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How Fred Ajudua Stole $6 million From Nigeria’s ex-Army Chief, Bamaiyi – EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC yesterday brought fraudster Fred Ajudua to a Lagos High Court, Ikeja for allegedly defrauding Ishaya Bamaiyi, over 6 Million Dollars.EFCC-300x195


The EFCC is prosecuting Mr. Ajudua on a 14-count charge bordering on obtaining $6 million (about N1 billion) from Mr. Bamaiyi, a former Chief of Army Staff, under false pretences.‬ ‪The defendant allegedly collected the money from Mr. Bamaiyi while the duo were in custody at Kirikiri Prison, Lagos.‬ ‪Mr. Ajudua, 52, pleaded not guilty to all the counts.‬

‪A PRISONYARD DEAL‬ ‪Between November 2004 and March 2005 while he was in custody at Kirikiri Prison, the EFCC said that Mr. Ajudua conspired with some prison inmates to defraud Mr. Bamaiyi, who was also in prison, of millions of dollars and naira.‬ ‪The defendant’s accomplices – Alumile Adedeji (also known as Ade Bendel), Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Kenneth, and Princess Hamabon Williams – are still at large, according to the EFCC.‬

The defendant and his cohorts had approached Mr. Bamaiyi, who was facing trial for the attempted murder of Alex Ibru, the Publisher of The Guardian newspaper, and convinced him they could secure his freedom.‬ ‪And then the transaction began, according to the anti-graft agency.‬ ‪Mr. Bamaiyi first allegedly paid $330,000 to Mr. Ajudua as part payment for the professional fees purportedly charged by Afe Babalola, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, to handle his case and facilitate his release from prison.‬

‪Other cash payments for Mr. Babalola’s services followed in quick succession – $1.5 million; $80,000; $500,000; $200,000; $500,000; $175,000; $50,000; $510,000; $450,000; $1.6 million; $2 million; and N1 million.‬ ‪The EFCC said that the funds were laundered through Abdullahi Garba, then Assistant Comptroller of Prisons; Garba Tagda; Lawal Danladi and others.‬ ‪‘ABUSE OF COURT PROCESS’‬ ‪Prior to Tuesday’s arraignment, the EFCC had continually accused Mr. Ajudua’s lawyers of abuse of court process in their attempt to stall their client’s arraignment and trial.‬

At the last sitting, the judge had ruled against the defence’ application to quash the charges against him as well as questioning the court’s jurisdiction to try him.‬ ‪On Tuesday, Olalekan Ojo, the defence lawyer, informed the court that he had lodged an appeal against the March 3rd ruling.‬

“In order to demonstrate the seriousness of the defendant, the defendant compiled the record of appeal and had it transmitted to the Court of Appeal, Lagos State Division, on the 10th day of March 2014,” said Mr. Ojo.‬ ‪“In addition to the transmission of the record of appeal, the defendant has filed a motion at the Court of Appeal on the same 10th March 2014. The record of the appeal as well as the motion on notice of the appeal has been served on the complainant respondent.

It was duly acknowledged by the EFCC,” Mr. Ojo added.‬ ‪Mr. Ojo said that their relief before the Court of Appeal is for a stay of proceedings or alternatively suspending Mr. Ajudua’s arraignment or plea-taking before the High Court.‬ ‪“It is my humble submission that the defendant’s application before the Court of Appeal raises issues of further proceedings before this court and apply that Your Lordship out of deference to the Court of Appeal adjourn proceedings in this case to await the decision of the Court of Appeal.‬

‪“This is to ensure that the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal over the matter and the motion in particular is not interfered with either directly or indirectly or the Court of Appeal is not faced with a fait accompli,” Mr. Ojo added.‬ ‪Responding to Mr. Ojo’s argument, Kingsley Olusesi, the EFCC lawyer, insisted that Mr. Ajudua be arraigned since he had appeared before the court.‬

“This is a criminal trial. He is supposed to file a stay of proceedings here and if it is refused, he then goes to Court of Appeal. It’s a clear abuse of court process. They know what they are doing. The plea must be taken today and a date for trial fixed,” Mr. Olusesi added.‬

‪In her short ruling, Oluwatoyin Ipaye, the trial judge, agreed with the EFCC lawyer and ordered that Mr. Ajudua take his plea.‬ ‪“The mere transmission of a record of appeal to the Court of Appeal does not immediately assume jurisdiction of the matter,” the judge ruled.‬ ‪“This application to suspend hearing is hereby refused,” she added.‬ ‪Court proceedings began in the morning but was suspended till afternoon due to Mr. Ajudua’s absence.

