Stephanie Okereke Idahosa :na Benin man you marry-o


Nollywood star, Stephanie Okereke Idahosa got married last weekend in Paris, France . She disclosed to Genevieve magazine why she chose Paris. “It’s the ambience fairy-tale like. It is reminiscent of culture, of peace and love; something away from the chaos we get used, something fresh, new and different”.she said. Hmmmmmmm! This is not front page worthy. i wonder what is so special about Paris. The marriage  could have been at Kastina or Otuoke. After all our President GEJ, the man without shoes is from Otuoke.

My mother’s  wedding was in the village and had no famous guest appearances but she’s still married to the same man over 40 years now. . . You with all the fancy are on your second string. . . I hope it lasts. No forget say na Benin  man you marry-o. Marrying a typical Benin Man is a serious marital commitment devoid of  wuruwuru. Hope you were briefed on the no-nonsense Edo marital culture that gives no room for short cuts. Meanwhile, I say congrats. Happy marriage.Whether in China, Paris, Gombe or Otueke,  marriage na marriage .

One response to “Stephanie Okereke Idahosa :na Benin man you marry-o

  1. You don go marry Benin man? You don de ready for bottles to be broken on your head? Anyway sha, one hopes de man truly loves you. No fear. Happy wedlock!



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