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APC In Kano And Jigawa To Woo Kwankwaso And Lamido To Join Their Rank

APC In Kano And Jigawa To Woo Kwankwaso And Lamido To Join Their Rank

The leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday formally invited governor of Kano State Musa Kwankwaso and governor of Jigwa State Sule L…amido to join the party.

During closed-door meetings, APC leaders assured the governors of a good deal should the two join their rank.
The leaders who held talks with the governors include former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, interim National Chairman of the APC, Bisi Akande, Interim Deputy National Chairman, Aminu Masari, and a former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu. The governors on the delegation were Rochas Okorocha (Imo), Babatunde Fashola (Lagos) and Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti)
At the meeting with Kwankwaso, Buhari said the APC delegation was in the ancient city of Kano as part of APC “recruitment drive” to ensure that Kano joins the progressive fold. Messrs Akande and Okorocha, alao encouraged him to join the APC, praising him for advancing the Kano State.
Kwankwaso, however, said he would consult stakeholders of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state before deciding on whether to defect to the APC.
“Certainly we will sit down all of us and look at all the challenges and the consequences if any, and together we will take decision on what to do and communicate to you.”
The governor, who had severally hinted that the aggrieved governors of PDP might join the APC if talks with Jonathan broke down, added that he was happy that the leadership of the opposition party, which comprised highly respected Nigerians, found him worthy of the visit, pointing out that he had associated in one way or the other with most leaders of the party in the past 20 years.
Meanwhile, governor Lamido did not make any commitment on joining the APC, Premium Times reports.
The governor was said to have expressed gratitude to the opposition leaders, adding that their initiative went beyond politics because it was about the future of the country.
There also have been indications that APC invited the governor of Sokoto State,  Aliyu Wamakko, when they met on Wednesday during the foundation laying ceremony of the Sokoto State University. The details of their meeting, however, have not been made public.
The trio of Kwankwaso, Lamido and Wamakko belong to the seven aggrieved governors of PDP, who have been canvassing the overhaul of the leadership of the ruling party, especially the sack of its National Chairman, Bamanga Tukur.
The APC delegation will next go to Yola, Adamawa State to meet with the state governor, Murtala Nyako, who has repeatedly described the PDP as a dead party.

Boko Haram:Over 128 Killed In Recent Attacks

Yesterday, new details of last week’s Boko Haram attacks on Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, emerged and it was revealed that no fewer than 128 people were killed.
Reports by Associated Pr…ess (AP) have made it known that 23 soldiers, eight policemen and 95 insurgents were killed in the five-hour long battle between the Islamic extremists and troops.
These details were compiled through the use of Military and Hospital reports.
Although, no exact figure was given on the number of casualties, reports showed that militants had a strong hand and caught troops by surprise.
The attack came after a lull and almost six months after the federal government imposed a state of emergency in Yobe along with Borno and Adamawa states.

Edo State did not host BBA winner Dillish

Read statement below:
Our attention has been drawn to a news report in Daily Independent of Friday, October 25, 2013, where one Mr. Eddie Iroh was quoted as expressing displeasure on a rumoured hosting of Dillish, the winner of Big Brother Africa. In the said report, Eddie Iroh was said to have “condemned the Governor for spending state’s funds so recklessly”.
The report added inter alia that “ the likes of Governors Oshiomhole, Fashola and Dickson who are in the habit of dipping their hands into public funds on such ventures should have known that in civilized climes, such celebrations were funded from the Governors’ pockets and not public funds”.How libelous!

From the above, it is obvious that Mr. Eddie Iroh is suffering from brain wave. First, it would have been a thing of interest for Edo State Government to host the said BBA winner, Dillish, to justify her well-advertised declaration in the BBA House that Edo State people are very hospitable.

That in itself was a global endorsement that is purely priceless. Again, if Dillish would agree, as a BBA ambassador, Edo State Government would be willing to host her in future to prove to cynics and naysayers like Eddie Iroh that Edo State is indeed, not only hospitable, but also a safe haven for those who intend to do legitimate business in the State.

It will be a departure from orchestrated and concocted stories often peddled by jobless people like Eddie Iroh, who rather than devote their old age to reflect on their absurdities when they called the shots, have now taken to the cyber space for surfing cheap gossip, chit-chat and unfounded allegations.

To the best of our knowledge, Edo State did not host Dillish in whatever material particular. This could be verified from the Governor’s daily routines which are usually available for public consumption and can be confirmed from the Protocol Department of the Governor’s Office or Government House. Mr. Eddie Iroh’s comment is pure hallucination. Eddie Iroh’s story is an open sore that is festered with several incongruities, inanities, ambiguities and failing memory.

He should provide evidence to show that Governor Oshiomhole dips his hands into public funds to host his private visitors or simply keep his mouth shut. We have gone past the age of Eddie Iroh, an age of those men of yesterday, who abused public institutions they presided over, to fest their nest at the expense of tax payers’ money.

In Edo State, we are not only accountable to the people; we have also earned their respect and trust.



Ikemba’s Will controversy: How Ojukwu married Bianca



Close associates of late Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu are angry over the latest twist to the family feud which resulted from the deceased Eze Igbo Gburugburu’s controversial Will.The cause of anger was the claim last week by some members of the Ojukwu family that Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu was not legally married to their brother, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu.

Coming out in strident defence of the late Ikemba’s wife was, Sir Azuka Okwuosa, who has described the claim as wicked and the biggest lie that could only come from the pit of hell.

Okwuosa, a close confidant of Ojukwu while he was alive told Sunday Sun in Enugu that he was a page-boy at Ojukwu’s wedding held in Abuja in 1994, where his relations, including those who had now turned back to say that Bianca was not legally married, were in attendance.

He also disclosed that eight years after the Abuja church wedding the same people accompanied Ikemba to the late Chief C.C. Onoh’s residence in Nkwo, Enugu State where Ojukwu consummated in accordance with the native laws and traditions of Igbo land the traditional marriage of Bianca.

Okwuosa who was a former chairman of the Nnewi Local Government during the military era, therefore, cautioned the members of the Ojukwu family to have some restraints as they try to sort out their differences in court as they had refused his earlier advice to them to follow the path of dialogue. Excerpts:


You read the papers today and saw what they said about Bianca Ojukwu, that she was not legally married to the late husband, how true is this claim?

Yes, I was bewildered this morning, early in the morning even before the newspapers came out I had read it online in The Sun newspaper and later on Daily Independent; I was shocked when I read the newspapers reporting that the brothers of the late Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu were claiming that the widow, Bianca was not legally married to him and that the children are not legitimate. I felt highly disturbed by this issue coming at this time; you remember vividly at the inception of this crisis when they were throwing diatribes at each other, I was the one who advised them that they should not wash their dirty linen in public, that they can dialogue at the family level and if they cannot resolve their differences they should quietly go to court to resolve the issue. But unfortunately, they couldn’t resolve this at the family level and hence they resorted to go to court as their last alternative. And in pursuing this last alternative I would have preferred that the family do not throw decorum to the winds considering not just the image of the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, but also the entire family of the Ojukwu dynasty. The issue of mere materialism cannot be enough point to destroy a name which has been bequeathed to them by their grandfather and great grandfathers. Therefore, I feel they should look at the larger picture and act with great restraint as they try to resolve their differences in court.

But was the marriage actually illegal?

I was really amazed by the reports this morning because I still remember in 1994 when I was the chairman of Nnewi North Local Government Area which comprises Nnewi and Ekwusigo today; 1994 was when Ikemba consummated his wedding in a marriage at Abuja. I remember then as a local government chairman under a military dispensation, if you want to travel out of the state you have to apply. So myself and my friend, Commander Chudi Egbo (rtd) who was then the  chairman of Njikaoka local government, we did apply and I remember that part of the reasons we gave was that we were privileged to attend the wedding of this icon who we were privileged to be given a role as page boys. It was a very big laughter before His Excellency, the then governor and he approved it. At Abuja, it was a well celebrated wedding, the whole movers and shakers, dignitaries in this country were in attendance. Starting from the church service, the reception took place at Nicon Noga Hilton, I still recollect that Umaru Dikko was there, the late governor Rimi was there, the late Sam Mbakwe was there, Dr Alex Ekwueme was there, Jim Nwobodo  was there and a host of others. It was like a large gathering of who’s who in Nigeria irrespective of tribe or tongue. I remember vividly that it was Umaru Dikko that did the closing prayers and the best man to the late Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu at that wedding was Engr Mike Ezemba who is still alive and lives in Enugu today; I have pictures of that wedding. I know that after that wedding the marriage certificate was issued at Kaduna because most churches then in Abuja always went to Kaduna to get such documents. I am also aware that most of the members of the Ojukwu family, including those making this claim now were at that wedding, his brothers, nephews and nieces. And subsequently, about eight years later we went to do the traditional marriage at the late Chief C.C. Onoh’s residence at Ngwo. And on that day, virtually all the family members were there and even on uniform. So, to me, this issue of whether being legally married or not is out of place and shouldn’t be an issue because they know unless there is something that missed the eye.

Are the eight people that are in court part of the family members that attended the wedding?

Yes, almost all of them were there; Lotanna was there, almost all of them, the pictures are still very much there and pictures they say do no tell lie and I believe it has not come to the point of denial because there are evidence to prove that. But the most important thing I believe is that there should be some level of maturity, the quest for materialism should not be a basis for the family members to start dissecting themselves in the public because I do know that what the late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu represented went beyond that and for people to now start saying that his dear wife was not legally married, to me, is the biggest lie from the pit of hell.

Did anything contrary to tradition happen on the day of the wedding that may have caused these people to think the wedding was illegal or what?

Absolutely nothing contrary happened, everything happened in accordance with the native laws and tradition of Igbo land. People who are still alive that attended that traditional marriage are still there, Chief Ozoko Akuzu, the Onowu Igbo is there, Prof ABC Nwosu was there, O. G. Nwosu was there, the late Fred Enweonwu from Onitsha was there and a host of other prominent people. The event happened till late in the evening and the musician who performed on that day was the late Oliver de Coque, it was a very grand occasion that lasted into the night and people had fun and enjoyed themselves. Actually, the traditional marriage came many years after the church wedding, but the most important thing was that everything that was supposed to be done in a properly consummated marriage was done, starting from the church, court to traditional marriage.

How do you feel as an associate of Ojukwu about what is happening now in his family?

I feel very pained in my heart because this is a family I love so much considering the fact that my mentor, Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu was a man of legendary proportion who was not noted for materialism.  He was a man who lived a humble life.  He never occupied more than one, two buildings in Lagos, that was 29 Queen’s Drive Lagos, I can recall vividly. In fact, there was a time he had to fight with the Lagos State Government because of the place.  He followed the rule of law.  It was the late Rotimi Williams that handled the case and he won the case and took possession of that house. And he lived in that place till he died. To me, I feel the family members should exercise a little bit of restraint and try as much as possible to look at the larger picture knowing full well that wherever Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu is lying in his grave and looking at what is happening on whether the wife he actually consummated in marriage is actually his legal wife, he will actually be at pains because this is a woman he loved so much.  This is woman he adored so much and a woman he cherished so much. For me, I don’t think this ought to have been an issue of debate; it should not have been contemplated in the first place. The children are there, I remember whenever he looked at the kids, he would always tell me, you know the son, Afam, he would say this is the true carbon copy of the father, if you see him you have seen Ikemba. These are lovely kids he so much loved and during his lifetime there was no dispute of his being the father of those children. So, these things are happening at this period because of selfish quest for materialism which is not proper. Inasmuch as people disagree there should be rules of engagement because the family name should be sacrosanct and the image of the family should not be compromised over petty issues like property. So, anything happening in the contrary, the Igbo nation will not be happy because Ojukwu was the icon of our people and a man who symbolized the main apex of respect for our people and whenever we remember him, we remember our great past from where we look into the future. So, we wouldn’t like that name to be disrespected or messed up with this kind of issue.

The Sun

PHOTONEWS: President Goodluck Jonathan’s Pilgrimage To Israel



President Goodluck Jonathan Praying At The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem











Kaduna Govt Bans Rallies

Kaduna State government has banned the holding of rallies and other associated public gatherings till further notice.

The Kaduna State Police Commissioner Olufemi Adenaiki disclosed this yesterday at a press brie…fing he addressed shortly after the State Security Council meeting, where he said the security situation in the state was deliberated upon and the decision to ban rallies in the state was unanimously reached.

According to the police commissioner, the decision was reached against the backdrop of the recent youth rally held in the state which was reported to have been characterized with skirmishes.

He said the ban will take immediate effect and may last for the next two months during which the situation would be assessed.

The police chief, however, said whoever is interested in holding any form of rally or public function must seek  approval in writing and must give details of the event and submit same early enough for the authorities to study the application before it could be approved or otherwise.

“The organizers must also give ample time to scrutinize the application because we do not want to toy with the fragile peace the state is enjoying. The ban is not indefinite but may last for a month or two,” the commissioner said.

