Killed by Boko Haram: Tribute to Wing Commander Chimda Hedima 1975 – 2014

Despite some military sources claiming the man beheaded in the Boko Haram video is unknown to them, friends of Wing Commander Chimda Hedima have paid him tribute. They also told the story of how the brave young man killed as many Boko Haram men as he could, knowing he would be captured. See the tribute below…

On 11/09/14, a company of NA soldiers attempted to overrun a Boko Haram position in Borno. Due to the low altitude, the plane suffered significant damage from the terrorists’ gun fire. Wing Commander Hedima & his partner realized that they were going to crash.

Instead of hurriedly parachuting to safety within Nigerian controlled territory, they chose to embark on a mission to destroy as many terrorists and their weapons as possible. They parachuted out at the last minute but not before ensuring their plane slammed into a column of terrorists in which 63 Boko Haram members were killed as a result of their bravery. Wing Commander Hedima was captured.

On 12/09/14, he was killed by the Boko Haram.
He chose Nigeria, he chose all of us. We cannot forget him. Please share his story. His name should be known by everyone. 

Rest In Peace Commander, we are grateful.
May you find eternal peace in the bosom of the almighty God.

Now this brave soldier deserves a posthumous award.

Susan Peters on why Guys have become stingy?

PHOTOS: Dozens Killed In India Festival Stampede

At least 32 people have been killed and 15 others injured in a stampede during an important Hindu festival in India.Indian officials said the accident occurred on Friday near a public park in the city of Patna in the eastern Bihar state and that the fatalities were mostly women and children.

Dussehra – a festival during which effigies of the demon king Ravana are burnt to mark the victory of good over evil – draws huge crowds at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna, the administrative capital of Bihar. Continue below to see photos from the celebration and then the stampede after the cut.

“We have information that 32 people including women and children died due to a stampede,” Police told AFP news agency. In addition to the dead, at least 15 people were taken to hospital.

Hindu devotees watch an effigy of the Hindu demon king Ravana, stuffed with fire-crackers, burn The effigies are filled with firecrackers which contain phosphorous – a chemical which they believe purifies the atmosphere to combat illnesses onset by the drop in temperate at the time of year

The festival is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin in the Hindu lunisolar calendar, with the previous nine days known as Maha Navratri




Ini Edo’s in-laws rebuke her for denying “cheating’ reports on twitter

And the divorce drama gets messier….:(

A few days ago, Ini Edo took to twitter to confirm she is divorcing her hubby Phillip Ehiagwina, she however recited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce and denied claims she had cheated on her husband.

Well, relatives & friends of her soon to be ex husband are calling her out…saying she’s lying about being faithful.

The close relative of Phillip Ehiagwina told PulseNG thus:

Ini Edo should shut up about the marriage crash because with the way she is going by trying to paint Phillip as the wrong party, we may be forced to open her can of worms and it will not be palatable to her and her career.

I can tell you that Ini Edo is a serial cheat who played the field behind her husband’s back for the duration of their marriage.  Is she going to deny she was dating one Island big boy whose girlfriend organised her friends to beat her up and  injured her?

Another family source said,

Bros, I can tell you that Ini Edo is not as innocent as she is trying to make people believe or think. We caught her on more than three occasion with three different men and she always begged us to forgive her.

We can even mention some of the men she had affairs with including a South-South governor whose wife embarrassed her and ordered her security to send her out of the governor’s guest house in the state capital. She should dare us and we will mention the name of the governor on the pages of newspapers.

A close friend of Phillip also spilled saying,

Did she tell you how Phillip embarrassed her in front of her people when he went to collect his bride price? He told her people the kind of adulterous daughter they have and how she had been cheating on him right from the first day they were married.

In fact, he did not want to collect the bride price but her people begged him to collect it as that would free her to get married to another man in the future.

Oh well! Apparently, this people obviously don’t like her & they are determined to drag her name through the mud!



Officially and publicly, Governor Okorocha has not announced his intention to remain in power beyond May 2015, his terminal period as Governor under the military imposed 1999 constitution. Notwithstanding his ostrich game on this issue, all key economic and political features and manipulations going on under the regime clearly point only in one direction – his quest to remain  in power beyond May, 2015.

Few weeks ago as a campaign strategy for 2015, he announced free education for all Imo State owned tertiary institutions. Ordinarily Imolites would have stormed the Streets in celebration for this announcement. This would have been  a good news if not for the antecedent of the Governor who has a  long and prodigious history of fabrications. He has made a name for himself as okwu  ozo eme ozo, one who says A and will be doing Z. He is notorious for not fulfilling promises.

False claims and inaccuracies, like this one, padded Okorochas’s speeches. It is the same Okorocha that has been dominating the Pages of Newspapers and televisions  in the name of free education in Imo State since  year 2011 .  How come it is just few weeks ago that he declared it? For  more than 3 years his  fake free education advertorials have  been running in several Newspapers and television  in Nigeria including in Hausa and Yoruba tabloids, that’s not all, bill boards of several sizes are mounted in faraway places like Sokoto, Kwara, Kano, Borno  and Lagos, while Radio Stations in Osun, Ogun , Zamfara states are daily singing his praises not only as a performing Governor but one who has  more than the needed credentials to take over from President Jonathan  when nothing tangible is on the ground in Imo State.

To me, the mark of a true gentleman is the courage or ability to stand by his words/utterances even if it means being vilified, condemned or crucified. There is not an iota of virtue in our Governor.When he became Governor in 2011, he claimed there was no 10,000 jobs created by Ikedi Ohakim. He lied . He also told us that Ohakim was corrupt and that he will probe him for looting Imo. Again he lied. He also lied about the N26.8 billion handed over to him by Ohakim . He lied to us about who bought Adalpam Nigeria Ltd. He bought Adapalm. He also lied to us that there was 3.5 billion naira proceeds from the sale/lease of Adalpam. He never paid a dime for Adapalm.His company Roche paid nothing for Adapalm.

lies after lies from this utter fraud of a man. He has been claiming all over TV and Radio that he has built 27 General Hospitals when all the project are below 10% completion. He lied that he gave 1 billion naira to each LGA in Imo state for projects. He lied about Jude Agbaso ,  Josph Dino of jpros Limited and Imo tax payers N1.3 billion naira. He lied about Joss Marinlopez-pepe and Imo tax payers N3.5 billion. He lied that he has cleared pension debts in Imo. He lied about minimum wage for Imo workers. He has being lying to the people that he will conduct  LGA elections in the State.

Biblical Ananias is reputed to be the greatest liar on earth. He sold his plot of land and connived with Sapphira, his wife to send only part of the amount to the Apostles. The two pocketed the rest for their own use and told lies. But the deed was discovered by Spirit filled Peter who rebuked the husband Immediately. Governor Okorocha is enacting a similar script. For one thing, he lied through his campaign for Governor in 2010 and with his elevation to the position of Governor he has became a liar on a gargantuan scale. In fact, lying is now his second nature. Not a day passes without Imolites  hearing one false statement or utterances from either the Governor  himself or his acolytes.

Today, public schools in Imo , from primary to tertiary levels are delapidated and managed mostly by under-remunerated  and underfunded personnel yet Okorocha is claiming free education. Worse still, the majority of Imo graduates  will never be able to get any job for rather than give jobs Okorocha has sacked thousands of graduates and so many of our graduates thus will remain condemned to the life of crimes, frauds, prostitution, etc.

In Imo, Rochas is the contractor, the accountant, the work foreman, the supervisor, the legislature, the secretary, and any and all there is. Imo has collapsed  under such plan because no one has learned to do anything under him. He is LGA chairman  and the head of community chiefs. He is the farmer, the farm, and the tractor. All because he does not want another Imo person that is not from his family to enjoy the oil money he collects or get seen to be doing good work. He wants every  and all credits to himself. He  said he has tarred roads, built stadium.,cleaned gutter, built hotels, arrested armed robbers, and kidnappers, only him is seeing his so called good work  in Imo. What government can perform under this condition? Yet we have millions of unemployed graduates with degrees and knowledge he (Rochas)cannot present.

