearts of both parties. Divorce or seperation are never pleasant.
My concern in this case has to do with the open fights between Tchidi and Sophia on social media AFTER Tchidi’s new marriage. On face value, it would seem to have started with Tchidi’s rant on twitter a couple of days back against his ex-wife.
The tweets were quite shocking and less than charitable, to say the least. Though from the tweets, one could psycho-analyse that Tchidi was really angry, hurt and perhaps deliberately hitting below the belt at his former wife. My first reaction when I read those tweets on a blog was one of shock. Those tweets were totally uncalled for. Totally. Granted, they might have been written in a miasma of negative volcanic emotions but total restrainst is required from a man in those kind of circumstances. And such restrainst is justified when the mother of your blood children is involved!
Sophia had a riposte which I read as well and she had a moral right to respond too. But something tells me that Tchidi would wish to fire another salvo at that response and thus start a social media bric-a-brac which would inflict more wounds on all parties. That is why I had to write this open opinion.
In Nollywood, and perhaps to a small extent the entertainment industry in general, most of the creatives tend to look away when acrimonious matters befall one of their own. First reactions would be one of aloofness, followed by private gossip in meeting places. Sometimes, colleagues and friends of such personalities would whisper malicious things about the subject in private while pretending to be all coy and concerned when they meet the suffering subjects in public. Oh Yes! My sector have some psychophants and pretenders as with politics but isn’t that how life goes?
Perhaps Tchidi and Sophia are being wrongly advised by masquerading friends? Or maybe they are not even being advised at all by anyone but are just ventilating on social media, giving bloggers more hits and the country one more piece of idle gossip?
Whatever the case, I will openly advise Tchidi to stop further tweets or replies on this matter. For the record, I don’t know Sophia or Nuella and haven’t met with any ever and don’t wish to. My concern, as a father, is for the kids from Tchidi’s first marriage and perhaps future kids from this new marriage. Do not celebrate your misgivings on social media. Sheath the swords. Think of the children. The children. The children.
Those poor kids are going through indescribable torture and pain already. You don’t need to add fuel to their discomfort. Angry words once written and published are hard to take back, even with the passing of time.
Celebrities are human too. That you see us on the screens or read about us does not make us less human than the other fellow. Fame and fortune only hide our foibles and finnicks. But we are human. However, whilst we are human, there are expectations of decorum we all must adhere to. And if it is just for the kids, Tchidi and Sophia (and perhaps Nuella) must adhere to the dictates of decorum.
I am not writing this to take sides or blame any of the parties involved. I am writing this openly because whatever linens being displayed by all parties in the open should be brought down immediately.
May God help all parties pass through this period and bless them all as they move on to the next phase of their lives.

Dad Who Murdered Daughter Smiles And Laughs In Court


A man who tossed his 2-year-old daughter into a creek while she was still strapped into her car seat was convicted Thursday of her murder and smirked as he was led out of court in handcuffs to spend what will probably be the rest of his life behind bars.

Jurors found Arthur Morgan III guilty of killing Tierra Morgan-Glover, whose body was pulled from a creek in a park near the Jersey shore in November 2011. They also found him guilty of child endangerment and interference with custody.

Because the jurors determined that Morgan’s actions were “knowing or purposeful,” the 29-year-old is likely to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Prosecutors said he killed Tierra to get back at her mother for breaking off their engagement. They said he weighed down her pink car seat with a tire jack to ensure it would sink. Her body was pulled from a creek in Wall Township, about 20 miles from her Lakehurst home, with one tiny black and purple sneaker sticking out of the water.

“We finally got justice for Tierra Morgan-Glover,” said Marc LeMieuxm, first assistant Monmouth County prosecutor.
“God bless her,” added county prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni. “I hope she’s in a better place.” The girl’s relatives gasped when Morgan smirked broadly as he was led out of the courtroom after his conviction, his hands and feet shackled. Immediately after leaving the courtroom, several of them collapsed into sobs, with one woman wailing, “Oh, God!”

After her death, Morgan fled to California and was arrested several days later in San Diego, with a newspaper account of the killing in his pocket. The Monmouth County medical examiner said the toddler died from “homicidal violence, including submersion in water.” He said the girl may have been conscious for three minutes after starting to breathe in water and could have remained alive for nearly five minutes after that.

On Wednesday, jurors asked the judge for a second glimpse of Morgan’s video statement to police in San Diego. In the video, a detective asked Morgan if he said anything to his daughter before leaving her to die in the creek.

“I told her I loved her, and I gave her a kiss,” Morgan replied. Morgan insisted his daughter was not dead when he left the area. “I still heard some noises,” he said. “I heard her. She sounded like she was crying.”

He said he drove away and never returned.

Chika Ike Reveals: “I’ll Give Marriage Another Shot”


In this recent interview, the Nollywood actress — Chika Ike discussed issues surrounding her recent divorce and her frequent holiday trips abroad.

Read excerpts below: -

On Courting Controversy

“I have stopped searching for my name on the Internet. In fact, I don’t bother myself with gossips and negative comments about me any longer. I have a management team that deals with all that.

“When my aides want me to see or read whatever has been written or said about me, they simply draw my attention to it. Celebrities must learn to ignore what people say about them so they can live long and be happy. That is my principle.”

On Sharing Photos From Her Trips To France And Dubai On Instagram

The truth is that I love to travel around the world. If anyone feels hurt by this, that is their business. I love to take pictures during my trips abroad and share them with my fans. I do this so as to educate them.

Many of them have never been to these countries. So, whenever I post these images, I have no bad intentions.”

On Her Failed Marriage

“I don’t want to talk about the divorce because it is already in the past and I have since moved on. I am still open to marriage and I might give it a second shot because I believe in love. For now, I am most concerned with my own happiness,”

“Celebrities also make mistakes. I don’t think they have a bad time combining their successful careers and managing the home front or their marriages on the side.

“All the talk about some men being afraid to walk up to a female celebrity and ask her out does not make sense to me. Any man that cannot walk up to me and toast me is not manly enough. I don’t have a long list or criteria for my ideal man. All I want is that he must make me happy.”