His lawyer told the court that he was still on his way from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital where he had been receiving treatment for his kidney ailment.‬ ‪Like in subsequent proceedings, Mr. Ajudua was helped into the dock by two prison warders when he arrived in the afternoon.‬ ‪In the middle of his plea-taking, the judge asked him to sit and rest for two minutes before continuing.‬

After the last count was read to him which erroneously stated that Kirikiri Prison was located in Ikoyi, Mr. Ajudua declined to plead guilty or not guilty, saying that the charge “doesn’t make sense.”‬ ‪The judge directed the registrar to make the appropriate correction after which the defendant pleaded not guilty.‬

The judge adjourned till April 8 for the hearing of all pending applications, including the one for bail.‬ ‪Mr. Ajudua, alongside Charles Orie, is also facing another trial for defrauding Remy Cina and Pierre Vijgen, two Dutch businessmen, of $1.69 million (N287 million).

Boko Haram Member Confesses Before Pastor T.B Joshua, You Can’t Believe His Revelations (PHOTO + VIDEO)

The congregation at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) were stunned today when a member of the dreaded Boko Haram sect confessed before Pastor T.B. Joshua, revealing how their plan to bomb the popular church in Lagos was thwarted.   * A Boko Haram member making confession


In a broadcast beamed live via the Christian station, Emmanuel TV, late into the afternoon, Joshua announced to the congregation that a young man had a confession to make. “My name is Mustapha. I come from Yola, Adamawa State. I am a member of Boko Haram,” he began, sending the congregation into uproar. “Boko Haram is a cult. We have killed many souls,” he confessed. Mustapha explained further: “When I joined this cult, they wrote something with Arabic Language. After writing it, they washed it and I drunk it. That is the day I had the mind to kill souls.” While explaining their plan to bomb the church and how it failed, the secret sect member explained said: “We were five in number. We dropped at the junction opposite the church. There was a man who used to sell something opposite the church here. He is selling sweets, soap and cigarettes. I met the man and asked him to help me keep the bag I was carrying. It contained some instruments – bombs, to destroy people. “Later, we decided to sit down and eat before going on our mission here. Our plan was to take souls, to destroy at this Synagogue Church.” “We can set the bomb to explode in one minute or ten minutes. We planned to set it for five minutes and immediately leave the place. All the souls will go.” However, whilst sitting down to eat with his colleagues at a restaurant opposite the popular church in Ikotun-Egbe, Mustapha recounted a strange incident. “They brought food for us and we were eating. At that place, they had television. We were watching the television and discussing. It was Emmanuel TV – I saw you (T.B. Joshua) preaching to people. “By the time you prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered. “Since that day, I wanted to go home but I am not fit. Any time I lie down, I will be seeing you (T.B. Joshua) in my dream. You are disturbing me. I don’t know what I did to you. The thing is bothering me too much.” Asked to explain further, Mustapha sadi: “In my dream yesterday, you told me that the group of Boko Haram would not exist again. I want to go but I don’t have the spirit to do it again. I don’t sleep in the night; I always see you. You are disturbing me. You keep praying for me and laying hands on me. I want to sleep well. I cannot close my eyes without seeing you (T.B. Joshua). Please, help me.” Several hours after the sect member gave his initial confession, Pastor Joshua brought the young man forward again, stating that God had warned him of the impending attack several weeks ago, prompting him to go into intense prayers. “I have been in a serious battle for the past two weeks. Those who looked at my knees yesterday will know that this is what I wore last week,” Joshua stated. “It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood,” the pastor explained. Mustapha continued: “I cannot sleep or close my eyes. Even now, I am feeling a headache because I have not slept at night. Any time I lie down and I want to sleep, I will see you in my dream, praying for me and disturbing me.” As he was prayed upon, the Boko Haram member fell violently on the floor. He managed to get back up but fell again at the prayer of Joshua. He then began to vomit some strange substances. When asked about a tattoo of a scorpion emblazoned on his shoulder, he replied: “This is the tattoo they gave to me in the cult. All of us have this tattoo.” Mustapha, who explained it was his very first time in a church, confessed that, “We have never failed before. There is an operation we did at an airforce base in Maiduguri recently. Even we went to Adamawa State in Michika two weeks ago. We have never failed.” Stretching his hand towards Mustapha again, Joshua prayed once again and the young man fell to the floor. As he got up slowly from the floor, tears were in the eyes of Mustapha. “The spirit leading him to kill is gone,” Joshua declared to applause from the onlookers.

