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“How My 1st Marriage Crashed”

Popular P.H. Prophet, ERNEST AGORTEY


            In Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, and its environs, Prophet Earnest Agortey, the General Overseer of Alabaster House Assembly, Port Harcourt, is a very popular man of God.

            He is renowned for powerful/ground-shaking miracles, as well as signs and wonders.  Prophet Agortey is widely known in the city as a healer of mad people, no matter the level or time of the madness.  Expectedly, there have been rumours and side talks about these miracles, and whether or not, he himself is mentally stable.

            These and many other questions made our Senior Correspondent, BUNMI DURUJAYE go after him for an interview.  The Ghanaian born Prophet came into ministry 17 years ago, under Arch Bishop Duncan Williams before he started his own church a year ago.  The man of God,36 years old, his church is at No. 21 Eriolu Street, Off Psychiatric Road, Rumuomoi, Rumuigbo axis of Port Harcourt is the 2nd child in the family of 4.  His parent are; Mr. Cepahas Agortey and Mrs. Grace Agortey.  He is married to Chinenye Agotey and they are blessed with a daughter.



We only hear your name.  Can you let us into your inner world.

My name is Prophet Ernest Agortey, the founder of Alabaster House Assembly, a servant of God and a product of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams.  I have been in ministry for 17 years now and God has been proven Himself.  I started Alabaster House a year and few months ago.


How did you come about this powerful healing anointing?

The healing anointing is not of man, it is of God, it is a gift, if God gives you a gift you demonstrate it and work in the corridors of the gift.  There is nothing strange to it, I don’t see why men should give credibility to the devil, such that anytime God heals somebody they say it is not from God, why do we feel the devil can heal but God cannot heal.  Anything we see from the devil’s side, God has the better side.  So if a Native Doctor can do incantation for somebody who is sick to be healed, then God can heal somebody better through His servant.  The healing anointing is a ministry, I was born a Prophet and I started healing people not only in Nigeria, remember I said I have been in ministry for 17 years, and one of the marks that have been on me way back.  I have been to about 18 countries with this grace of healing prophetic ministering and deliverance.


Tell us about your marital life.

Yes, so many people knew about my first marriage, it wasn’t a hidden thing, I was married but I made a mistake of my life I would say, because I was not led by God, I was led by a Pastor friend of mine, who introduced a lady to me and we got married, the marriage lasted for just 6 months when we realized we could not stay together anymore, because so many things cropped up, and I had to endure the pain because I never wanted to get divorced, but the thing I saw, will not help my ministry.  My spiritual father, Arch Bishop Duncan Williams was married for 25 years, but he eventually divorced when he realized the marriage was killing his ministry and got married again after sometime.  Somebody may say it is wrong, it is wrong when a man is judging it but it is never wrong when God is judging it, remember I am a man of God, not a man of men.  God in me, a man is what is working, so that is it.  If men are judging you they may judge you wrong, i divorce, after 2 years I got married again and in my fist marriage there was no issue, the lady is based in UK.  I learnt she is also married too, so that is a close chapter.  But the point is I can’t be standing on the altar everyday and be telling people do you know that I was married before?  Some people who started with me knew that I was before.  It wasn’t a thing I was hiding from anybody.  The people who are fighting Alabaster House, they are looking for a loophole, ‘the Prince of this world cometh and they find nothing in him’.  They have been looking for ways and means to pull down the ministry because the Lord is with us.  There is nothing I have not heard but the Lord is our strength.


There was an attempt on your life, what really happen?