‘I don’t like poor men admiring me’ – Fast rising actress, Lizzy Gold

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold, says the major criteria for any man to woo her is that he must be rich and that no poor man should even think of admiring her picture, let alone ‘toast’ her. In a chat with Entertainment Express, Lizzy also said bank alerts turn her on. What she said below…
“A poor man shouldn’t even think of admiring my picture, not to talk of wooing me. I love money so much so I can’t marry a poor man. I don’t even want a man who is merely comfortable. My interest and affection are for millionaires, if possible billionaires. Money means so much to me, in fact money makes me wet. Sometimes when I imagine so much money in my account, I could just get wet. Bank alert is like my best friend. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I am turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get turned on immediately.
Lizzy says asides having money and being willing to spend it on her, another very important thing she looks out for in a man is that he must be well ‘endowed’.
Source: LIB

Chris Brown flown to DC with other prisoners in Con Air


Chris Brown has just been picked up by federal marshals on what will be one of the longest journeys across the country since the prop plane era … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell us Chris is on his way to a federal holding facility in San Bernardino to begin his long trip to Washington D.C. where he will stand trial for assault.

Later today Chris will board a airplane — guarded by U.S. Marshals and appropriately restrained — but the flight is NOT a non-stop. In fact, we’re told there are so many stops he probably won’t get there until Sunday. Continue…

We’re told all of these flights go through Oklahoma, with stops along the way to pick up other prisoners.

Chris will be in D.C. for a hearing Monday where his lawyer, Mark Geragos, will try to get the charges dismissed because he believes prosecutors inappropriately used the grand jury to gain an unfair advantage in the criminal case.

Now here’s the thing. If Geragos loses, Chris will sit in a D.C. jail facility until his D.C. trial kicks off on April 17.

Why World Bank Lists Nigeria Among Extremely Poor Nations – Okonjo-Iweala


The Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said World Bank’s “extreme poor nation” rating of Nigeria was based on the large number of poor people living in the country.

Okonjo-Iweala made the clarification when she interacted with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that World Bank President, Dr Jim Kim, on Wednesday in Washington, announced that Nigeria was among the world’s extremely poor countries.

The other countries that were also rated as Nigeria were India, China, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Kim had said “the fact is that two-thirds of the world’s extreme poor are concentrated in just five countries: India, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“If you add another five countries, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya, the total grows to 80 per cent of the extreme poor,” he said

Okonjo-Iweala explained that the number of poor people in a country irrespective of the country’s level of development was the parameter used to rate Nigeria among nations with high poverty level.

According to her, the phenomenon of large number of poor people is peculiar with middle-income countries which Nigeria belonged.

“Indian is a middle-income country, one of the largest economies in the world like Nigeria, is a big economy, but the largest number of poor people in the world reside in Indian, China and other places.

“Most middle-income countries, including Brazil have large number of poor people that is the reality of today and Nigeria is no exception.

“And when the World Bank president was talking he also talked about those countries. He mentioned that India is doing well and it has a large number of poor people,” she said.

“So, we should not try to single Nigeria out. The phenomenon we have in Nigeria is that we are growing but there are poor people everywhere,” she added

She advised that the focus of Nigerians now should be on the answers to the problem raised by the World Bank and what other countries were doing that Nigeria could learn from so as to improve.

“Nobody says that everything is fine but we are learning and where we make some progress like other countries, we should also acknowledge it,” she stressed.

She said that the Federal Government was making efforts in different areas of the nation’s economy to reduce poverty and improve living standards of the people.

According to her, President Goodluck Jonathan has mandated four or five of the ministers to work together to formulate a social safety programme to be implemented for the benefit of the citizens. [NAN]

Okorocha Advises Unemployed Youths To Find Something Doing

Rochas Okorocha

Unemployed youths in Imo have been advised to enrol in the “Youth Must Work Programme” of the state government to engage in viable activities.

Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo gave the advice at a Town Hall meeting he held with youths and people of Ikeduru and Mbaitoli Local Government areas of the state.

He said that the current administration introduced the programme and other empowerment projects as part of measures to keep Imo youths away from anti-social activities.

Okorocha said that with the programme in place, there was no reason for any Imo youth to roam the streets or engage in anti- social activities.

He, however, warned that youths, who failed to engage in meaningful activities, would risk arrest by May.

The governor, who inspected projects at the two local governments in company of his deputy, Mr Eze Mmadumere, expressed optimism that the meeting would bring about new focus and programmes for the areas.

He said that his government had put machinery in place to ensure that all projects initiated by the current administration were completed.

“I will not start any project that I will not finish. It is not in my character,” he said.

Okorocha assured the people that the state would continue on the path of progress in terms of infrastructure and social development.

He urged the people to resist any government that would put the free education and other current development programmes of the state government on the reverse.

The governor approved the building of 14 new primary schools for the people of Ikeduru and awarded the construction of two additional roads for the people of Mbaitoli as special packages.

He expressed regret that out of the 24.8-km road approved for Ikeduru at the cost of N1.48 billion, only about five kilometres had been tarred.

The governor said that N705 million had been paid to the contractors, assuring that no contractor would be allowed to embezzle money meant for road construction.

Earlier, Mmadumere who hails from Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, said that the governor’s visit had provided opportunity for the people to get acquainted with programmes of government.

Madumere urged the people to continue to support the government.

In his address, the Chairman, Transition Committee of Ikeduru Local Government Area, Mr Obinna Nshirim, applauded the governor’s policies on education, healthcare and aggressive rural road transformation.

That of Mbaitoli, Dr Pat Nnah, expressed confidence in the visionary leadership of governor and assured of the continued support of the people of the area.

The Chairman, Imo Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Samuel Ohiri, who also hails from the area, appealed to the people of the area to reciprocate the governor’s kind gesture by giving him massive support.

Two members of the state House of Assembly representing Ikeduru and Mbaitoli Constituencies – Mr Sam-Daddy Anyanwu and Mr Victor Ndunagu- said the governor had performed creditably well.