Watch video >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-9-qoP7TpK0

Waka music queen, Salawa Abeni was recently embarrassed by a security man attached to Ikeja City Mall in Lagos

Waka music queen, Salawa Abeni was recently embarrassed by a security man attached to Ikeja City Mall in Lagos, popularly called Shoprite.


* Salawa

According to a source who witnessed the ugly incident as it occurred, the former wife of Fuji musician, General Kollington Ayinla, had gone for shopping at the store when an overzealous security man engaged her in an argument.

It was stated that incident began when one of the guards asked Salawa to offload all the items inside the cart she was pushing towards the main entrance of the mall.

She reportedly questioned the reason for such, but the security man insisted that it was the policy of the mall not to allow the carts to be taken out by customers.

The argument between the two was said to have lasted for minutes as all explanations by the musician to make the guard see reasons with her fell on deaf ears.

Eventually, Salawa was forced to pick her items to her car in bits. Her son and one other dude helped the singer in accomplishing the task.

OPC members rescue defiled 14 year old girl in Agege

Members of the O’odua People’s Congress, OPC, and concerned Lagosians rescued a teenager, who was defiled, robbed and abandoned by an unidentified man in Agege area of Lagos, PM News reports

The OPC members saw the secondary schoolgirl on Sunday, 9 March in a traumatized state at a public toilet near NITEL Office, at Oko Oba, Agege

And after giving her first aid treatment, the teenager was handed over to the police at the Agege Elere Police Divisional Headquarters, who referred her to Orile Agege General Hospital,  Agege for a comprehensive medical treatment.

The teenager, who will be 15 by August, narrated that she came from Osun State and was on her way to Badagry to stay with her aunty who had just given birth, but decided to have a stay the night at Agege, when it became late (around 9.p.m.) and she couldn’t get a bus to her destination. Continue…

The traumatised girl told the OPC members that when it became dark she decided to sleep in front of a shopping complex, near Elere Police Divisional Headquarters, till the next day. The victim said that shortly after she spread some cartons and was about to sleep, a man pushed her from behind and she fell on the floor.

She narrated that the man used her belt to tie her neck and used a cloth to cover her face and started defiling her.

The victim said she screamed and shouted for help but there was no one to rescue her and the man defiled her four times.

She alleged that thereafter, a night guard, whom she described as huge and tall, and wore eyeglasses, came with a torch light and left with the defiler to an unknown destination. She alleged that the night guard left her with blood all over her body without making any attempt to help her.

She alleged that the guard only came the next day to chase her across the road to the public toilet where she was later found by the OPC members and sympathisers.

“It was at this spot that the OPC members and other sympathisers saw me. They started pouring water on my head because I had no strength. The man after defiling me stole my handset and left with the guard. Before they left, they asked me how much I needed but I said I didn’t need their money,” the teenager said. The girl appealed to the Federal Government and the Lagos State government to come to her aid and ensure the culprits do not go unpunished.

The DPO, CSP Eze Philip, of  Elere Police Divisional Headquarters, has begun  investigation on the matter,  after instructing that  the victim should be taken to the nearby hospital for quick medical attention to save her life. The girl is still receiving treatment, while her father has been contacted in Osun State.

