Popular Musicians In Church Of Satan

Source  (Naira land)

Daven:I heard that popular musicians are  members of  Church of Satan.Musicians like late Michael Jackson, Mariah Carrey, Chris Brown, Rihanna,Celine Dione, Madonna,, na wa o

Bee:Where you hear am?

Daven:Other members include  Snoop Dogg, Kanye West ,Jigga,

Bee:I say where you hear am ? Guy were you dey get you own story from?? 

Tope: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XgOdOIXnnI

check it out.

Bee: (eyes pulping)

Tope :Me too. I actually have the DVD, couldn’t sleep 4 days when i watched it myself

Daven: You  know sometimes  i just feel that  these guys made a pact with the  devil for fame and fortune.

Raymond:Why do people like saying these crazy things? Does it make you feel holy or does it raise your self esteem? You guys just go about accusing people falsely . . . don’t you know that’s a sin before God?
Daven:Hey Holy man, Raymond, be objective please. We are raising issues. At least follow the posted links to the sites. Don’t judge us as sinners

Raymond:I’m not judging you!! You’re the one judging musicians, calling them Satanists. I’m just saying look at you! And do your researches before you blab.

Daven:To me saying that someone belongs to the church of Satan is not an accusation. It’s the person’s religious inclination which he or she is entitled to. So am not accusing any musician for belonging.

Tope:thank you if they like they can believe in idols, we are just discussing, not judging

Raymond:How will  you feel if some one ‘discuss’ that you are a lesbian or something?

Tope:if i am  a celebrity, i wouldn’t mind because it comes with the territory of my line of work .People are bound to discuss something about me if i am  a celebrity

Raymond:Well lets just hope some people decide to ‘discuss’ you one of these days, maybe then you’ll see how it hurts!

Daven: Hey hey hey TRUCE ok,   Tope its alright. Raymond you  are entitled to your opinion,  so are we. Leave it at that. If you are not comfortable with this, u can just pass by

Tope: I am not a Celeb. Besides talk is cheap because none of the Celeb mentioned  is here to check  this out so it cant hurt them unless of course one of them is your cousin

Daven :There are videos on Youtube  proving that Beyonce, Jay-z, Kanye, the whole Rocawear thing are  all part of the Church of Satan.

Megas:i even hear say 2face, Christain Ronaldo, Beckamp and Charley Boy dey d church

A4: BULLSHIT with a capital letter B.Only God can judge these people so you either love em or leave em alone.Charley Boy is a Krishna member.

Shilling:I Know about Michael Jackson, Madonna and Celine Dion. The others are quite shocking

Slime:i don’t know about that, but i know that Jay z, Nas, Kenye and Snoop are all Freemasons

Raymond:Some people are so gullible! They believe everything they read or see on the internet. . . hey guys did you know the Pope is Hitler’s cousin? Go on tell your friends, just credit the news to me. 

Sima: is dis church of Satan thingy real?? Cause am lost .i thought it was rumuor abi wetin be church of Satan .is it Satan dey are worshipping dere?? abi who worships satan .Mei  am lost oo.

Raymond:It’s a church where people gather to worship Satan, and yes it exists but people exaggerate it’s member base (like Daven and his friends.

Sima:Wow ,dis is kinda new  to mi  Oo,  . . so people do actually worship the  devil

Obi: Not forgetting multi talented Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne

Slime: Like i said ba, i don’t know about church of satan, but Freemason’s? Hell yes,  they are all freemasons (Nas, Jay z, Kanye,Snoop)

Daven: Freemasons, Free minders, Satanists, etc  i just have this feeling that there is something mystical and mysterious about some of these astoundingly successful stars. Now that is not to say i don’t believe in hard work,but some of the rumors, videos and conspiracy theories are just hard to ignore.

Ella:Actually,Jay z,Beyonce,Chris Brown,Shakira,Celine Dion,Nas are ILLUMINATIES. Dey don’t believe in God. Dey believe That God misjudged Lucifer(The angel who tried 2 overthrow God but was  thrown down to earth).Chris Brown’s fallen angel is about the devil whom d illuminates call the fallen angel.

38 responses to “Popular Musicians In Church Of Satan

  1. Good way of describing, and nice paragraph to get information
    regarding my presentation subject, which i
    am going to convey in institution of higher education.

  2. Jesus Christ is the only way,truth and life. Whatever u want 2 becom in life, Jesus is there 4 u. Satan leads 2 destruction and eternal damnation.

  3. Be a member of Illuminati today and become rich and famous, this is just brief summary to apply now and join thousands of satisfied citizens contact us at illuminatipowerworldwide@gmail.com or call +

  4. Nataka niwe star wa hair dresser

  5. plz Tope can u tel me d name of d film i want 2 buy it and watch plz

  6. I hate it when people speak so stupidly, opening their ugly filty mouth to say rubbish that will put them in trouble. I just feel like squeezing those idiots who accuse Celine Dion of been a satanist, somebody I KNOW SO WELL; what a hell? Idiots! Is it you that is not the worshipper of the Devil? Goats!!!