Ndunagu appealed to the state government to capture construction of more roads in its budget for Mbaitoli to compensate for its land mass and large population.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that many political appointees and stakeholders from Mbaitoli and Ikeduru attended the occasion. [NAN]


Never in the History of Imo State of Assembly Lawmaking has there been
a controversy so degrading as to link an elected Honourable Member or
Members of a House of Assembly directly or indirectly to Award of
contracts or be part of contract Awards.  I can still vouch for decent
Honourable members who have not soiled their hands or Are we to
conclude that what we are hearing is true?
The Essence of setting up a probe panel to investigate Citizen
Samuelson Iwuoha’s allegations against Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu,
His Chief of Staff (Kodichi Anamekwe), and his other aides, is it
defeated or are  there still Hope?  Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha;
the defacto enfact terrible  of Imo State, the Mandela of Imo State
designate, the generalissimo Social Crusader who has vowed to go to
jail with hard labour if any of his allegations is found to be false
will simply be  laughing and pumping Champagne (even though he does
not drink) that the mere hearing that the Executive Governor of Imo,
Owelle Rochas Okorocha has Ordered for the immediate arrest of Imo
Speaker’s Chief Aide, Kodichi Anamekwe for the abandonment of a Road
contract of the Oriendu-Nkwodurukwu road in Ehime Mbano after
collecting N18 million (Eighteen  million naira) and another N70
million naira, is the first vindication of him (Citizen Ikenna
Samuelson). The Second vindication of Citizen Samuelson was the order
by Owelle Rochas Okorocha that the Speaker’s Special Adviser on
Inter-governmental matters, Mr. Dan Orji should be arrested for
abandoning road jobs in Ihitte-Uboma LGA after collecting over
N50,000,000.00. More victories will continue to come the way of
Citizen Ikenna Samuelson. Both aides of the Speaker so far indicted by
the governor are being detained.
If by mere J.Pross unfounded allegation against an innocent Former
Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso prompted his being impeached. What
are these people being accused, based on allegations being
authenticated still doing at the corridors of Imo power?.
Mr Uwakwem of Imo Advancement Assembly posited (HORN MID-WEEK, APRIL
2-3 2014 PAGE 2) “The discovery from Okorocha’s tour of Local
Government Area is very shocking  and we are calling on him to
immediately order the arrest of Imo Lawmakers because the information
at our possession shows that contracts were awarded to the lawmakers,
their aides and friends. Today, despite the huge sums, Okoroocha has
put in Imo State roads, there is nothing to show for them. What we are
saying is that if Governor Okorocha investigates more, he will be
surprised on the level of fraud in the road contracts and 80% of the
Lawmakers took part in it. It is also our opinion that while the
Governor arrests the contractors, Imo Speaker’s aides; he should also
arrest the Lawmakers behind the scene of the corruption SCAM”.
How are the mighty fallen? Imagine Honorable Members of a State
Assembly that ought to be feared by even a state governor under a
democratic dispensation, are being taunted, harassed, cajoled and
humiliated by personal or collective greed and avarice at the
detriment of their constituents, Constituencies and the Imo
electorates. What a scandalous shame!!! Did Imo see this scenario
under Speaker Gideon Atuloma, Speaker Agwuocha Chukwukadibia, Speaker
Godfrey Dikeocha, Speaker Kelechi Kennedy Nwagwu, Speaker Goodluck
Opia etc?? This is very unfortunate.
A situation where Honourable members of Imo State House of Assembly
are being publicly booed at, Cajoled and blackmailed because of Road
Contract Scams is very shameful and unacceptable. A situation where
Imo Speaker’s aides share road contract funds along the road (Wetheral
road) is not healthy,
In the Court of Public Opinion, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha has
won his case for transparency and Accountable Governance. At the
Office, Citizen Samuelson was busy returning unspent funds to Imo
Speaker (Uwajumogu), whereas the Speaker and the other senior aides
were busy acquiring properties with public funds. While Samuelson was
building bridges of understanding and love across the entire state,
Uwajumogu and the other senior aides were building Hotels and other
structures across the state. While Samuelson was busy receiving awards
of excellence from corporate bodies, Uwajumogu and the other aides
were busy awarding road contracts to themselves across the state.
While Citizen Samuelson was busy protecting the Imo State House of
Assembly; Uwajumogu, Other lawmakers and his aides were busy playing
truancy. Ever since Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha resigned from the
Office of the Speaker, that office and the entire Assembly have
collapsed. Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu and the other Lawmakers are
today regretting and gnashing their teeth in sorrow because of the
exit of Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. To help reclaim the integrity
and Credibility of the Assembly, Uwajumogu should quickly resign
because the Court of Public Opinion has already impeached him.


Obesere Finally Absolved Of r*pe Allegation


Investigations are not over, but Fuji superstar, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere has been freed of the r*pe allegation levelled against him by one Miss Olanike Olaiya.

Speaking with pressmen, the Lagos State Police Command Spokesperson, Mrs Ngozi Braide, said “As far as we’re concerned, and based on the investigations carried out so far on the matter, most of the allegations by Obesere’s accuser, Olanike Olaiya were fabricated.

Although, they both admitted having canal knowledge of each other, there was absolutely nothing to show that Nike was defiled as she claimed. It was a frame -up because the lady has refused to honor police invitation.

And the doctor’s report available to us has shown that she was not defiled. We’re made to understand that this lady on her own went to Obesere’s house in search of Obesere, and that she spent the night there. She was there cooking and everybody in the house ate.

People in that house have equally made statements. I think there was a mutual relationship between the two of them. But investigation is still in progress. Police would not rest until we get to the root of the matter and we will make the outcome known to the public.” She said

Speaking his mind to the latest development, Obesere said “I thank God I have been vindicated by the outcome of the investigations so far conducted by the police. What’s next is to enter the studio for my next album. I thank God that people have identified with me so far. I am very sure the police will soon get to the root of the matter.”

It is to be noted that Obesere had earlier released a VCD about the r*pe allegations which has been doing well in the market.

You Won’t Believe How Marijuana Killed This Guy


A college student visiting Colorado for spring break fell to his death after eating marijuana cookies in what’s believed to be the first publicized fatality linked to pot since its legalized sale in January.