He also disclosed that the police man who shot the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, graduate Moses Murtala Aminu last week, would be dismissed and and prosecuted for murder, adding that those willing to testify would be well protected.

CP Adenaike also said that state government was making necessary arrangement to settle isolated communities in Attakar chiefdom in Southern part of Kaduna State in one area for ease of policing.

He said, the decision became imperative in view of the persistent attack on those areas which has led to loss of lives and properties, even though he said most of the attackers comes from Plateau state.

Access Bank Demands N1million For Employment, More Bank Employment Secret Exposed By Employees

Having spent almost two unproductive years at home after graduation, Evelyn was badly in need of a job.
After passing the aptitude …test and first interview, she was pretty confident as she walked out of her second interview for a management trainee position at Access Bank.
But her confidence immediately atrophies like an ice cube thrown into a burning fire when she was told, over the telephone, by an official of the bank that she needed to source a total of N1 million from at least 10 new customers within a week as a prerequisite for being employed.
Her parents immediately kicked against her continuing with the recruitment process saying it was exploitative.  But the thought of having to sit at home for an indefinite period in search of another job was far scarier for Evelyn. She was determined to meet the bank’s demand.
Hard as she tried, she could only get eight people to open new accounts with the bank. Two days later she got a call from the bank telling her she didn’t make the cut.
“In Access Bank it has to be ten over ten or nothing,” the voice at the other end of the phone said. Evelyn was devastated. She felt used and dumped. “After the second interview, I thought I already had the job,” she said.
In fact she was called for the third interview, which is usually a formality, according to an Access Bank source.
John, another applicant, said he didn’t feel comfortable raising N1 million as a prerequisite for employment.
“I remembered telling myself this was nonsense. Why would they ask me to get N1 million before I was employed? I didn’t even bother to try.”
Some of applicants said the bank gave them ten account-opening booklets each carrying Access Bank employee numbers for this purpose.
“When I say the employee numbers on the account-opening booklet, I was confused. Does it mean that I’m running around for someone else to take the credit,” wondered another applicant who raised N900,000.00 and was not employed.
Evelyn, who said she is now doing what she described as her dream job, told PREMIUM TIMES one of those who opened an account with her went through a lot of hassles when she tried to withdraw the money she deposited.
“She wasn’t given a debit card or chequebook. They kept telling her at the branch that they have issues with her account when she went to withdraw the money she deposited. After paying several visits to the branch over three months she could only manage to withdraw part of the money she deposited.”
Access Bank says the practise of asking applicants to generate N1 million within one week is to prepare them for “the rigour of the highly competitive market.”
The bank’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Segun Fafore, says only candidates that have passed the entry requirement are asked to raise this amount.
“It is part of the training. It is part of the recruitment process. This person will certainly go to the training school. It is just the practical aspect before you go for the four months training programme,” he said.
However, none of those who spoke to this paper were called to resume at the bank’s training school. Despite excelling at all the pre-recruitment evaluations, they were specifically rejected because they raised less than the N1 million asked by the bank.
Employment bond
Access Bank has been courting controversies for some time now due to some of its recruitment practices. In what is a blatant disregard of the country’s labour laws, the bank makes new employees sign bonds that force them to stay in the bank’s employ willy-nilly for at least two years.

20 feared dead in Lagos air crash

Breaking News: 20 feared dead in Lagos air crash

Some persons are feared dead and several others injured in an early morning air crash at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos on Thursday.

The Nation gathered that the crash involved a 20-seater  Associated airline jet flying to Akure, Ondo State.

The plane is believed to be carrying members of late Dr.Olusegun Agagu’s family to the Ondo State capital where he would be buried later on Thursday


The case in which a Lukezo Juwaki, an auditor at the National Road Fund Agency sued his wife for divorce due to ‘unbecoming behavior’ has taken a new twist; the wife’s lawyer Milner Joseph Katolo is having sex with her.
The Lusaka based lawyer Milner Joseph Katolo is even paying rent for Nchimunya Juwaki in Chalala, Lusaka but now he has threatened to stop paying her rent. It seems Lawyer Katolo is tired of his client and has instead accused her of cheating on him.
In March this year,Lukezo Juwaki asked  the High Court to dissolve his marriage with Nchimunya, a Zanaco customer services assistant and receptionist, whom he married on July 2, 2007 and has a child with.
Mr Juwaki said his wife has had an inappropriate close relationship with her former boyfriend from the beginning of the marriage….
He said on one occasion, she got into a fight with her former lover’s current girlfriend. Mr Juwaki also accused his wife of misusing money.
What Juwaki did not tell the court was that he had already stopped supporting his wife and had kicked her out of the house.
His wife was represented by Milner Joseph Katolo. But what was also not revealed in court was that the lawyer later started having sex with the client.
According to people close to the lawyer, Milner Joseph Katolo is also paying rent for Ncimunya in Chalala.
Unfortunately, lawyer Katolo is now tired of the woman and has threatened to stop paying rent for her.
Text messages including those sent through Vibre and whatsapp show that the lawyer and his client have been in a sexual relationship sometimes bonking each other just after court sessions.
On the other hand, other  information gathered show that Nchimunya’s husband (Juwaki) actually wants the divorce as he is staying with another woman called Waasa Matundwelo.
Waasa is older than the Juwaki, has two children from two different men.
Waasa, who sells clothes along Cairo Road is making sure she enjoys Juwaki’s wealth. She is driving the ma’s different luxurious cars from an X5x5, challenger to a Volvo.

In the photo: Milner Katolo in red tie

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Jim Iyke’s Deliverance

It seems that the whole Jim Iyke drama has angered the great grammarian –  Patrick Obahiagbon.

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has aired his view on the whole Jim  Iyke’s ‘Deliverance’ at the Synagogue church of nations (SCOAN) and this is what  he had to say.

Read tweets below:


Press statement :official opening of Nelson Mandela Garden in Asaba, Delta State, on Thursday, October 3, 2013

The official opening of  Nelson Mandela Garden in Asaba, Delta State will hold  on Thursday, October 3, 2013.  The ceremony, organized by the Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE), will witness the unveiling of 95 trees in honour of the South African former President and African Statesman who clocked 95 years on July 18, 2013.

Some of the guests expected at the ceremony include the Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Oduaghan, family members of the elder statesman from South Africa including the grandson of Nelson Mandela, Ndaba Mandela, the grand daughter of Nelson Mandela, Dorothy Amuah,

As a prelude to the event, an international press conference will be held at the Conference Hall of Hotel Valerie, 3-11 Hotel Valerie Road, Off DLA Road. Asaba, Delta State, on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. The press conference will be held at 4pm.

The press conference will be addressed by the Delta State government, the founder of FADE, Dr Newton Jibunoh and two of Nelson Mandela’s family members. Ndaba and Dorothy are founders of Africa Rising, the support partner, which focuses on showcasing emergent Africa, its potentials and its beauties.   

Media houses  should please confirm their  participation in the press conference by sending the name and contact of their representative – reporters, photographers or editors — to the numbers and emails of the organizers of the media briefing below:

Contact:   Esther Ekanem - +234 803-653-5777; +234 805 025 1113

Keke Bongos - +234 806-130-7774; +234 818-027-6117


We look forward to receiving you.

Kind Regards,

Keke Bongos

+234 806 130 7774

+1 202 406 0065

Chief Operating Officer



BIK Entertainment




The Nelson Mandela Family, Delta State Government and the Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE) are building a Garden of 95 Trees in honour of the former South African freedom fighter, President and global statesman. The garden is situated on a 6 hectare land at the International Airport in Asaba, Delta State. 

The Mandela Garden of 95 Trees, which promises to be a major tourism hub in Africa, will showcase the enduring legacy of the iconic global leader, with the unveiling of a life-size bronze statue of the African elder statesman at the heart of the garden by Delta State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, on October 3, 2013.

On the same day, the garden will be commissioned by the members of the Mandela family led by his grandsons, Ndaba Mandela and Kweku Mandela. Both Ndaba and Kweku are currently committed to showcasing the wealth, beauty and potential of Africa through a global NGO, Africa Rising.


The 95 trees at the garden were deliberately planted to commemorate the historic 95th birthday of the iconic statesmen who turned 95 on July 18, 2013. Mandela spent all of his life fighting against unjust laws and segregation in South Africa, rising from 27 years of imprisonment to become the country’s first black president and the symbol of democracy in Africa.  The project is also coming on the heels of the endorsement of the United Nation’s International Mandela Day, July 18, by the United Nations Headquarters.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of FADE, the host/organizer of the ceremony, Dr Newton Jibunoh, spent most of his life fighting and highlighting the evils of desert encroachment, with a three-time life threatening drive through the Sahara desert to win and sustain attention on the environment. Jibunoh, now 70, and greatly inspired by the perseverance and patience of Nelson Mandela in his work, plans to retire to the Mandela Garden of 95 Trees.

 “I will run the park for the rest of my life as the keeper,” Jibunoh said. “I’ll build myself a small hut where I will live to keep it. My family will have to come and visit me there. They know my passion. It helps that the project is situated at the airport. They can always fly in and fly out. I believe Asaba provides a more conducive atmosphere than Lagos, London or New York for the garden.”

The Mandela Garden of 95 Trees in Asaba is the fourth in the world, with others in New York, London and South Africa.

Jibunoh adds that: “We are aware that three other monuments are being created around the world by the African Rising Foundation namely in Washington, London and Johannesburg and we count it a great privilege that the Mandela Garden of 95 Trees Asaba will be the fourth.”

The Phase One of the project, according to Jibunoh, involves the creation of the garden which has been designed in the shape of the Map of Africa using 95 trees with the maps of Nigeria, South Africa and Delta State clearly delineated with the trees.

The garden also has a children’s playground, equipped gazebo, conveniences, enquiry office and a gatehouse. It is meant to serve as both a tourist and educational haven especially with the development of the Phase Two, which will have an exhibition hall, library, conference centre, hospitality suites and games reserve.

On Mandela, Jibunoh observed that: “We have to use Mandela to inspire people. We used to have Kwame Nkrumah. There is no other Mandela anywhere. He gave the world all he had. He went to prison for 27 years and came out with nothing. He ruled South Africa for only one term as president and came out with nothing. That’s the legacy!”





Esther Ekanem – +234 803-653-5777; +234 805 025 1113

Keke Bongos – +234 806-130-7774; +234 818-027-6117

Gov. Suntai’s aide arrested and detained in Taraba

Just when it seemed the storm in Taraba State was over, the crisis has taken a new turn.

According to reports, police officers in the state on Friday arrested Sylvester Yakubu Giwa, the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Danbaba Suntai, on Media and Publicity.

Mr. Giwa was reportedly apprehended at about 10pm on Friday while relaxing with friends in a hotel.

Although reasons for his arrest were not known, but a source gathered that it might not be unconnected with a statement he made, accusing the Deputy Governor, Garba Umar, of being disloyal to Suntai.

Giwa told newsmen at the Taraba police headquarters where he was sitting behind the counter that “as a law-abiding citizen of the country, I never resisted when the team of police came to arrest me, though no reason was advanced for the sudden arrest.”

But the Police Public Relations Officer, Joseph Kwaji, told our correspondent on the telephone that he was not aware of the arrest.

Meanwhile as tension and reactions continue to trail the arrest of the governor’s media spokesman on Saturday, the immediate past commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Emmanuel Bello, in a press statement issued on Saturday condemned the torture and continued detention of the SSA.

He accused the state Commissioner of Police, Jubril Adeniji, of being Umar’s agent of intimidation, saying, “Mr. S.Y Giwa’s arrest in Jalingo is the latest proof of the return of jungle justice and reign of terror in Taraba under Garba Umar’s administration.”

Bello noted that the commissioner of police in the state was anxious to carry out Umar’s directive no matter how childish and unlawful it was.

He added that the police boss last week invaded Government House and dispersed a group of former commissioners, who were on a visit to Suntai.

He also accused the commissioner of police of engaging in an illegal meeting with the deputy governor.

Bello called on the Inspector-General of Police to caution the commissioner of police, saying he was taken absolute authority from Umar.

Also reacting, the immediate past Commissioner of Justice of the state, Mr. Timothy Kataps, said the reason behind the arrest of senior special assistant on media was that he (Giwa) said Umar was running a parallel government, which was against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In his reaction, the Chief Press Secretary to the acting governor, Mr. Kefas Sule, said the arrest of the media aide to Suntai had no link with the office of his boss

Full List Of Anambra Guber Candidates As Released By INEC

Those that will contest Anambra Gubernatorial election according to INEC:
Willy Obiano – (APGA)
Nicholas Ukachukwu – (PDP)
Chris Ngige -(APC)
Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah (Labour Party)
Ezeemo Godwin Chukwunenye (Peoples Progressive Alliance)
Basil Iwuoba Oranekwu Ijedimna (PPN)
Okeke Chika Jerry (AA)
Chukwuemeka Nwankwo (Accord Party)
Ifeatu Ekelem (ACD)
Anthony Anene (ACPN)
Aaron Igweze (AD)
Anayo Arinze (ADC)
Patrick Chukwuka Ibezeako (APA)
Austin Nwagwu (CPP)
Chijioke Geofrey Ndubuisi (DPP)
Christian Ikechukwu Otti (ID)
Dennis Nwaforka Oguge (KOWA).
Simon Chinweuba Okafor (MPPP)
Okonwo Emeka Webster (National
Conscience Party)
Leonard Uchendu (NNPP)
Onuarah Basil Onyeachonam (SDP)
Okoye Godson Mgbodile Ohaenyem (UDP)
Akaneebu Ogochukwu N. C. (UPP)

How gunmen killed many at Westgate mall Kenya

A police officer tries to secure an area inside the Westgate Shopping Centre where gunmen went on a shooting spree in Nairobi September 21, 2013. Photo/FILE

Although Westgate mall is about 15 minutes from my house, I rarely shop there. There are often too many people at the mall on weekends and I find it hectic.

