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It’s not every day you find a commander-in-chief transforming into a “commallam-in-chief” and going on as though it were constitutionally appropriate. But, in a country constitutionally prohibited from adopting a state religion, it is breaking news, indeed. It is now official – well, sort of: Goodluck Jonathan, once known to be a Bible-believing Christian, is now a surreptitious Muslim and dragging the country along with him. Which is an offense punishable under the Constitution, which prescribes that the country “shall not adopt” any religion as state religion. So, it is either that Jonathan misconstrues the meaning of secularism or he is having trouble reading and understanding the Constitution, by which he is sworn to uphold the country’s secular status.

The other day – in July, 2010, precisely – Jonathan outraged much of the country when he announced his incipient chairmanship of the D-8 economic forum, a group of exclusively Islamic countries, including Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, dedicated to the promotion of Islam. And now, to multiply the vicious insult on the nation with a devastating injury, Mohammed Abba Aji, Jonathan’s adviser on legislative matters, has dumbfounded everyone beyond belief that the reason Jonathan hasn’t publicly declared his 2011 presidential ambition is “because…he is fasting throughout the month of Ramadan.” His expatiation will blow you to pellets: “This is not something that he started now, he started it since he moved to Abuja as Vice President. Because of this he is holding on, but as soon as the Ramadan is over, he will declare for the Presidency…We will take a convenient date after the Sallah…”

Oops! “Convenient date.” Whose convenience? Verdict: the constitution says this, Goodluck Jonathan does that. This leaves the proverbial bitter taste in the mouth. When Islam’s – or, for that matter, any faith’s – convenience supersedes the convenience of an entire country supposedly barred from cultivating a religion, the agitating questions start pouring in: should a president be seen bed-mating with, and, by so doing, representing, a religion? Is it morally defensible? Does it not have the potential to alienate adherents of opposing faiths, who might develop a sense of betrayal and even victimization?

And, the ultimate question, which is the most troublous of all: could that not ignite an incendiary conflagration across the country? Your answers to these highly volatile questions would depend on whether your religion is favored by the president or not. But a disinterested response would suggest that Jonathan ought to deploy a bit of temperance in his increasingly secular methodology. By delaying his electoral declaration and premising that on the Ramadan, a Muslim festival, he repudiates the constitution and, consequently, pushes the boundaries of the country’s tolerance of religious hubris. Even with the prohibition of official religion, the country already shows too much patience for religion’s disruptive intrusion in political administration: it observes all religious festivities – specifically Islamic and Christian ones – as official public holidays. There should be a clearly defined line between religion and politics in officialdom. The preponderance of religion in politics has had a disruptive influence on government, to the point that taxpayer funding of religious activity has become a classic ingredient of statecraft. Jonathan urgently needs to tame his literally official religiosity by renouncing his increasingly “commallam-in-chief” transformation.

By Darlington Ehondor

Top 5 Most Annoying Nigerian Celebrities


Who and who are the top 5 most annoying Nigerian celebrities? For me i start with
Emeka Ike
Can’t remember some, coming back with more


Ahn yes o.
Emeka ike, his accent is too fake and forced.
Alariwo,igbo actress, when she talks, gawd have mercy ,you wouldn’t mind jumping off third mainland bridge.

I could go on and on but am just too tired.


I think
Azeezat to make the list ,one big lipped girl like that


Emeka Ike

- Jim Iyke, wats wit  all the cussing’ and fake accent

- Muma Gee ,greatest wannabe

- Olu Maintain  -oooooooooo

- Rukky Sanda Effing ,name dropper


Emeka Ike top  the list in my opinion.
Community secondary school man trying to pass off as Americana.
yeye fowl


Who is Rukky Sanda ?


Afro candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Iyke
Weird MC –ooooooooooo, somebody should tell that boy to go change his dress style


I agree. Kaffy and Derele too but Emeka seems to top everyone’s list

Alariwo,most annoying

Emeka Enyiocha

Emeka Ike


Who is Rukky Sanda…….?

the e-diot dat said shez dating Akon . . . . shior she no even call shank


God help me, i hope i won’t be annoying too if i eventually get famous


Emeka Ike
Emeka Enyiocha
Gordon (comedian, irritant)
Aki and pawpaw -oooooooooo
Chiwetalu Agu, lol


Zaaki Adzee, KC Presh and Artquake

 Missy Bee:

How can someone find Gordon annoying? Dude cracks me up any day . . .Hella Funny!
To me:
Emeka Ike    
Ramsey Noah
Oby Edozie – I even dislike [to be nice] this one.
Nkiru Sylvanus
Bob Manuel Udokwu – Despite his good diction, I find him very annoying.