Levy Thamba, a 19-year-old exchange student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo., had just eaten the pot-laced treats with friends last month when he became “very agitated and upset” and ran off a fourth floor hotel balcony, according to the Denver Coroner’s Office.

Three of Thamba’s friends, who said it was the first time any of them had consumed marijuana, said one of them had purchased the cookies from a legal supplier. At least one of them is 21. “The kids took this cookie, one of them took a bite and then got kind of sick,” Chief Deputy Coroner Michelle Weiss-Samaras said. “The other two obviously didn’t have a problem and then this one became very agitated and upset and didn’t do well.”

“He got up and just started running and hits the railing,” Weiss-Samaras described the autopsy report’s findings. “I’m not really sure that he knew what was going on … the kids were pretty traumatized.” The teen’s autopsy found him having 7.2 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood. The state law in impaired driving cases sets a standard of 5 nanograms per milliliter.

Toxicology tests for other drugs or alcohol also came back negative and Thamba didn’t have any known physical or mental-health issues, according to Weiss-Samaras. The official cause of death for Thamba, who’s originally from the Republic of Congo, includes “marijuana intoxication.”

“It’s very sad. Obviously nobody knows how your body’s going to act,” Weiss-Samaras said of someone trying marijuana for the first time. With the Denver Coroner’s Office overseeing 64 counties, Weiss-Samaras couldn’t definitely say that Thamba’s death was the first related to marijuana consumption since January.

To her knowledge Thamba’s death is believed to be the first.

Ebola Virus Enters Liberia; Guinea Not Origin Of Virus

Ebola death

Liberia is dealing with its first suspected Ebola case, which is thought to be unconnected to the epidemic raging in Guinea and to have originated separately within its borders.

“We have a case in Tapeta where a hunter who has not had any contact with anyone coming from Guinea got sick,” chief medical officer Bernice Dahn said on Thursday.

“He was rushed to the hospital and died 30 minutes later. He never had any interaction with someone suspected to be a carrier of the virus and he has never gone to Guinea. This an a isolated case.”

If confirmed, the case in the eastern town of Tapeta would mark a worrying development in the fight against Ebola, as cases so far have been attributed to people returning with the infection from neighbouring Guinea, where 84 people have died.

The fruit bat, thought to be the host of the highly contagious Ebola virus, is a delicacy in the region straddling Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and experts suspect huntsmen may be the source of the outbreak.

Tapeta, a small town in the eastern county of Nimba, is 400 kilometres from the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in southern Guinea, at least a five-hour drive and much further from the border than other suspected cases.

“The huntsman has 500 traps in the forest. He felt sick in the forest and was rushed to the hospital,” Dahn told AFP news agency, adding that seven new patients brought the total suspected Ebola cases in Liberia to 14.

The tropical virus leads to haemorrhagic fever, which causes muscle pain, weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea and in severe cases, organ failure and unstoppable bleeding.

Six people have died, Dahn said, since Liberia reported its first cases of haemorrhagic fever last month, raising the previous toll by two.

Of the deaths, two are laboratory-confirmed Ebola cases: a woman who died in hospital in the northern county of Lofa and her sister who visited her.

No treatment or vaccine is available, and the World Health Organization said on Wednesday the fatality rate in Guinea so far stands at 65 percent, with the virus mainly hitting adults aged 15 to 59.

“We are now keeping surveillance on 44 people who have been in contact with the cases reported,” Dahn said.

French health authorities on Thursday put doctors and hospitals on alert to report any signs that an Ebola virus outbreak affecting West Africa had infected patients in France, though no symptoms had yet been detected.

France maintains close relations with several former colonies in the region, with immigrants and the employees of French multinational firms travelling frequently back and forth

4 Killed In US Army Base Shooting


A shooting has left at least four people dead, including the gunman, and 16 injured at a US Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, the site of another mass shooting in 2009, the US military said.

Fort Hood commander Lt Gen. Mark Milley told a news conference that the shooter was a serving soldier and that he had died on the scene from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after being confronted by a military police officer.

Milley said there was no indication the incident was linked to “terrorism”.

He told reporters the soldier, who he did not name because his family had not yet been informed, had served in Iraq for four months in 2011. The soldier was being treated for depression and anxiety, and was being evaluated for possible post-traumatic stress disorder.

Milley however did not draw a link between the gunman’s medical evaluation and the shooting.

Electricity Consumers Cannot Pay For Services Not Rendered – Oshiomole

Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole has said that he had to intervene in the disagreement between civil society organisations in the state and the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC, in the interest of justice, public good and to stem a breakdown of law and order.

“I called this meeting for us to talk through some of the issues raised by the leaders of the civil society groups that organised protests against some of the actions of BEDC,” the governor said yesterday at the Government House.

He added: “I believe our role here, as a state government, is basically to facilitate a dialogue between the consumers of electricity, who happen to be my employers, and BEDC as they have complained about the policies with regards to some charges by BEDC. I think we can talk through the issues and hopefully get results and resolve them in an amicable manner so that it does not degenerate into a major crisis.

“So, when I heard that people were protesting and I asked questions, I was told about money collected without services rendered. I then appealed to my civil society people that we might need to engage the company and let us see how we can sort it out.

“MD, you will recall the day I had the honour of receiving you in my office, when you formally introduced your company to us. I made some statements basically that privatization will lead to greater efficiency and I remember I told you that a private service provider cannot collect money for services not rendered, and therefore, the challenge of privatization and the beauty of it is that you pay only for what you consume and the service provider has certain obligations; both as a market player, but also in the eye of the law.

“When I began to hear the complaints and about the protest, it just reminded me about the things that I said to you. For me, the issue here is not what the regulatory authority wants to do; they cannot regulate in such a manner as to compel someone to pay for something he has not consumed.  If they seek to do that, they will be acting outside the law.  No law in a democracy can empower anyone to collect money from anyone who has not been offered a commodity or a service,” Oshiomole said.