Saturday was an exception I made because I wanted to spend my time with my daughter-in-law, Amina*, and some of our friends whose children were competing in the junior chef competition.

We were on the rooftop by 11am.  The cooking competition was already underway. The morning had all the makings of a nice day out.

After a while, Amina decided to head downstairs into the mall to grab a bite. I wasn’t particularly hungry so I decided to stay back. I wanted to watch the children cook.

About a quarter to one o’clock, Amina was yet to make her way back to the rooftop. But I was not worried and remained so until I heard the sound of gunshots.


I reacted by calling my son. He works in security and I thought that perhaps he might be able to help.

“There is shooting here,” I told him. “I can hear gunshots. Please do what you can.”

The call was brief because I wanted to speak with my daughter-in-law. Over the phone, she told me that she was hiding in a bank at the mall. She insisted that she was safe and asked me to look out for myself.

Our conversation ended abruptly when I saw the two figures coming up to the rooftop.  They had guns and it took me a moment to notice the grenades hanging from their belts.

Their faces were uncovered, exposed to us as if they almost didn’t care if we could identify them later. I immediately began to suspect that I would not be leaving Westgate alive.

In that moment, the fear was devastating. When the gunmen begun shooting, the crowd broke into screams. People started running in panic, with little sense of direction. I was also jolted into action. I ran into the tent that had acted as a kitchen for the children and hid myself there.

At first, I thought they were shooting at random. However, I soon noticed that people running and screaming were most often the ones hit by the bullets. Amid the noise, I heard the gunmen call out for the Muslims.

“If you are Muslim,” they said, “you can get up and leave.”

But it wasn’t that easy.  Muslims had to prove their faith. They had to recite verses from the Koran before they could be set free. And even then, you could still lose your life. One lady, who said she was a Muslim but did not “look like a Muslim” was shot.

I am not quite sure why I didn’t profess my religion. Perhaps it was out of fear. Perhaps it was out of a sense of defiance.

Hidden behind boxes and tables in the tent, strangers became closer than friends. The gunmen must have known our location; there were only so many places we could have hidden on the rooftop.

Nevertheless, we calmed each other, urged the children to be quiet as if in our utter silence we could suddenly become invincible. But despite our best efforts, some of the youngest children still cried, instinctively aware of the danger.

We prayed. We sent pleas to our Creator in our quietest whispers, certain that this was our last day on earth.

We must have been hidden for at least 20 minutes when I heard one of  the gunmen receive a call on his mobile phone. He was not loud, but the calm voice speaking in Kiswahili was surprisingly easy to pick out.

His exact words are difficult to recall. But he said that he had killed many and more were injured. A few minutes after he received the call, the gunmen shot randomly on the rooftop and left. Looking back, I think these last shots were meant to scare us more so that we would not move.

We were rescued shortly afterwards and as I walked through Westgate, past the corpses, I felt helpless that I could not do anything to stop this. It had only been about an hour since our ordeal had begun.

I was free but my daughter-in-law was still stuck in the mall. When I called her, she reassured me that she was safe in her usual manner. She urged me not to worry, an impossible request.

Amina was rescued at around six o’clock. The hours my son and I spent at a friend’s house waiting for word from her were tense. I have never been as relieved as I was when she called my son to go pick her up from Visa Oshwal.

More than 24 hours after my nice day out with my daughter-in-law turned into a nightmare, I am still shaken. However, I am happy to be alive and I am very grateful that Amina and I made it out of Westgate with no injuries.

*Name changed on request of the witness

Wanted Briton ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite linked to Kenya mall terror attack


So maybe Wednesday it will be Jannah, (Islamic paradise) I look around at how beautiful Jihad is, It’s alive in Kenya, It’s alive in me, And I’m breathing Jihad, It’s my time.”

This is an excerpt from a poem written by Samantha Lewthwaite, the most wanted woman in the world. She is sought by security agencies in Kenya, South Africa, Britain and the US.

She has long been believed to be hiding in Kenya and posted the poem on Twitter in September last year.

The 29-year-old mother of three reveals her ruthless intention: “I’d rather be receiving my martyrdom, think I’ll get ready… and buy a vest.”

As gunmen stormed the Westgate mall in Nairobi at about mid-day on Saturday, unleashing indiscriminate violence on defenceless men, women and children, some witnesses recalled spotting a veiled woman in the group. They said she appeared to be commanding the others to shoot non-Muslims.

Lewthwaite, nicknamed “The White Widow” by Western media, was once married to Jermaine Lindsay, the bomber who blew himself up in a train at London’s King’s Cross on July 7, 2005, killing 26 other people.

Lewthwaite denounced his actions and soon disappeared with the children. Her name only came to light again when she was linked with an investigation by Kenyan police into an Al-Shabaab terror cell planning attacks on Western targets in Mombasa early last year.


Their suspicions were raised when in November 2012, Briton Jermaine Grant was charged in a Mombasa court with being an Al-Shabaab terrorist. Police said a woman escaped during his arrest.

Grant’s home was described as a “bomb factory” by the prosecution after chemicals similar to those used in the July 7, 2005 London blast were found.

Lewthwaite’s name has cropped up in other investigations and she was recently linked to British terror suspect Habib Ghani aka Osama al Britani, who was killed recently in Somalia after falling out with Al-Shabaab.

She remains the main suspect in a grenade attack at Jericho Beer Garden in Mombasa where three people died and over 30 were injured.

Al-Shabaab spokesperson Mohammad Usman Arus, though, denied on BBC radio that any Briton, American or woman had taken part in the attack, saying: “We do not send our sisters out on missions.”

The Sunday Mirror reported in September last year that detectives in South Africa were leading the hunt for Lewthwaite, whose South African passport bears the name Natalie Faye Webb. They were investigating claims she was hiding in central Kenya.

Chief of General Staff Julius Karangi on Monday said the army had “an idea who these people are but due to the sensitivity of the operation we will not divulge.”

Why Kaduna Speaker was Impeached

The Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly, Hon.

Usman Gangara, from Giwa East Constituency and his deputy, Dr. Dogara Mato from Lere Constituency were today, impeached by 19 out 34 members of the  Assembly.

The former speaker, his deputy and six other principal officers of the House were all absent when the impeachment proceeding presided over by Hon. Philemon Usman was carried out.

19 out 26 eligible voters from 34 members that were present during the session endorsed the impeachment.

A new speaker was immediately elected.

Hon. Shehu Usman Tahir representing Giwa West Constituency was elected while Peter Adamu representing Kagarko Constituency was elected Deputy Speaker.

Addressing journalists shortly after his election, the new Speaker debunked the claim that Vice President Namadi Sambo and Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Yero were behind the impeachment adding that the desire to change the leadership was to have a robust lawmaking in the state which was lacking in the last leadership.

As at the time of filing this report, the impeached speaker and his deputy are yet to respond to the development.

The aggrieved members had last month issued the former speaker and other principal officers of the house a 30-day ultimatum to resign on grounds of incompetency and alleged gross misconduct.

A member of the House loyal to the embattled speaker, who craved for anonymity, told Channels Television that the impeachment of   the speaker and his deputy was done with the encouragement and support of the executive arm of government on grounds of not being loyal to the state government and the Vice President.


Naked ‘witches’ arrested in Harare (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Picture 4

Picture 5


The following are pictures and a video recording of one of the two naked women who were arrested last week while roaming outside a house in Budiriro suburb. Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda confirmed the bizarre incident.

He said the two were from Gokwe-Nembudziya communal area. “We have arrested two suspected witches this morning at a house along Gata Street in Budiriro 2,” Insp Chibanda said.

In one of the baskets there was a live brown owl and some skeletons of an animal that looked like a baboon while the other had some snails and unknown orange substance in a 500mls bottle.

Human Eaters In Lagos Attacked By Angry Mob


There was drama yesterday when an angry mob stri*ped unclad two men, Alaba Abiodun and Samuel, who were allegedly eating human flesh,but they were lucky as the timely arrival of policemen who saved them from being set ablaze.

This is how PM news reported the incident:

Earlier, a passer-by along the rail line in Ikeja saw three men in tattered dresses. One of them was making a call and one eating a meat suspected to be human flesh.

The passer-by raised an alarm that attracted the mob which instantly pounced on the two suspect human part eaters. But the one making the phone call managed to escape.

Their problem was compounded when the mob moved to their hideout behind the Ikeja Local Government Secretariat fence and found a cutlass, knife, charms and meat with fat which the mob suspected to be human flesh.

When a detachment of policemen from Area ‘F’ arrived the scene, Abiodun told them, that he was a carpenter but had no money to set up a workshop

Abiodun claimed to be from Akiniku in Moloney area of Ilaro, Yewa, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. He added that he made the hideout his residence as he could not afford to rent a room for himself.

He explained that the meat discovered in their hideout was a cow fat which they eat and not human parts.

After intensive questioning, the policemen were convinced that the suspects were mistaken for human parts eaters and sellers by the mob. They were later released.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS on the incident, a police officer who preferred anonymity advised the public to investigate suspected criminals before taking any action.

But for the timely intervention of the policemen, the officer noted, the suspects would have been set ablaze.

Source: PM News

My daddy was hypertensive — Feyi Agagu

Mr Feyi Agagu, the first son of the late Dr Olusegun Agagu, a former governor of Ondo State, on Saturday said his father was hypertensive.

NAN reports that Agagu, who returned from United States on Thursday, reportedly slumped in Ikoyi, Lagos, where he was having a meeting with Ondo indigenes on Friday evening.

“He just had a medical examination, which showed that he had a little cholesterol, and was hypertensive.

“There is diabetics in our family, but it’s nothing major; it was just something he had been dealing with for the past 10 to 15 years. So, there was no inkling that something was about to happen,” Agagu said.

According to him, his mum has lost her best friend and her husband. He confirmed that his father passed away in Lagos on his way to St Nicholas Hospital.He added that his father had the usual illness that comes with age, “so there was no stand out cause for his passing”.

“He lived a simple but a fulfilled and happy life. He left amazing memories and fantastic legacies behind.

“I will miss the friendship, I will miss the advice; he was pretty much anything any wife, son or daughter could ask for in a father.”He was a mentor to many, a brother, a benefactor; I’m sure a lot of people will miss him,” he said.

Agagu said the family had just returned for their annual two and a half weeks family vacation and during that time his father showed no sign of illness.

“I guess when it’s time to go, when your maker comes to get you, when he brought you, he did not ask anybody, so he can take you when he sees fit,” he said.

He said that arrangements for the burial were yet to be made. In his response to the development, Chief Olagunsoye Oyinlola, a former Governor of Osun State, said he was “grieved”.

“We met in politics and he remained a very nice senior colleague and when he came back two days ago, we talked about a meeting tonight,” Oyinlola said on Saturday.

He said that he would miss everything about his late colleague, who was the perfect gentleman, who always cared for the welfare of others.

“I asked him if he would be coming to Ibadan and he answered no, he then invited me to meet on Saturday in Lagos, unfortunately that was not to be,” he said.

Oba Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, described the late Agagu as an unassuming, brilliant and hardworking governor, who served the nation meritoriously. (NAN)

No Ill Feelings On Ruqayyatu’s Sack, Says Gov Lamido

GOVERNOR Sule Lamido of Jigawa has said the state bears no ill feelings towards President Jonathan, following the sack of former Minister for Education and Jigawa indigene, Professor Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufai.

He also cautioned people against reading political undertones to the termination, saying Jonathan merely acted within the ambit of his constitutional powers.

Lamido stated this at a grand reception for Rufai, in Jigawa State, on Friday.

He said: “For us, today, there is no ill feeling. There is no anger or pain. What we have is prayer for the President for making Jigawa great. We will never forget how he treated the state and gave us two ministers.

“When he gave us the ministers, we jubilated and celebrated. We should not see him, today, as somebody we should be angry with, because, under the Nigerian constitution, he has power and authority to hire and fire.

He added: “As far as we are concerned, in the exercise of his duty, he has done no wrong to anybody in Nigeria. People try to introduce other dimensions, politically. But for us, those dimensions should be ignored because I don’t think any human being can extend what God has brought to an end.”