We say NO to this government of thieves. A man who squandered all the huge funds allocated monthly to the 27 local Government areas in Imo State since May 2011 that is well above N132 billion naira is a thief. There is no development in any of the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State since Owelle came in to power.No Hospitals, Schools, Markets, bore holes for water or any rural electrifications  etc in any autonomous community in Imo State in over three years of the life of this administration. The only roads in the rural areas of Imo are those built by unsuspecting contractors/individuals with their hard earned money that is now begging for regularization and payment.

We say No to a man who looted N26.8 billion handed over to him by the past administration. What is the stage of work at the Oguta blue lake of treasure as renamed? Now covered by grass. What has happened to the Marine Police approved as a result of the wonder lake? Is a man who looted over N16 billion 13% (derivation) allocated to Imo State oil producing Areas Dev. Commission (ISOPADEC)since May 2011 not a thief?

Under the guise of privatisation and commercialisation, the collective wealth and resources of the Imo society have been bought by Governor Okorocha. He bought Adalpam Nigeria Ltd. He bought IROMA trucks and equipment valued at N12.5 Billion. He bought our General Hospitals & Health   Centres as well as ITC.

To start with, the polity under Okorocha is the most corrupt. This is largely due to two related factors. One, the huge income being sent by FG as allocation to Imo  and two, the abdication of all commitment towards social spending, have left the government with huge unprecedented revenue. Quite naturally, most of these resources only end up in the private pockets of  the thieves in government. Where is the $2.5 M dollars paid for the lease of Imo Concorde Hotel?

What happened to the proceeds of the lease of our General Hospital? What happened to N45 billion loan secured from Zenith Bank with the allocation of the 27 local government of Imo as collateral? What of the N200,000.00 (Two Hundred Million) each said to be given to the T.C chairmen from the said N45 Billion loan for the purposes of construction of the hospitals in the 27 L.G.A.’s? Where is the supposed 3.5 billion naira  proceeds from the sale/lease of Adalpam.Where is Josph Dino of jpros Limited and Imo tax payers N1.3 billion naira? Where is Joss Marinlopez-pepe and Imo tax payers N3.5 billion? This is the time to save Imo State.

Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State ,Nigeria



Niger Government Withdraws Suit Against NTA Reporter

Babangida AliyuA Minna Chief Magistrates’ Court on Friday granted the request of the Niger Government to withdraw a suit against one Tega Oghenedoro, a reporter with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA.

Mr. Oghenedoro had been in prison custody for allegedly blackmailing the Niger State government.

He had earlier went missing after meeting with officials of the state over a story he was working on.

The Niger State government said the reporter, who wrote under a different name, Fejiro Oliver, sought to blackmail the state governor, Babangida Aliyu, for money, an allegation associates of the reporter reject.

After news of the arrest became public, the state government arraigned Mr. Oghenedoro on September 30 on a four-count charge of joint act, cheating, extortion and intimidation.

The offence is contrary to Sections 293, 234, 397, 324, 293 and 397 of the Penal Code.

At the resumed hearing of the matter, the state counsel, Moses Ciroma, prayed the court to terminate the case as both parties in the suit had agreed to settle out of court.

He said: “we apply to withdraw the complaint against the accused person and also ask for the accused to be discharged.”

The Defense Counsel, Gabriel Esegene, who raised no objection, confirmed to the court that the two parties had agreed.

In his ruling, the Presiding Magistrate, Jibrin Zabo, granted the application of the state counsel, saying that the settlement was a welcome development.

The government of Niger state had earlier released text messages it claimed showed the journalist sought to extort money from the state government.

The text messages as provided by the Niger State government detailed a conversation between Mr. Oliver and an official of the Niger state government.


Ondo PDP Members Kick Against Mimiko’s Defection


Some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State yesterday converged on the party’s secretariat along Oyemekun Road in Akure, the state capital, to register their anger over the defection of Governor Olusegun Mimiko back to the party.

The protesters, who came from 18 local government areas of the state, chanted songs and lampooned the PDP’s state executive officials for welcoming the governor back to the party.

A former member of the PDP, Mr. Mimiko in 2006 abandoned the party after accusing it of lacking “internal democracy”. He then announced that he was joining the then relatively unknown Labor Party under whose platform he won election to become governor.

After months of denials, Mr. Mimiko announced his decision to return to the PDP at a meeting in State House, Abuja on Wednesday.

But his much-publicized return has left some members of the party in Ondo State uncomfortable.

Some of the aggrieved party protesters described the governor’s return as an “infection”, comparing it to the deadly “Ebola virus disease”.

According to the protesters, Mimiko’s defection to the PDP would further polarize the party in the state.

The PDP protesters said they would resist any attempt to collapse the structure of the party with the governor’s, adding that they would not allow Mr. Mimiko to hijack the leadership of their party.

Many protesters jeered at members of the party’s state executive as they entered the secretariat, accusing the officials of welcoming with open arms a traitorous Mimiko.

Some of the protesters said they were angered that the leadership of the party in Abuja had not consulted them before re-admitting the governor back into the PDP fold.

Directing their anger at both the state and national leaders of the party, the protestors said they were aggrieved that their party immediately welcomed Governor Mimiko without probing his alleged role in the deaths of some party leaders in the state.

“I can’t imagine that these leaders of our party would allow Mimiko into our fold again. He is just an Ebola Virus that would further destroy us. If [former Governor Olusegun] Agagu were alive, would [Mimiko} have decamped today?” an angry member asked.

Another protester said, “We don’t want him because I don’t know why someone who called himself a governor would go to Abuja and declare his defection. It is uncommon and we must resist it”.

In a move aimed at dousing tension and reassuring the protestors, the state deputy chairman of the party, Fatai Adams, said the party was not ready to collapse the structures to accommodate Governor Mimiko.

Mr. Adams said that, although, the party officially received the governor into its fold in Abuja, it would not agree for him to hijack the structure at the state level.

“The [members of the] State Working Committee have met in Abuja and resolved that there is need for us to protect the structure of the party at the state, local government and the ward levels.

He added: “We have filed a motion of injunction at the Federal Capital Territory High Court to protect the structure of the party because we are not ready to dismantle the structure of the party at this very crucial moment.

“Our primaries are less than a month and a lot of aspirants have shown intention to contest for various positions under this umbrella. We are fully prepared to protect the interests of all members who have worked assiduously and committed a lot of resources”.

Mr. Adams insisted: “We are not ready to surrender the structure of our great party to anybody. We were elected”.

Court Discharges AIT Reporter Of “Controversial Mbu” Charge

A Magistrate’s Court in Abuja on Friday discharged an African Independent Television reporter, Amaechi Anakwe, of the charge relating to addressing the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 7, Abuja, Mr. Joseph Mbu, as “controversial”.

mbu jhg
Mbu had on Thursday ordered Anakwe’s arrest after he was invited to the AIG’s office for making the statement on air.

The Chief Magistrate, who presided over the court, Anthony Ogboi, discharged the AIT journalist, after the prosecution counsel, Chijoke Okezie, orally applied for the withdrawal of the charge.

Okezie told the court that Mbu instructed that the charge be withdrawn and that Anakwe be brought to his office for further clarification on the issue.

The defence counsel, John Kalu, had earlier informed the court that he had yet to get a copy of the First Information Report to enable him to know the offence his client was charged with.

He however did not oppose the application for the withdrawal of the charge but he prayed for an order restraining Mbu or its privies from further harassing or arresting Anakwe.

In a short ruling, the magistrate discharged the journalist but declined to make an order restraining the police.

According to the magistrate, making such a restraining order could amount to impeding the duty of the police.

Meanwhile, Anakwe’s lawyers, Kalu and Ayo Ogundele, described the arrest of their client as gross abuse of rights.

Chidi Mokeme Also Reacts To MTV Africa’s Best Naija Tracks List

See more tweets below…

Pics: Dakore, Funke Akindele, Waje Other Stars Rock The Runway At TW At 7 Event

Funke Akindele, Dakore Akande, Senator Ita Giwa, First Lady Of Cross Rivers State, Waje, Toke Makinwa, and more attended the TW Magazine’s 7th Anniversary Gala which took place at Civic Center, Victoria Island on Sept. 28. See more photos after the cut…

How Taiwo Oshadipe Reportedly Died


Details are still sketchy but according to what her twin sister reportedly told a journalist, Taiwo Oshadipe died in the early hours of today in her sleep. Her sister said Taiwo had fallen ill about three weeks ago and had been treated at a Lagos hospital. She was getting better and seemed okay when she went to sleep last night only for her not to wake up.

