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How LKT’s Manager Died Of LEUKEMIA

Emibrian is dead lkt manager

Last week Tuesday January 15th  2013 The Nigeria entertainment was once again thrown into a mourning mood following the death of hip hop singer LKT’s manager Emmanuel Okoi aka Emibrian.


 The 29 years old young man was very popular and died exactly a month after he got married to his Delta born wife Jennifer Ejinkoye Okoi.  There have been several allegations to what could have led to the death of the good looking young man and while some people say he was poisoned many others assume the light complexioned young man must have died due to an undisclosed illness.  Narrating what led to his death and how he died LKT told Music Gist that he was diagnosed of Leukemia and died while he was been prepared to be taken to UK for proper treatment.  Narrating his last days LKT said “his sickness started when he returned from Delta State where he had gone for his traditional wedding.  Though he mentioned something about feeling poisoned but we all thought it was not a serious thing because he went to the hospital and came back home.  One week after his return from his traditional wedding he started feeling sick and was vomiting blood.  He was rushed to a hospital and was kept there for one week.  He was preparing for his court wedding then and the hospital discharged him so he could go ahead with his court wedding.  He fell ill again after the court wedding and was rushed back to the hospital.  It was at this hospital that he was referred to LUTH and there he was operated upon.  One part of his ear and neck was operated upon.  He kept on vomiting blood and 15 pints of blood was given to him but that didn’t help.  They had to take a test on his bone marrow and we were duly informed that he had leukemia. 


Based on the fact that he was diagnosed of leukemia we started making arrangement to fly him to the UK for proper treatment.  We were told he would have to undergo some therapy before been flown abroad and that was why his trip to UK was delayed.  On the day he died, he went to LUTH for the therapy but one thing I remember  is that he didn’t even feel like going to the hospital that day. They had to beg him to.  On getting to the hospital they didn’t attend to him on time and he was in the car for 4hrs waiting on the doctors.  It’s so sad how our doctors ignore patients and while he was in the car he was vomiting blood continuously.  He was in serious pain.  When they eventually gave him attention he had  lost so  much blood and they requested for fresh blood and not that in the blood bank.  His brother that was with him that day does not share the same blood group with him and while in the process of getting fresh blood he gave up the ghost.  It’s so sad, he died in pains because he was groaning in pains.”  He will be buried in Calabar on February 2nd 2013



This 2015 elections in Rivers State looks to be very interesting within the PDP.  This is because there are two power brokers, Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, and Hon Nyesom Wike, Minister of State for Education.


  In Rivers States, the influence of both politicians – Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Hon.  Nyesom Wike- cannot be underestimated.  Both are very influential but Amaechi stands heads and shoulder above Wike.  Amaechi has a well-oiled and time-tested political structure that is as old as Amaechi’s journey in politics over 30 years, but Wike does not have that.  The only thing going for Wike is his ambition.


Amaechi on the other hand believes in long-standing friendship and relationship plus the ability to deliver when the opportunity beckons.  He is also down-to-earth and believable. Wike, on his part, has done so much in recent times to build bridges  with prominent politicians like Austin Opara, Sergeant Awuse, Lee Maeba, Alaka Nwogu, Peter Odili, Celestine Omehia, Chidi Lloyd, Glory Emeh, Agbon Baffi, Tamuno Gogo -Jaja, Kenneth Kobani and a host of others. 


These were politicians whose toes he allegedly stepped on during his position as Amaechi’s Chief of Staff (COS).  How these men now, will work with him at the fullness of time, will be very interesting to see.  These are people who were ahead of him on the political ladder but he made them irrelevant in Amaechi’s first tenure especially Allwell Onyesoh, former Education and Sports Commissioner under Ex-Governor , Peter Odili.  Now it appears the wheel has gone full circle, so  it will be interesting to see how it plays out. 


The biggest problem Wike  is likely to have is how to make the political titans  believe him so as to throw their support drawing from their past experiences with him.  Wike dumped all those who had helped him into power.  There is the story that after Sen. John Mbata made him a Local Government Chairman in 1999, immediately he assumed office, he became Mbata’s greatest enemy.  Amaechi/Odili gave him a second tenure against the wishes of Obi/Akpor people but in 2007, he fought Odili on the side of Amaechi.  Right now, he is fighting Amaechi.  And the question people are asking is who’s next?





 He is the son of the former Secretary to the State Government during the immediately past regime in Oyo State.  He was S.A. to ex-Governor (Akala) on Environment.  He had the ears and eyes of ex-Gov. Akala.  People courted him to have access to the corridors of power.  Money was not his problem and he commanded a lot of respect with friends and associates.  The ladies won’t let him be.  They sought his attention desperately.  After the expiration of the last regime, he opened an office around Bodija where he was into loans and investments but less than 2 years now, the office is under lock and key.  He recently put up one of his cars, a Tourage Jeep for sale but is yet to get a buyer.  Segun doesn’t socialize as before.




He was a Deputy to former Oyo State Governor, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala before Ladoja Adewolu was re-instated as Governor.  That he contested the guber ticket with his former boss is stale news.  At a point in time, he was very close to Gov. Abiola Ajimobi.  He used to sit with the Governor at social functions if he was there.  He used to break Ramadan fast sometimes with the Governor.  Aare  Arisekola Alao is their mutual close brother.  But what we hear now is that Azeem Gbolarumi, Lekan Balogun, Elder Wole Oyelese, have joined ranks with the Folarin candidacy come 2015 in PDP.  Azeem, who is currently a law student in University of Ibadan, is reportedly silently building his political machinery for 2015.  Be as it may, he would have Gov. Abiola Ajimobi to contend with at the polls come 2015.



Those who didn’t know this popular socialite by name, Oluwadamilola Ayodele Fadiran called him Kados in Ibadan.  He relocated from Canada to settle in Ibadan and was a man about town.  Last Xmas, he was driving on the Ibadan end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway overhead bridge.  His car had a brake failure and dropped down from the bridge to the expressway.  It was a sad  day for his friends and family.  On the 17th January this year , his friends in Ibadan had a burial ceremony for him in Erewa at Titus & Timothy Anglican Church.   His Canadian wife  and Canadian son were  absent but his Nigeria wife, Toyin and daughter Seyi were there.  The wife spoke about the life of her husband who she  described as very nice.  His friends who were a fulcrum of support were Solomon (called Solo), Bayo  Salami, Gboyega Fabiyi, Hon. Demola Omotosho, Shina Alabi, Architect Kayode Fakunle, Babatunde Oduyoye, tuned Odeyemi, Biodun Fagbohun, Chief Bimpe Lanlehin, Jide Fabiyi, Soji Babalola, Barrister Tunde Adeoye, Remi Adeyemo, Jasper Ajisafe, Surveyor Ade Taiwo.





How IBADAN Business Woman Duped Me Of N6.5m

*Evangelist FUNMI ARAGBAIYE Recounts Ordeal

*As Ex-President, OBASANJO Wades In



            Have you met Gospel singer, Evangelist Funmi Aragbaiye of late?  If you have, you must have noticed that she looks troubled.  The source of her worry is the N6 million she paid to popular Ibadan business woman, Deaconess Adetoun Oladeji a.k.a For The Mama Ke who also sells land in Ibadan.


            According to the DEED of Assignment between Deaconess Adetohum Oladeji & Evangelist Dr. (Mrs.) Funmi Aragaiye the piece of land is situated  at Agbonle Village, Gbopa Area, Ologuneru, Eleyede, Ibadan, Oyo State, measuring approximately 3 acres.


            It was shortly after she commenced the foundation and the pillars on the land that a set of people who claimed to be the rightful owners came out to take over the plots of land claiming it does not belong to Mama Ke.


            “It all begin in year  2010.  I needed land for my Ministry and was introduced to the woman called Deaconess Adetoun Oladeji, popularly known as “For The Mama  Ke”.  I called her up and she asked me to come  for a meeting days later.  When I got there, I told her what I needed the land for a she said she had a land in Apete area of Ibadan, Oyo State.


            I declined the offer because I needed land on the express and she later said there’s another one around Ologuneru in Ibadan too but that it goes for 10million naira.  I told her I don’t have such amount so we settled for 6 million naira.  I paid outright and she tendered me some documents.”


            Unknown to me, they were fake documents and I later realized the Estate does not belong to her.  This was after getting the receipt from the Surveyor.


            “One of the days I decided to go to  see for myself, I saw some people working on the supposed land.  So I called to tell her I was no longer interested in the land because I personally  hate cheating.  And a land where were we have not started operation, and there were issues already”.


            “Upon departure from the area, one Major Laoye (rtd.) (SA to present Oyo State Governor) now appeared to inquire about what happened.  I narrated my ordeal to him and he said the land she purportedly sold to me belonged to one.   “Ikubeweje” family, and that is the only family that has the final say whether to sell the land or not”.


            “After I mounted pressure on her, she accepted to return the money to me via a cheque of 6.5million naira which eventually bounced when I got to the bank.  That alone infuriated me as she has been reluctant to refund my money.  I decided to calm down because I needed to get my money back, so I informed her that the First Bank Cheque No 9983864 bounced due to DAR.  She now postdated another cheque for me which was equally a dud cheque.


            Towards the end of 2010 and beginning   of 2011, I went to perform for former President Olusegun Obasanjo and he now surprisingly asked what my challenges were in my Ministry.  So I told him about Madam Adetoun and how she took my 6.5million naira.  Obasanjo asked me if I had any of her contacts and I told him I have that of her son.  He requested  a number  and I gave him Akinyele Oladji’s number.  He called him immediately.  He is the present Tax Consultant for Lagos State.


            For 3 mins, Obasanjo was on phone with him and asked if he knew one Funmi Aragbaye and he said Yes.  Obasanjo asked why Mama Ke duped her and he said he will do something about it.


            Despite all these interventions she has not returned my money till date.  ‘Mama Ke’ has land all over Ibadan.  There is even one close to Monatan around Tantalisers and yet she goes on collecting money from people to sell them land.  I later called her again after Obasanjo spoke with her son and she threatened my life.


            Two Sundays ago, one Ibadan Lawyer Mr. Lowo Obisesan who is a Commissioner in Oyo State called me to say he is Mama Ke’s lawyer and that I should come over to his office.  I instantly called my lawyer too Chief Akin Olujimi who had initially written a petition on this matter.


            Together, we left for Lawyer Obisesan’s office.

            Surprisingly we were denied entry as the security and policemen stopped us with their guns pointing  at  us at the entrance.  Then I explained to one of the policemen that it was Lawyer Obisesan that invited me and from where I stood, I could sight him upstairs looking at us and did not say a word.


            When the policemen got impatient,  one of them threatened to shoot me while one Mustapha wanted to beat me up.  I left there shockingly and called “Mama Ke” to relate what transpired between her lawyer and me”.


            “Days later, I was advised to go see her son ,Mr. Kayode.  When I got there, he asked who it was and I said Funmi Aragbaye.  He was so excited to see me, he  welcome me, offered me a seat and started bringing out all my CD’s both old and new.  So I told him I didn’t come for familiarity but to explain what his mother did to me.

            Angrily, he told me it’s been 20 years he stepped into his mother’s house that he is not happy with his mum.


