Prophet Ernest Agortey, a charismatic Man of God is currently one of the hottest pastors in Port Harcourt.

          The Ghanaian young man who preside over a mega church, Alabasta House of Assembly located at 12 Erolu Street, off Psychiatric Hospital Road, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt has a large followership in the city.  He’s highly reputed for his accurate prophecies.  The man of God is someone you can refer to as an angel.  While this might seem farfetched to individuals who lives he hasn’t  touched physically, but  those who have had an unforgettable experience with God either through his prayer, deliverance ministries and through his prophetic declarations can openly testify to.

          Since he started this ministry few years ago, the church has seen an increase in growth of members joining the ministry from various walks of life.

          Prophet Ernest started his work of the ministry in Ghana before he came to Port Harcourt.  An anointed man of God, prophet Ernest has touched many lives in Port Harcourt with his ministry.

          He’s well loved by his members who see him as their role model.  He’s a power dresser who will not step out without wearing a long chain with a cross pendant.

          Prophet Ernest is a University of  Ghana, Legon Graduate.  Alabasta House of Assembly opens for church service 10 am on Sundays



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