“How My 1st Marriage Crashed”

Popular P.H. Prophet, ERNEST AGORTEY


            In Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, and its environs, Prophet Earnest Agortey, the General Overseer of Alabaster House Assembly, Port Harcourt, is a very popular man of God.

            He is renowned for powerful/ground-shaking miracles, as well as signs and wonders.  Prophet Agortey is widely known in the city as a healer of mad people, no matter the level or time of the madness.  Expectedly, there have been rumours and side talks about these miracles, and whether or not, he himself is mentally stable.

            These and many other questions made our Senior Correspondent, BUNMI DURUJAYE go after him for an interview.  The Ghanaian born Prophet came into ministry 17 years ago, under Arch Bishop Duncan Williams before he started his own church a year ago.  The man of God,36 years old, his church is at No. 21 Eriolu Street, Off Psychiatric Road, Rumuomoi, Rumuigbo axis of Port Harcourt is the 2nd child in the family of 4.  His parent are; Mr. Cepahas Agortey and Mrs. Grace Agortey.  He is married to Chinenye Agotey and they are blessed with a daughter.



We only hear your name.  Can you let us into your inner world.

My name is Prophet Ernest Agortey, the founder of Alabaster House Assembly, a servant of God and a product of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams.  I have been in ministry for 17 years now and God has been proven Himself.  I started Alabaster House a year and few months ago.


How did you come about this powerful healing anointing?

The healing anointing is not of man, it is of God, it is a gift, if God gives you a gift you demonstrate it and work in the corridors of the gift.  There is nothing strange to it, I don’t see why men should give credibility to the devil, such that anytime God heals somebody they say it is not from God, why do we feel the devil can heal but God cannot heal.  Anything we see from the devil’s side, God has the better side.  So if a Native Doctor can do incantation for somebody who is sick to be healed, then God can heal somebody better through His servant.  The healing anointing is a ministry, I was born a Prophet and I started healing people not only in Nigeria, remember I said I have been in ministry for 17 years, and one of the marks that have been on me way back.  I have been to about 18 countries with this grace of healing prophetic ministering and deliverance.


Tell us about your marital life.

Yes, so many people knew about my first marriage, it wasn’t a hidden thing, I was married but I made a mistake of my life I would say, because I was not led by God, I was led by a Pastor friend of mine, who introduced a lady to me and we got married, the marriage lasted for just 6 months when we realized we could not stay together anymore, because so many things cropped up, and I had to endure the pain because I never wanted to get divorced, but the thing I saw, will not help my ministry.  My spiritual father, Arch Bishop Duncan Williams was married for 25 years, but he eventually divorced when he realized the marriage was killing his ministry and got married again after sometime.  Somebody may say it is wrong, it is wrong when a man is judging it but it is never wrong when God is judging it, remember I am a man of God, not a man of men.  God in me, a man is what is working, so that is it.  If men are judging you they may judge you wrong, i divorce, after 2 years I got married again and in my fist marriage there was no issue, the lady is based in UK.  I learnt she is also married too, so that is a close chapter.  But the point is I can’t be standing on the altar everyday and be telling people do you know that I was married before?  Some people who started with me knew that I was before.  It wasn’t a thing I was hiding from anybody.  The people who are fighting Alabaster House, they are looking for a loophole, ‘the Prince of this world cometh and they find nothing in him’.  They have been looking for ways and means to pull down the ministry because the Lord is with us.  There is nothing I have not heard but the Lord is our strength.


There was an attempt on your life, what really happen?

What really happened was during my marriage ceremony, there was a particular lady who came to the wedding, she was based in Abuja but she is a friend to the person I got married to before.  So she came to the wedding and saw me and knew me there.  So when I came to Port Harcourt I met her again.  I was driving one day and I saw her walking and we got talking, and she asked about my former wife, I said we are no more together for a long time, that we have divorced and I have even married again and have a child.  I then told her about the Church, and she came to the church and her problem was that I knew her long time and I don’t have time for her and I don’t give her time.  But because of the crowd here, if you don’t go through the right process you may not be able to see me because of the crowd it is always much and I am attending to thousands of people every day and she doesn’t want to go through the normal process and always want to come and see me here and go.  The rules here is not like that, she became angry, one day she called me on phone I remember that there is this business she is doing that I should give her 2 million to put into the business and I said I don’t have that kind of money, moreover we are planning to acquire a land for this church and I don’t have money.  People think we pack millions from the altar but they don’t think of the expenses.  This small church you are seeing pays salaries to 30 persons, a church of one year.  We pay house rent for not less than 7 people in Port Harcourt, I can call all of them and you find out from them.  We have a lot of other responsibilities, I have Mobile Police Escort, I pay people, it take care of people, we pay a whole lot of people here, so every money that come in, still go into the development of the church but they don’t want to know, all they are interested in is, you see money, give me.  So when she asked for the money and I said there was no money, she said how can I say there was no money that, I don’t have money, I said, I don’t have money, so she said okay, no problem, so some people who started with me left, one of them a Pastor is one of the pillars she knew that they were trying to fight me, she went to them and had a meeting with them, that are you people not aware  that this man was married before, they said No.  She told them she even have the wedding picture, we can use it as a right avenue.  One of them, the pillar who was with me who left sad he is a Pastor in this community that he is going to buy the picture for N500,000.  So according to what I heard that the person bought the pictures.  So they have been sending Spies, a whole lot of issues went round as a matter of fact if not that God sent me to this land, I would have ran back.  If not that Jehovah sent me, I would have said let me leave because my anointing can sell anywhere.

2 responses to ““How My 1st Marriage Crashed”

  1. Papa u are through man God, God send please papa what ever the said about u is not truth. Healin the sick, prophescy for us you are true God send. Papa God is wit u .who can be against u no body. People rumur agains but the we not succeed. AMEN PAPA HAVE IS U. S we miss u. Papa . Wel done


  2. Ejimnkeonyesure

    Don’t mind the enemies



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