            Afterwards I organized a press conference which came out in one of the dailies.  She reacted to it because Splash FM aired it.


            Many people confirmed she is owing them several millions of naira and that they were waiting for the right time.






Deborah Vanessa is one of the newly emerged musicians making waves very fast on the music scene. She is one pretty big babe in Accra, who has always been in the news. She is  also a  model, Television presenter, fashion designer.She is the  kid sister of controversial musician Wanlov D’ Kubolor.  The fact that she has not been sighted with a male, be it a friend, lover or husband, has sparked speculations that she may be a lesbian.  Last week however, sexy Deborah came out publicly to deny the rumours.  “Hell no, I’m not a Lesbian. I’m not even a bisexual.  I’m straight and I love men”, she said in an exclusive interview with an Accra-based magazine,  NEWS-ONE.  She explained that even though she is not a fan of gay and lesbian relationship, she does not believe that people should be condemned based on their sexuality.  “I don’t think they should be condemned because we are all human beings and we need to respect their rights and their sexualities.  Since we are not God, we can’t explain why a person feels a certain way”, she said.  Meanwhile, the entertainer says she is enjoying the popularity her song ‘Uncle Obama’ is getting after her interview on CNN to clarify issues on the song.  She said the number of views on her You Tube page shot up massively after the interview.





It may surprise many to know that star actress Shan George who recently premiered her new movie “Finding Goodluck” has finally relocated  to Calabar, Cross Rivers State.  The Nollywood Diva who before now resided at a posh apartment in Ikeja area of Lagos State, according to what we gathered, took the decision to relocate back home in order to take care of her aged mum who has been sick since March 2012.  The pretty actress has been taking care of her mum in Lagos but as the illness seems to be taking a grater toll on the aged mum, she decided to relocate to Calabar her home town.  Shan George who has also featured and produced a couple of movies in the past will still remain very active in her acting career.


For some time now top actor, Ikem Chude has been off the movie scene.  He has not been featuring in movies as he used to.  This has kept several  tongues wagging on what mush have kept him off the scene.  The talented actor has dumped his acting profession to winning souls for God.  He is now a top Pastor at Fireman’s church located around Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos State.  Ikem, no doubt, has done so well for himself.  He has featured in a whole lot of movies which include  Sacred Blood, The last Supper, Burning kingdom , Royal Reward, Jealous princess, Weeping Soul, Broken Tears, Kiss my Pain, My Girlfriend, My Only Girl, Onoja, amongst several others.


5 Powerful Catholic Priests In Nigeria

Fr Mbaka

Fr Edeh 

In Nigeria today, there are many revered men of God who are as powerful as they are influential.  In this league are some powerful Catholic Reverend Fathers whose integrity are still very much intact, in spite of all the rot and sacrileges in Christendom these days.  These Reverend Fathers are holy and still keep to their calling, leaving no room whatsoever for compromise or deviation from all Catholics norms and doctrines.   Unlike many men of God nowadays who are meddling in politics, making names and money for themselves in the process, these Reverend Fathers are apolitical.  Most of them own prayer ministries, and even schools.  They are renowned for accurate predictions, healings and life-changing counseling, coupled with parishes that each one of them coordinate.


 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ede is one of these powerful and influential Reverend Fathers in Nigeria.  He is the founder of Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Elele, Rivers State.  Fr. (Father) Ede as he is called, is perhaps the first Catholic Priest whose miracle works remain very popular and unequalled in the history of Catholic church in Nigeria.  He is a household name in the area of breaking of curses/yokes, and healing of the sick through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

A power-packed monthly miracle programme he holds at Pilgrimage Centre, Elele town, Rivers Sate, usually attracts thousands of Christians, and even non-Christians from all parts of the country who always besiege the place, every month for breakthroughs in all areas of life.  Beyond the transformation that this fire-brand Priest has brought to the pattern of worship in the Catholic Church, he is the proprietor of 2 reputable institutions of higher  learning.  He is the proprietor of Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology, (OSISATEC) Enugu State and Madonna University Okija, Anambra State.


Another of such Reverend Father is Ejike  Mbaka, in Enugu, a very popular firebrand preacher of the gospel.  Signs and Wonders usually follow his powerful ministrations.  Mbaka’s weekly all-night adoration crusade at Emene, Enugu, has continued to be a big crowd-pulling programme as many Catholic faithful always throng the round to attend the programme.  Though many of his ministrations and preaching’s are controversial,  and sometimes anti-government, this has not in any way diminished the ever-soaring profile of the priest.    His miracles have, in no small way, helped in letting many young parishioners stay put in Catholic, because all they would have got in Pentecostal, miracle-happening churches, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mabaka makes happen in Catholic Church.  His miracles have brought Pentecostals, Methodists, and Anelicans etc to swell the Roman Catholic crowd.  People come from abroad to attend his crusade.  Fr. Mbaka is not just a charismatic preacher, he is also an anointed singer.  His recorded messages on DDs, DVDs and audio tapes are fast-selling in the market.His AQUARAPHA sachet water is second to none in the South East. 


Rev. Fr. Dominic Nwobodo, the director, Vincentian Retreat Centre, Lagos, is another revered Catholic Priest who usually performs miracles and win souls for Christ in Nigeria.  Convinced that Nwobodo has the divine gift  as a miracle worker, the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos  gave him the approval to establish the Vincentian Retreat Centre in the Ojodu area of Lagos.  Today, the Centre has become a pilgrimage of some sorts, as miracles-seeking people troop to the Centre in search of divine solutions to their myriads of problems.  Programmes he organize include, counseling for couples, monthly midnight vigil and breaking of curses.  Fr. Dom, as he is fondly called, has successfully carved a niche for himself in this regard. 


Fr. Basil Gbuzue is another Catholic Priest whose exploits for God cannot be underestimated.  He is renowned for his prayers and never-seen-before miracles.His prayers and miracles have transformed many lives, from the path of destruction, abject poverty to fulfillment and abundance, in all area of their lives.  There are testifiers to the goodness of God through the hands of Fr. Basi Gbuzue.  He uses  a particular Holy  Water, which we gathered, works wonder.  This has continued to draw different caliber of people in need of spiritual help, to him from all over the world.

Another top Catholic Priest worth mentioning is Rev. Fr. Paschal Tochukwu Ekediegwu.  He is the Parish Priest at St. Mary’s Church, Akuke, Enugu State.  He is highly respected, as a result of his miracle works, and his life-transforming miracles to many.  He has been severally invited, even outside Nigeria for Prayers.




TINUBU Becomes Pres. MAHAMA’s Closest Ally

That the new leader of Ghana, President John Dramani Mahama is in the news in Nigeria a lot of times may not be an exaggeration after all.  This submission is based on the fact that the new President of Ghana enjoys a good relationship with Nigeria and some notable Nigerians, especially some key power  brokers.  Before and during the last election which brought Mahama in for a 4-year term in office, there were report of how the energetic politician got massive support from some notable bigwigs  in Nigeria who aided his ambition  to become Ghana’s President.

            President Mahama is no stranger to Nigeria.  There are reports that he spent parts of his formative years in Offa, Kwara State in North-Central Nigeria.  Interestingly too, Mahama’s connection to Nigeria and his rapport with highly-placed Nigerians did not just start with his ambition to become President.  He has been highly-connected to influential Nigerians since his days as Ghana’s Vice President, way back in 2009.  He was already connected in the corridors of power in Nigeria prior to the time.  Mahama enjoys a robust relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and some Governors in Nigeria, as well as some key members of the National Assembly.

            However, among the entire key figures in Nigeria whom the Ghanaian leader is close to, the former Governor of Lagos State and leader of Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu can easily pass for his closes ally.  The popular Nigerian politician is very close to President Mahama and their closeness has been for a while now.  President Mahama has been a close associate of Asiwwaju Tinubu since his days as Vice President.  Authoritative sources told  media men  reliably that though Asiwaju did not share much of a tie with late President Atta-Mills who was Mahama’s Principal, but he took part in some of the activities of the administration at the instance of Mahama.


             Through Asiwaju, the Ghanaian President also got close to some Nigerian Governors, especially the ones in the South-West, where Asiwaju’s party, ACN is in power.  Meanwhile, the Governor Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has had a personal relationship with Mahama befoe Asiwaju came into the big picture.  Fayemi has close ties with Ghana.

            Interestingly, the fact that President Mahama has many friends in Nigeria was made more obvious during his inauguration penultimate Monday, January 7, 2013 in Accra.  The inauguration was attended by over 2,000 dignitaries from Nigeria.  In fact, the number of flights from Nigeria that landed at the Kotoka International Airport on the Inauguration Day got officials on their toes for many hours.

            President Jonathan led a high-powered government delegation to the swearing-in ceremony.  The delegate included Governors and Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


We’ve Moved On Without Our Lead Singer”

*X-Project Duo, SAAL & SLEX Talks About MAJEED

‘Xtreme project’ popularly called X-Project was created between Nigeria’s Majeed Akinwunmi Akinwoye (Majeed), and Sierra Leone’s Aziz Mohammed Kamara (Slez), and Salieu Umaru Sindi (Saal). This was basically to unify and craft a ceaseless African music genre and it thrived for many years delivering intriguing songs and producing four albums.
They emerged in the Nigerian music industry at a time when singing was a criterion for musicians to his stardom and this presented them as a respected entrant that was being shaped by youthful singing talents like Sound Sultan, Remedies, Azadus, Plantashun Boiz, and STYL Plus.
X-Project made a statement between Sierra Leon and Nigeria and encouraged stakeholders to be more adventurous and look beyond the precincts of their national borders. This Sierra Naija mix produced classics such as the timeless Tumba Dance (influenced by the infiltration of Makossa into Nigeria), Aiyemi (R’n’B love song) and majorly Lori Le which gave them a phenomenal prominence within and outside the shores of Nigeria and winning them most of the spurs they now have in their kitty.
X-Project has not been able to hit headlines in spite of their hard work to return to their lost place in the industry. Indications are however clear that the young men are more than ever-before-ready to fight their way back into reckoning. Hard to please critics, critical industry watchers and fans who have had the opportunity of listening to the repertoire of songs they have lined up are unanimous and they patiently await X-Project back to their winning ways as they stand the chance of making a riposte history in 2013.
In disparity, many thought the departure of Majeed who was then the lead singer was bound to create the impression of a ‘crumbling cookie’ but it otherwise shaped and placid ripeness and Slez’s renowned brogue, the group has upped their game to give an indication of their new direction.
They have performed in Gambia, USA, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria and Liberia. In this interview with ADBOYIN OKESINA X-Project, duo of Slez and Sall confessed that they have learnt the hard way but swanked that the experience would guide them in making sure that they stay in connection for a very long time from now onwards.

Not much has been heard of you since Lori Le
(Slez responds) You may be right to say that we have not been able to hit headline as we did in Lori Le but we have not been that obscure. We have been working and have over the years had songs on all the major music media in Nigeria and on the continent and you must know that out of the 1001 musicians in Nigeria, not up to 5% of us are fortunate to get that opportunity. What your question however emphasizes is that we have not been that much of a household name. many of us who were competing for awards during the Lori Le era are experiencing same challenge of having to fight our way back into reckoning and placing ourselves firmly into frames that will keep us at the very topmost end of the industry for a long time to come.