What really happened was during my marriage ceremony, there was a particular lady who came to the wedding, she was based in Abuja but she is a friend to the person I got married to before.  So she came to the wedding and saw me and knew me there.  So when I came to Port Harcourt I met her again.  I was driving one day and I saw her walking and we got talking, and she asked about my former wife, I said we are no more together for a long time, that we have divorced and I have even married again and have a child.  I then told her about the Church, and she came to the church and her problem was that I knew her long time and I don’t have time for her and I don’t give her time.  But because of the crowd here, if you don’t go through the right process you may not be able to see me because of the crowd it is always much and I am attending to thousands of people every day and she doesn’t want to go through the normal process and always want to come and see me here and go.  The rules here is not like that, she became angry, one day she called me on phone I remember that there is this business she is doing that I should give her 2 million to put into the business and I said I don’t have that kind of money, moreover we are planning to acquire a land for this church and I don’t have money.  People think we pack millions from the altar but they don’t think of the expenses.  This small church you are seeing pays salaries to 30 persons, a church of one year.  We pay house rent for not less than 7 people in Port Harcourt, I can call all of them and you find out from them.  We have a lot of other responsibilities, I have Mobile Police Escort, I pay people, it take care of people, we pay a whole lot of people here, so every money that come in, still go into the development of the church but they don’t want to know, all they are interested in is, you see money, give me.  So when she asked for the money and I said there was no money, she said how can I say there was no money that, I don’t have money, I said, I don’t have money, so she said okay, no problem, so some people who started with me left, one of them a Pastor is one of the pillars she knew that they were trying to fight me, she went to them and had a meeting with them, that are you people not aware  that this man was married before, they said No.  She told them she even have the wedding picture, we can use it as a right avenue.  One of them, the pillar who was with me who left sad he is a Pastor in this community that he is going to buy the picture for N500,000.  So according to what I heard that the person bought the pictures.  So they have been sending Spies, a whole lot of issues went round as a matter of fact if not that God sent me to this land, I would have ran back.  If not that Jehovah sent me, I would have said let me leave because my anointing can sell anywhere.

Meet New Actress ANI AMATESORE Who Is MERCY JOHNSON’s Best Friend


Star actress Mercy Johnson may be a very bubbly and versatile actress but unknown to many, she is an introvert.  The beautifully shaped actress has a lot of fans, probably the highest number of fans in Nollywood as a result of her killer figure and acting skills, but she doesn’t keep many friends.  Sources close to the actress reveal she has a very private personal life and loves to keep her personal life close to her chest, hence she successfully steers it clear from her professional life.  Consequently, Mercy, inside source reveals, doesn’t have any close friend in the industry but she has a fast-rising actress who she prefers to call her sister from another mother, that is none other than this talented actress and Publisher of Effizzy magazine, Ani Amatosore.  The Edo State born diva is said to be the only actress who Mercy regards as her closest friend and the 2 act more or less like sisters.  Ani Amatosero is a young upcoming actress and the owner of Effizzy magazine which has showcased celebrities both in the entertainment industry and other sectors in Nigeria and beyond.  Ani who studied Architecture in the university, runs a tabloid which dwell on movies, fashion and charity and sells not just in Nigeria but across Europe, Asia and the United State.


            The duo, we gathered have been friends since childhood and she it was who travelled to America with Mercy before her wedding, to shop for her wedding gowns.  We also gathered the Edo-born actress travelled with Mercy to America during her pregnancy and was always visiting her all through the period she was in her last trimester.  Mercy we gathered was being taken care of all through her stay in America by Ani’s relation, who resides in the USA.  Aside from giving her shelter, she has been taking care of Mercy and her baby ever since the actress gave birth in the USA.  They are simple inseparable as their bond is so strong that the two now look and act like sisters.  Whenever Mercy is on set, they are always together and she is said to be the only actress on Mercy’s blackberry contact.