The governor debunked insinuation that the cabinet reshuffle is connected to the present crisis in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Lamido commended the former minister for discharging her duties to the satisfaction of the President and all Nigerians. According to him, she has distinguished herself as a worthy ambassador of the state and as a scholar.

Rufai expressed gratitude to Lamido for the warm reception.

She said: “I thank the entire people for rallying around me. I can say the entire state stood still for me. It will remain indelible in my memory and will motivate me to do more.”

SHOCKING: Man Rapes His Mother In Ekiti State

Exactly   21 days after Akintunde Omotehinde, a 21-year-old man  reportedly   molested his 60-year-old mother at Ajebamidele area of Ado Ekiti,  the   capital city of Ekiti State, residents of the area are still in  shock   over the incident. Although the Omotehinde family kept mute over the  issue, some people in the neighbourhood said they heard about the  incident. Speaking to our correspondent on condition of  anonymity, some residents, said  rape was not a common occurrence in the locality.
The residents spoke  with our correspondent in separate interviews on Thursday.
One   of the  residents said, “The news was shocking. Not many of  us believed   the story at first but the truth cannot be hidden for too long.  The   woman, a petty trader, was said to have been molested by her son. She    was badly injured and was rushed to the hospital for medical  attention.
“I   can tell you that the family is presently living in  shame. We hear that   the family members are planning to move out of the house  but we cannot   confirm that.”
It will be recalled that the matter was  heard by a Magistrate Court in Ado-Ekiti on Tuesday.
The accused has been  remanded in prison custody pending the determination of the case by the  court.
The   Prosecutor told the court that the accused person molested  his mother   on the August 23, 2013 at their residence at Ajebamidele Area of    Ado-Ekiti.
When our correspondent visited, the victim was said to be  unavailable.
A petty trader in the area, who spoke on the condition of  anonymity, described the news as incredible, saying,   “I don’t even know the  name of the boy and I don’t know what he does   for a living but I always see  him on the street. I know him as an   easy-going young man.” An artisan, who  pleaded anonymity, said that   the accused person used to smoke and drink. He  said, “I am sure that   what he did was not as a result of drunkenness. It must  have been   premeditated.”
A clergy in the area said,   “What happened  between the boy and his mother is evil. They allowed   themselves to be used as  instruments in the hands of Satan. How can one   explain a situation where a son  has canal knowledge of his own mother?   It is evil. The boy has attracted a  curse upon himself and his   generation.”
The Prosecution told the court  that the offence contravened Section 358 of the Criminal Code Laws of Ekiti  State, 2012.
The   Magistrate, Mrs. Patricia Ajibade, has ordered that  the accused be   remanded in prison custody, pending the legal  advice by the Director of   Public Prosecution.
The  Magistrate adjourned the case till October 16, 2013.

US, Russia reach deal on Syria’s chemical weapons

The United States and Russia struck a deal Saturday under which Syria will allow its stockpile of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by next year — easing a crisis over a threatened American military attack.

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, announced the deal after a third day of talks in Geneva.

Under the deal, Syria must provide a full catalog of its chemical arsenal within a week and allow United Nations inspectors to start working no later than November. The plan envisions the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons by mid-2014.

“There can be no games,” Kerry said. “No room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance.”

If Syria fails to comply, it will be referred to the U.N. Security Council, Kerry said. It was not clear what steps the Security Council might be. The deal includes nothing about the potential use of force, Lavrov said.

The Russian foreign minister called it an agreement “based on consensus and compromise and professionalism.” France welcomed it as an “important step forward.” Kerry and his British and French counterparts will talk about the deal’s implementation over lunch Monday in Paris.

The deal represented a break in an international crisis that has built since Aug. 21, when, the United States says, the forces of Syrian leader Bashar Assad gassed 1,400 people to death, including 400 children.

Syria is mired in a civil war that has left an estimated 100,000 people dead.

The United States threatened an attack, probably with missiles fired from warships in the Mediterranean Sea. Almost the entire world — with the exception of Syria, until this week — bans the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances.

But other countries, including Britain, a reliable U.S. ally, failed to go along. And President Barack Obama faced a Congress that was skeptical if not hostile to the idea, and a public that was weary of further U.S. entanglement in the Middle East.’

The agreement Saturday came with U.N. inspectors days away from releasing a report on the Aug. 21 attack. It was expected to establish that poison gas was used in the attack, outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, but not necessarily to determine which side in the civil war did it.

The Geneva deal came at end of an extraordinary week in the crisis. The turning point appeared to have been Monday, when Kerry suggested at a press conference that Syria might avoid a strike by turning over all its chemical weapons.

Kerry said Syria would never go for it, but within hours, the Syrian foreign minister was welcoming the idea, and Syria was talking it through with Russia, a close ally.

By Tuesday night, Obama had to rework a prime-time television address to say that he would give diplomacy more time to work. He also used that speech to build a moral case for U.S. action if Syria stalled or otherwise misbehaved.

The deal between Kerry and Lavrov could also represent, if only for the moment, a brightening of U.S.-Russian relations.

The United States was furious when Russia granted a year’s asylum to Edward Snowden, the former federal contractor who leaked details of National Security Agency surveillance programs.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a roadblock to any U.S. action on Syria through the U.N. Security Council. Even after Russia floated the idea of having Syria cede its chemical arsenal, Russia insisted that the U.S. renounce any use of force.

Then, on Thursday, Putin wrote an extraordinary Op-Ed for The New York Times in which he said it was “dangerous” for Obama to send that the United States was an exceptional nation.

He also criticized the U.S. for foreign policy adventurism and a “with us or against us” approach, and warned that U.S. military intervention in Syria would only increase violence, perhaps including terrorism.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

We didn’t block Amaechi – Police

The Rivers State  Police Command on Thursday denied blocking Governor Amaechi from gaining  access into the Government House. The command in a statement signed by its Public Relations  Officer, Mrs. Angela  Agabe, described media reports on the matter as “incorrect, false,  fictitious and wrong in its entirety”.

The statement reads, “The attention of the police command has been drawn to  stories making the round in the media that the police  blocked the road to the  Rivers State Government House in Port Harcourt, denying His  Excellency,  Governor Chibuike Amaechi ,access to the Government House.

The police state categorically that they did not block the road leading to the  Government House, neither did they deny Governor Rotimi  Amaechi access to the  Government House in Port Harcourt or elsewhere.

“The story is incorrect, false, fictitious and wrong in  its entirety and it is  calculated to mislead the people of Rivers State, Nigerians  and the general  public. The Nigeria Police Force deems it necessary to place  in proper  perspective the event that gave rise to the wrong  information being peddled in  the media.’’

Stella Damasus’ Daughter Makes Nollywood Debut In Web Series Directed New Hubby


Stunning Nollywood Actress and Singer, Stella Damasus who recently featured on Al Jazeera’s Child Bride Debate with Senator Yerima, has announced via twitter her new web series – MixMatch directed by Daniel Ademinokan and starring her daughter.

Set in New York, the web series -’MixMatch’ is based on the lives of members of a biracial family living in New York City.

You Are A Naked Liar; Ribadu Tells Waziri

The war of words between the major players of the Economic and financial crime commission reached a crescendo yesterday, as former czar of the anti corruption agency, Nuhu Ribadu threw his hat into the ring, with his boxing gloves to battle her successor, Mrs. Farida Waziri. Ribadu expressed his displeasure on some comments

made by Waziri in her interview faulted the claim that he worked under her. He stated that the reverse was the case, as he was the one who taught Waziri; “This is a naked lie that she keeps flaunting to seek undue relevance and validate her appointment. At no time in my career did I work under the same section or unit as her. In fact, contrary to Waziri’s claim that she “trained” me, it was I who actually lectured her and others on fraud investigation and prosecution, when she was newly posted as head of special fraud unit, even though he was my senior in rank. I was then head of prosecution tribunals under the leadership of Mr. Sunday Ehindero, then CP Legal” he said.

He denied Waziri’s claim of Obasanjo using him to prosecute his third term agenda. On it, he said; “It was also uncharitable of her to have insinuated that EFCC was used to push for third term agenda. She was nowhere close to know what we did. We actually halted our works on the politically exposed persons throughout the period of the third term debacle to insulate the commission”, he said in the statement.

He frowned at Waziri’s statement which undermined the men and women who staked their lives in the course of their duties, considering the fact that she made the EFCC a laughing stock under her leadership.

“EFCC was not about Ribadu. Rubbishing its work therefore is like insulting all the thousands of its operatives across the country who put their lives on the line to make Nigeria a better country. If Mrs. Waziri has a personal score to settle with anybody, she should direct her attack at the person, not the organization”, he said in the statement personally signed by him

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Kennis Dayo Adeneye (D1) Involved In sex Scandal

They say nothing hidden under the sun can be a secret forever, especially when you are a celebrity in this jet-age.

Dayo Adeneye a.k.a D1 of Kennis Music is faced with his own controversy after years of a squeaky clean reputation.

Fellow co-owner of Kennis and business partner, Kenny Ogungbe of PrimeTime Entertainment fame is definitely scratching his head on this issue.

The secret is that D1 was allegedly having an affair with a lady based in the UK.

According to reliable sources, Dayo Adeneye aka D1 is having a very hard time as his unguarded extra marital affair with the UK based lady has led to her being pregnant. D1 ordered for the baby to be aborted but it seems his mistress had other plans.

Sources say that D1 met this Calabar born babe, Susan Ekpe during the 2009 Nottinghill Carnival and the duo has been closely inseparable since then to the extent that D1 got her a house in London which served as his second home and even when Susan visited Nigeria for the first time, D1 sent his car to pick her up from the airport and took her sight seeing with numerous shopping sprees in the country.

The source who`s close to the couple says that the mistress, Susan is now feeling the heat as she now has to nurture and fend for her almost 2 year old baby girl; who by the way they say totally looks like D1, all by herself.

More dirty details emerged as the source says D1 totally maintained a strict condom policy during their s*xual encounters, that lasted almost 4 years until he decided to change it up and go raw one fateful evening.

That eventful night led to Susan being pregnant and D1 stood his ground that the pregnancy must be aborted; but Susan won the battle and kept the child. The little girl’s name is Rebecca Susan works in the UK but reports say she’s frustrated and insists that D1 must take responsibility and play the father role, marriage or not.

Sources say that, in an effort to reach Dayo Adeneye to hear his own side of the story, when this office got him, he was so attentive but the moment he heard the name, Susan Ekpe, he quickly cut off the phone, and we however rang him back severally but he ignored the calls.


Actor Eddie Murphy has teamed up with Snoop Lion to relaunch his music career with “Red Light”.

Actor Eddie Murphy has teamed up with Snoop Lion to relaunch his music career with “Red Light”. You can watch the video


By Hon Bimbo Daramola


The penultimate week was not the week of federal lawmakers. The endangered species had to come into fresh national prominence to face the rage of the Nigerian people who largely elected them as their representatives from the length and breadth of this country. The umbrage started from the perception of the Nigerian people that the national assembly, particularly the senate was in the process of passing into law Child marriage.


Not a few of those who drew their swords against the senate had the presence of mind to realise that much as they are entitled to their opinions, Senator Sanni Yerima was entitled to his, particularly with his legendary track record of not being afraid to stand alone in pursuit of contentious issues, remember his Sharia advocacy when he was Governor. Regardless of the perceived inapproprety of his line of thought, he is still entitled to share his opinion, just as those opposed to this proposition are entitled to theirs. Beyond this, law making process was reduced to the declaration of Senator Yerima or the Senate alone. The hoopla this generated almost came across as if the law will be passed next minute, without regard for the fact that it will take a longer process. Regardless, whenever parliamentarians are accosted, the retort question is “are you one of those people legalizing child marriage?” I bet that was the situation that the senator from Ondo was confronted with and he was overwhelmed and broke down in tears.


The second issue that drew the flak of the people was the constitution amendment process in the house of representatives, again a section of Nigerians drew their swords and went for blood of the representatives. Again, disregarding the fact that this is just one level in the spectrum of the law making or amendment process, and to be able to conclude the process, a whole lot more will still have their inputs either formally or informally, again regardless, the Federal law makers didn’t escape unscathed. The crown of this mob action against the legislators is the all time vexatious issue of the salaries and allowances of the federal lawmakers.

I was initially inclined to also adopt a siddon look attitude to this until three major incidencesdrew me out to at least offer a different shade of opinion on this sore issue, not as if Nigerians would be dispassionate when reading this, because already this reportage which I believe has gone viral, just got a renewed orchestrated impetus and choreographed in the past one week. In a space of one week, virtually all the newspapers in Nigeria had used the story fromdifferent sides and angles, either as a feature story or indeed an editorial under blistering captions and headings as usual; such as Legislators Jumbo Pay! How Legislators Loot Nigeria Blind, Nigerian Lawmakers are the highest paid in the world and all that.