Your experience(s) so far?
From our experience, once you make a hit that places you over and above your peers, you will need to work harder than those wishing to be where you are. You cannot afford to be distracted, worse still flatter yourself into believing that you have the answer for all music trends and that your fans would always be there for you. No! The fans are like your stomach or appetite, tomorrows’ hunger or appetite must be fed with tomorrow’s meal. Lori Le was trendy and we benefited from that. We however spent too much time on it trying to satisfy our fans across the continents and by the time we returned, we found new kids on the block, with different genres of music that we failed to adapt to on time.

What can you say about the rip with Majeed?
(Saal responds) To worsen things for us, just at the time we finished the compilation of the songs for the follow up album, Majeed left us and relocated to the United States of America. By the decree of our record label owner, Majeed was made the lead singer and all songs were built around him. As an aside, we will say that for those who know how our songs are produced, they will know that everyone; from the song writer to the producer, all work for the lead singer because he is meant to drive the song. Because of that, it is easier for the lead singer to be lazier and distracted than any other member of the group because he believes that his is a package he does not really need to contribute to. And where the public attention or reception gets into his head, he starts playing god and could become a problem to d group. So when Majeed left, he left with the soul of that album and we now had to start from scratch because it would have been futile for us to promote it in his absence. Majeed’s departure however, opened some opportunities for us as the record label owner Uncle Sam now gave us the freedom to build and record our songs in a manner we consider most appropriate.
Instead of having a dominant lead singer, we now develop songs around our individual capability and forte.

What lessons have you learnt by building walls around a lead singer?
You see when you have one dominant singer, you tend to be somewhat monotonous and predictable. Then, you can easily bore your fans and loose them to new and much more experimental talents. That was partly our problem. Of course we cannot afford to stay in the industry for too long playing second fiddle to less talented artistes. We therefore had to reinvent ourselves and face the realities of the day.

How will you describe your first appearance without Majeed?
Yes, our first outing without him was with Black Diamond, in which we tried to convince our fans and colleagues in the industry that X-Project was a project made up o three distinctive singers who could hold out their own anywhere in the world. Many could see then that that the two of us (Sall and Slez) made sacrifices for Majeed to excel and having betrayed that, we had to let our fans assess us and give us our due respect. Black Diamond may not have been a hit but it gave us respectability among our peers and open doors for collaboration. Without Black Diamond, it may have been difficult to convince singer Waje and all the big acts who have featured in our songs, to collaborate with us as they have done. Today, we have songs with Olamide and even those who initially snubbed us are now ready to feature in our songs. So in a word, Black Diamond has done its part and it is now time for us to get to the next level.

Do you think you are capable of coming up with songs that will situate into the busy and crowded A-list group of musicians?
(Slez responds) Unlike other endeavors where you can talk your way to relevance, in music, your work must talk and work for you. Luckily for us, it is now easier to make a hit than our earlier days.

The Rise & Rise Of CHISOM MBONU


*The Story Of Supersport Presenter

*Who Is Nigeria’s No 1 Female Sports Presenter

 Charming and amiable SuperSports’ gal, Chisom Mbonu is that popular anchor you see on DSTV’s Supersport channels during every football league season across Europe.  The question on the lips of many viewers in Nigeria, as Chisom lined up alongside Presenters, Charles Anazodeo, Daniel Amokachi, Emeka Enyadike and Colin Udoh when SuperSport launched its Nigeria studios in 2008  with live broadcast of the Serie A ‘who’ s that girl?  And over the years, she has evolved into a damn good presenter stepping into field reports during the World Cup and pitch side alongside another of SupeSport’s lady presenter, Carol Radull from Kenya at the 2010 Africa Women’s Championships in South Africa.  She is also presently one of the anchors of the ongoing 2013 South African Nations Cup.

 As a young girl, Chisom had a dream of becoming one of the presenters of Supersport and today, she’s ‘Living Her Dream.’  Chisom, a sports fanatic, an ardent follower of Football, Tennis and Athletics is at the moment the most sought-after female sport presenter in Nigeria.  To say she is the numero uno female sport presenter would be stating the obvious. 

  She’s someone who has made her passion her profession.  It’s no wonder why it’s so easy for her to face the camera every weekend even as a lady to present a sports programme in a most professional manner to the delight of many viewers at home.  This beautiful lady started her love for football analysis like most Nigerians, who watch the game, go out, meet people and argue about it.

 The fact that she is eloquent made her succeed in her career within a short period of time. Before Chisom became a popular TV presenter, she burst onto  the scene as the first female Figa licensed football agent in Nigeria.  She got her licence in 2005.  Her drive to be relevant in the Nigeria football sector, NFF (Nigerian Football Federation) made her enroll for the FIFA agent licence examination and she came out in flying colours after writing the tough and expensive test.  Chisom was the only girl who took the exam for that year in Nigeria and she beat everybody else.  It’s on record that she is the first female Nigerian to take the exam.  After she got her licence, the recognition  she needed came such that everyone wants to meet her.  The licence helped her get into the industry quickly and today she’s one of the most influential Nigeria’s female sport personalities home and abroad.

As a FIFA Licensed player’s agent, she has done one direct deal with a club in Dubai.  She has partnered with other agents to do deals for about 10 Nigerian players where she made a lot of money. Chiosm Mbonu, a die-hard Arsenal fan is the youngest of a family of eight, four boys and four girls, she was born and raised in Enugu.  An English Language graduate of the University of Abuja, Chisom is also the chief media officer of Nigerian’s female national team, Super Falcons.


Remilekun Amope Kufo, Lagos Big Babe Marries Kudeti, NURTW Topshot: Read Couple’s Short Interview.

Three months after she escaped from the den of kidnappers, Lagos society babe, Amope Remilekun Kuforiji in the news again. The light complexioned pretty lady on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 got married to Lagos Transporter and NURTW (Nation Union of Road and Transport Workers) boss, Alhaji Sulyman Olamide Bodunri Ojora popularly known as Kudeti at a private ceremony with few friends and family members in attendance. They tied the knot at CAC Cathedral Church and that was followed by a Reception at the open field of Apata Memorial High School, Okota, Lagos. Their wedding came as a shock to many people who are close to them because they had barely dated for 2 months. With top Fuji star, Sule Alao Malaika on the bandstand, a number of celebrities were in attendance. They included Hon. Ayodeji Joseph the chairman of Apapa LGA, Lagos State House of Rep Member, Hon. Muyiwa Jimoh, Jamiu Disu, Toro Ojora, Wale Akilo Jamiu Ojora and others.
That they got married few months after they started dating has not only come as a surprise to many people but also left many in shock because they were not aware of their courtship at all. Media men called Amope to comment on their love story but she declined initially. After much persuasion, she said, “I wish to live a quiet life right now. I was kidnapped 3 months ago and got married after. It’s true we dated for 2 months and that happened after my kidnap case. He has been very supportive and caring but the fact remains that God decides what happens to any human being and when you don’t even plan for something, the best comes out of it. I just want to thank all my friends that stood by me and I sincerely don’t want to grant an interview on my private life.”
Not satisfied with her response, we went ahead to engage her husband in a conversation and he gave more details on how they met, fell in love and eventually got married. His story: “I am the happiest man right now and that is not because I am married but because I am married to a woman I love dearly. What most people don’t know about my wife is the fact that she is very loving and caring. She is humble, honest and submissive. If you are not close to her, all you will see is just her beauty but I can tell you that she is more beautiful inside and all the physical beauty is nothing compared to the real beauty she has inside. I have known her for a while but we started dating 2 months ago. When I met her, I knew she was the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I met her at that time in my life I was thinking of settling down and starting a family. You know the job I do is the kind of job people don’t regard one serous. I have always wanted to be a responsible father and husband and I feel that way right now because I am with a woman that makes me happy and obviously bent on bringing the best out of me”
Amope is into business and very popular in the Lagos social circle and well known for her fashion sense. Kudeti is the NURTW boss of Ijora and he is popular within the Lagos transport business particularly due to his closeness to former Chairman of Lagos NURTW, Rafiu Olohunwa. What Amope and Kudeti have in common beyond being husband and wife is the fact that they both have kids from their previous relationships. Speaking further on this, Kudeti said, “I have never been married and this is my first marriage, though I have 2 kids from different women. My first son is 17 and my daughter is 6 years old. One lives in Nigeria while the other lives in London with the mother. Amope also has a child for another man but is that the real content of what makes a successful marriage? Love is important and the fact that we have both accepted our other children as ours is key to what will make our home peaceful”.

How Dr. TUNDE SOLEYE’S Marriage Crashed


For the past 6 years Lagos doctor, Tunde Soleye and ex-beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo were a noticeable item on the social scene. This was on account of their high-profile marriage: on the one hand, Dr. Soleye – a popular Lagos socialite, owner of Duro Soleye Hospital in Lagos, which he inherited from his late father; on the other hand, Nike Oshinowo, who enjoyed cover pages of many celebrity magazines. She was also the darling of paparazzi’s for years on account of her beautiful looks and style.

When the news broke 6 years ago that Nike had gotten married to Dr. Soleye, it was shocking to many celebrities. First of all, because he was legally married in Nigeria to his ex-wife Dr. Olufunmilayo Soleye and was romantically linked to another female friend of his who lived in England. To enable Nike enjoy her marriage to him, Soleye divorced his long-time wife Funmi, the mother of his kids.

Now, the marriage is in trouble, and spouses have parted ways. Many people still cannot seem to understand why their marriage crashed so soon.

Last week, Dr Soleye confirmed the fact, but said he and Nike were going to issue a joint press release on their break-up. Nike, on her own, did not reply any of the messages.

That all was not well with their marriage became obvious when the duo began to step out at events separately.

At a party that Dr. Soleye attended alone last week, many of the guests wondered why he no longer steps out with Nike, whom he fondly calls Adenike. He simply told the guests, on enquiry, that they had parted ways.

Insiders say both of them are to blame for the crash of the marriage. Nike’s friends have heaped the blame on Dr. Soleye, who, they say has remained a ladies’ man despite his marriage to Nike. He is alleged to have been close to other women. friends claimed that although Dr. Soleye showered love and affection on her at the early stages, he stopped a few years ago when he began to ignore her.

Friends of Dr. Soleye heaped the blame on Nike who, they said, lives a very extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle which reportedly contributed to the quick depletion of Dr. Soleye’s resources. They claimed that because of the love he had for Nike he spent all he had on Nike, setting up for her a beauty business and funded her Miss Nigeria project for 2 years before she pulled out. Many believe that their marriage may have contributed to the financial squeeze he is currently experiencing.

As if this was not enough, one of the women in Dr. Soleye’s life, who lives in England was said to have out of anger sold one of his prime properties in London so as to deprive Nike of staying there. Since the property is said to have been jointly owned, not only did she sell the property, she was said to have splitted the money into four: partly to offset the mortgage on it; give some to his first wife, some to him and kept some to herself.

As it is now, the crash of the marriage may be giving Nike sleepless nights, but Dr Soleye insists on an amicable separation.