Source: PM News

Phones of passengers on missing plane still ringing, relatives claim

This Malaysian plane disappearance has to be the most mysterious incident that has happened in recent history. Late yesterday, relatives of some of the passengers on board the vanished aircraft who are lodged in a hotel, claimed they were still able to call the cellphones of their missing loved ones.

Washington Post reports that some relatives said that they were getting ring tones and could see them active online through a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ. One man in particular claimed he could see that the QQ account of his brother-in-law showed him as online, but when he sends a message, he gets no reply. The calls have also not been picked up. This is scary!

Nigerian conman jailed 3+years for duping 81yr old pensioner in the UK


40 year old Nigerian man Chris Chidi Dinneya (pictured above) has been jailed for three and a half years for duping an 81 year old pensioner from Cambridge of £300,000 out of his life savings. Dinneya told the old man, who was not named publicly, that he had won the Spanish Lottery and the victim believed that hewas set to receive a large payout that he continued to pay even after police launched an investigation.

Police and a County Council were forced to apply for a court order to take control of the elderly victim’s bank accounts to prevent him from sending more cash to the fraudster.

A number of the payments was traced to Dinneya who was promptly arrested. He was convicted on money laundering charges and jailed for a total of three-and-a-half years on March 4.

Source: LIB

Police release images of men who boarded Malaysian Airline with stolen passport


Malaysian Police have released images of the two men who boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines flight with stolen passports but say one of the men, 19-year-old Iranian Pouria Nur Mohammad Mehrdad, (pictured left) is known to them and they do not think he is a terrorist.

The police say the teenager is an Iranian asylum seeker on his way to Germany

Malaysian police say the identity of the other man is still under investigation and no longer strongly believes that the missing plane was attacked by terrorists. They say are now looking into four main areas: sabotage, hijacking or psychological problems among either the crew or the passengers.

Obafemi Martins Baby-Mama, Tells People Hating On Their Relationship To Go And Die


Nigerian football striker — Obafemi Martins has kids from 3 different women but his present girlfriend, doesn’t seem to care about what anybody has to say.

Obrfemi Martins’ girfriend — Abigail Barwuah posted the above photo on her Instagram page and wrote “Whom God has blessed no one can course. We will be forever together…If you love it, I don’t care, if you don’t that is ur f**king problem…Go and die…u enemies of progress.” 

Adanna Ohakim Sends Mushy Mushy Romantic Message To David

It is pretty obvious that these two are madly in love and theirs is completely off the meter.
From making the most romantic videos to sending the cutest love messages; Adanna always seizes every opportunity to tell you how drunk in love she is just as she just did in this love note she just sent to her hubby.
Read note below: -
“I want you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and for the rest of my life. I want to love you endlessly. I want to listen to you without defending and speak to you without offending. I want to hold your hand and laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, snuggle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever and kiss your lips. But these are things we already do❤️You are special to me and there was no better way to solidify this union than to marry you. You are the best husband ❤️ My Udo. #AdannaDavid #”

Mediatakeout Slams Dencia, Say She Looks So White Like Paris Hilton

2 (1)
The thing is, however we look at it, Dencia’s cream has made her an international celeb, good or bad.
At least, Mediatakeout won’t just let her be as they talk about her all the time.
The international website this time is comparing Dencia’s complexion to that of Hollywood celeb, Paris Hilton; I really don’t see the resemblance, I guess it has to do with the puppy.
Mediatakeout even made a mistake calling the Nigerian/Cameroonian, Ghanaian instead, Lol.
Meanwhile, here’s how they are reporting it… 

March 11, 2014: Dencia, a Ghanaian recording artist is trying to sell SKIN BLEACH to Black people around the globe. She needs to be STOPPED . . . can someone start a PETITION OR SOMETHING . . .
See pics below: -

13 Drown In Lagos Boat Mishap

At least 13 persons have drowned in Lagos, when a ferry conveying about 24 passengers from Sixth to Fourth Avenue in FESTAC Town capsized, Tuesday night.

The rescue efforts of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA) among others however paid off as six passengers were rescued. Five others were still missing as at he time of filing this report.