I began to take a second look for a number of reasons, first is the experience I personally had at the Arik dedk, Ikeja GAT on the day The Nation Newspaper used the story as editorial after leadership or Daily Trust and others had variously used it. I was trying to get a ticket at the Arik Desk and was in line, after getting my ticket, I stepped aside to weigh my luggage, one of which is the famous Ghana must go bag. And behind me, somebody who I guess saw my identity card retorted “na so dem dey use Ghana must go to pack our money!” I turned back and he smiled wryly and said “Honourable mi o bu yin o (i’m not abusing you), this is what we read in the papers!”


Second reason, a Distinguished Senator told me he had only just got back from another tasking day in the office and barely slumped into a couch to rest when his 10 year old daughter came with a newspaper and asked, Daddy is it true that they said you are a thief stealing Nigeria’s money, initially, he said it didn’t make sense to him, until the daughter referred to another newspaper as the source! Now you will be a bad parent if you let this ride from a 10 year old girl.

Now with these two events in quick succession, I began to wonder if it will be a dignified silence if one decides to keep quiet as this largely over bloated and seriously embellished story so out of real context of our environment acquires unwholesome dimension and seen as the truth and nothing but the truth. I am inclined to comment on this issue basically because I am a parliamentarian at the house of representatives and one out of the 489 federal parliamentarians.


I know that Nigerians may not take my contribution with as much as a pinch of salt because an image of rapacious vampires had been created and very rife already, and my lone voice will definitely be drowned by the higher decibel of set positions already taken as well choreographed in the past week of dumping the stories by all major newspapers in this country and surprisingly and shockingly too, some of them quoted The Economist magazine as the source of the story! To me a foreign magazine belching an exclusive story for our print media to amplify says a lot.


Secondly, I am of the opinion that this appears like an organised attempt by some special interests that the activities of the federal legislators had ruffled and decided to fight back. In Nigeria today, the easiest way and the top of the chart item to attract national opprobrium is to accuse anybody of sleaze just as this story of legislators’ Jumbo pay is expected to attract or attracting. For me therefore, I feel its incumbent on me to at least educate the malevolent cynics and the deliberately ignorant to enlighten the open minded and shed light, and for those who are inclined to objectivity, it will be recorded that at least one of the 489 federal parliamentarianssaid a word rather than letting this story ride in the shape it is being dished out to innocent Nigerians. In making this attempt, I will dwell on some personal experiences and information available to me and will also try to contextualise my views in the believe that the tide of mobjudgement will be stymie the federal legislators dilemma could at best be properly evaluated.


At the take off of the 7th assembly House of Representatives, our beloved speaker, Right Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (AWT) directed that an agenda be set for the 7th assembly house of representatives; the first time ever. Among several issues that came up for discussion by the20 man team. By the grace of God, I am one of the 20 working with some representatives of NGOs, CBO, etc was the then battered image of the parliament particularly the house of representatives as a result of the immeasurable scandals that characterised the 6th session, some bothering on malfeasance and sleaze. When we got to the item of ‘image management’ and public perception of the house, I recall that we all agreed that the image of the house had been so battered and seemingly at its lowest ebb. So it became very topical that we fashion out how to redeem the image if the house. The issue of salary and remuneration came up. At the end of the day, the present speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal decided that the renumeration of the parliamentarians be reduced by a third of what the previous house members earned to reflect the mood of Nigerians, and the present members at Executive session of the house ratified that position till date. This is a demonstration of the willingness of the parliamentarians to deal with sleaze.


Secondly, among the issues that the newspapers mentioned is the issue of official cars, well let me educate those who do not know that parliamentarians in as far back as 1959 were given Chevrolets. The best at the time. Alhaji Side Ali, parliamentarian from Kano told me. So giving official vehicles to the parlimentarians is not new, and besides, all major functionaries of government from councillors to local government chairmen, to commissioners, assistants and advisers, state assembly to the federal government functionaries all have official cars, the parliamentarians only get one official car through their tenure, ministers and director generals not only have a fleet, of not less than 3 vehicles, that are changed after 2 years, and new ones brought while they get to acquire the old fleet.

Another principal reason why I am offering my voice to this choreographed attack is the fact that these attempts have their ways of eroding the dignity of important an institution and arm of government that the legislature is. I know when the dignity is eroded via the fiery darts fired at the federal legislators, the respect that the institution this arm of government should have will evaporate and so the practitioners, and I believe very strongly that we cannot afford to have a national assembly that is bereft of institutional respect and regard from the citizenry. If we let that happen, then the constitutional role of the institution cannot be fully discharged. These have grave consequences. So I need to lend my voice, if only to salvage the institution.

In the same vein, if we let this damaging effort sink into the people, we would haveinadvertently encouraged a systemic misconception of who a legislator is, so much that , when a legislator shows up, he is seen as the latest noveau riche, a money bag, and all that, as if what he or she does is to wake up and once he shows up in National Asembly, his task for the day is to pick the Ghana must go for the day and goes home.


Already, Nigerians are made to believe that the national assembly does not do anything and they just get paid “jumbo salaries” for nothing! And worse still at the expense of hapless and helpless Nigerians. Unfortunately, this is the worst lie from the pit of hell. Even though I believe the national assembly can and indeed should do more that it is doing presently, I dare say even the national assembly performing at its suboptimal capacity as it is today, has remained the greatest anchor of hope of rescuing our nation from the brinks and edge of precipice that we are being pushed economically, socially, politically and in many ways. Imagine a Nigeria without a national assembly to step in with doctrine of necessity while the impasse ocassionedly the ill health of our former president lasted which nearly brought the nation to a standstill? Imagine a Nigeria without a national assembly, what will happen with the fuel subsidy scam, rural power initiatives, Maina and pensioners money, fraudulentprivatisation process, non remittance of money to federal account etc. These are few national issues from which the national assembly has earned credits, not to mention the several less sensational interventions of the national assembly. I have digressed to add all these because of the way these reports also portrayed the national assembly as a bunch of people fleecing the country. Now in clear and specific terms, it is patently untrue to say the national assembly’s budget of N150Bn fixed over the past 6 years is equal to one third of the national budget!!! It was Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the CBN Governor in one of his all knowing“Mallamic” vituperations said the national assembly takes one third of the national budget. I had to check my maths again to ascertain how N150Bn can be equal to one third of a budget of N4.8 – 4.9Trillion in the past three years. Just by the way, Nigerians should challenge Sanusi to declare his earnings allowances and  of his office. No legislator in Nigeria today comes anywhere near what Sanusi earns.


Now, it is important to let Nigerians realise that national assembly is not just 489 people i.e 109 senators and 360 members of the house of representatives. The national assembly is made up of the legislators, (489), all legislative aides up to 3000 Nigerians, each has 5 aides. The management and staff of national assembly i.e. the civil servants, we also have Nigerian Institute of Legislative Students and its staff.

So it is erroneous and malevolent prejudice for anybody to say the legislature takesremuneration amounting to N150Bn and indeed a third of national budget. I think people should recall their maths teachers for refresher courses. Now it is pertinent to also add that maintenance of the facility i.e. the national edifice that the structure of the national assembly is, is also maintained and serviced out of this amount of money, not to talk of live coverageof investigative hearings among other legislative activities that goes on there. Nigerians can take their minds back and try to put a cost to the coverage of the fuel subsidy exercise and you will be begin to appreciate what goes on in the bowels of the assembly. Unlike other arms of government, it is difficult to see literally what the legislators do. They are not the executive arm that can put on television or in newspapers the road tarred no matter how badly or schools built, the work of the legislator cannot be seen most times in physical sence, so it is easy for people to say that we do not do anything or contribute anything. What an ignorance!


Unfortunately, its patently wrong to serve to Nigerians poisoned dishes by hatchet people pushing out scripts of special interest people or group that seems to sell this bad outlook to Nigerians. As I have said very many times, the legislator is like the heart in the human body, while the executive arm is like the head, everybody sees the head and gives the head credit for all things the human being does, and only few bother to acknowledge the tiny organ, the heart that beats and with every beat guarantees that the human being is still alive. The heart is tucked in the body but continues to beat.


To underscore the importance of the heart, protective body armour are worn over the chest area to protect the heart rather than the head most times, because a shot taken at the head, the human may survive, not too many people will survive a shot at the heart. So its imperative that the legislature be protected and defended. I am against malfeasance and sleaze andactions that could imply taking advantage of the people particularly the impoverished Nigerians in their millions, but I think the legislators are not the ones to be blamed for the way we are in this country today. Indeed, were if not for the legislators, I am sure things would have been worse, when one looks at the idea of constituency projects initiated to attend to the localised problems of every constituency, yet the Executive finds it difficult to accent to this and other interventions of the legislators in a lot of ways under the guise that legislators take the project for pecuniary satisfaction. I have not in 2 years.


The reality is that no minister today knows Oye and Ikole local government areas, the two local government areas making up my constituency more than me. So if and when I push forward projects that will meet the specific needs of my people and issues are made out of, it should show who really cares for the people. The projects are not given to me to execute neither am I involved in its award. My input starts with the identification and nomination of location of the projects within an envelope that is predetermined by the executive arm and you only get to monitor the projects  that is if they are captured and slated for execution in the first place. Talking about other interventions that make the Federal Legislators endangered species. I will be quick to address the mind of Nigerians to some clear realities and fact.


Fact number one, I am one of the seven members of the house that the United State of America state department sent on a 5 state study of the American system in 2011. We went under IVLP initiative and that provided us the opportunities to interact with the American system. In one of our interactions, we met with Senator Chris Coons of North Delaware, and I pointedly asked him how much he earns and what he does with his money and the management of his constituents. Senator Chris Coons told us an average senator has a salary, but has allowance to the values of $2.6m for the running of his office. I dare say no Senator in Nigeria gets this amount to run his office. The amounts being bandied around by the deliberately ignorant and nay sayers is the equivalent of the running cost of the Nigeriansenator is way lower than 2.6 million dollars. 


My last check on congressional salaries and allowances of American federal legislators by Ida. A. Burnich even shows that it could be more. It is a surprise that The Economist Magazine did not report this and those who choose to echo the evil plots to denigrate and colour the federal legislators as bad the national assembly have never said or referred to this amount of money which the senator said is for every senator to run his office and the amount is retired every year, just as the distinguished senators in Nigeria must retire their running grants.


I also asked the senator and the now late Congressman Donald Payne how they manage constituent demands on them. I cannot remember the running cost of the congressman, but I know its over one million dollars too, I checked from the same Congressional Salaries and Allowances report, it is over one million dollars.

These two gentlemen told us that they do not have direct intervention obligations to their constituents in any way. I am sure these people who have chosen to demonise Nigerian federal legislators cannot ignore what every federal legislators in Nigeria go through.


It is imperative to clearly indicate or reiterate the fact that huge compensation for little or work that is not commensurate with input is not only criminal, it is al best a demonstration of insensitivity. So I can never be an advocate or a proponent of such, having being a parliamentarian for two years, I am in a position to also share the other side of this job with Nigerians, peradventure, Nigerians will be able to situate their anger in the proper context, and possibly be able to realise that any attempt to compare the Nigerian Federal Legislators with his or her counterparts abroad is like comparing light and day, not apples and oranges. It cannot be a fair comparison to look at the wages, allowances of both sides without comparing ancillary prevailing and associated environments.


First and foremost among the operators of the three arms of governments, the legislators are the most vulnerable. How many “ordinary” Nigerians can stroll into the government houses or the Villa? Or indeed to the aseptic deepest recess of the judiciary? But for the federal legislators, in spite of the security layers introduced as a result of the height of insecurity in the land, regardless, Nigerians in their hundred of hundreds daily throng the National Assembly everyday to see the legislators.


With these daily visits, there is no legislator today in the National Assembly who sees less than fifty constituents and other coming for one assistance or the other, from letters of recommendations for non-existent jobs, to unlimited requests for financial assistance real or phony, ostensibly because the noise out there is that legislators only just go to the National Assembly to pick the Ghana must go for the day. We are closest tier to the people and that comes with huge responsibilities. This is NOT the case with our contemporaries all over the world.


Entry to the parliament is restricted! If one leaves the ones who make it to the national assembly, I will be surprised if our contemporaries in other countries wake up every day to find between 200 – 300 short messages on their phones, this is a modest number, I have records of mine, and daily have to take over 600 calls, and ninety fiver per cent of the sms and calls are various forms of request for assistances and support in one form or the other, they include, medical intervention, payment of school fees, roofing of constituent houses, foundation laying, festivities e.g Christmans, Sallah, Visa and passport fees for those emigrating, and lots more. I am afraid , in NO other profession do people get to attend those types of limitless requests and certainly not the unwritten responsibilities of our contemporaries in other climes that people are quick to compare us with.


As part of “our duties” as federal legislators is to carry the burden of everybody and the extended relations of everybody that voted for you or who claims to have voted for you. And God help you if you do not try to do this..