I Pick My Slangs From The Street

Believe it or not, indigenous rapper Olamide Adedeji known as Olamide for short is fast emerging as the hottest rapper in the Nigerian music industry, the ease, class, depth and dexterity of his delivery in his recent efforts and stage prowess has shown that the young rapper has finally found his comfort zone. At the end of last year, he dropped his sophomore album titled “YBNL” (Yahoo Boy No Laptop), which he says “it’s a slogan the street can easily relate with, I always want to carry the street along in whatever I do because that’s where I belong”. The album has since been enjoying positive reviews by pundits in the industry. His recent collabo with Phyno on the song titled ‘Ghost Mode’ further proves his ability to flow with any kind of beat and any artiste on any song. His fans worldwide have watched with adept passion the evolution of Olamide, from a little boy that emerged after the death of Dagrin, to an A-list rapper headlining mega concerts and commanding huge performance fees. In a chat with Entertainment gists, Olaminde spoke on the response he has been getting from his new album, in his words, he said “I thank God, the response has been 110 percent positive”. What inspires your kind of Rap he was asked, hear him “My major source of inspiration is God, my environment, the street and the hustle for greatness, and then also some of my guys that we hang out together”. Olamide is no longer under any record label, for the records, he floated his own label “YBNL Nation” in February 2012, which he runs alongside his manager Tony Nwakalor, while he still maintains a very cordial relationship with his former bosses Toni Payne and ID Cabasa, in his words, “Everything is as smooth as jollof rice, we are all in this for the success of Olamide as a brand, everything is moving on so well and positively.” When asked if he would ever consider changing his style of music, he said “Sure as long as its music I’m comfortable with as time changes, but can’t abandon the rap at all, because God blessed me with it a lot”. Currently he is working on shooting more music videos off the YBNL album”. At some point in the beginning of his career, he had to drop out of school to fully concentrate on his career, and if you are wondering if he has gone back to school, he said “No, am still looking forward to studying a professional course soon”. As regards his relationship status, he says he’s still very much single “Yes o I’m in love with music so much, she’s always there for me” he said.

Primate OLABAYO Reveals His 2013 Predictions

Primate Theophilus Olabayo is the founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh Nationwide with its  headquarters located around Mende, Maryland area in Lagos State.  Primate, as he is fondly called, is well  respected and one of Nigeria’s prominent religious prophets. In this interview with NONYEM ANYAKWO last week, he revealed the new predictions of 2013.


            Many mysterious occurrences will take place all over the world  and it will shake so many powerful people.  Oh!, how are the mighty fallen!  This year is a year of mystery.

  • God is going to raise a leader in Edo Sate who is going to be a Joshua
  • Some countries will witness change of leadership, especially Africa countries.
  • So many efforts will be made to bring down Obama’s government; he should watch his security and should not take unpopular decisions that may affect him forever.
  • Some African countries will witness Crisis, South Africa should pray for Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu against any bereavement.
  • Mugabe should pray against any form of bereavement.
  • Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan shall experience varying upheavals of different kinds that shall shake these countries.
  • Uganda shall be faced with landslides, Kenya will witness religious crisis.  South Africa will contend with a lot of kidnapping cases.  The country will come up with some policies that will have beneficial impact on the black populace.
  • Many Africa leaders will have problems in their countries and many of them will be overturned.
  • From my watchtower, I see a new dawn coming to Nigeria.  The on-going sanitization of the Oil sector will suffer some temporary setback as men with primitive accumulation of wealth from the sector would want to fight back,  but after rain comes sunshine.
  • The sector which some of our  so-called patriots have shamelessly tuned into cash cow shall continue to experience the kind of Tsunami the financial sector  has been undergoing.  The government should be vigilant as the alleged subsidy culprit will not want to go down alone.
  • Our financial sector is not out  of the woods yet, with prayers all shall be well but Sanusi is advised against experimenting with the financial sector.
  • The much-talked-about transformation agenda of the present administration is facing some serious setbacks from those who ordinarily should be its bold advocates, “the maggot gnawing the kola nut resides in the kola nut”, a lot of body languages of the apparatchik in the government is not in tune with the transformational agenda being mouthed ad infinitum.
  • Never in the history of this nation have we witnessed an array of the so-called  untouchables, they populate the MDAs. I call on Nigerians not to weep for Nnaji.
  • The system is replete with characters with the most abhorrent conflicts of interests.  I call on them to change as their fall from grace to grass will not tarry.
  • Nigeria shall experience some natural disasters like erosion, full-scale famine, flood, etc.  only those who are humble enough to make God their refuge will escape the various calamities.
  • Nigeria has indeed shed blood at every whim.  Blood is too scared to be toyed  with toyed with and yet an average unelectable Nigerian politician will waste no time to issue all manner of macabre threats here and there.
  • Ethnic crisis in some parts of the country will be frequent; occultism shall be on the increase even as ritual killings will dent the nation’s landscape.  I call on our law enforcement agencies to get ready to combat ugly crimes.  Where injustice dethrones justice, it will definitely give birth to anarchy.  But for the prayers of the righteous ones Nigeria’s condition would have been worse than what we are witnessing.  Call me a prophet of doom if you like.
  • OBJ still has a role to play in this country.
  • Anarchy, poverty, oppression in the land and security problems and challenges shall consume this regime.  They shall send Jehu whose coming is like an earthquake.
  • Nigeria will not disintegrate.  Jehu will mould the country  together.  He will give peace to those who want peace, and war to those who want war.  In the end, Nigeria will remain Nigeria.  Jehu’s coming will halt an impending 7 years ‘ war in Nigeria.  This man of destiny blessed by God is around the corner
  • In Nigeria some traditional rulers should pray against any form of bereavement.
  • The Governor of Osun State should watch his movement because all efforts will be made to terminate him
  • Northern States like Bauchi, Kano, Kaduna, Yobe and Borno should be checked as religious crisis will be rampant.
  • Religious crisis should be avoided generally.
  • Rivers State will experience flood
  • Auchi in Edo State will witness great erosion.
  • The town of Offa and Ernmile in Kwara State should avoid  trouble because this will lead to bloodshed.
  • Many states in the East should pray against kidnapping robbery, burglary and boundary problems.
  • Easterners will not be able to produce a President because they are not united.
  • The President should forget about 20115 and concentrate on his present job especially on the Oil sector.
  • Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Delta will witness the greatest robbery, kidnapping and thuggery
  •  Some states of the Federation will witness some upturn of their states’ governments through cult activities.
  • Abuja will come under serious tension.  The security forces will be stretched as the fear of violence and terrorist attacks will envelope the city.
  • Thee shall be full-blown religious war but God shall intervene by sending Jehu who shall halt it.
  • I enjoin Nigerians in the name of God to pray against the bereavement of two of its former leaders.
  • I hear the shout of Ondo, Ondo, Ondo at a very high crescendo.  Let the inhabitants remember the ugly incident of 1983.  The South-West shall not come under one party.
  • Nigeria should pray for Chief Bola Tinubu, Chief Edwin Clark, and Chief HID Awolowo.
  • Boko Haram and religious fundamentalists will take over Nigeria.  We should pray against this, so that they will not throw Nigeria  into anarchy.
  • God will raise an Engineer who will turn Abuja into another mega city that will be envied by the world.
  • Inflation, anger and hunger will affect the government of President Goodluck Jonathan; he needs our prayers to survive.
  • Let us pray for the government of President Goodluck to survive.
  • A Northerner will emerge if at all there will be an election
  • Things will be getting harsher and harsher in Nigeria as many Nigerians will be sent home from African countries especially South Africa.
  • All said and done, God will continue to bless Nigeria.  I pray God to let our children have shoes to wear to schools.
  • Mr. President, summon courage to step on toes in the Oil sector.  Avoid as much as possible the ugly incident that heralded us all into 2012.  A lot of goodwill has been eroded because of that.  Let your work speak for you now.
  • Is 2015 tomorrow?  Let our elected governments use their present mandates to better the lot of the populace and all shall be well but they will not obey God’s message.
  • China will emerge as Nigeria’s huge crude Oil importer.  The country will dwarf the US in Oil  transactions.
  • There shall come upon the earth distress that will plague nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s heart failing for fear and for looking after those things which are common on the earth.
  • The world as a whole will continue to experience precious times according to Bible prophecy.  No sane person can add to such gloomy prophecies as recorded  in the Bible.   Only those who fear God shall come out of the prophetic inferno with their feathers unsigned like the 3 Hebrew children.
  • This year is going to be a year of disaster in Nigeria; fire will destroy so many properties.


Pretty Wives Of 2 Northern Biggest Actors


            In Kannywood, the 2 biggest actors who have been the progenitors of the industry for years, Ali Nuhu and Sanni Danjar both have very beautiful wives.  Apart from that, the two movie personalities share a lot in common.  They are Glo Ambassadors, and are married with 2 lovely children each.  In this piece, Showbiz Reporter, JOMBO UCHE presents to you Maimuna Z ali Nuhu and Musura Sani Danja


            Pretty-looking Musura Sani is the wife of Kannywood top actor, Sani Musa Danja, an actor, a musician, and a dancer.  He is currently the Chairman of Guild of Actors (Kannywood) Musura Isa was at a time one of the wave-making  actresses in Kannywood.  Musura Isa became one of the most sought-after  actresses  in the region after her break in Gulda. The dedicated actress has featured in many successful movies like Jarumal, Sharhi, Haula and several others to her credit.  She however quit the acting scene on getting married to Sani Danja, because their culture doesn’t permit a married woman to be an actress.  While Sani hails from Kano State, she is a Yoruba woman form one of the Western states.  The beautiful mother of 2, is however still  very active in the make-believe world not as an actress but as a script-writer, she is equally  into fashion, she costumes most of her husband’s movies and she does interior for movies as well.  Musura is not just beautiful but blessed with an amazing structure that gives her out more as a model.