“She went to sleep last night in her usual bubbly self. This is unexplainable. We are still in shock” a source close to the family said…

Naeto C: “Politics is not my priority”


Nigerian rapper, Naetochukwu Chikwe aka Naeto C is definitely one of the most ideal people to go into politics, due to his already solid political background and level of education.

He is the son of a very influential politician, Kema Chikwe, the former minister of Aviation and PDP chieftain.

In an era where entertainers are embracing politics, one would naturally expect him to join the party, especially since he has an influential mother on the field already.

However, the rapper, who was a guest on Cool FM’s Mid day Oasis on October 1, said he’s not interested in politics for now.

In his words: ‘I don’t think I’ll be doing politics anytime soon, though anything is possible, politics is not my priority for now. It’s all about my music and family for now’.

Victor Ikpeba Says Stephen Keshi Is Super Eagles’ Biggest Problem


At this current form, the Super Eagles of Nigeria might not qualify for the 2015 African Cup of Nations and this is what former Nigerian footballer, Victor Ikpeba thinks.

Ikpeba has slammed Coach Stephen Keshi’s managerial skills while speaking on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 shortly after the election of the new NFF President Melvin Amaju Pinnick.

Ikpeba told journalists: ‘For how long will Keshi build the Eagles? He has  been building this team since 2012 and still wants to continue building in 2014. No, he is killing the team. What type of builder is he?’

Ikpeba, who is now a soccer pundit with Supersport, spoke of his dissatisfaction with the team’s coach over the 2015 AFCON qualification. ‘He has placed us on the hard corner of qualification for the Nations Cup in Morocco. While Nigerians are gritting about their chances, he has invited rookies for the must win matches against Sudan. Keshi needs to ask himself questions, he should be a critic unto himself.  He is either blaming the players or attacking even ex internationals who criticize him.’

Victor Ikpeba, who retired in 2000, played thirty-one international matches and scored seven goals for Nigeria, with appearances at the FIFA World Cups in 1994 and 1998 under his belt. Ikpeba helped Nigeria win the 1994 African Nations Cup and the Olympic football gold medal in 1996.

Why Tinubu Visited OBJ

The mission of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a leader of the All Progressives Congress at the Abeokuta residence of former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been revealed.

Tinubu, who spoke with newsmen after a two-hour closed door meeting with the former president said he was there to pay homage to Obasanjo.

He explained however that the visit was not just to pay homage, but that the APC was consulting Obasanjo on the choice of Presidential candidate for the party.

According to him, Obasanjo’s opinion on some aspirants is important to the party. More so, the former president’s political influence in the country transcends party lines.

“As a good merger, we need to talk, because, this merger will serve various branches. It is a very big tree, so, we need to talk, find out his thinking about Nigeria and the future.

“We need to seek his observation as some of his former boys who are running for presidency, what he can say of them,” Tinubu said.

You would recall that Obasanjo was once to Tinubu, a man that lacks integrity.

In a reaction to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s comments that the now defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) was crying over spilled milk on the outcome of the governorship election which gave victory to the PDP in Kogi State, Tinubu had said: “What integrity has Obasanjo in terms of his legacies for Nigeria to speak on elections? The only election that was clear in this country was the one that was organised before the Fourth Republic. The worst legacy in electoral practice was left by Obasanjo. He has no reason whatsoever and he has no audacity to talk about free and fair elections in this country.

“Apart from his aborted third term ambition, he brought about and left a legacy of electoral corruption in the country.

“What is Obasanjo talking about? He should go away and retire in shame politically. He should leave the political landscape of this country alone. He brought a whole salad of corruption, manipulation and failures,” Tinubu had said in 2011.

Two of the top aspirants in the APC, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and former Head of State Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), may not be the closest to Obasanjo, but the party is thought to be seeking the former leader’s opinion on which of the candidates will make the party stand the best chance of winning the 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Ibu Wants To Rule Nigeria Come 2015

With the massive influx of entertainers letting their political ambitions known to serve their people in different capacities come 2015 general elections, nothing seems like a surprise anymore.

Top entertainers like 9ice, Kate Henshaw, KSB, Tony Tetuila, Desmond Elliot and others have all made their intentions public.

Just recently a funny flier of comic actor, Mr Ibu born as John Okafor has also flooded the Internet.

As hilarious as it comes, the comic actor wants a presidential ticket for 2015, but on a party that doesn’t exist in the country right now.

Nick Cannon Covers Up Mariah Carey Tattoo On His Back

Ever young singer, businessman and comedian — Nick Cannon who recently announced he and the Mariah Carey secretly separated a few months ago, got his estranged wife’s first name inked across his shoulders in large letters shortly before they tied the knot in 2008.

But recently had it transformed it into an elaborate tattoo of Jesus Christ.

Nick, who has three-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with the 44-year-old singer, debuted his new artwork as he celebrated his upcoming 34th birthday on October 8 with friends, including Amber Rose, at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood on Thursday night, October 2, 2014.

A source told gossip website that his new tattoo shows Jesus Christ on the cross with angel wings coming off the end the crucifix.

It is not yet known whether Mariah, who got ‘Mrs. Cannon’ inked on her back before their wedding, plans to change or remove her own tattoo.

Nick announced his split from the blonde beauty in August, saying: ‘There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months. My main focus is my kids.’

Friends of the couple previously revealed cracks started to appear in the pair’s relationship when Nick admitted during a radio interview in March that he had slept with five famous women, including Kim Kardashian, before meeting Mariah.

More Facts Emerge On Ini Edo’s Divorce

More facts are beginning to emerge concerning the breakdown of Nollywood actress, Ini Edo’s marriage.


It can be recalled that few weeks after popu­lar actor, Desmond Elliot took to twitter and called on Nige­rians to pray for Nollywood diva, Ini Edo to get pregnant, the bubble has finally burst as the actress has filed for divorce from her US-based husband, Phillip Ehiagwina.

Ini took to her twitter handle on Thursday to explain why she filed for divorce, declaring that contrary to rumours flying around, she never cheated on her husband. Rather she iden­tified “irreconcilable differ­ences” for the break-up, add­ing that there was a conscious effort to tarnish her image.

 Ini Edo and hubby

Though, the Akwa Ibom-born actress has been married for a couple of years, she is yet to have a child for her husband and this has culminated into pressure not just from her hus­band but also his parents and family members.

However, according to in­siders, the reason for the di­vorce suit was that Ini Edo could no longer bear the pres­sure being piled on her to get pregnant by all means. “The problem has been going on for a long while now,” a source close to the actress disclosed, adding: “You know, as Afri­cans, the need for children in a marriage is very important. It is what makes a woman the bona-fide wife to her husband and since Ini just wasn’t get­ting pregnant years after her marriage, her husband’s family lost patience. Maybe, Phillip wouldn’t have minded because of his deep love for Ini, but his family won’t settle for a child­less marriage.”

Reports had earlier stated that the break-up was due to allegations of cheating and distrust between Ini and Phil­lip. The climax was when her husband’s family returned the bride price paid for the actress.

As the news of her divorce went viral barely a month be­fore their 6th wedding anniver­sary, Nigerians and most espe­cially movie buffs had received the news with a pinch of salt. But then Ini Edo’s recent twit­ter post confirmed the worst fears of her fans who have been praying fervently for her to get pregnant.

The couple tied the knot in a society wedding that at­tracted the crème-de-la crème in November 2008 in Houston, Texas. Meanwhile, to show that she really means business, Ini’s bio-data on Instagram now bears ‘actress’ instead of ‘wife’ and she is also reported to have reverted to her maiden name, with reports that she had dumped her expensive wed­ding ring.

Morgue Mix-Up Leads To Family Burying Wrong Corpse In Delta

Relations of a deceased 90-year-old woman (names withheld) in Oleh, Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta state are now seething with rage after realizing that the corpse they buried penultimate Friday was a wrong one.


