Abuja’s spiritual warfares

By Garba Shehu

When the the crown moves from the President, Umar Musa Yar’Adua’s head-which in all likelihood will happen sometime this week-to that of his own, the Vice President, Goodluck Jonathan and his wife,Patience, would be making a very grave mistake to assume that the war has ended and that they can move over to the President’s more spacious home and office,pop out the champaigne and start issuing government contracts and oil acrages.

It is true,the family and the country will have won an important political battle by that time. As I write, the dominant opinion all over Nigeria is that Yar’Adua should give up power for Jonathan to take over. It is hard to imagine a single issue around which Nigerians are so united. Even Aandoakaa has spent his passion for Yar’Adua!

But battles and wars in Nigeria-military, social,political ,economic- are fought physically and spiritually. You must win all two or you have not won it all. That’s why even the nation’s soccer team does not travel out on football expeditions without the full complement of spritualists. This is after libations have been poured,goats and cows killed.

This is an established pattern carried forward from our traditional societies. A loser in a formal contest moves to the next level by transferring the warfare to the spiritual realm. To remain on top of the situation,the winner of the battle must himself brace up for the new warfare. This is true of all palaces of chiefs and emirs including the nation’s seat of power,the Aso Rock Villa. When he steps in,the new occupant must spiritually  detoxify or cleanse the place and the throne. This is done by the removal of charms,amulets and other spiritual weaponry instituted by his predecessor. These are then replaced by the ones brought by the new ruler.

Many who have neglected this simple routine have lived to regret thereafter. There is a ruler in the North who was deposed for unjust reasons and he unhappily packed out. He did not,however, leave without planting very powerful spiritual bombs in the palace. A new ruler was installed with all the pomp and pageantry you can imagine. Unfortunately, he assumed the throne without being spiritually armed. A day after his installation, the King began to hallucinate. In a matter of days,he lost all his sanity. The place served as his mental asylum until he died.

There is another one in the South-West who a governor favoured by making him a ruler without following the established tradition. Most importantly, he was not in the line of succession. The coronation over,he rode to the place in the company of courtiers,drummers, singers and a hailing crowd. No sooner did he sit on the throne than he felt an overwhelming irritation all over his body. He dumped the royal garment,unclothed himself and ran amok in the streets until the palace guards pinned him to the ground. Someone also told me of the council Chairman in a neighbouring state who was visited by a group of friends.

After a lenghty chat and a meal, one of the chairman’s friends made for the high-back chair wondering aloud what it felt like sitting on a chairman’s chair. He was thrown off it by a loud bang and a ball of fire, as a result of which he suffered severe injury. The chairman upbraided his friend for not seeking his clearance.

In the view of some people,the whole Aso Rock Villa is itself held captive by evil spirits who turn the good intentions of every ruler in bad ones;that every good man who enters that place as President changes into a bad man and worse,an enemy of his people. What is Jonathan going to do to hinder the grip of demons on Aso Rock?

To be on top of the situation, the Crown Prince,Jonathan needs to have the intimate details of President Yar’Adua’s spiritual profile,and that of his wife Turai, the one that everyone fears. To know the answer,you must first of all know the question. 
I would otherwise advise that he prepares himself well before he takes to that magnificent chair.

The only known spiritual literature that should somehow help his enlightenment is about a past PDP governor in the North West whose name and identity have lauded me. He is a man very well known for his socialist rhetoric in his youthful days. The former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo smiled  at the then governor and  requested him to prepare to take over as his Vice President saying,at that time, that he had made up his mind to have the national Assembly impeach the sitting Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

The governor went back home, threw into the vast desert the burden of the socialist demagoguery he had carried all his life and arranged for a battalion of Moroccan marabouts which he camped at the State House in the state capital. We knew from that time that behind the veneer of his socialism is a crass ambition.

In this same villa,high ranking marabouts and spiritualists of different hues have been entertained by our rulers both military and civilian. A  General and a Head of State got his initiation when a visiting marabout released his rosary to shake the ruler and it stayed suspended in the air. Protocol men ran for cover when the marabout commanded a chair to come to him and the inanimate thing came towards the visitor.
How ready are you, Jonathan?
Text only to: 08066890703.

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  4. Been visiting this blog for a while now, though I might comment and let you know to keep up the great writing!


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