            Maimuna is the beautiful wife of Kannywood leading actor  Ali Nuhu. They have been married for the past 9 years, and their union is blessed with 2 lovely kids (a boy and a girl).  Maimuna is also from the North, she is the daughter of late  Alhaji Garba Abdulhadir, a onetime Agricultural Minister during Alhaji Shehu Shagari regime.  Maimuna is beautiful and a power dresser.  The Kannywood talented thespian, Ali Nuhu once described his wife and family as the best thing to have happened to him in an interview.  She is equally playing a key role in her husband –led entertainment outfit.
-By CP

On BOKO HARAM: Dialogue Is Inevitable



     For the umpteenth time, the ever-concerned public analyst, social commentator and industrialist, Edward Akinlade, has reiterated the need for a conscious and well-articulated dialogue with the ‘infamous’ Boko Haram sect, for an everlasting peace to reign supreme in the country.  Speaking recently to a cross section of the Nigerian press, the London-trained accountant, hotelier, businessman and chairman/CEO of Suru Groups of Companies, said the concerned autheority will only be begging the issue of Boko Haram menace, if a conscious attempt is not made to dialogue with the sect, so as to nip the worsening matter in the bud.  Mr. Edward Akinlade referred the journalists to an earlier call he made for a dialogue with the sect in the Punch Newspaper Monday,  26th March, 2012 tiled “Open Letter to Mr.  President, Pg. 14, where he called for a meeting with the sect presumed and alleged leaders of the Boko Haram sect.  He affirmed that the proposed dialogue may not be a case of caving in to the dreaded sect, as it is being touted in many quarters by some rather uninformed people, but could be likened to that of sacrificing one’s pride for peace and harmony in the country.  “If dialoguing with this trouble-making sect is all it is needed to ensure an appreciable measure of peace in the country, it may not be a price too big for the authority to pay; if only for the end to justify the means.  What Nigeria needs now, in the face of all volatile and heated comity, is to ensure stability by all means, regardless of what method is used in achieving this”, said the very outspoken and seriously concerned Nigerian corporate icon, Akinlade.  He enthused, that with other accompanying indices of insecurity in the country, the nation, Nigeria, may be, if care is not taken, gravitating towards an avoidable revolution which may prove more catastrophic than the ones already poised by the Boko Haram sect.  The presidency must be able to swallow its pride by conceding to the proposed dialogue, if only to arrest the situation once and for all, diplomatically and amicably too.  Edward Akinlade, who has been in the vanguard of peaceful resolutions and unity campaigns in the country, since his relocated back to Nigeria from London after a long stint, is of the view that the Boko Haram sect is like a moving train and can only be stopped if all known  diplomatic means are put in place.  And one and perhaps topmost of these means is dialogue.  It goes without saying that those to participate in the proposed dialogue, must be willing and ready to let their conscience and transparency of intention come to bear on the dialogue, as Nigeria is just too big country in the world for a sect like Boko Haram to toy with. Speaking vehemently on other nagging issues withering the country, Akinlade says the Presidency should be bold enough to separate polities and its shenanigans from the arduous task of governance; a situation which has taken the country back by many steps, while other lesser endowed and smaller nations continue to make giant strides in their mission and vision of nation building.  He however took a swipe at most of the security agencies in the country, saying they all need to be completely overhauled and injection with those with genuine and aggressive patriotic zeal that can move the nation forward.






Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha is the Executive governor of Imo State.  He is the, President/Founder, Rochas Foundation Inc, President, Rochas Group of Companies Limited, Pro Chancellor, African Business School and Former Chairman, Board of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.   Okoroch was a Commissioner on the Federal Character Commission and a Member of the National Constitutional Conference. President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed him as Special Adviser on Inter-Party  Affairs.   Okorocha decamped from the PDP to the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), to run as APGA candidate for Imo State Governor in the April 2011 elections .He  emerged winner.



Enyinnaya Abaribe

Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe is an Abia State  politician. He is a senator  who was elected to the Nigerian Senate in April 2007. He holds the title Nnadiohanma Ngwa

Dora Akunyili

Dora Akunyili is former  Nigerian Minister of Information and Communications. She is a pharmacist and governmental administrator who has gained international recognition and won hundreds of awards for her work in pharmacology, public health and human rights. She is also a former DG of NAFDAC. Akunyili ran for election as Senator for Anambra Central on the All Progressive Grand Alliance[APGA] platform in April 2011 but was defeated by Chris Ngige


 Ex-Governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani is a politician from Enugu State.  He was Governor of Enugu State from 1999 to 2007 and a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Senator for Enugu East. 


Kema  Chikwe

Kemafo Chikwe  is a former Federal Minister of Aviation. She currently holds the position of Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland.



Theodore Ahamefule Orji is the current Governor of Abia State. 



Uche Chukwumerije is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In April 2003, representing Abia North Senatorial district.  Chukwumerije served as minister of information in the last days of the military regime of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.  Chukwumerije served as Minister of Information in the interim national government of Ernest Shonekan.  In the Fourth Republic, Chukwumerije was elected to the Senate on the Peoples Democratic Party’s platform,  but he eventually decamped to the Progressive People’s Alliance in the April 2011 elections.



He was one time Senate President, and is presently Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).  He was elected as national Senator on the People’s Democratic Party  (PDP) platform in 1999 for the Ebonyi South constituency of Ebonyi State.  He was appointed Senate President in August 2000.  Anyim was a candidate in the elections for Chairmanship of the PDP in January 2008 but lost out.  in May 2011, Pius Anyim was appointed as Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).



Senator Joy Emodi represented  Anambra North constituency of Anambra State in the senate. She is a lawyer by profession. 



 Senator Ben Ndi Obi, is the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Inter Party Matters. 



 Hope Uzodinma is a Nigerian politician who was elected Senator for the Imo West constituency of Imo State, Nigeria, in the April 2011 federal elections.  He ran on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform.  Uzodinma currently represents Imo West senatorial district.


Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, or Andy Uba is a Nigerian politician who was elected Senator for the Anambra South constituency of Anambra South constituency of Anambra State, Nigeria, in April 2011.


Peter Obi is the Executive Governor of Anambra State.  He is the chairman of Next International Nigeria Ltd.  Then Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, Guardian Express Bank Plc, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Chams Nigeria Ltd, Data Corp Ltd and Card Centre Ltd.



Ike Ekweremadu is a Nigerian Lawyer from Enugu State and a member of the People’s Democratic Party who has been a senator since May 2003.  He is now Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria born in 1962 at Amachara Mpu in Aninri Local Government area of  Enugu State, In 2002 Chief  Ike Ekweremadu was appointed Secretary to the Enugu State Government, and on April 12, 2003 he was elected to the Nigerian Senate.  Ekweremadu was reelected as Senator for Enugu West in the April 2011 elections.



 Bianca Odumegwu-Ojukwu is the wife of late warlord, Odumegwu Ojukwu.  She is a businesswoman and lawyer,  best known as the first African to win Miss International.  Formerly Nigeria’s Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs and  the country’s ambassador to Ghana, she is now Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain.



Sullivan Iheanacho Chime is the Executive Governor of Enugu State in Nigeria.  He assumed office in April 2007, he is a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).  He was reelected on 26 April 2011


Martin Elechi is the Governor of Ebonyi State in southeast Nigeria.  He ran in the April general elections on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ticket  and assumed the position  on May 29, 2007, succeeding for reelection on 26 April 2011.


Christiana ‘Chris’ Anyanwu is a Nigerian Journalist, Publisher, Author, and Politician.  During the Nigerian general election, 2007 Anyanwu was elected to the Senate on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party as a representative of Owerri Zone, Imo State, Nigeria.



Hon. Uche Lillian Ekwunife, is the member representing Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunakofia Federal constituency in the House of  Representatives.

With hard work, discipline and tenacity of purpose as her guiding principle, Hon. Ekwunife who holds  a Bachelor degree in Accounting, Maters in Business Administration and Honorary Doctorate in philosophy from University of California, is one of the powerful politicians in Anambra State.



Dr. Chris Nwabueze Nigige was Governor of Anambra State in Nigeria from 29 May 2003 to 17 March 2006.  He is a member of the Action Congress (AC).  He was elected Senator for Anambra Central in April 2011.  A Medical Doctor by profession.



Emeka Ihedioha is from Imo State. He is the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative.



Few weeks back ex-Rivers State, Governor Dr. Peter Odili released an autobiography of himself.  The newly launched book has the tone of political discourse in Nigeria in the New Year.

            This book beamed its searchlight on the intrigues and succession crisis that trialed the choice of Sir Celestine Omehia as the PDP governorship candidate in Rivers State in the 2007  election to take over from Dr. Peter Odili.

            Omehia went on to win the election only for the Supreme Court to upturn his emergence, and declared Hon. Rotimi Amaechi as the rightful candidate of the party and winner of the election.

            In the new autobiography, ‘Conscience and History – My Story’, Odili said he had already settled for Rotimi Amaechi to succeed him.  Before some hawks, and loyalists of the then President Olusegun Obasanjo went against his preference (Amaechi) and so he replaced Amaechi.

            He said as a party man, he bowed to the pressure leading to the emergence of Omehia.  The development soon cause a break down in the years of friendship between him and Amaechi who had served as the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly for the 8 years of Odili’s tenure as Governor.

            In the freshly released book which sole purpose seems to be to correct the uncomplimentary public impression and perceptions about his reign  as Governor, Odili  explained how the then President Obasanjo did not forgive him for supporting the barrage of opposition against his (Obasanjo’s) bid to tinker with the 1999 constitution in order to pave way for what is popularly called Obasanjo’s third  term.

            The 511-page amorphous compendium of Odili’s life, school years, Biafran war odyssey and his days in office as governor of Rivers State is signposted by the intrigues that was the December 16, 2006 Presidential Primary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and how Odili, who was supposedly the “anointed candidate”, was shooed off the race by the so-called” EFCC interim report’ which ostensibly incriminated him.

            In Chapter G of the book under the tile, THE PLOT – THE GREAT GANG UP, Odili says: “ with the failure of the constitutional amendments which included tenure elongation, campaigns for the presidency in 2007 took off about the 3rd quarter of 2006, across the country.  By October/November my campaign, led by Dr. Raymond Dokpesi had penetrated every state in the federation and it became obvious that the Odili candidacy had attained national acceptance and had become a movement.  Odili was seen as the front runner, the candidate to beat.  Traditional rulers, emirs, tribal leaders, labour unions, stakeholders, etc had embraced and were favourbly disposed to Odili.  For some inexplicable reason, the plot to stop him, by some people, became pathologically ‘urgent’.  The PDP  convention for the nomination of the Presidential Candidate was slated for 16th December, 2006.

            “The commissioning of the Omoku Power plant of 150 mega Watts and 120km double circuit Transmission line to Port Harcourt by President Olusegun Obasanjo, took place on 5th December, 2006… We were lauded very generously and extolled for the unprecedented feat.

            “Exactly one week later, 12th December, a spurious and anonymous petition was posted in the internet from a questionable ‘source’ alleging CORRUPT practices against the Rivers State Government under me.  These allegations were converted into a petition by the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) under Nuhu Ribadu’d hand, to the President same day.  On the 13th of December, 2006 Mr. President directed EFCC submitted a so-called “interim report” to the then President who promptly minute for my response on the same 14 December,  2006 but forwarded to me on 15/12/2006, a day to convention vide ref. PRES/44. I assembled what was left of my cabinet team, a few having been arrested and kept at the EFCC in Lagos within these few days of urgent dramatic action.  We submitted our response on the 15th day of December, 2006 by which time it had become clear what the whole exercise was about –“Get Odili out of the race for the Presidency, at all cost.”  More controversial however, is Odili’s revelation on page 444 of the book that Malam Nuhu Ribadu had long confessed to Odili’s innocence and to the spuriousness of this  ‘interim report’ deployed to nail Odili.  For instance, at a venue in Maitama Abuja, Ribadu ostensibly, “denied authorship of the so-called ‘EFCC interim report’ of 2006 December which he signed”

           The book does not shy from highlighting the musketeers who stood to the last minute to ensure that not only did Odili not get the presidential ticket, his name was edited from the already prepared speech of the nominee, Umaru Yar’Adua which was to declare Odili vice presidential nominee.  These men of steel gloves are Chief James Ibori, Chief Lucky Igbinedion and Dr. Bukola Saraki who were his fellow governors at that time.  The others are Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Nasir El-Rufai.

Why BISI KOMOLAFE’s Family & Friends Are Angry


*Details Of Their Quarrel With Her Husband, TUNDE


Since one of the blogs published the interview of Bisi Komolafe’s husband a few weeks back, angry friends and families of Bisi Komolafe have been up in arms over the contents of the interview.