Samuel Ochima, Joseph Essien, Mane Temisan, Etukufor Geoffrey and Daniel Peter, were the lucky ones who survived the boat mishap.

According to the emergency agencies, the survivors are currently undergoing treatment at an undisclosed government hospital.

Military Taskforce Captures Wounded Boko Haram Terrorists

Scores of wounded terrorists who escaped from various camps under the fire of security forces have been captured in the fringes of Lake Chad.

According to the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, the captured terrorists some of whom were fatally wounded are already making useful statements to interrogators of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF).

Olukolade, in a statement yesterday, further disclosed that other terrorists were also captured by troops in locations around Dikwa, Cross Kauwa, Kukawa and Alargarmo.

He said the suspects confessed that some of the camps have been disbanded following the directive of their clerics who declared that the operation of the sect had come to an end as the mission could no longer be sustained.

The defence spokesman added that the terrorists who are giving useful information as to the locations of their remnant forces, were full of apologies and pleas for their lives to be spared, promising to cooperate.

“They confirmed that starvation was a major problem in addition to ceaseless bombardments on the camp locations even when they kept relocating.

“They also confirmed that several members of the group have been wounded and no treatment was forthcoming. Troops have continued their assault on other locations across the states covered by the state of emergency,” Olukolade said.

He warned members of the public against visiting (for sight seeing)  the dislodged camps of the insurgents in some fringe communities and  forests such as Sambisa and others, because  operations are still ongoing.

He advised that “the general area still remains a theatre and movement remains restricted as the environment has to be cleared for safety of citizens.”

And in order to reinforce the capacity of the joint task force in taming the rampage of the insurgents, the federal government has disclosed that several strategies have been mapped out to ensure effective air border patrol and equipment including aircraft which are being appropriately deployed in the North-eastern part of the country to checkmate the infiltration of illegal aliens and terrorists, especially foreign elements of the Boko Haram Islamic sect.

The Best Dressed Ladies At The AMCVAs

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I came across this report and decided to share, I do not know the criteria used to determine the winners but Fashion and lifestyle magazine, Genevieve listed these actresses as the best dressed from the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice awards which held Saturday 8th at Eko Hotel and Suites.
Chike Ike as number 1… and the rest of the list below: -
10. Joselyn Dumas in She by Bena
9. Rita Dominic in Lanre DaSilva Ajayi
  1. Osas Ighodalo in Iconic Invanity
7.Ugonna Umeruo in House of Nwocha
6.Linda Ejiofor in House of Havillah
5.Yemi Alade in Reni Smith
4.Agbani Darego
3.Jackie Apiah
2. Michelle Dede in Lanre DaSilva Ajayi

Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah Nominated For Bailey’s Prize

1 (1)
Chimamanda Adichie’s novel ‘Americanah’ has been nominated alongside 19 other authors for the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction.
The award formerly known as Orange Prize, honours works written in English by women.
Six finalists will be announced on April 7 and the winner unveiled on June 4.
The 20 nominees include: -
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Americanah (Nigerian, third novel)
Margaret Atwood Maddaddam (Canadian, 14th novel)
Suzanne Berne The Dogs of Littlefield (American, fourth novel)
Fatima Bhutto The Shadow of the Crescent Moon (Pakistani, first novel)
Claire Cameron The Bear (Canadian, second novel)
Lea Carpenter Eleven Days (American, first novel)
MJ Carter The Strangler Vine (British, first novel)
Eleanor Catton The Luminaries (New Zealand/Canadian, second novel)
Deborah Kay Davies Reasons She Goes to the Woods (British, second novel)
Elizabeth Gilbert The Signature of All Things (American, second novel)
Hannah Kent Burial Rites (Australian, first novel)
Rachel Kushner The Flamethrowers (American, second novel)
Jhumpa Lahiri The Lowland (Indian/American, second novel)
Audrey Magee The Undertaking (Irish, first novel)
Eimear McBride A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing (Irish, first novel)
Charlotte Mendelson Almost English (British, fourth novel)
Anna Quindlen Still Life With Bread Crumbs (American, seventh novel)
Elizabeth Strout The Burgess Boys (American, fourth novel)
Donna Tartt The Goldfinch (American, third novel)
Evie Wyld All the Birds, Singing (British, second novel)