Bob Manuel! That guy worth it.


How can someone find Gordon annoying?

I do find Gordon annoying..

Mercy Johnson too is  really annoying, sometimes she overdo it and her voice is really really annoying lol


I only like Mercy Johnson cuz of her kegs. I mean big boobs. Aaaww


Chiwetalu Agu?

How can anyone hate this guy?


Genevieve-she thinks she’s Nigeria’s pretiest
Stephanie Okereke-like sey na she go school pass
Chidi Mokeme-like sey na him fine pass
Emeka Ike-


Goldie  ,ooh ooo

Benita Nzeribe  ,ooh ooh

Tony Tetuila  ,ooh oooooo

Ajasa  ,oh oooooo

  Timaya,oooh oooooo

  Terry who

 Missy Bee:

 Music industry -

Terry G – Very annoying; an Irritant. . . . That is ehn!
D’banj – Another one I’d  love to slap
MI – That short boy


It has to be Tonto Dike and that irritating Nkiru Sylvanus
Even the name Nkiru Sylvanus is annoying enough.
I would pass over any movies they are in.
I hate it when Olu Jacobs acts as an Igwe butchering Igbo names
Or when Patience is cast in roles meant for a younger person
Then when Nkem Owoh acts like a young man with his cap backwards and playing hip hop,I wanna puke
Very very annoying.


Missyb,i happy you said M.i that guy eeh! Well when God’s with you, is with you.


Sasha p abi ki lon je  ,self acclaimed queen of rap


A.y dot com how i hate that ruffian


Dat means u hate almost all d Nigerian “celebs”


i swear my plan is to list all of them 

they are all annoying.

***anita hogan

***Empress watever

***Anita joseph



Not to forget AY, (that fake comedian)

I am yet to REALLY laugh at ANY of his jokes


Googles Na waoo! That means you are definitely gonna hate me if i was one of them? Any way those names you posted are in my list too, especially  that Kel ,that girl is freaking annoying.


. . .  . .Denrenle, I just don’t know wat is wrong wit  dat chap.

Talk Na Free: 

Make ALL of una siddon there they hate this and that.

Those people are there doing their thing and smilling to the bank una dey use free internet for office/neigbour house dey yahn dust.

This folks do not even know if you guys exist.

Rather than sitting down and thinking who to hate and who not to hate stand up and go get a life so you guys can also be popular and get hated.

Note: He who sits in front of the tv always watching it CAN NEVER be watched by others and

Successful people are only SUCCESSFUL when they have HATERS like most of you around.

***spits on your faces*** and strolls out.


Not hatin freak just stating who’s annoying


Oh no not again !!! just wen i decided not to insult anyone and go back to my miss two goody shoe ways this nipplebrain posted

wat in God’s sweet name is the cure for your mind diarrhea ehn ??

Do i have to be An annoying celebrity to make money or do i have to disgrace myself so i can smile to the bank

you, my dear nitwit, are getting it twisted. . . . I’m getting paid and i get to watch my teevo at the same time lucky me huh 

i dont av to eff up my thinking like most of your “celebs”to get paid

obviously, civilisation is a new thing to you, i give you 3yrs you would know its not such a big deal to appear on a teevee


 The topic says ”annoying naija celebs”. Chiwetalu is a funny man but annoying. I don’t hate him, infact i watch any naija movie he starred in. He’s funny in an annoying way, lol.

Happy now. John Okafor (Mr Ibu) really annoying

Mr Cork:

Female Naija Celebs dont have Nyansh, they are ugly (no offense)


Yes Mr ibu is very annoying

Aki and Pawpaw

Sikiratu Sindodo 


Mercy Johnson, i hate her bust
Uche Jombo, i hate her yam leg
Ramsey Naoh
Emeka Ike forms too much
D banj


If you listed any of the Nigerian artistes as annoying, you must be a freaking and lousy, unproductive watcher wasting away watching the same people you ‘despise’. Why can’t you get your accent faked, why can’t you do your own thing and make a living off of it? Damn! I hate it when people deride and talk shi:t about others. Those guys are in the MAKE-BELIEVE industry, that is what the movie industry is all about. They make things to satisfy the viewing public and as well make their own living.  Do you expect them to use their own natural style when their script says they should act in a certain way? You guys should stop hurling the nonsense bricks. Stop the hating! Try to be the best in whatever trade you find yourself. Leave ‘em alone?

