Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

Amodu must go


Shaibu Amodu

Since I started following  Nigerian football,  I  never experienced the  ugly reactions that followed the defeat of Eagles by Egypt in the 2010 African Cup of Nations. Almost every body that i came in contact with felt extremely sad . There were those who were simply indifferent. They never cared for they have since lost hope in the national team.

Am sure, by now confused Sani Lulu should be beating his chest and biting his fingers for allowing Amodu to take the Eagles to Angola. By now Sani Lulu with his incapable NFF Board members should be hiding their awful heads in shame for their inability to listen to the general public when they called for the removal or sack of Amodu.

Amodu invited unfit players to Eagles team leaving top performers due to his selfish reasons. Am not surprised  at  this performance. God forbid  bad thing!!!. The Egyptians coach dropped top 3 team players of Egypt and picked home base players from Al Alhy, Zamlek & others but Amodu said that our home base players are not good enough to merit his invitation. What a shame. Give Sia-sia -two  months to pick some home base Eagles and let Amodu bring his tired legs of professionals for a football match. The result will prove.

Football loving Nigerians, have you ever wondered why Amodu does not give directives like other coaches in the World? The reason is not far, he does not know what to tell the players on the field of play. Confusion is written all over his face.

I can be a better coach  than Mr. Amodu. Infact,i am a better coach than Amodu.I am even a better player than Amodu.Mr Amodu is not a coach, he lacked the pedigree for this Herculean task simply with no apology! . Tactically we are just no where at the moment. Our players lacked zeal or enthusiasm, confidence in themselves for national assignment. Amodu & his crew coaches selected the wrong legs for a tournament of such nature.  Why should a professional footballer be told what to do all the time when he’s already on the field of play? Your ability to know what to do when the going gets tough is what bring the goals, it further shows that the players where not just physically exhausted, rather they were mentally exhausted .Super Chicken  of Nigeria  can’t stand before Enyimba, Heartlands, Kano Pillars, Bayalsa United, just to name a few. A coach that doesn’t know when  and  who to substitute in a game, is that a coach? There were some strikers who never shot at least once at goal post that day, what business has such on the peach?

If the Super Chickens could go down headlong to the roasters in the hand of a bunch of home-based Egyptian players what has weather got to do with their unprofessional attitudes towards a match of such magnitude? Is it not the same weather others are playing, why is it that only S/Eagles of Nigeria that felt the heat  or  are you telling  us that heavens was against them?

Whether Eagles succeed at this tournament or not most of these present bunch of players and the coaches have no business in the national team. In fact; the team should be dissolved and disbanded and  Nigeria should get a seasoned coach(s), get new crops of players from home based clubs,and maybe retain some players  who are agile  like Obasi & maybe Odemwenmgie  and bring in Agbonlahor of Aston Villa  plus a few other international players to form a new team and do away with those who are too fat and too old to run with the vision of the national assignment.

Sani Lulu and co, this disgrace is enough.Its just a shame!.Amodu must go now or else,expect a peoples revolution.