They were handed the wrong corpse at the Oleh Central Hospital in a mix-up. The truth only came to light last Monday, three days after the burial.

The bereaved family quickly went to exhume the wrong corpse and interred the ‘real’one, The Nation gathered yesterday.

A source close to the family  stated: “The problem started when the family went to the mortuary to collect the corpse of the old woman. One of her sons insisted that it was his responsibility to take charge of his mother’s burial; he refused all advice on how it is done and wouldn’t even allow his mother to be laid in state for her friends and well-wishers to bid her final goodbye.

“If he had allowed us to do that, someone would have noticed the mistake and rectified it before it got to the embarrassing stage. But nobody saw the corpse and the burial went on smoothly, with prayers said and social activities. We buried someone we thought was our sister.

I Was Lured Into Robbery To Raise N25,000 School Fees, Says Undergraduate Arrested With Girlfriend

Delta Police have arrested an undergraduate of the state-owned university and his lover for their alleged role in armed robbery. Raphael Ekarebe, 22, is a 300 level student of the Department of Political Science at Delta State University, Abraka, while his girlfriend, identified as Endurance Akpore, is a student of Shaka Polytechnic in Edo State.
The duo were paraded along with 14 other suspects in Asaba for alleged crimes ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, trafficking in fake currency notes and r*pe. Ekarebe, who confessed to participating in the crime, said he was forced into crime due to his inability to raise N25,000 for school fees, adding that his indigent mother could not afford to pay his fees.
His words: ‘’We went to rob a man of his car at Agbarho. I am a member of the gang; it was my first time. I am a student in Delta State University, Abraka, and we are starting our exams soon. I came from the school because we will be starting exams this week and I have a problem with my school fees.
So, I went to meet my girlfriend she promised to give me N5,000, but the money was not enough. So, I went to meet my friend called Makolomi who promised to give me some more money.’’ He said his friend, who promised to give him money, however, lured him into crime, taking advantage of his financial situation. He added that he was not aware that they were going on a robbery operation.
According to him, he participated in the robbery because he was desperate to raise the money to pay his school fees. His words: ‘’I did not know we were going for a robbery operation. When we reached the place, we intercepted a man and showed him a gun; the man ran away leaving his car.
I participated in the robbery because I was in need of money to pay my school fees which is N25, 000. My mother cannot pay my school fees because she has no money.
We are five children.’’ He said he would not return to a life of crime if he is set free, adding that this robbery operation was his first attempt. His lover, 23-year-old Endurance Akpore, who also claimed to be a student, said she met the suspect three months ago and they became friends.
She said she went to the residence of Raphael Ekarebe to remove his belongings, adding that someone else had, however, gone ahead of her to remove them. The Delta Police image-maker, DSP Tina Kalu, said the gang had allegedly terrorised Ughelli and environs in recent times, adding that the Police made a break by acting on a tip-off.

Bandits Steal 600 Sallah Rams, Cows In Zamfara

Reports just coming in indicate that no fewer than 600 rams and cows were carted away by armed bandits in Billashe village in Birnin Magaji Local Government Area of Zamfara State on Thursday, 2 October, 2014.

Daily Trust reports that residents of the village informed that the incident occurred in the night, lamenting that the incident will prevent many of them from slaughtering rams during the Eid-el-Kabir festival holding today, Saturday, 4 October, 2014.

It was gathered that the bandits carried out the robbery operation on a house-to-house basis.

A source stated that some residents of the affected villages went after the bandits and recovered their animals.

“You know Eid el-Kabir is approaching and it is a tradition for families in rural Zamfara to rear rams and other domestic animals for sacrifice and sale, but the bandits have disrupted the plans by their action.

Some residents of the village fled the area for safety and I accommodated two of them in my house,” a resident told newsmen.


While confirming the incident, the spokesman of Zamfara state police command, Lawan Abdullahi, informed that they were working with other security outfits to recover the stolen animals.

Abdullahi added that cattle rustling still exists in the area because of the difficult terrain in most areas in the state, saying most of the villages are inaccessible due to bad roads and poor telephone networks.

He, however, added that between June and August this year, the command in collaboration with the military was able to recover 2,219 stolen cows.

The police boss informed that the Divisional Police Officer attached to the local government and a suspected cattle rustler escaped lynching by a mob in Nassarawa Godel village  earlier in the week.

National Unity Will Help My 2015 Decision – Jonathan


He revealed this in his Eid-El-Kabir message to Nigerians, as he joined fellow muslims in the nation to celebrate.

Jonathans’s message read:  ‘’I greet and felicitate with all our countrymen and women of the Islamic faith as we celebrate this year’s Eid-El-Kabir.

’Let us offer special prayers for greater security, peace, unity and progress in our dear country as well as for the peaceful and successful conduct of next year’s general elections

‘’As we celebrate the Eid-El-Kabir, let us also rededicate and commit ourselves to the Holy Prophet’s injunctions of piety, honesty, charity and generosity to the less privileged, impartial leadership and true justice for all.

Also former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has also told his fellow Muslims in the nation to obey the procedure of due diligence before entering into contractual ageements.

Atiku recently revealed his intention to run in next year’s presidential election under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

According to him, “I rejoice with fellow Muslims across the country to celebrate the Eid-el-kabir festival. The significance of the celebration today is not in the blood or the flesh of the rams that are slaughtered. The message is for people to be honour bound to respect the terms of the promises made to other entities.

The Federal Government led by President Jonathan has been waging war against the Islamist militants since 2009.

The sect is believed to have caused the death of thousands of innocent Nigerians through their terror attacks across Nigeria.

Ini Edo actually had 3 miscarriages in the crashed marriage, read her side of the story


Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has cleared the air on her failed marriage to US-based businessman, Phillip Ehiagwina.
Speaking out via her Twitter handle, she said, “I asked for a divorce from my ex-husband because of lots of irreconcilable differences. I never cheated on my husband. There is a conscious and malicious attempt at tarnishing my image. This whole saga is familiar, let’s not forget the past. Thanks and God bless.”
Ini Edo, who got married to the U.S based businessman in 2008, walked out of the marriage weeks ago, following accusations of domestic violence and cheating.
Also, new reports surfacing online claim she had three miscarriages in the marriage.
In 2012,  Ini Edo lost her first pregnancy –  barely thirteen months after, in 2013, she lost another baby and
then in June 2014, she suffered yet another miscarriage.

AIT Reporter, Amaechi Anakwue Floors Controversial AIG Joseph Mbu in Court

A senior magistrates’ court in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja has discharged African Independent Television journalist, Amaechi Anakwe, in a case of alleged character defamation brought against him by the Nigeria Police Force.

Mbu had on Thursday ordered Anakwe’s arrest after inviting him to his office. Anakwe was accused of  describing the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in Charge of Zone 7, Abuja, Mr. Joseph Mbu, as “controversial.”

Acording to NAN, Anakwue’s discharge by the magistrate, Anthony Ogboi, was sequel to an application by the prosecution to withdraw the case from court. In discharging the journalist, Judge Ogboi said that the case had been struck out and ordered the accused not be arrested for the same offence again.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Chijioke Okeizie, had applied for withdrawal of the matter without mentioning the
First Information Report, FIR, in open court. He told the court that the reason for the withdrawal of the case was “best known to the nominal complainant.” At that, counsel to Mr. Anakwue, Nwoke Kalu, prayed the court to grant the accused protection against further arrest on the same offence. The magistrate granted the withdrawal application and plea of the accused and discharged him accordingly.

Kcee Limpopo won’t Talk about his Marriage because It’s Bad for Business

A lot of speculations have been flying around town recently about Limpopo master KCee’s marital status ever since he publicly denied being married. Once again, in a new encounter with Saturday Beats this week, the singer refused to answer the question when he was confronted.

“If I am married or not is for another day, not today. It is a discussion for another day. Anything you hear about the matter is for another day. The air has been cleared but it is an issue for another day,” he had told Punch.