When we were sworn in in 2011, a friend and colleague of mine, Honourable Ezeiuche Ubani saw me with huge stack of tellers that my aides have organised after payment to people’s accounts, and he pulled me aside and told me that I need to be careful because alot of federal legislators who are reputed to have collected “jumbo salaries” in a space of one year are flat broke, not put of their recklessness in eighty per cent of the cases, its because attempts to meet all the demands of constituents eventually rip a huge hole in your pocket. I can attest to this. Today, I can safely say that many of us parliamentarians have huge exposures to financial institutions, if you give N10,000 at the minimum to 50 persons every day, I do not see how a parliamentarian can survice that, yet our nay sayers calls us the looters. I can safely confirm that this is not the case in other climes.


For a minute, compare this scenario to every unelected official of government for instance in the executive arm, having ascertain that this can never happen in climes. When a minister or special assistant, or special adviser steps out of Abuja, his travels cost are borne by the parastatal or ministry that he or she supervises, secondly, if he or she goes to his or her village, NOBODY swarms them asking for one thing or the other as the case with federal legislators, indeed they have armed policemen who will prevent people from seeing them, the people also realise that they didn’t made them ministers, or special adviser or assistants, so they rarely go to them. But for federal legislators, anytime we go to our constituency, we are regaled with innumerable demands from individuals, from lowly to the high, your constituents, groups, associations.


For God’s sake, how can a parliamentarian survive. So when they churn out stuff like Nigerian Legislators are the highest paid in the world which is patently untrue as I will also show, people should be honest enough to for once admit that we are at best conduit or channels or redistribution, I do not know of any of my colleagues who does not have a similar experience to share, just as I have shared here. What we face are Jumbo Demands and Challenges which I dare say we only barely manage to live on. I can prove this in kobo lay kobo terms. I need not tell anybody that parliamentarians in other climes do not have these responsibilities to bear, in the face of system capacity of state to offer education to those who desire to, access to medicare, and nobody looking up to any parliamentarian for these or even subsistence.


Not done yet, federal legislators in Nigeria are also expected to be “government”, we are expected as part of the reason why we are voted to undertake personal projects such as repair works in broken down hospitals, and even build new ones as yours truly is doing, you undertake road works, build schools, have the events fondly referred to as “empowerment programme” where your constituents benefit from the “Jumbo Pays” i.e buy motorcycles, deep freezers, give cash out etc. I dare say NO PARLIAMENTARIANS in any of the climes they gloatingly referred to in other climes get to do this.


How did we get here? The people are impoverished, social security is non-existent, systems have collapsed, no jobs and lot more, so under this circumstance, the legislators who already has been sold as a money bag must step in to the rescue. 85% if our constituents do not realise the job of the legislator, it is how many or how much of those I have enumerated above that a legislator does that makes him a good legislator to our constituents, and regrettably the way we have been portrayed by those who are festering the gap between us and the people completely made us endangered. We on one hand are seen as “Agbada” flying rapacious people while, we do not have a chance to breath because of the choking effect of the huge innumerable demands of our people, and the circumstance of Jumbo salary earner, why not, they sure deserve a piece of the action. So we are caught between the rock and the hard place.


From all indication this is a battle we may never win, and if we will, not by my response, but by this response. I am happy that at least I have put out there enough to chew for those who do not know, but which will definitely not gel with those who are biased and prejudiced. For now, we remain the endangered species.


Hon. Bimbo Daramola is a member of Federal House of Representatives. He is representing Ekiti North Federal Constituency1.


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Minister sheds tears over sack

MONTHS of speculations about a cabinet shake-up ended yesterday, with the sacking of nine ministers.

Minister of Information and Supervising Minister of Defence – he was so named yesterday after the shake-up – Labaran Maku, broke the news to State House correspondents at the end of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided over by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Among those who got the boot are Foreign Affairs Minister Olugbenga Ashiru, Ruqqayatu Rufai (Education) and Shamsudeen Usman (National Planning).

Others include Land and Urban Development Minister Amal Pepple, Environment’s Hadiza Mailafia Science and Technology’s Ita Ewa.

Three Ministers of State were also sacked. They are Defence, Olusola Obada, Power, Zainab Kuchi and Agriculture, Tijani Bukar.

Some ministers are to supervise the ministries in order not to create a vacuum.

The ministries will be supervised by Minister of State 1 Foreign Affairs, Prof Viola Onwuliri for Foreign Affairs ministry, Minister of State for Education Mr. Nyesom Wike (Education) and Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Darius Ishaku (Environment).

Lands, Housing and Urban Development Ministry will be supervised by the Minister of Solid Mineral Development, Mr. Musa Sada.

Minister of Communication Technology Mrs. Omobola Johnson will supervise the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ministry of National Planning will be overseen by the Minister of State for Works, Ambassador Bashir Yuguda.

Minister of Power Prof Chinedu Nebo is to take charge of the Power Ministry.

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Dr. Akinwumi Adesina will take charge of the Ministry.

Maku maintained that the action was taken to inject fresh blood in to the system to deliver more dividends of democracy to Nigerians. No political undertone, he said.

He said: “These ministers have been affected in the cabinet reshuffle and the President in Council expressed his satisfaction and happiness over their commitment to government since they were appointed. He also thanked them for their service to their fatherland and said he will continue to engage them in one way or the other in the implementation of the transformation agenda and, of course, in the various challenges that government faces around the country and in terms of efforts to transform our country.

“He was indeed pleased to say because of what they have done in serving this country, he reassured them that this government will continue to use their services in the development of the country and thanked them for their services to this administration and to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Also following this, a list will be sent to the Senate for the confirmation of new ministers and once that is ready and sent, I am sure the Presidency will announce the list of the new ministers that will replace the ministers that were affected in the reshuffle.

Ruling out political undertone in the termination of the appointments, Maku said: “You know, even the press has been speculating cabinet reshuffle for a long time. I can’t remember how many times in the last one year that the press has been speculating that there would be cabinet reshuffle. In fact, some have been writing almost openly saying they want cabinet reshuffle.

“There is no government in the world where the leaders do not reshuffle their cabinets; there is none. And cabinet reshuffle is part of a systematic public administration and I believe what the President has done is simply to address the issues of re-tooling his government to achieve service delivery.”

Maku said the President set targets for the next two years and he is adjusting his cabinet to realise the objectives of his transformation agenda.

Speaking with State House correspondents, Mailafia said the reshuffle did not shock her as it was expected to come at anytime.

In tears, she said: “If you are wise enough, life is a cycle where from the day you come in you should know there is an exit. Isn’t it?

And every Wednesday I come in here hoping one day there will be a cabinet reshuffle. I’m grateful to all of you; I have enjoyed working with all of you. And please support government programmes, the Great Green Wall in particular, new map and so on.”

She went on: “I have been part of the government; I owe a lot to it.

We have been honoured to serve and we are moving out honourably and I think that is important. Many have come and gone without honour.”

On whether she will miss her colleagues, she said: “Oh yes and no. No because of technology, we will still be in touch; there will be phone calls and contacts and emails and so on.”

Family of 3 dies in their new house

Their joy knew no bounds when they parked to their new house last Saturday.

It was a day they had looked forward to and they took the final decision to move into the new apartment in Gbeganu area in Minna, Niger State last Saturday.
Though not completed, the house was, however, habitable as the plan was  to gradually complete the house as they moved in.
However, instead of relatives and well wishers trooping to the new house to congratulate them and “wash” it, it was the burial ceremony of the family of three that relatives and other well wishers went for.

The middle aged man, Seyi Adewale, a generator repairer, his wife, Felicia, aged 23 and their three-month-old daughter, Deborah, were, Tuesday, found dead in their room with the corpses already decomposing.

It was gathered that they died on Saturday night, the day they moved into the new house.

Vanguard gathered that the trio, who retired to one of their rooms late in the night to enjoy their first night in the house switched on their generating set close to the room while the fume emitting from the set consumed them overnight. They never woke up to see the next day.

Unknown to other neighbours that the trio had parked in, the corpses of the three-member family remained in the room unattended to and were gradually decomposing.

However, the junior sister of the deceased husband, Deborah, who had been making frantic effort to locate her brother got more worried, Tuesday, four days after they had moved into the new house.
It was a shocker to her after forcing the door of the house open to meet them dead after being killed  by fume from the generator.

She immediately raised alarm which attracted other neighbours to the scene.

She said: “We last spoke on phone on Saturday night, when he was moving his property and family to the new house.

“On Sunday, which was the second day, I also called but nobody picked. I still tried on Monday thinking it was due to the poor network service or run-down battery and yet no response and that was why I decided to come down to the house only to meet my brother and family dead and decomposing.
“It is very unfortunate for this to have happened to my brother, especially at a time when we are supposed to be rejoicing with them on their new house.”

Land in contention

Vanguard gathered that the land on which the deceased erected his house had been in dispute with another contender, which was, however, “settled” by the community head of the area.

Contacted, the state police command through its spokesman, Mr Richard Oguche, who confirmed the deaths, said they must have died as a result of inhaling the carbon monoxide from the generating set, which was turned on overnight and left close to their room.
The corpses have  been buried in Minna, the Niger State capital.



Year ago in Dublin, the Robinson family had a dream. Robinson and his wife worked and saved, making plans for their nine children and themselves to travel to the United States.

It had taken years, but they had finally saved enough money and had gotten passports and reservations for the whole family on a new liner to the United States.The entire family filled with anticipation and excitement about their new life. …

However, seven days before their departure, the youngest son was bitten by a dog. Because of the possibility of rabies, they were being quarantined for fourteen days…..the family’s dreams were dashed….they would not be able to make the trip to America as they had planned. The father, filled with disappointment and anger, stomped to the dock to watch the ship leave – without the  family. The father shed tears of disappointment and cursed both his son and God for their misfortune.

Five days later, the tragic news spread throughout the land that, the mighty Tittanic had sunk….the unsinkable ship had sunk, taking hundreds of lives with it. The Robinson family was to have been on that ship, but because the son had been bitten by a dog, they were left behind.

When Mr. Robinson heard the news, he hugged his son and thanked him for saving the family…..He thanked God for saving their lives and turning what he had felt was a tragedy into a blessing.

Although we may not always understand, all things happen for a reason….REMEMBER…..BEHIND EVERY DISAPPOINTMENT, THERE IS A BLESSING.   

My US Visa just Got Renewed, Atiku Taunts Obasanjo


Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar yesterday replied to his former boss Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s allegation of corruption. He said his United State visa had just been renewed, contrary to the insinuations by ex-President Obasanjo.

Atiku, in a statement through his Media Adviser Mallam Garba Shehu, said he had no case to answer either in Nigeria or in the United States.

The statement said: “The former President is wrong. It is widely known that Atiku didn’t enter government broke. He declared his assets at the commencement of his vice presidency and did so at the end of his term as required by the constitution, which is a sacred document to Atiku”.

“Atiku, who is currently returning from China after leading a private economic trade mission at the invitation of the Chinese government, travels often and has a well-documented record of building industries and putting thousands of Nigerians to work. And this record, quite frankly, has been thoroughly investigated”.

“Atiku has no case against him by any arm of the law in any country in the world, including the United States”.

“President Obasanjo’s repeated ‘jokes’ about Turaki not being able to go to America have become a cliché, tiresome and not true”.

The Media Adviser insisted that Atiku visited the United States after leaving office.

The statement added: “In 2006, former President Obasanjo sent his National Security Adviser (NSA) to stop Atiku from travelling to the US, saying that the Vice President risked arrest on arrival”.

“Turaki spurned that advice, left Nigeria to land at the Andrews Air Force Base, the official airport of the US government, to receive the best reception ever on a visit to America. So, we are used to those taunts”.

“When the former Vice President left office, shortly before the late Musa Yar’Adua was inaugurated as President, Atiku spent three months in the US. If they (US authorities) wanted him for anything, they would have met him.

“It is time to start dealing in facts. Specifically, the fact that Atiku’s visa to visit the United States has been recently renewed.

“Another fact is that Atiku is one of the most investigated politicians in Nigerian history. And every investigation, whether politically-motivated here at home or by the FBI abroad, has yielded the same result every time: not guilty.

“If Atiku is guilty of anything, it is crushing persistent attempts at re-writing our constitution.

“Atiku has chosen the path of optimism and hope. Moving forward, he will continue working to fuel Nigeria’s economy through investment and job creation, while also passionately and persistently defending our young democracy.”

10 Boko Haram Bandits Killed By Airstrikes in Maiduguri-Damboa Area

At least 10 Boko Haram fighters were killed in two air strikes by Nigerian troops in northeastern state of Borno, a military spokesperson said on Wednesday.

A camp of the sect in Mada Town of Konduga local government area and another camp in Maiduguri-Damboa area of the state were raided by the troops, following an encounter with the rebels on Tuesday night, Lt.-Col. Sagir Musa, the spokesperson of the military told a Xinhua reporter.

“Four AK47 rifles, five AK 47 magazines and 250 rounds of assorted ammunition were recovered from the camps after the offensive. At least 10 motorcycles belonging to the insurgents were equally destroyed during the operation,” Musa said.