  7. i heard dat iniedo and director of queens skul of enugu state had sex in didcation into church Of satan.
    but dat nt my business ,wat am cornd abut i is dat i wont becom a member

  8. i want 2 join

  9. i want 2 join them

  10. pleas can you sho me the site of church of satan

  11. are dis fuckers in nigeria yet post me if they are

  12. yah its true we rili must be careful to the music we were lisning cos we may praise Satan indirectly.. we better listen to Christian Music alone and praise him

  13. what do you all think brought the misunderstanding between God and Lucifer. maybe we should start from there and… start judgment.

  14. what do you all think brought the misunderstanding between God and Lucifer. may we should start from there and… start judgment.

  15. The true church will still shine! Let him who is with oil, ask for more. Joel 2:1-32

  16. what on earth could make me belief that rihanna is responsible for chris brown’s membership in the church of satan. anyway, he bargained for it and he definitely got it! rihanna tricked him, initiated him and dumped him! what a disgrace on chris’ personality. the church is for fame and wealth but, chris got it for something he never thought he could gain! ha ha ha ha

  17. we ‘re all in the end time and the bible make make us to understand in revelation that there would be an anti-christ that would decive the world,read rev:13 and 14..let pray that God will see us thru in this end time that we are,pls advise ur love ones and spread the message around.JESUS IS THE MESSIAH THAT WILL OVERTHROW THE BEAST WHICH IS THE ANTI-CHRIST IN THE LAST DAY….

  18. how can i join i an 100 % interested my email mark_cole61@yahoo.com

  19. WE ALL ARE ALL PLAYING BIG RISK,we do not judge them or rather we Critisize them of wat we heard of them if it’s true,bcos the word of God which is the holyBible made us to know dat ”we the children of God should tell sinners, those who do not believe in the lord Jesus Christ ”it shall not be well you” also the most thing that anoys God so much is ‘having another God before him”these efidels in the world can also come to the church,they worship the lord with their LIPS,And worship the god of their own hearts.
    Do not be confused with wat is happening nawadays bcos this is the endtime,50yrs in the eyes of men could be 1day in the sight of the LORD.If i tell you how i escaped from the hands of the DEVIL YOU WILL NO THAT THERE’S NO NEED TO CHEAT YOUR SELF FOR THOSE THAT ARE WISE HAVE CHOSEN THEIR PART ONTIME…i waz once a full ASTRAL TRAVELLER,LEARNING IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD**MY LAST WORD IS ”Heavenly race is on head by head make sure that on that faithful day you will not see ur self in their mist.

  20. biliv wat u must but its al dea pips!

  21. Guys,we jst ave to be careful of d music u listen to so dat we wl nt praise satan indirectly,people follow satan cos of money and fame,they forget dat al is vanity wt Jesus,they sold their soul,satan wl only gv dem forever punishment in hell,d devil is a deceiver he as no gud thng

  22. good day am mcpascal from Lagos i want to be part of the church please can you help me i love to join you can email me back i want to have money my famliy dont have money am the first born of my famliy why are you people doing you mass so i can come and join love to hear back from you people

  23. not realy shocked about it.am aware dat agents of darkness are real.we are getting into the end time,so be vigilant. i wish every of us could run to Jesus,cos heaven is closer dan we think. love all believers of Christ. big up ya selves.

  24. you people should stop destroying the good work of God with this you church of Satan. All this musicians are pure members of the Church. there pictures are in the church website and children of the most High God who’s son is Jesus should stay away from the musicians and their church.

  25. am an artist, i sing and sound jst like beyonce, rihana u name it but since i found out d 2rut i have stop bcos bible sef talk say light wit darkness no get anytin in conmon……….

  26. This is really suprising… I was like standing, sitting and everything when i heared my boy(Chris Brown) is also a staunch member… It’s painful… Anyways, only God can judge….

  27. I luv Chris brown bt dis church of satan tin is ril bad.

  28. i can’t believe cboy rihanna is involve in the church of satan they are my favourite artise

  29. what is there purpose of doing this

  30. ha! ha!! ha!!!
    who can diff” b/w right and wrong?
    they are all fuuuuuking illusion.
    y’ll see this?
    i love 2PAC still, he is like a life to me.
    hail all 2PAC fans!

  31. strange things abound

  32. God owns d earth, while satan is d care taker. 90% of famous people in all fields are agents of d devil(NWO). If u need anything ask ur landlord and not d care taker.

  33. if satan is GOD, why couldnt he send a son 2 die if he claims ultimacy n he love d world?

  34. Pls can u tell us about some satanic symbol they use?

  35. Dis is quite scary oh lord see us tru..

  36. is dis church of satan tin in nigeria yet?

  37. i believe everything, and the most annoying part of it all is that the silly ass musicians still lie about it.
    c’mon its obvious…….

  38. i dnt believe in all these,although chris browns’ fallen angel is quite convincing but———————–


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