Dig dat?!

East Bay

Emeka Enyiocha-igbotic americana
Jim Iyke-fake wannabe
Nkiru Sylvanus-which kain local name be dat?Mgbeke feeling funky
Timaya-ugly as h.ell-.That in itself is annoying
Ramsey Nouah-no talent,plain and simple
Abeg increase the list to 20.These are the only ones to make the list.For now,I don’t think anybody can be any more annoying than these,though special mention must go to Alariwo,Mercy Johnson,Emeka Ike,Chidi Mokeme,Kanayo O. Kanayo,Clems Ohameze

 Naija Na Wao:

How come that no one remembered the highly over-rated Richard Mofe Damijo? The fake Al Pacino that became famous for having a famous husband named May Ellen Ezekiel.

So here’s my list:

Kenny Ogungbe
Charly Boy
Mr. Ibu


The most annoying of all is Ay the fake commedian to me dat guy is not a commedian at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. that guy annoys me to d bone marrow. followd by
Benita Nzeribe
Zaaki Adzer [sub][/sub]na by force to sing?
the two little men


the most annoying of them is HANK ANUKU I D’ONT UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS ACTING


Hmm, only five (that one hard o)

Ok let’s see:

Tony Umez (cry cry)
Jim iyke (for everything)
Emeka Ike (Aah!)
Charles Okafor
and ‘Almighty mumu’ RMD!


derenle–i hate this homosexual
funke akindele–this girl is just too razz
omotola–i dislike her cos i cant have her.she is off the market
benita nzeribe–this girl is so dry and unsexy
kenny ogungbe–this old man has forgotten his age.he acts like a kid.


Here they are;

Emeka Ike – fake facial expressions

Chiwetalu Agu – noise maker even in a plot where noise is not needed

Lilian Bach – makes me remember the lead role in the famous american movie “some like it hot” before Marilyn Monroe displaced her and became the lead role. For God sakes, what’s wrong with her voice?

Kenneth Okonkwo – He’s got the widest mouth but does not know how to smile with his lips pressed together.

Aki and paw-paw – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Well, well, well; for me:
1. Mercy Johnson- someone close to her should please help us tell her that she is overdoing all that she does.
2. Denrele- he really needs help.
3. Tuface- 3 kids from 3 different women, he must really be a he-goat.
4. Kenny Saint Brown- imagine someone like her singing gospel musik, yet her lifestyle is singing bad examples.
5. Muma Gee- another annoying singer

Juli Max:

Before anything, kenny keke Ogumbge, Why cant he look for a real presenter for his shows, So annoying how he struggle to act hip hop,  In short E no fit am” Ho haaa.  

AY- not funny at all

Ramsey Noah- too fake

Gordons, Must he shout?

and Chei!!! I almost forgot, Victor Osungwu, haaa that one  make me wanna put my hand into the TV set and strangle him



How else should I spell the guy’s name?!
This year’s award for “BEST FAKE ACT” should be given to him for keeps. The clown is a legend!


Who wuldnt hate Emeka Ike 4 his being fake? I wonda wat makes Mercy Johnthomos think every Nigerian man trips 4 her useless and unsensible thearitics/halfnakedness? Timaya makes me puke,who does he tink he is? He isnt musician. Let someone tell MUMAGEE 2 go and marry cos she’s getting 2 old 4 all those forming.  Abeg where 2SHORT hide himself? Abi he don make am so te He don dey fear kidnappers?


Weird MC – am sure she’s not a celeb, man-like woman, maybe/she forced herself into music.
Tony Tetuila – that guy is dumb-backside, not talented at all. heard he’s damn broke now. in love with plenty women u don’t know which one to choose, shine your eyes boy  , some women are bad!
Timaya – always using the same pattern when singing. seems he’s fading gradually or no more songs to sing?


WHO KILLED DIPO DINA …….Is it true that certain boys working with OGD were arested in Lagos few months back?