Alleged r*pe Victim Cries: “I am not blackmailing Obesere”

1 (2)
Although Fuji star, Abass Akande Obere claimed in  a recent interview that his alleged  r*pe victim, Olanike Olaiya was his lover, the 29 year old business woman in a new interview with Vanguard refuted the allegations.
She also denied trying to use r*pe to blackmail and extort money from the fuji king.
Explaining why she reported the case to the police, Olanike says;
“I went to the police because I was bleeding and when I informed him about it, he didn’t take me seriously. He asked me to go to a private hospital in Ejigbo. But when I got there, the doctor did not even touch or examine me in any way.
He just asked that I go for a scan, which is not done in that hospital. I left the hospital in pain and I reported the matter to the police.
I wanted the police to be aware of what happened and prosecute him for forcefully having s*x with me against my wish.
I also have to clarify the issue of wanting to blackmail him. From the beginning, I rejected all the money he offered me as settlement.
You can ask the DPO at Isolo. He is aware that I rejected all the money he offered me. All I wanted was for him to be prosecuted for taking advantage of me because I slept in his house.
Also, I wanted him to explain to the Police why he inserted a ring into my private part that made bleed for two weeks and possibly reverse any ritual step he may have taken.
As I speak with you, I am still going through pains. After the bleeding stopped, I have continued to have problems with my reproductive organs. That was why I went to the police, I wanted them to investigate and prosecute him.
But what I am getting from the IPO is terrible. He is trying to destroy the case and set Obesere free at the expense of my life and dignity.
He discarded the medical report from the General Hospital and he upheld that of Obesere’s private hospital, saying their report was the correct one. As I speak with you I am not feeling well at all.”

Ms Sahhara Blast Fans For Comparing Her To Nicki Minaj

1 (3) 2 (2)
Read what she said below: -
I’m not being big headed, but some just take the piss……. ‘You look like Nicki Minaj’ Really?….I’m 6’3 tall in heels, she is tiny, don’t get me wrong; she is stunning….’Beyonce’ When I had brown hair, I like Bey really…….’Chocolate’ LOL I hate chocolates, I look nothing like chocolate, well I like hot chocolate drink…….’Coloured’(Subtle racism) Come on now; we are not in 1950s, I AM BLACK!……..’Princess’ Hahahaha so who is the hell is The Queen then? Keep your stupid/lame compliments if you can’t be simple or original! Ha! 

Jaywon requests Kennis Music to terminate his contract, radio stations to stop playing his songs…..

Jaywon is asking Kennis music to terminate his contract with them and even says he will pay them if need be to do so.Kennis Music has therefore sent out a press release to that effect asking all media to stop playing his songs till he buys out his contract..

Read Press Release below:

Iledare Oluwajuwonlo James aka Jaywon has written a letter via his lawyer requesting for his contract with Kennis Music to be terminated.

JAYWON wrote, in the same letter, his readiness and willingness to pay off all costs therein accordingly. Meanwhile, Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria IBAN MEMBERS and all broadcasters on all platforms are hereby advised to Un-list the works (Either single performances or and collaborations) of Iledare Oluwajuwonlo James aka Jaywon from their respective rotational play lists until his (Jaywon) request to buy over his contract is fully completed to avoid litigation.


Signed Public Affairs Unit

Kennis Communications.

cc. Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON)

Olamide & Girlfriend Pose In Matching Timberland Boots – Photo

The Nigerian rapper never fails to show off his girlfriend when he gets the chance to.  The rapper travelled to London with his girlfriend and they have been touring Uk for his shows together.
He shared this cozy photo of the two of them…..

Nollywood VS Ghollywood Football Match In Ghana

AGNSome Nollywood actors where in Ghana last week for a football match as part of Ghana’s Independence day celebration and they were led by the AGN president, Ibinabo Fiberesima. Toyin Aimakhu lost a penalty and fractured her legs and Ibinabo was said to have collapsed at one point. The game ended 3-1 in favour of Ghollywood.

