Top NIGERIA CEO’s Running Big Companies In GHANA

When it comes to issues concerning Ghanaian economy, Nigeria no doubt is a big player.  Nigeria is rated the 3rd biggest investor in Ghanaian economy and this explains the magnitude of the massive influence  the country wields in terms of business and commerce in Ghana.

It is also on record that Nigeria has led the revolution in some key sectors of the Ghanaian economy, especially in the banking and insurance sectors.  This piece is about top Nigerian Corporate Executive  who are steering the wheels of big corporate institutions and establishments in Ghana.  Some of the companies run by these corporate gurus are solely Nigeria-owned while some are multi-national companies.

Interestingly, there is no sector of the Ghanaian economy, where you will not find a Nigeria holding a big Stake.

In  the banking sector, there is no way the story of the current banking revolution in Ghana would be told without the name of Dolapo Ogundimu..  He is the Managing Director of Access Bank.  Before he took up the job.  Dolapo was the MD of GT Bank Ghana. A seasoned banker, Lekan Sanusi is the current MD of Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited.  Since he took over, he has kept the flag of the bank flying as one of the biggest financial institutions in GhanaZenith Bank is yet another Nigerian bank doing great in GhanaDaniel Asiedu is the M/DCEO of the bank.  Though Asiedu is a Ghanaian, he had spent most part of his career in Nigeria.  Another man doing great in the banking sector is Oliver Alawuba.  He is the Managing Director of United Bank Of Africa (UBA) in Ghana.

In the insurance sector, Nigerians are equally playing big.  In that sector in Ghana.  You cannot forget names like Iyiola Saraki who is the MD of Nem Insurance Ghana Limited.  There is also Roy Bernard, who runs Capital Assurance, Ghana Limited.  Another prominent name in the Ghanaian insurance sector is Bode Oseni, who runs Regency Assurance Ghana Limited.  Bode is one of the finest hands in the business of Insurance.  In Ghana today, Equity Assurance ranks among the biggest in the Insuarnace sector.  A seasoned insurance guv.  Yemi Adetuwo is the MD/CEO of the company.  Another big name in the industry is Isola Akintunde.  He is the Chief Operating Officer of Equity Assurance Ghana Limited.

There is also Uche Okugo, who runs International Energy Insurance (I.E.I) Ghana Limited.  Just like in the banking and insurance sectors, there is also a long list of Nigerians who are calling the shots in other key areas of the Ghanaian economy.

Guinness Ghana Limited is the biggest brewery in Ghana.  The multinational company is run by Emmanuel Okoli, who is the Managing Director.  We also have Kennedy Okosun who owns and runs the biggest upscale stationeries outfit in Ghana, KRIF Stationeries.  Chief Emmanuel Okeyson is the biggest individual employer of labour in Ghana.  The highly successful businessman, who doesn’t give into publicity, has over 1000 Ghanaians working in his company.

.  Another big corporate player in Ghana is Otunba Micheal Ajayi, who hails from Osun State in Nigeria.  Otunba  Ajayi is the C.E.O. of Vintage Visions Ghana Limited.  The company is the organizer of the Business Summit and has vast interest in other key areas of business.  This list will also not be complete without the mention of names like Kyiola Ayoade, who is the C.E.O of the biggest name in terms of events, above and below line advertising and showbiz in Ghana.  His  company has a rich clientele and it is also the brain.  The annual Ghana Music Awards, Miss Malaika Beauty Pageant and a lot of other big events.  Iyida also owns a 24hr entertain television station Ghone.     There is also Mr. Ben Hastrup, who runs elitist law firm, alliance Legal.  He is one of the beset hands in Ghana.  There are also to Corporate player like Sola Peregrino Taiwo who is the C.E.O of 3 Equatumn Associates and Wale Adeoye who runs Premium Advertising Ghana Limited.

In the Oil services sector we have top players like Ibem Anyaa, who runs Oando Ghana Limited, Salma Iddriss Okwonko who is in charge of affairs of UBI Energy Ghan Limited/Televeras Group, and O.Lekan who runs Sahara Energy & Petroleum Resources Ghana Limited. Another top player in this sector in Ghana is Babalola Babatunde who owns and runs First Deep Water Discovery Ghana Limited. His company is also a big time player in the Nigerian Oil and gas sector.

Dennis O. Carter is yet another big player in that sector.  He runs A-Z Petroleum Products Ghana Limited.

Still in the banking and Finance Sector, another big name is Sam Ayininuola.  He is the 12Managing Director of Energy Bank Ghana Limited, owned by Nigerian billionaire businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim.  Leaseafic Ghana Limited is a leading name in Finance and leasing services in Ghana.  A seasoned Accountant, Alex Mbakogu is the General Manager of the company.




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