A Benin Republic national has been arrested by the Nigeria Police, in connection with the murder of a former governorship aspirant in Ogun State, Chief Oladipupo Dina, who was murdered in Sango Ota area of Ogun State , on the 25th of January 2010.

The police on Wednesday said that “ Oladipo Akanni Dina and others on the ill fated journey might have been victims of armed robbery attack and the actual killers are being looked for “

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Force CID Alagbon,  Lagos, Mr John Ahmadu, during a restricted parade for journalists on Wednesday,  claimed that “the suspect is believed to have driven the late Dipo Dina’s car to his criminal receivers, in Benin Republic.”

Meanwhile the suspect, Ben Faton Djideonou Aguemon, alias “Mathew Asamo“  has denied the allegation by the police authority  while also claiming that he did not even know, who Dipo Dina was .

Ahmadu stated that the suspect was arrested as a result of the “ efforts of  the Nigeria police, in conjunction with  foreign collaborators .

The police boss also added that  the police had unravel the identities of other peoiple involved in the killing of Dipo Dina , but  will ensure that the identities were “closely gurded  for security reasons.“

The suspect ,  who claimed to be a clearing agent  in Benin Republic, stated that he had been invited by a woman , who told her that she wanted to clear her vehicle from the part,  when he was arrested .

His words  “ I don’t  know anything about Dipo Dina  . I am into Tokunbo business . A woman called me to come and help her clear her motor, when policemen held me and shot me in the leg.“

He further added that  “I have not confessed  to anybody that I killed Dipo Dina  I have been in  “tokunbo business in the last seven years. I have  one of my customers in Sango area.”


This look like a big set up !
They are out again to arrest someone just to impress on people with events that look like progress.

These Beninois should know that they are going to be fingered especially since all of them are illegals. I do not think that the killer is from across the boarder ….who might not be interested in local politics…



1. The whole story is yet to be told.

2. Let’s hope DD’s associate themselves will show enough interest in exposing who, why and how he was killed.

3. Some suspects were arrested more than four months ago, nothing public about them yet. And they were from that same Sango area in Ota.

4. It is possible the Police want to really work this time around.

5. It is also possible another Pa Alfred Rewane rigmarole is about to happen.

6. Either of the 4 or 5 above, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

7. Man’s judgement is not the final one. As the Yoruba would say, “Ti oba aye ko ba le mu won, Oba Orun nwo won.”

Wale Adedayo

(Enjoying his popcorn!)

Dear all:

The news is out that the much controversial Wale Adedayo is owing the United Bank for Africa (UBA) the sum of N5,227,640.35. The debt is dated back to his days as the Chief press secretary to the Governor of Ogun state and up till now the debt remains unserviced.

Below is the copy of the letter sent to the Secretary to the State Government by the bank;


The secretary to the state Gov’t
Governor’s Office, Oke-Mosan,
Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Dear Sir,


The above subject matter refers.

We wish to bring to your notice that Mr. Adedayo Adewale (the former Chief press Secretary to the Governor) who had voluntarily resigned his employment with the State Government is indebted to the bank to the turn of N5,222,640.35 as at 28th of February, 2010.

We shall appreciate your kind co-operation in ensuring that payments of his accrued benefits are made through his personal account (account number 02100020013597) with us in line with the pledge signed by Mr. Gboyega Akinboyede (Director of Finance and Administration) for the Permanent Secretary-Bureau of Political Affairs and Administration as per attached.

Please accept the assurance of our highest esteem.

Thank you.

Cc: The Accountant General of the State.

The revelation above explains much about Wale Adedayo’s desperation and romance with the convicted drug baron Buruji Kashamu and his OMO-ILU group, and the reason why Wale has always been at the front line doing the hatchet job for the group under so many pseudo names like Okoriko Olorioko et al on this list serve.

So, be informed!

Adeleke Adeotan

“If the enemy wins not even the dead are safe”- Walter Benjamin

Why is this loan of public interest?


Dr Ola Kassim,

That was what I was going to ask. Very soon, they are going to put up his wife’s place of birth on the forum.

-bimbola adelakun

Why this attempt at diversion from Ogd’s boys? Is the subject matter to hot for them to handle that they now have to introduce Wale Adedayo’s debt to divert the discussion of the topic at hand – the supposed arrest of one of Dina’s killers?