They claim that Bisi’s life was smooth until she met Mr. Fatai Tunde Ijaodola.

Their story: “He is a big liar, very smooth but very insecured, our sister loved him and didn’t read between the lines of the danger this man posed to her well being, He claimed that he rented the Ikorodu house, my brother that is another of his lies.Please go to Ikorodu I will give you the  numbers of the Landlady she will tell you how Bisi labored to pay for the house.Before they met, Bisi already had 2 cars and was building her house in Ibadan.

“Since they met the house project has been on hold because Bisi was helping to maintain this guy, the last time he travelled to Canada Bisi gave him N200,000 and there were too many complications in his life, Bisi could not  stay with him in his Epe home because his wife went to fight him and Bisi had to run for her life,  all through Bisi’s sickness, she was the one paying for her treatment , Bisi took 40 pints of blood Mr. Ijaodola only paid for one and as I speak, he is owing Bisi’s Grandmother N20,000 and Bisi’s  Dad N50,000, what sort of a man is that?”

“Finally, our sister was never married to him and so he should stop calling Bisi Mrs. Ijaodola.  He only proposed to her.  They were never engaged and even parlor engagement they didn’t have, we quarreled with him because Mr. Ijaodola is highly diabolic and all through Bisi’s sickness, he was always  bringing different black substance for her to drink and we said no, we are Catholics and we do not believe in such, that was why he picked quarrel with us.On the cars, immediately Bisi got admitted, he stared driving her cars around and when he comes to see her at the hospital, he will hide the cars and walk to the hospital, how does that sound?  Mr. Ijaodola says he is a car dealer, car dealer indeed who uses a 2000 model Ford, This is our last take on this guy, we leave him to God”.

According to Bisi family members, Tunde Ijaodola may have contributed to her death for supporting Unorthodox and traditional methods for her treatment.  How did that happen?  

The Canada-based young man was said to have sought the help of native doctors during the early sickness of the lady and refused to reveal her where-about to her colleagues until it was too late.  A source alleged that Bisi’s sickness was taken with a pinch of salt initially.

“We were at Epe when she first fell ill in September 2012, we thought it was just a normal sickness observed during pregnancy, but it was discovered to have gone beyond normal when she wouldn’t stop complaining of severe headache and her temperature was beyond average” the sources said.

So, after this, we gathered that she was taken to Molly  Hospital in Ibadan, with no signs of improvement in health, she was discharged and taken to Ilaro.

“The doctors were battling with her constant rise in temperature and low blood count at the same time she was complaining of severe pain in her left ear and then her husband said it might be a spiritual attack, she was taken to a native doctor in a remote area close to Ilaro, Ogun State. We were there for month without any improvement, before she was transferred back to Ibadan but this time around to University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State where the ear was operated upon, while we were there, Tunde Ijaodola never stayed there for a day, he only dumped the lady and left. I remember this vividly, even he never contributed a dime towards her hospital bills. Bisi was paying the bills as well as giving out money to the man and his brother, Taofeek.  Before we left for Ibadan on Ileya period, I was sent to withdraw some money, I withdrew about N250,000 and the money was given to Tunde who gave us only N60,000.00, I was with her ATM card and I withdrew the sum of N600,000 from her account before she died, we also got assistance from some people, this include her former boyfriend, Kalid who she dumped for Tunde”, the source explained.

She stressed further that she was shocked when Tunde went to town laying claim  to the fact that he rented house for Bisi and bought cars for Bisi, ‘he never did, in fact Bisi moved into her apartment in February 2011.  The money for the house in Ikorodu was paid for by a popular NURTW socialite, that was before he (Tunde) came around.He only came to Nigeria in August, and never came with any money , I am telling you this authoritatively, the very day he arrived, Bisi gave him N150,000, when he told her that he needed to travel to Epe.  Also Bisi had bought her car before meeting him, she bought the Honda Pilot in 2009 and the Altima in 2011 with the proceeds from her movies released under Olasco Films.  “I was surprised when I learnt that he came to move the Honda Pilot and some of her belongings two weeks before her death, we need to ask him this, what was his motive and did he know she was going to die?   And did he inform Bisi about this development.  It was some of Bisi’s co-tenants that called me on phone to inform me”

Also, some of her co-tenants at her 11 Eniola Alonge Street, Ebute Area of Ikorodu, Alhaja Taiwo Adams and Dele Olayinka corroborated that Bisi Komolafe moved into the house with all her belongings in February 2012 which include her two cars.  They expressed their shock when Tunde came 2 weeks before Christmas to pack away some of her belongings with the Honda Pilot car.  “Nobody knew Bisi Komolafe’s where-about for almost 3 months until that fateful afternoon when the man came with his brother, Taofeek who also served as Bisi’s driver to move out her clothes, shoes gas cylinder and other things, we accosted them not for anything but because they were owing security fee, we asked for Bisi, but he told us that she would be back home for the Christmas, we never knew she was ill” the tenants hinted.  Tunde Ijaodola has also spoken about what actually happened.



            “I don’t think it is a proper thing for family members to be fighting me for Bisi’s  properties less than 24 hours after Bisi’s death when we should be mourning her.  Bisi died at age 27 and it is sad.  I am sending the Honda Pilot back to them, sad enough Bisi’s parents do not have issues with me but her extended family members.  Please note I have given them time and place to pick the car.  On the accusation he went back to pack Bisi’s properties, he said.

            “I came back to Nigeria on October 24th and Bisi and I left the Ikorodu flat on Oct 26th and till I talk I have never been to the Ikorodu apartment I rented for her.  It is shocking what I am hearing.  When I met Bisi she was living in Ajao Eastate I was the one who rented the Ikorodu apartment for her.  On accusation that he was hiding Bisi from people.

            I had to change Bisi’s numbers because she needed rest, when she was ill, people kept calling her for work, it is sad that Bisi died the way she did.  One of the main issue between me and her family was that when Bisi’s sickness dragged  on, I went spiritual and we were told her problems were spiritual but her family didn’t allow us to take her for spiritual care.  I loved Bisi till she died and she loved me.  What property of Bisi will I take?  Please go  and ask about me I am from a good family background and we are comfortable, my father retired as a Permanent Secretary in Lagos and I have a thriving car business.



            All these are crab cos till Bisi died she was my wife and I will forever cherish her.

 By  CP

“I Am Not Fighting BAYO ALBERT Over All Nigeria Community Chairmanship”

            2 weeks back we carried a report on the ongoing crisis rocking the All Nigeria Community in Ghana, which has rendered the activities of the association grounded and with no chairman.  In the report, we said that the main cause of the crisis is a cold war that is currently going on between the acting president of the association, Bayo Albert and the Board of Trustees of the association led by popular businessman,  Emmanuel Okeson.  Last week however, the city lights boss, Prince Okeson reacted to the story through a rejoinder.  Excerpts; “My attention has been drawn to a headline in Vol. 31 No 23 of your publication alleging that I am in a power tussle with the acting President of the All Nigerian’s Community, Mr. Albert Bayo over the control of the body.  I hereby wish to issue this medium to correct the wrong impression created by the said publication through the following statement;

            That ANC is the umbrella body of all Nigerians resident in Ghana and there is a Board of Trustees and Patrons made up of seventeen prominent Nigerians in Ghana who are entrusted to oversee the activities of the Executive Council of the organization, of which I am the Chairman.


            That the Executive Council is embroiled in a protracted leadership crisis, which the Board of Trustees intervened  to find a lasting solution.  Some issues that triggered the crises emanated from the fact that most Regional Executives of the association does not recognize the national leadership of Albert Bayo.

            To find a lasting solution, the BOT convened a maiden National Delegates Conference in Accra on October 6, 2012, where a resolution was adopted to re-organise the association to bring on board all Regional branches.  Consequently, a National Constitution Review Committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Kennedy Okosun, the Executive Chairman of Krif Ghana Ltd, was set up to review our constitution.  Furthermore, it was resolved that a national election should be held in the first half of 2013.  The above facts are intended to correct the impression created by the said publication.  I have not engaged in any battle with Albert Bayo over the control of the All Nigerians’ Community as reported by your newspaper, but rather motivated by deep love for my country to contribute my quota to the development and uplifting of the Nigerian identity in Ghana”.




If the new feelers from the home front of top Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel is anything to go by, then it is true that the marriage of the talented actor to his wife, Virna is currently on shaky grounds. The marriage is presently experiencing a turbulence over a revelation of a love child the actor has from a South African lady that came out recently. We gathered from trusted sources that Majid has been receiving a raw deal from his legal wife, Virna, with whom he has 2 kids and they all live together at East Legon in Accra. The gist first came out in October 2012, an online publication, reported a story of an alleged love child belonging to the superstar actor, Majid Michel, who is happily married in Ghana with kids. At that time, not many believed the story because there was not enough evidence to back it up. Last week however, the picture of Majid’s love child, which according to sources close to him, he is hiding from his wife and kids; Keira and Zara, in Ghana, were released by some online publications. According to the reports, the name of Majid’s love child in South Africa is Sandra. The reports went further to reveal that Majid spent time with Sandra’s South African mum at Madindi Hotel in Ghana in in December 2009 when the lady was in Ghana on a shopping spree at a popular mall in the city. Since the latest revelation, we gathered that the heat on Majid on the home front has increased as the actor is currently making frantic efforts to save his marriage.



By Patrick Chinedu Enwerem

A glance at the title of this short write-up will tend to point to the fact that it’s all about economic indices and occurrences that have surfaced in the Nigerian economic sector in the recent past. No, I shall not waste my time writing on that particular area that experts have for long misled us. Rather, I shall take a critical look at the issue of job racketeering in the public sector and its impact on the holistic development of Nigeria in the nearest future.

Job racketeering has been with us for long. In the early 60s and 70s, local chiefs and government officials engaged in job racketeering by influencing appointments and employment of their community members as well as their political associates into several positions, particularly, in the civil service. One thing that should be noted is that during this period, it was done in order to help without any monetary demand or negative ulterior motives. Those influencing at that period were magnanimous enough to put round pegs into round holes. Thus, traditional rulers did their best by identifying intelligent and well behaved members of their communities to serve in the civil service.

Of recent, job racketeering has taken a new dimension in Nigeria. The latest being the one involving the recently sacked Comptroller of Nigerian Immigration Service, Mrs. Rose Uzoma. We read in the newspapers that Mrs. Uzoma unilaterally shared the over 4,500 employment allocations approved for the Immigration Service to political office holders including the First Lady, “the First Mother”, Federal Character Commission members, Minister of Interior Affairs etc. As the saying goes, charity begins at home, thus, it was equally reported that Mrs. Uzoma in collaboration with her husband, nominated over one thousand youths for employment in that agency. We were told that applicants were made to pay between Two Hundred Thousand to Four Hundred Thousand Naira before appointment letters were issued to them.

Having said that, I and I believe, so many Nigerians were shocked at Mrs. Uzoma’s sack knowing fully well that once job opportunities were shared among political heavy weights like Mrs. Uzoma did, everything sails through.


 It was not until few days back that rumours came up that she was sacked because she failed to ensure that the names on the list of some political godfathers were included in the final names released for employment.   