However, a source in his camp told Saturday Beats that the singer or any of his ‘people’ would refuse
to reveal the truth because they felt it was bad for business. The singer who was recently tongue-lashed by his fans on social media over his fashion style said that he caused the agitation. He said:

“I made people talk about my fashion sense; I started it. The truth is that in this industry, when you are quiet and you want people to talk about you, one can do anything. I started talking about my fashion sense
on Instagram and for those that know me and follow me, they would confirm that I am a fashion icon. Nigerians feel that when you call yourself a fashion icon, you are being proud and that is why they were criticizing my style. Each time I create such controversy, I gain about 2000 new followers; so I keep doing it.”

KCee who is fond of flaunting his wealth on social media told Saturday Beats that he didn’t have any regret, saying that’s how he loves expressing himself.

“I just like to express myself and that is why I flaunt what I have on social media, even the American celebrities do the same. If they buy new things or they are going anywhere, they put it on the social media. It is just a way of keeping the die-hard fans abreast of what we are doing. It is not a problem neither is it an issue but for those criticising it, I feel it is normal. No matter who you are on earth even if you are a pastor, people would criticise you. Even Christ was criticised, so who am I?” he said.

“It is the will of God” – Pastor who lost his wife and 4 kids to fire says

Pastor John Kayode of the Chris Apostolic Church, Otumara, Warri who lost his wife, Grace and four children, Egburoghene Enoch( 13), Efemena Ogheneruona (10), Oghenetejiri Tekwe (7) and Oghenemaro Ogheneyucime, in a fire disaster on Sept. 25th has reacted to the unfortunate incident.

While ministering to his congregation on Sunday September 28th, four days after the unfortunate incident, Pastor Kayode said the whole incident was the will of God and that his wife and children are now with the Lord.
The Pastor said he got the information about the tragic incident around 1.15am while in Ondo state for a pastoral conference. He said if he had his way, he would have taken a flight from Ondo state to Warri at that time of the night to come save his family. He encouraged his members not to be deterred about the incident.

The remains of his four children have been interred at a cemetery in Agharhoma, a surburb in warri while that of his wife is still in the mortuary to be given a proper burial. May their souls rest in peace.

Source: Tribune

‘Her death is not in vain’ – Mother of South African Synagogue collapse victim

 A South African mother who tragically lost her daughter in the collapse of T.B. Joshua’s guesthouse in Lagos, Nigeria on September 12th 2014 has expressed belief that her death served a purpose. It’s been almost three weeks since the tragedy in Lagos and Sibongile Madzhiye’s family is still waiting for their daughter’s remains to be brought back home.

The bright 23-year-old final year BCom Accounting student was an avid Emmanuel TV viewer and thrilled at the opportunity to visit The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), along with over 300 other South Africans.

“Immediately when she boarded the flight, she sent me an SMS – ‘Mummy, good morning’”, Sonny Madzhiye sombrely recounted to South African news channel ENCA reporter Bongiwe Khumalo.

“She then called me at the [Lagos] airport. She was so excited. She said, ‘Mummy, they have come to fetch us to go to the church.’ I said, ‘It’s fine; take it easy. We will talk tomorrow.’ That was it. We
never communicated after that.”

Sibongile was among 84 South Africans at a pilgrimage to Joshua’s church in Lagos who died while taking their lunch as the guesthouse above them suddenly caved in.

Her mother said when The SCOAN authorities informed her of her daughter’s passing, it merely confirmed what she had seen in a vision during prayer.

She spoke glowingly of her daughter’s faith, “She loved the Lord so much. She was unique. One thing that I know – she was a child of God. She was set apart. I didn’t know that it was for this. I know that her death is not in vain. South Africa will never be the same.”

Today, she waits patiently for her daughter’s remains to be brought home, acknowledging that the incident has actually moved her and the family as a whole closer to God.

“I just immerse myself in the Word and pray for my family,” she said, the ‘Faith Bracelet’ from T.B. Joshua visible on her hand. “I think God is doing this for a purpose, so that we can get closer to Him. I have never spent time with God like this moment.”

“One thing that I know [is that] nobody can stop God, whether the government or whoever – no one can stop God,” she said. “I believe that God’s time is the best. I’m appealing also to the people that
lost their loved ones to stay in Christ. This is the opportunity to be closer to God, not to complain.”

The family says it has no plans to take legal action against Prophet TB Joshua and they’re willing to travel to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN in the future.

Officials are still arranging the repatriation of the remains of those who died three weeks ago and the South African government has warned that this process could take longer than expected.

Nigerian Military Doubts Man in Boko Haram video is missing Jet’s Pilot

Yesterday, a video was released by Boko Haram ,in which they beheaded a man they said was the pilot of the missing fighter Jet.Thw military has doubts that the man killed was actually one of the pilots.

Asked directly about whether the man was an airforce pilot, as claimed, spokesman Air Commodore
Dele Alonge told AFP:

“The man shown in the Boko Haram video is not our officer.The picture of a man beheaded in the video is superimposed,” he said without elaborating. “Our plane is still missing and we are looking for it. Boko Haram is just making unfounded claims.”

A military source also told the Nation….

“Experts are doing forensic analysis of Boko Haram to ascertain whether it was a make-believe or there were really encounters between the pilots and the insurgents.
“The alleged claim of beheading of the pilot was part of the video clip purportedly released by Boko Haram on Thursday.

“We are in receipt of the ‘gory’ clip. We are studying every bit of it in line with military ethics. Do not forget that there might also be an element of propaganda on the part of the insurgents. The video clip has a tint of psychological warfare, but the military is undaunted.The report on the last minutes of the pilots indicated that they had completed their assignment.

“They had their last successful assignment in seized areas in Adamawa State. Something was wrong while returning to base. This is what we are looking at.So, they had a successful outing on that day. This is why the military had considered the likelihood of the jet being shot by Boko Haram as ‘remote.’These pilots were among the best in the Air Force; they were always willing to go to the war front even when others were a bit sceptical of the weather or mode of operation. They were thorns in the flesh of the insurgents and they accounted for many successful air strikes we have recorded.

“We have retrieved communication data to know whether the plane got missing because of mechanical challenge or otherwise.”

Eedris Abdulkareem slams MTV base for excluding his song from Greatest Naija Songs List

So MTV Base compiled a list of top 20 greatest Nigerian Songs of all time and they missed out Eedris Abdulkareem’s ‘Jagaga’ and didn’t include any of Fela’s songs..He took to twitter to slam them
Who thinks his song should be on the list? See more below:

Davido to perform at Big Brother Hotshot opening event tomorrow

He’s the biggest artist in Africa right now so it’s only natural for the organizers of Africa’s biggest reality show to pick him as their star performer. Davido landed South Africa yesterday with his crew in preparation for his performance at Big Brother Africa Hotshots opening event tomorrow October 5th. Other African artists will perform but Davido is the only Nigerian.

‘No boyfriend bought my Range Rover for me’ – Actress Ruth Kadiri

There were reports last week that actress Ruth Kadiri got a Range Rover SUV from her man after she shared pictures of the ride on her instagram page. But Ruth, reacting through her rep told LIB this is not true.

‘Ruth bought the Range herself. Check out the list of young actresses in the industry, none has the repertoire  of work as much as Ruth. She is about the only actress busy in both ‘old and ‘new’ Nollywood, she has been consistently generating income and ploughing her money back into the business of film making and other business ventures. She has financed two movies of her own; her movie, Plantain Girls was the first Nollywood movie on African Magic Box Office. It is high time we stop crediting every success of young, hard working ladies to men.  So sorry, if I have to say this, girls are not dumb or second class citizens that will always have to wait for ‘left-over’ from men before they can have decent ‘living’ of sort.
Ruth has OND from Yaba College of Technology before getting into University of Lagos for a Degree in Mass-communication

Karen Igho adds husband’s name on all her social media accounts

The BBA winner, who left Nigeria late last year, has added her husband’s name on all her social media accounts. She’s now Karen Igho Rakos. Karen got married a few months ago in the UK.