Controversy Trails OGE OKOYES Semi Nude Photos

It seems to be one controversy or another for movie star Oge Okoye as she is once again at the mercy of her teeming fans who have been tongue-lashing the talented actress lately over her recent photo shoot.  Barely a few months after the actress got herself in a controversy surrounding her Doctorate Honourary award degree which she was conferred by an American University in Nigeria months back, she seems to have been enmeshed in yet another controversy which erupted from her recent photo shoots.  When the light-skinned actress decided to do a photo shoot with a different and unique concept, little did the mother of 2 know that the creatively conceived photo session tagged “Time”, would generate a negative response from fans.  Since the photo speak film shoot on ‘TIME’, culled from her name, Ogechi, meaning ‘time waits for no one, shot by Moussa Moussa and directed by Egor Efiok, was released online, the social media has been awash with countless unsavoury comments about the shoot, with a lot of people criticizing the actress for the nudity which she displayed in them.  It is no doubt that tasking effort was made to bring such piece of art together with the concept of the shoot, but contrary to expectations, the light-skinned actress has been tongue-lashed from all angels for the level of nudity that was displayed in the shoot, especially considering her marital status.  Some pictures from the shoot had a bedroom  scene, where the actress who was dressed in sexy outfits, struck different pose with a man sparingly dressed.  In some pictures, the white skin hunk was garbed in men’s underwear as both cut the picture of 2 lovers in a wild romantic rendezvous.  The pictures are no doubt trending right now on social media, trailed with very uncomplimentary remarks.  Oge has over the years emerged one of the biggest actresses in Nollywood and her career took a notch higher after she returned to the industry 3 years ago, following a short break as she went to have her baby abroad.




The Osu District Magistrate Court on Tuesday began the extradition of Deeba Acheampong, a Ghanaian musician who is accused of defiling and assaulting his two step daughters in the United Kingdom.

This was after the state had entered a nolle proseque (a process to discontinue a matter) at an Accra Circuit Court where he was previously remanded lawfully into custody.

At the Osu District Magistrate Court, Deeba aka Richard Nimo had the facts and charges read out for him but the court did not take his plea.

Deeba whose lawyer did not turn up, pleaded to know why he was brought before the Magistrate Court instead of the Circuit Court.  According to him, he was only informed by the Police that he would be put before the Osu Court.

He is currently facing five counts of defilement and assault under Ghana’s laws and raping a female under the age of 13 and assaulting a minor under the United Kingdom’s laws.

Mrs Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, Principal State Attorney told the court that Deeba was wanted in the United Kingdom under the two offences, adding that under current dispensation the UK can apply to Ghana to extradite him to stand trial.

According to Mrs Obuobisa, the offences allegedly committed by the accused were not political ones, adding Ghana under international treaty would have to send him to the UK to stand trial.

She mentioned that the state would provide the court with the needed video interview and transcripts during the extradition process.

The court presided over by Mr Aboagye Tandoh adjourning the matter to Tuesday February 7, urged Deeba to do well to get his lawyer at the next sitting.

“Here we don’t wait for lawyers unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Be prepared to conduct your case if the lawyer does not turn up,” the court said.

The facts of the case were that in December 2012, INTERPOL Accra received a request of arrest warrant from its counterpart in London to the effect that between 2004 and 2008, while living in the UK, the accused person had a relationship with a woman who already had two daughters, aged eight and six, from her previous relationship.

Subsequently, Deeba and the woman had two children from their union. Initially, they lived separately, but when the woman went on night shift, Deeba took care of the home and cared for the children. That, the prosecutor said, continued until September 2008 when Deeba returned to Ghana to pursue his musical career.

But two weeks after his departure from the UK, Deeba’s stepdaughter told her mother that her stepfather had sexual intercourse with her on several occasions whenever her mother went to work in the night.

According to the prosecutor, on those occasions, Deeba invited the little girl into the bedroom to watch pornographic films with him, after which he would lay her on the bed, kiss her mouth, apply baby oil on his penis and have sex with her.

The little girl also alleged that the accused person sometimes had anal sex with her and that after each act he put a sanitary towel in her panties to avoid evidence of bloodstains and also hid his stained bedsheet.

She further alleged that Deeba threatened to beat her if she disclosed the acts to anyone. Deeba, the prosecutor said, assaulted the little girl’s sister between June 1 and 4, 2008 when she attempted to satisfy her inquisitiveness about what was happening to her sister and that led to a cut on the back of the girl’s head.

A medical examination on the little girl by a forensic physician, Dr. Ainsley Kassie, revealed extensive damage to her hymen as a result of vaginal penetration.

