MOSOP President / Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo has alerted the world that
Ogoni people will disengage its relationship with Nigeria in the event of
another civil war targeting the natural wealth, especially sweet crude oil
and natural gas deposits in Ogoni.

MOSOP – the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People was established
by the entire Ogoni people to play the role of a cultural, nonpartisan,
nonreligious apex organization of the Ogoni people. MOSOP has stood for
rights and freedoms, and continues to protect the interest of Ogoni people
all over the world.

Diigbo said Ogoni would embark on a journey to regain its sovereign
independence violated by the British Empire in 1901; this will be
non-negotiable; if by any mistake, there is another civil war aiming at

Diigbo recalled that Nigeria-Biafra Civil War was fought to decide who
should control natural wealth, especially petroleum resources in Ogoni. He
said he was alerting the world that in the event of another similar civil
war, the Ogoni people will promptly declare an end to their relationship
with Nigeria. Dr. Diigbo said that Ogonis are monitoring the heart-beat of
Nigeria and warned that the right to autonomy or self-determination remains
a pre-condition now, for Ogoni to remain a part of Nigeria.

Diigbo stated this on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 after the Movement for the
Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) resolved and declared that 7th of May
to the 6th of June, 2012 be observed as the *Ogoni Freedom-Remembrance-Month
*. **

MOSOP dedicated the Month to Ogoni 30,000 refugees, who were killed during
the civil war of 1967-1970, most of them child soldiers and other
conscripts sent to battle fronts without training in the Biafra enclave and
others massacred by the attacking Nigerian security forces. Diigbo said
already another 10 percent of the civil war casualty figure, numbering over
3,000 have been murdered by the Nigerian armed forces in recent times in a
continual attempt to intimidate MOSOP since 1993.

Diigbo said all Ogoni children, men and women who died gave their lives for
freedom behind the May 7 to 6th of June activities. The beginning of the
Month coincides with the start of the annual United Nations Permanent Forum
on Indigenous Issues holding in New York.

Saturday, May 19 will feature traditional rituals, May 20 for church
services, while May 21 and 22 will be work free days for nationwide
nonviolent activities to unite Ogonis for a new era.

On May 21, 1994 four Ogoni elders: Albert Badey, Edward Kobani, Samuel
Orage and another Chief Orage were murdered at Giokoo, while the security
forces kidnapped Ken Saro-Wiwa on May 22, 1994 to face a predetermined
death sentence handed down by Justice Ibrahim Auta, a *judicial rubber stamp
*. Auta who presided over a kangaroo tribunal where Saro-Wiwa was taken
read out trumped up charges to hang Saro-Wiwa in a Port Harcourt prison on
November 10, 1995.

During the Month, in addition to tree-planting in cities, towns and
villages throughout Ogoni, traditional dancing groups, churches, clubs,
organizations, schools and businesses would be contributing entertainment,
money, skills, time and friendship to strengthen MOSOP Freedom Agenda.


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