One thing is certain, you cannot hide truth for too long. The killers of DD Direct will face judgement here on earth and in the afterlife no matter how much they try to bury the truth.

Beninose ko, togolese ni…

-bimpe Williams


1. They can divert attention all they want. If men are afraid and others have been compromised, NOBODY can buy God!

2. Certain ‘Boys’ among those working for OGD were arrested by the Police in Lagos a few months back. We gathered authoritatively they confessed to being involved in the killing of Dipo Dina. But till date, mum has been the word from the Lagos Police Command.

3. It is possible, we did not get the right information. But given the calibre of the persons who gave it out, we were definite they could not lie.

4. It was when this obvious Ziggy of Beninoise came one became alarmed that e be like say dem don settle matter o!

5. But not to worry. God is still on the throne. They cannot bribe Him because there is no Abuja intervention where God is concerned!!!

Wale Adedayo

Certain ‘Boys’ among those working for OGD were arrested by the Police in Lagos a few months back. We gathered authoritatively they confessed to being involved in the killing of Dipo Dina. But till date, mum has been the word from the Lagos Police Command…………………….Wale Adedayo



Adedipupo omo Dina, I am sure you are restiing in the bossom of your creator.

I do not know of what to make of the statement above. What I do know is that the Nigeria police may fail one million times, it will be in their character. AC, your party while you alive may even be overwhelmed as the seek political offices and not abler to follow through the process of bringing your killers to justice. Your family and friends may be so scared on how to handle information such as we have above and so may not be able top do anything. Indeed all efforts to bring your killers to justice may may fail. One thing is certain:God never fails.

God will avenge your assassination. All those who have hands in the death of our beloved Adeipupo Dina, whether they be friends, family members, political associates in AC or political foes in PDP,God will expose them and they shall die in perdition. Judgement of God will run over them and trhrough their generation.If they plant they shall not harvest.

-Adebayo Adejuwon

Adebayo Adejuwon,

I have always known you to reserve a bias for the Gbenga Daniel government; which is why you are always quick to suck up to the irritating lies which Wale and Tunde always feed this forum with.

Otherwise, you would not have commenced your post with that quote that purportedly tried to make it look as though the killers of Dina reside in Ogun state government. This is highly disingenuous and malicious.

About two weeks ago when decorum flew off the forum, you complained of being stigmatised as an agent of Wale Adedayo, Tunde Oladunjoye and Hon. Texaco (all failed men). But with this comment from you, does it not appear so?

That is why people are a bit sceptical about you being an agent of provocation on this forum!

-Tunde  Abrahams

It is clear that alagba Adejuwon is an active member of the anti OGD brigade. He works for them therefore he is just doing his duty when he supports the many lies being told against ogd and his govt

-Alfred Oludayo


Did you read me well?

My interest and prayer is that whoever has a hand in the death of Adedipupo Dina shal have no peace? How does that translate into being anti OGD?

The least I expect from anybody is to join me in wishing that the killers of Dipo Dina are found and prosecuted according to the law. And this is exactly what I seek. How this makes me anti-OGD remains to be established.

I am neither anti nor pro OGD. I am not interested in OGD at all.Neither am I interested in his adversaries be it Dimeji Bankole or JMK  My interest is in my state. And OGD does not personify my state.He is the governor and will remain so until May,2009. There were governors before him and many more will come after him.

Wale Adedayo is a member of this forum and he has a posting on Dipo Dina. I hope some people should be educated enough to recognize that the moment anything gets into public domain,any member of the public is at liberty to use same especially with proper attribution. This is what I have done in this case. If either of  you -Alfred or Tunde -posts anything on this forum which I think is profound enough to be quoted, does it not occur to you that I am liberty to use it?

It does not have to be Wale Adedayo. It can be anybody.

So, what is your problem. If you guys have any issue with what Wale has written here, why not take on Wale?

Are you in a poistion to determine what forumies can quote and not quote? When did that start?

Can you imagine Alfred saying that I am a member of anti-OGD brigade? If truly there is an anti-OGD brigade and you guys know of it, why not make sure that there is nothing happening for this brigade to talk about which will amount to anything against OGD.

Except you guys know what I do not know, I am persuaded that it is a mark of WICKEDNESS on the part of anybody to reduce the brutal murder of ADEDIPUPO DINA to anti or pro OGD.