Pastor Caught Live With A Military Officer’s Wife In His Bedroom

When I was growing up, the few times that such nonsense ever happened in my area, the men and women in the act were taken to pastors who prayed for them to be delivered from the spirit controlling and pushing them into such shameful act. But these days, some pastors are the one getting controlled by that same spirit.

The Senior Pastor and general Overseer of Maximum Deliverance Church, Pastor John Simon was caught live in the act by policemen sent by a top military officer to secretly monitor the pastor and his wife…

Unfortunately, people are saying Pastor Simon may be using something on women he loves that confuses them and make them do anything with him. As seen in the photos, two woman, including the police officer’s wife were nudé in his bedroom with him when the soldiers busted him in the act. Now he is begging.

Dear pastors, please advise yourselves, this mess is getting too much!








The Imo State House of Assembly has once again showed that it is diametrically opposed to the democratic and constitutional rights of free speech. I have been informed of a radio announcement inviting me to appear before the Hon. Ikenna Emeh led House of Assembly Probe Panel on allegations against the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly , Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajimogu. The radio announcement was made today 3/4/14 while I was asked to appear on 4/4/14. No letter of invitation was dispatched to me.

It is a blatant disregard for the rule of law for the Imo House of Assembly to invite  me via radio broadcast. Upon that , I am asked to attend a panel within less than 24 hours of the radio announcement – an obvious attempt to deny me my constitutional right to seek legal advice and representation.

A source at the Imo State House of Assembly has informed me  of a plot to arrest me at the venue of the probe panel set up by the Speaker and whisk me to unknown destination. The first attempt to arrest me was the March 8th  invasion of my residence in  Egbema in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State  by  armed uniformed  police officers. The invaders stormed my place in a crude military-like assault asking for me and ransacking my place but I was not at home.

I have on several occasion condemned the looting of over 3 billion naira Imo tax payers money by the Imo Speaker.It is no secret that I am a critic of the Imo State Government . I write several political articles in several newspapers and online blogs criticizing the Imo State government . Although i have proved beyond all reasonable doubts that my criticisms of the state government is due to my hatred for corruption in government and an indelible love to see youths of my  state get employed and my quest to bring the best out of the managers of the state but the Imo State House of Assembly has labeled me an enemy of the state that must be jailed at all costs.

I stand by my story that the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly looted Imo tax payers money and used the money to buy eye popping mansions in Nigeria . I will not be intimidated.I don’t need to appear before any panel. The Imo House of Assembly can probe into the said allegations against the Speaker with the facts and figures made available in the various allegations.

I say boldly that by setting up a probe panel to investigate the Speaker with the Speaker’s bosom friend as chairman the Imo House of Assembly is promoting the very corruption that it is supposed to fight against. We have today in Imo State a legislative house that supports corruption , incites hatred against activists and media men, threatens free media and is viciously opposed to the articulation of viewpoints contrary to its beliefs and actions – openly and with total impunity. The argument of the “lesser evil” is contextual and time-bound.


The Hon. Ikenna Emeh led House of Assembly Probe Panel clearly is nothing more than a hoax, a big make-belief. A plan to give the Speaker a clean bill of health. This probe panel is no more than a smokescreen to divert attention from the monumental and unprecedented corruption in the Imo House of Assembly. It is a momentary sensation meant to deceive the public. It insults the intelligence of Imolites and those of us who called for a probe of the Speaker. The Speaker, under the rules of natural justice, cannot be a judge in his own case.

Truth is my  best defence against the Imo House of Assembly’s harassment and intimidation. Fair comment and criticism covers me. The fair comment and criticism law allows columnists like me to express opinions no matter how scathing or critical. Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu as a public official and public figure should prove that my  allegation that he (Uwajumogu) looted Imo monies   was false and that it was published with actual malice. Actual malice means that the story was published with the knowledge that it was false or that the story was published with reckless disregard of whether or not it was false.

Fighting me is an attempt to  deny me  the  fundamental right to speak against corruption in government . Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu  by this plot to arrest me has  moved against free speech in Imo State. His attempt will not succeed and his excuses will  not stand the test of the  law, the test of decency, nor the test of time.

We say NO to human rights violation by those in authority and their agents. It is ridiculous that while some  public office holders who are expected to be above board but perpetrate brazen corruption are allowed to live like kings, activists and media men  who are demanding sanity are threatened with lawsuits, police and  dungeons of intimidation and repression. This again shows that despite the so-called emergence of civilian rule since 1999 and despite the struggle of the working and poor masses against dictatorship and for good governance, some  public office holding vampires like Uwajumogu who never contributed to the termination of military dictatorship are the ones throwing the masses to the  gallows. That we are still witnessing a clear attack on the media and activists  in Imo State as clearly displayed by Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu is a sign of bad omen for the poor working masses of Imo State.

Any bad policy or corruption of the government is antithetical to the interest of the poor masses and as such any protest against such policy by the media or by activists is a protection of the people’s interest as envisaged and guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution. The right to speak against the bad policies of any government is an inalienable right, which no court of the land and which no police can take away. Some Nigerians  fought and died to protect our unique right of press freedom. We can’t and we won’t forget that. To be an activist or a media man is not only a great responsibility, but also a high  honour and not  a high crime. I call on Imolites to reject the political repression against me by the Speaker. I call on Imolites  to demand the total withdrawal of all police intimidation and trumped-up political allegations leveled against me.I call on workers, students, writers, bloggers , the youth, peasant farmers, artisans, professionals, traders and other sections of the working people of Imo State  to speak out against corruption.  I will not be intimidated.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria




Covenant University Student’s Nu*de Pix and Video Goes Viral on Net …Allegedly Expelled from School [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]

Video and pictures of a 100-Level Covenant University student, Bisi has allegedly hits the social media, however, this act has cost her education as she has been expelled after a video of her twerking naked has gone viral.In the clip, Bisi is seen completely naked, dancing and twerking with her fully clothed roommate who goes by the name MhiZ Jacklyn on Twitter.Bisi’s racy video is currently trending on Twitter. A few hours ago, the friend clarified that she didn’t leak the video. She claims that a male CU student took the video from the recycle bin on her laptop.Another girl, also believed to be a student of the university, has tweeted her apologies for the leaked, see photo and video after the cut:Information reaching has it that Bisi has been expelled from her academic session..