Man asks court to end his marriage before he kills his wife

Law court rape

Samuel Nyeka, a 54-year-old Civil Servant, has filed a plea before an Igando Magistrate’s Court to dissolve their 20-year-old marriage to prevent him from committing murder.
He told the court that his 48-year-old wife, Charity does not respect him as her husband and is rather too aggressive.
He claimed his wife regularly rains curses on him and slaps him around anytime they have a quarrel. He begged the court to separate them before he retaliates and end up killing his wife.
“She is frustrating my life; I don’t always retaliate because if I do, I may kill her,’’ he said.
His wife agreed that the marriage should be dissolved accusing her husband of having tried to kill her once.
“He poisoned my food but God exposed him when he came to church that evening as the Holy Spirit arrested him and he confessed to have poisoned my dinner.
“One night, he also attempted to strangle me but I escaped and ran to our neighbour’s house.
“I am no longer interested in the marriage as I do not want to die,” she added.
The Court President, R.I Adeyeri granted the couple’s wish declaring the marriage dissolved.

“Both parties are no longer husband and wife and they are free to go their separate ways,” he ruled.

Photos From Desmond Elliot Political Campaign In Sulere, Lagos State

He first ventured into music and didn’t succeed then now he is into politics. Wishing him best of luck because i am speechless.
more photos below

Baba Suwe is no longer interested in the NDLEA money, but a public apology will do just fine


Nollywood comic-actor of the Yoruba-speaking genre, Babatunde Omidina, better known as Baba Suwe, says he has moved on from the cocaine smuggling scandal, and N25 million settlement he was being owed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.
The High Court of Lagos had initially ordered the NDLEA to pay Baba Suwe N25 million as damages after he was incarcerated for many days on suspicion of ingesting hard drugs, but the Appeal Court would later set aside the High Court’s judgment in the matter.
In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Baba Suwe said he doesn’t need the money anymore, but now requires a public apology from the NDLEA, to be published in the newspapers.
He said, “The NDLEA has wronged me and it is meant to find a way to make me happy. It is a slap on my face. I am not agitating for the money; I don’t need it to survive in life. All I want is an apology. If the government can tender an apology to me and publish it in newspapers, I will have peace of mind and be
Suwe also showered praises on late Lagos lawyer and human rights champion, Bamidele Aturu, who defended him in the cocaine-smuggling case. He labelled Aturu as his saviour and helper whom God sent to rescue him.
He said, “I could not sign Aturu’s condolence register; it was my child that signed it. Aturu was my saviour, helper and Godsent. Aturu’s death is one of the most painful things to have happened to me. He was a very nice person; he was very passionate about me. When the incident happened, he came to meet me and asked me to tell him the truth if I was guilty or innocent and I told him the truth. He then assured me that he would defend me so that I would not go to jail and that’s what he did.”
He also refuted the widespread reports that he was getting married soon, having lost his wife, Omoladun, over five years ago. Suwe added,
“It is not true that I am about to get married. Don’t mind those saying it, they are saying rubbish. There is no atom of truth in it. If I would get married, it would not be a secret; everybody would hear about it. I also have it in mind to marry a woman that would love me as well as my children and give me peace of mind.”

Boko Haram Kills 70 Adamawa Residents And Steals Their Food


■ 99-year-old, others slaughtered in Adamawa
■ 4-day curfew in Borno  

The Sallah started on a sour note for three villages in Adamawa State, as Boko Haram attacked and killed about 70 residents in Michika Local Govern­ment Area in a renewed attack.
The Islamic insurgent group also destroyed their houses and farmlands.
Among the villages attacked is Kuborshosho, the village of former governor of the state and Minister Youths Development, Mr. Boni Haruna, who lost close relations, one of whom was a 99-year-old man, who was slaughtered by the dreaded group.
The other villages they attacked are Kubi, Garta and others, were still under attack as at the time of filing this report.
Saturday Sun authoritatively gathered that many houses were razed, including the family house of former Governor Haruna.
According to report, four of the former minister’s uncles, aged aunties, nieces and their siblings narrowly
escaped death by the whiskers as good Nigerians evacuated them from the war-torn zones of Michika and its environs to Yola, the state capital.
According to sources, the villages were attacked on Thursday night through Friday, and the insurgents went further to attack those who escaped to the mountains.
As at time of filling this reports, sympathisers, who had gathered at the residence of the minister, condemned the attack and appealed to the Federal Government to expedite action towards stopping the evil activities of the Islamic sect.
Farmlands ready for harvest were destroyed, while shops and warehouses belonging to the residents, were burgled and precious items carted away be the insurgents.

Kenny Saint Browns talks on how she influenced the life of 2face, Essence & Others

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, gospel artiste and Vice President of Kennis Music — Kenny Saint Best, officially declared her intention to run for a seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly on the banner of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

She held a mini but classy event, which held at Forks and Fingers restaurant, Opebi Lagos, the singer c*m politician highlighted her plans and real reasons for going into politics.

‘Every night I pass through Opebi Road and see young girls (s*x workers) I feel sad and it is worrisome that they keep increasing every year. This constituency is the seat of power for the entire state. I am going to the Assembly and it will be transformation galore,’ she began.

Speaking on her laudable contribution to the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry, KSB said,‘During my time with Kennis Music in the past 16 years, I touched the lives of many youth who have become big today. Some I never knew, but I saw something in them. Today, 2Face, Paul Play Dairo, Remedies, Essence are all success stories because we believed in them. Imagine what we can do through governance?’

Ashanti Walks Off Stage After Wardrobe Malfunction At Bovi’s Man Of Fire Show

Famous American singer Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas aka Ashanti, suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at an enthusiastic musical performance at the Bovi’s well attened Man of Fire comedy event.

While making her first performance on stage, the American singer found it hard to connect with the large crowd of fans which attended the comedy concert held at Eko Hotel & Suite V.I on Friday, October 3, 2014.

The ‘Girls in the Move’ singer was clearly in an uncomfortable situation where she was trying to adjust her cloth after it got loose on stage.

With all efforts trying to achieve the aim having failed, the singer made a quick exit from the stage without her dancers, to show the extent of her discomfort.

And her dancers, on immediately noticing her leaving the stage, also made their way out too.

Many trapped in Fresh Abuja building collapse

A club house which was undergoing make over from a bungalow to a storey building collapsed on Friday trapping scores of menial labourer and customers at Phase IV road in Jikwoyi, Abuja.

Four persons were pulled out alive by rescue workers within few hours of the incident and rushed in ambulances to nearby hospitals, while voices were heard under the rubbles calling for help and making phone calls.

Two female workers of the club were seen wailing and showing rescue officials where people were trapped in the collapsed site. One of them put the figure of those still trapped as 13. Residents within the area alleged that the building named ‘Mimshack Arena’ belongs to a policeman called Corporal Joseph.

Emeka Ikechuckwu, a resident said some customers were drinking at the bar, while construction work was going on when the entire building craved in.

One of the rescue officials at the scene complained that buildings around the area were built so closely which made it difficult for rescue vehicles to get to the incident scene.

Efforts to speak to the coordinator of the Abuja operations office of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Ishaya Chonoko, failed as calls to his phone were not answered. Daily Trust later learnt that he was at the scene of the building collapse coordinating rescue operations.

However, NEMA information officer, Manzo Eziekiel informed our reporter that the building collapsed as a result of an additional floor being added on it.

God punish who ever made the selection of MTV best 20 songs – Eedris Abdulkareem

It’s not just Iyanya and Chidi Mokeme that’s dissatisfied with the MTV list of 20 greatest Nigerian songs ever. Eedris Abdulkareem too has expressed his displeasure on the list. He believes that his song should have made it to the list. He made this known on twitter;

I would like to say that from the director of research mtv nigeria and all that made the selection of the evergreen songs may GOD punish u
Where are the fela classic evergreen songs where is nigeria jagajaga where is mr lecturer where is african china … Mtv is a fraud.ubanku

Meet The Richest African Presidents 2014


The very rich and populous continent of Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is also world’s second most populous continent and regarded as the poorest continent.

There are 47 nations in Africa, led by different leaders who have been ruling for several decades. Some of these leaders and their families are very rich and their wealth are considered ill-gotten.

They make their wealth from natural resources of these nations through the creation of companies under the names of their families. Here is a brief overview of the richest Presidents in Africa.

