Some Nigerian Ladies find pleasure in wearing trousers without pants

By Chidera Obi and Njideka Akabogu


Almost gone are the days when a lady wears a pant before she pulls on her outer garment. The trend these days is for ladies to wear their clothes, particularly trousers and shorts, without pants underneath.


Everyone who looks, is confronted with the rather ugly sights of bare buttocks-be it on the road, in a bus or on a bike.


Hitherto, the norm was that women dress in modest and decent clothing that leave much to the imagination of the male folk. This is not the case these days as ladies dress in suggestive manners leaving little or nothing to the imagination of on-lookers.


On why most girls choose to go “pantless,” Elizabeth Brown, a 300 level student of the University of Lagos has this to say: “Going without pants makes one feel more free and prevents ‘frabs’ (a slang for the inconvenience caused when pants keep folding into the buttocks cleavage)”.


Mma, a fresh graduate of Abia state University while admitting she wears her trousers without pants a times, said she does it only when her pants are not readily available but that she doesn’t feel comfortable without them.


“Convenience” is another reason or excuse by some ladies. A female student who pledged anonymity said: “It is more convenient and time-saving for me as I wouldn’t have to go through the stress of wearing pants before trousers.”


Adding that “going without pants allows for free passage of air into the private parts.”


This trend underscores the influence of some music videos on some of these ladies as there are a lot of “Beyonce; or “Nicki Minaj Wannabes” a euphemism for imitating foreign artists. What most of these girls do not know is that, outside the video scenes, most of these artists do not strut the streets with their bare buttocks. And, even if they do, according to Maureen Onwuzo, a young mother of four, ‘we Africans have values and decency.

One response to “PANTLESS LADIES

  1. they are the weapon of world destruction



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