Ebube Nwagbo Spotted Carrying Chinedu Ikedieze On Her Back (Photos)

Nollywood is at it again, using Chinedu Ikedieze ‘Aki’ and Osita Iheme ‘Pawpaw’ for the role of kids.

Actress Ebube Nwagbo and her colleagues Osita and Chinedu were spotted on set of a yet-to-be titled movie.

In the photos, Ebube is carrying Chinedu on her back, while holding the hands of Osita.


Ebube, Osita & Chinedu

Chinedu is a married man while Osita is yet to marry and both men are older than Ebube.


Not too long ago, Osita and Chinedu were playing the role of female students in a new movie.

The trend of Nollywood using grown-up actors and actresses for the role of kids has been on for some time now and it seems people are beginning to get tired of it. Sometime back, fans blasted Nkem Owoh, Mercy Johnson and co for playing the role of kids.

No doubt Chinedu and Osita perfectly interprete these kids’ roles but when will Nollywood start grooming little children for such roles and get these adults to stop

Check Out Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Exclusive Photo

Chika Ike shares another collection of exclusive backstage shots from new movie set with her director and co-stars.

No one can say that Chika Ike doesn’t love her fans, as she surely spoils them with exclusive footage from her latest movies. Just now whe posted a great deal of pictures from a movie set.

chika-ike-director-serah-donald-onyeachor chika-ike-set1 chika-ike-set15 chika-ike-set19 chika-ike-set21 chike-ike-set
Whick one do you like the most? Can you describe her character in this movie?

Danfo Driver Goes Stack Naked In Lagos To Stop Police From Arresting Him

What do you think of this act of people most especially commercial bus drivers and conductors going naked just to prevent police or LASTMA arrest?

Sean Tizzle’s Releases Promo Photos Ahead Of His Debut Album Release

Nigerian singer and hit maker Sean Tizzle unveils promo photos just ahead of his debut album “The Journey” release.

The first big work of the “Sho lee” star, whose album is among the 10 top most awaited ones in 2014, is due to drop in April. The exact date is not known.

See Photos below:

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Photo: Sean Tizzle

Actress Uchenna Nnanna Picks April For White Wedding Date

1 2

It seems this year is going to be similar to 2013, in terms of celebrity weddings taking place.

Nollywood actress — Uchenna Nnanna has fixed her white wedding with her Spain based hubby Richard Uchechukwu Maduka for April 21 in Port Harcourt.

The couple had their traditional wedding on September 28th 2013 at her hometown in Ihechiowa Arochukwu in Abia state.

Congrats to them!!

Check out Patt A -NTA Calabar TV Presenter



Photos:- Bobby Obodo Celebrates Birthday With Alleged Lover Jackie Appiah

We all know that Booby and Jackie have something in common but they have never admitted it.
Check out more photos below

Assessment Exercise: Absentee Teachers Maybe Deleted From State Payroll – Oshiomhole

Adams-Oshiomhole-612x300Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has disclosed that teachers in Public Primary and Secondary Schools in the state, who refused to show up for the Assessment exercise organized by the state government, may soon have their names deleted from the state’s payroll.

Oshiomhole, who made this known on Wednesday while receiving the report of the exercise from the Teachers’ Assessment Committee led by Prof Dennis Agbonlahor, former Vice Chancellor, Ambrose Alli University, said “I can readily tell you is that no teacher will remain in the pay roll of Edo State Government if we have not assessed him and convinced that he is indeed a fit and proper person to be entrusted with the classroom or the particular subject which our pupils are asked to learn”.

He added: “this for us is not politics; it is to stress the essence of governance and prepare our kids for the future for the inevitable role they have to play.

“Flipping through the report it is clear that you did a thorough job, painstakingly analyzing all the issues like elder statesmen and good educationists in spite of the harassment and subtle threat and you remained focused on the assignment and in the end, you have come out with a report that, I believe, will help us to have greater insight into the challenge of managing an efficient and reliable primary and secondary education.

“Even more importantly, you have ideas of what we have to do with the outcome and you gave a set of options. I believe the innocent children whose future is an issue and their parents and guardians, their spirit, their wishes to prepare their children for the future, our God will reward you for helping to advise on how best we can help to protect their future”, he said.

Oshiomhole, a former labour leader said, “I want to assure you that having generously obliged your time, and courageously carried out this assignment, we will have the political will to deal with all the issues. We are in politics to drive change. I do not think it is enough for someone to say that was how I met it. I want to be remembered for a guy who took the difficult decision and at the end paid the price.

“I like to assure you that once we have started, there is no stopping and no one is going to block us till we get to that point where we are convinced that as government we have done enough to secure the future of the Edo children”.

Turning to Prof. Agbonlahor, the governor said, “I will invite you back when we have formed an opinion on what we will do next”.

Earlier, Chairman of the 7-member Assessment Committee, Prof. Agbonlahor said the committee carried out the task and made all the necessary recommendations to ensure that the workforce of teachers in Edo State are properly trained and retrained.

“Those who failed to participate should be made to do so at the next available opportunity. It is in their interest to do so. We thank the government for the opportunity given to us to serve in this capacity”, he said.

Other members of the committee are Prof. Abigail Imogie, Prof. Ikponwonse Ogie, Prof. Noah Musa, Prof. Sunny Omobude-Idiado, Prof. Lilian Salami and Prof. Austin Osunde.

Confab: Atiku Advocates Restructuring Of Federal System

Atiku-Abubakar2Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday urged delegates at the ongoing national conference to look into restructuring the nation’s federal system.

This is contained in a statement issued by his media office in Abuja.

“The need to re-work the current federal arrangement in the country should be a major focus of delegates at the ongoing national conference”, he said.

Atiku noted that the existing federal structure gave too much functions and resources to the government at the centre, thus suppressing the spirit of innovation and enterprise among the people.

He, however, expressed the hope that the envisaged robust federal system would douse the tensions that are built into the nation’s current over-centralised system.