Please stop that nonsense now. And I am very serious about this. I repeat this:

   Whoever has a hand in the brutal murder of Adedipupo Dina shall NEVER know peace again. God will avenge the death of Dipo Dina.Whether they be from ACN or PDP.

I hope you guys will be careful how you drag the name of OGD into everything. OGD.

I have reasons to believe that OGD is seeking for ways to restore paece and harmony in Ogun and you, Alfred and Tunde and doing everything to put him in bad light.

Otherwise, all you would have said  was a resoundiung AMEN to my prayer that DD killers shall not know peace. 

- Adebayo Adejuwon

Alagba Adejuwon
I may have misinterpreted your intention. I say a resounding amen to your prayer against the killers of DD. The Lord will expose them and their ways will be dark and slippery. They will never escape and joy and happiness will be far from them. However we should not allow people with hidden agenda use us directly or indirectly to perpetrate or achieve their ill motif

-Alfred Oludayo

However we should not allow people with hidden agenda use us directly or indirectly to perpetrate or achieve their ill motif……..Alfred Oludayo


I hope and pray that we know each other better. I hope so.

Whatever agenda anybody has on the brutal murder of DD can only remain hidden to mere mortal like us. Not God Almighty.

My communication is not about man’s agenda which may be hidden from fellow man. My communication is to God Almighty to do taht which no man can do.Period.

- Adebayo Adejuwon

Siasia wants N15m to coach Eagles ??? Boyeeee……..Siasia wan chop our money finishoooo.


It is no more news that  Samson Siasia has been favoured to coach the Super Eagles of Nigeria. But, he has given the following conditions for accepting the job:

1. 15million Naira (monthly salary)
2. 1 million US DOLLARS (Sign-on Fee)
3. An Official house
4. Official car

 Siasia wants N15m to coach Eagles ??? Boyeeee……..Siasia wan chop our money finishoooo

The NFF told him that his demand was too much and far out of what they could afford, explaining to him that the foreign coaches who were employed in the last three years were paid by GLO and PTF.

Samson Siasia take am easyoooooo. The amount you are demanding to coach the Eagles is too much. Nigerians like your coaching style and we want you to coach Super Eagles but not with this kind of amountoooooo. We think you should come down.

But if you don’t want to do the job for the sake of your loving nation  and for we Nigerians but just to chop our money  yafu yafu , please fuck off.

Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke’s Turn to cry at EFCC cell ?

Before her sack, former Director-General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke was hitherto seen as a cat with nine lives. She held sway amidst controversies and defied what observers are wont to call the ‘law of gravity’ of the capital market. She became the DG in the year 2000, although she joined the NSE service in 1983 after she left the New York Stock Exchange.

More often than not she had had to visit the SEC for questioning as the fate of the market dwindled. About N6trillion has been lost since 2008 when the bourse became contagious with what is better known as the global economic crisis.

During her tenure she was also quizzed by Nigeria’s anti graft agency- Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over the operation of the capital market which she manages.

During the Olusegun Obasanjo government, she had a field day as she sat audaciously on the board of Translational Corporation in 2006; what commentators say contradicted her position as the head of the bourse.

One of the items in her public resume also shows that she spearheaded fund-raising campaign for the former President Obasanjo. She was the leader of Corporate Nigeria, which allegedly raised N2 billion for the PDP and Obasanjo in the run-up to the 2003 general elections.

Before her recent duel with the president of the Exchange businessman Aliko Dangote, she was at daggers-drawn with the regulator-the SEC.  She challenged SEC’s rule, saying they were inimical to market realities.

She became the Chairman of Transnational Corporation (Transcorp) Plc which was found to be indebted to about five banks when the Central Bank of Nigeria released the list of banks debtors last year. Last year, she was quizzed by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over Transcorp debt.

But some market operators see her as instrumental to nurturing of the market to its present condition.

Perhaps the last straw that broke her back was Dangote’s petition to SEC.

He had alleged in his petition that N11 billion was misappropriated under the leadership of Professor Okereke-Onyiuke and that NSE was insolvent.  The allegations sent bad signals to the market and within five days, it shed N104billion.

With these allegations, SEC came under increased pressure to back its rhetoric with action, as more revelations emerged about an orchestrated deception in an executive succession process and alleged financial infraction by the management of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

This pressure yielded result when SEC said Ndi Okereke’s removal was aimed at restoring confidence amid worries about inadequate stock market oversight, allegations of financial mismanagement, ongoing litigation, and an unclear succession plan for its leadership.