According to the military mouthpiece, a soldier man who sustained an injury during the operation is currently receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

Activities of the Boko Haram have been on the increase around the border areas of the state. Borno, in the northeastern region of Nigeria, shares a border with Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

Last Friday, the Nigerian military announced a successful raid in the state, in which at least 50 Boko Haram fighters were killed in an air strike.

The Boko Haram sect seeks to enshrine the Islamic sharia law into the constitution and declares war against the Western education. The Nigerian government tried in April to broker a ceasefire with the sect but failed

Revealed: Why Jonathan sacked nine ministers

Sacked Ministers

President Goodluck Jonathan sacked nine ministers yesterday – in a shocking move that sparked questions on the motive of the action.

Five factors accounted for the ministers’ sack.

According to highly-placed sources in government, some of the reasons are: non-performance; security reports on alleged corruption; political allegiance and doubtful loyalty to the President; poor management of turn-key projects; and the crisis in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

A source, who pleaded not to be named because of the “sensitivity” of the matter, said: “You will recall that the President asked the ministers to sign a performance bond. About four of the nine ministers failed to live up to expectations in the assessment of the Presidency.

“In fact, three of the ministers were yet to understand their mandate after being in office for two and a half years. One of the ministers had more than 20 agencies under him but his performance was poor.

“We cannot also rule out alleged corruption acts by two to three of the ministers. For instance, there is a particular outgoing minister who forced the parastatals under the ministry to buy a N17million Sports Utility Vehicle SUV for personal use.

“The money-spinning parastatals were unhappy but they had to do it. It also got to a ridiculous extent that the minister was always asking for remittance of interest accruable from funds kept in some banks by parastatals under the ministry.

“Another minister had problems with award of contracts, some of which were rated as inferior. The agencies supervised by the minister made a joint demand for change.

“Ironically, the minister lost a plum cabinet position at a time a platform was created in a state to fight political adversaries of Jonathan. The minister was dazed when the President announced the sack.”

According to a source, there was also the alleged tardiness in the award of the $1.3billion (N212billion) Zungeru Hydro Project.

The Federal Government is expected to spend about N303million in generating one megawatt of electricity. The hydro project is said to be one of the most expensive in the world.

“Although no corruption infraction was found against Hajiya Zainab Kuchi, she was sacrificed for not being vigilant,” the source claimed.

It was also learnt that the alleged overstaying in the cabinet by the former Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamsuddeen Usman, may have led to his exit.

Another source said: “I think Shamsudeen has been in the cabinet since 2007. Though he did well in designing the Performance Benchmark for the Federal Executive Council(FEC), the nation’s planning system has not improved.

“An egg-head, who is a former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), he may have lost his post because of difficulty in measuring his achievements which appeared to be long term. And you know, politicians have no patience for long term gains.”

As at press time, political motives were being read into the sack of some of the ministers but a source in the Presidency disputed these.

Some ministers were reportedly sent packing because of the rebellion of the G-7 governors in the PDP.

“People alluded to this factor because some of the Ministers were nominated by their governors. Such Ministers are Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufai(nominated by Governor Sule Lamido); Zainab Kuchi(by Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State); Alhaji Bukar Tijjani(from Borno now being controlled by APC without being unable to mobilise PDP to launch counter-attack),” said the source, adding:

“For Shamsudeen, who was not nominated by Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, his alleged cold war with the Kano State Governor led to the factionalisation of PDP in his state. He became a political risk for Jonathan to retain him in the cabinet.

“But, contrary to political permutations, some ministers from the rebellious states, like Adamawa , Rivers and Kwara, are in the cabinet because of performance without anyone touching them.”

Ms Amal Pepple, who is from Rivers State, is believed to have lost her job for being unable to read the President’s mood on the crisis in the state.

“Concerned about her state, Pepple recently walked up to the President, knelt down and asked him to forgive Governor Rotimi Amaechi of whatever sin the governor had committed,” the source said, adding:

“Although Pepple was not nominated by Amaechi, her U-Turn made the Presidency suspicious of her loyalty.

“Her innocent intervention in Rivers crisis and fact that she was also just waking up to make impact at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development cost her the job.”

Ashiru’s removal was said to have shocked his colleagues. “In fact, one of the ministers almost shouted as the President was reeling out the names of those to be dropped,” the source said.

He said: “There is a strong suspicion that since the Presidency was uncomfortable with ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, who brought Ashiru into the cabinet, the minister’s days were numbered. In spite of the mediatory role of Obasanjo in PDP crisis, the position of the Presidency was that he had only attempted to clear the mess he created. Ashiru might just be a scape-goat.

“As for the Minister of Environment, Hadiza Mailafia, the tempo of political situation in Kaduna requires a change of guard.”

President Jonathan shocked the sacked ministers as he did not betray any emotions at the FEC meeting.

A Presidency source said: “We all went in with the usual exchange of banters. The President and his deputy and a few others came late but we did not suspect anything.

“After honouring a star athlete, Blessing Okagbare, we went into the business of the day with most of the nine ministers making contributions, oblivious that they would go.

“As we were about to say the closing prayers, the President said: ‘I wish to inform you that some ministers will be attending this FEC meeting for the last time there will be some changes; some will be dropped.’

“A pin-drop silence overwhelmed the Executive Chambers as he was reading the names in a military fashion.

“After the list was read, the Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, said the closing prayers.”


At a police station, she slapped the man accused of trying to rape her

Mumbai: When a 23-year-old nurse accidentally encountered the man accused of trying to rape and murder her on a local train in Mumbai, she could not contain her rage.   For around three minutes, at the police station handling her case, with at least three constables watching, she slapped the suspect repeatedly on his face.   Two constables held him through the assault, which was filmed on a mobile camera.

The incident took place last week when the man was being brought back to the police station after a medical examination.
“No one is supposed to take the law in their hands. But when a crime like this happens with a girl, we cannot expect her to talk nicely and ask the accused, ‘Sir why did you do this to me?’ It was a spontaneous reaction. If it was your or my sister even we would be angry. That is the natural reaction which is why she reacted in this manner and not with an intention to commit an offence,” said Rajendra Trivedi, Senior Police Inspector at the Mumbai Central Railway Police Station.
On July 27, Devraj Kanap was arrested on charges of molestation and attempt to murder.
The brother of the attacked woman told reporters, “She caught a train at 5:45 am. A man suddenly entered the ladies compartment, and he tried to rape her. There was no guard at that time inside the compartment when the incident took place. My sister shouted for help and the offender was caught by co-passengers and policemen at the Lower Parel station.”
There was no policeman in the compartment which is the norm for all trains that run at night and early in the morning. The police claim the constable missed the train and have booked him for dereliction of duty.

Malam Ibrahim Lamorde inadequate to hold office as anti-corruption czar.

Malam Ibrahim Lamorde
When President Goodluck Jonathan nominated a character who had served as Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chief Operating Officer under the tenure of two failed Chairpersons of the same commission (Nuhu Ribadu and Farida Waziri), I had advised against such move and written to the Senate of the Federal Republic not to confirm the nomination – it is now quite clear that Mr. President had shot himself in the foot by that appointment with regards to any plans he had to tackle the gigantean corruption monster which held and continues to hold Nigeria to ransom.
Malam Ibrahim Lamorude has confirmed the worst projections and nightmares one had about his tenure.
The recent publication of the in-house EFCC journal, “Zero Tolerance” which has Mr. Lamorde as publisher, where the despotic former kingpin of Nigeria’s Reign of Evil and grandfather of all corrupt practices in Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo, was allowed free reign to do what he knows… best – shift blame onto others whilst pretending to be a saint, exposes Mr. Lamorde political inclinations and inadequacy to hold office as anti-corruption czar.
That a man in the mold of an Obasanjo, who by his own account was bankrupt prior to assumption of office of President in 1999 and emerged after an 8 year tenure as Head of State as one of the richest Nigerians, a feat that ordinarily should have made him a candidate for a long spell in jail, was allowed access to use an EFCC organ to unleash veiled political jabs and insult our commonsense, in highly regrettable.
Malam Lamorde, if you have no new ideas of how to tackle corruption in Nigeria, please throw in the towel and go enjoy what you have so far ‘harvested’.
-eze eluchie

Dis is how God is abt to bless u dearies


Dis is how God is abt to bless u dearies.He will bless u to e extent dat u will walk, sit n eat on DOLLARS n every where u go, DOLLARS will em brass u. If u believe say a big AMEN to dat.

Dis is how God is abt to bless u dearies......He will bless u to e extent dat u will walk, sit n eat on DOLLARS n every where u go, DOLLARS will em brass u. If u believe say a big AMEN to dat.





Shocking Unused Scenes From Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

With         Pat O’Brien, Dan Abramson

These previously unreleased storyboards reveal some equally scandalous scenes that didn’t make the final cut.



WATCH VIDEO:Nigeria 4-1 Burkina Faso


Holy milk right?

Photo: Holy milk right?

Picture: I’m not complaining!

Wear tights that fit!

I’m not complaining!



How Aide to former chairman of Otuoke Community Development Committee (CDC) raped girl to death

The personal assistant to the former chairman of Otuoke Community Development Committee (CDC) in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State has been arrested for allegedly raping to death an 18 year old girl. Otuoke is the hometown of President GoodLuck Jonathan.

The 36-year old politician turned rapist was arrested by the police as he tried to dispose of the corpse of the innocent girl through the back door.

Indigenes of Otuoke said that the suspect committed the act in an uncompleted building owned by his boss, the former chairman of Otuoke CDC.

An eyewitness said that the suspected rapist was arrested by a security personnel. “We saw the civil defense officer dragging the suspect and shouting that he has raped a girl to death,” he said.

But the politician is claiming he was only helping the girl after he saw her on the ground (in his house) in pain. Anyway, the Bayelsa State police command confirmed the politician has been transferred to the state capital for further investigation

How I was tricked into a pornographic movie – Charles Inojie


Popular comic-actor, Charles Inojie is still wondering how he was tricked into featuring in that lewd film titled ‘Calabar Girl’ directed by  Jerry Don Nwachukwu. The film was produced by Divine Ezeibekwe and banned immediately after  it was released sometime in May, this year by the National Film and Video Censors Board. Charles recounts the story of how he got involved in the production.  He also talks about the coup that catapulted him to the top while working  as an Assistant Director under Lancelot Imasuen among other issues. Excerpts:

A  comic-actor!

Do you know that I am not aware that I am a comedian?  There are places I visit today and I tell people that I am not a regular comedian;someone you see and you start laughing or someone who is ever ready to act as a clown when the occasion does not call for it. I see myself as a very serious person. I see myself as a good actor.

If I do comedy roles well, it is only  because that is where I have probably, been most tested and again not a function of any kind of training I had. Except that I probably just have it in me. I believe that my late grandmother had the strongest sense of humour that I ever found in anyone and I benefited generously from her talent. Maybe, I am one of those you would say are naturally gifted as humourist.

School of hard knocks

I hate it when I hear people say, I am self -made. There is no one on earth that is self made otherwise people like us are not supposed to be where we are today. When I picked my bag one morning  and told my father I had secured admission into the University of Port Harcourt , the man only  laughed at me. We were living in Ogun State then, and I  hail from Edo State .

*Charles Inojie

*Charles Inojie

He said, ‘you did not try to gain admission into the now Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma  or University of Benin so that your  financial challenges could be better courtailed . But now that you are going to UNIPORT, would help come your way?’.

In school, it was just me and my closest neighbour which is poverty. When I woke up in the morning, the first person that told me good morning was poverty. But I think, God gave me a special grace. Beyond all these travails, there was always a point I wanted to get to, and that was to graduate from the university at the end of the day.

I graduated from the University in 1999, and in  2000, I was already on set with Lancelot Imasuen as an Assistant Director. I was part of the productions he did in the early 2000, such as Last Burial, Isakaba, August Meeting  and many others. Therefore, I would say joining  Nollywood was not as difficult as it has been for most of my colleagues. This is because I had someone who provided the platform for me to launch my acting career.

Beyond that, when I became a full-fledged director,  I had the producers to contend with, who were always driven by the passion to expand their profit margin. I am a gift from God because in spite of all that I passed through, one happened to be one of the  very few people who have enjoyed prime patronage and I thank God for His mercies.

Relationship with Lancelot Imasuen

That is another story altogether. I was telling some of my close friends recently that Lancelot is my friend  because a lot of people believe that  we are brothers. I actually met Lancelot in 1992, at UNIPORT where we sat for the entrance examination for the Certificate Programme in Theatre Arts. He was in the company of another friend of ours known as  Kennedy Ovbiahon who’s now late.

After sitting for the qualifying examination, we returned to our different locations and later had to meet again  when we were offered admission.  Lancelot was as poor as I was, while on campus.  It was only  natural for us  to  share the same apartment in school. And since  then, we have been good friends.