Deeba was said to have denied the offence when he was confronted by his fiancée, who later lodged a complaint with the police, following which a warrant was issued by the Northampton-shire Magistrate Court for the arrest of the accused person.

Deeba was arrested at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra during an undercover operation.

He has, however, denied the offence in his caution statement to the police.

Source: GNA


“I Am Victim Of SEX-FOR-ROLES From Movie Producers”



          Chich Neblet is Liberia-born fast rising Ghanaian actress.  She is one of the hottest faces on the scene at the moment.  Chichi is down to earth, daring and talented.  She has been in the Ghana Movie industry since 2005, after her role in AA production’s Puncher Hole.  She subsequently landed good roles in other movies including Venus Film’s ‘Mummy’s Daughter’.  She went off the scene in 2007 to have her son, Harold and she returned in 2009 and since then featured in 2009 and also featured in a good number of movies including ‘4Play’ ‘Reason To Kill’ and ‘Who Loves me’.   She had also featured in some TV series including; ‘Peep’, ‘Check Yourself’,  and ‘Living with a Tricia’.  In this interview  with TOPE AILERU, Chichi opened up on her sojourn in the movie industry and some intimate stories about her life.  Excerpts.


How has the experience been since you joined the industry?

            It has not really been easy for me I must say.  But I thank God for how far he has brought me.  I am still fighting my way through the ranks.


What are the main challenges you have been faced with?

            There have been a lot.  Sometimes, there are good roles out there that a producer should give me, but due to some things I can’t say now, they give it to some other people.  I always feel like if these people  could trust me and give  me that chance, I could do it even better.


Can you be a bit specific about those things you don’t  want to talk about?

            (Laughs) I don’t think I want to talk about it now since I am still trying hard to get to where I want to be in the industry.  But at the right time, like I said, I will boldly come out and talk about those things.


Can you at least, give a brief hint about it?

            It is for personal reasons that I don’t want to talk about it for now.


Have you been face with the challenge of sex for roles from producers?

            Yes I have.  And please, I don’t want to say more than this about the issue for now.


So how did you make your way into the industry, despite these challenges?

            Well, I will say that it has been through prayers and God’s grace.  God has brought me on so well in the industry and I can say that things have really started well for me this year.


Tell us how you got into the movie industry?

            I got into the industry in 2005 through a friend who introduced me to Roger Quartey, a superb producer/director.  And since then, I have been in the industry.  In 2007, I went on a break to have my son, Harold Quartey.  And after resting almost 3 years, I got back to what I love doing most, acting.


Tell us about the movies you have done?

            I have done a couple of movies since I ventured into the industry.  Some of the movies I have done include; Puncher Hole, Mummy’s daughter, Kiss My Tears, Death After Birth, 4play, Who Loves me Hot Romance and A Reason To Kill.  I also have some movies that I have done, which are yet to be released.  I have also acted in some TV series like; Peep, Check Yourself, and Living with Tricia.  I have also done an advertisement for BO-16 range of beauty products.


You have a son.  Are you married?  Tell us about the father of your kid?

            That’s a bit personal.  Yes, I have a son but I am not married.  My son’s father is also into the movie industry and that is all I can say about him.  I am very single as  I speak to you.


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SHOCKING!!Very Young African Girls Do Porn With White Guy

Adolescent prostitutes Accra

When poverty is added to the ignorance, this is what this product. In these images we can clearly see African girls, apparently under the age of twenty engaged in pornographic scenes with white.

Indubitable proof that these images were filmed by one or more white men are the hands that can be seen on one of the pictures. And as you might imagine, this is definitely against monetary promises that these teenagers have agreed to get naked in front of the camera these strangers who then leaked the pictures on the internet. Very quickly, they toured the web probably unknown to those poor girls. Senego decided not to broadcast any images to their non-consensual or involving minors.

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Fuckaholic Babe Exposed






Freaky Naija Girls Valentine Day Massacre