Other activities of Ndi Okereke during her tenure which negates market regulations include the N100 million collected by the ‘Africa for Obama’ group she promoted in support of Barack Obama’s bid for the US presidency.

Observers said it contradicted the sensitive nature of her position, and sooner the Obama campaign office was soon to dismiss Mrs Okereke-Onyuike’s project.

With the exit of Ndi Okereke, it is expected that SEC will now be more firm in exercising its regulatory function to protect the Nigerian Capital Market.(Daily Trust)


There is no doubt that Nollywood diva Rita  Nwaturuocha  Dominic is a stunning-looking babe with an A-list rating status as an actress.

With a flawless light skinned complexion, her lips, however, tell another story. Rub off that red lipstick and what do you find? Really, really black lips. We hear beautiful damsel is in love with cancer sticks

The Screen goddess’ undying love for cancer sticks, is gradually changing her look, and if she doesn’t slow down, may affect her stunning look.

Rita Nwaturiocha Dominic, hits back at those criticising her for being a heavy smoker.

“After all, I’m not a kid and I’m free to do whatever suits me. So, I just wonder why some people are busy with what does not actually concern them.

“If I smoke, is it anybody’s business?”

Urrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh,yes ooooo, and so what if she smokes??

If she like make she smoke Igbo, na for her pocket,o jarreeeee.

Let her smoke herself to stupor. She can even use the naira note to smoke if she chooses.

Smoke na smoke oooo,wether na naira note or dollar note,na smoke if u put am fire.

It is her life she can do whatsoever she likes with it but she should have it at
the back of her mind that “SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG.

Jim Iyke, you suck, go get yourself a wife

One will not forget in year 2007 when Nollywood actors Emeka Ike and Jim Iyke were at loggerheads over an adultery mess. The two actors were in Baltimore, United States of America to shoot a movie (Undisclosed) where Mr Phillip Ehiagwina a United States resident and a friend of Emeka Ike accused the actor of sleeping with his wife Ruth. Emeka denied it all putting all the blame on Jim Iyke

Philip  claimed  that Emeka was sneaking into the U.S every now and then to sleep with his wife. Emeka on the other hand agreed  that someone slept with Philip’s wife, but that someone is Jim Iyke.

According to Ruth “Jim Iyke made lofty promises to me trying  to win my heart and he never expected me to say no so when I did he tried to convince me by telling me that the man I claim to love so much and brought to the United States has been cheating on me with everything in skirts (Philips Ehiagwina) an Edo man I met in Nigeria in 1998 and sacrificed all to ensure he has a good life. Jim Iyke told me all that my husband was and is still doing to me in my absence. Even got Ini Edo the actress pregnant. I have confirmed all Jim Iyke told me about my husband. one of my husband’s mistresses Nkiru who lives in Houston ,Texas set him up after she found out that my husband betrayed his wife (me) and lied to me. She decided to set him up with an audio coverage and got every  prove, he confessed about playing me for a green card on tape.’’

Philips Ehiagwina has since dump his wife Ruth for  Ini Edo

 Jim Iyke, you suck. Go get yourself a wife .Jim is a good actor but he is really cocky and aggressive. I  feel sorry for his future wife coz  he seems like a cheater and a woman beater.

Dakore Egbuson as a complete rastaman

Star actress,Dakore Egbuson and her boyfriend, Olumide Akande have confirmed that marriage is indeed on the cards. Olumide who confirms this  at a function in Eko Hotel,Lagos lamented that many things have been speculated about the relationship but they both remain resolute in their bid to sustain the tempo of their love from the very first time they agreed to be together.

Blah,blah,blah Blah,blah,blah Blah,blah,blah

This Olumide guy na ode.This Dakore na complete Rastaman.

YEP! an Ijaw girl from Bayelsa. Is she  not one of those bimbo actresses who talk bullshit, such as “. . . .I bought my jogging suit from Germany and I also want to insure my hips. . . . . . . ” Lol. . . If she’s walking down the aisle soon, good for her

But when will it happen? When will this tick head Olumide make it happen?  Nobody should get married before they are ready but in the case of these two, i have to say

It is about damn time.