The former vice-president noted that the current federal structure in the country, which he termed “unitary federalism”, was a creation by and for the military governments of the past.

“As more power was concentrated in the centre, the federal government appropriated more resources and expanded its responsibilities.

“All of these were done in the name of promoting national unity and the process was relatively easy as the unified command structure of the military ensured little opposition.

“Therefore, fixing Nigeria, to me, will require reversing decades of over-centralisation of power and over-concentration of resources at the centre”, he said.

The Turakin Adamawa urged the delegates to seize the opportunity provided by the conference to turn around the fortunes of the country.

“I want to assume that a new and improved Nigeria is the goal, and I believe that any opportunity for people to talk is better than to fight”, Atiku said.

While stressing the need for the conference to design a political and governmental system that would empower local authorities and give them greater autonomy to address peculiar local issues, Atiku said: “This will enhance transparency and accountability in governance as well as contribute to the general good of the country”.

He also proposed the renegotiation of the nation’s union with a view to making it stronger by granting “greater autonomy, power and resources to states and local authorities” as “This will ultimately unleash our people’s creative energies and spur more development”.

The All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain, however, denied insinuations that the top heavy federal arrangement as is presently being operated, was working to the favour of a section of the country.

Paul Okoye Spending Quality Time With His Son


Newly wedded Paul Okoye of the P-Square duo has fully assimilated into the role of father and husband.

He shared the above photo of himself playing with his son.

Paul finally officially got married to his baby mama who he has been dating for over a decade now.

D’Banj Speaks About Finding Love And Kanye West + Threatens To Sue UK Dailymail


D’Banj in an exclusive chat with Encomium magazine has revealed he has found love and will settle down in no time.

He said a lot of you are now asking me when I will get married, because 2face, Peter and Paul have all settled down. I will settle down he said.

He also spoke about his relationship with Kanye West and his record label.

Finally he revealed he will be suing UK Dailymail soon because all they wrote about him being a womanizer and about his KOKO slang were all false.

Find the interview below…

When are you getting married?

I’m going to marry at the right time. Trust me. You guys are asking me when I’m getting married because Tuface has married. Peter (psquare) is married. Even Paul has also married. At God’s appointed time, I will marry just as my friends are now getting married.

Have you found love?

Yes, I have found love

Who is the lucky girl?

I won’t tell you (laughs)

What was the attraction?

I won’t tell you anything about my private life until I marry (laughs)

There is this allegation by UK daily mail that you are a serial womanizer. The tabloid of records also claimed you are romancing US actress and model, Kenyan Moore. What is the story?

It is a rumour. The story has no substance. I’m even about going to sue UK daily mail for the defamation of character. I’m discussing with my legal team. They didn’t hear from me. Everything they wrote is totally wrong. They defined Koko master wrongly. I think they wanted to talk about Kenyan Moore, who was a former Miss America, but they didn’t get their facts right. Everything they wrote was false .They are going to hear from my legal team, soon.

The story is that your deal with Kanye West has crumbled?

Kanye is now married….the truth about it is that we are now operating from different territories. How things work here is different from what is obtainable in the States. They cannot control what I do here because na here I don dey since. It has always been a mutual partnership.

Ebube Nwagbo Gives Chinedu Ikedieze A Piggy Back Ride


Nollywood is set to thrill us all through this year with outstanding comic oles from Nollywood’s best.

Photos from the set of a new Nollywood movie surfaced, which shows Ebube Nwagbo and colleagues Osita Iheme and Chindu Ikedieze doind what they do best.

No doubt Nedu and Osita perfectly interprete these kids’ roles very well as we can see Ebube carrying Chinedu Ikedieze on her back

Another photo below: -

Ese Walter Gets Hyundai Car As Wedding Present From Dad

1 (1) 2 (1)

Controversial OAP — Ese Walter got married to fellow OAP — Benny Ark over the weekend and the couple are probably somewhere having their honeymoon.
The bride — Ese Walters was presented a brand new Hyundai car by her dad at her wedding with Cool FM OAP Benny Ark which held on Saturday 29 March at the Lighthouse Church Abuja.
Congrats to the couple again!!

Flavour N’Abania Shows Off His Back Tattoo


A couple of days ago, BBA winner — Dillish revealed how she has been crushing on Eastern singer — Flavour, and his numerous muscle-exposing photos he shares on his Instagram page.

It seems Flavour read that message and even wants to tempt Dillish more as he share another fresh photo, revealing his back tattoo.

See photo below: -


Covenant University Expels 100 Level Student Who Posted unclad Twerking Video Online


A Covenant University student, simply identified as Bisi had a video of her twerking unclad released online recently.

In the video, Bisi is in her university dorm room strutting around unclad.

There are two other ladies (though fully clothed) and they are all playing songs from what seems to be a laptop with the webcam on. One of the other ladies even pulled off a few dance moves but obviously Bisi was the star of the video dancing the most plus being in the unclad.

One of the girl in the videos MhiZ Jacklyn (@_Jackine) on Twitter is allegedly the owner of the laptop from which the video leaked.

She tweeted that she did not intend to release the video but deleted it and a male friend stumbled on it in the recycle bin and released it.

MhiZ Jacklyn @_Jackine__


I deleted d video buh forgot to delete it from recycle bin. It was Neva my intention to leak any video of such… I am really sorry..

MhiZ Jacklyn @_Jackine__


I wasn’t d one hu leaked d video. And to Bisi, sorry it was my laptop dat d guy got d video, I Neva had any intention of leaking d video

Photos of Actress Dayo Amusa and Her Mum Vacationing In London

Nollywood actress/producer Dayo Amusa is currently on vacation with her mother in London.

The beautiful actress, who is famous for her action roles in Yoruba movies, shares photos having fun with her family.

See the photos below:

Photo: Dayo Amusa on vacation

Photo: Dayo Amusa on vacation

Photo: Dayo Amusa on vacation

Photo: Dayo Amusa on vacation

Photo: Dayo Amusa on vacation

Fans Criticize Flavour’s Shirtless Pose With Another Man In The Pool – Photo

The singer who has been flaunting his abs on social media, has posted another shirtless photo with a friend in the pool and some of his fans did not like the photo. While some say it’s inappropriate, some said it looked like a gay picture.