It is a very well known fact that job racketeering is very common in all the paramilitary agencies in Nigeria; be it Customs, Police, Prisons, Road Safety Corps, Civil Defense etc. Federal Government ministries and parasatals are not left out in this ugly trend. These jobs are shared to those in the Presidency, National Assembly Members, Governors, Ministers, party officials and other high ranking political office holders.


 I make bold to say that in the last 10 years, no Nigeria youth has been employed in any of these agencies and ministries on merit basis. It’s not possible and I stand to be corrected! It has been either a youth pays his/her way through or a godfather as mentioned above pushes for him/her not minding if the youth involved is qualified. In fact, it is a common knowledge that in some agencies and ministries, applicants are requested to pay between half a million to one million Naira. Therefore, I am still very much confused on the major reason(s) behind Mrs. Uzoma’s sack.  A lot of potential reasons come to my mind; could it be because of her gender or tribe? Hmmm, that will be for another day.


The immediate implications of these unfortunate occurrences in the employment exercise embarked by most of these federal government ministries and agencies are that the level of corruption will definitely increase. The fact remains that having been coerced to pay outrageous amount in the name of securing employment, these youths have been indirectly encouraged to engage in corrupt practices. They will endeavour to recoup all that they have spent in the process of seeking for employment and of course, will want to do it on a larger scale. Therefore, I expect a surge in corruption when my generation finally takes over from our current leaders.

There is also the likelihood that most of the youths employed through this racketeering in these very critical and important agencies will end up portraying nonchalant attitude; after all, most of them were forced to take up these jobs by their influential parents or uncles. Take for instance, a custom officer that was coerced to take up the job being deployed at one of the major sea ports or land borders? He/she will definitely look the other way while dangerous goods are cleared for entry into the country.


The recent security challenges being experienced in Nigeria could be attributed to this ugly trend of job racketeering. I have seen a lot of youths that got discouraged and even depressed after seeing their schoolmates and friends who they were better off in terms of academics and character secure lucrative government jobs, just because they have godfathers or money to bribe their way. In most cases, these less fortunate youths are forced to take to crimes such as kidnapping, terrorism, armed robbery, militancy etc. One thing those engaging in job racketeering as well as government itself have failed to realise is the fact that when a graduate, despite how mundane and foolish he/she may look decides to take to crime, he/she will definitely make a great security threat.


Little wonder today we have kidnappers, terrorists, armed robbers as well as militants who handle arms and ammunition better than our trained soldiers and police officers.  They equally forget that as they are empowering their children and cronies, their colleagues who are not fortunate enough to have godfathers will not allow them enjoy their often ill-gotten wealth.


Recently, we were all gladdened when the Nigerian Senate deliberated on this monster, but I have my serious reservations. As the Senate President rightly said, senators need to be careful in accusing the heads of these government agencies. According to the retired army general, most of the senators may have written them soliciting for one illegal favour which I must say includes influencing employment exercises. If I may add, he who seeks equity must come with clean hands.  Thus, I strongly believe that the current ‘gragra’ from our ‘distinguished’ senators could be best described as goose chasing. They have for long been part of the job racketeering cabal and playing saints at this moment just because their nominees did not make it will not help them.


My questions; who will initiate the much expected reforms in Nigeria in my generation? Is it our current leaders who delight so much in corruption and nepotism or the youths that are being duped in order to secure jobs in federal government agencies? Is it possible for one to engage in bribery to secure a job and then turn around to change the system and strategy that brought him/her in? Is a youth that doesn’t have any sort of flair for paramilitary or civil service profession end up becoming a patriotic and successful officer/worker? Where are we heading to with this job racketeering? Does it mean that any youth in Nigeria no matter how intelligent and qualified who does not have a godfather will never realise an ambition of becoming a civil servant/officer? Why should our supposedly fathers and leaders be so wicked to deprive my generation opportunities our grandfathers and great grandfathers gave them on a platter of gold?


Having looked at all these questions with little or no answers from neither my humble self nor those around me, I have no option than to conclude that Nigeria may not actualise its potentials in my generation and will remain underdeveloped.


Patrick Chinedu Enwerem, is an advocate on youth re-orientation, human rights, anti-corruption and peace-building. He is based in Lagos and can be reached through email:




“Pastor Philip Azumah invited me for an all night service at Darkuman near Abeka Lapaz. When I met him at Darkuman junction, he took me to a guest house and offered me a drink. I later found myself lying on a bed naked while my pastor who also lay naked by my side used his panties to wipe my vagina…” These were the words of a 30-year-old married woman alleged to have been sexually assaulted by her pastor at Darkuman after she was lured into a guest house in Accra. According to the victim, Pastor Azumah, founder of Zoe Power Ministry located at Madina Social Welfare, later proposed love to her and handed over some black concoction to her to drop into the food of her husband
“Later, I realized that my husband to whom I have been married for the past 10 years was behaving abnormally after taking the food with the substance, then I had to confess,” she added. Pastor Azumah was later arrested by the Adentan District Police Command after a report was lodged with the police by the husband of the victim. The alleged ‘black substance’ given to the victim to put into the food of her husband was also brought to the police station by the woman. Narrating the story to the journalists, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, the Adentan District Police Commander, said the love affair of the woman and the supposed pastor started in 2006. According to the woman, who is married with three children, Pastor Azumah proposed love to her at the end of one of their prayer sessions but she declined the proposal. Later, Pastor Azumah invited her to an all night session at Darkuman but rather took her to a guest house, gave her a drink and when she was dazed, the suspect slept with her. The victim narrated that after the first sexual encounter, she had not been able to deny any requests for sex from the pastor. The victim alleged that in September last year, Pastor Azumah called her on phone to propose marriage to her. Later that same month, according to the victim, the pastor met her and gave her the black substance to put into the food of the husband. On December 29, 2012, upon realizing that the husband was behaving abnormally after taking the food with the black substance, the woman confessed her misdeeds to her husband and asked for forgiveness. Together with the wife, the husband reported the matter to the Adentan Police for investigation. Pastor Azumah, upon his arrest on January 2, 2012, confirmed his paramour’s story and asked for pardon. Both the ‘black substance’ and the suspect are currently in police custody awaiting forensic examination and trial respectively

By (CP)





            This is the amazing story of a Nigerian man who is doing well in Ghana.  It is the story of Michael Ikpoki, the man who has been scoring good feats in the telecommunication sector in Ghana.  He is the Chief Executive  Officer of MTN  Ghana Limited.  Hardworking Ikpoki was appointed CEO of the MTN Ghana in April 2011.  He brought to MTN Ghana operations an extensive  experience in various facets of the business and a board exposure to public policy and stakeholder engagement.  And since he assumed office about 2 years ago, he has done so well in keeping the company as the leading mobile telecommunication outfit in Ghana.  Prior to his new appointment, Mr. Michael Ikpoki started his career at MTN Nigeria as the Regulatory Advisor in 2001.  He was promoted to the post of General Manager, Regulatory Affairs in 2004.  In 2006, Michael was appointed GM, Sales and Distribution and subsequently, the Sales and Distribution Executive of MTN Nigeria in 2007.  Through his developmental growth and exposure to different facets of the business, Michael has gained an extensive experience in public policy, stakeholder engagement as well as exposure to sales and distribution and commercial operations at senior level.  Michael has strong passion for product innovation and CSR activity, especially in the areas of staff volunteerism and community upliftment project, which he reiterated will be his topmost priority.  Micheal Ikpoki is a graduate of the  Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Harvard Business School and the London Business School.  He is also well respected in the corporate sector in Ghana for his  professional acumen and corporate leadership expertise.  In a recent interview he granted a publication, Mobil  World, Ikpoki had this to say about his job and personal life.



            “I would say our performance has been good, but I would try and put that within a certain context.  We have made sustained investments in our 2G and 3G network, making sure we are doing necessary network upgrades and increasing our fibre rollout on a national basis.  So on the whole from the capex point of view in 5 years we have invested about 1.4million dollars.  In 2012 alone we have invested close to 80 million dollars and we are still doing a lot of modernization on the network as we speak.  So we have continued to invest in growing the network, making sure that we have enough capacity to get new subscribers onto the network in a sustained way.  It has been an encouraging year and I think we are also quite excited about what we are doing in the Corporate Social Responsibilities realm.  About 2 weeks ago, we celebrated 5 years of the formation of the MTN Foundation.  Over the last 5 years we have invested heavily in the education and health, spending over 10 million Ghana Cedis in terms of projects we have done in those areas.  This year we are working on economic empowerment.  We believe that as we continue to build the network we actually provide people means by which they can communicate and enrich their lives”.





            “I believe first of all that we have got good  staff in MTN Ghana, so a  leader is as good as his team.  My approach is to ensure that we build on the team and harness the resources to deliver good business results that are a CEO’s responsibility.  I try to engage my people and get them involved and committed in what we are doing in the organization.  We are focused on translating the strength of our people into a great company culture.  My style is that I have to rely on people.  I have to encourage people, create the right kind of environment for people to be able to give in their best.  In an innovative industry like MTN, a telecom industry you have to provide a platform for people to be innovative, and also create an environment where people can passionately contribute to the business”.





            “I don’t know how successful I have been, but I try to maintain a sound work life to spend as much time with the family as possible”.


By (CP)

Big Boys Who Run The Biggest Stores In COMPUTER Village

*The Story of SLOT, IT World, Triple Sea & Co.

Computer Village is Africa’s biggest I.T. one-stop market. It parades different companies and where the A-Z of anything that has to do with IT is being sold. It records the highest numbers of customers on the mainland due to the high population traders and businessmen who are into the phone and computer business. There are Wholesalers and Retailers in the market and they also have different patronisers and clients. Amidst all, there are some big players within this market that deal in almost everything I.T. The likes of Slot, IT World, and Co have taken their businesses to the next level and they now dominate major areas in sales of all these items. They are deep pockets and have major stores within the environs of the market. They have been in the business for over a decade and are still doing well and waxing stronger. TAYO FAJORIN chronicles the big boys who are prominent players in Computer Village.

At the mention of IT World in Computer Village and environs, everyone knows the company you are talking about. I.T. World is owned by Igbo Big Boy Mr. Obienu Obinna. His brand is more popular than him and he also prefers to stay underground while his business name thrives. The Abia born dude is very wealthy and has all the paraphernalia of a rich pedigree. He has been in the business for over 10 years and controls one of the biggest stores and largest distribution channels for IT equipments like Computers, both software and hardware, they are into importation of photo frames, Electronics, Sound equipments from Recorders, mixers monitors, speaker to raptor , movie box and so on. They are also one of the 3 that is the largest importer of sound equipments in Nigeria. He has vast businesses around Lagos metropolis and also in other states. He operates his headquarter from the ever busy computer village on Oremiji Street. He is a big time businessman, thoroughly bred and very humble. He is well schooled and understands the etiquettes of business modules which could testify to his staff strength which is high in numbers. He is one of the biggest wholesalers in Computer Village due to his enormous business acquisitions and wealth. He has partners across the country and his stores are always beehive of activities.