The 9 Richest African Presidents and Kings as of 2014: -

9) Robert Mugabe – Net Worth: $10 Million

Country: Zimbabwe, Years in Power: 26

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. The dictator’s family is very wealthy. Mugabe has won many elections, although frequently these have been criticized by outsiders for violating various electoral procedures.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe

8) Idriss Deby – Net Worth: $50 Million

Country: Chad, Years in Power: 23

Idriss Deby has been the President of Chad since 1990. His net worth is estimated to be $50 million. Towards the end of August 2006, he made international news after calling for his nation to have 60 percent stake in its output after receiving crumbs from foreign companies running the industry.


=6) Goodluck Jonathan – Net Worth: $100 Million

Country: Nigeria, Years in Power: 4

Goodluck Jonathan is the President of Nigeria. His net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. He launched a “Roadmap for Power Sector Reform”, launched the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria and launched the Transformation Agenda. He is a member of the ruling “People Democratic Party”.

Goodluck Jonathan

=6) King Mswati III – Net Worth: $100 Million

Country: Swaziland, Years in Power: 28

The 15th richest royal in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Mswati III is the King of Swaziland. He is worth more than $100 million; down $100 million of his 2012 ($200 million) fortune. The King has often been criticized for his lavish spending. In 2009 summer, several of his 13 wives reportedly spent over $6 million in a shopping spree. In the 2014 budget, parliament allocated $61 million for the King’s annual household budget, while 63 percent of Swazis live on less than $1.25 per day. His luxury car collection include a $500,000 Daimler Chrysler’s flagship Maybach 62. And has banned the photography of his cars.


5) Paul Biya – Net Worth: $200 Million

Country: Cameroon, Years in Power: 31

Paul Biya has been the President of Cameroon since November 6 1982. His estimated net worth is around $200 million; this figure was published by the Around 48 percent of the citizens of Cameroon live below the poverty line. Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD) and several on-and-offline media has placed him in the list of leaders with ill-gotten wealth. In 2009,  French online newspaper, Rue 89, reported the Cameroon President’s vacation was the top most expensive among world leaders. More than that of the American President. He was criticized for spending 30,000 euros ($40,000) per day on renting a villa.


4) Uhuru Kenyatta – Net Worth: $500 Million

Country: Kenya, Years in Power: 1

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the President of Kenya and the son of Kenya’s first President, Jomo Kenyatta. In 2011, Forbes estimated his net worth at $500 million. Most of his wealth comes from property. With his family, the President owns stakes in Kenya’s largest dairy company Brookside Dairies, media company Mediamax, Heritage Hotels, Commercial Bank of Africa and hundreds of thousands of prime Kenyan land. He is regarded as man of the people due to his sociability. During his inaugural speech, he promised economic transformation through Vision 2030, free maternal care and unity among all Kenyans.


3) Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – $600 Million

Country: Equatorial Guinea, Years in Power: 34

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is the President of Equatorial Guinea. He came to power in August 1979 by ousting his uncle Francisco Macias Nguema in a military coup. He has overseen the emergence of the nation as an important oil producer, beginning in 1990s. This President and his family literally own the economy, his personal fortune exceed $600 million, according to Forbes Magazine. In October 2011, the United States government seized $70 million assets of his son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue. Though Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s second richest nation, majority of the population actually live under the poverty line.


2) Mohammed VI of Morocco – Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

Country: Morocco, Years in Power: 15

Mohammed VI is the current King of Morocco. He is also the country’s leading businessman. He is worth more than $2.5 billion, according to Forbes. The King ascended to the throne following his father’s death in 1999 and he immediately set about improving upon his appalling human rights record and alleviating poverty.

Photo Credit:

1) Jose Eduardo dos Santos – Net Worth: $20 Billion

Country: Angola, Years in Power: 34

Jose Eduardo dos Santos is the President of Angola. He has held on to this post since 1979. His personal estimated wealth exceed more than $20 billion, according to Cabinda Online. While around 70 percent of Angolans live on less than two dollars a day. His daughter, Isabel dos Santos is among the Forbes Africa’s billionaires with a net worth of $3.8 billion. She’s currently Africa’s richest woman and also the world’s richest black woman.


Some of the above-mentioned Presidents’ exact wealth and source of wealth are unknown that’s why they cannot be included in the Forbes Africa’s Rich List. They steal from their own people.

Jonathan, Service Chiefs Meet Behind Closed Doors


President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday met behind closed doors with all the security chiefs.

The meeting was meant to review the security situation in the country, especially in the troubled North East.

The service chiefs and the acting Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, met with the President, Vice President Namadi Sambo and relevant ministers at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Emerging from the meeting, none of the attendees spoke with journalists.

The meeting held on a day the leader of the Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau, appeared in a video debunking claims by the Defence Headquarters that he was killed in battle early September in Kodunga, Borno State.

2015: Enugu PDP Warns Senator Ayogu Eze Against Overheating Polity

Ayogu EzeThe Enugu State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Thursday asked the member representing Enugu North Senatorial District, Sen. Ayogu Eze, to desist from making remarks that could overheat the polity.

The warning, which was contained in a statement issued by the zonal chairman of the party in Enugu North Senatorial District, Chief Mike Ejinima, was in response to the senator’s opposition to the adoption of a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, as the party’s sole candidate for the 2015 governorship election.

Eze, who has insisted that the adoption does not stand in the way of his own gubernatorial ambition, has called for open primaries in the selection of the party’s flag bearer.

The senator has also accused PDP officials in Enugu State of planning to hire thugs to demonstrate against his call for open primaries, in a bid to deny him the opportunity to seek the party’s governorship ticket.

Reacting to the allegation, the Enugu State chapter of the PDP, through Ejinima, accused Eze of overheating the polity.

Describing the allegation as “unfounded and mischievous”, Ejinima wondered why Eze “should involve himself in such a desperate move and tissue of lies in order to whip up sentiments in pursuant of his ambition”.

Ejinima explained that the Enugu State Chapter of the PDP, by its unanimous endorsement of Ugwuanyi as the consensus candidate for the governorship position, “has not closed its doors against any aspirant who has a contrary position to the party decision on the matter to participate in the party’s governorship primary election”.

He disclosed that the party will be glad to welcome Eze to the primaries “to test his strength as he has always claimed, if at the end of the day he still insists on contesting against the popular choice of the party”.

Atiku Supports Buhari’s Decision To Vie For APC Presidential Ticket

Atiku Abubakar-Muhammadu BuhariFormer Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who is seeking the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has welcomed the decision of a former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, to join the race for the 2015 general elections on the platform of APC.

Mr. Buhari, while addressing the various support groups canvasing for his election on Tuesday, declared his intention to seek the ticket of the APC.

“With your support, I intend to offer myself for the position of the president of the republic on the platform of our great party”, Buhari, who has contested for the position on three previous occasions without success, told his supporters.

On his part, Mr. Abubakar, who has also contested for the presidency more than once, formally declared his intention to again run for the position on the APC platform. He announced his interest September 24 at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja.

Both APC chieftains are from the northern part of the country and enjoy widespread support in the region.

In a statement he personally signed Thursday, the ex-VP said the task of rescuing Nigeria is a duty leaders of the APC are committed to and, “the more individuals ready to be part of the mission to rescue the country, the better”.

“Nigeria has floundered for far too long. Our people are yearning for a change and we must listen to them before they lose faith in the ability of their leaders to revive the country”, he said.

“You will recall that during my declaration speech penultimate week, I did mention that my priority, if given the chance to run and serve as the President of Nigeria is addressing the issues of jobs creation and providing decent employment for Nigerians, especially the youths.

“I believe that it is only when we can provide decent jobs for our young people, that we can have a hope for the decent future for our country”.

He said it was not in doubt that of recent, successive administrations had failed woefully in building the infrastructure that could promote a healthy economy, adding “our education system is in shambles, public health system is in virtual comatose, we have very poor network of roads totally at variance with the wealth of a country that is the seventh oil producer in the world”.

Mr. Abubakar said he believed that Nigeria had failed in these areas because of the excessive centralisation of functions and resources to the government at the centre.

According to him, an APC-led federal administration would devolve power and resources to state governments in line with the party’s manifesto.