An hour later, he exchanged a “Goodmorning’ tweet with his rumoured boo Dillish perhaps to clear the air that he is far from being gay…..


Nuella Njubigbo Makes First Official Tweet As Married Woman

2 (2) 3

Newest Nollywood wifey, Nuella Njubigbo has made her first official tweet as a married woman.
She took to twitter minutes ago to acknowledge congratulatory messages from her fans.
The actress and her movie director husband Tchidi Chikere are currently spending time in his hometown Mbaise, Imo State.
TChidi in a recent interview with Encomium Magazine gushed about his new marriage and how his family has accepted Nuelle.
“I have the support of my family, who have fully accepted Nuella. Having concluded all the traditional rites, she is now with me in Mbaise. My people have given her wrappers and taken her to the farm. We are so, so happy. This looks more like my first marriage. Infact, Nuella is my missing rib,” he said…:) 
See tweet below: -

HotFM Abuja OAP Ciana Shares New Photos To Promote Her Website

The OAP released these promo photos for her upcoming website.

More Photos below:


Barcelona Hit With Transfer Ban By Fifa

Fifa has imposed a transfer ban on Spanish giants Barcelona for two transfer windows because of a breach of rules relating to “the international transfer of minors.

The La Liga champions cannot buy or sell players until the summer of 2015 but could file an appeal against the decision with the Court of Arbitration for Sports (Cas).

They have also been fined 450,000 Swiss Francs (305, 000 British pounds) by the world football’s governing body.

Barcelona Fined 450,00 Swiss Francs for Signing International Players Under 18, Banned from Transfer Dealings for Two Windows.

International transfer of players are only permitted if a player is over 18- unless the player in question meets one of the three qualifying criteria.

However, the Catalans signed some players in an irregular situation last year from around the world. They have a trio of youth players (age ranging from 14-15) from South Korea including the much sought after striker Lee Seung Woo, 15, plus other players from Africa.

Fifa only allows international youth transfers when one of three situations apply: the player’s parent have moved country for their own interest, not related to the player’s; the move takes place within the European Union if a player is aged between 16 and 18; or the player’s home is less than 50km from the national border being crossed.

A Fifa investigation -centred on several players aged under 18 who were registered and played for the club between 2009 and 2013- found that Barcelona and the RFEF were guilty of a “serious” infringement of the rules in relation to ten players.

The identity of the players in question have not been disclosed but Fifa is believed to be acting in the best interest of young players.

Barca have already agreed for Borussia Monchengladbach keeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Croatian 17-year-old Alen Halilovic, but would only carry one with the deals only if they win an appeal- which could well be on the line.

Chelsea were hit with a two-window ban by FIFA in 2010, but won an appeal at the Cas.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been sanctioned by Fifa for the same breaches.

The RFEF has been given a fine of 500,000 Swiss Francs (£340,000) and told to “regularise its framework and existing system concerning the international transfer of minors in football” within a year.

Nicki Minaj Visits 5 year Old Cancer Patient To Give Her A Wig

Sometime last week , This guy(pic above) sent Nicki a message of her lil fan suffering from cancer and needs one of her wigs
“@NickiMinaj #HelpMiyahMeetNicki #PinkWig4Miyah Fans I need your help to get my buddy Miyah’s wish granted. She’s a 5 year old battling cancer and her wish is to meet @NickiMinaj and get one of her pink wigs! I need your help, comment on this photo. @NickiMinaj #HelpMiyahMeetNicki #PinkWig4Miyah! Let’s get Miyah one of Nicki’s pink wigs.”
He eventually got Nicki’s attention. She posted a message on Instagram. “
Hi Miyah!!!! Let’s see what we can come up with for a pretty little princess  ”
And just yesterday, the rapper met one of her youngest Barbs and gave her the wig. Miyah gave Nicki a bracelet in return. (Awww!) -

Nicki Minaj Visits 5 Year Old Cancer Patient

Nicki Minaj Visits 5 Year Old Cancer Patient

Exclusive Movie Scene Photos of Chika Ike In Numerous Movie Productions

Hardworking Nollywood actress, Chika Ike shares a collection of exclusive backstage shots from new movie set with her director and co-stars.











*Chika Ike with movie producer, Serah Donald Onyeachor




















‘All The Juju You & Your Family Have Done To Destroy Me Didnt Work’ – Tchidi Chikere Slams His Ex Wife & Shares Photo Of Her With Another Man

Nollywood director Chidi have finally talked about his broken 1st marriage. He took to twitter to blast his ex wife who claimed he had an affair with actress Nuella who he finally got marred to last week in Anambra state. He also shared photos of Sophia with another claiming she was committing adultery while she was living under his roof.
Read his tweets below

Photos:- See Annie Idibia In All White Outfit

The proud mum of two adorable daughters wore this all white outfit on sunday to the Haven Home.

Paul Okoye & His Wife Share Lovely Family Photos

Paul who recently got married to his fiancée and baby mama took his family to the pool to have some quality time…

Church To Arrest Klint Da Drunk If He Does Not Refund The N250,000 Fee For Show He Did Not Perform

Proud Dad, Comedian Klint Da Drunk, Shares Family Christmas Pics
An Abuja based Church, Christos International Church is presently not happy with comedian Klint Da Drunk for not showing up to anchor its empowerment programme after the church paid him N250,000 upfront. According to the church, Klint was given a part payment of N250,000 to anchor the said programme but failed to show up. The comedian later said the church gave him a wrong date of 23rd of March, 2014, instead of the 22nd of March, 2014 when the event held.
The church leaders however wondered why they would give him such a date, when they gave his other colleagues Frank Edwards and Asu Ekiye who were present the correct date.
On hearing this, Klint’s friends claim Klint would have been more successful in his career, if not for his unserious behaviour and love of video games. They said he prefers to play his games instead of honouring important meetings which can eventually earn him thousands of naira.
The church is however threatening to bring in the police if Klint does not refund the money

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