OYO Senator AYO ADESEUN And AKALA End 4 Yr Rift

*How They Became Friends Again On XMAS Day

On boxing day, the polity was saturated with the rumour that Oyo political gladiators , Senator Ayo Adeseun, representing Oyo central and ex-Governor  Akala, both from  Ogbomosho  have settled their  4 year  rift and that Ogbomosho was literally on fire for this good news.

The story was the lunch time  discussion on Christmas day in all nooks and crannies of Oyo State.  According to  sources , friends and political associates of the ex-Governor have made entreaties to the ex-Governor on the need to let-by-gone-be-by-gone and to make peace with his best friend of over 40 years .  Not only that, they believe genuine reconciliation should start form home (Ogbomosho).Both men have a lot in common,they are both stakeholders, successful businessmen and philanthropists.

The emissaries that met with ex-Governor Akala on Xmas day touched an emotional chord in the ex-Governor and the ex-governor is open for reconciliation. Some are of the opinion that had Bayo Akala and Adeseun Ayo  not fallen out; Akala would still have been Governor of Oyo State because he and Adeseun would have worked hand in hand .

According to a source ,Adeseun was the spoiler   for the ex-Governor in Oyo central and in Ogbomosho  in the guber election .

Adeseun made sure the votes were intact  against Akala .  He secured his end.  He with Senator Abiola Ajimobi got a lot of votes in their constituencies and made ACN very popular.


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