These men and their pot bellies, I dunno how they played anything!


Mercy Johnson shows her versatility as she takes on ‘cattle rearing’ role – Photos

The Nigerian Actress continues to show her versatility in acting as she is not one to shy away from unusual and challenging roles.

And why would she when she is the highest paid Nollywood Actress!

See photos from the set of a new movie……

Nigerian saxophonist Yemi Sax shares photos of his adorable son and wife

http://distilleryimage9.ak.instagram.com/635bafdaa46e11e3909d1254357a3f19_8.jpg http://distilleryimage11.ak.instagram.com/cc12fda6935911e392aa125441224967_8.jpghttp://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/9a4965f2715411e38ee51246f013104f_8.jpg

Talented saxophonist, Yemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax shared photos of his beautiful wife and  lovely son.

See more photos of son, Ademide Gold below:


Photos: Psquare Paul Okoye & Anita Isama’s wedding invite is out!!!

souThe traditional wedding of Psquare Paul Okoye and his fiancée Anita  Isama will hold in Aztech Arcum, Port Harcourt, Nigeria on Saturday,  March 22, 2014 at 12 Noon. Paul and the Okoye family have already started the distribution of  invitation cards to guests. The invitation card also reveals that the traditional wedding will be a Teal and Coral affair.

Diddy Wants To Buy US Cable Network, FUSE For $200 Million

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As a wise young gent once said: It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.
Bloomberg is reporting that rapper/mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has ponied up $200 million to buy the American cable network Fuse. If the bid is accepted, Diddy would merge the music-focused network with a station he launched back in October called Revolt. By  combining the two networks into one, Revolt would experience increased  distribution and higher subscription fees.
“As we have stated, we are exploring strategic alternatives for Fuse,  and will have no further comment during what is still an ongoing  process,” said Kimberly Kerns, a spokeswoman for Fuse’s parent company MSG.
No matter how this plays out, our fingers are crossed for increased levels of Ma$e-based programing on television

Wizkid’s Stylish Son Boluwatife Poses In Versace Sweatshirt – Photos

Nigerian singer, Wizkid shared photos of his son, Boluwatife wearing a  hooded Versace sweatshirt.

When it comes to his outfits, Boluwatife sure wears them in style and always poses so confidently…..

The Happy father shared this photo of his son on Instagram with caption:

“Look at Nigg!!! Baby boy in Versace!”



Keshi Ranked 24th Best Manager in World Football

Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Okechukwu Keshi has been placed in the elite coach ranking, and is rated the 24th best national team coach by the Institute of Football Coaching and Statistics.

The latest ranking released by the body also sees the Head Coach of Black stars of Ghana, James Kwesi Appiah occupying the 42nd position.

Vicente Del Bosque of Spain topped the list with 25188 points, closely followed by German Manager, Joachim Loew with 21422.

Keshi Rated 24th Best Manager in World Football.

Keshi Rated 24th Best Manager in World Football.

Others on the list include Oscar Tabarez of South American giants Uruguay who placed third, while Italy’s Ceasar Prandelli is fourth and Netherlands Bert Van Marwijk fifth.

The list sees the Super Eagles Coach eclipsing high profile European coaches like Laurent Blanc who is third, Lars Lagerback 47th and Croatia’s Slaven Bilic was handed the 50th position.

With Agency Report

UEFA Opens Disciplinary Proceedings Against Bayern

UEFA is expected to take action after Bayern Munich fans displayed a homophobic banner targeting Arsenal and their German midfield star Mesut Ozil in Tuesday’s Champions League last-16 tie.

Chief of press Pedro Pinto says on Twitter: “There will be news from Uefa on the matter this afternoon.”

Regarding the insult against Arsenal, UEFA has received a report from FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) and will communicate shortly,” said Pinto.

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil Challenged By Kelvin Prince Boateng During the First Leg of Their Champions League Last-16 Tie With Bayern Munich.

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil Challenged By Kelvin Prince Boateng During the First Leg of Their Champions League Last-16 Tie With Bayern Munich.

Uefa earlier opened disciplinary proceedings against Bayern for another offending banner related to Kosovo.