The Turakin Adamawa added, “I believe that the country has failed in these areas because of the excessive centralisation of functions and resources to the government at the centre. The government that the APC plans to lead in the next few months, by the grace of God, will be fully committed to devolution of powers and resources to the state governments in line with the manifesto of our great party. I also plan to march this resolve with a full commitment to ensuring transparency in all sectors of our national life.

“I am equally disturbed about the way our people have been divided along ethnic and religious fault lines and how we are steadily and dangerously losing a sense of community where every Nigerian can live together without mutual suspicion.

“I believe that the next president of our country, who by the grace of God will be produced by our great party, must be someone who is a unifier, bridge-builder and not someone who bears ethno-religious bias. Above all, he must embody a vision of a Nigeria for all.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we both share a common concern about rescuing our country from the deadly grip of the PDP and it is on this note that I do warmly welcome him on board in this very important national rescue mission. I look forward to meeting him in an open, free and fair contest for the ticket”.

PDP Bars State Chapters From Choosing Sole Guber Candidates

the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has warned its state chapters against adopting any aspirant as its governorship candidates for the 2015 election.

The warning came on the heels of the party’s National Executive Committee, NEC, adoption of President Goodluck Jonathan as its sole candidate for the 2015 election, effectively shutting out other interested candidates.

The party also said the closing date for sale of the party nomination forms for the various elective offices remained October 30.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, on Thursday, the ruling PDP said only its national leadership was mandated by its constitution to adopt a candidate.

The statement said the National Working Committee, NWC, had noted the activities of some persons and groups supporting some aspirants for the 2015 general election at the state level.

It said while the party would not bar individuals, groups or communities from endorsing persons of their choice, “the national leadership wishes to restate in the strongest possible terms that elected party officials at the state, local government and ward levels must not be involved in such, as they must remain as unbiased umpires in the nomination process”.

It added, “For the avoidance of doubt, only the National Executive Committee, NEC, as an organ of the party can officially endorse a candidate under the PDP constitution. All party officials at all levels are expected to be guided by this”.

On the sale of nomination forms, the party insisted on the October deadline, stating, “All aspirants are therefore advised to adhere strictly to this directive as the party shall not extend the sales beyond this date”.

It added, “The NWC urges all aspirants to carefully study the guidelines and party’s code of conduct for elections and ensure that they conduct their campaigns accordingly as the PDP shall not condone any aberration or abuse of its internal electoral process.”

Meanwhile, PDP has asked aides of officials elected on its platform to desist from making comments relating to the party’s administration and its official positions on issues.

“The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has noted the rush with which certain aides of elected officials make comments relating to the administration of the party and its official position on issues,” a statement by Mr. Metuh said on Thursday.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated as it is capable of conveying wrong messages regarding the position of the party especially on nomination issues.

“Consequently, the PDP hereby issues a strong warning to all such aides to forthwith desist from making comments to explain the actions of the party or its official position on any matter whatsoever”, the party said.

The ruling party said all aides of elected officials should, by the directive, henceforth, restrict themselves to the confines of their official briefs and refrain from trying to get involved in party administration.

Photos: Nigerian airforce pilot reportedly beheaded by Boko Haram


A new video is reported to have been released to AP by Boko Haram men showing the beheading of a man said to be a military pilot who co-piloted the missing Naval air force jet.

The video also shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings. Two pilots and an Alpha jet have been missing since Sept. 11. Below is the report from AP…

A new video allegedly shows Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau disputing claims of his death, and the beheading of a man who identifies himself as the pilot of a missing Nigerian Air Force jet. It shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings, the first indication that Nigeria’s homegrown Islamic extremists have the capability to shoot down aircraft. The man beheaded with an axe identifies himself as a wing commander, saying he has not seen his second pilot since the jet was shot down.

Before his beheading, the pilot reportedly gave his name, rank and date of birth, which is 1975 and also said

“I’m a pilot of the Nigerian air-force. On September 11th, I was assigned on a mission to Kawuri, Borno state. During the mission we were shot down and our aircraft crashed. To this day, I don’t know the whereabouts of my second pilot. I was taken into the care of (Boko Haram). At the time of the crash, I sustained cuts and broken hand and some other injuries to the head.

After saying this, the pilot was forced to the ground and his head chopped off with a pick axe. The pilot is said to be a Wing Commander

The jet after it was allegedly shot down…

Top Nigerian Entertainers And Their ‘Hot’ Girlfriends – Photos


Actor IK Ogbonna and his Colombian girlfriend, Sonia Morales.

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Flavour and Immediate past MBGN, Anna Banner,

Ex MBGN Anna Banner is alleged to be in a serious relationship with ‘Ada Ada’ crooner Flavour Nabania and close friends of the ex beauty queen says that ”Anna is so in love and Naive and she thinks her relationship with Flavour is altar bound affair..”.

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Jim Iyke & Nadia Buari

Skittle & Space r still waxing stronger despite their rumoured break up. They have proven critics wrong

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Work pics2258 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Uti Nwachuku & Saeon

Recently people rumoured that they have parted ways, but Insiders insist that they r still very much together

Uti-and-Seun-Oni stargist

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Dbanj & Adama

Dbanj was recently rumoured to have engaged his billionaire daughter’s girlfriend. But that is unconfirmed.

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Timaya & girlfriend/c*m baby mama Barbra

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Terry G & girlfriend/c*m baby mama, Mim

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Wizkid & Tania

They broke up and later came back 2geda

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends


Davido and Girlfriend

 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

n30 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Olamide & Girlfriend (Aisha)

olamidegirlfriend1 Photo Of The Day:  Checkout Nigerian Entertainers And Their Girlfriends

Olamide and gf stargist

MTV Africa Releases Controversial ’20 Best Naija Tracks Ever’ List! Iyanya Reacts!

Iyanya stargist
While we can say that this list sure contains the best songs in Nigeria, MTV has left out some other very great songs that ruled our airwaves.
We like that Iyanya is bold enough to speak out as we cannot deny that the pop star entertained us with his massive hit, ‘Kukere’.Cont……

The list was probably not properly titled. Let’s know your favourite ‘Great’ song that did not make this list……..

Taiwo Oshadipe of The Singing Duo, ‘Oshadipe Twins’ Is Dead! – Photos

Another sad news today! One of the yoruba singing twins, popularly known as the Oshadipe twins is dead! Taiwo reportedly died after a brief illness in the early hours of this morning. Her corpse has been deposited at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) mortuary, Ikeja (Lagos).
The Oshadipe twins started singing at a very tender and they are known for their hit track “Dide Olorun mi”,
Taiwo was married and just recently gave birth to her first child and last updated her Facebook page on October 1st. May the Lord comfort her family especially her twin sister Kehinde.
May her soul rest.

More Photos below:
The twin sisters and their mum
Taiwo Oshadipe

Tinubu, Ladoja, David Mark In Closed Door Meetings With Obasanjo

Senate President, David Mark, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as well as former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Ladoja all held separate closed-door meetings with former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday, reports Vanguard.

The politicians were said to have met with Obasanjo at his hilltop residence in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

According to the report, the first meeting held between Tinubu and Obasanjo had Ladoja present and lasted for almost two hours.

Mark’s visit to Obasanjo was said to have been aimed at persuading the former president to work for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The closed-door meeting between Obasanjo and Mark however commenced immediately after he arrived Obasanjo’s residence in the afternoon, shortly after Tinubu and others left the premises of the former president’s residence, lasting for almost two hours.

Obasanjo had left the PDP in January after disclosing his decision in a letter to Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, who was the National chairman of the party at the time. Few months later, his loyalists also dumped the ruling party for the APC raising fears on what the consequences of the former president working against the PDP might be for the party in the 2015 elections.

Obasanjo has never hid his criticism of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, especially on the way he has been handling insecurity in the country.

It is however expected that Mark’s meeting with Obasanjo will yield fruits, but the APC’s courting of the former president must have heightened fears.

Ini Edo Tweets About Her Crashed Marriage

The movie star has reacted by tweeting about her 5 year old failed marriage to American based business man Phillips Ehiagwina.

Do you think she cheated on her husband?