Slot is another big name in Computer Village which has gained a lot of publicity over the years for his early entry into the sale of phones in Nigeria. The phone company was established in 1998 as an ICT company selling Computers, maintenance, Accessories and other electronic gadgets. They were among the pioneers of the GSM phones. He is a core businessman who sure knows what the IT market is all about, no wonder he was given the dealership of Blackberry phones in Nigeria. He has in his kitty 20 flagship stores and their concept is to take their services to the doorsteps of their customers. They are one of the largest distributors of Samsung, LG, Apple phones, and Ipads. They operate from Ola Ayeni Street and also on Medical Road, Ikeja which is presently their Lagos head office. They always reward their customers with gift items like cars Plasma TV, Laptop and phones. The man of many parts hails from Abia State and also has a deep pocket which makes him well established in his chosen business.

Isa Laminu is also one of the deep pocket guys in Computer Village, he controls one of the biggest stores and deals with everything that has to do with Information Technology. He is well versed in sales and maintenance of computers, UPS, Phones and other electronic gadgets. He is doing wonderfully well and he is one of the guys to reckon with in Computer village environs. He has several business partners around the globe and is doing well. He deals with importation of phones and other electronic accessories.

Triple Sea Nigeria Limited operates from their head office in Oremeji Street, Ikeja. They deal in the wholesale, research, design, development and marking of Information technology products and electronics under the brand name, Blue Gate UPS. The company is being managed under the watchful eyes of Osita Godson. They are hardware solutions provider who are being patronized by major stakeholders in the IT world. They have taken the leadership position in deep cycle inverter batteries. They are one of the leading IT stores in Computer Village.

 by CP

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PHCN Ex-Director’s Wife Absconds With His Driver

*Says, “He’s Father Of My 2 Kids”



          This is the story of a retired PHCN Assistant Director whose wife absconded a few weeks back taking away the Director’s two kids.  According to the gist from our reliable sources, the director had a previous wife but due to his randy nature, he met a young lady named Ngozi through his driver who had been pimping for him.  Sources gathered that the driver usually brought babes for the Director whose name was simply given as Ekene.  Sources disclosed that Ekene had a chance meeting with Ngozi and eventually fell in love with her, unknown to him, Ngozi was already dating his driver and indeed, they were long time lovers.  After the meeting, the driver was surprised that his boss was no longer willing to drop the babe as he had dropped the others.  Rather, he made effort to get to know where the lady came from and made enquiries towards sealing the relationship with the exchange of vows.  According to friends, everything the driver did to ensure that the affair did not end in marriage was overturned by the Director as he not only posted the driver out to another department but went ahead to conduct the traditional wedding in Abuja with the lady also playing along so that the driver would not lose out totally.  Sources gathered that Ngozi was not happy that the driver whom she loved lost out as the posting he was given was considered punitive after he left Ekene who always took good care of him.  It was also alleged that Ngozi knew that she was pregnant even before the traditional marriage was contracted yet she went ahead to sleep with the Director and pretend as if he was the father of their kid.  After the wedding, the driver was said to have put pressure on Ngozi to leave as he could not bear the sight of sharing her with the Director again.   She made plans to leave but the plans were allegedly aborted when  it became obvious that the Director was going to retire and he would have some large entitlements paid.  Eventually, Ngozi became pregnant again delivered a second baby, a boy, and months after, the director retried and out of what he had, gave out some money for his wife to open a boutique.  Unknown to him, she  collected the money and never opened the shop.  It was days after she had collected money claiming to be going to Daubai to buy clothes for the boutique that the truth came out.  The Director had gone to the Village while the lady was expected to embark on her trip and leave her kids in the  care of the househelp but when he called from the village to find out how the kids were doing, the househelp informed him that madam had indeed travelled with the kids.  The househelp also revealed how madam had packed all her things and those of the kids and collected a new plate number for her car, it was when he returned to Abuja to assess the situation that the Director, who had for close to twelve years abandoned his estranged first wife and four kids saw the note that the wife left indicating that she had left and that the driver who had been retired earlier was the father of the two kids.  In the note Ngozi was said to have informed the Director that the relationship between her and the driver was why the guy did everything to thwart her marriage to the Director.

“Many Governors Will Not Finish Their Term”


…Primate ELIJAH BABATUNDE AYODELE 2013 Predictions
*Says “Those Pres. JONATHA Depends On Will Betray Him”

Primate Babatunder Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Alaseyori Church, which is based at Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos last year made 2 accurate predictions as stated below :

“…God has asked me to warn Ghanaian President Atta Mills not to attempt a second term in office, as he will not survive it. We have been told that his health will not last him another term as Ghanaian president. So, he should be warned”…

“Ghanaian’s new President, Mr. John Mahama, will want to contest the next substantive election but there will be a lot of opposition to his desire. Also, many will show support for him but he must be very careful because he does not have a friend now, they are all his enemies. He will win, though but there will be a gang-up against his victory”, I also foresee a helicopter crash and death of a Nigerian governor”…

Below, however, are the latest bombshells from the respected man of God for the year 2013. Excerpts;

“VP Namadi Sambo must not rest on his oars, as enemies are prepared to tackle his political relevance. He must be very watchful.

Senate President David Mark too and Reps Speaker Aminu Tambuwal; I’m not foreseeing their political future so bright. Tambuwal especially, I do not foresee him becoming Nigeria’s president in the future. I foresee him running for governorship of his State, though. He must be watchful because his political associates and loyalists will mislead him over some controversial laws that House will be working on soon.

Apart from this, the Nigerian Union of Journalists (UNJ) must be very prayerful so that they will not lose prominent members to accidents. Some people will gang up against the creation of more State in Nigeria. The creation of States will be assented to but there will be serious crisis over that.

President Jonathan, insisting on contesting for a return to office in 2015, will create crisis for Nigeria; and the President needs a lot of consultations. I also foresee problems coming for the President from his home base and others he is relying on. There will be elections in 2015 but there will also be serious agitations for secession. People will clamour seriously for separation and disintegration of Nigeria. There will be clamour for both federalism, parliamentary system and the regional system we have practiced in the past. So, there will be a lot of confusion in the land. The election will come up, and Jonathan will have controversial victory. That victory will now cause Nigeria more problems than we ever can imagine.

President Jonathan will be bereaved between 2013 and 2014, I foresee that. All Nigerian First Ladies must pray very well against serious sickness and death. The Nigerian Governor’s Forum needs to be prayerful so that they will not continue to lose their members to death. I foresee that many of the present Nigerian governors will not finish their terms in office. Some will die naturally, be impeached from office or die from different kinds of crashes. I foresee political turbulence in States like Kogi, Kwara, Benue, some parts of Lagos. Some parts of Ondo, Jigawa, Delta. Rivers, Cross River and Abia. I also foresee communal and ethnicity crises in those States I have mentioned and States like Yobe, Kano and Kaduna.

A deadlier sect than Boko Haram has arrived in Nigeria and is planning coordinated attacks that will shock Nigeria. I foresee President Jonathan having a very serious heath challenge. His political loyalists will stab him. And they will become his major obstacles. The government will not listen but I can tell you that God says there will be more serious bombings in Nigeria.

The president’s wife, Dame Patience Jonathan will have recurring health problems. Natural disasters will claim lives and properties in Nigeria and the world over. Africa where it has not been happening, it will start happening now. Lagos Bar Beach will overflow its bank again and cause serious tragedy. Government, no matter how much money is sunk into it, it will keep happening unless the State government seek the face of God. I foresee famine in Nigeria and there will be money without food to buy. In 2015, there will be political revolution. There will be serious revolt against imposition of candidates into elective offices. Adamu Ciroma should pray for his health. Obasanjo will stop being relevant in politics in 2015. Chief E.K Clark and President Jonathan will fight seriously. Jonathan’s return to power in 2015 will not work for the peace and progress of Nigeria. A Minister will resign form Jonathan’s cabinet. Okonjo-Iweala will fight with President Jonathan. Bombings will hit the Southwest of Nigeria.

Kidnapping will spread to every part of Nigeria. There will be trouble in SSS. Police will not be able to tackle terrorism but they will want to try their best. The 2013 budget for Nigeria will not affect the country positively and there will more troubles. If foresee plane crashes, and land crashes. The Civil Defence corps will change their uniform soon. There will be plane turbulence at Lagos Airport.

A Boko Aram very top leader will wither be shot dead or arrested very soon. There will be a serious confrontation between the JTF and the sect that will lead to that. The proposed dialogue will not bring Nigeria any peace but will bring embarrassment to Jonathan’s government. There will be attempts to bomb petrol pipelines. So, serious efforts must be taken to watch the pipelines. Igbos will not taste the presidency in 2015 and the near future.

Those who are promising President Jonathan an alliance to tackle the opposition will disappoint him. The A-C-N and CPC alliance for presidency in 2015 will fail woefully.

Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola will fight seriously and this will create a crack in Lagos ACN against 2015.

Taraba State governor will not be relevant in politics if he returns to Nigeria. Enugu governor Chime should be prayed for to avert death. Kerosene will sell for 150 Naira per liter. Petrol, Kerosene and Diesel will not be there to buy soon. Bread and rice prices will be jacked up. And means of transportation. That will make Nigerians to be more angry at the government. Zimbabwean President Mugabe should pray over his health and there is a gang-up against him. An American Senator will die. I foresee a former African President passing away. I foresee the death of a Nigerian top soccer player. ANPP should be prayerful to avert deaths of members in auto accidents. Atikur Abubakar should forget contesting for presidency. A one-time Ogun military Governor will die unless he offers serious prayers. Femi Otedola will be dragged to court. AP will face a lot of crisis. Otedola will be bereaved between 2013 and 2014. NNPC and CBN will be probed. There will be a court case to embarrass Oba Otudeko. Globacom’s expansion programme will be hit by crisis. ETISALAT will have management problems. MTN will face expansion problems too and it should watch against running into big debts. CBN Governor Lamido will become an Emir but he must avoid politics so as to realize this dream. Ribadu will be given a higher appointment but he too must avoid politics which will affect his future dreams seriously. One of Dangote’s companies will face crisis and Dangote will run into debts unless he is very prayerful. T.Y Danjuma needs prayers too. I foresee OANDO taking serious steps against its major marketers. OANDO will also face a lot of crisis. Mainstreet Bank, GTB, UBA and Zenith Bank will face serious challenges. So, they need to be very prayerful against setbacks. The GMD of Diamond Bank must be prayerful and ask for God’s protection against oncoming challenges. He should also be prayerful against losing a very close person. PMAN will have to pray against losing a prominent member. Nollywood too should pray against losing any of its top members. D’Banj will be dragged to court and it will become a big challenge for him. TuFace will be blackmailed and be cheated. He will lose money in the process. So, the two of them need serous prayers. The music and sports sector need serious prayers. NFF will face big challenges towards the Word Cup tournament. Winning the Nations’ Cup trophy, God showed me, will be between Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast ,South Africa and Nigeria. But ego and psychological trauma will deny Nigeria the chance except Nigeria prays well. The Premiership League trophy, I foresee, is between Man U. and ManCity. We should pray against stampede that will cause tragedy in both Nigeria league and Africa league. Enyimba FC needs to pray against confusion and pray for God’s guidance to have victory. I foresee an attempt to kill the American President Obama but he will escape the attack. I foresee the America’s top secrets being exposed. The royal kingdom of UK should pray against crisis and the Queen should be prayerful too for her health and the Kingdom’s stability. The UK Prime Minister will be challenged.