Joining  Nollywood

We have made some humble contributions to acting. As a matter of fact, my very first movie as a full- fledged director was titled  Police Recruit, then Two Bad Boys. I shot back to back for OJ Productions. I also played one of the lead roles then.  Thereafter, I starred in Tortoise, another movie produced by OJ and directed by Adim Williams. I was an Assistant Director in that film. At the time, the three lead roles were given to John Okafor, Okey Bakassi and Victor Osuagwu. charles-Onojie2As a second year student in 1997, I had done a movie with Adim also directed by Lancelot Imasuen. It was a comedy titled, The Year 2000. Adim played the lead role while  I had about 12 scenes. Adim asked me to play the role but the producer did not want me. But when the flick was released, it was a big hit. The film that gave me my break was when I played the role of Mr. Dumbra in Corporate Maid.

Venturing  into acting

I am a very shy person. I am not one of those who would have ended up as an actor. I am a great lover of literature. The late Professor  Bode Osanyin of the University of Lagos then had a place in Ijoko, Ota in Ogun State called Writers Resort. What the Resort does was to invite literary enthusiasts, writers, poets, dramatists and literary critics to a retreat.

The guest reader for the month would read his poems or plays and respond to questions from the gathering.  Being fresh from secondary school  then,  I and my friend, Malik Ibitoye, now a journalist, would make it to the literary gathering. This particular month, late environmentalist, Ken Saro Wiwa was hosted by the resort.

Before then, Bassey and Company, a popular soap opera was already a rave on television and Saro Wiwa was already making  waves on the international scene with his Ogoni struggle. Saro Wiwa was large and because we have read some of his plays, the enthusiasm to meet him was very high. Usually, we went to the resort that fateful Saturday evening,  arrange the chairs  and cleaned the environment. Late Professor Bode  Osanyin urged us to stage a short play for Wiwa. Initially, I refused to be part of the play, preferring to do something different.

But somehow, I was encouraged to be part of the short play.  Immediately, the last scene was over, I ran backstage to hide myself.  While I was hiding,  they invited me back on stage. But  lo and behold!  Saro Wiwa singled me out and asked if I had acted before, I replied in the contrary. He asked what I was doing, I said I was a  Jambite and wanted to read Law.

He asked if I had secured admission, I said I was waiting for my JAMB result. He reasoned that it would take about eight to 12 months and he advised me to enroll for Certificate programme that would last for 10 months. When we left, Malik and some of my friends encouraged me to do so. That was how I secured an admission to do certificate programme in UNIPORT. While doing the programme, I discovered I had only come face to face with my destiny. So, I did not spare any  time to seek admission for a full time degree programme.

Growing pot belly

In fact that is the more reason we have to thank God for Osofia’s life, if not, people would still believe that big tummy is part of the requirement for one to become a comedian. Osofia has been able to proof that you don’t need to have a big tummy to be a successful comedian. It was common problem most of us had to contend with then but thank Gos Osofia has proven it has nothing to do with it.

I cannot stab myself in the stomach to reduce it but I discovered that it is easier to acquire it than to shed it.

Starring in “Calabar Girl”movie

This is what I cannot even explain. Some time ago, a  senior colleague of mine invited me to be part of his new production. For over 15 years, he has not shot a single  movie as things  were really rough for him. He was staging a comeback and needed my support. I have known him for several years and as an undergraduate,  storming Lagos those days to attend auditions, he was one of the foremost directors in  Nollywood then. There was no way I could have refused to support his return to the industry.

That was how I ended up starring in that movie. To  win my sympathy, he narrated how a marketer once rejected  his film simply because he did not feature regular faces in the film. I appeared in few scenes in the movie which was shot in three days. I have no idea whatsoever regarding  what lewed scenes he had previously shot.

In fact, I’m yet to understand why he decided to shoot such movie. I think he took his desperation too far. I’m  surprised that he used my face to promote pornography because the very day I saw the movie jacket, I knew something was wrong with it. There was no way I could have been part of the movie  if I knew from the out set that what he has shot was something close to an adult film.

Wife’s reaction

I thank God that I married my friend. I try as much as possible to be truthful to my wife. She saw the movie and  got convinced that my character  was not in any way connected with those dirty scenes in the movie. In fact, she has nothing whatsoever to be angry about.

What I learnt from the project

What I have learnt is that next time, I should be wary about  who comes to ask for my help in disguise. Next time, I would insist on  seeing  the previous script before accepting to be part of any make-up scenes in a movie.

Meeting my wife

I met my wife the way other people meet theirs.

Marriage experience

Marriage is wonderful. I was talking to one of my senior colleagues the other day and I told him, I now know why he wanted me to get married. I think I am a better person now than before. Things that you would ordinarily react to are things you now take a second look at. Marriage has calmed me down. I am a lot more mature now and I am happy.


Anambra enough is enough: Lets vote in Ngige


By Peter Ohaezu

A failed man is always a failed man.The present govt of anambra state and their dead party has failed Ndi Anambra woefully and we can not take that rubbish from them any more.We have to support and vote a credible candidate like Chris Ngige who can make Anambra state the true light of the nation not those who divert/turn the state funds and the resources of Ndi Anambra to their personal property,and at the end of the day they will come up with one nonsense reason or the other telling us why they failed.

Ndi Anambra are naturally blessed by the most high God & we are not failures,we are known all over the world as progressive people.We need change and we have to make that change now that we have the opportunity to do so b/cos if we do another mistake,it will cost us another eight years of true darkness,bad roads,high rate of unemployment,no security,increase in irritracy,no good health care facilities,poor housing system,lack of social basic amenities,lack of planing & lack of good initiatives and many more,as we all know that “he who fails to plan,plan to fail.Anambra state is the only state that we have and we cannot afford to loose our home to this same group of people b/cos no place like home.I want to give you some reasons for this my write up (1).A lot of people/investors relocated/run to other parts of the country just bcos of Kidnappers and armed robbers. (2). A lot of companies relocated to other parts of the country just bcos of bad roads,lack of electricity,Insecurity in the state,Reduction in population and many more.(3).A lot of people have  died just bcos of lack of a proper medical facilities in the general hospitals.So many people have  died as a result of not having money to threat the common sickness in their body and that is why people die in the state day in day out like ants.(4)A lot able body young youths/Graduates have  ventured in crime and got killed or jailed just bcos of high rate of Unemployment in the state and some have relocated to other parts of the country to look for jobs.

Almost every family in Anambra state has 1,2,3 or 4 person from their family doing business/living out side Anambra state.Some family will even have only their old father/mother left behind all alone in the village while they and their children will travel as far as Lagos,Abuja,Kano and many other states in Nigeria to do business and some people will eventually settle down there and forget about our home called Anambra.I will not even talk about those Anambra young men and women who out of frustration decides to sell their land or other property or even borrow money to travel out of the country and when they get there some will venture into crime and get killed,some will be jailed while only few people return home safely and in order for him to render a helping hand to their family,he will decide to pick 1 or 2 of his brother with him so that they will see the light like him and by so doing they have eventually forgotten about our home called Anambra state.What a shame,What i am saying is that, has  it been that Anambra is developed like some other state in Nigeria that majority of Ndi Anambra will not prefer to live in another mans land where some of them are been over maltreated and some got killed like fouls and no body talks b/cos they are strangers.

A state like Anambra state deserve to be among the top states in Nigeria bcos with the kind of brains and people that Anambra state have and has produce are not comparable.Anambra produce the late popular ZIK OF AFRICA (the first president of Nigeria,Chief Emeka Ojukwu ( the popular eze ndi igbo),and many many others.Anambra people are all hustlers,we do not depend on govt to do for us first before we can do for our state and that has made the govt to feel that we are a all novies in the game of politics,and that is why they steal our funds and they abandoned the development of Anambra state.We must say NO to them this time around.

I dream of a new/better Anambra where investors will bring their money from all parts of the world and come into Anambra state & invest it,a new/better Anambra with a world class international airport/sea port,good roads,constant water supply,stable electricity,good health care facilities,good security system,good master plans/good initiatives,quality/cheap education,good transportation system,development in the area of culture/tourism and many more.Remember,your vote is your right & don’t let any body exchange your right with money,be wise.we have to stand up now and fight all these Goliaths in our state called Anambra so that we can make our state a better place to live.Vote for change in Anambra state,vote for APC,lets unit and vote for Chris Ngige for governor, for a better Anambra,Anambra ga dilili nma.I love my state Anambra.

How Youths beat up Delta State Commissioner for Education Patrick Mouboghare


The Delta State commissioner for basic and higher education is currently lying comatose in the state owned Delta State University Teaching hospital (DELSUTH). Mr. Patrick Mouboghare was reportedly beaten and stabbed severely by some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youths when he attempted to force a list of local government ward executives on the PDP in Uwheru, a local government in Ughelli North, Delta State.

According to various sources; Mouboghare was one of the major party stakeholders who held an election, best described as shady at the party secretariat. They noted that the party was supposed to hold her election last year, but some powers that be, which included the education commissioner, stalled the process. Mouboghare is reported to have engineered some names to be sent to be national headquarter, which would have been inaugurated on Saturday , 7/9/13 but this action was vehemently refused by the youths who decided to beat the living daylight out of him.

This process of conducting the PDP ward election has been linked to the Delta Central senatorial bye election which will be filled, following the death of Senator Pius Ewherido. With this move concluded, it will give Mouboghare and his likes the power to dictate who will vote during the process of choosing the PDP candidate for the senatorial slot. Narrating how the senator was beaten blue black, an eye witness stated that he saw the youths rushed him as he came into the party secretariat. “They have been waiting for him since to deal with. You know he doesn’t come to this area, but now that the time for wuru-wuru has come, he came to do it. This thing made the youths to beat and stab him”,we gathered

We  also gathered that they beat him to a pulp and abandoned him, before security team came in to rescue him and rushed him to a hospital in Ughelli. Another informant stated that he was thereafter taken to DELSUTH on the order of the Delta State commissioner for Health, Mr. Joseph Otumara, where he is currently battling with his life.

The Chief Medical Director, Dr Leslie Akporiaye who spoke to this reporter on phone stated that the commissioner was stabbed on the shoulder which pierced to his chest, but stated that he’s in stable condition and will be discharged in two weeks time.

I Was Detained With Hardened Criminals – Tukur Mamu



By: Bode Gbadebo

Publisher of Desert Herald Malam Tukur Mamu, who yesterday spent the second day on hospital bed, has declared that he was kept in the same place with hardened criminals, a situation that led to his being traumatised.

Speaking from his hospital bed in Wuse General Hospital, Abuja, where he was rushed after he collapsed in the court on Thursday, Mamu told LEADERSHIP Weekend that he needed adequate and comprehensive healthcare services in a well-equipped hospital.

Mamu, who was being closely monitored by two plain-clothes security men in the hospital in Zone 3, Abuja, said the authorities had continued to make him uncomfortable.

He however said he had become better now and would be in court on Monday. He accused the police of treating his health condition with levity when he had suggested to them that he would bankroll his treatment in a better hospital.

Since the news of his arraignment and collapse in court broke on Thursday, most of his family members and well-wishers, who had continued to besiege the hospital, had been turned back. Only a few family members were allowed to see him.

Mamu is standing trial before an Abuja magistrate court in Wuse Zone 2 headed by Chukwuemeka Ubani for allegedly defaming the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Bala Mohammed, in a Desert Herald publication. He was yet to take his plea before he slumped and fainted after which the court stood-down the case and ordered that he should be taken to hospital for treatment. He subsequently ruled, after consultations with all parties, that the trial would resume on Monday, subject to a certified medical report of Mamu’s fitness to stand trial.

Mamu has a medical history that requires daily medication. The publisher, it was further learnt, has regularly visited Saudi Arabia for medical examination and treatment in the last five years. His present condition was as a result of being denied access to medication and food since his arrest and detention on Tuesday.

Mamu told our correspondent yesterday that he was traumatised because he was incarcerated among hardened criminals and suspected terrorists, which aggravated his medical condition such that he could not stand in the dock in court on Thursday.

Pointing at his neck, he said: “I have a thyroid disease which I have been treating in Saudi Arabia for the past five years. In a year, I do see my doctors at least thrice for check-up and they have billed me for a surgical operation.

“The latest result of my series of tests is that I am due for surgery in two weeks’ time in Saudi Arabia and I had been preparing for my journey before my arrest. I am feeling better now and I can stand the trial. Since my case is a bailable one, I will want to perfect my bail at least on humanitarian ground for me to travel for the surgery,” Mamu said.

He re-echoed his counsel’s fears that the prosecution is only out to detain, harass and intimidate him at will by not concluding their investigation before taking him to court.

Mamu declared that his present travails would not deter him, adding that he had been emboldened to do what he wanted to do and “the process has started”.

OBAHIAGBON: “Hahahaha….That trouser style is called Yohji Yamamoto.

JOURNALIST: Why do you pull your trousers up beyond the waist?

OBAHIAGBON: “Hahahaha….That trouser  style is called Yohji Yamamoto. It was my own audacious statement to remonstrate against the pervasive tendency of Nigerians especially our youths that took to the practice of putting on trousers exposing their lower anatomical contours and I will do it over and over again.”