Bayern sealed a 3-1 aggregate win over Arsenal in their round of 16 tie against the Gunners.

AMBO Contestant & Actress: ‘Why I’m Still A Virgin…….

The Adamawa State-born actress is a product of AMBO reality TV show  and she says that nothing would make her lose her virginity to another man except her husband. The actress was recently nominated for ZAFAA Awards as Best Upcoming Actress, and she opens up in a recent interview about her virginity.
How were you able to overcome s*xual urge in the university?
(Laughs) Listen, my dad taught us good morals. My father is an army officer, so I fear him a lot. In fact, I respect him a lot. He is not everywhere but he keeps his eyes on us. Even when I went abroad, he was not there but I didn’t misbehave. While I was in the hostel he was not there with me but the good morals he taught us have kept me till date.

As a virgin, how are you able to cope with temptations here and there?

Actually, that side of me is dead until I get married. Aside avoiding pre-marital s*x, I am also a born again Christian and I fear God a lot. I can remember while we were growing up we had that lesson about s*xually transmitted diseases and the fear of all those things really kept me away from s*x. So, if I must have a relationship we must enter into agreement of no s*x. It has to be a smooth relationship but if you feel you can’t wait and you’re so much in a hurry or your body is inching you, then propose. I have all those things in mind but thank God I have found someone who proposed. So, as a married woman, I’ll be free to do it and know I am not committing any sin

Annie Idibia back in Lagos with a new tattoo & nose piercing – Photos

The new mum who travelled to America to give birth to her second daughter is back in Lagos with her family…..And she just couldn’t keep her hands off her man….

And she also came back with new things; a tattoo and a nose piercing!

More Photos below:

Tuface Features In New Nollywood Movie

Nigerian music sensation, Tuface Idibia recently gave a shot at acting as he has been featured in a new Nollywood movie.

He wasn’t the only celeb that acted in the movie, Nigerian singer, Omawumi and TV personality, Denrele Edun also featured in the movie.

The movie ‘Make a Move’ is a dance themed musical-movie produced by Nollywood actress and Amstel Malta Box office winner, Ivie Okujaye and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan.

The movie which will be released in Cinemas on Friday, June 6, 2014 also features stars like Majid Michel, Beverly Naya, Wale Adebayo, Tina Mba.

See photos below




N24bn Missing From Police Pension Fund

There are indications the sum of N24 billion has disappeared from the service wide vote in 2010 for the Police Pension Fund, with a stunning revelation on Tuesday.

The House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts was inundated with this fact by the Director General of Pension Transitional Arrangement Department (PTAD), Mrs. Nellie Mayshak said there was no documentary evidence on the whereabouts of the money.

The committee was therefore compelled to summon the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, for the second time in two weeks, the Accountant General of the Federation, Mr. Jonah Otunla, Auditor General of the Federation, Mr. Samuel Ukura and the Director General Budget Office, Dr. Bright Okogwu to appear before it to answer questions on the so-called missing fund.

Specifically, Okogwu was required by the committee to come forward with a memo showing the request for the missing N24 billion.

Also requested to submit documents showing the amount deposited in its vaults and detail of the transaction done with it, is First Bank.

Mayshak, however, could not give details of how the ‘missing’ money was expended, having  just resumed office.

“We have no evidence. We have no record. It just look bad on our part. We rather tell you the truth or make it up,” she noted.

In his submission, the Internal Auditor of the Pension Office, Mr. Adeyemo Julius Adebolu, who was around when the fund was received, confirmed its receipt  from the service wide vote for the payment of pensioners in 2010, saying he advised the office to lodge the money in a First Bank account.

He said afterwards, he was kept in the dark on further disbursement of the money to pensioners by a consulting firm contracted for that purpose. He also revealed that he was not also involved in the auditing process of the account.

The Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Solomon Adeola Olamilekan, in his submission, said: “I am taken aback, because what you are telling us is that service wide vote is a slush account, it is an account that is used to settle the boys.”

He therefore said the committee would ensure that it gets to the end of the matter, saying,”we’ll not allow this to go under the carpet.”